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05-17-02, 05:48
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07-22-02, 04:37

I live in Nigeria for more than 20 years and I have a good experience of the Prostitutes in Lagos.

First of all you can find Prostitutes on Victoria Island and Ikoyi. The ones of Victoria Isl. are prettier and more expensive than the ones on Ikoyi.

Price are between N300 (US$1 = N135) to N1500.

From N300 to N500 it is called Short time

From N800 to N1500 it is for the night.

The girls will do anything you want as long as you want. Some pretty girls are working during the day and want to do extra pocket money. Those girls are working in Banks, department stores.

The Best time to pick up those girls are (if you are not in an hurry) around 3am, because they have had either few customers before or none, therefore you can bargain the price. And other time when the price is coming down is when it is raining. No one wants to pick them up, and you might be able to have Excellent deal.

Now where to find those girls.

Victoria Island : Sanusi Fafuwa St, In front of the Ynot club, Atlantic Club, Eko Hotel.

Ikoyi : On Kingsway Road, in front of the Ikoyi Hotel, Glover Rd.

If you are nice with the girls they will be ok, but you have some of them that are nasty and want more money. Better give them otherwise you will end up to the police station or you will not be able to get rid of them from your car. Never park somewhere you have always a patrol car from the police turning around even on small streets.

If you need any further info, please send me an email to lutetia@hotmail.com

07-29-02, 12:26
Hello Gents,

Lets get this new message-board up and running concerning nigeria or Naija as most of the urban dwellers in lagos call it !!!.
I am a businessman who often visits and stays i the commercial capital lagos. I hav elived in lagos for a couple of year and the post spots are as the previous poster said are V.I and Ikoyi. Although i would like to pont out that new hunters should try and learn how to distinguish between a Pro (full time ashawo[hooker in the native yuroba language]) and an amatuer.

A pro is mainly a lady who has been brought from a village or small town to work as a "service girl" in the evenings and nightes by madams olr land-ladies. They are not so refined in manner and can be very crude. They may try and pass of as a college or university student or an aspiring actor or beautician (DONT BELIVE THE HYPE!!!). The way to detect the faboo (a word for fakeness in lagos) is that they can not give you the facualty and department of the top of their head that they belong to in any college or uni[university]. They are the type that would settle for 500 naira or less even for a nite. If they press for a bit more like 800 naira then settle the fee.

The amatuer on the other hand is your ambitions Gold-Digger. She is either a Jambite [recent school leaver who has taken the extrance exam to obtain a spot in a higher institution] or your University/Poly-technic undergraduate who is looking to make money to supplement her "up-keep money" received from her parents or sponsers or is in a mood just to leave the fast life and enjoy what life has to offer in lagos.
Most of these amatuers are desporados and would do any-thing to obtain the creature-comforts that are marketed on your modern music video's ie "hip-hop, r'n'b, soul etc.
They are a dyme a dozen and even when finishing university still cany not leave the fast life and indulge in it the more when they are now working in public or private firms in lagos [I shall post an article in the future to show you want i mean]. Most of these girls come from three main institutions in lagos.

1- University of Lagos (at akoka, yaba area of Lagos)

2- Yaba polytechnic (aslo around the same vacinity as Unilag [short name for university of Lagos].

3- Lagos state university [at badagry area of lagos].

There is also a fourth called - Lagos State Polytechnic.

These girls are very randy and willing and would do anything to sleep with a man that is coming from anywhere outside of nigeria, so long as he has pounds and dollars to spend. Now this is not the rule. If you have money it is easy to woo any of these girls as the almighty naira in the range of 500-1500 naira is o.k to them. They range from every shape and form from lite to dark skin and short to tall. The best girls are the ones from the south.
Here is a break down of the ladies:

1>Far south East: akwa Ibom ladies, Port harcourt ladies, Rivers ladoes - these are the horniest of the lot. They just love attention and good love-making with a well mannered foriegner.

2>Mid south-east: Anambra, imo, Enugu,Abia ladies - these ladies from these states are ibo ladies. They are very sexy and good looking with very nice features similar to african-american women.
They are known for there expensiveness due to the fact that there men are into business and literally control the commercial businessess in the south of nigera ie...electronics,car and car parts,hold hold items etc.

3>MiD south-west: These are the Edo, Delta ladies. Thses two states make up the isoko's,irobos and ishekeri ladies of Delta state and the Beni,ishan of Edo states. They are very beautiful too and aslo are very willing in bed. They are very well endowed in the bust and bum area and are known to do what-ever tickles you fantasy.

4>South-West: These are the states of lagos, osun, ondo,ogun ladies and are predominatly yuroba. They are aslo good, but can be very conservative and shy. You have to talk real smooth to them as they have a repertation of being very knowledgable and aware of things...

Well all these ladies i mentioned attend these three higher institutions in lagos. On the average it is not to difficult to pull a amatuer that has the body of a beauty queen with all the right curves in the hot sports in Victoria Island and Ikoyi allthough in my humble opinion the best girls have to be the first three catergories.

It would be a good and enjoyable experience to go on a "academic tour" of the university of lagos, just to see the kind of females that are there. The school has a population of 21000 pupils doing all type of courses. It is a site to behold, expecially as these ladies dress so provocative at times it hard to imagine how men cannot be distracted from there objective of being in school. Some of the male lecturers have been known to obtain sex from female students and in return make sure they dont fail the courses the lecturer has them for!!!. These is just how it goes down in Lagos. It operates by the Golden rule. He that has the Gold MAKES THE RULES!!!.

Well thats that in a nutshell. I be glad if anyone can add any experience he has had as the amatuers are reall good in Lagos!!!

cheers for now gents and good hunting!!!

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07-30-02, 11:19

got a question for you. can a white guy just go to the university by himself during the day time and strike a conversation with some of the girls, or should he always be accompanied by a local? In other words, how safe is it for a white guy to walk the streets there during the day and approach the girls?
one more thing, most people there speak English, right?
thanks for the info. J.G.

07-30-02, 14:28
In reply J.G,

Going to the university is no problem at all. Just that you have to have a reason for being there, like going with a friend who has business there or going to do some research or to use the library.

Your best bet would be to visit places like Victoria Island and visit places like Thistle Bar, Tribes and Green Lion,Outside Inn, Captain Jacks in NAPEX [napex is like a plaza}. Most of the undergraduates that are into the life and scene of party and pleasure will frequent these *hot spots*. Even though nigerian girls are very horny, they dont tend to show it overtly in the open and you have to preceed with care and tact when approching them. If you do go to the universities with some one who does go there for a reason other than *game-hunting*, you have to carry yourself with the up-most professional manner as african girls in general disdain slackness and impolite manners in any form. The best approach scenario i always use is -

1- maybe driving through V.I OR IKOYI and spoting a *undergraduate kind of girl*, i may slow down, get her attention and ask "sorry to bother you, do you know the way to so and so place [mention a respectable location, be it a government building, private corporation building or something to do with buiness and government, NEVER LESUIRE!!!. Dont go to fast to the lesuire part!!!. Get her to give you directions and if she is going that way, which she may or maybe going, she can direct you. You may find out that she is interested in you and strike up a conversation that way. Its all about approach and tact-fulness, notice i said a "undergraduate type of lady"

2- concerning approach a good question to ask her would be what high-school she attended. If she responds with anyone of these type of schools ie -
a- Federal/unity government college
b- any cadet secondary school be it army, navy, airforce,
just know that this is a middle class girl who has alot of common sense so she is going to be very knowledgeable about alot of issues pertaining to nigeria and the worl.
If she does not fall into this two type of schools and she mentions
anothe high-school, enquire whether it was a private school. If its is also be aware that she is middle-to upper class because private schools in nigeria ARE NOT CHEAP BELIEVE YOU ME!!!.
The most note-able ones in lagos are -
But it is really trial and error. What i am describing is when you want to pick up females outside clubbing/party/lesuire hours.

3- Another scoring point and look out is females with mobile phones!!!. Since this is only a recent development in nigeria [the first operators started august 2001, they are Econet & MTN], this is also a tell tell sign of ladies that are good to chat and score with!.
Since i have been in nigeria before the mobile phone craze i was smart enough to know alot of young ladies would desire to have a hand set and get connected, so when i spoted a lady i liked at the affluent/commercial area's of Lagos such as V.I, IKOYI, IKEJA[especially the allen avenue/okran avenue/sheraton hotel area of Ikeja, you have to learm the hot-spots gents!!!],
it was just a matter of slowing down or literally stopping by the side of where they are standing or walking and asking for information in a polite manner with my mobile in my hand as if i'm on a call and need further directions from somebody.

Nornally if the female is SUPER-FINE!. I get down as a mark of respect and courtesy and ask them for directions. In this instance its rude to ask here for directions from inside the car, because this give the impression of her being a *cheap lady* trying to hop a ride or looking for some favours from a expatriate !. Gents the watch word is always professionalism and politeness with a touch of firmness always making her feel at ease with you!!!. This is they key. Its always good to hear them talk for 3 minutes to get an idea of the kind of person you are dealing with. NOT ALL WOULD LOVE TO JUMP INTO BED WITH YOU AT FIRST SIGHT, BUT MOST CAN BE PERSUADED WITH THE IDEA TO BE WITH YOU AND JUMP INTO BED A LITTLE LATER!!!.

I have given many 2nd hand handsets to lady friends and even given them part of the money for connection [i said part, they have their pride, dont go all out to assist, they love sunstantial help and shall always repay favourably!!!] and they have been wonderful in the bed room and have always been willing to service me when i'm ready!!![cus they are only a phone call away now, thanks to good ol technolgy!!!].

A 2nd hand GSM handset as a gift and some money to help for connection works wonders with these ladies in the bedroom!!!. Aslo little gifts here and there also helps. To get a good idea of what the *upward mobile nigerian female likes* just check them out at the shopping plaza's and hot spots. It shall be apparent want motivates them!.

well i shall throw in the towel here. As one poster in the archive section said *if you treat them right, they will show you the time of your life* also a note of warning never give them foreign exchange if its not necessary!!!. Me myself i never do!!!
Always settle thewm in naira and try and keep up on the local Lagos slang and terminologies [more of this in a later post]
I shall post the newspaper post a next.......
happy and successful hunting gents...and remember always leave a welcome behind you in all your dealings with nigerian ladies..you never know she may just tell a friend how good you are and your bedroom points may increase astronomically!!!

07-30-02, 14:36
hello J G,
Sorry, i left out the language. Yes english is the main language
in nigeria so there no problem on the communication front.
here's the article......

Prostitution in the banking hall

LAGOS. NIGERIA. Tuesday, July 09 2002

SIR: It is saddening and definitely uncalled for when I begin to recall my few months' experience in the banking and financial sector. What I have learnt however is invaluable and enormous. Banks in Nigeria are becoming institutes or academies of prostitution, which I fear is increasing day after day except there is a resolve to stop it. The banks, out of what they call marketing and the implementation of an aggressive strategy in raising funds, turn our young and so much cherished ladies into "fine prostitutes." Fine prostitutes in the sense that they do not need to stand by the road or in hotels but what they do is definitely more than that. Some married women surprisingly are involved in such marketing strategies in order for them to maintain their various job positions. What am I saying? Banks management recruit fresh university graduates, ladies especially, giving age limit by which they must be employed, usually below 26 years. These people work for few months and then turn out to become so-called "Relationship Officers."

What do they do? These relationship officers go to establishments, ministries, corporate bodies and even homes to seek or mobilise for funds needed for banking transactions and operations. In the course of such duties and loyalty to their employers, they encounter the so-called businessmen, irresponsible as they are. They resolve only to go to bed with them if their money is to go into the bank. The relationship officers then yield to the temptation in order to meet the deadline and the set target by the employer. This act until lately has been common in the so-called new generation banks but I was surprised however to see our older banks involved in such nefarious and devilish act in order to stay afloat and buoyant. Mentioning the names of such banks will only amount to a waste of valuable space.

there you have it..just giving a flavour of the corporate enviroment where sex and sex and more sex is an ever increasing barter in the arena of business.

cheers gents for now!

Member #4239
07-31-02, 08:27
Hey Mike_q
Good reports. Thanks for the info.
I wish Bank of America had a few "relationship officers", then I'd be set! Thanks again. J.G.

08-03-02, 15:50
I take it from your posts that Lagos is the place to go?

I have some quit nasty things about Nigeria. For a first timer is it safe to walk around...day/night?

I was thinking of giving Senegal a shot or Ghana, but you have peaked my interest in Nigeria. I know my African friends here in the States have an awefully low opinion of Nigerians. They tell me they are the most corrupt, and criminal in all of Africa.

Safety for a white guy?

08-05-02, 12:58
The thing is weasel is that Lagos is 100% good when you have a
Genuine reason for being there!. Kinda sour to go when all you are looking for is to *score*. It really is not the caribbean where you can go for a *wham bam thank you maam* holiday.
The truth is that if you are on a business trip or an expate, the incumbent businessmen and expats would kinda show you the ropes.
Then it would be like a walk through a sexy beach and you can have any girl you desire as long as you know how to be *polite'n'firm*.
There is no limit to the women you can enjoy here.
On the point of safety, the local in Nigeria do not really bother foriegners at all.
The real deal is that in Lagos the fine ladies hunt out the spots where expats hang out and make themself available. The hard task is trying to keep them off you.

Even the nigerian businessmen etc get hounded (in a sexy way), by these ladies in the *hot spots*.

To cut straight to the point - IF YOU ARE FOUND IN A *HOT SPOT* on a thursday/friday/weekend, having a drink by your self or with friends be you BLACK/WHITE/YELLOW WHATVER!!!, these ladies will not leave you be!!!. In there case "ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOLLAR/POUND/NAIRA!!! in return 4 some good sex!!! (and the token amount they desire from you is not all that significant)

If you have it to spend and you treat them right, they will love you into the next millennium!!!.

Corruption exist but its safe if you respect yourself and be a good foreigner. I conduct my business and enjoy myself with my *legitimate* nigerian and other european and asian friends!.
I understood the game and therefore no the ground rules.
The number one rule in nigeria as a foriegner is - "When in doubt contact your nearest North American or EU consulate or embassy!!!
well if you need any info just say so. always verify with your consulate in nigeria, its just that simple, people who get ripped of just do not seek consulate advise!.
later Gents!

08-05-02, 19:33
Thanks mike_q,

I understand. I hope I have a reason...I am planning a trip to Africa to see the countries...not quite the hard-core *scorer* some of the chaps here are. But, I do like to be informed. I do treat the girls with respect. I am actually looking for something longer term than most of the guys.

That said; what kind of work do you do? I'm here in NYC and the job market is dismal and I am open to all sorts of work and I think elsewhere would be great. I am in finance/economics with a recent graduate degree. Is your company hiring?

thanks again, and I'll keep you posted.

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10-05-02, 15:22
to mike_q and other fellows:
you guys have been awfully quiet. any recent updates on Nigeria? I certainly will not have the opportunity to visit Nigeria in the near future(e.g. next 6 months), but I do enjoy reading your posts, and who knows if the stars align right, maybe I'll get a chance to see it for myself one day.
Thanks. J.G.

10-06-02, 23:12
I arrived in Lagos, Nigeria in the afternoon around 4:30 PM. I had to bribe the immigration officer for entry into the country and was met by another agent and taken to a hotel. He took me to a small, gated hotel near the airport where I would be spending the night until the morning then I would be flying out from the domestic airport to Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I checked into the hotel and went to my room. It wasn't the Hilton but would do. They speak English in Nigeria so at least I understood the TV. I took a shower and went to the bar. It was a small bar and there were about 4 people in there. I asked the bartender if any girls ever came to the hotel and he said by invitation only. I asked him if he could invite one and gave him 300 Naira (about 2.50 US). About an hour later he brought a 20 year old college girl named Priscilla. She was pretty and sweet but not used to foreigners. She spent the night with me all night for 2,000 Naira (16 USD) and I caught my flight out to Port Harcourt. Priscilla was ok at best but very clean and innocent. A normal girl trying to survive, in this poor country. There are some very pretty girls here in Nigeria but I would recommend avoiding Lagos unless you are traveling here for business. I board the ship and we go to sea.

After about a week in the Ocean we arrive in Port Harcourt and the Chief Mate and I go into the village for a beer. We go to a small outside bar and a pretty local girl joins us at our table. From here we leave for another bar, which has several ladies of the evening waiting for customers. The Nigerian women are stunningly beautiful imagine the DR with 10 times the women and 3% of the guys. All of the lesser quality girls do not come into the bars it seems that only the very pretty ones come in. There were a couple of Tyra Banks look-alikes and a few more that were equal or better. I finally settle with a pretty girl named Sonia. 1,750 Naira, for the entire evening (about 14 USD). She turns out to be O.K. but for $14 you can’t miss. The Nigerian girls are very clean. She showered before and after and cleaned me up after we were done. I met another girl in the bathroom (bathrooms are his/hers in Nigeria) and have a plan to meet with her the next time we are in port. I probably should have taken her first but so many women, so little time. They sell a condom here named “Black Panther” which is an industrial strength sort of like the “Galactic Prophylactic” from Eddie Murphy Saturday Night Live which, with all of the horror stories of Africa I highly recommend using. Unfortunately I did not have my digital camera with me so I have nothing but the stories to share but I will come here again if I am ever asked. The average price here for the girls is 2,000 Naira (16 USD) for the evening. They are very aggressive so if you don’t like her, don’t even look her way because she will come sit with you. ******* trust me we have to come here together some day. You would be like a starving Japanese sailor in a Sushi Bar. The DR isn’t even close to what they have here. When (not if, but when) I return I will bring a digital camera and show you. Imagine this, you walk into a disco, there are 11 guys and 150 beautiful girls who are ready to fight each other over who can fuck you the most for $15 a night.

Most of the girls are either girls that work regular jobs and moonlight to supplement their income or they are college girls who are trying to survive. Port Harcourt has 2 large universities. There are very few pro’s. Nigeria is a poor country so anything to them helps. A Heineken cost 100 Naira, about 75 cents in a nice bar. There are girls everywhere who are willing to provide extra services to you for a small fee. If you like the waitress or the girl in the shop just ask her what time does she get off and she will be ready to go with you. I had a secretary from the shore base come to the ship on her lunch hour at my request. An hour with her for $10 USD then she went back to work. She was very pretty and seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

The Girl From The His/Hers Bathroom

The next time we came into port I had asked a fellow shipmate to go and look for the girl I mentioned that I met in the bathroom. I finally gave up but after about 2 hours he returned and with my girl.

She welcomed me with a kiss on the cheek and a small hug. We went to my cabin and I felt like I was riding a rocket ship. This was the best discovery of my trip. In the morning after 5 times all involving BBBJ’s I said goodbye to this incredible lady. She treated me like a king and I gave her 2,000 Naira in the morning (16 USD) plus 500 more (4 USD) for cab fare home and promised I would find her the next time we were in port. I will indeed find this girl she made this journey to Africa worth the trip. She is 27 years old, no kids, lives in a small apartment alone and just ended a 5 year relationship with another ship captain. A very pretty lady, with an almost perfect body, not to mention a health card. This is not a monger destination as it is a very remote location but, if you like the girls in the DR you haven’t seen anything. I will never again have any objections to returning to this part of the world. Bring plenty of rubbers and spend a week in heaven.

This report I am writing in segments, as I don’t want to forget anything. By now I have just spent 4 nights with this pretty lady and I seem to be enjoying her company more each time I see her. I will be visiting her again. I am not sure when or where but I will return to some part of Africa to visit her again.

Next trip in, 4 nights also with my same sweet girl. It is getting to the point where I only give her cab fare back and forth from home and feed her. That time of the month came so all activities were suspended but she still continues to give me a great BBBJ in the morning. We were out on my last night in port and she told me that I should find a girl for the evening because she could not make love to me that night. I replied that I was fine to just be with her and I did not want another girl. That was not like Beavis but I enjoy being with this girl. I won’t be coming to Nigeria to visit her but if I come back for work I have her and if not I will visit her in another location.

Next time we are in port my regular girl is gone as she is working in a town two hours away and only comes home on weekends. The first night I take a fine looking black girl named Janet. She is good but after a few Nigerian beers and very little sleep in the past 2 days it is a short session. The next night I am well rested and find another good discovery. She is named Jasmine, 23 years old, no kids a tight body and she has very long braided hair. A light skinned black girl. I keep her all night and bang her 4 times. I give her 2,500 Naira ($ 20 USD). This girl was incredible I thought she would wake everyone on the ship. Eventually I dump Ebi for Jasmine and then dump Jasmine for a girl named Mimi. At this point in the Beavis adventures I am hooked up with Mimi. She is also a very pretty black girl. There are so many of them all ready to go. I plan to keep Mimi around for a while but who knows what will happen. I am only a few days from returning to the U.S. as I am writing this so we will see. Stay tuned for more.

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10-07-02, 00:18
You lucky bastard! Listen, obviously you have written a couple of really excellent reports. Thanks.
I had a couple of quick questions, just some practical issues that maybe you could answer briefly.
You said you wouldn't recommend travel to Lagos unless on business. Why? Is it because of the crime, poverty, or that there is not much else to do there, or all of the above?
Did you need a visa to get into Nigeria? was it a lot of hassle to get it? How about malaria and other diseases(excluding HIV)? Did you have to take any precautions? I can find that info at different web sites, but it's just much easier to ask some one who has just been there. Thanks and safe trip back. J.G.

10-07-02, 00:37

I only spent 1 night there and it was near the airport. I didn't even know Lagos was on the ocean until I had left. There is an area called Victoria Island that has some good info so I can't really say. Another guy from my company went there and said he had a lot of fun. He went to a disco with a cab driver for an escort. Lagos might be fine I just don't know it. My time was spent in Port Harcourt. Unless you have been to a comparable place you will see things that make you realize how lucky we are. I will say that I have never been treated better anywhere in the world. I go to the local bars with my crew and will be the only white face usually with a very pretty black girl. Even then I am always treated fine (try this in New Orleans).

Yes you need a visa. Mine was no problem because my company got it for me. Also you need a yellow fever shot. I would recommend to go to Douala, Cameroon as it is a much more modern city. I would have reccomended Abidjan before the violence but it will settle down soon.

As for the Aids precautions, the only thing that is 100 % safe is don't pull down your zipper. There are rumors of high HIV infection rate but the CIA world factbook says only 5 %. Many people in Nigeria are born in the small villages with their people, they live off of the land and die in the same village that they are born. Some of these people never see a doctor in their entire life so how does some asshole in Washington know how many people have Aids here. My opinion is this is BS generated by the Americans and Europeans. There are plenty of deaths from yellow fever, malaria, typhoid, dengue fever, and several other diseases. I think every time someone dies here some asshole behind a desk puts another mark under the Aids file he has on his desk. I just spent 3 months here and I have not seen 1 person who appears to be dying of Aids. Not only that I have 15 Nigerians working on my ship and none of them are infected nor know anyone who is. All of the seamen are required to have HIV screening done. Life is short play safe and have some fun.

As for Malaria there are 2 ways. You can take Malarone to help prevent it but they make you feel like shit and are said to have some side effects such as liver damage. I took them at 1st but not any more. Malaria is carried by 1 type of mosquito in West Africa and it only comes out at dusk. My suggestion is find a honey and bang her until it is good and dark. If you do catch malaria you will be fine if you are treated soon. With the Nigerian beers you wont need anything else to fuck with your liver. If I can help with anything else let me know. I plan to drag ******* there next year.

Member #4239
10-07-02, 05:39
I really envy you man!
I have been itching to go to Africa, you know, see it at least once in my life time, but it just hasn't happened yet.
Seems like for a first trip, you favor Cameroon over Nigeria. The only reason I was thinking more about Nigeria was the fact that they speak English there. I felt like I'd be a little more in control of things in an English speaking country.
Keep us updated! J.G.

10-07-02, 12:05
JG Cameroon is a bi-lingual country even though French is more popular. I would have said Abidjan before the fighting started. Nigeria is O.K. but I only know Port Harcourt as my stay in Lagos was brief. Wherever you go in Africa is fun and there are plenty of hot women.

10-08-02, 02:18
What a world. Beavis you just gave me a good time reading your various exploits across this tangled web of message board. It's funny, normally I'm helping rep the East Chicago board outta Indiana but lately it's been more fun reading the various endevors of my fellow man from across the globe. There's a couple alright spots where you could pick up a lady, buy nothing you'd write home about. There's an excellent AMP in town and the girls range from beautiful to just kinda pretty, but a good time can run ya' as high as two bills.

Yessir I can smell the pussy overthere. In Cameroon , it seems so much sweeter out there. Not just cheaper, but relatively safer too. I've been itching to get outta town and I've always wanted to see Africa, maybe sometime next year we could trade pussy stories over a cold beer.

10-08-02, 03:46
Yea I was very sceptical to go to Africa after hearing all of the horror stories. I was supposed to be there for only 2 weeks and I volunterred to stay for 2 1/2 months. When I go back in November I am staying until January 2004. I have only scratched the surface of what I plan to. I am going to spend my vacation time next year travelling around Africa. If I stay out of the country I don't pay any taxes so basically its give my money to the IRS or the African *****s. Gee that sure is a hard decision to make.

Member #4239
10-08-02, 05:11
I was reading the lonelyplanet reports on the web last night. Got the impression that they felt Ghana to be the most modern and safe country in that part of the world.
Just remember you owe us a detailed report on Ghana ASAP...lol...take care. J.G.

10-08-02, 12:56
J.G. I have also heard Ghana was a great place. I met an ex pat from Canada in Lagos. He lives in Ghana and told me it was great. When I go back in November I will be on until Fecreuary. In February I am spending one month traveling around various African countries. I hope the BS dies down in Cote d'Ivore because that is a great place also. If not there is always Douala and I might check out some of the other countries. I met 3 white girls from Morocco that were fine. Liek the old saying "So many women, so litttle time".

10-08-02, 17:19
hey beavis, loved the post on nigeria, where exactly in port harcourt are you talking about...need details and by the way lagos is probably more fun than port harcourt but a little expensive. Try the university of lagos at akoka. 90% percent of the women are available. A few years ago(96) the action use to be in moremi hall at akoka. the move was to prak in front of the hall and call any girl walking in or out and they where always up for any thing,I dont know what it is now I have not been there since then. I will going to nigeria in march 03 ...need more on th port harcourt action..

10-10-02, 00:26
Noorseman most of my time is spent around the port which has nothing but the local girls but a lot of them come there for the offshore workers. There is a private club at one of the yards where they only allow the ex pats and the local girls to come in. I seldom leave here because it is such a pain to go to PH from here. If you know where the Presidential Hotel is from here it is very close to the Blues Cafe and Barracudas. I will be there in March so if I can get a break we can compare some notes. I have a pretty hot regular girl there that e mails me every day. She has plenty of friends too. If you want to e mail me I will tell you exactly where I am dcc62@aol.com.

10-11-02, 12:14
I am visiting Nigeria on the First week of November 2002 and will be staying in the sheraton.... any tips would be gratefully received

Good days to all

10-11-02, 12:34
I assume you mean the Sheraton in Lagos. It isn't hard to find action in Nigeria. Any girl in a shop, restaurant, ect. can be had. Hire a cab driver and ask him to take you around and stay with you. It won't cost much at all and you will be amazed at the beauty of the Nigerian women.

10-11-02, 19:52
Hello fella's
Sorry for the silence, i have beed very busy away from nigeria. I reside in London[uk].
sO Puald you thinkin of going to lagos in november and staying at sheraton. Thats very goo. As far as i can ascertain. Sheraton is a very high class hotel with alot of "fat-cats"[top businessmen and the likes]. How long are you staying in Lagos? The best advice i can give is to survey things first. I guess it would be possible to get a girl on the first night of arrival but i'm not to sure on sheratons policy on these issues, being that it is a five star hotel .
Like one of the poster said[beavis]. He got a hotel worker to arrange a date for him. I been to sheraton myself but have not stayed there for a night or more.
Your best bet would be to check walk arounf the hotel and see the atmosphere. There is some bars and resturants around the area. The area sheraton is located in is Ikeja. The popular spots in Ikeja is "allen avenue" akran avenue". What i could do for you is contact some frinds in the area for a round down on the
"bubbling scene".
There are some good websites where you can see pics and emails of Ladies in the univeristies and colleges in lagos. So that could help you. I shall get the info and there are aslo some contact sites like www.nigeriandateline.com. I think they charge token fee of $15 dollars for 3 months now to be a member.
The timing for you going to lagos could not be more perfect as its freshers season at the univeristies and colleges, that is a.k.a 18+ of ladies who are new in university in abundance.
check out this website www.ngex.com, it should give you a flavour of the lagos social, business and entertainment scence.
i shall stay up with the info fella's since i have plans to be in nigeria myself around the 1 week of december if all goes well
cheers and enjoy ya self
NOTE -Beavis i liked your notes on Port - Harcourt. I have a professor friend at the university of port-harcourt that is fun to be with when i was down there. The good thing about that university is that they have a diverse mixture of nigerian ladies there. I shall do some more research. It would be cool if we can get this messageboard to stream video clips so that those who read the post can get a better understanding of what goes on in nigeria. To the best of my knowledge Lagos and Port harcourt are the best cities for the ladies and aslo Abuja the capital. But abuja is in the central part of the country and thats the north which is very far. Stick to lagos and port harcour gents, you cant go wrong there.
I shall drop more info as i get my intelligence in....J G whan are you going to take the trip? you better get yourself reafy. it is worth the while and is a an entirelly different world of black ladies!!!. Something you will really cherish.
I aslo liked a point Beavis made which is very true: on more than one contact with a particular lady, the money you spend on her starts going down!!! If it goes up something is definitely wrong!!!
unless the lovin is soo soo good!!!.
later gents..more info on the weekend!!!

Member #4239
10-11-02, 20:35
Great to hear from you again.
I would like to visit Africa for the first time next year, but I really have no idea when my free time will be. I believe I will start with Ghana first though, which I understand may be a little safer than Lagos/Nigeria. However, if everything goes well, I definitely would like to visit Nigeria too at some point down the road.
I look forward to your future reports. J.G.

10-11-02, 22:50
Mike and J.G. all I really know is Port Harcourt as I only spent 1 night in Lagos. I will say that if anybody thinks that there are pretty women in the Dominican Republic you haven't seen nothing. Go to Barracudas on any night and you will see some of the most beautiful dark skin women you have ever seen. If you took Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell and dressed them in the sexiest outfits you could find I promise you that there would be several women that were finer than either of them. I was very sceptical to go to Africa when I was 1st asked and after being there for 3 months I am soon going back for a year.

Member #4239
10-12-02, 08:48
dude, I need no more convincing! Actually to be quite honest with you, the women would be the only reason why I would consider going to Africa at this time. I am probably gonna get me a Colombian wife by the end of next year, but before that time, I would like to "visit" with about 100 beautiful African women. J.G.

10-12-02, 12:30
J.G. why would anyone in this world want a wife, A WIFE, Yuck !

10-12-02, 14:05
Man, I dont think i wife is a bad thing.
To me is just depends on you finding a good women.
Even these ladies in nigerian that are so open for fun, all have a desire to marry. That does not mean that they dont "creep" or have an affair ouside theiirt marital union, but it is kind of risky for them. Most girls are in the "casual sex" game for the momey and fun and it like a different perspective fro them to have fun with an expate. After all the local nigerian men have money too, but some of these college/uni girls prefer to be with a non-nigerian guy rather than a well to do nigerian if the choice of the two were presented before them. Especially in Lagos and por-harcourt. Aslo it should be noted that sex is a "close door" subjetc in nigeria. So the young girls find out about romance and love either through friends, movies, blue films[thats wnat they call porn movies in nigeria] and sexual experiences in a very discreet manner. They never openly discuss sex, but there so much of it going on behind closed doors. It is estimated that in The university of Lagos about 60% of the Girls on having casual affairs and most of these affairs are not with their fellow college boys!!!{ouchh!!!}, Its funny, but most of the girls would rather go out and sleep with a guy that has finished uni/college and is working or with a businessman, politician, expate, diplomat or any individual who is just not a "triangular student"[that means a student who is subject to cafeteria, lecture hall , then library, then back to hostels, to wake up and do the same thing again!!!]. That is just boredom and as they say in nigerian colleges an "afiko" life style [afiko means a bookworm]. Another party that enjoys alot of there girls are the lecturers that take these girls fgor courses. Most of these courses require "handouts" which you must buy from the lecturer!. that how he makes extra mony to suppliment his salary,. Plus in addition, he also gives extra tutoriaL and special appointment to the female and "deep pocketed" male students. This is what is called "cash and kind" appointments!, Cash for the guys and kind for the girls. When i was in univeristy of port-harcourt stayiing with a lecturer friend i saw this scenario played out right before my eyes. After a while of lecturing [like 2 years]. A lecturer kind get bored of the kind and just settles for the cash[you can only go to far with the small brain you know!!!]. But most times when the money is flowing is before and after exam times. I have enjoyed the company of 3 ladies between the age of 19-24, when io stayed with him. They were nice and were willing to do "whatever" to get me to give a good word in for them to my lecturer friend [hmm what a life!!!], But that how it goes in nigeria. I guess you can blame a poor economy for the masses and the indoctrination oif hollywood!!!. They are so addicted to all things Europena and american that its like plucking oragnes of a low hanging tree!!!.
Well i shall get the info on lagos and some hot spots
later folks !!!

10-12-02, 14:26
Hello Guys!
Here is an article on Nigerian exams
In colleges and universities...kind of interesting...enjoy...

University Students And Cheating
By Hope Eghagha ...from The daily Guardian July 21st 2002

It never ceases to amaze me how desperate most Nigerian undergraduates become during examinations, when they have to prove to their lecturers how much they have actually learnt and retained in twelve weeks of lectures. Their desperation is expressed in the cunning and ingenuity with which they try to cheat during course assessment tests and semester examinations. Often, the exam period is one of battles. The student battles to read or to cheat. The lecturers battles to ensure that students do not cheat. The Heads of Department and Deans ensure that all lecturers turn up for invigilation. As an invigilator, the greatest battle is to ensure that cheats are either prevented from achieving their objectives, or caught in the process of cheating. We usually breathe a sigh of relief when the exams come to an end.

Cheating comes in different forms. Some students are so sophisticated in their cheating techniques that it is only a smart invigilator that can detect them. The first type is the fellow who brings in copied-out material into the hall. Students call this 'chips', referring to the tiny bits into which they are divided. Some lecturers give exam hints to students to help them out. Rather than read up such areas and come into the hall mentally prepared, they consult their notes and copy out whole sections, which they would consult, and copy from right inside the hall. While some stash their 'chips' into their bosom or spread them inside the drawer, others strap them to their thighs. This is the favourite technique of their fairer sex. It is a wickedly ingenious style, because as male lecturers, we are not able to stop and search. Female lecturers are then invited to peruse and expose the exhibit. Another variant is when the female students writes things on her thighs. As an invigilator, one gets suspicious when a student keeps looking downwards while writing. The boys use the chip method or hire a 'mercenary' to write the exam. A mercenary is a student from a higher level who had taken and passed a course but returns to the battlefield to write the same exam for a patron, who of course has paid some money or would grant him sexual favours. Another way students cheat is to write codes and whole sentences on the desk. After writing such codes, they do all they can to secure those seats. There is a case of a girl who wept openly after she was re-deployed from her 'hot' seat. In the Arts, this is a curious thing to do but it takes place. Sometimes I wonder what goes through a student's mind as he or she spends hours or days working out cheating strategies. Would the student not be better off if he or she diverted such energies into learning or studying? For example, how long would it take a student to write sentences on her thighs? I imagine that if a student spent such time even memorising the subject, she would understand it better and benefit from it.

The most common form of cheating is when two or more students 'co-operate' in the hall. There are all kinds of expressions for this. While some call it 'ECOWAS', others call it 'joint effort' or 'sharing'. What puzzles me is that most students do not see this practice as cheating. In fact, a careless moment, one of them asked what was wrong it a student asked a friend for a simple act of help or assistance in the exam hall. Under this arrangement, a bright student would sit in the midst of weak or not-so-bright students so as to solve some of their problems in the hall. Occasionally, he or she would make the answer sheet available to others when the invigilator is looking the other way. A student caught exchanging views in the hall argued that he just asked a friend to help out on a small point which has escaped his memory. Students also cheat by stealing answer booklets and answer the questions outside the exam hall. In this scenario, while an exam is in progress, a potential cheat would pilfer an answer booklet in preparation for the next exam. For university-wide courses, the situation is usually chaotic. Somehow, the student gains access to the question paper and prepares an answer which he or she would try to smuggle into the hall while hardworking students are submitting their scripts. Often, because the number of students we have to cater for in the system outstrips the number of invigilators in some cases, supervision is not thorough. This is a serious offence, that is, bringing scripts into the hall. University administrations are very severe on this, yet students do not learn.

In a sense one is not surprised that cheats are on the increase in the university system. For, most of these students cheated to pass JAMB examination, aided by some parents and invigilators. There are some exam centres all over the country which help students to cheat. At such centres, invigilators help students to answer questions because parents have already paid something extra to enable candidates benefit from their special attention. Before the next exam, the owners of such centres advertise the high performance of their candidates to attract customers. Once such 'successful' candidates get into the university system, they try to continue the great tradition of cheating. It is a shame that for most of these students, acquiring knowledge is not important. What is important is the certificate, whether or not they merit the claims written on the paper. Often, when we tell students to read extraneous material, they do not see the need. They complain about their inability to cope with class references, not to talk of issues that are not directly related to the topic. In literature, for example, some students dropped a course because the course lecturer added secondary readings to the primary texts. Our cheats therefore are a product of the society which they come from. They witness cheating at elections and appointments, in civil society, in corporate organisations and even in the church. They witness how so-called ministers of God manipulate elections and install puppets as leaders, thus encouraging double standards. And so the church, which ought to be the first place of upholding fairness and truth, becomes an incipient platform for imbibing fraudulent values. At a personal level, in a recent experience (I shall write about this in some detail as soon as the cloud clears), truth which all my life had been at the forefront of the gospel, has become a major casualty of politics and selfish interests. In fact, in the lives of most undergraduates, they have few or no role models to look up to as they experience life. Sometimes, youth run into experiences which tend to support cheating as away of getting on in life. As we witness politicians of all persuasions prepare for elections, rumours of massive rigging are rife. The message is clear: our nation does not really frown at cheating particularly if one cheats and becomes successful.

The recent upsurge in the number of students coming into higher institutions just for the sake of being there is unhealthy. In many ways, it contributes to the culture of cheating in exams. Some of the candidates are either not competent to be in the university or are reading courses for which they have no interest or skill. A student who is weak in mathematics cannot find economics easy in the university. Yet some parents force their children into reading the so-called marketable courses. The result is that they learn to cheat in order to get the minimum score. It is true that not all students are cheats. In fact, some students give lecturers hints about their mates who have formed this ugly habit. Sometimes too, the system itself flushes out some lecturers who collude with students to perpetrate fraud on the system. Often such colleagues do not last in the system. Parents have a role to play to curb their wards penchant for cheating. They must encourage their children to strive to acquire knowledge, not just the certificate. The society itself must help in this endeavour. Often parents come to the rescue of their erring children by offering money to buy them out of their problem. I remember a parent telling me once to get his child out of the mess no matter what it would cost. 'This is Nigeria, anything is possible', he added for good measure. Too much emphasis is placed on the certificate which a person holds. A system should be developed on testing abilities and rewarding knowledge in practice than in theory. Government itself must lead by example by ensuring that her actions and policies reflect the result of hard work and integrity. A situation where a national figure or a political party rigs elections and proclaim a fraudulent person as winner encourages our undergraduates to believe that cheating is a good way of life.

Kind of give syou a flavour of want goes on in the society in nigeria...
later folks

Member #4239
10-13-02, 01:52
Beavis buddy
I understand your sentiments perfectly, but I need some stability now in my life. But married men can have fun too buddy...lol...take care man.
Keep up the good work mike_q. J.G.

10-13-02, 01:59
O.K. J.G. if that's what you want. I might try it someday but I have no idea when. At least try Africa before you do it. Good Luck, Beavis

10-14-02, 00:31
2,000 Naira (16 USD)and down for the whole night. If you really want to be a big spender give her 20 USD and you wont be able to get rid of her. I know this sounds unbelievable but it is. Why do you think I am going back for a year.

10-14-02, 05:38
Thaks Beavis. Got me quite interested. Hope you get some pics soon.
What is the "down and dirty" factor of these girls. Willing to try most things or not? Anal, 3some etc....
You find girls in the 16-25 bracket easy.

Thanks for the posts

10-14-02, 12:58
Most girls are willing to try anything
thats reasonable one-2-one@CheapYngHoLuver,
Hmm threesomes well depends on the girls really..i have done it one, but that was an exceptional occasion..and it was three girls and me. It was the december/new year season and ladies in nigeria are in a serious hunt for money to celebrate in style.Thas why i going around december time for about 3 weeks and aslo to tie up spme business.
concerning currency they will take local currency@peter_girth, i guess for m i dont spend more than 1500 naira[$10 dollars].
Its also due to the fact that i may bring some small gifts from abroad like jewellery/perfumes/bags etc . All this may come up to £25 pounds or so, but i know where i can get a "goody bag" or stuff in london for this amount that i have enough to give to 5 or 6 ladies. Plus i throw in 800 naira as a token fee for cab.
So it kind of depends on how you know the tarrain. As i said the smarter you play with them , the less you speand!!!. But all things being equal,
later next time
mike Q

10-15-02, 10:35
Hi Chaps,

Thanks mike_q.... I have now confirmed my visit to nigeria and will have 4 nights or so staying at the Sheraton... I am being hosted whilst I am there during the day.. I have been advised that it would be best if I stay in the Hotel of an evening. However, I hear there is a good lively disco in the hotel in the evening so all I can say is.. Watch this Space.. I shall report on my return...

10-16-02, 19:50
Thats good to hear@pauld.
I try and look for some info on sheraton...long time since i been there, most i'm at Eko del le meridian hotel.....
get back to you soon....

10-22-02, 01:08
Beavis & mikey, you must be writing on behalf of the Nigerian Tourist Board! I'm usually living and posting in the eastern European Region (Romania, Moldova), and thought we have it nice here, but Nigeria seems like the quintessential adventure! Do you think security is worse than, lets say, Russia?
Do you know if there's a thriving expat community in Nigeria other than the obvious oil&diplomacy circuit?
Would it be possible for a white guy to find a hotel in this Port Hancourt place and have an enjoyable stay for some weeks just for kicks?
I thought about spending some time in Columbia/Argentina next year, but now I'm really tempted to give the African continent the courtesy of my nocturnal ramblings first......

11-11-02, 07:45
Hey Burnie sorry I took so long to get back to you. As for going to Nigeria mongering I would give it a thumbs up like Gene and Roger. I don't know Russia so I can't compare the authorities. I do know this, money can do anything there. I am going back tomorrow.

You can go to the Airport Hotel $40 USD per night. A nice hotel and girl friendly with girls in the lobby. At night ask them to get you a cab and go to Barracudas. When you get there you will see some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen. It is about the size if a high school gym. A normal night there will be at least a 100 women. Friday and Saturday maybe 200. never more than 50 or 60 guys. The ugliest girl there will be an 8. I leave tomorrow and cant wait. Remember this is a 4th world country but you will have a lot of fun. I will check e mail in the morning and after that it will be about once every 2 weeks. If I can help you let me know. dcc62@aol.com

11-16-02, 13:21
all der best in der "meet, greet, add 2 yer score sheet" department@beavis. i shall be in london der 1st week of december. been busy but had to at least check in to see if there was any info anybody desired.
burnie, nigeria is real good fun. i shall be in the capital abuja for bout 4 days when i go next. they say der place is hot for ladies of all shape and sizes "n" ages!. well i have to see for myself and be a good ceaser!.
well folks thats all for now. i definitely give you a run down of what happens when i get to lagos and abuja

here's an article of interest before i sign off!
medical student, others nabbed for sexual liasons

pm news
november 12, 2002
posted to the web november 12, 2002

seventeen female undergraduates of different higher institutions in nigeria were among 110 commercial sex workers paraded by the police yesterday at the lagos state police command headquarters, ikeja. among them were students studying law and medicine.

this staggering number of students involved in prostitution on the streets of lagos has thus raised the moral question of the uprightness of nigerian girls in higher institutions.

the prostitutes were all arrested in a single day (sunday) at different spots in the lagos metropolis at odd hours of the night. some of them were picked up at victoria island, kuramo beach, ikoyi, apapa, and allen avenue. the others were arrested along the popular commercial sex joints at ipodo, ikeja. during a parade by the lagos police pro, mr. ighodalo, 17 of the prostitutes claimed to be students.

among those arrested were a medical student of the university of calabar (names withheld) and another law student of the university of nigeria, nsukka (unn) (names withheld). a sizeable chunk of those who claimed to be students said they were from yaba college of technology (yabatech) and lagos state university (lasu), ojo. one of them claimed to be an ond business administration student of yabatech.

some of the arrested student prostitutes who spoke with p.m.news said it was their first time out on the streets. according to isioma john, "our school is closed, so i thought i should make a small money before we resume since i'm the one fending for myself".

in her own confession, shirley effiom attributed her involvement in the despicable pastime to the closure of her school.

there was a demonstration in our school and it was closed down. so, i had to do something to take care of myself since i can't travel to my town".

on where she was arrested, she retorted: "i was arrested along allen avenue", ikeja.

hmmm quite interesting........

here's another one

prostitutes flood lagos

pm news
october 22, 2002
posted to the web october 22, 2002

bamidele ogunwusi

the world's oldest profession, prostitution, is now being refined in order to meet modern trends.

p.m.news gathered that prostitutes have now adopted the system of carrying their business to the doorsteps of lagosians to attract more customers as their old system of staying in hotels and hanging on major roads at night appeared unattractive any more.

a source, who confessed to have witnessed some of these prostitutes visiting private homes confided in p.m.news that the main reason why they adopted the new system was as a result of low patronage by lagosians.

p.m.news also learnt that unlike their old fashioned night exploits, prostitutes now go about in daytime, exposing their luscious bodies to lagosians at motor parks, roadsides and busy areas to attract attention.

it was further learnt that among the group of prostitutes who have adopted this new innovations are secondary school students, who abandoned their schools to make fast money during school period.

a danfo driver, plying ojuelegba to idi-araba confided in p.m.news that these girls have increased their presence at motor parks more than before. his words, "before, they used to come around 6pm and 7pm but now you can see them even by 8am."

he added, "these prostitutes, at times, board our buses" to try their luck on commuters. this effort, according to another source, "pay off at times as they end up getting customers."


hmmm also interesting....
what is so mind blowing is the ones you meet in the clubs and
bars!. the cream de la creame of the finest sexiest women in nigeria, ranging from high school leavers waiting to enter university and undergrautes, post graduates, gradutes working in the victoria/lagos island, ikeja area etc.

its a sight to behold and as beavis said with a money in your pocket you can purchase or influence anything in nigeria especially women.

my word of advice to anyone going is just be choosey! and select well. because when you choose to quick, you will definitely see another finer more robust women after the one you choose!!! [happened to me on my earlier trips, and i was really gutted!]

and since this is the festivity season, the ladies are gonna be extra horny and reay to go. what i have to do now is survey they ones i desire to be with before they spot me!!!. man! its a tough choice when it comes to choosing this women, but he have to learn the 3 second rule fast!!! which is "view", "select@ the speed of light" and "possess promptly".

another good skill which you can pick as you go along is to separate the "fresh fish" from the "seasoned trout" [although most seasoned trout are too delicious to pass up!].
its a nice thing when you cane{lagos slang for sex] a "fresh un" [1st year/100 level/fresh women student]...

well all der best guys and which you all a happy campaign if you decide to take a "tour of duty to the "booty-full" world of nigeria!

all der best beavis and maybe sometime we can compare notes on line!

cheers gents!!!


11-16-02, 13:29
corrections folks when i said i shall be in london in december , that was a spelling error, i mean lagos and abuja
cheers now


11-22-02, 22:56
So, expats of Nigeria - what exactly is goin' down?

11-23-02, 11:39
Depends on what ya flavour@MondaysChilde,
I'M of in 2 weeks time to lagos. I heard about the miss world riot in the northern part of nigeria. I guess i wont be going any where in the north except abuja.
I just wonder whether they will still hold the competition in nigeria with all the problems in the north..
Come on fell'as lets get posting and talking. Make this board more lively....

that all for now....

Member #4239
11-27-02, 10:11
I am very saddened by the recent news coming out of Nigeria....I guess these Islamic fanatics want to kill all the "infidels" and just take the world back to the 12th century....very very sad....that's why I personally think religion is all B.S....it just creates a lot of prejudice, war, hate, and other problems

11-30-02, 14:18
yeah@J.G, kind of agree with you there. religion does suck!!!
The problem is that those moslems in the northern part of nigeria r the biggest hypocrites that have ever seen!.
The issue there aout the propsosed stoning of the young lady who commited adultery is all bull as far as i am concerned!. When i have been in nigeria, the men who chase so called "sinful" sex are the moslems in the north of the country. Those Hausa's, Fulanis, Kunari's etc always seem to have there hang out joints next to brothels and such the like. The truth is that the moslems northerners have no qualms about having serial, marathon sex with non-moslem girls in nigeria, but when it comes to there women and there sexuality, they start crying Sharia! and fundermentalism!!!. Having done business with northen nigerians who are 75% moslems in "mouth" but 99.9% non-moslem in life-style and heart!, its just a poor double standard. The lack of education among northern nigerians is appalling.There lack of global issues is even more dismal.
Its would be good for them to come out of their closet and stop playing "Self Righteous" in front of non-moslem nigerian men, but that would be to loose thier front of "Decency and respect". Most of the younger generation of kids born to moslem parents in nigeria born in the southern part of the country dont care much about Islam. Well most secretly attend church without there parents knowing!. Just my observation since i have been in nigeria for a considerable number =of years to interact and voice an opinion.
Richard Brason, the Business tycoon was in Port-harcourt of recnt launching his Virgin Airlines in West Africa. At the after party, according to my friend, the northern moslem business men were seriously on the prow to bed University of port-harcourt girls who were hostesses at the event. it was such a site to see them hungry for the so called "infidel Christian Luv-Bud". Hmm i could magine. That why i just ave a little turn of the the north of the country. Although abuja the capital in the north is beefing up security against any social-political unrest in the future. The southerners are getting real fed up with all this bad press in nigeria because of "Idle, mob steering, islamic youths in the north".
Well folks that the little down side. Although i must add that nigerians in general have a esteemable respect for foriegners and visitors. I heard that the govenor in the northern state if nigeria called zamfara state is going to get the axe at the next election for the dumb staemnet he made about calling for the death of the feamle nigerian journalist that made that statement about mohammed the prophet would have loved to have narried one of the beauty pagent contestants.
Well it happended and i hope the nigerian goverment learns from its mistake and deal with the problem accordingly next time. It is not helping issues in the northern part of the country.

12-08-02, 05:20
Hi Mike_q,

I just found out I'll be working in Nigeria for a couple of months beginning around the 12th of JAN. Will you be there then? What can you tell me about cell phone coverage in the major cities there? My definition of major city is anyplace that has a runway large enough to land a 747. Are cell phones cheap there? Can you contact me at my email;
B747plumber@hotmail.com. Thanks.

12-08-02, 05:56
Hey Peterman I don't think there is anywhere you can land a 747 in Nigeria. If so it would be Lagos. I was just there yesterday. Cell phones are around 300 USD, the coverage sucks and you have to use these small chips that you put inside the phone called Sim cards.

12-08-02, 06:16
Hi Beavis,

Very surprised to see your post. I emailed you a couple of days ago at Dcc... Did you get it? Could you get in contact with me at;
B747plumber@hotmail.com? I would really like to hook-up and watch a real pro in action when I am in Nigeria next month.


12-08-02, 13:48
Peterman, I am not sure. I mnight have deleted it as I had so much junk and wouldn't have recognized the address. I will go back and see. I am back home as I got sick in Nigeria. Nothing serious but serious enough that I had to be sent home. I will e mail you shortly.

12-10-02, 00:10
But how dangerous is it in Nigeria as a white guy? I remember how dangerous it was in Salvador, Brazil which as about 90 % blacks and mulats. I was assaulted several times, threatened, robbed and even got involved in a knife fight. People would go after me simply because I was white and signalled wealth (even though I dressed like the average backpacker). When I was in Ukraine (and in the really poor Eastern parts) I never experienced any hostility simply because I matched in well with the environment, and nobody assumed I was a foreginer. With this in mind, how would I do in Nigeria? Can you walk around alone outside of downtown with lots of people or do you always have to go by taxi? Is there alot of general crime? Also having met many Africans abroad I've noticed that Nigerians generally have a very bad reputation as being corrupt and unhelpfull, is there any truth to that?

12-10-02, 01:52
Nigerians are used to white guys as there are thousands of ex pats there working in the oil industry. They see white people as bank machines so it is safe in the daytime just be careful. Never walk at night or go out at night without a Nigerian escort. A lot of Nigerians will walk up to you and begin to give you their life story and why you should help them. If you are approached by any of these people tell them you are in a hurry and leave. The women have a different approach. They won't ask you they will make it clear what they have to offer. Again there are some of the most beautiful women in the world here. There are also some that look like they belong on a box of pancake mix. If you have to be here savor some of the fruits that Nigeria has to offer. If you don't have to be there I would never consider going to this godforsaken place. Everywhere you look you will see mean looking people in uniforms that carry machine guns. There are few places that have bathrooms so imagine what this can be like.

Again if you are there for work you can have fun. If you just want to go to Africa to play with some of the African women go to Cameroon and forget Nigeria. They speak French in Cameroon and they speak English in Nigeria but you will understand just as much of the Cameroon French as you will the Nigerian English.

Member #4239
12-10-02, 10:10
Good report as usual. I hope you're feeling better.
I have never been to Africa, but I have met about 6 or 7 Nigerians here in the U.S. All professionals and first class people. So even though I am sure the country itself is extremely poor and volatile, I don't agree with the characterization that "Nigerians are generally corrupt and unhelpful". I still think it's worth going there once even though I am sure it won't be a hassle free trip. J.G.

12-10-02, 20:09

12-10-02, 20:15

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I would only be going there to check out the local women and not for work reasons. So I guess I should avoid Nigeria. As for Cameroon, do you know if it's as easy to meet girls there or more difficult than in Nigeria? Is it friendlier to a tourist? And as a low-budget backpacker, would it at all be possible to find relatively cheap ($ 5 - $ 15) yet acceptable hotels in the centres of the big cities?

JG> I really have no idea what's true. All I've heard (and mostly from Cameroonian students in Ukraine) is that Nigerians are corrupt and that they always have hidden motives if they help you. Other people have told me that Nigerians generally have a bad reputation throughout Africa.

12-10-02, 22:00
As for their reputation it is true. There are some good people there but it is much easier to find a bad one. It is very easy to meet local women anywhere in Africa. Bartenders, store clerks, waitresses whatever. As for the cheap hotels I don't think you would want to stay there. There are some acceptable hotels in Douala for around $25 but I don't remember the name of any. Douala is a modern city, more modern than anywhere in Nigeria. The women are just as good. You also might want to look at Abidjan, Ivory Coast. They are fighting in the North but Abidjan is safe. I spent 2 nights in Abidjan and 1 in Douala. In Douala I met a very pretty girl and spent the night with her.

12-12-02, 01:48
Originally posted by Beavis
Hey Peterman I don't think there is anywhere you can land a 747 in Nigeria. If so it would be Lagos. I was just there yesterday. Cell phones are around 300 USD, the coverage sucks and you have to use these small chips that you put inside the phone called Sim cards.

Wrong information here!
Abuja (the Federal Capital) and Kano, further north do handle 747s. You wouldn't like to be in either place for sex exploits though. Kano especially, it's the bastion of extreme Islamism.
Cellphone network is generally excellent.

Frank Africa
12-12-02, 18:28
Dear lithium:

Nigerians have an even worse reputation than you think. Back in 1989 I was in Zimbabwe and the Sunday government-controlled newspaper ran a lead editorial that "Nigerians are born and raised to be deceitful" - thus from a fellow OAU member!

Throughout West Africa (not just Cameroon, but also in countries like Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal and Cape Verde Islands), Nigerians are despised and hated for their corruptness. In the Ivory Coast, many people will no longer buy Nigerian-made products like automobile fan belts because of their poor reputation.

Here in the U.S., Nigerians have the worst reputation of any country among INS and Customs officials. Nigerians are the #1 drug smugglers from Africa into the U.S. U.S.-based universities question carefully any credentials/certificates/ diplomas/transcripts submitted by Nigerian applicants, since more often than not they are fake. Rental Car companies and Insurance companies will tell you that more fraudulent claims are submitted by Nigerians than any other nationality. And of course you have the infamous "letters" and "e-mails" from Nigerian flim-flam artists requesting the recipient's assistance in smuggling millions of dollars out of Nigeria. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Perhaps this is why many of the Nigerians who I've met here in the U.S. lie and say that they're from Jamaica or the U.K., because they're too ashamed to admit the truth.

The "fake e-mail" problem has become so bad that the U.S. Government has formally requested the Nigerian government (through the Nigerian Embassy on M Street in Washington DC) to take steps to stop these e-mails by the end of 2002 or US-Nigerian relations will be affected. Interestingly, the response by the Nigerian flim-flam artists has been to change the setting of their e-mails to such settings as "I am the son of Jonas Savimbi of Angola" or "I am a South African" or "I am a representative of the late President Kabila's family of Congo) etc.

Having said all this, I have personally spent several wonderful evenings with hot Nigerian ladies over the years. And I have many individual friends who are from Nigeria. But collectively the Nigerian society is corrupt and you can't trust anyone, especially in any joint business ventures. So yes, you're better off going to Cameroon, both for business reasons and if you're on a "sex tour.".

And before someone rants and raves at how racist and anti-Nigerian I am, please note that I lived in Nigeria for several years(in the 1970s) and have also visited it several times since then, and all of the above is true!

12-12-02, 20:39
Frank Africa is right about Nigerian society. All societies have crooks, and America is certainly no different in that regard, but it is not systemic and endemic here. The crooks here get busted sooner or later, 99% of the time. The old Enron is history. I still get emails from people in Nigeria asking for money.

FA lived in Nigeria for several years. Read all the other posts from folks here who have been in and LIVED in Nigeria. Don't be so quick to shoot off about what people who know better are saying.

12-12-02, 23:15
Hey djeskine

Perhaps they can land a 747 there. I have always flown in on an A330 or A340 Airbus. I can say this, while I spent 7 hours waiting in the Lagos Nigeria airport I actually saw a live RAT on the inside of the airport.

12-14-02, 03:03

Trust me man, it's not perhaps......I should know I just landed one (747) as recently as last week in Abuja.
Kano is closed for repairs.
Anyway, I guess this aint the place for such discussion . The focus is deservedly as to where and how one can get various colored pussies worldwide. Nigeria is no different.There's plenty of action I guess though haven't experienced any myself.
Would certainly post if I get some action.
What I saw was that the northern Nigerian ladies have these lanky sensual features which just say "take me to bed and you won't regret it" kind. Has anybody experienced them?

Frank Africa...
Man you're damn right about my brothers from there.
Partly because of them they've made worldwide travelling for most black-men such a hussle.
Some countries wouldn't even issue visas to them..period!

12-14-02, 13:07
Hello Gents,
I think alot of people are getting the wrong impression about nigeria. Due to this survey of the recent post, its only right to set the record straight.
Nigeria has it s fair share of corruption, but to be fair and just, when your economy is running at 50 percent its potential and
the chips of global economic advantage are not in your hand or weighing in your favour, its hard to stay honest and upright when you want to feed you belly and live your basic dreams like anybody else in the world especially the we in the west[Europe and america].
I live in London[UK] and nigerians here are by far the most intellligent black people in this country. Their "know-how even surpasses alot of non-black folks!!!.
In terms of educational ability nigerians are far ahead of kids born in the uk. The only problemis access to opportunity and the lack of a level playing field.
Look at it this way - In the United Kingdom, taking London as a example, you have to have some serious "playboy" or "mackin" skills to even get with a woman of colour ie African or Caribbean. They are not begging for money or material things to live a better life or a substantial existence.
African girls [Ie Nigerian, ghanian, etc] in London are doing well for themselves and would rather date a black guy, which isnot to say that they would not go out with a white guy. What is even more difficult is for a white guy to "get the panties down" of a caribbean girl in London. Man!!! it just is not happening unless you have "serious game"!!!.

However going over to africa and taking nigeria as an example, economic pressures is the number reason why these girls are constrained to "drop the panties" for the dollar or pound or naira!!!. These is the pure and honest truth.

I have done business and worked in nigeria for a number or years and frequest there often [I am writing this message in lagos right now!!]. This is not to say that all nigerian girls have sex for the money but 75% of those that are getting with anyman is for monetary gain.


I agree with rastaman. Their is corruption beyond belief in the west. Its just a pity that somebody has to be a the scaprgoat and untill you know how to play the political game astutely you shall continue to be the scape-goat!!!.

The tycoon Richard Branson, fron the United Kingdom is in nigeria now setting up his Virgin Airline businessa and aslo is negotiating a contract to revatilise nigeria's railway. Their is so much investment going on, such as the LNG project[Liquified natural gas] and the mineral explorations. so billions of dollars are being sunk in th nigeria by the United States and Western Europe/ South East asia.

The best advise i can give anybody is just have a legitimate reason for being in nigeria and you shall really enjoy yourself. an always check in with your embassy in the local country before you make any major moves. Dont be stupid like all these other expats that belive anything and aregreedy for quick gain!!!
Its just does not happen like that!

o.k gents thats enough for me, i shall mail you guys later


12-14-02, 16:21
Question about hassle in Nigeria

I found the preceding message very interesting because it sets the record straight on a few prejudices. Many of the points made probably apply to other African countries.

Still, I would be interested to know whether staying in Lagos on a two-week trip as a (white) tourist is an advisable thing to do, or whether it is better for Africa-lovers to stick to other, less risky African countries.

I remember reading something in Lonely Planet (not always a reliable source!) to the effect that passengers going though customs at Lagos airport should try not to be among the last in the queue because they were likely to be taken aside by the rotten cops there and stripped of all their belongings on any trumped-up charge.

I'm not a wimp. I was 7 times in Columbia over the past 6 years and I'm a regular visitor to some African countries (like neighbouring Cameroon), but getting mugged by the local cops at the airport beats all!

How is it like to take a cab to the local disco in Lagos? Do you have to pay your way through a police road-block every 500 yards?

12-14-02, 23:14

Lagos, Nigeria is probably the last place in the world I would want to take a vacation. Anywhere that has RATS in the International Airport ? If you are a previous visitor to Cameroon I would return there. There are some very sexy women in Nigeria but I would never go here for any reason other than work. Go to Douala and forget Lagos.

Member #4239
12-15-02, 12:56
What's going on man? Few months ago, you were really high on Nigeria, saying you were gonna spend a few more months there. Is it your illness that changed your mind? So you are definitely giving the "thumbs down" to Nigeria?

Member #4239
12-15-02, 13:05
what about this airport thing?(please see xxl's post). are they grabbing people in the airport and taking their stuff away?

12-15-02, 15:15

The women are still there and they are great but the place sucks. I guess with it being so close to Christmas but everywhere you went there were people wanting to hassle you for anything they could get. Also with the fighting going on in the North everywhere you look you see machine guns. The authorities were much more of a pain in the ass this time and a moments peace was not to be found.

My original plan was to spend a year there to make the tax free money but before I got sick I had decided there was no way I would last a year. Douala, Cameroon I would go back to in a minute but you can keep Nigeria.

Frank Africa
12-17-02, 00:06
dear headgames - thanks for your support and kind words.

dear rastaman and mike_q: i actually agree with a lot of what you said, and please note that i never claimed that the u.s. was better or less corrupt than nigeria. but i was responding to lithium's question about nigeria, nothing more than that. wsg readers who have never been to nigeria need to know exactly what they will be facing - that's why i wrote what i did.

also note that everything that i wrote has been confirmed by someone else, primarily africans, and that it was the zimbabwean government's official newspaper that condemned an entire society, not me.

yes, there's corruption in the u.s. and virtually everywhere, to some degree. having said that, however, the difference between nigeria and most other countries in the world is that the corruption is pervasive in nigeria - it runs throughout the society and through all everyday activities (unlike western europe, the u.s. and most of the world). and you can't blame poverty and the economy - i've lived in and visited over 30 african countries, several of them much poorer than nigeria, and nowhere is the corruption as bad as it is in nigeria. nigerians themselves will be the first to tell you so. for example, last week in the washington post there was a long article about nigeria, discussing the sharia law (and resulting limits on prostitution) in 12 northern nigerian states, and the corrupt judicial system that exists in the rest of the country, quoting numerous nigerians who complained about all of the corruption in their everyday lives.

the airport stories are probably true. i myself have been "shaken down" by officials trying to get a bribe every single time that i've flown out of lagos, nigeria. the trick is for the officials to pick on the last few people in line, trying to delay them to the point that they risk missing their flight, so they give in and hand over bribe money or some of their possessions. my favorite story on this subject was a few years ago when i arrived at the security checkpoint as the first person in line, 3 hours ahead of departure. but because i was one of only three americans in line (the other two being my co-workers), i was held up at the checkpoint for a full 90 minutes while the passport official slowly thumbed through and re-thumbed through every page of my passport, informing me that a "processing fee" would help speed things along, while i continued to smile and say "that's ok, i don't mind waiting." the line behind me grew longer and longer until one of my co-workers was able to count 180 people in line, all nigerians, many of them yelling and screaming in yoruba, ibo or other languages to the point of near-riot. finally the "big man" in charge of security showed up, walked into the security booth, and asked the corrupt official with my passport what was up. the corrupt official with my passport pointed to me and then to the u.s. symbol on my passport, to which the "big guy" ordered him to stop farting around and start processing the passports. the corrupt guy looked very sad as he stamped my passport with the exit stamp - no bribe today!

i myself did not enjoy writing my last e-mail either. i have many nigerian friends who are good people who are disgusted with the way things are in their homeland. again, wsg readers who have never been to nigeria need to know exactly what they will be facing if they decide to go there. i stick by my earlier advice - go to cameroon.

finally, even our friend beavis is fed up with nigeria!

12-17-02, 00:13
Well put, and of course the real tragedy is the hard-working, honest people who who feel compelled to "escape" to somewhere else to get away from all the corruption, etc., or, worse, they want to escape and they can't.

This forum is a great way for people who haven't been somewhere to get the real scoop before they go. The nice stuff they can read about in the same places other tourists do. It's the ugly stuff they need to be warned about, and some places have a darker underbelly than others. Nigeria certainly, in my mind, is the latter. So if you want to go, go. But go armed with knowledge. Putting a positive spin on things by comparing the corruption in Nigeria to Enron sounds great in this month's issue of (fill in the blank with name of liberal magazine), but is not much help when you get on the ground and get shaken down - or worse.

Great airport story.

12-17-02, 01:42
Hey Frank Africa that was great. It really is unbelievable how pathetic some of these officials are when they feel they have the upper hand on you. I was waiting in line at the Air France office in Lagos and a Nigerian man who was very disgusted with the service we were getting from the Nigerian Air France employees spoke up and said "everybody in this Country is a thief".

The Nigerian women are great. I was even considering bringing one back with me. My years of experience then stepped over and took control over my dick and I wised up. If I am asked to return to Nigeria by my company I will for a short while but I really would rather not. I agree with you all the way on Cameroon. I only spent one night there but could really enjoy a vacation in Douala.

There is no way to ever describe what Nigeria is like unless you have been there. Nigerian is not a 3rd world country it is more like a 5th world country.

12-17-02, 12:14
bribes and hassle etc.

to be fair, police in cameroon are no saints either. police in douala, for instance, often stop cabs in order to extract small bribes from the drivers or passengers. the amounts are so small, however, that it doesn't really dent your budget.

it can get worse if you're accompanied by a girl who has no valid id, which is often the case in such a disorganised and poor country. in that case, you end up paying a bribe so that they don't take the girl away. girls in douala told me police regularly raid them to [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and beat them up (this goes under the heading "war against prostitution and minor's abuse" and is actually encouraged by our western governments whose priority is not human rights, but preventing us perverse white men from having our fun).i also heard police in the cameroons are more of a nuisance on the roads outside the cities, but i suspect even this remains on a much lower scale than in nigeria.

in some very poor african countries, like benin and burkina faso, police hardly fish for bribes at all, so poverty is only part of the answer.

on the whole, i've come to a major conclusion regarding women in exotic countries : in places where men are bullies and corruption is rife, women are nice and willing. in law-abiding countries where men are sheep (like in the us and western europe), women are bitchy, exploitative and men-hating.

it's either the one, or the other. no hassle=no sex.

12-17-02, 19:18
Yeah, that's a good point - you just about have to go somewhere where you there's the possibility of getting hassled, shaken down, robbed, whatever, in order to find the pussy. America is a great country in many ways, and yet, it's a pussy desert. I mean, it is a fucking desert! I've completely given up on getting pussy here. I realize that the fact that I'm married has a lot to do with it, but I don't remember getting squat before I was married. But If I go someplace like Brazil (my usual haunt) - ba ding! Pussy flows like water.

I got robbed in Brazil (see Rio forum), but I'm still going back.

Of course, you have to draw the line somewhere. I'd love to go check out the Nigerian women, but...I think I'll just stick with Brazil.

12-17-02, 21:37
Hi Headgames !

Can't get pussy in your own country? Join the club! Don't think it's an American problem. I'm based in Europe and it isn't better. Prostitution laws may be more tolerant over here, but the market is so bad anyway you can't get decent sex unless you're loaded. It's an industrialised country problem, and it plagues all men, whether divorced or married, young or middle-aged, poor or fairly well-off. And it gets worse from year to year because of restrictive immigration laws (among other things). Besides, in a few year's time you'll have sting operations in Europe, just as in the US. As I said, things only get worse.

What kind of life do you have as a man in this Free World we are supposed to be proud of? You can't get pussy. You get prosecuted or ripped off if you try and get some. All you're good for is to work, pay taxes, alimony and child support for children you're not even allowed to see most of the time.

Tell me something, now that the Talibans got what they deserved : who will free us men from the Talibettes at home?

God, I'm waxing political here, and we're just suppose to be exchanging tips on how to get relief from our sexual misery by flying off to the other end of the world. Still, it's good to put things into perspective from time to time.

12-18-02, 08:02
Hello everyone,
I am going to Ghana, Togo, and Benin in a few days. And I would love to cross to border to go to Lagos. How on earth I do that. I have heard that they don't give visas to tourists. Then what? Can I trick my way into Nigeria anyway? Anyone help me please.

Member #4239
12-18-02, 08:34
Nice post. I couldn't have said it better myself.
Listen, the solution to the problem may be to make a shit load of money and then go retire in a pussy heaven.

12-18-02, 11:05

Exactly. But making a shitload of money is not within everybody's reach. If I had a son wondering what he's going to do with himself, I'd advise him to learn any trade provided it enables him to GET THE HELL OUT'A HERE.

In former days, what you could do is marry a young beauty from one of the pussy countries and give her and yourself a good life at home.

Now that is no longer a viable option, what with visa restrictions (yes, our women now how to protect their market) and rotten marriage/divorce laws which have turned marriage into a trap for fools.

12-18-02, 17:43
yeah, we've got terrorists trying to blow up the country, and a revolving-door justice system that lets murderers and [CodeWord127] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord127) back out on the streets. but if i attempt to engage in a transaction that involves only one other willing participant (a young lady), then the cops are out there spending my money (i.e., taxes) to try to put me in jail, where i can no longer pay taxes, or even support my family. it makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever. it is insane. as long as i'm on a rant, although i do not use drugs, do not condone the use of drugs, and fully recognize how drugs destroys lives, i think the war on drugs is an equally insane proposition. a certain segment of the population is going to do themselves in, regardless of whether it's illegal or not. so why make it profitable for drug dealers?

ok, i'll shut up now.

Member #4239
12-19-02, 10:08
You are absolutely correct. The politicians and the arch masturbators(i.e. religous leaders) don't want to deal with the root causes of the problem which are poverty/lack of jobs/bad or no parental guidance. The result are these idiotic laws.
I know you are based in Europe. Which immigration laws you are referring to? In the U.S. , so far we still have the "fiance visa" where you can bring a girl with you and have her here for 90 days. But she'll have to go back if you don't get married within that time period.
I wonder if anyone has tried bringing girls on a fiance visa for a couple of months, get rid of them, and then bring another fresh girl on another fiance visa. Sounds like you may be able to have 3 or 4 "fiances" per year if you can get away with it. Any body has any comments on this?

12-19-02, 11:03
Girls on tourist visa in Europe

As recently as five years ago, it was no problem bringing girls into Europe on a tourist visa, even from notorious pussy countries such as Thailand and the Philippines.

Things have changed since then:

1) European consulates have made it so difficult and expensive to get a visa for girls from pussy havens that it has become nothing short of prohibitive. For instance, they will insist that the girl has money in a bank account, a high-school degree and/or proper employment in her country. Now, tell me how many of those young and sexy things we are interested in possess such attributes in Africa or South-East Asia? The message in disguise is: you can bring a girl provided she's middle-aged and ugly. If she's young and sexy, no way.

I'm not making any of this up: most European consulates, as might be expected, now appoint women as consulate employees and, believe me, those Gorgons know how to kill a visa application as soon as they suspect a good ass and a nice pair of tits underneath those jeans and sweater.

I would be surprised if US consulates didn't make it even more of a uphill struggle.

2) Even if you eventually get a visa (e.g. by fighting for a "marriage visa" instead of a mere tourist visa), they make you sign a liability paper that is nothing short of financial suicide. If the girl doesn't want to go back when the visa expires, you've had it. And since visas have become very hard to get, the incentive for a girl to go underground instead of flying back is high. A catch 22 situation.

The mob still manages to get girls through borders, of course, and they always will. It's the drug war all over, only this time with the girls as the commodity.

12-19-02, 17:02

I agree with you completely on your visa theory. I live in the USA and would love to find hot, young (or not so young) women from Africa, Asia, South America, etc. but I HAVE to travel since they are not to be found in any numbers.

I met a very cute lady from Equador recently (27 years old) who told me she was denied a visa to enter the United States 7 years earlier. Guess who was the consular officer at the Embassy in Quito at the time? My dad. His explanation, very simple, was she was coming to stay and had no intention of honoring her visa status.

I don't think that help my chances with this lovely lady! Thanks for nothing INS!

Wouldn't it be great if immigration was as focused on helping us find and enjoy exotic foreign fruits as finding worker ants for our industry? That's probably not going to happen!

12-19-02, 17:09
You see what yuor Dad did ?So many fine ladies from SA would have been living here and we don,t have to go there looking to get that piece of that honeis from them,guess you messed up everything for us your Dad .Now his son is a monger.This world is Funny.

Member #4239
12-20-02, 05:17
The visa situation here in U.S. is bad, but not yet desperate. First of all, it is still quite easy to bring MEXICAN girls in to U.S. on legitimate student or tourist visas. For the other latin countries, here are some suggestions which have actually worked. You get an English school here in U.S. to give the girl a letter of acceptance. The acceptance is automatic, but the application will cost you about 75 to 100 bucks. You can go to a bank in that particular foreign country and say I wanna open up a bank account in the name of senorita X and put 3000$ or 5000$ in it. Then you ask the bank to write a letter stating that this girl has this much money in her bank account on such and such date. Once you have the letter, you close the bank account(of course you will suffer a penalty for closure and maybe for currency exchange). Or I imagine that you could just outright bribe some one to write or forge such a letter for you(which I have never attempted). So you have a letter of acceptance from the English school, you have a letter from the bank showing that this girl actually has some financial means of her own, and is just wanting to come to U.S. to study English(as opposed to staying in U.S. permanently). You turn these documents with the rest of the stuff to the U.S. consulate and then wait for their decision. People who have this kind of documentation will almost never be turned down, and it actually is quite easy to get these documents together. The only tricky part is opening the bank account in the girl's name and then asking her to close it and give you back the money. If this is a legitimate girl friend, and she trusts you(in other words if she hasn't found out what a monger you are!), she will always close the bank account because she is expecting bigger things down the road. Sounds half complicated, but it's not. I know for a fact that it works for latin america. So if there is a special girl that you wanna bring over to enjoy for a few months to a year, it may be worth spending some money and getting her a student visa to study English here.

12-20-02, 06:09
J.G. it is not that easy for Mexican girls to enter the U.S. It depends on who you know and what imigration official you have. There are tons of people here in Texas trying to get visas for girls and have tried everything. Mexico is probaly the hardest country to get a visa for a girl. Remember the U.S. consulate has to see her and if she is young and pretty they are not going to buy the "I want to learn English routine". I have a good friend who has been working for years to get his girl a visa and is getitng close but still doesn't have it. I also have another good friend who is a fellow monger and senior partner/founder of a large imigration law firm. He will tell you the same thing. It can be done but there is nothing easy about getting a visa for a Mexican girl. I know this is the Nigeria section but I have seen a lot on this subject since I live in South Texas. Have a good one.

Member #4239
12-20-02, 09:24
Hi Beavis. I agree with what you say because I know that your posts are factual and intelligent.
Let me just say that I was in Guadalajara, Mexico in September and I met several girls through a marriage agency down there, and with few exceptions these girls had travelled various times to U.S. and in fact I remember one 28 year old who had travelled more of the world than I had. I think if you are a "high class" Mexican, or in other words if you have a lot of money OR can show that you have some money, then getting the visa is not that hard.
But then again, if you say that getting the visa is in fact very hard, then I stand corrected. Respectfully. J.G.
P.S. By the way Beavis, what does your lawyer friend say about the fiance visa? Could I bring a different girl every few months on a fiance visa and then ship her back home after a couple of months?

12-20-02, 10:42
Student visa

I fear putting several thousand bucks in a bank account in a girl's name can still be risky, even if you promise her a long-term relationship. That kind of money is simply too good to pass in some very poor countries.

But even if you're willing to take the risk, you're back to square one if the girl is very young and has no previous education, because student visas are for people with some kind of educational record. And, as hinted below, that usually excludes the type of girls we're interested in.

Faking a high-school degree is also possible, while we're at it. But I know for instance that the German consulate in the Philippines and Nigeria now employ local lawyers - at the applicant's expense ! - to scrutinise application papers.

If you really want to, you may appoint a local expert to lobby and bribe the consulate and procure whatever documents, genuine or fake, are needed to tip the scales. But then you're soon talking big money, and if you have that kind of money, you might as well retire on it and go to settle down where the girls are.

Otherwise, trying to outwit consulates resembles weapon inspections, with us mongers as the wretched Iraqis.

12-20-02, 19:45
NO JG it doesn't work like that. If you get a fiance visa for a girl they are looking at it like you want to be with this girl forever. Basically you get one chance at this. Possibly you could get a second but not very soon, getting several is not possible. I think INS officials and IRS officials go to the same school to learn how to be assholes.

You are right if a girl is established, has money, kids, ect. it isn't a problem but you still have to go to the U.S consulate, pay for an appointment and be scrutinized by these people. I have a friend who had a Mexican GF. She had money in the bank, (more than me), owned a couple of houses, had 1 kid and came from a wealthy family. They went to get her a visitors visa. They didn't bat an eye and gave her a 10 year visa, she was 28. This is no problem but when you go there as a 30 or 40 year old man (or whatever) and you have a sexy 22 year old and you are trying to get her a visa, good luck. It can be done but isn't simple.

01-01-03, 15:58
Happy new year all!!!
I am having a very rewarding time in nigeria [presently in lagos].
I shall be dropping some stories and what has been going on while i have been here. I met a very remarkable lady in lagos who is a medical student at the UNILAG [University of Lagos, Yaba Campus]. Hmm i guess i shall be heading back to London in the third week on January.

Well just thought i say Happy new year to you all@Beavis,xxl, J.G,
Tonydsanke, Dogsday,Headgames and the rest.
I see there has been alot of talk about trying to bring a lady from a Punani heaven to North America ie USA. Wow i guess things must be real critical int he US these days. Since the general consensus i gather about america is that it is a pussy desert!!!.
Boy that real straight to the point!!!
Anyway fella's i shall join the debate very soon, but do let us keep up the chat about nigerian women. shall be posting my adevntures soon.

cheers for now.

01-01-03, 20:03
Happy New Year back to you mike_q

01-10-03, 20:54
Hello gents,
Guess my story has been along time coming....
Well i met this nice Yuroba lady [South Western Nigerian] named Debo . I was with a Dr friend from the UN Body that was in nigerian for a conference. Me and my Doc went to the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital Campus@yaba, Lagos.
Wow there was a such a herd of Fine females around that i
was really on a high to score big!!!.
We were outside a lecture room and as Doc was talking to a Reporter, i saw this fin lady.
Her body was built like an ANGILE Cheetah!. Nigerian women do have some fierce Sexy figures. Her breast were 38" D's and it stood erect to attention!!!. Her body curve from the neck down to the Buttocks was incredible. She was a fine Pepperlessey!!{Nigerians student slang}. She was with two friends and they were just coming from a lecture. She stood about 5 feet 8 somewhat and saw my gaze towards her. I knoew in my mind that this "honey" was a Trophy and i was going to lift it up one night in Victory!!!. I saw that my doc friend was still rapped up in conversation, so i just waited untill the three ladies got close and said to one on the far left [Debo]. Where was the Admission office. She looked at me puzzled, since i was just one corridor away from it om my way in and said in a sexy tone !ah ah, its just behind you back down the hallway". The other two girls were giggling to themself, as i was swinging my right hand with my mobile phone flashing. It was one of those V50 Motorola's and they were very intrigued by the look and posture i was giving. I said oh! i did not know. Then i moved in firm and fast by asking here that i would like to know mre about the Medical campus since i was doing a Corporate report on Pharmaceutical ventures!!!. Funny how you can throw words around Dimplomatically in Nigeria and the ladies are all ove you! WOW!!!.
Debo's friend asked if i was a Corporate officer and i said i was a Real Estate Officer on Assignment in Lagos from the UK.
Debo by now was so taken in that i could see her Tits perking from a light vlue top. By that time my Dr friend had finished his interview and was making his way to me. I quickly signaled to him that i gad a catch and he being a good sport played along.

We offered to take the girls to there dorm and then to dinner that evening[ thursday], . The girls were very willing and we said we meet them we another male friend.
That eveing we went to Eko Holiday Inn at Victoria Island to Eat. Debo was looking so fine in a short black lace dress and a ver sexy Red top. Her two friends also were good but my eyes were alwasy on Debo's Breast!!!.
They were like water melons waiting for a Hungry MAN TO TAKE A BIG BITE.
We ate and had a good laugh the six of us, then we now around 10.30 split up. I had booked a Room for about 3 to 4 hours @ the Inn [since i know the worlers there well, it was easy for me to get they room ready]. Me and Debo wait up to the room and i odered some champagne as we just chatted on the sofa in the room and watched some Satelite Tv. I put on some music which was R"N"B Jazz which was very sexy, and i saw that Debo was getting in a groovy mood and started to sway from side to side.. The Champagne soon came and as i was opening it, Debo started to fold her arms and close her eyes and sway to the beat.

At that moment i knew she was turned on and i slide up beside her and started to fondle her big breast as she swayed, She laughed when she felt my hands on her boobs and said softly. ohh you caNT ENJOY IT INSIDE THE TOP, TURN THE LINEN OFF!!!.
i JUST SAID hmm AND PROCEEDED to take it off...then she begun to remove here skirt and just swayed to the beat..Boy the girl loves music!!! when she was completly in der nude..her body was sooo freesh i knew i had gotten a fresher student...i luv bud was neatly shaven in a v shape i had to play around with it a little...
she then undressed me and we had some steam slow"n" fast sexy for about 25 music b4 we Climaxed. It was kind of start anbd stop, tEASING KIND OF THING. wE MADE IT MORE INTERESTING!!!.

We relaxed and then begun session to and could she moan like a excited Dolphin!!!. I kuv it when these nigerian girls make those sexy moans and groans in there native tounge.. As i pounded here doogy style she was saying "A-wOEEE a aH!!!".. "OGA O!!
" HMM U too Goiood". ooOO- YA! faster she said...i like it real tight!!!. MAN I REALLY BEAT UP HER YPUNG TIGHT pU$$y. She was really open for some lovin.
Then as i was getting ready to Blast off, She read my signall well and said she wanted it all in her mouth!!! She turn so quick and grappled my tool then i was nearly in shock!!! She took all my load and licked up the Deserts!!!. I was so stunned becos she looked loke such an innocent girl..but thats the best ones to get!!!...
she just smile and said.."Oga [WHICH MEANS SIR], you like it like that er...?..i said yeah...really yeah!!!.
I had to hit it the third time for fun and she just cheerleaded mw on to cumm..what a supporter!!!....

I dropped her off @ her campus dorm around 1am on friday morning and we have been seeing vever since..
I am back in London on the 26th of Jan. I guess this one is a main stay for the duration..!!!

Thats all Folks...more developments next time....


01-12-03, 01:09
mike_q, that post makes me want to get on a plane for Lagos tomorrow morning!

01-18-03, 14:41
The talent really gets hot here....
just work up and @my laptop..it been a good night...
we had a lil party down at the Ikeja area of Lagos...It was kind of get togther of friends i know and some guys i met who work for the Telecom Corp MTN, here in Lagos.
Had about 14 girls from the local uni, well not really local becuase they were from Lagos State Univeristy, which is fromt the other side of the town here in Lagos. Its around the area called Badagry going toward the Border with Benin Republic.
The Ladies were really willing and able!!! I had two to myself and had to send them off just about 2 hours ago. Fridays nigts can get really hot in this towm. We [me and 3 Others guys], left the party last night around 11pm, as i not one to be diving around lagos @night. A friend of mine has a flat that he does not use since h is someimes in port-harcourt. This flat is in The Ikeja area. I stay@ victoria island when i am in lagos, but i did not want to drive home that nite, plus there was four of as in the "moon bus" [Thats want they call big SUV's here] which about 5 girls!!!.
We went to my friends 3 bedroom flat which is very spacious and ideal. We kind of played/messed around with strip pooker for sometimes before 2 or the guys left with two girls and it was just me and my Dr friend, plus 3 girls. Hs[Doc] Not the type for three some, so he took only one girel, while i took the remaining two! [Eat ya heart out!]. Well whoa!. The first girl was dark skinned from the eastern part of the country. She was from Anambra state she told me[thats of the ibo ethnic group], and the 2nd was was very lite skinned from calabar, this town is not too far from port-harcourt. The lite toned one was tall! my word, about 5 ft 11" and had leg that could wrap round you like an octopus. She gave great "Head" while the other one was looking on in shock!!!. I guess she thought her friend would not go down on me soo quickly. The drk skinned chick, named Ngozi[Pronounced " in - go - ze"] was a litle shy to say the least but i had to beckon to here to come closer and i started to undress here while doris the tall one was occupied with my "faculty"!. Man!, when this girl was fully undresses she had a beaver that was primmed and trimmed in a neat bush!!!. I told doris to let ngozi to ride, but the doris was not having any of that and wanted to ride first. They finally decided to take it in turns and i made sure i burst the fast load in Nogzi. I got my second rock of with doris who i had to hit doggy style standing up becos those leegs were too good to allow me to "drill" lyng down.
After an hour of teasing "n" pleasing/Drilling. we had a rest and just chatted. Most nigerians girls i have net are very intelligent, so they were able to fill me in on things going on in the education/social sector from there perspective. I guess beavis can verify that the university amateur ladies are really hot, espcially when you find the right one. Since i am into the financial sector/business man, i get to meet some ladies from the corporate sector. Most are graduates and the one girl with my doc friend worked with a bank in Lagos called "Diamond Bank". She aslo finished from LASU [Lagos State Univerisity].
We exchanged later, Doc took Ngozi and i took May, the Diamond Bank Chick. Lawd! Her titts were a site and around 3pm i started again with doris and may. Had to taste may bust. It was volumptous and firm. She was medium height, about 5 ft 7", but she could really get you horny and i drilled her like a neaumatic tool in a hole!!!. I just was like a kid in a Kandy store. The funny thing was that they girls all remaind nude untill the left in the mornin only wearing their panties when we were having rest peroids from "sexual activities" . Doris being a real freak just stayed naked all the time and went down on may in the presense of all of us just for a show and a laugh!!!.

I definitley have to meet up with doris before i leave on the 27th of Jan. That lady knows how to administer a satisfying "Blow Job"!
Funny enough at the party, there were some girls who wanted to follow us home too but that would be 3 girls extra making 8 and just too many!!!.
Well it was a good time, i feel a bit tired now, got to get some sleep again, since i only could sleep 2 hours this moring....

later guys and let me know whats happening with your own adventures....


01-19-03, 12:03

You inspire me Mike_Q...

I have a very trivial note. I was in ghana...I thought the girls were short and small breasted.

My next trip has boiled down to : Senegal, Nigeria, Uganda.

Are the girls in Senegal tall and different looking than Ghanians?

Are Cameroonians much different looking than Ghanians and Nigerians?

Mike_Q: How long...when will the next time will you be in Nigeria: I will go there if you will show me around. I am looking for a wife...I am highly educated, PhD. From a top ten school here in the US..I am a true amateur. I f I can meet you in Lagos that would be great. Sorry to impose, but I am clueless.


01-20-03, 20:55
Yeah@weasel, i
I have been to Ghana on a stop over two nights. I must say, that Some ghanians if not all are very conservative when it comes to der sex issue!!!.
Hmm senegal - dont know too much about North-East Africa.
Cameroun, well i hear its good. Uganda..dont no anthing.
I huess nigeria is your best bet, although i always advise to get with the Univeristy girls, the amateurs. And its good to get to know the place a little and feel the atmosphere!.
I just did not just become a "seasoned Veteran" over night !!!.
I guess as you said weasel that its good for some-one to show you the ropes. Thats why it more rofitable to come to nigeria as an expat or with people who you know that work as expats.
The ladies are in abundance, but its a very simple in logic and instinct to know the ladies who have a vibe for you and will not give you any trouble. If you seen any of my previous post, it would be good for you to look at the patter and manner of approach.

And yeah rasta, i know how to contact the Tall one!!!.
I guess i have to write up a tourist report on Lagos and Port-harcourt and on the Universit/Campus Ladies in "Specifics" to give folks and good idea of the Pyschology and Socio-Cultural outlook of Nigerians in general.

Its also interesting that when you come to Lagos, the first thing i noted was the coolness of the nigerian men in general in regards to thr opposite sex. Then i realized when i saw the night how women were so accessable which kind of knocked me off my mental balance at first. This was because they were movng up to meto get to know me in bars with a look of "Favour in return".
This is not to say all nigerian women are "Freaks" or "Wanton", but they have a attitude of "if you treat me to a good time, i shall treat you with what i got" and looking around them, what they have got is really there "Body Stock".

But the Campus/Uni girls are the best bet, because they have more invested and set for them in the future to look forward to than your regular prose who could be a bit Rough and edgy sometimes. When you get to the universities in Lagos and see the mannerism of the Campus girls in relation to The pros who hang out by strategic Spots in the metropolis of Lagos, its easier to avoid the Fake and aim for the "Real McCoy" .

There much to enjoy if you play by the ground rules, So many expats have seen the beauty of good cash working in nigeria and the kind [sex] they enjoy. well i guess its the best kept secret of why most people go abroad like the carribbean and west africa, Latin America....well i can go on and on..
I guess i have to do that write up....with links and articles to read up to get a feel of what i am saying....

O,k gents...i shall get into this more soon, now i have to explore further...i and a friend are going to Yaba Polytechnic Lagos to see some of the "Hour-class" wonders!!!.

Later folks.....

Frank Africa
01-23-03, 20:33
Dear weasel:

I've been in all of the countries you asked about, and:

- the women in Senegal are very different than the women in Ghana/Nigeria/Cameroon. The Senegalese women are taller, more elegant and more fashion-conscious but IMHO are not as good in bed, partially because most Senegalese women are Moslem and are partially circumsized. Also, Senegalese women are not as good at giving BJs as the other countries mentioned.

- Cameroonian women are very similar in looks to Nigerian women, but I would rate Cameroonian women slightly higher. In fact, I feel that Cameroonian women are the #1 women in Africa

- yes, women from Ghana are shorter but I've run across some large-breasted Ghanaian women as well as small-breasted Ghanaian women. Women from Ghana are the most enthusiastic f---s I've ever come across.

- Ugandan women are pretty good, in fact they are considered to be the best ho's in East Africa. But not as good as Cameroonian women.

Good luck with your trip, and please be sure to post some stories about your travels.

01-25-03, 08:41
Frank Africa I agree with you on Cameroon.

01-25-03, 09:43


.... > I have been to Senegal and Ghana last year, and they are both basically same country just colonized by different Euro countries. The people are the same in ways and customs, body and mind. Even though in Senegal they speak French and the other English, they are united in language from a century before being colonized ... as the (spelling ) Wool-lif language, UNITES THEM. This way they speak to each other without using French or English. So basically the women are all the same, you just happen to see the same kind of differences as you would see here in the USA, in different States.

>>>> Now as for the subject matter, it is far easier to talk money matters with someone in your own language, than another, so I got far better deals for my money (which I did NOT post, for my own reasons). In Senegal I had a hotel Pro be the middle girl, to arrange for me. She got a cut of everything, and it was worth it. She also joined in, sometimes. I did find more BiRacial women in Senegal, and they were ready for Freddy.

.... > I found that either country is great for SEX, but in just a short two week stay, I did not have as much time as I wanted to really go after the real action. I found fair amount of locals to be had, but the men that got them for me, kept wanting to get me 12-14y/o girls. Hell NO !!!! They finally understood, and only girls 18 and up, were accepted.
>>>> Oh yea .... Prostitution is legal in Senegal, as long as you have a health card from the State. A lot of local you girls have a card. Do it without a card, and get caught, the State will come down on them very hard. The State makes BIG Money from selling the cards, and giving the checkups. Senegal has one of the lowest AIDS rates in Africa. Ghana has a fairly low rate too.

.... (((( WORD )))) ....



01-25-03, 18:38
I don't quite agree with Wordup although I can't say much about Senegal proper since I've never been there.

One first thing to consider is that even among white women, there's much variety if you pay proper attention. With a bit of practice and experience, you can tell a bunch of Russian blondes from a bunch of German or Dutch blondes just by looking at their faces (higher cheekbones in Russians etc.). Likewise, if you live some time in Portugal like I did, and then settle in France or Italy, you will be amazed at how different Portuguese brunettes are from their French and Italian counterparts.

Now it may be that blacks of African origin in the US and in South-America are a pretty homogeneous crowd because they had plenty of time to intermingle since being brought to the New World from (mainly West) Africa.

This hardly applies to blacks on the African continent however, because African races (tribes) have interbred much less. Proof of this is the fact that many of those countries are a mosaic of tribes speaking MUTUALLY UNINTELLIGIBLE languages, so much so that they have to resort to the colonial language (English, French, Portuguese) for inter-tribal/national communication.

One of the fascinations of (whoring in) Africa is the human variety you encounter. This variety is not only bodily or facial, it also extends to behavioural traits, if stories I keep hearing in Africa are anything to go by (women of certain tribes are consistently considered to be "unrepenting *****s" while women from other tribes have the reputations of making "reliable housewives" etc.).

One complication is that ethnic groups are not coincident with political borders. Some historically nomad people like the Peul (aka Falou) are spread all over Western Africa. Many span more than one country (e.g. the industrious Bamileke people in the Cameroons and the Central African Republic).

A good way to get better at noticing differences between Africans is to start with an discrete feature like bodily height and height/weight ratio. If you're in Benin, you can tell the local light-weight, smallish Fons from the crowd of heavier Nigerian immigrants, among whom you will distinguish the darker-skinned and skinnier Yorubas from the lighter-brown and stouter Ibos etc.

If you have an African girl-friend, ask her to diagnose people in the street for you, then have a go at it yourself. Don't be afraid to question a girl about her "ethnic group" or "race". She'll appreciate your taking an interest and she'll love telling you about her people (and maligning the other ones who, so she'll tell you, are responsible for much of what goes wrong in the country!).

I love having this kind of talk with African girls. They're such a healthy change from the BS smalltalk you get at home.

Frank Africa
01-27-03, 20:42
Dear XXL: I agree with your post.

Dear "WORDUP" -

Sorry about this, but I lived in Africa for over 7 years and still go there regularly for my job (several visits a year) and I have to respectfully disagree with you.

You're correct in that French and English are colonial languages and that virtually all black Africans speak one or more local languages and may or may not know much of their country's colonial language, but other that that you are completely wrong about the languages.

In Senegal, most people speak at least some Wolof in addition to their local language (Peul, Serrere), but I doubt if many Senegalese know any of the languages spoken in Ghana (Akan, Fanti, Ewe, etc.). The same goes for Ghana - most Ghanaians know their own language, bits and pieces of two other languages, but hardly anyone in Ghana knows Wolof or any other language commonly found in Senegal. And it's the same thoughout Africa, which features hundreds of local mutually-incomprehensible languages as well as several colonial languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, etc.). Most Africans know only the 3 or 4 languages common to their country or province.

Even languages that are spoken in a range of several different countries, such as Hausa and Peul in West Africa and Swahili in East and Southern Africa are pretty much unknown outside their areas. That's why I chuckle at the recently-invented American holiday of Kwanzaa, which uses Swahili words (from East Africa) even though most black Americans are descended from slaves captured in West and Central Africa or Angola, places where no one speaks Swahili. If you go to East Africa and mention Kwanzaa, no one will know what you're talking about, or else they'll say "yes, I've heard that there's a holiday in the U.S. by that name."

And since this is the WSG and not a web site about languages, after 29 years of great sex with black African women, my bottom line as stated in my last post is: Senegalese women are different in bed than Ghana/Nigeria/Cameroon women, and Cameroon women are the best!

02-01-03, 18:31
Hello Gents...
I backin London...
The second to the last post was pure Socio/Politcal Intelligence...
I am refering to the quotes from "xxl"...

And i Quote....

"if stories I keep hearing in Africa are anything to go by (women of certain tribes are consistently considered to be "unrepenting *****s" while women from other tribes have the reputations of making "reliable housewives" etc.). "

This is very true to a great extent..you can find this among the
University Amatuers...
In nigeria,the ladies from Delta State, a mid-western state in the south of the country [nsoko's, Irobos, and Isekeris] seem to have an instatiable desire for "Banana[Sex] and Money!!!.

This also holds tru for ladies from the far east of nigeria [the area's of port-harcout and calabar cities. The ladies here revel in the covert promiscuity and whoring.

The Ibo ladies from the east across the niger-bridge also can get freaky but are seriously down for the "money". So if you have cash for hand, the draws are definitely coming of!!!.

XXL analysis is spot on her -

Quote - "If you're in Benin, you can tell the local light-weight, smallish Fons from the crowd of heavier Nigerian immigrants, among whom you will distinguish the darker-skinned and skinnier Yorubas from the lighter-brown and stouter Ibos etc. "

Again i can not knock this observation......

This was the Wisdom - key , the final quote...

"If you have an African girl-friend, ask her to diagnose people in the street for you, then have a go at it yourself. Don't be afraid to question a girl about her "ethnic group" or "race". She'll appreciate your taking an interest and she'll love telling you about her people (and maligning the other ones who, so she'll tell you, are responsible for much of what goes wrong in the country!). "

And there you have IT!!!



03-05-03, 01:13
Lol! I got to admit that these forums are so fascinating, I could read on forever. So many guys who remind me of myself. Anyways, on the topic at hand, a couple of things that have been mentioned thus far really stand out:

*.The aids/hiv epedemic in africa* There's a part of me that wants to believe that in overwhelmingly third world nations,where the bulk of people don't even have access to doctors, how in the hell is it possibly to determine what percentage of the populace is hiv positive or not. Hence there's probably a lot of heresay or speculation going on from Western governments.

In spite of the above, there's indeed some truths to the hoopla about how aids is devastating Africa. The stats for some African nations (like South Africa) are as high as 25%. Now,in Africa aids is primarily spread through hetero sex. So,logic would dicate that sex workers in such countries have even higher rates. I'm talking over 50%. So,fucking around in such places is really like playing Russian rulette. So I guess what I'm driving at is one needs to really do their research, when considering which African honies to scope out and where. I mean, there are some African nations that don't have extremely high incidences of hiv.

That stuff out the way, I think that the women of West Africa are some of the sexiest and most exotic in the world. Those fine figures, healthy round asses and firm breasts are a wonder to behold. A freind of mine once visited Senegal and described the women as super fine and "slim phat"meaning tall, thin, yet extremely curvacious. Not to mention beautifull. I've also heard alot about beautifull Ethiopian women as well.

So yeah! I could understand the motivations of African excursions..

Later gators!

03-06-03, 09:59
Test kits, anyone?

Given these numbers for HIV infections, do people use fast home test kits, such as OraQuick?
There is an on-going discussion in the safe sex section (under special interests) about using such kits for prescreening providers in addition to (or instead of) using condoms.

Frank Africa
03-10-03, 22:33
Originally posted by chacho
*.The aids/hiv epedemic in africa* There's a part of me that wants to believe that in overwhelmingly third world nations,where the bulk of people don't even have access to doctors, how in the hell is it possibly to determine what percentage of the populace is hiv positive or not. Hence there's probably a lot of heresay or speculation going on from Western governments.
The statistics on HIV/AIDS in Africa are actually more accurate than you might think. Pregnant women are routinely tested for HIV when they go to a clinic for a check-up or to give birth. International organizations and local ngo's (non-profit organizations) have also taken surveys in the field. Also, the number of deaths from AIDS has shot up dramatically during the last five years. Obviously a lot of folks are HIV+.

And even if the numbers are off a bit, they are still alarming. Look at it this way, if the statistics say that in a country 25% of the adult women are HIV positive, does it really matter if the real rate is only 10% or 15%? All of these numbers are too high to ignore. And you are correct in speculating that SWs have a higher incidence of HIV+ than the general population.

I lived in Africa for 7 years and return their regularly. And while I love my African women, I would never ever dream of sex without a condom. It's that simple!

03-16-03, 17:12

I agree that the simplest (and safest) policy is to regard the risk of infection as high and I would not urge any man who can have his fun with condoms to stop doing so. Go on using condoms, if only to keep your peace of mind!

But the case of men (or women) who fuck around and do not get infected remains intriguing. When you are one of them, you cannot but ask questions.

For instance, a girl I know in Ouagadougou is scared stiff of catching aids and berates me for my lightheartedness on the subject, but she acknowledges her puzzlement at the fact that so many people who are reported to be dieing of aids in Africa are "poor chaps who never had the means to be promiscuous in the first place". Sexual transmission without sex?

Some serious scientific research also challenges conventional wisdom, see http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/low/health/619316.stm of which an excerpt:

"It was thought that exposure to HIV on a regular basis created [lasting] immunity, but six Kenyan women previously thought to be resistant are now HIV-positive.

The women are all former prostitutes who have since left the business.

Scientists now think immunity may be reliant on continued exposure - once regular contact with HIV stops, immunity is lost. "

This last sentence is intriguing. The prostitutes were immune as long as they plied their trade, but they turned aids-positive after quitting!

It would suggest that once you are promiscuous, you have to go on being so, otherwise you may lose immunity and may turn positive. This makes immunological sense (continued exposure works like renewed vaccination) but flies in the face of classical aids prevention campaigns. If this is true, one who is promiscuous only once, or only on widely-spaced occasions, is more at risk than a totally reckless barebacker. And telling the latter to mend his ways might not be doing him a good turn.

This doesn't mean that avoiding exposure altogether is not the safest of all, but it certainly adds an interesting twist. I am grateful to the aids virus for not being the moral bigot some people would wish it to be.


Red Devil
03-20-03, 00:19

I lived in Lagos for two years back in 1994 & 1995 & visited for one week in 2000. I'm not sure if you've ever been to Nigeria, but it is not a place to visit or stay just for the fun of it. Don't take this statement in the wrong way. Lagos is an absolute pussy hunter's paradise.

Most foreigners are in Nigeria for legitimate reasons (i.e. work) A tourist visa or TWP (Temporary Work Permit) is required for entry into the country. Most expats live in 3 separate areas of Lagos: Victoria Island (V.I.), Ikoyi Island or Apapa.

Crime in Nigeria is actually bred in to the locals. It truly is a way of life for these people. In general, most Nigerians live in a state of poverty & you can't really blame them for stealing everything that they can. Everyone is "on the take" in this place. I even had my own little personal scams going on just for entertainment purposes & to try to fit in with everyone else.

As with any large city, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time you can be the victim of being robbed on the streets. I personally traveled all over the 3 places listed above both in the daytime & at night and never had any problems at all. Transportation is defintely required for any stay as Lagos is spread out over a large area with no real central spot for everything.

The cheapest area to stay would be Apapa. A room could be rented at one of the smaller hotels for approx. $10 to $12 (U.S.) per day.

Taxis are available everywhere but it would be best to rent a car with driver (car hire) for transportation. You do not want to be responsible for any traffic accident in Nigeria. Whites are seen as walking piles of money by Nigerians. Cars w/driver can be hired for approx. 150 to 250 Naira per hour. 140 Naira = $1 U.S. dollar when I was there. Appox 500 to 2,2000 Naira will be sufficient per meal depending on the restaurant & type of food ordered.

Now for the esentials - girls. Most bars In Lagos where expats frequent will have at least 20 to 100 girls. All can be had for 500 to 700 Niara short time or 1500 to 1700 Naira all night. Bbbj's are standard & are part of the rental fee. No real need to ask for them.

It was my experience that most girls did not want to negotiate price up front. Most were happy just to spend the night with you in a nice room with bed, shower & a/c. I only had one bad experience with a girl who demanded more money in my two years for being there.

Most girls are young, 18 to 25 with tight little bodies that are built for fucking. 3-somes are not a problem. Simply ask the girl of your choice to bring along a friend. While they generally don't do girl/girl action, in Nigeria anything is possible with money.

These girls are all eager to please & your rental fee includes all services except anal. Anal can be had, but as usual it varies from girl to girl. Remember, negotiation for anything purchased is expected & be sure to ask for a free gift from the Nigerian while negotiations are under way. The free gift thing tends to put you into the control of negotiations.

Please don't get the wrong impression by my earlier statements. Nigeria is loaded with uninhibited girls who really are great in the sack. Please don't take my earlier statements the wrong way. I actually enjoyed my stay & wish I could do another two years there. I just wanted to point out some of the negatives as well as the positives.

As I am typing this, I can see this 350+ lb. fat American cow stuffing the chow hole in her face full of cake & ice cream. It makes me sick to even look at her. She really does need to cancel her membership to the Betty Crocker Club. I wouldn't want to take her on a date. She would probably eat a whole sack of corn for dinner & still be looking for dessert. I want all who read this to make an observation the next time that you go to a restaurant here in the U.S. When you see a woman dining by herself, she most likely will not order dessert after her meal. Now look around at the other tables where there are two or more cows feeding. I'll bet that 9 out of 10 times they will order dessert after they gorge themselves like they're at the last supper.

I live in the U.S. and have traveled to Central America, the Carribean, Canada, Europe & Africa. I've never seen this problem with the livestock in any other country.

I know that I got off of the subject here at the end, but this cow & others like her in the herd really are a disgusting sight to look at.

Frank Africa
03-21-03, 21:40
Originally posted by xxl
Aids..the case of men (or women) who fuck around and do not get infected remains intriguing. When you are one of them, you cannot but ask questions...so many people who are reported to be dieing of aids in Africa are "poor chaps who never had the means to be promiscuous in the first place"...Some serious scientific research also challenges conventional wisdom... Scientists now think immunity may be reliant on continued exposure - once regular contact with HIV stops, immunity is lost"...This last sentence is intriguing. The prostitutes were immune as long as they plied their trade, but they turned aids-positive after quitting!
xxl Dear xxl:
With all due respect, there are several flaws in your arguments.

First, one doesn't have to be promiscuous to catch AIDS, one can catch it from having sex only once but with an infected person, or from receiving a shot with a dirty needle, or a transfusion of infected blood, or exchange of bodily fluids, etc. The results of a recent survey of blood collected in one large East African city indicated that 49% of the donated blood was contaiminated with HIV.

Second, one can catch the HIV virus and it may not evolve into AIDS for several years (in Arthur Ashe's case it took 5 years to develop into AIDS and 5 more years before he died), and the HIV may not even show up on a blood test for six months or more after the point of infection. So the fact that a SW developed AIDS after quitting may just be a coincidence. On the other hand, there are also SWs who die of AIDS while still active in the trade. And there are also active SWs and "barebacker" johns who never become HIV positive, but that doesn't mean that they're not at risk - they're just lucky, IMHO.

Yes, conventional wisdom is not always correct, and it is clear that the scientific community does not yet know everything about HIV and AIDS. And as I said in an earlier post, the statistics may be wrong or even wildly inflated. But even if the real statistics are much lower, they are still cause for concern.

Your phrase "one who is promiscuous only once, or only on widely-spaced occasions, is more at risk than a totally reckless barebacker" scares me and I hope you don't sincerely believe it. One exhibit to illustrate this is that I probably fall into the former category (since I regularly use condoms but did not always do so back in the 1980s) and am 50 and still alive, while Johnny 'Wadd' Holmes died at the age of 40.

So, despite your "serious scientific research," I plan to continue using condoms when I'm out mongering, both in the US, in Africa, or anywhere else, and I hope that you do so as well. I certainly don't want you to do, I'd much rather be swapping posts on WSG with you 15 years from now!

Mighty Spearsman
03-24-03, 20:48
New mainstream medical research seems to suggest that injections by a needle that's been used too many times is now the primary cause of HIV+/AIDS in most developing countries (Africa, India), not unprotected sex, although unprotected sex is still a major cause as well. Which may explain why "poor chaps who never had the means to be promiscuous in the first place" are dropping dead of AIDS.

Regardless, I'm with Frank Africa on this one, not xxl. Use a condom!

06-02-03, 14:55
Thought I would add a little information on Nigeria. I lived in PH (Port Harcourt) from 1996 to 1999 and have visited Nigeria again in 2001. I will try not to repeat all the good info already posted about Lagos.

My favorite spot in Lagos is the Outside Inn, usually full of nice tight bodies every night. Prices posted previously sound right 1500 to 2000N for all night. Plenty of semi pro action around all the bars where the expats hang out. Most of my experiences were great with enthusiastic girls.

In Port Harcourt, the scene is also good. Prices are about the same. Unlike some of the previous posters, I always make an agreement to the price before leaving with a girl. I have had friends who did not do this and the girl made a scene in morning. Sometimes the temptation to be cause problems and maybe score some more cash is too much.

Some places to try in PH (of course ALL the expats know where to go):

Friends on Abba Road near Waterline Rd. 50+ girls each night. THe action starts in the parking lot with the girls who don't have the entry fee to get in the first door. Through the main door is the first bar area where there are 15 to 25 girls. Don't waste your time. Go through to the "Casbar" which will cost like 150N to enter unless you have a "member" card or you are a"lifetime mamber" (recognized as a long time regular). Ask a bouncer named Jackson if you need any help. The biggest problem in these places is that the girls will drive you nuts hitting on you. Tell the bouncers to get them to give you some space and take your time to look around.

Chi Chi - Abba road at Traffic Light Junction - Big disco setting with 25 to 40 girls on Friday and Saturday nights.

Berracuda Bar in GRA - On nights where there is a live band ( and therefore an entrance fee) there is a nice selection of good loking girls.

If you are looking for a bar where there are NO girls, so you can relax and enjoy a drink or two, as well as meet almost every expat in town, go to the Churchkey Bar off Npogo Rd. Stella is the owner and will make you feel at home.

06-22-03, 16:43
I See a few post about the women in cameroon, but no list, can i get lots of info pls??

What about Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon with those fuc*in towel heads?? is there any worry one might ruin your night with an ak or car bomb?


06-25-03, 01:25
Hey Tic Toc you forgot to mention Cheers.

06-30-03, 19:25

I guarantee you will get crap if go to those countries with that kind of attitude.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Red Devil
07-11-03, 00:14

It's been a few years since I've been to Warri. I've only been there a couple of times for an overnight stay. I was based in Lagos during my stay in Nigeria.

The only place I went to was Aunte's Kitchen. This place is loaded with girls & they are very agressive. You will have a hard time making it through the door before being pulled on & begged to take one of them (or more). Don't take one from outside. The better looking girls are inside.

There was one other place to go but I never went there & don't remember the name. Just ask your driver, car hire, taxi driver or another expat. They will know where to go.

Be warned that Warri Is like the Wild West. It has a lot of crime. You will most likey be stopped by the police during your night travels. They set-up road blocks at night under the pretense of trying to catch bandits. They really are nothing more than a checkpoint to try and hussle money out of whitey. Keep your cool & pretend you don't understand english when the talk to you. All they want is 50 Naira or so. I would recommend traveling at night with another expat. You should make sure to carry a copy of your passport & visa entry stamp at all times (not your original passport.)

Prices for the girls the last time I was there was about 1,500 Naira (approx. 140 Naira = $1.00 U.S.) for all night. Not sure what the current exchange rate is.

The girls in Warri are as wild as they come. Hard, tight little bodies with asses that just won't quit. Hope this helps. Good luck & tag a few for me.


Donnie Brasco #2
07-17-03, 20:14

It's been a long time since I was in Lagos (1999). At that time lagos was packed with action ( I used to go to Mona Lido, Outside In, club 21) but I guessed things have changed and new places are "in" these days.

I'd really appreciate any advice about some new hot spots and the prices that go on today.

Frank Africa
07-18-03, 14:57
Originally posted by MIKEZCG
I See a few post about the women in Cameroon, but no list, can i get lots of info pls??

What about Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon with those f***in towel heads?? is there any worry one might ruin your night with an ak or car bomb?

M~ Besides having a crappy attitude, MikeZCG, you're also dead wrong - you don't have to worry much about aks or car bombs from Ghana, Nigeria or Cameroon. Your biggest problem may be that the people in those countries will notice your lack of sensitivity and treat you accordingly.

Traveler Tom
07-18-03, 15:27
Correct - Frank Africa

It never ceases to amaze me how people have the ability to post such biggotted cr*p as MIKEZCG has. In defence of the people of the countries that he is referring to I can only hope that they and other board members will take a deep breath and utter the words 'plain ignorant' - this can be taken in two ways and I suggest that both are relevant.

For everyone's sake I also suggest the best advice is to warn him that survival rate is usually three days, maximum, in these countries from arrival, before the guys get you and the best advice is STAY AT HOME

Red Devil
07-24-03, 17:46
Fellow hunters,

I also would like to know what new clubs, if any have opened in the last couple of years. I haven't been to Lagos since 2000.

I went to Y-not, Outside Inn & Tarzan's Ramp the last time I was there. All three were loaded with hotties willing to make a few Naira. Selecting a girl was difficult as usual. So many to chose from. Its a shame we men aren't equipped with more than one tool.

Did not have time to go over to Appa and take in Club 21 & Club Wazobia. Those two clubs used to be my favorite hunting grounds on Friday & Saturday nights.

CoCo's was closed when I was last there in 2000. Not sure when it shut down. That truely is a tragedy. Coco's was a great place to start or finish up the evening before bedding your princess for the night. All of the expats used to show up there. I remember some of the expats actually would bring their white wifes with them to the bar on occasion. I always wondered what they were thinking as the wifes looked around & saw the other expat men surrounded by all of these girls. I can understand them not wanting to stay at home while their husbands went out for a few drinks. There used to be short time rooms available on the premises.

Hey Beavis,
It seems that you travel a lot in West Africa. My travels in Nigeria were limited to Lagos, Warri & Escravos. What country and/or place would you say is your favorite & why? Just curious for your opinion if Cameroon or Ghana would rank above Nigeria as far as living conditions & overall attractiveness of the girls.

I know you lurkers are out there reading these reports & are not posting. Please take the time to post & give us some updated information on V.I. & Lagos. Unfortunately business has not taken me there in the last few years. Sure do miss it.


07-27-03, 11:43

As the Nigeria forum seems to be the busiest I post my questions here, as I have never been to Africa, but plan to.

Could anyone of you that knows Africa well advise me which countries are the best to find girls, where you easily find cheap places to stay, have a great nightlife and are not loaded with tourists.

Thank you

07-29-03, 19:14
It really depends the kind of African girls you like. There is a much difference between an Ethiopian and a Cameroonian as between a Swedish and an Italian.

To answer to your question, I would say that the best nightlife is to be found in Nairobi and you will find willing girls from all over the region. The only problem is that Nairobi is the most dangerous city in Africa according to the Lonely Planet.

Anyway, all Africans enjoy partying and most of them are poor, so you should be able to find plenty discotheques and plenty hookers in every African country except some Muslim countries maybe.

08-04-03, 14:21
To Hoshirara

Which African countries are best?

My choice would be to avoid "dangerous" countries, esp. Nigeria.

You'll find plenty to be happy about in Cameroun (esp. Douala), Togo, Bénin, etc. Only caveat, most girls will speak French only.

Most African boys are convinced that all Asian people are karate specialists. Be cautious nevertheless.


08-11-03, 22:40
Originally posted by Hoshirara
Could anyone of you that knows Africa well advise me which countries are the best to find girls...Liberia is very cheap right now. But the Marines may drive up prices soon.

Chris P
08-16-03, 01:07
Hey all,

I'm looking at a trip to Africa some time early next year; anyone gonna be around then? Not sure where I'm gonna go but since this board is the busiest I figured I'd post here. If Beavis cares to give me a tour, the drinks are on me!

There are two types of black chicks I like - first the thin but muscular type, kinda like a track athlete, with a booty so hard you can break open walnuts in it; and second the thick booty shakin, MTV style chick with big natural titties and ass that don't quit.....for the ultimate example of this, do a search for the black pornstar Sierra - god damn! So, my question is - will I find these sort of chicks in West Africa (Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast) or should I look to Ethiopia or elsewhere?

As for accomodation, what would be cool is a place with a hotel with a pool, especially one on the roof of the hotel. Anyone know about any places like this, and their attitude to bringing in chicka to play with in the water? Doesn't have to be in Nigeria - in fact if anyone knows of stuff in any other country in the area, leave a note here and we'll continue the discussion on that board.

Hey once again, thanks in advance for all this, and if anyone's heading out there some time early next year (probably around March?) it'll be cool to hook up and tap some booty!!!



Hot Tongue
09-14-03, 13:45
Hi there folks,

As a Nigerian myself and a foremost worldwide sex traveller and connoissuer, I have been very suprised and sometimes amused at the kind of reports I have sometimes read about Nigeria which I can confirm, in spite of its developmental shortcomings is certaingly one of the most satisfying, versatile and colourful sex locations in the whole of Africa and arguably globally, for believe me, I have really seen it all, from New York to Dubai, Queensland to Beijing etc.

The key to a travellers sexual enjoyment in Nigeria is to hang with an educated, responsibly occupied and well travelled local buddy. Its true that an unaccompanied traveller could fall prey to tricksters and crooks but this will also be the case elsewhere. I shall volunteer to give genuine and helpful information to prospective travellers including advice on credible escorts, hotels and locations nationwide as much as possible if contacted on this forum.

This will purely be in an advisory/friendly capacity arising from a need to help like minded people get the best sex out of a visit to Nigeria. I shall also be willing to hang out with good fellas if your schedule alows you the time and convenience. I am 36, a real estate developer primarily but also a co- owner of a nite club and globe trotter, Hoping to hear from you all out there.

Hot Tongue
09-16-03, 16:52
Hi there, Like to thank Rick, Ras and every body else who has been emailing me for first hand info and tips bout quality pussy and fun in Nigeria, hope my tips have been useful. Also like to say hi to the girls who have emailed asking for contacts , if u pass my interviews and assesment, will be glad to recommend u to the guys coming over who contact me. Like to remind everybody that Nigeria hosts the All African Games in Abuja from 3rd to 20th October and pussies from all over Nigeria , Africa and the world shall be congregating to offer their best, so if u have the time I cant think of a better time to visit Nigeria this year.

Take care

Hot Tongue
10-03-03, 19:56
Hi guys,

First of all thanks to everybody, gentleman or lady who has benefitted [and who has not,by the way] by contacting me about tips on quality pussy, nitelife, and fun in Nigeria. Like I said before I'll always do the best I can to guide you to the best sexperience in this very sweet but much misunderstood part of the world.

Right now the All African Games start tomorrow and you cant imagine the variety in figures, asses, boobs, etc [ African and international sexworkers, sportswomen, journalists, tourists and bored government officials] arriving in the past few days from all over the world, and i'm glad to have a pal, all the way from Australia, here to enjoy courtesy of my post on the WSG.

I've been spending time at the games village, a state-of-the-art newly constructed sport disneyland, comparable to the best in the world and was lucky to record a blow job in my jeep, from one of the cleaner girls who decided to hang around after her shift to meet some expatriates. Believe I can rightly claim the first record of the games!

To anyone who might be in Abuja for the games, you can try out the Games village where the athletes are staying [though very difficult to take any out] the Elephant Bar at the Sheraton or better still the Capital Bar at the Nicon Hilton, prices here have hiked for the games and of course these are main commercial locations, wide choice/varied quality commercial is available at the zone 4 red light district [walking distance from the Sheraton] in large numbers and various specs, for people looking for not -too -commercial, eager pussies, take a cab/car hire out to the Abuja University, best in the evening around 5.00pm -6-00pm and you can have your choice to take back to town at a good price and more sincere /homely company. rates everywhere vary from bout 30 usd - 300usd or per night, start as low as possible and dont be quick to up unless of course, you have the bucks and eager to settle down.

Anyone seeking further aid could email me on ragolis 67@yahoo.com and I'll do my best as usual.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "I" in future reports. Thanks!

10-07-03, 06:46
Hey Chris P if I were going to Africa to go mongering I would go to Douala, Cameroon. You will have to get a visa to go there but it is a big modern city with plenty of pretty ladies.

11-04-03, 16:43

You are right, I forgot Cheers and also Toby Juggs. Both great places with good atmospheres.

There was also a club on the corner of Abba road between Waterline and the Presidential Hotel that was a good spot early in the evening.


Three I
11-11-03, 23:42
Hey guys can you post some pictures of these honeys!

11-25-03, 12:08
Hello Gentleman,

Long time no post. I just thought i post this article for you to get a flavour of want is happening at the twilight hours into the nite aroung Nigeria. I guess the Barn-yard society is still on the loose in my opinion.

Read, enjoy and reflect.


Friday, November 21, 2003.
Sex trade booms Nationwide

By Rotimi Durojaiye

Law Correspondent, Lagos

In Lagos, nearly every side street corner has a *****house. From Ojuelegba to Ikeja, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Ikeja, Mushin, Apapa, Ajegunle and Ijeshatedo, sex has gone commercial. For N300, prostitutes are willing to strip and engage in a round of sex.

In Ikeja, Obafemi Awolowo Road, Allen Avenue, Aromire Avenue and Opebi Road, have assumed notoriety as places where prostitutes of all shapes stand to solicit for men. Those who can't go through the ordeal of standing on roadsides for endless hours loiter around Airport Hotel, Jabita Intercontinental Hotel, Xinos Knight Club Night Club and Jolly Friends Hotel on Ajao Street, Ikeja.

In Apapa, Wazobia Nite Club serves as a haven for prostitutes, while in Ajegunle, a popular spot is Liberia Inn on Olowojeunjeje Street, where little girls converge. For as little as N300, a hard-pressed man can have quick sex (waggishly called touch your toes') with prostitutes. This scene is not peculiar to Lagos.

In Akure, Ondo State, prostitutes swarm like bees. NEPA Junction, along Hospital Road, is a place where prostitutes always gather. There is the Elan Club on Owo Road where sex is the main commodity. At Alpha International Hotel on Akure-Ondo Road, prostitutes hang out at the car park. At the Royal Birds Hotel, Ijapo Estate, for as little as N1,000, prostitutes are willing to let go inside parked cars.

In Ibadan, Oyo State, Mokola area is it. The area is usually a beehive of activities as people mass each night as if there is a night market going on. For N1, 000, many of these prostitutes would hop on the bed to satisfy any randy man. In Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, prostitutes also line most of the streets. They are evident around Owena Motel and Olujoda International Hotel in the Ajilosun area of the city. In Abeokuta, Ogun State, Ibara and Oke-Ilewo areas are the most notorious.

In Calabar, Cross River State, the huge number of prostitutes made them form an association for better bargaining power. They have uniform rates and some even carry certificates of fitness issued by the association, usually counter-signed by a medical doctor.

In Port Harcourt, Rivers State, prostitutes also line most of the streets. They are found around Hotel Presidential and Chi Chi Discotheque on Aba Road. In Ilorin, Kwara State, prostitutes have taken over the state- owned Kwara Hotel and the Amusement park. As from 7 pm daily, the hotel and the park are turned into market for teenagers who sleep with men.

Abuja, the Federal Capital, is not left out. Prostitutes are available in Mile 2, a stone throw from the Area One Secretariat, in Garki, where a portion of the country's bureaucracy is housed. At Eddy-Vic-Motel, on Ahmadu Bello Way, behind Central Bank of Nigeria, as many as 45 girls between the ages of 18 and 30 are clustered ready to melt into the waiting arms of their stranger-lovers. Most notorious is Constantine Street, off Ibrahim Babangida Road, where street lovers strip to change to their see-through dresses in the hunt for Abuja men.

One thing common to the prostitutes in all the big cities, especially Lagos, is their easy categorisation. They fall into various broad groups. There are those who stand by the roadside to solicit for men once night falls. They charge between N1,000 and N2,000 for "short time", which often lasts one hour. Because of the booming trade, most hotels in big cities often make contingency arrangements to meet up with such demands.

For a token fee of N500, they let go their hotel rooms for short-time customers. They also provide drive-ins to help conceal the cars of their customers. The same girls charge between N2, 000 and N4, 000 for the night, in addition to the sticks of cigarette and bottles of beer or stout they often demand from their patrons.

There are also others who throng nightclubs to solicit for men. At Xinos Night Club on Aromire Street, Ikeja, there is usually an overwhelming number of prostitutes, who oftentimes outnumber men. Their routine is simple: They arrive at about 10.30 pm everyday, sit around the bar, buy themselves drinks, and smoke. Immediately the club comes alive around 11 p.m, they begin to move around, dancing suggestively to arouse the men into action. Interested men then strike a deal with them and both move over to any of the nearby hotels to satisfy each other's sexual desire. Perhaps, the most common class of the prostitutes are those who reside in low-class brothels and shanties to ply their trade. A lot of these brothels can be found in the densely populated areas of the cities. A typical example is what goes on at Jolly Friends Hotel, Ajao Street, Ikeja, run by a middle-aged man. There are about 100 rooms in the hotel, each occupied by a prostitute who in turn pays the man a rent of N500. That translates to N50, 000 per day and N150, 000 per month. The resident prostitutes are billed separately for electricity, water and cleaning of the surrounding.

For these girls, business is smooth sail. "What they only need to do is have their bath, make-up and sit down just by their doors to make passes at customers who come in ", explained a barman simply called Tobby. "The going rate is N1,000 per round", he added.

But the worrisome thing about prostitution is the increasing involvement of adolescents, especially university undergraduates. At the University of Lagos, Akoka, it is open knowledge that some of the university's female students operate as prostitutes in big hotels. Scenes each night in front of the female hostels in the university speak volumes. Everyday, between 10pm and 11pm, the parking lot in front of the Madam Tinubu Hall (MTH), one of the female hostels, is always abuzz with the unmistakable bustle of pimping and hustling, the type found among prostitutes around big time brothels. Cars of all makes, especially posh ones, jostle for space in front of the halls. The girls themselves play along. They move in and out of the hostel to join their boyfriends for a night of pleasure. By 1.00 am on most weekends, most beds are bare of female students.

Each time there is a big party in Ile-Ife, Ilesha, Akure, Ondo, Owo or its environs, female students from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and University of Ibadan, are usually invited to keep guests company.

Why the upsurge? "The economic condition in the country today is terrible. It stands to reason that girls would prostitute to survive. That is what the economic adversity of the country has reduced the females to", said Tolu Fadahunsi, a media consultant. A 22-year prostitute who gave her name as Jennifer operates at Kuramo Beach, Victoria Island. She confessed to this reporter that she solicits for men to make money. "It is not that I enjoy what I am doing, but I have to get money to do what other girls do - buy dresses and shoes".

Shade, another 25-year-old prostitute, said her reason for going into prostitution is "to make money. I live in a room at Ketu. I sleep during day and I resume here at night".

It is not only the lowly that patronise these call girls. Daily Independent investigations revealed that highly placed Nigerians do it. They are complimented by a handful of diplomats and foreign nationals. This explains the existence of ready markets along Adetokunbo Ademola, Sanusi Fafunwa, Idowu Taylor and Akin Adesola Road, all in Victoria Island. They hang out there because they are rest assured of getting patronage.

*****s and those patronising them may not be aware that prostitution is a crime. Sections 223, 224 and 225 of the Criminal Code prohibits the existence of brothels and the practice of prostitution. Penalties for setting up brothels ranging from six months to two years jail terms are clearly stated. But these laws are not enforced. A Deputy Commissioner of Police, who pleaded anonymity, said the police do raid and arrest prostitutes, everyday. He explained, thus:

"What people often overlook is that the Criminal Code itself does not help matters. It does not clearly define who a prostitute is. Really, there is no law against prostitution. What the law opposes is soliciting for men, not prostitution. Even the issue of brothels, how do you define what constitutes a brothel? These are difficult terms to prove. But we raid them notwithstanding, not because of prostitutes but because of other related vices like crime".

Quite interesting.

Well I shall wait for your views on these issues.

Thats all for now folks.

I should be back in Lagos aroung Feb 2004



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11-25-03, 12:12
hello gents,

have an additional report.

here it is.


friday, november 21, 2003.

at allen avenue
it's a different ball game at night
by agatha edo

society editor, lagos

extreme cold and wetness from the late afternoon rains did not dampen the mood of alice, who is obviously on business in her see-through body-revealing and hugging costume.

like a restless panther, she prowls the streets in search of a victim to pounce on. but customers seem scarce this evening, no thanks to the freezing breeze and the threat posed by the heaviness of the sky.

this skimpily dressed lady is not alone. all around her, her colleagues and an assortment of businesses that depend on the patronage her services attract, watch with a mixture of trepidation and hope.

but something about her silhouette against the affluence of her environment gives her away as a misfit.

but then, the force of commerce is one that is not objective or discriminatory. once the price is right, not even the sacredness of the pantheon can protect it against abuse. the bible tells us of how jesus christ, so irritated by the volume of commercial activities in the synagogue, threw out both goods and merchants.

the prestige of allen avenue, ikeja, lagos is one that can compete favourably with those of broad street in terms of commerce, and ikoyi in terms of affluence.

even though many attribute its rapid growth to drug money, today the street is a beehive of high volume of activities. its clientele are the super rich, just as its residents. it has no place for the poor or the middle class.

like hollywood, it is a dream come true for the minority who have the luck or magic wand, because even the air in allen avenue does not come cheap. here, the practice is to build into cost of goods, air from air-conditioners and even the scarce smile from the snubbish shop attendants, who measure courtesy according to the quality and mode of car you drive.

but that is in the afternoon. the night is a different matter entirely. the dregs, who like crabs, hide during the day, are emboldened by darkness and the will to survive. they step out.

the haughtiness of the day gives way to desperation at night. that snubbish lady shop attendant can indeed be as friendly as a domesticated kitten. her basic instinct to survive the harshness of modern times makes allen avenue a perfect study in the paradox of human psychology.

what would make a snob become so solicitous? it is only possible in allen avenue. nigeria's unofficial cocaine avenue.

with hair cascading down to her waist, figure as perfect as barbie doll's, face bright from the carefully layered paints that go for make-up, dignity and shame are strange vocabularies in her dictionary. with the speed of lightening, she makes a dash for the handsome porsche and its occupant that just parked some few metres away.

swinging to show off her assets to great advantage, she approaches the man who had come out to properly assess the value of the good' he is interested in. satisfied at what is on display, a price is reached by the two parties and off they go.

yes! prostitution is the other thriving business on allen avenue. although scaled down in the afternoon, it is what makes the street tick.

"if familiar with their modus operandi, you will not fail to pick them out in the afternoon. most of these sales girls and their owners are either acting as pimps or are themselves prostitutes," says mr. jonathan inyang, a businessman and resident of allen avenue.

according to inyang, who owns a boutique on the street, "the reputation of ladies on this street is so bad that i had to send all my daughters to boarding schools. because you can hardly differentiate between a decent woman and a prostitute these days since they are all similarly dressed, every woman is a game on allen avenue until she tells you otherwise."

he adds that rivalry among the women is pushing majority of them into the business of prostitution. "the copycat syndrome is so potent here that some women would do anything to have successful businesses like their neighbour or friend. if high class prostitution is what is in vogue, they would do it to make ends meet. on allen avenue, marital status means nothing to the women here. what they cannot do in the day time they do conveniently at night," mr. inyang said.

one of the prostitutes, who simply gave her name as ikechi, reveals that she and other girls are doing the bidding of their madam, who incidentally owns a boutique on allen avenue. "my colleagues and i function as sales girls in the afternoon. but in the evening, we come out to the street as prostitutes if there are no male customers our madam wants us to service. we use a section of our shop to service the men," she said.

on how money made is shared, she says: "madam, after deducting the rent for the room, we share the balance on a ratio of 60.40. when her top clients are involved, she collects an unspecified amount upfront and asks the man to settle us. and from whatever we are given, she still collects 20 per cent."

these girls and their madams or masters are not the only ones making money when normal people are supposed to be sleeping. the various mallams, who double as security men, are also smiling to the banks. if the chemistry between man and woman is too explosive to allow for decent privacy, the back of the mallam's kiosk is turned into an immediate rendezvous spot after the mallam has been paid to vacate the vicinity. "i did not come to lagos to count the bridges or appreciate the wonderful architectures. i neither forced these women or men into what they are doing. offering them a place to satisfy their urge when they are hot is my way of protecting decency," argues mr. usman jalingo in passable english, a kiosk owner.

like the afternoon, the volume of business on allen avenue at night is just as vibrant. both big and small businesses refocus to meet the demands of their night customers. almost all the security guards are hawkers of condoms. "at times, some of the women and men run out of condoms. so, instead of stopping the fun, we step in," says a guard of a pharmaceutical shop. according to him, the owner of the shop leaves a consignment of assorted brands of condoms for him every evening. "it is a fast-moving business," he adds.

if you are visiting allen avenue for the first time, do not feel intimidated by the affluence or snubbishness of the shops or attendants, because at night, it is a different ball game.

o.k folks, later fot now!



Travel Capt
01-12-04, 23:15
Advice to all "Be very very careful in Never Never land" < Nigeria>

I have been working there for the last three years, six months out of the year. and still do.


Jamis Plumber
01-22-04, 17:42

am a fanatic of female ejaculation and have found the water especially abundant in fat ladies. while in uganda, i learned a trick of eliciting the flow like opening a water tap. i applied this with great results both in scandinavia and israel though not as good as in uganda (probably because i had the aid of a pro). it involves rubbing the dick repeatedly on the labia in all compass directions (the way you polish your shoes, flow increasing with speed). i got the theory that you can tell the most juicy ladies by the looks. fat, leg stretch-marks, big boobs and if all these are accompanied with a gap between her front teeth, get ready for the rain pour. i tried one nigerian girl, 27yo, and results were good. from uganda the method is pronounced as "catch-a-bali".
if any monger out there knows it or is willing to try it out, give me results from different regions.


Hot Tongue
02-11-04, 20:27
Travel Cap,

Please could you throw more light on what you advice to be caraeful about in Nigeria,


03-16-04, 00:58
Hi Mates,

The time has come. I have a break from work and I am off to Africa. Let me posit my dilemna and would welcome feedback.

I want to go to Ngeria. But, I believe this is mostly based on Mike_Q's university expriences. Plus, I do find Nigerian woman very beautiful. But, frankly, I am not comfortable that I will be safe.

This leaves Senegal and Cameroon. I believe I will go to one of these two destinations and perhaps wait on Nigeria until I can meet someone down there that is "street smart".

Between Cameroon and Senegal, which is friendlier, more English speaking, and easier to meet girls...the two places seem about the same for ease of meeting girls (if some of you recall, I did not really meet non-pros on my first trip to Ghana). I would like to meet regular girls as well as pros.

Earlier, FrankAfrica highly recommended Cameroon and I am leaning towards Cameroon on what I consider his highly expert opinion.

Please respond with opinions and any new information. I will head out in mid-April, but will be buying my ticket in the next ten days or so.

Thanks in advance and you can all count on a good few reports wherever I end up.


04-18-04, 22:09

Recently visited Lagos for one night en route to Port Harcourt and stayed at the Sheraton. I enquired about things to do for my one night with my driver. He got straight to point and suggested visiting some drinking bars and possibly inviting a girl back to my room. He explained this was quite popular with foreign vistors to Lagos.

Anyway, excited by prospect of banishing my boredom, I hooked up with my driver and we drove to Victoria Island. We drove by a bar "Y-not or Why Not" (I recall). I felt awkward strolling in alone and as the place had numerous girls hanging out outside, I felt it best to "check out" the talent from the safety of my car. It was my first time in Nigeria and I was warned of potential dangers.

Generally most girls were between 4 and 8 skewed towards the high end. As our car stopped, they all congregated around trying to strike up conversation. I spotted quite a good looking one - roughly 8. As it was getting late, I felt it best to bring her back. She agreed to $40 for the night (probably ripped off I could not care at this stage).

Brought her back to Sheraton and was no problem to bring her to my room. The guys just asked she sign in a guest book for my protection.

Back in my room, after a quick shower, got down to business pretty quickly with a blow job. She was not too good at this so I moved on pretty quickly. First focus was on getting her to orgasm. She seemed quite enjoy it and got very very wet. Then moved on to missionary, doggie style, spoons, etc. She was not brilliant but was great GFE. In the 8 hours with her that night, I came 5 times and only got some 3 hours sleep.

In the morning, I gave her a $5 tip and she left happily.

Eric Emp
04-23-04, 16:54
I had a chance to go to Y-Not & last week. Few girls there some are very pushy, Finally piked on slim girl Stela. She asked for 5000 (1US = 136 NR). I offerd her 3000, and finally agreed on 4000.

No problem binging her back to the hotel, Once in the room She suggested Shower, Sounds good to me, But than she started to waist time in the shower ( which I don't like).

He service was not bad.In the morning she was asking for more money, But I didn't may her moore than 4000/- ( deal is a deal).

Over all experiance was average

Travel Capt
05-11-04, 02:34
Hot Tongue, Sorry for not posting with a reponse to your query.

I've been away in Nigeria.

First thing any traveler to Nigeria should think about is an agent there to recive them on arrival. You will always have to be on guard for scams from everyone. Once you know your way around and have those you trust looking out for you Nigeria is heaven for
a monger.

Hot Tongue pm if you have more queries.


Great One
05-13-04, 12:02
I'm shocked to read that the recent prices paid of n4000, about $30 us and another person paid $40 us. I live in the US and have got women for that much here for the night. I read in past reports that some where paying a little over $10 us for the night(reasonable). So what's the deal on the prices. I was planning a long trip to africa, but if the women are expecting $30-40 us a night forget it. I find it crazy to pay that price when the average income of people in nigeria is $300 us a year and there is such a high aids rate.

05-13-04, 19:14
(I'm shocked to read that the recent prices paid of n4000, about $30 us and another person paid $40 us. I live in the US and have got women for that much here for the night.)

Great One

Perhaps I shouldn't clutter up the board, but I had to ask. Where in the Hell do you find those prices!! :) $30-40 for all night, perhaps I need to leave NYC and go hunting in your hunting grounds. PLEASE post details. (I'm sure that I'm not the only one that needs to know).

Big Dave Ray
05-16-04, 08:35
Anyone know the scene in Abjua? Like prices. locations ect.

05-17-04, 12:27
I'm going to visit my European working girl top act during her holidays in Nigeria. Yes, I truly love this girl and beside that my visit is first sneek into mongering in Africa...

Can anyone give some info or advice about the country, epecially about entering it?

I read that bribing while entering via Lagos airport is quite common, OK, but how much do I have to expect at each official/inoffocial checkpoint ? How can you tell real officials from fake officials ? How to behave in general?

Does enyone have a good tip for a hotel in Lagos and in Benin City below the Sherator/Meridian price level (in the US$100 range)?

I alrady contacted a local WSG buddy for assistance but this turned out to be much to expensive in my eyes... Does anyone know a local guide who doesn't cost me some hundreds of US$?

Cash Works
05-17-04, 16:08

I haven't been to Nigeria in 5 or 6 years, but I never paid more than $15 US for all night. That was in Warri. I never did an all nighter in Lagos, just ST (2-3 hours with multiple pops) and usually paid $10 US or less. In Lagos, I picked girls up at the Ikoyi hotel or Coco's bar usually (I can't remember where Coco's was located - on the river in Victoria?). I also had a couple nights in some bars near the docks (no idea on the name of the bar or which part of the dock, just that it was stumbling distance from the ship I was working on - not a bad bar & had rooms upstairs). In Warri, I would get girls at the Beachcomber Bar or Aunties Kitchen.

Travel Capt is right. Entry into Nigeria can be shocking. Murtala Muhammad Airport in Lagos used to be considered the least secure international airport in the world by the US FAA (all airports in the US with commercial flights used to have a sign stating this - I would sometimes have my picture taken next to the sign when I was heading to Nigeria).

The following is a note I wrote to a couple of guys who PM'ed me about Nigeria, I wasn't going to post it, since I haven't been recently, but due to queries on this thread, I guess I'll go ahead and post it. I hope you find this useful.


I haven't been to Lagos in about 5 years, so my info is probably a bit dated, but here's what I got:

Rule # 1 - Keep your wits about you at all times, pay attention to what's going on around you. Most, if not ALL, Nigerians are out to scam you. Especially the ones in uniform.

Rule # 2 - Don't get too drunk or you won't be able to follow rule # 1.

Rule # 3 - Never lose your temper, you're a visitor in their country after all. Besides, if you're really pissed off, you're not following rule # 1 and any of the locals who see you losing it, will have you pegged as an easy mark.

Rule # 4. - Always try to find the humor in every situation, no matter how fucked up or adversarial it might be. Nigerians enjoy a good joke as much as anyone else - if you make them laugh, they're less likely to rip you off - but don't get carried away, remember rule # 1.

I'm actually glad that I had the opportunity to work in Nigeria. I first worked there in 1988, for the first 6 months or so, I was really pissed off about the whole deal, then I bumped into a (senior) co-worker while I was on break in Brasil. Naturally, I vented all my frustrations about being stuck in Nigeria - he told me a few stories of his own personal experiences while working there that had me laughing my ass off. Then he asked me to tell one of my own stories - something that was all fucked up and really pissed me off - by the time I was finished, I was laughing about it, even though I was really pissed off while it was happenning. He explained that the key to surviving in Nigeria is to see the humor in a situation as it is happenning (Rule #4) - If you examine "adventures", unless they're orchestrated (like a rafting trip or something), you'll probably find that the "adventurers" really thought the situation (adventure) sucked while it was happenning - it only became an adventure once they were safely back in their normal environment. After that, I started looking at things with a more relaxed attitude and eventually, the humor of most situations there began to present themselves to me as it happenned. I wound up working there off and on for the next 12 years. Most of the time, I was either off shore or in/around small coastal villages, but I would spend a little time in Lagos, Warri or Port Harcourt when travelling to and from work.

Danger - yes, Nigeria is a dangerous place, but if you follow rule # 1, then you can usually keep yourself safe.

When you arrive in Lagos, be very careful who you hand your passport to. With luck, your company will have an agent meeting you - if so, the agent should have some sort of company ID showing that he is working for your company.

The company I used to work for had a lot of expats & even more locals working in Nigeria - we always had an agent (local guy/girl) meet us on arrival, just before immigration - everyone going to Nigeria knew this, but problems still occurred due to first timers not checking ID. These guys would arrive wearing a company hat or t-shirt or something (sticker on the brief case?), some scammer would introduce themselves as the agent, ask for their passport and $100 (In the late '80's you were required to change USD $100 upon arrival in Nigeria - this practice was stopped in the early '90's), then disappear - some time later, the real agent would appear & have to try & sort the problem out. There's a HUGE market for stolen passports - be careful who you give it to.

If you don't have an agent, only give your passport to the guy in the booth who is checking your visa. Once you get out of the airport & check into your hotel, lock your passport away - If you get stopped at a road block & they ask for your passport, tell them that it is in your hotel safe (it might be a good idea to get a photocopy of the cover page, visa stamp and entry stamp to carry around with you). Police have been known to get hold of peoples passport on the pretext of checking the validity of their visa (not their job), then refuse to give the passport back unless you pay them some money. The senior co-worker I mentioned above, said that many times he would act like he was asleep when they arrived at a road block - seems the cops were reluctant to wake a sleeping foreigner since they really had no business stopping you in the first place.

Women: Prostitutes are everywhere. A lot of women may do the deed just for some quick cash, even if it's not something they do normally (be careful here, if you approach the wrong woman, all hell could break loose). I never did a lot of exploring around Lagos, I mostly stayed around Ikoyi, where we had a staff house. 2 places that usually had working girls were Coco's Bar (out door bar on one of the rivers - also has some rooms for short-times), and the Ikoyi Hotel (I actually had a wonderful evening with a beautiful girl I picked up at the Ikoyi Hotel - she took me to Coco's for the deed - she said she was a student - I suppose this made a difference?). Another time, I was actually onboard a ship that docked in Lagos (not sure what part of town this was) but there were a couple of bars with short time rooms within walking distance of the ship, I'm pretty sure there were more than two, but I only went in two. Sorry, don't remember the names - this was about 10 years ago.

Villages are interesting - some will actually have *****-houses, others, if you are in the area for a while, the chief or one of the men may actually present some women for you (sex is a natural thing after all & it requires a partner if it's to be done correctly). My first trip there, I was spending my days working just outside a village for about 10 days. The job I was doing had a lot of down time & the locals quickly became interested in me. I had a small gold chain that I wore around my neck & this woman came by and said "you dash me that chain, you marry my daughter" I had to turn her down, her daughter was obviously very under-aged. But the idea that she would basically sell her daughter to me for a necklace that was only worth about USD $75 astounded me. Later, the village Chief started hanging out with me. He was pretty cool, never hit me up for "dash". One time I pointed out this shy girl (looked to be late teens or early twenties) who had been checking me out for a couple days, but always ran away when I motioned for her to come closer - the chief said "you should jig her" I said "where? I don't have a house & there are children all about." The chief pointed to some brush & trees and said "take her there and jig her, the children will leave you alone." Unfortunately, we finished up that afternoon & I didn't get to "jig" that particular girl - in the bushes, or elsewhere.

If you're a Black American, you may be everyone's friend in Nigeria. I've worked with 4 Black American men in Nigeria & everybody there seemed fascinated by them. I'm pretty sure that part of it was their attitudes (all of them had a lot of self confidence). 3 of these guys were definite pussy hounds and were constantly getting free pussy from regular women as well as pros. They rarely got hasseled by the men as well. I'm white, so don't have any first-hand experience from this perspective. The other guy was very married, but said that it was all he could do to remain "faithful to the wife."

One thing of note about Nigerian women: a large number of them have very droopy tits. Many of them start having babies at a very early age & the tits suffer as a result. I've had sex with a number of women from other countries who had children, but none of them had pancake tits like the Nigerian women. Don't know if this is solely due to child birth, or if it may be dietary. That said, I have had a few Nigerian women with exceptional tits as well, so, YMMV.

This is the first time I've ever tried to do a write-up on Nigeria. I'm pretty sure I could write a novel. As for rules, I'm sure there are other rules to live by while there, but these 4 were the first ones to come to mind.

Great One
05-21-04, 00:09
Cash Works,

Great info, thanks. I want to go to travel africa for a while but I'm still not sure where to start. I love the looks of a nice looking black women but cannot stand their gold digging, play you, lieing personalitys. That's how all the ones are here that i've met in the US. So I was hopeing to find some decent ones in africa. But It sound like the people in Lagos are like the black americans I know and have met in the US. Sounds like I wont go there because I can't stand people trying to hustle me, I want a vacation from where I'm at because of people trying to hustle me.

Tyrell, I live in Portland, OR. Been at the scene for past 14 years here. So that probably has some thing to do with it. Also I don't find women all the time for 25-40 a night here. I was simply thinking if that is what people are paying in africa, I mines well save the travel cost and stay here. But as you can see the avarage cost from most post is $10 to free in africa, wich makes it desirable.

I was wondering which country in Africa has the most english speaking people?

Cash Works
05-21-04, 10:28
Great One,

In my experience, the countries in Africa will use the language of their former sovereign due to the number of African dialects. In other words, former British colonies (Nigeria, Ghana, etc.) will have English as the official language of the country, while former French and Belgian colonies will have French as the official language (Ivory Coast, Cameroun, etc.). Angola has Portuguese as the official language since it is a former Portuguese colony.

I would not recommend Nigeria for any sort of holiday. If I'm being paid to go, no problem, but I wouldn't go there on my own nickel. Other English speaking countries I've heard about, but haven't actually spent much time in are Ghana, South Africa and Kenya. I've never been to Kenya, but they're actually set up for tourism (safaris at the game preserves and there are apparently some resorts on the coast around Mombasa). I've only been to the airport in Joe-burg, but South Africa is apparently very nice, I've met a number of people who choose to go there for holidays. I've only been to the airport in Ghana, but I used to work with a British guy who had an apartment there - he spent about 2 months per year there (said he paid rent for something like 3 years in advance - cost less than one or two months mortgage on his London flat).


05-21-04, 16:17
I was wondering which country in Africa has the most english speaking people?Do your research.

Look for a country that was previously a British colony before gaining their independence.

It shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes.

05-22-04, 00:03
Ref the enquiry about Abuja; Best places are the Elephant bar in the Sheration Hotel (girls allowed in after 10.00 pm). They go to disco in the grounds from midnight. You will have to fight the girls off. Going rate $30 to $50 all night. The alternative is La Mirage. This is open air bar with live music and then into on site disco from midnight. Cool and relaxing place for a few drinks and great to watch the girls dance. Every girl at either venue is available.

Jem Hadar
05-23-04, 13:16

Thanks for the post I will put Nigeria on my to Africa list I'm black british what ever that means. From what you've said I'll do OK in Nigeria there like in most African countries if you got the funds you'll have fun, sensible post.

Mr Hubby
05-27-04, 22:50

I'm going to Port Harcourt soon. Staying at Presidential. Whats the going rate? What to do and not (I'm white)? Thanks for all tips and advises. I'll see if I can post some pics after return.

Great One
05-30-04, 02:35
I'm looking for information for a house or apartment rental in the western countrys. I can't find nothing on the internet besides a few highly over priced propertys ($1600.00 us per month). Also would be interested in rentals in ethiopia/kenya. So if anyone could help me out where to find local listings of these, I'd be greatfull.

06-09-04, 17:19
Off The subject for this forum but Im taking the chance someone can help with some info. a college here in USA has offered full scholorsip to 2 Nigerian woman in Nigeria. They have given them the USA signed I-20 Form an invitatuion letter. The woman cant seem to get the necessary visa to leave Nigeria to travel to Usa. Anyone know who can help get the visa or a place in Nigeria they can call for help? Please PM me. Thanks

06-11-04, 00:58
Monger22. Take it from someone who does what you are asking for a living. Your friends not getting a visa means "They don't qualify!" It's that simple and nothing anyone says or does will get around US immigration law. Their rejections will also become a matter of record for the next time they try to apply.

06-11-04, 09:45

MadSkillz is absolutely correct. The offer of full scholarship and the issuance of Form I-20 DOES NOT guarantee a visa. For example, if the officer determines that you will not return to your home country after your studies, he or she will deny you the visa. They use various ways to make this determination and they may not tell you why your application was denied. Sometimes, it is just the way one comes across to the officer.

Anybody can offer scholarship and most schools can issue Form I-20, but the student still has to convince the officer that you intend on returning after your studies. It is not explicit but that is what they look for. If you are familiar with the economic conditions in Nigeria, you will realize that 99% of applicants issued a visa will not return to Nigeria.

I am telling you from personal experience. About 23 years ago, my brother and I were interviewed on the day but by different officers. Our parents already deposited 4 yrs worth of school fees and living expenses money with the university. I was granted a 4 yr multiple visa but my brother was denied. Mind you, I forgot a very important document that the Ministry of Education provides that shows that one has completed high school. I recall my brother telling me that my interview will be futile, but I did not care. I was already attending university and was very happy there. Well, my brother finally got his visa 2 years after I left. He was going to the embassy at least twice a month and being a pest. He was physically thrown out of the embassy four times. No additional documents were needed, just a current Form I-20 which the school was willing to issue every semester, when the visa was granted.

I will suggest having the women try several times and hope and pray for the best. If they are single, the odds are stacked against them, and I wish them the best of luck. People are leaving that country like bat out hell, and it is really hell.

Member #1846.

Jamis Plumber
06-11-04, 17:46

You were honest and to the point.


Scams (financial, immigration) involving Nigerians are of global concern. I get e-mails asking me for assistance to transfer huge sums of money to my bank account! Hope you won't be the next victim or accomplice. These may be individual acts but your antennae must stay sharp.

Like MadSkillZ advised, the best place to get Visa Info is the US Embassy or Consulate in their country. Visas are given or denied based on information provided by the applicants.

Cash Works
06-26-04, 16:02
Jamis Plumber, Monger22, et al,

The following is an example of one of those emails that Jamis mentions. I first encountered this scam about 12 years ago while working in Nigeria in those day's they used the postal service. Oddly enough, the letter had been mailed to the cousin of a colleague who was a banker in Germany. The details were slightly different, but the general idea is "I have a huge amount of cash that I stole and I need your help laundering it. All you have to do, is come to Nigeria and set up a company so that I can use you as a conduit for getting the money out of the country." They generally want you to give them bank information as well. Remember, it is a SCAM. If you follow through, the best that will happen is that these scammers will steal money out of your bank account, or worse, if you actually go to Nigeria and set up a company, you'll probably wind up in a Nigerian Jail.

Here's the example (please note, that I seriously doubt that this actually came from Mrs. Abacha):

"Dear Friend,

I am Hajia Mariam Abacha the wife to the former head of state the Fedral Republic of Nigeran Late General Sani Abacha.Following the sudden death of my husband General Sanni Abacha the late former head of state of Nigeria in June 1998, I have been thrown into a state of utter confusion, frustration and hopelessness by the present civilian administration,

I have been subjected to physical and psychological torture by the security agents in the country.

I have lost confidence in almost everybody within the country. You musthave heard over the media reports and the internet on the recovery of various huge sums of money deposited by my husband in different securityfirms abroad,some companies willingly give up their secrets and disclosedour money confidently lodged there while many out rightblackmail. In fact the total sum discovered by the Government so far is in the tune of $700. Million dollars. And they are not relenting to make me poor for life.I got your contacts from a reliable private search and out of desperation decided to reach you.I will give you more information as tothis regard as soon as you reply. I repose great confidence in you hence my approach to you due to security network placed on my daily affairs I cannot afford to visit the embassy so that is why I decided to contact you and I hope you will not betray my confidence in you. I have deposited the sum of 35 Million United States Dollars with the diplomatic Courier services in Europe.

I shall be grateful if you could assist me clear this funds from the Diplomatic Office and have it transfered to your account for safe keeping. This arrangement is known to you, my family attorney and my Eldest son Mohammed Abacha alone, who have just been relised from detention by the Federal Government, so my lawyer will deal directly with you in assisting you obtain all necessary document to enhance the purpose of your claim as the final beneficiary to the deposited consignment, as security is up my whole being.

I am seriously considering to settle down abroad in a friendly atmosphere like yours, where my family and I will have a safe heaven, as soon as this fund get into your account so that I can start all over again if only you wish.

I am ready to part with accrue you 25% of this fund for your assistance, while substantial part of the fund will go into any profitable venture you see necessary for us to invest. Please honesty is the watch word in this transaction.

I will urgently require for your very private number or mobile number if any. Please your quick action will be highly appreciated, as I expect hearing from you soonest,though this transaction should remain under maximum confidentiality at this stage in other not to get my government know about it as they are after seizing my family fortunes into their private account for personal use.

Presently I am a widow with a bitter heart, this assistance will go along way to bring my family back to normal and put my entire family in shape because nobody is aware of this funds. Only for you to render this assistance for big drive and change to my family and I know almighty Allah will for ever prosper you. And do get back to me via my confidential mail box:

[Email Address deleted by Admin]

Sincerely yours

Hajia Mariam Abacha"

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

Jay Dub
07-01-04, 16:12
Come on Guys!

Nigeria is the Giant of Africa, and from what I can see there are plenty of women, so where are the pics??

I have to say that I am guilty, for I went to Nigeria a 2 times, but each time I really didn't take any pics worth seeing, but regarding the women, particularly in the Delta where I was staying, Daaaaamn!! The girls were pouring into our compound, just to hang out with my friend and I.

Me being African American, and He being a Native born Nigerian, I must say, that we had a complete blast!! I slept with some of te most respectful and exotic women on the face of the earth and trust me, I will be back for more.

It was like clock work, when one would leave, then another would enter, my partner had them lined up and believe me bro, these were top of the line chicks.

Fellas, I just have one request, Please Please Please post some pics,


Whiz Kid
07-06-04, 09:06
Hi Guys,

I am going to Abuja for a week next month for a friends wedding. What is the mongering modus operandi there and prices per hour and all nighter.

Also mugg free accomodation for me to do the deed, as side from my permanent accomodation (Sheraton) would be really helpful.

But more importantly the street action in different locations as my desired preference. A detailed breakdown would suffcie. I am told the joints are usually more expensive.

Feel free to PM as well


Whiz Kid

07-06-04, 22:26
Whiz Kid

The Sheraton is the place. The Elephant bar after 10 and from midnight it moves to the disco. Sheraton allows the girls back to your room. The girls have to leave id at the security near the lift. Its discreet and no big deal. You will find more girls than you know what to do with. Rate is $20 short time, from $30 to $50 all night. Only problem with Sheradon is no safes in the rooms, so lock valuables in your suitcase as girls have to return to security to collect their id.

If you want to get out take taxi to Grand Mirage after 9. Its outdoor with a bar, barbecue and live music. Disco opens at midnight. Plenty of girls and they will approach you. There will also be girls walking up and down outside here and they are not shy. Rate at GM is usually $30 all night. The girls prefer all nighters as they often live a distance outside town.

If a girl approaches you that you do not want, give her a few Nire and she will go get any girl you point out.

There are a number of other discos in town but a bit intimidating if you are new to Nigeria, ie security carry Kalashnikovs.

Sheraton and Grand Mirage are totally safe (I prefer GM myself).
PM me for anything else.

Whiz Kid
07-07-04, 05:51
Thanks Jettlagged,

For your prompt and useful response.

Locals inNigeira say the Sheraton and Hilton Disco's and indeed most disco's are tourists traps. They say the best girls and variety is to cherry pick on the stret seen, like Zone 4 redlight district and it is fr cheaper.

The problem is there are no other areas I am aware of to test the waters, does anyboby have any experience of these other locations.


Whiz Kid

07-07-04, 19:25
Whiz \KId
I sent you pm but for benefit of others - Hilton is major tourist trap but it is the best hotel in Abuja (probably in Nigeria). Girls there usually hold out for $100 per night. The Hilton restricts the number of girls getting in.

The Sheraton is ok with more girls than customers so about $30 on average. Sometimes the Sheraton excludes the girls for a few days. Usually if a customer is robbed or something.

The Grand Mirage is almost totally frequented by locals or ex-pats living in Abuja. Its unknown to business people just flying in and out. For me its the best place in town and a must see.

Travel Capt
08-14-04, 23:38

P.H. Is the best to go. There are three flights a week from Paris. Much better and safer than Lagos.


Member #2460
08-15-04, 13:26
Yes definitely, Port Harcourt is the best place, it is relatively safe and full of girls waiting for you.

Damages would be between 3000 to 5000 niaira depending on circumstances ( Busy night, good looking girl, etc).

Ask also if the girl is a trouble maker to somebody used to the place.
You must also know that in PH, the action moves every night from one bar to another. As far as I remember, best ones would be Cheers on Wednesday and Barracuda on Saturdays.

And you would not believe how many girls are there, may be 150.

I was in le Meridien and there was no problem to bring the girl back to the room. However, earlier I tried the otherbig hotel, president or ambassador hotel (I forgot° and the girls told me that security was asking money to let them go out, as they cannot do it when you bring the girl to your room with you.

D Life
09-11-04, 05:50
I know that a lot of Nigerians and non nigerians are traveling home (i.e. for nigerians) and have been for a while pls post somthing. Where are the pics. Where are the best places to go and what clubs whould you recomend? which cities should one go to? How about places like Warri, Lagos, PH? Which clubs will you recommend?
I know that there are other cities that are nice and safe for guests both in the east and also in the west and in the "south south".
I hear that the university is a good place to go? How do you know who is available and who is not. What are the going prices?

I will appreciate any information on this.

Cash Works
09-12-04, 20:25
D Life,

I'm not Nigerian, but I did spend a lot of time there between 1988 and 2000. Unfortunately, most of my time was spent offshore, so I only know of a few bars. It's been a few years, so some (or all) of these may no longer be there.


Coco's - not too far from Ikoyi. It's an out-door bar on one of the rivers. There were short time rooms available there and usually had girls hanging around.

Ikoyi Hotel - generally had girls hanging out in the bar or outside, in the garden area.


Auntie's Kitchen - I've been told that you can actually get some good food here - I never tried it, stuck to Gulder (beer) and Girls. Auntie's husband is (was?) allegedly from Scotland.

Beachcomber Bar - I've seen food here as well, but again, I stuck with Gulder and Girls. One of the girls once told me there was a shack or something behind the bar to take care of business - I never tried it, always took the girl back to my room.

Port Harcourt:

Years ago, there was a bar called "Uncle Sam's" and I think there were one or two other bars that were stumbling distance - all packed with women. I only went there once and that was about 10 years ago. I rarely had enough time to do any mongering in P.H. I would generally just drink beer at a restaurant near my accomodations - I'm pretty sure the waitresses at most restaurants could be talked into accompanying you back to your room.


Member #2460
09-13-04, 12:24
D Life,

See my report before yours.

You have the name of the bars, the rates for Port Harcourt.

Any girl in those bars (cheers, Barracuda, will do.

Do not go to Warri, I think it is the worse place to go now, lots of problems with our friends of the communities. Many companies pulled out of Warri.

10-23-04, 14:38

I need some real information on Port Harcourt,as I am planning on spending three or four weekks there soon,need to know what the prices on the hotels ,which do you recommeend, whats it like to hang around in,how safe is it etc.?

Thanks in advance


10-24-04, 03:19
Newbie here to africa, I will be visiting Port Harcourt in a few weeks to hook up with a hottie,nice girl , non pro, for some R+R,so wanted to know what its like for this,how safe it is to kick back etc. Any observations or tips would be appreciated, any info on girls with their own places and is the airport customs o.k,or a zoo?

Thanks in advance,


D Life
10-25-04, 22:31
You will be in for the time of your life. There are so many girls of different shapes and sizes. You will meet so many street walkers. The normal price should be about N4000 naira for all night. $100 is N13000. All you need to do is just ask a taxi from the hotel to take you to where you can pick some girls. He will be glad to do so for you. YOu can hire him per hour. It is about N500/hr. You should not have any problems bringing her back to the hotel. there are several hotels. I stayed at Land mark hotel. It is a little bit pricey. About N8000/night. There are several others that are girl friendly. The normal price for a hotel room should be about N7000-N1000 depending on what you want. There are many that are higher but it really depends on what you want. If you have any more questions PM me.

01-08-05, 23:30
I will soon be going to Lagos and I will be staying in the Sheraton. Can anyone give me an update about the action in and around the Sheraton hotel, including going prices.


Red Devil
01-12-05, 17:41
When you enter the Sheraton's lobby there are two bars on the left. The first one on the left as you enter is separate from the large main bar. I forgot the name of the small bar, but there will be girls at both bars. The selection is going to be somewhat limited to maybe ten or so on most nights. I used to stay on Victoria Island & never actually got a room at the Sheraton, so I'm not sure of the guest policy. If security gives you any problem, just give them 100 or 200 Naira. Everything in Nigeria can be accomplished with a bribe. Most ladies will be happy with between 1,500 - 2500 Niara for the night. BBBJ is the norm. No need to negotiate that. They will accomodate any positions you can think of. There are other bars in Ikeja (the area where the Sheraton is located) but I would stay clear of them. Ikeja can be a rough part of Lagos.

If nothing satisfies you at the Sheraton, I would suggest walking outside the Sheraton & getting a car hire or taxi to bring you to Victoria Island or V.I. as its most commonly called. All drivers will know how to get there. From there you have at least three good choices. As you enter V.I. you will be on a bridge over a waterway. If you go left right along the waterway you will come to a club along the waterway named Tarzan's Ramp. It will be approx. 1 1/2 miles down along side of the river near the Mobil Oil bldg. There will be plenty of ladies to choose from. On your right along the same river is another bar called Outside In. There will be more than you can handle at this place. Outside In will be right past where CoCo's Bar used to be. You will need to turn off of the main road (right turn) & follow the road basically all of the way to the end. Y-not bar should be on your right if you keep going straight on the road that you enter V.I. If you get to Bar Beach road, you went too far. Just have your driver stop & ask someone for directions if he is not familiar with any of these places. Any other cab driver on V.I. should be able to help your driver. Depending on what time of day/night you are going to V.I., drive time could be as little as 30 mins. to 1 hr. or more due to traffic. The effort to get to V.I. will be worth it. Expect to see at least 30-50 girls at each place.

There is another area close to V.I. called Apapa. There are a few bars here as well. Club 21 along Wharf Road is enough to overwhelm even a seasoned monger. The ladies here will be aggresive to get your attention. There will be 40-75 ladies there on most nights. This bar was hands down my favorite place when I lived there back in 1993-1995.

Hope all of this information helps. Just remember to make your cab driver or car hire earn his money. If he doesn't know where these places are, make sure he stops & asks someone for directions. Remember he is working for you & will do whatever you tell him to do. Use him to your advantage. He'll wait for you outside of the clubs while you are hunting.


03-02-05, 03:35
Advice please. Reading the reviews I can't decide between Ghana, Cameroon or Nigeria. On the balance of all factors (price, quality, quantity, culture, ease of transport etc), which country do you recommend for 2 weeks of debauchery?


I've also posted this message on the Cameroon and Nigerian threads.

FL Wingman
03-18-05, 22:13
i will be ariving in lagos on sunday. I will be staying in a nice hotel though I am not sure witch one. what is the standard deal in most hotels? Is it like the sharadon mentioned earlyer? do all of the hotel bars have a seleecton of women that are available? i am a white man, What effect will this have? Any comments and help[ will be welcome..


03-23-05, 14:49
Hotels are expensive for the dollar in Lagos. Does anyone know of an apartment I can rent or cheaper accomadations. Within say the realm of 30-50 a night? I certain they must exist. I have been in contact with several girls there and the situation is looking good. I've run into a few scammers as well but hell can you blame them? Somebody please get back with me on this. I've searched the board and have come up with nothing.

D Life
04-02-05, 04:23
There is a guy that has a private apartment rental for I think 50US a night in Lagos and it is very comfortable. I believe the website is www.makeitnigeria.com. I hope that will help. He also has cars and drivers for hire and is located in VGC one of the best and most secure areas of lagos. I hope this helps

05-29-05, 13:34
Hi all

Not an update but I would ike one.

I'm going out the PH in a month or sond would like to know the ropes around the traps etc.

Whats good what isnt, hot places at the moment and whts the quality like ??

Any web sites with more info you can direct me too??


06-17-05, 08:19
Hi guys,I'm just back from Accra for a short trip and I think to becomed an african girls addict...Unbelivable bodies,nice attitude,good people in general.
I wish to go to Nigeria for my next trip and reading your posts it seems that Port Harcourt is The Place.
Can anyone please tell me the difference for hunting between Accra and Port Harcourt (for the one's been in both places) ??
Before going to Accra I did the malary profilaxis, do I need the same going to Port Harcourt ?
And finally, do you think Le Meridien in Port Harcourt is a good place to stay ?
If anyone got different suggestion about nigerian destination ( Lagos town,Warri,etc.instead of Port Harcourt) please let me know.

Mr Hubby
06-23-05, 00:24

Anyone who knows anything about action in Lekki outside Lagos? I'm going there this fall. Any tips and advices are welcome.


06-23-05, 16:12
Warri is a rough place for a foreigner. Port Harcourt is better, try Cheers, Barracudas, Blues Cafe.

Jay Dub
06-23-05, 20:17
Warri was the bomb!!! Had plenty of girls cuming and going at the same time.

Junior Calon
08-27-05, 15:53
If you’re looking for night-time action, then I highly recommend you stay in Victoria Island in Lagos. It’s a more upscale, by Nigerian standards, and you won’t feel as threatened by the locals when you’re walking around outside. A SG will run you about $20-30 USD while the girls in bars are from $40-60. BBBJ are the norm around here and ladies stay TLN (If you want that).

Pat’s Bar is number 1 on my list. This is an English Pub/Restaurant located on Victoria Island. Pat’s has live music on Thursday and a DJ on Friday. The bouncers at the door will limit the number of ‘single girls’ in the club. I found that they also lookout for the occasional ROB, so you can feel free to mingle a bit.

Next is Outside Inn. It’s located near the American Embassy and has Nigerian military guarding the compound. These guys look mean as hell and I’ve seen what they do to drunken trouble-makers. Play it cool and you’ll have a great time. Friday and Saturdays are the best nights. You’ll see many SG hanging around, but I prefer to pick from the girls that made it into the club.

Finally, we have the infamous Y-Not bar in Victoria Island. This place is run by a Lebanese guy named Tony (Y-not spelled backwards) and his brother. When you step in the bar, girls will be all over you. I found it better to wait for the DDG chick that’s sitting in the back and worth your time. Party hats are on sell outside the club, so don’t worry if you see a girl you like but forgot your tools.

Junior Calon
08-27-05, 16:22
Ok, Enough BS. Here's the picture you all have been waiting for. This is Nancy. I met her in Y-not Bar in Lagos recently and shes likes to go to Pat's Bar on Thursdays She is DDG and a GFE if you want. I stayed in Lagos about three months and whenever I saw her we had a great time. On this night, I took her out for Tequilla at a bar called Planet. Needless to say, she had too many.

Frank Africa
08-29-05, 20:12
Hi, if you know well west Africa, can you tell me what country is the cheapest?
I like to know the cheapest fucking around west Africa.
Thank you.
As I wrote on the Cameroon board, two countries that might be worth a visit are Ghana and Togo.

Frankly, I'd stay away from Nigeria - too many hassles and con-artists here.

Sorry if I offended anyone, but most of my Nigerian friends agree with me on this.

Love The Ladies
09-20-05, 00:27
I am going to make a trip to west Africa soon. Nigeria was going to be on my way except for one problem.
Everyday day someone from yahoo personals looks me up and IM's me.
100% of the time they are an american that is stuck in Lagos.
Or they are a Nigerian that is coming to America in 2 weeks. They just need a little money to get here.
I even called one of the girls on her cell phone. At least she was real.

Guys, if the scams are so prevalant over the net, then how bad is it being a white guy in Lagos. I live in India, and though there are scammers in Delhi, the country as a whole protects foreigners.

I am a street smart guy, but am wondering if its just too bad over there now.
What do you think,

09-20-05, 04:07
If you hire a local to go with you you will be fine but Lagos, Nigeria is not a place where a white man wants to go exploring on his own.

D Life
09-20-05, 07:44
I am going to make a trip to west Africa soon. Nigeria was going to be on my way except for one problem.
Everyday day someone from yahoo personals looks me up and IM's me.
100% of the time they are an american that is stuck in Lagos.
Or they are a Nigerian that is coming to America in 2 weeks. They just need a little money to get here.
I even called one of the girls on her cell phone. At least she was real.

Guys, if the scams are so prevalant over the net, then how bad is it being a white guy in Lagos. I live in India, and though there are scammers in Delhi, the country as a whole protects foreigners.

I am a street smart guy, but am wondering if its just too bad over there now.
What do you think,

Get a driver from the hotel that you are staying and you should have no problem. It is basically like shooting fish in a barrel. Go to the universities when you are there in the evening. Venture to some of the south eastern cities that are more tourist friendly. Lagos is too boisterous. Try Port Hacourt or Calabar. You should have the time of your life. Calabar is very peaceful and very clean with a lot of very willing girls that are also very cheap. Stay safe and if you have any other questions dont hesitate to ask.
Scams is not a Nigerian thing it is a third world thing. But do not be fooled Nigerians have mastered the game.

01-16-06, 11:50
Have been a member for a while but this is my first posting. sorry it has to be a FAQ about Lagos. I am chinese and will be going to another chinese to Lagos early February. My role is as a translator and I speak Chinese and English. The person I am going with is also a good friend and we have had some very good times in China, Korea and Malaysia. I am pretty sure we will be looking for a good time too when in Lagos. I am wondering whether any one can enlighten us on the nightlife and action there including any pitfalls or things we should be aware of.

Many thanks.

01-22-06, 01:27
.... She is DDG and a GFE What is DDG?

01-31-06, 20:19
Hi Guys,

Is it possible to provide any photies, im due to go to Nigeria in the next couple of weeks. See what the girlies look like,


02-01-06, 03:30
Here are a couple from 2002

02-05-06, 18:01
Hi Guys,

Any good female contact numbers for Port Harcourt, since I am a newbie to Nigeria. Can you give any advice.


02-06-06, 04:44
You won't need any contact information. They will find you, try bars called Barracudas, Cheers, and the Blues Cafe.

02-18-06, 16:46
Beavis, wow! They are really cute.

Any tips for Lagos (Vic Island)? I have to spend next week there at a hotel named the Palmview Manor.

Mr Hubby
02-19-06, 02:04

As far as I know Fridays and Saturdays are the main action nights. However you might find something anytime. I think a place called Y-not is open every night. Lots of girls available in any quality. Pat's Bar is also a place where typical white men and dark ladies meet. I've been to A-bar on a tuesday and that was no kick... Other places i've just heard of is OutsideInn, ClubTowers, 1145, Planet Extreme. A lot more places to be discovered.

If you like mexican food try to locate Bottles right behind Mobil House. You will find a lovely blonde girl managing the place. You can ask her about bars and clubs in the area. The hotel will hopefully have a VI map.

Bring home pics!

Here is a few from my trips.

02-19-06, 17:39

I am looking at going to Lagos in june , it will be my first trip there.What i would like to know is ,is it a safe place? and are con artist a big problem there?

I would be greatful for any info.

Marcus (superboy)

D Life
02-20-06, 04:30

I am looking at going to Lagos in june , it will be my first trip there.What i would like to know is ,is it a safe place? and are con artist a big problem there?

I would be greatful for any info.

Marcus (superboy)

it is as safe as any big city that you go to in any country in the world. THere are con artists in every country. Dont do anything that you will not do in your avrage big city and you will be fine. Things like flashing money around. Being drunk in the wrong place. Acting obnoxious. Being out walking alone late at night. If you are going out at night use a hotel registered taxi. Just the basic standard safe things that you will do in any third world country and you will be fine.

02-21-06, 22:32
Nigeria lives up to what I have come to expect from most central / western African countries. Rife with flesh. These girls are very aggressive, and will come up to you and introduce themselves, or even follow you to your room. The girls are typical for the region, not as diverse as Cameroon, but some cuties to be found if you take your time.

Abuja: Any of the major hotels (Sheraton, Hilton) will have girls in the bars. I found the Elephant Bar in the Sheraton a little less lively than friends had described, but could have been an off night. Plenty of girls on the roads too, but probably best to avoid them. Some cuties in the Hilton, but as described in an earlier post, a bit more costly.

Kano: A more conservative place, but there the Capital Hotel has a bar with plenty of girls. There was an Italian place run by Lebanese where local girls come after 11 PM to dance and work their trade. Can’t remember the name, but taxi’s could take you there.

Retired Army
03-10-06, 23:24
Stayed in Abuja for a couple of night at one of the better hotels. Went to the bar and there must have been 30 girls for every guy in the place. Made a business arrangement with two for a "lollypop" job and on the way out had other girls offering to come up to my room and help out.

What a wild place!

03-14-06, 23:25
Just returned from Lagos. Although I stayed in a really nice hotel named the Palmview Terrace, ther were no non-guests in the bar area. Unfortunately did not get to go to the Hilton (which sounds promising), I did get to go to a bar/Mexican restaurant named Bottles. In there were 2 fairly attractive women sitting at the tables nursing their drink, clearly for hire.

I was told by a frequent visitor that the Y-not bar is no longer in business, although I couldn't tell if he was giving me the truth.

Question: How do you all get around Lagos at night? There are no cabs, and the security company that drove me around costs a bloody fortune. Do you use a similar service?

03-15-06, 18:01
Went to the Capital Bar in the Nicon Hilton. Not a crowded night, but a few ladies perched about the bar. Ordered a beer. Had a quick look about and didn't see anything enticing. Noticed a girl with a pretty smile. I like slender women, so I am often not inclined to take up the aggressive offers from often large ladies made so readily in these bars. But this one looked nice, slender, nice smile, pretty face, called herself Samantha, described herself as an economics student, and agreed to come up to my room where we coupled like stoats. I tossed her a $50 bill and a thousand Nira for her drink and taxi home. She seemed pleased and headed out into the Abuja night.

Mr Hubby
03-15-06, 22:18
Question: How do you all get around Lagos at night? There are no cabs, and the security company that drove me around costs a bloody fortune. Do you use a similar service?A good hotel can get you in touch with a driver with a car. Price is usually 1000Naira or less per hr. You may have to pay a minimum like maybe 3hrs. The driver drives you were you want to, and he waits for you outside for return as long as you pay for it. I've had no problems using such service.

03-16-06, 15:48
Trying to get a photo of Samantha up. Reference from the previous post I placed on the forum.

03-30-06, 16:37
Mr Hubby

it seems a sort of "vision" to die for, isn't it?

05-23-06, 17:15
Lance-a-lot, would you happen to have Samantha's contact info? I'll be visiting Lagos again soon.

06-03-06, 23:21
I stayed in Apapa, which feels quite secure. The guesthouse I choose was called Prince Guesthouse. Price 3000 Naira, appr 20 us$. quite good value with a/c, fridge and tv (not satellite though). Quite a few single ladies stayed there and all seemed happy to go st or lt with you.
Y-not bar is still open as well as the other bars mentioned here. In Apapa there is also a nightclub with a lot of girls. I forgot the name but the motorbikedrivers know.
Prices for the girls. 2000 naira was what I paid. Not a lot I suppose, so I always negotiated before to avoid a boring morning.
As mentioned earlier taxis are not too easy to find at night, so I got the mobilenumber of one of the driver and he seemed happy to escort me around at night.
I like Lagos although the pollution is horrible. Don't change money on the street as I did, as I was conned. They simply exchanged my dollars into fake dollars.

06-11-06, 17:35
Just returned from a very brief stay in Victoria Island. I recommend the Protea Hotel for lodging, although it would be difficult to bring a girl to your room from elsewhere without the direct notice of the employees at the front desk (as you pass right by the desk to access the lift).

I managed to eat dinner on a Thursday at a nive Chinese restaurant named Saipan, which has a bar/club with live band downstairs and a large restaurant upstairs. A bit expensive, but all the food joints in Lagos seem to be. Around 10pm, a number of girls wandered in. Some of them were quite stunning. Really stunning. I asked my local contact who happened to be drinking with us what kind of rate this particular girl might go for. He thought around 5000 Naira, which at current rates is $37 USD. Amazing, though I cannot comment on the experience because I was with co-workers.

Following that, we arrived at Pat's Bar, just blocks from the Protea Hotel. This place was around 70% full, of older ex-pats and many girls. Again, many of them were stunners. This is a fun bar, with a pool table and active dance floor. I would go back here if I had the chance.

On a related note, my local contact estimates that the HIV infection rate is around 25-30%.

07-11-06, 17:41
I was recently in Abuja in the Hilton and I have done 2 experiences. In the capital bar, and later in the piano lounge, girls were waiting for mens.

I talked to one and asked her what she can do, this is a way to know if she propose just the basic stuff or if she can do more. The answer was "suck and fuck" then I understood it will be rather basic. I say her that want to make anal, she say no then I ask if I can come in her mouth she said yes. Then I ask how much and she said fifty.
We went to the bedroom, start to make sex. She was quite hot, I made some pictures and it was going fine up to a nice end with a BBBJCIM.
Then she asks me for her money and I gave her fifty dollars: she refuses, she said that she is not so cheap and ask again "give me my money!!" I said that this is the deal we made. She didn’t accept and she ask again and again…she didn’t want to leave the room, she was shouting…I said her that if she doesn’t leave with the money I gave then I call the security! She said to do it, even to call the police, she was making a bluff because when I wanted to take the phone she took it to avoid it.
Then I change my strategy: I show her that I don’t have much more money in my wallet, only 30 dollars more, (of course all the rest and important things were in the safe) and I start to watch the tv and wait that she leaves. Finally after 2 hours (!!) and after I gave her the 30 others dollars she left, unhappy.

She didn’t really say me what she was expecting but I understood something like 200 dollars!!! She said that in Europe I will pay so much for a girl then why not here? I said that in Europe the service is much better!

After this bad experience I was reluctant to bring again a girl in my room but I didn't want to make a conclusion with only one experience. Then 2 days later I went to the piano lounge (the bar close around midnight). After a short discussion I ask a girl to give me a reasonable price for the night: the answer was 200 dollars! I said again REASONNABLE then we bargain and come down to 100! Again the service was basic.

My conclusion is: the girls are rather rude, very expensive, provide only a basic service and can even make problems to you. I agree that this 2 experiences are not enough to describe the situation and this is related to girls found inside the Hilton. The Hilton also is very expensive, more than 300 dollars a room!

Retired Army
08-20-06, 10:23

You got ripped off. When I was in Abuja I stayed at either the Hilton or Intercon (can't remember which, but had a piano bar separate from the hotel). Had two girls with BBBJCIM and total price was $50.00 for both.

09-03-06, 17:38
Ihow much and she said fifty.

We went to the bedroom, start to make sex. She was quite hot, I made some pictures and it was going fine up to a nice end with a BBBJCIM.
Then she asks me for her money and I gave her fifty dollars: she refuses, she said that she is not so cheap and ask again "give me my money!!" I said that this is the deal we made. She didn’t accept and she ask again and again…she didn’t want to leave the room, she was shouting…!

Hello Sweetboy07:

I suppose that's a rather common scam among professionals. I have encountered exactly the same problem several times in other African countries. The strategy seems to be always the same. First to agree upon a certain amount, then demanding double or triple as much and when this is declined making a lot of noise and getting damn nasty. As most foreigners are scared to deal with the local police they normally pay an additional amount and bingo, the purpose is reached. So simple is that!

In order to avoid such unpleasant situations I stick nowadays to the readily available shopgirls who are usually quite happy with an adequate 'taxi money'.

Cheers - Hesekiels

09-03-06, 21:55
Nigeria is well reputed as home of many scams. my experience while in Benin (just across the border) was that Nigeran girls were (by far) the best lookers -but the crappest of all in bed and always looking for extras - a bit like Dutch window girls in fact.
In my pesronallife I know some very lovely Nigerian women but i would avoid entaglements (or any other business) with them.

Roman Guy
09-28-06, 09:41


and open the attached MSWord document.

10-06-06, 16:59
For the report see my post of july.

Enjoy it!


10-06-06, 17:01

Enjoy it!


10-06-06, 18:43
the next...

Enjoy it!


10-06-06, 18:45
the rest with the BBBJCIM!

Enjoy it...


Roman Guy
10-27-06, 18:52
In a Nigerian magazine issued in Italy from Nigerian expats and destinated to Nigerian expats in Italy resident, I have collected this interesting article that seems to fit perfectly with aims and purposes of our forum.

So, let's go to the University!

Read this Acrobat File and after search for a stage in a Nigerian Uni!

In case you have trouble in opening it, download for free "Acrobat Reader" from the website http://www.adobe.com

11-01-06, 10:23
Thanks Roman Guy for that very interessting article on the prostitution here in Nigeria. Now some of the prices quoted are horrendous but saddly true. Even the bus load of babes for political meetings is true.

Happend to me half a year ago when staying in Kaduna overnight. Went to the NAF Club (one of the very few places to pick up girls) and the place was full of 8 - 10's! For a Tuesday night there was loads of talent around. After asking three girls what they were up to it was apparent.

Some politicians rented the conference room of the NAF Club for a meeting. The girls were shipped up from Abuja by bus. None of the girls would come along as they all said that the meeting would be finished shortly and they had to be "available".
Looking at the prices quoted in the article, am glad I did not pick one!

Nevertheless, should find some time and check out the spots they mention in the article.

11-03-06, 13:24
Just had to follow up on the article and the prices quoted.

Yesterday I was out drinking with a few mates in Sheraton Lagos, one of them a well to do Nigerian. After a few beers he got really horny and started flirting with one of the bar staff. All in a friendly manner. Suddenly I hear him offer Naira 50'000.-. She declined, decent girl. I was shoked, I usualy pay Naira 5'000 which is already on the high side. I mentioned this to him and he just says: "What is 50'000". Well Naira 50'000 is US$ 400!

Just goes to show, beutiful girl, drink, hornyness and money - some just lose the perspective!

11-06-06, 15:15

I am planning my first trip to Nigeria in January.

My travel literary is to spend 2 weeks each in Lagos and Port Harcourt.

Just a few of questions.

1. What are the visa requirements for a US citizen to stay 1 month as a visitor?

2. When I land in Lagos I would like to travel directly to Port Harcourt. I have been doing on-line searches for airlines to go from Lagos to Port Harcourt.

Unfortunately, I have not found any. What do you suggest? Can I just purchase a ticket at Lagos airport the day I arrive in January. What airline do you suggest?

3. Can you suggest good budget hotels in Lagos and Port Harcourt not more than $30 with air and within a short distance of the clubs.

I promise a full report and pictures when I return.



11-07-06, 14:51
Hi Tom,

Visa requirements:

In general to obtain a visa for Nigeria you have to have a invitation letter from someone in Nigeria taking full financial and immigration resposibilities. Have not heard from anyone coming here without this letter but a phone call to the Nigerian Embasy should clarify that.

Airline from Lagos to Portharcourt:

There are numerous airlines going to Portharcourt.

But, at the moment the Portharcourt Airport is closed!!!! You have to fly in to Owerri and take a car down to Portharcourt (about one hour drive).

Here are two recommended airlines that are also online:

Virgin Nigeria

Both are safe to fly with. Most likely you will not be able to book online as you have to pay and pick up the ticket one or two days in advance.

Budget Hotels

Can only recommend hotels in Lagos as have not been to Portharcourt.

for $30 that is kind of tricky. You would want to stay in Victoria Island or Ikoyi as that is near the action. But for that price I have to say am at a loss.

Will try to look but don't get your hopes to high.

On a personal note, why Protharcourt. There are some serious security issues there. Mostly it is kidnappings that have sofar ended well.

Should you need further information you can PM me.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/announcement-reportsofdistinction.php?) for more information.

11-07-06, 19:06
Thanks Dah1973 for your reply.

I must admit, I am a little bummed out having to produce an invitation letter, since I am not going there on business but as a visitor. It appears this is not a touristy friendly country.

Dah1973 asked: On a personal note, why Protharcourt.

Reading some of the previous reports on this thread, Port Harcourt seems to have more entertainment and less hassle than Lagos. I have been to many countries around the world, so I am not a newbie when it comes to traveling.

Anyways, I may have to rethink my trip if an invitation letter is require.



11-08-06, 09:00
Well Nigeria is not a tourist country. Though the governement always does this and that in the name of tourism. Like let us fly to Sokoto because it is good for tourism, you bet.

Concerning the visa situation it is a little childish. If Nigerians want to travel abroad, tey need an invitation letter (at least for the first few times) and have to go by the embassy for an interview. The same applies if you want to visit Nigeria, invitation letter and interview. My interview lasted 5 min but it took nearly a day in travelling and 3 hours of waiting. After this brief interview I asked my Interviewer why all this hassel. Well his explanation, see above.

I do welcome anyone to come to Nigeria, but honestly, try Ghana. It welcomes tourists and the infrastucture is in place to cater to tourists.

11-12-06, 08:50
I have always provided a fake letter of invitation when applying for a visa to Nigeria, this never gets checked on. I have also never had to go to an interview, this may be different with me being British.

I would fly with Virgin Nigeria from Lagos to Owerri, you can book over the phone and pay for the ticket at the airport when you get to Lagos. One advantage of flying with Virgin Nigeria is that there flights leave from the International Terminal so you will not have to worry about changing terminals.

For up to date information on the situation in Port Harcourt it would be a good idea to read this website http://www.oyibosonline.com/

11-15-06, 16:58
Now why did i not think of that, a fake invitation letter. Should do the trick anytime.
Been discussing this issue with a few friends here and the general impression is, you need a invitation letter. I should have a few invitation letters stored somewhere. I can send you an outline of what it should contain on your pm, hope I do find them.
Would start with the visa proceedure around now, if you plan to travel in January.
On the issue of hotels, will take the Lonely Plant Guide and try and check a few of those hotels in the suggested price range. Let's see how sobre I am on Sunday.

11-17-06, 16:09
Kano / Kaduna

About once a month I make the effort to go to the norht of Nigeria, that would be Kano and Kaduna. I always enjoy these trips as it is a nice change from the hustle and bustle here in Lagos. I find the people friendlier and not as aggressive. Also the dialect they apply to English is kind of cute.

Now this is the muslim part of Nigeria and a few rules do apply, more in Kano than in Kaduna.


Not all Hotels serve alcohol here, so you should enquire before checking in. The hotel to recommend is the Prince hotel. Since it’s opening it has established it’s self as the place to stay, so booking in advance is highly recommended.

The first few times that I stayed at the Prince Hotel there were a few girls looking for P4P. But this has now been stoped.

There is really only one place I know of where girls can be picked up.

That would be the Central Hotel. They have a courtyard with inside bar. Usually from 8 o’clock onwards there are girls to be found. Any size and shape. When leaving the Central you might stumble upon a road block, just take it with humor and you should pass through oK.

Have never stayed at the Central myself but since our Vice President bought the place (so they say) there has been some maintenance done.


There are two places to stay that I can recommend:

Crystal Garden: a upscale hotel, nice rooms, new and well maintained.
NAF Club (Nigerian Air Force Club): basic rooms not well maintained but clean.
Not recommended:

Hammdala Hotel: run down, some doors no lock, no decent food, only plus, a huge huge bed (that means you and four to five girls!).

NAF Club is where the action is. They have a outside bar under a roof and also a disco on premises that is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Never been to the disco but would like to try it our some day.

Here there are girls to be found but mostly a little later at night, towards 10 o’clock.
At the back of the Hamdala Hotel they have a outside bar where a few ladies hang around. Haven’t been there in a while so can not confirm if it is still so.

As I have a regular in Kaduna, I mostly stay at the crystal garden and have her visit. Still searching for a regular lady in Kano though.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/announcement-reportsofdistinction.php?) for more information.

11-18-06, 03:13

I am planning my first trip to Nigeria in January.

My travel literary is to spend 2 weeks each in Lagos and Port Harcourt.

Just a few of questions.

1. What are the visa requirements for a US citizen to stay 1 month as a visitor?

2. When I land in Lagos I would like to travel directly to Port Harcourt. I have been doing on-line searches for airlines to go from Lagos to Port Harcourt.

Unfortunately, I have not found any. What do you suggest? Can I just purchase a ticket at Lagos airport the day I arrive in January. What airline do you suggest?

3. Can you suggest good budget hotels in Lagos and Port Harcourt not more than $30 with air and within a short distance of the clubs.

I promise a full report and pictures when I return.



Nigeria is travellable, but stay away fom the south. Lagos is a mess, the NigerDelta is a mess, Port Harcourt a mess.

Fly directly to Kano, travel to Kaduna, Zaria, the borders with Chad and Cameroon and you'll be just fine.

And if you can't find a nice afro girl in Nigeria, then you don't desreve one. They are overthere, oversexed, able and willing.

Naked Gunz
12-07-06, 12:05
I had a beer with a gent in Indonesia, that described to me his welcome to Lagos. Upon arrival, he proceeded to catch a cab to his hotel. During the ride he encountered a police road block. At the road block, he was told( at gunpoint), to get out and open his luggage. As the cops rifled through his belongings, tried on his clothes, divided his money, he was then told he could leave. Which he immediately had his cabbie return to the airport, he booked a flight, and got the hell out of there. Hope this helps with your decision to vaction in Nigeria!

12-07-06, 15:07
I have spent a good amount of time in Nigeria working. Lagos, Port Harcourt, Calabar and Warri. Take the necessary precautions while traveling in a poor country but you can have some fun there. In Port Harcourt try the bars Barracudas, Cheers, and the Blues cafe.

Capt Dps
12-09-06, 21:42
Taxi set him up. Phoned ahead. you must arrange transport on arrival.

12-09-06, 23:49
Upon arrival, he proceeded to catch a cab to his hotel. During the ride he encountered a police road block. At the road block, he was told( at gunpoint), to get out and open his luggage. As the cops rifled through his belongings, tried on his clothes, divided his money, he was then told he could leave. Which he immediately had his cabbie return to the airport, he booked a flight, and got the hell out of there. Hope this helps with your decision to vaction in Nigeria!


Maybe an extreme case, but you are right, it is definitely no place for vacations! After having had three business trips to Nigeria I would never in life consider to spend there my vacations. Countries like Kenya or Ghana are by far the better choice. IMHO, of course!

Cheers - Hesekiels

Roman Guy
12-10-06, 19:04
In spite of having nothing to do with the aim of our forum, I would like to set the focus of your attention on the following video, stored in the web site You Tube.

You will not see any nacked woman or sexual act in it but it will give you a fair impression of the high level of scam in this country.


Since it is no competing website I don't think to violate the policy of ISG, on the contrary I am giving a valid contribute to alarm our members in front of an evenctual scam.

12-11-06, 01:14
You will not see any nacked woman or sexual act in it but it will give you a fair impression of the high level of scam in this country.


Indeed very interesting, but honestly spoken one must be more than stupid to enter into any financial deal with an unknown person in Nigeria (and not only there)!

However, now it would be even more interesting to know how Nigerian girls try to rip us off! The only try I can report about was one lady in Lagos who offered me her service for "500 USD only", which seemed to me slightly overpriced. :) Has anybody got a similar experience in the promised land? By the way, I believe that's also a very relevant topic for this forum, namely to save us mongers from scams !

Cheers - Hesekiels

Roman Guy
12-11-06, 10:26
However, now it would be even more interesting to know how Nigerian girls try to rip us off! The only try I can report about was one lady in Lagos who offered me her service for "500 USD only", which seemed to me slightly overpriced. :)....Cheers - Hesekiels

It will cost you something but you will save other people from scams.
Enter in touch with a Nigerian - or a Westafrican - girl through the internet (ICQ,Yahoo,Meetic,AfricanIntroduction,...) and on the trace of the mentioned video pretend to believe what she writes and says on chatting.
Then check where the internet access is coming from and send a gift by DHL so that you can wait for the biker delivering it.

Fly to Nigeria - or to the country where she pretends to be.

Maybe you will arrive to meet a team of smart boys operating from an internet cafe in Lagos or Benin City collecting money, presents and related items.
Don't forget to store your video in the You Tube!

Capt Dps
12-12-06, 02:49
Guys just to help all new persons whom would like to try Nigeria.

I have work Nigeria for the past five years.

I have been on this message board for the last five years.

You can fly into Lagos and hail a taxi to Sheraton Hotel.

Or get Sheraton to pic you up.You can than use locale transport to Victory Island and have a great time with great babes for thrity dollars a shot. But Transportation is always a problem and you must be very careful.

YOU CANNOT fly into Portharcourt and expect to hail a taxi to a hotel.

Very dangerous and suicidle.



12-18-06, 12:04
Here are some pics of a nice lady who was willing to spend the night with me. She had a big sex apetite, all hole availble. 24 years old, goes under the name Rita.

Trick Williams
12-19-06, 02:36
Great pics Thomasb... Rita's ass is scrumtious... Do you have anymore booty shots???

12-19-06, 07:51
Here are some pics of a nice lady who was willing to spend the night with me. She had a big sex apetite, all hole availble. 24 years old, goes under the name Rita.

Nice and how much did she ask for all night?

01-04-07, 17:45
Some pics of a nice bit of ass that was working the Novatel in Port Harcourt. Not a very good fuck but liked it sprayed on her tits. Sorry about the quality camera phones are hard to hold steady in moments of excitement.

01-17-07, 12:50
USA guy here wondering just how safe is it in Lagos? I have heard many stories and most people tell me to forget Nigeria and go instead to Ghana.

Roman Guy
01-18-07, 15:13
USA guy here wondering just how safe is it in Lagos? I have heard many stories and most people tell me to forget Nigeria and go instead to Ghana.

If you are a black one, you should have no problem untill you keep your mouth shut.
Dress as they dress, walk as they walk, do not be undecided at the junctions, move your body as they do.
Manifestate your nationality only after considerating the enviroment where you are.

If white, well ... it would be too hard to take care of yourself that it is reasonable to avoid Nigeria for Ghana: almost same people, same English - even better understanable - same good attitude but much less scam.

Anyway it seems to be the so called Biafra almost saver than places as Warri, Benin, Lagos, ...
One spokes me about Calabar as a save place.
Immagine anyway that it was possible to walk at night in Accra or Kumasi without any problem for me as "obroni" (=whity) along streets that even have no electrical public light.

Fisher Norway
01-21-07, 15:46

It's not as bad as it seems. Been there (Lagos) twice last yr. Plenty of action as many are keen to FL for the $$$.

Btw, PRC available in Hilton Ikeja for USD200 a night. Seen 2 batches during my 2 trips.. some are quite cute. But i wouldn't come all the way for PRC there. There's a bar/ktv ground floor. Starts around 9pm.

01-23-07, 23:55

It's not as bad as it seems. Been there (Lagos) twice last yr. Plenty of action as many are keen to FL for the $$$.


You are right, one can have also a lot of fun in Nigeria. Nevertheless I would rather discourage everyone to go there, maybe except for business trips. I second Roman Guy that Ghana is a much better choice for vacations.

Cheers - Hesekiels

01-25-07, 01:59
Two new clubs opened in Warri offering excellent music all night long. Tons of girls inside and many hanging outside who cannot afford the gate fee, or just won't be bothered since they just want to have best pick of men trying to get in.

1st Club: Fredd'y bar. Located at the end of petrol tanker drivers rest stop/parking yard, off a the main expressway into Warri town called Warri-NPA expressway. Very upscale, and frequented by Lebanese businessmen, some expats and rich middle class and some senior government officials who just want to have fun. This club is located inside a a very decent new hotel called Bluewaters. Very nicely run, with excellent security. You can stay in the hotel for the weekend and savour the rich offerings. Bar/club is airconditioned. Can't remember the club days, but Saturday is a must.

2nd Club is called "Revolution": Opened less than 6 months ago. Located on Warri-Effurun Road, close to Old Airport Junction. Similar ambience like Freddy's bar. Tons of girls, very young. Any hired cab will bring you here if you give the details above...

02-07-07, 02:06
Cover Story : Sexplosion On Campus
Posted by admin on 2007/2/5 12:04:45 (3307 reads)
Want easy sex? Go to the campuses of Nigerian universities and polytechnics. From citadels of knowledge, the nation’s tertiary institutions have become red-light districts, as female undergraduates sell their bodies

By Bamidele Johnson

Thirty minutes. That was how long it took two Lagos-based journalists to drink a bottle of beer each at an open-air bar in Calabar Museum, Calabar, capital of Cross River State. But it took them less than that to get the consent of two female undergraduates of the University of Calabar to keep them warm on their first night in the city. They had not seen the girls before, but it did not matter. The consent was secured on phone. Before then, as they drank, their eyes scanned the environment in the hope of finding girls that would warm their beds for the night. However, the frantic search was futile because the girls streaming in were either with men or waiting for them. The prospect looked very bleak. But in a flash, one of the journalists remembered that a friend in Lagos had told him fantastic stories about his visit to Calabar.

The friend, also a journalist, had limitless fun with girls during the four-day visit. He just may be of help, thought the man in Calabar. He reached for his mobile phone and called his friend in Lagos to announce that he was in Calabar and badly needed female company. “That is not a problem. Hang up, I will call back,” said the man in Lagos. Two minutes later, he called back, dictating a phone number. It was the number of one of the girls he’d slept with during his visit. He had spoken with the girl and she was expecting a call from the man in Calabar. “My name is John,” he told the girl, “and I got your number from my friend in Lagos. I am in Calabar with a friend and we would need company.” She got the message. The hardest part was over, as the girl asked where they were lodged and revealed where she was–the University of Calabar. The next stage was where to meet. Being unfamiliar with Calabar, the journalists relied on their phones. At that point, GSM seemed like an abbreviation of Global Sex Machine.

A meeting was fixed for an eatery. When the journalists got there, they called the number of the girl they had been speaking with and described what they were wearing. Two girls walked up to introduce themselves. The introduction continued over snacks. Minutes later, they were on their way to the hotel. “It cost us very little. We gave them N2000 each in the morning. They were happy and told us to call them again in the evening if we wanted,” recalled John. But there was no need. Having made friends with a male Calabar resident during the day, they secured a promise of similarly hassle-free sex for the next night. The resident, owner of a rich deposit of girls’ phone numbers, gave two to John and his friend. As they did on the first day, they called the girls and had them for the night. The girls, like those before them, were University of Calabar students, studying Economics. John was impressed, both with the sex and the conduct of the girls. “They spoke good English, discussed budget and political issues comfortably, dressed well and carried condoms,” he told TheNEWS.

02-07-07, 02:09
Cover Story : Encounter With A Pimp
Posted by admin on 2007/2/5 12:00:24 (1656 reads)
An upscale pimp, who prefers to think she is running an escort agency, tells BAMIDELE JOHNSON how lucrative campus prostitution is

It took a great deal of effort to convince her to talk. That was natural. What she does is fiercely criticised in the public, but frenziedly patronised in private, especially by highly placed people in the society. The meeting was facilitated by a senior colleague, with whom she is friendly. Even at that, she remained hesitant until a few jokes began teasing the responses out of her. Our discussion could have taken a lot less time, but for the almost ceaseless ringing of her two phones. “Sorry, let me take this call,” she requested intermittently. They were clearly important business calls, the type any serious person in business must prefer to some idle chatter about undergraduates in prostitution. Her name is Yemi. She is thirtyish and speaks with the self assurance of someone who is on top of her trade.

She evidently is. “My girls are writing their exams,” she told a caller during our chat. Though not an undergraduate, she is familiar with the calendars of the various institutions where about 50 girls on her books school. Cocking her head to one side, she brushed her hair backwards and asked what I wanted to know. “How campus prostitution runs and where you have your girls,” I said. She smiled at my request, explaining, politely, that she is no pimp. What Yemi does, she said, is run an escort agency, an undoubtedly posh name for pimping. So, how does her escort agency function? The agency, she explained, services the needs of upscale clients like senators, ministers, big business men, those coming in from overseas and other members of the monied and influential class. “I don’t have girls of ten or fifteen thousand naira,” she boasted. The minimum any girl in her stable is paid for a night, she said, is N20,000.

02-08-07, 01:07

What's the difference between a guy in the States going out on the town, meeting a chick at the bar, taking her back to the no-tel, waking up taking her to b'kfast and giving her some dash to get through the day vs. the story we are reading about the students and sex in Nigeria?!

I'll tell you. NOTHING. Women in the West put a price on sex. I do not care how you slice it. No one has sex for free (i.e. gas, food, condoms, lube, wine, beer, no-tel cost, mobile phone cost, etc.) In the West, the illusion of free love or companionship at no-cost is for the weak hearted and immature! How many of you are in a relationship in the West for free? Remeber time is money. Please step up and tell us! Until then, if a young and LEGAL age woman wants to partake in the original meeting place, I say be safe and let it be!

Me $.02 only!

02-13-07, 15:33

What's the difference between a guy in the States going out on the town, meeting a chick at the bar, taking her back to the no-tel, waking up taking her to b'kfast and giving her some dash to get through the day vs. the story we are reading about the students and sex in Nigeria?!

I'll tell you. NOTHING. Women in the West put a price on sex. I do not care how you slice it. No one has sex for free (i.e. gas, food, condoms, lube, wine, beer, no-tel cost, mobile phone cost, etc.) In the West, the illusion of free love or companionship at no-cost is for the weak hearted and immature! How many of you are in a relationship in the West for free? Remeber time is money. Please step up and tell us! Until then, if a young and LEGAL age woman wants to partake in the original meeting place, I say be safe and let it be!

Me $.02 only!Can't agree more, you always pay for sex one way or the other.

But I find the two articles posted by Gunner give useful information.

Notice the price! Naira 20'000.- WTF

In the last month I have talked to quite a few girls on the subject of what Nigerians pay and what expats pay. First they stated that it depends where you are picked up (high scale club - HiSo People). All of them said in general the Nigerians they would take pay more! On pushing the subect further they mentioned they feel safer when going with a westener. Apparently when going with a Nigerian they say they don't know where it will end. They come up with hell raising stories of rituals, dath of friends and so forth. That for them explains the higher charge.

PS - Gunner - stay safe in Warri,


02-15-07, 15:40

It's not as bad as it seems. Been there (Lagos) twice last yr. Plenty of action as many are keen to FL for the $$$.

Btw, PRC available in Hilton Ikeja for USD200 a night. Seen 2 batches during my 2 trips.. some are quite cute. But i wouldn't come all the way for PRC there. There's a bar/ktv ground floor. Starts around 9pm.Sorry could not PM the Norwegian Fischer.

Live in Ikeja and know the area pretty well. I have no idea where the Hilton is in Ikeja. Would really like to know as some PRC action would be a nice change.
Frequent the club in the Sheraton Hotel and there are some PI girls there on their days of. Have not approached them as they are not that good lookin IMHO and have my hands full dealing with the local ladies of the night.

Thanks for the info.

02-15-07, 16:50

Indeed very interesting, but honestly spoken one must be more than stupid to enter into any financial deal with an unknown person in Nigeria (and not only there)!

However, now it would be even more interesting to know how Nigerian girls try to rip us off! The only try I can report about was one lady in Lagos who offered me her service for "500 USD only", which seemed to me slightly overpriced. :) Has anybody got a similar experience in the promised land? By the way, I believe that's also a very relevant topic for this forum, namely to save us mongers from scams !

Cheers - HesekielsWhat is a fair price. $ 500.- is absolutely outragous. I frequent the Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja a lot. The Club that is open from Thursday to Saturday is a good place to pick up a girl. Now if you stay at the Sheraton do not expect to pay the same price as I do. Here a few stories from the Sheraton:

A friend of mine staying in the Sheraton was chatted up by one of the girls in the club. Personally my scam radar was on full alert but hey it's his choice and mybe I am wrong. Talking about price she gives the standard up to you. He turns around to me and says what do you pay. I start to explain that I pay Naira 5'000. Before I could finish my sentece she rounds up on me "Who do you think I am, some cheap hooker. Naira, who takes Naira. I only take dollars. It is none of your business what I am talking here and please leave your friend alone." After this she turns around to my friend and in a sweet angel voice says: " So what are we going to do tonight". He flatly tells her to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off. That performace really turned my friend off.

One of my regular girls here sometimes goes to the club for some extra money. About two weeks ago she meets a guy, she likes him, he likes her. they go up to the room. Now she told me:"This stupid guy, he did not even ask how much I want!" So the next morning, the deed done, time to go, He asks her how much it would be. She flatly states $300.--. This guyes eyes pop out. He says he only has $300 in cash and needs to buy plane tickes bla bla bla. Now this is why i like this girl, she says:"Well honey, since I like you and we had a good time, you know what we will do. You give me $150 and keep $150 for yourself." The guy smiled handed over $150.
I have a deal with this girl, I pay her $100 a month plus some small transport money and I can shag her as much as I like. Good thing is she lives right around the corner.

A little while back got talking to a girl in the club. I ask her what she does (mostly they are students). She says she is a marketing assistance in an Event Management Agency. Pulls out her business card. I'm very impressed. so I ask what she is doing in the club. She says:"Well I like to go out dancing, if I meet someone I like I might even earn some extra cash" and she winks at me. Deal sealed. Imagine having a one night stand and getting paid for it.

The most I ever payed was naira 12000. Picked this girl up in the club, told her before hand I pay naira 5000 and she says ok. We had a great evening together, good conversation (which is not often the case) and a very accomodating lady. Next morning, wake up BBBJ of under the shower. I put the money next to her bag. She walks out of the bedroom and throws the money at me. WTF.
She: Not enough
Me: that's what we agreed
S: That was yesterday (what kind of logic)
M: so what is it today
S: 20000
M: you are crazy
S: And I see you have some packets of noodles in the Kitchen. i want those, and the tins of tomato sauce
M: You are joking (I have now turned into a supermarket)
S: you know I'm not joking (she sits down on the couch)
M: OK let me get you the money
S: Fine
So I take 200 naira notes, roll them into a couple of 500 naira notes.
Walk out and show her the bundle. She wants to grab it but I walk to the door open it, and through the money out. Typicaly she runs after it and I close and lock the door. she bangs on the door and insists on the noodles but now I'm enjoying this. Next day I reported her to the manager of the Club and she was never seen again.

Now Prices, I have paid from Naira 3000 up to Naira 10000. The Naria 10000 would be for a 10 (well in my book there can never be a 10). But these girls know what they are worth. Also Price depends heavily on where you pick them up, if the entrance fee to a club is already Naira 1000 then you won't get away with Naira 3000.
If you are visiting Nigeria always negotiate before (see above).

EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/announcement-reportsofdistinction.php?) for more information.

02-15-07, 21:30
What is a fair price? ... If you are visiting Nigeria always negotiate before (see above).[/blue][/size]


Excellent written, brother! I cannot agree more that it is a must to agree on the price before one picks up a girl, but - as you wrote correctly - sometimes such an agreement is worth nothing! However, the special kick-out technique you have used is first class! Truly an intelligent idea! In case of need I will use it as well! :)

Cheers - Hesekiels

02-16-07, 23:43
I had a beer with a gent in Indonesia, that described to me his welcome to Lagos. Upon arrival, he proceeded to catch a cab to his hotel. During the ride he encountered a police road block. At the road block, he was told( at gunpoint), to get out and open his luggage. As the cops rifled through his belongings, tried on his clothes, divided his money, he was then told he could leave. Which he immediately had his cabbie return to the airport, he booked a flight, and got the hell out of there. Hope this helps with your decision to vaction in Nigeria!

The idea of catching a cab at the airport in Lagos gives me frights. We have an armed escort of 2-3 trucks full of...well...off-duty cops. Sirens, lights, automatic weapons, radio contact, the whole nine yards. Costs a fortune, but I'd do it no other way.

02-19-07, 15:57
The idea of catching a cab at the airport in Lagos gives me frights. We have an armed escort of 2-3 trucks full of...well...off-duty cops. Sirens, lights, automatic weapons, radio contact, the whole nine yards. Costs a fortune, but I'd do it no other way.Generally I would agree that just arriving and taking a taxi is not the best way to go. The armed escort is another extrem (depends how exposed your company is).

Book a hotel in advance and have the Hotel pick you up. I would even guess this is a cheaper version than taking a taxi. All hotels provide this service (well good ones at least).

Remember this is not a tourist country. The infrastructure is just not quite in place. Be street wise and safe.

Irish Hunter
02-20-07, 14:36

Went to Lagos for an interview last week - looks like I may be leaving Abu Dhabi as it went really well

Stayed at Eko Hotel for 2 nights and enjoyed the following:

1: arrived at hotel approx 8pm, had a beer in the bar downstairs by the pool. Got chatting to a couple of expats also staying there. Half a dozen girls hanging around. One followed me back to my room (Stephanie) and we agreed $40 for ST. Had a very enjoyable session, and even remained sensible and asked for condom for all oral, vaginal and anal 'transactions'

2: Next day, had a free morning as interview not until 1pm. so had a rub and tug in the massage parour of the hotel gym - cost $15 over massage cost. Didn't realise this was an option, but at the end of the massage it would have been very difficult not to see why I needed some 'special service' at the end. Girl wasn't very pretty but did the job nonetheless

I felt really relaxed going to the interview ;-)

3: Back at hotel, having a beer at the same bar and one of the guys at the bar suggested going to 'Pat's Bar' - a bar close to the hotel, run by an expat...coincidentally called 'Pat'. Excellent bar and this place had roughly 30 girls there. General standard was very high. Took one girl (Elizabeth) back to the hotel, she gave a great service and cost about $40. After the 'deed' was done she asked 'you want me to stay or go?'. I told here that it was her choice...so she stayed as she said her home was terrible. My reward? A free session first thing in the morning!

4: Had a relaxing day at the hotel, then left early afternoon to travel back to Abu Dhabi. My views on Lagos have improved somewhat dramatically and hopefully there will be more to come!


Mr Hubby
02-27-07, 20:17

Anyone who knows about Bayshore Suites? I want to know as much as possible, but especially how girlfriendly it is?