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05-16-02, 06:02
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06-04-02, 03:42
Just got back from a business trip in Lviv. Saw several street walkers and even had a few more pointed out to me by locals. I was unfortunately always with working comrades so I could not partake of the local pleasures. Best I could tell you is to hang around the opera house/walking plaza and the local beer gardens that stay open late. Be careful though, as street crime is on the rise.
Also this part of the country has a alot of farm girls, so the average for beauty here is lower than my expieriences in Warsaw only 300 miles away.

10-25-02, 03:44
A little advice about Dniepropetrovsk would be greatly appreciated, I may be there in a week.

03-20-03, 20:11
Does anyone have any general information about Kharkov? It's the second largest city and should merit it's own section.

03-25-03, 18:10
Lithium, Kharkov is a big university town. So long as school is in, just go to any bar or cruise bars until you find one with plenty on female students. Once they realise you are a foreigner you will get more offers than you can handle.

03-26-03, 04:06

I was planning on going there in the summer. I guess schools will be out by then. Is the city no fun otherwise?

03-26-03, 14:29
Lithium, actually it is an interesting and pretty city (by EE standards) just a lot easier to have a good time with college students from outside areas as they are away from home, broke and living in dormitories. Whereas, during summer fewer girls many of whom are living at home. Still pretty easy to score at any club or disco (WG's and amatures) and a higher number of english speakers than would be found in most Ukraine towns.
Well worth a visit.

03-30-03, 11:39
jetlagged, when you say "higher number of english speakers than would be found in most Ukraine towns" what percentageis that? I am looking for a city to park myself in for about 4 month...

03-30-03, 19:11
As a general rule in Ukraine the bigger the town the more there'll be english speakers so cities like Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dniopetrovsk...Kiev would tend to have more enlish speakers though since it's the capitol but what %, hard to say but figure maybe 5% is a rule...
YET BigthDikth's strategy on focusing on Kharkov's university area seems quite smart. Which town for 4 months? Geeze, it realy depends on what you want...
Yalta is a lovely place, a BIG club scene, it's THE place to play for those who can afford it from EE. But each town has it's charms and in all I've been to the ladies are lovely or maybe it's just how they comport themselves, all those high cheek bones, how they wear extremely tight pants...
for 4 months? I think Odessa would be a nice mix of poorer economy than Kiev but still it's a big city, high % of lovely ladies, and probably a comparatively high % of english speakers also with plenty of universities also, but simply more of interest and historic places, etc....
Still, the Kharkov strategy may be good if indeed one can isolate specifically on that univ girl population....

Originally posted by BigthDikth
jetlagged, when you say "higher number of english speakers than would be found in most Ukraine towns" what percentageis that? I am looking for a city to park myself in for about 4 month...

03-30-03, 19:50
Hey Rendorseg, So Odessa might be the place? I'm looking for warm weather and a place where a lot of girls speak English but my plan goes deeper, I will be enrolling in classes at a university. Nothing serious just some art classes, something I've always wanted to do. But I want to find a place that has a good % of the students speaking English. I have been to Eastern Europe and saw how the local girls wanted to hang out with me. I'm not talking about the hookers; I'm talking about the beautiful young hotties that work at shops, sitting next to you at the cafťs, etc. I realized if I am living there for a while with social access to the women I'd have a lot of fun and what better place to do this than at a university! So that's my plan. I was thinking of Prague. It is a little more expensive than in the Ukraine but a lot of the students speak English. If just 10% of the students speak English I think I'd be better off in Prague. But if I can find a place in the Ukraine that would be the best. Any suggestions?

03-31-03, 00:30
Praga & Budapest are considerably more expensive than Kiev/Odessa but in those cities it is much more westernized, they're smaller nations and they need to speak languages other than their own whereas Ukraine/Russia are a world unto themselves. But all in all if you're really hung up on % enlish statistics go the Hungary or Czech... Slovakia's supposed to have hot hot ladies and they are reportedly quite pro amerikanski thus I guess one can find English speakers... Good luck

Originally posted by BigthDikth
Hey Rendorseg, So Odessa might be the place? I'm looking for warm weather and a place where a lot of girls speak English but my plan goes deeper, I will be enrolling in classes at a university. Nothing serious just some art classes, something I've always wanted to do. But I want to find a place that has a good % of the students speaking English. I have been to Eastern Europe and saw how the local girls wanted to hang out with me. I'm not talking about the hookers; I'm talking about the beautiful young hotties that work at shops, sitting next to you at the cafťs, etc. I realized if I am living there for a while with social access to the women I'd have a lot of fun and what better place to do this than at a university! So that's my plan. I was thinking of Prague. It is a little more expensive than in the Ukraine but a lot of the students speak English. If just 10% of the students speak English I think I'd be better off in Prague. But if I can find a place in the Ukraine that would be the best. Any suggestions?

03-31-03, 11:52
Rendorseg, It's not a matter of being "hung up" on percentages, it is being in an area that one can comunicate with the people that are around you... Does anyone have any info. on a good place to go in the Ukraine? Please read my other post that is a couple of posts below. I thank you for your help!

03-31-03, 19:17
I actually spent about a month in Kharkov last summer, the reason I asked Jetlagged about it was because I wanted to check if he had some additional information.

The best thing about Kharkov is that it's really cheap. I lived there comfortably for 20 US a day where as I had to pay up the double in Odessa and Kiev. Living and eating out is noticably cheaper in Kharkov. You can also hire locals to do whatever you need to be done for low costs: I hired a personal assistant/translator for 5 US a day (even though I could easily have payed her half of that).

The city also felt quite safe, I was never robbed or threatened, although dealing with jealous drunk Ukrainian guys can be hassle when they found out the guy who just stole their date is a foreginer.

I have a friend from Oz who stayed in Kharkov for another 8 months after I left. He said he's had a great time.

03-31-03, 20:50
Very cool Lithium, Kharkov sounds like a good place to park. Did you hang out with the university students? I'm hoping they all study English in school. It would be a shame to have some beautiful women in my class and not be able to talk to them. Were you able to get a pulse on if the students speak English or not? If I had 50 people in my class how many of them would I be able to talk to? Is there a place on the internet that I can go to and chat with people from Kharkov? Do you have any email addresses of people you met? And of course I would not mention this web site!

03-31-03, 22:55
I was there in the summer so I didn't meet too many of the University students (and most of the time I was looking in the wrong places). The girls I dated were too poor to have e-mails so sorry I can't provide that.

My impression was that very few people speak English, and going around on the streets asking nice girls: "Pa Anglayski?" will most often result in them completely ignoring you or telling you to fuck off. Ukrainians are really suspicious of anyone who approaches them for natural reasons.

The best way to meet girls who speak English is by going to a University, find out if there are any English classes and go there (that's how I found my personal assistant).

Another good way is to go to a Internet cafť because a lot of the young people that work there speak acceptable English. Around these joints you'll also be likely to find some foregin students, mainly from Africa and Arabia, and these guys tend to speak English. Your best bet would be to befriend one of these guys who just love hanging around Westeners, (or hire an assistant) and use them to hook you up with girls and translate you. Unfortunatly you won't go very far on your own only speaking English in Kharkov, you need some help from locals. Look at it from the bright side though, you'll have plenty of oppurtunities to learn Russian, and since everyone will speak Russian to you you'll learn it in no time.

04-01-03, 09:16
Thanks for the tips. If anyone else knows what's up...

Local Expert
04-17-03, 08:54
Hi guys,

I am planning a 7 days trip to the Ukraine in August with a couple of friends for the sole reason of mongering. Since none of us has ever been to the Ukraine, here are some questions:

1) We will either go to Odessa or Simferopol. Which is the better place to go to ?

2) Is renting an apartment in either of these places a good idea. There are adds on the internet saying it is just 40 bucks per day. Are these adds serious and are these kind of apartments clean ?

3) Is it true that the local amateurs are very keen on Western Europeans and therefore very easy to get to bed ?

4) Which are the most famous places for hoockers in the above mentioned places ?

5) How about normal bars/discos with amateurs ? Are there (m)any ?

6) What are the "rules" in these places ? Do you approach a girl yourself or wait until you get a signal from her, resp. do they approach you ?

Thanks a lot in advance

Yossarian 99
06-01-03, 01:38
Local expert,

I will be visiting Kiev in August as well. Maybe we can hook up for drinks one nite. Always fun to meet up with others with similar interests.

Ay reason why you narrowed your choices down to Oessa and Smferopol?


EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect great writers here, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Originally posted by local expert
Hi guys,

I am planning a 7 days trip to the Ukraine in August with a couple of friends for the sole reason of mongering. Since none of us has ever been to the Ukraine, here are some questions:

1) We will either go to Odessa or Simferopol. Which is the better place to go to ?

2) Is renting an apartment in either of these places a good idea. There are adds on the internet saying it is just 40 bucks per day. Are these adds serious and are these kind of apartments clean ?

3) Is it true that the local amateurs are very keen on Western Europeans and therefore very easy to get to bed ?

4) Which are the most famous places for hoockers in the above mentioned places ?

5) How about normal bars/discos with amateurs ? Are there (m)any ?

6) What are the "rules" in these places ? Do you approach a girl yourself or wait until you get a signal from her, resp. do they approach you ?

Thanks a lot in advance

06-02-03, 16:50
I will be at Crimea from July till October 2003. If somebody needs help (book hotel, private rooms, girls...), feel free to email me. admin@kerch.info

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect great writers here, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Pacific Creek
08-06-03, 00:57
I am planning a trip to Kharkov in February. If there is anyone who can give me information, I would appreciate it.

08-14-03, 10:18
Hi, I will be making a big tour around Eastern Europe, also planning to stay in Kiev, Odessa and any other town that might be worth a visit. I am looking to get in touch with some locals who can also speak English or German, who have good communicative skills trying to make some money or find a new well paid job. Please get in touch with me or perhaps you can give me a referal of someone trustworthy who might be able to help me out in some of those towns finding some young girls, uni students, semi pros etc,

09-29-03, 19:10

apart from an indication from a previous member (sorry i can't quote your name - i am having difficulty accessing wsg). i went to kharkiv on sunday 31st and stayed for three nights including the night of my arrival. i took the train from kyiv and arrived at national hotel (ex-intourist and located in lenin avenue) at about 12:00p.m. clearly, other than the above mentioned report, i had no idea where to start looking but was heartened when the porter asked me when we arrived in my room if i would like the company of a girl. i said yes please and expected either a phone call (as in hotels in moscow) or a tap on the door. neither occurred and i went to bed without making more effort - mainly because after a 7 1/2 hour journey i was quite tired. i thought that it would be easy to talk to the same porter again the next evening after work and just remind him of his offer and to pin him down to a definite commitment. but i was a bit stuffed when i discovered that it was different doorman on duty when i arrived back at the hotel on monday evening at about 8:00. i needed a bath so didn't try to speak to the new doorman. at about 9:15 i came out of my room having written out the appropriate russian words for my request and found an attractive, very slim, blond young lady sitting in the lobby of the 4th floor. she jumped up when i came into view and we quickly established that a price of uah 200 was attractive to both parties. her name is sveta. so we went back to my room and had disappointing sex - no kissing (anywhere) and a fairly wooden performance. but she was attractive so when, as she was cleaning up the debris after the performance, she suggested that we go to dinner together, i agreed. this girl had no english and as i said in my report on last week in kiev i have a few words of russian but only for the normal niceties of conversation. anyway, we did indeed go to have quite a nice dinner but my bill was 'padded' with several items which we did not eat or drink. she clearly has an arrangement with this particular restaurant. all in all this cost me an extra 100+ uah.

i had also been persuaded to pay for a bottle of wine and some grapes to take to the restaurant - i understood these to be for desert. these were bought in the 2nd floorcafť/restaurant of my hotel. when we went in there for these supplies there were another two girls in there with whom sveta was obviously friendly. i also noticed that sveta spoke to both the dezhernaya (female floor manager) and the security staff on our way out and, as far as i could tell, she told them where she was going. so she was obviously well acquainted with them.

after our dinner she went home and i went back to the hotel - this was about 11:00 pm. i debated whether to go to kharkiv hotel to crosscheck the previously given information but decided that i would first explore the second floor bar of my hotel. sure enough, the two girls i had previously seen were ladies available for the pleasure of the hotel guests. i was made all sorts of offers (e.g two for $80) but spent no time trying to bargain because i had no interest in further sex that evening. the names of the two girls were alla and ira. ira was very tall with blond hair and spoke some english. alla was red-haired (out of a bottle) with virtually no english and not nearly as attractive. i discovered that they had not been there the previous evening (sunday) which explained why i had not been visited after my conversation with the porter. their normal working hours are 9:00 pm until 2:00 am every day except sunday. apparently their arrangement with the hotel is that they pay security uah 50 for every night they work and security do not allow any other girls to come into the hotel.

the next evening i went into kharkiv centre to look at the casino and disco of hotel kharkiv which had been given as a potential location at which action could be found. the disco was not open. i went to the casino three times during the evening from between 7:00 and 11:30. on my first visit there were 3 girls sitting on sofas near the bar - i guess they were working ladies but did not attempt to establish this for sure because there was not a single other non-employee in the place and i felt rather out-of-place. i also reasoned that, if i returned after dinner, there would be many more girls from whom to choose; that the pole dancing might also have started; and that i would be amongst a slightly larger crowd of punters. before returning to the casino i also scouted out the striptease club which is part of the same hotel - when i walked in there wasn't a single customer and the two strippers were having a bowl of soup at the bar behind a curtain. i know they were the strippers because i surprised them and they immediately started taking off their woolly cardigans as they stood up. the barman hurried out to tell me that there was minimum charge of 50 uah for a drink and i guess that i would have been entertained to non-stop dancing for as long as i chose to stay. but i am not in the habit of either drinking or watching strippers in a morgue.

when i got back to the casino things had not progressed much. no girls in the sofas, one man playing pontoon and no pole-dancing!!! this was about 10:45 pm - the equivalent clubs in kyiv start at about 10: pm and by this time woud be in full swing. so i went to have another drink and made a further visit at about 11:20 - the place was just as dead. i didn't want to stay much longer because i had an early plane back to kyiv the next morning. on my way back to my own hotel i thought i would have a look in the bar of the kharkiv hotel's new wing. this is on the ground floor and sure enough there were a couple of young ladies having a coffee. i joined them - one spoke a little english. we rapidly established that they were indeed working girls but they said that there was no way they could get into the national hotel (i.e. my hotel) but that for them to get into hotel kharkiv was easy peasy. i did not discuss prices but got their names (alena and angela) and telephone number - only one number - my email is emale_code@hotmail.com - happy to give the telephone number if requested. obviously i cannot recommend them - they are both quite attractive but i would say they are only about 18 so there is a slight danger of them being **** and also that they may be very inexperienced. but, if i had been (a) staying longer and (b) staying in hotel kharkiv i would have given them a try.

finally, i returned to national hotel to the second floor bar - negotiated with ira that any sex was not going to be mechanical and that kissing of all sorts was to be on the menu and that no additional money would be forthcoming. at a negotiated price of uah 200 (i actually gave her uah 220) the sex was quite good although the blowjob i received was covered but nonetheless delivered with a degree of enthusiasm. the first time with any new lady is always a voyage of discovery and i will definitely sample ira again if i go back to kahrkiv and that hotel.

finally, a word about the hotel. it was chosen for me because it was the nearest to where i was working. i am told that it is no better or worse than hotel kharkiv - i had a single room which did not smell too fresh but the bedding was clean. it cost uah 120 for the night plus uah 20 for breakfast.

09-29-03, 19:12
Report from Donetsk

Arrived early evening - hotel was Ispanski Dvorik ( which means little Spanish courtyard). Only been open for 4 months - every room is different - mine was Dali. The rooms are built around an enclose courtyard in which meals are taken. Unfortunately it is out of town and so I wasn't able to walk into the centre and there was absolutely no evidence of spare girls in the hotel - in fact there was no one else in the dining area when I had my dinner. The only English speaker amongst the staff was the receptionist who was a very attractive young lady with whom I didn't feel able to broach the subject of finding myself a girl for the night. I was tired any way so went to bed - the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in in Russia/Ukraine. I decided that the next evening I would take a taxi into town and try to scout out the casinos, etc.

The next evening I arrived back at the hotel, planning to take a shower and then do as suggested. When I took the sachet of shampoo I discovered that there was little supply of condoms for my use. Having discovered this I decided that I should talk to the receptionist (who by this time was new, equally nice young lady with a minimal level of English). I found it a bit difficult to broach the subject and tried to explain to her that it was terribly embarrassing but she couldn't understand me. So finally, I just said that at the hotel in Kharkiv they had offered me extra services - she now knew what I wanted and was immediately in charge of the situation. She explained that she would call for a selection of girls to be sent and that it would cost me UAH for 1 hour and $100 for the entire night. I said that i didn't want a selection but she said that this was the way it was done. So I went back to my room and in less than 15 minutes I got a call from her to come down. Just outside the door I found 3 young ladies. Not a word of English between them - the receptionist came out to help me and I made my choice (I hate this business. At least in River Palace when you decide to talk to someone it is not quite so obvious that you have rejected everyone else!!!!!) I was made to pay my UAH 105 to the other two girls and then I had to take the chosen one up to my room - through the aforementioned courtyard!!!!

Her name was Ada - 20 years old - totally shaven pussy - about medium height - medium build - blondish frizzy hair. A very wooden performance although kissing was allowed. Not an experience to be repeated but only due to the indifference of the girl herself, I hoped. She left after about 40 minutes. Before she left I asked where else in the town I could find a girl - several names in Russian which I did not understand but she indicated that the Hotel Dinamo and the saunas were the places to go.

After she left I went back to the receptionist, gave her a 30 UAH tip, and asked her about saunas. She quickly understood that I was looking for a 'massage intime' (pronounced in the French way - 'innteam'). So she agreed to make arrangements for me for the next evening at 7:30 pm. (The receptionist in this hotel work on 24 hours shifts so she was still on duty the next morning when I came down to breakfast). She advised me that she had made a tentative booking for me, so I went off for the day. When I returned early evening there was a new receptionist who immediately brought up the subject of my message. She hadn't really registered the necessity for the massage to be 'intime' but without embarrassment said she would get on the phone immediately to fix everything for me. After a while she called me in my room to say that it was proving a bit difficult - I went to reception to understand her problem. The answer was quite simple - the saunas were all full at 7:30. When I advised her that the time was almost irrelevant within reason. My fall back position was always that I could repeat last night's exercise albeit making sure that Ada wasn't amongst the line-up!!!! Anyway, the receptionist very soon had me organised for an appointment at the Sauna at 10:30 pm. She also arranged for a taxi and for the manager of the sauna to arrange a taxi to bring me back to the hotel providing me with a business card to give to the taxi driver 'just in case'. I was told that it was going to cost me UAH 250. A bit more than the previous night but we are still only talking about £30.

So, I got to the sauna - closed circuit TV before I was let in and then walked into an entirely empty suana. The (male) receptionist said (in Russian) 5 to 7 minutes but I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen in 5 to 7 minutes. Anyway he showed me around - it was a very nice sauna, showers, plunge bath, massage room, and a sitting room. He asked me to sit down and offered me green tea. Whilst the tea was arriving the door bell rang again and I then heard the sound of high heel shoes and was faced by 3 girls. Similar situation to the previous evening - only, this time, there was an 'English' speaker. So I chose the English speaker was asked for UAH 150 (same price as last night). This girl was medium height, red haired, slim with a very pretty face. Her English with my Russian enabled us to talk sufficient for our purposes. The sex was satisfactory, although not spectacular, although kissing was allowed (actually encouraged|). We finished with a covered blow job (at my request).

She repeated that the place to go for girls in Donetsk was Hotel Dynamo but that they were not available unless you asked for them. I'm not quite sure what this means but presumably you have to make the same sort of arrangements I had done the previous day i.e. through reception and/or security. She also told me that there is only one agency in town and that they have about 24 plus girls on their books. For this reason, I am happy to disclose that the sauna is "Siesta" and that its phone number is 338 - 06 - 50. She gave me her name and mobile number but I don't think it wise to publish either but will be happy to give it to members who e-mail me - emale_code@hotmail.com. In retrospect, I see that I had booked the sauna exclusively for a full hour and that the same agency had been asked to supply a girl or girls in exactly the same way as on the previous evening. So, in effect, I had paid UAH 250 for a change of venue. Not a big deal but worth while understanding.

Again, in retrospect, I guess that I had been too generous in Kharkiv (see previous report). Probably, UAH 150 would have been quite acceptable.

09-29-03, 19:16
Report on Poltava.

DON'T RUSH TO GO TO POLTAVA! I stayed in hotel Kiev which is the pits. The first night I asked in reception - interesting experience because neither of the two ladies on duty could understand me and vice versa. Eventually one of them phoned her grand daughter who understood my requirements and passed them on but I was given a firm Nyet. In retrospect I should have also spoken to the security guard and the lady on my floor but the entire hotel was so run down that I stayed out of it as much as I could. I doubt that sex is not available I just didn't find the key.

I guess that I should have asked security and the lady on the floor but the whole place was too depressing.

09-29-03, 19:18

I had very high hopes for L'viv. I stayed in hotel Dnister. The first evening I arrived at about 9:30 pm. Partly modernised hotel - no lady on duty on the floor and the security didn't have single word of English. I located all of the bars - not a single girl to be seen and the hotel's own sauna was well and truly closed. So after dinner at a nearby restaurant (because the hotel's own dining room was so uninviting and Soviet looking!) I went to bed. The next evening I again went out to dinner but on my return I asked the young man receptionist if the hotel could make arrangements for male guests. He was little slow on the uptake but eventually understood and said that he would have to ask about this. I asked who he was going to ask and he seemed a bit unsure (his English was quite poor) - he said that he would ask the man before him (which I took to mean the receptionist who had just finished his shift). I clearly was not going to get any sort of definite answer right then so I went to bed, read for a while and then assumed that nothing was going to happen. At 2:00 am the phone in my room rang - I answered but there was no one on the line. I assumed that this might be something to do with my request but nothing more happened so I went back to sleep. About 2:30 am there was a knock on the door - a young lady. Red-haired, medium build and very smartly dressed. She came in and I started to say that 2 0'clock was not my idea of a good time to be having sex - she misunderstood me and thought I was asking for two girls (again no English). She then told me that it was going to be $250 so I replied with an offer of UAH 200 - at this point she immediately left, giving me no further opportunity for negotiation. I must also say that, having been woken twice, I was not really on top of my game so my recollection of our exchange is quite hazy.

The same young man was still on duty in the morning so I told him that the lady had arrived far too late but I don't think he really understood. Anyway early that evening I thought I would try to make further arrangements for the evening intending to make sure that the lady would arrive before 11:00. At reception I was misunderstood again - they thought I wanted to make a reservation and referred me to another office where I found an English speaker who had no idea that the hotel offered such services and we jointly concluded that the lady from the previous night had been arranged by a security guard acting on his own initiative. Anyway he promised to follow up for me and to give me a call in my room when he had established how to make such arrangements. I waited for about an hour and returned to his office to be told by his young lady colleague that he had left for the day and that he had left no messages - she made it quite clear that she wasn't about to carry on the search for me. I approached the security guard who immediately said 'a girl?' and said very firmly 'Nyet'.

My conclusion is that it might be possible to make satisfactory arrangements if you speak better Russian/Ukrainian than I do but that this hotel is just far too difficult. If I return to L'viv I will ask to stay in another hotel.

09-29-03, 19:19
Report from Zhytomir.

Stayed at Zhytomir Hotel. Really good start - I asked reception on checking in at about 6:30, if a girl could be arranged to be told it was "possible". At this time the receptionist had no English. After returning from dinner I found a new receptionist who did speak English. I repeated my request - she called the security guard over and told him - he started to ask what sort of girl I wanted (via her as interpreter) and she was very embarrassed at this so to save her I said that any girl would do. I was told that the price would be $20 or UAH 100. Incredibly low!!! I was told that it would take up to 40 minutes so I went up to my room. About 40 minutes later there was a tap on the door - it was the security guard who said it would be another 3 minutes. Sure enough after 3 minutes another tap on the door - this time it was the guard again and a young lady. He left her there and disappeared so I invited her in. At first sight she was not outstandingly beautiful - tall, blonde with glasses not very sexily dressed. She took off her glasses immediately and we sat on the bed to chat for a few minutes (no chairs in the room!). She had no English but she was lot of fun to speak with, even with my limited Russian. After I had established her name - Oxana or Ksuxa (which she told me is the same) and that she would have to pay the hotel UAH 30 out of the UAH 100 I was to give her she asked me what I wanted to do. I told he I wanted sex and she went to the bathroom to undress - when she came back it was revealed that she had a really full bust and that she was very slim. When I kissed her she responded in a VERY vigorous manner. All in all the sex was good with the only problem that pussy was off limits - I suspect she was having her period but she denied this but I wasn't sure that this wasn't because of a language problem. I had already decided that I wanted to see her again the next night and she told me that pussy would be available the next night so we finished with an uncovered blow job. I really liked this girl and was very much looking forward to the next night. We arranged that she would be at the hotel reception for 9:30pm the next evening. I gave her UAH 140 with which she was delighted.

After dinner with colleagues the next evening I made sure that I was back at the hotel before 9:30 pm. The security guard gave me a message that Oxana wanted me to phone her - I couldn't get through so I asked him to get her to call me. She said that she was just leaving so I told her to take a taxi at my expense. She called back in a minute or so to ask if it would be OK to bring a girl friend. Naturally I had no problem with this - even if I paid UAH 100 to each and the second just watched TV whilst I was busy with Oxana it would still have been cheap and Oxana is such a very nice girl that anything she wanted to do was OK by me. Regrettably she didn't turn up and I left the hotel the next day so wasn't able to speak to her again. By the time I realised that she was not going to turn up it was about 11:30 pm and I couldn't face the wait for another girl even if security had been willing to organise a replacement. I'm not suggesting that her number should be given out because of the uncertainty about her arrival but clearly I have established that anyone visiting this town should have no problem in arranging for his requirements to be met. The bad news is that the bed was one of the most uncomfortable I have ever been in in Russia or Ukraine. But I will certainly be trying to make contact with her if I ever go back to this town.

This is my last report from the regions - I am back in Kiev and return to London in a few days time so will have to look up either my (bezplatna) girl-friends or resign myself to Kiev prices which will certainly look expensive after UAH 100! I hope someone else can fill in the gaps for Poltava and L'viv and for any other cities of any significance.

09-29-03, 23:14

Thanks very much for these excellent reports. I'm glad you had fun...

10-24-03, 14:57
Any information about Yalta is appreciated?

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Fck Dick
11-20-03, 14:46
Does anybody know any escorts or any action in Sevastopol, Yalta or Crimea area ?

01-15-04, 12:10
Yalta: Hotel Inturist Yalta - 100$/hour
Sevastopol: Nightbar Che (stripshow)
Simferopol: bar in Hotel Moskva - 50$/hour (ask the barkeeper)
Eastcrimea: 999 euro/week including girls, hotel, guide, translations (see pic)

BTW: it is possible to buy visa in Simferopol and Odessa after arriving at the airport, but only for 8 days. You will need a voucher from travelagency. Cost about 30$.

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02-14-04, 01:26
Tales from Kharkov:

I am glad that I went with a local service company. It turned out that no one here speak english. I landed and found that the local airport is just a landing strip with a lean-too for the receiving hall. I looked around and did not see my local guide. Luckily I had the cell phone with me. I called the concierge and the guy told me that my personal assistant will be there in 10 min. It was a cold and arkward 10min. The lean-too receiving hall was opened to the weather. There were no bathroom, nothing. Every 2 min a taxi driver would come over to offer me a trip to the center for $50 dollars.
I forgot all of this once my assistant came. She was cute and spoke excellent English. The only complain was that she talk almost non-stopped. She was glad to see a real live American to practive her English! Her name was Elana. The apartment was good Western standard but, did not have a kitchen. I did not mind because I wasn't going to cook anyway and it provided more space for the living room. Overall, I think I paid $130/day for the entire package, apartment, concierge and personal assistant. I paid the extra $30/day just so that I have a personal assistant with me whenever I wanted.

On the way in I told my assistant that I wanted to shawoer and change my clothes and to meet me at 7PM because I wanted to hit the local teen clubs. I took a nap after the shower and almost did not wake up. All the flying around was getting to me. My assistant waited in the living room while I got dressed. I told her that I want her to help me with negotiation the local non-pro girls for dates. She told me not to run up to just any girl and ask for a date. Some of them might have a bodyguard or boyfriend and I might get in trouble. I should scope out the place then point out the girls I wanted to her. She can make the first contact since it is safer for a girl-girl to talk.

The first club I went to was not a teen club but a favorite with the local since it had very low door fee, club Avalon. I paid 10Hyg for the door, $2USD. The place had a nice size dance floor with naked girls dancing in cages. The local girls were mostly non-working girls. I skipped the VIP section and went to the seats near the dance floor. I immediately spotted 3 girls I like. I told my assistant and she went to talk to each of them. The 1st one was a working girl and the other two were just regular girls. I talked to the working girl and she wanted $100 for the night. I suspected that she raised the price because I was an American. So, I told her I'll think about it and went to talk to the other two. My assistant translated everything throughout this entire encounter. Initially, I was a bit shy of asking for stuffs like anal, no condom, S&M, etc with the translator repeating everything but, my assistant senses this and told me just to ask and that she doesn't mind. So, it was interesting to actually verbalizing my desires.

None of the regular girls was into what I wanted so, I head back to the working girl. She was willing to do everything I wanted except S&M for $150/night. I was tempted to hit other clubs but, the alcohol got to me. I told my assistant to get a taxi and took the girl home. Since I was hungry but, didn't want to go to a restaurant, I told my assistant to go get me a pizza and charge it to my account. After her shower, olga and I started to talk with the help of a dictionary. I found out that she was a student at the local institute and that she is trying to get enough money to pay her tuition. It was only $300 for half a year but, she has to pay for food and her apartment. While we talked, Elana got back with the pizza. I gave her a 10Hyg tip and to meet me at 11AM the next day.

It was nice to eat with a totally nude girl serving you! After the pizza, I took Olga to the bedroom. We went at it for about 3 hours at every position that I can imagine. She started to run to the bathroom to throw up because I was forcing down her throat too hard. After the third time at this, I told her just to spit on the floor. When I get tired, I just have her grinding while sitting on top. I finished inside her throat while she was gagging. She tried to get her face out to spit but I help tight. When I let go she was coughing and gasphing for air for 5min. I had wanted to do this eversince I saw it in one of the porn show I downloaded of the net. It was very satisfying. Afterward, she complains a bit about her face being all red, her makeup and hair all meshed up. I told her to take a shower and get in to bed to sleep. I had her sleeping with my member in her mouth the entire night. When I woke up she complains that her mouth is sore and that she had to get back to see her boyfriend. I gave her $10USD tip and $3USD for the taxi. It was the first time that I felt satisfied from my Ukraine trip.

I went back to sleep and at 11AM, Elana showed up. I told her to take me to an Internet cafee. I spent about an hour there. Elana was also helpful in translating some of the agencies' website I found in Russian and to email out messages for me in Russian to the girls so that I can get the local prices. I end up not to take any of them since Elana told me that she can get girls with better service and attitutes. I got hungry so, I took Elana to a nice restaraunt to eat. She decided to eat it up and went for sushi. I usually like sushi but, the fish did not look fresh so I had a salad and the borsch soop instead. After lunch, I told Elana to set me up with some cute teen types. I told her I wanted someone young, and into S&M. She called around and told me that she can get me 2 girls for $300 at 11PM. It was still early, 1PM, so I have tons of time to kill. I told her to give me a tour of the city. Show me where I would find the street girls at night and I want to hit the local shops.

She got a taxi to drive me around to all the local pick up places. She told me that most of the girls are there around 3PM until 7PM since it was winter and too cold for them to stay out on the street for a long lenght of time. Afterward we head to the center shopping strip on Pushkin street and started to walk. She approached tons of girls I pointed to on the street and got me tons of phone numbers for later. She told me that all of the girls are students so, they might not stay the night but, I can hook up with anyone of them for a dinner and some small gifts. I told her that I'll think about it but, I still want to see the two girls for that night. I told Elana that I want authentic Ukrainian food. She took me to a restaurant away from the center. I found that authentic means tons of food, a lot of potato and everything was cooked with total disreguard to the amount of calories. Needless to say, I finished a very small portion. I was tempted to have them pack the rest to go but, Elana told me that this is not a custom in Ukraine. You don't ever ask for a doggy bag. It was 8PM so, I told her to take me back home so I can take a nap and to bring the girls around at 11PM.

At 11PM two girls showed up. They did not looked all that great initially but, I decided to take both for $300 for the night since I was fully rested and felt a bit horny. I rationalized to myself that this wuld only pay for a girl for 1 to 2 hour in the States. So, I am getting a bargain here.

I am glad that I took both. They were excellent together. Usually, when I have two girls, I would crash and burn since I could never please both and can never have complete attention on the one I am on. I don't want lesbians but, I want the girls to anticipate what I want and to pay only attention to me! These two where yound but they had experience. We went at it for an hour with the girls switch role every so often. I had them giving me BBBJ with alternating hot water and ice. It was nice. In the end, I finish stradling one girl chest while the other lapping it up. It was a total porn experience just looking at their faces. All three of us jumped into the shower to clean up. I went to sleep between the both of them. I had my finger in each of of their muff the entire night. I promised myself to wake up and start my session with them again but, I was so exhaused that I never did. In the morning, I sent them away with a $5USD tip each.

I called up Elana and told her that I was happy with her choice. She told me that the girls were actual porn star and that they had been doing porn since 12. She offer me, as part of the VIP service from her company, to be my own star in my own porn movie if I wanted to. This tempted me but, I was not into it for this trip. I told her that I'll create my own script and I'll give it to her the next time I come to Kharkov. It was my last day in Kharkov, so I wanted to test out the street scene and the teen club. So, after lunch, I waited until 3PM and had Elana drove me around to look for girls. I found quite a few but, all of them have to be home by 8PM and I wanted an overnighter. So, I decided to head for the club instead. Most of the club scenes do not start until 11PM so, I told Elana to drop me off at my apartment. I had nothing to do until 11AM and I did not want to be bored. So, I asked if Elana would have sex with me. She declined saying that she does not do her clients. But, I think that she just did not want to do me because of the number of girls I been with or with how I treated the girls. In either case, she was willing to just stay over to talk. After we talked for a bit, she got comfortable and we started to flirt. It was wierd. I felt as if I am on a highschool date again. It was both frustrating and exciting trying to get to third base but got stuck at first. At least I learn some Russian words. We played around until 9PM when she told me that she was hungry. She want to take me to a strip club for food and drinks. I had nothing else to do until 11PM so, I agreed. We went to a hole in the wall type of club. The music was live and the strippers was actually quite good. But, I was not interested. I shared a fruit plate and tons of B-52 with Elana. That girl can drink! I had to stop after 3 drink but she went on to 6! The drink was OK but, too sweet for my tasted.
At 11PM we went to RAP club. At least I think that was the name. There were tons of school type girls there and the music was all reggae and rap. I had some problem dancing at first but, after a few more drinks I was doing fine. The place was really crowded since, it was a Saturday night. I was a bit tipsy and looking around I see all the guys were groping the girls so, I started to relax and had my hands all over any of the girl who would be near me. I was having so much fun dancing and groping that I forgot to ask any of the girl to come home with me. I ended up going home at 5AM and when the club closed. I told Elana to just to help me pack so I can catch my 7AM plane. It was with some sorrow that I left Kharkov. I think that the next time I'll skip Moscow and Kiev and head directly to Kharkov with the vipgateway's be your own porn star service. I'll include some of my picture from this trip.

02-14-04, 01:28
Elane, my Kharkov assistant from vipgateway.

02-14-04, 01:29
Two girls I had from Kharkov referred by Elana.

02-14-04, 01:31
Same two girls individually. The blond one.

02-14-04, 01:33
The brunett one of the two.

02-14-04, 01:51
This one is Olga, a working girl I found which I love to face fuck.

Titty Sucker
02-18-04, 09:40

Awesome reports and information! You're my hero! Any way I can get some info on Vipgateway, or is exclusive?

Thanks in advance.


City Angel
02-19-04, 00:51
Great reports Zer Gut!

Have you got a number of anyone in Kiev who can hook me up with these sorts of girls?

02-19-04, 02:47
City Angel and Titty Sucker, I'll PM you the info on vipgateway and their offering. I don't want to turn this into an advertisement. I have a couple more pictures I am posting as soon as I sanitized them.

Bez Bezarra
02-19-04, 03:14

how do you like this cutie?

tanya from kharkov

02-19-04, 19:42
Mangus Man!

Nice picture. I would have love to see her face a bit clearer. Where and how did you find her? Are in in Kharkov now?

02-25-04, 00:17
Different picture of the blond girl from Kharkov.

02-25-04, 00:20
Different picture of the brunette. I noticed her sagging breasts and after asking, I found that she is still in school but, has a baby as evident from the sagging breasts. It seems that teenage pregnancy is very common here.

Roger Mellie
04-10-04, 13:44

Only had 2 days in Kharkov. The first night (wednesday) I went out with some locals who I had been told to contact from Kiev. We went to a strip bar called Armagedon (about 20 minutes from central Kharkov). It looked like fun, but I was after freebies so we left after 5 mins. Ended up at Bolero, which was a nice enough place, but the locals I was with said its not a great pick up place. Almost all the girls there have husbands or boyfriends. Its a place girls can go if they DONT want to get hit on. My friends were telling me that Kharkov is full of bars and clubs (being a student town) but they are all dead during ther week. Only Friday and Saturday night are any good, but they are really good I am told. Alas I wouldnt be there for it.

My second night in Kharkov was much much better, but my internet credit is about out, so I will leave it for another time.

Roger Mellie
04-10-04, 16:10
Kharkov, day 2.

About lunchtime I went to the office of the guy who rented me my apartment in Kharkov. In his office was a stunning 20 year old : lets call her Alessia. When we left his office to go and have lunch, I asked who the girl was. He told me he also runs a marriage / introduction agency out of the same office and she was there to get a visa to go and spend a few months living with a wealthy guy from Europe. I told him that if she wants to meet a wealthy western businessman, he should give her my phone number when he returns to his office.

I had a date lined up around 5pm at a restaurant called Bukhara and I went to that but by 7:30 I realised I wasnt getting anywhere. Just as I was about to ditch my date and prowl the streets I got a SMS from "Alessia". She wanted to meet up. I suggested we meet at 8pm at a kinds cool place called Zanzibar - it was always full of stunning girls. At 8pm "Alessia" turns up, with a friend who acted as translator. "Alessia" spoke crap english and my russian might have dont the job, but it was kinda cool having her friend Olga there to encourage us to get together. Alessia was 20, about 172cm tall, 50kgs, super slim but still with firm c-cup breasts - perfection. Her friend Olga was not so cute, and a bit shorter, but 21 and slim. By 10-pm, I suggested to the girls to come back to my apartment for a few drinks. They accepted.

We had a good 3 way conversation till midnight when Olga decided she was going to go home. I gave her 20 hrv for a cab and was pleasantly surprised when "Alessia" stayed. Within 10 minutes of Olga leaving I had her top off, bra off and hand down her pants. 10 minutes more and we were poking. It was a great poke too. I pounded her for about 30 minutes before cumming in her mouth and grabbing the camera for some memorable snaps. About 2am we went at it again for another vigourous 30 mins before I finally jismed over her taut stomach.

I had a 5am taxi booked to take me to the airport, and between 2:30am and 5am I hardly slept as "Alessia's" hands kept wandering. She was overjoyed.

My time in Kiev and Kharkov taught me that Ukrainian girls are not used to good sex at all. Any time you spend working their breasts over is more attention than their breasts have ever had. A poke more than 3 minutes seems to be unusual to them too. its pretty easy to make a good impression.

Roger Mellie
04-10-04, 16:18
Curious Kharkov factoids:

Half the westerners that go to Kharkov are males in the 40-60 age bracket going to meet dial-a-wives.

Half the remainder are going to adopt babies.

Only a small percentage of the few westerners to visit are actually on business.

Austrian Airlines flies there direct from Vienna with good connections all over Europe.

The girls are slim and attractive

The streets are abysmal

The city is quite large but very spread out. There is not really a dense centre where the action is.

Fck Dick
04-12-04, 21:40
Does anyone on the Forum knows any tochkas like Moscow in Sevastopol - Crimea area?

Roger Mellie
04-13-04, 09:06
Member: To my knowledge, Tochkas ONLY exist in Moscow.

Not even in St Pete or Kiev do they have them.

Fck Dick
04-13-04, 14:10

So where do you find the pro or semi - pro girls in this region?

Roger Mellie
04-14-04, 08:35
Member, to be honest I wouldnt have a clue. I was in UKR for 7 days and spent a total of 30 mins in River Palace in Kiev, and 5 minutes in a strip bar in Kharkov. The amateur scene was my whole trip.

Normally in rural russia, you can buy "for sale" journals (100 %classified ads) from a news stall and they have relevant adverts in the back. But I tried that in Kharkov just to check prices, and found nothing. I must have bought 7 or 8 different classifieds papers and saw nothing.

Bez Bezarra
04-14-04, 12:16
The ads are there, you just have to get the right paper that has ads for everything, like cars, furniture, flats, etc. In the very back, there's a "personals" section that has a few marriage agencies, and a few escort services, and a few "older" ladies you can go to meet. When you call, you have to hope your russian and their english is just enough to make your connection. Lots of numbers I call hang up when my russian isn't good enough. Some that are smart realize, hey, here's someone with money, he's trying to communicate, and so they are willing to help. Thank god they have a brain !

I was able to find this myself in Odessa, in Kharkov my Russian friend made sure I picked the correct paper, and he helped me figure out where the section was, and which ads were for agencies. Through those girls, I was able to meet just a few of their friends who were amatuers. That's always the hardest part. The agencies rarely send anything great, and occaisional 9 if you're really lucky, but mostly 6's and 7's and the rest are pros that are just too skanky and/or pushy for my taste, I just say nyet spaseeba and send them back and that gets very frustrating, especially when it stops me from my goal of at least 2 girls a day. Chasing college cuties during the day, I just never had the heart to try to bed them, mainly because they were usually not the hottest ones, again usually in the 5 to 7 range. Of course, that was my biggest mistake, I should have tried as hard as possible to nail every one, but these are sweet girls from the countryside in the big city. Well, duh! I'm just an idiot! I treat them too good to try to build a friendship relationship that would lead to something serious, but the marginal ones I should just drag them up to my flat and maul them, but its just not my style. Yeah I know, LOSER!!!!
So the tricky part always comes from the agency dyevs, to get them to bring back one of their non-pro friends. About 4 out of 5 always say, "I don't know anyone, I'm the only girl in the whole city!" Bullshit, they just don't want to help and they don't want the extra $ because they are not able to think that far ahead. So its about 1 out of 5 who will help, and out of them, about one out of 3 brings that elusive 9 or 10. As I said a million times, it almost always happens on my last night before leaving. Life is tough!

Bez Bezarra
04-14-04, 12:36
Oh yeah, one more thing, there is the "tochka style" line up on the street by the seaport in Odessa, but all the agency girls warned me that these are the super skanks who fuck every sailor and arab and african guy that comes off the ships when they dock there, so you can be sure to get the special deal from them of "buy one disease, and get one additional disease at no extra charge".

A local guy told me though, that from time to time, some new country bumpkin girls show up there for their first time, and they would be the exception to finding something worthwhile.

Sevastopol is the one place I was but did not get to monger since I was there with my "girlfriend", but there were lots of cuties walking around the waterfront during the day. They all smiled and seemed friendly enough to just approach in the cafe's to start a converstion that might lead to a sponsorship-type shagging. It was mid-day so I did not see any pro's hanging around.

There was an outdoor disco in another small Crimean town, where I was definitely the only American and definitely the only person who had any cash, I know I could have sneaked away from my girlfriend and sponsored some of those dyevs, but I probably would have been told on by someone that knew her. It was a very small town. We broke up anyway, so once again, I blew chances I'll never have again. Live & learn, always the hard way. Fuck it. Fuck 'em. I'm fucked. Fuck.

Roger Mellie
04-21-04, 21:59
Kharkov, pic 1, Alessia

A bit of video camera fun

Roger Mellie
04-21-04, 22:00
Kharkov, pic 2, Alessia

with her less desirable friend Olga on the right

Roger Mellie
04-21-04, 22:02
Kharkov, pic 3, Alessia

By this stage of the evening it was clear she wanted a poke. I had little choice but to oblige.

Roger Mellie
04-21-04, 22:03
Kharkov, pic 4, Alessia

After the first shag

Roger Mellie
04-21-04, 22:04
Kharkov, pic 5, Alessia

After the second shag

04-27-04, 17:14
Roger Mellie:

All You'r girl's is beutiful!

Can you give me the womom's info?

Thanks in advance.


Roger Mellie
04-28-04, 23:48

Sorry, I dont give out info of freebies. I might want to bang them again myself.

If they were WGs then I might share info, but I didnt visit that market in the Ukraine

06-03-04, 17:30

I will be visiting Yalta soon. Any information is appreciated.

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06-04-04, 02:18
Hi guys im a student from malaysia studying in the crimea state medical university which is situated in sinferofol.Girls in simferopol can be found every night hanging around by the road side from 10 pm onwards.

Popular places:

1. Roadside of Crimean State Medical University.

2. Outside 7th hospital near the main enterance.

3. You can find girl to fuck basically in each and every park. (Just need to have some russian skills)

Member #4369
06-05-04, 18:17
Hi Guys,

Going to Kiev on assigment for work. Anyone ever been to "L'viv" (or however it's spelled)?

Looking for advice: should i spend 4 days in this smaller city where there might be more country fresh puttananny around? or should i stay in Kiev?



Ez Vat
06-17-04, 11:31

Please give FRs when you're done in Yalta. I last been to Yalta in '95! I remember i called a girl, such a sweet blonde babe. I think I paid something like US$25! Sorry if that was too little but that was what she asked for. But the whole thing was such hush hush. After agreeing, she led me to a (I have to tail her from a distance) house where i paid some old guy US$5 for the use of one of their rooms(this was near the port, i was a seaman). I must say, she was very sweet and nice. I wish to return there again. Anybody with information of Yalta scene, pricing, etc, do share! Thanks.


06-28-04, 17:34
Currently in Kharkov and will be here for most of the summer. If anyone needs advice or wants to meet up send me a note.

06-28-04, 19:07

I am planning to be in Kharkiv in September.

Please, any info will be Appreciated.

PM me if you do not want to publish it here.


06-29-04, 23:28
Iīm going to Odessa mid-August.

Does anyone know a good place to meet nice girlies ?

06-30-04, 08:16

There is an Odessa section. Read my reports there. For freebie action go to Arkadia on the beach, a multi-discoed entertainment area with open air venues and loose morals. The main street Deribasovskaya has a few nice bars with nice girls, almost all are approachable, although not all available...

Pro action wasn't my focus, but research found skanks near the port at $30 in the category 4-6 (maybe a 7 mixed in), overpriced but attractive girls at Mick O'Neills at an asking price of $100/90 minutes and pricey pros in some of the Arkadia clubs, not to mention the usual sauna/outcall options in local newspapers like "Makler".

06-30-04, 22:52
Simferopol (Crimea)

2 new strip-bars were opened this year.

One in the Hotel Moskva, the other in Park Mira (Vip-Club Kashtan).
for sex you have to ask f.e. the barkeeper in the hotel bar. He will call girls. A little bit overpriced: 50$/2h, 150$/night.

BTW. My phone number has changed. +380501573865

I can't answer all pm here because I am not every week in an internet cafe.

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Blue Metal
07-02-04, 13:24
I'm new to the WSG Forum. I'm not really a true mongerer yet but I have thoughts. I've gone to Ukraine to look for a wife four times, but found other things. I love anal, and these girls are sweet, beautiful and sensual.

I like smaller towns. Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Nikolaev and Kherson. Sevastopol and Yalta are great as well. I have not done well in big towns like Kiev or Odessa.

I'm black, so it's hit and miss and you have to play the volume game. I simply find a girl and pay her a nominal fee to introduce me to her friends or walk around a nightclub asking girls to meet me. But I only go for the GFE, because deep down, I'm still looking for Miss Rite. :)

One advantage, I speak some Russian. I taught myself with some Pimsleur tapes.

Actually, been thinking of going to Africa so I'll visit that part of the Forum more.

I have a few pics. Enjoy. I plugged this girls ass so many times, I lost count.

Blue Metal
07-02-04, 13:26
Love that ass little Nicky. Nikolaev women are hot!

Blue Metal
07-02-04, 13:27
Why didn't I marry this girl! :) She had what I wanted! :)

Blue Metal
07-02-04, 13:31
Damn that feels mighty good. I was sure I was in love that time but ...

07-03-04, 20:53
Hi Guys,

I will be in Lugansk from the 8th for a week or so, Would be happy to meet fellow brothers for a drink or two.


Blue Metal
07-07-04, 03:02
Thank you to those of you who PMíed me. I work a crazy schedule so itís difficult to write individually.

No offense to my white friends.

But to my Black brothers and my Asian and Hispanic brothers, you understand that there is no place on this earth where racism canít rear its ugly head. Ukraine is no exception. I am marriage minded and I donít pay for sex directly, although really you do pay for the privilege. Expect to be rejected by most women. My antidotal non-scientific advice. Choose ladies in the 25-30 year old range or slightly younger. Make them young enough to please, but serious about a relationship. Older than that and racism becomes more prevalent than usual.

I like foreign women and I can nail them in Ukraine. My eyes bug out when I see what men pay these girls. I didn't know that there were these many RICH men to keep the price up.

But I do the GFE. So, true I see fewer asses, but usually I get about 2 weeks worth of sex in Ukraine for about $2000-$3000 including airfare from the U.S. Never more! And the place is packed with babes.

I don't do strip clubs and I try not to do nightclubs. I just try to meet discretely. Because I'm black, open public meeting don't work well, but when I meet them privately things go better. And when they find out I'm marriage minded, the pants come down and the dick goes in!

I don't think my techniques will work well for just mongering.

I like to meet girls off the streets of the smaller towns who don't get much exposure to westerners.

These girls want rich (especially American) husbands. They are materialistic and donít believe otherwise. Create this impression that you are possibly interested and you can get in the pants fairly easily. Buy flowers, and drinks and cheap jewelry and watch this worthless crap pave the way to many sensual evenings with a hot babe.

Beautiful woman are everywhere! From what I can see there is no bad place to find Ukrainian women in Ukraine. I think the bigger cities have more stuck up girls. I like Nikolaev the best so far. I was there at the Dixie Barbecue nightclub Feb. 2003. Babeís, babeís, BABEíS! (My penis is still very sore and the doctor thinks itís going to fall off! :) :) ) Great exotic half nude show on Saturday night as well.

Iím nearly 50 but I spent a week with an 18-year-old blond girl in 2002 in Sevastopol. I remember several nightclubs near the harbor and it was easy to pick up girls. One place near where the tour boats dock, I was the only black person I saw the entire night but a 24-year-old model picked me out of the crowd and invited me to her flat.

Learn some Russian. Go that one step farther to prepare yourself. The Pimsleur course is expensive. Around $700 for 90 lessons but you will learn to speak in three months well enough to get what you want. Put ďPimsleur RussianĒ in your browser and shop around for the cheapest deal. I can even talk on the phone without an interpreter now.

I had skinhead problems in Odessa, but they still didnít touch me. Iím a big man and these teens really donít stand a good chance to try to mess with me. Kiev was kind of cold too. Lots of racists in Ukraine but you wouldnít believe how the Los Angeles black subculture has influenced them. Black cloths, slang, music, blues, rap, and curse words. I heard a Russian song entitled MuthaFÖer.

Same is true even in Russia, nobody wants to be a NigÖ, but everybody wants to be like a nigÖ, right down to the golden suntans. Just be yourself because it will work the best for you. That is, act black, or more correctly, donít try to act white. Many people like black culture and traditions. Donít even discuss race unless she brings it up. Usually she wonít.

Some girls canít wait to get black snake up the ass, but you got to be discrete. In years past all girls with black men were considered to be prostitutes, Iím told by some of my ladies.

Donít use Agencies to help you find girls. My warning to you! Theyíll fuck your ass deeper than youíve even been fucked. And good luck trying to fuck one of their professional date going women, especially if you take a ďpersonalĒ tour.

Blue Metal

Blue Metal
07-07-04, 03:33
A very kind lady.

Blue Metal
07-07-04, 03:34
Nice Body, huh?

Blue Metal
07-07-04, 03:35
Oh yeah!

Blue Metal
07-07-04, 03:36
It's possible to find a nice young girl in Ukraine.

Blue Metal
07-07-04, 03:36
Love this girl? Yes, I do.

Blue Metal
07-07-04, 03:38
I asked her to marry me and I had the full blessing of her mother, but she wasn't ready for all that. :)

Blue Metal
07-07-04, 03:41
Young, willing and tender. Yes, Ukraine women are for love sick puppies like me. Why didn't I bring this girl home in my suitcase, I love her so much.

Blue Metal
07-07-04, 03:43
Love at first sight? Her pussy lubricated itself at first sight, I know that!

Blue Metal
07-07-04, 03:46
My night in Sevastopol. This girl doesn't know if she was fucked by a black man or not, because I never saw her sober, and I'm not sure if she saw me at all. :)

No matter, turns out she was married, and I had a little trouble.

07-13-04, 08:33
To Blue Man,

Man, relax it's not about the color. You,yourself got a problem with rasism. That's a reason why you went to those places to fuck white skin women. Please, don't be naive they are not white american females that you thinking about when you fuck them. White american, or even better, western men would have got much more responces than you in those circumstances because they are of green color instead. No wonder why this girl in your pix is drunk ---- same old escape from reality. Anyway, suit yourself if you feel relieved.

There is not yet fulll skinhead movement there but you should worry about just angry Vitalys or Vladimirs especially if they are slightly drunk. That's a real danger especially if they are organized.

BTW, thank for advices, I'll chek them out when I go to the Africa. Hopefully I'll come back safe and sound..:) Hey, who knows may be you're right and it's all about amount of melanin in our skin and not thickness of our wallets.

Blue Metal
07-14-04, 05:05

I am an African American (Black) guy, and I have read so many mixed opinions on Ukraine (by whiteboys)....pls. give me the FO' REAL deal on these dimepieces in the Ukraine.

Peace out!



Rastman, My friend,

Read my posts. You know we have many disadvantages superficially. But in reality black is beautiful and everybody wants a piece of it. Michael Jackson tries to make himself lighter and everybody notices. But white people trying to be black have created entire industries! Suntan lotion, beach resorts where you can get a tan and shit like that, tanning salons, clothing, sunglasses, swimsuits that allow UV radiation to penetrate. White rap artists. Itís silly how the list goes on.

Many a black male slave fucked the white women masters who were just as curious about black sexuality as their husbands, although history tries to repress this fact. Many black men and white women paid with their lives when they were caught.

In Ukraine racism is intense! Donít believe otherwise. But just the way you can find white women here in the USA who prefer black cock, same is true in Ukraine. Iíll post a picture of a women previously married to a Nigerian man. Never before or since, this lady actually walked up to Me and asked if she could meet me. Iíd be married to her right now if I could find her again. It must have been so humiliating for her to have done that in public so boldly. But she wanted me. Unfortunately I was fucking the shit out of a ďguess whatĒ bleach blond with tits to die for but who turned out to be a gold fucking digger. But I thought I loved the blond, really. I call the blond my lost love. I fall in love so fast, itís absolutely pathetic for a man my age! So, the fuck up was clearly mine.

Be persistent, be brave, and learn Russian, and youíll have all the loving you want. And one other thing. You know what it feels like to be disrespected, I know you do! Respect the ladies. One girl, without a word, I undressed her, fucked her, flipped her to her stomach, greased her asshole and analized her at my leisure. No money involved. Be nice. Be polite. It will work!!!!!!!!

Blue Metal

Blue Metal
07-14-04, 05:07
Previously married to a Nigerian. Sweet and kind. Beautiful and loving.

Blue Metal
07-14-04, 05:08
My loss for sure.

Blue Metal
07-14-04, 05:09
My first blond on the black sea.

Blue Metal
07-14-04, 05:10
Another pic.

Blue Metal
07-14-04, 05:11
Just beautiful, at least on the outside.

Blue Metal
07-14-04, 05:22
Dear Klitchkov

That would be "Racism".

I was there. I saw the skinheads. Guys making monkey sounds and telling me in plain English to take my ass on home! Had cops with machine guns shaking me down. Mafia. Don't tell my black brothers not to worry about anything. Ukraine has it's challenges, but yes your effort can pay off. But it's not just out there for us like it is for the white boys.

This forum is not for this kind of discussion. I'd rather you give me your serious advice on how to get laid without disrespecting anyone.

Blue Metal

Member #2001
07-14-04, 08:18
I have been following your posts Blue Metal and I find them very interesting. I also agree about what you said about racisim in Ukraine as I have witnessed it myself and other people have also told me about situations that have happened to them (ckeck our my posts on the Kiev board), I am half columbian and look like I might be from the caucesses. They dont like those people either. Last time I was there however I did not see any skinheads on the streets of southern Cremia. There are predjudice people there. I can tell you some crazy, crazy things that I have seen, but I dont think this is the place for it.

I also see that you have descovered my old mongering grounds in the south. I have had great luck there and I love it there. I love the girls, the sea, the mountians and everything else about it. In case you have not done the sw thing there pm me and I will tell you where to go, although I am sure you probably know where it is by now.

07-14-04, 08:20
To BM,

Then you must be a HERO ::)) to survive all that (mafia, racism and drunk white females etc) in Ukraine.

To be serious , please, read again my post. In addition to this, in my opinion ukrainian chicks saw in you just exotic man as people saw exotic food in McDonalds when it arrived there. I remember 0.5 mile line to get in there. What are they now? Modified to degree that if taking away M sign and you wouldn't realize that it's about Big Fat Mac especially if there are lot better and healtier alternatives arrived. Plus of course they saw green card stuck to your forehead at the beggining but believe me they are not stupid to figure you out in couple encounters. I forgot to tell you that as in every rule there are exceptions to prove that it's a rule, so maybe one of them would cling to you for marriage even if you wouldn't move her to states.

You are absollutly right this forum is not about discussion about slavery, rap, color culture. No offence to your heritage but for me rasim, raseuzm or racism are all the same meaning----no meaning and I don't see color of the pussy when doing it even though they can be white, black, yellow, green, blue, pink etc. Therefore let's drop it.Ok? V--Peace and free sex.:)

Blue Metal
07-14-04, 17:57
To Klitchkov,

I agree.

I want to be friends with everyone on this board, and I don't have any bad feelings. In fact, I see a lot of truth to your statements. Thank you, sincerely!

After several trips to Ukraine, I'm still un-married. Why? Because I took time to learn some of their psychology as well. And I know, as you pointed out mostly it's my passport origin. You are correct.

But I see nothing wrong with marrying up to better your life. Good trade. They get an affluent lifestyle, and I get a drop dead gorgeous wife if even for a short time.

If a prune of a woman 20-30 years older than me with several million dollars in her accounts asked me, " Fuck me every night whenever I want and I'll keep you very comfortable" certainly I would be repulsed, but I don't think I'd say no right away without some serious consideration. I'm sure I would fuck her at least once to see if it was tolerable if nothing else. :) :) :)

The truth is, the extremely high model class quality of girls over there who would fuck me in a heartbeat wouldn't even talk to me over here. And things do change when they get here. I already have sent one back. I felt that even a prenuptial agreement couldn't protect me from what that ***** could possibly do to my life and me.

I just want everybody to know that the girls are there for the taking if you know how. And also expect some problems.

That's all my friend.

Blue Metal

07-14-04, 18:04
To member 2001,

Why people see what that just they want to see? Did I say that there are no racism in Ukraine?

Of course there is. Prejudice and xenophobia too but, my friend, is as in any other country on earth.

Also nobody's questioning you observed a lot of terrible staff over there. Let me just ask you couple simple questions. So what? Does it stop us from going to places like that? If you monger without dangerness in the game then don't go. There are safer and with less racism countries for that. If you find one without any, let us know but of course with same availability of pussies as in Ukraine now.

Blue Metal
07-15-04, 01:58
Hi Member #2001,

I just want to thank you for you note of support. I don't do SW. At least not yet. In fact I'm pretty clean. No drugs, smoking, and no alcohol of any kind.

Sex is my only vice and I'm working on that one.

These Ukrainian girls are hot and willing on the short term, but I'm disappointed by their greed. And they consider us to be very greedy when we apply sensible capitalistic principals to our spending. What is your opinion?

After my next trip to Ukraine, if I don't find a nice girl I plan to head elsewhere. Maybe Asia! Maybe Africa!!??!!

I think most people know inexpensive girls can be found in the smaller college towns, but it's a hassle and sometimes dangerous traveling and making arrangements. And got hustled a lot at first, before getting street wise, relatively speaking of course. Two agencies in a row fucked me. Now, I donít use agencies and I go for much cheaper. The girls will help you make arrangements most of the time. I met my blond with the tits on Absolute Agency and she helped me quite a bit at first. Of course, I now know scammers are ever present on these sites.

Blue Metal.

Blue Metal
07-15-04, 01:59
Here's one I know you all will like.

07-15-04, 14:08

You made the biggest mistake a man can evermake. Go find your loveangel and marry her. Give her the happiness she deserves :) Dont forget her so easily man!

Sinanju Master
07-16-04, 00:17
Hi Guys!

I've been following Blue Metal's posts and even exchanged a few PM's with him and from my own viewpoint, I think that his posts serve the purpose(s) of sharing adventures that he experienced, and a heads up for black guys who are considering going to Ukraine to prowl for poon.

In all the time I've been lurking in the Ukraine section, I don't remember ANYONE of color posting any experiences of consequence. In that respect, he's a trailblazer and I've been poring over his posts to serve as a guide when I go there. That being said, he's got MY approval even if he tells of the possible pitfalls that may await a guy of color.

I don't think for even a NEW YORK MINUTE that he's so mentally lacking that he would be taken in Hook Line and Sinker by some gorgeous Ukrainian hottie that says she wants to marry him without him first assessing the situation. To be more specific, I'm quite sure he knows of the "exotic factor" when he goes there. If you can go to a place where you can have twenty times more chicks than where you currently live, would you not go there? Any sane man would take advantage of that situation if presented with the opportunity. BM went out and actually DID IT.

Just my 2 cents.

Blue Metal
07-16-04, 04:04
More nik 1

Blue Metal
07-16-04, 04:05
More nik 2

Blue Metal
07-16-04, 04:08
More nik 3

See the beauty of these ladies. Imagine how I felt when I woke up with this gift from God laying there next to me.

Oh my god! :) :)

Blue Metal
07-16-04, 04:09
More nik 4

Blue Metal
07-16-04, 04:11
More nik 5

Anal virgin no more. Every girl I get seems to say that. "" It's my first time in the behind!" Who the hell knows if it's true?

Blue Metal
07-16-04, 04:12
More nik 6

Give this woman an application for Hooters.

Blue Metal
07-16-04, 04:15
Unfortunately, not taken with a digital. Scanning was not what I hoped.

Easy to find girls in Kherson at Millennium club or at the Fregat Hotel nightclub.

Blue Metal
07-16-04, 04:15
Sweet 2

Blue Metal
07-16-04, 04:16
Sweet 3

Blue Metal
07-16-04, 04:16
Sweet 4

Blue Metal
07-16-04, 04:17
Sweet 5

Blue Metal
07-16-04, 04:28
Sweet 6

And yes she Was an Anal virgin. Ooooh, she don't like anal! Despite the pictures! I had to fuck her at a snails pace and continually encourage her to hang in there until I cummed. I love to give it up the ass at a leisurely pace anyway, so no problem.

I told her in a couple of minutes I'd finished. Please be patient, Pleeese!! And every couple of minutes, I told her that. :) :)

But I apologized after, and all was love and kisses.

Blue Metal.

Bez Bezarra
07-16-04, 05:04
Mr Blue.
You've made it clear that you're all romance and strictly
non-sponsoring, which from what I can see leads me to
the pleasant conclusion that our acquaintances' snail-trails
aren't likely to cross each other any reasonably expected
time soon. Which is of course a good thing, and fits nicely
with one of the most basic WSG adages, that different tastes
make life much more interesting.

Please don't forget that americanization is a totally unavoidable
end product of any immigrant's personality, and its a much less
valued culture now in 2004 than it was in 1904 when many of us
white boys grandmas came over from ukraine, that changes forever
the wonderful quality of pure simplistic gratitude into the typical
over-expecting ungrateful hag.

Bez Bezarra
07-16-04, 05:12
Simple pleasures

Bez Bezarra
07-16-04, 05:13
Boy-toy soft pretzel.

Bez Bezarra
07-16-04, 05:15
Box lunch.

Member #2001
07-16-04, 09:29

Its true that I have seen racism there, but I have seen alot of good people. If you read my posts on the Kiev thread you would know that about me. I have several good good freinds that I have met in my time in Ukraine and I still to this day am in contact with them.

Whats the differance bettween say America witch is where I live and Ukraine. Well I feel that racism is accepted and tolerated, where in USA its shamefull to call someone a racist and is generaly not accepted. Back in the day of the Soviet Union this was not the case. Nigerans and black people from Africa would go to the universities in Ukraine without any problems. This was because it was illegal to pe predjuce to anybody of color. You could be sent away and not be heard from again for some time.

As far as less racism in other countries with as much pussy? Well I have heard of them but I have never been to countries like Argentina where if this board is any indication and by Jacksons posts are correct about the country thenI have to believe that there is alot of pussy there. Also African countries is suppose to be a good place for pussy and there is little predjuce. Although I hear some of them have a attitude if your a white forigner, because they see you as rich and with money, but nothing as being hasseled on the street like Blue Metal described. I also have to belive that Middle Eastern countries are not predjuce against color. They are predjuce about religion though. Lastly I think that Central Asian countries are not so narrow minded. The Stans (former Soviet States) are not predjuce because there are a mixture of Tarter (which look something like a dark shade of Italian or Turkish), Asian and European.

Please understand that I have no first hand knowlege of these countires since I have not been to all the countries I have mentioned here. I dont have that kind of money today, but maybe one day I can visit those counties, with the exceptiion of Ukraine and USA. I have had a Brazialian girlfriend once and hse was hot and very attractive. She did not look like she was from South America because she had blond hair and blue eyes. She told me that there are many kinds of people in Brazil from black to white, but not so many asian and that there was no racism there.

Anyway I hope to travel to Asia sometime in the next year and if I do and you are still interested in what the situation is in South East Asia and Central Asia then I will give you my report then I returen as well as the sw activity although there are enough posts here to give you some idea of the situation there.

07-18-04, 09:15
To member 2001,

You see, my friend, since you never been in those countries you described you shouldn't objectivly voice your opinion about situation on prejudice, racism and xenophobia. Let's drop this thread about them. My bet (I've been in some) is that there a lot of above mentioned with variable levels. Otherwise it would be Heaven.:)

1) According to my knowledge and understanding, the darker person's color the worse for him/her. That's why I guess in matrimonial advertisements people trying to minimize amout of melanin by saying: "fair skin, light color, chocolate color" etc (India, Ethiopia, Egypt etc). On the contrary I've heard that black people in Brasil are generally doing worse than fair skinned. That is sad but it's the reality of the world.

2) Right. It's shameful to openly discuss any matter re color but it doen't mean that USA is free of that. It's here a lot and living unconciously in people's mind. May be they don't tell their opinions on that issue but they screw you in different ways (undermining AA pearson achivements, not promoting them, underpaying, refusing employment and so on).Same idea re xenophobia toward immigrats. IMHO it's harder because in Ukraine person will know right away what to expect and willl be able somehow to protect himself/herself.

3) As far as I remeber racism was always present in USSR. It wasn't open but was in the air. Please don't tell anymore about people going away for the racist remarks. That's a bull. Maximum, commenting person would be lectured. There were a lot of deragotory anecdotes and jokes at that time. African students went to universities "w/o any problems" because they served as a tool to spread communist ideas to africa, middle east etc. but they weren't welcomed.

3) In "Stans" it wasn't great to be local habitant. It was good to be a russian for life achivements in any part of USSR. BTW it's hard to know if locals had racist views then because there were't any black people in those countries. Still small neglible bunch of africans there now. Do you know what religion descents of tarters practice?

Did you visit Ukraine as a tourist? That would explain your lack of basic knowledge about CIS. You see, eventhough living for some time there in luxury of american income it's different from living and working in same conditions as locals. This observation is from my life experience. Before coming to west and usa I had different views about them. They changed after I start working and fighting for survival.

OK... I won't continue this topic anymore. Let's talk about the PUSSY

BTW to me this sweet lady in bm's last fotos (no offence) is ugly and old with protruding pussy and scars on her tits and belly. As you robably know she can be a queen dor somebody else. And it's fine with me.

Zizz Bang
07-20-04, 13:19
I have a question about Kharkhov, which hasn't been mentioned for awhile.

Now that school is out, is this a decent place to venture? I'll be traveling between Moscow and Kiev and was wondering if this city is worthwhile? I'll also do Odessa later on.

Member #2001
07-21-04, 03:16

I have lived in Sevastopol and Kiev for a short time some years ago working at the local salery to see how it feels and I think I know something about ;ofe in Ukraine and the CIS. My knowledge might suprize you if you knew me. I might even know more about world politics in that region then some of the older generation. By that I mean the Soviet genertation , because I have the benifit of the western median and the russian media of times gone past. Although I was not born there I think I know a little more about it then the average American.

What I meant about the stans was that I believe that there is no racism between the muslems and the orthodoxed, or the asians and the white russians, or the ones of slightly darker skin. Also I do know where Tartars come from. They orginaly came from Turkey and then setteled in the Creima, before bieng deprorted to the stans by Stalin.

Ok, Your right! I dont want to fight about it here. I am just interested in seeing in writing my experances in finding pussy and new places where to find pussy. Enogh said.

Bez Bezarra
07-22-04, 12:51
So tell us what you do know about finding girls. Not the same boring stuff everybody else keeps repeating, but something or someplace different.

You know, from a local's mongering perspective, not the tourist/visitor/casual
traveler's point of view. You must see things differently because you live there, right?

For example, I asked a couple of local Kiev boys, where are the ads for escort services that are in any of the russian language newspapers, and none of them could find anything, we checked 5 different papers, and nothing. They thought they knew everything, but what a surprise, they didn't know SHIT!!!
Doesn't anybody?

07-22-04, 13:05
kievescort.com uaescort.com kiev-x.com

They're all real, much more depandable than paper ads.

Pictures are all real ( don't ask how I know ) and advisable for those who're looking for real kind of stuff and not the kind of ordinary pictures posted on the whole forum so far.

I can hear the same incredible sound: If you don't know something or cannot reach it, it must be definitely fictitious.

What's reality anyway?

Member #2001
07-23-04, 01:52
Well in Kiev I have found that its not so easy for me. I usally get around on foot and not by car. I would just use the advertisements in the bussiness section of the Kiev Post when I got the urge. I had a girlfriend at that time, but sometimes would sneak out behind her back. I also have had luck by responding to personal ads in the newspaper.

I prefer to go south though, as I believe that the prices are much cheaper and the quantiy/quality are much better. In Sevastopol they are on the main streets and its really easy to get them, espeicaly if you know some russian. Its much cheaper in the winter then in the summer, when theres alot of tourists in Sevestopol. I will not mention other ariea that I have had good times in, because as more tourists go there, then the price becomes more expensive. So I will keep those areas to myself for now. In time I am sure I will tell everybody about then though

Uke Boy
07-29-04, 10:24

If you know they are all real, then tell us about the American porno stars that show up in the uaescort photos or maybe the Moscow-based working ladies who make only a guest photo appearance.

Guys, here is the real story with these online agencies:

kievescort.com - the photos are all real. I know since I have used this agency with pleasure.

uaescort.com - about half the photos are real.

kiev-x.com - the same 50% real photos here as well.

Do be careful since these real photos are also sometimes well doctored. The lady that does show up may be close but not what you wanted or expected.

I agree with your last statement, most of what you say is incredible and therefore is definitely fictitious.

Reality is what 99.9% of the guys here want to know about Ukraine.

Uke Boy
07-29-04, 10:29
Mangus Man

I am not sure what home boys you were dealing with in checking for escort services. They had to be new to the game or very naÔve.

The local rags such as Aviso (and its many local editions) or Rio have them listed under massage, saunas, or "governesses," "guvernantki" in Russian. Lots and lots of listings, for example, in the latest issue of Rio.

They send several ladies out to your place and you can choose one or all, or even none since sometimes they are just plain ugly. They will come back with more to your liking, though, if that is the case. The upside is that prices are very cheap, $40 per hour being the general standard.

However, in all these cases, you have to know Russian to read the ads and to make a "date" or even make yourself known to the lady you do choose.

07-29-04, 11:29
The Russian or especially American girls( whether porn star or not) are quite easy to differentiate from the Ukrainian chicks, no way of comparison in any way.

Bez Bezarra
07-30-04, 06:04
Well Ukes,
Its like this and like that, see?
After all these years, I still can't read some words, so just fuck me, allright?

Please translate whatever the fuck name of this rag is.
Its 5 letters, ok? Here it is:

1st letter is the "O" with a line stright down top to bottom through it, (I think like the greek symbol Psi?, well, maybe not, its been a long time since my college frat party days)
2nd letter is upsidedown V
3rd letter is the backwards N
4th letter is P
5th letter is T

OVNPT, (except for the variations above) so what the fuck does that spell?

Anyway, after going to 3 street newspaper kiosks and asking and asking, we bought 2 papers that my home boy Victor the slum lord was positive would have the russian language version of escort service listings for Kiev.

But after scouring both, the only thing I could find were personal ads that didn't even have phone numbers, they had photos of men and women, and they did not describe the girls like the gazettas in Minsk and Kharkov, where you could easily read 20-174-52. They all had weird numbers like 2-33490, and then
8-900-154-0994, like they are numbers of some kind of p.o. box for the magazine to write a letter to the girl. What good is writing a letter, I need to make a phone call to get the suka to come to my flat right now and start blowing me 30 seconds after walking in the door. I still can't figure out what these crazy ads say, but the heading at the top of the page reads something like:

"KorAa MeyTbl cBblBl0TcR" so, what the fuck is that??

The only thing that actually LOOKED like an escort agency was a big ad on the back page, but again the numbers didn't look like anything in Kiev, in fact, maybe this whole gazetta was for somewhere else like Moscow or St Pete, I don't know?
So where the fuck are these phone numbers for??
8-900-147-01-02 ??? Where the hell is that?
Under this number it also said, " Huba poznoba" so what is that?

I think you fuckers are right, this must be some sauna place or something, it did say 24 hours and XXX. Hey, $40 sounds like the right price for me! I like that just fine! Back in 2000 and 2001, all the Kiev post agencies only charged $50.

But as far as Member #2001 is saying about our well known Kiev Post, let me
clue all you fucking fuckers in on a little bit of bad but should be obvious by now news about the dozen or so ads in the back of the entertainment section.
Yes you fucking dumb ass american mongers, (hey I'm one too!), just like any other city in the world, when there are 12 ads, you can be sure that 10 of them, even though they all have different phone numbers and pictures and descriptions, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME ONE FUCKING PLACE!!

On my last adventure, I had the pleasure, well she didn't actually please me, but just enlightened me, to meet one of the sukas that claims to co-run the agency that lists 10 of the 12 ads. Yes, there are 2 different agencies, but one of them has 10 of the 12 ads. As we looked at the ads, she pointed out each one that gets answered by the same guy or girl, this one, and this one too, and that one, and on and on, all the same place. Well, duh, no shit, that's the exact same thing in every big city here too! This suka said her favorite scam is, when some dumb american calls, she says she has one girl available that's 19, and all the rest are 23 to 28 years old. And when dumb "Joe" says, Oh yeah send me the 19 year old, she puts her hair up in pig tails, puts on her schoolgirl uniform, and gets her 26 year old lying suka self into her little mercedes car which she proudly bought with the earnings from her profession, which she describes as telling lies, only lies, and nothing but the lies. In other words, this little suka swears that everything she's now got in the world, her car, her flat, and her nice clothes and all her important accessories, she got them all by never telling any guy she ever met one single word of truth! Yes, she explains that it was easier when she actually was 19, but back then she wasn't street smart. Of course, now she is, meaning she knows that telling any guy the truth about anything means that she won't ever make enough kopeks to buy a subway token. Lie, lie , lie, and laugh all the way to the bank. But, after confessing her lies to me, she also gave me back almost all of my money, which I wasn't upset about, because it was worth it to make her feel bad enough TO STOP FUCKING LYING FOR 15 MINUTES!

And I got just lucky enough to send her away and through an unexpected last minute connection meet an insane sex machine named Olesya who full on straight pound drove me into oblivion at 3:30 a.m., giving me a whopping 45 minutes time to pseudo-sleep before heading out to borispol for my 6AM flight to Munich and onward to our beloved Abstinent States of Morality.

But, of course, like the great purveyor of ultimate wisdom of all things in the sexual universe, our greatest ever of all time Great Great Leader, the Confuscious of Mongering who will never ever say anything that makes any sense or will ever help anyone get laid, yes you know him as Chevy Vega He's Definitely Not From Mars, as his Holiness Himself always tells all of us his faithless followers, reality really is 99.9 percent of what he isn't,
because it is what it is, and so of course, and this is the biggy, it isn't what it isn't.

And so then, go, go forth and monger onward, if, after that drek, any of you still can!

Member #2001
07-30-04, 06:49
O with the line through it is english F

Upsidedown V is english L

Backwards N is english E

Russian P is english R

T is T, but sometimes can look like the small english letter m or can also look like three tall lines with one line accross the top.

Well I can remember the day when the Kiev Post had only 3 or 4 ads in it for excort service and different people all picked up the phone ( I personaly called them). Also the price back then was about 25 dollars. My how the times they are a changin.

I think what you want to spell out could be the word FLIRT. This word could also be Ukrainian. Not really sure what context its used in also.

Uke Boy
07-30-04, 08:18

The name of the rag is "Flirt." I guess the name says it all, doesn't it, and by the way, what you see is how you almost actually pronounce it, "Fleert"

Those mags that you got are nothing but seedy "contact" magazines that try to get you to call a toll number that you will get charged an arm and a leg to your telephone bill. Sound familiar? The best use for them is if you run out of toilet paper and have nothing else.

These contact rags are not the way to go, as you have let us know.

The local free weekly adverts slipped in all the mailboxes and there in the back are the fresh up-to-date numbers of all the local agencies not affiliated with the Kiev Post. From these numbers, you can get an amazing amount of ladies to come your way, mostly 6's and 7's, but you can come up with an occasional 10. The down side is that too often there are 2's and 3's but you have just got to learn to say "no." Even with the 7's, at least the price is right.

As for "KorAa MeyTbl cBblBl0TcR" I have no idea. I would have to see the original.

And he is not a Chevy Vega, he is a Nova, as in the Spanish "No Va."

Hot Diggidy Dog
07-30-04, 22:27

A computer glitch ate my reply, I think, so this may be a dupe.

Uke Boy certainly nailed the first title. The second one, I think the first word is "Kogdah" (when) or "Kah-voe" (Who) or a variant on it. The second word, I'm guessing what looked like a 'y' was a 'ch' (upside down 'h') making the word "Metch-tih", dreams. The third word is likely "sviv-yot-seeyah", rolled up.

So it probably means "Where Dreams Are Handed to You on a Silver Platter".

FWIW, outside of Kiev and Odessa, non-pro contacts are easier than pro contacts. The way to do it is to go to a bar early, grab a table, wait for a group of women to come in -- offer to share the table, buy them a bottle of whatever they want, then another, etc., while they smoke and drink themselves into a stupor and tell you what a great guy you are. Last one standing is yours! (Hope it's the young cute one.)

Non-pros are quite open to sex, and if you can't speak to much to them, easy to get along with. If you share too much language, they reveal that they are paranoid and depressed. They have no friends, and you must not speak to their friends (who they almost invariably describe is dishonest prostitutes).

Most of those get-acquainted rags are for matrimony, so hope for the best and expect the worst.

Blue Metal
08-08-04, 04:03
Dear Royal21

First, I want to say that despite your appearance, or religion you can succeed without too much difficulty. I go to Ukraine to search for a wife primarily. Thereís no telling how much pussy and ass I could have pounded if I'd paid for it outright.

But listen, even the girls will tell you how poorly their own men treat them. What the mongerers on this board do to them is Nothing compared to what they (Ukrainian men) do, if these ladies are telling the truth. These ladies will want you or any foreigner if they get to know you, and you treat them better than a Ukrainian man.

Any foreign man has a good chance with these girls. In fact, I think Ukrainian men are really starting to become concerned that so many of their women prefer foreign men. I write to these women and make arrangements to meet discreetly. You should hear how they despise their men for their cruelty and disrespect! I canít believe it! Really, if you can get one alone for five minutes, and you can communicate with her what you want, chances are good for a 10-minute quickie up her ass, a weeklong girlfriend, or possibly a companion for life.

These women are looking for white men, but give them hope and show them kindness and the pants will come down. For exampleÖ

Find one alone and say: Ease-Vee-knee-teeya! Mosh-na swam-me-ah Pose-nah-ko-meet-sa? Ya Doo-moo ssStow Tuhee (almost like ďteaĒ the drink but uh for the beginning vowel sound and spoken like one syllable) Oh-chin Cry-see-vah-ya. Excuse me, is it possible to meet you? I think that you are very beautiful.

Say that, and watch the smile and the spark in her eye. There you go! She will at least think that she can make a few bucks and get a few nice presents if she plays along. Also, donít waste too much time (not more than one or two days tops) if you donít get pussy unless sheís something special.

Pros are no fun! They want money up front and a lot of it. Forget that shit. Again learn Russian, and go to smaller and less worked places. Ukraine, for all itís charm is a shit hole and nearly everyone is out to cheat you. Like an evening in Tijuana, itís cheap but itís not free. My first trip cost around $5000. But after you get a little sex kitten caring for you itís extremely cheap. My last trip was about $2000 including airfare. $25 apartments and home cooked meals instead of restaurants. But if you want to pay $200 per ejaculation in River Palace, for that you can burn up enough tail to set you dick on fire!

Been nice chatting with you! :)

Blue Metal

08-08-04, 20:19
Once a girl I've met in Minsk told me that she used to get so many offers from rich local guys to get whatever she wants for the rest of her life, but she refused all and led a simple ordinary life because she didn't want to be a slave for the rest of her life.

Except Kiev the general marriage age is very young in Ukraine and most of those end up with divorces in less than 2 years with complete disappointment.

Hence, most girls' expectations from foreigners are far more than just cash or just talking nicely for a long-term relationship.

As compared to the previous years, the situation is getting tougher and tougher as it's happening in Moscow nowadays.

Not so much time left as the spoiled mongers are ruining all around.

Bez Bezarra
08-10-04, 14:36
Blue Metal.

You and I might be on a parallel universe. All my original intentions were to find a wife. But I'm finding the quality going downhill since 2000, and the greed and bossiness growing exponentially. I usually spend days being the nice polite friend to meet the ladies, and the nights being as bad as possible. Not that I still don't luck out and find the occaisional 9 and 10, but now its almost a matter of luck than certainity, especially when I invariably find that perfect 10 on the 14th night of a 15 day trip! I know that if I ever get fired from my job, the first thing I'll be doing is heading over for 3 or 4 months and give myself the time for more than just mongering. I made friends with a landlord who promised me that if I would just stay for the whole summer, he would take me out to the countryside to meet 20 or 30 girls from good families and I could basically have my pic. I just wish I had a summer to take off work. Seen Kiev 9 times, but only driven by River Palace, not for me.

Can you please share the destinations you've visited outside Kiev, and how to arrange for flats rather than hotels in theses places. I already know enough on Odessa and Kharkov, but I'm very curious about all the rest like Mariupol, Kherson, even Dnipro and Donets'k, L'vov, Kryvy Rih, and Zaporizh. Are these places you've been to?

Your sitting alone at the restaurant table sounds like a great plan, I'd just be surprised that they wouldn't all leave together, rather than one staying behind and then her friends will all call her suka the next time they see her. But for getting phone numbers its sounds very workable.

By the way, got any photos to share?

Blue Metal
08-13-04, 04:05
Well Choraf1,

Iím a homegrown L.A. brother also but I donít live there anymore. My technique?? I say "Hello". :)

I really donít have one except maybe to get on the plane. You should realize that most men who read this forum will never leave the borders of this country. Women everywhere want western men, it seems. In Ukraine, the ladies are looking for any excuse to meet you. Again, most of these ladies will reject you but if you meet enough of them, no problem. Iíve met hundreds, but in reality, Iíve lost track, but I would guess that Iíve only been into about 20 or so. But I didnít come for volume. Give me beauty with that booty. I want a trophy wife! Iím definitely not into sleeping with every girl I meet.

Itís less expensive to just go over there and cover a lot of ground. You can meet girls on the street and in the shops. One bit of advice, be aggressive and insistent. Theyíre not like American girls. They like real men! And they want the man to lead! You plan all the activities and you control the budget.

Unfortunately to write these girls is expensive and you must use the Agencies at about $5 per letter. I do it because of my past success, but Iíve wasted a lot of money also. Many scammers out there and it hit and miss. I canít really be specific. Iíve read most of the entries on this entire board for every country and Iím pretty convinced that a lot of it was written by law enforcement, pimps, the girls themselves, and sociology students. Iím afraid of them! :)

Just go there. Understand the risk that youíre taking, but realize that you are doing what most other guys wonít. The girls are there, I believe, in every single country if you just go to them. They canít come to you.

I have a friend who went to a different country every year. No *****s, just normal girls he would meet. He tells incredible stories of girls he met. Most are probably not true, :) but he finally married a Vietnamese girl half his age with the real deal. Love. Married for 7 or 8 years strong now. His example was one reason to get my courage up.

One other tip. Absolute best target for me and my friends. Girls walking alone or in pairs in the park. Of course, thatís hardly a secret. :) Beautiful women are everywhere. Everywhere! The stores, the street, the clubs, and in every town! Truly, itís no problem to find several hot babes every single day in every place you look. Itís man heaven! You'll need a cane to help you walk after you taste these women. They are hot!

Blue Metal

Blue Metal
08-13-04, 04:31
Dear royal21,

Yes, my blond in the black pants had her own computer. She was trouble! The rich ones are players. Get rid of Ďem quick! Ladies who can only afford Internet cafes have been much better behaved.

Itís best to write on agency sites that allow the girls to give you an address at least. After that, shoot a quick snailmail postcard or letter to them with you email address. Very quickly you can see if she has any true interest by seeing if she will spend her own money to communicate with you. Line up as many as you can and go meet them. Although many men write, the girls know that there chances of snagging you are low, so itís first come first serve. Thatís how I snagged my fiancťe who came here but didnít work out.

Donít waste a lot of time writing. If the girl keeps writing you on the agency email for $5 a pop, she is probably Boris in the back room of the agency trying to see how many letters and dollars he can get out of you!!!!! Be advised that even legitimate letters are translated and thus edited. Who the fuck knows who is writing!!!???!!

When you get somebody sincere, set up a private meeting ASAP. Russian ladies are impatient in my opinion.

My advice is hardly scientific. But I have had some good luck. And I think you will also.

See you, my friend.

Blue Metal

08-14-04, 09:06
What's the obligation of dating agencies at all while the heaven of girls is all around you?

If you wish to go through the internet, there are thousands of free ways that will lead you...

Good point of contradiction and paradox..

08-14-04, 11:04
Last time I visited Ukraine was more than 2 years ago. Before I was there several other times.

I visited many cities, starting from the North and down to Yalta. I didn't quite like the atmosphere in the North-West, I loved Kiev, but I expecially liked Crimea, even if it was not the right season, wonderful girls everywhere, mild attitude...

...and not too many foreigners, that's also nice :)

Now reading all these posts I start to have the impression that these places are becoming busier, and I wonder what the real situation is.

I write all that because I sometimes think about finding some free time to go back and have a look, and some fun, then suddenly I start to fear that the situation now is much worse (meaning: spoiled girls; much higher prices; mongers all around) and I should better stay away from Ukraine until there will be the chance to go back for a business trip.

So, that's the kind question for the real experts of Ukraine: how do you see the situation if compared with some time ago?


PS: I'm not against "foreigner" (I'm one of them myself!), I'm against the many people who don't know how to behave themselves and while looking for some evening or daily fun make so much mess and mistakes to worsten the otherwhise usually friendly attitude of "locals"

08-15-04, 09:34
The posts you see on this forum or elsewhere via internet don't mean anything in terms of foreigners around.

There are still no touristic visits except for Yalta in the summer and the number of foreigners around for the purpose of business has not increased at all during the last 2-3 years.

Unlike Russia and especially Moscow, the atmosphere hasn't been ruined at all and the prices are still the same, with a great margin of bargaining.

As the economic situation is gradually recovering with more and more western companies escaping from Moscow planning to invest, I can tell you that the mongering scheme will remain the same for at least a couple of years more.

Blue Metal
08-16-04, 00:37
Hi everybody,

Iím getting a lot of PMís with recurring questions. Iíve given up most of my pearls from what I would term a limited exposure to the Eastern European culture. The truth is I wasted a lot of money, time and energy learning what I know. But Iíll kind of recap what I said earlier, and add a few things. And maybe say some things again with a different twist for clarity.

First, beautiful women are everywhere, but smaller places are the best. Big city women are stuck up and greedy, and very expert at extracting your green with a smile. But will fuck if you put in either time or money. Kiev is not great, but not bad. Odessa is a place I donít need to go to again. The girls there have been hit hard and I liken the place as the Tijuana of Ukraine. Fair hunting in Dnepropetrovsk, good in Zaporozhya, Krivoy Rog, Sevastopol and Yalta. My number one choice would be Sevastopol except I had a little Mafia trouble, so Iím not going back! Where to go in each city? Man, if you just spend ten minutes talking to the taxi drivers in front of every major attraction and transportation hub or just explore the cityÖ Just try to avoid these home grown honeys. You canít! Theyíre everywhere! Find the bars, nightclubs, shopping areas, parks, universities, and all the main streets. They will be there!

Second, the place is the epitome of corruption. I can tell whoís been to Ukraine and who hasnít when we talk about this subject! And every butt-hole there is trying to scam you. Pay 5 Hryvnia (pronounced greeve-na) for a taxi except Kiev, which is usually10. Haggle with them. Hotels are awful and extremely expensive! Itís best to book an apartment, and there are several agencies on the Internet. Also many apartment owners stand in front of the airports and train stations asking people if they want to rent. Average price is 25-50 American dollars a day. Iíve never paid more than $50 even in Kiev. I have a friend who rents a luxury apartment complete with a Jacuzzi in Kiev, and he typically pays $60 in the non-summer months.

Absolute best way to save money is to have your girl arrange everything for pennies on the dollar. Each time you go, make as many friends as you can. Pay a little for them. Now I have taxi drivers, and apartment owners who are really helpful. They are doing the same thing! They want a steady stream of foreign cash, so they are creating their own little list of Stupid-But-Rich (SBR) Americans who will patronize them.

Best way to find pussy is to speak some of their language, be fairly aggressive in your tactics and intentions, and yet be as discreet as possible. Donít be shy! Walk right up to her and say, ďI like you and I want to meet youĒ. Usually one hour of conversation will tell if there is any potential at all. If there is, pursue her. And meet as many as you can! I emphasize, as many as you possibly, possibly can. These girls fuck their male friends casually, almost like having a beer, to position themselves socially and sometimes even out of boredom. They will fuck their boss to keep their job, get a raise, or to even get a job. Fuck the ďIím a good girlĒ act. Be polite, but Donít Take No for an Answer, and move on to the next girl quickly if the well is dry! Every time I go, I learn something new that blows my mind. You will definitely not be in Kansas. It really is different in so many ways!

As far as weather, summer heat is oppressive!!!! First time, I went in summer but never again, although itís the best hunting season by far! I hope you donít need a warning about the Russian winter. Ha, ha, ha. :)

Also attitudes clash. I personally think that the USA is the best country on the planet. Many people and even many Americans disagree. And guess what, the girl you want to fuck doesnít agree either. Ukraine is the best country, if you ask. Donít ask, is my advice. They talk about the many oppressions of their country amongst themselves but you should not say anything. Anything that remotely infers American superiority in any way, military, economy, traditions, etc. comes out of your mouth and you can watch your piece of Ass walk down the street without you. It's definitely a third world environment with a super-power mentality. Donít talk politics, and donít act like you are sorry for these poor people and you want to save this chick from a life in hell. Donít flaunt your money or property. And never imply that youíre there because American women are too expensive and you want someone who is lower maintenance! Yes, I did that, but after all, Iím a Stupid American. Eek!

Thatís just about it. (Bubba from Forest Gump) At least in my opinion.

I apologize for all the redundant information to anyone who may be offended.

Just go. Itís more fun than watching a rabid porcupine run amuck in a condom factory!

Blue Metal

Blue Metal
08-16-04, 00:49
Dear Vegamars,

Point well taken! You are 100% right. (Thumbs up!)

Because I still have hopes of marriage, I still would like to screen potential candidates. I do appreciate knowing something about the person or persons I'm going to meet in advance. And I also want them to help with my travel arrangements.

If you are ready to write 5 to 20 letters a day to Boris in the back room, go to the free sites. They just didn't work for me. Pure and simple. The free sites were not productive except for scammers asking me to send money by the third or fourth letter. But I do have a huge volume of sexy fotos of girls I never met but who tried to entice me to send money. :)

Most pay sites prohibit asking for money thus I see a decrease in scamming. And the plain truth, I got lucky and met some nice high quality ladies.

But again true, you Don't need to write a single letter. :) :)

Blue Metal

08-18-04, 13:47

Any info on Kharkov will be greatly Appreciated:

- street action?
- escorts?
- where to stay?
- indies?

Please help!

Blue Metal
08-19-04, 23:54
I only go for the girlfriend experience. Stealing a peach from your neighbors yard is always sweeter than what you can buy in the store. Even Mr. Gilmores yard! (Richard Pryor quote)

Blue Metal
08-19-04, 23:55
Very nice lady.

Blue Metal
08-19-04, 23:57
No her name isn't Lisa even remotely. Nice but a couple of teeth missing in the front. No smile for this or any camera for this young lady. If you want her get prepareed for the extensive dental repairs.

Blue Metal
08-19-04, 23:58
This one was very special.

Blue Metal
08-19-04, 23:59
I met her several times.

Blue Metal
08-19-04, 23:59
I thought she was to special one.

Blue Metal
08-20-04, 00:00
THE special one. Sorry for my grammer and spelling.

Blue Metal
08-20-04, 00:04
But in the end, she was looking for a husband who had enough do-ray-me to set her up in business in the U.S.

Sorry my sweetheart, but I still loved you. And would again, if given the chance. :)

08-23-04, 18:39
Vegamars write to me:

Can you arrange girls for travel outside Ukraine for suitable prices like $100 per day?

You can send pictures of girls and all detailed info to [Email Address deleted by Admin]


Please stop this people here.

privet is kiev. poslesavtra ja budu na crimea.

Jonny B Goode
09-01-04, 20:03
I will be in Lviv at the weekend and was hoping someone here would be so kind as to provide some useful information. Hopefully I will be able to return the favour to the forum by posting a report or two.

Where is the best place to find girls?

In the street? If so where are the areas I should go?
Hotel? Which ones are best


Taxi drivers? Can the be trusted and what will be their commission/fee
Brothels? How do I find them?

What are the going rates?

I only speak English and a little German. Is this going to be a problem, and will it limit my options?

What services are generally available? Iím particularly interested in BBBJTC and Asian (see Forum Abbreviations). How do I ask for these in the local language?

Is BBBJTC generally available as it is in Moscow?
Is Asian (anal rimming) likely to be available and how do I ask for this in the local language?

Will it be difficult to take a girl into a hotel?

Does Lviv have any specialities like (the line-outs in Moscow). What are these Ďbus stopí girls Iíve read about?

Sorry to ask so many questions but there is little information to be found on Lviv.

Many thanks to anyone that can help.

10-05-04, 23:12

Any luck in Lvov/Lviv? How was it?

I'm planning a trip there, possibly, and wouldn't mind some info on how your trip was.


10-17-04, 11:55
Dear Members,

I am visiting Ukraine at the moment, Yalta, very nice girls here, but I need some tips from more experienced Members..

So please if any Member can tell me were to be in Yalta... ;)

Every tip is welcome.

I was in a big disco called: Tornado and Matrixa, but there where not so many girls.

Thanks for you time!

Vincent Amsterdam Hollanda

10-23-04, 20:10
I stayed about 1 week in Lvov.

As I can read Russian, I bought all the newspapers I could find in a kiosks. I don't remember if the writing was in Russian or in Ukrainian, anyway I could find the numbers I needed.

I made some phone calls and I gave my adress in Russian.

I got 4 escorts. Price is 100 Grivnias, what is 20$ for 1 hour. A man of the mafia brought me the girls every time.

10-24-04, 15:46
Last year I stayed 1 week in Lvov.

I don't remember the name of the newspaper. I bouhgt 5-6 newspapers to find some adds about sex. There were only in one of them, that's the one with many many adds. I think there were only adds.

But if you read Russian or Ukrainian, it won't be easy.

Price is 100 Grivnias = 20$ and 4$ more for the man, who brings the girl. That's for the taxi.
Time : 1 full hour, sex as many times as your can.

When I called them, I called them in Russian, so I don't know if they will understand you if you speak English.

I remembered to call a girl that could speak English. When I saw her, I gave her 10 Grivnias for the taxi to go back. No sex that night.

11-25-04, 09:59
Anyone have any nfo or photos of girls in Dnepropetrovsk. I'm going there in a week and was there two months ago and didn't find much action.

12-28-04, 14:57
Hello friends? what is the scene like in Lubansk? (spelling ? ) I have a friend (lady) who has gone back home and she says she lives in Lubansk. Was debating on the merits of visiting that place sometime in the future but not solely to meet up with just one lady. Any action in that area or would it be better to just go to the well know destinations? I have not seen any posts about Lubansk. Went back a little on the forum but did not find the place mentioned.


12-28-04, 23:55
JSF - I've visited Luhansk/Lugansk (depends which map you're using and whether you have the Russian/Ukrainian spelling) 3-4 times in the last few weeks, although only for flying short visits related to work to do with the election. My impression was that it was a bit of a dump, although the weather was lousy and the atmosphere quite dirty as they thought they were being screwed out of an election victory. Personally I saw nothing that made me want to go back! I'm sure there is plenty of action around hotels or by asking locals, but the infrastructure for visitors is limited to non-existent. If you speak at least some Russian though, I'm sure you'd find the freebie action plentiful if you can put the time in. Even in a week there you could have a great time, if you put the effort in to setting up dates and chatting to lots of girls.

Bayview - sorry, I've just seen your post or I'd have replied earlier. I go to Dnepro quite often, although usually for 1-2 days for work as I like to be in and out as quickly as possible, as I find it boring and can't stand the people I work with there. I'd be interested to know what you made of the place. As far as I know the P4P action is the usual fare around the hotels/casinos and a few instant tochkas that some of the taxi drivers will know about (been offered a couple of times, but never followed up). Freebie action for a foreigner with some Russian is plentiful and pretty easy, although I find the women too clingy, too quickly (although not money grabbing).

In places like Dnepro, Lugansk and Donetsk my impression is that the women are as gorgeous as in Kiev, with far less attitude. They dress quite slutty (no bad thing!), although the do seem to fall into the old EE habit of applying make-up with a shovel; never quite grasp why, when so many are naturally stunning. In any of these places in East Ukraine, a bit of Russian, dressing well, a few gifts of fake D and G/some make-up or beauty produts and a willingness to buy a few drinks and be charming will get you a very, very long way fairly quickly. The freebie action is far simpler and quicker than in Kiev, although there seems to be more confusion between a night of fun and a relationship.

12-29-04, 08:01
Thanks for the helpful information.
I was hoping the girls/young women were studying English at school like their Kiev sisters. Since you seem to be involved in the political/social aspects of Ukraine with your work, would you say that many of them in the smaller cities have some exposure to at least some basic English from school?

12-29-04, 14:34
JSF - I've visited Luhansk/Lugansk (depends which map you're using and whether you have the Russian/Ukrainian spelling) 3-4 times in the last few weeks, although only for flying short visits related to work to do with the election. My impression was that it was a bit of a dump, although the weather was lousy and the atmosphere quite dirty as they thought they were being screwed out of an election victory. Personally I saw nothing that made me want to go back! I'm sure there is plenty of action around hotels or by asking locals, but the infrastructure for visitors is limited to non-existent. If you speak at least some Russian though, I'm sure you'd find the freebie action plentiful if you can put the time in. Even in a week there you could have a great time, if you put the effort in to setting up dates and chatting to lots of girls.

In places like Dnepro, Lugansk and Donetsk my impression is that the women are as gorgeous as in Kiev, with far less attitude. They dress quite slutty (no bad thing!), although the do seem to fall into the old EE habit of applying make-up with a shovel; never quite grasp why, when so many are naturally stunning. In any of these places in East Ukraine, a bit of Russian, dressing well, a few gifts of fake D and G/some make-up or beauty produts and a willingness to buy a few drinks and be charming will get you a very, very long way fairly quickly. The freebie action is far simpler and quicker than in Kiev, although there seems to be more confusion between a night of fun and a relationship.Thanks mate. That doesn't sound too much fun unless I have ample time on my hands. The lady I know was excellent in service but not a freebie anyway. So will probably skip the place since I wont have that much time on my hands to look for other action. dont mind paying for action but this looks like a lot of hard work. Who knows one day the lady will come back to dubai.

Thanks for the input mate. Appreciate it.

12-29-04, 22:07

This is just a personal perspective and other people who have travelled around the other cities may have other views. A lot my work is done throughout the regions, so I do a lot of work outside of the cities in some of the really poor areas, where English is nearly non-existent.

Generally speaking I think it's all a matter of proportions and expectations. A lot more girls in the smaller cities will speak at least a smattering of English as compared to the no. of girls who could speak Russian - or indeed any other language - in somewhere like NY or London.

Quite a few of the students have studied some English at school - I can't remember if it's compulsory, but I've met several English teachers from all over Ukraine and it's the most popular foreign language to learn.

From a contact point of view it depends where you are. A lot of girls who will make it clear that they would like to talk to you as you walk around will speak English, so for a short stay it can seem that a large number of people speak English. If you are doing the approaching though, you'll find that the vast majority of the girls speak no English at all. Of course if you go to the "right" clubs/bars - RP in Kiev is the extreme example- it can seem like all Ukrainian girls speak excellent English but the truth is that the vast majority of available girls will speak little or no English outside of Kiev (or at least in the Eastern cities - it may be a bit better in somewhere like Odessa and I haven't travelled enough in the West to say).

Even in Kiev, it would be a mistake to think the whole city is bi-lingual - the reality is nothing like that, although relatively speaking far more girls speak some English, especially in the places you'll likely end up in.

The other thing to say is that in the smaller cities (and when I say small, a lot of these places are still sizeable with pops. of 1 million+) you are far more likely to come across some of the crushing poverty that still is all over Ukraine and therefore meet a lot more women who have not been to university or dropped out of school early; the less educated, the less likely they'll speak any other language.

There is also the general shyness to overcome about trying to get someone who can actually communicate quite well in English, but is really insecure about their abilities, to actually use their language skills. I've found the more Russian I speak (badly!) the more girls I meet who can actually speak a little English. One girl told me she loves to practice her English with foreigners, but won't do it with people who speak no Russian, as it just puts too much onus on her and she doesn't enjoy it. When she is speaking to someone with a little Russian or better, she only wants to talk in English as she knows if she gets stuck the conversation can still carry on. It gives her confidence and, if your Russian/Ukrainian is like mine, it makes her more relaxed that she isn't the only one making a fool of herself. It's hard to stress enough how far a little Russian will get you!

My personal view is that as Kiev becomes more generally expensive, crowded and price insane for mongering the real joys of punting in Ukraine will be in the other cities, which are years behind. I personally wouldn't travel there without acceptable tourist Russian, but I think the adventurous will find themselves the centre of attention in many of these places and can get laid for free all the time if they're prepared to put in the effort.

12-30-04, 04:01
Thanks, Snowy. That's very helpful information.
I've been going back and forth for awhile with the idea of focusing on continuing with Spanish study, or giving Russian an effort while Spanish takes a break. You've given me new energy to put my Russian books and CD's back on my table.
I know exactly what you mean when you say that a little Russian will open up many women to use their English - and when each of you know a little of the others language, it can really go far. I can communicate a lot with the Spanish I know, but understanding it is a lot harder for many reasons. I can choose the limited number of words I know to communicate what I want, even though I mostly use the present tense with other words to modify it. I've been talking with a lady from South America for over a year now, and I speak Spanish to her while she speaks English to me. It takes a lot of the pressure off of one person and keeps the conversation flowing.
Well, it seems like the smaller cities are a gold mine if you know some basic Russian - that has always been my hunch, but it's good to have someone with your experience give his thoughts on the matter. I'm thinking about making my first trip out of Kiev down to the Black Sea area - Crimean Peninsula particularly. As I understand it to be a vacation area for many Russians and Ukrainians, I think there may be a lot of English speakers in the region. Maybe my logic is flawed, but this is maybe part of the idea for why you mentioned Odessa as being a city with a higher number of English speakers. Thanks again.

12-30-04, 18:37
Thanks Mangus Man -
This is a whole different angle I haven't heard about. I have an American lady friend that lives in a small town in central Portugal. When I had mentioned travelling to the Ukraine a while back, she said there were a lot of Ukrainians in her area working. They weren't necessarily women, nor did they know Portugese, but the fact that there were so many of them in the rural towns of Portugal (from her reaction) was a bit surprising to me. I live in an American city that is referred to as the second largest Polish city in the world. It also has one of the largest Ukrainian populations outside of the Ukraine. I know the former president of Lithuania was from my city, and a Latvian president was from Canada. The point is, it's easy to make false assumptions based on things like these. Maybe I need to get out more. :)

I was in Amsterdam last week and was talking with a waitress who was from Lisbon. She said that so many foreigners are coming into Portugal now, that it is difficult for many of the natives to find good jobs. She said a lot of Brazilians are coming in and taking all levels of jobs. She contrasted it with the Netherlands, in that the Dutch do not let many foreigners have jobs outside of the service sector. I told her what my friend said about the Ukrainians, and she agreed in general.

Your points about why many of the Ukrainian women are studying Spanish makes sense. It also fits with some things I have noticed in the past but didn't seem to fit for me. When I was talking with a Polish guy in Warsaw about three years ago, he said his son was currently studying Spanish. He said it was a popular language. It surprised me at the time, but he also mentioned how Spanish soap operas were very popular, also.

Anyhow, thanks for the new angle on this language issue in the Ukraine. I always keep coming back to Spanish. Maybe I'd have better luck talking to girls outside of Kiev in Spanish before trying English - what a thought.

12-31-04, 01:59
There is a wide gap between " logic " and reality !

all what you said is IMHO what is called in french " une fausse bonne idee ! " ( a false good idea ! )

ď it seems like the smaller cities are a gold mine if you know some basic Russian Ė ď.


You are a foreigner. Everybody knows it. The devushkis (girls) know it. They see it. One american living in Crimea told me : ď they smell it ! ď. I ask myself several of the girls I met " How do you knew I was a foreigner " . " ď I knew it. You have not a slavic face !!!!!!! "

You play your cards : ď The white god factor ď : you are exotic, you speak often several other foreign languages, you have money ( much more than they have ), in their eyes you are ď RICH, WEALTHY ď, you travelled already in the world ! New York, Paris, Venice, Rome, Asia, South America , all these countries and towns the devushkis have seen on TV.


You are observed. Followed. Checked. Judged. Evaluated. I spent 3 weeks in july 2002 In Sevastopol, a city of 350.000 inhabitants . I was THE French ! ( In fact there was another one ). There was also one German, my future wingman ! ( see rule 1 ).

People I never met told me " Hi Frenchie " " Priwjet, Frantsous " . A woman told me " Ah you are the frenchman who lives 3 blocks away ! "

A young man, may be 25 yo, told me : " I have seen you several times. You were yesterday evening with a very beautiful girl.( Natasha, 30 year old, 1 son ) " So do not count on anonymity !

It is why it is not so easy to get acquainted with LOCAL girls or women. Even if you speak some russian ! It helps to get acquainted, but often is not enough. Social pressure is very strong. I picked up a nice Jana 19 year old, peroxyde blonde, nice breasts and the usual very red lips among a group of five devushkis. I had a head-on the day before with the ď boss ď of her group ! After some discussions and much hesitation, she told me " I can not go with you, I can not fight my friends, I live there, I need my friends. ". And bye Jana.

My tip in Crimea : Select the (bela)russian or ukrainian tourist females who do not care !

"I'm thinking about making my first trip out of Kiev down to the Black Sea area - Crimean Peninsula particularly. As I understand it to be a vacation area for many Russians and Ukrainians, I think there may be a lot of English speakers in the region.Ē

Crimea is a BIG destination for russian/ukrainian / bielorussian tourists. 4.500.000 this year. It is a MUST for them. ( 8.000.000 tourists under the soviets )

In fact there is nothing special to do ! There is some historical " castles " to visit.( Russian, Tatar) We have them by the dozen in France and Germany. But for them it is " IN " to visit them. A curiosity. They have killed millions of people in the Gulag, but they ask you to cover your shoes with slippers in the museums and the castles to not damage the wood floor !

Otherwise, beaches ( Sevastopol, Saki, Feodosia, Eupatoria, Sudak ) are not very large, with generally no sand and can be crowded. And the usual water attractions for tourist. You find some nudist beaches in Koktebel.

So when you are in Crimea the best way to spend your time is to chase girls ( IMHO) ! Avoid the excursion tourists females who come for the day in Yalta for example.

Well known Yalta is a little town. 70.000 people in winter, if I remember well

But I will not say that there is ď a lot of english speakers ď in the region, main restaurants have a menu card in english in Sevastopol and yalta because of foreign tourists coming with cruises on the Black Sea or along the Dnepr.

But everywhere else it is very limited ! almost no foreign tourist. You can find some people speaking german ( military service in former East Germany ). French is just for some intellectuals ! generally not the most attractive women ! )))

ď Maybe my logic is flawed, but this is maybe part of the idea for why you mentioned Odessa as being a city with a higher number of English speakers. ď


You have a basic flaw : you are a westerner, you live in a rare target environment ! Sometimes you do not see a valuable target during days, even weeks ! And when you see a valuable target, this target often use sophisticated counter-measures !

Conversely Russia and Ukraine are what they call in the Air Force : " A target-rich environment ! "

If you are a newcomer, a newbie, you have no training, even a basic one, no idea of the tactics to use in this new environment ! Here the targets do not use sophisticated counter-measures ! It is a poor country ! They have not the budget !

You have to develop a unique ability ! You need to learn to manage multiple valuable targets at the same time ! It is why you need repeat travels to Ukraine or Russian for basic training and tactics improvement ! because at the beginning there are so many possible, valuable and willing targets that you are desoriented, confused ! You have not the right " situationnal awareness " as they said in the Air Force because of your old inadequated training !

My first tip : A wingman multiplies your chances to score

Come here with a friend or make quickly acquaintance with another foreigner because 99 % of the devushkis come with a friend. If you are alone, with no ď wingman ď it is not an easy situation to manage.

My second tip : Do not take a taxi during the day.

Would you like to have a date with a taxi driver ? Obviously no ! Take the buses (or the Metro in Kiev or Moscow). A lot of women wait for the buses. Ask the devushkis for directions, for stops etc. Could you show me the street XYZ, the church, the hotel, etc. / Gde ulitsa Lenina ? gde gostinitsa Ukraina, gde avtobus vogsal ? etc

My third tip : Another Variant is :Do not rent a car with a driver, take the bus for the excursions !

I spend one full day, 11 hours, from 8.00 to 19.00 with 19 single women from 18 to 42 on an excursion trip from Sevastopol to Yalta !

There were also retired people and couples with kids and babushkas ! But we agree all that it is not our target !

Can you imagine the opportunities ? opened :

by generously offering at a stop a tea to five devs ( 10 grivni 2 $) for whatever reason I do not remember,

by asking to have a picture of yourself taken by your camera by the dev you are targeting ( avoid diplomatically the helpful babushka, it is not your target) ,

by asking ďhelpĒ from another dev you are targeting to change money ( even if you have grivnis in your pocket !), ( moreover on a free market there is some competition, same thing for the devs !)

by asking where are the toilets ( do not forget to bring your own toilet paper !),

by asking what is the best counsel of the devs to buy a book, a brochure, a postcard (1 grivni cheap), a souvenir ( for my mother, Slavicgourmet is a good boy !),

by buying a pack of cigarettes for the dev you are targeting if she smokes ( 4 grivni) ( obviously you forgot your lighter and have no matches),

By sharing a pizza with a group of devs ( you have always at least a possible target ( even for training ) in every group of devs) during the lunch pause. As a foreign gentleman Slavicgourmet proposes to pay the beers or the coffees ! ( other tip always propose to pay to a group of devs what you know is cheap tea, coffee, beer but read the menu card before ! i had once a bad surprise !)

by buying fruits ( cheap and excellent) with the help of 2 devs to share in the bus with all the devs ( you are generous and not greedy ) ( showing thatSlavicgourmet manages a healthy way of life :

By doing so you lead with the devushkis a simple russian conversation with xorosho (good ok) / vitamin / and names of fruits you find in every pocket guide. General theme is fruits are full of vitamins, it is life (jisn ), tasty ( vkushny) healthy etc). ! you know already one word BANAN ! Do not forget you LOVE fruits, every fruits and particularly the preferred fruit of your targets !

You can even organize a nice society game outside or in the bus ! you show a fruit and ask ď kak po-rousskii ď ( what is the name in russian ? ) and you repeat the name with your delicious foreign accent ! you repeat several time to improve your russian skills ! A dev will always ask you what is it in english ( french, german etc ) and will repeat too, following by some others ! at the end of the game you kiss slightly the hand of every of your female teacher ! it gives you some clues ( shy or not shy, reluctant, sweet, open, defensive, responsive, warm , cold ???)

For a modest investment : 1 pack of cigarettes, 2 kg of fruits, 2 big pizzas, 2 $ of tea, a cultural brochure , 3 postcards of yalta , other cheap niceties and by sharing by bottle of mineral water I collected nine phone numbers and adresses ! for less than 10 euros !

At the end of the excursion, the bus stopped at the bus station and not on the seafront where we started in the morning ( 5 minutes by feet from my flat ); There was a full conference between the devs + the tour guide to decide what was the best way to bring Slavicgourmet home safely ! which bus to take etc !

At the end of the 10 minutes animated conference, 2 devs of Belarus ( friends) volunteered to go with Slavicgourmet by bus ! All devs + the tour guide seemed genuinely think that a foreigner is a 4 year old child who needs help ! Even if the foreigner was already in 29 differents countries and travels abroad since he is 13 ( with his parents !)

Obviously I told nobody that a) I had a map with all the bus lines b) I read Cyrillic c) if I was really ďlostĒ I could always take a taxi

A taxi to the center of Sevastopol ( no foreigner has ever lived in the crumpy outskirts ) costs 10 / 12 grivni ! 2 $ which is half the minimum fee you have already paid in Paris when your taxi driver ignites the motor !

During the following 10 days Slavicgourmet scored 5 of the above devs :

Ludmila 23 from Brest Belarus : midwife
Sveta , her friend, 25, from Brest Belarus , nurse
Valentina 42 from Kharkov Ukraine, doctor
Valentina 28 from Novosibirsk, Siberia, accountant
Sveta, 25, from Moscow, engeneer ( studying)

I just had the usual spendings, drinks, ice-creams, restaurants, buses or taxis and 2 times some clothes ( total damages for clothes 31 $ ) as genuine gifts !

My fourth tip. A very good tip :visit the markets .

I like the ukrainian markets ! I visited the Central market everyday ! Women everywhere. Ask for prices, quantity, quality etc. My favorite : the place where they sell clothes ! 95 % of women.

And women try the dresses in the open ( in spring and summer ) ! its YSWYG (you see what you get !) ! I met there a beautiful Tatyana 30 yo trying a minidress colour rose. I make my thumb up, then said loud " Haracho " ( ok )- Smile Ė ja frantsous ( I am french) for me Ok. ( My russian at the time was primitive ). She was with a friend. ( I had no wingman ( see rule nį 1 ).

I met her the day after in a disco wearing this dress and well the rest is history.

A curiosity : Twins !!! Russians marry very early . So it is very common to meet a pair : a beautiful matured woman of 40 ( divorced ) with her copy of 18 / 20. Interesting situation too. ( No, no, no, I had no threesome !! More exactly, not this kind ! ).

My fifth tip : Use wisely your money when you invite !

One key factor in Crimea and Ukraine is that drinks and food are for nothing. You have no financial risks to invite a girl to take a juice ( sok ) or even a cup of Crimean Champagne or to dinner. But be selective. I saw an american guy taken for a bank or an ATM on feet ! He spends a lot of time drinking with nice girls, and friends of these girls who themselves knew other girls. But no results.

In Crimea, there is nice devushkis in holydays by the dozen. Avoid the pros in Yalta with dollars in their eyes. It is a (spoiled ) minority but very aggressive ( if you say no )!

The nice average devushkis will be very happy to have a drink or to go to dinner with you. Because it is as exciting and exotic for them as it is for you ! For sex everything is open. My tip : Be direct. She can say yes.

Sixth tip ! Be direct, firm and kind !

Your russian is zilch. My too ( for a philosophical conversation and even a normal one ! ). Her english is poor at best. Nuances and understatements lead you nowhere, believe me. She generally does not understand you. And take care : misunderstandings are easy !

At the beginning of my russian / ukrainian trips, with regular devushkis or women I told about " some more intimate relations " and sentences of the same nature etc. No response. The devushkis were mute. They did not understood me.

After having understood this point, I used the word SEX, underlined and written in big characters. Generally you have a yes. Not always but often.

Last tip. In Russia the man is the boss. Be kind, polite ( you are a genteleman and a foreigner ) AND directive ( you are a MAN ). The participative / democratic style : " Where would you like to go to dinner, to go, what do you want to do ? Etc. creates me more problems than give positive results. Same thing at best the devushkis do not understand your behavior, at worst they find you " weak ".

My conclusion is :

- smaller cities are a gold mine ! You find here a lot of pepites : many miniskirted devushkis with long legs and red lips available ! everybody agree on the fact. They have less contacts with foreigners. They are less ď spoiled ď than in Kiev.
- but a gold pepite is not marketable ! what to do in HER town, among HER friends and acquaintances in HER environment ! how to safely turn a gold pepite into gold ? how to get a provincial ukrainian BJ ? how to f.... her ?
- only gold has a practical market value. The key factor is to change the environment ! YOUR TARGET IS :
- a mini-skirted devushki ( with long legs and red lips )
raised in ANOTHER small / middle town and living in THIS small / middle town where you presently are, whatever the reason ( work, tourism, university ),
speaking a little english (or spanish, german, french or whatever language you can speak ( if she speaks well, she has practice with other foreigners, and your white god factor is less efficient in the reverse proportion of her ability to speak !)
with an average job : nurse, seller, accountant, clerk, civil servant
- By targeting this gem you improve by a factor 10 your chance of a hit !

12-31-04, 08:24
MM -
I don't have a knack for picking up foreign languages, so I've also had the same problem keeping them separated. When I put the effort into my Russian, I find myself losing my edge with Spanish and confusing the two languages. I know some people can do it, but I don't know of a trick if there is one.

The German doesn't surprise me - I have found so many times in my travels throughout E. Europe where some German knowledge would have really made a difference (I thought it was English first and German a distant second with other languages being virtually irrelevent in the practical sense for mongering). But it's good to hear about the Spanish in Ukraine - especially for a foreign language challenged person like myself.

I wasn't sure how to interpret your final statements. Have you pretty much decided to put off Russian and just focus on the Spanish? If your impressions on Odessa and Kharkov are correct, and are applicable to the other "small" cities, it would be worthwhile for me to put my S. American trip before my Ukraine trip this summer - a good opportunity for me to work on my Spanish before I go to the Ukraine.

Maybe some other posters have some facts about the language issues in Ukraine. Thanks for your help!

The AF
12-31-04, 09:16
Hi all,

It seems, Snowy, that you have useful experience about the city of Dnepropetrovsk.

I am planing to visit a girl there in March, which I know for half a year now...she is a student not a hooker, her English is very well.

As I do not want to just drop by and invite myself into her parents' home I am looking for a reasonable priced place to stay for 3 or 4 nights. It doesn't have to be a Hotel which offers great location or service as I mostly will hang out in the city with her. I would like to ask you or others in this Forum about where to get information about Hotels in Dnepro and prices as well as useful experiences about this particular city. Also flight information is welcome...I think I will fly via Czech or Malev to Kiew and then with Aerosvit to Dnepro or maybe with Aerosvit from Warsaw via Kiew...Does anyone know if online booking on Aerosvit's website is possible for EU-citizens..?? Is it trustworthy like booking online at Ryanair etc..? I would like to know, as rates offered by Aerosvit are low cost in comparison to Austrian Airlines or Ukrainian Airlines.

Thank you all for your help.



12-31-04, 11:33
Although Spanish is the most widely used language in the U.S, I have not encountered even a single girl acquainted with it among the hundreds I've met so far..

Uke Boy
12-31-04, 12:57

Your post is half right and half wrong.

English is the most widely used language in the USA, Spanish is the most widely used second language. However, it is not because Americans learn Spanish but due to the huge Hispanic emigration, both legal and illegal.

I have to agree with you, though, on Spanish in Ukraine. It is indeed extremely rare to see any lady from here learning or speaking Spanish.

English is by far the number one language, with German a very distant second, French and Italian even farther back. Spanish is a minor blip on the radar screen. I know since I have been involved with school and university projects.

Bez Bezarra
12-31-04, 13:47
Hey I'm just saying I met more students from University who study and speak some spanish than anything BESIDES English, and found that definitely was the case in Odeca.

The key word there is besides! Of course English is #1. But for any dyev that is really serious about getting out of the country, whether for good or even just for travel, those dyevs are much more likely to know German or Spanish. And the reason is simply that its easier for them to get to German
or Spanish speaking destinations than English speaking ones.

Eta fsyo!

12-31-04, 14:42
My Ukrainian experience is more limited than MM's, Vega's or Uke Boy's, however when I was in Odessa I found that most girls spoke only Russian and/or Ukrainian. I was there just before the main tourist season, so most girls I met were actually from Odessa and not Russians or Ukrainians on holiday. If they spoke a foreign language, it was either English or German. Spanish is a fashionable language at university now, but the number of students studying it is still far lower than English, which is by far the most popular.

One thing is for sure though, you should learn at least some Russian before going. If you don't, you can forget tapping most of the market. Even those who speak limited English likely won't speak with you unless you at least try to speak Russian. When they hear you making mistakes, they will feel less self-conscious about speaking English and will at least try.

Here a picture from somewhere on Arkadia, the outdoor beachside entertainment complex near Odessa. Both of these girls spoke only Russian.

12-31-04, 17:37

Were those girls sisters? Most importantly, what's in the hookah? ;-)


01-01-05, 01:24

Not sisters, but they look inbred! As for the hookah it was apple calean if I recall correctly... whatever it was, it made them veeeerrrry relaaaaxxxxed...

The AF
01-01-05, 12:50
Hi all,

Happy new year 2005,

it seems Snowy has much inside info about Ukraine and Dnepropetrovsk in particular, but my question goes to you all:

Im planning to visit a girl who I know for about half a year (student no proffessional) in March/April in Dnepropetrovsk. As she lives with her parents I would like to find a proper accomodation like a hotel that is reasonably priced or an appartment to rent for 3 or 4 nights. Does anyone have any information/experience how I can make arrangements? I am going to travel from Germany, most probably Berlin, so I fly either via Warsaw or Prague as those are the cheapest routes to Kiev. Does anyone also know if the Ukrainian low-cost carrier Aerosvit Airlines can be booked online by non-residents, as it offer really cheap flights...!!!

Hope someone can provide info...it will be highly appreciated...!!!



The AF
01-01-05, 13:22
Hi all,

Happy new year 2005,

It seems Snowy has much inside info about Ukraine and Dnepropetrovsk in particular, but my question goes to you all:

Im planning to visit a girl who I know for about half a year (student no proffessional) in March/April in Dnepropetrovsk. As she lives with her parents I would like to find a proper accomodation like a hotel that is reasonably priced or an appartment to rent for 3 or 4 nights. Does anyone have any information/experience how I can make arrangements? I am going to travel from Germany, most probably Berlin, so I fly either via Warsaw or Prague as those are the cheapest routes to Kiev. Does anyone also know if the Ukrainian low-cost carrier Aerosvit Airlines can be booked online by non-residents, as it offer really cheap flights.

Hope someone can provide info? It will be highly appreciated!



01-03-05, 02:26
The AF

Just managed to delete all the text from the first answer, the lesson being I should never bother replying when happily plastered.

Dnepro has a few hotels - like a lot of cities outside of the main EE cities, I can never get over how expensive they are for such average accomodation. I assume the principle is that no-one going to someone like Dnepro is actually paying for it themselves. If you do an online search you'll come across loads of discount hotel sites that offer various deals on hotels like Best Eastern, Academy and one of the others - Astoria? - something like that. Just do a search until you find the deal that suits you. The more expensive hotel is the Grand, but I'm sure you can get a deal on rooms there too, although you may want to wait until nearer the time for there.

I've never booked an apartment in Dnepro but a quick search yielded http://www.Kievrent.net/ - never used them, but they look legit and have reasonable looking apartments at pretty standard rates (the four room apartment in Lviv 001LV at $1 a month seems a little too good to be true!). Maybe someone else can comment if they are legit. I always prefer apartments and if you are after a regular girl(s), apartments make life a lot simpler.

You can book internal flights directly through the Aerosvit website
(http://www.aerosvit.ua/eng) and you can pick up the tickets at Borispol. I usually fly directly to Dnepro from the UK - usually with Austrian Airlines through Vienna which is the cheapest and quickest way for me; I tend to travel with little notice and the Aerosvit flights are usually already booked. In the UK - and I'm sure in Germany - the travel agents can also sort out the internal flights for you too if you want or ask them for the price of a direct flight.

It really isn't any more complicated than booking flights elsewhere in Europe, although things usually get slightly fucked up when you get to Borispol which, as airports go, is a disorganized zoo. Then again, it's the gateway to candyland so I forgive it everything.

The AF
01-03-05, 03:06

Thank a lot. This is the info I needed! Now if I would know if those sites are trustworthy, I am almost done with planning to travel!

Regarding flights: The direct flight from Vienna got my attention of course, however, it was almost 700 EUR for the time I was planning to fly which is Easter 2005. I found routes half that price via Prague and Kiev or from Warsaw! What do you usually pay for a flight to Dnepro from London and how much in advance you book?



P.S.: Sorry about the massive posting!

01-03-05, 20:55
The AF

To be honest someone else pays! Booking is rarely more than a week in advance and I think it costs between £400-£600 from London for a round trip (London-Vienna-Dnepro-Vienna-London).

If I was going for a longer trip where time was less of an issue and could book in advance, it would be cheaper to go to Kiev, which you can get to for around £200-£250 from London, and would then use Aerosvit, which would cost another £80-100 for a round trip down to Dnepro.

It Travel
01-19-05, 11:25
In 2003-2004 I stayed twice, two weeks in total, at Zhytomir and went there also some other time when staying in Kiev.

The hotel situation is very poor. Coming from Kiev (on the main street leading to the centre) you will find in the suburbs a kind of Motel on the left side (100 meters on a little street left, but with big signs), named some times Motel, sometimes Hotel. In the 20 USD class, but not clean and not worthy for anything an a quick fuck with a girl coming from a disco, usually they do not ask for passports, just for money.

On the other side of the city towards Chernigov (there is some kind of a motorway ring on the right of the city if you are coming from Kiev) youíll find a kind of real Motel (western standard and western prices) some action in the bar as usual in this places, but nothing interesting, and every time you want to the center, market or whatever else you have to take a taxi for 10-15 minutes. No problems to find them and very cheap (2-3Ä gests you every where in the city).

Surely the best option is Hotel Zhytomir: itís big, in the centre (Pobeda Square, in front of the WWII monument with a T34 tank) and itís so big that surely you will find a room also if itís not booked. The price can be very lowÖ to 20 USD, but for a normal refurbished room with fridge and TV itís on 75 USD breakfast included. Obviously overpriced, and if you pay by Credit Card they will take 3% more. The only good thing is that there is no hassle for anything and they will register your passport at the local OVIR (itís the Russian name but I think itís the same in Ukraine) for free.

In front of the hotel there is the main bus stop for Kiev, and if you turn left getting out from the lobby, and left again at the first street (I do not remember the name) you will get to all you need (post office with internet connections, big open market, commercial centre etc, itís all in that area). Just after the corner (2 minutes walk from the hotel) you will find a disco: Atlantis. The most popular there. Itís always full of young people and you can see also some pros, often very nice in the 25-30 y. section. In the streets leaving the square where the hotel is (three/four) just at the corners you can find other busy places for the evening: restaurants, discos etc. Especially interesting the one (restaurant/disco) which has the entrance on the left side of the cinema-theatre in the central square, but I do not remember the name.

In the Atlantis itís not difficult to make contacts with group of girls (the entrance is a poor 1Ä and beers are around 0.75-1.50) offering a drink: they love sweet Martini. My problem were my travel matesÖ you know the no no type!

In the other place, more similar to a disco pub, conversation is easier, I went some times directly in the late evening from the hotel (itís open up to 3 or 4 a.m.). You will find easily nice waitress speaking English or French or German. And lot of normal girls. Just be aware if you finally take on to the hotel the reception will keep her passport until she leaves. So the problem is not to bribe the doormen, but whatís written in the passport.

I found out, just speaking with them, that some girls (willing, nearly drunk ones) where around 15-16 y.o.! But when you saw them you could not believeÖ between 1.70-1.80 m tall, big tits and some kind of real pro faces. But I am against so I tried to get some more ďlegalĒ ones from the security staff of the hotel.

I just asked the doorman/security at the hotel for a girl. No problem he said. I went to the room and 20 minutes after a beautiful teen (I guess 19) came in from the door. She was speaking good English, and told me she was a student (possible). It was a nice eveningÖ An usual dush some cuddling and then in bed. A three hour session for 80 USD. Overpriced for the place, but a lot of middleman and tips (security, manager, mafia guys, etc) I think that the girl gets 30 or something like that.

In the next days I asked again the security staff for help and for three evening I got a complete normal teen. Round 18. not so tall, with wonderful tits (big big nipples). Marika. She did not allow anal, but made fantastic BBBJ, CIM and Swallowing. I enjoyed the first evening so I called back this girl (trough the security: no problems no direct bribes, you pay the girls and they deal out the money) again and again. I think it was 9 or 10 swallowings in three days!

The best was the last eveningÖ when she came she was already a little bit drunk, so I gave hr some more vodka and beer hoping on her little service entrance! The result was different. I had some very good COF. And making the teen slurping it with a tea spoon. I had never thought to take a picture, but this could be interesting. So I came with the camera and Marika become very angryÖĒI am not a *****!Ē I am an hairdresser you will not make such picturesÖ and so on. Some more fuck and it was over.

In the morning I realized se was an hairdresser! In fact there is an hairdresser saloon (very popular in the city and always full) in the lobby of the Zhytomir Hotel. And she was just working there, she looked at me, but I had to leave for Kiev, otherwise it could have been a good afternoon rest.

One of my work mates (known there and living there in a private apartment) told me, when we came more close that Zhytomir is like Disneyland for him: he makes own food (at no cost) a beer in summer (looking beautiful girls on the streets with huge transparencies) costs less than 0.50 Ä! And he has no regular girl friend but has relation with five or six: total damage for the evenings 10-15 Ä for dinner, a little present, some vodka, and you fuck for free real teen stunners.

Kiki Lala
03-28-05, 14:52
Any hot place in Simferopol more to the train station area?

Handyman #2
04-03-05, 02:13
hello all,

my continuation on my ukraine tour of january-march 2005. as i said in my kiev report, i visited the ukraine at the behest of a large american company with representatives from three other companies who were bidding on the same contract. the primary company man seemed like a "holier than though" type that kept us running from early morning to late at night, then a long drive and into a hotel. so my mongering was spasmotic at best. although i met many beautiful ladies we seldom spent more than one day and at most two days in one city, so freebies were almost out of the question. but i did get some general impressions during my over three weeks on the roads and in the cities of provencial ukraine.

1st i totally agree with snowy on the need for a wingman in visiting cities outside of kiev or odessa. it seemed like there is a pack mentality with the girls. the girls traveled in two or more to a group, very seldom did you find one alone.

although i understand spoken russian, i can not read it or speak it very well (at least many people can't understand me) but i found my electronic russian-english translator was not only a good hedge, it was also a curiousity to the girls. at dinner one evening (with our 9 man group), i was typing in some information into the data bank and a girl came up and asked me what it was. when i told her, she wanted to see it. the next thing i knew she was showing it to her three friends. then more girls wanted to see it. after dinner, our group moved to the bar and the girls all came in and continued chatting us up (this brought a frown from mr. holier than though). they really thought the translator was great, they liked the verbal button that displayed the word and then vocalized it. so if nothing else it was a great ice breaker!

i can't begin to remember all the names of the small town and cities we visited or the names of all the hotels we stayed in, but one thing i did notice was that the beds were noticably smaller than american beds, both in width and length. i would also recommend that people pick a medium hotel. the top of the line seemed to bring out the dollar signs in the ladies mind. the bottom of the barrel - they thought you were a cheapee!

finding girls on short notice in a strange city. in some hotels, security was of great help, but in some of the smaller hotels the bartender was the main man. my best luck was finding a bar with very few people in it or the hotel bar and buy the bartender a drink and a small tip. he would make a phone call and 20-30 minutes later there was at least a 2 girl selection process. one bad thing, if you don't find anything you like in the selection, there probably won't be any more especially in the smaller cities.

prices: in kiev and odessa, i was quoted $150.00 to $400.00 for 2 hours to all night. in the provinces, the higher i was quoted was $150.00 for all night. in one very small town, with only two small hotels, the hotel bartender arranged an all nighter for me for 80gvi. and she was a gorgeous student with a great body.

roads: the roads inside of kiev and odessa are pretty good, but the roads outside of these large cities seem to be filled with pot holes (or our driver hit each one to make sure none of us got any sleep). while it was an adventure, it was not a comfortable trip.

trains: now here i really thought they had it together. the puddle jumpers (stopped in every single town) were slow, but the express trains were great and ran on time. the over-night train with sleeper was great. the clackety - clack can really put you to sleep. plus it was a great place to meet people and the ladies.

crime and violence: during my stay in the ukraine, i saw many cons. do not pick up money (especialy american money) from the ground and ignore anyone that does and trys to split it with you. also watch the cafes, we had our bill padded many times with things we didn't order or get. we did have a black man with our party and had a problem in a town close to odessa. however, when they realized that he was with 9 other men, they quickly left. if he had been by himself, there could have been a major problem. document checks became a regular thing, and it always seemed like something was wrong with one of our papers. a small fine and we were on our way. after awhile it just got old and boring.

food: from absolutely great to bearly tolerable. the bigger cities had the best selection of cafes but the smaller cities seemed to have the best food and the cheapest prices and the biggest quantities.

the people: mostly friendly. but make sure you don't hit on some guys girl friend or there could be some problems.

more later.

Handyman #2
04-03-05, 19:54
I left off with the friendliness of the people last time. I would like to expound on that some more:

I have found from my many travels to foreign lands that people are people. Some good, some bad - it is just the luck of the draw! And I dislike generalization on principle, but sometimes that can't be helped. So here are my generalized feeling about the people. People in the 50 and up age range, were more stand-offish and I felt that they would have been happy if we weren't there. Trying to start a conversation with them was usually a waste of time, useless our guide was doing most of the talking. If we asked a question, they seemed to answer to the Ukraine guide and not the non-Ukraine that asked the question. This was true especially of the men, but the women also did it on many occassions. The one exception was bartenders - they normally would answer your question directly. Generally, very very few spoke any English or any other foreign language (unless they were prior military)

People 30-49: Here it was about half and half. Some were really friendly and were impressed that foreign men were in their country and would be working there to improve their lives. Some just acted like, they wondered why we were there bothering their lives. The ones that spoke a little English or foreign language would try to speak to you IF you tried your poor Russian first. However, if they saw you trying to talk with a lady that was quite a bit younger than you, you could see the look of disapproval quite clearly. So, in a mixed aged environment, you could get shot down just by the girl getting a dirty look from one of her fellow older citizens. This could be overcome, if you made a effort to be friendly, but not pushy, and try to be accepted before going into a mongering mode.

People Younger that 30: With this group of people they seemed very friendly indeed. If they spoke some English they would often come up and introduce themselves, regardless where you were or what you were doing. We weren't dressed very well since our work was often dirty, but that didn't seem to bother the people in the smaller towns. But you also didn't want to be wearing something with holes in it either. One problem we did have was with the young men 18-24, they seemed to get jealous if we chatted up the ladies or were just being friendly. Our group consisted of people from 31-57 and most of the time we were just trying to be friendly, not trying to hit on any one. However, on more than one occassion, we saw the young men almost forcing their lady friends to leave where we were. Either there are more mongers in the proviences than I thought or they had heard about all the sex travel to the Ukraine and weren't taking any chances. So if you are going to a real small town, you will have to take time to overcome objections and be accepted, but since it seems to be such a tight knit community, if you strike out with a girl, the chances are that you will have to forget that town!

ATMs/Traveler Checks: It is true that Kiev has several hundred or thousands of ATMs, but they are not as popular in other cities. Odessa had many, and the larger cities also had some that could be found without much effort. BUT in the towns of 30,000 and below, you could have a major problem in finding an ATM or a place to cash traveler's checks. So be prepared!

Cell phones: Around the major cities we got decent reception, but out on the road, you might travel for hours with nothing. We had to stop and use pay phones often instead of the cell phones.

Quality of Nightclubs and Bars: Outside of the major cities you will be surprised what they call a nightclub. Mostly just small bars without many ladies.

P4P: I am not 100% sure on this, so take this with a grain of reality! I felt that P4P was available in most locations regardless of the size of the town, maybe it was a "bad" girl in town but the bartenders seemed to be able to make a call and get you hooked up. On one occassion, I passed, not because of the girls looks, body or attitude. I passed because of her age. If she was more than 14-15, I would be very surprised. So be very careful here, Ukraine prisons are not known for their comfort. Check ages! It might be true that the girls get married at a very early age, but there are still laws against it. It seemed like the standard thing is the selection process. Larger towns had 2-5 girls come to your room for a selection, smaller ones 1-2. Asking for an English speakers usually resulted in a girl that could say Hi! Again, the smaller the town the cheaper the price - normally!

Buses: In most towns, public transportation was exceptional. Buses were frequent and cheap. If you were staying in an area long enough, you could purchase a monthly card that you just showed to the conductor. One note: The conductor was usually a lady and some of them were not bad!

Best places to score a non-pro: I felt the shops were the best places. You could find the ladies in a non-pack environment. Cafes seemed a poor place because they were either in a pack or they couldn't overcome the disapproving looks of their elders.

Airlines: No experience with domestic airlines, we traveled either by van or train.

Well hopefully these reports have given you some ideas of what it is like outside of Kiev. While I would not be afraid to return again (and I really hope that I get the contract), I will go into intensive Russian language training before I go back. Having a Ukrainian guide was a god send on more than one occassion because of our poor Russian skills. I understood the most, and it was still not sufficient for an extended trip.

Take Care and Happy Hunting

04-03-05, 23:59
Be careful in Simperofol. I was out late at the outdoor beer garden/disco by the roundabout last summer. There was a guy asking for money who I couldn't really understand as I don't speak Russian. A few minutes later as he approached another group the tables went flying and everybdy got up. Things quietened down and the disco got going again. I left a little later and got mugged, ended up in hospital. I think he waited for me outside as he knew I was a westerner travelling on my own. Not much to do in town. It is very run down. The outskirts look a bit like Bagdhad but with six foot tall bondes walking about! Sebastopol was better. Go and see the Russian Navy's fleet day. Great party afterwards.

Duty Free
04-15-05, 13:06
I'll be going to Dnepro on April 10th for 3 nights on work. This will be my first trip to E. Europe, heard lots of good things about that area on the forum and looking forward to discovering the girls myself.

Can anyone give thier insight on Dnepro hotels and where to pick up the women. I suppose the best bet would be the bartender or concierge? Is there a particular bar where one can visit safely and choose from a selection? Is this a relatively small town that chatting up will work?

I'll report my adventures on my return.

Bez Bezarra
04-16-05, 04:20
A relatively small town?

Well, maybe compared to somepalce like Tokyo.

Its Ukraine's 3rd largest city. You'll be chatting your balls off.

04-16-05, 16:31
I am heading to Kharkov for a weekend then on to Kiev.

Has anyone any advice on places / clubs etc.?


Buck Naked
05-04-05, 03:21
Very little info on Kherson in here. Does anyone have any information on this city?

Pro scene? Prices? Freebies? Nightclubs?


05-11-05, 17:35
Very little info on Lviv in here. Does anyone have any information on this city?

Pro scene? Prices? Freebies? Nightclubs? www?


Steve I
05-18-05, 09:16

I also wanted to give some input, even it was not a positive experience. It was in Nevember 2004

I do busines in Simferopol, and I was visting the bars there. Not really exiting, the best was the bar in Hotel Moscow.

They offer a special kind of topless show, but you can touch the girls when they come to you. POf course they want to tease you to offer them a drink or to order a "private dance" in another room. There they make, for the duration of a sond, a full strip tease. Depending on the girl and the money you spend, this can be very hot, but sex is a no-no. Don't know why, it seams absolutely not possible to date one of those girls, even not with a tip for the bar-keeper. Maybe someone else has an idea?

Ok, then I asked my taxi-driver, a very honest and reliable man, to help me to find someone for the night. He finally organised someone outside the town and we took this cab and drove out in the night. We waited some time at a place, and a bit later came a woman of about 30 years old, who visbly needed a dentist urgently. I found a polite way to bring her back.

Ok, I had not much time to try other things, and i didn't want to go with a girl from the street.

I will go to Ukraine again in two weeks, and think I will book a girl from an agency in Kiev or Odessa in advance.

Any other suggestions are welcome


Cruiser D
05-23-05, 21:02
If you are in Kiev and want some p4p and want a selection to choose from the choice is easy, go to River Palace 100-200 USD.


(stuff deleted)

Ok, I had not much time to try other things, and i didn't want to go with a girl from the street.

I will go to Ukraine again in two weeks, and think I will book a girl from an agency in Kiev or Odessa in advance.

Any other suggestions are welcome


Captain Fire
05-25-05, 01:52
Does anyone know anything about a small town or city named Vinnitsa. I'm going there June 3. Any action. Also what is night life like

Duty Free
05-28-05, 18:42
Made it to Dnepro earlier this month. The place is full of Hot Women!!!! I had a great time as I was there on business and appartment the business courtesy norm (at least with my biz partner) was to arrange a girl to spend the evening/night with me so I was well taken care of. The first night we went to a strip club where he told me I could choose any of the strippers and take them back. I forget the name of the club but it was something in French and one distinct feature was there were these spot lights that were revolving inside the club. Had something like 12 girls ranging from 6 to 9. I tool this really hot one, no English but made up in bed with the language of Love. Again my biz partner paid so I don't know what is cost. The other nights I was provided a English Teacher, a Secratary and a Shoe Sales girl, all three spoke broken English and all gave good times.

Also was staying at the Grand Hotel on Karl Marx Ave. (the main shopping road in Dnrepro) and as soon as I checked in the hotel bellboy asked if I wanted any company so I suppose its quite easy.

Need to do more Business in Dnepro.

06-03-05, 18:01

A little info about Lviv, Uzhorod, Lutsk or Ternopil.

Escort, private, agency, etc.

06-13-05, 20:01
2 years ago I was in Lvov.

I had a great time with some escorts.

The problem is if you can not read Cyrilic, it will be very difficult.

I bought a newspaper full of adds.

Then I found some phone numbers and I called. They only spoke in Russian and I spoke just a little bit of Russian, but I succeeded it and I got 3 nice girls of Lvov.
Price 20 dollars for 1 hour.

A man will bring you the girl.

If you don't speak Russian, the best thing is to ask a man and you will give him something.

Good luck

06-14-05, 17:33
Hi, Volpone

VERY Thanks for info.

06-19-05, 17:00
Ok, I have a couple of questions I thought some of the guys here can help me with. I have been invited to go and spend some time in Sevastopol during my summer tour to Ukraine. What I am planning to do is to fly to Kiev and then fly down to sevastopol for 3 or 4 days and then coming back to Kiev.

The problem I have is that my flight will be arriving at 23.30pm at Borispol, does anyone know of a good cheap hotel close to the airport that I can use for one night?

Also, will it be possible to arrive at the airport the next day and book myself on a flight to Sebastopol or is it better to book the flight in advance before arriving in Ukraine?

Also I have been told that flights from Kiev to Sevastopol cost about $70 return, is this accurate?

Bez Bezarra
06-19-05, 17:52

Your flight to Sevast might be from Julany airport, not KBP
Boryspil, so you could stay in any central hotel in the city.

Now come to think of it, I'm not all too sure that you can even
fly to Sevastopol, because I don't remember any airport there.
Pretty sure the only real flights from Kyiv to Krim are to
Simferopol, which you do catch from Julany. All I remember
are the navy ships, lots of them, and the pretty houses built
up on the bluffs over the harbor and the Black Sea, kind of
like Istanbul or the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

Anyway, those planes are small, expect the flight to be a
bit crowded during the summer with Kievans heading to
the sea, you'd be safer booking ahead, at the least a day
or two. Maybe spend your extra Kiev days before going
south instead of after, to get your flight planned. Or you
could just have a local travel agent book it for you.

Be sure to check out the waterfront area with all the weird
nautical stuff for sale from foreign ports of call. Well, what I
mean is that it attracts lots of curious female visitors, who are
really interesting to check out! You'll find them in the shops
and lunch spots around that area also.

Steve I
06-20-05, 20:19
About the flight from Kiev to Sevastopol AFAIK its the same as from Kiev to Simferopol, it makes a stop in SIMF and goes then to SEV. Company is Areosvit, planes are turboprop. Personally, I don't like them.

You can book the flights in UA with your flight, it's maybe a bit more expensive but not so much hasle.

I wanted to give an update about Simferopol. I met a dancer there last winter, but weren't sucessful then. My taxidriver met her and got the number, and this time: Bingo!

She a stunner, slim, firm body, blonde brown eyes. Very clean, very fresh girl. She don't speak a word english, but who cares. She is a 100% professional and I like the service she offers, especially rimming ..... in some words, the best sex I ever had. This for 150 grv/hour, about 30 us$

This is also the "street-price", I found also some girls on the street to the station for this price, but there I'm stil hesitating.


Heading East
06-23-05, 21:49
Anybody know anything about the scene here?

Its Ukraines second most important city. I'm sure there must be a whole load of action! anyone know any bars or any clubs? Does this place have its version of the River Palace? or even just an expat bar?

Bez Bezarra
06-24-05, 14:39
Kharkov is absolutely not a tourist destination, therefore there
is no "scene", as you'll find in Kiev or even agencies like
in Odessa. What is "available" is only accessible for russian
speakers. A taxi can drive you around the streets, but you'll only
find older druggie types of *****s that aren't very appealing,
unless you prefer getting HIV.

For russians, its the typical prostitute that is available through
telephone numbers in the introduction section of the local
newspaper. Generally 5's and 6's, maybe an ocaisional 7,
usually mid to early twenty somethings, that expect you to
go their apartment, again not very appealing.
No english speaking.

No expat bars, no River Palaces.

The local scene is the same in any russian city, you can try charming your way into getting phone numbers, and hope that after a date or two you can get them into the sack for a "gift". They are somewhat modest and conservative, getting a girl into bed on the first meeting is rare. Expect
about 2 weeks time to make some siginifacnt progress, its hit or miss.
There are treasures there just like any russian city, time is the key.

06-25-05, 21:26
Kharkov has less choice than Kiev but

Prices are much cheaper.

An escort in kharkov 20-25 dollars for one shot or one hour, depends on the girl.

You can also go to apartments in Kharkov, same price as for an escort or even cheaper.

In some apartments, really nice students 18-22years old.

If you go to some bars in hotels or in discos, you will usually pay more.

The only problem is that you have to be able to speak a bit of Russian. If it's not the case, it's much easier to stay in Kiev and just to speak in English and to ask the girl you want and you pay 50 dollars for one hour or one time, it will depend on the girl.

Have a good time in Ukraine.


Kiki Lala
06-26-05, 14:31
Does anybody have Simferopol call girl # or any escort agency?

Or perhaps any personal contact?

I live in Simferopol.

06-26-05, 14:42
Hello Bez,

Do you live in Kharkov? or are you in Kharkov a few times in the year?

I was there in 2004.

The price for an escort for 1 hour was 25 dollars and sometimes even a bit less. It was for 1 time sex session or the 2 sex sessions, it depends on the girl.

I just bought the newspaper PRIMIER and you look for znakomstva.

When I made the phone calls, I only spoke in broken Russian. I always paid in Hryvnia, I've never paid in dollars. Price in Hrivnia was 100 or 120 Hrivnia. Just for 1 escort, I paid 150 Hrivnia and that was the worst.

In apartments in Kharkov, prices are from 80-120 Hrivnias. 16 dollars to 24 dollars.

Many girls, that work in apartments, may work as an escort. So they can come to your place or you can go to their apartment and you will have the choice between a few of them.

Just try to learn a bit of Russian if you are many times in Ukraine, it will help you a lot.

Heading East
06-26-05, 15:17
Thanks for the help guys

Unfortunately i have no choice about kharkiv. Its just somewhere i need to be for a couple of week.

I've got this Monday and Tuesday night in Kiev so all is not lost.

Will just follow the normal rule when in the FSU, contact a marriage agency and ask for some dates with open minded student types!

Will report back with anything I can find on Kharkiv. I still go with the hope that there MUST be something here.

Just keep heading east guys!

06-27-05, 02:40
Thanks for the help guys

Unfortunately i have no choice about kharkiv. Its just somewhere i need to be for a couple of week.

I've got this Monday and Tuesday night in Kiev so all is not lost.

Will just follow the normal rule when in the FSU, contact a marriage agency and ask for some dates with open minded student types!

Will report back with anything I can find on Kharkiv. I still go with the hope that there MUST be something here.

Just keep heading east guys!Forget the marriage agencies, go to the local foreign language faculty and just toil around there pretending to be some dumb foreigner, you will attract much more attention from Russian/Ukrainian english speaking chicks who would be delighted to improve their english language skills for a sex bargain ;)

Roger Mellie
06-27-05, 05:50
For apartments, try Dmitry at http://www.kharkovgirls.com/

He runs a marriage agency / apartment service. I have rented an apartment from him --- they were all 20- $40. And he can pick you up / take you to the airport.

He has some really hot girls too

Cruiser D
06-27-05, 13:50
RM, how legit is the website? Or is it the usual dating for dinner, send me $500 for (fill in the reason), let's have long endless canned emails so the agency can make money off you crap?

For apartments, try Dmitry at http://www.kharkovgirls.com/

He runs a marriage agency / apartment service. I have rented an apartment from him --- they were all 20- $40. And he can pick you up / take you to the airport.

He has some really hot girls too

Roger Mellie
06-27-05, 20:29
I cant vouch for the integrity of his dyev operation. As far as the apartments go, he was fine. Bez bazar. I took the most expensive pad he had. $40 a night.

His office doubles as the marriage agency and it was in there while talking to him about apartments that I met a delightful 19 y.o. shaggee, who was trying to get herself on the web so she could meet a nice foreign guy.

Eight hours later she was getting shagged, brutalised, and photographed. Oh how life is full of pleasant twists and turns.

06-27-05, 22:36
How long and how much to go from Kiev to Kharkov ? Except from Kiev and Odessa, what would be a nice place for a foreigner who speaks very little russian ? If I come back to Ukraine, I would like to go outside Kiev but I guess they don't speak much english.

His office doubles as the marriage agency and it was in there while talking to him about apartments that I met a delightful 19 y.o. shaggee, who was trying to get herself on the web so she could meet a nice foreign guy.

Eight hours later she was getting shagged, brutalised, and photographed. Oh how life is full of pleasant twists and turns.There are very few 19 y.o. girls in his agency, you have just ruined their reputation ;)

06-28-05, 10:48

Question about the dyevs in Ukraine - do they all speak russian, or do some only know ukrainian? What about getting around in the smaller cities - are you using russian or ukrainian for storefronts, newspapers, street signs, etc? Any "cultrual resistance" to russian or any other languages? Thanks.


06-28-05, 20:21
Hi all fellow members,
I know I asked few weeks ago, but I try again..nobody knows something or was in Uzgorod? I am plan to go there soon.

Thanks in advance.

06-29-05, 04:18
Primarily depends on where you are geographically in Ukraine. Ukrainian is seldomly used (if not ever used) in the eastern regions and at times in the Crimea and Odessa regions. The more you move to the west, however, the more prevalent (and sensitive) does the issue of the Ukrainian language become, from Kiev being somewhat neutral as to whether Ukrainian or Russian is used and L'vov/Uzhgorod being very Ukranian Nationlists.


Question about the dyevs in Ukraine - do they all speak russian, or do some only know ukrainian? What about getting around in the smaller cities - are you using russian or ukrainian for storefronts, newspapers, street signs, etc? Any "cultrual resistance" to russian or any other languages? Thanks.


Uke Boy
06-30-05, 17:13
The real answer to the language question is not about Russian versus Ukrainian.

S75 is correct that Russian is the language most used in Eastern Ukraine and Ukrainian in Western Ukraine. However, very significant numbers of people in both parts of the country understand both languages. What their personal feelings are about the other language is another story but not one for us to consider.

The real issue is that of your communication with the local ladies. In this particular case, it does not matter whether you speak a little or a lot Russian and/or Ukrainian. Just knowing a little will significantly improve your chances here.

The ladies know that you are a foreigner and if you make an attempt in one of these two languages, it will not matter if you try in Ukrainian and she is Russian (and vice versa), she will better understand you making things much easier for you.

The Russian-Ukrainian language issue is for locals. For us, learning a bit of one or the other is one of the real keys to success here.

07-02-05, 00:22
I wrote to 159 gilrs from Uzgorod and city near it, I hope I will received answer from almost 10%. In 14 days I will be out there.

Still not decided if to stay in Uzgorod or for example to go little more far from border, I have not so positive feeling from city near bordel, am I wrong?

Nobody here was in far West Ukraina, for example Ivano-Frankovk?

It could be enough to leave car in parking hotel to be safe to find it at the morning?

It will be my first time to stay in hotel, in Moscow and Piter I was in flat, I hope to find hotel friendly, however it is always possible to take to room girl, it depends by price, or sometimes not possible?

Every little info it will be really very appreciated!

When I will comeback, as I did for Piter I will post many foto and detailed reports.

Bez Bezarra
07-03-05, 12:51
Its a beautiful place, and the dyev's are pretty.
Hooked up with university student from the teacher college.
Dark hair and green eyes, very sexy. Sorry no photo.

How did you find 159 girls to write in only 2 places?

07-04-05, 00:20
Use www.jdu.ru or www.singles.ru, you can literally spam hundreds of chicks with messages in a particular location anywhere in the world (mostly chicks from the former USSR, you can search for chicks in a particular city), tell them that you are stopping by their city for business, etc..., many will be more than happy to meet you (it saves a lot of time, your action basically starts right when your airplane lands). I once set up a meeting in my hotel room with a freebie via this site, sex upon arrival, however I interacted with her for about 2 days, but still... ;).

Knowledge of Russian can be extremely helpful because most of the chicks with profiles that claim to "speak" english actually don't know more than a few greeting phrases. Of the literally thousands of chicks that I have been interacting (I usually interact with 10 at a time, to weed out those that are no interested in sex a lot quicker) with in www.jdu.ru / www.singles.ru (both have the same database), only a handful really spoke english at minimal fluency.

Its a beautiful place, and the dyev's are pretty.
Hooked up with university student from the teacher college.
Dark hair and green eyes, very sexy. Sorry no photo.

How did you find 159 girls to write in only 2 places?

07-04-05, 08:36
I use www.mail.ru

that is the same as jdu.ru or singles.ru, all 3 sites looks as the same, why?

Strange isn't?

07-04-05, 11:55

the love.mail.ru, jdu.ru, singles.ru etc. are all the same website, just with a different "face". Actually there are a few more sites using this engine as well.

07-05-05, 22:50
And what your experience about this site?

I wrote to 159 girls just to have about at today 20-25 answer from 80% girls speaking only russian or ukranian, I guess in my short weekend in Uzhorod I will have to use taxi drivers and new papers to find some right fun, lol!

Btw also in Ukraina there is Znakomstva newpaper as well as in Piter? Or which names have there?

My goal is to see how is Ukraina and if it worth longer holiday there.

May be everybody here knows, the key of sauna, it could be good key to try also in little city az Uzhorod to find nice girls or all the banya will be close by the hot weather?

07-06-05, 07:26

"And what your experience about this site? "

I've used love.mail.ru extensively in the past in Russia and Ukraine with mixed results. Some amazing scores, some wasted time and effort. If flying blind into a B-city or C-city it can at least provide some initial dates to get things rolling, which I assume is the reason you are using it. I've never contacted a pro through the site though, even though there are some.

"Btw also in Ukraina there is Znakomstva newpaper as well as in Piter? Or which names have there?"

There are newspapers with contact info in most cities of any size, but I dont no anything about the area you are going to. If there is a magazine with classified ads, usually a fairly thick print newspaper (not glossy), they'll have a znakomstva section in it.

"My goal is to see how is Ukraina and if it worth longer holiday there."

Looking forward to your report!

07-06-05, 09:40
Thanks Doc,

yes it is surely rural this part of Ukraina and I don't know what I will have out there, but this is part of the fun, going there where, it seems, most of us never been, no good info, so in two weeks I will be there, I will do as much foto as I can and please...tell me good luck...specially to find my car every morning, lol!

Mr Marcus
07-06-05, 22:34
I was checking out those sites, I unfortunately do not speak or understand russian.

Would Dr Skank or any other russian speaking mongers be able to translate what "female" and "age" group is.



07-08-05, 19:41

Which are right price for pro in Ukraina, for one hour and for all night long?

I mean in smallest city, not in Kiev.


07-08-05, 20:41
Mr. Markus:

If you are at all serious about mongering in Russia/Ukraine you probably out to figure out the Russian word for girl or...God forbid... buy a dictionary, it would be a start...


In my (limited) experience an hour $30-50 and night around $100. If the town has a strip club, go there and take home a stripper for $100. Talk to the mamachka. You could probably pay less, but I've averaged about $50 for 2-3 hours or $100/night.

07-09-05, 03:55
If you do not know lines like " Ty ochen krasivaya..", you should not go to CIS coutries!

Cruiser D
07-11-05, 16:25
Насколько? Works too..;)

If you do not know lines like " Ty ochen krasivaya..", you should not go to CIS coutries!

CA Traveler
07-18-05, 05:11
I'm on my way to Odessa on Thursday with an intermediate stop for a few nights in Dnipro... If any one has any current info on clubs or other action I would appreciate a head's up. Also, any restaurants that are worth considering.

07-18-05, 11:50
Hi Ca_T,

You sound like you are a man on a mission... well Dnepropetrovsk has a certain Pennsylvania steel town quality to it... but can still be enjoyable.

In week there is little action, on the weekend the clubs are packed. (one is called Sky if memory serves).

Apparently also the casinos are also a good place for action, but I didnt try myself.

A decent sushi place is "Kyoto."

Best bet for pro-action during the week were the strip clubs, I went to at least three and all featured girls to take home. Not ultra cheap at around $100 (I dont know exactly as my colleague paid for me)... but still quite a bargain. I got excellent service until morning.

I am certainly no Dnepro expert after my brief visit, but the strip clubs were memorable.... even though a bit dingy.

CA Traveler
07-18-05, 16:35
doc... Good idea. The strip clubs sound like a great option after I put my "date" to bed with her momma. I think I can probably find my way around that scene very well! I don't need to push her as an option in Dnepro since I am taking her to Odessa for a few days... this way I will finally get my first overnight train trip with a young dyvushka in a private sleeper compartment. :)

Excuse me if I pass on the sushi... Somehow I have never gotten over how fresh the sushi can be in Russia and the Ukraine... I'm afraid that if the lights were to go out the california rolls would glow like light sticks! :)

The Ranger
08-28-05, 00:00
Hey guys,

I have 4 trips to Uzhgorod in the past 6 months. Nice ladies , hotels, flats and great food. I fly to Budapest and am picked up from there.

Have fun.

Captain Fire
08-30-05, 11:26
Hello Gents
Will be in Vinnitsa Mid Sept. Looking for any info on Escort service or places to find P4P ladies. Any help will be greatly appreciated and I will certainly follow up with a report if I find some action

08-31-05, 10:04
Read the newspaper. The girls are looking for a "well paid job".

Captain Fire
09-03-05, 11:27
Read the newspaper. The girls are looking for a "well paid job".
Thanks for the info Nemez. My problem is I don't read Russisn or Ukranian. Are taxi drivers as good of source here as they are in other areas?

09-03-05, 13:34
Here are some phonenumbers (2004 in the local newspaper)

You will need a russian speaking man, who will do the calls for you.




Bez Bezarra
09-04-05, 00:04
Can anyone, ANYONE AT ALL,
answer why every city, EXCEPT Kyiv,
has russian language newspaper with ads
that have numbers for girls or agencies?

Odessa, Vinnitsia, Donetsk, Dnipro, Kharkiv,
even Minsk, has russian ads for locals.

Is Kiev SO fucking sophisiticated that the ONLY
ads are written in English for sucker tourists in
the piece-of-shit-worthless Kiev Post
OR only on the internet?

Where are the fucking russian ads? 3 million fucking
people in a city and NO fucking ads???? What in the
fucking hell is fucking up with that??

Can some fucker out there please explain this?

Uke Boy
09-04-05, 04:13

Not true.

Kiev does have local ads in Russian for the ladies to offer their services. These ads are mostly located in the weeklies such as Aviso or a host of other interchangeable free promotional items that you will find in your mailbox.

Of course, you have to know Russian (or Ukrainian). Most of the ads are under "Guvernantky" or Governesses. There are also ads in the Massage section.

Some of them such as Aviso even have a large Personals section.

But in 99% of the cases, when you do call you MUST know Russian, since these will be locals answering with very little to no knowledge of English.

The trashy Kiev Post is kept alive by these escort and massage parlor ads so that the Russian language impaired can find the ladies of their choice with some ease.

09-04-05, 13:49
You can also find some adds in the newspaper RIO.

You can find it in post boxes, but that's in Russian or Ukrainian.

I used that newspaper 2 years ago. I don't know if it's still avalaible.

I have just found one in the stairs of the building where I was renting an apartment.

09-04-05, 13:55
Hello everybody,

Who could be interested in staying about 1 or 2 months next year in Dnepropetrovsk or another city in Ukraine?

We would rent a furnished flat.

I am interested for August or September or October.

We could stay in Dnepro or Kharkov or Nikolaev or Zaporiyie or Lugansk.

Girls cost 2 or 3 times cheaper than in Kiev. I do speak a bit of Russian, a poor Russian, but it helps a lot.

Bez Bezarra
09-04-05, 22:12
"Not true.
Kiev does have local ads located in the free promotional items
that you will find in your mailbox under Governesses section.
Aviso have a large Personals section."

Well, that would really be great,
if I just had a fucking mailbox in Kyiv!?

And when we checked Aviso, there wasn't any personal section.
Nothing like in the other cities, where you actually don't need to
read russian, when an ad for a dyev starts with her name, followed by
21/157/52, and then a telephone number.

Yes of course I know, if you call and try speaking English,
you'll hear a few short words in russian, followed by a dial

Fck Dick
09-09-05, 22:44
Any info on Sevastopol or Yalta?

09-14-05, 23:24
Anyone know any good girls in Kiev?

Hamburg Willi
09-30-05, 18:29
Sorry, just a little bit:

In Yalta you can find Pros in every Night Club.

When I was there in July I was mainly the only men at 00:00 in the night clubs, the rest just pros.

You can also ask every taxi driver for a massage club.

I just asked them for testing if they know some and most of them did know :-)

Next time when i am in Yalta without my GF i will test more and report ...


P.S. Ukraine seems to me 10 years after Russia. In Russia most more modern and more culture than in Ukraine...

CA Traveler
10-01-05, 03:28
valpone, run a search for short term apartment rentals for all of those cities. You'll find apartments available for all of those cities. I used one for Dnepro last year and the apartment was nice, but every where in the Ukraine the apartments do not have enough towels so make sure you insist on extra towels before you book and at check in.

Member #2001
10-01-05, 04:12
Sorry, just a little bit:

In Yalta you can find Pros in every Night Club.

When I was there in July I was mainly the only men at 00:00 in the night clubs, the rest just pros.

You can also ask every taxi driver for a massage club.

I just asked them for testing if they know some and most of them did know :-)

Next time when i am in Yalta without my GF i will test more and report ...


P.S. Ukraine seems to me 10 years after Russia. In Russia most more modern and more culture than in Ukraine...

Well if you go to Kiev you will find it much more culutred then some small village in Belarus or some small village in the Urals. As for me its a matter of prefrence. I dont post here that much but I have been to Ukraine many times since 1992, so I am very fimilar with russian and ukrainian people. I have also been to Belarus and Russia, but not as many times as I have been to Ukraine. Like I said, it depends on what part of the reagion you are in. It also depends on what you define as culture.

The bigger cities have all the comforts of any major american city. Yet if you go to the small, out of they way cities you wll also find the true "Russian Soul". Pasternak once said "no one loves a poem more then a russian". You can find that this is more true in a village and you can see the true Russian spirit if you go there. There are many differences between the cities and the smaller towns or villages in Ukraine. While Russians/Ukrainians have similar culture there are some difference that I will not go into now. Nevrtheless, I find the smaller towns and villages more interesting to the bigger cities, but then again its my preferance. Citiy people are more worried about money and making as much as they can. Also you can see a mixture of western culture influences in todays Ukraine with the arrival of american fast food, american bars, gambling, clothes, etc. Its another reason why I prefer the slower paced lifestyle of the village and the smaller towns.

While for me, when I was there it was never a problem to find girls no matter where I went. The only difference was how much was I prepared to pay or how much to pay for an apartment.

I believe things have changed quite a bit since the last time I was there, so i am not prepared to comment on the prices of rent in the village or the city (Its been almost 4 years since the last time I was there).

As for me Yalta was never the place to go for pussy or vacation, bucause I think it more of a tourist trap and a clip joint, but for a day trip its well worth it.

10-26-05, 18:44
Some more infos about Kharkov.
I was there last year.
About girls in clubs. Expect to pay more than for an escort or if you go to an apartment.

You can find girls at the bar of hotel MIR, that's what told me a girl that sometimes goes there. I paid her about 25 dollars for 1 full hour and if I had been at the hotel, I would have to pay 2 times more....

There are many clubs or discos in Kharkov. I think, but I am not sure, that you will pay more than an escort or if you go to an apartment.

There is a very good club near the circus, behind the river, around street Uritskava o Uritskavo...That's at the periphery of the center....

There is another one on street Gogolia. It's really in the center that one...

I hope it helps

The price for an escort for 1 hour was 25 dollars and sometimes even a bit less. It was for 1 time sex session or the 2 sex sessions, it depends on the girl.

I just bought the newspaper PRIMIER and you look for znakomstva.

When I made the phone calls, I only spoke in broken Russian. I always paid in Hryvnia, I've never paid in dollars. Price in Hrivnia was 100 or 120 Hrivnia. Just for 1 escort, I paid 150 Hrivnia and that was the worst.

In apartments in Kharkov, prices are from 80-120 Hrivnias. 16 dollars to 24 dollars.

Many girls, that work in apartments, may work as an escort. So they can come to your place or you can go to their apartment and you will have the choice between a few of them.

Just try to learn a bit of Russian if you are many times in Ukraine, it will help you a lot.[/QUOTE]

Kiki Lala
10-28-05, 19:30
How do I get a girl to fuck for every weekend in Simferopol?

How much does it cost?

Any contact or pic?

10-29-05, 18:37
I've never been to Simferopol, but I think there are surely many options.
If you can understand Russian, just buy some newspapers and you will find some adds for massage or escort or apartments...

The best way is to ask a taxi driver, that understand and speak English. You can give him some money to get the informations....

I know how hard it may be when you are in a foreign country and you look for infos....

Uke Boy
10-30-05, 11:18
Kiki Lala

An earlier post indicated that you actually live in Simferopol. All your other posts are similar in nature, asking everyone about finding ladies here and elsewhere but making absolutely no contributions to this forum.

I am sure that if you actually spent some time in search of the ladies at clubs, bars, pubs, casinos and in the local papers instead of whining, it would lead you to the promised land that you should then share with the rest of us.

Sorry I can't write more but I am now off for a few hours of pleasure with a local Kiev lady.

11-19-05, 01:32
Hello Guys,

I have been to Kiev several times now and know my way around. This time, I need to go to Simferopol for 3 days and I need an apartment or hotel with broadband internet. Can anyone help ? I cannot find anything on the internet.

Also, I know the question has been asked before, but any info on where to meet girls or how to meet girls in Simferopol would be helpfull!

Thanks for your help !

11-19-05, 22:57
The best hotel in town is http://valencia.crimea.ua .

For girls you have to ask the taxidrivers.

11-20-05, 17:10
The best hotel in town is http://valencia.crimea.ua .

For girls you have to ask the taxidrivers.Thank Nemez for your help! The hotel even has a complete website with pictures of rooms. That is what I was looking for. Does not seem to have broadband internet however. Does anyone knows if it exists in Simferopol?

Is an internet cafe possible? I am probably asking to much.

Ocean Explorer
11-21-05, 05:04
I need some help and advice about Sevastopol.

I've been there about three times and have always struck out.

I thought it should have been much easier.

I think the problem is that I don't speak any Russian - but I thought I would find more English than I have.

There are typical beautiful Ukrainian women walking in pairs around the harbor area and dancing with each other in the bars that surround that area (almost never do you see guys dancing). But everytime I tried to approach any of them they spoke no english - bummer.

There are some strip clubs. But it didn't seem to be an option to take someone home. But honestly I didn't actually ask.

There was a recent exchange about Simferopol which I guess must be very similar. Odessa must be as well. So maybe CaT or Doc will have some advice. For Simferopol the advice was to talk to taxi drivers - but I don't think I've ever meet one who spoke English in Sevastopol.

There seem to be three main hotel options. On the first visit I stayed in the big Soviet era monster called the Sevastopol which is near the harbor but had woman wrestlers for floor guards. Is that less of a barrier that it seemed?
In retrospect it is probably the best place I've stayed.

The second time I stayed in The Yard which was "faux modern" but turned to be about 10km out from the center of town. Someone had mentioned that they had stayed there had had so many offers for girls from the door men that they had to turn them down. When I stayed there no one at the door spoke any english, never made me any unsolicited offers and I was too shy to ask the women at the desk (who did speak english).

On the third trip I was at a resort outside of town - and there was no possibility of activity there. It was in October so out of season for good beach activity.

The other Hotel choice seems to be the Ukraina.

Just now, doing a google search for the hotel names which I'd forgotten, there were several sites for apartments - which seems to be the preferred way to go in Moscow and Odessa.

Oh well, any advice or experience with Sevastopol??