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05-16-02, 06:10
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09-21-02, 17:51
Shauna in Cardigan Street - tel 01582 876026 - is the best oasis in an otherwise arid area for sex providers. She is enthusiastic about the job and tries very hard to please - kisses, cuddles, rims, gives bbbj as well as the normal services. HIghly recommended. One or two parlours here as well but nothing special.

09-21-02, 22:00
Welcome Classic,

Its great to have the English onboard.

09-22-02, 06:59
Thanks for the welcome Jim. This board's been an really useful resource for when I've travelled abroad but with its dearth on info on the British scene it can't as it currently stands be of much value to visitors to the UK. I'm doing my best to fill the vacuum based on my own experiences and hope that my small contribution would be act as a catalyst for more postings. There are, I believe, some excellent providers over here who can compete in all respects with the best that other countries have to offer but unless you know where to find them, it's like panning for gold...you pick up a lot of cr@p as well.

10-26-02, 11:15
Havana: A long list of reports on Shauna can be found at the following:


I'm confident that you'll have the time of your life providing you're aren't overfussy about appearances. She's leaving at Xmas to return permanently to Ireland so you'll need to get in quick.

Originally posted by Havanaman

Thank you for the previous answers regarding parties, your information was invaluable and has set me up very well.

I'm organising trip to the UK in November, taking in a party. I would also like to visit Shauna in Luton. Do you have a web site / contact details?

Regards, Havanaman

09-17-07, 11:44
I tried to get to see Shauna. Got loads of directions to dunstable but she is in Luton..

Try Jenny [Telephone Number deleted by Admin] great job. All without if you want it like that.

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09-21-07, 10:38
Try Jenny great job. All without if you want it like that.
I remember trying Jenny some 9yrs ago in Dunstable, (actually mid way between Luton and Dunstable), she was giving BBFS and BBBJCIM back then, hard to believe she's still at it, she was no spring chicken back then !

10-04-07, 23:29
I have tried Luton three times recently and no luck. The street scene looks dead unless you know different. perhaps its moved.

12-15-07, 03:45
I have been through Luton twice recently both late at night (near midnight) and on both occasions I had a definite sighting on Dunstable Road at the top of the hill just before the garage and Hotel on the right as ou are leaving Luton.

Bumz Rush
09-26-08, 17:36
Check out the local free newspapers. AMP in abundance.

Dud*** St Sauna is OK.

Seriously I would suggest asking the local taxi drivers, (but not the muslim ones), as most of them know several girls (pakistani), they drive them around.

I think the Nova Hotel, close to the (Northern) N1 exit, has a few residents. At least I have met two there. They take rooms a few nights a week, and have one hour slots.

Without wishing to upset the mamagement "p*n*t*r net. C*m", has a very good reference section.

El Kapitan
12-16-09, 23:06
Will be in Luton for a bit a would like a nice sensual tantra massage.

Suggestions are appreciated.

Bumz Rush
08-27-10, 08:47
High Town road, has some interesting sights, up the hill from the railway station.

Made eye contact with several possibles, but as on a mission with another project, not able to stop.

I have a date tonight, and will report back. Chinese girl. Not see her on any of the punting web sites, but s search for Escort Luton brought her web site to my attention.

More tomorrow I hope.

Member #2204
11-30-10, 14:11
Met "Tina" on Crawley, walking in front of the Lidl supermarket at 10: 15 am. Only had 15 quid which she took for an amazing BBBJCIM! The fact that she only had a few teeth in her mouth made the experience that much better. I could have had her as I pleased but without a condom, the BBBJ did the job! She was tall, thin and wearing black boots with a short skirt and stockings. Stay Safe. #2204

White Coffee
02-27-18, 16:54
I have some hours to kill.

Anyone know of service to hotel at the Ibis Luton airport?