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05-17-02, 05:48
I've been lurking on here for some time, reading up on people's experiences as I knew that I would be heading out to Marrakech. Some of the information was very useful.

Anyway, here is my report:

There were nine of us, headed out for my 40th. We are all successful, good looking / well dressed guys from the UK. We are all of Indian ancestory and I was worried about how the local girls would behave towards Indian men, considering some of the adverse reports on here. I am pleased to report that it didn't matter a damn what skin colour you were, just as long as you were a foreigner, had some money to spend and were well presented. I had girls approaching me all night long and I'd like to think it was because I am so dashing. Hahaha. But the reality is that they want your money!

The trip was organised through a local guide (I can provide his details, if anyone would like them). Another friend had used him on a previous trip and he came very highly recommended. We emailed him what we wanted from our holiday and he provided a luxurious villa, cars, drivers, chefs, maids etc. The villa was some way out of Marra, with 24 hour security and taking girls back at night was absolutely no problem. He came out with us in the evening and we had the full VIP treatment everywhere we went (Silver, Le Comptoir, Jad Mahal, Paradiso etc). VIP table, security etc and he also vetted the girls and pointed out any that were 'trouble'. At the end of the night, we would head back to the villa in our cars whilst the girls came in another car, so no issues with police etc.

I had read on here that I shouldn't be paying more than 1000 to 1200 dhms. Unfortunately, this just isn't possible with the high class / attractive girls as they all start off at 2000 dhms and finally agree at 1500 dhms. First night, I must have conversed with at least 5 girls who wouldn't reduce their price from 2000 dhms. I eventually scored one who agreed at 1500 dhms but that was only because the guide told her that that was what the other girls with us that night were getting. But I will say, the girls are SMOKING HOT! Truth be told, there is no way I would ever be able to get with a girl like that here in the UK if I wasn't paying, that's how beautiful they are.

First night, we went to Paradiso. The club was packed with girls, some very hot and some not but that's the way it goes. Plenty to choose from for sure. As this was my first mongering trip (I was a hooker virgin prior to this) I wasn't sure how to play it and ended up with an absolute stunner but she was a bit lifeless in bed, just lay there and did what I asked but no passion or heat. It left me a little disappointed as the end result was nothing more than a posh wank. Second night, we went to Le Comptoir and then onto Silver. This was a really good night and I picked up another stunner in Silver. This girl was amazing, we definitely had a connection and there was plenty of passion between us. End result, some of the best sex I've had in a long time. I took her number and hooked up with her again the next evening but didn't end up taking her home for one reason or another.

All in all, I want to return to Marra but it's expensive. It'll be my once a year treat!

06-07-02, 15:38
i love morocco! here are some brief pointers....

casablanca - casablanca is a very large cosmopolitan city with some beautiful women. if you go to the sheraton hotel in dowtown, you will find the ceasar club in the basement and a piano on the second floor. the piano bar is where the working girls start the night out. very relaxed and casual atmorsphere. just make the eye contact and they will usually do the rest. ceasar club usually starts getting busy around midnight. you will find a lot of working women mingling by the bar area. again, just make eye contact, buy a drink and then negotiate. i found the girls at the sheraton to be a very high quality. usually 7-10 in ranking. very sophisticated, sensual and classy. also in downtown is the hotel idou anfa. i got a massage here from a very sexy woman. for a very small tip, she provided a very sensual massage.

rabat - hotel balima is a 2.5-star hotel located in downtown. the lobby bar in the late afternoon has girls. later at night the nightclub in the basement has girls too. i found the quality of the girls to be lower. younger and not as refined, but with this came cheaper prices too.

fez - i had a great time in fez. this city has a lot to see. the hotel wassim has a great nightclub where you can find girls as well as the hotel volubilis. i did try to get a massage at the volubilis. the girl was beautiful, but kept on talking about islamic issues and required me to be draped with a towel, so nothing happened there.

from what i understand fun can be had in other cities like agadir, marrakesh, etc., although i have not been to these cities.

keep in mind that it is often hard to take a girl to your room. they usually know the short stay hotels. they are a bit shady, but cheap and you will have no problems with police or the religous people.

hope this report helps.

07-02-02, 14:18
Hi Guys ! Nice information about Casablanca - Ceasar’s Palace, I have been there. Pls. consider that you have to spend at least 300 USD if you want to take the girl with you to your room in Sheraton or any hotel. This is quite expansive but she has to pay to police and receptionist. Some girls have their own appartment so I went with a nice moroccan girl to her home for 200 USD 3 hours, this was reasonable and we had a very nice time ! Just be careful to get a taxi back to your hotel early in the morning !

Other nice discotheque is in Hyatt with a lot of girls, costs around 200 USD plus 50 USD ( for entering the hotel. She stayed the whole night so this was perfect. But Pls. be careful, the girls want to have fun, so they just want to dance and celebrate and come with you later the night (3:00 a.m.), so you have to spend a lot of drinks in hope she is going with you. It also happened that she took the 50 USD for entering the hotel and never seen again ! Tell her that you will give this money to her in your room only.

Tangiers: This is perfect and cheap place for sex ! For hotel, I recommend Hotel Flandria ! This is an inexpansive, simple but clean hotel near centre. They have 2 bars and a discotheque close to the hotel (on backside): Girls available from 50 USD, you have to pay a charge to the hotel taking the girl with you to your room, all officially, no bargin and discussing with hotel people like in Casablanca. Perfect nights I spend there !

El Minzah: this is very nice hotel old style, but that’s it. No girls here to be found, difficult to enter with a girl in. If you come to Tangiers just for sightseeing, take this hotel !

07-02-02, 15:23
Originally posted by secada

Other nice discotheque is in Hyatt with a lot of girls, costs around 200 USD plus 50 USD ( for entering the hotel. She stayed the whole night so this was perfect. Secada,

I'm glad you had a good time in Morocco. Its is a beautiful country for those who take the time to explore it. The girls can also be quite beautiful, with large, dark eyes and curvy bodies.

When you were quoted $200 for the night did you try and bargain with the girls? Bargaining and haggling is an everyday part of the culture in Morocco so the girl won't be so offended if you counter with a lower price. You will find that you will be able to bring most girls home for about $100 per night.


09-28-02, 22:22
i am a sailor in the united states navy. the usn has among other things given me the opportunity to see things that many "tourists: do not get to see. also as a part of my job i am involved with the law enforcement/legal aspect of our sailors ashore that gives me an even more interesting aspect when viewing certain questionable behaviors.

morrocan women are beautiful and live in an oppresive islamic society. the women have olive skin, dark hair and long dark nipples. the mere fact that you are a foreigner will be a turn on. in an islamic society women are very concerned about their reputations. a foreigner is perfect for a one night stand because it allows the woman to release her sexual frustrations without getting a bad reputation.

casablanca is a huge gritty city totally unlike the famous movie by the same name. this city has something for everybody and i highly recommend the shopping as it had the best bargains on rugs, ceramics and furniture of any place i have ever visited and i have been to every country on the mediterrean rim.

my story begins innocently enough with being assigned to shore patrol for this city. my job was to go among the more questionable areas of the city and ensure that the sailors were behaving themselves and to get them out of any questionable situations. this was an idiotic job to begin with because it is very similar to a single police officer being told to patrol new york city. i had a companion and a van with a driver (get a driver, it will only cost you an additional $20 a day and he knows where the action is). it was my job to patrol from 10pm till 2am or till whenever the action cooled down. 10pm came about my first night ashore and my van pulled up, painted like the scooby mystery mobile and a smiling 40 something driver got out and said something i could not understand at all. my driver spoke no english. he did speak french which is close to spanish so i subsisted by speaking spanish with english pop culture phrases thrown in for clarification. i figured it was a bit early for ***** houses, but i was curious. i told him to take me to that local ***** houses on the water front. the navy is a funny organization that is trying hard to shine up its image. my job was not to remove sailors from ***** houses, but to make sure they are safe and to encourage appropriate behavior. i had a huge supply of condoms to pass out.

the driver did not understand this at all so i said casa de las putas which he still did not understand so i settled for bordello with a quick tug on my groin. he immediately understood and we set out on a wild journey at break necks speeds through the streets of casablanca. i have no idea where we went, but it was not anywhere near the water front. most of the houses we visited were bleak, dingy homes with a single woman or small group of women inside that seemed to need to wash more than anything else. the prices were low around $10 for something i think referred to a missionary style romp, but again i speak no arabic. in the same break neck manner i visited 6 "bordellos" in rapid succession, took a quick look inside and left. the driver became more agitated at each stop. i was trying to figure out what the drivers problem was while fingering my cell phone in case i had to call the embassy when the driver finally spurted out, "you want boy?" i tried to hide my horror as the driver skipped around thinking he had solved the mystery (i have no problem with homosexuality, but it is not my taste. i also was a bit put off by the thought of a "boy". i would have felt better if he had said "man". it took a few moments to convince the driver that we had no desire for a "boy" and we jumped back into the mystery mobile with our sights set on a popular bar.

bars are interesting in casablanca. if you want to get drunk go to a dive bar where the drinks are cheap ($2). if you go to an upscale establishment the drinks will cost you around $12. we arrived at the first bar down by the beach and i was informed by the door man of the $12 per drink price and the fact that i had to buy one. i found out later this was their way to keep out riff raff. if you can't afford a drink, you shouldn't be in that bar. the bar was ok. there were some beautiful unattached women hanging out. are these women having a night on the town or were they prostitutes? well the answer is not simple.

morroco is an islamic country. it is against the law for a woman to be out after 1800 without an escort from her husband or family member. so this must mean these women were prostitutes. not exactly. after talking to a number of sailors that had picked up some of these women it became clear these women were hybrids. the women did not expect to be paid and understood clearly that if they went with a sailor they were being picked up to be fucked, but at the same time they expected the man to take them for a bite to eat at a nice restaraunt and to maybe buy them a gift. a pair of pants or a nice shirt. no problem when either can be had in morroco for around $5. now here is another sticky point. if you take these women back to a decent hotel, they cannot stay in the same room with you. the man at the front desk will say it is illegal for you to bring her into your room (and it is illegal) and that his hotel would be fined if the islamic police found out. he will suggest that you buy another room for your "assistant" and then hand the key to you. he will then whisper in your ear that he will call you if the islamic police show up and to have your "assistant" immediately go to her room. kind of expensive if you are at a nice hotel. this is what happened to my friend when he stayed at the hyatt regency. once in the room all guise of the woman being an innocent little girl falls away and my men found some of them overly aggresive. many of the sailors said the women expected to be fucked anally. it seems in every islamic country i have visited both the men and women are big fans of anal sex. i wonder if the koran promotes it?

what is the bottom line. if you want to have sex with gorgeous women for just about nothing go to casablanca. every sailor that even tried the smallest bit to get laid ended up with a cleopatran beauty. be polite and respect morocco's fucked up islamic customs. offer to take the girl to a nice resteraunt and mention a nice hotel and her eyes will get large. she does not require a gift, but when you are done lubing her ass it would be plain cheap not to offer to buy her a little something. go navy!!!!!

09-29-02, 07:34
I am quite surprised with the previous post about Morocco.

It is true that it is quite easily to meet many women n Casablanca, but most of them espect more than a dinner or a pair of jeans.

I spent my first night cruising in all seedy bars of that big city. Even in the low key places, girls will at least ask you 50 US$ and that is a minimum for a old woman.

In discos such as Hyatt, the price is effectively starting at 150 US$ and most girls won't look at you as they are more interested in Saudi Arabians. Unless you can be as generous as a sheik, forget about scoring with the prettiest girls of Hyatt.

Then if you are a white man, a good place would be Gaesar's Disco in sheraton, but don't try to pick a girl there on friday or saturday night. Normal girls with their boyfriends hang ou there on weekends and plenty of expensive hookers on week days.

The beach of Ain Daib has many nightclubs, bars and discos, but they really don't cater for hookers.

Some of the seedy cabarets or bars for sailors should match your attention, but even there girls will ask between 50 and 100 US$.

Then at the hotel, you will e told that you can not bring the girl to your room if she is native from Casablanca. Anyway, if she is not from Casa, you will have to pay her room. So, i fyou stay in Sheraton, espect to pay 130 US$ for your room, 130 US$ for her room, plus 150 US$ for the girl + 40 US$ for her drinks in discos as they like to order champagne most of the time. That is a total of 450 US$ for one incredibly good night fuck, but quite expensive, isn't it?

For cheaper prices, head to Agadir. Many, many ,many girls available. Most of them a lot younger than in Casa, approximately between 17-30. No Saudis in that city, so the prices to get laid are much lower.

Remember in Casa to stay all your stay with the same taxi, you will avoid rip offs, hassle and he will be your best advice.

In my opinion, Morrocan girls are the best fuck with brazilians, but they are a lot more bitchy. NO surprise that even in Bangkok, Dubai, Cairo, you can find some morrocan chicks.

09-30-02, 16:52
I've been to Casablanca before, and that navy guy was quite of the mark. He's generalizing on what he thinks Islam is applied in certain repressive countries and assumes its that way in all Muslim countries.

There are no religious police checking couples IDs in the streets after 18:00. That and many other 'observations' of his, incl. anal sex are a bunch of crock.

All that happened was some idiot got off a boat, went ashore, understood nothing, and went back aboard.

Well thats what you usually get when a some small town hick boy hooks up with the Navy. No wonder so many people around the world have a low opinion of them.

10-05-02, 09:38
Just got back from Morocco last week. I visited Casablanca and Rabat. I had a great time. The only thing that bothered me was that I had to tip (bribe) everybody and his brother at the airport, both on arrival and departure.

OK, now to the nitty gritty of Morocco:
The standard price for girls is 1000 DH ($100) per night. Most will be between 18 and 30 years old. As far as looks most are 7 to 10. Most will provide BJ at no extra cost. Anal is totally out of the question for the better looking ones.

In general there are three ways to find women in Morocco:
1. Rent a furnished apartment or villa.
2. Nightclubs, bars, and discos for professional girls.
3. Shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes for semi-professional girls.

1. Furnished apartment or villa:
The deal with these is there is normally a maid in the apartment and maybe two maids in the villas. As soon as a guy or group of guys move in the maid(s) starts informing the young ladies that there are new customers in the premises. The girls start coming over for a drink and in hope of getting a customer for the evening. Most will stop by for 15 to 30 minutes. If any of the guys wants her she stays for the evening if not she'll finish her drink and move on.
The apartments run from 500 to 1500 DH per night. They are mainly lower to middle class in all aspects including women visitors. They can normally accommodate up to 2 to 3 visitors. The flow of girls is about 5 to 10 per day.

The villas are where the real action is. These normally consist of 4 or more bedrooms, large living room (some with dance floor and disco lights installed) swimming pool, satellite TV, stereo system, barbeque area, and more. They run from 2000 DH ($200) to 6000 DH ($600) per night. The flow of traffic is very high between 20 to 40 girls per day especially in the beginning of the stay. The better the villa the better the quality and quantity of the girls. Be sure to tip the maid(s) when you first arrive and promise them the same at the end of your stay if you have fun.

The tricky part about the apartments and villas is actually finding one. The best way is to get referrals from people who have used them in the past. Another way to do it is through taxi drivers at the airport. Although they will get commission off you, which brings the price up a bit, they normally know the best places.

2. Nightclubs, bars, and discos:
For all you westerners out there if you want the really hot looking girls don't go to the western clubs go to the Arabic clubs. You may not understand the music but you'll get a better and wider selection. Also, in most of the western clubs the really hot girls will only accept very rich Moroccan customers, they don't do tourists.

In Casablanca the best places are the hotel nightclubs: the Hyatt, the Sheraton, the Safeer, and Anfa Valle. Each ranges from having 50 to 200 girls depending on the night. The Safeer and Anfa Valle hotels allow girls at an extra cost of 350 DH. At the Hyatt and Sheraton you have to bribe your way through the hotel to get them to your room.

In Rabat the best place is Club Yasmeen. It has both an Arabic club and western club Entry into either (not both) is 100 DH. The quality of the girls in the Arabic club is better than the western club. Most girls in the western club are looking for rich Moroccans. There some other night clubs you can go to but the most are very low in quality.

3. Shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes:
A good restaurant to find girls in Rabat is SHAMIYAT on Ru France or Faransa St., quality is medium. McDee's on the same street has a load of semi-professionals. But most of them can't spend the night, so they are available for a quickie only.

In Casablanca you can find professionals in most of the restaurants and cafes in the Ain Diyab area.

If you get a girl from some place other than your hotel, avoid sharing a taxi if it is late at night because you may get stopped by police. If you are stopped nothing will happen to you if you pay a few hundred dirhams, but you will loose the girl. To be on the safe side just take separate taxis.

During the daytime there is no problem in sharing a taxi. Also, if you have a private car with driver then the girl can ride with you day or night, police normally won't stop private cars, and if they do the driver knows how to take care of them.

So, if you are looking to have fun in Morocco and there is a group of you the best thing to do is to get a large villa and setup your own party. At the end it will be more fun, less expensive, a lot safer, and you'll get the best quality girls.

11-26-02, 15:04
Really, Allen, really I agree. However, you will not find a stitch of 'anti-western' sentiment in Morocco. The kind and helpful people of Morocco have always maintained very good relations with America. Every year, Morocco loses more than one thousand young and talented people to the United States and Western Europe. There is a great deal of American Television programming consumed, and trade with all of America flourishes.

Morocco is a wonderful and safe country for all visitors. The good and useful WSG information on Morocco is good and useful. If you compare Morocco to Latin America or Thailand, you will see that Morocco is not exactly a sex travel destination. Though there is sex for hire, it is very subtle and availible to the business traveller in the larger hotels. There is virtually no street-walking or hooker bar action.

I can't say enough good things about Morocco or it's people. As for Islam, any religion that suggests a people pray in unison four times every day, well, there is something good there. I still wake-up before sunrise, waiting to distinguish a black thread from a white thread. Allah.

11-26-02, 17:19
And, a word about girl-watching in North Africa. Yes, the women are fabulous. The Cafe in Rabat, near Hotel Central, at the entrance of the medina, is all of the best. Please be very respectful and observe how it is done, before ooglling these beautiful North African women. I suggest the 'oh, I'm just discreetly reading the paper and occasionally glancing up at the right time' ploy. In Tanger, the cafe opposite the Cafe Mexicana, on the main shopping street, is the best. It is hard not to stare. In this cafe, on the television, I watched the X-file's 'smoking man' character get 'smoked' by the black helicopter people. For me, this was very a traumatic moment.

If you should discover any other spots where there are sex-providers, please be very careful about this information. I suggest you do not post this information, for it may lead to the misfortune of people involved in that activity. Incidentally, Azeb, your post does disfavor to a people I love. Your ruse, as the angry Muslim, promotes a bad sterotype that is not an acurate picture of the average Moroccan. The average Moroccan is a very smart and respectful person, showing the benefit of daily prayer in a spiritual program. Please realize that, though Morocco is not dependent on tourism, there is a great amount of money there. Morocco is very aggressive in it's protection of the tourist and tourism. This is evident in the low crime rate and the absence of violent crime.

For girls, in Tanger, you will want to go to the bars of the beach front hotels, farther East of the port. From the ferry, drive toward Mecca, the hotels are on the right. You will find very attractive European women and some women from the Sub-Sahara regions of Africa.

Email, that was a very funny post. I doubt you are a 'red-neck' as some suggest. I am happy you did not mention to which navy you belong. Most people would wish to believe their peacetime service men are delivering food and medical aid to the less fortunate persons of the world, instead of reading about the brothel-crawling capers of Johnny Salt. I have many entertaining stories about my visits to Morocco. I would like to share them, but I think it is better I do not.

O.K. Here is a simple, innocent and brief story that shows the independence of the Moroccan woman (incidently, the US State Department staff in Rabat is headed-up with women in the important jobs; and, for Islamic women in Morocco, the glass-ceiling is beginning to crack).

Oh, the story. I was standing and admiring a pair of shoes, in the central market area of the medina, when a lovely cinnamon- coloured woman walks up to me and, looking me in the eyes, say's, "Tres bien." Her hair was red, her eyes were amber, she was smilimg with perfect teeth and standing close enough to afford the scent of her cologne. Gio, I thought, at once. Tres Bien? What, me, the shoes, my hair? Her smile continued as she turned and walked away, as if to say, 'wow, he's dumb.' As she walked away, I notice that she was pulling her traditional jalaba tight in the waist. This allowed a view of her curved and rounded outline as she moved out of my life. I had so very much wanted to talk to her breasts.

All of this, and more. Amazing, considering I didn't even have my full [Omar] Sherif on, while in Morocco. You know, a look, an attitude, a hint of international mystery. A 'Shreef' on, the look: black linen , four-button, double-brested blazer, fine white cotton shirt, with Onyx and Gold buttons, open at the neck, attractive Sansbelt slacks, thin black lizard-print hose, and those really flimsy little Gucci loafers -swarthy good looks, the huge perfect smile, with that fabulous 'you will bring me luck' gap. Get your Shreef-on, get your Shreef-on! Get your Shreef-on, all.

I usually do not post at these sites. Here, I felt it was necessary for me to say something good about the people of Morocco, in thanks for their help in Spain and in Morocco. Finally, may I ask that we all retain a modicum of adulthood and not deteriorate into yet another example of the back-biting, game playing, toxic 'cyber-nits' so typical of the 'Mexican-section' sex/travel sites. This site is the finest of the lot. Do not allow it to be ruined by hateful, jealous, molesting persons that may -for unthinkable, mutant, disturbed, self-mutilating reasons- dwell in the dark alleys of cyber-space and may not even benefit form the information here.

To sumerize: Email, good-job, nice story, careful about the you-know-what; Azeb, not even at all funny thing to do, though I understand the impulse you will want to control in the future, I feel that you are trolling here with intentions similar to the people that took-over and ruined the old Redsnake board; Eire, really!Well said, well done, who cares, what now?

Thank you, that is all.

12-29-02, 19:19
I can confirm that the Caesar's Disco is the place to be in Casablanca. The only problem is that girls, in order to get on well with Sheraton's staff, are required to buy champagne when someone asked them for a drink.
A beer is probably around 10 US$, so imagine the price of that small useless bottle of champagne.

The other problem is that it will be difficult to bring the girl back to your room if she is from Casablanca. If her ID shows that she lives in another city, no problem and you can rent a room for her.

The disco in the Hyatt hotel in Casa is pretty much the same as in Sheraton, but there are more girls, they are more pretty with their white skin and green eyes but they are mainly looking for saoudi arabs. So, unless you look very rich, they won't even have eye contact with you.

Agadir is a totally different place. It reminds me the action in the disco in Pattaya thailand. It is on the beach, the hotels are cheaper, the girls are younger, they dress more provocative and they can be found all around in every disco in Agadir.
Last year, the best disco was in The Agadir Beach Club Hotel.

The problem with Morocco is that you can only find girls late at night. you have to wait that they come out and so you have a boring day. So, my advice is to take their phone numbers when you talk to them and then, call them whenever you feel bored.
Please note that not many hotels in Agadir will allow girls to enter, but nevermind, all girls know where to go if they want to have the money. The Sheraton let girls come in as there have a very discrete entrance on the beach side.

I have been travelling all over Europe, in Thailand, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Dominican Republic and Ghana, according to me, morroccan girls are the hottest in bed, but they are bitchy and they won't hesitate to take your last cent.

Have fun. if someone requires more info, farangsteve@hotmail.com

06-26-03, 10:37
Fenster, you recognize me as "dubious and sinister," you are a shrewd judge of character. I am a bastard, my sur names are Dubious and Sinister, my first name is Asshole and here is the shit on Morocco.

Orlandotraveller, stay in Florida. If you want to ride Yasmina's camel of happiness to the oasis of your dreams, go to Malaga. In Morocco you will only find the women that are not smart enough to break-away from the police pimps that run them for the sake of providing to the few tourists and business travellers that are stupid enough to venture into Morocco. Yes, Fenster, now that I'm out of "Mug-you Ghreb" I can tell the truth with only the slight worry that the Moroccan Secret Police that are protecting the Keif king-pin's intrests in Spain will somehow retaliate.

One simply does not speakout in the least way about Morocco while one is in Morocco. The prisons are filled with such people. If you are ripped-off, leave or complain to the police and end-up ripped-off in a worse way. Never say anything about the elitest ruling class or their wanabe surfer king and his euro-skank concubine or trouble will be made for you. Hey, Hassan, what's her name, Marie? What, the Secret Police bring her to you after they found her wandering about in a psychotic break and thinking she was a Lady Diane Queen of The Berber Shack? Really, man, get off that golf-cart a get a real job.

In light of the recent riots in Rabat and the bombings in Casablanca, the precious tourist industry is hurting to the point of merchants and officials viewing tourists as prey. This feeling for the tourist is not new, one has always been hustled to the extreme in Morocco. This may hold some appeal to the masochist, but Lucky certainly does not play that game, homie.

This current attitude is prevailing in the oldest profession, as well; prices are up, the hotels are demanding a larger 'tip,' the police are leaning on the women and their Johns, and the selection is way down. Again, all the good ones are in Spain, many more go to France. However, if you are French, everyone will line-up to suck your dick, in hope of getting the hell out of that shit-hole that has become Morocco.

Tell us some horror stories Manuelo, Lucky Manuelo. Well, Lucky was stupid enough to pay his hotel a week in advance. When it was time to check-out, the manager and the same policeman who had been hacking hash-balls and playing the radio load all night, as he and his soldier buddies performed traditional dances of the proud desert people, had been called by the manager to be present when the manager put the ol' squeeze on ol' Lucky. Not so lucky? Well, I'm free, in Spain and after enjoying the most pleasent experience of leaving Morocco, planning to never return. Incidently, the news reports eighty percent of the crime in Spain is attributed to the Moroccan inmigrants.

My favorite new Moroccan scam involves the ATM machines. It seems a traveller used an ATM machine durring banking hours, knowing that it is unwise to do so after hours, failed to receive his cash and reported this to the manager. Now, the bank manager states that the machine is working and asks the traveller to use it again, under the supervision of the bank manager. When the machine fails to deliver, the manager states that there is no problem ask insists the traveller uses the card again. When the machine fails to deliver, for the third time, the traveller goes to a different bank and withdraws cash. Later that day, the traveller checks his balance on-line and discovers that the first bank has debitted his account three times. He goes back to the bank to inquire and is politely told that the bank's receipts show that he received his cash. Never use a credit card or an ATM card unless you really like to gamble. If you are ripped-off like this, inquire and, if you wish to make a complaint, do so after you leave the country. Most of the much needed jobs in Morocco are filled with prisoners, don't be one of them.

Now, where to go in Malaga. There are hundreds of advertising escorts that have their own apartments. They are very, very reasonably priced. It is a buyer market. The women are almost always fabulous. There are three "clubs" that I know of. There are many more women and "clubs" down the coast in Marbella and all the way to Algreciras. As a side note, ol' Lucky was on a 'home stay' with a sixty-seven year old woman that had built and sold one of the largest 'clubs' in Cadiz. It's still there, ask a cabbie.

More about Spain, later. As far as Morocco goes, it's a piece of shit destination for reason. All the good pussy left town.

Nyc Expat
10-29-03, 21:51
I was in Casa for one week in July.

Between Hotel Suisse and McDonalds on Blvd. de la Corniche you will find several bars and nightclubs (some in hotels) with many eager women willing to enjoy your company. In the opposite direction from McD. there are a few other clubs. I got the impression the ladies there are high maintenance than what I am about to report. Therefore, I stayed away. Others may want to try their luck. I saw their looks and they are 6-9's.

I spent 2 evenings with a VERY attractive 20 y.o. olive skinned beauty I met at a bar in that area for H. Suisse and McD. Around 1 AM she and her friend asked me to join them at the local disco around the corner.

She is very affectionate, erotic to dance with and not to bad later that night back in my hotel room. Neither of us were packing “C’s”. Please note guys, taking a woman back to your hotel is expensive. Not specifically for her, but the hotel must register her presents and she is assigned a room, at your cost.

She never asked for money or in any way mentioned a monetary exchange during the entire evening, except when she was ready to leave around 6 AM. And then, she asked for a gift and let it up to me to decide how large. I gave her 700 dirhams which she was satisfied it.

The next night I met her again around 10 PM at the bar and slipped her another 100 dirhams tip.

During my wanderings around Casa central one afternoon, a young 22 y.o. picked me up using her eyes, smile and movement of her head while I was walking/exploring the streets. After a 20 min. conv. at a local coffee house, she asked if I wanted to have sex with her. No money she said, but I would have to pay 200 dirhams for a room in an apt. nearby not being used currently. She spoke some english which was very helpful and helped to make our encounter alot more enjoyable.

She is half Morrocan and half Spanish. Very nice face, nice body about 5'4''.

Besides the usual CBJ, we f***** in several positions. Furthermore, she was quite interested in masturbating herself. We had 3 meetings one of which was for a traditional coussous lunch somewhere she knew would be delicious and it was.

After each meeting, she asked for 500 dirhams to help pay for her education and 50 dirhams for taxi fare. The price was right.

I must admit young Moroccan women, especially the beautiful olive skinned, slim, sexy are a real turnon for me. I definitely want to visit the city again after I brushup on my french.

I live in Copenhagen and know a great deal what's happening here. Danish women are knockouts but they are also bitches when you get to know them. Read my Copenhagen report soon.

11-02-03, 05:54
Well, this report is a bit late. But having lived in Morocco for a considerable amount of time, I feel that I am qualified to give you all the lowdown on this place.

Moroccan ladies are very exotic and very passionate. This doesn't mean that Joe American can go in there with his dollars and expect a great experience. A working knowledge of french or arabic would be extremely helpful. And of course a little etiquette.

So here goes: Any major city (particularly Casablanca) has its share of beauties. In Casablanca, head for the Sheraton first. The finest of these beauties congregate there before the club downstairs opens. Why wait for the eye games and the expensive drinks when you can meet a nice looker in the lobby without paying admission?

Anyway, the tricky thing is of course doing the deed. Here is where the languages can help you. Most of these girls either have a personal taxi for the night which can bring you to safe houses. This will be far less expensive than getting another room for her and less risky for obvious reasons.

You can opt for a "passage" which is typically an hour-long session or you can get an all-nighter. I, myself, prefer not to sleep alone.

Once I picked up two girls from the Sheraton after agreeing on a price of $300 for the whole night. This may sound like an exorbinant amount of cash to spend on sex in a developing country, but once you see these well-groomed, classy-looking, leggy beauties, you admit to yourself that you can't get these girls in the States for that price for that long. It was like choosing two models from a Macy's catalog. And for all intents and purposes, Casablanca is like any other metropolis: lots of chic, hot women.

If you are strapped for cash and more adventurous, you may consider the bars. But beware my fair-skinned traveller, you will stick out like a sore thumb. And if you know no french or arabic, forget about it. Stick to the big-name hotels.

There are a lot of these clubs in the "red light district". They are often very loud and very smoky. But a girl can be had for as little as 300 dirhams for the whole night. She will surely know a safe hotel nearby. Be prepared to pay the taxi driver huge fair (at least 50 dirhams for a 10 dirham ride). Anyway, once you're in your room, bang away and have fun till morning.

Look for these bars off of Mohammed V near the CTM station. If you can find the Hotel Paris, there are a bunch more around that general vicinity. But beware, it can be intimidating. But if you play the eye-contact game, fun can be had. It's a little more discreet because these places are where the locals go for their action. Foreigners are usually expected to frequent the 5 star hotels for their action. So be respectful.

The Corniche is an area I did not explore, but from what I heard, there is a lively atmosphere to the place. The working girls are probably younger and less sophisticated; but that doesn't mean that you couldn't bounce a quarter off their asses. It's worth looking into next time I go.

A reliable "Rub and Tug" can be had at the top floor of the Idou Anfa hotel. If the older lady with the firm breasts and the raspy voice still works there, you can satisfy your urges there for about $35. Here's how it works: You pay 160 dirhams for the massage. You shower and then you can also enter the sauna if you wish. Then you enter the room. Drop the towel and lie down. She'll oil you up nicely and if you make the proper eye contact, she'll know what to do. But be warned, that she is there to do only legitimate massages. You have to be subtle but obvious at the same time. She gives a wonderful HJ. Don't expect to FS. Be content with rubbing her ass or tits through her clothes. Give her a 200 dirham tip. She deserves it for the risk she takes. After all, it's a legit four star joint. I've tried at the Hilton in Casa and the Atlas in Marrakesh, but no dice.

Have fun.

Nyc Expat
11-02-03, 22:53
Hi Logi,

Fine report.

Will take your advise about the Idou Anfa next time I'm in Casa as well as the Sheraton although I was aware of the hotel, I found the Corniche very agreeable with the girls appearances (many early 20's) as well as the restaurants, bars etc.

Must totally agree with you about the eye games and language. A must. Also agree about their beauty. Some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.

The hotel I stayed at had 3-8 ladies sitting alone near the bar area each evening when I went out around 8-8:30 PM. It's quite obvious what they were there for. Preferred walking the neighborhood and the beach sidewalk with the rest of the population since there is much to see and think about.


11-20-03, 16:59
Reference Loki's post one of the Corniche clubs is called Le Village which has a stable of Moroccan girls. Please not that these are mainly a haunt for local Moroccan men so you will stick out and I wouldnt suggest you go alone as you will feel most uncomfortable. I went with two other English guys in August and picked up a cute 19 yr old Moroccan lass for long time for 1000 dihrams. Didn't work out quite as expected as when I took her to my hotel and showed her identity card to the receptionist he said he couldnt allow her to stay. I then headed off with her to a private residence she knew where much enjoyment was had over three hours. One word of warning do not get caught in a taxi with a girl. I was an ended up having to pay a bribe to avoid possible problems, I didn't fancy having to go to a Moroccan police station. If you do go to Le Village just be friendly.

Plenty of higher class girls in the Sheraton and the Ceasar Club, didn't have any business with any of them though.

Nyc Expat
11-22-03, 01:17
hello zakis,

i was on “the corniche” every night for one week during my visit to casa in july.

i recall le village. wasn’t it in the basement of a hotel?. if yes, i was there several times in the evening and agree with you it’s very local yet full of knockouts. yes i stood out. however, i was not bothered in any way. the girls eyed me etc. but i did not make a play as my language abilities in french are extremely limited. i looked around for a short time, then left.

the best place i found (imo) on the “corniche” which i frequented nightly was “calypso”. a bar, restaurant which is friendly and reasonably priced. beers from 20 dihrams plus you get olives, nuts and diced cucumber setup. the bartenders are courteous and friendly. after my 2nd visit i was remembered and was greeted like an old friend.

re: the females. many young beauties starting around 10.30 pm at the tables and ajoining bar section in the next room. i hooked up with a lovely 20 y.o. as she sat at a table with her friend. see my report previously.

i can also recommend calypso disco around the corner from the bar. no charge to get in but they would like you to buy a bottle for about $65-90. i politely said no thank you. no problem. there were probably 30-40 young women there the 2 nights i patronized the disco. plenty to choose from. half as many men. my date and i drank small mixed drinks instead. beers were expensive. $10 for 25 cl. heinekens. the waiter was also friendly. no rip offs on the tab or problems with my credit card. by the way, when i went to the disco the second time, the waiter immediately greeted me as moroccans do when they see an old friend.

re.: taxis. the disco closed at 4 am and we took a petit taxi (here’s the rip off) 300 meters to my hotel and my date said i had to pay 100 dihrams for the ride. during the day i paid 18-24 dihrams for petit taxis 5-6 km. from my hotel to casa center.

because my girl was **** the hotel clerk gave her a hard time but we succeeded at last. when she left the hotel a couple of hours later, the hotel clerk asked her for 200 dihrams because of her age. i met the girl the next day and she told me.

i knew about the high end women at the intern’l hotels in casa center but i honestly think the “corniche” is an excellent alternative since it’s very lively in the evenings. the “corniche” is along the coast. hundreds of people (single girls, men/boys and families) are out for a walk. also saw several young sw (6-9) imo. spoke to one whom didn’t understand english. saw also some late 20’s women, higher class types, expensive, yet sexy dressed (tight fitted skirts below the knees with long slits up the side and high heels). i am sure they were sw (call girls) also. they walked back and forth the main strip which is approx. 1 km. in length. high class, high price.

will definitely do it again when my french abilities have improved.

11-24-03, 04:02
nyc expat,

as far as i remember le village was a stand alone disco type place down the corniche past the grand mosque, mayeb 300 metres from there on the left hand side of the road, it was situated next to two other similar discos, past the calypso if i remmeber. i had the same problem as you with the girl being classed as **** however, i don't actually know what the legal age there is maybe 20 or 21 but i certainly don't class a 19 year old as being ****. still the law is the law there and i would not like to get on the wrong side of the authorities in somewhere like morocco as i imagine it can be an extremely expensive experience.

i'm possible going back there for business in december so i will check out the haunts i tried last time again, or maybe i will get lucky with one the office girls in our place there.

the calypso you mentioned certainly seems worth a visit especially with the ration of women to men.

may i ask which hotel you stayed at as this might enable me to have an easier experience in getting a girl into my hotel


Nyc Expat
11-27-03, 16:52

don't misunderstand my report. i had to pay for her room in addition to her gift. as you know it's a challenge to bring women to a hotel room in morocco without the hotel getting their share of the services offered, especially at night.

the girl i met in casa city came to my hotel during daytime hours for drinks in the lobby's lounge area but we did not go upstairs.

i think i could have accomplished that in the afternoon without difficulty and extra charges when the lobby was busy with guests.

the lounge area in the hotel had several young women sitting and waiting for "clients?" from around 8:30 pm. the lighting was subdued so i couldn't get a really good look at them from the entrance. of course i could of just walked up to one or more to say hello. i didn't and don't regret it. i was satisfied with whom i already reported about.

next time is another story. really would like to visit again with alot more cash and better language abilities.

funny how hotel's (and the law) are hipprocritical. basically it's unlawful (sw-the nightclub scene) but its not enforced as on the books. they provide a service. the women make ends meet and quite well for some instead of rare and perhaps poorly paid jobs.

activate your pm here on this forum and let me know afterwhich i can tell you the hotel's name. only because she was ****d. would like to stay there again.

let us know how you made out if you visit again.

Crazy Jim Wood
01-17-04, 02:41
Orlando, NYC Expat and others,
I looked at Orlando's recent post on Fez and others in the archives.

Looks like Fez is alive and well with no need to travel to Casablanca for fun, unless there have been changes since Orlando's last post.

I would still be very grateful if someone could tell me about car rental situation in Morocco (arriving at international airport which I wold assume to be Casablanca), do I need an international license?

How about lodging in Fez, I have seen some internet sites offering local houses for 100$+ per night, I assume that is an absurd rip off?

Any ideas on lodging most economical and condusive to mongering for 1 month stay?

Merci en avance,

J Gabin
01-17-04, 14:00
Hi Crazy Jim Wood,

I would recommend to have an international driving license, though Morocco definitely allow travellers to drive with a valid American license. This would be useful in case you are in a situation where the police do no know english and they would be more comfortable with the international license. In this case, you would be asked to present your regular license in addition to your international license.

If you are not going to stay in Casablanca, you should manage to buy a ticket to Fes airport, via Casablanca. There are several flights a day from Casablanca to Fes with the Morrocan airline company.

Driving is not very easy in Morocco and if you are not used to it, you need to be very careful and drive slowly, since people, and especially children, might cut in your road at any time.

Also, in Morocco, your car is part of your dressing and people would expect you to drive a nice car.

Don't expect a cheap lodging in a nice furnished apartment for a one-month stay. I don't know much about Fes and there are definitely less offers of furnished apartments to rent than in other cities, like Casa, Marrakech, Agadir...But, I would say you may find some nice apartment around 300 $ a week.


Nyc Expat
01-17-04, 18:18
Bonjour CJW

I was in Casa for one week. Unfortunately, I did not visit other cities. I did buy Lonely Planet's Morocco guide which was very helpful for info. Nearly 25 pgs. devoted to Fes. It's a worthy investment covering your questions. The internet's search engines were also helpful.

Not knowledgeable about car rentals in Morocco. Ask any well known intern'l company for info which I'm sure can be helpful.
Casa-Fes is 290 km. I think Fes has an airport which is probably more convenient than driving. Depends what city you're departing from (European contra North American).
Good luck.

Crazy Jim Wood
01-19-04, 01:29
NYC, Gabin,

Cruising the net I found some reports of action at Rock and Roll Cafe and Cafe Assouan in Fez, see: (www dot dartmouth.edu/~asia/Fez_03/nicholsonEssay.htm)

Orlando also mentioned hotel action, so it seems like Fez is a happening place.

Also found an interesting report on a shikha traditional dancer (plural shikhat) at Dartnouth (www dot dartmouth.edu/~asia/Fez_03/kosonenEssay.htm):
Commonly assumed to work as prostitutes as well as musical entertainers, shikhat [derive their role from the use of] female pelvic power... for pleasure...
A shikha, or popular female performer, Fatiha makes her living by singing, and dancing at parties... while she is present at social occasions central to the continuation of tradition, her profession assigns her immediately to a marginalized social reputation.
[the author describes her dance lessons with the shikha Fatiha] "Even then my association with Fatiha drew a great deal of attention from the staff at the center, especially from the male teachers with whom I had become acquainted. Before we began each lesson, Fatiha carefully closed every door and window shade, and then she periodically checked to make sure that no one was watching. One male teacher often boldly opened the door and entered our sessions to ask me to dance with him. Word of my work with Fatiha apparently got around the center, for even when I ran into men in the complex to whom I had never been introduced, I was greeted as the girl learning about Moroccan dance. "Does that kind of dance please you?" the guard at the gate sneered to me in French one afternoon before class."
Fatilia's dancing focused on the accentuation of her uniquely female aspects. She initiated her movements from the pelvis. She was an expert in its rotation, the rhythmic rolling of the hips and the undulation of the belly. To complement this, she asserted the slight shimmying of her breasts. Anyone have any experience with shikhat?

Thanks for your help!

Nyc Expat
01-19-04, 21:23

My guide book mentions 3 nightclubs in 3 hotels.

1. Hotel Menzeh Zalagh.
2. Le Phoebus in Hotel Jnan Palace.
3. Disco in Hotel le Meridien Mérinides.
Expect to pay Dh60-Dh120 entry costs.

Also mentioned hotel terrace bar at the Sofitel Palais Jamaï for evening drinks. Could provide possibilities. Let us know how you make out.

02-24-04, 22:14
Agadir is a kind of hidden pearl for the sex tourists. Since I discovered it, in 1998, I go there three times a year for ten days. Each time, I fuck between 20 and 40 girls (some day, up to five females). Many people know that Agadir is a sex destination in Morroco. Its reputation is specialy good for gay people.

It’s very easy to meet young men and no policeman would harass westerners for that. It is not the case for straight tourists. So, some practical pieces of advice is welcome to enjoy the Moroccan girls. As a matter of fact, these girls can satisfy many men. The majority of Morrocan girls look like arabic females: short, brunette, chubby. No problem, I like it. But you can find also many girls who look like tall and classy italian or spanish women. You can also find many type of black girls: the western african type or the thinner eastern african type. And some look like german or english ones: they are “berbères” (The Morrocans have arabic and berbères ancestors). Some are blond, not the swedish ones, of course, but they can be very attractive.

To have a good stay, you have two options: the lazy way which is the most expensive and the cheap way which requires some planning.

The lazy way is also the only way if you don’t know the country.

As a newcomer in Agadir in 1998, I stayed in a hotel along the coast (the touristical part of the town, of course). The first impression in this town, like in many others spots in the third world, is that suddenly you become very attractive to many women. I’m 39 years old, rather good looking but not that much (in my country, Belgium, no woman would ever turn her head to look at me). So, with all these girls (sometimes very young) looking at you, you are getting hot very quickly. And you forget immediately to go to the beach. The problem: no hotel would accept that you come in your room with a Morrocan woman in the middle of the day. Some hotels accept it late in the evening but you have to book a room for the girl (in case of a police control, she can pretend to sleep there). Of course, it means that you will pay a lot for the girl: the price of a single room (between 35 and 75 dollars according to the standing of your hotel) and the price for the girl (between 30 and 50 dollars for the night). But if you are not lucky, your hotel won’t accept any girl even in the middle of the night. So you would be obliged to go to the apartment of the girl, almost always dirty and very far from the coast (and try in this place to find a taxi in the middle night to come back to your hotel!). Picking girls only during the evenings and the nights means that you would only find professional prostitutes in the discotheques (the others women, even in their 30’ don’t go out: the region of Agadir is very conservative). And these prostitutes are often look like the prostitutes in the western world: rude, lying (accept to be sodomized and then refuse it when your pants is on your knees) and expensive (and you will have to pay before the fucking) You would also have to pay some extra costs: bribe the doorkeeper of the discothèque, sometimes the policeman in front of it, the taxidriver will overcharge you, and so on.

Remember you are in a muslim country: everything is forbidden unless you can pay. So that’s the way the first timers in Agadir try to enjoy the girls.

You have a much better option. Renting an apartment where you can bring as many girls as you want, 24h a day. And picking the girls during the day is much more exciting. Most of them are not prostitutes. They really seem to be pleased to talk to you. If you are a romantic, you will have your way. But if you want to fuck quickly, ask her to come to your apartment (not too rudely of course) and you will surprized how many women will accept. They can be from 18 to 45 years, students, housewifes, waitresses, jobless (many). Many are still virgin and want to keep their virginity to their marriage. Problem? No way. They would accept to be assfucked. And they really seem to enjoy the fuck (not like professional prostitutes): kissing, sucking, … Many accept to get facial shots even some [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) in the mouth. By the way, I’m a fan of Max Hardcore. I take pictures of many girls I fuck. Some are really obscene for girls who are supposed to be honest students (I pissed in the mouth of a student of 19 years who is going to be teacher). Many girls won’t talk money before. After the fuck, you give the money. Sometimes, I only give 100 dirhams (10 dollars). Some girls are not amusing. They tell me: you are like a Morrocan man! But you are in the strong position: they have no other option to accept it and leave the appartment. No girl would ever shout or alert the police (she would be go directly in jail for prostitution). Of course, if the service is very good, you can give a extra 5 or 10 dollars. But never give more than 200 dirhams (20 dollars). You would spoil the market.

So now, you can understand how you can fuck many girls without having a big wallet. Renting a apartment is the difficult part of the trip. No travel agency would offer you this service. I found mine while staying in Agadir. You can find some in asking to taxi drivers or in walking in Avenue Hassan II: it’s in the center of the town (very safe area). Many apartments are available for rent. If you seem to look for it, a man standing there (it’s amazing how many men seem to do absolutely nothing in this town) would surely offer you his service. The apartments are furnished (but not nicely): you can expect to pay from 300 to 400 dhirams (30 to 40 dollars) a night.

If you want some more information, you can email me:

[Email address deleted by Admin]

I attached some amateur girls from Agadir, I fucked.

EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

Nyc Expat
02-24-04, 22:54
I read with interest this forum's info about women, the hotel situation and more which I agree in general.

However, you neglected to tell that language abilities are extremely advantageous to succeed. If you speak French, you already have points on your team. I spent a week in Casa and have also seen Moroccan women in this European country where I live. I think they are some of the most beautiful women in the world, IMO. In Morocco, you are expected to converse in French. Their English vocabulary was quite limited in maintaining a conversation both before and after.

I was amazed you only paid about 200 dirhams or less for services rendored. I've heard women working the major hotels in Casa are getting 4-6 times that amount. In addition, the area I stayed at, the cost ranged from 450-800 dirhams for amateurs.

I am also told Moroccans have access to cable TV porn broadcasts explaining their acts of experimentation, yet saving their virginity for marriage. Quite interesting concept.

Just wanted to add some thoughts and hope to return to the country asap. Maybe you think I am better off in Agadir.

02-24-04, 23:03
NYC Expat,

You are completely right. I forgot to tell that you need to speak basic french to be successfull in picking up amateur girls. But I brought to my apartment who could only speak arabic. I know only a few words in arabic; for instance: zwina, which means pretty. And this word can open many doors! when you told it to girls who are not so pretty and very proud to be a subject (object in fact) of interest for a western man.

A question to the board: for minutes, I posted six messages with pictures. Only two appeared on the site. Are the other ones checked by the administrator (if so why not the two first?). I don't understand. Please answer.

02-25-04, 22:41
NYC expat,

I might seem unbelievable. But 200 dhrs is what I usually pay. Sometimes, it even goes down to 100 dhrs, if the girl is virgin, doesn't accept to be assfucked and just blows me.

I put another cutie to watch. Many of the girls I fucked accepted to be photographed naked and fucking with me. I have beautiful facial shots. But I'm afraid it is not allowed to post them in public.

Nyc Expat
02-26-04, 12:17
Hi Raoul,

You met them on the street on Blvd. Hassan II?. I read my guide book last night on Agadir. Is it Blvd. 20 de Aout along the beach that is exciting with many bars, restaurants and nightclubs?. A travel agent here is offering airfare plus an 2-room apartment called "Residence Yasmina" on a side street to Hassan II. Do you know it?


T Poet
02-26-04, 19:52
Well I am Amazed! I spent maybe a week or so in Casa and Rabat and checked the nightclub scene but had little luck. I stayed in a villa for a couple of days afterward and it is pretty much a given they will arange something for you. The quality I had two different girls paid 700 Morroccon and neither of them were above a 6 in looks and in bed maybe a 5. Disappointed but I will go back to sample again hoep to catch some of those pretty amateurs.

02-27-04, 23:36

This is Girl #8. A cute fat girl, really innocent young woman (19 years). I picked up in front of the great Mosquée Hassan II (no kidding) in Casablanca. After one hour of conversation at the McDo just nearby the Mosquée (Morrocco doesn't know the expression: civilization war), I fucked her in the ass (she is still virgin nowadays, she is still writing me). No cash was involved. Just sweet words. Some conservative girls can explode like oil barrels.

02-28-04, 00:13

Today I paid a girl 140 dhirams (15 dollars), including 10 dhrs for her taxi.

Who told me I am cheap? She didn't complain.

In Morroco, pay the Morrocan prices.

02-28-04, 00:43

Today I fucked a chubby brunette (Morrocco produces tons of that kind of girls) who were very submissive. She got the regular price: 200 dhrs (they are commodities, aren't they)

02-28-04, 22:03

Today I fucked a gilr who is is black. There are some black people in Morrocco (who considered themselves 100% Morroccan). Many Morroccan people have blood from people coming from the south (don't forget the arab people used to be the slave merchant some centuries ago).

This one was hotelcleaner. I picked up her at the McDo. She was eating a ice cream (she couldn't afford a hamburger).

02-28-04, 22:05

Today I fucked a university student (true). But nevertheless a hottie. Very openminded. She found funny to be bondaged. I was delighted as you can imagine.

Bun Biter
02-29-04, 21:09

Although I enjoy some of your pics, I would like to point out that you are most probably putting these girls in a lot of danger by posting there pics without obscuring their faces. I dread to think what may happen to one of these girls/women should they be recognized by an aquaintance coming across their picture on this board.

Far fetched? Probably, but why risk it? Keep in mind that Morocco is a muslim country where women have only minimal rights and where such behavior is not acceptable.

You block out your own face so I hope that you will give these girls, who gave you so much pleasure, the same consideration.



Nyc Expat
03-01-04, 20:51
Dragon Slayer

You can get connecting flights to Morocco (Casa) from Paris.
I am also quite sure from Barcelona and Madrid. Just search any
flight booking website. I even think Royal Air Moroc flies direct from a US city on east coast.

If you can speak French, half the effort is done. Nearly all of the bars and nightclubs in Casa are full of women eager to be taken home by a gentleman. Just read the previous posts.

After Beguel's contribution, almost any young woman on the street is a candidate.

03-01-04, 23:54
Hi everybody,

Thank you for all your compliments. I appreciated them very much. You will see some new pics now and some afterwards. But I am running out of my records. So don't wait too many new pics.

I have been in Agadir a dozen times. During my trip, I have my good (5 girls a day) and my bad days (only two a day). You have seen a good summary of my collection of girls.

So you have seen in a glance five years of trips. I have fucked some really ugly morrocan females (I don't dare to show you) and some top model ones (I keep for myself because I am still seeing them).

I just want to tell that you have to find your own technique. Mine won't give good results for everybody. I am still wondering why it seems so easy one day, and so difficult the day after. Mysterious women. I'm still looking for the key. That's why I will go to Agadir again and again.

03-02-04, 14:09
Hi folks,

I've been to Casablanca once a few years ago, and enjoyed the ladies quite a bit. Seen and sampled quite a few nice ones.

Just wondering, how does Casa compare to the other places in Morocco? As a developed city, I'm sure its more expensive than the other places, but the impression I get from other reports is that Agadir has ready pussy any time of the day and wherever you go. Casa, on the other hand seems more of a night-time city. Babes seem classier and prettier there too.

But easy meat in the daytime while out on a stroll seem just my type of thing. Sure would keep the boredom level down as you wait for things to happen in the evening. Is it also like that in Tangiers, Fez and Rabat?

03-02-04, 16:23

As you said, on the evening, the Morrocan ladies are prettier and classier (at least they seem to be, given the darkness of a disco, the sexy clothes and the make up can make a huge difference with the same ladies during the day). In Agadir, you will find also that kind of ladies, tall, classy, pretty. Unfortunately for me, they are almost certain to be prostitutes (or working women behaving like prostitutes to get quick cash). I slept with that kind of women. They cost much more (500 dhrs or more). They often behave like prostitutes (no kissing, no assfucking, hurrying to finish, ...). So I decided I need something else. Picking up girls on the street, who live with mom and dad, must come home at 7 pm, gives me much more pleasure than fucking professional prostitutes, even though, they may not be as pretty as the trophy girls you will find (surely, there are plenty) in the dozen discotheques of Agadir. Fucking 3 to 5 girls a day requires some hygiene. Spending the whole night drinking beers in a discotheque with a beautiful girl (with not much conversation) is a waste of time for me. But that my point of view. Sometimes fucking a cold topmodel can be good too.

03-02-04, 20:38
Bun Biter, Belguel, Jackson

First, Bun Biter.

Thank you for being a considerate and caring human being, and understanding the consequence that could happen to these girls. You can still have fun without endgangering the lives of others.


I would like to second Bun Biter's request. Please remove the pics, obscure the face, and repost them. You made your statement and got your respect. There is no need to show the faces.

I worked in Morocco for a few years and know that these girls are doomed if anyone who knows them will run accross these pictures. This is not necessary.

Jackson, if Belguel does not obscure the faces of these girls, I request that you remove these pics. Your site is the best of its kind, but I don't believe you will stand for risking the lives of other human beings.



03-02-04, 22:22

Here are Girl #29 and Friend. I met them at the McDo of Agadir (there are two McDo in the town and I advise to go there every day, like going to fish, there always innocent preys). These ones were not so innocent. They are hairdressers which mean, as in every country, that they are proud of their charm and they want to be actress or something in ih the show business. Well Malika (the cutest one) almost acts like a actress (the porno type).

Yes, for those who are wondering: I fucked also, two hours later, her ugly girlfriend. Her fat looks like a triple Big Mac but her asshole was juicy to pounder. I apologize for this fault of taste.

03-02-04, 22:52

i appreciate your comments, even the critics. i know that some of my girls are really not attractive. but i am a pervert. for, there is more pleasure to fuck an innocent girl and to make her doing things (a ***** would slap on my face for asking) than to fuck a ***** who looks like a topmodel (and who will acts like a porcelain cup).

the three girls i show you today will please, i hope, the most demanding among you. if not, i try harder my next trip.

here is girl #31. i met her walking in the street (you must boring reading that). she looks a bit lost, and, dumb. she was waiting for the bus who never came because of a strike. i convinced her to come to my apartement to relax before i pay her taxi to go home. after some minutes of conversation (in her broken french, it was difficult to exchange meaningful sentences). i show her a porno magazine to see what was her reaction. she was not shocked at all. but interested. i discovered one thing: many morroccan girls, who never came in western world, are convinced that showing sex is mainstream in european countries. the imams or ayatollah must have told her everyday that europe and usa are the countries of the devil where the women are hotter than the sun, always looking for men for sex. i didn't try to rectify this belief. of course! i could profit on it. i asked her if she would agree to make such pictures with me. for the fun. she agreed. as always, i am still wondering how she was so gullible.
as usual i dressed up her like a [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) and improve a little bit her look. sometimes diamonds are hiding beneath a dirty look (remember halle berry in the film jungle fever?)

03-03-04, 10:19

If some of you consider that I put these girls in danger (I doubt it but there is 0,1% of risk), I don't mind if these pics are removed or masked. I leave the decision to Jackson.

Nyc Expat
03-03-04, 20:24
Hi Benguel,
Hanan and Malika look nice. Wish I was back in Morocco.

The McD on Blvd. de la Corniche in Casa was crowded from late morning until late night. Lines of motorists to find parking and long lines at the counters. Never seen anything like it. Must be one of the highest grossing McD on 2 continents (Africa & Europe).
I saw a lot of knockouts. Some older women in their 30's with their teenage daugthers. Some Moms looked fantastic, some daughters the same.

It's best for the women you mask their faces yourself before posting. I've seen what their society does to ousted women, both divorced and/or with children out of wedlock.

Did you get the emails with apt. photos.

It's about time you applied for a senior upgrade so you can post without delay.

03-04-04, 04:33

I think the discussion of masking/removing the pictures due to safety issues is just total nonsense.

I know I'll probably get flamed for this, but here's how I see it:

If I didn't wan't other people to see me performing sexual acts, I simply wouldn't allow anyone to take my picture in the act. These girls clearly allowed this to happen (often with a smile on their face :) ). This gives me serious doubts about the 'danger' that they are in if they would be exposed. If a picture could cost you your life, would you alow someone to take that picture? I sure wouldn't and I'm no rocket scientist.

So let's stop all this talking, and get back to the topic of this extremely great forum: posting pictures!

And Belguel, all power to you man. Please keep on posting.

03-04-04, 07:47
Please understand me right. I do enjoy all of the pictures, but it can be discussed if it is correct to show the girls faces on the net.

It is one thing to have the girls permission to take a photo. But did they know those photos are to be sent around the whole world? Especially when they are "familygirls" Anyhow, one more thing: the "photoforum" contains too many reports, should be entirely used for pictures. What do you think?


Bun Biter
03-04-04, 09:13
Three X:

This is not a flame and is not meant as such.

"How many people in Morocco have the net?" More & more

"How many people in Morocco that have the net read and speak English?" More & more

"How many people in Morocco, that have the net, that speak English are looking for sex on this site?" More & more

"How many people in Morocco,on the net, that speak English are living in this city where these girls live?" More & more

I agree that the chances are minimal of these girls being discovered, but why risk it, especially considering the type of society and culture in which they live? The point is that he took the time to obscure his own face (and in a lot of the pics also his entire upper body) and could have used 5 extra seconds to in the very least obscure the girls' eyes so that they were unrecognisable.

Also, don't underestimate the power of the net. What we in the West percieve to be "backward" countries are trying to drag themselves into the 20th century (1900 to 2000, forget about the 21st cent.) by implementing technology and infrastructure as fast as their resources allow them to, in spite of internal forces (religious and cultural fanatics) trying to slow down their mordenisation efforts. This is especially true in regard to the big cities where these girls live.

It all boils down to: Why risk it?

Hi Bun Biter:

The answer to the question "Why risk it?" is: Because Forum Members are interested in seeing the photos, and specifically in seeing what the women from Morocco look like.

Now, I have to ask you: What should be the WSG's policy? No photos from Muslim countries? Now you've created a situation wherein the Muslim religious dictators are going to tell ME what I can see. NFW!



Bun Biter
03-04-04, 19:04
jackson et. all:

i enjoy the pics (most of them) at least as much as the next monger on this board. believe me, if i could i would get on the first plane and fly down there to f*** these girls' brains out!

its not about being dictated what you or i are allowed to see on this forum. god knows there is enough censorship just about everywhere in the world. its about protecting the girls in question from people who might do them bodily harm (maybe even kill them).

i'm defenitely not saying that pics from muslim countries shouldn't be posted. i look forward to seeing more pics from both muslim and non-muslim countries. the more the better! there's something naughty and forbidden about bedding a muslim woman, peeling away her robes and having your way with her! however, knowing the culture and customs of muslim countries we should all be aware of the risks to the girl should she be recognised, however unlikely that may be.

chino79 makes a good point: the girls accepted being photographed under the assumption that the pics would only be for belguel's private use. i very much doubt that they would've consented had they been told that the pics would end up on the net. so since belguel obviously has the tools and the know-how to block out his own features he could use an extra few seconds and makes the girls unrecognizable as well, thus eliminating any risk (real or percieved) to these girls who have obviously been a source of great pleasure to him (and to us through his pics and posts).

i look forward to more of belguel's pics from morocco, but hopefully with girls' eyes obscured.


bun biter

ps. i guess i shot my chances at getting upgraded to senior membership.

bun biter,

the only criteria for senior membership is: have you read the posting guidelines, and have your reports met these modest requirements.

commenting on or critizing the forum's policies has no bearing on senior membership consideration.



03-04-04, 19:44
Belguel, Jackson,

I can get what 3X and Bun Biter are saying. What I don't understand is that the rest of you are not aware of the risks associated with the strong impact Belguel's pictures and words can have on mongering in Morocco, or any other Muslim country.

As of 1999 there were over 3000 cyber (Internet) cafes in Morocco.. There could be close to 10,000 cyber cafes in Morocco today. And yes, surfers go on the net to look and search for sex. And yes, more and more people speak english. So to state that there is a 0.1% chance that someone will recognize these girls is a high-risk bet. Am I willing to bet my life on it. No. Belguel, are you?

Lets assume that no one ever recognize any of these girls, the impact of Moroccans viewing these pictures and reading the text is still great, and lives are at risk, your lives maybe.

What do you think will happen to the next monger getting caught by Moroccan authorities, after they view these postings and pictures. These mongers will pay the price for Belguel's disrespectul postings on Moroccan girls. THESE POSTINGS ARE PUTTING ALL MONGERS AT RISK.

Morocco is a haven for Mongers and as someone else posted earlier, the best kept secret in Africa. Lets keep it this way and be smart about how we communicate this to others, and be aware of the risks such postings can cause to others.

So I repeat my request to remove these postings and would like to add another request, not to repost them, covered faces or not. The language is demeaning and disrespectful to women that gave you pleasure. To the lucky ones that have seen them, welcome to paradise. It is your choice to communicate this to others, please be smart about this.

So I ask the question again: Are you advocating that I ban all photos from Muslim countries?

03-04-04, 20:56

I agree with some points that some members who care about the life of some of my girls. It is true that they always allow me to take pictures. But, of course, they didn't allow me to publish them. I didn't ask their permission. So there is a problem of honesty, I cannot deny it. As I have told, the great majority of them are not prostitutes (at least full time prostitutes, as many morrocan females accept to fuck for a gift because they are very low paid or jobless). So their relatives may not be aware that they fuck foreigners. I still think that the risk of being seen by one of their relatives is very low. But, I will be more cautious. So, from now, I will post pictures of the eyes masked.

I want to thank all members who sent me private messages. It is a flood. I cannot answer them any longer. Sorry, I am a full time worker, I cannot spend all my leisure time to answer them. The other reason is that many of you seems to not believe what they see. How do you that? What is your strategy? Is it difficult to find an apartment? Hey, guys, I have already answered these questions on my public reports. Please read them again carefully. Many of you ask me also to send them more pictures of one (or many!) of the girls they have seen on the posts. Sorry, guys, it must not be a one way relationship. I won't send any more pictures, privately, if you don't send me your own pictures (I am not demanding: dressed girls are good to me too).

03-04-04, 23:07

Today I met two girls on the street. Girl #1 is a student who needed some cash. So she accepted my invitation to come to my apartment. Sometimes the girl asks how much I will give her. I never give more than 200 dhrs during the day. She might not be pleased with that amount but I don't make any discussion: we are not in the souk here!. So, after some minutes, she often accepts the amount. Girl #2 wanted to go with her friend because she would stay alone in the street (bad!!!!, she might be misjudged by bypassers). The friend worked at the Club Med of Agadir. She told me that she never fuck with clients of the club. I wanted to fuck her after Girl #1. She refused and waited in the living room while I was fucking Girl #1.

Dragon Slayer
03-05-04, 00:18
Thanks Jackson. Right on Pal.

Bun Biter, you named yourself right. Fits you perfect. What are you doing here anyway?

Someone please correct me, but when a fellow Professional Colleague told me of this site, I read the Introduction. First thing I noticed was this message in big, bold letters:

This site is all about getting laid. Anyone who does not like it, TOO BAD.

Keep this in mind. Bad enough we have some fat, baldheaded, married guy putting his own photos in the Philippine section and bragging about how faithful he is to his new filipina wife (like we fucking "give a shit"). Now we have a guy whose only posts are criticising another of our members for sharing his posts and experiences with the rest of us.

Spare me the PM's. If you want to discuss this with me, I will be in Morrocco very soon. Or see me in China, Hong Kong or the Philippines in April.

Dragon Slayer

03-05-04, 00:52
Ok guys just relax:

CLEARLY these women that Belguel gets are PROS. Don't believe a word of what he says about picking up these women in the bus stops..gimme a friggin break. I have been to enough muslim countries to know that. Ooh, the fact that these ladies are professional *****S that he picks up at bus stops, I would give credence to that.

Don't you all just run down to Morocco now and try to pull of what he says he does...you might get your dick cut off. TRUST ME on this.

These women are all Pros. He is pretty good at building the fantasy.

03-05-04, 08:46

You may have done more for Moroccos tourism industry than their own Tourism Dept has. I sense a flock of people getting their passports and tickets in hand.

BTW, I think you did the right think by shading the girls eyes out.

For the others who may think anal is easy with Moroccan chicks, I dont think so. In my trips to Casa and with over 20 gals I've bedded, only one agreed. The others were quite adamant on no anal. I dont think belguel's experiences necessarily reflect that anal is easy with (the majority of) Moroccan gals.

03-05-04, 10:35
Hi everybody,

I want to answer two good points some of you have raised:

Is it easy to find girls who accept anal?

Am I telling lies when I tell you that the majority of girls you have seen are not prostitutes?

In fact, the two questions are connected. And the answer is: if you are chased non pros girls in Morroco, they will accept more easily anal sex than the others. It seems odd given that in Western countries analsex is supposed to be practised by real slxxx or prostitutes. Well in Morrocco, it is the contrary. Let me give you an explanation.

Many women become prostitutes in Morrocco because their husbands dumped them. In their early 20', they are repudiated, often with one kid. It is pitty how the morroccan society treats their female citizens (my behaviour is just nice in comparison with it, and, by the way, it can explain part of my success: I talk to them with respect and they allow me to fullfil my sexual fantasies because they appreciated to be nicely treated by a man, once in their life). So they have lost their virginity, no job and a child to support. Their only way to survive is to become a prostitute. Given that they have lost their virginity they will refuse to be assfucked in most of the cases.

The non-pros have a different mindset. They are more innocent. They are a little bit boring in this quiet city. They don't like the Morroccan men (every girl tells me that). When they meet a foreigner like me, they make fantasies about going to Europe. I don't promise anything. I just tell them that I like them. At the first meeting (or at the second), they want to please me. But as the consider their virginity as the only asset they have in life, they often offer me their ass to fuck. As you know I like it.

03-05-04, 14:36
To Zeybek,

You was a bit rude in telling that I was just a liar. But you raised a good question. What is a pro in Morrocco?

You can find pros according to the western standards: being alone in bars and discos, making eye contacts with males and discussing prices before following the client. There are plenty in Agadir. But on the evening only (they spend the night in disco, so they need to rest during the day). Of all the pictures I show on the postings, maybe one or two belongs to this category.

The other girls I posted belong to a different category, I cannot define as pros. Because, according to my definition of pro, a woman is not a pro if I pick up her doing something (at the shop, going to school, ...), if she accepts to follow me without asking me money and if she tells that she must be at her parents home at 7M (because the women going out in the evening are considered as prostitutes). I give them money I want to give. I can even decide to give nothing. But I rarely do because I want to be nice with them. I tell her that the money replace her gift (cloth, jewellery, ...) I would have preferred to give. To save her face. They very rarely argue about the amount (even if I give only 100 dhrs). You might think that if a woman accept money after fucking it is a pro. Yes, but this is your definition of a pro. It is not mine. My point is, when I pick u p girls, they are not acting as prostitutes. They are busy with their daily life. Sometimes I have to talk to her while she doesn't want to stop walking. And I convince after some minutes to follow me. Is it a pro? Maybe according to a member of the Christian Coalition. But not for me. And, anyway, it gives me the feeling that I am a good hunter. That's what I want.

Some of you might not believe it. I don't take as an insult. It strenghtens my pride: seemingly, I can do a kind of hunting, with goods pictures and very low budget, others cannot do or don't bother to do. Remember: I have to do the hunt the whole day. Discussing with 30 girls a day to be able to convince 3 to 5 of the to follow. It is more demanding that discussing with girls at discos in the evening where your success is guaranteed. But with what male satisfaction?

Nyc Expat
03-05-04, 23:25
3 young women I met in Casa were not dumped by their husbands. They dumped the men. Why?. Very early marriage, one or two children and as you posted, mistreated or poorly treated by their husbands. The men couldn't provide.

Two of them, early 20's told they are much happier now than previously. They are making ends meet, providing for the children and enjoying it as well. These women will do almost anything for their children.

Because their society is different than western standards and behavior, these women are forced out of their family network to provide for themselves. SW, escorts, call it what you prefer. They are selling, we are buying.

Two I had the pleasure of getting together with were 20 and 22. Both single, one a student, the second I never found out because of my limited French (but not FK). The student I was with twice was a 2-3 hour social meeting. Coffee before and a drink afterwards. The second meeting was a lunch date at a restaurant I would never have found myself for traditional cous-cous on Friday. Sex for dessert and a drink afterwards. She didn't want me to leave. I gave her 500 dirhams plus a tip for taxi fare. As I posted earlier, there is something incredibly exciting about Moroccan women. If any of you visit, I don't think you will be disappointed. Just get an apt. instead of hotel.

I know an Iranian woman whom told me Moroccan women make good wives. From what I know and have seen, I must agree. Once they fall in love, they will provide for their husbands. The men have to do their share as well.

If it wasn't because of obligations, I'd leave tomorrow for M in hopes of finding my soulmate.

Just a brief history remark for the Americans reading this.
Morocco was the first nation on the planet to recognize US Independence.

03-06-04, 00:43
Jackson: So I ask the question again: Are you advocating that I ban all photos from Muslim countries?


I am not advocating anything.

There has to be a way to post and inform people of great locations without causing locals to rage, seek revenge, or risk the life of sex travellers. The way Belguel was posting is dangerous. Yes, it is exciting to read and view the pics. I too haven't read/seen such exciting postings anywhere, and I also enjoyed them.

I am not a pro. monger and I have not been posting, so who am I to claim or request anything. I enjoy reading this forum just like any other male.

Maybe my 2 cents here will help some people understand the bigger picture and the unnecessary risks we are taking in life. The last thing I would want to see happen is someone's life taken or someone spending time in a Moroccan jail because of the reaction to a sex posting.

Maybe posting info without the demeaning/disrespectful implications can be a good start. I rest my case.


Hi Bahama7,

I understand what you are saying, but I need advice in the form of a hard and fast rule for running this Forum objectively, not subjectively. In other words, I simply don't have the time to read every report and review every photo and then try to make an evaluation as to their suitability for display in the Forum based on a set of non-specific guidelines.

So which is it? Do you approve or disapprove of the posting of photos of naked Muslim women on this Forum? Yes or No?



Bun Biter
03-06-04, 12:39
Jackson: I'd like to log my 'yea' vote.

However, quoting JP2U, a discrete shading of the eyes like Belguel has done I think is the way to go.

This should in general apply to all pics where the provider (pro or non-pro, Muslim or otherwise) didn't expressly give her consent to the pictures being posted on the WWW.

Thanks for a great forum!


03-06-04, 13:17

Awesome reports and pics!

Finally someone who isn't trapped in the normal tourist way of doing things. Finally someone who doesn't go to tourist hotels, tourist bars and tourist restaurants. Finally someone who plucks the ripe cherries right off the street.

Never mind the critics,
Vive la Maroc, vive Belguel!

AZN Monger
03-06-04, 20:25
Give me a break. Discrete shading of eyes does nothing to hide one's identity. Unless you blur out the entire face, hiding the eyes can only do so much. Try taking a face picture of yourself and blurring the eyes. Are you going to tell me that helps?

I love Belguel's post, and part of the beauty of his pictures is seeing the girl's reaction in certain scenarios.

I believe everyone should use their own discretion with his or her photos. If Raoul wants to post a non-censored pic, let him. I like them. To explain to me that more and more people in Morocca have internet access is fruitless. Why not make that argument in the Thailand, USA, Russian WSG boards as well?

03-06-04, 20:40

JP2U hit the point, I think.

Talking about me, I do respect everybody, no matter if i think it is an amateur or a proffessional.

Believe me, I could post a hundred of pictures from Ethiopian girls that I took during all those years, but still, I can't do that out of.... "call it what ever you want".

Again, I like the pictures from Morocco, I wish to have the same "guts" but why expose all those "innocent" girls for the whole world? Those of you that understand the meaning of "innocent" written in this forum know what I mean.

I do have a very simple guideline when I am in Africa:

I treat the girls in the same way as I would treat a girl in the country I live in, if I still had the chance. (they would not even look at me if I said hello, well, they do respond, they give me the "finger")

Africa is different.

Think about it.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

03-06-04, 22:43

I think I gave all my best (maybe too much). I run out of pix. But not of comments. I guess this is not exactly what do you want.

I want to rectify a false impression. I am not a racist at all. Maybe a little bit mysogynist. So my words on pix could apply to any woman in the world (it's a pitty that the brunettes of my country cannot be picked up as easily as in Morrocco because I would stay at home). My comments on pictures are just my fantasy (as everyone who fucks another woman than his wife, I like to use nasty words). Almost every girl I posted wants to see me again. I had a nice chat before and after the fucking session. So I may exploit them in a way (maybe they dream of catching me to marry) but never with rude words or acts.

I am confident that I didn't spoil Agadir as a hidden pearl. I am sure that my way of picking up girls doesn't fit the majority of mongers. My success is based on volume, some seducing skills (I hope so), and total focus on my objective. And above all, speaking french. And also, to be satisfied with not so pretty women when you cannot find cute ones.

03-07-04, 00:41

I usually post in the Mexico City forum, which is usually my turf, and I play it not unlike Belguel does.

Regarding the debate on veracity of amateur anal sex, I do absolutely believe it is true. Anal sex is a tradition for unmarried women in Muslim countries and is documented as such by anthropological studies, although corroboration like this is always fascinating. The Western "escalation" of fondling / genital / oral / anal sex is inoperative in any non-Western civilization. I've repeately seen among Mexican Indian women that they often much prefer anal to oral for cultural reasons.

I'm happy and relieved to find kindred souls such as Belguel. He is a master in the lines of "Walther" in "My secret life", and Agadir would seem a replica of 19th Century London mores. I think Belguel takes very big risks and likes sex very much, basic sex, regardless of the bonding and spanking, etc. He actually goes where many only offer a facade. I dare say he is a man who has little to lose where he comes from and has the balls (and digital equipment) I would like to have to document my escapades.

As for the posting guidelines. There are risks in this kind of pictures. I think the eyes should be shaded and NAMES CHANGED in Arab country photos. But I say YES, they should be posted. Images are necessary, but should be used responsibly.

Belguel, Salut et bonne chance, compagnon!


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

Jamis Plumber
03-07-04, 08:39

You hit the point. These self-confessed sympathisers have not expressed same issues in other sections of the Forum where even the threat to both mongers and the monged is well documented yet we see faces every time.


We need the Photos more than anything else. In my opinion (Am entitled to it) the photos are more exciting with full faces. F**k the threat.


Go on boy, do what you know best! Give us the shots on your fantasies. Throw away the head dresses, dress them up your way and "facial" them:) I don't know what to say about those Coffee tables:)

Belguel Critics,

Whoever asked Belguel to take, let alone post the photos, should ask him what to do with his stuff. Give him a break. Just watch and appreciate or quit/shut up.

Viva Jackson, Viva Belguel.

03-07-04, 13:17
Hi, Everybody !! P·Z here

I usually post on the USA > Rhode Island board,
but here's my 2¢ about this Debate about whether or not
to continue allowing photos á la Belguel

Some argue that the pix put the gals 'at risk' . RISK is the main occupational hazard of being a 'working girl' , fer Pete's sake !!
Of ALL the risks these girls take, surely having their photo posted is a Minor one

The main risk of these photos apparently is that LE *may* be monitoring these boards, and the SWs will be ID'ed

Those who think that forget that this Board covers the Entire Nation of Morocco; and that it's a Pretty Big Place =

Who's to say if the girl is in Casablanca ?? Or Rabat ??
Or Tangier, Tétouan, Marrakesh, Mellila, Nador, Tamri, or one of the dozens of other cities and towns there ??

So I say = Chill !! And Let the Reign of Belguel continue !!

03-07-04, 18:00

This is a message to Belguel to congratulate him on his great work!

Belguel's reports are all true, I've been to Morocco, and the fact that young girls find sex-money as the only way of living is correct since they are forced to get married at the age of +/- 17, then max by 20 they get divorced, and the Arab world a divorced lady/ girl is viewed by 90% of the people as a prostitute!

I'm telling this because I'm half Arab, and I know how they think!

Belguel is doing everybody a favour here, us ( by his excellent reports) and the girls by helping them find a way of living!

Belguel! For your next trip if you need some Arabic words, don't hesitate to ask.

Tu est vraiment le meuilleur!


03-07-04, 20:49
Hello Fellow Bretheren,

We all like to monger, no doubt about it. And YES, we are all into exploitation as well. However, we have a duty to protect these women that we fuck...why? Not because we are in love with them but we like to continue mongering.

I am all for shading out the eyes. Maybe even blocking the whole face. Believe me, if you guys think that THE WSG FORUM is not known in other countries you are absolutely wrong. Even your most backwards, poorest country has internet cafes every 2 blocks, and especially in these Muslim countries people are so undersexed, they are constantly monitoring the internet for this type of information.

Not so long a go I went to an internet cafe in Turkey: There were about 20 computers, and I shit you not at least 15 teenagers were looking up English porno sites, and the other 5 was playing Half-Life.

The point is it doesn't take a genius to go do a search in google for prostitution until you finally get the WSG Forum, or other forums. It's your racial bias to think that ONLY western Europeans and/or Americans have access to the this information.

Most of the time people will not submit all pictures out of respect for the safety and concern of the ladies. Same reason why I have not posted pictures of the Turkish ladies that I had escapades with because they can REALLY LOOSE THEIR LIVES if they are discovered. But here is a tiny example. That's all. Monger safely.

Nyc Expat
03-08-04, 13:24
I can document 2 instances of muslim fathers murdering their daughters. Why?. They dated non-muslims.

Futhermore, I can document a case when a muslim husband cheated on his muslim wife. The woman's father and brother castrated him before be-heading him. These instances occured in a West European country. These crimes of family pride occur in many countries. Young girls still are getting circumcised in Somalia and Ethiopia.

If one is fortunate enough to encounter an incredible session with an amateur, some discretion should be considered before posting photos of these young women whom are not pros.

Have a good one. Have many.

03-08-04, 14:45
After learning about the discussion going on in this thread, I finally visited as well.

It took me a while to go back 11 pages viewing the reports and pix of Belguel, and I admire his work.

About censorship of pix, I have earlier aired my opinion that members must be logged in to view them. Lurkers and others should not be able to share the gems of the forum. But I understood from Jackson then that this may take a lot of efforts to accomplish.

Keep up the good work Belguel.

03-08-04, 15:56
t_bozen wrote:

Belguel's reports are all true, I've been to Morocco, and the fact that young girls find sex-money as the only way of living is correct since they are forced to get married at the age of +/- 17, then max by 20 they get divorced, and the Arab world a divorced lady/ girl is viewed by 90% of the people as a prostitute!

I'm telling this because I'm half Arab, and I know how they think!


Baloney. Divorced women are not viewed as prostitutes by 90% of the Arab people.

I'm not half Arab, but full Arab and know.

03-08-04, 17:09
I see a couple of potential problems:

1. Posting full-faced pictures might invite a crack down and might deter the girls from participating. We are the ones who will lose out! Some attemp at hiding the eyes etc. is not too much of a sacrifice.

2. I can get better quaility porn on my computer, so I really dont think we need to have S&M and bondage and cum covered faces. A NICE picture might just be all we need to get the local flavor.


Does it not cause problem to have porn on the site? Age verification etc?


03-08-04, 17:47

I thought divorced women were stoned to death in those benighted lands.

03-08-04, 19:21
To Jackson

Reply to: Hi Bahama7,

I understand what you are saying, but I need advice in the form of a hard and fast rule for running this Forum objectively, not subjectively. In other words, I simply don't have the time to read every report and review every photo and then try to make an evaluation as to their suitability for display in the Forum based on a set of non-specific guidelines.

So which is it? Do you approve or disapprove of the posting of photos of naked Muslim women on this Forum? Yes or No?




Thank you for understanding where I am coming from, and for the readers who do not understand my intent let me clarify this for everyone: I am coming from one place only, and that is your safety. You all are doing a great thing for these women, paying them $30-$50 a night when the average adult worker in many of these countries is getting paid $70-$100 a month - with your contributions these girls are able to take care of their families, and that is a great thing.

When pictures are posted in a demeaning and disrespectful way, such as pissing on the girl's face after cumming on her, and describing it to the readers, I can only imagine what goes in the mind of a religious Muslim, and I don't want to imagine what would happen to the next monger these people will catch.

I personally think it is risky to post pictures like this, but it looks like I am a minority here. If I had to vote I would vote against it. I would vote for a smarter way to communicate the excitement Belguel shared with all of us.

Jackson, I know you don't have the time to go over every posting. I am going to say something here that may upset many people but I will say it anyways. You are providing a great service here for free, and based on the information provided in this site, sex travellers get to plan their vacations and have a great time.

If it takes 1 or 2 people to work full time to review every posting and make sure that the postings enable a safe environment for the sex traveller, maybe you should hire these people to help you, and if the members of this site need to share the cost, so be it. I don't see anything wrong with implementing a symbolic membership fee to enable this.

Over the years I have seen many members thank you for this site, but words are cheap.


Dragon Slayer
03-09-04, 00:11

Enough of this bullshit and leave Belguel alone. He is awesome. I get more solid boardfeet of great pussy each year than most men do in their entire lives. Nothing compared to Belguel though. No wonder so many here are jealous of him.

Quit double standarding and get off this topic. As long as he is not using the real names of the ladies, no harm will result.

Back in College we used to bring some co-eds over te fraternity house to have a few drinks with us and "make merry". One nerdy, older guy would complain about the noise. No matter how good something is, there will always be somebody to complain and fuck it up".

Dragon Slayer

03-09-04, 08:01
Wow, and impressive collection Belguel! Thanks for sharing. I must say, though, that I suspect you mix facts with fiction. For instance some of your girls seem to appear under a couple of different names in the course of the last week's postings, though I could be mistaken. All the same, you obviously have run up a hard core (no pun intended) of about half a dozen of really interesting women.

To some of the preachers on this board I would like to say: guys, don't get too dear! Moroccan people are generally not (believe it or not!!) in need of your all-fatherly protection. - Not even young women who are into undressing in strange men's hotel rooms. Just like in Russia, the police in Agadir knows exactly who the prostitutes are. Just like in Thailand, the mothers know exactly where the money their youngest daughter sends back from town stems from. Just like in Brazil, the wives know exactly what their husband is up to when he goes out for "an evening with the boys" and returns fresh after a shower. Only, just like in Victorian England, the whole society pretend not to notice.

True, "honour killings" do occur in some arch conservative rural muslim areas, mostly in connection with lost innocense - and even that is negotiable if the family's honour can be restored by means of a quick marriage. True, the Iranian mullahs have stoned a few prostitutes to death to make a point (though there are tens of thousands operating all over Iran). But to suggest that an urban family in liberal Morocco should commit an honour killing of their prostitute daughter because a photo appears of her on the internet is ridiculous, and only ridiculous.

03-13-04, 23:56
Greetings everyone,

After careful consideration of all the arguments both for and against the posting of photographs of women from Muslim countries, I have come to several conclusions:

There is, in my opinion, an inordinate amount of hysteria associated with the publishing of these photos. Statements to the effect that "you're putting these women in danger for their lives" and "they could get killed for these photographs" strike me as just a little over the top. I hear this same BS every time somebody from any country doesn't like the photos that have been posted, even photos of American girls taken here in the USA. As I consider all the possible motivations people may have for trying to portray the posting of a photograph as a life or death event, from religious fanatics to mongers trying to protect what they believe is their as yet undiscovered playground, I realize that I cannot permit myself to be influence by any of these pleadings.

Specifically related to the publishing of photographs of Muslim women, it's been a long time since I read a news story of a chica being stoned to death for allowing herself to be photographed in the nude.

I was especially humored by one contributor's description of how in every Internet cafe in Morocco one could observe that the majority of the Internet users were perusing porn sites. If this is such a grave religious offense, then why aren't the Muslim religious leaders staking out the Internet cafes and subsequently hauling the offenders out back and stoning them to death?

I'm also humored by suggestions that once a photo has been placed on this forum, then within seconds it will be magically viewed by every person on the Internet. The fact is that in an internet world literally flooded with porn photographs, one photograph on one website is equivalent to a grain of sand amongst all the sand on all the beaches in the world.

However, all that having been said, I have decided to modify the Forum's Photo Guidelines, as follows:

Effective immediately, any photos of Muslim women, or photos of women taken Muslim countries, and the text associated with said photos, and the image file names, may not include the name, occupation, family relationship or home town of the subject of the photograph.

The subjects of these photos and the image file names should be named "Girl #14", "Ankara #23", "Iran 03-03-04" or the equivalent thereof.

The subjects in these photographs do not need to be masked or obscured.

I will attempt to compile a list of Muslim countries that will be effected by these additional requirements. Anyone wishing to compile such a list may send it to me via an email at jackson@wsgforum.com (jackson@wsgforum.com?subject=Muslim Countries List)

Pursuant to this new policy, I have renamed all the subjects of Belguel's reports, including the image file names, using the generic names of "belguel girl #XXX" followed by the photograph number in the series. This should serve as a good example of what I would expect in similar Forum contributions in the future.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. Please send me a PM or an email to jackson@wsgforum.com (jackson@wsgforum.com?subject=Muslim Photographs)



Member #1625
03-14-04, 00:37

I just back from Rabat, Morocco two days ago, on Buisness. As far as the looks of the girls go, I prefer Latin America. The girls looks are ok, just ok. There are some real hotties but the vast majority of the women are just plain average or butt ugly. That is my opinion.

As for the attitude, the women are above average to excellent.

I was there for two weeks and did manage to pork 3 of their hotties. One I banged twice. ALL of the women that I banged, we very passionate and in to their work. My last nght, the girl (20 years old) took me to the shower, bathed me and sucked every orafice and finished me off.

I stayed in Rabat at the Hilton. Let me tell you that I banged on girl from a club and it really cost me. Expect to be shaken down from the local police, or worse, if they see you in a cab with a local girl. Yu had better watch your ass, for real.

The rest of the nights, I simply sat in the lobby and observed and then determined that the chicks sit in the lounges of major hotels -- Especially the one I was in, the Hilton, until about 10:00 pm before going in. Everyone in the Hotel knows who they are and what they are doing, including the police. And don't try to get them into your room at the Hilton. They have cameras everywhere and they will arrest any local girl that they catch. it is not worth it for the girls, so don't try it. Simply make arrangements to take a cab to their hotel and bang them.

If they ride with you, keep an eye out for who see's you go in.

I did not make Casablanca, as NYCExpat asked me to check out but i can assure you of this, the Rabat Hilton is a friggin ***** house. It was quite refreshing after a 12 hour day to walk into the lounge and see local girls: all shades from porcelin to black waiting and smiling in the lounge and the bar. It was easier than i anticipated being in a Muslim country.

The DGST, the secret police, are watching!


03-14-04, 01:28
Jackson all I can say is excellent decision and judgement on the topic .

03-14-04, 02:10
I have been reading and thinking about this issue for some time now. I think that Jackson has done the wise thing - its a fine line between contributing (to this forum) and trespassing on the girls' right to privacy and indeed in some cases, put at risk their physical security.

I think it is highly irresponsible of some posters like Belguel to pursue their "hobby" and yet expose some of these girls to mortal danger. This danger does exist and cannot be dismissed as mere exaggeration. As I read Belguel's reports, the issue of risk to the girls was the first thought that crossed my mind.

The question then becomes one of whether you want to have "fun" regardless of the consequences to others. I would urge Belguel and others to seriously consider this issue before posting pictures.



Chris P
03-14-04, 05:47
For those ludicrous whiners complaining about other member's photos, get a life! Firstly, look at the points made by those such as Priamos, about how incredibly rare any family who would stone a girl to death for mongering would actually be. Guys, the US media exaggerates things, most of these "mad mullah" stories are total BS. I used to live in the Middle East, and all these howls about "mortal danger" etc are cracking me up.

Secondly, LANGUAGE! Morocco's languages are Arabic and French; this is an English site. So that once again greatly narrows down the already-infinitesimally small number of Moroccans who might possibly chance upon the pictures (very few of which are close-ups and so could be mistaken). As to the pics, if, as some people say, internet is widely-available in Morocco, the girls being photographed would also know about it, and therefore would know of the so-called "danger" of the photos ending up on it. But they don't seem to care, do they?

So for those dicks who go on about how "this danger does exist", a danger exists every time you cross a road. But are you going to stay home for the rest of your life? Of course not! So shut up and leave other forum members alone, and post some pics of your own! I want to see what these girls look like.

A Toda Maquina
03-14-04, 08:38
hey pilgrims ,listen to this !!! as quoted from a populalar travel guide book advice foreign women travelers in morocco . women are often subject to harassment from local men, ranging from cat-calls and whistles to rude comments and bottom pinching !
this doesn't match the picture painted by alot of peeps .
infact, i would say you pull the latter two anywhere in the u.s. and you will no doubt go jail and could face aggrevated sexual assult !! c'mon cat -calls , bottom pinching, those guy's would be in deep [CodeWord113] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord113) if the place was that hardcore . besides ,the big hotel chains pretty much anywhere are not chica friendly (unless its your ol' lady ) oh, lounges- booze , liquor all forbidden . but do still exist . peeps been tearin it up for years overthere. one bad ass, wild belguel shows up and a silent forum /board wakes up ! one member said : you might get your dick cut off. ) well, it looks like i'm off to the chopping block!!!
whats the word on buying condoms there ?


03-14-04, 15:31
Hi guys,

I think Jackson took the right decision. It is a well balanced measure.

03-14-04, 16:12
I don't really want to get into a argument about this and this is my last post on this matter.

I think the "stoning to death" and "same danger as crossing the road" phrases are something of a distraction.

As far as Belguel's unimpressive porn pictures are concerned - the point I am making is that either you think the danger does not exist or you think the danger does exist but you don't care. The former is a valid position to hold but perhaps a little naive. The latter is callous.

All I am appealing for is some consideration for others whilst in pursuit of "fun".



Chris P
03-14-04, 22:46
Actually JD, being stoned to death and being run over by a car are quite similar; both involve being killed by way of massive trauma. The latter may be quicker and more painless, but then again it's quite possible a victim could last a long time; similarly, one might imagine a stoning would take longer, but if the first stone hits you hard on the temple then you're a goner immediately. So all in all, I can't say whether I'd prefer to be stoned to death or run over. Can you?

A Toda Maquina - that's exactly what I found as well. If I went through an Arab suq with an attractive woman there would be nothing but stares and wolf-whistles; exactly the kind of thing you'd get sent to prison for in the politically-correct madness of today's West, which is one of the reasons why we go to these places in the first place!

03-15-04, 23:06
As an appendix to my last post - in many countries there are double standards. A foreign (European looking) woman is seen as fair game for cat calling, bottom pinching etc (NO, I do not condone this) while local women are spared this kind of treatment. Unless, the local woman is with a foreign guy. So the image of a local woman with a foreign guy in certain poses might produce reactions that reflect these double standards and the consequent lessening of respect or even disgust may cause some local men to behave in an abominable or dangerous fashion.

It is good for travellers to be aware of this. I have travelled widely and met many many people from different countries and cultures. I do not claim to know it all. This is just my personal opinion and my interjection here is just to caution guys to respect other people's privacy and to consider for a moment at least if their actions could endanger anyone. Forum members taking photos of the girls seek to preserve their anonymity - why not accord the girls the same consideration ?



Frank Africa
03-16-04, 00:39
Thanks to Jackson for decisively fixing the issue of Belguel's pictures. I agree with everything Jackson wrote - makes a lot of sense.

Special thanks for deciding to re-name Belguel's photos. About 3 pages behind this page, I had requested this very idea. Now I can look at the photos without feeling uneasy that the server is noticing the old titles.

03-16-04, 03:38

I too have viewed, with amazement, the picture posting by Belguel and have been very impressed. I have also read the dialog on the subject of whether to post, or not to post these pictures. While I concluded early on that posting was the right thing to do, I was most impressed by Jackson's intelligent, reasoned and methodical deliberations.

Thanks to Jackson; not for the decision to post, but for his professional approach to the vexing dilemma.


03-16-04, 16:53
Check this out guys:

One Held for Taking Obscene Pictures
Staff Writer (Arabnews.com)

JEDDAH, 16 March 2004 — Moroccan police have arrested a Saudi tourist in Marrakech for taking pornographic pictures of women, Asharq Al-Awsat Arabic daily reported. The paper said the 33-year-old Saudi took dancers to his flat in a hotel to take obscene pictures after offering them money. One of the girls ran away with his digital camera and later used it to blackmail him. Police later retrieved the camera and discovered the obscene pictures. Police have launched a search for other suspects, including the hotel manager and several girls, the paper added.

I hope this doesnt sway other members from their picture taking, but I just had to post this since it came out today in the Arab press.

03-16-04, 18:25
Thanks JP2U,

This news was very interesting. It just confirms that you have to be very cautious in doing what I do in Morrocco. Discretion is a vital requirement. The saoudi tourist made two mistakes: doing it with dancers who are also, I guess, seasoned prostitutes; and failing to check where his camera was.

This news is also welcome to all of you who want to chase girls like they do in Brazil or in Thailand. Morrocco is a very different field.

By the way, I hope that the Morrocan police will concentrate on chasing terrorists (some Morrocan men were the culprits of the Madrid bombings) and not on mongers who spend their money to improve (somewhat) the life of many girls.

03-17-04, 18:09
Prostitution is widespread in Morocco as you well know by now. Therefore, I dont think it is high on the police priority list... drugs are probably a higher priority since Morocco is a major producer and source for Europe, but I agree with you that now terrorism must be the no.1 priority after the Madrid tragedy.


03-18-04, 10:00

In Belgium, there are some hundred thousands Morroccan people. Their behaviour, as theirs in other continental european countries, could be compared with the population in big cities in Morrocco: on one hand, very open-minded people with women acting as locals (which means: not easy to pick up), and on the other hand, some very conservative people where the females are forbidden to be friends with locals. So you don't have the in-between category you can fin in small cities in Morrocco (that's my honey): conservative enough to be gullible, but not too much to want to try some new experiences.

In Belgium, I don't know brothels where you are sure to find Morroccan prostitutes. In Brussels, as you well know, the famous Aerschot street contains red light brothels where many nationalities are represented (especially nowadays, Bulgarian, Romanian). Not so far from there, the pub 5th Avenue (Yser place), in front of the big Citroen headquarters, is visited by semi-pro Morroccans. But the girls are not very attractive (5-7).

03-20-04, 18:20

My basic rule regarding condom is: when you doubt, use it. Definitely with the pros, of course. But with the virgins non-pros (the two words are strongly linked in Morrocco), it happens that they have been assfucked several times. So I use condoms. But never for a BJ (the risks are so low). I guess, 10% of my sexual encouters were without condoms because I was pretty sure that I was the first to assfuck her. My problem: after two days, I always get a "feverbutton" on my lips. Really annoying when you want to convince a girl that you are so shy and gentle with women.

I am sorry for your bad experience. I have never been attacked in those areas. The semi-pro is a girl that you can talk with nicely without being asked to pay this or that after some minutes. Recently, I picked up a Romanian chubby one. I asked her a phone number. We met several days afterwards in a pub. I just had to pay her a drink (cappucino). And several days afterwards, she invited me to go to her appartment. I put two fingers in her pussy but she refused to be fucked because she was drunk (Next time, she told me, you can do it). The bill has not yet come. Maybe it won't never come. Maybe, yes. I will see.

03-20-04, 19:02
I wonder if a Turkish guy would have a lot of fun in Morocco? Would the women there be more receptive to someone from another muslim country, yet also a white / foreigner / American with no French or Arabic?

03-21-04, 13:25
Hi Zeybek,

Without knowing french, you will miss some good opportunities with amateur girls. The girls who know english are well educated, wich means much more difficult to convince them to follow you immediately. They might be interested in having a relationship but on a more normal way (several romantic meetings before sleeping).

I just can give some impressions. I might be completely wrong. With pros, of course, speaking any language is always good. Being a muslim might be an asset: many girls refuse to sleep with me because I am not muslim. But some accept because of it: they think that non muslims do sex like they make shopping (no big deal).

03-21-04, 19:47
Well, I've reread the whole of the Morocco forum and I must say you have certainly transformed it. The added value you've brought is in the pics but even more so in the insights which many of your posts contain and from which all of us can draw profit. And profiting from others' experience is, after all, what this is all about. So, a big thank you again, and keep up the good work!

Before I sign off, can I ask everyone if the place on the Place de l'Yser you mentioned charges normal prices for its drinks and offers a hassle-free environment for meeting the semi-pros, or is it a rip-off joint better kept out of? My impression is rather the former, but if you've experience the place it'd be good to have your confirmation.



03-22-04, 11:10
Hi Spurter,

Thanks for your appreciation. For the 5th Avenue, don't worry. It is a very friendly atmosphere: no hassle, correct price of drinks (2,5 euros a beer). And you talk to women there if you want. If you want to sit quietly, watching the girls chatting, no problem. If you want to talk with one of her, she won't ask a cup of champagne, but a simple drink. There are rooms upstairs if you want to sleep with her (more or less for 50 euros). But the quality of girls is so-so.

03-25-04, 19:39

Nobody should understand me wrongly. I am not against Islam. I just have fantasies about revealing the hotness of the not so pure veiled girls. And I would be pleased to watch pictures showing a muslim man (preferably with a beard and a djellaba) fucking a blonde wearing a Christian cross. I think that might be the new mission of pornography: showing religious transgression. We are all fed up of this faith-based hatred. Showing joyful sexual encounters between two people from different religious background might help to make cool down the debate. By the way, for our American friends, making porn photo sessions “under god” might be clever than learning in public schools with a religious bias.

03-25-04, 21:44
To Belguel: thank you for your post and info. As of yet I have not fucked any Middle Eastern or Muslim girls yet but to add to what Belguel is saying: I'm a young black guy pretty handsome I might
add and I work at a large airport in the southeast. I used to see veiled women come through and I used to think "who ever gets to fuck them; you probably have got to be married to them for like 5 years before you get the pussy." Well one day I have a Muslim couple that I'm checking in. The lady is in the veil and everything and I notice that despite her garments she's very attractive. I'm already like "I wonder what's underneath all of those clothes". Well as I'm checking them in I talk to the guy (trying to show respect) when the lady just takes over and starts flirting and shit. The way she was acting and jocking me I thought she was going to suck my dick right there at the counter. At first I'm like it's just me seeing what I want to see but after they left the women I work with were like DAMN she really liked you. I'm like yeah, I guess the guy was her brother or something. Her behavior totally went against all of my stereotypes. I was like damn I should have gotten her number but at the same time I'm like why is she "acting" like she likes me: she's in a veil; she's supposed to be running from men. My second encounter happened yesterday when this very attractive woman comes to the counter. I knew she looked foreign but I didn't know where she was from. Well, she presents her passport and she is from Isreal. As I'm checking her in she's like blah, blah, blah where are you from' your skin is so beautiful and she's rubbing my arm and shit. I'm like woah. I didn't let this one slip though. I didn't get a chance to even ask for her number for all of the passengers who were gawking at this interaction between me and this lady but I did slip her my number. I saw her onboard the aircraft and she's shouting my name "Phil, Phil" to say goodbye.

I write all of this to say that for all the people that doubt Belguel; your minds are closed. Mines was too. I had to get re-educated. But it's the same with Rio and BA. I had heard the stories but I didn't beleive them until I saw them with my own two eyes.................

03-26-04, 03:28
Generally speaking, Muslim girls have the best atitude because they know their place. Having raised in Indonesia (largest Muslim population in the world), lived in Belgium and now in the USA; the best girlfriend I ever had was a Muslim Iraqi.

I'm a Catholic by the way, but who cares.

If all these politicians and muslim fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists getting blow jobs everyday from babes like other members do, then there will be no war and conflicts. They all be hunting for more ho's.

Iceberg Slim
03-26-04, 07:22
I am a non-practicing muslim but have lived in the West for 20 years. Prior to the 80s, brothels were quite common in North Africa.

I used to go there and I remember a long line of men waiting in turn to enter the room of popular girls. Everything changed since the early 80s with the advent religious fundamentalism. Before that most girls dressed normally and after that every girl wore the veil.

All the brothels were closed but prostitution continued underground. I remember in my time there I saw frequently Italians guest workers picking up girls in veils in my own town or near sea ports.

These countries have suffered economically because of religious fundamentalism but people have to survive.

Please don't show pictures of ladies faces. Now the internet is everywhere and the ladies welfare can be put at risk.

03-31-04, 22:06
A litlle info. I just picked up a copy of Lonely Planet Morocco and according to them Morocco is full of pros. And they also listed some very cheap hotels, like 10 to15 dollars a night. And they said the bus stop in Agadir is full of prostitutes 24 / 7. So it seems to suggest that Morocco is well set up for the hobby.

04-01-04, 06:55

It will be tremendously easy for you to find girls in Casablanca, but if you keep going in 4 or 5 star hotels, it will cost you a lot.
Pretty girls are to be found in the Caesar's disco (Hotel Sheraton), the Blue night nightclub (Hotel El Kandara) while the prettiest ladies in the country stay in the Black House (Hyatt Regency).
Consider yourself lucky if you find a girl for less than 150US$ per night in those places. Most of the customers in the Hyatt are Saudi people and girls won't have eye contact with you unless they think that you can challenge the Saudis regarding the way you spend your money.
Drinks are pricey in those nightclubs (10US$ for a beer) and don't be surprised if girls ask for a glass of champagne if you offer them a drink.

Another more suitable option is to find a young taxi driver that does not look too fanatic and ask him to be your driver for the evening.
That should cost you around 30US$ and you can ask him to take you to cheaper bars where you will also find many women. You will feel safe if a taxi is waiting for you and you may even feel more comfortable if the taxi driver join you for a drink inside.

Remember that Casablanca is a harbor with many sailors and ,as sailors are not famous for visiting museums when they get to the ground, many cheaper seedy joints designed for them are to be found.

I remember a place that was in the center of town, not too far from the Sheraton with around 10 to 15 ladies inside. All the other men were whether from France or from the Philippines; I don't remember exactly the price that I have paid for some of their women, but surely not more than 50US$ and the sex was just unbelievable.

There was also another popular joint near the train station with only morrocans customers. The place was not that big but it was packed. There was a live oriental band, everybody was drinking and smoking, i could not believe my eyes. I saw a few stunners inside and i gave a tip to the waiter if he could bring one of those ladies next to me. That worked fine and a few hours later, we were sleeping at her place. The problem is that you may have to pay some tip to a policeman if he controls you while you are with a girl sharing a taxi (it only happend to me once, the taxi paid to the police officer and then i had to pay back the taxi driver). Besides that, on the following morning if you sleep at someone else's place, it is not so easy if you have to venture outside in a neighbourhood that is not too familiar.

I don't know any girlfriendly hotels, so you would have probably to pay a room for your pro's. Therefore, don't be as stupid as i was when i registered at Sheraton which charged me 200US$ for an extra room every night. Just find a cheap place, there are so many in town.

Good luck.

Nyc Expat
04-01-04, 11:01
Lonely Planet's guide was extremely helpful to me. Very attractive, young women can be enjoyed for as little as 600 dirhams pr. night if you visit local night clubs instead of the famous hotel clubs. There are many to choose from. One bar, club establishment had 20-25 women and just a few men. Their eyes speak a thousand thoughts.

Anyone visiting Casa should read my previous posts for more nformation.

04-04-04, 23:16

I just coming back from Agadir.

Nice city but small. Many discotheques and restaurants but not many tourists. Maybe because in march it's a little bit cold but good point for us it's that girls are more available and you can negociate your appartement rent.

Here a photo of Agadir Beach.

04-05-04, 00:01

I met this girl in a cafe in the morning. It was my first day in Agadir.

She is 23 year old and have a baby. She is a pro.

I gave her about 50 euros for 3 hours. After I knew it was expensive.

04-05-04, 00:05

Thanks to Beguel who gave me informations about Agadir.

It help me to not waste time the first days.

For him this photo (his favourite pose)

04-05-04, 00:06

Another one.

04-05-04, 00:07

And the last one.

04-05-04, 22:33

Sorry I can't answer all guy who pm me. I give all informations and photos here.

I met this girl in a discotheque called Papajo. She is a teacher and have 28 y.o. she is a non - pro. I don't give her money but invite her in restaurant. You can meet many girls in this morning-afternoon in the beach side called 'la cote'. Speaking french is not especially an advantage as many of them speak only arabia. But you have to known some basic key word in french.

Here a photo of here, she was very GFE.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

04-05-04, 22:34
Photo #2

Member #1899
04-05-04, 22:52
La Rond,

Can you please be more specific, tell us some more details, have you checked Belguel's information?

Is it easy to pick up a girl? How do you compare this country with other Mongers Destination? Have you stayed in an hotel?

You said you paid 50 Euros for 3 hours, what did she offered you?

BBBJ, CIM, A-Levels.

Have you got other women? Also Pro's?

I know a lot of questions but this is very important for this board, thank you so much for the pics but some more info would be gratefull.

T Poet
04-06-04, 04:35
I see you guys have the key. I tried speaking broken Arabic in one of the clubs I actually asked the girl if she spoke English she replied very arrogantly "no, French" and strutted to the dance floor I thought well you saved me some money and left. If you can avoid the club scene then do so it much more fun on the street good hunting.

04-07-04, 12:21
Member #1899,

Informations given by Belguel is quit right. I don't repeat them. Check the old posts.
But for me asking many women in the road is not my cup of tea.

I prefer go to bar/discotheque where there are semi pro and pro. You have just to discuss the price.

This girl I pick up in a discotheque called Salam. I paid about 30 euros for the night and 5 euros for the guard in the hotel.

04-07-04, 12:25

You have to rent an appartment if you want to bring a girl, because of the police raid many hotels are not girl-friendly.

I reserved my appartment on the site moroccotime.com. Good services

04-07-04, 12:27

If you want a girl in Agadir it's not a problem, you will find..

04-07-04, 12:28

04-07-04, 12:29

04-07-04, 12:32

Sorry I don't have the talent of other members to write comments on photos, but I'm sure you will forgive me seeing this photo.

04-07-04, 12:32
And the last one.

04-09-04, 00:38
La Rond,

Thanxx for you information.

I hope things will stay OK, then in September, I'll be in Morrocco.

But only when we got an appartement, i hope to send photos soon.


04-10-04, 11:03

This is the woman who clean my appartment twice a week.

She was very sympatic and photogenic.

She came one friday to prepare me couscous.

04-10-04, 11:08
I 've never asked her to f**k.

04-10-04, 11:09
Maybe I should have.

04-11-04, 00:08
I will be visiting Casablancca on business this month for two-weeks, and staying at the Hyatt. Has anyone had any luck in their bar/nightclub?

I understand it is very difficult to bring a "guest" to your room in Casablanca without renting another room. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get around this situation, and have a sucessful night in Casablanca? Do the hotel doormen accept "tips" to look the other way? If so, how much?

On the subject of women, is there anything I should know about Morrocan women? Any "special-handling" instructions? Any and all tips would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


04-14-04, 02:02
Cheaper way to have sex in Casa is to find a girl in cabaret, Casa is plenty of cabarets, though I can raccommend the one just in front of the hotel paris, try to go around 10 pm as, the action starts early, do not expect to find tourists as, these are places mainly for locals, that's why they are cheaper, do not give the girl more than 50/60 euros or you'll take part in market destroying, it's incredible how in a poor country like Morocco, sex is so expensive.

Have fun

04-14-04, 02:26
What is the deal with the police? Did you guys who have been there had any issues with LE there? I am looking to go but want to be prepared when I get there and I have a wingman who is a little jittery about the situation.

04-15-04, 11:49

Here is Fatima (not is real name). I met her in the beach, i invite her to have a cup of tea.

She spoke quit good french.She is 18 y.o and she is jobless.

After she came to my appartment and told me that she want to keep her virginty, and don't want to fuck the first day.

Ok not a problem for me.

04-15-04, 11:53

The second day she came directly to my appartment in the morning.

After the traditional cup of tea she started sucking my dick.

04-15-04, 11:57

And she offer me her ass.

Positions was a little bit funny due to her hight, she was very tall (1.80m) and she play basket ball.

After 2 hours session I sent her home with some money to help her (about 20 euros).

04-15-04, 13:01
To Minimus,

According to my experience (I have been a dozen times in Morrocco, most of the time in Agadir, but also in Rabat, Casablanca and Kenitra), the police problem is not a real one if you keep in mind that you are in a muslim country and you behave accordingly.

First thing to know: the police has no mission to harrass foreign people. Morrocco wants his tourism business to keep on growing. Tremendously: the governement wants to reach the level fo 10 millions visitors a year in 2010 (I think in 2004 it will be about 4 millions). Of course, they prefer to have nice families to visit them and not sexual tourists. So don't act in public as a sexual tourist. When you talk to a local girl on the street, don't do it in front of a police man (which is not so easy because there are policeman at every crossroads for security reasons: Morrocco, as you know, has a major terrorist problem to eradicate). Some girls won't accept to talk to you because of that or will refuse to walk with you side by side. So, talk to her without a policeman in sight and ask her to follow you 30 meters behind you. Or, take a cab to your apartment. I have used hundred times a cab with a girl inside without being stopped by a policeman (even though many policemen have noticed that a girl was with a foreigner).

So the only major rule to respect is: just don't provocate the policemen in chatting with girls in front of them. If you do, you won't have problems. But the girl might have. They will ask her the certificate of wedding who proves that you are married with her. The only punishment will be: he will ask the girl to leave you alone. So, no big deal, but a delay in fulfilling your mission: bringing the girl in your place.

Many hotels refuse you to bring a girl in your room because of the police. It seems that the police raid regularly some hotels to check whether there are local girls sleeping with tourists. As I don't go in hotel, it is not a problem for me.

The policemen are also a annoyance at the exits of some discos (not all, but the biggest ones, like the Papagayo where you can the cutest teens in Agadir). They pretend to control the decency of the neighbourhood. In fact, they are just waiting for their share of the tourist' money. A bribe of 50 dhrs will be good (around 5 dollars). It is one of the reasons, I don't hunt in discos. Too many extra costs (5 dollars for the policeman, 5 dollars for the doorkeeper, extracharge for the taximan: like 10 dollars for a 5 minutes drive, money for the girlfriend of the girl, and so on).

So, all in all, the police is not a problem. In all my trips, I never lost one opportunity of bringing a girl because of it. And I thank the police to make the streets of Agadir very safe, which is very good to hunt girls (because they feel safe to walk).

Once, the viewing of the pictures will be possible again, I will make a report of my last trip in Rabat, and I will post many pictures of my past experiences in Agadir.

04-20-04, 10:14
Dear all concerned,

I live in Dubai, and have see the Moroccan talent available here, and its pretty damn good. I am going there for the first time, and will spend a week there between Casa, and Marakkesh. Can anyone help me find the best place for the best talent.


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04-20-04, 19:44

Here a girl I met by internet. She is 23 y.o and she works in a hotel. Very GFE. She is still virgin.

04-20-04, 19:45
Totally non-pro.

04-20-04, 19:48
I've asked her to come one day with this traditionnal dress.

04-20-04, 19:49
How sweety she was.

04-20-04, 20:29

Today I fucked a pure amateur girl. I didn't pay anything, except for the room. She even offered me a coffee afterwards. I met her in Kenitra, on the street, six months ago. She is not pretty but she has massive boobs which excited me a lot. She was very surprized that she was able to attract a western man. She is still virgin nowadays (I mean her pussy because I deflored her ass). Good girl, very nice. She was so in love with me that she came in Agadir, to see me again two months later. She took the bus and the train (a 13 hours journey) just to meet me (in fact, just to be assfucked) for one day.

04-20-04, 20:45

I have been in Kenitra six months ago. This is a town just 40 km from Rabat, the capital of Morrocco. Kenitra is a very quiet city. I have been there because I wanted to meet some girls I picked up on a internet chatroom. This was not very successful. It happens that I didn't fuck any of the five girls with whom I arranged some rendez-vous. These girls were too much educated to be fucked very quickly (i.e after one hour of conversation which is, usually, the limit I tolerate before getting fed up with the girl). So I spent my 3 days stay hanging around from downtown to the coastal strip. I fucked some girls picked up in a pub just at the coast. I didn't remember the name of the pub but there is only one on the coast (this city is very small). I rented an apartment just 200 m from this pub. So it was very easy: I picked up a girl in the pub (full of local arabic people, I was the only foreigner, but nobody cared) and we walked to my apartment. After one hour, she came back to the pub. I followed just 5 minutes afterwards to pick up another girl, and so one three times during the evening. I paid each time 200 dhrs (20 euros), with no extra costs (no taxi, no bribe for the pub). They were prostitutes, not speaking a word in french or english. Some of you know I don't enjoy that much this kind of fucking but I couldn't do anything else in this boring city. I couldn't succeed to pick up any amateur girl in the street during the day whereas it is so easy to do it in Agadir (except one, you will see at the end of the report).

But some pro girls were cute.

04-21-04, 20:51

This is a girl I met in the bakery La Fontaine which is a very nice place to meet girls in Agadir during the day. Her way of dressing told me that she could be a semi pro. She was chatting with a girlfriend. I interrupted her conversation to ask her if I can have a phone number. I phoned her 1 hour later to arrange a rendez vous in my apartment. She came. So she was definitely a pro. But a very sweet one. And for those who like chubby brunettes, she was perfect.

04-22-04, 15:58
Yes Belguel, another very impressed and satisfied WSG customer thanks to your photos, without boring you with further accolades! Like you, I also live in Belgium and am very impressed by the average Morrocan type girl, although they are pretty difficult to pull here. However, from the Moroccan chicks I have laid, a very pretty 19 year old cleaning girl at my work here in Brussels (who was gaand a couple of very sexy pros on the costa del sol, I was not disappointed. We have a very similar taste in women, dark hair, curvy, wholesome looking and if possible a nice rack. Anyway, I never really considered mongering before in Morocco because of all the hassle involved, bribing doormen, etc. Especially after having come back from somewhere so hassle free as Buenos Aires, where the shagging is so easy. However, on viewing Belguels photos, I have reconsidered and think I will risk a week in Agadir. I have also heard from a friend who was their on vacation that it was full of pros, though his was with girlfriend at time. Anyway, mty questions are, if you have an appartment, do you ask the chicks to meet you there and just buzz them in, or do you go with them. Also, what do the Moroccan guys do when you are busy chatting up their women on the street. Although I love the look of their women, I get enough of the hassle from some Moroccan guys here, so I don't really want more of the same. But maybe the moroccan guys in Morocco behave differently there than they do here in Brussels. Also, although I speak perfect French, with all the current political strife going on, does it matter that I have a British passport, will that cause me any hassle is is that a point for concern. My only other previous adult experience of Morocco was a day trip from Algeciras to Tangiers in winter, Tangiers was very quiet, which really suprised me, hardly any peole around let alone chicks. Alos Belguel, any advice on the chatsites to use,or am I infringing WSG guidlines here, not sure. I am 36, dark haired and also pretty good looking (according to my conquests), so maybe girls will just smile at mle walking along too ? The most frustrating thing would be to meet loads of chicks but have nowhere to take them to (all revved up with nowhere to go...)

04-22-04, 16:09
Yes Belguel, another very impressed and satisfied WSG customer thanks to your photos, without boring you with further accolades !!!! Like you, I also live in Belgium and am very impressed by the average Morrocan type girl, although they are pretty difficult to pull here. However, from the Moroccan chicks I have laid, a very pretty 19 year old cleaning girl at my work here in Brussels (who was gagging for it !!!) and a couple of very sexy big titted pros on the costa del sol, I was not disappointed. We have a very similar taste in women, dark hair, curvy, wholesome looking and if possible a nice pair of mellons !!!

Anyway, I never really considered mongering before in Morocco because of all the hassle involved, bribing doormen, etc. Especially after having come back from somewhere so hassle free as Buenos Aires, where the shagging is as easy as 123. But I would think the average Moroccan chick would give me twice the hard on as the average Argentinian chick !!! Therefore, on viewing your photos, I have reconsidered and think I will risk a week or two in Agadir. I have also heard from a friend who was there on vacation that it was full of pros (though he was with girlfriend at the time, so no opportunity to bury his purple headed love trucheon elsewhere).

Anyway, my questions are, if you have an appartment, do you ask the chicks to meet you there and just buzz them in (Buenos Aires style), or do you go with them (especially considering what you said about the complaining neighbours) ? Also, what do the Moroccan guys do when you are busy chatting up their women on the street, nothing, do you get many dirty looks ? Is Agadir a safe place to walk around at night ? Although I love the look of their women, I get enough of the hassle from some Moroccan guys here in Brussels, so I don't really want more of the same. But maybe the moroccan guys in Morocco behave differently there than they do here in Brussels. Do they ? Also, although I speak very good french, with all the current political strife going on, does it matter that I have a British passport, will that cause me any hassle is is that a point for concern ? Also Belguel, any advice on the chatsites to use,or am I infringing WSG guidlines here, not sure. I am 36, dark haired and also pretty good looking (according to my conquests), so maybe girls will just smile at me walking along too ? The most frustrating thing would be to meet loads of chicks but have nowhere to take them to (all revved up with nowhere to go...) Anway, sorry for all the questions, would appreciate your advice fellow Belgian dweller.

04-23-04, 10:05
Hi Coupe66,

Morrocan people in Morroco and Morrocan people in Belgium (or in Western people) can be very different.

In Morrocco, you won't be hassled by any people (maybe a little bit by shopvendors). Agadir is a very safe place. Very very very safe. I haven't been annoyed or harassed in any way. I walk during the night in my neighbourhood (which is downtown and not the touristical coastal strip) without any fear (and I am not a very brave man). I guess, in the very poor areas, it could be different, but you have absolutely no good reason to go there.

When you chat to local girls, in a decent way, no local man will object (except as I told it, if you do it in front of a policeman). There are two reasons for that, on my opinion: 1) the local people know that Morrocco considered foreign tourist as a pot of gold. If there is an argument between a local man and a tourist, the police will have a bias in favour of the foreigner. 2) local men in Morrocco are somehow less conservative than in Belgium.

The direct neighbours of your apartment can be a problem, tough. Some can feel hurt (or jealous) if they see you bring many girls in your place (especially if you do, like me, the whole day and not in the night). They won't tell you directly. They will ask the concierge to tell you to stop. It happened to me and, after not following the order, I was asked to leave immediately the place. So, the big challenge in Agadir is to find a apartment (or better a house) where the neighbours have no leverage on you.

In general, I come in taxi with the girl to my place. But, if she knows the apartment, she can come directly and knock the door.

I don't think that having a bristish passport could be a problem. There are many british tourists in Agadir.

Given that you have some seducing skills, I am sure that many amateurs girls will turn their heads on you. If you are a nightbird (I am not), the city is full of pros easy to pick.

04-23-04, 10:11
Hi Spencer25,

I usually chat on caramail.com (a french chatroom). But I do it between trips to have some rendez-vous and to stay in touch with morrocan flavour. But it is not necessary. On the field, you will find enough girls. Given my experiences, the girls on the internet are not so easily ready to be fucked immediately (unlike amateurs, no well educated, who don't know nothing about internet). So sometimes, I waste time.

04-23-04, 22:01

On sunday afternoon, when the town is very quiet, you might be lucky to meet a cutie. This one was not really cute. But I was on my second day in Agadir and haven't jacked off for three days. I talked to her. She could hardly speak a few words in french. In understood that she was in Agadir to spend a day off. She was a farmworker. And her clothes could have shown me that. Her dress was so oldfashioned. Her face looked like a goat. But her boobs could make jealous a milkcow. She agreed to follow me in my apartment. I guess she accepted because I was a european. The european men has a reputation of romantic men in Morrocco. I guess she didn't expect to do what she accepted to do just one hour after we met on the street.

These pictures are the first I made of her. On the following trips, I asked her to come back in my apartment. So she is already posted on further messages.

04-24-04, 10:12

I met this girl on a terrace of a restaurant in the middle of the afternoon just in front of the sea. She was alone, drinking a coffee.

Sometimes you can find girls sitting alone on the coastal strip of Agadir. They might be pros working in the afternoon (maybe they still live with their relatives who wouldn't allow them to go out at night) or they might belong to a category very good for mongers: jobless girls who are desperate to find a job in the touristic industry of Agadir. Many young women come to Agadir from all Morrocco to find a job as waitress, hotelcleaner, entertainer, ... They come without any contract. They just hope to find a job. Few succeed. After some weeks of failure, some come back to their hometown, others, who couldn't stand to go back to their poor family, are pleased to meet some tourists to have fun (and cash). It is good to meet at the beginning of their transformation. They are still in a mood of an amateur (gullible, innocent and eager to have some new experiences, including sex) but they are ready to be fucked to get some cash to survive.

I had several meetings which happened in this context. And it gave me a lot of pleasure.

This one was in this situation. Cute.

04-24-04, 11:24

In Agadir, before sunset, there is a very fruitful period to chase girls (lions do the same around 5 pm with antilopes near the rivers or the lakes). Working girls and students are going back to home. From 5 to 7 pm, they have some free time. It is a period when their in and outs are not strongly checked by their relatives. It is very good window of opportunity for mongers (don't waste time having a drink before dinner, do the hunt!).

So on 6 pm, I met this girl, a hotelcleaner (my favourite prey). At first glance, she was not very attractive. Her look was terrible in her cheap djellaba. She has no make-up, her hair was not well arranged. After having cleaned the whole day, I can understand. But, based on my experience, I know that there are some gems behind the terrible look.

04-25-04, 20:57

Sometimes, events can be good allies. It was on a special evening. The Morroccan football team has just won the semi-final of the African cup of Nations (Morrocco will lose, unfortunately, the final against Tunesia). Everybody was on the street, shouting, dancing, singing, ... I was there too, celebrating the victory (I'm getting Morroccan, I think). Boys and girls were mixing in the street, as if Morrocco has lost all its conservatism. When I saw this girl with two other girlfriends shouting, I lost immediately my interest in football. My balls above were screaming for attention. I talked to her. She was in a good mood. She was smiling and gave me her phone number after two minutes of conversation. We met the day after, for one hour chat. The next day, she came in my place. And a good fuck follows. She was not virgin anymore. So I guess, she was not totally innocent. But she was still living with her parents. I will see her again on my next trip for more pictures, much harder. She promised.

04-26-04, 11:32
And the final shoot.


04-26-04, 11:34
Girl on a table.

04-26-04, 11:38
This girl was very GFE.

She do what I ask, very cooperative.

04-26-04, 11:41
She looks very innocent. But she was not virgin.

She spoke only arabia , she was 19 y.o , and coming from a small town near Agadir.

04-26-04, 11:48

I met this girl in a café called " jour et nuit". She was walking alone the beach when my friend ( a local ) ask her to come to share a cup of tea.

My friend and her spoke a little and after he told me that she need some money so she was agree for about 20 euros the night.

I give her a date near my appartment in the evening and she came.

A great memory, she licked full my body with her tongue.

04-26-04, 13:09

A non speaking french tourist, as I told before, would have less opportunities to chat with girls (those who speak english are much more educated, so not easy to be picked up). Some speak spanish. Knowing some basic french words and sentences are definitely an asset.

04-27-04, 16:11
To Fenster,

Your question refers to the best moments to chase girls in Agadir. It is not easy to answer.

From a general point of view, the best moment is at the evening (bars) and during the nights (discos). You will find hundreds of pros eager to please you (from 300 to 1000 dhrs, 30 to 100 euros).

If you want to meet amateur girls, the quest is more difficult. I have already told that I had some success from 5 to 7 pm (when they have finished school or work). Before that, you are like the cougar in the sierra under a heavy sun: any prey is worth hunting. It needs patience: you can wait (better to walk at random in the square mile from coast to downtown) hours before hitting one. In general, these preys are the juiciest and the cheapest.

04-29-04, 17:13

Thanks for your comments. I didn't know my experiences of mongering were so unique. I might have some skills I didn't expect having (I fucked the first time when I was 20 after miserable failures during my teenhood). Stop crying.

But I guess it has something to do with Morrocco. This country is very special among the arabic countries. I don't know all of them. But having gone to Tunisia, probably the most open african-arabic country after Morrocco, I can really see the difference. In Tunisia, I went in Djerba with my little family. So the circumstances were very different. But I still could notice that nothing comparable with Agadir could happen in Djerba. The amateurs girls were more shy (shier?) and only few were visible in public. I didn't see any single pro hanging around the hotels. In brief, the desert. At least in Djerba, which is the main tourist destination in Tunisia. Maybe, the situation is different in larger cities in Tunisia.

04-30-04, 01:37
Advise us a bit further about the mechanics of your game, for it’s very interesting how you score these fine north African babes at a fraction of the going pro rates. Hence, so far we know you prefer to be on the prowl between 5 and 7 in the evening when these amateurs are heading home. What I wanna know is would cruising Hassan 2 Blvd and environs by car ease the hunt a bit? And to this, would an approach and a bonjour from inside the car augment one’s odds or kill them?

Lastly, you said you noticed some of these amateurs walk fast as to avoid harassment by Moroccan men, does this mean that the ability to speak a bit of Arabic is a disadvantage rather than an odds booster? In other words, might they mistake you for a Moroccan should you say a couple nice Arabic words to them regardless of your thick accent?

04-30-04, 09:37
Hi Jase33,

I have already answered your question in private to other mates. Knowing french is a plus for picking up amateurs in Morrocco. No doubt about it. Knowing only english would be an hurdle. It is just a guess, given I didn't experience myself. I picked up many girls and convinced them to follow because we had a sweet chat with romantic words in french (and also a good point to underscore: I show my interest in Morrocco, knowing its history, praising its food, ...).

But I also picked up many amateurs girls who can only speak arabic. I guess they could understand a few words in french (just to understand that I want to bring them to my apartment) but not enough for even a very basic conversation.

I should add that knowing French means, in the mind of the girls, that you live in France, or in Belgium, or in Switzerland. Three countries where they dream to go. In accepting to follow french speaking tourists, they might secretly hope that they will succeed to catch them to be brought to Europe. Many girls have some relatives or friends in Europe and hope to go there. I am afraid to say (maybe, I am completely wrong) that these girls don't dream to go the USA or in Asia. So in talking to amateurs girls, you wouldn't have the advantage that she hopes to catch in her love net. But there might be some girls who likes the american culture.

So, my conclusion is: you can hope to catch amateur girls who don't understand you. But, I should remind you that my rate of success is very low (1 hit out of 6 trials). I am able to bring from 3 to 5 girls a day to my apartment because I apply a volume strategy (talking to 30 girls a day, and being not very demanding on the beauty of the girls). So without knowing french, your rate of success should be even lower than mine. Do you want to spend your day like a fox in the desert? My firsts trips to Agadir were not so successfull. I improve my techniques step by step. It is difficult to explain these techniques in a kind of a rule book. It is a strange mix of feelings and sensations.

But one thing is sure: don't hesitate to talk to any girl you like, even the most classy and gorgeous. She will be always nice in her reply even she doesn't want to have a relationship with you. Getting hundreds smiles from girls is also part of the pleasure to go to Agadir.

04-30-04, 11:06
Capt Kirk,

Likely my post led you to conclude that Belguel visisted Asia. Perhaps he did; perhaps he didn't. I don't know. I learned of Belguel while trolling through the Asia section--I recall Malaysia. Someone posted something along these lines: Check out the Morocco posts by Belguel. I did and was I (and still am) impressed. Though I have no inclination to visit Morocco, I am a frequent visitor to this section just to see Belguel's work.

Now, reasons for Belguel to have a title created in his honor, i.e. The Belguel:
1) Arabs. The field on which he plays is far from an easy one. Note that I emphasize Arabs rather than Muslims since Muslim girls in Malaysia and Indonesia can be had without too much effort.

2) Danger. Though Morocco isn't the Gulf or Saudi, I'm sure it has a number of fanatics who wouldn't hesitate to harm him. He's a stones throw away from, well, thrown stones.

3) Effort. Morocco isn't Thailand where one can walk into a bar and find 20 girls for every one guy. He's relentlessly on the prowl.

4) Technical Aptitude. Compare the quality of his photography with the other photos.

5) Imagination. The Belguel coffee table. And erotic use of the otherwise ugly veil.

6) Anal. Perhaps the Arab-world is an area where the culture works to his advantage. Still, it's anal.

7) Cultural Sensitivity. Pops the butt to keep the girl's virginity intact. Nice.

8) Cunning. Uses the mullahs' constant condemnation of Western pornography to his advantage. And when taking girls back to a hotel poses challenges, he finds a flat.

04-30-04, 16:27
Hi Fenster,

As I told before, it is difficult to make a cookbook with my techniques.

Here are some suggestions (sorry, for some already written).

I would chase girls by walking. You can fine-tune your approach. Every girl is a bit different. So you have to adapt the kind of words in accordance with the attitude of the girl. With one, you can go straight to the point, like "it would be nice to talk more comfortably in my apartment". With another one, you can guess that she needs first a conversation in a pub (in fact a bakeryshop with a coffeeroom). On many occasions, the girl just accept to drop me her phonenumber for a contact the following days (later, on the phone, in general, I make a direct proposition: an invitation to my apartment). I just want to score as many girls as possible. So if I notice that the girl will ask many rendez-vous before accepting to be fucked, I give up immediately and try another one.

Speaking to girls from a car is an odd technique according to my experience. I often notice young men doing that in many countries. I never notice anyone succeed to catch a girl. On my opinion, it is a macho way that the girls don't appreciate. Except in one case; in Agadir, the saudi wealthy (and very lazy) sheiks hire and send morrocan men to pick up girls on the street. So, sometimes, I see a morrocan man going out of a car (generally a Mercedes or a BMW) going straight to two cute girls walking, talking to them (in arabic) few minutes before they accept to jump in the car and they left (probably to a villa in the suburbs of Agadir to be fucked by saudi men).

Speaking arabic must be an advantage for low class girls who don't understand french. These are my favorite preys. According to my experiences, these are the more gullible and the more open to hard sex (and pictures). And the cheapest!! But I think you should let her know very quickly (by your accent or whatever) that you are not a local man, otherwise they wouldn't even look at you. Remember that local men are also spending their time trying to pick up girls, in a macho way. Local girls don't appreciate that way (and local men, in general). So try not to look like them.

John Auro
05-04-04, 11:07

I picked her up from a beach cafe, very quickly we went to my apartment- the fuck was good- I wished to meet her again but she was gone, no way to find her again.

John Auro
05-04-04, 11:08
same girl.

she like to peek her ass out for me.

john a

editor's note: posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. to avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. thanks!

John Auro
05-04-04, 11:27

So, she is a street girl, still hanging around in the discos after 5 years. She limps, hobbles a bit and that turned me on to lay her. She sucked me and I remember I came in her mouth and she was quite surprised.. ha ha.

We had a shabby Hotel for 10 $, and I had all the hores next door. But in a moslim country even in this Hotel you had to be discrete.

John Auro
05-04-04, 11:34

Puh, she was brought to me too cook. At lunch time I she showed me shortly her tits in the kitchen, at that moment the the man who brought her, was ringing and came up the stairs to bring her back to her family.

The next day I waited desperately for her, but he showed up without her, with an excuse,
I tried to find her everywhere, but she was gone. She had such long hairs, up to her ass, as some Indian girls do.

John Auro
05-04-04, 11:42
OK- last pixs from that time.

But I can post more from many other countries, Burundi, Mocambique, India, Indonesia, Cambodea, etc.

John A

I just was going to leave my garden. I small gate leading to the sidewalk. She strolled along the sidewalk towards me. Some books in the hand pretending to be a student. I smiled at her, gave her a sign to enter the gate? Some minutes later she sucked my prick on the sofa-corner.

5 or 10 bucks was gift (cadeau).

In Morocco you don't talk about the money- you just hand her something over under the excuse: "That's for the taxi- pour le taxi..."

Bez Bezarra
05-05-04, 04:02
Mr. Big John Auro Monger of the Moment

We see now that you have been doing very important work for *************.
Everyone here agrees you do fine at this work, so please now forget about somebody hassles you about how many years ago when you did this work. There was no photos here 5 years before, so you only have your opportunity now, so stop worry, and keep doing your job, because mongers should review these putas you are fucking around our world.

Morocco is quite all right for start, but do not rest for too long, you have responsibility to WSG now to continue your job to show gazelles from all the other interesting cuntries you mention. Yes India, Yes Indonesia, Yes Cambo, Yes Mozambique, you know Mozy pussy is a great subject for us to study ! And then well, maybe not chopped-off heads from Burundi massacre. OK, so please get back to work now, quickly, you can think about being Ambassador of Pussy when you complete your mission.

05-07-04, 16:17
I found this site with a good amount of photos of Morocco. It is not a monger site. But it does have a few pictures of some Moroccan cuties. I found it on the Lonely Planet site.


The pictures and information coming from all the contributors is great.

Keep it going.

Albert Punter
05-22-04, 16:08
I spent a couple of days in Casablanca and my friend put me in the Hotel Le Littoral, which is nicely located on the "corniche" but unfortunately is not girl-friendly. Horny as usual, I went out one night and met Siham, a nice hooker. We agreed about service and fare (MD 400 / EUR 40 for a couple of hours) but I could not take her to my hotel. So she proposed to go to a friend’s home. I said OK. She called a friend with a taxi. He came with another lady in veils in and drove us in a residential area lost somewhere. I thought I was an idiot as I did not know where I was going, lost in the hands of Moroccans going to rob and to kill me. Finally, we got to destination. The four of us went upstairs to an apartment, but I was still worry.

I started to relax when I head moans and laughs coming from some closed doors: many couples were having good time there. We were taken by a lady to a room and we had our session. Nothing exciting anyway, she was mechanical and turned up a real ***** in the attitude. So, a lot of stress with little satisfaction.

Belguel, nothing comparable to your beautiful experiences: I must confess I am little envious.

I then moved to Algeria where I had an enjoyable night (see my report in appropriate section).

P.S. Forgot to mention that it was MD 100 for the taxi and same for the room.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to separate the paragraphs in your report by a single blank line. To avoid delays and increase the readability of future reports, please consider using a blank line to separate the paragraphs to increase the readability of your reports. Thanks!

Photo Guy
05-28-04, 14:22
My experiences in Agadir a little over a year ago I wasn't as smart as some of you mongers. I booked into a nice hotel on the beach. Big mistake. Even a friend who is another white guy staying at another motel couldn't come up to the room for a few minutes. Don't even try with a girl.

Will definitely get one of the apartments next time. An apartment with a coffee table.

I got my girls in the discos. Most discos charge 50dh to get in, but there are touts all over looking for single men and they will bring you to whatever club they work at and get you in for free. I did the Central, Alibaba and another place very close to the club med.

Girls start to arrive at 10, but most closer to midnight. The central had mostly tourists with a few girls available. In the other places they outnumbered us 5 to 1. Most girls are not agressive or all about business, Which is odd for a ho, and odd for anyone selling anything in morocco. They were happy to just dance with you all night or sit and have drinks ( I bought ). Other places I've been the girl who just sat with you for 2 hours gets all upset if you leave with someone else. So it's a good place to window shop or just have some fun if you don't want to get laid.

French, arabic and berber are defintely usefull, but we found a couple ugly girls who spoke english and they were happy to interpret and negotiate as long as we bought them drinks.

My choices were limited because the girls had to host. Actually a lot of them are university students and have apartments, and their roomates are working too. First night I got fatima, cute with passable english and a decent rack. We left her ugly roomate at the club. She paid 50 dh to the bouncer and we took a cab to her place, which was a couple miles past mcdonalds. We had to be quiet and sneak in so the neighbors wouldn't find out. I had a fun time and SHe had fun teaching me arabic and learning more english. After we finished she asked if I was hungry and proceded to make chicken and couscous in the buff. Then sat on my lap feeding me and herself. Very GFE.

Second night at another club I met a cute young ( legal I thought) girl also named fatima. She had a friend with her and my buddy and I negotiated a group rate for the pair. This is where the interpeter was needed. They were arabic and spoke even less french than I do. we were supposed to stay together and maybe trade girls after a round, but my buddy dissapeared. I waited till the club closed at like 4am but he was still missing so we grabbed a cab to her apartment.

When we got to her place this one was very paranoid about waking anyone up, went inside and it's not a college girls apartment. This is her family home!!! she's pointing at photos of her father and pointing at a closed door. I tried my damdest to be quiet . Of course she learned at ho school you need to moan real loud and make the guy think he's a superstar. I'm just freaking out cause I don't wanna wake dad. I had to hold my hand over her mouth. She had a delicious ass and I had made sure to have the interpreter specify anal, but when she started moaning I never even tried, I just pulled out, and had her finish me with a BJ. I don't think I even cleaned off before I grabbed my stuff and ran for the door. She wanted to call me a cab but I didn't want to wait around. I barely hit the streets before the mosque started the call to prayers. If I had stayed another 5 minutes mom and dad would have found me balls deep.

Great One
05-30-04, 02:38
I'm looking for information for a house or apartment rental in the western countrys. I can't find nothing on the internet besides a few highly over priced propertys ($1600.00 us per month). Also would be interested in rentals in ethiopia/kenya. So if anyone could help me out where to find local listings of these, I'd be greatfull.

05-30-04, 22:21
Try Morocco Time. Another member recommended a few post back.

Nyc Expat
06-01-04, 12:00

A European newspaper journalist recently stayed at a luxury hotel, Hotel La Mamounia. Said to be one of the ten best in the world. Famous celebrities and world leaders have stayed there.

He was amazed at the amount of extremely attractive, young working women with elderly western men. The casino next door was even better for hunting young working women.

Hotel costs were stated. No real mention of cost for the women. If you can afford it, you will probably enjoy yourself.

The hotel has a website. Just drop the Hotel La to the dot com.

06-02-04, 18:58
Bonjour Belguel,

Thank you for your wonderful posts. I am a Chinese who lived in the US mostly. I lived in Belgium and Switzerland for 2 years also.

I visited my home town Taiwan. I think your technique will work well there. I was able to get many phone numbers by just chatting asking at clubs and bars (and they are non-pros, I visit Bangkok a lot too so I know what pros are like). I can never get phone numbers in US or Canada at a bar without serious efforts.

I call the girls and they would come to visit. The problem is I don't know how to break the ice in my room to get things started (we just sit watch TV a bit then go for dinner) Do you just go for it when she is sitting down in the room next to you, do you ask, how to cross the chasm?

Actually I can sense they are disappointed for not getting a fuck or something..

Even when I get lucky, I don't know how to get them to do the things I'd like them to do (like photo, and facial).

About photos, do you just pull out your camera, do you ask?

About facial, do you pull out, grab their hair, and go for the face?

I know I am Chicken. With pros, I have no problems, its the innocent non-pros I don't know how to get them to strip.

Would you share a couple of pointers please?



As I told before, it is difficult to make a cookbook with my techniques.

Here are some suggestions (sorry, for some already written).

I would chase girls by walking. You can fine-tune your approach. Every girl is a bit different. So you have to adapt the kind of words in accordance with the attitude of the girl. With one, you can go straight to the point, like "it would be nice to talk more comfortably in my apartment". With another one, you can guess that she needs first a conversation in a pub (in fact a bakeryshop with a coffeeroom). On many occasions, the girl just accept to drop me her phonenumber for a contact the following days (later, on the phone, in general, I make a direct proposition: an invitation to my apartment). I just want to score as many girls as possible. So if I notice that the girl will ask many rendez-vous before accepting to be fucked, I give up immediately and try another one.

Photo Guy
06-03-04, 06:13
Tondeuse- You have to remember the cultural attitudes in Morocco verses the US or Taiwan.

Obviously it's always a good sign if a girl gives her # and agrees to meet with you. but an "innocent non-pro" Chinese girl might feel comfortable going to your apartment just to hang out and make friends with a new person. A truly innocent Moroccan girl isn't going to be visiting the apartment of a foreign man she just met. She may not be a pro, but she has been taught it is unacceptable and that we only want her to visit for one reason. So if a Moroccan girl comes to visit with you, you are already konw she needs money, or is very loose by the standards of her own culture.

Swiss Champ
06-11-04, 05:51

I'm an American (of african decent) who only speaks english. I have to say, your posts, and the many great pictures have me ready to plan a visit to Morocco!

I was thinking of taking some formal classes in the French language. Would those of you who travel to Morocco frequently give me your opinion. Can a Westerner/American meet and make "arrangements" with a local girl in Morocco without conversating with her in French, or should I take the time to learn the Language before I make a visit?

Thank you

Dollar Bill
06-14-04, 17:02
I saw in the "read the hate mail section" that Belguel had received some messages from some nuts out there.

I just wanted to say that I really hope that Belguel is doing well and is safe. He has not posted in quite a while, and that has me a little worried.

Belguel - Stay safe and I hope you are ok and you are just having too much fun to post!


Mighty Spearsman
06-17-04, 18:19
Ditto to $Bill's comments - I hope that Belguel is ok!

Sad that anyone wastes time writing hate mail. Hey, if you don't like a particular post or poster, just move on.

Old Dog 7540
06-19-04, 17:54

Please allow me to offer my experience and insights on the subject of facial glazing. My experience is exclusively in North America, so I will leave it to yourself to theorize about the application of my methods in different cultures and locations.

When dealing with professional providers I allow instinct to be my guide when deciding to offer my expectations and preferences beforehand. Often compensatory adjustments lead to mutually satisfactory conclusions. Other situations call for the time tested use of "element of suprise" to effect the desired facial climax.

The problem of surprise facial glazing is common to both professional providers and amatures alike, in that your ejaculations may be unwelcome, and more importantly, successfully avoided by the "glazee`s" efforts to dodge and duck the airborne seminal discharge.

My experience with the surprise technique suggests that the opportunity to savor the visual results of your facial adornment is usually not maximized by utilization of this method of delivery.
If you seek to maximize the visual enjoyment of this particular fetish another delivery technique may deliver superior results.

An accommodating professional provider may deliver satisfactory results simply by exact specification of your desires during negotiations. My experience has produced reactions ranging from complete compliance and satisfaction to verbal expressions of disgust and refusal. YMMV. Caveat emptor.

Please consider an alternative technique that may be considered for use with the non-professional. While engaging in sexual relations the missionary position is prime for the use of suggestive language. If unsure how "talking Dirty" will be received the missionary position, as well as close doggy style allow close proximity to the neck and ears. While passionately kissing and caressing you can whisper some enticing pillowtalk into the ears of your lover du jour.

Start with the usual stuff. " You are so sexy", "you are so hot", "you are so beautiful" etc. Then move to the more animal stuff as the situation allows but gradually increasing the lust level as the session progresses. Move toward your objective with stuff like "your mouth drives me wild" "your lips are so sexy" "my cock is going to explode".
If achieving climax from sexual intercourse work toward "please suck me" or " I`m gonna cum on your face" "in your mouth" or whatever, and hopefully the situation will be so hot things will flow naturally toward the facial climax. Often the transition from sex to oral is a great time to unload several streams of steamy goo all over her pretty face.

If you are about to climax during oral stimulation some chatter like "squirt it on your face" or "I wanna see my cum on your pretty face" may do the trick.

My fetish for facial cum shots has yielded many a gooey smile, but has also offended and digusted many a date. Lets just call it an occupational hazzard.

I hope somehow my experience may help you to squirt a massive sticky load on the face of a very pretty young thing, and that you will capture the moment with digital photography and share it with us here.

Good luck,


06-21-04, 00:30

I received the following email from Belguel that I thought I should share with you.


Hi, this is Belguel

I write to you to ask you to delete all of my postings which include pictures.

As a matter of fact, I have been arrested in Morrocco last week. I stayed in the police station for 18 hours. I don't know how they could locate me in Morrocco (I think a girlfriend of mine told the police that I was there). Anyway, they knew almost everything. I could have been jailed for five years according to the law of Morrocco. The police were particularly upset by the publicity of Morrocco as a sex destination and by the pictures of veiled girls. Well, I think that indeed I crossed some red lines. They released me because I am XXXXXX (Morrocco has very good relations with XXXXXX) and because I am somewhat known in XXXXXX. (They didn't want to make a scandal of that).

The morroccan police didn't ask me to delete the postings. In fact, they asked me to behave as usual. They want to catch more "wolves" (as they said) who want to follow my track in Morrocco. So I am afraid that other people would not be as lucky as me and would be arrested and put in jail. I am still receiving mails from mongers who tell me that they want to do the same stuff. I realize now that it is hugely dangerous.

Please do me a favour and a favour to other mongers, delete my
postings. Also it can be very safe for some of the girls. The police
kept my mobile phone where some of their phone numbers were registred. If the police give the pictures to their relatives, their life can be in danger. Please, these girls were not prostitutes (the majority of them). I hope it won't be too late for them.

I thank you very much in advance.


06-21-04, 02:45

Knowing your professional approach to these things, I am sure you verified the authenticity of the message. I do find the writing to be more "English" than that recognized in PM's directly from Belguel. Having XXXXXX as his native tongue, I noticed idiosyncrasies in his writing style absent from the quoted message. I have also been reading some of the hate mail that he received. While I support your decision, I hope we are not kowtowing to some religious fanatic, albeit safer for Belguel if that were the case.

Having said that, thanks for sharing that info. In spite of his misfortune, Belguel expresses sincere concern for the Morocco follower's wellbeing. I would suggest, however, that your notation be made available to others outside the immediate section. Belguel's postings generated quit a buzz throughout the site; with many that don't regularly visit the Morocco section. Those are the brethren at the greatest risk!

Thx again

06-21-04, 08:02

I agree with you, there's something decidedly odd about this posting by "belguel". Like you, I hope Jackson has verified the authenticity of his identity. Unlike you, I lack the English proficiency to assess the linguistic similarities between this and earlier postings. I would, however, like to share a couple of observations:

Quote: "They released me because I am XXXXXX... and because I am somewhat known in XXXXXX." and "[t]he morroccan police didn't ask me to delete the postings. In fact, they asked me to behave as usual. They want to catch more 'wolves'..."

This makes little sense. If Belguel appears regularly in Morrocco AND the Morroccan LE keeps this board under surveillance then he has just shot himself in the foot. The police expressly asked him not to tell anyone about this, but he very publicly did? That's fine if you don't plan to visit Morrocco ever again, but it's idiotic if you do.

Quote: "So I am afraid that other people would not be as lucky as me and would be arrested and put in jail. I am still receiving mails from mongers who tell me that they want to do the same stuff."

Yeah, well. But as far as I know mongering isn't an offense in Morrocco? It is the production and possession of pornographic material that can see you behind bars.

Quote: "Also it can be very safe for some of the girls... their life can be in danger... I hope it won't be too late for them"

This does not sound like the Belguel who posted the photos in the first place. We had a big discussion about this theme 3-4 months ago. The viewpoints ranged all the way from "who cares, let's have fun", to "Morrocco equals Iran. The girls' lives are in danger". Amid this controversy Belguel kept posting pornographic pictures. Frankly, the Messianic tone at the end of this message sounds rather like the unctuous words of some of those who criticised him back then. But, then again, I suppose it is possible that Belguel has been "converted on the road to Damascus".

06-21-04, 12:10
Is it technically possible to prevent people from Morocco to register on this website?

Dozens of Moroccan people are discussing about us and about this website on a french speaking forum (www.bladi.net).
They are looking at what we write, what we do, where we go.

06-21-04, 13:06

I agree 100% with Macgoo. The final post from Belguel reads differently to his previous posts. The flow of style is very different and a direct comparison with what I read of his posts leaves me feeling that he did not write it. However, I do think that Jackson has been very professional in way the posts have been made anonymous.

All I can say is that I understand the situation and will miss his excellent posts and pics. I feel for the chicas who may be exposed and identified. A lesson for us all here: code / encrypt your notes / pictures / numbers etc.

Regards, Havanaman

06-21-04, 13:11
Farang Steve, Gentlemen,

Although it may be possible to block a “Morrocan-whois” i.e. people from Morroco becoming members or indeed just viewing the site, I think this would be wrong. In fact I bet one could get round a block anyway so it would be pointless.

If blocking a country access was done it would be against the spirit of the sharing of information on this site. Let the politicians and bead-jigglers resolve there own issues; we should just stick to mongering.

Regards, Havanaman

Kanky Mofo
06-21-04, 17:38
Total Shock and Dismay!

However, I have to admit with some of you that the writing style of the latest Belguel e-mail was very different from the others.

I am glad I had a chance to view the masterpieces he posted.

He's still a hero in book, I just hope no one dies because of it.

Long Live Belguel!

T Poet
06-21-04, 22:14
I agree the language in Beguel's post sounds strange and unlike him excellent deduction from you linguistic detectives. I doubt the authenticity. However, I would say that it may be a warning that others (player haters, fanatics or others are aware of the posts and is something to be cautious about. If you see the news although unrelated somewhat in Saudi Arabia they have killed many westerners in the past month in a half in very gruesome ways ultimate in defence for their country way of life and beliefs so I would say at least becareful in those countries in general and especially mongering.Don't get caught with your pants down.


06-22-04, 04:35
Well Well Well

Look Where we are now!

I encourage all of you KNOW-IT-ALL's out there to refer to my earlier postings on this topic of Belguel and read what I said.....remember what I said, how even in the poorest 3rd world country there are internet cafes and that Everyone is on it looking for pornogrophy and it would only be a matter of time before they find the WSG Forum.

Many of you at that time attacked me for being too closed minded or too sensitive. I wasn't being sensitive, I was aware of the issues out there and unlike most of you, know that there is a world out there right outside the borders of United States.

I hope that Belguel is safe. I hope that those women are safe. I still don't believe to this date that those women were non-pro. That's my 2 cents. Or 2 drahmas.

06-22-04, 06:29
Fellow Mongers,

I agree, Jackson did the right thing by deleting Belguel's posts, and I pray that he is okay. However, let's not kid ourselves. This hobby we all enjoy comes with a lot of risk. It is not limited to just STD's and HIV/AIDs. As an African who is familiar with the North African cultures, I am more worried about the lovely ladies because it could cost them their lives.

Since Belguel seems to have some connections over there, he should be fine. It might just cost him some money so " the left hand will forget what the right hand did." With heart-felt thanks to his postings, I regularly create what I call a "Belguel Mount" with some of my lady friends. Coffee table is just not a coffee table to me anymore.

Long live Belguel!

Member #1846

06-22-04, 06:41
From comparing Jackson's Belguel post as compared to Belguel's previous posts, I believe that it is either (a) truly him or (b) someone who was successful in imitating his scriven mannerisms for the following reasons: (1) consistently writing Morocco as "Morrocco," (2) ending with a single separate sentence, (3) introduction with "Hi," (4) consistent use of parentheses, (5) simple/seemingly terse usage of verbs such as saying "I write to you" as opposed to saying "I am writing to you," (6) writing "favour" consistently as opposed to "favor," and (7) general usage of other words.

However, I am also in assent with the Priamos (and others) at the potential inconsistencies in the content within Jackson's Belguel post.

Wherever the truth lies (and I believe that the message is from Belguel or - at least - someone who did a very good job at copying his writing mannerism), the message is similar to what he had written in the past; albeit, for obvious reason, his message does seem to have a more 'desperate/shellshocked' tone to it.

Take it for what it's worth. As opposed to being an expert on writing style, I am simply giving my 2 cents.

From the changes that I've seen, I am happy to see that Jackson has swiftly and correctly taken care of this situation. As Havanaman has alluded to, please stay safe and always be aware.


06-22-04, 17:49
I just want to confirm that the message that had been sent to Jackson was really from Belguel. Maybe he has used a different language, but there is no doubt that he did write this message himself.

Belguel has told me the full story as soon as he came back from Morrocco and i must admit that it is a little bit scary, but he is safe and it is his wish to have all his previous posts removed.

There is no point in letting those Morrocan guys log in on this website as their only goal is to check who goes where and what happens where, not to share valuable information.

Call Me Goo
06-22-04, 19:03

Well, I'm glad I was able to see those pictures when I did. I now have a full fledged Middle Eastern girl fetish.

Met this girl at a business conference - there to talk business, but all I could think of was breaking out the coffee table.

Good to see that Belugal is safe. Hopefully the same goes for the girls. I just wished I made a copy of those pictures!

Sex is not a crime. But as a previous poster mentioned - this is just one of the many, many dangers us mongers face. Maybe the risk is part of the fun. So everyone out there - be safe!


06-22-04, 19:26
I dont really feel safe going to any Muslim country right now. I have thought about going to Ceuta and Mellila, I think thats how you spell them. They are two cities owned by Spain on mainland Morroco. Does anyone have any info on them? Are women easy to pick up?


06-22-04, 21:56
I just read Beguels post. It doesn't sound like him. It sounds like someone who does not have a good command of the english launguage or like a forced confession . But still it is not a good sign for Belguel . Maybe he was arrested in Morocco and forced to say those things . Did anybody have private pms with him that said he was planning to go to Morocco ? Why doesn't Belguel post a current photo of himself with a newspaper in his hand to prove he is alright? Belguel our regards go out to you.

06-23-04, 09:32

I've just got a mail from Belguel after he sent me a wsg PM to enquire about another destination.

I answered telling him, among other things, that forum members were puzzling about his story.

Anyway, it's either him writing to me or the people that are after him trying to set me a trap. Pity we don't know someone with hacker capacity who could hit back at that Morrocan web site who headed the crusade.

I don't want to start another bout of debate about pics but IMHO, pics are more trouble than they're worth. They can ruin a destination for you, especially the small burgeoning destinations ("fragile ecosystems") still unknown to the wider public.


06-23-04, 10:58
Please stop this nonsense about Belguel's or not Belguel's posts.

I have met him personaly last week, he is fine but he just wants his posts removed.
Nobody has forced him to do so or nobody is writing with his ID.

It is obvious for me that he use a more polite form when he makes a request to Jackson while he uses a different form when he talks about his coffe table pics. That's it.

About Ceuta and Melilla, I have never been there but it is a fact that there are many Moroccan prostitutes in Spain, so there is no reason why there should not be any in those 2 cities.
30% of the population of those cities are Moroccans.

06-23-04, 11:17
Just one question Farang,

if Belguel is safe and back home why does he not enter the site with his ID and post?

Per my knowledge he should also be able to cancell the photos by himself this way.

Maybe there are some reasons that do not allow him to re-enter the site? Police of his country has been warned by Maroccans authorities and now he is being observed?

Albert Punter
06-23-04, 12:56

For reasons explained by other members, I believe message from Belguel to Jackson is fake.

However, I trust that Jackson has verified his authenticity and I trust who said having met Belguel recently getting full confirmation of this history.

Assuming this situation is not true, I do not think wise for Belguel to post its own picture. This would surely put him in troubles with Moroccan police.

What we learn from this is to move carefully. Particularly, when we post pictures we should hide faces, as someone is always doing. I know we lose the possibility of seeing maybe the most interesting part of these cuties and it would be hard to show facials, but we won't incurr in such situations.

06-24-04, 09:48
This is just to say that Belguel is home and all right, so there's no need to speculate any further.


Zouk Love
06-24-04, 23:46
This is him. The person that wrote the thing could not know he had connections in Morocco. Since I know he got some connections. I believe it is him.

06-25-04, 03:22

Yes, you are the only (wink! wink!), but please do all of us a favor keep it to yourself. Certain things are better left alone. This is not a flame and do not take offense at my suggestion. I am sure others understand my take on this issue as an honor and respect to Belguel.

Member #1846

06-30-04, 08:32

I get the impression that you simply wish to add to the predicament of our friend. Or, you haven't taken the time to read through this Moroccan forum? Or, you have picked up on the rallying cry of one bladi.net poster, who suggested they all go to WSG and attack "those bastards". Your previous exploits in the China section clearly show that you are not adverse to attacking people.

Now, let's have a couple of exerpts from the Moroccan discussions (my translation):

"...the girls were consenting, knew what they were doing and approved, where's the crime?"

"...and why was he released? Because he is a Belgian! I am not proud of our pseudo-cops!"

"...clearly the cops scared him by saying he risked five years, but the truth is they had nothing on him... so they told him, we let you out because you are Belgian and we like Belgian tourists, but this is not the case... if they had formal charges to raise they would have kept him for more than 48 hours detention."

And another example:

"...when your family is big and your dad earns 70 to 100 euros per month, and you, as girl, can earn half that amount in a night then, well, you do it. Not out of lust but out of necessity."

"It is not a question about misery but about mentality. The average salary in Indonesia is 30 euros per month, and much fewer women prostitute themselves!"

Frankly, once you sift through the heated words of a few hotheads this sounds like the sort of discussion you could have in any civilised country. - Not my native Denmark perhaps, but certainly in France or the United States.

06-30-04, 18:02
I can say that Belguel fucked up.He should have kept his photos private,or just shared them with people that he knows through private emails.

Morocco is still a conservative Arab country despite the prevalence of prostitution there.Now these photos of Moroccan girls in traditional clothing taking cum shots is circulating through the web.Don't be so gullible as to think that most Moroccans aren't going to see this.Many educated Moroccans know English,also keep in mind that most of the internet is in English.

Belguel,you have fucked up.

Blood Red
07-01-04, 15:59
Although the pics Belguel posted ruled, I do think he should have edited the face of the girls, simply cause it's a Muslim country.

I would hate for any of those fine women to suffer harm cause of those pics. I mean he always took the time to cover his face entirely, he should've extended the same courtesy to those women. I know what's what I'd do.

Jay Dub
07-01-04, 16:18
I'm more concerned with the women who's face was posted on the site, he should have been more sensitive to that, because these women, if recognized can and will be prosecuted.

Lack of Sensetivity is extremely costly.

07-02-04, 08:54

I propose we stop discussing Belguel and whether he was right or not to show the pics as he did. The pics have been removed anyway.

His adventure was useful as a lesson to all of us that we should not underestimate the enemy, whoever the enemy is. In Morocco the danger came from the police of a conservative muslim Society. In other countries, the danger may come from TV crews in search of sexploitation scandals, or from feminist activists for whom sex-tourism is the father of all evils. In all cases, it's better to share informations among ourselves in a way that is both discrete and unprovocative.

Incidentally, I liked the bit below that says "It is not a question about misery but about mentality. The average salary in Indonesia is 30 euros per month, and much fewer women prostitute themselves!". As an Indonesia buff, I can say Indonesia is a hotbed of prostitution on a scale dwarfing anything taking place in Morocco.


07-02-04, 09:15
We are not talking about Belguel.

Even if it was already done in the past, we are here discussing about whether or not it is right to post picture of women of muslim countries with recognizable faces.

And my opinion is that it is NOT, as much as the country is conservative and the risk of fanatics hurting the ladies is high. And in Marocco it is high.

And by the way, the Belguel pics are still there under posts of a member with a different name. And pics of other members are still there as well.

It looks like that Belguel safety is more important than several ladies safety.

Now it appears that Belguel is safe, let's that care of those ladies and let's remove all the pics in Morocco section, before the wrong eyes will see them.

I suggest also the rule to always cover ladies faces (completely) when posting pics of muslims countries.

Sorry for my bad English


07-02-04, 19:45
To everyone,

Leave this great person alone. Don't even talk about removing pixs. What's done it's done. It's too late for that.

I suspect people who ask to remove pictures and reports are from muslim counties. They probably feel ashamed rather they care about girls. That's come to same old issue--they are in denial.

07-04-04, 05:49
People...people; let's find a new topic for discussion.

I think this enduring yak is truly a testament to the repressed desire that many of us have for veiled women. Admittedly, I do see them differently now not so much as sexual ‘objects’, but as sexual ‘beings’ not unlike any other. Unfortunately, I lack the wisdom of Muslim reasoning with regards to the shrouding of women. Whatever this devout reasoning, I will continue to revere them as I always have. Respectfully, I will also continue to covet them – just like any other!

Now, for you logically-challenged, please submit all death threats to: DumbWesterner@clueless.com Do include the word “infidel” in the subject line.

07-07-04, 21:31
Hi gentlemen,

I want to put my 2 euro here. I agree too that probably Beguem didn't wrote the mail. I agree as most of you, but my question is who wrote to our Jackson that mail? If he didn't, so why he didn't keep on posting? It look like as little, or big mistery, but I would like to have your opinion about who worte that mail?

Bye all

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Big One
07-11-04, 00:43

I wish you would stop questioning the authenticity of Belguel's post. Belguel says he got arrested and deported back to his home country, is that really so suspicious? I suspect that what happened is that one of the women whose pictures he posted on the net found out about it somehow and so ratted him out. I think it is unlikely that any of these women would be subject to harsh punshments because they accepted money for sex, but all the same I can understand how these women would be angry about having their pictures posted. If anything, discretion is probably more important in Muslim countries.

That said, I pose this question to anybody who has mongered in Morocco and sampled the beautiful women there:

Is Morocco still worth considering as a mongering destination? If Belguel had NOT posted these pictures on the internet would he still have been arrested? If NOT, then perhaps Morocco is still fair game for discrete mongerers? Also of concern is the fact that many consulates currently advise against traveling to Morocco because of terrorist threats.

Big One

07-11-04, 21:31

I will address a few of the point that you raise "en vrac":

1) I do not aspire to the role -- or any role -- of an older statesman on this forum. It you get this impression then it must be due to the fact that my middle-school UK English (I'm obviously not a native English speaker) comes across as too didactic.

2) The word "predicament" does, according to my dictionary, mean "A situation, especially an unpleasant, troublesome, or trying one, from which extrication is difficult."

3) Like you, I could quote tonnes of blad.net postings. However, I do not take people seriously whose contribution to forums is 3-5 sentences of rantings and acerbic viewpoints, and I have dismissed any postings of that nature from the quotations that I transated. I do not assume that the guys on blad (and WSG!) who go on record to state a long-held position without offering a modicum of analysis or argument as dangerous to our friend Belgue. In fact, I consider such persons as uneducated and, for that precise reason, laughable.


07-12-04, 00:05
Hey Big1,

I recently returned from a 4 month stay in Morocco and the answer to your question is, in Morocco, if you have enough money, anything is possible. I, too, ran into some problems with the "authorities" in Agadir. The difference, however, was that I was not mongering. In Agadir, Marrakech, Casa (Dar Baida), Tanjah and other "tourist" areas, there is a special police unit called the "Tourism Patrol". Their supposed function is to keep the riff-raff from exploiting the tourists. Unfortunately, it has become a means for unscrupulous cops to "shake-down" their own people.

Until quite recently, it was illegal for a Moroccan to be seen with a foreigner. It has now become legal, but needs a permit. I found this out the hard way. I was not personally hassled too much, but my friends were arrested and charged 6 months salary for the return of their ID cards.

The working girls are quite thick in Agadir, even with this situation. So I wouldn't be too concerned about getting in trouble, but be careful. The people are well aware of the way things are there and do their best to look the other way, as long as you don't rub their noses in it. Too bad for Belguel, I hope it doesn't deter him from returning.

If you are white, from the US and speak Arabic (like me) be very, very careful with what you do, however, becouse everyone will be watching you and you WILL come under a lot of scrutiny. With that said, good luck.


Photo Guy
07-12-04, 16:38

Yes, Morocco is still a worthwile destination. We all agreed that belguel's exploits were extroardinary, his risk was extraordinary too. For most mongers who are happy to stick with pros or semi pros, and don't plan to post photos of themselves with the girls, you will not draw the attention of Moroccan police. Just be cautious and aware of your surroundings and you should have a great time.

Blue Metal
07-13-04, 01:58
Hi Popper!

Which kind of Arabic do you speak?

I taught myself Russian doing the Pimsleur course. Now I have a good time in Ukraine without much trouble. See my posts in Other Areas under Ukraine.

I'm black, so I plan to blend in best I can. But I need language skills and I don't like French! Spanish was the last European language I'm ever going to learn.

I want to learn Arabic and come to the North African countries. I think Moroccan and Egyptian ladies are beautiful. But I want Morocco first. I want to see the Blue men (and Women too :) ). I studied about them in grade school.

Pimsleur has courses in Egyptian Arabic and eastern Arabic. No Pimsleur courses specifically on Moroccan Arabic exist. Which would be better?

I'm able to learn any language in 4 months or less.

Would these Moroccan girls make good wives for an American? Or are they just interested the all mighty dollar?

Blue Metal

07-13-04, 18:54
Blue Metal,

Congratulations on being a polyglot! If you picked up Russian without any problem, you should have no problem with colloquial Arabic. I speak Fushah (Classical) and Egyptian dialect. When it comes to learning an ubiquitous dialect, your best bet is Egyptian. Everyone in the Arabic speaking world will understand and be able to communicate in Egyptian. This is due primarily, as I am sure you know, to the fact that Egypt provides most of the media and entertainment in the region.

Moroccan "Darijah" is a hodgepodge of Arabic, Berber, Spanish and other tribal tongues. The benefit to any dialect is it not as important to understand the script or the grammar. There are many, many grammatical short cuts in any Arabic dialect which will allow you to be functional in your time frame. Spanish will get you by in the northern part of Morocco and in the other regions (tourist) I was able to use German, Italian and of course French is universal there.

As far as making good wives, all of the Moroccan women that I spent time with were very "affectionate" and quite honorable. Language will be a problem, since the vast majority do not speak English, but they are very willing to relocate to the West. Good luck, if you have any more questions, I am here to help.



07-14-04, 07:48

Then let me add a few worlds of explanation: are you old enough to remember the Salman Rushdie affair? How the Iranian mullahs declared a fatwa against him because of perceived attacks on the Prophet? Now, imagine that some guy, without being asked, chose to tell the author that "gosh Mr. Rushdie, you're really in trouble..." and "...I wouldn't like to be in YOUR shoes if those Iranian hotheads catch up with you". Technically he would be right, and he could support his assertions with hundreds of newspaper articles from all over the Muslim world at the time. Still, I would consider this (strictly hypothetical) person as a wing puller who derived evil satisfaction from someone else's misfortune.

In response to one of your earlier questions, yes, I wouldn't mind going to Agadir on a mongering trip. I am not put off by Belguel's experiences: Unlike the United States (and Italy and Sweden...) punting is not an offence in Morocco. The production and possession of pornography is. So, I'd gladly go and have a look at the local beauties, with and without their clothes, but I'd leave my camera at home.


07-22-04, 11:39
Two Week Trip

Recently, I spent five days in Agadir and the rest in Marrakesh.

These two locations are the best choice for a beginner wishing to
indulge in the Arab, Berber and African world. That's why I went.

Agadir is very laid back with many young adult 5-7's. I found the stunners however to be in Marrakesh. Agadir has a strong
gay scene.

A knowledge of French/German/Spanish with English will help.

I befriended a local in both locations to get to know the lay of the land. I prefer to find my own friends rather than having an appointed one. However, be aware that your friend could get in trouble if seen with you. This only happended once in Marrakesh and a 50 dirham gift solved that problem. But I got the hint and dropped the friend the next day.

I must say that the Berber people are very friendly and more laid back than the Arab variety on average. The Africans seem to be looked down by both Arab and Berber folk.

I didn't like the tendency of the merchant to ask for more money after the ardous task of bargaining is done. This includes begging.

The security in these two location is very good but not as helpfull for whoring. You get the sense that you are being watched. Coupled with the fact this is a conservative society with some strict rules on paper, one must approach things in a more subtle way. This usually drives up the price.

Things like taking a seperate taxi to your love nest to avoid detection.

If you rent a hotel you might have to rent an additional room and make your arrangements in advance with the owner.

Having an abundant supply of 10 dirhams coins to show your appreciation to anyone who provides a helping hand or gets in your way.

200 dirham for a short time is a good rate of pay, for your average short time but they will ask for 400 - 600.

If time is on your side, rent an apartment by the week to avoid this double hotel room business and try to find a steady. The quality is there but not the quantity we get from Asia and elsewhere without all the hassle involved.

400 dirhams a day should get you a nice furnished pad in Agadir.
You will be able to bring in local talent as you please.

The street scene around Uniprix in Agadir is good. The two main nightclubs in Marrekesh is the place to go.

These two locations can be easily travelled to in conjunction to a visit to Europe as Agadir is a charter destination and an inexpensive sun destination at the minimum.

During our winter months this location is superb and the exotic nature of this place and the people make the trip worthwhile.

07-26-04, 15:30

I was in Morocco 3 times. I was in Casablanca.

I was in Al Mounia hotel.

Nice hotel!

Downstairs was a disco!

It was full a beutiful girls!

I can't stay with them because I was with my wife all 3 times!

Somebody can tell me something about this!

In September i'll be there but now i'm separate!

Has the disco been full of girls yet?



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

07-26-04, 21:22

If I absolutely have to be scolded I'd rather have it done by a person with a modicum of prior knowledge: the words you threw at me "Chuck it, Smith" were devised by G.K.Chesterton as part of an attack on his old enemy Lord Birkenhead (F.E.Smith as was). Incidentally, the reason he did that was that he didn't much like religion being used in a contemporary political discussion. Not bad for a clergyman, eh?

As regards the rest of your posting, of course there's a difference between Rushdie's likening the Coranic verses to "Stanic verses" and Belguel's posting of nude photos of Arab girls. All I'm saying is, a complete outsider - by which I mean a person with no direct stake in the matter - had better not make things worse or else, if he cannot keep his trap shut, prepare to be accused of being a wing puller.


08-01-04, 19:56
We really ought to continue this on Private Mail... :-(

But OK. Let's just say the poem was DEVISED by Chesterton and later USED by Lord Halisham. That would be perfect English.

So, Spurter, you were not being nasty to our friend Belguel, and you don't understand why I criticise you? Very well, let me quote the following excerpts from your original posting:

"There are a lot of very angry Moroccans out there at the moment..."

"...disgust at the way Belguel is perceived to have demeaned the girls"


"I should not like to be in Belguel's shoes if some of the local Moroccans in Belgium manage to track him down".

I'll leave if for any intelligent reader to decide for himself/herself whether these are worlds of support or the words a person who rejoices in Belgue's misfortune.

08-04-04, 12:11
Tangiers is good for sex, prices much cheaper than Casablanca !
Usually stay in Flandria Hotel, you have to pay small amount to take girl to your room. In the hotel there is a café bar full of Girls, behind the hotel a discotheque starting from 12:00 Midnight also with a lot of girls.
attached girl from Flandria

08-04-04, 12:12
Flandria 2

08-04-04, 12:17

08-04-04, 12:19
Flandria 4

08-10-04, 22:00
what are the typical rates for a Girl/Night in Morocco??


l Habitat
08-11-04, 13:13

Depending on where you pick the girl up prices can range from as little as a small tip (100 - 200 dh) to 500dh.

If you are fluent at all in French and are staying at an apt, if you put in the time talking to to girls on the street and in cafes then you can probably get some for a small tip. If time or language is not on your side, go to a hotel bar or disco and bargain them down to 500 dh (about 50USD). Bigger cities like casablanca and marrakesh are of course more expensive but easier to find girls.

l Habitat
08-16-04, 03:03

If you're dealing with pro girls, they'll know where to take you. Usually a basic cheap room for about 100dh or so depending on how much the front desk guy thinks he can get. But you'll also have to pay for the cab ride over to the room if its not walking distance and the driver will try and gouge you for some more dh, probably about 50. Thats why I recommend getting an apt, to cut out all these other people who are going to want their take.

Most hotels that you would want to stay at will not let you book 2 rooms with only one ID or passport (I've never been able to book a room for myself without showing a passport or ID, but hey you never know). You can find hotels as cheap as 80dh a night but once they see what you're using it for they'll ask for some more cash or wont even let you up with her.

BTW - the lonely planet is a great guide for Morocco. Hope this helps

08-17-04, 20:54
Well, I guess I have to aspire to be something. Why not be a Senior Member? Anyway, to make a long story short, you can have fun in Marrakesh without going to a club. It's August now and hot as hell so, it's not really ideal to chase girls during the day. Anyway, back to the important stuff. I went to one of the 5 star hotels and visited their SPA/FITNESS facility. I paid about 20 dollars for a 30 minute massage. I asked her if she did "massage thailandaise", which is a wondeful handjob. I had saved up 2 weeks of ammo and practically did a Peter North all over my chest and stomach. Anyway, I paid her way too much money for it. I'm not even going to say how much. But I urge you to pay no more than 500 dirhams. If you want details, you have to PM me. If you can't speak french or arabic, don't even risk it though.

08-26-04, 08:07
Greetings. A quick scan of recent pages here shows me you guys are dealing with some heavy shit compared to us mongers in the northern midwest of the US. I hope you don't mind an off topic tangent. I came here because this appeared to be the busiest African board.

My main mongering has been with american girls of various ethnicities, korean amp chicks and various ethnic groups in rld's of Frankfurt. IMHO I believe I've been able to detect that the scent and taste of a woman's pussy can corelate (at least to a degree) to her ethnicity.

Disclaimer: smells and tastes are complex and difficult to describe. There are many similarities and differences among all women. I don't believe that absolutely all women of a certain ethnic group will smell exactly or even a little alike.

Having said that, I think that a majority of women of a distinct ethnic background will have traits to their pussy smell that make them more similar to eachother and different from other groups. My first taste of brown sugar was a US born african american girlfriend with some white ancestry. I noticed a certain pungent and distinct smell/taste that was far from any white chick I had been with. When I got to Germany and got with some very dark african women I noticed the same trait, even stronger.

Back in the US with koreans at amps I noticed almost no smell and what was there made them more similar to eachother and different from other races.

There have always been exceptions; some koreans that seem to taste very similar to any other white chick I was ever with; and african american girls who didn't have a trace of the factor I had noticed on most other women of african descent.

So I come to the african board to ask the general question, have any of you mongers ever detected pussy smell and taste corresponding to race? And more specifically, have you noticed a unique quality to any of the variety of ethnicities in africa? I am aware that africa is one of the bigger continents and probably has a wider ethnic diversity than europe.

I don't mean to purport any racial stereotypes here. I hope y'all see this question as an entertaining diversion and not a nuisance. Happy hobbying.

08-28-04, 17:54
So I ended up in the capital, Rabat. Needless to say, I needed to penetrate some young hotty. Problem is where do I do the deed? I ended up asking some guy in Agdal, the new city, if he knew of a studio for rent. After some phone calls, we met up with the guy and agreed on 400 dirhams a day. So I called up a girl whose number I had gotten the day before. She was twenty, petite, and athletic. From our conversation, I gathered that she came from a well-off family. She had tennis practice the next day and she lived in a pretty nice suburb. She told me she was a virgin and that she wasn't the ''type''. But she was alone in the studio with me, a man, a foreign man. Anyway, it finally dawned on me that it would take a lot to corrupt this kid on the first day. However, if I offered her money, she might be grossed out. We just made out a little and watched TV. I gave her taxi money after but that's it. I would have called her back the next day, but I met a definite pro while I was walking around downtown. She was with her ''cousin". I followed them into a teleboutique and asked if she was free for the afternoon and she said yes. Fellas, she wasn't bad. Mocha skin, shoulder-length curly black hair and a petite package of a body. Very sexy. Anyway, after setting up a rendezvous, she was finally in my pad.

It was damn hot and I was sweating like a ***** in church. I jumped in the shower and came out with just a towel. I told her take her clothes off and before you knew it, she was in her black panties. Some DFK led to a good BBBJ. Short strokes did the trick. I would have wanted her to lick my balls and lick the length of my cock, but I came a pint in her mouth. She spit it out in the bathroom. After a cigarette. I fucked her mish and came again. After I blew my load the second time I just wanted her out of there and she left with a 500 dirham tip and a promise that I would call her again. Oh well, on to my next experience.

If you want to know about places to stay, IM me if you can speak french or arabic. Otherwise, you have to set something up at a local travel agency that has local flats for rent.

Q Music
09-08-04, 07:31
Hi guys,

This is my first experience in Agadir, Morocco

Date of Trip: 1st of May 2004 (Nice Season not too much people)
Duration: 14 Days (Not Enough Time)
Departing from: Dubai (The best Stop over)
Flying: Emirates (Five Star Traveling) Cost $450 from Dubai-Agadir round trip.

First Thing i noticed some discrimination acts from the custom officers. they let all eurpoean tourists pass without even checking thier bags but when my turn came he went through my things like I was wanted guy for the DEA! (all that because he wanted some money!) and because im not european (im from Kuwait) so he thought i was a damn oil tycoon or somthing :P

Recommended hotels:

Sahara = 600 Dirhams - 800 Dirhams a night for a Dbl Room.
(No hassle and guest friendly and near everything)

My pick up places:

- MC Donalds right infornt of Sahara Hotel (Day Time)
- Ismaeel Resturant infront of the back entrance of the hotel (All Day/Night Long)
- Atlantic Hotel (after 5 AM!)
- Sahara Hotel Night Club (2 -5AM)
- Don Vito Cafe near the Beach (10PM-2AM)

Girls Collection:

All these places I mentioned girls Varies from 7 - 10!!! but they charge from 800 Dirhams - 1300 Dirhams a full night.

Most my hunt are girls aged from 17 - 21yrs!

My next Trip is at the End of November (Low Season the best time for hunting!)

P.S. This is my first report so go easy on me!

Q Music
09-10-04, 10:35
Yes as long as you have a double room there will be no problems Sahara Hotel staff knows if they wont be guest friendly (no one will stay at the hotel except cheap old tourists groups!)

Young guests = more money

Q Music

Q Music
09-11-04, 08:57
Quick Report:

Recieved from a friend who is in Agadir Right now.

Reporting Date: Sept 10th 2004
Time: 10:40 PM Kuwait time

- New hotels (Guest Friendly)

1) AlMadina Hotel (Double room is a must)
2) Sofitel Hotel (Double room is a must)
3) Sheraton Hotel Next to the Shams Casino is ok (but you have to work your way with the staff by tipping them)

- Night Clubs

1) Best place for Eurpeans is "PapaGayo Night Club"

update your info guys.

Ps. I'm going to agaidr in November anyone going? Maybe we could meet there.


Q Music
09-16-04, 08:40
Hi guys,

Well I wish that youall close the subject about the racisim. Each one of us has his own ways of scoring and having fun.

You want pictures..

You are talking about Morocco. Its not easy to convince a girl to let you take her picture using a professinal Camera. (specialy when you are an arab)! So I used the mobile because they think I can't transfer it to pc or internet format.

I have around 12 Video Clips On my Nokia 6600! and i dont Know how to transfer them to PC format. All the Videos Taken in Sahara Hotel with 12 Diffrent girls. with in 12 DAYS TRIP!

Just show me a way to post them (in Video Format) and how to play them on PC. and ill put them online.


09-16-04, 17:18
Hello to all of you,

I have been reading a lot on this board and enjoying it very much.

I had the opportunity to go to Casablanca a couple of time. I met aroud 10 girls up to date.

Where to go:

1. On the main boulevard like the ones near the beach
2. Near the twin center
3. The cafes


They will ask 500DH. DO NOT SAY YES TO THAT PRICE. NEGOCIATE. I never paid more than 300.

The ladies are generally very friendly. Treat them well and they will be happy to be with you. I recommend to buy a cell phone to communicate with them.

Remember that Morroco is not Thailand. If you score, its a plus to a marvellous travel.

I plan to go back in November. If you have any request, feel free to ask.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Member #2023
09-24-04, 14:25

Q music and Member 2001 are right. The situation in morocco is not easy and changing from time to time. My latest info from a friend of mine doing business in morocco is that for the moment they clean up the streets. I'm going to have my own impression in a couple of days and I will give those infos after coming back home.Sometimes police / surete nationale they seem to tolerate what is going on, sometimes they chase those girls if those can't give a proof what they are doing in Agadir. Even if they tolerate tourists looking for girls, they surely won't tolerate photo-sessions like shown in this forum. Go there and you will see, that even close to big cities some old people get upset if they notice you taking pictuers of them. Every tourist info gives that information to respect the habbits; even more it's offending taking pictures of naked women. You won't see porno-magazines in morocco, c'est interdit!!! Let's enjoy the photos of all the other women all around the world and enjoy love anywhere, anytime with any beauty; anyone can give written reports about his adventures in morocco, you surely can find all the time. But you have to respect the rules of the game.

You have to know that King Mohammed VI likes to stay in Agadir ( not in the capital Rabat !!!) and authorities are held to keep Agadir "clean" in any sense. That's good for anybody. For my point of view it's good to know that also arab/muslim people contribute to this forum in a honest way after all the things that have been written in www.bladi.net forum about our co-member Belguel.


09-24-04, 16:48
In my opinion, Morocco has the most beautiful girls in the world as I am prefer the mediterranean type. I know this country very well, as I go there often due to family links.

My first advise is to choose for the semi-pros, not for the pros. You can find the pro's in the main hotel bars (Sheraton and so on) by night. But it's expensive, not only the girl, but also the taxi, the bribes and the double hotel room you need to pay.

As a foreigner, it's very easy to get in touch with the semi-pros and even with real amateurs. Just head for the main outgoing areas (La Corniche, Twin Center and so on) and try to make some eye contact. Else, head for the discos. If you rent an appartment, things are more easy than a hotel room. A hotel is not allowed to rent a room for a non married man and woman, unless the woman is not muslim.

My second advise is discretion. I read a lot of things on this forum, especially during the Belguel case. Well, as a foreigner, your risk is very low. The worse that might happen to you is that you have to leave the country. But you may give big trouble to the girls. Don't risk the girls safety, as they don't desearve it.

My third advise is to respect the girls. Moroccan girls in general sufffer a lot from being oppressed in a conservative muslim society. That's why most of them have a very positieve view on the European and North American men. They will be completed confident with you, DONT SCREW THIS UP FOR THE OTHERS!

Some had doubts about Belguel's stories. Well, I believe him. It's very realistic when I heard the quantity of amateurs he catched in so few time just by starting conversation in the street (his ratio was about 1 catch out of 10). I'm also not surprised that they were completely confident about the picture taken. As their attraction to the western world is so big, they believe they have to act like this to prove that they are open minded.

I dont want to come back again on the Belguel case, but I just want to say two things about it:

The girls agreed may be for the pictures, but they certainly didn't agree their pictures to pe posted on internet. They have been fooled due to their blind confidence on western men.

It may be interesting for other forum members to have an idea about how the girls look like in the reported countries, but having Belguel's dick on the pictures trying to enter in any hole of the girls is not really additional interesting info. Don't forget, these girls were only amateurs and we are dealing with a conservative muslim society.

I love this country and their girls, just follow my three advises and have fun.

10-13-04, 10:35
THC and Apartments in Agadir:

I had so much smoke when I went last Feb, I quit for good. No lie. The highs I had were equal to my first months on the stuff when Thai sticks were the best in town - early 80's.

Resin is easy to find but you need to get their absolute best quality to enjoy the same difference. The commercial export stuff which supplys 80% of Europe at the low end is not that great or healthy. The local kif is old school variety, for a dude used to the best Vancouver and Montreal offers.

As for apartments, I hooked up one via the man at the desk at the Atlantic Hotel - the one near Uniprix - which by the way is the very best place to shop for all goods, booze, imported canned foods etc... I had plenty of top grade Danish ham spread with their local cheese/bread/veggies.

No bugs for me buds. The coffee scene is excellent.

Back to the apartment, well when the dude figured out my real reason why I was in Agadir, ahem...he referred me to a two bed apartment with a large sitting room the rate is 3000 dirhams a week. There are other choices across the same street, too.

Sinbaid Hotel in a different area also, but in a secondary location in my view, if you like to be close to your source of supplies. So, people in the trade, like hotel managers far enough from the package holiday strip should be able to help and will collect a little royalty for the effort. You should tell customs officials on the form that you are staying in a normal hotel.

Some guidelines: don't let puta's who just show up knocking at your apartment door in - it is a setup as they know foreigners rent there.

I would stay away from teams of two girls at a time unless your ground rules that no one is to go to the washroom without your supervision. Hide your wallet and valuables in advance of your romping sessions - tuck valuables under your bed if you do an all nighter. Advice applies most places, but the type of poverty I saw in Morocco was a different animal I am used to in Asia or the crack ho's in North America - not that these people were as poor as others, they are better off and better educated on average, these people seem never to be happy with what you give them, a deal is never a deal, they always ask for more after the deed or after the trade- this is the wrong way to rub me or any westerner in my view and I let them know it fast eg., taking back the tip money I gave them for being ungratefull - and staring them down until they back off or accept it with thanks. Laws of the jungle apply here big time in all matters big and small it seems. Fine with me I am arguementive in nature. So, I like this place for that, really. People are just too friendly, too politically correct and fair in general in North America. So, this banter was fine with me. Plus, I liked all the attention.

The pickings of fine women in Agadir are not that good. The local hustler men are likley to give you homo vibes. So. if you are homphobic, it is not a good place, at all. Further, you may be compelled to bash a few white trash lovers of young boys in the head, so homophoes should stay clear of Agadir, if you feel so compelled.

Agadir is probably the best/safest place to live in an Islamic country with the world's third best climate, after the Canary Island and Blue Mountain, Australia. I see this location as an ideal location for elder gents with arthritis, who are frugal yet well off, speak some French and Spanish and are willing to take a wife/orphan and get divorced every couple of years.

Joking aside, as soon as I asset proof myself, I will be joining these imagined ranks, if God wills it.

If not, an extended holiday somewhere in the months of Jan-March seems compelling to me sometime in the near future.

Alas, Asia-Thailand and Philippines for a second go, Argentina and Rio beckons me. Vancouver and Montreal are great spots as well, especially Montreal.

Member #2023
10-13-04, 17:38

I just returned from Agadir that's going to be very calm as ramadan starts this week. Last week there was so much police around, as king Mohammed was in town and also the royal family of belgium. Several times I saw police ( surete nationale ) picking up men and women along the corniche and the touristic center. Not that much hookers on the streets as I used to know. Also the good place to go with girls, hotel atlantic is right now going to be renovated and therefore closed. As well I was talking to a german guy living in Agadir since long time and that was working in an tourist-restaurant ( don't want to tell his name, but I guess, at least all german mongers know him ). Told him about the forum and I hope that he's also gonna join us and contribute with the " latest news of today". I also asked him whether he heard something about belguel or any info concerning problems with photos taken from moroccan girls. He didn't know that much, I suppose because he is german and does not stick together that much with french speaking people. I'm trying to find out more about this things from officals. Anyway, Agadir is still a good place to be, but you have to know about the rules like belguel told us and at least to be able to talk french to the girls. Talk to a lot of girls, asked them for their phone-number, make rendez-vous with them and you'll find what you are looking for.


PP Tous
10-19-04, 06:35
You want to go mongering in Morrocco? You must be out of your mind! This place is hardcore boys! Go to Cuba, go to Brasil, go to Thailand, but forget Morrocco.

Just got back from Morroco and can say that their women are the most beautiful in the world. Woooow, those eyes. Everything from amateurs to pros, they're all great.

BUT, it's Morrocco. This is no place for white pot-bellied boneheads who don't speak French or Arabic, can't think in Dirham after three minutes, and whose brain does not consist of at least 90% good horse sense. You will be taking two taxis because if the police catch you with a girl in your taxi you will have some explaining to do. If you have explicit pictures of her on your phone, you will have a LOT of explaining to do. You will be overcharged for every transaction, fullstop. A pain in the a** to find apartments, if you take a hotel you will need two rooms, one for her & one for you. You can't really walk together with a babe on the street , the police will hassle you. etc. etc. etc.

Like I said, great place, but not for your average mongerer. If you love beautiful women, have travel experience, REALLY know how to keep cool in ANY situation, speak french, and can appreciate the constant hassle as something wonderful and fun, then go to Morrocco. But think about it twice, there is a VERY LOT of hassle. No joke, Maroc is not for most guys. If you are not experienced, I am sure that there are places where you will just have much more fun than Morrocco.

Oh yes, if you like to smoke, this is the place to go! WOW, Morroccan hash is second to none. Be real careful buying, never on the street (ask your girl). But don't get your sorry ass caught smoking it on the street or we will be remembering you on this forum.

For all of you who do not believe that the Belguil story is real, well, then I believe you were never in Maroc! But I will be back as soon as possible.

Happy Mongering!


Sky Dumont
11-11-04, 01:16
Hello boys,

I'm back from my 2nd trip from Morocco. It was different but not difficult to find beautiful girls in the street and in the discos karraoke bar. You can fuck the girls from 6pm to 6am. Yes its right, you need sometimes 2 taxis for you and the girls, its good for you you can speak French or Arabic too.

All in all Morocco its very funny good nightlife, lifemusic in the mc-restaurant,
and a lot of action near the beach.

Enjoy the morrocon girls.


Sky Dumont

PP Tous
03-08-05, 11:17
My first trip to Morocco was just before Ramadan. A great time it was. Well, that's what I thought. Just got back from another trip there and have an entirely new "non-Ramadan" picture of Morocco.

Wow, if you're looking for contact, the girls will realize it. Spent most of the time in Marrakech. The first smiles start at the bakery in the morning and it goes like that pretty much the rest of the day. If you have a day or two to collect numbers and tend to them well, day three will become your Atlas Paradise. But don't worry, if romance is too much hassle for you, 3-600dh will keep you busy 'til after breakfast. But please, don't be lazy, smile. The rush of seeing her smiling behind her silk with only her black eyes shining, will knock you off your feet.

To help you a bit:

Learn french.

Your flight should never arrive in Morocco after about 14:00. The first thing you have to do is get an apartment, and this is the downside of Morocco. No apt, no girls. Get this overwith before nightfall. And don't underestimate this task, it is really the most difficult job you will have in Morocco.

In Casa, take the train to the city. The station you arrive in is called Voyageurs. Go outside ignoring all the "help" you are offered, walk up to a taxi and ask him how much it will cost to get to bourgogne. Fair price is about 20dh if you have your luggage (sucker price can reach 200dh!). The ride is about ten minutes. If he will turn on the meter, that's great, but... When you get in that area, get out of the cab where there are some newer looking (relative) apartment buildings. The guys sitting out in front of the apartments doing nothing, those are the gardiens. These are our keys to Morocco, they will get you anything, anytime. So ask him discretely if he knows of any apartments for rent, one, maybe two nights. The shorter the better, re-negotiate the price on day 2. You should get an apartment with one big salon, two bedrooms, a bath or two, and a kitchen, for best price 300dh but average is about 500dh. If you go wimpy with negotiating, you may pay 1000-1200dh instead of 500. It is advised to ask if you can bring company in to the apartment. Once you are settled in, go have something to eat at the little food stands which are everywhere. Then, wait 'til about midnight-12:30 and go out. Before that, all you will meet are other stupid white men. Ask the cab to take you to the teeny club Disco 84. That club is in the area where other opportunities are, even though I wouldn't call it super safe. But hey, it's the port of Casablanca guys. The clubs cost about 60-150dh to get in and drinks cost about the same. They really hose you, so get in, smile, get out. You can usually ask to take a look in if you are not sure this is where you want to go.

In Marrakech the same rules apply. From the main bus terminal get a cab to take you to Gueliz. Drive a few minutes more on Ave. M5 past the big fountain to the next big intersection and get out. On the right hand side of the street (when driving away from the Medina) is where the apartments are. Exercise the same procedure as explained for Casa. Prices for housing and entertainment are about the same as in Casa.

Smoke. Even if you don't like to smoke dope, do so in Maroc. Ask her to get some for you because no matter how nice that connection seems to be, you are likely to get bad stuff. Even if you know what you are doing, the street yields just junk. The scams of selling you dope then whistling to the police are prevalent, so don't risk it.

Never trust a guy. Women are usually very trustworthy, so if you think you can trust her, you probably can. Never hint that tomorrow you may see her again or she will be on your doorstep and it is often difficult to rid yourself of her company.

Always negotiate, never take anything for granted. Everybody, even the best hardcore mother fu***** businessmen get ripped off. You will too, numerous times. But everything they get, you paid to them and thought you were get'n a smok'n deal boo. By the third day you should be pretty seasoned.

Police. Two kinds, those that have a uniform that fits and those who don't. Those with the bad fit, 300dh should cut you free. The ones looking smart, oh well, sorry dude. You didn't want to meet him. Good luck.

The girls. You are not a stud, they are just desperate. Extremely beautiful on the whole, and desperate. Your character will dictate how you deal with these aspects. They are very willing to please and will make you feel like a king.

You DO NOT WANT TO GET CAUGHT WITH PORNO. NO! BAD BOY! All the tales you have heard are true. If you insist on photos, bring a USB bluetooth adapter with and email them out from the 'round the corner i-net cafe to some address daily. Really, don't play with this rule.

Have fun! If you want to share an apartment with me or some of my buddies, PM me and I will tell you when one of us going again.

Happy Mongering,


Cliff Tindale
05-05-05, 21:23
In Marrakech, Cafe Atlas has a club (near cafe les Negociants, both in new town, both famous for coffee), starts at 11pm, that has a lot of sexy women in it.

05-06-05, 14:32
Hi folks,

Here are some tips to have fun in Morocco:

First of all, at any part of Morrocco, you ll need to get your own place to welcome correctly the beautiful Moroccan princesses. Hotel services won t let you to bring any Morrocan chick if you don t prove she s your wife, so don't forget in such muslim countries, discretion and respect is very important, thus your correct behaviour is the first step to have fun.


Go to the bar near the Hotel Diwane at Gueliz. You will meet charming chicks all day. Be not shy, and go to them directly. You pay her a drink, then start negociating (40 bucks a for one hour, it is a good price in these places ).

Another way is to pick them on the street. I managed to get a beautiful one around 11 pm at Guelize. She asked me to buy her a dinner (5 bucks), then I brought her to my riad where she stayed with me the full night for 50 bucks.

Personnaly, I don't like Marakech because chicks a really hard to seduce and ask for a lotta money (Marrakech is a kinda jet set place in Morroco). So if you're not french / Arabic speaking, go to Marakech only to visit the city.


Here you have a good place to get freak; people are cooler than Marrakech
even if it is a tourisitic place.

Go to the McDonald s on Hassan 2 street. Beautiful chicks there, they would ask 40 bucks an hour.

You can pick some in the streets, it s very easy, especially if you re a western guy. with money, you can do whatever you want.

Discos and bars are not interesting, they reminds me of Marakech.


This is my favorite place. Fesian chicks are the most beautiful girls in Morocco, and
they love money and guys. Go to any bar from 6pm and look for the one who seem to be bored and alone with their drink or talking with her friend. Give them what they want and they'll be your GF.

Ciao folks and have fun,


John Auro
05-18-05, 21:44
Agadir -les filles- part 2, 4 photos

Text in the 1st part


John Auro
05-18-05, 21:52
Agadir -les filles- part 1, 4 photos

Back from Agadir, things are so easy if you speak some french and if you know how to adapt the way of sex in Agadir- and if you have save apartement to rent.

Well concerning for this girl (la fille), a friend gave me her number and he told me that I could fuck all her holes and that she would not even make any notice when starting photographing her.

She was great to fuck, her big titts waved under me. She was happy with 15 Euro.
But since a week there are reports in the local newspapers that a foreigner has taken photos from girls- to publish them on CD.

The times to take photos from naive girls might be over.

John Auro
05-19-05, 21:31
Arabic tit fuck.

Another chic with good titts. I saw her on the street, a few words to her, she followed me to my apartment.

I had her twice. No problem making photos from her the first time. Some month later, she was kind of protesting, but finally she agreed. One of my best tit fucks I ever had.

She took the 10 or 15 Euro without arguing, but she spoke only arabic anyhow.


Tercar 66
06-06-05, 11:16
Is Morocco okay now for mongering or should sex travellers take a break from that destination.

06-07-05, 09:03
Tercar 66 : In my humble opinion, try to back off Morocco nowadays, wait a little bit; some action takes place on daily basis, but only for locals or arabs .

Europeans or Americans should keep a low profile for a couple of months or so and try to follow the updated news via Moroccan press whether in French or Arabic.


www.alalam.ma (daily newspaper in Arabic)
www.lematin.ma (daily newspaper in French)
www.menara.ma ( a general web page about Morocco in both Arabic and French).

JP2U: Noted your post, but if you noticed well the date mentioned in my post (May the 23rd) you wouldn't have judged that I didn't read the previous posts.

Nez: Thanks for confirming that what I mentioned is updated & recent.

N.B. My only intention in posting the article was to protect and warn the people around here, and to prevent future unpleasant situations.

Good luck all.


Dr Love
06-29-05, 14:14
Hello all,

I am german guy speaking some nice school french. I had three times one week vacations in Agadir. Two in 2004 one in 2005. I summerized my experience in three reports and post them (in German language) in an German forum. I also found this one, so I try to translate my reports in english and want to post them here as well. Please excuse my bad english, especially for the words around our hobby. I am really not familar with them. Also remember that I post these report in a timely squence. So there might be some repeatations for you if you read all in one step.
I'm lying the content of my reports on supporting you to have good fun in Agadir and not giving you slipery textes for your fanatasy (because my english is not good enough for that).

If anything is misunderstood or if you have any questions about my actions. Feel free to contact me for a answer.

Now the reports of 2004 follows:

Dear Hardcore Fuckers,

I recently spent one week in Marokko/Agadir on June 2004. I want to summarize my experiences here.

It changed a lot till my last vacation in 2001.

First the most important edge parameters, so that do not have to read on it, if you do not fulfill those.

* at least good school French knowledge is very important
* only for Fickprofis, for beginners rather not suitably to go
* a certain readiness to talk and flirt with women. Those of you searching the schnelle Nummer would be disappointed
* the taxis have now taximeter, but some taxi drivers do not switch on. Thus directly point that
out if you enter such a taxi, then you drive cheaper.
* the taxi travel costs the double after 9 pm. Some taximeter make that automatically, others indicate the standard price and the driver douple the price at the end.

Taking girls with you in the taxi is complex history. I really did not understand. I took a girl in the taxi with me. We enter the taxi without having contact, with a standing police men besides us - it was no problem. I spoked also with a maroccain men, who grew up in Germany and perfectly spoke German. He meant: "Depends on the police, but there is no law about that".

However. I usually made the following trick: I drove in my taxi forwards and let the girl in another taxi follow. That has two advantages, first of all you have no problems with police controlls and secondly some pro girls tries to get extra money for a impending police control.

If you live too far outside of Agadir you must take a "Grand taxi" (is usually white Mercedes). Dahla is not so far away, so you can use a "Petit taxi" (red-orange Fiat or Peugeot). My Appartment was in Dahla/Dakla (I've seen both ways of writing). This is a very good quarter (the native ones state) and lies with the taxi approx. 10 min. of the beach promenade away. The travel with the taxi costs approx. 15-20 Dirham (10 Dirham (DH) approx. 1 euro stood June for 2004). - caution there are also different quarters, which are not such secure than Dahla (in Dahla there were no problems, here the condominium was guarded by private security). I booked my appartment on http://www.agadir-ferien.de/html/agadir.html. Living in appartment is generally recommended, since the girls usally are not allowed in hotels. Useful with the appartment is still SAT TV, because with MTV one can lure some girls easily to your appartment. - meal is still relatively cheap (sole approx. 120 Dirham, hamburger ones with fries 60 DH), money exchange can be done at the airport there it fix exchange rate for all (bank etc.)

The scene takes place within several places. There some discos such as "Le central" (Blvd 20 Aout), Papagayo (hotel Riu), Beach club (is the hotel name the club is called flamingo).

Further scene is the Mc Donalds at the beach (caution it gives 2 Mc, the otherone I did not test) and still the beack promenade from Mc to the habour. And the Blvd 20 Aout from the Mc to the central.

There are three categories of girls. Generally all want to get a drink first. I did not accept this for the profesionals.

Okay now first a description to the professionals. They work usually in the discos and on the piece of road from the Mc to the Le central (starting approx. 10 to 11 pm). Caution the pros are usually not recommended. They normally want between 500 and 700 DH and the sex is not real fun, to passiv no good action. The later the evening the more cheap the pros. I have once a pro giving my price of 150 DH plus taxi money. You have to deal

The next category are the semi pros, you can find them at the beach promenade. They immediately simle back, if you smile at her or they give you a "comment ca va?". Here you can experience good sex for little money. Important is to avoid a price-fixing arrangement at the beginning. Because than the girls want about 500 DH. Which already disturbs the deal. My tactics was, little bit flirting, spend a drink (approx. 5 DH) and sometime ask whether they come with you to the appartment to look MTV. Normally these are girls in the age of 20 upto 25 years, which earn a little bit of extra money for a better life.

Last but not least there are still the completely private chicks. Here you must inverstigate more time than with the semis. I addressed some at the beach promenade (there or direkt at the beach). I found two students. I made an appointment for the next day at the beach. At the next im met them at the beach, do some smalltalk, swim in the ocean, have some drinks at the promenade and then I had some GF6 with one of them.

Very important, please do not hesitat to flirt with veiled or traditionally dressed girls. The most girls wear these kind of cloths for standing to their religion or they just want. However wearing a viel does not meaning having no sex. Absolute NO GO is flirting with married marries women or women with children.

My accommodation:

Résidence Hôtel Yacine
N° 63 Rue Imam Chafaii Cité aluminium Qods
Tél: 048 22 17 21

Dear Hardcore Fuckers,

I was again in Agadir. Generally again some things changed and/or in addition I learned. And it always was like an exciting vacation. But from the beginning. I have meanwhile a nice girl locally, which organised the above appartment for me and the transfer to and from the airport. I cannot. I have payed 250 Dirham (DH) per night. Thus not substantially more favorably than the apparment from last holiday. The journey with the taxi is difficult, because you need to use a Grand taxi. The driver does not the ways in Agadir, so without my girlfriend I did not found the way to the hotel. In Germany I booked the transfer with the appartment and I have paid 25 € for both directions. Now I have paid 100 and 200 DH for each travel (you remind, after 9 pm). The comfort of the appartment was also not so good than the other one. In addition there was a man at the reception looking very silly every time I came with a different girl. But he didn't mentioned anything and was very discreet.
First of all they increase the taxi prices for august and sept. Secondly also taxi travels may be divided now. Let me explain, sometime there are not enough taxi. Then the taxi driver stops at the appropriate waiting places (although they have already a passenger) and and ask you where to go. If you want to go in the similar direction as the other passenger, you can enter (if you want). Then the taxi driver changes the price over at the taximeter. Now the taximeter ticks more slowly. One of the two is driven now to its goal and paid then the price at the taximeter. Then the taxi driver drives on again and you pay again the price at the taximeter. I tried this out and for my standard route appartment to beach it was 30% off. Nice side effect no more problems taking girls with us in the taxi. (caution! Remind, one on the front seat the other on the back seat)

In addition in august and sept. the police shows more prescence, unfortunately that makes the chase difficult. It takes place nearly everything only in the restaurants and/or MC Donalds. Conclusion, when fucking vacations avoid on best August and September!

This time I made a like-minded marocan known. He was in the middle of 30 and works for a newspaper and made vacation in Agadir for having some sex. He told me that it is possible to have a girl for 50 DH plus some drinks, but you have to be a native speaker or a very good french speaker.

So I went to the beach on saturday at about 4 pm and it did not need much time a spoke to a cute black girl. I paid an ice for her and we went to my appartment for watching MTV (the native love watching MTV). Arrived in the appartment I kissed her directly and over her a massage. Afterwards I had great sex with her, she enjoyed it as well. After two hours I said she had to go and I gave her 50 DH and some money for the taxi. So as you can see or better read, it is possible, French speaking is VERY important. The best shooting season is afternoon like that between 3 to 7 pm. After that rather only professionals on the way and those wants meanwhile 1000 DH (without to negotiate). Which undiscusable concerning the price. I had 4 times such experiences in Agadir during this vacation. Sorry I do not wrote down all. I think my english is not good enough for you having much fun during readin.

Nevertheless I want to tell you two experiences, which are worth to mention, because they show a little bit the bahaviour and the thinking of the girls.

Sometime I liked to walk around a little bit at the beach promenade no looking for girls just enjoying the warm temperature in the vacation. Once a professional talked to me and wanted 1000 DH. She pleased me completely well. But I said, I did not pay such a price, I explained her that I can have fun for 30 € in Germany/Frankfurt and I am not a stupid tourist paying every price. She was not angry about that and we talked a little bit, because she lived sometimes ago in the Swiss and spoke some words German. Some days later I saw her again and I started to talk with her a little bit again. One evening I was very late on the way (after 1:00 am) and I saw her again on the road. She told me, she wants to come with me into my appartment this night. I said to her this is not possible, because I do not pay her prices. Yes, she knows, but she does not want to sleep today alone. She only wants come with me without getting some money. I could not imagine, but I tried out. Okay I said, you can come with me, but you did not get any money from me and if you make any annoyance I would call the police. She agreed and I came with me. She was glad to take a shower (oh still another tip, is practical, if you have a towel for the girls, because often they want to take a shower) and after that she snuggled against me for sleeping. On the next morning she gave me blowjob for wake up as a small thank you - the she took a taxi to drive away

Now another story. I found a nice girl again at MC Donalds, she was not my favourit, but okay. We had sex together ut it was definitivly the best I ever had. She knew exactly what I want, without explaining anything. After that I thought she wants to take a shower, takes some money and drove home. But no way, she said, she wants to stay the hole night. Because she loves. Okay, I said stay the night, thinking about the bill next day.

At this moment I that is was only some kind of customer satisfaction. After a great night, I was anixous about the money she wants. But she said again, she loves me and only need 20 DH vor taxi and would like to return the evening again. I was perplex, but let her grant. During the day I have had another girl and in the evening she stands at my door with a small gift for me.

Like this before it works for us for some days.

After three nights, she was again with me in my appartment. But this day she was different, she was a bit confused. Okay, I thought she had a bad day. She dissappeared to make fresh in the bath, but this time it tooks very long time till she returned. So I take look after her. And I found her in my bath sniffing some koks in her nose.

So I took her and throw her out of my appartment. I told her that I do not want girls using drugs.

She alleged, that she normaly do not do that, but I could not believe her.

This was the last time I ever saw her.