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05-17-02, 05:47
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05-18-04, 11:28
Mauretania is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Be aware that it is also an islamic state with harsh islamic laws.

Prostitution is occasionally provided by Women visiting from Senegal. In general police is picking them up very fast and send them back over the border. There is no bar scene as in other african countries.

Local girls are interested and if you are descreet enough one should be sucessfull. If you are cought so, you will need to have an islamic weeding, which also requires a swift change to the islamic faith. After that you are free to marry and divorce as often as you like.

Mauretanien girls wear small leather pouches under their skirts which contains some kind of magic. They will not take them off during sex and add a rather exotic feel to the show.

03-05-07, 17:57
I was able to arrange a massage in my room that included hand work. Not the greatest looking (by far) but very nice hands.

06-22-08, 19:22
Just to have a tick for Mauretania on my list of 'Visited Countries' I spent an extended weekend in Nouakchott.

What Teegee said still counts: harsh islamic country with no open scene for alcohol or mongering. But men are men and women know this: Walking some streets I found:

a) A Senagal girl sitting outside an Auberge, willing to go with you to discreet hotel.
b) Two local ladies in a Mercedes calling you and sharing their phone numbers.
c) Local ladies saying 'Ca va' as you pass them and striking up a conversation.

My first day I asked a guy in an Art shop about bar and girls, and though he said he was a strict muslim and never drank, he could find out for me, so we arranged to meet in the evening. He then called a girl, she came and she found the way to a small hotel which accepted guests by the hour. She was quite nice looking but too big for my taste and I had trouble getting turned on. She gave a very nice BBBJ with deep throat, though. If I had known the course of the evening I would have given my specs from start. The guy said he had a slim 'sister' for next night but I passed.

Anyway the guy did find a restaurant where they served alcohol, which was a nice end to the evening: A cold beer after a hot day makes you forget the disappointments!

My depature flight was just after midnight so for the last evening I was temped in staying in the hotel 'bar' watching the quarter final between Russia and Holland. But I had seen the pretty Senegal girl under a) still sitting outside the Auberge, so I checked in at the Auberge just for that night, and she came to my room. She said she wanted to return to Senegal and needed money to pay the Aberge and the ticket. I gave her too much, but she wasn't happy with that anyway. Her body was a disappointment: floppy tits with stretch marks and bumps all over (or under) her skin. We had a couple of rounds and then I let her go and wished I had gone for the quarter final option. Pictures of Senegal Fanta in Photo section.

In the coffee shop of this Auberge the staff consists of a handful of very slim and pretty Senegalese girls, and if you speak French well enough maybe you can chat'em up.

In this report I don't write any details, in case this site is monitored by the Mauretanian police (like in Algeria), but if anyone (=Senior member with FRs from several countries) is interested I can share a few details, such as street names, hotel names, beer restaurant names.

If I ever find a reason to go back to Nouakchott I'd go for the Art dealer option: The Art dealers are mostly Senegalese (some of them speak English, too) and they know what girls would be interested in an extra income.

09-24-08, 21:15
Severe drought regardiing ladies and casual encounter.

Best avoided

Go to Senega instead.

Good Luck

07-03-11, 11:18
If you are in the mining sector, this is the right place. If you look for girls, move to another place. I was there recently. Hotels are average, some nice girls but nothing to do. My taxi driver has stolen my camera and some cash in my suitcase, the last day. It was an Europcar. Avoid this company.

The airport is a shame, have a look on the "" lounge"". It is comic.

05-02-16, 22:53
Only been here a few weeks and been busy with work but have gotten out a couple of times. I think with time a man can score a common gal and there are working gals out and about at night and once you make that connection its just a phone call away. I haven't scored any gals yet but a co-worker has and he said they are kinda clingy gals, hard to shake away. Will post more as time goes by and I have more time to venture out and hopefully make a few connections. Alcohol is available on the black market but pricey and food in most upper scale restaurants is very decent.


08-19-18, 03:58
I have been there for 3 weeks and I can easily say it is one of the most difficult places for pussy in Africa.

01-19-20, 21:18
I have been there for 3 weeks and I can easily say it is one of the most difficult places for pussy in Africa.What city did you stay in and what was the most challenging?