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05-16-02, 06:10
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06-10-02, 13:37
police on teeside recently stated middlesbrough was now the worst place in england for prostitutes, well they should check out around teeside university, its a *****mongers paradise.

12-09-03, 21:37
Hi Guys,
I visit Middlesbrough occasionally and have noticed that all the street walkers have disappeared The place they call the border quite close to the railway station is now dead what has happened? there was always some rough looking girls about and sometimes a good one.

The Porter
02-21-04, 14:41
Even though the police Are having a blitz on street walkers in middlesbrough there is a lap dancing club

Secrets Lap Dancing 1 Albert rd Middlesbrough. It is just near the railway sation and has a Website


Alex Blanc
09-23-05, 15:40
I dont know whats happening in Middlesbrough its now a ghost town apart from the odd one over the border. Have the girls moved to another area?

Even though the police Are having a blitz on street walkers in middlesbrough there is a lap dancing club

Secrets Lap Dancing 1 Albert rd Middlesbrough. It is just near the railway sation and has a Website


10-13-05, 20:20
Checked out border and uni areas several times last week, perhaps half a dozen real sick looking dogs hanging around, always with LE visibly present. Local rag runs a name and shame campaign. Area is dead compared to three years ago, when there were always several hundred girls lining the roads around the bus station.

The only sign of activity was an elderly blond cashier at a coast road gas station asking me if I really wanted my 16 pounds change, and nodding toward a backroom full of stuffed tigers.

I can hold on till I get back to China.

Alex Blanc
10-14-05, 10:48
Fuzimiao Youre right of course Middlesbrough is not the place it once was alas. I remember when you could pick a gorgeous girl up early on a friday or saturday evening and all she was working for was 30.00 for her night out. As the going rate was 20.00 if you were her first punter she normally would beg for the extra 10 so they could get on their night out. I had some amazing experinces for that extra tenner!!!! These were really fit birds sometimes I would rub my eyes not believing just saying to myself "she cant be on the game" but if they were there they were so I would pull over and pick her up.Happy days but alas nothing at all these days. The police have succesfully moved it out of the area but it must go on somewhere, but where?

11-10-07, 19:25
Just to say that I was around the area on Sat 3/11. I hung around the Snowdon Rd area most of the morning and nothing was to be seen. I return around 6.30 pm and I saw 1 young SW arriving. She didn't have a place inside and said she was the only one who was out around that time of night. Very disappointing.

08-14-10, 07:05
Took the stroll round the industrial area (Snowdon Road etc, St Hilda's) last night.

Deserted, not even other mongers on the hunt. Was about to leave, when, crossing one of the streets, I spotted two pairs of legs in doorways up the next street. There was so much leg, the skirts must have been very short.

I turned right, up to the top, and then right again to bring me onto the street where I had seen them. I saw the taillights of another car right where they were stood, and then suddenly also saw the fluorescent checkering on the back of that car which meant police.

Turned left at the next junction and got out of there.

10-15-10, 21:48
I have been visiting Sam for a while now; originally at the place in Norton, Stockton on Tees, and then that place closed and I lost track of her. I found an interesting place in Middlesbrough though. it operates from a private house, near the TA Centre and Macmillan Academy School, apparently run by a retired WG. They operate on an appointment system, so ring first on 01642 222666. She will tell you who's on, and make an appointment. When I contacted them, I found Sam was working there.

She's slim, pobably mid-30s, wild blonde hair, not the prettiest girl you'll ever see, but an excellent service. Her BBBJ skills are amongst the best I've ever had, and she'll keep returning to your cock for another slurp.

Fully-shaved pussy with rather large lips, but decently tight for all that. She'll often finish herself off with her fingers if she doesn't cum with you. Great value at 40! (Oh, doesn't do facials, btw)

08-27-12, 12:38
Returned to one of the only two establishments in the town that I know of, as I fancied one of Sam's (see below) sloppy BJs. Went on what used to be her regular day, but on entering found a different girl, Jade, waiting. Probably early thirties, red hair, nicely shaped. She was friendly and quite upfront, so got down to it. Good BJ skills, but as soon as the cover went on found myself wilting. Asked if we coudl return to the BJ instead (hoping for a CIM) and she bounded up and go tme to stand by the mirror while she knelt for the BBBJ.

Soon obvious that CIM was definitely on the menu, so ended up cupping her chin in one hand and wanking with the other. Mouth open, tongue out waiting for the shot.

Doesn't swallow, but a good CIM anyway.

Have been back since for another, this time sat on the end of the bed while she knelt between my legs, again BBBJ with CIM.

Will have to return and see if she does facials, quite like that idea.