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05-16-02, 06:02
In the FSU looking like you have money garnished with a western accent usually means you have money and that is a big plus when meeting women here.Right, but as Pedro rightly said to overdo is as bad as dressing too low. Best is to look fashionable and refined, but not obsessed with it. That is why IMO intentionally wearing a suit in a club is ludicrous. We're not in the 90s anymore. Now a sex-weaned foreigner who dress like a "biznessman" solely with the intention to impress is rather a subject of mockery.

Sinanju Master
05-18-02, 15:46
Can anyone give a price quote (average) for an apartment in Kiev for say, a week? Also, when I'm not poon-hunting, what historical sites are there to see in Kiev? I was told it's the oldest city in "Russia".

Merlin Magician
05-26-02, 17:03

As a son of Chiun, I recommend the tour at the Nuclear plant at Chernobyl. Just ask anybody who glows in the dark for directions.

Kiev Man
05-29-02, 15:02
So guys, finally somebody (like me) here from Kiev. You can ask me, I can provide help with Kiev, gals, or places. Hope you enjoy the capital of Ukraine!

Kiev Man
05-30-02, 11:08
Originally posted by Rastaman
Kievman-- I am a Black American guy--would I have any problems if I were to visit Kiev or Odesa???

No, man.. ;)
Americans are still welcomed there, and not so much racists there. If only you don't sell drugs. ;)

It's a many places in Kiev, where foreigners can feel safe and comfortable, and not expensive.

May be you got some problems with gals, so be prepared if some of them refused sex with you.
This is not rasism, just common xenofobia, cause we haven't much black people there, like in France, or Germany.

05-30-02, 21:36
from chris in the old unkraine archives

'Generally, a sence of jealous xenophobia does exist, always keep a low profile and avoid overcurious local men (this applies especially to black dudes, recently i saw a "gang" of 50 or 60 teenagers beating up a group of tourists in the middle of Kiev, simply 'cause they are black, and nobody...not even the cops did anything about it). '

caution is always prerequisite when traveling in the former soviet union.

Kiev Man
05-31-02, 12:16
Originally posted by snail
from chris in the old unkraine archives

'Generally, a sence of jealous xenophobia does exist, always keep a low profile and avoid overcurious local men (this applies especially to black dudes, recently i saw a "gang" of 50 or 60 teenagers beating up a group of tourists in the middle of Kiev, simply 'cause they are black, and nobody...not even the cops did anything about it). '

caution is always prerequisite when traveling in the former soviet union.

I live here, but never saw 50 teenagers together. Only with a teacher ;)
Some time ago "skeanheads" attacked jewish church in Kiev. So cops and spetial forces didn't sleep two days, but catch them all! If something happens with citizen of US in the middle of Kiev, some police generals and colonels can have a really big troubles, and they know it.
But after football match Kiev can be a dangerous place (so why I hate this game). And not only for black people. But cops works ok, in any situation...

05-31-02, 17:25
hi kievman,

Im looking to make an extended visit to Ukraine this year. Can you provide info about apartment rental? Im looking for a reasonably priced place for a month or two. Also, do you know where I might find a detailed street map of Kiev? Im also looking for all the same info on Odessa. In fact, any info you could point me to in Ukraine besides the usual tourist traps would be helpful.



Kiev Man
06-04-02, 11:12
Originally posted by beorning
hi kievman,

Im looking to make an extended visit to Ukraine this year. Can you provide info about apartment rental? Im looking for a reasonably priced place for a month or two. Also, do you know where I might find a detailed street map of Kiev? Im also looking for all the same info on Odessa. In fact, any info you could point me to in Ukraine besides the usual tourist traps would be helpful.



Hotels in Kiev - $12 - $200
apartments $25-$150 (look here: http://kiev2000.com/shop/apartment.asp )
or here: www.isgeo.kiev.ua (server is down now, but try it later)
About usual tourist traps?
Don't know, cause I don't travel ;)
If you only can explain what you mean.. :)

06-11-02, 18:39
About Ivano-Frankivsk,

Where do you find the girls there? Are they like FL's or students?
How much do you usually have to pay?

I understand that it is in the Carpathians. Am I right? Is it a big city, or the countryside of Ukraine?

Please give any info regarding the scene in IF. Thanks in advance.

Kiev Man
06-12-02, 14:33
Originally posted by TRL
About Ivano-Frankivsk,

Where do you find the girls there? Are they like FL's or students?
How much do you usually have to pay?

I understand that it is in the Carpathians. Am I right? Is it a big city, or the countryside of Ukraine?

Please give any info regarding the scene in IF. Thanks in advance.

Ivano-Frankivsk a small city, I never visited it.
But as I know - anywhere in the big world girls love you charm and intillegence, or your money. If you have something of it - you can go there. ;) But! In small cities of ex-USSR can be dangerous at evening and night. So, if you got a girl, better don't go so far from center of city. And without girl too.. ;)

About payment.. Me? No fuckin' way! I never pay for it. ;)
But if you want, you can pay in dollars everywhere in Ukraine. Not in shops, but to people for any services. I think in Iv-Frankivsk girl can be about $30-$50 per hour. But if they see, that you are foreigner, they can ask for more. They MAY ask. ;)))

06-12-02, 23:43

Thanks for the info on Ivano-Frankivsk. On another note, what do you think of the Ukraine/Russian 'meet your girl' sites. Are they for real or a scam?

Also, are Dnepropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog big cities? How much would hotels/apartments cost in these places? Are there any special rates if you stay like 1 month or longer? How are the girls in this city?

Are you a native Ukrainian? You live in Kiev? Do finance qualified people get alot of income in Kiev?

Kiev Man
06-13-02, 12:26
Originally posted by TRL

Thanks for the info on Ivano-Frankivsk. On another note, what do you think of the Ukraine/Russian 'meet your girl' sites. Are they for real or a scam?

Also, are Dnepropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog big cities? How much would hotels/apartments cost in these places? Are there any special rates if you stay like 1 month or longer? How are the girls in this city?

Are you a native Ukrainian? You live in Kiev? Do finance qualified people get alot of income in Kiev?

Ok, man, here is a some absolutely REAL links:

the biggest in Ukraine
another one:

Dnepropetrovsk is a big city, girls are the same in all ukrainian cities ;)

I'm russian, but live in Kiev.
If you can get a job in your country, and your company send you to Ukraine - you will live here like a king.
About jobs here? It exist. ;)

06-21-02, 00:59
Thanks for your reply kievman, I first read it yesterday because I forgot about my post! To explain 'tourist traps': in America where I'm from there are places that charge high prices and are marketed to tourists. Consequently the locals don't frequent them much. I expect that there will be places in Ukraine that as an obvious foreigner I will be subject to higher prices than locals think reasonable or pay themselves.

My goal, as a typical greedy american pennypincher, will be to pay local prices, not tourist prices ;).

Also, what's a good place to look for personal accounts of emigration to Ukraine (or other former SB countries), other than escapeartist?

Where is a good english speaking forum about Ukraine?

In short, where do i find inside info on the internet about everything in Ukraine? By "inside info" I mean real information, not western governmental/corporate media and not Ukrainian governmental/corporate data.

Can foreigners really buy land in Ukraine? I just want to buy a few acres of land in a rural area that i can plunk a well onto and retire :).

06-28-02, 19:32

Need some local adivse. Anyone care to recommend a good strip club/bar in Kiev. I'd prefer somewhere without too much hassle, good beer for happy evening viewing. And maybe with the chance to take someone home at the end of the night?


Kiev Man
07-18-02, 14:38
Originally posted by swanhunter

Need some local adivse. Anyone care to recommend a good strip club/bar in Kiev. I'd prefer somewhere without too much hassle, good beer for happy evening viewing. And maybe with the chance to take someone home at the end of the night?


Absolutely you have all chances!
I do not like striptease, so don't know any strip-bars.
But about straight clubs/bars in Kiev can tell more, then anybody ;)

At first, I recommend to check out Eric's bars. Eric is a guy from Germany, living in Kiev and he did GREAT network of GREAT bars.
I never seen something like it. I'ts really european places, in our "asian" city.

You can talk to Eric, and ask about traditions, places and prices in Kiev. I don't mean girls, but may be he can answer something about them. You'll really like this man.

If you want to check out other places - you will need a attendant from here, so you will not have a troubles and lose much more money.

07-25-02, 20:56
hy Kievman
i will be in kiev next muont, in daiprp hotel.
i am loking for a sexi girl, escort's' or escort' comp. mybe u can halp me'
i can not ukrine only engilis

Kiev Man
07-29-02, 15:55
Originally posted by her555
hy Kievman
i will be in kiev next muont, in daiprp hotel.
i am loking for a sexi girl, escort's' or escort' comp. mybe u can halp me'
i can not ukrine only engilis

Try it here: http://www.prosex.com.ua/sex/main.php

I'm just updated "escort" directory of prosex.com.ua, so now some navigation there in english, too.
Click "details", so you can find picture/phone inside.

07-29-02, 21:11
thnks Kievman for yoer info.
i try www.prosex.com.ua but isee only ukrine not english. so i can not see nating
olso meby u now how can i leren the ukrine ?
thnks agin

Kiev Man
07-30-02, 15:46
Originally posted by her555
thnks Kievman for yoer info.
i try www.prosex.com.ua but isee only ukrine not english. so i can not see nating
olso meby u now how can i leren the ukrine ?
thnks agin

Try to call this girl in Kiev
She can speak english, and she can help you. Maybe, with another girls. Her name is Karina, phone for now 237-3072 (in Kiev), but you can write e-mail also.

But english on the site too, man. :)

09-23-02, 05:57
Can anybody tell me a get place in Cherkassy ? I am looking for something like resttown

09-26-02, 04:40
It has been almost a year since my last visit to Kiev. I have lost the numbet to the vip service at the airport. Does anyone know the number. Oh and any recomendations on good place to stay. Last trip I was at Primear Palace, would like to find something a little more umm friendlier to guests. Any assistance in these areas would be helpful.

09-26-02, 18:24
I stayed at the Dnipro. They have a stripclub there that you can bring girls back to your room.

Kiev Man
10-01-02, 12:09
Originally posted by theguyfromny
I stayed at the Dnipro. They have a stripclub there that you can bring girls back to your room.

Dnipro is good. And not expensive. Kievman recommends. ;-)
But girls better you find through the net.

10-02-02, 16:06
Hello, I ll be in kiev for two week in november, help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
where is the best way to find girls? no to much epensive.....

10-03-02, 02:21
Hi everybody

I am planning to go 2 months in Ukraine. I would need some advises'

first, is it better to stay in Odessa or Kiev?

What about Crimea?

Advises for flat rental per month...

what are the good places to meet some girls, not prostitutes?

In case of prostitutes, how much it costs....


bye bye

Kiev Man
10-05-02, 11:38
Originally posted by tristan
Hi everybody

I am planning to go 2 months in Ukraine. I would need some advises'
first, is it better to stay in Odessa or Kiev?
What about Crimea?
Advises for flat rental per month...
what are the good places to meet some girls, not prostitutes?
In case of prostitutes, how much it costs....

bye bye

1: Sure in Kiev! Odessa is good city, but Kiev is capital of Ukraine - and that's all ;)
2: Crimea? Only if you want to unite with nature.
In this case you will need a guide, "ranger".
Cities in Crimea dirty and poor, service is terrible.
Black sea? In November? ;)
3: Flat? From $200 per month to.. you know, it's no limit to perfection. :)
4: Prostitutes here - $50/hour, $70 - two hours.
But if you want to meet "straight" girls, and spend much more money.. ;)) You can write me at admin@prosex.com.ua - I'll show you that places. Sure, not for free. For beer. ;))))

mcammor: that's all apply to you, too ;)

10-06-02, 20:02

I traveled extensively in Europe and Middle East, but never been to Ukraine. I can understand why Americans are afraid of going there, but even my Russian friends were warning me against Ukraine. Since every westerner is assumed to be rich and loaded with $'s they were getting robbed all over the place. A country where people survive through different forms of stealing...

Let me ask you what you think about the current Ukraine. How did things change in the last 4-5 years? How safe is Kiev for a foreigner? I appreciated it if you could share your expericences...

10-24-02, 20:24
Does anyone know where the streetwalkers are in Kiev ?

10-30-02, 04:25
OK, what are the "girl friendly" hotels in Kiev, or those that offer them via room service or in the lobby? I could use a good massage after a hard days' work.

Kiev Man
10-31-02, 17:07
Originally posted by Explorer8939
OK, what are the "girl friendly" hotels in Kiev, or those that offer them via room service or in the lobby? I could use a good massage after a hard days' work.

Any at center of Kiev. Try to look at hall. Or they can call you in your room

Kiev Man
10-31-02, 17:14
Originally posted by theguyfromny
Does anyone know where the streetwalkers are in Kiev ?

"Pobedy" street. Not so much girls there, cause policemans.
"Okruzhna road" (road encircle Kiev). Ugly, cheap and could be sick.

I don't recommend streetwalkers.

11-01-02, 04:21

How about the Dnipro?

I am looking for a reasonably priced hotel that I can book over the Internet that has friendly girls downstairs.

One possibility is to stay at the Boryspil hotel, near the airport, less travel.

Originally posted by Kievman
Any at center of Kiev. Try to look at hall. Or they can call you in your room

11-06-02, 03:09
Kievman- Sounds like a decent offer on seeing some fun places in kiev while i visit. Just buy a few beers , sounds worth it. Im have been to kiev a couple times before. January 13-24 I will be wondering around kiev.

11-10-02, 02:14
I hope to be going to the Crimea in the early spring (march) and was wondering if anybody knew any details about the area. Are there any hotels there that are girl friendly? How about any nightclubs, or other places to find many women? Where is the best place to pick up women besides the beach, since it will still be cold in March? Are there any places that I shouldn't stay?


11-16-02, 23:15
What do locals pay for a lap dance? What do they pay for sex for a hour with a hottie? Anyone know?

11-20-02, 19:11

Im going to Ukraine, and possible Moldova after christmas.
Do you have an emailadres we can keep in touch with? I need to ask you some questions.

And sure: ill ble pleased to go out, take som beers and chat, between all the shagging.

write to me at: hrchrister@hotmail.com

see you.

Kiev Man
11-22-02, 17:18
Originally posted by Armorer
Kievman- Sounds like a decent offer on seeing some fun places in kiev while i visit. Just buy a few beers , sounds worth it. Im have been to kiev a couple times before. January 13-24 I will be wondering around kiev.

It's okey. You know, how to find me. ;)

Kiev Man
11-22-02, 17:22
Originally posted by BigthDikth
What do locals pay for a lap dance? What do they pay for sex for a hour with a hottie? Anyone know?

"lap dance" is out of my vocabulary.
But straight sex is about $50 / hour.
For foreigners they can TRY to ask for more.
It all depends of your trade skills ;)

12-06-02, 08:57
I was in Kiev about a year and a half ago, and had the following experiences. There was an irish pub type place frequented by expats, and I met one girl there who was sitting at the bar alone. She turned out to be "working". Not that cute, really, and when we got back to my place, she said a few things that just rubbed me the wrong way. That was all I needed so I sent her packing. I was still nice enough to give her cab fare.

I did also go to the Milennium strip club. Expensive joint, so I just refused to buy them any wine, chocolates. or any of that stuff. I knew what I wanted spend my money on. I left with a very hot 19-20 yr old, tall & thin with red/brown hair. Of course her name was "Natasha"... Anyway, she spent the whole night, we even showered together. One of my most memorable fucks, she really went at it. Cost 2 bills.

12-18-02, 00:42
Hi kievman, I am planning to go to Kiev sometime on the second week of January. I will be staying in Kiev for may be two to three months and I want to place an Ads in Kiev paper for a girl that would take care of me during my stay. What newspaper should I advertise it ? Thanks.

Kiev Man
12-19-02, 15:08
Originally posted by plasticbird53
Hi kievman, I am planning to go to Kiev sometime on the second week of January. I will be staying in Kiev for may be two to three months and I want to place an Ads in Kiev paper for a girl that would take care of me during my stay. What newspaper should I advertise it ? Thanks.

Sorry, but I don't know such newspaper (but maybe it exists)
What you mean "take care"? Sex, escort, translating or what?

01-18-03, 16:40
Can anyone recommend any good Hotels where there are working girls in the bars

02-06-03, 06:09
I was wondering about Gia agency. What is their reputation, how friendly are the girls, would you use them?

Thank you

03-05-03, 14:06
hi !

I'm coming in two weeks to kiev. I just want to know
which disco is the most upscale one ? can anyone help
me out ?

I'm scouting for a pan-european escort agency. If there is
anyone out there which knows girls who
want to come for 3 months to europe. basic english
or german is necessary. I would pay a commission. girls
should be >170cm with russian figure 40-42.



03-16-03, 15:30
Can you tell me what percentage of girls speak English in Kiev, and in Odessa.

Which would be best in June.


03-16-03, 19:28
Based on my experience I'd say that 1 out of 10 might be able to converse to a basic degree there. consider Odessa & Kiev essentially the same as per that statistic, Odessa is more beautiful but not so easy to get to, Kiev is an elegant city quite easy to get to as it is the hub of the nation. In June both would be just fine. which one would I pick? Both!

Originally posted by travelmen
Can you tell me what percentage of girls speak English in Kiev, and in Odessa.

Which would be best in June.


03-18-03, 20:54
Thanks rendorseg

Which is the better place for finding a non-pro? I heard Odessa was good but it is a fair journey.
I think I shall be there during the week. Not sure how busy Kiev is away from the weekend?

Would I perhaps find that in certain bars there are more english speakers?

Is it still worth going if I only speak English? I prefer picking up the semi/non pros for all night.

Thinking of trying Sofia and Bucarest also. Any comments there.

03-19-03, 07:40
If you speak no slavic languages and not Roumanian then seeking nonpros or semis will be an exercise in ... well a waste of a lot of time. Often the hotels have their in house *****s but usually they're overpriced and used-old. I suggest that instead you go to captain69.co.uk and go to their section on Ukraine and they you'll see listings for agencies in Odessa, Kiev all over. Since you'd be in the city you could pay for 1/2 nite fee and then if afterwards you wish to strike a deal outside the agency since you'll be in the city... well I think you'll have a more satisfying outcum..... basically, play your bets in several ways, don't just solely rely on streets or hotel *****s or roll dice on picking up semis...
have a fun adventure!

Originally posted by travelmen
Thanks rendorseg

Which is the better place for finding a non-pro? I heard Odessa was good but it is a fair journey.
I think I shall be there during the week. Not sure how busy Kiev is away from the weekend?

Would I perhaps find that in certain bars there are more english speakers?

Is it still worth going if I only speak English? I prefer picking up the semi/non pros for all night.

Thinking of trying Sofia and Bucarest also. Any comments there.

03-20-03, 02:27
The women on captain69 are way over-priced and you have to pay to get any "useful" information. A waste of time and money.
Go out to the nightclubs - you'll find the women easy enough.

03-20-03, 03:29
I concur but then again if he wants to hedge his bets he could see an agency gal (and they often are tops) for 2 hours, pay that rate then go independent with her for other times at a fraction the price!

Originally posted by jak
The women on captain69 are way over-priced and you have to pay to get any "useful" information. A waste of time and money.
Go out to the nightclubs - you'll find the women easy enough.

03-25-03, 18:14
Just go to Hollywood or River Palace discos. Many girls speak English and all (or all who will engage you in conversation) are available. Just say you want company for the night.

04-06-03, 17:44
I'm planning a trip to Kiev end may. Are River Palace, Hollywood, Dynamo Lux, Rest Town still the best places to visit to find company ? Any info about bars/discos where to meet local girls ( amateurs/students ) ? Thanks for your tips.

04-12-03, 17:40
Originally posted by MarkABC
I'm planning a trip to Kiev end may. Are River Palace, Hollywood, Dynamo Lux, Rest Town still the best places to visit to find company ? Any info about bars/discos where to meet local girls ( amateurs/students ) ? Thanks for your tips.

in my modest opinion the best is rest town.....

04-12-03, 21:47
Hello all it has been near a year since my last visit To Kiev. Sorry Kievman I wasn't able to come in January. I have the time now on may. May 6-14. Looking on a differant place to stay. Called my last contact and he is not so reliable lately. Also any new places of interest? I lovem tall and blonde. Later and happy hunting.

Local Expert
04-17-03, 08:55
Hi guys,

I am planning a 7 days trip to the Ukraine in August with a couple of friends for the sole reason of mongering. Since none of us has ever been to the Ukraine, here are some questions:

1) We will either go to Odessa or Simferopol. Which is the better place to go to ?

2) Is renting an apartment in either of these places a good idea. There are adds on the internet saying it is just 40 bucks per day. Are these adds serious and are these kind of apartments clean ?

3) Is it true that the local amateurs are very keen on Western Europeans and therefore very easy to get to bed ?

4) Which are the most famous places for hoockers in the above mentioned places ?

5) How about normal bars/discos with amateurs ? Are there (m)any ?

6) What are the "rules" in these places ? Do you approach a girl yourself or wait until you get a signal from her, resp. do they approach you ?

Thanks a lot in advance

05-11-03, 13:15
Hello All from Kiev this has been a relaxing sty I must say. My appartment was clean and very nice. I Visited most everywhere I wanted this time and Met some wonderful girls. I still have a couple days left before returning to USA .I would like to have a longer trip. So far the only trouble is tracking down a girl I met while here last couple trips. Kinda hard to track her down this time , Mobile not working. Oh well. Have fun

05-12-03, 01:34
Hello Armorer!

Good to see your post. It seems to me that this forum is almost dead if you compare it for example with the one for Moldavia.
I will be in kiev on July for the first time. Could you give your tips to chase effectively non-pros girls there?

You seem to have a good experience of that city.

Many thanks in advance.

05-18-03, 21:27
Well I just returned home. I had a wonderful time. Looking for no pro is not to hard. There are many places to go. I mean you can Just walk the main street Kreschatik. It is always alive and abundant with chances to meet the ladies. When you arrive just hunt a copy of WHats-on. It is an english mag that is put out once a week and lets you know what is going on in the city and also lista local clubs, discos and so on it is a free. It is handy little guide. But basicaly be nice and just talk to them and buy drinks or whatever. If you are looking for the nonpro.
ITs not to hard. Well I have to make this short got to get back to the work thing. Well let me know if you ahve any other questions. HAve you found a place to stay? Anything like that.
Well have fun.

05-19-03, 17:35
Hello Armorer!

Many thanks for your feed back!
Finally I am planning to stay 3 weeks in Kiev next month, in June!
I would like to ask you 2 questions about visas. Is it true that for private visas you just have to write the name and address of a person who is living in Ukraine and that they even don't verify? How did you do to get your your own visa?
I tried to contact the ukrainian embassy in Switzerland, where I am living, and I fell on an answering machine. I sended them a fax but without any answer till now! So I really don't know what to do now!

Thanks in advance for your help and your excellent posts too.

05-28-03, 23:31
I've been visiting some of the Ukrainian websites and have
noticed some girls talking about sponsers. Don't understand
if they're looking to visit abroad or if it's some term that means
something else. At first I thought I got into a matchmaking
site by accident...but nope!


05-31-03, 23:46

This is also common in Russia. It's basically a woman that is looking to be "kept". Help her with her living expenses in order for her to be your girlfriend (whenever you need one).

Yossarian 99
06-01-03, 01:32
Traveller22 --

Will be following you to kiev in August for the entire month. No solid plans, except that I will be there for 4-6 weeks.

Will be waiting for your report for most up-to-date info.

Thinking about staying with a host family for a week or so until I can get the lay of the land (first time in Ukraine). Will probably get an apartment after that.

In the process of learning Russian right now, since I know it will give me an edge with the non-pros.

Anyway, have fun. Take lots of notes!


06-03-03, 23:31
Well first I am sorry for takeing so long to respond. I have been rather preoccupied lately. Well I use a visa service that obtains a tourist visa for me. Small fee included. After that I rent an appartment and just explore. If you have any need for further info drop me a line at baybilly@hotmail.com . I'll do my best to answer any questions then. Well sorry this is shor but I have to get going good luck.

Yossarian 99
06-04-03, 08:01
Originally posted by Armorer
Well first I am sorry for takeing so long to respond. I have been rather preoccupied lately. Well I use a visa service that obtains a tourist visa for me. Small fee included. After that I rent an appartment and just explore. If you have any need for further info drop me a line at baybilly@hotmail.com . I'll do my best to answer any questions then. Well sorry this is shor but I have to get going good luck. Armorer --

Can you provide some more info on your recent trip to Ukraine? Per my message to Traveller22 below, I will be in Ukraine for 4-6 weeks in August but with not solid plans once I am there.



06-04-03, 23:46
Hello Armorer and Yossarian999!
I am in Kiev since the first of June. I will stay a few weeks. Maybe till the end of the month. I have a lot of free time but i must confess you my friends that I am not very proud of myself. I see everyday in kiev so much beautiful girls but something is inhibiting me! Because of this damned fear of rejection i didn't talk directly to any girls yet. Such a shame! I don't want to bother you too long with my inhibitions but maybe, armorer, you could give me some tricks! I know that the main trick is in fact just to try but those girls are so impressive.

I will be this week end in Odessa. Will post I hope some more positive reports then!

See you soon my friends!

06-09-03, 00:06
Traveller22- I am not really sure what to tell you excpet, just start by sayin Hello. Be yourself. Thats all I can say. I know how you feel about rejection, but got to try. All else fails yhou can always go pro, and that can be as fun. good luck.
Yossarian99- Well going to be spending much time there in august? Is this for a school? Best thing I can say is don't be shy, go out and dance and check the parks out, beach. Where ever people are. Can go danceing at disco, its all up to you. I can say this much there is alot of fun to be had for he who is brave.
Also anyone emailing me please put something about Ukraine or Kiev inthe subject. Getting alot of junk mail lately and kinda scrapping it . Well I got to run anything else email me at baybilly@hotmail.com

Yossarian 99
06-09-03, 06:08
Originally posted by Armorer
Traveller22- I am not really sure what to tell you excpet, just start by sayin Hello. Be yourself. Thats all I can say. I know how you feel about rejection, but got to try. All else fails yhou can always go pro, and that can be as fun. good luck.
Yossarian99- Well going to be spending much time there in august? Is this for a school? Best thing I can say is don't be shy, go out and dance and check the parks out, beach. Where ever people are. Can go danceing at disco, its all up to you. I can say this much there is alot of fun to be had for he who is brave.
Also anyone emailing me please put something about Ukraine or Kiev inthe subject. Getting alot of junk mail lately and kinda scrapping it . Well I got to run anything else email me at baybilly@hotmail.com


I'ts too bad you don't have a "wing man". I am quite shy myself and find a wing man to be very helpful.

When travelling alone, a common technique I frequently use is to try and ask for directions in russian / ukrainian while holding a phrase book in my hand. The idea of a helpless tourist asking for directions seems to disarm them just long enough to get you in the door. This little ploy announces to them that you are not just another local guy. At that point, their curiosity takes over, and you'll be having coffee (or sex) with them in no time. The key to remember is you are working the odds. If you get brushed off the first time, try again, and again, and again. No matter who you are, sooner or later, you WILL succeed, my friend.


My trip is purely for pleasure. I have a month vacation, and decided to just stay in one city (Kiev) or maybe two (Kiev and Odessa). I was hoping to get some tips on how I should approach vacationing in these cities.


EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

CA Traveler
06-10-03, 21:48
T22, use a trick that seems to always work without threatening you or the girl... Simply ask directions in English or your native language. Then, she will either help you or wave you off. Once she responds in English, you can expand the conversation. Who knows where it will lead.

You will not always get a positive reaction, but you've got to remember that even a 10% success rate will work in your favor if it leads to a cup of coffee, then lunch/dinner, then maybe a club and then...

Try it until it works...

06-11-03, 12:35
I've tried that system of pick up many times in Moscow. If you are staying at a nice hotel, ask for directions to that hotel, if there's a smile and nod, you have struck gold. Invite that chick to the hotel and before you know it, something can develop. I would say a 30% success ration is possible. Good luck and happy punting.

06-11-03, 12:39
What language is most common they speak? Can I manage in Ukraine with english?

Yossarian 99
06-26-03, 07:31
Originally posted by Traveller22
Hello Armorer and Yossarian999!
I am in Kiev since the first of June. I will stay a few weeks. Maybe till the end of the month. I have a lot of free time but i must confess you my friends that I am not very proud of myself. I see everyday in kiev so much beautiful girls but something is inhibiting me! Because of this damned fear of rejection i didn't talk directly to any girls yet. Such a shame! I don't want to bother you too long with my inhibitions but maybe, armorer, you could give me some tricks! I know that the main trick is in fact just to try but those girls are so impressive.

I will be this week end in Odessa. Will post I hope some more positive reports then!

See you soon my friends! Hey Traveller22,

This site has been quiet for the last couple weeks. Let us know what and how you are doing in Kiev and Odessa. Are you in hotels or apartments? Give some suggestions if you have any.


06-27-03, 02:05
any recommendations on good, cheap, monger friendly accomadation in kiev? looking in the $30-50 range/night.


06-28-03, 21:59
Hey guys,

Coming to Kiev in July (on or around the 9th) and would like to rent an apartment for a week. Anyone have any good contacts? Please email me at michaelgage@mail.ru


06-29-03, 03:49
michael - great reports on moscow - please post any reviews on this thread (from your experiences when you go to kiev) as well.


07-14-03, 19:04
Four days in Kiev with some good to tell, and some bad.

First, I found a great flat, just off the center street (Kreshadak) that is totally private and western. In fact, its the only Ukrainian flat I've ever seen with its own private entrance. I'll post and recommend the young lady who helped me with this later, as her contact info isn't handy at the moment. I HIGHLY recommend her.

Second, I spent 2 nights combing the streets trying to just compare the lineups with Moscow's. It really is bad here. My verdict, just write it off and don't waste your time. In those two nights and who knows how many hours I found 2 girls that might rank a 7, possible 8.

Third, Resttown is closed for renovations.

Fourth, River Palace is a "nightflight" wanna be (if you've been to Moscow) with some quality girls. The girls will tell you the going rates vary from 500 a night to 300 a night (which made me laugh inside, as they were trying to milk the foreigner). I walked out with a great catch at $100. Just buy them drinks, take your good old time, and let the pressure of the sale work on them. One frequent hound told me he never pays more than $100. With the 9's and 10's floating around, if you did pay $150 you'd probably be happy, but don't ruin the economy in one shot, okay?

Fifth, walked down the main street at 11:30 one night, said hello to a cute 19 year old blonde walking by herself. She said hello back at me, and 2 drinks later we were walking to my flat for 4 bangs throughout the night I will not soon forget. Total cost? A small bar tab and about five years of language acquisition.

Sixth, stopped in the next night at a local pub/bar called Cowboys. The name made me laugh so I thought I would look. Had a beer and caught the eye of a cute blonde sitting with two friends. We chatted, and I almost walked off thinking she was a normal girl and not working when she got flirty. She was a working girl, but new at the job. I told her I wasn't interested in that, really needed a girlfriend and about 30 minutes later was hailing a taxi with her on my arm. Total cost: a slightly larger bar tab and cab fare for her in the morning.

So now I have two girlfriends I can call, and not sure tonight what I will do or learn. I guess I'll post you that later.

07-14-03, 21:48
Is Kiev worth visiting if you don't speak Russian? I was in Riga recently and found it very difficult to communicate without Russian, they seemed to understand my English but not want to communicate.

07-15-03, 13:41
Goldfinger - Not so easy to find english speaking girls in Kiev but girls are really more friendly than Letonian ones as they really want to try to communicate ( ie in Mc Donalds, in shops or on the main street called Krashatik ).

But you will find for sure english speaking girls in River Palace, Moda Bar... Never pay more than 100 USD for 2-3 hours even if some 9's or 10's will try to charge you 200 USD per hour... Just send her away, there are so many good looking girls available each night...

07-16-03, 01:22
Got busy into the evening with work -- yes actual work -- so I hit River Palace at about 1am. The girls were busy dancing which is a nice way to show off the wares. I have to admit there may be more quality here than nightflight, although the attitudes are different too.

I do recommend complete negotiations before you head out with your girl -- I picked a real life 10 (if you took the genes of claudia shiffler and kim bassinger and mixed them, you'd see what I mean) and I actually agreed to $150 cuz she was so hot and I felt generous. I can't believe I did it, actually. It's funny that one hour is usually $50 and all night can be negotiated down to $100. If you can count without using your fingers you can see it's a real savings, ha!

At any rate, all went VERY well for the first 2 bangs, and then she said it was time for her to go home (4 am) and I said, politely, no it's for all night. She informed me very quickly that was not the case (4 am is when her morning starts so she can go do whatever she wants to do) and everything turned cold and hard. She didn't run out, but the passion sure did. Eventually, I just opened the door and let her go. Also, she was one of the hard line pros and wouldn't kiss (how I hate that) and had filled herself with some septic cream so forget enjoying oral on her glorious body, etc. To top it off, she only had 2 condoms and there was no way I was allowed to do anything (including her giving oral) without a condom.

So today I spent trying another line -- I asked a working girl to help me find other girls that are not so easy to find. She made some calls for me on her mobile, but was not successful. Then she suggested we just walk around and she would talk to candidates. I was floored, but about 45 minutes later I was in heaven with one we stopped on the street and chatted up for about 15 minutes -- she was from out of town and needed to earn some cash. So don't forget to ask the girls you have for further leads.

Tomorrow I'm off to other regions of the Ukraine. That should be very, very interesting.

07-16-03, 18:19

Please keep posting your Ukraine adventures. I am following with great pleasure. I just got back from Russia, and think of going to Ukraine on my next trip. Unfortunately compared to Russia, the Ukraine section is pretty dead. Good luck!

07-17-03, 01:32

I want to offer my thanks for your pioneering work here. I´ve been exploring the E. European countries in the last three years with an eye to going into the Ukraine and the smaller cities of Russia next year for two months. I´ll be starting my formal Russian lessons in the fall. Thanks for your great posts - they´re appreciated.

07-24-03, 23:18
I will be travel to Kiev and Odesa in Oct. yes Oct.

Anyone have contacts for cheep but nice places to stay, or where to meet local and working girls?

Thanks in advance.

08-12-03, 21:30
I was in Kiev about eight weeks ago at the end of May, 2003. I found it quite easy to make contact with both professional and amateur girls. It helps that I was staying in an apartment so there was absolutely no problem about doormen etc.

For the semi-professional I found that the Riverboat had more than sufficient variety from which to choose. About the only reservation about this place is that it is dead until after 11:00 - I am not a young man and much prefer to be having my sex before midnight than afterwards. On both occasions that I went there I ended up with a stunningly beautiful girl/lady to whom I paid about $70 for a complete performance although there was no suggestion in either case that they would stay the night - both had children at home (or so they told me). Both ladies were also following full time legitimate jobs. I can't pass on telephone numbers because although they were freely given both seem to have changed as I can't get any reply.

For the professional experience I telephoned one of the contacts from the back of the What's On magazine. The young lady who was sent to me was called Olga (aren't they all!). She was really super - about 20 y-o, with long blonde hair, tall and slim with big breasts. The rules of her employment meant that she has to phone as soon as she arrives and to phone as soon as she is leaving - I guess this is to stop longer sessions being granted without the agency having their cut. I found this a little offputting. She cost me $50 for the hour and was worth every penny of it. In fact I saw her four times altogether during my trip. She had very little English but I have a little Russian. I was interested to discover during the postcoital coffee that she is on the books of almost all of the advertisers in the book and that they were owned by only 3 different owners/managers so any attempt to shop around would be unlikely to be productive. But for the price (plus tip) I thought the value was excellent. She gave me her telephone number but, again, it is now not answering - I don't know if this is a permanent feature of life in Kiev.

I am back in Ukraine in Late August and for almost all of September. I also have to travel to Kharkiv, Poltava, Donetsk, Simferopol, L'vivand Zhytomir. Can anyone help me to ensure that my stays (of at least two nights in each city) will not be 'bone dry'?

08-13-03, 22:59
Cundum, Michael gage is the only one around here who can help you. I guess he is swamped with beautiful Ukranian girls somewhere in the countryside. Please keep posting about Ukraine.

08-14-03, 04:55
Odessa --> If any of you have good leads for hot independent ladies down there kindly let me know.

08-14-03, 10:10
Hi, I will be making a big tour around Eastern Europe, also planning to stay in Kiev, Odessa and any other town that might be worth a visit. I am looking to get in touch with some locals who can also speak English or German, who have good knowledge of local prostituion scene and good communicative skills trying to make some money or find a new well paid job. Please get in touch with me or perhaps you can give me a referal of someone trustworthy who might be able to help me out in some of those towns?

08-18-03, 19:57
No reply from Michael Gage. If you are out there I'd really appreciate some feedback on life and times in the provincial cities. I will be in Kiev next Monday 25th August and then in the regions from the following Monday. One possible plan is to visit the various 'marriage agencies' in Kiev and ask them to arrange 'dates' for me in the towns I shall be visiting. I had started to follow this strategy on my last visit (which was also my first) but I was at that time only considering Kiev. I abandoned the idea when I discovered exactly how easy it was to make contact with willing and reasonable ladies in the capital.

If it takes me two or three days to understand the geography and set-up of each of the cities I will be visiting I will have left before I make any fruitful contacts. When I spoke to the agencies before, they were quite willing to consider the idea but were still expecting to make $50 per introduction which is quite an overhead cost on the normal service price and could even be seen as expensive against a very uncertain outcome. I would aim to be totally honest up front that this was not to be a date with marriage in mind and hope to meet some reasonably adventurous ladies who are willing to take a chance on sharing a meal and possibly more. Has anyone got any comments on my proposed modus operandi?

Pacific Creek
08-20-03, 23:18
Like you, I'm planning a trip to Kharkov in March. I've been patiently waiting for Michael Gage to respond as well.

I've been checking out Ukraine for over three years now. My research tells me there should be no shortage of willing females especially when the universities are in session.

I'm going over to meet a ukrainian lady as a prospective wife and also to work on one of my part time hobbies, photography. So I'll be photographing some lovely ukrainian ladies as well.

I've also met some guys here locally who have been as well. They have told me a lot.

One of the biggest things not to do is act like a typical american male when you get over there. In other words don't come across as brash, overbearing or the usual "I'm an American and my sh_t doesn't stink."

MTV just did a special earlier this year and the guy was a total jerk. Don't act like him.

If you have time beforehand, take some russian classes at a local university or contact them to see if they have any russian/ukrainian students. Chances are they do. If so, see if they'd be willing to give you language lessons. It also allows you the chance to interact with someone who can give you some background on the country and probably some good info on how to pick up the ladies.

I met a lovely young lady from Kiev in my Business Law class. Anastasiya has agreed to tell me about how not to behave and how to behave. Also to help me with my russian before I go.

Read the archives here for some good info as well. There are also some good websites that might give you some info as well.

Basically be nice. Check out the local bars/clubs around the universities. Dress nice and don't act like a jerk.

Personally, I can't wait to get over to Kharkov. I've heard a lot of good things about it. I'll be flying Austrian Airlines. Darn it! I'll have to spend the night in Vienna on the way back.

Do some research on the country and customs before you go. Read Culture Shock Ukraine for some good info as well. Very informative book.

Michael Gage, I hope you post soon or that I maybe get the chance to meet you in Ukraine for some good pointers.

08-21-03, 06:41
Well, I leave in a few days for Odessa - even without MG's comments I think I'll do fine... I contacted an Odessa Escort agency thinking of a 3some but when he quoted me the rate of $800 total I told him it was simply way over local rates - he never replied but tough. But there are some long beautiful avenues supposedly in the daytime with hot chicks strolling, showing lots of skin.. and in the evening more hot chicks at the clubs, showing lots of skin. Can't wait!

08-21-03, 16:26
Pacific Creek:

Can you please post some of websites to look for info on Ukraine? The lack of information about Ukraine is really frustrating...

08-21-03, 22:17
Well I'll be in Kharkiv on Sunday evening 31st August (but quite late) and on Mondya nad Tuesday evenings so I might be able to pass you on some news. Some previous local knowledge would be a great help but will do my best anyway.

Pacific Creek
08-22-03, 00:46
If you have time get a copy of Culture Shock: Ukraine. It really does have a lot of good info on it. It was written by a lady who traveled and lived in Ukraine.

For website,









Summertime in the Ukraine is supposed to be awesome with the women wearing almost next to nothing or a lot of see through type clothing.

Remember, don't act nekulterney (uncultured) and you should do fine. Try and pick up a language book as well if you can. Lonely planets is pretty informative as well.

Just remember to make sure the girl at the club is of age. They mature early over there and the clubs don't seem to mind letting the younger ones in. Read the archives here and you should do okay.

Just be nice, buy them drinks, treat them well.

08-22-03, 18:01

Here is some info for you on Kharkov. I am not the source of this information, I read it elsewhere. Hope it will help...

"A newer disco is located in the center, the complex is called the disco Argus, which consists of a disco, called Mask, a sauna, a modern bowling alley and billards room. The people who visit the Disco Mask are the cities upper class, the new Russains and western visitors. The prices are very good, 5 Ukr. to enter and 5 ukr for a bottle of Ukr beer. As you enter the disco continue to walk towards the bathrooms and you'll notice a room with top less dancers, this room costs 50 Ukr (about $8.50) to enter and for that price all night you can watch beautiful girls dancing topless in a thong. These girls are also avalible to take to the sauna for a rate of $60 an hour. If the girl likes you, it is possilbe for an overnight for about $150. If you want a grilfriend the best disco is the disco 2000, located a few miles outside of center. The girls who visit this disco are all locals, and the female to male ratio is 4 to 1. On each side of the disco you'll notice a bar with tables near by, just sit at a empty table and buy a round of drinks for a table of girls who will be sitting near by. Then join the girls and try to communicate with the girl you are most attracted to. "

Have fun and please report your experiences!!!

08-23-03, 14:19
Hedonist - thanks a lot for that. I'll let you know the outcome.

08-24-03, 11:18
anyone have any websites where you can see the girls with telephone, prices etc? no agencies just the private ads of girls?

Member #4369
08-25-03, 07:28
hello guys,

I am an experienced pussy hound down in Bucharest. I am going to start to travel to Kiev for work, and would like to get laid in the evenings, prefferably not from pros.

Any advice for me as to how i can achieve this? Websites? Chat rooms? I want to make some friends before i get there.



08-30-03, 15:49
I've been reading the reviews with a great surprise as if there were another Ukraine and another Kiev that I've never been, so it's time for you to learn the real facts folks!
It's a great shame and an insult on Ukrainians at the same time to be considered as a part of Russia and on the same level as Russians because the difference between the two countries and the two cultures is like dark and light! When you take into consideration that the Russians especially from Moscow are as cold as ice from Siberia and that the Ukrainians are as warm-hearted and friendly as it can be, you could easily call Russia as hell and Ukraine as paradise to show the difference. Besides, the Ukrainians don't look like the Russians they hate so much (They don't hate anyone except the Russians and they have millions of reasons to do so,believe me!) at all and you can feel so free and comfortable to walk on the streets,wherever you're from.

The action is really on the streets and you'll be amazed by the proportion of girls to boys wandering on the streets(for me it's just 100% for my eyes can only see girls!). Surprisingly,boys are not aware of the situation and they're only interested in boys (the number of rapidly increasing blue bars in Kiev is stunning compared to Europe!), so that makes life even easier even if you're not so good at getting along with new girls. Just walk along Kreshetuk right in the center and uphill on the backstreets of Padole and you'll be amazed by the scene and be sorry for not visiting Kiev before instead of Paris or any other place in Europe or the world!

Maybe the Ukrainians are not the richest people in Europe,but they surely know how to live,which is lacking in whole Europe and especially the States. Life goes on for 24 hrs in Kiev and there's no time at all for sleep! I mean where else in Europe or in the world would you find decent restaurants, casinos, bars, discos open for 24hrs? Once you find an Ukrainian girlfriend (of course never limit yourself by 1 or 2) the street action starts and you'll never know what's gonna show up next and this is what the real excitement is all about. An Ukrainian girlfriend has millions of girlfriends and literally all girls in the city know each other! Can you imagine?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space between sentences. To avoid future delays, please include one space between sentences in future reports. Thanks!

08-31-03, 17:53

You obviously have a great appreciation for the Ukrainian culture and women - and Kiev.

I'll be making an extended trip there next summer. What do you base your observations of the Ukrainian scene on? You present your comments as facts, whereas the other posters seem to be totally missing the experience. What are your thoughts as to this difference in experience and why?


09-02-03, 12:16
It all depends on you to be a part of this culture or not. If you act like you are in the States or west Europe or even Russia, you'll never have even the slightest chance to feel the difference and the real scene.

There are not so many places in the world where you can have this priority and this is why I think you should try here until the last possible point. All you have to do is to feel comfortable at all times and to feel totally relaxed to be right in the street action wherever you are and whatever you're doing! Remember there's no limit in what's gonna show up and what your mind can even imagine!

Pacific Creek
09-03-03, 01:43

I was curious if you think I have been posting wrong info. I think Ukraine I have in mind is the one you have in mind.

The people there are definitely warm and outgoing. I have seen the difference between the russian ladies I know and Anastasiya from my law class who is from Kiev.

I will admit my first hand knowledge is limited as opposed to someone who has actually been in the country but I have tried to learn as much as I can.

The official language spoken is Ukrainian but Russian is still spoken by more than half the population. Besides, that I haven't been able to find any Ukrainian language tapes. Just Russian.

I think the overall economy in Ukraine is better than in Russia. The exchange rate should give a good example.

One US Dollar gets you 30 Russian Rubles
One US Dollar gets you 5.4 Ukrainian Hryvnia

I have heard the same thing. The ladies are on the streets and in the clubs.

So, please advise me if I have been posting wrong info. I would like to know so that I can learn.

Member #4369
09-04-03, 14:23

Dude, sorry, but you are way, way off with that exchange rate statement below...

Its the cost of living vs. the average salary, converted to a hard currency, that will roughly let you compare places...

Your formula says that

Moldova with ~14.00 LEI to the dollar

has a better economy than Japan, with ~110 yen to the dollar

The price of a street blowjob by the loop road of a major city is a good comparative indicator....


09-04-03, 15:41

I agree on a lot you have to say about the Ukraine, it is a great place and Ukrainians and Russians aren't the same.

However Russians aren't as cold as ice...or maybe you've just met the wrong ones? Or I met the right ones? Russians (at least in Moscow) also live 24-7 and if you meet "real" Russians and are not restricted to dealing with burned out prostitutes or snobby elite new Russians you'll likely experience a similar reception as in the Ukraine. At least that is my experience.

The key is getting beyond normal expat circles and tapping the real culture. Learn the language, at least Russian, and you'll do 100 times better than you did before.

And the Ukraine is not a richer country than Russia, the streets of Moscow and the bordellos of the world are filled with Ukrainian girls who aren't working because they love it, but rather because their country is dirt poor and they can't get any other kind of decent work.

Bad for them, good for guys looking for Slavic women.

09-04-03, 18:42
You are totally beyond the real essence of the topic. I've been to almost every country ( take a look at Turkey and Cyprus sections) with the right choices, but nothing compares to living in the air with a real real Ukrainian girlfriend who would make you feel in paradise. This has nothing to do with richness cause real richness is in the mind and the heart!

The *****s on the streets have nothing to do with the scene. You can see streetgirls everywhere in the world, in Russia, Italy, France, even hundreds of them at daytime right in the middle of New York or Hollywood in L.A.

By the way, all Ukrainians especially in big cities except Lvov on the west speak Russian cause Ukrainian belongs to countryside and besides there are so many different dialects of it!

A small hint, never ever try to speak Ukrainian to a young lady! So, you can start by saying ya lyublyu tebye ochin silna!

09-15-03, 19:05
I'm back guys, sorry for the drop out. Unavoidable. All my email was flushed too, from a new spam effort. Hope you can resend.


09-16-03, 04:00
Michael Gage:

At some point I thought that you run into trouble, good to hear you are still kicking. It would be nice if you could post a comprehensive report on Ukraine if you had the time. I know I'm being faceless here but there's not much info on Ukraine out there and we are kind of in a "you are the man" situation here.

09-16-03, 23:17

Glad to see you back. I was beginning to wonder if all the stories I've heard through the years about the "backroads" of Russia and Ukraine being dangerous had something to it.

I'm in the third week of my Russian class at a community college, and I'm hoping to have enough language to go off the beaten path next summer. My instructor is from Kharkov. I don't know if she has a bias, but when I talked to her about my travel plans in the future, she felt that the Ukraine would be a little safer for independent travelling.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to more details of your trip in the less travelled areas of Ukraine. Any comments about the language issue while travelling would be helpful. Thanks.

09-17-03, 07:53
Planning a trip to get lost in the arms of a ukrainian woman and could use some help with a few major items.

1) What is the best time of year if you want to focus on university girls? I have seen posts that say the best time is the off season for travelors... That is when it is the easiest to Get a REAL Girlfriend... Many awsome cuties that just need a place to hang their hat, some spending money and someone to take them out for some fun...

2) In Which Cities are you most likly to find what I described in #1?

3) What is the weather like? I have heard that the seasons vary widely fron one major city to another... I am very active outdoors and I am not sure I am ready to hybernate all winter no mater how warm the bed is...


09-17-03, 10:01
The number one city in terms of universities is of course Kiev, there are at least 50-60 universities and most of them atre located right in the center. There are almost no girls in Ukraine who don't go to university at all and they hang out there from early September till mid June! The other good cities on this basis are Dniepropetrovsk on the east, Kharkov, Donetsk, Lvov on the west and Odessa on the south though it's a very small city of 200000. During the summer the university girls travel to the Crimea region on the south or to other locations outside the country like Tunisia, Egypt and mostly to Antalya in Turkey!

I find the weather great throughout the year since I've been to Ukraine many many times at all seasons, but if you're not used to cold, it really sucks to walk out between November and March, but I can tell you that compared to Russia and Belarus the climate and the nature are much more attractive and praiseworty!

What's more important is that all cities of Ukraine are much much safer than Russia and all the other countries of Europe. You can walk out at any time of night and go anywhere you like including the metro without any worries 24 hrs a day, which is not the usual case even in places like Paris, Milano, Rome or Barcelona.

Russia is much much more dangerous and even in Moscow with so many policemen hanging around (It's very very rare to see any policemen hanging around in Ukraine!) if you're not a native speaker of speaker of Russian, you can never feel comfortable!!

09-17-03, 19:34
Thanks in advance for all the Useful information you guys have posted here…

I was in the Crimea & Odesa a few years back and agree that it is a great area in the summer...

How is the cross country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter?
I am no shrinking lily about winter sports as long as I do not have to spend hours getting back and forth too them..

I think I could afford a reasonable flat in the city and a small dacha in the country for weekends...

The question is what cities would maximize my social options during the week while maximizing my opportunities for winter fun on the weekends... I would prefer if the rural city for winter fun was connected conveniently by train and car.

I have an enormous amount of home based work I can do anywhere I can get a reasonable internet connection and cellular service. But I do need to get out of the house regularly so I do not go crazy… e.g. internet café’s, dancing, museums….

My flat in London had a straight wireless shot at a wireless internet hotspot at a local internet café… $20/mo all the internet I could eat… Something like that would be great if it exists…

So my total optimal solution would be a totally awesome live-in Personal Assistant that speaks reasonable English, Great glass ia always half full attitude, has a Ukrainian driver’s license (I have an international one as well), loves outdoor as well as indoor fun, has her weekends free to explore the countryside, and a reasonable amount of time during the week to show me the best her city has to offer…

Sorry, that sounded like an Advertisement… But in essence that is exactly what it will end up being… I am just trying to figure out how much of that is a reasonable expectation and it what cities…

P.S. how flexible are the Girls University schedules? Is it like here in the US where they have sporadic classes throughout the week or do they go 8hrs a day 5 days a week?



09-17-03, 20:02
it sounds like you should head to tallinn in estonia:

- awesome summer, sun only goes down for 3 hrs - great beaches too
- v good x country skiing - only 2 hrs away from tallinn
- not too expensive to get an apartment there in the middle of one of the most beautiful old towns in europe
- plenty of socialising to be had (esp wed thru sat nights)
- adsl in apartment - 25US/mo, unlimited d/l no connection probs
- wifi in all cafes - most are free to use (others charge $0.50 for 24hrs access)
- english widely spoken ... plenty of personal assistants around
- some of the hotest women in the world (no shit)
- most willings to have lots of fun.
- not much crime there at all
- for a sneak preview, check out www.rate.ee or http://www.uno.ee/fotoline
- plenty of short term, cheap hired help available as well.

- can't recommend the place highly enough


09-18-03, 08:58
As I've tried to explain many times before, Ukraine is a unique place on many aspects, much different from even Russia and certainly more western European countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania where people and girls are richer but lack the warm hearts and the easy-going communication!

In addition to all the positive aspects, the most beautiful nature with all the forests, rivers and beaches you can find is right there in Ukraine. Especially the nature is fascinating in the spring and the summer. You can live the nature even right in the middle of the big cities, but you can get much more essence if you take a short drive outside the center in any direction, you come across real stunning beauty. It's a very good idea to travel between cities by taxi. You can easily rent a BMW with the driver for about $100 for a 5 hr drive between Odessa and Kiev for instance if you're good at bargaining. There are no mountains in Ukraine, but you can still ski to some extent at certain places like right outside Kiev.

As for the education system in universities, it's a very very flexible and unique system of a min. of 5 years. Attandence is not obligatory and the class hours are also flexible including Saturdays. You'll not see any girls attending the classes, especially the most beautiful ones. I've met so many university girls in Ukraine, but none of them were going to school except for the exams ajust a few times a year. You can find them not in the universities, but in cafes, bars and discos around the universities!
Once you get in touch with just one hot girl, then you'll automatically get to know many girlfriends of her more than you can even imagine. By the way here friendship between girls is a very important aspect in their lives and it's a very strong relationship that might seem peculiar to many but what I think is a very strong point that makes life even more enjoyable for me out there. I must warn you that all these hot girls are also very clever and cultivated, so you must have a certain level of knowledge about life to get going for a conversation.

You can easily rent an apartment for a max of $ 80-100 per day right in the center of Kiev for instance, in the historical Krishetuk street or a relatively newer place Padole, which is like Pigale in Paris but definitely much more amazing and located just across Kreshetuk, or in a new and popular location like Pitchersk.

But believe me it's not interesting to live in an apartment unless you're not together with at least 4-5 girls! So, in that case I would recommend a hotel. There's just one 5-star hotel in Kiev, namely Premier-Palace, but it's quite expensive and the service is not so good, so I would recommend the 4-star Dnipro Hotel on Kreshetuk street just in the center and the heart of the city. The prices are reaosonable and the service is excellent. I've never come across such service in any other country even in some best hotels in other cities.

Hope to see you out there very soon folks! Don't leave me alone?!

09-18-03, 18:56
I was just in Kiev and Resttowns phone did not appear to be working. I was just wondering if anyone knows if it is open. If not, is there a similar place anywhere?


09-18-03, 19:23
Great Info VM!!!!

Great advice on the Universities… The key seems to be proximity to the café/club culture that the girls LIVE… Sharp Dress, Sharp Smile, Sharp Apartment and a fun attitude…

Wow the prices for apartments have changed in a few years… My last trip to the area (Crimea) I paid $150/mo for a great two room apartment on a quiet street 1 block from the social center of town… A friend rented a three bedroom apartment because it was the only one available and ended up having his girl move in with two of her best friends… Her friends lived about 30min by bus from the social center and those buses stopped running every evening at 11pm… So they were VERY happy to have a place to crash where they could stay out and have a good time until 1 or 2am…

Any deals like that in the university social center of Kiev?

I may be looking for a 2 month lease where I would be in town for 6 of those weeks… One with a clean shot at a wireless internet café would be the best of all worlds…

Like I said I have a lot of homework to do… Just want to do it in an environment away from all the usual distractions…


09-19-03, 08:19

Your reports about the Ukraine are quire interesting, thanks for taking the time to post them.

One question, which countries can Ukrainians visit without a visa?

The same as Russians, i.e. Turkey, parts of North Africa, Cyprus...?

09-19-03, 12:35
We're just starting folks! Don't hesitate to ask anything you wonder!

Ukrainians have the chance to go to many countries without a visa including Cyprus, Turkey, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, India, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

09-21-03, 22:12

I might have posted this question elsewhere before. Sorry if I am repeating myself here. Now I prefer seducing regular girls and clothes are a very in the initial phases of the pick-up process, especially with Eastern European girls. The risk here is that if you walk around dressed up in a city like Kharkov or L'vov , you can get robbed easily. I mean I didn't try this, I'm just assuming. In Moscow for example this is not a problem, because there are so many filthy rich people there. So, what is the right think to do in Kiev and in the smaller cities like Kharkov, L'vov etc?

09-22-03, 10:27
Actually there are so many rich people more than you can imagine living in Ukraine, especially in Kiev that merely dressing up like a rich person will not be enough to attract the girls' attention. All Ukrainian people try to dress up well and the country itself and especially Kiev is one of the most important fashion centers in Europe. The girls wander around in fancy attractive dresses all the time ( In the spring and the summer, they hardly wear anything at all!! ) and I admit that expensive and good clothes will attract their attention at first sight, but what's most important is to catch the warm conversation in between and to get along in a comfortable manner!

As for the risk of being robbed, come on guys, we're not talking about The States, Paris, Milano, Rome or Moscow, this is Ukraine and that's the difference!!

09-22-03, 15:21
Resttown is surely open, it's working all the time, but I would highly recommend River Palace where you don't have to spend any bucks at all if you know how to get right in the point. Places like Club111 and Mandarin are full of energetic teen-agers! They will ask for entrance cards in almost every club, but I'm sure you're gonna find a way to pop in especially with the help of real stunning beauties. A good way to start is to visit casinos like Budapest all around town end open for 24hrs late after midnight.

I can assure you that you'll all feel lucky out there!?!

09-22-03, 18:25
Do you know the tel# for Resttown so I can confirm ? What kind of places are 111 and Mandarin ? I prefer Resttown because I can tryout the girls before bringing them back to the hotel. Also, they are all working so there is no cofusion.

Thanks for your help.

09-22-03, 19:32
Thanks for all the really great posts everybody…

I am still looking for a great apartment in the university district and translations services in Kiev… One service is offering the apartment, translation and airport pickup for 10 days for $500 including visa application…

Are there news papers where I could post an add for such things???

I have had great success in most other countries with this method…

I also found airfare for $550 RT on Lufthansa…

Still a little concerned about the night life in the off season… I have heard it gets pretty slow when the weather gets nasty…

P.S. Where is rivertown on the map of kiev?


09-22-03, 20:26
Kiev is quite a huge town, watch out that you stay in old town in the center by Kreshetuk, Padole or Pitchersk, where you'll find the greatest street action close to the university areas. I don't advise professional services at all and you certainly don't need a translator at all. You can get along till you find your girlfriends who'll find you the best places to live together and who'll give you the real essence of the language. Night life is never ever affected by the weather. On the contrary, there's even greater action during the autumn and winter cause all the girls are back in town which surely makes the air pretty hot!!

09-22-03, 22:16
Hi Guys,

How easy is it to meet decent non-pro girls, students, etc if I only speak English?

Im confident enough to approach girls on street, shops, bars, etc.

Are they open to this kind of 'cold approach'?

Im also looking for a good quality girl, perhaps to bring her back to my country.
Has anyone found anyone that good before?

09-24-03, 09:24
This is exactly what I've been trying to tell, Ukraine and especially Kiev is the best place where you'll have the greatest chance of meeting plenty of new young energetic girls even if you're not confident enough!

Almost all the girls speak English and sometimes it's even more fun to communicate just in body language?! After some time you'll be surprised to see the great improvement in your Russian. The girls love to travel so much that it's not a great deal to persuade them to take anywhere, especially if you have the plan to live in hot places!

09-24-03, 23:34

I was not able to find the street names you posted on the attached map of kiev...

Would you be so kind to mark up the map with any points of interest and re-post... I think it would help us all to better use the information you and others have posted here....

P.s. Thanks for all the info...
Hope to be in the area this fall...

09-25-03, 12:23
Come on guys! Just relax a little bit! I've never used a map in my life and if you're gonna make plans, arrange everything in advance, walk around with maps at hand and so on, Ukraine and certainly Kiev is not the place for you!! You can head for Paris, Milano, London, Rome or Moscow in this way and limit yourself by the touristic traps!?!

Just feel the adventure inside and choose any young beauty on the street to ask where Kreshetuk, Padole or Pitchersk is. That's a very good point to start at and in my first trial on my first visit I ended up exploring the city with two stunning teen-agers. I admit it's much more fun than trying to read the map!

09-26-03, 12:08
Vegamars is right, the first time I went I just made sure I had a place to crash. Sure its nice to have a map. KNow some but have faith or adventure at heart.
Now I have Freinds, and know where I like to go, also where I like to stay. As soon asI get tired of Keiv better to say If I tire if Kiev I will make it down to the coast in summer. Odessa, snd lower. Right now I have alot of Fun in Kiev. Its just fun to explore.

Well to all you headed over to Kiev happy hunting.

Bareback Bob
09-26-03, 17:54
Question fellows:

Are Ukrainian girls known for having a big ass compared with other eastern European countries? A big round ass is my absolute favorite thing and I am searching for the eastern European country that girls are known for having bigger than normal hips and ass. I have been to Poland a few times and was very happy with the fat booty I found there. I also met some Ukrainian girls there in the *****houses, but it was odd, some were very skinny and bony, while others were the exact opposite - much curvier with a big ass. There seemed to be no averaged body ones - just these two types. Anyway, just asking if you gentlemen know the best country in this region for finding big ass. Your expertise is appreciated.


09-26-03, 23:58

I agree hitting a “New City” cold is always an adventure… An adventure I enjoy:)

But I have also found that short stays in “New Cities” can be a frustrating adventure if I do not take the time to do a little homework before I arrive… That is exactly one of the reasons I use and contribute to this board:)

Finding “Young And Willing” tour guides is all part of the adventure… And I have had fantastic luck finding a guide and place to stay on my first day in most cities… Some times one in the same… But again I had a “General Idea” where I wanted to search so I could find those “Young and Willing” guides from the neighborhoods where I wanted to be… They always seem to know someone who has a place for rent for cash :)…

So even just a hint as to which intersections, on my map, describe these areas would help me a great deal…

If Not, no foul… And thanks for all the information you have already provided:) It is a great deal more than most will ever contribute…

P.S. I Never Ever Ever walk around a new city with a map in my hand… And I would not recommend that anybody else do that at 1am either…


09-27-03, 12:37
Allright guys, some more hints to lead your way! The heart of Kiev is of course Kreshetuk street on the left bank of Dnieper river in old town, which takes about 20min. from Borispol Airport by taxi!

Anyone living in Ukraine would know this place and if you're still not sure to find the place, you can ask about the famous Dnipro Hotel just at the end of Kreshetuk Street and in a very large square across the big park with the Stadium of Dinamo Kiev!
Once you get there, you'll find yourself on the fascinating Kreshetuk street of about 2km long with all the big streets across it. The street is closed to traffic at weekends and you'll be surprised by the crowd and of course so many girls hanging around in all kinds of concerts and happenings on the street. Padole is located just across Dnipro Hotel and it takes just 5 min. on foot to reach the main street of Padole which is full of new restaurants,cafes and bars and gives you the feeling of wandering around Hollywood street in L.A. When you go uphill on the backstreets of Padole, you get the glimpse of Monmarte in Paris, but the combination of all these feelings are far beyond any words to describe, you must actually live it and feel it inside!

09-28-03, 00:56
Thanks VegaMars,

I was able find a program with a high res steet map of kiev that linked all the pieces together with your descriptions...

Looks like a nice compact area... Cant wait to vist...

The russian web sites had the best info...

Thank god for bable fish!!!!
Just wish I could keep the thing from squirming arround in my ear when I am talking to a total hottie:)


09-29-03, 19:20
Report from Ukraine

Arrived Monday evening 25th August - met by project driver and taken to my temporary apartment. I was left with the key and immediately telephoned Tanya (a girl-friend) who came on over and gave me all that I needed for the evening (I don't propose to share her telephone number she's a friend).

Tanya will never stay long after sex so she left at about 9:00 which was still quite early evening for me since I had flown Eastwards to get here. I walked to club Velvet (Hotel Ukraine) 45 UAH entrance and 15 UAH per beer. (Exchange rate is just over 8 UAH = £1). I was here because last time I was in Kiev I had persuaded a girl called Lada, for the price of a private dance in the club, to come to my apartment for a REALLY private dance. I wanted to see if she was still working here - she wasn't and I couldn't persuade either of the two young lovelies who came to sit with me to meet me outside the club. After about half an hour I left and walked on up to Hotel Dneipre. 3 ladies in the coffee bar all wanting $200 for services in my apartment. They were not young and certainly not raving beauties so I wont bother to go there again.

As I walked back along Kreschatic I saw two ladies in a coffee stall and said hello. I need to say at this point that I am not a young man so I tend to avoid wasting my time on the very young and sometimes stunningly beautiful girls you often see along this street. Of the two ladies one was heavily pregnant (she was seated with her back to me when I first saw her - I may be a little old but I am neither blind nor stupid!!!!!) Her friend (name Alona)was about 35 (I subsequently discovered) with a very large bust but was a little heavy around the hips - but not outrageously so. I discovered that it was her birthday today (it was just after midnight by this time) and so I insisted on inviting both to dinner that evening at Pervak, my favourite Ukrainian restaurant. The pregnant one declined (luckily) and so we agreed to meet outside the restaurant at 8:00. We were both on time and Alona turned up stunningly dressed - we sat in the restaurant and had two cocktails each and shared a main course and then agreed that coffee should be taken in my then apartment which was just across the street. On the way back we stopped to buy Martini (her choice) and milk for coffee - neither of which were opened that evening since I immediately began to give Alona her real birthday present which she was more than happy to receive in several places ( I don't like A so this orifice was not put to the test). Alona was a real enthusiast - in fact I needed to turn on the TV to drown the animal sounds! We agreed to meet again in two days time and she left. (By the way, I have few words of Russian and Alona spoke some English so our communication in the restaurant was quite acceptably fluent).

The next day at lunch time I exchanged eye contact on Kreschatic with another young lady of I guess about 34 - very slender and dark haired. She did not speak a word of English but we managed to agree to meet at 6:30 that evening. We duly met but did nothing on the sex front because she had to get home to her dogs and cats (2 of each for what its worth). So we exchanged phone numbers (which did nothing for her as I was moving apartments the next morning and did not yet know my new number) and agreed to meet two days hence. Regrettably I failed to turn up (for a work related reason) and was unable to call her in advance. I failed to have the courage to call her again (a) because of the language problem which is always more acute over the telephone and (b) because I haven't had a lady-free evening since that time.

I was consoled that evening by Yana who by amazing coincidence is the flat mate of Tanya (my very best Russian girl friend in Marbella) and is in Kiev staying with her sister for almost the same time that I am in Ukraine. So I, Yana, her sister and her sisters' two boys met outside McDonalds where I bought everyone a meal (I'm not a cheapskate - that was what they had come in to the centre of Kiev to do). The Macdonalds was taken to a nearby bar and a couple of brandies later we made a quick call to Tanya in Marbella for permission for Yana to come back to my apartment. The sex was OK (nowhere near as good as with Tanya so I hope I haven't damaged my relationship with her for nothing). Yana has gone to Turkey this week with her sister et al, so can't be contacted but can be found in the Playboy Club in San Pedro de Alcantara (Costa del Sol) most evenings. Her working name is Marina.

Whilst waiting that evening outside Bessarabskaya Rinok for Yana I was spoken to (in Russian) by a quite small but attractive young lady. I am always very polite so I answered her. I thought she was saying 'rabotayet' to me (meaning are you working here? as opposed to are you here on holiday? but she was actually saying 'rabotayu' which means I am working which she quickly confirmed by saying 'ya prostitutka'. (Translation unneccessary!!!) I explained that I was waiting for my girl-friend but we had time to exchanged names, telephone numbers and my address (so that she could come and visit me). Her English is non-existent and her name is Yula. Her asking price was 40 dollars which I suggested should be 200 UAH which is roughly $38 - I'm sure the price could have been reduced further but I start to feel guilty about really heavy bargaining - these girls have to live, and their lives are generally quite complicated with other members of their family to support. When I called the next day (Friday) I was a bit thrown to hear a male voice but he didn't hesitate to hand me over to her. I discovered later that it was her brother. Any way we met and had a super evening - two hours altogether with her giving me a BBBJ with CIM when my tackle failed to live up to expectations. We are due to meet again on Wednesday 3rd September. We did so - unfortunately it seems that she hasn't paid her telephone bill because it isn't answering at present.

On that same Friday afternoon I was walking back to my apartment with some shopping when a rather attractive lady of about 35 stopped me to ask me for directions. I do not look like a Russian/Ukranian!!!! She is a teacher of English - needless to say we exchanged telephone numbers and will meet when I have a free moment (which is obviously also related to recovery time).

Later on that evening I went to River Palace and met another semi-professional (name of Tanya!!!!) with whom I enjoyed a fulfilling 1 1/2 hours although this was not until 2:00 a.m. on Saturday morning for UAH 250 plus the costs of getting into the club and a few drinks which totalled about UAH 180 so this option is not the cheapest.

I have spelt out the above in some detail because I wanted to make it clear that the opportunity in Kiev for meeting and 'bedding' as many attractive ladies as you wish is almost unlimited.

I am in Ukraine for most of September and will only write again if something unusual occurs. (Apart from any other consideration I am denied access on the office LAN to WSG so am going to have to visit a cybercafe to get this report onto the discussion board).

City Angel
09-29-03, 21:18
Fantastic field reports Cundum!!

I'm planning a trip to the Ukraine in January, do you think it is worth venturing outside of Kiev for purely mongering purposes?

Have looked at several companies offering apartments in Kiev. What company did you use? How much did you pay?

How did you find the woman in Night Flight? Where they Pro's? Amateurs? Young? Old? Any English Spoken?


City Angel

10-02-03, 11:49
Hi Guys,

is there any newpaper in KIEV with advertising of Girls (Massage, Erotica etc...) like in Moscow ?


10-04-03, 08:05

Check out a mag, it comes out weekly, its free, has listings of clubs, places to eat, escorts, everything you could want. Also tells you what is going on that week.
THat is one of the first things I try to find when I arrive.
I think they have a web address aswell.
I Think that is it.

10-05-03, 15:22
If I were you, I'd never use any kind of company to arrange anything in Ukraine as it would obliterate the real adventure and joy of your stay there which distinguishes Ukraine from any other country including Russia,Belarus,Lithuania,Estonia and Latvia.
If you insist on a virtual solution, www.*************.com
www.travelsexguide.tv and www.meta-ukraine.com
will make you quite content! You can find all sorts of info on travel, apartments, nightclubs, escort services and everything you can think of, even for other Eastern European countries.

I'll be on my way to Kiev again very soon folks! Who knows, maybe you'll see me on the way for great fun together?!

City Angel
10-05-03, 15:25
Have booked an apartment in Kiev between the 12th and 19th of November. If any of you guys are in Kiev at this time it would be good to meet for a couple of hours for a drink and to compare notes. My email is cityangelplayer@hotmail.com

10-05-03, 22:32
Hi all,

I'm new in this section. I write some reports in the Moscow section and of course in the section of Switzerland.

I'm planing a trip to Kiev and now i have some question, ma by some of you can help me.

Which is a good Girlfrendly Hotel there
Where is the best place (disco or so) to meet a girl (ex in Moscow is it Nightflight and cesterfield)
What about the prieces


10-06-03, 04:21
I have tenative plans to check out the mongering scene in the Ukraine. I have not done any research yet, but will read this forum when I have the time. So, if any of you would like to email me or post a step by step guide for the mongering scene I would greatly appreciate it. I will of course post a complete trip report when I get back.


10-06-03, 11:20
The best hotel in terms of quality, price, service and girlfriendliness is Dnipro Hotel right in the center of town at the end of Kreschetuk Street. Compared to other cities and especially Moscow, where the lowest rate for a 3-star hotel is $80, Kiev is quite cheap anyway. For instance, you can rent a taxi or a private car for the purpose of taxi, drive wherever you like all around town from early morning till late at night ( The driver will be very happy to chat with you all day long and wait for you outside as long as needed when you have to go somewhere! ) and you'll pay a max. of only 200HRV ( about 40 bucks )
The best club to meet new girls ( I'd always prefer streets, cafes and restaurants as it seems much more natural and enjoyable ) is of course River Palace with a restaurant, disco and casino together.

10-08-03, 17:11
Anybody familiar with a place called Zair? I saw there website and was curious if anyone knows anything about it. For instance, how far from center of town?


10-12-03, 15:24
Zair is located in Irpen town by the forest about half an hour by car from the center of Kiev. Though the environment on the way is quite attractive both during the summer and the winter, nothing is very different and attractive out there even after midnight. There's a hotel, restaurant, disco, casino and a strip bar, but it's not so interesting in terms of meeting girls. You can find dozens of similar places much more crowded with beautiful girls in the center of Kiev and around. I would recommend River Palace, Mandarin, Joss and Club 111. One very special and interesting place is Dino's Bar right on Kreschetuk Str across Dnipro Hotel. There you can find a good atmosphere underground with live music and strip show. Most important of all you'll be amazed to see a menu of about 20 pages including all kinds of drugs such as crack, extacy and so on if you're interested in the subject!!

City Angel
10-12-03, 21:38
I have read about River Palace on other reports on the board. I have looked at some general websites, where it says that it’s a casino, restaurant, sports bar, strip bar and disco.

Does the admission charge get you in to all of the parts of the boat? Or are the disco and strip bar extra? How many working girls are there likely to be there on an average night? And is every woman present a working girl or are there some amateurs they’re looking to meet westerners to get them out of the country?

Vegamars you wrote about Mandarin, Joss and Club 111 are these places for exclusively working girls or are they just bars/night clubs where a lot of working girls hang out?

Have been looking at some of the adult personal websites for some pro and ammeter action. Have any of you guys tried these out? Any success?

I'd really appreciate it if some one could help me out with a few of these questions? Although I'm relatively experienced punter, I've never really been anywhere as far off the beaten track as the Ukraine. So I'm trying to get as much concrete info on the scene there as I can.

Will promise some reports of Cundum proportions whilst I’m out there.

City Angel

10-13-03, 13:15
You need to pay a small fee to enter River Palace and then you can go wherever you wish. At any time you'll see at least 50-60 working girls by the bar in the disco, but there are also many other girls sitting by the tables and dancing on the floor. Actually it's much more interesting to communicate with the non-working girls that will possibly lead into a long-term relationship without having to spend anything other than a drink and a dinner.
You might find some pros hanging around the most popular places like Club111, Joss and Mandarin, but it's more likely that you'll pop into natural ralationships here as those girls are much more beautiful. Let me warn you about the general misbelief that the Ukrainian girls are so willing to go to another country. Actually most of them, especially those living in Kiev and who have been to other countries in Europe cannot see any reason to go on living in a boring and dull atmosphere, so it's quite difficult to persuade them to take to another country. What they prefer is to have fun and to travel here and there occasinally!
If you wanna have some fun, you might try to have a look at
The service is quite satisfactory and it's just $60 for 1 hour and $160 for the night!

10-13-03, 18:30
Vegamars, went several times to Moda bar and River Palace during my last stay in Kiev. Found there many pretty girls available for 100 USD...I'm planning a new trip early november and would like to give a try to some other places in addition to Moda bar and River Palace. During my last stay I was told that Opium, Club 111, Fusion, Tato bar... are also filled by model type girls ready to make some $$$ Is it also your experience ??? Thanks. Mark.

10-13-03, 22:48

You are obviously an experiened and knowledgeable observer of the scene in the Ukraine. From what you have said, girls are easy to find and beautiful.

Your most recent post says that girls love it at home and find traveling to other places to be boring and dull.

And yet, if you look at the official statistics, the Ukraine is one of the biggest exporters of women into the global sex trade.

Somehow I am having trouble reconciling your statements with the official reality. Help me to understand please.

Just curious.

10-14-03, 12:13
Unlike the general belief Russia is the no one country in the world in terms of exporting women to the sex industry in the world. Those going from Ukraine are mainly from the countryside and the smaller cities like the ones in Crimea or like Odessa and Lugansk. It's almost impossible to find a girl from the larger cities and especially Kiev in any other country. Kiev is one of the most important fashion centers in the world and it's not difficult to figure out that you would never come across so many stunning models in any other city!?! This is what makes Kiev so special and interesting for me. You could see them everywhere on the streets, in the cafes and restaurants and mostly in popular clubs like Club111 and Mandarin. I've got many model girlfriends out there and I can tell you from my experiences that it's not so easy to persuade them just with money cause most of them already make good money in their job, especially when they have the chance to travel to other countries in Europe and the world for fashion shows and business. Rather it's much more effective to act in a natural and decent way to serve for the excitement and adventure that these model girls are looking for. Besides your odds of success will be high since you'll see them in large groups of model girls.

Hope to meet you there again by early November folks!

10-14-03, 22:21
I haven't seen so many black guys in Kiev, but only occasionally! Ukrainians have quite a mixed culture and you can see all kinds of people there with so many different types of looks. That's why you don't encounter so many blond guys like in Russia. People don't care about how you look and besides even if you were an average westerner with black hair and brown eyes, you might see a girl approaching you with some words in Russian cause she could easily think that you're Ukrainian! In my opinion most girls would be interested in meeting a black guy since it's quite rare and different for them, so this surely gives another motivation for feeling comfortable for wandering as a black guy in Kiev?!!

Lose it Here
10-15-03, 02:44
i was in kiev in june. i am not black, but i can tell you that the professionals did not care about race. they just cared about the money. however, i can tell you that many of the nonprofessional girls seem to have a good deal of prejudice towards black guys. i met a lady who ran a marriage agency in kiev. she told me that even many of the "good time" girls ask her if a man is black before they meet them. they will reject the invitation if he is black. there are others though i am sure who don't care.

i ended up hooking up with 5 local girls in 11 days in kiev by using the marriage agency. i just set up dates throughout the day and night. two of the girls made me wait until the second night to screw them, but with much persistance on my part they gave in to me. two other girls i hooked up with the first night i met them. i was supposed to be meeting with one girl, but she was with a friend who happened to speak english. "did i mind her coming along as well". i said no and was rewarded by an evening of dancing and clubbing with two beautiful girls only 22 years old. i ended up hooking up with both of them that night. the fifth girl i actually felt bad about hooking up with. she was the sweetest 18 year old. her personality was very sweet and she had just a rock of a body. it took me three whole days to get anywhere with her, but i had success at last. i felt really bad though because she told me that two years before she had been raped, but apart from him i was the only person she had been with. i felt like a jerk, but it was a fun and eventful trip.

the other point i would like to make is i do not speak russian at all. i brought a very good electronic translator which i was able to use to communicate everything i needed to.

i rented a nice apartment walking distance from kruschyatk (or however it is spelled) for $40/night.

i used a escort service (don't remember the names). the going rate seemed to be about $50/hour and $150/night. i was not disappointed once with these girls. no kissing, but they allowed everything else. one girl about 5'6 tight body, c cup asked me for alcohol, chugged a lot down and then screwed me senseless. another really hot blonde 5'3 firm b cups got into it and had multiple orgasms herself. she was not faking it because she came all over me. i was shocked at the quality of the service for the price, especially coming from the usa where it is so difficult to find quality.

hope this helps someone and encourages you all to not just think about visiting kiev, but do it!

you won't regret it.

10-15-03, 07:59

Yes, I agree -- Russia is #1 exporter and Ukraine is #2. On a per capita basis, Ukraine though is #1.

That said, many of the women that I know in Canada who are working in the sex trade are from Kiev rather than the provinces.

I guess that it goes to show that you cannot generalize.

If these ladies here are any indication of what is like in Kiev, I am going much sooner than later. Ukranian women are hot and love sex!!

10-15-03, 08:41
Hi all, I have never visited Ukraine before but I am considering a trip before Christmas, The reason being I have some airmiles which expire the end of this year and I want to use them up.

I am a UK resident do I need a Visa to visit? the trip would only be for a long weekend can anybody offer any info Cheers all.

10-15-03, 09:59
LukeSkyWanker - Yes, you need a visa... No problem to get it same day if you give the Embassy : 2 pics, return ticket copy, Visa support letter and hotel voucher. 1 week issueing is 50 % cheaper.

10-15-03, 10:23

I read some of your reports and I can't understand how you can talk about Kiev as one of the most important fashion centers in the world and about Ukrainian and Russian women generalising in this way.

I believe it's almost impossible to find a girl from Moscow working abroad along a street. Why? Because she gets more at home! At the contrary, that was much more possible 10 years ago, when in Russia there was much less money.

Moscow is full of SW from Ukraine. Turkey is full of WG from Ukraine. Italy, Switzerland, Germany: plenty of Ukrainians. It's simple: for them is a little bit easier to go to these countries than for Russian girls. It's more or less just a matter of money and return on investments (price of the ticket, easiness of trip, bureaucratical difficulties and so on).

But I'm talking about the lower part of the meet market. I'm talking about girls who earn maybe 30 to 70$ per night, SW or working in some clubs or strip joints.

There are girls (beautiful, lucky and, more than that, smart) who can easily make 5000$ and more per month in Hong Kong, UAE, Tokio, Shanghai. They can be not only Russian, Ukrainian, Czeck, Moldovan, but also Swedish, Dutch, American. In that case, origin is not so important. But you don't meet them in mongerng places...

Please let me have your comment.

10-15-03, 19:25
Unlike the general belief and misunderstanding, there's not so much difference in Russian and Ukrainian economy and besides the economy in Ukraine is developing much more rapidly at the moment. The average income in Russia is higher, but especially Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in Europe and it's at least two times more expensive than Kiev for instance just to reflect a vision of comparison.
That's why it's very likely to find more working girls from Russia in other countries than from Moldova and Ukraine and Russian girls can travel just as easily as Ukrainians. I've met so many girls from Moscow and St.Petersburg in many places in Europe including Istanbul and Cyprus!
The standards of the smaller cities in Ukraine and the larger cities are quite different. There are so many famous and worldwide fashion agencies in Kiev,Kharkov,Odessa and Dniepropetrovsk that many models have the chance of traveling in Europe and worldwide and earning at least $300-400 per day in fashion business.

10-15-03, 20:03

Sounds like you like the same scandy type girls as me. I'm considering going to Bulgaria next summer. Apparently many scandy girls flock there (Sunny Beach / Golden Sands) May onwards on vacation.

I hear many of them like guys with darker features (both black guys and guys with southern euro looks :-)

Bring it on!


10-16-03, 08:23
Anyone in Kiev Nov13-23rd?

I am planning my 1st trip to Kiev and was wondering if anyone will be around during the above time. I would love to get some local pointers.

I hope the girls are still friendly and that it is not too cold during that time.


City Angel
10-16-03, 19:16
To Lose it Here,

Which marriage agency did you use?

All the ones I have looked at look like they require translated letters and that sort of thing.

Are there any agencies in Kiev where you can just turn up and ask them to organise dates for you?


City Angel

10-16-03, 19:52
Hi Guys,

How easy is it to pick up nice normal girls (non-pro's) on the street, or in bars/clubs, say compared with London or Chicago?

Im 30 yo. and thinking about coming to Kiev for a week of fun.

Is just being a Westerner enough to get hot girls interested in you, or do you really have to have good 'pick-up' skills and good looks to suceed?

Hot Gianni
10-17-03, 09:48
Dating ‘good time girls’ in Ukraine:

One of you guys made an interesting report on hooking with girls dated from an agency. Are there any local agencies and if so, any help on names, addresses or telephone numbers?. There are plenty of agencies on the web, but they look a bit fishy in asking automatically renewal payments by credit cards. Also, most of the girls are for ‘long time’ sort of stuff.

I am trying to find ‘good time’ ladies from agencies that can be contacted personally when in Kiev. Any help?

Thank you all.

10-17-03, 16:51
Let me remind you that the difference between Ukraine and all other countries in Europe, Australia and the States is like paradise and hell. Just feel the adventure before you make up your mind!

Chico #2
10-19-03, 03:38
Hi Guys,

I have a plan to stay in Kiev for three days around the end of this month just after a conference in Germany.

I am a Japanese and 40 yo. That means not so energetic looking and small body in every part. I can speal English a little but no Russian nor Ukranian at all.

Anybody, please let me know how I can enjoy or taste Kiev city easily and efficiently. Or better to go to other cities?

Accoding to sobody's advice here, I am hiring a local guide through a German agency. I studied the various dating sites and escourt sites somebody referred here. I contacted some girls through escort sites but I got no replies so far.

10-20-03, 22:00
If you are looking for the semi-pro's you should try adult friend finder... They have extensive listings in the areas you have posted for... Never tried them but lokks interesting...

Jackson... I did not think this would be a problem since they are not a BBS such as yours... Let me know if I was wrong to think so... In any case I will not post the web site...

10-21-03, 16:00
Why do you guys insist on agencies when it's much more enjoyable,adventurous,easier and cheaper to do it on your own?
Come on guys,you're not in Europe or Moscow,you should feel the difference and live it till the last point without any limits!!
For those who still wanna limit themselves, www.gia.com.ua is the best choice and contacting by e-mail is sufficient!

Lose it Here
10-22-03, 02:17
City Angel,

I used a few agencies. I just called them when I was in Kiev, visited their offices, looked through the photos and picked out the girls I was interested in meeting. They then called the girl and gave her my description and basic info. If there was interest, they set up the date. You can kinda tell looking through the photos what type of girls they are. Very revealing and sexually provocative clothing and poses are usually a good sign of a "good time" girl.

I am trying to remember the names of the agencies off of the top of my head. I believe two of them were Kiev Connections, and Excellence. I believe the cost per introduction was about $30. Not cheap, but it was worth it!

It was a good experience, but I did have to work the girls to get what I wanted.

10-23-03, 11:32
In my opinion the introduction agencies are not worth trying. They are full of overaged women who are below the standards. I mean why would a stunning beauty bother to contact an agency when she has so many options out there??
Anyway you can try to look at www.loveme.com for a vast choice all over Eastern Europe.
www.ukraine-affair.com is another site for girls from Kiev region!

City Angel
10-28-03, 00:42
Was planning checking out the River Palace on my first night in Kiev, now only a couple of weeks away. What time do they let the working girls in?

Have read various reports about the place on the board. For those of you who have been to the place over the last year or so. Whats the chance of getting an all nighter, ie. until mid morning, for $100US?

Have also read that there is a strip bar on the River Palace, whats this place like?

Vegamars, will forget the marriage agencies, your absolutely right, a guy needs some sort of spirit of adventure when visiting a place like the Ukraine.

10-28-03, 22:00
Hi Zergut!

I will be in Kiev too from the 14 th till the 23 th of November. I am regularly in Kiev (twice a month or so) and I know how to get around there. So if you are interested, send me a message.

Maybe we could go with a whole group.:-))


10-29-03, 19:20
I went to River Palace a couple of months ago. I don't believe there is a strip bar there. All I saw was disco, casino, and a regular bar. There are no girls at all there until 11:00. None.

10-29-03, 20:05
There's no strip bar at River Palace as far as I'm concerned,but the atmosphere of the disco is much better than a strip bar as the girls barely wear anything at all!
The reall action starts after 10p.m. and you can find all sorts of girls here including pros and those who are simply there to meet a foreigner and have fun! It's not very logical to pay the min. rate of $150-200 for an allnighter to a pro when it's possible to persuade much more attractive beauties and to save your pennies even if you're not very outgoing and lack the confidence.
Just try to feel the rythm inside and let your soul follow up the atmosphere! Nothing to lose and a lumpsum to win!!

City Angel
10-29-03, 20:32

Am in Kiev during that period. If you want to get in touch please send me a private message via the WSG Forum's Private Messaging system.

10-30-03, 08:12
Vegamars, I must say you sound like an avid fan of the Ukraine in general and Kiev in particular. It is all very tempting indeed and I feel like throwing everything and go there to get some of the fun for myself but, as you know there so many rumours about this country and city.

Please could you also give a list of 'Do and Dont' and some of the tourist traps to avoid

Thanks in advance


10-30-03, 21:39
Ukraine is the most comfortable place in the world for tourists in my point of view. There can be no attempt of rip offs at all like in other places if you're intelligent enough. It's not even possible to distinguish tourists from Ukrainians cause Ukraine has a very mixed culture and there's no such thing as a typical characteristic Ukrainian. It's been a very interesting experience for me to meet Ukrainian girls approaching me on the street and speaking in Russian on several occasions while I don't look like Russian at all!!
In short,I'll tell you to do whatever you want without any hesitations!

10-31-03, 15:44
Thanks Vegamars,

Also as the winter approach, the weather must be severe ie. Very very cold at that part of the world. Is it advisable to travel there in the winter or shall I postpone it for, let say spring/summer time when street activity is at its pick?

11-01-03, 18:49
Hey guys,

Has anyone had any experience with this agency? http://www.gia.com.ua Some good looking and sexy girls, also their prices are cheap (compared to other agencies), something like 70 usd for couple of hours and 160 usd for overnight.

11-01-03, 20:59
Ukraine is not such a cold place as everyone is thinking of.For instance,it's still 8-10C in Kiev these days while in Moscow it's about 0-2C and snowing occasionally at the moment ( I have some girlfriends all around Eastern Europe reporting on the phone everyday!)
I've been to Kiev almost every month and for me the cold is not a problem at all since I'm warmhearted. One time I've even driven from Kishinev to Kiev without any problem in mid December.It's amazing to see how easily the cars are driving on the streets even under heavy snow.
Of course, spring and summer is much better while seeing around all the girls wearing barely anything,but at other times you'll survive by using your imagination even if you don't like cold at all.
Anyway I don't care about the weather and will be there again in November and December!!

11-02-03, 13:35
Well I am planning mid Jan, trip. Is there anyone going to be in the area. Kinda wanted to see Kiev in the winter months. Seen it in March, and May. Time to see the winter. It seems there are alot more interests in going. Good luck ya'll. I have enjoyed it these last few years. Guess it had to get out sooner then later.

11-04-03, 03:42
Michael and CityAngel,

Seems like we will be meeting in Kiev. I'll be in Moscow from Nov 15-17 at my usual apartment then Nov 18-28 in Kiev near the center. Let's meet up!


11-05-03, 01:20

I forgot to include everyone on this. I am going to be in Moscow from Nov 15 through 17 and in Kiev from Nov 17 through 28. If anyone around the above cities during those time, I would love to meet up to exchange stories over a beer or something. It would be nice to match names to faces! Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.


11-05-03, 19:23

I have tentative arrangements for Kyiv dec 4th – 15th… I was able to book a Euro Class apartment, with airport pickup, for $375… (Pictures on web, show a modern Apt)

- Is this a reasonable price?
- How will the hunting be this time of year?
- I seem to be having trouble making biz appointments.
- Is this a holiday or just a slow biz time?
- Where will be best places to find girl friend and supplemental GFE action?
- What would be a good place to go that first Friday night?

The apartment service I am using is offering a novel language / introduction service for $5/hr.. You select girls to teach you the language that you might also be interested in seeing… Sounds like a better opportunity for awesome GFE???

Ok… Enough questions… I just plan to get my biz done and hang for a few days… If things go well with the new Biz, I may be there 2weeks every 2 months…

P.S. Thanks for all the info you have posted… In my opinion You have are one of the top posters for eastern Europe…


11-05-03, 21:59
If you're gonna pay $30 per day for the apartment,you should watch out if it's really good and located in the center cause the outgoing price for a godd aparment in the center is at least $75 per day!
December is as good as any other time for business and hunting.The only slowdown is the combined vacation of New Year and Christmas on January 7th during the whole first two weeks of January.During this time business is totally off the string and most girls in Kiev are either out of town or out of Ukraine for vacation.
The best place to go out on the first night would be River Palace to feel that difference and essence of being a part of Kiev!

Hope to see you there in December!

11-05-03, 23:13
Thanks for the quick reply VegaMars,

The Apartment is very close to the post office... I thought that was the area you had recomended before... Close to the metro and the main drag... I will take your question as advice to re-verify the exact address and pictures and make sure my deposit/contract prevents substitution... I did however verify the address and pictures of the apartment through more than one service... They simply said it was a bit slow right now...

From your earlier posts I thought River Palace might be my first stop :)

Will it still be happening at 11:30pm? I want to drop my stuff before I get there.


11-07-03, 04:02

For future reference, can you please post the link to your apartment agancy please. Have fun!

11-07-03, 19:18
I usualy wait to give advice or recomendations until I have actually acumulated some experiance with a provider...

I have sent the deposit... Within a few days I should know one way or another... I intend to try to book the same apt via another service to verify that it is not available...

The service I am using is about half what I could find on the web...

I even considered making the first nights reservation via the internet service and using my less well established provider for the remaining 10 nights... I have used that method before... At the worst you end up with a higher rate... At it's best you end up with a fantastic rate and a fantastic future provider of services...


11-11-03, 01:42
Guys with experience in Ukraine, I need your input on this:

I plan to make a first time trip to Ukraine for 10 nights. It is obviously not a long time but also not so short to spend in Kiev only. I was thinking spending 6 nights in Kiev, 2 nights in Kharkiv and 2 nights in train traveling to and from Kharkiv. I really wanna see a rural city like Kharkiv, but the current plan seems a bit of a stretch.

Please let me know what you think! Spasibo!

Bez Bezarra
11-11-03, 14:00
I've been to Kharkov 7 times since 2000, always stopping in Kiev first for a few days, and before returning home. Kiev is twice as expensive. A decent flat will cost no less than $65 a night, and prices for entertainment have creeped up from $50 for an hour,(2000 to 2002) to $70 now. The problem is the quality, which over 3 years, I definitely have to say has gone down a notch or 2.

You don't need to waste 12 hours on the overnight train anymore, there is a 5 hour express train now. Kharkov is NOT a rural city by any means, its huge.
If you want something rural, maybe go to Kremenchuk. One of my Ukrainian friends keeps suggesting this town as a good hunting spot.

A flat with hot water and satellite TV will run $50 in Kharkov. Entertainment is reasonable though, $30 an hour, but again the problem is quality.

I finally decided to try Odessa last month for a change of pace, and it was good for that.

When I talk about quality, my perspective may be totally different than the average guy. I always end up spending 2 weeks time wading through all the 6's and 7's, and wondering where the hell are the 8's and 9's. There's nothing wrong with the 6's and 7's, and I don't mind "sponsoring" them, there's not much opportunity for them in day jobs. But they have to return my generosity and let me meet their friends. Most of the time they just don't get it though. Invariably, on almost every trip, it always comes down to my last night, and finally, in walks a 9 or even a 10. Why couldn't I have met you 2 weeks ago???? It drives me crazy.

I really think that the Ukrainian girls are getting too spoiled, and I'm more than ready to head deep into Russia proper, Yekat or Novos, or Samara, where they don't have stupid underground shopping malls like in Kiev.

11-11-03, 15:49
Any period of time is short for Kiev,no matter how long it is!
Nothing so special about Kharkiv,just an industrial city.Dniepropetrovsk,Donetsk and Lugansk on the east are much more attractive in terms of girls. But if what you're looking for is real Ukrainian cultural life,you should head for Lvov on the west,where people speak pure Ukrainian with a completely different accent! Sounds like a poem,very interesting and can make you quite romantic as well if you manage to quote some words?!

11-11-03, 20:36

I read elsewhere in this board that Kharkiv has many universities and therefore it is a good city to go for fun...

This trip of mine will be cultural and sexual excursion for me. I occasionally enjoy paid sex, but I enjoy more seducing regular girls. This process is much more fun, in the process you get to learn about a new person's life, taste the culture and also enjoy sex. Often times it costs as much as paid sex, in a sense this is also paid sex, but I find it more fulfilling.

So after this long prelude, here is my question. Will it be too cold in January or February to pick up girls outside, I mean in cafes, sidewalks, parks so on? By the way I speak some basic Russian.

And among Dnepetrovsk, Donets, Lugansk and Kharkiv which city provides the best nightlife (normal clubs with regular girls) and organized sex (salons, saunas with girls etc) opportunities?

Spasibo bolshoe!

11-11-03, 21:47
I'm always talking in terms of natural sex anyway!
Universities are everywhere,there are about 50-60 of them just in downtown of Kiev.You can also find many universities in Dniepropetrovsk,Lvov and Crimea region,which also has the mildest climate in winter.Dniepropetrovsk is the largest of these cities,so you can find quite a number of bars and discos there,but you wouldn't need organized sex anyway.Watch out though,university girls are mostly busy with exams between mid January and end February and also in June,so you would have more choices other than these periods.Almost all girls seem to enjoy it more if you don't speak Russian at all and they feel different when they're together with a foreigner.I've never spoken Russian anywhere outside or on the street,but rather just in bed!!

Bez Bezarra
11-12-03, 12:16

In Kharkov, the closest to winter I've ever gotten was either November or April, and for a Florida boy, I was freezing. I recall a bit of morning reading in the bathroom, (the warmest room in the flat), and walking through rivers of melting ice, and wet snow falling out of a tree on my bald spot. The ladies were all covered up, parks pretty empty, I always saw some in cafes, but not outdoors. From that aspect, its totally imcomparable to when I normally go, in Sept/Oct, or May/June. Some flats have no heat, hot water can be hit or miss, so it can be a little rough. Make sure to ask for a portable space heater!

I only went once in August, but to Crimea, it was like a candy store! Simferopol and Sevastopol were crawling with honey.

No shortage of university girls in Kharkov, and I agree with VegaMars that they get deep into serious exam studying in January and June, but I foud Odessa to be the place where the cafe lifestyle was prominent, since it is primarily a resort city. Its a bit more expensive, with prices as high or even higher than Kiev. I've also heard that is true in Yalta, since all of Eastern Europe who have the money to spend, go there.
I'm curious if any Senior Members can expound on my theory that over these last years too many Ukraine girls are acting more spoiled, and that to find that really pure GFE in plentitude, its going to require plunging eastward into the nether-regions of Samara, etc? Any thoughts you guys?

11-12-03, 19:21
Thanks for your replies guys! I guess I have to reconsider my plans...

11-12-03, 23:06
Odessa is way too small for me,I always prefer metropolitans like Kiev.Of course,you cannot save your pennies all the time if you wanna get along with really top quality girls and that's really the essence of life!
If you really wanna see the geniune spoiled girls and what expensive means,you should definitely head for Russia and especially Moscow!I'm sure you will go there again in the shortest possible time if you've got anything left at your hand!??

Bez Bezarra
11-13-03, 13:48

You might have mistook my point. I definitely am aware that Moscow & St. Pete are the MOST expensive, which is why I have avoided them completely. And also that, hand in hand, the quality and "spoiled" factor will tend to along with the prices. Don't get me wrong, I love Kiev. In my 9 trips, I've almost always found one 9 or 10 there. But I just can't afford to stay there at those prices for 2 whole weeks. Usually a few days on the way in, and then on the way out again.

What I'm trying to say is that even in places like Kharkov and Odessa, which for me don't seem small at all, over 4 years, the overall feeling I get is that the Ukrainian females are getting spoiled and too westernized, ie., less GFE and more strictly business.

I always try to find amateur students as opposed to professional experienced types that many times tend to be young moms, and always plead with "Oo vas yest padruga?" But even with that, lately I'm leaving discouraged.

So from my perspective, I'm just curious to hear from all you Ukraine/Russia mongers if you see what I'm seeing, and if there's less of the "westernized" factor when you get farther back into less traveled places like samara, yekat, novos, volgograd. I'm just theorizing that those places will be more like Ukraine was 4 years ago. Who needs a stupid underground shopping mall? I just see a very noticeable difference over the last 4 years. Anyone else?

11-13-03, 23:32
Places like Samara and Yekat in Russia are already full of westerners.I guess you're not aware of Ukrainian countryside yet,it's unbelievably cheap and full of girls yet to be discovered.
I would highly recommend Uman in the west or Lugansk in the east for instance for a new adventure.If you wanna stick close to Kiev and still save your pennies,you might even try Brovary just 50 km from Kiev or Vinnitsa in the south of Kiev!

Bez Bezarra
11-14-03, 14:13
You know Vega, I'm really not trying to give you a hard time. It's true that I haven't ventured to dozens of the smaller cities that I am absolutely dying to see. It's only because of time constraints from my work. Believe me, if I hit the lotto tomorrow, I'd spend 4 weeks a year here and the rest of my life over there exploring every place, instead of the opposite like I do now.

I'm not doubting that the Russian cities have many westerners already, but what about the girls?? Do you or anybody out there reading this have a good perspective to compare what's happening lately, are they already changing?? Like I see in Kiev, Kharkov, and Odessa.

Again, my point is that I know its not too likely that I could find many opportuinites for very open amatuer student types that aren't greedy in France, Spain, or Germany. That's why I headed strainght for Kiev, I had no problem before to find this in my first years in Ukraine.

Is this shift to the western attitude sweeping all the way across to the outlying Russian cities?

11-14-03, 18:38
The shift actually originated from Moscow and now has spread all over Russia as an unevitable effect of changes and developments in economical situation.Now it's directed towards Ukraine quite naturally and will head for Belarus and Moldova pretty soon.However,as the cultures of these countries and especially of Ukraine are quite different than the Russian culture,the changes are not so sharp and easy to deal with!

11-15-03, 01:49

this smaller cities around Kiev you mentioned or elsewhere in Ukraine will it be possible to find a reasonable hotel to stay and a reasonable hotel to live? When I say reasonable my expecations are not that high. A typical old Soviet style place with hot water and warm rooms will do it.

11-15-03, 13:11
It's quite possible to find both reasonable and high-quality hotels in every small city of Ukraine.You can find all the info on www.hotelsukraine.com including Uman and Vinnitsa.
www.travel.kyiv.org is a very interesting site,displaying the detailed maps and photos of every city.But don't surf through this site for too long,you might end up getting on the first plane to Ukraine!?!

11-17-03, 19:42

Thanks for the info. I realized that I rushed a bit to post that question. A google search gives a list of hotels in both cities. But daily rates in the Internet were in the $ 50-70 range, which is way too expensive. I guess the real rates should be much cheaper...

This question will be a rather disrespecful penetration into your privacy, and please simply ignore if you don't wanna answer. Your mongering experience covers not only Ukraine and Russia, but also Turkey, Cyprus etc. What do you do to earn your living? How can you afford so much travelling in terms of time? The reason why I am asking is that I am hoping to work at some point in Eastern Europa. Therefore, it is interesting to hear experiences of people who are already doing this.


11-17-03, 20:10
I'm in the export-import business all around Eastern Europe and I travel quite often for business though 99% of the time is for leisure.It's rather interesting and profitable to do business in all these countries if you know how to play the cards.Now,my new interest is for fashion and modelling business and by no doubt the region is a heaven for this purpose.
Hope to be in Kiev again next week,can't wait any longer!

11-19-03, 12:10
Not much of action in Uman for preorganized sex,but rather a chance of great time right on the street for natural action!
If you only wanna be involved with pros and semipros,you could try hotel bars and receptions for contact.You can also get in touch with quite a no of semipros in all cities including Uman via www.loveme.com

Sour Honey
11-20-03, 14:55
OK, FYI, I will be in UE for 18 days (sadly from 24 of Dec to 10 of Jan.... too much festivities....).

I will cover Zaporhozie, Nikolaev, Odessa and/or Izmail and, finally, 8 days in Kiev.

First time I will be there, so any new info are appreciated
More.... if any of you will be there at the same time, I will happily share a beer or a dinner. Let me know.

City Angel
11-20-03, 16:06
Thanks for all the info everyone has offered with regards to Kiev. I have now been in the country for 8 days and feel that it was about time I contributed to the forum.

You MUST buy a mobile phone chip in the country, get your self a Kievstar one, you will pay 99hyr ($17). It makes life much easier, and as every girl you meet will have a cell phone, it is something you are expected to have with you.

There is a really great P4P scene here, there are escorts, girls in clubs, and if your are into it, I believe there is a good street scene.

The Best and most important place to visit is the River Palace. If you ask any taxi driver to take you there, it will not be a problem. Under no circumstances pay more than 20HYR from anywhere in Kiev. Remember in the Ukraine a high school teacher earns 300hyr ($150) per month. So by giving a cab driver 20hyr you are giving him what a teacher earns in a day! This is more than enough. River Palace in my opinion is the best place of its type anywhere. Spoke to a few guys there who had experienced NighFlite in Moscow and they believed river palace was a lot better. I don't see how you can beat it. You will pay depending on how attractive and smart you are between, between $50 and $150 for between 2 hours and all night. In order to obtain the best price A) do not start negotiating before 1:30am B) be nice, be charming, make the girls laugh, these are not hookers in the western sense of the word, a lot of them are just students trying to make ends meet C) Don't negotiate, let the girl bring the subject of money up, and just smile and laugh until you get the price you are happy with D) don't act cheep, buy them drinks give them cigarettes, remember you can have fun in this place just chatting to the girls E) once you have established a price that you believe is the lowest price you can get from the girls, then try and get the extras thrown in i.e. for the night instead of 2 hours, BBBJ, anf DFK.

There are different types of girls at the club, there are the real pro's who will do anything for you like BBS and anal but I don't bother with these girls. I go for the students, who treat you like a boyfriend, but as they have a brain will insist on a condom. I treat these girls really well so that ever time I go to visit the river palace the girls make real fuss of me, so that A) I get a better service, and B) a much better price.

to be continued........

(there is a lot more to come plus pictures!)

11-20-03, 23:33
One little hint of reminder,River Palace is the unique place and you cannot compare it to anywhere else,especially places like Night Flight in Moscow where everything is based on pure mechanical monetary foundations.If you're patient enough you can get away without paying at all! Watch out the stunning beauties by the dance floor and you'll notice the slight difference of the girls who're really there for having great fun and actually looking for the company of westerners.The key word for Ukraine is complete relaxation and acting spontaneously all the time and you'll never know what's gonna show up.If you're anxious or willing to make plans beforehand,Ukraine is definitely not the appropriate place for you and you should head for Czech Republic,Hungary,Poland or Russia.I never know what I'll do or even where I'll stay till I'm actually there!I mean maybe it doesn't bother most guys to pay $100-150 in River Palace,but I like challenges and give it a hard try to force it right through the end in the natural way!

11-20-03, 23:40
Just asking if River Palace is a bar and restaurant boat on the dock? Was there in 1999 with a date, if it is the same place, and thought the food was expensive.

The Rat
11-23-03, 09:24
Vegamars and other's I am in the process of determining where I am going to take a true mongering adventure. I have set up a fund of about 18K for the adventure. I would like to hear from you and anyone else about what countries or places are best and why. (I hope this was an ok place to post this)


City Angel
11-24-03, 14:26
If you are prepared to spend that sort of money in Kiev, paid sex is not something to bother with. Spend that money on going out with girls, and you will have a different girl in your bed everday for 6 months.

11-24-03, 18:43
The ideal place for natural relations is the triangular area between Chisinau,Minsk and Kiev and you don't have to spend anything other than accomodation,transportation(It's quite cheap and you can easily bargain to $100 for a BMW taxi between any of these three cities!!) and meals.It would be a great adventure to visit Tiraspol on the way with its unique beauties,the capital of Prinistrovya located between Moldova and Ukraine.The common characteristic of all these places is not only the no of women that constitute 60% of the population but also the amazing high proportion of the model-type chicks uncomparably higher than any other country in Europe or the world.
Regarding paid sex,the best place in terms of cheapness together with high quality is Lefkose and Girne in Northern Cyprus with all the nighclubs full of very young girls from Belarus,Ukraine,Moldova and Tiraspol for a max. of $100 for the night!

City Angel
11-24-03, 21:43
River Palace is boat on the Dnieper, the river that runs through the centre of the Kyiv. You can get there for 20hyr max from anywhere in Kiev. If you are in the middle of the city, if you pay more than 10hyr you are either drunk or lazy. I barter with the drivers out of principle, plus it also keeps the prices low for other expats and tourists!

The River Palace consists of a pub, which has live music on every night and serves food, a casino, a restaurant and the nightclub. The nightclub is mainly where the girls work, although some do wonder elsewhere. The nightclub is a square room well decorated about 15m by 10m. It has a large bar, where you can buy your drinks from, but also has waitress service at the tables if you prefer.

The girls dance on the dance floor, which is located in the middle of the room, it is surrounded by mirrors, in front of which the girls tend to dance. To pick up a girl you can either start dancing or just wave. I tended to spend most of my evenings by the bar just flirting with as many as the girls as possible. Remember if you are fun and don't act to cheap you can get these girls for the night for practically nothing.

The other main attraction in Kiev is Restown. Avoid this place like the plague! Its a bit out of town, something like a 20 minute taxi ride, which will cost you between 20 and 40 hyr depending on your negotiation skills. When you get there its something like 20hyr admission ($3 or £2).

The building itself is fantastic, it has a casino, a snooker hall, and a strip bar. The drinks are relatively cheap, somthing like 20hyr, and you can watch the girl’s strip down to their panties without having to tip anything. If you interested in some action I think you pay $50 for 60 minutes. The girls look as though they are in the main between 23 and 30, but do keep them selves in shape. My criticism of the place is that it’s just not fun. At other bars and clubs the woman always look happy, at this place they look like they are being forced to work.

So we left after about 30 minutes. Incidentally a couple of the waitresses at this place were stunning, far better than any of the working girls.

The escort services all charge $100 for two hours. I did try calling all the different services listed in Whatson, and the price was the same The only time I used this service the girl turned up after 30 minutes, and was absolutely stunning. (See Irina in pictures section). She ended up staying the night for no extra charge, and wouldn’t let me sleep at all.

I any of you guys have any further questions about Kiev, just send us a message, I may also be able to help with a guide or telephone numbers of some of the better escorts out there.

11-24-03, 23:11
Why not??!!??
You've only learned a very small glimpse of what I've experienced so far!
We're just starting guys!!

11-25-03, 17:17
I've been to many cities in the world including the States, France,Italy,Hungary,Russia,Greece,Croatia,Czech Republic,Poland,etc and I can tell you the answer is Kiev, Minsk and Tiraspol by no doubt!!!

Rabo Verde
11-25-03, 22:40
VEGAMARS, thanks for the useful insights on Kiev, Minsk and Tiraspol? If you had to pick one which would you pick?

11-25-03, 23:32
Minsk and Tiraspol have different types of amazing girls,but I'd choose Kiev as I feel the most comfortable out there in terms of communication.
The best nightclubs in Northern Cyprus are Imparator and Playboy in Lefkose out of about a total of 50-60 and you can find all my detailed analysis on Cyrus/other areas section.

11-26-03, 04:51
Hello everyone,

This is my first posting on the Ukraine section. I have just returned from Moscow and had a great time. However, I have read some of your postings in here and seems to me that the Ukraine is a better place for the money and beautiful girls. I would like to request some information from you guys. I am planning to travel for spring break in March since I get a break from college. I would like to spend a whole week. What clubs, hotels, and travel advice can you all recommend? I am also hispanic and was wondering if that might be a problem in the Ukraine . This was not a problem at all in Moscow but I figured it might be in the Ukraine. Anyways, I would appreciate your inputs.


11-26-03, 15:43
Hello Everyone!

I met up with CityAngel and Zergut while I was in Kiev again. We really had some fun there. We went to River Palace and to Rest Town. Unfortunately we did not have time to check out Moda Bar, which is lately also considered as the boat of prostitution like River Palace.

River Palace is still the same as always. 90 to 95% of the women are there for paid sex. Like City Angel told, the prices are at least $ 100. But if you know some people and you wait for the right time you can get out of there for much cheaper.:-)) Like CityAngel experienced by himself!!! And that the prices can be very high too, depends on the way you approach the woman. Am I right Zergut?? :-)))))) With the wrong tactic and technique you pay the highest price.

The drinks in River Palace are more expensive then in other bars or discotheques. But it is still considered cheap if you compare the price with western countries.

As CityAngel already told, we also went to Rest Town. The entrance price was normal and the drinks where also very cheap. It is a beautiful place to hang around for a while but unfortunately it is situated at the wrong place. I think if it would be located in the centre, it would be much more profitable. I don’t wish to talk about the girls there. It is nice to se them strip but it is worse to know that the waitresses are more beautiful than the girls who are offering their services to the men. So we indeed left after 30 minutes or so. For who is interested in staying there for a while, the price starts from $ 40 dollars up to.

In the past was ModaBar considered as a bar for models and beautiful ladies to hang around with foreign people. But lately it changed more into a kind River Palace. My latest information is that 70% of the women who go to ModaBar are prostitutes. In River palace is this 90 to 95% and in RestTown is this 100%.

As speaking about myself I will not let myself into paid sex. I am more the type of guy who is interested in a girlfriend thing without paying. Though I still had a lot of fun with Zergut and City Angle. Zergut is more the person who is only interested in the paying scene and CityAngel likes both sites of the medal.:-))))) I rather like to go to place like the 111 Cocktail bar, Chaykovsky, Fusion or Opium where I can speak to the “normal” girl from the street. And afterwards you will have the same fun!! (or even better) Nevertheless I had some marvelous days there and it was really nice to meet up with Zergut and CityAngel.

11-26-03, 21:55
There are quite a number of hispanic looking Ukrainians and it's such a mixed culture that you wouldn't feel uncomfortable at all.
I'm going back to Kiev tomorrow and I'll meet two new girls that I met over the internet before visiting my girlfriends!!

11-27-03, 05:32

Which sites do you use to meet Ukrainian girls? There zillions of girls from Moscow at omen.ru or mheart.ru but only a few girls from Kiev or other parts of Ukraine, and they all look for husbands or are hookers. Not my cup of tea...

Sour Honey
11-27-03, 08:00
OK, just a word of caution (and related to the question below)
I will be in Ukraine in December, and I tried something else other Gia (A very good, professional and well done site, just to be sure.

So, i discovered http://www.flirtandfunkiev.de.vu/ and I send the 20 dollars they ask for the E-mails of about 100 pros and semipros in Kiev. Paid, sent approx 70 E-mails......

Total 30 E-mails no more active, 39 WITHOUT answer, and only one answer from a girl ()girl?!? ... may be also a man....) that told me How have you find my E-mail?!? .... and nothing else.

After ....sigh .... after.... I discovered that neither the SITE E-mail does function..... OK.... here is the advice of this moron..... avoid that site! :-)


11-27-03, 16:35
Never ever get in the trap of pay sites!Just use your imagination to discover sites like www.loveme.ru

11-29-03, 17:19
Sorry to keep you waiting for some time guys,I've been busy in Kiev!
First a piece of info about the situation out there.The weather's quite nice and there's no rain or snow.The dollar rate is still 5.34 exactly like last year and it seems that prices have gone down about 10% in the last 2-3 months,an indication of recovery in economy together with an increase on the average wages.
Another observation is that Ukrainian girls on the younger side are getting taller and taller,you may be tired of looking up all the time if you're not a very tall guy!Something interesting is that if you stand waiting on the street or just walking and you see two or three girls passing by,they will just smile at you and if you smile back surprisingly enough at least one of them will smile back'which always gives you the desire to get in contact.
I arrived to Kiev before calling any of my girlfriends cause I had to meet the two girls I've mentioned before. It was rather interesting since I didn't have the slightest clue of how they looked like,so I just met Ira and her friend in Kreschetuk in the afternoon.Ira was 23 years old with a quite-good looking slim body of about 175m and a nice-looking face.I didn't like her friend and sent her away after 5 minutes.Ira spoke little English and I only speak a few words of Russian,but who cares? We started by drinking champagne in a cafe and then we were on the street waiting for the taxi.She was a little bit cold,so I had to kiss her to heat her up! With the first ignition we could never stop again.We went on kissing and touching in the car and in the Italian restaurant in Padole.This is the area where the most expensive restaurants,cafes and bars like the famous Japanese restaurant Santori.But the bill was just $10 in the Italian restaurant we've been for a good meal and drinks;very expensive indeed!After all my kisses and touches on every part of her body Ira was so excited to go to her apartment that couldn't resist her proposal and the whole night cost me just $15.She was really as hot as her kisses and at about noon the next day I told her that I had some important business and would call her at nigt.Of course,it wouldn't be possible till the next time cause I had to make a surprise to one of my model girlfriends waiting for me and we had a good night together in her apartment.Today I told her I had to leave for Dniepropetrovsk for some important business meeting,but I still have a lot to do here'so now I'm about to meet another girlfriend and we'll meet some of her model friends tonight for some fashion business??!
So,I have to leave now folks cause I'm so busy!!

Uke Boy
11-30-03, 13:53

As a longtime ex-pat working and living here and I write this from Kiev, after this last report of yours I thought I might clarify a few things. While your praise of the women here is laudable and mostly on the mark, try to be more realistic about things here.

The weather here is dry, correct. But for the last 2-3 weeks it has been one very long series of dreary days of overcast, no sun and occasional fog. Right now it is +4 but very raw. But that only means more time for indoor games.

The main street is accurately and correctly known as Kreshchatik. Lots of great eye candy in the summer with a good chance to meet on the street. In winter, clubs, bars and restaurants are the places.

I eat out frequently and I know of no place, Ukrainian (generally the cheapest), Italian, French, Japanese or any other, except where you might get food poisoning, that will charge $10 for two. Can you tell us the name of the place, please? I want to try that place. Most decent restaurants here charge an about $25 per PERSON for an average meal without drinks. By the way, the area you were in is correctly known as Podil (Ukrainian) or Podol (Russian).

Just so you other guys understand, ladies here are terrific but like ladies everywhere, they all come with a price. Some are prostitutes, some are girls trying to pay for university via the "amateur" sex route, others are looking for mantainence from a "sugar-daddy" but the great majority are looking for a husband. With the ladies here, do not think that it will be a free ride but it will be one hell of a fun and great ride.

By the way, if you try and learn at least a little Russian, it will help you here to no end.

Sour Honey
11-30-03, 17:35
Hey UKE boy,
may be that VEGA was a bit tired.... (he also said that he got a girl of 175 METERS of highness....:-) ).

But thanks for the corrections.
And (OK, you have to pay for this..:-) ) could you answer some questions?

I will be in Ukraine for 18 days. Ten days will be dedicated to ... ehm .. serious relations (yes, I call them FTF ...those in which you have to Fight To Fuck...).

But I reserved me the last 8 days for a more ... lazy... work I will be in Kiev from 30 Dec to 10 of Jan. (bad times... I know!).

And, also for this, I would prefer the .... old system there.
(I'm lazy and an old geezeer of 50 yo!)

I saw stunning girls on Gia web site. I am searching preferably for girlfriend experience. Is Gia (despite the 300$ for 24 hours) a good choice? Any other suggestion? (I terribly felt in love with the older one... Dasha!)

Take in mind that I prefer a good day and a good "mouth kissing" to a night of straight sex....(yeah... I'm a bit strange ..:-) )

And what about River Palace?

Ciao and thanks in advance

11-30-03, 18:04
I'm still in Kiev guys and I'll meet Ira again in half an hour cause she called me.I didn't sleep for the last 4 days but still I'm not tired.
The weather's still very nice,believe it or not and I'll ask the name of the Italian restaurant for your future reference( It's not a shame not to know all the restaurants where you're living and it's always easier for strangers to figure out new places)
I can understand and speak a bit of Russian,but I never use it and I don't advise you to use it at all.
As an alternative to gia you can use www.uaescort.com or www.kievescort.com for much better quality of $80-100 for 2hrs if you wanna lose that kind of money.
Girls always look for rich husbands everywhere in the world,especially in the western countries despite the general misbelief,but it's always and always possible to find exceptions for fun!!

Uke Boy
11-30-03, 20:51

I guess you never got out of the flat today ;-)))) as it has been another overcast day here, all day, and is expected to be this way until Tuesday, a slight break for a day or two, then again overcast. Daytime highs of +1 to +3, nights the same but minus. It is also very moist with 87% humidity so with the wind, it is also raw.

Traditionally, Ukrainians consider December 1 to be the first day of Winter, Spring coming on March 1.

I am surprised that such a frequent visitor as you would not know any of the restaurants, especially one that would have an Italian meal that costs $10 for two as I would be there every day!

As for the languages it really does help. This is especially true when you need to get information from the www.uaescort.com site as well as many others here that are exclusively in Russian. www.uaescort.com is all in Russian and there is no English option. By the way, most of the ads and girls on the site are fakes, from bait and switch agencies putting up phony pictures. About 4 of the girls are real.


If you know Russian, an excellent site for Kiev and Ukraine is www.kiev-x.com. The girls seem to be mostly with real photos, which to me is very important, plus they have a forum. That forum is critical since it has field reports on these girls and many others. You can make a lot of mistakes here, and even the local guys sure can screw it up in the bad sense. But if you know Russian at least you can read it to see which girl to see and, more importantly, who to avoid!

If you also know Russian, there is a free weekly advertising broadsheet delivered to every home's mailbox called RIO. In the back it has ads for "nannies." You call up and ask the operator for what you want, within the hour someone shows up to your place with a choice of 4-5 "nannies" in your price range, you choose, pay the driver and then have your fun, be it with one, two or all five. Unfortunately, rarely do you get even two good ones at one time, sometimes none. But the prices are $30-$50 per hour, $100 maximum for the night per girl. But as I said, this is impossible without knowing Russian.


End of December to the 10th of January is the New Year and Orthodox Christmas celebrations. Many leave town to go home in other parts of Ukraine and Russia, to the Carpathians to ski, to sanatoria and also out of the country, such as Egypt where it is warm and a visa is automatically issued on arrival. It will be quiet but you will still be able to enjoy yourself in a city of 2.5 million.

Gia is OK, they just changed their web site to a "model agency" type of thing, and all in English with much better photos. It is generally reliable. The girls are not always the ones in the photos but what else is new with all agencies, be they here or in London or anywhere! By the way, Dasha is very good, also plays dom games and if you are into anal is one of the few there who allows it at the agency, for an extra fee. She also is better looking than the pictures. $300 for the day is the rate if you are only an English speaker.

Most of their girls do kiss, do BBBJ/CIM. The old site actually listed what each girl allowed. If you call and ask I think the dispatcher will tell you what they do but don't be disappointed if it turns out otherwise.

You could probably find a girl at River Palace for the day at half that amount, max $200 for a stunner.

Good luck.

Uke Boy
11-30-03, 21:43

One more thing.

Girls here are not looking for rich husbands, they are desperately looking for good men who will be good husbands and fathers. That is why they are looking for foreigners. Our incomes and standards of living are much higher and therefore we are thought of as "rich" and we can provide for a better quality of life.

If you see what is happening in Kiev, in Moscow and other places in Eastern Europe, things are changing rapidly, incomes are rising and a new middle class is emerging. But it is a slow process.

For the ladies, many men here are constant drunks, alcoholism is a serious problem, many men have no jobs or very menial jobs and cannot support their families, many beat girlfriends and wives and get away with it, and the worst of it is that the girlfriend or wife has little or no recourse in the courts. For these and many other reasons, a foreigner is still a prize plum to be won, to escape many of these ugly situations, not just the "rich" pocketbook.

This is especially true of the ladies in Nikolaev, Kherson and places in the south. These places are very poor, indeed, and the ladies are no worse in quality than they are in Kiev. But that is why many of the marriage agencies have so many girls from the south, they are desperate to get out of a situation far worse than it is in Kiev.

Yes, you can have loads of fun but don't think the ladies here don't have another agenda.

12-01-03, 09:09

I am planning to be in Kiev in later part of December (after 20th). Is anyone planning to be there?

I am fluent in Russian and English.

PM if you are.


Sour Honey
12-01-03, 17:06
Thanks Vega.
And so... you are sure that also an old geezer like me (50 yo) can avoid to book an escort in Kiev?!? I caught a note of disapproval in your suggestion..... :-)

Hmmm I will be really happy (money is money for anyone...) but not too sure about it.....

Thanks Ukeboy
I will treasure your suggestions.
You seem (like me) not too much into anal. But Dasha is really stunning (despite the age). So i will go for her for a couple of day, for sure.

And I have to confirm what you said about the South/West. I have some contacts (before Kiev) in Nikolaev and Zaporhozije. And these are ...ehm ... "not to pay" contacts :-), but also sweet, poor girls that want to escape from the poverty. And... may be that one will do this.... (I am separed....)

...and I will update you in January......

Do pobachennya

Sour Honey
12-01-03, 18:06
may be that when you'll leave... I'll arrive...
I will be in Kiev from 30 Dec to 10th of Jan.

12-01-03, 18:11
UK Boy,

Are you saying that a mid 30’s, tall(ish), handsome guy can’t get it for free in Kiev?
Gee’s, I’d better stay in London then, coz here I can.

12-01-03, 18:17
I'm so sorry not to be careful about the names of restaurants,I'm just not interested cause I never look for a place or restaurant in Kiev myself! The name of the cheap Italian restaurant in Padole is Diva which was opened this summer as I've figured out.There's also another nice one in the same area called Alexandria with live music and fair prices of about $15-20 per person.I can also suggest you Non-Stop that's open for 24 hrs and can be considered as cheap.
Kiev is always hot for me as I consider anything over -5C as hot,especially when I consider that it was snowing quite heavily last year around November10th.
The situation for girls and women is not characteristic of only Ukraine,it's very common in all countries including the western countries.The reason that Ukrainian girls are interested in foreign men is definitely not because of the lack of rich Ukrainian guys!
There is an incredible number of rich people in large cities and especially Kiev as it's the situation in every country.The real reason is rather the attitude of Ukrainian men against girls in general,they are not really aware of the treasure around.

Uke Boy
12-01-03, 20:43

Thanks for the restaurant information. I will head down there at some point and check them out. I am based in the center where there is so much choice and only occasionally get down to Podol.

I enjoy it here when it is -10 or even -20. Not a problem. However, after somewhat more than 2 weeks of endless overcast and fog, it does get to you, no matter if it is "warm" or cold. I would rather have -20 and a week of sunny days right now.

I think we are in agreement that Ukrainian men, rich or poor, are generally not the boyfriend/husband/lover qualities the girls here really want.

What I really want to take issue with is the question of language.

There is nothing wrong with coming here and speaking only English (or German or French etc.). But this is Ukraine where the national language is Ukrainian and the commonly spoken language is Russian. And both use the Cyrillic alphabet. So now when you first get here and you only know English, you have a not so small problem. When you walk out of your hotel or apartment, you don't know where you are or where you are going to or even how to get there unless you have a local guide with you every step of the way. It is very almost non-existent that streets, metro stops or or any public location in Kiev is written in Latin letters! Places such as MacDonald's (yuk) a few stores such as Benetton or Nike, yes, but other than that, Cyrillic.

As for the ladies, yes, many know English to one degree or another. They all know how to say "hundred bucks!" But anywhere you go, River Palace, 111, Mandarin and countless other places, you will be able to meet with and somehow converse with some girls. Not a problem. There might be thousands of such girls and that's fine. The numbers may be just right for you that day.

But if you know the language, even a little bit, you now have not thousands but tens of thousands and maybe more. If you are here for the "wham bam," then English is fine. If you are here to meet one or more on a regular or even semi-regular basis, then learn something of the language.

The bottom line is that even bad attempts at speaking Russian will endear you far more to the girls than most anything else. They will really love you for it and try to help you improve your Russian while you help improve many their other "oral" skills


Good luck here, and by the way, I am about the same age. Compared to locals my age, I look, act and do almost everything at least 10-20 years younger than my actual age which also amazes the ladies here. They think all of us 50s should be ready for the old age home and not doing things 25 year olds here have yet to figure out!

Nikolaev is a woman's town. It has many more women than men but I can't recall the reason for this odd demographic. That is why so many there are trying to get out, are trying to meet men via the net and in other ways. I know the Germans have sex and marriage tours going there all the time.

Let us know how you do.

Uke Boy
12-01-03, 20:55
For those of you outside of Kiev and are coming to Kiev and hoping for a connection, I suspect the www.kievescort.com site is not operational for the time being and may also be closed.

It is a great site with great girls at great prices but I tried calling all day and both phones were turned off. The "201" number is "not available at this time" and the "067" number, the mobile, is barring all incoming calls. A very bad sign from an escort agency.

Too bad as there were more than a few ladies there of great interest. But I will occasionally check and if it changes, will let you all know.

Uke Boy
12-02-03, 18:10
Gemini 2

What do you call getting it for free? There is no "free" anywhere.

In London, don't you have to buy drinks, dinner, gifts or whatever? I am in London often. Dinner with a lady at an OK place is at least 50 Pounds. If you meet a girl in a pub, sooner or later you will have to buy her drinks. If you don't, what are your chances?

The same here. You can meet someone, anyone, and think you are "not paying" for it. You are not paying directly for sex as you would with a River Palace pickup but rather for all the attention you must put into the "effort."

If you can bowl them over only with with charm, wit and good looks, then more power to you. Like any place on earth there is always a chance at a pickup that won't cost a kopeck.

Good luck.

12-02-03, 19:39
Uke Boy,

Kievescort site is up, but their prices are incredibly high! $100/hour?

Also, can you recommend decent saunas in Kiev (with or without women), and would I need to reserve them in adavance?

As far as language, I virtually have no accent speaking russian. So would women considering me a local be a bad thing for me and reduce my chances?

Thanx a bunch

Sour Honey
12-02-03, 21:33
I'm starting to love this UKE Boy......:-)

Yes. it is a typical US men thing (no offence....different Country, different defects).

US men think (at least inconsciously) that all is an extension of America. Not speaking English is not understood!

Sadly, we Italian are on the opposite side.... we try to speak any language to please the guest (or the girl) ..... Sigh .... I'm still coping with damned Russian verbs and the ultra-damned 6 forms.....and after 1 month I am not still able to say "wanna fuck with me!" but just devocka moya, ya tak lubliu te bya, and da svidania lubliu moy....... ahem ....all useful .... but a good "fuck!" is much direct.... :-)

Jokes apart, you 'mericans have to be more flexible. Also in Prague, that I know much more than my city, the refuse to talk or learn a couple of words in Czeck kills more chances than a little penis...:-)

Ciao ooopppsss do pobachennya

Uke Boy
12-02-03, 22:12

I am not sure that I really like the thought of your "lovin" me but let's leave that for another forum!

The second language most girls here know is English. But it may not be more than a few words so a little Russian from the guy is useful.

What you can tell a girl here that you want to have sex with her but not sound so crude or vulgar is to say "Ya tebya khochu."

That simply means "I want you" or "I want your body" or any other way you want to translate it but it does mean that you really lust after her and are not holding anything back. But in a "nice" way.

The crude way is to say "Khochesh potrakhatsya" which is just saying "You want to screw."

Uke Boy
12-03-03, 11:13
A little more on language and then hopefully to drop the subject.

If you know anything about Russian, it has a "bawdy" vocabulary of its own, rather colorful. It started with the criminal element in Soviet days and now has come to be used by many. But it is still not socially acceptable.

Here is a link that will help explain some of the expressions you might hear in Kiev or in Moscow.


Just a word to the wise. Unless you know who you are speaking to and/or to the sensitivities of those around you, try and not use this vocabulary. Better to try and understand what is being said than to say it, in this case.

Swiss Tiger
12-03-03, 11:43

I agree. Even living in Switzerland where we have many Ukranian girls dancing in cabarets I have success more often when I speak a little Russian to get out of the place with a girl on my arm who does not expect to be paid for sex!

The last 3 "freebies" I had were with Ukranian girls, and it was because I am sure that I was polite and tried to speak and flatter them in their own language. Also that I did not treat them as a professional sex worker!

Remember the golden rule, all girls have feelings, and if you flatter them by effort and talking you stand a better chance.

I speak 3 languages fluently, and a further 3 in smaller amounts. It has saved me $$$ on many occasions.

However if you are happy paying over the odds for a service (taxi, sex, food, etc etc) then don't bother making the effort, but I find that I get more "satisfaction" from a good deal!

Up to you, and happy hunting y'awl!

12-03-03, 14:13
ya lyublyu tebye ochin silna!?!
is all you need here! If you approach a girl just speaking in pure Russian,it's considered very ordinary here.The trick is rather to start in English or any other language and to try to say a few words in Russian in between.It works every time and the girls just love it.
In my opinion those of you living in England or Germany should never come to Ukraine or Kiev (I'm ready for any kind of objection) cause you would be much happier in Russia for instance.
By the way,so far I've only talked about 1% of what I know and what I've experienced about Ukraine.Don't think I don't know about the reality of life here, there's always the story and the face of backstreets as it's everywhere in the world,but what makes it more interesting here is that every way is almost endless and without any limits!??

12-03-03, 15:08
This thread is one of the most entertaining and informative in the whole forum right now.

Although speaking English is thankfully an aphrodisiac to some girls it scares away a lot of them, learning Russian will expose you to many more girls than you would meet not speaking the language. This is true in almost all countries IMHO. By speaking you will also get to know more about the culture and approaching girls will become easier, your success rate will increase and and and. If you are going to spend a lot of time in a country it is also a sign of respect. Vegamars is right that mixing Russian and English is an effective and "cute" method to interact. Approaching a girl in English and then switching to Russian may very well get your foot in the door. Still I am sure that being somewhat fluent in Russian will make your life easier. I can only speak from experience (most of it in Russia, Vegamars (least) favorite country!) that with every ounce of language confidence in Russian that I have gained my success rate has skyrocketed. You get exposed to "normal" girls who are anything but "normal" away from the somewhat parasitic crowd that hangs out at expat places. BTW: of the numerous Ukrainian working girls (wonderful girls!) I've had in Russia not a single one spoke a word of English besides "Eminem" or "Madonna". RIC will be happy to note that curiously enough they also spoke some Italian. "Dolce and Gabbana". "Versace". "Prada".

If you are coming on a short sex tour, then obviously your Russian is going to be limited to a few phrases and that is fine. It would be quite ridiculous to think otherwise.

However I really believe if you are going to spend a lot of time there you would be well advised to learn at least passable Russian, get laid more often for free and if you are paying, you'll likely have a better rapport with your chick.

I agree with you in principal that American and English men do have the advantage that their native language is understood by a certain percentage of people in every country (pop culture goes a long way) and does tend to incite a certain degree in laziness in language learning among them (me too at times) but I reject your notion that Americans and English are less adept in learning languages than the Italians. As much as I adore and respect Italy and Italians, the Italians are not exactly known as some of the world's best linguists. :) I think your justified criticism of language learning laziness applies to most every nation.

Uke Boy
12-03-03, 15:59

I agree the more you know the language, the better off you are with the ladies. If you make the effort to make them comfortable and make it easier for them, then lots more will come your way.

I spent an hour with a Russian lady from one of the agencies in London not too long ago. We were to have had an hour's fun in my hotel. When she came in and spied that I had some bottles of Ukrainian wines (I buy them as gifts for clients) we started to talk and I explained that I live and work in Kiev part of the time. We then proceeded to speak in Russian. At the end of the hour, she called the agency, told them she was tired and going home, she shut off the mobile and then proceeded to spend the night with me. It did cost me the wine but it was worth it! I suspect it was the language that helped and that she felt very comfortable and wanted to hear something about "home." It came out that she was from Kharkov and studied in Kiev.

I almost think RIC is correct in one respect but not just about Americans. I have been posted in Moscow and now in Kiev and have made an effort through the years to learn Russian. At least 95% of my colleagues and friends from all countries from the US, the UK, France, Germany etc. barely know 100 Russian words and/or phrases even after they have been in the area for several years. It really is a shame.

The major reason is that they meet up with one girl, (or in many cases, serial girlfriends!) she knows English (or the guy's language) to one degree or another. She is mostly looking and praying at this as a possible ticket out and there is no real incentive for the guy to learn since the main language of communication is his native language. The same holds true in the office, in clubs, bars, restaurants or whatever.


Using "ya lyublyu tebye ochin silna" is more an indication of love and romance than of lust and sex. The girls love it but if you start saying that too often to the same girl, she will expect that you mean it and that you are serious about only her. Truly a lot like what happens anywhere else, so be very careful in using these phrases.

12-03-03, 16:23
I have to agree that this thread is incredibly entertaining.

Especially the little pieces of Russian and Ukrainian that people seem to know. I was born in Kiev, so I am fluent, but have not lived or been there for about 15 years. I can imagine how hard the lanuage is, especially compared to English or Italian (being fluent in English, I know for sure about it).

This will be my first trip to Kiev in above-mentioned 15 years. What do I do about the language? If I speak russian, they will think I am local--don't think it's a plus--if I speak English, there is no way I can make my russian seem like a bad one.

Any suggestions?

Uke Boy
12-03-03, 16:37

You are correct, the Kievescort site is up but the problem is not the prices. That is another story although I would enjoy meeting with a few of their ladies. The real problem is that their phones, local and mobile are shut off. Now and for the last few days, at least, there has been no way to get in contact with them. I just called a minute ago and the same messages came on.

Lots of saunas here with and without the ladies. You can bring in your own, you can ask the sauna if they have a "delivery" service, many of them do, or you can even call one of the "nannie" services in the back of the free advertising paper called RIO and have them come to you. I am not a big fan of saunas, I have gone a few times but it is not my way to enjoy the ladies.

As a start, since you say you know Russian, go to this site that lists most, if not all the saunas in Kiev. http://prosex.com.ua/spravka/sauna.php

I will try and get you a list of some of the more interesting and reliable saunas later. There is no need to reserve unless you have a big party or have special needs or it is a weekend night.

Once you get here, also get one of those complete Kiev Street Atlas books that will help you locate these places. It is in almost all in Ukrainian but does have a good 10 pages of street and building details of the center in English. I recommend this to anyone coming here and trying to get their way around town. Very good and very detailed.

My suggestion is to not try and blend in since that will likely end in failure. No matter how slight the accent, you still have one and you will be asked where you are from. Better to be who you are, tell them if they ask and then you will likely bowl them over. Much more impressive and a better way to connect, it would be the best method of meeting ladies who will instantly want to speak with you about everything, most of all about you and how you learned Russian. Your chances would be immeasurably enhanced. I suspect you may not even get near any sauna!

Uke Boy
12-03-03, 16:51
To change the subject from language to something a lot more serious. Just so you all understand that this is not a risk-free area. The same is true of Russia. This is not to scare you away, just to make you aware.

The problems today really are mostly amongst drug users and former prisoners (the TB issue) but it is slowly spreading into the general populace.

Ukraine Leader Takes Loan to Fight AIDS

Published: December 3, 2003
Filed at 10:22 a.m. ET

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) -- Ukraine's president accepted a $60 million World Bank loan on Wednesday to fight AIDS and tuberculosis in this former Soviet republic.

Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma's approval came after the bank agreed to provide the funds to prevent and control the two diseases that have spread rapidly since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Ukraine, is the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic in Eastern Europe, has the highest HIV infection rate in the region. An estimated 500,000 people -- 1 percent of the population -- are infected.

The Health Ministry said this month that more than 60,000 Ukrainians are officially registered as HIV-positive, but the United Nations estimates actual infection rates to be 10 times higher.

Intravenous drug use has helped to fuel the spread of AIDS.

Tuberculosis cases in Ukraine have doubled in recent years to almost 700,000, and the death rate from the disease is mounting, Interfax reported citing health officials.

Ukraine's post-Soviet economic meltdown and the degradation of its state-run health care system have contributed to the spread of both diseases.

Sour Honey
12-03-03, 20:57
Avoiding to change this in a filological forum....

but... Doctor Skank, I NEVER said that Italians are able to learn foreign languages better! I said that, generally, Italians help theirselves with hands, signs, face movements..... much more than other Nations.

And thanks to you all for the info

12-03-03, 21:30

I'll drop the subject as well and leave room for the Ukraine experts to use the forum for its intended purpose, but do allow me to agree that Italians are excellent at expressing themselves regardless of language and trying to communicate in any way possible rather than being shy wall flowers and we can all learn one thing from the Italians, they know how to make women feel special and making a woman feel special (even if just for a night) is a fantastic way to awaken her sexually.

All guys on the Ukraine board, thanks for all the good info and keep it coming.


12-04-03, 09:34

Your first trip to Ukraine. You've received some really good advice here, but the following has not been said yet. One old G to another, as it were. Apart from the odd "bon mot" in Russian, they all react incredibly well if you give flowers (works especially well if you hand them over before telling 'em you want their body) :-) :-) More so in Russian-culture countries than in others, I find. I guess this applies especially to your unpaid ambitions (FTF - like it!), but why not all of them? These are usually girls with pretty romantic hearts.

BUT, BUT, BUT. Only an odd number of flowers (1,3,5,7,etc). Even numbers (2,4,6) signify death, for example at funerals. This will hopefully only apply to your physical state towards the end of your 18 days :-) :-)

Don't fall hopelessly in love now. It's "dead" easy.


Tech Boy
12-04-03, 17:43

I am new member on this board but I have visited Ukraine and many Eastern European countries, Latin American and Asian countries, can speak some Russian, and had some nice girls to help me around on my trip to Ukraine.

I read through this board but I don't understand a few things:

1: What is a semipro?

2: Is a semipro half the usual fullpro rate? Why do they give special half price offers? Some kind of quiet period promo?:)

3: What is a sponsor girl? Somebody mentioned a site where you can sponsor a sex slave? What is the site?

4: Some of you guys seem to be able to score multiple girls every night even when you just met, i.e. vegamars and cundum, so how do you identify an easy girl?

5: For student amateurs, and shyer girls you just met but friendly with you, where?, when? and how? do you propose sex?

Thanks for any info. I will be going to Ukarine again soon and will try out you guys advice then give a report.

12-04-03, 20:33
Hi guys,

I am planning a trip and trying to pick up a few more words and phrases of Russian.

For a first time visitor to Ukraine I assume it is pointless trying to learn any Ukrainian - just stick to Russian? OK i am one of those that knows about 50 words, but all learned before and during just one visit to Russia!

The phrases posted on here recently - are they Russian or Ukrainian? Has anyone got time to post a few useful 'cute' phrases which may help all us desperately trying to get to grips with enough Russian to survive a trip to this fascinating country!

Many, many thanks in advance to anyone who'd got the time.

By the way - would it be worth going to Odessa in March after Kiev, or is there somewhere better to go?

Cheers all,

Uke Boy
12-04-03, 22:10

Since you are a "local" head for this site. It is all in Russian, giving ratings and reviews for the saunas. The most famous is of course the infamous multiplex known as Resttown. But as you will see from the site, there are also lots of others.


Your having been born in Kiev does change the dynamic. I don't know your present age but your English is such that you likely left as a child likely no more than 8-10 years old. I guess you are also now a US citizen.

I am not sure why you are even asking any of us for advice, to be honest. It all depends on what your reasons are for coming here. My first thought is of course family/nostalgia but your coming to this forum, that is not the sole reason. Is it sex only, is it a relationship, is it Lord know what else? You have the best of all worlds here as a returnee who knows the language and customs (I assume) but also has a non-Ukrainian passport.

If you are young, single, good looking, know both languages I don’t see any problems for you anywhere here.

I am not sure anyone here can help with your real problem which is how the locals will actually look at you and how they will react to you. I am not sure that there are any "locals" as yet on this board. That is something you will only find out when you get here.


If you are looking at wooing a lady, you are absolutely correct, flowers, odd numbers, and the more, the better help big time. Do not also forget the box of chocolates as well as some refreshment in the form of local champagne, quite cheap and good or a bottle or two of wine. The champagne and wines should be semi-sweet. Most folks here hate dry wines or brut champagne.

Sir Knight

If you are heading to Lviv and western Ukraine, then by all means learn some Ukrainian. If you are headed for Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov Crimea or any other place, Russian will do just fine. There are plenty of web sites and guide books that will give you the lowdown on the appropriate phrases.

Odessa is OK in March, but better in June and July. Of all the cities in Ukraine to go to in March, though, it is likely the best choice.

12-04-03, 23:15
Uke Boy,

Your comments about language are true about most Westerners, most people just don't take the time to learn. If they don't want to, it's their business and I'm sure they'll get by just fine but I am equally sure they are missing out on a lot of cultural aspects and if they are really into sport sex they are missing out on a large chunk of the market.

As far as having a English-speaking Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend, it can be a wonderful thing and I have found Russian girlfriends to be less money-hungry or anxious to leave Russia than most people assume and Vegamars confirms the same is true of Ukrainian girls, nonetheless always conversing in English will actively prevent you from learning the language. It's like a trap but frankly speaking, it is nearly unavoidable.

To each his own, I really enjoy hearing all the guys opinions on what works for them. The forum and the tips and advice given here have definitely helped me a lot.

Toscana is right on about the flowers. Slavic girls adore surprises as well, but I think that is true of all women.

BTW: I'll be in Kiev in February.

Bez Bezarra
12-05-03, 04:01
Hey already! C'mon you guys. I mean PLEASE! Da-freaking-vay!

Yes fine, some of the devs love to practice their foreign language training on us genuine foreigners, and yes we all need to fumble our way through the "Oh baby , you're so krasivy and oochin zharka!" lines, for the rest of them that weren't listening in english class. Bla bla!

But really where's the focus here? Where's all your damn sense of urgency? Flowers? Shite, give em the flowers!

Look, maybe I'll get flamed for this, but all I'm saying is, WHERE IS THE SUBJECT MATTER? Isn't it so obvious how badly its missing here? Holiday season's supposed to be about sharing, right?

All right, so that's it! Less talk, more sharing. There's like, I don't know, what, like a million girls, duh?

Little minky Marina wishes you all Happy Mongering Holidays! The girl turned into the tasmanian devil after 6 shots of tequilla. $50, and a banana, she was g.t.g.
Let's see ya try that in Tokyo/Shanghai or London/Paris!