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05-16-02, 06:14
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03-23-04, 17:24
Hi all,

Well seeing as there is no info here I will post a bit of it.

The main areas are Rochester High Street and New Road.

From the front of Rochester Station you might find some girls. Then go along high street towards the traffic lights, turn left up Star hill keep on the left and on to New Road. follow this road keeping a look out, after about half a mile turning on the left Gandalf Road girls hang around here, just after this a turning on the right, Fort pitt Hill there are normally one or two girls there. keep going along new road and take second turning on left, Manor Road girls seen down here. Go to bottom follow road to left and back along Rochester High Street to Railway station and you might spot girls along here.
There is a turning half way back up Rochester High street which has a tattoo shop on corner this is the bottom of Gandolf Road, and girls hang around up there.

Prices normally 20 hand, 30 BJ, 40-50 FS. You might find a stunner but just normal girls ages 18-30 looks 4-7.

You might find someone who will offer more but for more money, but if a quicky is what you want then you will find it.

If when looking around you don't see any girls pop into a pub have a drink and go around circuit again in half an hour. Then there should be some around.

Well good looking, and have some fun.

JHS 42
09-25-11, 10:02
Will be here soon. Anything change in the last 7 years?

John Homes
11-07-11, 15:36
Kent Police and the local government have done a lot to stamp out streetwalkers due to their behaviour and drug issues.

Girls are starting to appear occasionally along New Road from City Way to Luton viaduct but it is less than 2 years ago.

Also keep in mind that they prosecute drivers who loiter in the area.

There are girls on Rochester High Street who will approach you as you walk along.

Most of thexwomen here are crackheads and pretty skanky.