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05-17-02, 05:45
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07-12-02, 22:44
In April I spent about a week in the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra. Working girls were hanging around the bar on weekend nights. You could also get a security guard to escort you to the beach to pick someone out. I didn't see how the women on the beach looked, or check prices.

07-13-02, 11:53

You say you needed a security guard to escort you to the beach. I read in other reports that Ghana was generally a safe place, what kind of hassle can you get if you didn't have a security guard?



07-17-02, 17:45
Generaly, Ghana is very safe, especially by W.African standards.

The beach at night is not the best/safest place to hang out, though if you know what you are doing u should be OK.

If in doubt, stick to the clubs and you will be fine - there are plenty of places to go (see the 2001-April 2002 Archives for a couple of spot-on reports).

Happy hunting.

10-11-02, 23:29
not really a post, but a request: I miss hearing the old stories about Macumba and the like...where are you guys?

10-27-02, 13:29
I plan to go to west Africa next year and stay there 6-12 months. What I have read Ghana seems to be the nicest place.
If someone could answer some questions I would be happy.
1) How much is cheap accomodation in Accra? a day, a month, hotel or apartment.
2) how much is food, taxis, beers, nightlife, gymprices etc?
3)Being young, blond typically scandinavian looking, would that help or making it harder to score girls?
4) is it safe to walk around at night?, best places to go to?
5) Do hotels accept girls being brought in? charge for that?
6) Other places than Accra worth going to in Ghana?
7) What other countries in west Africa would you recommend that are fun, friendly and cheap?
8) Finally how much should I pay the girls?



01-05-03, 16:49
I lived and worked in ghana for 3.5 yrs so i know my subject: Women

In ghana it amazes me when i hear of anyone buying sex!! It is free!! given with pleasure , if you keep off the well beaten night club scene. Every ghanian girls dream is to catch a man from the western world. any new man in town is targeted. and it is beaten on the drums when you arrive.

I was assigned my bungalow and within 8 hours had hordes of females outside, well 22 to be exact, all sitting on my fence. When I opened my door all heads turned and it was as easy as pointing to one or whatever, and in they came. as easy as picking berries in autumn. good ones too, not pros. changing women was easier than getting a shower. The prob is getting rid of them afterwards as all want to stay permanent. No money exchanged at all, all 8/10 +.

To hold a party meant telling one girl and too many turned up. So I am somehow staggered when I hear people saying they paid?? Remember I am no film star and am the wrong side of 50 but the girls dont care as long as they see the slighest chance of getting out of ghana and into uk or usa or where ever you come from. Kumasi-Takaradi- Tamale-Navrongo-- you name it is so easy.

In fairness I will agree if you are on a little visit to Accra and go to a night club then you get the same types as are seen all over the world but the real africa is outside the city as cities are cities anywhere.

01-05-03, 20:47
3.5 yrs in Ghana, but can't remember the details about where to stay. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Originally posted by Email
I lived and worked in ghana for 3.5 yrs so i know my subject: Women

I was assigned my bungalow and within 8 hours had hordes of females outside, well 22 to be exact, all sitting on my fence.

01-06-03, 16:10
I see ex8939 seems to doubt my experiences of ghana due to not naming where to stay ?? go to any rest house government or private, then go outside into the streets in daylight so you know where your going, better if your sober?? within a few yards people (women ) will greet you, if you want you take it, if not chat and move on its that simple.

The other way is to go out after supper get pissed and pay over the odds for one which booze has enhanced and spend all night worrying about your money and belongings if you doze off. Personally am into the first option.

CITY hotel in kamasi is jumping with pros?? as are almost all the Accra nightspots , again not my scene as i would rather be on the bed with my choice than rolling around in an ear splitting music disco and then going on the beach and lying among a weeks crap. As to getting a pro just move your hands away from your balls and a pair of ball crunching female paws will drag you along by the scrotum. My way is look , choose and enjoy at leisure.

01-06-03, 22:05
Sorry to be so curt, but your message leaves out a lot of necessary information.

Let's say I'm a tourist and I can't go out until dark to monger. What then? What's a rest house? How is different than a hotel? How does one get to a rest house? Etc, etc.

Lots of claims here, but little info (in other words, the boast/info ratio is waaaaaaaay low). If you need help in providing details for what is a new country for most of us, I would be happy to point out some useful posts to you.


Originally posted by Email
I see ex8939 seems to doubt my experiences of ghana due to not naming where to stay ?? go to any rest house government or private, then go outside into the streets in daylight so you know where your going, better if your sober??

01-19-03, 11:52
Let me first apologize to all of the mates..

I held out. I was not that thrilled with my trip. I was looking for the amateur GFE that I have read about on this site. It didn;'t occur.

I went ot Ghana in October. I went to Macumba, Waikiki, yes ,as reported there are total pros at these locations. It is easy and the groping is as previously deascriber. I went home wit hgirls all night from both....roughly 230 cedis....just under $30 US. I am sure they can be talked down. For me, the whole hting was rather despicable...haggling in the morning over money ruined everything. Now, all of these girls were from outside of Ghana and were pro refugees...Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria. the Girls were nice and pretty but it was business. Very dissapointing.

As for amateurs...i just didn't have the style you guys do...none. Either because they belived my "innocent" story that i was ther to look aroun or they don't get freaky anymore.

I was a guest on the University of Ghana campus...and htere appeared t ome to be a stigma wit hgoing wit ha white man. i stopped a few girls on campus (ala Mike _Q) and ther was hooting and hollering from the dorms by the men...they caused the girls t obe stigmitized to talk to a whit man. None followed up with me ( I am a young good looking white guy )

01-19-03, 11:57
Now, As for Nigeria.

My hosts at the University scared me to death.

I bought a $300 ticket to go from Accra t oLagos. the fianl straw was that iwas not comfortable going ot nigeria. everyone told me it was bad...but Mike_Q made me think it was cool...the professor I was visiting finally convinced me not to go to Nigeria (his sister is a nun and she got harrased big time). I panicked and did not go..i ate the ticket. Anyways, I wish now that i went ot nigeria...but like Mike_Q sayts, did not have business ther and I don't know my way around.

02-07-03, 23:44

Ghana was my first 100% African country. Before that I had only been in Madagascar which is 50% African and 50% Asian

Ghana was a flop as far as I'm concerned. The hotel I'd booked in in Accra was far away from any action. There were no hookers in or around the hotel. Evangelical events were held there with people singing hymns until all hours and getting hysterical about Jesus (Ghana is plagued by cults).

One of the discos I remember was Kilimanjaro. It made no great impression on me. Girls very pro, not very young. What a contrast to the good time I'd had in Antanarivo a few months before that! (Madagascar was very good 6 years ago!. Haven't been there since the political/military showdown though).

Eventually, I got so dissappointed I went to KLM to change my ticket and flew home before the week was over.

I should've tried harder, maybe. My hotel was certainly in the wrong part of town and Accra was probably not the right place anyway.

I was later told there's a whole red-light district right on the Ghana/Togo border. Togo has the CFA Franc as currency. Contrary to the Cedi, the CFA Franc is convertible into French Franc or Euros so doing business in CFA is a bonus for Ghana prostitutes.

In fact, that Ghana trip was such and anticlimax that I very nearly gave up on black Africa altogether. Glad I didn't though.


04-26-03, 12:10
I have made my 3rd trip to West Africa this year. This was a work related trip through Ghana, Togo and Benin. If you haven't been hunting for talent in West Africa you don't know what you are missing. Yeah the whole AIDS thing is a drag but if you take the proper precautions it is no more dangerous than anywhere else we perverts practice our sport.

You can get your dick wet dirt cheap. Without looking too hard you can find many semi pros, decent girls who need extra money to make ends meet. As far as prices here is an example - my third night in Accra I had a nice chicken dinner at the Bus Stop outdoor bistro, paid for several short taxi trips, 2 beers in an outdoor pick up bar and paid for the all night services of a nice, cute clean girl ( 2 nuts busted plus an unfinished cbj). All of this for about $30. I thought about you guys during this trip; especially you poor schleps in the States - cruising seedy neighborhoods for hours dodging L.E, inner city thugs, killer pimps, transvestites and competing against rival johns all for the privelege of shelling out $30+ for a rushed blowjob from a degenerate crack ho. Hey I know what I'm talking about I've been there! My apologies to the Crack Ho Anti-Defamation League.

Anyway in Accra I was put up at the El Elyon Hotel. A small, comfortable place well located in the OSU area. I think my room was $70 a night which I think is a bit pricey for this part of the world. You can find better bargains but hey I wasn't the one paying. This is a respectable place so be discreet.

I didn't waste any time. When I checked in the young man who took up my bags said he could run any errands or help guide me around town. My radar goes up. I'm terrible with names but I remember him being a tall, lanky kid and he did not wear a uniform. The other people working there did. To test him I tell him I need some mineral water. He runs across the street and gets me some, gives me my change. "Say, I need some company tonight can you help out?" His eyes light up oh of course I'm your friend, blah, blah. Now I've had some mixed experiences with this type of set up but I have 4 nights to myself, per diem in my pocket and despite the long flight, a stiff 6 Iron in my pants. I told him I was going to eat, shower and rest but he could bring someone by 2PM. I figured I could bust 2 nuts that afternoon and go out for dinner and a beer that evening. I described exactly what I wanted - there was a cutie at the reception that I used as an ideal but I specified that I didn't want her. I didn't want to embarass the receptionist. I didn't have much local currency so I toId him that I had a $20 for both of them. I would pay her and he would get his cut from the girl. Ghana is a dual currency country so $ are much appreciated.

I was in such anticipation of what would walk through the door that I couldn't take a nap. At 2:15 there was a knock, opened up and the dude came in followed by a nice but slightly nervous looking young woman early 20s. I was relieved that she wasn't fat or too hard core looking. Dressed in jeans and oversize t shirt, reasonable make up and real hair. So I thanked him and repeated that the girl would take care of him. When he left I tried to break the ice with the girl, name was Florence she said she was an computer studies apprenctice and that she had to leave by 6 PM. She was a bit stiff but seemed like a nice girl. Not a pro just a regular local girl looking for extra money to buy clothing, beauty products, etc.. To avoid all problems I repeated the deal - $20 and she would take care of our hustler friend, etc.. She shrugged at the money talk as if it was tacky to talk about such matters. That's OK I thought, you are going to have something a whole lot tackier dripping all over your face if things go according to my plans. Actually this girl wasn't a pro so you couldn't go for the jugular right off the bat. Nice girl who would probably give you a nice GFE if you treat her right, she gets to know you, are respectful etc..(Aside, Africans I have met are reluctant to talk about money. Not that the girls want to set you up for a scene when they leave because the money you are proposing is insufficient, people are just shy talking about payment, etc.. I don't know about places like Nigeria.)

Anyway, I told her let's make ourselves comfortable. She waited until I was completely nude before she started undressing. I slipped on two rubbers, climbed on top and went to work. I had saved up my juice for a full week so after a few minutes I felt the load perculating. Of course this was when she was just getting into it so instead of building her expectations and prematurely ejaculating I pulled it out, took off the 2 jimmies and after OKing it with her I jerked off a copious load of man mustard all over her tummy. She had been clean, perfumed and powdered all over but I fouled her up something good. I know she is getting paid to service me but I still have my pride I don't want to get off early and have the girl underneath me wimpering for more so I rather cut things short and unload the goods. I took a nap and gave her a second more satisfying round about 2 hours later. When it was time for her to leave she asked me if I was a Christian and started talking to me about some Texas based church that she belonged to? Ghana and many African coutries are full of evangelical sects and cults. Not at all strange that a girl who had just commited prostitution would want to talk to you about her church.

The second night I was planning on going to Accra's best known pick up joint, Macumba, but it rained. We are not talking about a London drizzle, eveerything shuts down during African rainstorms.

The third night I had a couple of beers before heading out so I was a bit giddy by the time I hailed a taxi about 10:30 PM. I said something about looking for women and Macumba but I don't know where he ended up taking me. I didn't see a sign outside but he told me this was the place. I found the Macumba experience a bit hard core. The girls were all pros, some of them too aggressive. I like to sit down, survey the herd, have a beer and make an independent pick. The place is a flesh market and like all markets you will be pestered by the merchants trying to sell you their wares. One girl with purple hair extensions, Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix makeup and about 20-30 extra pounds came over and sat down uninvited and wouldn't take the hint to leave. Another girl came over, ignored the first girl, shook my hand and introduced herself. The first girl took this as a great afront and started berating her in some pidgin English. I thought a catfight was going to break out and other patrons started looking our way. One of the bouncers/servers came over and made both girls get up. After these tacky going ons I didn't dare call another girl over so I paid and left. Fortunately there are girls outside the club and I found one who was presentable. I negotiated 150,000 cedis for the night (about $19). Of course I had locked up all of my belongings before taking her back to the hotel. No problem bringing her up to the room. Be careful with these girls. Hide your stuff or better yet lock it up in your luggage. Lock the door and hide the key so she can't sneak away when you fall asleep.

My last night in Accra was spent with co-conferenciers so I took a break. In addition to my mongering activities I had played with myself a couple of times so the keg was tapped out. Plus I was headed to Lome, Togo and Cotonou, Benin so I had to save some of my love. I did some real bottom feeding in Lome and Cotonou so read on guys.

Frank Africa
04-26-03, 23:35
Originally posted by Waywardson
Day One - a nice but slightly nervous looking young woman early 20s - when it was time for her to leave she asked me if I was a Christian and started talking to me about some Texas based church that she belonged to?...Not at all strange that a girl who had just commited prostitution would want to talk to you about her church.

I found the Macumba experience a bit hard core.

Be careful with these girls. Hide your stuff or better yet lock it up in your luggage. Lock the door and hide the key so she can't sneak away when you fall asleep.I enjoyed your post as it brought back lots of good memories of my visits to Ghana.

Two thoughts about your shy Day One girl: first, she is not a prostitute and she doesn't see what she did as prostitution, but as an afternoon social event that ended up with some cash as a bonus to buy dinner, etc. Girls like her are usually the best girls to be with in Africa, certainly better than the Macumba scene, which I hate.

Secondly, there's no contradiction between her having sex with you and being religious - keep in mind that Africans have much less hangups about sex than we Americans - it's seen as a natural part of everyone's life.

Your safety advice is also right-on. I usually put all my valuables in the safe-deposit box at the hotel (if they have one), or else I lock up everything in my luggage. Rarely will these girls be interested in a full-scale robbery, but a quick grab-the-cash-and-run opportunity is too tempting for many ladies. I once had a girl quickly grab my trousers and try to go through my wallet in the 30 seconds that it took me to go to the bathroom to wash my hands - luckily I had emptied my wallet earlier of everything except the small amount of cash that I wanted to spend for the night, and I caught her "in the act" anyway. I ended up throwing her out of my room while alerting hotel security to keep her out in the future, which they did. But that's more likely with a Macumba girl, not the Day One shy girl.

04-29-03, 16:02
Hey Frank,
Do you know where one can find good African smut on the internet? Or pictures of African girlies letting it all hang out? I figure Nigeria must have some sites. The only thing I have found is Africanamateurs.com which only has a few African girls.

04-29-03, 19:24
hello gents...
long time no see...
i saw this report in a local lagos paper about the state of affairs
in nigerian universities...have a good read..
i wonder how the situation is in ghana.?
if you have some info let me know.

the universities as sodom and gomorrah
24 -03 2003
by douglas anele

there is a worrisome development in the universities across the country today which has received scant attention from those at the helm of affairs in the tertiary institutions, parents, government officials and the nigerian society as a whole. the situation i have in mind is the rapid decline of what one might loosely call "moral consciousness" amongst our students.

an acquaintance with the activities of students in any university campus today, particularly those located at the urban centres, would reveal disgusting dangerous low level of moral awareness in our undergraduates, a veritable reflection of the moral dilemma of our country. the ugly state of affairs manifests in various ways. in the first place, many of our university undergraduates, both male and female join cults, a situation that oftentimes result in terrible consequences for both the students themselves and the entire university community.

cultism in our various campuses is one of the most unacademic manifestations of moral decadence amongst our students. also, the spate of thievery in the hostels has escalated seriously. in girls’ hostels, for example, clothes of all kinds, including underwear, jewelry, food items (both cooked and raw), books, toiletries, money, etc. are routinely stolen there. i even heard that girls "steal" boyfriends from one another. amongst the boys, money, clothes and books are targeted, and cases abound when even bathroom slippers are "poached" by the students. our students these days are quarrelsome. sometimes, the quarrels degenerate into real fights. this brand of indiscipline is an incontrovertible index of moral anaemia anytime, any day. the noise level in hostels especially from music systems, televisions and senseless chatter, constitute a disturbing variety of noise pollution.

our students in general are no better than pigs. if you visit the toilets and bathrooms in the hostels, not to talk of the rooms in which these students live, you would come away with the unmistakably feeling that you have just visited a pig’s sty. the hostels are so filthy, and the stench oozing from them so bad that one wonders what on earth has gone awfully wrong with the young men and women in our tertiary institutions. some of these hostels compete quite favourably with the dirtiest places in town. in a word, a vast majority of our university undergraduates are glorified pigs!

when it comes to man-and-woman relationship, university undergraduates have, in general, taken matters to a whole new level of absurdity. the way our girls dress while on campus can tempt even the holiest person on earth. campus girls now operate with the madness-inducing philosophy of "if you’ve got it, show it!", thereby leaving nothing to the imagination. those "old school" people who are quick to accuse lecturers of sexual harassment of female undergraduates have no idea of the sexual exhibitionism rampant on campuses. as a young lecturer, it is very difficult to shield oneself completely from the salacious and lewd mode of dressing by the "pepperlesses".

our female students have simply gone bananas. even those whom nature have treated unfairly in terms of bodily endowments have continued to insult our aesthetic sensibilities by their horrifying looks all in the name of spaghetti tops, body hugs, hipsters, pedal pushers, mini skirts, etc. sometimes, i find the spectacle very interesting, because it has opened up for me, quite easily, an insight into nature’s ability as a sculptor of female anatomy. i repeat, there is no way a healthy man, whether young or old, would not be distracted by the syndrome of half-nakedness in vogue amongst majority of our university girls.

romance on campus has lost the beautiful aroma of our days due to excessive materialism, on the part of the girls, and the debauchery of the male visitors from outside the campus who are willing to spend some fraction of their ill-gotten wealth on the "loose babes" on campus. love amongst university students is everything by lovely. girls go after their class boys especially during tests and examinations, in order to parasitize on the gullible boys at those critical periods.

most of these boys feel frustrated afterwards, since the girls are hardly interested in them romantically and would jump into the next available exotic cars, in the presence of the hapless boys! this unfeeling attitude of campus girls arouse strong feelings of jealousy and envy in the boys who watch helplessly as the "aristos" pluck the ripe fruits from their "territory" without giving a damn about who was watching and who was hot. as a result, some of these hollow young men join cults in the stupid belief that that is the best way to get back at the girls.

campus girls, i am sorry to say, create the impression that nigerian girls are very cheap. the average pot-bellied, ugly wrinkled lebanese, indian, pakistani, european or american who belonged to the dregs of the society back in his home country would tell you that by just flashing a few dollars, the nigerian female undergraduate, shamelessly performs real wonders on his placid, pale and sagging body. visit the clubs and "hot spots" in lagos, abuja, port harcourt etc. you will be appalled at the number of female students hawking their "wares" to the highest bidders.

for our female students, love is cash, and whoever lacks it can rot away in the golgotha of loneliness. indeed, campus love is dead or rather cremated; its ashes can be seen in the form of the decline in fructifying romantic relationships amongst students, with its attendant psychological dysfunction leading to all kinds of anti-social behaviour. some male undergraduate become robbers whilst their female counterparts routinely give sex for money.

there are several reasons why university undergraduates have lost their bearing on the important issue of morality. the fundamental one is the rapid decline in the socializing influence of the family on children. many parents, i am afraid, lack the requisite psychological and intellectual attributes to be parents. many rich parents are so silly to think that giving their children anything they want is a sign of love and good parenting. some of them, having failed to give the proper upbringing to their kids, mistakenly believe that they can make up for their failures by over-indulging the children. the latter grow up without the necessary moral ammunition to cope reasonably with the ever-complex society of which they are a part.

again, most parents are in a haste to have their children in the universities, with the result that these institutions are overpopulated with psychologically unprepared young boys and girls, the most venturesome impressionable stage of their lives. so, they are much more easier to be influenced by their peers into undesirable behaviour. as a corollary, these students, being quite young, still feel that time is on their side to behave as they please, without realising that time actually waits for no one. the system of education we have now merely produces certificated people, not really well educated citizens equipped with the moral and intellectual resources to cope with present-day realities.

something must be done quickly or else our universities would be modern day versions of sodom and gomorrah. parents must be alive to their responsibilities to their children, and stop the folly of dumping hastily in our universities, morally warped human beings expecting the universities to turn base metal into gold, so to speak. there must be a return to the discipline of those days in our secondary schools, there should be a return to the hsc system because that system has a better chance of producing more mature prospective undergraduates ready for the challenges of tertiary education. parents must monitor their children on campus to make sure that they do not deviate too much from reasonable behaviour.

the university authorities must invent new strategies for encouraging well behaved students. one of such strategies is the institution of awards for well-behaved students in each department at every level annually. another is to address the welfare problems students face both in the classroom and in the hostels. yet another is to organise fora wherein the importance of good behaviour by students is highlighted.

i advise nigerian undergraduates to constantly reflect on their lives and ask themselves the following questions: what positive contribution have i made to my family and society? what sort of life am i living? is it the kind of life i would recommend for others or is it the kind that i would condemn? does my existence as a human being has any meaning? in what way can i best use my productive powers to help myself, my family, and humanity in general? am i living an authentic life or is my life merely a projection of what others want me to be?

after all, socrates had said it all more than two millennia ago: an unexamined life is not worth living. the ball is now in your court, dear students, either to let your lives drift aimlessly or to give your lives a focus, a direction and a significance. the choice, indeed, is yours.

dr. anele teaches philosophy at the university of lagos, akoka.

04-30-03, 03:58
Man, after reading the good doctors report, I'm more convinced than ever to visit Nigeria. Oh, how nice to be a big slob of an American and be fawned over by the wayward young college females that would do just anything for a few dollars!
Man - o - man, I promise I will visit before I am too old and degenerated to enjoy a lovely place like this.

Frank Africa
05-01-03, 16:55
Dear mike_q:

Thanks for posting the article. The only humorous quibble that I have is when the author uses the phrase "rapid decline" on more than one occasion. His description of the situation is correct, but the decline is hardly "rapid" - it's been like this for over 25 years, and things may be getting worse, but the decline has been occurring for a long, long time. In fact, this article could have easily been written in the mid-1970s when I lived on the Nigerian-Cameroonian border for an extended period of time. It's a shame - lots of great people individually, but collectively one of the 2 or 3 most f'ed up places in the world.

Dear Waywardson:
Believe it or not, I know virtually nothing about African smut on the Internet (seriously!). I found one web site several years ago where a French photographer had posted hundreds of nude photos of black African women, but the photos were art-ish and tastefully done - certainly not smut. Good luck in your search!

05-02-03, 01:46
I have my visa stamped on my passort and my Yellow Fever shot records updated for a 3 week trip to Ghana. I've been to other mongering destinations such as PI, Thailand, Rio, Cuba, etc... but, as a first timer in Africa, can someone recommend some places to stay when I arrive in Accra? I like to bar hop Go Gos in the evening and hunt for GFE's during the day. Are the beaches worth going to babe watch? Can you reccomend traveling to other locations outside Accra?

05-20-03, 07:41
Sorry for my bad English. I've been 6 times in Ghana in the last 3 years.

Here a list of places where you can find girls in Ghana.

During the week the night club Makumba in Ring Road central nearby Danquah circle. The place is better on Friday and Saturday. Most girls are from Nigeria, Liberia and Ghana. Don't pick any girl without to know how much you have to pay (about 15 - 20 euro will be fine)

Another club is "The Jocker" in Labadi Road. Mostly liberian girls and lebanese people.

During the week you can try a German Pub in Osu (or Laboni ?) the name is Acquarius.

On Monday you have to go in Waikiki nearby Nkrumah circle.
If you speak a little French you can try "Boomerang" on Thursday . Late in the night they arrange music from frenc h african country.

During the week in the day is possible to pick many girls in Labadi Beach. Usually go in the first bar on the left after you enter the place.

If you go to Takoradi the best place is Africa Beach Hotel.

In Tema you can try Cabayà (crew from merchant ships)


NC Hunter
05-26-03, 22:25
Hello Fellas,

Here's one from an old retired military monger. I was in Accra in 1986 and stayed at the Star hotel. Is that place still there? 50 cedis would buy you a beer and I would change my money on the black market. My taxi driver did all my bargaining with the girls for me. I hope to get back soon. Please tell more stories of the girls and describe them please.

Picked a girl from a bar, don't remember the name, took her to the room and I awoke covered in blood. Her period came on during the night. Gross. But she was a good screw. Please wear your protection over there. Watch out for in 2 years when my youngest is in college, I will be a world traveling monger.

06-22-03, 05:32
I will be in Ghana July 1. Similar to the PI, I understand that I need to avoid the cabbies at the airport. Does anyone have any advice on getting transportation when arriving in Accra? For a first imer, the guide books recommendthat the first night I should get a hotel that has airport service. I get the idea that, unlike other destinations, I need to get out of Accra and stay in smaller cities within Ghana other than Accra and Kumasi... What type of women should ai expect to be knocking at my hotel door when they find that there is a white guy potentially "wife hunting"?

Member #4203
06-23-03, 15:59
Hi Guys, I will be in Accra for 2 weeks in August. I have been to Africa 3 times previous and I think I understand the women. My question is, which hotel is the absolute best, location and quality, price and safety minded to have quick access to the women and not be hassled with a fee at the hotel. Outside or private access may be the best. I like daytime action the best but i will check out all of these night spots that are mentioned in the various articles.
All of your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

06-24-03, 12:25
Originally posted by alistedmale
Hi Guys, I will be in Accra for 2 weeks in August. I have been to Africa 3 times previous and I think I understand the women. My question is, which hotel is the absolute best, location and quality, price and safety minded to have quick access to the women and not be hassled with a fee at the hotel. Outside or private access may be the best. I like daytime action the best but i will check out all of these night spots that are mentioned in the various articles.

All of your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I never paid a fee to bring girls in my hotel. Which is your target price for the hotel?

If you want somebody to come to the airport to pick you try Paloma Hotel, they have room with separate access.

Member #4203
06-26-03, 20:34
Thanks I'll check out the Paloma, yeah in Nairobi I stayed at the Grand Regency which is 1 block from a place called the Florida club.
This place is pretty much ground zero in Kenya. Anyway,they charged me 20. one time to bring in females.
I guess my target price is about 50. per day.

Member #4203
06-29-03, 05:41
Originally posted by HarryDHo
I will be in Ghana July 1. Similar to the PI, I understand that I need to avoid the cabbies at the airport. Does anyone have any advice on getting transportation when arriving in Accra? For a first imer, the guide books recommendthat the first night I should get a hotel that has airport service. I get the idea that, unlike other destinations, I need to get out of Accra and stay in smaller cities within Ghana other than Accra and Kumasi... What type of women should ai expect to be knocking at my hotel door when they find that there is a white guy potentially "wife hunting"?

I found a female to pick me up with a Taxi for 10. and back to the hotel. She offered to pay in a attempt to"show her love"bj included!
I went to afroconnections a dating service. Bought one month for 17.50 and have 25 phone #'s with photos, all in Accra.

07-14-03, 05:26
I just returned from Ghana.

I can see how someone would want to bring someone back home with them. I stayed at Poloma then off to Takoradi. I found a real babe at the SDC bus station then met her in Takoradi later. In Takoradi, the hookers are heavy at Africa Beach Resort. I met only one other American. His name is Judd. He has lived in Ghana for 30 years. I recommend that you stay away from him. He will try to rip you off by selling you some bogus tour or whatever he thinks you may need.

Member #4203
07-16-03, 16:00
Originally posted by HarryDHo
I just returned from Ghana.

I can see how someone would want to bring someone back home with them. I stayed at Poloma then off to Takoradi. I found a real babe at the SDC bus station then met her in Takoradi later. In Takoradi, the hookers are heavy at Africa Beach Resort. I met only one other American. His name is Judd. He has lived in Ghana for 30 years. I recommend that you stay away from him. He will try to rip you off by selling you some bogus tour or whatever he thinks you may need.

How is this hotel?
How long were you there and any info about location as it would be relevant to access to Macumba or some of the other spots in Accra.

07-17-03, 01:52
Originally posted by alistedmale How is this hotel?

How long were you there and any info about location as it would be relevant to access to Macumba or some of the other spots in Accra. Thanks. The hotel Paloma is not bad. The restaurant is better (may be they put pepper too much)

If you want to stay nearby makumba (Osu) go to :


60-80 dollars.

Very quiet and central large rooms, good aircondotionning TV SAT, bathroom with hot water.

Be careful to boys. When they clean the room, they steal your currencies. Put them in closed places.

The receptionnist will try to add the 12,5% VAT to the bill. They can't, the price must be VAT included.

But this hotel as a lot of charm.


5th lane, off Cantonments road, OSU ACCRA 14 rooms and suite, price from 60 till 80 dollars.

In front of the embassy of Ivory Coast

Other Contact: elelyon@ghanaclassified.com.gh

08-09-03, 02:54
For my first time in Africa, I went to Ghana July 1 through July 10.

Before my trip, I went to a Travel Clinic and took on every vaccination and every medication that was recommendated to me. I made reservations for the Poloma hotel and arranged for the hotel to pick me up at the Accra airport. After I arrived, I went downstairs to Champs Bar located in the same Poloma complex. The Canadian owner, his most beautiful Liberian wife, and a retired Englishman were sitting at the bar. I sat down and struck up a conversation and got some in-country advice. Accra is not a party town and I might get bored after a few times around the circut. Champs is the place to go Fridays, Macumba and Waikiki have the largest selection after midnight.

Shortly after I arrived, I became sick but, was able treat myself without loosing much of my trip. While I was sick, the hotel introduced me to a young nurse named Anita. Within 2hr, she was on top of me giving a passionate, wet, fuck. I spent 4 days with her.

Since I wasn't feeling well until day 4, I tried to arrange to take a trip up the Volta River. I asked around and was introduced to an American who has lived in Ghana for 30 years. His name is Jud and I should have trusted my instincs when I noted to myself that he did not seem to have income from any normal source. His brochure had trip prices and he sold me a Volta trip for $140 for Anita and me. Keep in mind, this is a large sum of money in Ghana. For example, I did not watch my spending at all, however, I only spent $300 cash in 10 days. Jud asked me to go out that night and he would drive his own (piece of shit) car. Jud, Anita, and I went bar hopping until he abruptly wanted to sop when he picked up a hooker for himself. Later that evening, after he and his date finished eating inner, he immediately left, sticking me with his bill. Anita and I decided to go back to Champs. One method to save money and reduce my worries is to have my date keep the money I planned on spending that evening. When payment was needed, she would pay, being familiar with her currency. We really was mad at ourselves when Anita explained to me that everytime I disappeared from her site, Jud would tell her that I told him to tell Anita to pay for his and his girl's drinks. I suspect I paid for his hooker also. The next morning, Jud's assistant came by my hotel room with a brochure showing modified prices for Volta asking for an additional $60. I iknew that if I went with Jud on that trip, there would be hidden fantom charges throughout the entire trip. I told her no. I was well enough to travel and decided to cut my losses and get out of Accra.

Anita took me to the STC bus station and rsadly left me. There, I saw knock out beautiful woman. I waited for a long time getting my courage then, aAs she was boarding her bus, I approached her and got her name and number. Her name was Francesca and was taking an earlier bus to Takoradi so, I told her I would call her when I arrived 1 hr after. After leaving her, I noticed all the good looking women at the station surrounded Francesca and buzzed and laughed. I could actually see that some were even mad with jeolousy. I'm 40 and these ladies were early 2os and very good looking. I took the bus to Takoradi with the intention of stopping at Cape Coast. The price was @ $4. for the rough 4 hr bus ride. Cape Coast seemed small and I had Francesca on my mind. I continued on to Takradi with no idea where I would stay that evening. I was going through my guidebook for hotels when I struck up a conversation with a young lady sitting next to me. She recommended that I stay at the Rabow hotel where she and her uncle was staying. When we arrived in Takoradi, I was wary of the quality of a hotel a Ghanian local would be staying. I paid for the cab to drive me down to the end of a dirt road to the Raybow resort and was surprised that it was a 3-4 star resort.

After checking in,at 10:30 pm. I walked to the other end of the dirt road to a traffic circle to the Office II Bar. It was a small outside bar. I flirted with the waitresses and chatted with the locals.

The next 4 days, I continually contacted Francesca and pepeually arranged meetings. Ghanians have no concept of time. Being late meetings by as much as 7 hrs could be explained by he most primative excuse such as my sister is sick, I had to cook dinner for my mom, etc... These excuses were entered only after an attempt was made to blame mefor her being late. While waiting for her, I was able to visit Market Center and a couple beahes where I met several young ladies I did not pusue in hope to meet with Francesca. It seemed that these ladies are very reserved, never making the first move but, the first possible chance of privacy, they will just be all over you like they've been wanting you more months.

I can recommend that you stay at Africa Beach Hotel. At night there are more women than you can count. I found a bar overlooking the docks called the Stomach Bar where the pros hang out. I waisted too much time waiting for Francesca.

After 4 days, I left Takoradi, tired of being stood up. Too bad, Francesca was so good looking I would've married her, Really! I never slept with her but, whenevr I would give her cab money or money to give her mother. That was always a mistake because she would immediately take off. She just had to spend it and fast. I went back to Accra to the Shangri la hotel.

While in Accra before going to Takoradi, I was secretly getting phone numbers when Anita's watchful eyes were't able to guard me from all the lovely ladies of Accra. I called Gifty who I secrely got a phone number from when Anita was in the ladies room one day. She was happy to see me; I told her almost all about Takoradi. She came over to my hotel immediately, pointing out that she would never be late like Francesca was. Gifty was thin, muscular, and has the roundest, shapely butt I've seen. I spent my last day with her and gave her money that I planned on spending but, did't need to.

Every puplication I read advised to get away from Accra. Also, I was curious about the stories about Swedru. I believe that Swedru is no different than any other small Ghanian city away from Accra. You don't need to meet a pro to get laid in this country, simply approach almost anyone you want and it is highly likely that she can be yours. I would probably get bored in Ghana quickly but the women were very polite and many were naturally sexy, not wearing much make-up. Also, this travel destination was very different from all others I've ever been. When travelling, I can always count on finding a fellow traveller at a bar or hotel who, like myself, travels alone and we can swap stories and advice. In Ghana, everybody mistrusted everybody; everybody kept you at arm's length; and most of all, everybody lied for no reason whatsoever.

I wrote a very similar report on another site.

08-11-03, 03:23
Unlike other destinations, you should take with you $100 dollar bills. That is the only note you can exchange in most places. In return, they will give you a large stack of cidis in small denominations. Not so easy to hide on yourself. I would compare it to carrying around $150 - $200 in singles. All my notes I carried in smaller denominations such as 1, 5, 10, 20 was useless.

Member #4203
09-26-03, 11:42
My fourth trip to Africa was relatively uneventful as far as anything unusual with the exception of the airlines I chose to use. I live in south Florida. I used GHANA AIRWAYS this time for my flight to Accra. A warning to all,this is the WORST airline I have ever flown. Terrible service, never on time,they do not contact you with changes, this airline is extremley labor intensive!
I arrived in Accra at 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning, the airport itself is ok and a taxi to Paloma Hotel & Suites was 10.U.S. Upon arrival at Paloma I whipped out some telephone numbers I had recieved via email from this Afrointroductions website. I like to have these whenever I travel for some quick action!
After 10 minutes, I was talking to Isabelle who was in Accra from Cameroon. 22 years old,tiny, with a beautiful body. She came right over gave me a complete BBJ without spilling a drop. I gave her a cheap pair of sunglasses as a "gift" and she was very happy with that. Her mother called wanting assistance to a doctor in Tema so after" the deed", she left telling me she would call later.
Champs is the hotel bar and the place to be on Fridays only. I got some rest, called another girl named Daimon,cleaned up and headed downstairs to check out the action at Champs.
There was a nice looking Somali girl at the bar willing to whatever, I ordered a drink, felt up the Somali while waiting for Daimon to arrive. There is a beer here called STAR, cost is 12000. pretty good beer. 1 U.S. dollar is 8700. Africa is amazing, the best bodies and if you are white, all is free! All women are basically available. Some require more time than others.
Daimon showed at 8:00 p.m. and WOW!! Long smooth hair, 5'10"36c on top and everything was perfect!
I quickly dumped the Somali and Daimon and I chatted a few minutes. I explained that I wanted to see Macumba and she said 10:30 or 11:00 would be the best time.
Stopped at a place just outside Macumba called California. This place has outside seating where you can have some beer, they have Kabobs etc., this place turned out to be an excellent warm up spot for me each night. You can snack,drink and watch pussy,(Alistedmales 3 favorite things. !)I watched Macumba load and entered about 11:30.There is a cover charge,10 or 15000,very dark in the entrance as you go up the stairs there are 2 bars. The women here are all pros and semi-pro. They are probably the best looking per capita in Accra. The price? Whatever the market will bear that day!!! I mean, variables depend on what you look like, what she looks like, as I said earlier, even the pros I found in Africa are free if you are white and work the deal right. Some will be happy just to stay at the hotel with you.
Leaving Macumba about 2:30 I was anxious to get a closer look at Daimons jewels. At the hotel,she sat on the bed, I was standing still with the pants half down, she gave me a bbj as she was pulling my pants down further we finshed in the bed. I would wake up every 2 or 3 hours and we would go at it in all positions.
African women are very acommodating.
In the morning/afternoon I recieved a call from the front desk telling me 2 girls,Isabelle the cameroon girl was in the lobby with a girlfriend! As it turned out I had this situation more than twice later in the week. I talked to Isabelle,Daimon was dead asleep, and asked her to come back at 3 with her friend .She agreed and wanted to know if I had found a girlfriend in Accra. I sayed no and she told me that she and her girlfriend wanted to come back,I agreed.I had the free breakfast the hotel offers and Daimon left asking what time should she return. I asked her to call me first around 5.
Isabelle did not show at 3 which was expected as Africans are never on time and frequently you can expect a 1 to 2 hour time warp from what is promised. Angry at myself for the missed opportunity earlier with Isabelle and friend.
I knew tonight was Waikiki night and I looked forward to that.

09-28-03, 08:02

Thanks for your report on Ghana. I plan to visit in 4/04. I joined the afrointroductions site & there are lots of eager women there. Is Ghana safe for a white American? Will the girls from the website come right to your hotel like Isabelle? Are most all girls available if you are nice & pleasant & clean cut? Please tell more about your travels in Africa & the beautiful women there. Your picture was great & I hope to be able to contribute for others benefit as you have done for us.


Member #4203
10-09-03, 10:33
There are not many Americans in Ghana. I met only 3 the entire time I was there. Accra is very safe, I never felt or sensed danger at anytime. I was on a first name basis with the club bouncers within 3 days and they watched for my (girlfriends ) as I worked the floor in the various clubs. You will love it there!
As far as who the women want? Anyone white, with a job that will hopefully love them and marry them. That's pretty much the formula. Have fun, here is Isabelle.

Booty Duty
10-12-03, 15:14
@ alistedmale,

I really enjoyed reading your posts. What about hotels in Accra, - do they all allow you to bring in guests (and recommendations)?

Apart from the dating-girls, did you ever bring non-pros from the street / stores / hotel staff back to your room ?

Apparently the girls didn´t mind having pictures taken. Are ladies in ghana really very open about their sexuality ( sexual activities like bbj and anal quiet common ) ?

Thanks for the extremely appreciated info.

P.S. Will you be going back to Ghana in the future or are you planning on new destinations ?

Frank Africa
10-13-03, 15:02
Dear Booty Duty:

I've visited Accra regularly since the mid-1970's. Saw your request/post and thought I'd throw in my two cents.

Almost every hotel in Accra is girl-friendly. Some of the higher-class hotels might ask that the girl leave her ID at the front desk, but that's for your protection - in case you get ripped off by the girl, call down to the front desk and they'll refuse to give her back her ID.

It's as easy to find non-pros as it is to find pros who will want to come back to your room with you. Assume that almost every single girl is available, unless they show no interest in you. Many of the girls in the beer gardens and night clubs are not hookers, but regular girls out for the evening who are hoping to find a guy that night. They not only will want to spend the night with you, but will also want to see you the next evening, maybe become your girlfriend.

Also, while they're not hookers, if you invite them back to your hotel for the night, it is customary to give them some cash in the morning for "a taxi ride home" or "to buy new shoes" or whatever.

And yes, girls in Ghana and all of West Africa are much more open about their sexuality, no hangups like in the U.S. Sex is no big deal, it's seen as normal that a guy visiting town would want female companionship for the night. Any of your Ghanaian male friends would probably be happy to fix you up with one of their female friends/acquaintances/neighbors etc. - in fact if you look like you're "looking" they may even fix you up with someone with you asking.

BBBJ can be very common. But I found anal to be very rare except among the really hardcore hookers, it's just not something most African women do (but yes, some will).

Finally, always always always USE A CONDOM! and bring your own supply with you, don't rely on buying the locally-available varieties.

Booty Duty
10-13-03, 21:46
Thanks Frank,

Great info! Can't wait ´till January (especially since Ghana seems to have a lot to offer).

The Boooooooty

10-19-03, 00:06

Thanks for the wonderful pictures, please continue feeding us with your great shots and more reports of your trip.

11-18-03, 22:54
Hi all,

Thanks for some great posts. I am visiting Accra in January and have made contact with some ladies I intend too see. I'd like to give them a gift, but would appreciate any guidance you may give on appropriate amounts?



11-19-03, 14:12
To DDW, concerning gifts :

You may find me cynical but, from long practice in Ivory Coast (eastern part of it), my impression is that the most valued present in the area is just plain cash.

Perfumes (esp. French) are also appreciated, but make a distant number two after dollars.

11-21-03, 17:38
About gifts: When I go to Accra I usually bring with me some old mobile phone (GSM). They'll be happy.

Booty Duty
12-16-03, 23:00
Hello everybody,

I´m planning on travelling through Ghana in February and I was wondering if anybody can recommend a clean hotel that won´t harm my budget too much (Accra region). The hotel should have a safe for my private stuff etc.

It seems that taking pictures of girls is not very well accepted by them, since I am a hobby-photographer I find this a bit sad (or why are there so few pics of ghanaian-girls posted?).

How would the experts compare the local girls to those of neighbouring countries?

Reports / tips / pics and travel-links are very much appreciated!

NC Hunter
12-18-03, 03:46
Brothers Don't Despair,

Some will have you think that only white guys get the play in West Africa. These girls are looking for a ticket out of their despair and if you are a foreigner of any color or nationality with the appearance of means, you can get the free pussy.

I am a black American and was stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Kumasi and got all the poon tang available and did not have to pay a penny. It is true that it is customary to provide a gift to the lady and believe me you will be swamped with the booty!

So let me rephrase what some are saying and replace "white" with "foreigner of means" but I must comment I did get more booty than my "white" comrades while I was there. But the thing is to have fun. I stayed at the Star hotel in Accra occasionally and did not have to look far as the maids were more than wiling to share their pink delights with me. They wore me out until I was hungry and they would bring me "foo-foo" and "kanki" to dine on until I was full. If you want a better return on your dollar when you exchange it for the local currency (cedis) befriend a cab driver or some local you learn to trust and have them exchange your currency on the black market (that is if you are bold- I did and never had a problem). But let your heart and conscience guide you on this one as you don't need problems in a foreign country.

Hell, I married a Ghanian (divorced now) and went through the traditional marriage. My new business partner is Ghanian and we will be traveling frequently to Ghana and all of West Africa. Look for my future reports concerining me tearing the coast up!
Easy drawers is available for all foreingers. I just felt I had to set the record straight. Peace and safe and happy mongering.

NC Hunter (soon to be WA Hunter)

Frank Africa
12-19-03, 20:26
Dear NC Hunter:

Thanks for your good post, but one quick warning to other mongers - if you are a new visitor to Ghana and therefore not familiar with the local scene, then I strongly urge you to DO NOT USE the black market to exchange your dollars. The rate at the various legal "bureau de change" shops or whatever they're called should be close enough to the black market rate that it's not worth it to risk getting arrested (or ripped off with counterfeit cash).

For someone like NC Hunter, who lived there and knows the scene, it may be ok to take the risk, but newcomers should be careful! This advice applies both to Ghana and to most other developing countries.

Ken Kelova
12-25-03, 01:33
Hey guys,

I have been to a couple of websites regarding travelling for adult entertainment and I must say this site is the best by far.

I'm from Ghana myself but haven't been back in 4.5 years so am looking forward to going back and sampling some of the local flavors. When I was there last Makumba seemed to be the night club for hookers and it seems that it still is. Hopefully I'll be there in Feb 2004 and I'm sure I'll bump into some of you guys somewhere or the other.

Keep the posts coming people.

One more thing, I never really used the hotels for a night with these women so wouldn't mind hearing about some of the cheaper and accomodating hotels around Accra. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks again

Ken Kelova
01-13-04, 01:17
Hi guys,

Anybody been to Ghana lately, or in Ghana right now?

Some updates would be nice. I'll be there in a month and will post some reports soon after.



01-13-04, 10:10
What is the opportunities availbale for the ASIAN expat.

01-14-04, 02:26
Hey guys,

I will be visiting Accra in a weeks's time. Whats the STD/Aids scenario like over in this country. I read that 1/10 are infected ?

Yeah-yeah, I know :always a condom. Still those are pretty high numbers.

Ken Kelova
01-15-04, 05:44

Aids is pretty rampant in this country, especially amongst the prostitutes. But there are alot of mighty fine looking ones though. Definitely use protection at all times.


Member #4203
01-15-04, 15:50
Aids is certainly at high risk everywhere in Africa. Ghana perhaps is one of the lowest reported. Always protect yourself.
I look to return to Accra much later this year and pick up where I left off. What a fun country!
There is a club called Waikiki,(probably spelled wrong), Monday I think,can't remember is the big night. Wall to wall smorgasboard.
There are two large horseshoe booths in this place situated next to the bar. I would reserve one of these on both of my visits,order a bottle of wine,scope out the three or four favorites in the place and set up glasses for them. Get to know them and make my decision on the best after a hour or two. It's amazing! All females there and everywhere are ok with this and the confidence and feeling you gain from this is absolutley incredible.
The next day one one of the girls, Rose from Sierra Leone, took me to her shack to meet her roomate bragging to her that I selected her because she had the finest ass in the entire place. When i got this one back to the hotel in bed, just after insertion, she stopped and pulled me out of bed,led me to the vanity mirror and raised her left leg extended up on the vanity facing the mirror,it was very HOT!I gave her 10,000.about a 1.30 U.S.,gave her roomate 10,000. as well for some food.

Ken Kelova
01-15-04, 23:23
Nice picture man,

Did you seriously pay 10,000 for one shot? That is unheard of!

The last time I was in Ghana (4 years ago) we usually paid about 70,000, and I hear that it's still close to that figure even today, due to the economic conditions and the increasing number of working ladies out and about.

I have heard alot about Waikiki, which unfortunately opened after I left. Before that the place to be was Makumba.

That picture definitely does bring back fond memories though.

Take it easy people.

01-16-04, 02:17
Yo Alistedmale & Ken,

These girls you refer to are NOT pros are they? Are they daytime "office type" worker etc.? How do I distinguish between pros and non pros?

Chris P
01-18-04, 09:52
Damn, that's one fine booty, alistedmale. Question for all the guys on the board: I'm quite young, and have never been with a black woman, African or otherwise. Is it true that sex with them is mindblowing? Or at least, a good deal better than with other women? Or is it just one of those tall tales like how masturbation can send you blind (my 20-20 vision is proof of that utter falseness of that, lol) If sex with them is as fine as their bodies, it must be pretty good. Any descriptions?


Where did you stay during your trip? I'm going to be there on business sometime in May, but will stay on for a few extra days to sample the culture. Any chance you, or anyone else on the board, will be around then?

Am I right in thinking that the girls you met at Waikiki are not really pro's, but just regular frisky Ghanaian girls up for some fun with a white guy who might just keep in touch and send them money, if not marry them? That would be the ideal type, from both the fun and aids point of view. And what's the proportion of girls to guys in there? Fewer bro's the better. Do the Ghanaian men get pissed at white boys screwing their women in these places?

NC Hunter
01-18-04, 13:58
Chris P,

Sexuality is all in the mind. I am a black man when I was young thought sex with a white woman was the bomb. Then I joined the military and every foreign country I went to I had a great sexual experience. I thind the fact that the lady is different than yourself is what adds to the sexual mystique.

IHO, all women are the same sexually. You had cold natured women and hot natured women in all races in culltures. It is an individual thing as different and mysterious as personalities.

So if black women hold this mystique for you then you will be more aroused by them than any other. Sex can be mindblowing with any woman that is uninhibited and has the knowledge to do the things that turn you on and you desire to be with them.

The only way to find out is to do it. Enjoy and wrap it up and be safe.

NC Hunter

Chris P
01-19-04, 03:58
Yeah, you're probably right NCHunter - sure can't wait to find out!

BTW alistedmale - do you have any contact details of Rose from Sierra Leone from your photo? I'd love to meat her (sic). Or any other fine and available ladies? Anyone who does, please feel free to contact me via the board or private messaging.

Member #4203
01-19-04, 05:31
Someone asked if these are pros.....I'm sure they have a agenda, the question is as I wrote in a earlier post. Who you are, who she is and how you make use of your talent. Price is always negotiable if that's the way you want to handle it and to answer the other post here about the 10,000. That's the way I chose to handle that particular one.
Women work the stuation for what they feel will be the better outcome for them. If they see a potential future, you are probably in the better situation than just a pay-per-fuck for the evening.
I always have asked myself who the true pros are, the ones that are obviously *****s or the ones that work it for the future. This one had me to her house which she shared with two other girls and made me a nice lunch,chicken, with a traditional dish called Banku. Here's the best part, She had two other girls serve us,provided red wine and a real wine glass! Here she is.

01-19-04, 06:21
Hey Alistedmale!

I knell before you and kowtow 100x!

You're the man. When you're in Accra, look me up and we get together ok!

Crazy Jim Wood
01-19-04, 06:40
That's got to be the hottest ass I've seen in the Africa section, you made my MLK day. Well, I guess I seen some hot asses here but they usually got the baggage to go with it if you know what I mean.
Keep up the good work!

Chris P,
NC is right on, but I must add that you can't really just say "black women" because there is considerable variation between black women from different countries, in terms of physique and personality, but I'm sure you'll discover that once you get to know Africans from different countries.

Member #4203
01-20-04, 07:24
There is a place called Aquarius, kind of upscale,off the beaten path. This place is nice and quiet. I went there on Sunday I think before california and Makumba.
There are nice pool tables and I met a hot Nigerian female at the table.

Member #4203
01-21-04, 13:45


Above is a link with some photos of Accra,you will need to download a Flashplayer that is free and provided.

Below is a link to Labadibeach Hotel, one of the nicest in Accra. THere is a weekend special for 75. a night.
To do this you will need a local to book it once you are there. I believe regular rates are about 200. or so per night,enjoy!
Here's that link.


Ken Kelova
01-21-04, 21:20
Great pictures AlistedMale,

I definitely remember how friendly the women were. Of course there are the odd exceptions but if you treat them well, they will respond in kind.

Am counting the days!

Chris P
02-11-04, 02:01
[Report deleted by Admin]


This may come as a surprise to some of you, and please don't take this the wrong way, but you can not use my forum to promote a competing forum, including competing Yahoo and Google groups.

If you have info, then post it here.



Chris P
02-11-04, 23:18
Sorry Jackson - I saw some photo sites posted on a Caribbean board, so I take it that websites are okay, but Yahoo groups are not? Anyone can PM me anyway.

On another note, I notice everyone here quoted prices of everything in US$. I'm from the UK, and the £sterling is currently worth over 10,000 Ghanaian cedi which is pretty good because girls should be about £10 all-night. But I was wondering, what about hotels? I was told that the El Elyon, where I'll probably stay, charges about US$60-70 a night, but do they prefer the Ghanaian currency or dollars? And is there any price discrepancy between the two?

Also, I've been told the El Elyon is close to Macumba nightclub, and that it is girl-friendly and lets you bring in chicks all night for no extra cost. Has anyone stayed there who can verify this?



Information websites are okay. Porn websites and websites with forums are not okay.



02-16-04, 08:48
Hi, here are some pictures.

02-16-04, 08:49
Photo #2

02-16-04, 18:08
Photo #1

Three I
02-16-04, 19:01
Nice pics! I would love to see more African women pictures on the board!

Ken Kelova
02-23-04, 19:25
Hey fellas,

I went to Jokers this friday night and there were a few nice ladies around. Didn't get to take the one I wanted home but I have lots of time. There were a few nice honies at Office too. Still have to check out makumba etc. Will post when I can.



02-24-04, 11:07
I tried to post more picture but something went wrong.

I retry

This is Belinda.

02-24-04, 11:07
[Photo deleted by Admin]

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02-24-04, 13:28
To Ken Kelova,

If you are not in hurry you can try Majesty's Nightclub, is not far from Labadi Beach. If you stay until march is worth to go in the Trade Fair: is plenty girls no prost. Really easy to get something good :-)

Try boomerang thursday night after 1,30 am

Ken Kelova
02-29-04, 01:40
Hi Obroni,

Thanks for the advice. I have actually moved back here so I have enough time. I am living with the folks right now, Indian culture thingy so taking ladies home is out of the question. Any nice hotels you can suggest? Maybe for an hour or two kinda deal?

Thanks again,


03-02-04, 11:44
Ken Kelova

As you can imagine the girls they know very well where to go. Nearby nkrumah-circle is plenty cheap hotels: Here some: President, St. George, California. Maybe 100.000 150.000 cedis.

Is a good place to find girls Labadi Beach, specially saturday or sunday. Check the first bar/restaurant on le left (blue chairs) or the second (yellow).

At the entrance of the beach tere is a massage (may be the name is jane or something like that). Some girls inside are willing to make sex.

Ken Kelova
03-06-04, 16:06
Just went to Jokers and Makumba last night. There are quite a few ladies out and about ready for action. I unfortunately am pretty picky so didn't find what I was looking for. The rate nowadays seems to be about 150,000 cedis give or take 50,000 cedis, which comes to approximately $14.00. There are of course alot of other places to go so anybody looking around should have no problems finding something.

Aquarius seems to have it's fair share of working women as well.



Van Fenchel
03-14-04, 21:28
Sorry for the delay


Luckily I have spent nearly 4 month in Ghana during the last two years. I stayed most of the time in Tema, the second largest town in Ghana, located approx. 40 km east of Accra. I had a very good time in Ghana. I’m attracted by the African culture and especially the girls butts. Furthermore the country is very safe and people are very friendly so you can go everywhere at any time.

To find a girl for the night is very easy. Most girls are eager to be with an Obroni (white man) and if you respect them and do treat them well, they will do almost everything for you. Actually every unmarried female can be a target. Don’t be shy, just stop them on the street, ask them any stupid question like directions and you are in the game. Some may require meeting her mother or her brothers and sisters first, which may live just around the corner but after that the way is cleared.

Pros and Semipros are also a good solution as the rules are clear from beginning. The going rate may be between 10 and 30 US$. It depends were you are; in Accra in places were tourists are common, some pros ask for 50 $ and more. To the Pros, make it clear before you leave with her as they tend hardly to discuss this matter after your first shot. Therefore I actually strongly recommend to be very careful with girls from Macumba or Waikiki. Some can be very nasty (I’ll break your glasses if you don’t give me my money….)

The preferred places (Bars and Nightclubs) where you find pros and semipros are wonderfully described by an anonymous poster on this board with date 7th march 2002. See in the archived section. This Info is still valid up to date. Additionally you find lots of beef near Nkrumah Circle. Coming from circle (one way) pass Waikiki on your left and on the next 200 m you find on both sides of the street and in the first street to the right, lots of young SW. Action starts after 7pm. At daytime, of course the beaches are also good hunting ground, but mind the barracudas.

If you are in Accra, don’t forget to visit Woodin in Osu. This is the outlet of a Dutch-run fabric plant in Tema called GTP (Ghana Textile Printing). They have wonderful cotton fabric, modern African stile, good quality. You can let you saw a shirt for almost nothing at nearly every corner in Africa.

Hotels: I don’t know of a Hotel which is not girlfriendly. Stayed only in Labadi Beach Hotel (approx. 170$) and Paloma Hotel (approx. 60$) on Ring Road which has a very good kitchen. Both were good value for the price.


To get to Tema from Accra, go to Nkrumah Circle shared taxi station; look for cars with signs “Tema Motorway”. You will go with 4 others for 1,05$ to Tema. From Tema to Accra the cars leave from Com.1, opposite Shell Station. The Trip takes approx. 30 min.
The place you will find pros and semipros every night is known under James’s Night Club in Community 8. The official name of the club in 2003 was Manila Night Club. Everybody knows the place if you are in Com.8. The girls can be very pushy but I had only good experiences there. For semipros and amateurs go to Felicia’s Night Club in Com.7 on Friday and Saturday nights after 11pm. The place was closed for renovation the last 4 month of 2003 but they said they will reopen on Christmas. In Community 7 you find SW African stile behind the Shell Station. Just go in front of Felicia’s to the right. Also the street bars before and after the Shell Station direction Com.4 is good hunting area.
Further if you like real African scenery go to Com.1 and get a couple of beers at NimTree Bar after dark, which is located near the market area. Many nice girls are passing by.

Hotels: I can recommend Hotel Marjorie Y (60$) in Com.6, which has the best facilities in Tema. Of course also girlfriendly.

Overall I would prefer Tema or even more remote Cities for the hobby. Accra is the only place in Ghana with considerable numbers of tourists. The remote areas attract only backpackers. Tema doesn’t see hardly any tourists. Where tourists in numbers are, there are barracudas to eat them.

Enjoy Ghana


03-16-04, 08:53
Hi Van Fenchel

I've been many times in Tema and is worth to go. I don't remember the name of the places: one was open air and plenty korean crews from merchant ships. The other was a karaoke bar (in korean language).

I read the old post in the archive and is a good one. I only want to add something in how to recognise prostitute from normal girls. Usually prostitute they have a mobile phone.



Brotha Natutre
03-17-04, 19:36
"To find a girl for the night is very easy. Most girls are eager to be with an Obroni (white man) and if you respect them and do treat them well, they will do almost everything for you. "

I really don't see how race has anything to do w/ it. Most of it has more to do w/ a man being from another country. I'm Black American and pretty much get the same treatment....

By the way, thanx for the info on Accra..

03-18-04, 16:20
Hey Bro. Obroni,

I have to disagree with you. The pre-paid penetration of mobile phoens in Ghana is pretty high. As at Oct 2003, the number of users are about 700k, majority are prepaid. fixed line however sucks. almost every ghanaian I know. those working with fixed income, has a mobile. even student have them. mobile sets are pretty cheap, you can even get 2nd hand one cheap as well. but don't expect them to call you. most times the girls will do a miss call, then you return the ir call.

What I can say is that if a lady has a handphone, she (whether a pro or otherwise) would have an "above aveage means". And most likely be availbale, and is a good bet for a shag. Not some "trash" chick.

My 10 cedi opinion.

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04-01-04, 14:13
A few days ago, was trying to prepare some kind of journey to Ghana and I looked up the adult friend finder site (am I allowed to quote the site ?). I have to say that I did notice a few scammers. Be careful.

04-01-04, 23:11

I have a question for guys who are well traveled in Africa. I am trying to make a decision whether to go to Ghana or Cameroon. Anyone here been to both places? Comparisons? I have never been to Africa so I am looking for the easiest and most convenient trip for a rookie. Considering price, vacation value, etc. Also, where would a white boy be the most valued between the two and where in that country?

Thanks alot.


Global Citizen
04-04-04, 07:28

I have been going to Ghana for the last 4 years and let me tell you, there is absolutely no need to search for action there - any local will be happy to deliver them to you !

in Accra, just go to Labadie Beach and pretty much any woman there is available. When you see someone that suits your fancy, just call her over and start talking to her. If you're nice to her, you probably won't even have to pay her.

As for pricing, I have never given a girl more than 200,000 cedis for "transportation" money. Even this is quite high as I know you can easily pick up a pro for 50K to 100K cedis. If you ask them, they will always quote you a ridiculous sum such as US$100 or 500K cedis. A hundred thousand cedis seems to be the norm which most girls will accept.

Best thing to do for GFE, is to take her out for dinner, dancing, drinks, buy her a mobile recharge card... They love this as they don't normally get to go to nice places and always seem to be "out of units" on their cellphones.

A good place to take girls that you really want to impress in Accra is Crown Apartmento which is in the Airport Residential Area - Dinner for 2 including a nice Spanish bottle of wine will run you about 450,000 cedis and this will virtually guarantee you a night of wild and uninhibited sex with no further expenses needed except for about 20,000 cedis for taxi the next morning.

As for what they'll do, everyone I have ever had will give BBBJ - NEVER EVER under ANY circumstances have uncovered sex !!!! It does not matter who or what the girl is - NEVER !

BBBJTC-CIM can also be had (my personal favorite) fairly easily - just ask for it and tell them you want it - they are so eager to please an Obroni.

I will be back in Accra in May for about 30 days so anyone want to hook up, just PM me.

Happy hunting.


T Poet
04-06-04, 04:32
Ghana and Kenya are high on my priority lists how about the looks those I like the ones with butts that can shade me from the hot sun. Also some good looks as well doesn't hurt any Ghanian girl pics?

04-18-04, 00:34

Didn't know you were interested in Africa. Both Ghana and Cameroun are excellent places, but if you do not speak French, Ghana is far easier. I find the girls from French-speaking African countries a bit classier (my favorites are from Rwanda) and the food in the former French colonies is definitely better. Conversely, the ladies from Ghana are so easy to find and so easy to please that it's impossible not to love the place. Another alternative you may want to consider, if you're going to W. Africa, is the Ghana-Tchad axis. You can drive on a couple of hours from one to the other, and it will give you a "taste" of both French and English African cultures.

Another advantage of Ghana, lest I forget, is that you can meet women there from all of the other war-torn countries in W. Africa. They migrate to Ghana, which is very peaceful and stable, to avoid the strife in Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, and Nigeria. Therefore, at any of the large clubs, like Macumba, you can meet women from all over W. Africa.

I agree with GC. African women are very straightforward about sex, and it's wild and completely uninhibited. Never, never, never, even consider sex without a condom however.


Brotha Natutre
04-22-04, 03:24

But what about the price range to fly out that way? Ive found that many fairs to Ghana are anywhere from 2k to 6k! I sure hope the American dollar is worth more over there.

04-22-04, 17:40
Bortha Natutre,

Please do not book online if you are going to Ghana. Go to a travel agency and you shouldn't pay more than $1,300.00 US Dollars. Yes, the US Dollars goes a long way there.

Have fun and please wrap your little buddy before you do anything.

Member #1846

04-22-04, 17:56
Brotha Natutre,

If you reside in the East Coast of USA, the fare is a lot less, about $300.00 less. I have never visited but I have a few friends from Ghana. I am African myself. They are very religious and they do not know that I monger so I can't get you any information regarding our hobby from them.

Member #1846

04-26-04, 13:35
Hey Guys,

Check out Monsoon above Osu Food Court, NO PROS but lotsa horny lady expats. Strictly upmarket stuff. Turn on the charm and see what happens.

Jay Dub
04-27-04, 20:48
I was wondering if you guys can post some more pictures. In fact I am surprised that these are the only pics that are on this page.

There is a guy in the Morocco page who has posted some damn nice pictures.


Global Citizen
05-15-04, 09:54
Fellow Mongers,

I am in country and was wondering if anyone out there is interested in getting together. Please PM me if interested.


05-16-04, 01:31
Brotha Nature:

I always flew on business, so the company paid, but I don't think the ticket ever cost more than $1,200. I usually flew Lufthansa through Frankfurt because there's a direct Frankfurt-Accra flight. You might also find a cheap flight on Ethiopian Airlines, but it's a pain in the ass to have to travel across the continent from Addis. On the other hand Addis is a great city and it would be worth spending a few days there too. Flying within Africa is expensive, especially cross continent because there are not many flights, and there's little competition.


Hot Jeffry
05-16-04, 14:54
Hi guys,

I have been in accra before and will be there again this summer (july & august). Anyone who is interested to visit the accra hot spots together, just drop me a message!

05-17-04, 09:42
Brother nature
May try also Alitalia - Air France (skyteam) or Sabena/Bruessels Airways they have from time to time good offers

Brotha Natutre
05-17-04, 17:24
Greetings Bro's!

Member 1846 is correct, you can get a flight cheaper through an agency. From JFK to Ghana, Ive found a price w/ AAA at 1,200 in September's low season (15th) using British Airways.


Thanx for the info. based on what you wrote, I guess I should go to Ethiopia!

05-18-04, 07:14
I think Ghana airways is the cheapest solution.

Usually is not sell from the agencies but try to ask.

05-19-04, 11:10

Money is not everything. My advise is stick to only BA, Lufthansa or KLM (All daily flights). Also a good bet is Emirates (4x a week I think). Forget the rest. Never ever use any of the African airlines - they're crap.

I am an expat in ghana. Buzz me at mto68my@yahoo.com

Jem Hadar
05-23-04, 13:20

You're right to an extent about the African Airlines but to me Ethiopian Airlines is exception they go all over Africa and yes Lufthansa is without doubt. One of the very best Airlines going they are better than BA.

05-23-04, 16:25
Brotha Natutre:

I think Ethiopia is the best place on the continent, and one of the best places in the world for women. However, Accra is not to be overlooked. It's a much prettier city than Addis, the women are abundant and, because the place is a West Africa crossroads, you can meet women from all over the Western Region. I agree with MichaelTheOne on the wisdom of avoiding African airlines, though South African Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines are exceptions to that statement. Emirates, if it fits your schedule is a terrific choice, especially if it gives you the excuse to pass a night in Dubai where you can hook up with Russian women galore.

Ghana Airways is a good one to ignore and Air Afrique should be avoided completely if possible. If you do get to Accra, do not miss "francophone night" at some of the local clubs. It's the time that all the women students from Benin, Tchad, Cote d'Ivoire and other Francophone countries come out to party, and these women are totally different from the Liberians, Nigerians, Ghanaians and other Anglophone Africans you will meet on other nights. I spent upwards of a year in Accra, and I thoroughly enjoyed the place.


Frank Africa
05-23-04, 18:47
As some of you know, I lived in Africa for seven years in the 1970s and 80s and still go there regularly (at least 1 - 2 times/year) for my job.

From my experience, GoodEnough and MichaeltheOne are correct in stating that African airlines are to be avoided wherever possible, especially for travel between Africa and US/Europe/elsewhere, with the exceptions of South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.

Sorry, but most African airlines just aren't run very professionally, although most of them tend to be ok for shorter flights within Africa; for example, I've flown Air Senegal from Dakar to Banjul with no problems, and Air Ivoire from Abidjan to Ouagadougou.

Air Afrique is to be avoided at all costs (are they still in business?) - most of my black African friends hate Air Afrique. And the local Africans' nicknames for some airlines reveal a lot - the old Air Mali was known as "Air Maybe" and the ATC (Air Tanzania Corporation) is known by Tanzanians as "Any Time Cancellation."


Note: Emirates Air is not an African airline and is very well-run, as is Gulf Air. Both serve several black African countries. But stay away from Egypt Air!

Member #4203
05-25-04, 07:55
Ghana Airways is "The Worlds Worst"you will be sorry using them and they will end up costing you more.
Ethiopian Airlines is my favorite.

Johnson X
06-03-04, 18:01
Listen guys, do not use Ghana Airways. Last time I was in Accra I stayed at the Labadi beach hotel and half way through a serious drinking session with some fellow guests, one guy after maybe 6 or 7 drinks gets up and leaves for the airport.

Unfortunately he was not flying home but flying the damn aircraft, for who else other than our favourite Ghana airways.

As far as actions concerned I found Macumba to be a little too much like a cattle market, best to try Jokers.

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Black Morpheus
06-08-04, 21:38
Fellow Mongers:

Went to Accra in Summer 2002 and here are a few tidbits (translated: small report) for the newbie.

1) Macumba: Is well known by most of the "hip" young girls as the place where outsiders go for the quicker pick-her-upper. I picked up three girls in a fourteen day stay. Might add, did not have to try at all. They will approach you all night until you choose one.

2) Girls: They are everywhere. We in the West, especially the U.S., are not use to the interactions like that in Ghanaian society. It is wholely unlike the B.S. and the crap (read: test) that women in the U.S. put U.S. men through on a daily basis. If a Ghanaian woman likes you, it is almost an iron-clad contract for "relations" to come real soon.

3) Never pay to much or let it always be "cab" fare that you are giving her. More than a 130,000 cedis (8,800 cedis=$1.00 U.S.) is too much or you can take her to dinner and show her a good time and then give her "cab" fare. More than $25 U.S. is pushing the market. This is not the West and minimum wage is $1.00 per hour.

4) Public displays of sexuality or boyfriend and girlfriend like behavior is very rarely seen. Ghanaians like to have sex they just do not want the whole world to know. It is better that the world assumes the foreigner is really nice.

5) Street walkers are really tough. It takes a special man that would desire the average street walker in Accra. You are better off going to a club or hotel bar or anywhere else for that matter. Did I mention that there are so many women in Accra?!

6) Golden Rule: To become pregnant by a foreigner is the lottery for a Ghanaian women! Take your own protection or buy from Maxx Mart (Euro style store). Lest not forget all the other STDs that one could catch.

7) Platinum Rule: Do not force anything. AGAIN, there are tooo many women in Accra.

My $.02,

That is all.

06-11-04, 01:04
I am a fairly regular visitor to Ghana. Mongering only. Never been accused of working there, except on mongering and this is a real mongers paradise but you have to get into the "game". Those of you who are addicted to paying for sex might be a bit confused by this country, it isn't really that kind of scence, which makes it both easier and harder if you'll forgive me for being a little tautologhical. I'm not saying the girls there "give it away" but as a white man, and I'm not assuming you necessarily are, you will be called "obruney" - don't know about the spelling but that's how they say it, and they will all the time, calling it out after you on the street - you are in a very privelidged position. Obruney just means white man - not a term of abuse - unless you want to take it that way of course. Obruney is said to be "rich, fat and stupid"! They also say if you have seen a white man today you don't have to go to church, as you have seen god already!! If your English, you will be reminded that you are the "colonial master". I'm Irish but that doesn't seem to make much difference to them. A little geo-political separation is far too esoteric for your average Ghanain. Ergo, your in a very very unique position - a rich god with colonian credentials! This is my first post on this site so I want to make sure it all works before getting into detail about the mongering. More to follow, promise.

Village girls are the best. Get out of Accra, head inland if you can and relax. Talk to the girls, any girls, they all need what you have got. Money, but more than that, unsurprisingly, a way out, I believe in reality it's called hope. Hope and a dream! Children and a dream of innocence, them or mine? More later. Hope you like the photo.

06-11-04, 05:26
Ghana is similar, in respect to picking up women, to all of the sub-Saharan African countries in which I've worked. You do not have to work hard at all, and the large majority of women you meet will be available to you if you are even somewhat kind to them. The sex is excellent, and I have never discussed money with anyone I've picked up. Frankenhausen's advice is right on. Offer them cab fare, take them to dinner, and that's really all you need to do. Even a dinner at Joker's, which is about 6 kms from Macumba, will do. The dinner will cost you the equivalent of about $5.

It's also true what Black Orpheus says about being an Obroni. However, it's not really a question, I think of race, but money and social status. If you're a black foreigner, or a rich Ghanaian, you get treated with the same deference. It's just that Obronis are recognizable as foreigners and are assumed to have money and position, whereas rich black guys are not as obvious to Ghanaians. I have an Afro-American friend with whom I spent a lot of time in Ghana, and he told me he had never felt as American in his life. He was treated with the same respect and courtesy as I was.

As to places to pick up women, it's true, they're everywhere. My favorite place is Acquariius, since it's more laid back than all the others, opens earlier, and if you don't succeed there (unlikely) you can always go the Macumba, which doesn't get cranked up until 10 or so. Joker's is also a bit less frenetic than Macumba, and at least you won't get your balls grabbed at the bar there, as is often the case at Macumba.


Jem Hadar
06-13-04, 02:56
GoodEnough nice post and I agree with you about money and status rather than race being the issure. Did you go to any smaller towns like Agona Swedru or Winneba? I'll be going to Ghana next year and I'm thinking of visiting the smaller villages and towns in order to get a real beauty. Any tips!

Great One
06-14-04, 02:13
I 'm planning to come to Africa for awhile. Ghana was on my list. I recently joined a dateing site that has lots of women from africa on it and you can chat with them. There's lots of women from Ghana on there. The thing is Every one I've met has tried to scam me into sending them money they claim to be so deeply in love and faithfull. I made new name on there and contacted all the women that say they are being faithfull to me. They gave me the same lines said they had no other man,,ect..I think most all women in africa are players. Some one tell me if I'm wrong. I'm attracted to black women and all the ones in The USA I been around are players too. I was hoping to find the women are different in africa. But is seems the are the same as the US women, GOLDDIGGERS that will say and act anyway to get money, then they do that to other men at same time. I've been mongering to long and Have slowed down and would like a good relationship/wife. I now doubt I could find women like that in africa. I was hoping the majority of women there would be good for long term relationship. But it looks different they are mostly players and maybe even worse than american black women because of the poverty.. Please give me you in put on future wife type women there.

Thank you

06-14-04, 02:27

Great report and photo. Ghana is really becoming a hot post.

Frank Africa
06-15-04, 19:31
Thanks to Black Morpheus, Frankenhausen and GoodEnough - good posts and good information from all three of them.

Black Morpheus' Rule #7, the Platinum Rule, is also my rule for mongering anywhere in the world. If a situation doesn't look or smell right, punt! If a particular girl isn't working out for whatever reason, walk away. Don't push it, don't force it, there will always be more girls right around the corner.

06-16-04, 06:57
I neglected to mention in my last post that Aquariius is actually divided into two zones. The first, which is comprised of the front of the bar and the dining room, is pretty much off limits to women, unless accompanied by men. This means you can invite the lady of your choice to join you, but you will not be hassled by aggressive hookers and semi-pros. The latter congregate in the area that constitutes the other side of the bar, so you can easily see them and establish eye contact from the front. The pool room, off to the right as you enter, is open territory.

06-17-04, 02:33
Educated Ghanaian, son not of a chief but a minister (of government) who had experience of foreign, once told me that Africa was predicated on a lie.

Start from here, maybe you can begin to understand that tangled skein.

Husband runs from wife to mistress to maid to bit on the side, lying in a long chain to them all.

Not unusual for people to lean out of passing cars in Accra and offer impromptu advice.

Boy and girl on street corner might draw "don't tell lies".

For the tourist or roaming visitor, this is perhaps the most eloquent solution to a social milieu no European can possibly hope to master. Only in the last few years was beating your wife actually made a crime. Tell as many lies as you can, be as sincere as you can appear, promise the earth, take all the sex you can handle and disappear on to the next town or region. Like falling in love with prostitutes, obeying some ancient moral code of truth and honour is passé.

Get real messed up, the minister (church this time) can for a little consideration cut some slack for you on behalf of the great accountant in the sky. AKA the local Mercedes importer.

A good opening gambit is. "I have come to Ghana to find a wife."

Of course you don't have one already! They are polygamous but it's polite to deny a wife's existence, though it's casually assumed.

Or if talking to a man (and they are not your bent, pardon pun).

"I am looking for a plot of land to build a house on."

Nothing makes a Ghanaians heart beat faster than the thought of re-selling that ancient much litigated piece of land his sisters brothers wife might just still not quite have sold yet, at a, this is the sort of thing I do for friends like you, knock down, quick sale discounted cash only immediate price.

"Will you cook, wash my clothes and keep my house clean?"

"Will you come to England, have my baby, oh and promise not to run away with a black man?"

"Why don't you come back to my hotel?"

"Do you think I would buy a car without trying it first?"

And then the immortal.

"Your toto (pussy) is not gold plated!"

Of course in Ghana no local would dream of showering in his rain coat!

She of course will tell you she wants to give you a son. And so the dialogue continues. The more you run the script the smoother it gets. Almost effortless after a while. It's like fishing. You cast your line often, sprinkle little bread on the water and get lucky, often as not. It's a way of life in Ghana, not really mongering at all, just passing another mercilessly hot day in the shade.

Remember if you give them money their social status plunges. They become that most reviled, incessantly talked of and pointed out of social animals. The prostitute. They accuse each other of it almost continually anyway! Thus the euphemism "car fair" is born. Like the euphemism, "something for you child's education," when applying what Mexicans affectionately call la mordida, (the bite), or Ghana dash (the bribe), to those who hold a little power.

Condoms can be hard to find, especially at night and they look at you funny. Always seem to be a pair of horny giggle-some teens in the pharm. And they don't usually wait till you've gone.

Hope you like the picture and stay safe, remember not for nothing was (or is it still) called the white mans graveyard.


06-17-04, 02:35
Lovely girl. Ewe are big strong women.

06-18-04, 15:21

Great post! It's perhaps the most eloquent and truthful perspective on sub-Saharan Africa (not just Ghana) that I have seen in quite a while. The fact is, when I think about it, that everyone lies to everyone else about everything. The thing that saves the ethos from being totally depressing and throughly corrupt though, is that it's all said with a grin, and with a sort of infectious friendliness that makes it impossible to totally dislike the person who is lying his or her ass off to you.

For the most part, I loved the five years I spent in Africa. What finally got to me after a while though, was the realization that there was just so little hope for the place. Things simply do not get better, and the total lack of ability to forego immediate gratification in pursuit of a longer-term, more sustainable gain, was simply too depressing after a while. Still, I do miss the people, the joy in simple things, the music, and the laughter.


06-18-04, 15:59
Great post Franken! Now this board is becoming philosphical, keep the reports and photos coming, they are great !

Jay Dub
06-20-04, 08:01
We Americans lie the most, so let's stop finger pointing.

People are people, and different people and different cultures have different ways of lying.

Either way, a lie is a lie whether its a small black lie or a juicey white lie.

And it takes a true lier to be able to catch someone in a lie.


06-21-04, 00:08

I think you miss the point competely. In sub Saharan Africa, no one ever wants to give you bad news, to admit that something was not done on time or that something cannot be done at all. The "good news only please" is a perspective that's firmly embedded in the culture. What we see as a lie, an African may see as a way of avoiding embarassment or avoiding disappointing you. This is why restaurants are never out of any dish, but the dish may be "currently unavailable" and why the words immediately and tomorrow must be seen in different contexts there than in the West.

Neither Frank's post nor mine were intended to denigrate the local culture. The assumptions, values, operating behaviors and taboos differ radically from ours, that's all. An American, for example, gets frantic when something is not done on time. Time is, after all, money. A typical Ghanaian would be utterly bewildered by this obsession since if something does not get done today, it can always be done tomorrow.

Hope this is clear. No one who spends a lot of time in Africa can help but like most, if not all of the countries and the people.


06-21-04, 03:17
I was in Ghana last year and will go there again in 2 weeks. Speaking of time. Forget about making a meeting with some hottie. I met the curviest women on this planet at the bus stop to Takoradi. We tried several times to meet in Takoradi. She was never on-time, never close. In fact, the closest she made it to the ageed meeting time was 7 hours afterward. She would show up at my hotel or favorite hang out and asked me why I wasn't where we agreed to meet. While I was waiting, there were many opportunities; the women will compete for you and get downright mean with each other if you talk with another. I got sick of waiting for her and simply left Takoradi. I looked at my e-mail the next day and she accused me of humiliating her. She brought her mother to my hotel to meet me that day.

06-22-04, 10:49
Does anyone know know if the bar Chester's, which was about a 2 minute walk from Aquarius, is still open. The place used to have live music once a week, and on that night, it rocked! Met some really lovely (non hard core) ladies there. In fact, I used to have a Chester's VIP card, but it's been a while, and the place was always dead the other nights of the week, so I don't know if it's still in business.

06-23-04, 02:22
I'll let you know about Chester's in 11 days.

06-23-04, 14:04
Thanks. If it's still open, go hang out at Aquarius for a couple of hours, and then follow the ladies to Chester's Place up the street. As I recall, it was a really nice scene, and Chester is, or at least he was, an excellent entertainer. I understand that Katya, the Ukrainian lady who used to run Aquarius has gone to England, so the place has doubtless lost some of its bizarre character. However, when I was there, it was the social center of the Russian-speaking community in Accra, which is not large, but is pretty robust. I actually picked up a really nice Russian woman there one night and had a great 12 hours or so with her.

06-23-04, 14:27
Great One:

Your assumption regarding black women as ubiquitous gold diggers is not only insulting, but patently ridiculous and betrays a total lack of understanding of the realities of most of sub-Saharan Africa. Tne next time you want to indulge in racial stereotypes, please keep in mind that the average per capita income in Ghana is less than $400 per year. Even this figure is totally distorted by the fact that about 98% of the country's wealth is controlled by less than 2% of the population. If you factor in this phenomon, then deduct the percent of the economy financed by donor contributions (in Ghana's case about 8%), you are left with the fact that most Ghanaians must survive on less than $1 per day. Now, in the rural areas, in which food is reasonably abundant, and the cultural emphasis on sharing food is strong at the village level, survival is possible. In urban areas however (Accra, Kumasi) food must be purchased, as must shelter and clothes. Add the fact that most of the economies in sub-Saharan Africa are actually contracting (again deducting donor contributions), that they cannot begin to generate enough new jobs to absorb the emerging workforce, compound this by the flood of indigent refugees fleeing civil wars in less stable countries than Ghana, and you are left with a totally bleak, some might say relatively hopeless situation.

Now I would guess that most of the young women with whom you've been interacting do not come from wealthy families, and I would ask you, in light of the socio-economic context described above, what the hell you would expect? In a country in which even University - educated women turn to street prostitution due to lack of economic prospects, why are you so self-righteously amazed? These ladies only have one thing to sell, the competition is fierce, and the shelf life is short. They are doing what they need to do to survive, and often their family's survival is at least partially dependent on them as well.

I lived in Ghana for a long time, and during that period I had two girlfriends, both of whom were completely faithful and neither of whom were overly demanding. Guess what chief? Like people everywhere, Ghanaian women respond positively to being treated nicely, to men who are kind to them, to those who do not abuse them, and to those who do not mock them for trying to survive.

Why don't you take a vacation in Beverly Hills? You might find the women there more to your liking.

Jem Hadar
06-23-04, 17:51

I couldn't have put it better myself an excellent note and very informative I wonder how western women would behave if there economies. Calapsed and there was no work and no money around and say China was the only economic superpower around. In this situation if those same Chinese guys decided to take a quick trip to a hypothetically speaking poor a western country would the women in those same countries turn up there noses at them I doubt it. To see this situation in historical action you need look no further than Germany after ww1 her economy shattered and demands for war reperations kicking down her door. The French sent black troops to Germany at that time can't remember exactly what they where doing there but guess what!. These guys had money and the German guys didn't so the black troops shagged every women in site, in Hitlers famous book he makes lots of references to the negative ettects of race mixing. Guess where he got his inspiration for banging on about it, again well said mate.

Great One
06-24-04, 03:13
LoL at you Good enough. I guess you don't know what gold digger means. Here's a definition from a dictonary: gold digger
noun {C} DISAPPROVING someone, usually a woman, who tries to sexually attract a rich person, usually a man, in order to obtain presents or money. So where in the hell did you get that I was racial? They did exactlly that and they are gold diggers. I don't care if they are doing it out of survival, the fact is they are doing it. These women claim to love me instantly, say they will be faithfull until I arive, ect.. So as by the definition of gold diggers they are PLAYERS also. I expected women from africa to have more pride in them selfs than the american black women, I expected them to be more honest and played less games. Like I said I've found they are just like US black women maybe even worse because of the poverty there. Now I do not claim every one in africa is bad but the majority are. I also don't care if a women is in a situation so bad that she thinks the only way to survive is sell her pussy. That means she has no morals and other personality defects. Like I said I'm looking for a Wife not a hoe or a girl friend that cheats. One would have to be a complete fool to think a women that use to be a prostitute would make a good wife for LIFE. I bet my last dollar that a ex-hoe will cause problems. I want a women that would rather kill herself than prostitute herself, that type of women I know would be faithfull. Even women I chat with that live there warn me so often, be vary carefull, they say 95% of people there are crooked, particulary in Nigeria. I find that a women that gets money from a man by the means of gold digging or playing him have no respect for that man, they look at him as a sucker and the woman make there living by these suckers. I ain't the one to be disrespected. Good enough, I've have been with close to 1000 women 98% percent of them black, I've been in the hiphop industry for past 10 years, I lived in a black community most my life, surrounded by blacks and I will warn people to the day I die that they are all up to playing or games. I don't take pride in saying that either, I love the looks of black women and wish it wasn't so. But that is all I've seen. I also find it insulting of your acusations of my lack of understanding, it seem to me that you are the one with it. I don't care how poor a women is, it still is no excuss to prostitute herself.

Why don't you take a vacation to a library before writing? You might find you will get people to like you, not dislike you.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it very difficult to read a report that is written as one long block of text. It's kind of like trying to eat an entire steak in one bite.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key every few sentences while you're writing, and thus break your report into smaller paragraphs, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



06-24-04, 14:15
Thanks Jem. I appreciate the nice words.

As to you Great One, I suggest you buy a simple-to- read textbook on English Language semantics, sentence structure, and above all, punctuation. Then you can move on to more advanced topics such as paragraphs and perhaps even tenses and verb and noun agreement.

So, you worked in the Hip Hop industry for years, among people of whom you're disdainful. I guess if you were a woman some men might say you prostituted yourself. You also don't want any woman who has been paid by men like you, who has had 1,000 women, to have sex. Please look up the definition of the word "hypocritical" when you get a chance. You characterze yourself as someone who feels that black people are "all up to playing and games." Some people might think that such generalizations smack of racism. And oh yes you routinely fuck women (98% of them black) for whom you have no respect. What does this say about you? Nothing good.

In closing, let me add that you find it awfully easy to condemn those who choose selling themselves over starvation. I would guess that, unless and until you confront a similar situation in your own life, you have no idea of the desperate acts in which you might engage. I have interviewed dozens of "sex workers" in Africa, done studies, read the research and you know, I've never heard of a single instance in which one of them admitted to liking her profession.

If, as is your right, you refuse to become a little bit more informed, you might at least try to develop a heightened sense of human compassion.


Dogs Body
06-24-04, 20:55
Chester's is said to still be open under the name Savannah Club on a travel site I checked. Live music on Wendsdays reported.

Has anyone stayed at Akotta Villas? I plan to stay there barring some very bad report.

06-25-04, 00:13
Well, that's final then, we all agree. American women are horrible!

06-25-04, 12:34
Great One,

I’m married with a Ghanaian since 8-years, known her for more than 10-years and we having two wonderful kids’ together. We live in a European country, but me living temporary now in Ghana since one year ago.

You will for sure find your future wife in Ghana if you just taking your time. Don’t waste time looking for them at Macumba or the other discos however. At the sites you mention you just find the desperate once, so that’s a dead end too.

Search by the waitress, hotel staff, etc or just be lucky and you find the one! Many (most?) of the single x-pats staying in Ghana for a longer time ends up in a deeper relation or marriage after mongering around for a year or less.

It could be difficult to sort out the serious from the gold diggers if you’re not used to Ghanaians, as the general rule is that the boyfriend takes care of he’s girlfriend. This applies to everyone in Ghana! We may call it prostitution but they don’t. And do you really want your love to work 12 hours a day for some 80’ to 500’ cedi a month?

Telling that they love you deeply, etc is their way to express themselves, which makes it difficult to sort out gold diggers. Ghanaians marries for economical reasons, it’s up to you to find the right girl, which suits for you so that love would develop by time.

Signs too watch out for is girls running around in discos to often, smoking girls and girls drinking too much beer, or touch stronger alcohol. Stay away from them! Age difference should not be more than 15 – 20 years if you want peace in your marriage.

Note that expectations are also very high on girls travelling overseas so you must accept to help the family “small, small”. Understand that all Ghanaians highest dream is to have there own house in Ghana. Just be patient as this normally disappear from their minds after a few years.

06-25-04, 23:05

I'm coming to Ghana next week. I stayed at Ploma last year, was bored to death becuse nothing was in walking distance outside the compound. Where do you recommend a person stay in Accra or other cities where a person can wander around and meet people?

Chris P
06-26-04, 01:37
Well, I had a bit of a nightmare in Accra, to put it mildly. I was there on business for a week, but arranged a couple of days extra for a bit of fun (or so I thought). I popped into Jokers on my first night and it was great - there are about five pool tables and the custom is that the loser pays for the game, so being a bit of a whizz with a cue (if I may say so myself!) I hardly shelled out a cedi all night, other than on drinks, which are reasonably priced at about 1 UK pound for a beer.

I'm also fairly young and okay-looking, and got a great deal of female attention from some chicks who were very hot indeed. The place doesn't get going till fairly late (at least not on the night I was there), and once I'd shaken off this ugly, skinny bint who seemed mistakenly to believe that I was her boyfriend, there were about four or five girls cooing around the table while I played. The hottest one, who was slim and petite - not normally my type, I'm a Serena Williams-booty man, but she had an outstandingly beautiful face and a quiet, seductive manner as opposed to the other girls who just grabbed, shouted and made fools of themselves - was sitting on the ledge next to a table and had a habit of sliding her foot up between my legs and gently teasing the little soldier when I was bending over to play a shot. It made me lose my place at the table, but it was worth it!

Then I had a foolish rush of blood which really fucked things up. I saw a fairly short chick at the bar with huge tits looking at me, and giggling to her friend. Now, there's never been anything that turns me on more than a pair of bouncing titties, and when she did a little jiggle, clearly for my benefit, I was hooked; on top of this, the petite chick had gone away for a moment and, this being Africa, I severely doubted whether she would return.

I went over, one thing led to another, and we were soon in a taxi. Not, I must add, before a scene like something out of a horror movie as I entered the vehicle; all the windows of the taxi were open and I looked up to discover what must have been ten people crowded round it, with various parts of their bodies thrust into the car, demanding that I give them money for absolutely no reason whatsoever (happens a lot if you're a white man in Africa). The scene of countless filthy hands flailing and grasping from the darkness, and one-eyed, rancid-breathed heads craning toward me, was genuinely terrifying, and I was glad when we were out of there.

I was less glad, however, of the changes that had occurred to my partner for the evening; while she sounded and behaved like a giggly cheerleader in the bar, ample chest thrust out and boucing; squeaky voice; etc; it soon became apparent that this was merely an act. Her voice dropped an octave (no, don't worry, it wasn't THAT kind of disaster!), she breathed out, exposing a gut almost as large as her breasts, and I noticed close up in the light that, while she had a pretty face, her skin was like the surface of Mars. She took off her shoes in the taxi and put her feet up on me, and they were calloused, scabby, and basically disgusting. I should've gone back theer and then but couldn't be bothered...and hey, there's still the titties, right?

Wrong. Once I got back and she got her top off I could see that, while sizable, her breasts were held in place only by an industrial-size and -strength bra. Yup - she was afflicted by that common African disease known as "pancake tits", and had a huge, ugly scar across her wobbling belly to boot. And top it all off, she was a fucking nutcase; she literally started screaming and crying hysterically when I turned out the light, because she was "afraid of the dark".

I eventually decided to cut my losses and simply kicked her out, but she was clearly more devious than I thought as, next day when I went to change my remaining British pounds to cedi, there were none in my wallet, or anywhere else in my room. Anooying, but not a problem, I thought, as I had my HSBC Switxh/Maestro card with me, which had allowed me to withdraw money in Brazil and Bahrain; and as HSBC prides itself upon being "the world's local bank", surely the Ghanaian situation would be equally simple?

Wrong again. None of the ATM points allowed me to withdraw, and HSBC has not branched out into this god-forsaken banana republic (and who can blame them?) I went to Barclays and was told that it would not work, then the Standard Chartered/Western Union next door to hear the same. I also have internet banking, so I explained my predicament to the Standard Chartered manager, and asked if I could transfer money via this medium; the guy said that they didn't have that facility. This is the national HQ of a leading international bank, and they don't have internet banking?! What sort of barefoot, dipshit, bush-foraging place is this, I asked myself?

Seriously beginning to shit it by now, as my non-changeable flight was soon and I had a hotel bill to pay, I went to the British High Commission as a last, desperate throw of the dice. After all the chaotic incompetence and sheer criminality of the last 24 hours, I can't tell you how good it felt to step into that oasis of tranquility and civilisation; well, for a short time, until the duty officer explained to me that there was nothing that they could do for me technically, and that I would have to have someone in the UK transfer me extra cash. Of course, the following day was a national holiday, so it wouldn't arrive in time.

Thank goodness, this bureaucratic nightmare was averted by the kindness of the officer, who actually took me to their home and allowed me to transfer money via the web from my account to theirs, after which they gave me the equivalent in cedi. That allowed me to sort out my bill and leave, but nothing more.

Moral of the story? Well, for one thing, don't expect Switch/Maestro to work in this backward place; bring Visa. Another thing is that, regarding what some people here have said about Ghanaians being friendly, that must be qualified by saying "friendly when they think they'll get something out of you".

A perfect example was when, purely by coincidence, I was walking along a street and met the airport official who had stamped my passport; while I was waiting at the booth, we had chatted for a couple of minutes about Ghanaian football players, and he recognised me and said hello, shook my hand very friendly, etc. He kept saying something like "the pocket empty", and it was only after a couple of minutes that I realised he wanted me to give him some money, When I made it clear that I wasn't about to hand over some of my hard-earned for absolutely no reason, he simply walked off in mid-conversation, without a glance back. I also talked to the Commission officials about this, and they totally agreed, saying that the incessant hustling and scamming were a huge and intractable problem.

Following on from what Great One said, I have noticed these traits to be prevalent in African/Afro-Caribbeans in the UK as well. It is unarguable that there are certain traits among certain peoples; for instance, everyone who has been to Thailand says that Thais are, on average, more polite than Britons. Not every single Thai is more polite than every single Briton, but on the whole, there is a strong and noticeable correlation. The same is true of African/Afro-Caribbeans with hustling and scams. It really pissed me off no end while I was there, even before my disaster at Jokers, and I doubt very much I'll be going back, despite my taste for booty. It's a great shame, for them more than anyone else, because if they diverted the energy and ingenuity expended on scamming and hustling to fixing their countries and communities, they might just become something more than the backwaters that they are.

Great One
06-26-04, 05:52
Thank you very much that was very informative.

Goodenough I think your a moron, go find some one else to try and argue with.

06-26-04, 10:42

I dont spend too much time in Accra. Not that I'm not want too, just don't have the time for it.

Usually, when I'm there, I'm staying at the "better" hotels as Golden Tulip or La Palm. Unfortunally there isn't anything within walking distance from these hotels.

If you want to meet a lot of people, you should stay in Osu where you have heaps of bars, resturants and it's crowded in daytime as well.

If you'r looking for some fun action somewhere else, spend a weekend at African Beach Hotel in Takoradi. Use STC busses as it's the safest way to travel.

This have nothing to do with your question but,

people approching you, asking for "Dash", in different way's, is something you have to live with in Ghana. If you can't stand it, stay away! Best way is just to joke with them and take it with a smile. They could be useful, and some will offer you to meet their "Sister".

If they are rude or pushy you just tell them to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off. That's not acceptable! On the other hand you should'nt be rude either if they ask in a friendly way. At the airport, where everyone know they could find rookie's, you would even find white people asking for money after a teardropping story.

06-26-04, 12:13
Pic’s makes to forum more interesting.

This is Candy. She's Sweet!

06-26-04, 12:15
One more of her.

06-26-04, 12:16
And an other one.

06-26-04, 12:17
The last one of Candy.

06-27-04, 02:35
Chris P,

Mate if you stick to the basic rules and keep sharpen your instinct you will be an expert of a monger in no time.

Nevertheless a great report.


06-28-04, 04:05

What city are you in now and where do you ercommend in that city? I went to Takoradi after Accra last year. The Africa Beach Hotel was packed with pros. I went to a bar that overlooks the habor (forgot the name). It was also filled with HARD CORE pros.

06-28-04, 08:55

I'm staying in Obuasi, which is'nt a place I could recomend anyone to visit.

Yes, A.B is packed with pros but it's anyhow a excelent funny place on Saturday's! Depending of how long your staying, you could visit Tarkwa and check out the nightlife at Papion. Also try Kumasi, but the best place to meet someone is Accra.

Capecost should be a place to visit as well, but I don't have any experiance from that place.

Possessed Seoul
07-02-04, 18:31
To the Africa Mongers,

Ghana is up on my list of places to visit, but I want to know if anal is a regularly accepted option in those parts? I love fucking chicks in the ass, but have never done it with an African, who in my opinion have the finest booties in the world. Can you offer advice as to where I can find this in Ghana, or is it hit and miss. Thanks in advance for advice.,



07-08-04, 22:23

As I see that you are in Obuasi, I wonder how is the action at the hotel that is just in front of the back entrance to the mine. I was in Obuasi in '95 and remember the action to be quite decent with around 10 working girls every night. This hotel at least used to be the hang out place for the ex-pats of the mine.


07-09-04, 09:18

Obuasi was very different back in 1995. Lots of x-pat's and lots of girls at the "Palava Hut" in Anyinam Lodge.

Nowdays the town is dead as there are just a few x-pat's working there.

One or two old ugly girls still use to hang around that place, but they where there in '95 as well!

If you want to have that kind of action you should visit Tarkwa.

Van Rensberg
07-14-04, 09:25
Well it's happening lads. The flight is booked and the countdown is well and truly on.

I will be spending some time in Accra during September. Can anybody recommend a decent lower/mid priced hotel to stay close to the action?

Also which other cities in Ghana would you recommend for a young fellow on his first voyage to the dark continent? I would like somewhere with enough nightlife to satisfy and perhaps some beaches, natural sights close by.

Appreciate your suggestions.

Blaq Gent
07-17-04, 01:39
Van Rensberg,

How much are you looking to spend becuase good hotels rooms charge anythin up to $150 a night. This website is really good for finding out about ghana http://www.ghanatourism.gov.gh/main/index.asp
Anything else you want to know or you want a reccomendation on a hotel you found on the list just ask.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because", etc. Thanks!

Van Rensberg
07-21-04, 09:04
Hi Blaq gent,

Thanks for your advice. The web-site is pretty handy.

Can you please tell me how much money I should be expecting to pay for beers and women in Accra? My only mongering experience, so far, has been in South East Asia. I'm really excited about my first trip to Africa.

Thanks again for your help.

07-22-04, 11:24
Blaq gent:

The price you will pay for beers will vary as a function of the kind of places you frequent. If you go to the girlie bars, expect to pay $1.00-$1.50 for a beer. Never more. As to the women, always negotiate the price after the event. That is, never stipulate anything up front, and if the girl wants to start talking money (and not many will) before the fact, my advice is to walk away and find another. Expect to pay between $10-$20 but again, not more. This is a buyer's market, and as I have often said on this board, a little kindness, and the attitude of treating them like people you respect and not "just another hooker."

for your first night, I would advise you to go the Macumba, which is the largest, if not the best, girlie bar. You're going to find literally hundreds of women, and you'll be able to establish the pricing criteria and optimal behaviors once you've been at the place for a couple of hours.

Happy hunting.


07-22-04, 12:19
Van Rensberg,

Suggest you stay at Frankie’s in Accra. The hotel isn’t to bad, wont cost you a fortune and is right were the action is to be found in Accra. On the weekends you could change to La Palm, which is a top class hotel. Make reservations now and make sure you get the “special weekend price” 85$ / night.

If you want to travel around, first take the STC buss to Cape Coast. You stay at Saana Lodge in Cape Coast or at Elmina Beach Resort. There you find beaches, parks and action. Got information that Jet disco in Cape Coast is a good hunting place. Elmina is about 20 min. drive from Cape Coast.

Next stop is Takoradi. Beaches and lots of girls at African Beach Hotel. You could lodge there or in one of the hotels near it: Maggie’s guest house, Planters lodge or Valley beach hotel is some suggestions.

For pure relaxation, or if you found someone to relax with, continue to Busua beach hotel. You should also visit Ellis Hideout, where you will find the most beautiful beach in Ghana.
You could also visit these places form your “base camp” in Takoradi, as it’s just some 40 min. away by car.

Some URL:s,

07-23-04, 10:45

I agree with you on La Palm. I have stayed there several times, and the ladies are always extremely impressed to be taken there. Frankie's is okay, I guess, but I would not stay there because of the endless traffic noise.

Blaq Gent
07-25-04, 00:22
Yes beer is very cheap in Ghana. Macumba and jokers are the best place to find action but if u want some free pussy u can try this website www.afrointroductions.com. You will meet a lot of willing ghanaian ladies jus remember to be nice and get them some cheap presents and you will have enough free pussy.

07-26-04, 00:21
If you go to Frankies during lunch time, and get a table for one, you might get lucky. Typically the place is packed at this hour, and I met some fine looking women there. I agree with Blaq Gent about Jokers. I think I met more better-looking women there than at Macumba, though there are not at many women. I am surprised that no one has written in about Aquarius. When I was living in Accra, it became my favorite hang out, and there were typically dozens of women. Did something happen to the place?

Van Rensberg
07-27-04, 09:01
Thanks for all your advice guys. Ghana looks like a decent place to indulge in our little pleasures.

I'll be sure to post a report for you all once I get over there.

Blaq Gent
07-27-04, 23:53
Aquarius has slowly died out from what i heard its not longer the spot that attracts the crowd. To be honest Accra has only 3 or 4 spots dat everyone goes, these are mainly Oops Boomerang Macumba and Jokers. but i heard there is a new spot that has opened above the Osu food court and u can pick up Indian and White ladies there.

07-28-04, 15:46
Blaq Gent:

I never much liked Oops or Boomerang, and thought they were too noisy and too loud. I liked Aquarius because it was quiter and you could actually sit down, have a meal or sit at the bar and have a drink and talk to someone. I would guess that Aquarius died because the German guy who owned the place sold it to a local guy who did not keep up the investment and the service. Too bad.

Blaq Gent
07-28-04, 17:13
Yeah I dont blame you, I was never into Oops too many old people and Boomerang was just a lot of rif raff but I almost forget about Indigo dats another good spot.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Ken Kelova
07-28-04, 18:13
The place in Osu is called Monsoon. There are Indian women there on occassion but they are all married and usually with their husbands, so I don't think that would work. For white women, I would say the place to go is Champs on a Friday night. You could also give Office a try Fridays and Saturday nights. But for the good old local flavor, the others mentioned already are pretty good. I prefer Jokers because it's a bit more social than Macumba. Macumba is strictly for one thing nowadays and that is ***** mongering.


07-29-04, 13:39
Right. I forgot Indigo. It's a nice place, but I always went there with someone, so I never chased pussy there. I guess, aside from Aquarius, Jokers was my favorite place, exactly for the reason cited; it's a bit more social and you can actually speak to the girls whereas in Macumba, that's a little difficult.

I have not been to Accra in about 3 years, and this board really makes me miss the place.

07-30-04, 17:51
From a fellow mongerer. I guess you can get anything in Accra!

07-30-04, 17:59
This is for bros who don't quiet acquire local dished and want to stick to international/continental options.

The place above Osu foodcourt is called Monsoon, run by a Kiwi, it is strictly expat/rich local hangout. No local meat.

You can try your luck to pick up the ladies. But after awhile the you'll know who are the sluts and "available". You can even catch the gay option here too.

On the +side, there are pack of morrocan ladies that are available...if you stay in accra long enough, you'll find them or they'll find you... for prc and pinoy meat, they are based in tema...

Have met many eastern europe/ex USSR stuff. Most seems to work in genuine capacities in casinos, trading companies. Have been told they are availble but have not sampled. Why should I when there loads of Morrocans! Just check WSG Morroco and see what they are capable of!

08-02-04, 13:47
Must agree with everyone recomending Joker's.

Was actually there for the first time this weekend, as I never realised it's located on Labadi Road!

Have passed this place several times before without notice it. Guessed I was busy checking the tro-tro's and taxis to avoid an accident.

The place is not that noisy, food's good and you could sit outside as well.

Left the place early before midnight, but still it was girls enough to pleasure a couple of socker teams.

Ken Kelova
08-02-04, 16:07
I heard about those Moroccan ladies as well at Tema. I have yet to go there myself, but have heard that it's pretty nice. I was at Jokers just this weekend and there were quite alot of ladies available and waiting for whoever wants their company. Some of them were not bad at all. Unfortunately the one I wanted was not there so I just chilled and watched boxing. Aside from the many women on show, the bar also has some great music and lots of screens to watch sports and stuff and of course the pool tables. All in all, a pretty nice place. Oh yeah, the food is also pretty good. Macumba on the other hand is hard core.

Dogs Body
08-17-04, 07:37
People interested in travel to Ghana may find it useful to know that the new Bradt Guide, third edition has been published. The author is Philip Briggs.

I am reading it now and it contains some nonjudgmental nightlife information along with the usual stuff one would expect in a travel guidebook.

08-19-04, 02:42
I was in Ghana for 3 weeks beginning early July. This was my 2nd trip here. I spent my first 3 nights at Paloma complex and at Champs bar in the same complex. Thursday is the best night and the women are great and actually compete over you. I travelled to the Liberian refugee camp in the day and near the net site and met so many there it wasn't easy chosing. I took a bus to Tema. I can't recommend Tema's nightlife; not for even one night. Mostly local men who resent foreign men taking their women. You can meet anyone in this country almost anywhere. You don't need to go to Macumba or to Joker's ( I never had a good experience at Joker's).

While in Tema, I was asked to attend a marriage of a Foreign man to a Ghanese woman. The man had to give approximately twenty 5ths of liquer, 5 cases of beer, several yards of expensive cloth, beads, and other things they would never buy for themselves along with about $300.00 cash to her relatives first before they could marry. The Liberian woman I took with me was disgusted and wanted to leave. The marriage took place at the License Office and everyone went someplace to haggle over with their "Stuff". It was over just like that. From start to fiish, it took less than 3 days total: Two days to get a license with a $40.00 gift to the License Administrator then that 30min marriage; I'm sure he could've told the family to take allot less "something".

I hurt my spine badly on the bus and spent much of my time trying to leave early. The airline office in Accra claimed my ticket didn't accommodate an earlier flght. The KLM office in The Netherlands told me that it would. In the end, I spent much of my time at the airport. While waiting at the airport, Everyday, I sawy hot women waiting for their internet sweetheart to get off the plane. Most of the time, they were stood up and walked away from the airport dejected.

08-26-04, 09:21
Greetings. I hope you don't mind an off topic tangent.

My main mongering has been with american girls of various ethnicities, korean amp chicks and various ethnic groups in rld's of Frankfurt. IMHO I believe I've been able to detect that the scent and taste of a woman's pussy can corelate (at least to a degree) to her ethnicity.

Disclaimer: smells and tastes are complex and difficult to describe. There are many similarities and differences among all women. I don't believe that absolutely all women of a certain ethnic group will smell exactly or even a little alike.

Having said that, I think that a majority of women of a distinct ethnic background will have traits to their pussy smell that make them more similar to eachother and different from other groups. My first taste of brown sugar was a US born african american girlfriend with some white ancestry. I noticed a certain pungent and distinct smell/taste that was far from any white chick I had been with. When I got to Germany and got with some very dark african women I noticed the same trait, even stronger.

Back in the US with koreans at amps I noticed almost no smell and what was there made them more similar to eachother and different from other races.

There have always been exceptions; some koreans that seem to taste very similar to any other white chick I was ever with; and african american girls who didn't have a trace of the factor I had noticed on most other women of african descent.

So I come to the african board to ask the general question, have any of you mongers ever detected pussy smell and taste corresponding to race? And more specifically, have you noticed a unique quality to any of the variety of ethnicities in africa? I am aware that africa is one of the bigger continents and probably has a wider ethnic diversity than europe.

I don't mean to purport any racial stereotypes here. I hope y'all see this question as an entertaining diversion and not a nuisance. Happy hobbying.


btw it seems the search function is down so anyone that wants to check me out can find most of my posts in the Rockford, IL, United States section.

Booty Man
08-27-04, 10:01
Does anyone know if U.S. Citizens need a visa before arriving to Ghana?

Rock Dog
08-30-04, 04:03

I've noticed the same thing as you. Asian girls tend to be comparatively scentless, provided they keep themselves clean.

African girls in general seem to have a naturally stronger smell. It's kind of sharp and musky, not at all unpleasant once you get used to it.

White girls are a bit more variable but fall somewhere in between. In my experience, women of East Indian background are similar to the white girls. I've only had 2 of them so it's not much of a sample size.

It's possible that some of the difference is due to physical factors. It's also likely that some of the difference is based on other things like diet and personal hygiene.

This is interesting because I never knew anybody else had noticed the same thing. Anyone else have any thoughts on this subject?

08-30-04, 05:52
Globe Tracer:

You can get a visa on arrival in Accra, but it's somewhat of a pain in the ass and there's a chance that the immigration officer will try to hold your passport for a day. It's better to get a visa before you go to avoid this kind of hassle. If you cannot, it's not worrisome, but it may inconvenience you slightly.


Booty Man
09-01-04, 01:10
Thanks GE & Red Dog,

What is this business with an invitation from Ghana to get a visa? I asked the embassy of ghana what they need for a tourist visa they said 4 photographs, fill application, $50, and an invitation from Ghana. does anybody know how to do this?

09-03-04, 08:33
Rock Dog - I agree that hygiene habits and products can have a direct affect. But even if a girl has a "flowery" scent from some kind of powder or soap, you can usually detect through layers of smell, especially as a session wears on, and get an accurate taste of the "real" her.

What got me started on this is a discussion on another board where most people deny even the possibility that this racial based effect could exist, and attribute a woman's musk to the things you did, including diet. And one of my original points is that I don't think diet has anything at all to do with pussy taste.

The korean amp girls have garlic coming out from their pores and lungs, but once you start licking their freshly scrubbed pussies you taste... virtually nothing. Even when she gets excited and has juices flowing, you taste virtually nothing. If there is some amount of taste, its definitely closer to what you'd find on a white chick, and never anything close to what you smell on a woman of african descent.

The african women in the german rdl's had a diet that consisted of whatever they could make close to their native home cooking with local ingredients, local take out be it chinese, italian or McDonald's, etc. Then I'd hook up with an african american female g.i. who's diet was 99% US military mess hall and they'd have that heavier pungent taste I've only noticed on african women.

You're right, it is pretty nice. I noticed I had to be careful because it also doesn't seem to wash off as easily.

I also knew some american born and raised korean women that grew up on american diets and tasted more similar to the garlicy-b.o. amp chicks than anything else.

I think what I'm finding more than anything is that most people have their own ideas and theories on these things. The original board flamed me and people bashed me as being racist. I really don't understand what's so wrong with accepting that certain physical traits are obviously passed on genetically, yet its racist to suggest that certain other physical traits may be passed on genetically. The way I worded things on the other board was a tad more sensitive and p.c., yet at the same time frank.

Lesson learned on that board... just don't go there. Anyways I won't clog up your all's section here with more of my ramblings. If anyone else has anything else to say on this I'll check this area from time to time.

Play safe, but to play safe you gotta play. So get out there and keep it real, keep it fun. Later gents.

Rock Dog
09-03-04, 14:50

Thanks for acknowledging my previous post. It's always nice to know someone read what I wrote.

I wasn't trying to say that the difference is only due to cultural/environmental factors. I had also said it's possible that some of the difference is due to physical factors. These factors would be entirely based on the girls genetic/ethnic background.

You're definitely right about the whole racial thing. Seems like some people are so deeply programmed by "political correctness" that they are unable or unwilling to even consider that such differences do exist.

As for me, I do not consider myself to be racist. I've gone out with girls from every possible background. If anything, I have a strong preference for black women. There's something about them that's just "right". Maybe it's the way they look, maybe it's the way they're built, or how they move, smell, act, etc. I just know that I like them too.


09-03-04, 20:24
Black pussy is musky but the ass is big and round; just the way I like it.

Jem Hadar
09-04-04, 06:06
I really don't understand this obsession with talking about race on a forum like this, I really think issue's like that are for another forum. I prefer to talk about getting good, cheap sex with beautiful African women that I'de need a fatter bank account to get here in the UK I'm black myself I have my views but I have the self control. To keep it in perspective everyone has opinions on race and racial issues and that's there business it's economic, political, media and military power that runs things today not a race, some groups have their time and run things and some don't it's as simple as that.

Rock Dog
09-06-04, 17:26
Jem Hadar,

Aha, a fellow Star Trek fan if your username is any indication.

Sorry if we're giving you the wrong idea with the recent topic. It wasn't meant to be racism or discrimination or anything like that. It's just something that somebody noticed, then they asked if anyone else had noticed the same thing.

In fact, you'll probably see that many of us here love black women as much as we do BECAUSE of these differences. As for myself, I prefer to think of them as unique characteristics. The great ass, the full lips, the enticing chocolate colour, the long legs and excellent proportions. These are all qualities that make african women my favourite choice.

It's funny, but nobody ever says a word when you talk about how asian girls generally have the tightest p*ssy. I could understand if we'd been making negative comments and I hope everybody realizes that we weren't.

I agree with you when it comes to african women. Those girls are the best!


09-06-04, 20:52

Because we want to!

Jay Dub
09-07-04, 05:16
Rock Dog,

I think what Jem Hadar is saying is that some things are better left un said. We all know that there are differences in women of different backgrouds and different races etc... no doubt, but as human beings and adults, with respect for others, one should at least be somewhat sensitive to other cultures because there are people from various backgrounds that are apart of this forum.

Rather than talk about who smells like what, why don't you take that energy and post some nice pictures of some of these beautiful women of these various backgrounds and let your fellow wsg members drooooool.

Jay Dub

Rock Dog
09-08-04, 03:44
Jay Dub and others,

Hey guys, it's a forum. That means this is a place where we exchange ideas and information. Someone (RealFun) asked a question regarding something that he'd noticed. I answered. That's it and that's all there is to it. We weren't making fun, or insulting, criticizing or even complaining about it.

Seems like these days you can't even discuss certain topics without someone getting all worked up for no reason at all. Take some time and read my follow up post and you'll know what I was getting at. If you read it carefully, you'll see that I actually view those differences as positive qualities.

Oh, by the way, Jay Dub. If you want to see some pics. I posted a couple in the Zambia section. There's also a couple in the Vietnam photo section and I posted a few in the Cuba photo gallery as well.

I wish I had more to post, but when I'm "doing my thing", taking pics isn't exactly my first priority.


09-08-04, 12:34
Globe Tracer:

Unless things have changed dramatically you to not need an invitation for a tourist visa. You do need one for a business visa. If you have access to a fax machine, call the Embassy of Ghana and get them to fax you a visa application. If it turns out you need a letter (which I doubt strongly) then contact one of the big hotels, make a booking there, and have them send you a letter. I've done this in other countries.

I have probably made more than 20 trips to Ghana over the past 6 or 7 years, and I've never required a letter.



Jem Hadar
09-08-04, 20:44
Rock Dog,

Not a problem mate! I understand come on guys where are the pics please!. I'm going to Ghana next year looking forward to it to the first time I went there I had a wonderful time with a sexy women in Takarodi. What a body if any of you blokes got on top of her you would all go unconcious after shooting your load in her believe me even with a condom it felt sweet.

Rock Dog
09-09-04, 04:39
Jem Hadar,

Hey there buddy, Ghana is definitely chock full of some sweet looking women. I've talked to quite a fair number of them on a dating site that I used to belong to. I can't give the address for it here because it might be against the rules. If you want it, pm me for the address.

Anyways, this site had pics of many of the girls and a chat feature too. It's a great idea to talk to one before you go. When you tell her you're coming for a visit, she'll be really happy.

When you get there, you've pretty much got the real girlfriend experience for the whole trip. I almost went to Ghana myself, but decided on Zambia instead. It was a pretty close call.

Oh, and one last thing. Now it's my turn to ask you for YOUR pics of those Takarodi babes :).


Ken Kelova
09-11-04, 14:28
A couple weeks ago I took this well endowed fine little thing from Jokers to a hotel near Labone. Nice place out of the way you know? THe rooms are usually $55 a night but I made a deal with the clerk to pay about c130,000 for 2 hours or so... A/c rooms with tvs and a double bed. Sweet set up. I ended up paying the girl about 160,000 or so for an hours worth of hot action.

All in all it was a very good night and all for under $30.00 I am sorry I don't remember the name of the hotel but I can pm it to you with the guys name and some details if you need it.

If any of you had similar deals with other hotels please pass it on. The more the merrier.

Jem Hadar
09-12-04, 18:49
Ken Kelova,

Please pm me with the information. I'm very interested.

Jem Hadar
09-12-04, 18:54
Rock Dog,

Thanks for the information mate! I think I know which site you are talking about and I will subscribe immediately. The Takarodi babe with the body to die for wouldn't let me take any pics of her she got quite, agressively tastey at the suggestion so I decided not to photograph her.

Hot Jeffry
09-12-04, 23:06
Dear Mr. Ken Kolova,

If you want to advertise a certain hotel in Accra, use another forum. We will not take your posting seriously.

By the way: why should we hire a room in "your" hotel just for a few expensive hours, especially when (a) all hotels in Accra are very girl-friendly, and (b) a decent double room should be no more than 100.000 or 150.00 cedis for the whole night? Take for example the Christianborg Hotel in Osu or the Korkdam Hotel or Ampax Hotel, both in Asylum Down.

In these hotels you are able (if you have the urge) to bring in a different girl every hour. Nobody will mind if you do so.

So please refrain from advertising on this site in the future.

Ken Kelova
09-13-04, 14:00
Hot Jeffry,

I can understand where your suspicion comes from but don't appreciate it though. I am definitely not advertising my hotel. I don't have any hotel to advertise nor do I have any deal with a hotel employee to get anything out of my passing this information on to you guys. I just moved back to Accra recently so don't know much about which hotels would be available for a few hours a night. I never mentioned hotels in Osu or Asylum down firstly because since I live and work here, it would not be good for me to be seen doing this sort of thing. Secondly I was only searching for hotels in quiet corners and close to Jokers or Macumba. Asylum Down is a bit far for my liking.
I of course am not aware of many of the other hotels so you'll understand my excitement if I find a place that is perfect for this sort of thing. I just wanted to share what I thought was a great place with the rest of you.

I was actually going to post some bad news about this hotel though. I went there Saturday night for another session and found out that they were taken over by some company or something and was shut. Not sure if it will open again as a hotel or become something else. One of the members here will confirm that I told him the same thing on a private message I think yesterday or day before.

I have been a member here for a little while now and if I was going to advertise I would have done it a long time ago and would have been honest about it. So once again, I am not advertising anything about anything. Was just sharing like everybody else.

I suggest you try getting some facts before making outright rude and hostile accusations.

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 15:45
I met this Accra girl on the road walking to Chesters' Place in Osu. She turned out to be very cheerful and sexy company.

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 15:46
Another one of this girl.

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 15:47
And one more.

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 15:49
The last one of this girl.

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 15:52
This is another girl I met in Osu. She was willing to pos a little bit.

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 15:53
A second pic of the same girl.

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 15:54
Still the same girl.

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 15:56
The last one of this girl. Isn't she sweet?

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 16:04
I met this ashanti girl on the street. She was on her way taking a bus to Kumasi. But it suited her to have a short stop at my hotel room.

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 16:11
I avoided the hard core scene at (for example) Macumba. Picking up a pro means negotiating about money, keeping your purse in sight all night et cetera. Why would you pick up a pro when this nice lady is sitting outside Macuba waiting for you?

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 16:12
Another one of this lady.

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 16:23
This girl lodged in my hotel. She approached me when I was having my breakfast. I was a happy man for two days.

Hot Jeffry
09-15-04, 16:27
This lady worked in a small street cafe near my hotel. Every night after closing she spend a hot hour in my room (before returning home to take care of her little daughter).

09-16-04, 17:22
Hot Jeffry:

The line distinguishing pros from semi pros is at best thin. Typically the difference between a girl inside Macumba and a girl waiting outside is that the girl outside does not have enough money for the entrance fee. Regardless of the venue in which you meet these ladies, keeping the valuables under lock and key remains a prudent idea. I have met ladies literally everywhere in Accra; in offices, on the street, in bars, in restaurants and even in parking lots, and I never noticed any difference in their approach.

I never talked money with a single woman that I took from Macumba, Jokers, or any of the other clubs, and on the relatively few occassions that I was asked: "How much you give me?" I just walked away and looked elsewhere.

This is not to dismiss your comments, but merely a reflection of my own experiences there over a period of about four years.


09-16-04, 17:39
Hot Jeffrey,

On lady 54: Damn fine lookin' lady!

09-16-04, 19:39
Hot Jeffrey,

Excellent pictures but IMO the best place to hook with ladies are the universities. Try Legon on your next trip and you will find out what I am talking about.

09-17-04, 11:49

Absolutely true about the university girls. All you really need to do is stroll around the campus and strike up a conversation with whoever takes your fancy. Alternatively, you can drive up to the dorms on any week end night and just stroll through the halls. The problem with this is that there are so many cars parked outside of guys doing the same thing that it gets a little crowded.

Jem Hadar
09-20-04, 20:41
Hot Jeffry thanks for the pics they are great! you lucky b*******d

Dogs Body
09-28-04, 06:22
A post of some time back suggested eating at Frankie's may present some pickup opportunities in a lunch time crowd of OSU women.

On a Ghanian chat board, on the other hand, I read a violent rant that the place is too expensive for real Ghanian workers, that it's a tourist and ex-pat clientele for the most part and so on.

I was planning to park my butt there for a very long lunch and see what turned up. Would this be an utter waste of time?

Can anyone comment or suggest another mid-day venue with possibilities?

30 days and counting, PM's on Ghana gratefully received!

09-28-04, 21:04
Afternoon fun and games: Frankie...good place to start. Try also, sitting ourside of Osu Food Court, which is just down the road.

In fact you can also try out any of the On The Run outlets, which is is a mini food court similar to the Osu Food court (probably owned by the same folks) that has either Chicken Nandos, Pizza Inn & Chick-something which are at Circle 37 (opposite Golden Tulip Hotel/side of Maxmart supermarket) or the better one at Legon, which is full of Legon Uni. students.

But why go out of the hotel if you can try out the hotel staff..hehe.

09-29-04, 23:30
Dogs Body:

It's true that Frankies is a little pricey for the average Ghana girl. On the other hand, it does attract alot of shop keepers, salesgirls, and others with a little money, and during the lunch hours it gets quite crowded with such women. I had a lot of luck there and would recommend that you try it. The women you will meet there are a cut above those who hang out in the clubs, and they tend to be better dressed and better educated.


10-12-04, 14:25
White meat in Accra.

Dark Knight
10-13-04, 00:55
That's an excellent photo, Michael.

10-15-04, 09:03

Nice pic, just a bit small.

Do you use it as screen saver on you'r phone?

10-17-04, 13:34
Shucks, its a new camera phone. Still fiddling witht the various options.

10-22-04, 19:55
My first time in Accra,I stopped at the Niagra Hotel, very guest friendly,I spent a week there, visited all the clubs,could not find anything that I liked,deceided to travel to Cape Coast, by taxi, it was a very rough dirty road,lorries belching out black smoke,as far as I know, there is no unleaded petrol in Accra.

When I arrived in Cape Coast, it was getting dark,walking towards me,was a girl that you only dream about,plucking up courage, Iasked her if she fancied a meal,I was over the moon when she said "yes"Icould not believe my luck.After the meal I asked her if she would come to my hotel,Savana Lodge,she said"I am not that type of girl"Not wanting to loose her I asked if she would meet me the next day,We met the next day, and every day for a week,she told me that she was a teacher, and that she had had a nice week.

I told her I was going to Senegal in October for two weeks would you like to join me,she said"I would love to come, but have no money, and we would have to have seperate rooms" so I bought a return ticket for her I was not prepared to let her go,I arrived from the UK first next day I waited at Dakar Airport until she arrived,I had only booked a single room, when we arrived at the hotel I went down on one knee and proposed, after she got over the shock,she said "yes" it took us three days but we got wed in dakar, and I had a wonderful honeymoon,I dont regret a moment, we are both very happy.

My advice to any lonely men, go to Ghana my wife is beautiful,but there are plenty of beautiful girls around just waiting for you, not all girls are pros.

10-22-04, 22:55

I am a newbie to the ghana board. I want to go there very soon. Is Accra the place to go? Nice beach with plenty of women to choose from. Im white, tall blond so i suppose that could be a plus, but dont know for sure. I need something different and I found a website with some gorgeous girls from accra (sp). Just wanted to know if this is a great place to go and get off the beaten path and have some beautiful black women to choose from. Easy and cheap hotels? No problems with crime if discriminate?

Any help appreciated....sorry if the questions are mundane...

take care


10-23-04, 00:23

For someone who does not know the country, Accra is a great place to start. The people are friendly, the women are easy, the prices are low, and the transportation is not bad. There is alot of street crime, but if you stick to the expat places and take taxis you should have no problems. Just use common sense.

There are a couple of resorts on the beach in Accra, and you will have no problem finding them. The beaches are not great however, and there are much better places an hour or so outside the city. One of the nicest things about the place is that you can meet women from all over Western Africa. Ghana's political climate is stable, while those of the neigboring countries are not, so there is always a deluge of women crossing the border to seek a more peaceful life in Accra.


10-23-04, 13:41

There is alot of street crime, but if you stick to the expat places and take taxis you should have no problems.


Street crime in Accra? I don't think you know Accra very well. Ghana is a safe place for tourists.

10-23-04, 18:16
Thanks GE,

how much money (US) are we talking to stay in one of these resorts? Do they come with pool right on the beach? No problem with chicks in room I assume? Is it worth it to go to those places one hour away, or can I have just as good a time in Accra itself?

I live in Seattle. Anyone know the best routing or airlines that service from here? I imagine its quite a trip, but sounds well worth it.

Are you the same GE from the Asian board?



10-25-04, 11:53
Hey GoodEnough,

Accra street crime ? Gawd NO !! The place is safe maaannn ! I am an expat working in downtown accra, I think I can vouch for this.

Ken Kelova
10-25-04, 12:37
You should be able to get a ticket on Alitalia or Lufthansa for not more than $1400. That is what my system tells me anyway, but you should check with your local travel agent.

10-25-04, 17:46

There are not really any true beach resorts in Accra. It's more like luxury business hotels at, or near the beach.

Prices during week day's are as in most of business hotels, -far too high, 200usd+. On weekends, the prices get reduced, and as I wrote before; LaPalm for 85usd is a bargain!

Don't know your budget, but if you would accept some 120-140usd per night average, I guess it's possible to get, if you take contact with the hotels and ask for a "package".

The only problem you might get with girls in the room, is if you wrote "single occupancy" on you'r regristration card. Then they might ask why you are two for breakfast. Just say you are two now, and that problem is solved!

Accra girls:

10-26-04, 18:46
Ok Africa mongers,

First, I apologize for the mundane questions I am about to ask. I have not done my homework, or read the entire site about ghana or cameroon.

My problem is that I have 10 days to kill for vacation coming up immediately. I want to go to Ghana or Cameroon and I have to make a decision asap.

I am a white guy from Seattle, tall blond for what its worth. Just trying to figure out where those attributes will help me the most and where.

I only speak english and spanish, no french. I am not sure which country or city would be best suited for a novice like me. All I know is that I am hot for some black, hot pussy and i need it now. I want to go and I am ready. I think in Cameroon there are two cities, and maybe one is suited for english and one for french. Doouala and Yaounde (excuse the spelling), but I was told that in Ghana, the city of Accra, they speak english. I thought Ghana was french but as you can see I am confused and fumbling here at the last minute or decision.

If anyone can help. What is the best choice for a first timer like myself? I dont care what your preference maybe between the two countries, just the best deal for a guy like me.

Any and all help greatly appreciated as I am at the last minute for a decision.

I can also be of help to anyone who is intersted in Peru, Brazil, colombia, or Philippines. I am a veteran of those countries but clueless about Africa. If anyone needs help, or wants to branch out and explore those areas then I am your man.

Take care and thank in advance. Again, apologies for my ignorance.


10-27-04, 00:18
As far as I can tell, these are some of the English speaking contries in Africa:

The Gambia
S. Africa

As far as black women, since you can speak Spanish, you can go to the Dominican. Its a cheaper and shorter trip.

10-27-04, 00:47
I would select Accra for several reasons. First, it's larger than either Douala or Yaounde, and there's more stuff to do. Second, if you do not speak French in Cameroon, you are at a real disadvantage with the ladies. Third, Accra is a crossroads of West Africa, so you can meet alot of women from French-speaking countries there, whereas the reverse is not true in Cameroon. Cameroon on the other hand, being a former French colony has much better food than Accra, which was, unfortunately, colonized by the English, so the food is rather bland and tasteless. On balance however, it's still a better place to go for a first timer.

As to street crime, I stand by my oriiginal statement. I lived in Accra for two years, and saw several colleagues get robbed of cell phones, necklaces, and other small stuff. I am not saying that it's a dangerous place, but that it pays to be prudent, that's all. Do not lean out the window of a car while speaking on your phone, do not wear flashy old chains that are easily ripped off the neck, and be sensible about the amount of money you carry in your pocket.

D Life
10-27-04, 05:14
I am an American citizen traveling with an American passport going to Ghana. What do I need to do to enter Ghana? I know that I have to get a Nigerian visa each time I want to go to Nigeria but I have never been to Ghana and I am interested. I like exploring new things and going to new places but which cities would you recommend. Any assistance will be appreciated on the issues.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

Global Citizen
10-27-04, 13:03
I have been to about 10 different countries within Africa and can say that Ghana and Accra is probably the safest country and city in Africa. I have spent 6 months a year over the last 4 years in Accra and have never felt threatened nor witnessed anything other than small petty theft.

I think the key for avoiding trouble is:

1) be prudent and not flash your wealth
2) be polite - Ghana society is extremely polite
3) don't be obnoxious - remember that it's not your country

I suppose the above is pretty obvious and applies virtually anywhere in the world.

Now, for hotels in Accra, there are many small boutique hotels all over the place that can be had for about $30-$40 per night. These are certainly not star rated hotels but are quite acceptable in terms of cleanliness and security.

Anyways, I am in-country now and if anyone would like to get together for a drink or whatever, PM me.


Dogs Body
10-27-04, 16:48
Gobal Citizen opinioned some good advice;

I think the key for avoiding trouble is:

1) be prudent and not flash your wealth
2) be polite - Ghana society is extremely polite
3) don't be obnoxious - remember that it's not your country

What I would like to know is how you discreetly carry any real amount of money in a country where the largest bill equals about 2 dollars. When you factor in the smaller bills you need a sack.

Also, is the standard dash for small services 5 or 10,000 cedi?

10-27-04, 19:07
Hello people,

I'm sort of new to this forum, but I live in Accra and would be glad to give any advice on mongering in this city. Most of what I've read's pretty accurate, and I'll put in my two bits whenever I can.

Mikster, tall and blond, you'll probably be fighting them off, and I don't mean the pro's. You need a visa for Ghana, and you can probably get one on arrival, but why take that chance? There's an embassy in DC and New York. Look them up and give them a buzz.


D Life
10-28-04, 19:15

Plan to go to the Dominican Republic. If you speak some spanish you will have tons of fun. I have been there several times and have had more fun than I planned for. I visit at least once a month. Depending on where you live in the US you can get a ticket for as cheap as $250-$300US. There are so many cheap hotels for about $30-$40 US a night.

If you go to Sosua you will have so many girls of all shapes, colors, sizes and blends to choose from. The money you will spend on ticket going to Ghana you can use that for a week of overwhelming fun in the DR.

Neverteh less for a guy like me. I still venture out to Nigeria despite the amount of money involved because I do other things there. I am still reading and planning for my maiden trip to Ghana. Should be in Ghana before the end of the year.
Have fun and lets know what you have decided to do.

Zouk Love
10-28-04, 22:28
My apologies to my cameroonese friends, Cameroon is half french, half english speaking. In fact, the north of Cameroon is purely english. SO you may find girls speaking english as well. But I keep on thinking you'd better go to Ghana.

Global Citizen
10-29-04, 10:47
In answer to Dogs Body, the standard dash here really depends on what it's for. Below is roughly what I give:

- For excellent service in a restaurant (rare except in Frankie's) - around 8,000

- For taxi drivers who asked for a reasonable fare to begin with - 5,000

- For hotel service people - 5,000

- For the guy that watches your car while you're in a bar getting... - 2,000

- For the girl that gives you a decent time overnight - 100,000 to 200,000

- For the girl that is a potential gf - 250 Space phone units plus 500,000 to buy something nice

Basically, you give what you feel like giving without being too generous or they will take you for a fool.

As for carrying cash, usually I carry between 1 and 2 million Cedis in a hip pouch and have never had a problem - the way I figure it, if someone wants it bad enough from me, they can have it.


Global Citizen
10-29-04, 10:53
I would not recommend coming to Ghana without a visa. Although the immigration rules allow for Landing Visas, most immigration officers do not know how to go about doing it. The landing visa is really more like a "fine for not having a visa" and it costs US$100 !

Much better to get a visa ahead of time.


10-29-04, 14:54
I agree with GC about the visa. I arrived once without one, and I had to arrange it in the airport. It was a complete pain in the ass, and I had to leave my passport with the Immigration guy overnight. I did get it back, and I did get a receipt, but the whole process took more than an hour, and I had to come back in person the next day. It's far easier to get a visa beforehand and it does not take long at all.


Member #4203
11-03-04, 11:09
The Ghanian consulate in NYC will give you a visa no problem. Call them, get the application, send your passport and $20. with a return envelope about 4 days turn around.
By the way, I was in Sosua 4 mos ago. Lots of fun but not FREE like africa.
African women make you feel like a king. The americans in Ghana can be counted on one hand and DR is so commercial anymore.
Anyway, that's my two cents. Have fun in Ghana. I want to see Nigeria.

Bori Begin
11-04-04, 00:49
I will be visiting Ghana next week for a 10 visit and hope you report when I get back.


Dogs Body
11-19-04, 21:09
I returned home last night from two weeks in Ghana and I first wish to thank all posters here for their very useful information.

Please note, I am a regular member so my post are slightly delayed.

The title of this post reflects the amusing atmosphere added to the Ghana experience by the large number of French refugees from Ivory Coast who showed up during my stay. I felt echos of the movie Casablanca. When you need a good cup of coffee or want to know where to eat, ask any frenchman.

In this first post I will not go beyond generalities that struck me as a first timer in Ghana.

The old arrivals hall at the airport makes you think you have made a big mistake. This must be the Republic of Bananastan. In fact, the modern section of the airport is the departure area. When you leave Accra, you may then experience the modern facilities and the usual overpriced and rather glitzy duty free shops found in most international airports.

Hotel accommodation is not available in the range of levels you may be used to. The high end is very high end so far as price per night is concerned. The traveler should use their other facilities whenever needed. I used the pool at La Palm, paying the small fee required, whenever I wished. The La Palm and some of the other 1st class hotels have deep weekend discounts. I used these discounts and was very satisfied.
All hotels I used were girl friendly. I have no reason to think any hotel in Ghana is unfriendly if you maintain decent behavior in public and don't scare the children or goats.

The mid end hotels are like low or very low end motels in the US. A functioning AC, hot shower and a TV should be insisted on. You may get all three! I never saw any decent decoration of rooms in this class.

Transport by STC express AC bus is cheap, comfortable and I used it whenever I could. Small benz buses or vans work from city to city with less comfort and safety at a cheaper price but I always bought 2 tickets so my bags were with me. First timers, stick to STC.

The taxi situation is mixed, good guys and bad coexist so YMMV. Never get in without the price being firmly established. There are no meters. Some of the taxi guys seemed to think I was a ATM.

Speaking of ATM's. There are many functioning ATM's in the major cities. When you use one, you should consider departing the area at once by taxi, as some ill intentioned fellows hang around the area to ID people making withdraws.

My next post, girls of Ghana.

Questions are welcome, my PM is on.

Member #4379
11-22-04, 07:35
Just thought I'd repeat my previous post, the Liberty Hotel at around 25 u.s. per night is your best bet without paying too much. Its in Osu near the Mariset Osu hotel. Has running HOT water and ac and friendly staff. I lived in ghana for 2 years.

Dogs Body
11-23-04, 09:05
A first timer report:

Nothing in my past experience was quite like my experience in Ghana.

Previously I used the WSG forum to locate places in China, Argentina or Europe to meet ladies but in Ghana, you meet them everywhere and anywhere. Since I travel alone, eat alone and so on, places where I stopped moving became possible pickup spots. You simply have to find places where there is a reasonably large group of people present or passing by. Restaurants, bars and hotel lobbies work, so do bus stations, beaches and the blue bench in front of Frankies ice cream take out.

In Ghana I have experienced for the first time the strange problem of girls attaching themselves 24/7. You are such an asset to them that they react strongly, even violently, to other women intruding. What fun! A sellers market. This becomes a problem if you intend to rack up numbers of different girls. As I was getting a fine girl friend experience, it was very difficult to escape from the rather nice 24 yo girl I met my first day in Accra.

Some stuff about nightspots:

Jokers has had a series of muggings and Ghanians told me some hard boys hang around there. I gave it a pass.

Macumba has two bars, upper and lower. Cover was 40,000 The girls have some relationship with management as they can turn in their free drink card for some type of credit. It did not seem to be a lady drink type of set up. Their drinks seem to cost the same as mine. It's damm dark with a loud sound system and it's really not easy to judge the appearance of the girls under black lights. The lower bar was the better lit area during my stay. Bouncers friendly.

Aquarius has been mentioned here several times, quite accurately. It may have more floor area than Macumba but it is more like a tavern, with several pool tables. Girls in the back area as described. There were only about 4 customers there with me, no crowd to cover a visit to the back, so I did not investigate further. The staff seemed very nice, asked me if something was wrong because I was sitting by myself.

Champs Sports Bar.
Sit. Buy a drink. You will be approached by the time you finish the drink. If it looks like the girls are all taken, don't worry. The girls call in friends if they see a guy looking lonely. It takes a little longer.

Monsoon, same as above or even faster if you are in the actual bar area. The terrace area can be a little slower. I did not see the white or semi white ladies reported to work there but it did have a high proportion of white customers.

In Kumasi, Vic Baboo's cafe has possibilities during the day and Ryan's Irish Pub in the evenings but again, anywhere in town works too. Sit at the soft drinks stand at Prempreh II circle and eye the girls passing by.

In Takoradi the African Beach Hotel remains the nicest and best venue. On the weekends a good crowd shows up for live bands, the pool is good and the breeze off the ocean very comfortable. A reasonable number of unattached ladies present.

Random observations.

Many girls trim or shave their pubic hair. This can leave bumps on the mons where the naturally curly hair gets ingrown. It's not some kind of VD.

I received a bbbj from every girl without asking. CIM will require a request but as it's not my thing I don't have any feedback on how they feel about it. My guess is, most will be agreeable. I did not request anyone's ass so I can't say how that will go over. A large tip, say 10 usd, should do the job.

Many of these girls are not long off the farm. Sophisticated perversions or complex ones requiring verbal skills may be a waste of time.

If you feed the girl fufu you lose her services for four hours or more.

All girls requested condom use and you bet I did too. A report in a Ghana newspaper stated 25 percent of condoms sold in the country are defective so bring all you will need.


Member #2613
11-28-04, 21:21
I have been given an oportunity to go to Richard';s bay but have no idea where it is can any body help??

Ken Kelova
11-29-04, 18:17
Jokers did have some trouble a little while back but generally is not really dangerous. There are alot of people hanging outside the parking lot but if you don't get yourself lost in some dark corner alone you should be all good. If you go between 12 and say 2ish you will see alot of the ladies and quite alot of fine ones at that. After 3 there are still quite a few but the best ones would ahve been taken already, so keep that in mind. I heard there is a little hotel right next to Jokers or something, with A/c rooms etc. A friend of mine paid around 120,000 cedis for a couple hours... thas about $13.00 or so. The place I go to takes 150,000 for 2 hours straight up. Nice room, a/c, bathroom, tv etc. A little bit high for me so am still looking for a nice a/c room i can use for a few hours for less than 100,000. If anybody has any ideas please pass them on.

One night at a hotel i met this fine fine young lady. Few days later in the room I realized that she wasn't a hooker so had to chill and smooth myself into her graces and panties as well. I guess it goes to show that you can definitely get the non pros as well if you play your cards right. It's only happened once for me so far but here's hoping.

Good luck people. Friday is a holiday so Thursday night should be kicking!!


Iron Duke
11-29-04, 18:27
This is a town north of Durban on the Natal north coast of South Africa. It's not a tourist place at all so I imagine it's not the best place to find girls!


11-30-04, 09:14
I doubt that place is in Ghana. Likely to be in South Africa.

12-05-04, 12:56
Hi guys..

I read a lot of things about Ghana and I am planning to go there. I have done a lot of research at the internet . But still it is not clear for me where I have to stay and if every hotel is girlfriendly. It will be my first trip to Ghana and I want to try the Ghana girls. At the moment I think that the hotels are expensive.
My budget will be limited and also I look for saftey place includes nice beaches where I can bring the girls to every time to my room.

Has anybody some infos for an african greenhorn like me ???

Thanks in advance...


Dogs Body
12-06-04, 17:53

Ghana is a safe destination. You must, of course, take the usual precautions when traveling in such a poor country. You will be even safer with a nice
Ghanian lady looking after you. My LT girl was rather more concerned with these issues than I was. The 419 touts are a pain in the a__ but I never encountered any physical threat.

Most of the good and cheaper beach resorts are some distance from the cities. Find a good woman (easy), with free time (a little harder), get on the bus and go. Scoring at the beach is always possible too.

A reasonable open handed attitude about money or gifts helps quite a bit.

If you make your plans clear to all women you meet, you should get some offers. Maybe too many. There is a strong tendency for the ladies to attach 24/7. It's really not like most places where the meter is running when she steps in the door.

I sent Sting a PM stating that to my knowledge, there are no girl unfriendly hotels in Ghana, if you behave like a normal person and not finger-bang the lady in the lobby. ( hey! that sounds fun) Would anyone have information to the contrary? Of course, the religious run hotels may be restrictive.


12-07-04, 11:19
Hi Dogs Body..

First of all I would like to say "Thank you" for your information as well as your PM.

I had a furher question about vaccinations. What is really neccessary?
If you ask a doctor then you get a big list which I don't like so much.
Usually I am an South-East-Asia monger. My doctor gave me to these place too a big list but in the last 20 years I had never need it.

Any ...?

Thanks in advance


12-07-04, 19:25
At least you need your yellow card with a Yellow fever certificate. If not you may get yourself into trouble at the airport. They have however not been asking me for the last couple of years, but........

Some years ago I forgot it, and have to "dash" some 20$ to get in.

Global Citizen
12-08-04, 10:56
When you are in Ghana, the only precaution you should take is against Malaria - you can take something called Daraprim when taken once a week, will prevent you from getting this horrible disease.

However, once you leave Ghana and return to wherever you came from or are going to next, the authorities will probably want you to have an International Vaccination Certificate (the yellow booklet) and you will need to show that you've been vaccinated against Yellow Fever.

Good luck, have fun while in Ghana - as a foreigner, you'll basically be a king here.


12-08-04, 11:48
Sting definately make sure your yellow fever is in date. You may need this for visa anyway. Also have malaria tablets.

Others you may consider are:

Hep A, Typhoid, meningococcal, ADT, Sabin and Meningitus. This will mean that your Tetnus Diptheria and polio should will be in date.

Consider Hep B.


Pin cushion

12-08-04, 12:08
First of all, there is no medication that will prevent Malaria. It's true that taking the medicine recommended by Global Citizen will lessen the severity of the episode if you do get it, but you cannot do anything to eradicate the possiblity. I have gotten malaria twice while in Ghana and was on the medication both times. Second, you should absolutely make sure that your Yellow Fever and Cholera vaccinations are up to date; not because the Immigration officials will want to see your yellow card, but to protect yourself. The only other thing you should worry about is Dengue Fever, for which there is no prophylaxis. It's nasty, and it's also carried by mosquitos, but it will not kill you.

You are not at as much risk of contracting anything much worse than indigestion in the big cities, but as soon as you hit the bush, it's a difference story. The final piece of advice I would give you is to take along at least 20 500 mg. Ciproflaxin pills. This is a great antibiotic, and is particularly effective against dysentery which is always a risk. I have always been thankful for the advice I was given by one physician who, when he knew I traveled frequently to Africa said: "If you get diaherra, take Immodium. If the Immodium does not work, the chances are you have dynsentery. Take two Ciproflaxin a day for 5 days." This advice has stood me in good stead over the years.


12-08-04, 12:13

Thanks for your information.

Other question: What is the best time to go there or is it doesn't matter...


12-08-04, 12:16

Thanks a lot. For every information I am really thankful.


12-09-04, 03:23
I always carry the following and it usually cures all except malaria. Make sure they are marked to make customs easier.


Global Citizen
12-10-04, 10:02
I'd like to add one more to that list of essential drugs to carry in Western Africa.


This is definitely by far the best cure for malaria ! I've had it twice and both times, I was up and on my feet within 24 hours - so I always make sure I have a pack with me at all times.


12-10-04, 18:21
Hi guys...

Has anyone done a trip through Ghana? Not only Accra.
If yes, which travel book (maybe Lonel Planet) did you use?

In general, which places are the best? Of course, I try to find a beautiful girl so that she can show me the country a little bit. If it difficult so I hope that I can find a girl in any place but I think in the country side it will be harder...

how ever, thanks for your information on this matter


Chris P
12-11-04, 05:40
Someone mentioned needing certain medical vaccinations for a Ghana visa. Is this stritcly adhered to? What's the actual process for getting a short-term tourist visa for a British citizen? Can you get one on arrival, or do you have to go the embassy? And what are the costs?

Member #4379
12-11-04, 08:36
I lived in Africa for 4 years and only got malaria once but it was nasty. If you're not sleeping in an air-conditioned room make sure you have a mosquito net. As for drugs, unless you have a history of mental illness, Lariam is OK but it can give you some nasty and vivid nightmares. The alternative is Malarone which works unless that's another name for Lariam but I have forgotten. Just make sure you take a 'treatment' dose with you because without it you have a good chance of dying if you come down with Plasmodium Falciparum which is the most common and deadliest form of malaria in Africa.

Dogs Body
12-12-04, 04:33

The best guide book IMO is GHANA 3ed Edition. The author is Philip Briggs. It's part of the Bradt Guide series. It has been out for about 5 months. It's really the only guide to cover Ghana and only Ghana. The LP guide has Ghana as a part of the West African nations guide book.

When buying this Bradt Guide, you can get a email update. Directions are in the front of the guide. I saw it for sale at the university bookstore in Legon,
if you need to pick it up in Accra.