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05-16-02, 05:56
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Night Crawler
10-13-03, 01:34

I wanted to tell you about the two places you can go for some skin in Karlstad. One is called Maxim and is a straight up stripjoint. Pretty small and shows are usually on the hour every hour unless there is a lot of people there (unusual) in that case they step it up to every 30 minutes. The show greatly varies depending on what girls are visiting that particular week. It goes from maby 3s-8s and the performance level and level on intimacy varies from girl to girl. Iíve had some great times there but some pretty poor ones as well.. Mostly itís the wait for the shows thatís boring. They play some really old pornmovies one can watch but they are of little interest. And also, Maxim has no Alcohol license so there are soft drinks only.

There is another place I should tell you about but itís really a trap. Itís called ďAfroditeĒ and itís a place you can buy sex in. Prostitution is illegal in Sweden but I guess the cops canít do anything about the setup in Afrodite. The main drawback is that there is just one girl, which they claim is 35 but sheís more like 55 and a heavy smoker. So I donít recommend you go there unless youíre desperate. I think the price is around 100Ä for a quickie including BJ.

Be Safe


Great Wall
10-28-06, 20:11
What is current scenario in Karlstad? Info available is quite old. Will anyone update?