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05-16-02, 06:06
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05-18-02, 10:21
If you ever visit Derby go to bubbles which is opposite the train station very easy to find, it is only a rub & tug joint but the massage is great 3/4hr and they oil your shaft with baby oil to perfection I have tried not to shoot my load and last out but it is impossible they must be trained by the same girl as they all have the same technique. The girls are good looking and friendly and I owe them this good report as I have been going 10 years! Prices are £20 entry and £10 off the cuff tip never heard of sex taking place.

Member #4190
06-21-02, 13:21

Just to say yesterdays visit to Bubbles was as top class as ever
great massage and top class hand job. Nice friendly girls as ever

09-21-02, 18:10
The municipal authorities are strongly opposed to establishments offering the full range of personal services and consequently many of them offer hand jobs only. There are a few independents in the vicinity, both outcall and incall, who seek to plug the gap in the market the best of whom tend to be booked well in advance. Those in desperate need of the full works are well advised to make the short journey southwards to Leicester where there is a flourishing parlour scene or better still slightly further to the west to Stoke on Trent where rates are far lower and service standards higher.

08-27-03, 09:34
As well as going south to Leicester (as ClassicPianist suggests) one can also go north of Derby to the village of Codnor which hosts Ceasars massage parlour. Everything is explained at its website at http://www.ceasers5star.co.uk/. OWO with Lisa is an experienced not to be missed!

Other possibilities include:

Destiny Health Spa (Ilkeston)

Directors Lodge (Mansfield): http://www.directors-lodge.com/

Dolly Mixtures (Ikeston): http://www.dollymixtures.i12.com/

Elite (Ripley): http://pages.zoom.co.uk/eliteinternational/

Enigma: http://www.enigmaspa.co.uk/

Alex Blanc
11-18-03, 11:22
Have you ever managed to have alex in bubbles she is always booked usally upto closing time. I called in recentlty and a guy had booked her an hour and a half. Thats just plain greedy. How good can this girl be? I have seen her as she passed through and she is a stunner but is she offering something "extra"

01-07-04, 21:02
Paid another visit to Bubbles as usual the best hand job ever, so much oil you can feel it running down your arse. They have extended again added another VIP room and there is now a nail bar joined on next door which is just for women.

On the down side service was a little rushed but I have found this before on a Saturday dont know why as not busy.

May the force be with you.

Alex Blanc
05-21-04, 11:24
Went back to Bubbles and a great massgae from Simone,drop dead gorgeous if you like blondes with baby blue eyes and very long legs. She is friendly and if the massage on the back is a little long she makse up for it when you turn over but its, all over too quickly. You touch her bum and breats but stay away from the pussy fellars stictly off limits. Next time I am in their I am going to see if she will do an off site hotle visist this girl is a must shag

Alex Blanc
06-08-04, 13:56
Has anyone been in the VIP room ? It has an extra surcharge and as i understand you get assited shower or jacuzzi and the lady dances for you but the bottom line is you spend about £80.00 for a hand job. Is there anything else on offer in the VIP? The girsl are lways evasive when you ask the best answer is "you get beter looked after" mm need to quaniify that. I would love simone to dance for me as she has an incredible body and legs to die for but a BJ would be nice.

Alex Blanc
01-03-05, 13:21
If anybody knows where she has moved to please let me know.

James Slug
01-05-05, 02:07
Be Careful In and Around Derby!

At least One Webmaster has been exposed via ********* for operating a AVS payment scam centered arounded Derby, with victims falling pry to never ending recurring payments via their credit cards after requesting the Private Phonenumbers of Independant WGs.

Stick to established Parlours and Agenciesnand NEVER EVER pay anything for a PhoneNumber!

02-19-05, 07:31
James Slug is correct – there are a number of websites which offer very attractive girls who will apparently do anything at a low price. The only problem is that the website only has an email contact address. When one contacts them for their phone number, the reply asks for credit details “for age verification”. So far as I understand, they girls either do not exist or, in one of two cases, have not given their permission for their details to be used in this manner.

There are also quite a few independent girls operating around Derby, some of whom advertise in local papers. Most seem to operate from council houses south of the centre and I have always found them to be safe, cheap for the UK ($100), young and prepared to go further than massage parlour girls would. There are also some SWs, especially near the railway station, but they are almost always on drugs.

08-16-05, 09:38
Street activity in Derby is currently concentrated in an area about 1km to the west of the main railway station - Wilmot Street, Portland Street, Sacheverel Street, Normanton Road and Mill Hill Lane.

06-25-06, 06:10
louise operates from a house in francis street - just near the cricket ground in central derby. the area is relatively safe and the house is clean.

she is early 20s, very slim and about 5ft 7in with light brown hair. she asked for just £20 for oral but accepted £40 for full sex and other £20 for owo.

she can be contacted on 07969 040571.

(and watch out the speed cameras in the area!)

09-05-06, 23:10
Although there is some police activity, street activity seems to be returning to normal. Most of the girls are fairly rough but there is the odd gem - often to be found earlier in the evening.

Jan 156
07-20-09, 17:55
Did a couple of outcall punts this week in Derby. Nice fun encounters though one was misleading looks wise and the other neither glam nor relaxed. Both part-timers. First did escorting to pay for expensive clothing items (believably had a main well-paid job). Second had a very low-paid main job. She wasn't very posh but had a remarkable ratio when it came to ample boobs/prominent pudenda on a very petite body. Neither seemed that expert in the sack but nice to meet I guess. Not something to write home about so I'll stop there lol.

05-20-10, 20:15
Made a trip to Bubbles Spa today. I live in Sheffield so got the train down to Derby. Usually takes about 30mins to derby but there had been some vandalism on the track so they had to take a different route to chesterfield which was 25mins instead of 10.

I have never been to Derby before but Bubbles is just across the road from the station so easy to find. I was a bit nervous as this was my first visit to a parlour. Their Were lots of cars and people walking around so I tried to wait a bit until it was clear. I realised that the road was going to be busy all the time being next to the station. I just though sod it and walked in the door.

As You walk in there is another door which has a bell to ring. About 20 Seconds after I had rung the bell an Oriental Lady (Thai) came and unlocked the door. She said her name was Mia. Told me that it was £25 door fee and then once in the room I had to pay the girl for the massage depending on what type I wanted.

She signed me in then led me though the waiting area and took me downstairs. there were a few other girls in the waiting area talking and reading. didn't really take much notice of then so can really say what they looked like.

Once I was in the room Mia turned on the shower and left me a tower saying she would be back in 5. After the shower Mia explained what was on offer and what the price was. £25 fully clothed, £40 Naked (top and bottom) or £50 for body to body. Went for the £40 option

Mia is a Thai lady and late 40's early 50's I guess. She is not really my particular type but as this was my first time and it's just a massage I wasn't that bothered.

She started on my back and used quite a bit of baby oil. She used quite a bit of pressure which she said was better. She spend a long time on my back as she said it felt tense and strained probably from heavy lifting (weights at gym). She tried to get it to crack but couldn't seem to. The heavy pressure was a bit painful at times but it did seem to help a lot.

She asked me to turn over and then started to massage my front. She gave me a hand job with one and and rubbed my chest with the other. The hand job was lovely used lots of oil. Pretty soon I had shot my load. Gave me some paper towels to clean up and then put the shower on.

Mia came back 5mins later after I had finished my shower and got a dressed. I paid her the money and we had a little chat. She told me to got easy at the gym because of the strain on my back. Told me to come back so that she could work on my back some more and fully clothed it would be £45 all in.

She said that the oriental girls give a harder massage than the English lady's and this is better for you.

Overall it was an excellent massage. Although Thai lady's are usually not my type Mia was great and I would defiantly recommend her. Some people might be put of buy the fact that it's not full service but you get a proper massage from qualified masseuse.

It cost £65 for 30 mins (£25 for door, £40 for massage). I will defiantly be popping back her in the future to see Mia again and to try some of the other girls.

04-27-18, 12:24
I finally managed to get a day that worked with Helena's as it turns out she is working alot more in Lincoln now and alot later.

The Booking.

Looked on Viva street a couple of days before found her personal number and booked.

If you book through heavens above it is a different number in a different place.

Very easy comunication told me to text when got to the door.

The venue.

Here's where it gets a little confusing.

She has rented a flat above heavens above and if you book through heavens above your meeting will be in heavens above and if you book through her vivastreet number it will be in her new flat upstrairs.

Her flat is clean, warm and has a mirror either side of the bed.

The cost.

I paid £80 for an hours sensual massage and an hour is £110 but it also says full service now!

The Girl.

She is very pretty faced, pert tits, pink nipples, pale skin, curvy pert arse, petite but curved in the right places, fit body but not gym bunny fit.

Blonde hair with pink high lights, shaved minge.

She was wearing a leather Basque and thigh high boots.

Very good English.

The best bit.

Arrived at heavens above not realising she works independently as well so a short chunky girl answered the door and asked me to sit on the sofa till she found out why she had no booking for me then I saw the text saying text me when you get the door before I had the chance to text back Helena was down stairs and leading me upstairs.

Paid and she asked me to undress and lay on the bed, she then did a little short strip and got the oil out.

Started massaging my back then slowly working her way into a B2B gradually started working in the credit card swips on the arse and massaging the balls and area around finally starting to wank from behind. She is petite so when she's doing body to body you can't feel a heavy lump on top of you like you can with bigger birds.

Turned over and she worked some magic sliding up and down my chest tits in face, fanny up and down the leg and cock shaft all the time gently breathing in your ear and making sexy little conversations but not too much.

Touching was allowed so had a rub of the front bum but didn't try to put a finger in.

She then started the HR but would stop and go back to B2B a couple of times in order to prolong the session nice genital hand action. Tits aren't big enough for a tit wank but she did rub she pert nipples on my bell end until I eventually couldn't hold it anymore and spaffed on her tits.

She cleaned me up with wipes then went to the bathroom turned on the shower asked me to get in and washed the. Oil off my back chest and cock allowing me to wash her back, tits and bum.

The shower is a nice extra touch.

She made me feel like I was king for an hour with no clock watching I was there around 70 minutes.

She is now advertising full service so need to get some time to check out the extra services I think next time a massage and blow job.

I had a great time.