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05-16-02, 05:54
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11-26-02, 13:40
To start up this section let me tell you my best address until now here in Zaragoza.

It is outside of the town so must have car or take a taxi (cheap)

National Road to LogroŮo (mind: not the motor highway, but the "old" road) Coming out of Zaragoza you will find some industrial sites along that road with the big Pikolin factory as one indication.

About 8-10 minutes drive you will see at left side along the road the neon signs of the PAPYRUS club. Easy seen, then take turn back on the next traffic light.

Nice place with always 20-30 girls 6-9 range.
Your drinks from 6 euro.
Full service from 60 euro 1/2 hour.

For fun: This is the first place I've seen where the girls have an electronic chip-card, where her part of the service is charged!
modern lives also in this business as you see! ;-)

08-04-03, 20:11
Hi Robser!

Good report on "PAPYRUS club"! Do they have rooms in the back or do you take the senoritas back to your (hotel) room?

Where are the girls from: All Spanish or also Romanian and others?

Any streetwalkers in Zaragoza?

What else can be found in and around this nice city?


10-31-04, 21:19
To Charly and all:

Papyrus has rooms on premise, and rather well equipped.
I don't know if you can take ladies out. Normally that is not the case in these Clubs, but when you get to know a girl better they will give you their cellphone and can take a day off to stay with you.

I have been in ZGZ last friday and have visited a new (for me) place that was recomended to me by some friends.

Its right on the place in front of the famous Pilar Cathedral, in the very center of ZGZ, and next to the Gouvernors Palace for more info!

VERY nice place. Nice Ladies (8-10 when I was there) all 7-9 level.
Nice rooms. I had one with jacuzzi with view on the cathedral from within the bubbles ;-)
130 euros for 1 hour full service.
Even sauna is included in the price during your time if you like.
Very good service and nice people.
They even give free parking ticket to those who come by private car.

Address: Plaza del Pilar, 15 Entresuelo Floor, Izq. (left door)
Mind you: the Right door is a lawyers office, so that's quite different treatment for sure and a lot more expensive!

01-27-06, 16:18
Spain has the best West European scene after the German FKK. But unlike FKK, there are few info on the web about the Spanish brothels, including in ISG. There are a few Spanish sex forums but they are far to be as complete as the German ones. There is no complete list of the Spanish brothels. On the Yellow Pages they are mixed with regular nightclubs or hotels. The specialised websites usually cover only a few cities and tend to have more flashy pop-ups and pics than useful info. And the most complete list I found on Internet is not anymore available. Needless to say, it was a tough list to make, and it probably has much more mistakes and missing clubs than my previous lists covering the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. But Spain just deserved itís own brothelís list.

This list has more than 300 brothels covering all Spain. Once inside one of them, any customer can indicate exactly all the other brothels around. I could not manage to include also the opening time, pricing and other usual info. Even the addresses are not complete as most are in the countryside. But it doesnít matter that much, as those outside the cities are easy to spot. They are usually along the main road and look like regular nightclubs with flashing sexy neon. These are the typical Spanish brothels. They open from dark till dawn. If there is an entry fee, it is around 10Ä including a drink. Inside it looks like a nightclub with music, a dancing floor and nowhere to sit except at the bar in order to get the customers to drink. Those brothels have usually more than 30 girls in sexy outfits, aged 20-30 years, rated 6-8 and mainly from South America or Eastern Europe. Flowers In Madrid and Riviera in Barcelona can have up to hundred girls, both have the most impressive line-up in Europe. The rates are around 60Ä for 30min CBJ and FS in one of the rooms upstairs or at the back. Rooms are clean and have bathrooms.

In the city-centers however, the brothels tend to be much smaller with less than 10 girls. They tend to open also during daytime. They look like massage parlours with sexy signs and sometimes even as discrete apartments, with only the buzzer button painted in red to make clear which apartment is a brothel. Customers are separated, girls are introduced to make a choice, and rates are also around 60Ä for 30min CBJ and FS.

Take care also that some clubs in the bigger cities or touristic areas cater more for business men or stupid tourists, have expensive drinks for fake champagne, strip-tease and expensive rates because rooms have mirrors or Jacuzzi.

Manuel Salvador Allue 6 ZARAGOZA

C Desiderio Escosura 44 ZARAGOZA
Phone: 976 551733

Club Boggi
San antonio Maria Claret 30 ZARAGOZA
Phone: 976 35 06 64
Homepage : http://www.boggizaragoza.com/

Club El Halcon
Arzabispo Apaolaza 5 ZARAGOZA
Phone: 976 35 34 83

Club Euro
El Burgo de ebro N232 Crtra Castellon km 226 ZARAGOZA
Phone: 976 105320

Club Omega
Antigua NII La Puebla de Alfinden ZARAGOZA

Club Papiro
N232 crtra Zaragoza Logrono ZARAGOZA

Club Pavarotti
C Arzobispo Domenech ZARAGOZA

Club PK2
C Aznar Molina 13 ZARAGOZA
Phone: 976 29 17 91
Homepage: http://www.pecados.org/

Cottoni Pub Remi
Camino de los Molinos 170 ZARAGOZA
Phone : 976 52 68 46

Crazy horse
Zona de Leon XIII C San Vicente Martir 19 ZARAGOZA

Escosura 44 ZARAGOZA

San antonio Maria Claret 25 ZARAGOZA

El Stay
Ctra de Lgrono N232 Figueruelas ZARAGOZA

c Jorge Cocci 2 ZARAGOZA

C Bernardo Fita 13 ZARAGOZA
Phone: 976 224 179

Long Play
Francisco Vitoria 14 ZARAGOZA

Manuel Salvado Allue 8 ZARAGOZA

Zona de Leon XIII C san Vicente Martir 30 ZARAGOZA

Burgos 16 ZARAGOZA

Phone : 976 355663


04-27-07, 11:49
If you're not into clubs but prefer girls in appartments check those two web sites: google "zaragoza erotica" and "sitios zaragoza" you should find 2 webpages full of real pics with phone numbers. Price starts at 40 euros/20 minutes, and overall attitude is very good, although don't know what happens when you're a tourist not speaking spanish.

12-07-07, 15:44
Hola. As my first post here, I'll say yes, my username is spelled wrong. It's because my Spanish is that bad.

OK, so where is the action in Zaragoza? I am just visiting and haven't found much info. I have seen the list of clubs (thanks for that) but without many details, I don't know which are good, bad, or ugly. I also wonder what the reception is for tourists with poor Spanish. I am also wondering where the SW action is in this town.

Also, I can probably find local papers with girls in apartments, but I'm a little uncertain about that. I don't know if I'm going to get mugged when I walk into some strange place. So I'd be more comfortable with girls who will visit me, or SW.

Are there any web sites with reviews of specific girls? Thanks for any info.

Hold The Door
12-15-07, 15:24
iím currently on a business trip to zaragoza and have taken in a few clubs. zaragoza is a nice enough city and there is a lot of regeneration going on for next years expo2008. there are plenty of hotels for any budget and the restaurants are nice enough. the one problem i found though is the traffic is terrible caused mainly by the really bad traffic light sequencing and one night i got stuck at a gridlocked roundabout at 2am for 40minutes. enough about the traffic and on to what youíre reading this for.

i visited threes clubs and couldnít figure out how to get to a fourth one.

first was club euro on a thursday night, this is on the a68 exiting the city to the southwest heading towards "el burgo de ebro". you can see the club about 1km before hand on the right and just pull off on to the service road and the club is the first building you see with plenty of parking. entrance was free.

the bar is a square island in the middle of the room so you can walk all the way round and the girls tend to sit round the walls in groups with the odd one at the bar. general standard of girl was 6-8 and a couple looked quite sickly to me, majority of the girls were ee. soft drinks were 7 euro, i wasnít drinking as i was driving so donít know the beer price. 30 minutes was 67euro and 1hr 130e. i went with the pick of the bunch a blonde romanian lucy (8). we were given cotton sheets and towels at the desk and the girl had a plastic card, which was swiped so she can be paid something i hadnít seen before. room was ok with a double bed + bathroom/shower and was clean. she performed well but at the end asked if she could have 20 euro then 10, 5, 2 and finally 1 euro before giving up.

second place i tried was club papiro on a saturday night on the n232 heading northwest out of zaragoza to logrono. the club is on the left side of the road not long after the pikolin factory. to get to it just take the next roundabout you come to and loop round on to the service road and not the n232. parking is in a side street just before the club. i think there was parking behind the club but they appear to be doing a lot of building work to the back of the club.

no entry fee, you walk in to the bar and the main bar is on the left of the room. on entering the standard of the women was poor 5-7. i ordered a coke 6 euro. i was considering leaving when i was approached by a girl from the dominican republic called maya (7) she wasnít what i would normally go for but seamed friendly and agreed to what i wanted even though my spainsh is bad and she had no english. 30minutes 70e 1hr 130e. when paying we were given a paper like disposable sheet and no towel as they have in the room a paper towel roll. the bed was massive and the room was nice. service was good but all through the time she was trying to make me take her out to my hotel for 200e for the night. i just pretended i didnít understand and just played dumb. when i went back down stairs there were about 5 girls in the range 8-10 who werenít there when i arrived so they may have been busy. i was a bit disappointed at missing them

the third place i tried was club stay tuesday night, which is about 28km out of zaragoza. you follow the n232 northwest out of zaragoza past club papiro. the n232 then becomes the a68 and at the 265km sign you can see the club stay sign of the left. peel off the dual carriage way at just after the respol garage and you cross a bridge over the a68. there is a central barrier on this road so you canít turn around and have to just follow the road for about 3km until you see a sign "grisen" come off the road here and you can turn back towards zaragoza. as you approach the a68 again there is a repsol garage on this side of the road as well. head straight through the garage and the entrance to the car park is down to the right.

entrance is free and a bit different to other clubs iíve been to as there is no security on the door. you go through 2 doors and then a through a heavy curtain and enter the bar. there is a mixed bag of girls ranging from 5-10. coke is 8 euro. they also have regular stripteases every 30minutes according to one of the girls and most of them do this. the girl i saw dressed as a belly dancer. iíd noticed two 10ís when i entered one blonde and one dark haired girl. while at the bar i was approached by a few of the 5-7ís and politely declined and finally made eye contact with the blonde mary (10) price was 65e 30mins 120e 1hr. at the desk we were given a disposable paper thing for the bed like at papiro. the room was the best of all 3 clubs and was very well finished as was the entire club it just seemed slightly better then the other 2 i visited.

serivce was good with no clock watching. i wasnít asked about take out or for more money either

i tried to go to a fourth club on a friday "club private", which is next door to club stay. it looked like a fairly large club but i couldnít figure out how to get to it and decide to just pull into stay again and have the dark hair girl anya (10). one advantage to having two clubs close to each other is it creates competition. that session ended strangely as soon as i finished she jumped up and went to the toilet for a crap. this is something i would have thought could have waited till after i had left.

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Hold The Door
02-19-08, 19:52
I went back to Stay and they have had a full change in girls since I was last there. Got talking to a Spanish girl and she claimed they have a new pricing and time arrangement in the club. You can only have 1hr 150E or 2hr at 300E and no more 30min sessions. As I didnít want to part with 150E as last time 1hr was 120E. I said no and started to make my exit. The hour price went rapidly down to 130E then 120E and finally 90E for 45min.

I agreed to this and went up stairs, she was 19yrs old a solid 9 and definitely Spanish as her English use was the same as all the Spanish women I know and different to the EE and SA Iíve seen before. I know her name but keeping it to myself. Up stairs in the room they are now using towels instead on paper towels, which was is an improvement.

The action upstairs was interesting as it turned out this was her 2nd day working in a club and it was a really good GF experience. Midway she had an orgasm and her eyes watered up, as sheíd never had one before. Being a gentleman I gave her a couple more before my turn. Afterwards she just lay there in stunned silence over the experience, which is a bit different from the EE troopers who normally leap up and get dressed ready for the next guy and she started gushing over how good it was and she never knew how good sex could be.

This has left me with a bit of a quandary over whether to go back again as Iím unhappy over this new pricing arrangement but I would like to go up with her again though Iím not sure the experience could be repeated as the expectation is now there. I think I might as well just savour the memory and never return, as there are plenty of clubs to go to in Spain and other experiences to have. Though I like to say, "never say never".

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Gentleman Travel
06-24-08, 16:19
Reading back over the various reports here, it sounds like the prices have been jacked up for Expo. At 200 Euros/hour that is pretty expensive!

I may get to Zaragoza in mid-September, any advice for avoiding these outrageous prices (other than being celibate I mean!)?

07-19-08, 00:25
Can anyone give me more information about striptease club in Zaragoza.

Can I find a girl to be with her?

10-14-08, 03:19
Arrived Zaragoza for a business meeting in the morning. After the meeting checked into Hotel Oriente. Its my first time in Zaragoza so I have a poor general sense of directions and where abouts. So after reading well detailed reports and using my GPS I have decided to go to a closer club to my hotel.

I picked Papiro. At 10PM I left the hotel by Taxi heading west, exiting the city and arriving at Papiro pretty much exactly as how it was described. All Taxi drivers should know this place.

Upon entering (free) getting to the bar and even before my beer is served, girls will start to approach you and try to get some business. I looked around, it was a Friday night and the place was slightly empty at 11pm.

This self proclaimed Romanian girl with dyed blonde hair was very insisting that we take our conversations up stairs. Well after looking around it seems that the remaining girls were a mixture of 6 and 7s and at that time I was actually looking for a blonde, sure why not. Prices were quoted but now I donít remember what it was. I remember paying for 120 for a 1 hour session or 2 pops. You pay the counter near the stair well before going up.

The rooms are hotel style, just that you wonít receive the hotel service. A clean sheet of towel is put on the bed. My girl told me to get naked, and on the bide and she will clean me up. Very interesting experience as this was my first time sitting on a bide. After being cleaned hopped on the bed to get a CBJ. 69 was offered but I didnít feel like it that night. After CBJ she hopped on and the fun begins. It wasnít until when the fun begin that I felt her breast which were (expected) fake. But the surgery wasnít a very good one as you can see the marks not where the breast ends but like ĹĒ above that. Anyways, after using both pops she gave me a massage and called me a cab. This area is quite remote so it would be wise to ask your girl to call you a cab.

Total damage, 120 Euro + 7 for beer, + 30 for cab.

Spanish Main
10-15-08, 19:29
I know her name but keeping it to myself.

What is the point of being in a sharing forum if all you want to do is brag about your experiences?

We are here to recommend girls to each other.

We want good service - she wants more clients. Secrecy benefits no-one.

02-19-10, 09:38
Hi, I have a few days to spend in Zaragoza soon. Can anyone provide any updates about clubs etc. Thanks

03-18-12, 22:43
Went on a Wednesday night, it was a reasonably relaxed experience. The girls well outnumbered the clients, but you didn't feel like fresh meat dipped into a pool of piranhas as soon as you opened the door. The club's in the town centre, taxi drivers know it and it's a cheap taxi ride from the central hotels.

Mostly Romanians, with fairly reasonable English; can't remember the names. I went for a one-on-one with X followed by my first threesome with Y and Z; gave in twice to 'oh, you haven't finished yet, please pay another half-hour', so it was an expensive evening, and there wasn't much interaction between the girls in the threesome. Also it's a bit of a turn-off for the insecure when they spend a few minutes talking to one another in Romanian. Really too businesslike to be a good experience.

04-10-12, 15:27
I have to go soon by Teruel, near Zaragoza, anyone knows some action in the area, seems pretty boring. Right?

03-29-16, 23:23
I am soon taking my brother on his (2nd) stag do to Zaragoza. What is the current scene like for the clubs / brothels?

05-09-16, 08:49
Few days ago I was in Zaragoza, and went to visit Susana Planet.


When I arrived the agency, there were only three girls available, I think in the web there are more girls announced that they really have.

I enjoyed a Spanish girl, I'm sorry but I can not remember her name, average height, large breasts and beautiful body. Her involvement was not very good, but to enjoy a good time is sufficient.

The agency is well placed in the Basilica Pilar square. The price was an hour 150 euros. Facilities are clean and nice, but I guess there are better places in the city. I keep looking for the next visit to Zaragoza.

07-08-16, 13:05
I returned to Zaragoza because my job, I stayed only one day. I took some rest time and I went to Escortszaragoza.


It is an agency in the Mayor street, an old building near the BasilicaPilar.

Why could choose between three escorts, although the level of them was not high. I chose a Brazilian girl, about 22 or 24 years old. I do not remember her name, but looking at their website I think she was Luna. She is a young girl, Brazil, with a nice slim body.

The best of the appointment was to enjoy a young girl, nice but not big breasts, attractive look. She behaves in sex with many groans, sometimes exaggerated. The implication is normal, artificial in some moments. This agency can be a good option if you do not know other places in Zaragoza, although I suppose there will be a better chance than this agency in Zaragoza.

01-18-17, 12:27
Back to Zaragoza, this time I decided to call El Rincon de Victoria:


I asked for an escort to come to my hotel room. Among the possible options, I chose Ariel. She is a young Spanish courtesan, beautiful body, neither thin nor fat. In bed when is a hot and involved escort. Her kisses are very good and sensual, and the natural blow job made me warm, first softer and then stronger, until I ended on her breasts. When I returned to take forces, 69 and then sex in various postures, first she over me, then I over, sex standing to follow on four feet. It holds up well to the rhythm, and sometimes she asked me to be more intense in penetration.

For me she was a good option, although she told me she is not always in Zaragoza. The next time I go to Zaragoza I will visit the facilities of the agency, they seem very interesting.

The rate was 130 euros for an hour plus the taxi, in facilities agency it is 120 euros an hour.

09-26-18, 07:27
Hello friends,

Next month are the Pilar fiestas in Zaragoza and I will take the opportunity to spend some days there instead of staying in Barcelona or going down to Madrid. It's my first visit to this city, and I've just looked quickly at what options there are, but I have not found elegant dating houses with high-level escorts. Rather I have seen very standard options (in terms of girls and facilities), but with prices similar to those of Bcn.

John166 speaks of 120-150 euros per hour. Is it the usual?

10-17-18, 11:22
Hello friends,

Next month are the Pilar fiestas in Zaragoza and I will take the opportunity to spend some days there instead of staying in Barcelona or going down to Madrid. It's my first visit to this city, and I've just looked quickly at what options there are, but I have not found elegant dating houses with high-level escorts. Rather I have seen very standard options (in terms of girls and facilities), but with prices similar to those of Bcn.

John166 speaks of 120-150 euros per hour. Is it the usual?I'm back from the Fiestas del Pilar in Zaragoza and all I can say is that I fully recommend it, even though I wasn't able to enjoy the paid company of an escort. The city is packed with people during the celebrations and it's quite easy to meet girls who want to hook up and have a good time.

I may visit a professional establishment if I'm ever back in Zaragoza.

11-06-18, 20:07
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01-06-19, 16:28
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04-11-19, 15:11
I was in Zaragoza a couple of weeks ago. I was expecting to make use of the walk-in brothels but then through https://www.xfantasiax.com/ I discovered a flat in Calle Tomas Breton where some stonkingly hot Colombian girls were working. The first time I went there I was expecting to have to walk out as I just didn't believe that the girl I was going to see would be as attractive as her photos. Amazingly she was. After our session she introduced me to 2 other girls that worked there and over the next few days I returned 3 times to complete the set as it were. And each hour long session was only Ä80 which included OWO.