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05-17-02, 06:00
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11-03-02, 16:58
the thailand of africa

recently, i have been 3 weeks in october in madagascar. this travel has been a really marvellous and unexpected surprise. i have been in tananarive (“tana”), diego suarez (“diego”) and finally nosy be. during my travel, i have met many travellers who are in l for mada and mg. this report summarize my personal experience and advices given by people who have been until 20 times in this marvellous place.

safety : madagascar is much safer than most african countries. except in tana where it is better to take a taxi during the night if you are alone, i have been walking in the night in street without light. despite the poverty of the country i have never had a feeling of threat. this feeling has been confirmed by westerner (mostly frenchmen) living in the country. the people are mostly friendly and even the commercial pressure to buy things is very light in comparison with many countries.

prices: flight price is the black point. because of the low season, i have paid 730 euros (730 usd) for a flight between paris and tana but between most western cities and tana, you will pay more than that. hotel prices are between 10 and 20 usd but with a much lower quality than an asian hotel. book by advance because the accommodation capacity is low. no assle to take a girl in the room. food in the street is relatively cheap and good (french heritage). if you eat in a local “gargotte” (small restaurant), you will pay between 2 and 4 usd for a dish. in nosy be or diego, the seafood is very cheap and excellent (8 usd for a lobster). meat of zebu is really famous and cheap. try the filet of zebu with green pepper. taxis are cheap if you do not accept their first proposal (divide by 2).

transportation: the roads are awfull (nothing has been done since the independence in 1960) and i recommand to use the local flights of air madagascar (“air mad”) between main cities. air mad is safe (no crash registered) and relatively cheap. book by advance because flights are often full.

malgache girls (“mg”): the marvelous surprise. all the physical types and nuances between african, asian, indian, arab and european. the two main types are black (sakalav) in west and north and indonesian (merina) in the central highlands. the prices are the lowest i have never seen in the world. local westerners (called vazaha by the malgaches) pay between 25 000 francs malgaches “fmg” (4 usd) and 50 000 fmg (8 usd) for a complete night. as a newcomer mg will expect between 50 000 ( 8 usd) and 100 000 fmg (16 usd). the most gorgeous mg could ask 150 000 fmg in tana (24 usd). some europeans are paying 250 000 fmg (40 usd) by week.

why madagascar is not yet famous for ladies ?

my opinion is that there are 3 main reasons.

- madagascar is a remote island which has been led by a corrupted marxist regim for many years. the consequence is one of the lowest level of life in the world. the flow of tourist is recent and mostly from french speaking countries (france, belgium and switzerland). the english speaking world have not yet really discovered this s paradise. this is the goal of this contribution. recently, i have seen that vollmann, a famous us writer loving money girls has been in madagascar. - few people are speaking english or other european languages than french. this is the main obstacle for most people. - few airlines have direct lines with the island.

what is the behaviour of mg ?

- by experience, very similar with thai girls (“tg”). they are friendly like real girl friend looking for long term relationship. most of girls would be happy to stay with you more than one day. some tourists are paying mg by week. most of the girls are looking for a wedding with a european.

- the main difference with tg is that mg will never begin to speak with you. they are not aggressive. for a mg , the boys (even if they pay for love) have to do the first step. the first feeling is that mg are not looking for a guy but it is completely false. almost all the girls are doable. when you invite them for a drink they are very happy and very open for a deeper relationship.

- at the sex level, despite the fact that traditionally the blow job is fady (meaning taboo), most of mgs have appetite for blow job and some for anal sex (especially muslim girls).

- aids rate of infection seems much lower than in other african countries but condom is of course necessary. some mgs do not like condoms but if you insist they will accept to do the job with protection.

- the technicity and enthousiasm of mg is better than european gals but slightly below thai gals.

legal aspects: the age limit is 18 years in madagascar. ask to girls to show you their id in order to be sure to not go with **** mg. respect the laws, as you could imagine, there are better places than malgaches prisons to stay for holidays.

places where to find gals

mostly “before places” like night bars until 11 pm and disco after 11 pm.

in diego, the order is : vahiné before 11 pm, nouvel hotel between 11 pm and 2 am and tropical after 2 pm.

in nosy be: bars of ambatoaloka (rhumerie, maison de la mer et safari) or hell ville until 11 pm and in discotheques (djembé, la sirène, moulin rouge, vieux port, papagayo) after 11 pm. some nights only one or two disco are open. ask in “before bars” which clubs are open before to go for girl hunting. in disco, music is good and malgache people like dancing. i have never seen agressivity like it happens too often in europe.

in tana: le glacier (a bar with an interesting live show) until 11 pm and indra (the place for mg) or bus, le caveau after 11 pm.

in other places: zaza club in tulear, san antonio in majunga and many places in tamatave one of the hottest place ( people are coming by boat to fuck from la réunion island)

other activities: natural parks are famous, fishing, sailing are other main activities of the “grande terre”.

for other aspects, i recommend the lonely planet.

good travel, you will not regret your choice.

Frank Africa
11-03-02, 20:21
Dear Email:
Thanks for an excellent post that is dead-on correct. The Madagascar women are some of the most beautiful and sensuous in Africa. Yes, WSG readers should go to Madagascar if they have the opportunity. And yes, ALWAYS use a condom. Happy hunting!

11-13-02, 17:07

Nice post, and it does bring back memories of my one and only visit to Madegascar, about 30 years ago!!! The prostitutes were friendly, fun, and cheap then. There was a cheap hotel crawing with beautiful women called Smokey's (or something close). Is it still there?

Member #4366
03-02-03, 21:02
Thanks for the great info, email! This will be very useful when I'll go to Madagascar, next June. Do you have more details on Diego and Tamatave? These are the two towns where I'm planning to spend some time. Are there any (girl-friendly) hotels you would recommend? If anyone else has been to these places recently, then I would really appreciate your comments (also the bad experiences).

03-15-03, 16:33
Any chance of a recent update??

Red Cork
07-16-03, 20:19
I am planning a trip to Madagascar in Sept. and would like to get some info regarding the girl scene. I would like to find a stunner with some education that speaks English that can travel with me. I will pay well. What are the rates and is this possible?


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08-15-03, 19:32
i'm not a Madagascar expert, but today i saw an interesting tv-report that talked about the girls in the port of Diego.

in low season there are only a few dozens of them in the port, but when it's fishing season there can even be more than a thousand all over the port area. I don't know when the fishing seaon is so if you get that information you'll have resolved the equation. There again, you'll have to go with the flow of girls as they walk from the port to the bars and discos depending on the time in the day. The ladies speak good french, but i dunno about their english, but all of them looked very fun to be with and very open to strangers.

Small detail, almost all of them are conscious that their men will only have sex once with them, but still they dream about the white gringo falling in love with them. They get taught to use their bodies like a diploma, sex in order to get married and secure their future.

happy hunting!

09-24-03, 20:04
I am going to Madagascar next week. Looking in the Africa section of this forum I am surprised to find no comment about this huge continent since 1 week? So, what's going on ?

If any one has some information (hotels and girls) please let me know. I will go to Tana, Morondava and Tamotave. How much money do you need for a good action?

I will give a report at the end of october, so please, give me some advice in advance.

Have fun - labadi

09-25-03, 15:14
Club Indira--you can't miss. For semipro's try any of the Jazz clubs, particularly the one near the palace in Tana

10-16-03, 16:25
Dear friends,

I am looking for some news about malaria in Madagascar. Apparently, it seems not to be epidemic outside some areas. Any with some direct and specific report?

Thanks a lot.


10-18-03, 20:58

This is the capital of Madagascar, an extensive town in the middle of the country in a hilly surrounding. Many colonial houses all over the city, it has a special charme in my opinion. It is the cleaniest town I saw in Africa with friendly people. Speaking englsih may help in a big hotel like the Hilton. But forget about it outside. It's really necessary to speak some french or better some Malegashy (which I didn't).

To find NO girls is really difficult. As a newcomer I went to the "Le Caveau" (in the Old Town) at midnight after arriving with Air France. It took me some 10 minutes to find Maria, a nice and charming lady with a well shaped body. We danced a bit and went to my room, where we had a long lasting sex. She was very sexy with her nice and long hair. She wasn't too skilled in BBBJ (but she did it without any problems), but really good in genital sex. I paid 150.000 MFR (about 21 EURO) for the whole night. If anyone needs her phone number, please let me know (but remember: you should know some french !!).

At any cafe or restaurant you will find some girls (no real pros), sitting there drinking somthing at any time of the day. Try a eye-contact, and it will take you only a short time to have a nice girl to go to your hotel. Be careful with girls that are smoking (or drinking beer): these are generally pros - so you have to take this into consideration.

The street Scene is enormous. I saw hunderds of girls at night passing with my taxi. They can be found around the "lalana nice" in the centre. I didn't stop and I am not sure, if it may be wise to stop and take a girl here.

Have fun !


10-19-03, 08:14

what a nice temptation.......

10-19-03, 09:13
Labadi, thanks for the encouraging report and very encouraging photo! Madagascar is my dream destination, but as an American am a bit daunted by the expensive flights from the States. I'm currently residing in Southeast Asia, but I don't think it is any cheaper from Bangkok. My question for you, if its not too personal:

Where did you fly from, on what airline, and what was the cost?

And if you have any more photos, would love to see them! Also tell us more about hotel, food, and other expenses.

10-20-03, 15:34
Hi Labadi, nice picture, have you got any other one?

Please could you tell me a good place where to stay in Tana and if you visited other places in Madagascar.

Thank you


10-22-03, 20:24

for a flight to madagascar you need to travel via europe. to my knowledge only 2 companies serve antananarivo:

air france via paris (cheapest 1100 € return-flight)
air madagascar via paris and milan

@o**** and chicob

in antananarivo i went to the colbert - a nice and classical hotel, price around 100 €/night, centrally located. there is a hilton, price around 50% higher.


10-23-03, 12:31

Thanks for the prompt and helpful response. Wow, 1100 euros is pricey, but there's no way round it. Sounds round about what Travelocity was telling me. As for the Colbert, it sounds lovely but is about five times the price of any hotel I ever stay at here in Southeast Asia. I'll wager there are cheaper options in Antananarivo, but perhaps safety and hygeine are a big issue there. Here even the cheap hotels are fairly safe and clean.

The lady in your picture is certainly big breasted. Are most of the girls available there of black ethnicity or are there many of the Merinos (malay ethnicity) available? Also do the girls insist upon condom use? Is anal at all available?

Sorry for the numerous questions, but there are so few that make it to Madagascar to ask!

11-13-03, 16:43
Hi Labadi,

I made it. I bought a ticket to Madagascar for the end of december and I have two more questions for you: in Tana I thought to stay at Colbert hotel at least for a few days: are there problems to take a girl in the room, are they going to overcharge me?
Second: did you visit other places? I thought to go to Nosy Be to do some scuba: did you visit it, do you have good informations about this place (in particular night life and girls) or any other suggestion.

Thanks a lot for answering,


11-13-03, 23:32
The Colbert is on the expensive side, but clean and has the best restaurant in Tana. I found Scuba diving at Tulear to be exceptional.

11-14-03, 00:37
Hey Sr. Citizen,

Always looking to mix the hobby with some daytime scuba... when you say excellent scuba - could you draw a comparison to some other place - The Keys... Bahamas... Cayman (now that's excellent)? Indonessia... some part of Austraila?


11-14-03, 16:21
I had my son with me and he is an avid fish fancier. His comment was that every fish he ever wanted to buy was on the reefs off the shore a little soouth of the town itself. It's about a 45 minute flight from Tana or a 2 day drive.

11-14-03, 22:26
hi o**** !

the colbert is a good deal. you can get a room via internet for i think about 100 €. in comparison with the price level in europe, this is really worth the price - it's even a good deal. you can find many cheaper hotels - but colbert has style and it's centrally located near 2 interesting night clubs.

to bring a girl is no problem. be shure, that she is 18 years old and has an id. the girls has to leave her id at the reception, that's it. no money at all, but i felt, the employees are a little bit recerved thereafter. on most of the days (only daytime and early evening), you can find some nice girls in the lobby. try maria, she is very pretty and has beautiful and very long hair.

i haven't been in nosy be. most visitors i met, liked more ste. marie. i went to some other places, much less touristic, but more interesting for me.

o**** - how much did you pay for the flight?

11-15-03, 13:56

I haven't actually been to Madagascar yet. I just want to go! I have been pricing flights through Travelocity. I was wondering - do the girls there insist upon condoms? And is anal sex available easily?

11-15-03, 23:00
hi o****,

anal sex is a very difficult thing in africa - i never found a girl who really liked it.

condoms? sorry, you should insist on that (there is not only hiv, but many other std which can make you very unhappy). some girls will probably do it - but for my part: i want to have fun for many years without the need of looking for doctors every day. but that's only my vision of life perhaps.

Pedro Chilli
11-16-03, 16:08
Hello to everyone on the Madagascar forum.

Does anyone know if it possible to have a good time in Madagascar without speaking French. I was educated in Africa and French was never an option. I have travelled and punted in many African countires such as Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania, but English is widely understood by all the girls in these countries.

11-16-03, 18:50
Hi Pedro Chili !

Madagascar is different. Many people expecially outside Tana (and girls !) even don't speak french. Without french you may enter the airport and the big hotels - but that's it.

11-17-03, 15:57
Hi Labadi, thanks for the useful info.

Directly on the site of airfrance I found a ticket to Tana at the end of December for about € 1050 -1100 from Paris (I don't know the exact price becouse I paid 1307, but I had to add the ticket from Granada where I live). Airmadagascar is more expensive.
By the way, I'd like to ask you some more questions: the info you had about Ste. Marie was about scuba diving or girls? Which places did you visit? How did you travel inside Madagascar?

Thanks a lot,


Pedro Chilli
11-18-03, 14:39
Thanks for the swift reply Labadi.

Well it looks like an old dog will have to learn some new tricks. I have purchased a French phrase book. Already I have learnt - Combien? - which I expect to use frequently. I plan to go to Mada in early March to miss the rainy season. Any other non French speakers out there fancy a bit of an adventure?

Member #4366
11-22-03, 20:37
madagascar report - august 2003

in august 2003, i spent 3 weeks in madagascar, equally divided over: tananarive, tamatave and diego suarez. here are some impressions:

the trip to madagascar:
this is relatively expensive, even when you travel from europe (as i did). the best option is to go from paris with air france or air madagascar. the ticket price depends on the season, but you should count on at least 1000 euro, return trip. i travelled with air madagascar because it entitles you to a 20% reduction (previously 30%) on domestic flights in madagascar. these domestic flights are also quite expensive, so i would recommend air mad. their service is quite good and their fleet is reasonably well maintained.

the capital antananarivo =tana (where most international flights arrive and depart), is situated on a high plateau (over 2000 meters), so it can get rather chilly at night. a sweater or pullover is recommended here. there are lots of hotels in tana and i think that they are all girl-friendly (perhaps with the exception of the high-end hotels, but that is just a guess). i prefer to spend my money on other things than luxury i do not really need. when i've got a clean room, telephone, a good bed, hot water and laundry service, i'm fine. and you can find this in almost any mid-class hotel in tana. in any case, it is a good idea to look in and under the bed before you move into a room. in one place i was staying, i was plagued by bed bugs. no problem after i moved to another room, though. speaking of bugs, madagascar probably houses the largest cockroaches on this earth, so beware when you go to budget hotels. tana looks beautiful on first sight, with lots of characteristic brick houses on hillsides and many people selling things in the streets. but the traffic is murder and there seem to be no rules. white foreigners are constantly plagued by peddlers, touts and very insistent beggars. this is especially true in the downtown area and on the stairs leading to the upper town. unfortunately, you cannot avoid these areas when you are looking for female company. the place is also not very safe at night, so it is better to take a taxi after sunset. violent robbery seems to be less than a few years ago, but it is still quite risky to walk around at night in tana. by the way, watch out for luggage thieves at the airport. carry your own stuff and do not trust anyone! hotel rooms are also usually not safe. i kept my valuables in the hotel safe, but my sunglasses and some other small items were stolen from my room.

in tana (and in madagascar in general) one can distinguish between 3 types of girls:

1. the 'good' girls. when you see them in the street, they are most of the time accompanied by one or more male family members. they usually cannot be approached unless you've got a date through a marriage agency or when you already know another member of the family. unfortunately, these girls are among the most beautiful in the country: slim, fair skin, long black hair, euro/asian features. they also tend to work for air mad, banks and expensive shops. obviously upper-class material.

2. bar girls. they are also very easy to recognise. first of all of course by their natural habitat: the bars and discos. in tana, you can find most of them in the glacier bar (downtown) in the late afternoon and in the evening and in the disco indra at night. other popular discos are pandora and le bus. most of these girls (i would say 95%) are black, and this while in tana the average population is more asian than black. their success in getting clients can be measured by the weight of the gold they are wearing. they've all got a mobile phone and their first question to you is usually: "massage?" they only prey on foreign guys. most of them are young (early 20s) and often quite attractive if you like t&a (which i do). they are clearly professionals and do not get jealous when you decide on another girl the next day. but they'll also leave you without hesitation when a better opportunity (i.e. more generous looking male) presents itself. i had really good times with some of these girls. they'll do anything you ask them to do and they'll even do it with a lot of enthusiasm. well, at least i never had anything to complain about in that area. but it is a good idea to negotiate with them on the price first. they will not ask for money upfront, but if you give them what they consider not enough, afterwards, then it is trouble. the usual tariff in tana for bar girls is between 100k and 175k fmg (= 15-25 euro) for lt. they will usually not accept less than 100k fmg, but sometimes, they'll expect more than 175k, as i found out. i gave one girl 150k to 'help her with her expenses', but she started to b*tch and said that she should have at least 50 euro (which is more than 2 times the normal tariff). first i refused, but then she started to shout and threatened to tell her 'cousin'. i had seen the guy the night before, so i gave her the 50 euro and showed her the way out. in the doorway, she even had the nerve to ask for additional 'taxi money' (which she didn't get, of course). well, that was a lesson i had to pay for, i suppose: better negotiate first than pay double later. later, i heard that she got another guy to buy her a new mobile phone (150 euro) also for just one night of fun.…

3. street girls. this is the vast majority of the girls in tana (and also in the other towns). they are usually poor and dressed in less fancy clothes than the bar girls. they do not have (much) jewellery or mobile phones. in tana, most are of mixed race (african/asian). in the coastal towns, most are black or mulattas. they are much less direct than the bar girls and often rather shy. you have to take the initiative, because they won't. their french is often not very good, but it is the only foreign language they do speak. forget about english. you have to 'charm' them a bit (in french: 'draguer'), but it is without risk: you can be sure that they are very much willing to go with you. but you have to speak french to get something going with these girls. they are also the best gfe material: most of them will be happy to stay with you for your entire vacations in madagascar. well, most bar girls will also be prepared to do this, but you'll need a (much) bigger budget. the place to find the 'street girls' is obviously in the street. they do not go to the bars or discos (unless you invite them in), but can often be found in the streets around the bars and discos. in tana, the streets around the disco 'indra' are in the evening and early night full of them. yes, they are waiting for customers, both local and foreign guys, but they are less hardcore than the bar girls. beware of **** girls in this category - there are quite a lot of them around and, as a foreigner, you are in danger when being with them (although they'll tell you that it is o.k.). always ask for their id (carnet) and inspect it carefully. i noticed that some hotels do not even check the girls' id when you invite them in. they will never ask for money upfront, but of course they expect you to give them something afterwards. locals and foreign expats living there usually give them about 50k fmg (7-8 euro) lt and some taxi money, but from foreign tourists, they'll expect twice that amount. still a good deal when compared with other parts of the world. the street girls are, in my experience, more traditional than the bar girls. they are not always willing to do anything you ask them to. on 3 different occasions, i had girls that refused to do a blowjob, not even a covered one. even when i offered 'something extra', they absolutely refused to go down on me. it seems to be a big taboo (fady) in their culture to do this. possibly the same with anal, but i did not ask it as it is not my thing. but most girls won't refuse a blowjob, so it is better to ask them first (in a discreet way) if they are willing to do it. another thing: most girls won't insist on condom use. even many of the bar girls do not seem to consider this necessary. in most cases, i had to take the initiative. hopefully, this will change soon because i heard that vds are rampant in madagascar with aids sharply on the rise. when i was in diego, there was a massive aids awareness campaign going on, with groups of young people shouting and singing about it in public places.

my second stop was tamatave, which is a rather big town on the eastern coast of the island. the climate can be really suffocating over there, especially in the southern summer season, so it is better to look for a hotel room with airco. all hotels (as far as i could find out) are girl-friendly. prices are a little bit lower than in tana, but nothing is really cheap (like in south-east asia). there is not much to do in tamatave, except from 'girl-hopping'. the beach is heavily polluted and you can't swim in the ocean because it is infested with sharks. there are no interesting national parks or other attractions around. well, that leaves the nocturnal life. honestly, i found it also a bit disappointing. there is one disco that is open every night: queens club, which is next to the hotel plage. lots of girls here, starting from about 8pm. but the whole scene is rather hardcore. these girls are all bar girls (as mentioned above) and they are only there to make money. no gfe material here. there are 3 or 4 other discos in town, which open from thursday until sunday. but most of them are really dead. the only other popular one is the disco of hotel neptune (together with hotel sharon, the most upmarket hotel of tamatave). there you may even find the occasional 'good girl', although the vast majority consists of the bar girls of queens club, looking for more affluent customers. i recognised most of them from an earlier visit to queens club. street girls in tamatave can mainly be found after 8 pm along the waterfront. don't walk alone there at night! at daytime, you can also often find girls on the beach, especially under the palm trees close to the neptune hotel. but at daytime, they are even more timid than at night. they will never approach you but sit down within viewing distance and wait for you to make the first move.

when you are in tamatave, do not give the bar girls more than 100k fmg (15 euro) lt. they'll probably start asking for more, but they'll be really happy with 100k. negotiate first! with street girls you can go as low as 50k (7-8 euro), but the prettier ones will expect 75k at least. locals can even get pussy for 25k fmg, as i've been told by a local guy (but i suppose that this is for st only).

tamatave has a predominantly black population and most working girls over there are also black. occasionally, you can find a 'metisse' (mixed) indian or chinese girl.

diego suarez was my last and best experience in madagascar. it is a charming, busy town with a nice (warm and dry) climate and a lot of attractions both in town as well as around it. there are a few amazing national parks you can visit and the whole area around the bay is just beautiful. several agencies organise excursions. quite expensive to go on your own, but a much better deal when you manage to team up with a few other guys. diego is also a nice town for a leisure stroll in the streets. but the best thing about diego is the urban wildlife. in my personal experience, the girls had a less professional and more playful attitude than in tana or tamatave. at least, when i was in town, i met a wild bunch of merry girls who just seemed to have a lot of fun, hanging out with tourist boyfriends, drinking, dancing and whoring. there seemed less competition between them than in the other two towns i visited. when you are looking for a gfe, diego may be the best choice (possibly along with nosy be, which i didn't visit, but which got good references from other travellers i met). in diego, the main place to go (when looking for girls) is the nouvel hotel, from about 11pm. if you need company before that time, you may try your luck at the vahinee bar (near hotel colbert) or at the libertalia (snack)bar. when i was in diego, these places were rather dead most of the time, but it is possible that the girls where hanging out elsewhere. if you like nightlife, there is also the tropicana nightclub, but the party there only really starts after 1am. i haven't been there, because every time, i could very well make my choice at the nouvel hotel. i would not recommend this hotel for renting a room (very noisy), but it is a great place to drink, dance and pick up girls. almost all guys going there are tourists or expats and girl:guy ratio is higher than 5:1. most girls are very good looking. they are for the major part black or mulattas, even in this town, but here you may also come across the occasional 'arab' type. they are mixed blood, but still a lot lighter than the majority of the girls around. unfortunately, they are very popular with tourists. the ones i saw where always occupied by, mainly french, guys, who keep them for the whole duration of their sojourn in town. you have to be lucky to find one that is not engaged. i wasn't that lucky, but i didn't have anything to complain about with the other girls. in diego, i found the distinction between bar girls and street girls less obvious than in the other two towns. well, the mobile phone is a giveaway, in any case (too expensive for 'normal' girls).

there is no beach in diego but you can take a 30min taxi ride to ramena beach (bad road!), which is the beach closest to town. i did not find it very clean and it is full of touts and peddlers. there are some girls too, offering 'massage'. i found none of them very attractive, but perhaps i wasn't lucky. in my opinion, it is better to invite a girl from diego over to go with you to ramena beach. most will be very pleased to go with you as this invitation sort of 'books' them with you for the next round. it is possible to rent a room in ramena, even if you only use it for a couple of hours. better even, why not invite 2 girls to come with you? i saw a middle-aged french guy on the beach with three(!) very cute young girls and they were all over him, constantly. well, the girls don't have much better to do during daytime anyway.

diego was great, but there are still a few down sides. first of all, it is hard to find a good-value hotel room, especially in the tourist season (dec-march and jul-aug). making reservations is a good idea because there are not many rooms of an acceptable standard around and those available tend to fill up very quickly. the price-quality ratio is also much worse than in other places in madagascar. for a barely middle class hotel room, i paid double what i had to pay for a comparable room in tamatave. i think that this situation will only get worse as diego is bound to get very popular (again) among french speaking tourists - after a slack period, which was due to political troubles, last year. another down side (for those not speaking french) is that nobody speaks any other foreign language than french. not even hotel or bank personnel know english and certainly not the girls. tana is already tough if you do not speak french, but in the provincial towns you would really have a hard time. this more so because in madagascar things are not so well organised (to put it mildly), so you have to ask around a lot to find your way and to arrange the simplest things.

summarizing, madagascar was a nice experience and i'm glad i tried it. but it is not the best destination if you only go for sexual adventures. then brazil or thailand will give you more 'bang for the buck'. it is true that you don't pay a lot for the malgache girls (well, most of them), but when you add up the total cost of the trip and then divide by the number of girls you did, you will probably come to the conclusion that you can get a better deal elsewhere. also, when you are not too fond of black girls and when you don't speak french, it may be a better idea to go elsewhere. but if you visit madagascar both to see the magnificent nature and to go crazy with some wild, uninhabited girls, then you are bound to like it.

11-24-03, 15:11
Thank for this great mail Bucanero. I would agree with you on the fact that it is easier and finally cheaper (on a daily cost) to find ladies in Thailand but Madagascar has a wild aspect which is unique.

Let me to share my experience (As Swiss I speak french as a mother language and this is a point to take into account). It was my second trip in Madagascar (I was in october 2002 in Nosy Be and Diego Suarez).

For exchange: in june, we had at the black market 7350 FMG (franc malgache) for one euro. It means that 6500 FMG is one USD.

I was in Madagascar in june 2003 with 2 friends (Joe and JC) and I would like to share my experience about Mahajunga (say Majunga) on the west coast.

Majunga is a relatively big city (150 000 inhabitants) with nice beaches (especially the Grand Pavois) and a colonial architecture. It is a very nice place for holidays and also an interesting place for girls.

Two ways to reach the city: the taxi brousse (or minibus deluxe) for between 100 000 and 250 000 fmg and the plane for 650 000 fmg (which is pretty expansive but Air Madagascar has the monopole and is badly managed).

We stay at the hotel Chez Karon who was not expansive (80 000 fmg) and well located (near beaches). Furthermore the food (try the seafood) is excellent. The boss is chinese and his wife french.

The first day, we have decided to spent time at the Tobany (pronounced Toobani) who is the first pick up place before the opening of discos. It was full with girls mainly black. Clearly professionals but some were very sexy and very friendly. It is necessary to speak French because English is spoken by few people in Madagascar (Mada).

After some discussions with sexy girls, we have decided to not choose a chick and to discover the San Antonio. We have decided to go to this disco at 11 pm /taxi 6000 FMG/. This was the low season and only around 40 girls were there hunting Europeans. Not many whites “vazaha” and girls were doing us large smiles. I found a tall black girl Sabrina who seems very friendly... Quickly, we become closed friends. Another girl comes and tries to convince me that she is a much better girl than Sabrina. Sabrina does not interfer with this surrealist discussion. I do not like this pushy approach and keep on my first choice. To avoid problems, I speak about the price 50 000 FMG /8 USD/ Normal price in Majunga for the whole night. It seems that many girls prefer to not speak about money. This is too professionnal and many girls are not considering themselves as hookers.... but as one night lover. I like this approach. No friends have had problems without speaking about money and just giving the standard amount in the morning.

We are going to the hotel and taking showers. Sabrina has a perfect body but as she has had a child and, as many malgache girls who have been pregnant, she has very soft tits. She gives me long and perfect blow job and then, we fuck in many different positions including my favorite doggy style. I finished in her mouth. Without a noise, she went to the bathroom to wash her mouth.

She has to live in the morning to Tananarive (the main city) to see her son . This will avoid for me any problem taking other girls in her presence.

The following day, we decide to try the Ravinala (pronounced Ravinal) with Serge, a french guy staying at Chez Nono (an hotel near Chez Karon but with low quality rooms). We remark two young girls around 20 years old. One had the Arab type and the other the Indonesian type. I prefer the second one and Serge the first one. My girl named Marie and she comes from Tana. She is Merina the ethnie of Tananarive. She looks really like a polynesian girl. The Arab girl named Zalifa and was the cousine of Marie. They decide to bring us to another club named Mercure Rouge. The Arab girl dances very good the Rock with malgache boys. Not many European in Mercure Rouge but we do not have any problems with Malgache boys. Globally the Malgaches are very friendly people. The only problem was for a frenchman who has been stolen in his room at the hotel Chez Nono.

At 3 am, we go back to the hotel with the two girls. We have never spoken about money. Marie is crazy with sex and we have had two very hot sessions of more than one hour each. I came two times like her. She gave nice blow jobs and kisses with passion. I try anal with her. She let me do but after the first centimeters, it is clearly too painfull for her. I stop the experience and come back in the main road. The morning, we have taken our breakfast together. She likes me and I was proud of this sexy girl. I give her 50 000 FMG and clothes from Paris that I bring with me. She is really very happy of the clothes.

In the evening, I had a Rendez-vous with Marie in Ravinala. Zalifa was there but without Serge, who has left for Tana in the morning (using a minibus). Marie had a bandana and looked like a pretty Pirate girl of Philippines. We decided to go to San Antonio. Zalifa followed us. There, she asked for an expansive /according to local prices/ pizza of 38 000 FMG /5 USD/. I paid but I was a little bit unhappy of this demand from Zalifa who was not my girlfriend. Marie was also surprised by this demand. After this first success, Zalifa asked for money to go back to her home. I gave her 10 000 FMG which was more than necessary. She asked for another 5000 FMG. I refused and left with Marie.

Another hot night with Marie. She was very passionate and I felt me lucky to have found such a girl so quickly. The day after, we have booked a taxi with Joe, one of my two friends to visit the Lac Sacré and the Plage du Grand Pavois. The new girl friend of Joe and Marie were coming with us. We have had marvelous seafood on the Grand Pavois beach. The cost of the taxi for the whole day was 50 000 FMG /8 USD/. Near the Grand pavois is a beautifull red mountain named the Cirque Rouge. It is very nice at the sun set. We have takne a bath on the beach with the girls. There is nobody on the beach and Marie takes a bath completly nude. With the sunset light and the desert beach, it was magic, unique. I came in her pussy in the sea water but just some seconds as a game. I know risky with HIV but it was so unique.

The evening, we have had a dinner with JC my other friend who was living the following day by plane for Nosy Be. We have choosen to stay Chez Karon, one of the best table in Majunga. I have taken a bottle of french wine from Europe. Joe, JC, me and the three malgache girls have a Good bye dinner with fabulous seafood.... lobsters, Camarons and Rocklobsters. We pay 50 000 FMG per person. Another nice night with Marie.

The following day, Marie has to go back at home to take new clothes. I was free in the afternoon and I have seen a girl with nice tits at the bar of Chez Nono (good pick up place in the afternoon). She named Severine and according to Serge, she was a good fucker including backdoor. I take her for a short time of 2 hours. She makes love with passion and she likes anal penetration. I finished in her ass for a global price of 25 000 FMG /3.5 USD/. The night, I had rendez vous with Marie for the dinner Chez Nono and for another hot night. I gave her 75 000 FMG in the morning for her sex performances and her passion.

The following day with Philippe another Frenchman and his girlfriend we were going to a concert of Malgache music in a stadium. There were thousand of people but we were only two Europeans. Entry fee was at 10 000 FMG /1.5 USD/. Childrens were looking us as Martians. The music was very good and everybody was dancing. A cloud of dust pushed by dance peformers was going up above the stadium. Mapuka from Congo is one of the hottest dance and girls are moving their asses franticly.

The night, I had not decided any rendez vous with Marie. I wanted to try another girl. I was looking for Cecile a sexy girl seen at the Tobany, but I can not find her in San Antonio nor in Tobany. Probably she had another customer. In Ravinala, I took Vanessa a pretty girl from Tamatave. Night was good but below Marie. I finished in her mouth.

In the morning, we were taking our breakfast at 9 am when Marie came at the hotel with a young cousine. Well I had two girls. Around the breakfast table but I was really happy to see Marie. I paid the breakfast to Marie and her cousine /10 000 FMG each/ compare with a short time at 25 000 FMG and you will arrive at the conclusion that sex is cheap and food uis expansive in Madagascar.

Vanessa has had the feeling that I had more affinity with Marie. She left with 50 000 FMG and a dress for her young sister (I have taken old clothes from Switzerland). I felt really happy to see Marie. I have decided to buy her books and a french malgache dictionnary because her French was really poor. We spent the two following days together. I was a little bit too generous with her.... 100 000 FMG per night and many gifts. I gave her clothes and a perfume from Paris. I remember this period like an honeymoon......I hjust make one short time with a waitress of the hotel. It has always been a phantasm for me to fuck a waitress. Well done... for 25 000 FMG /3,5 USD/.

But I have to leave for Nosy Be with Jo in order to meet JC and to spent our last week of holidays. In order to save money, we avoid the very expansive local flight and decide to take the weekly boat named Jean Pierre Calloch for a price of 220 000 FMG /30 USD/.

Marie is crying but as she will go to tana I can meet her there before my flight back to Europe. I am really sad for Marie....I give her a banknote of 20 euros ... but new adventures are waiting for me in Nosy Be.

The night on the boat has been tiring despite a relative confort for Madagascar. At the port of Hell Ville, JC and his girlfriend named Elise are waiting us. We are going to our hotel in Ambatoaloaka /pronounced Ambatoolook/.

In the night we have decided to go to the Djembé. A disco in Ambatoaloaka, not far from our hotel. It was packed with girls (mainly blacks or mulatres). Not many vazaha. I choose a very dark girl with big tits. She looks really afrcian and, after Marie, I want to try some real African taste. 20 years old, she named Eliane and she was from Ambilobe. The first night I know that she was a real great choice. One of the best GFE in my life. She has a marvellous body and makes love with a lot of talent. Nice blow jobs. She likes all the positions but has preference for doggy style. She was new in Nosy Be and it seems really true. Europeans living in Nosy Be do not know her. She told me that I was her first European.

I gave her 50 000 fmg every morning and 40 USD the last day. The second day, I knew that I will stay with her and she has decided to move to my hotel with her bag because the taxi was expansive between Hell Ville, where she stays with her aunt and Ambatoaloaka. We have had a whole week together and I have paid the food, the discos and all the out of pocket expenses. She was nice with me. She was really hot always asking to fuck. She wanted to try sodomy but it hurted her and I stop it. Before I have to take the taxi for the airpot of NosyBe she havs given me a last marvellous blow job and she has eaten my the load…. First time for her. She was very sad as me. We have had a marvellous week together.

I should say that GFE are great in Madagascar. Price of girls is lower than anywhere in the world but with food, hotels (expansives for a poor quality), taxis and transport (plane or boat), the daily cost is more expansive than in Thailand.

If possible, the best solution is to go there with somebody who speaks French and have a certain knowledge of the country.

11-26-03, 17:39
Great reports, Poupard2000 and Bucanero!

It seems like you had a wonderfull time in Mad. I'd like to ask you a question: did you take anything for malaria (I don't you if it is the correct name in English, but anyway it is the disease that you get with mosquitos) and does it have some influence on your sexuality?

P.S. I know it sounds like a strange question, but there are some medicines (like antibiotics) that have terrible effects on many persons (me included: when I take it, my friend between the legs just doesn't work for some days after I stop the cure!!).

Thank you for you answer,


Member #4366
11-26-03, 20:48
Great repport Poupard! You are absolutely right! Mada is the right place for adventures - it is just wild! I had no idea that Majunga was that interesting. When I was in Tana, people only told me that Majunga is hot. I thought they meant the weather, but after reading your comments, I know better (LOL). Girlfriend related costs over there seem even lower than in the places where I've been. The way you describe the scene makes me think of Diego: less hard-core and lots of fun. I'm seriously considering going again, next year and then I won't skip Majunga.

Member #4366
11-27-03, 21:15

I took mefloquine, which is the usual malaria prevention medicine and it didn't have any effect on my sex drive. Malaria is endemic over there, so I wouldn't go without taking this stuff.

12-16-03, 12:17
Considering the malaria, it could be a real concern, especially during the rainy season (around March).

Many of permanent residents (even Europeans) have got Malaria. Personaly, I was using Savarine (a mix of two antimalaria molecules) on a daily base. The other way to avoid infection risk is to use an repellant cream after the sunset and to use "moustiquaire" when you sleep.

I have had more problems with mosquitos in Hungary during the summer (Balaton) than in Mada.

I was two times, 3 weeks in Mada and I did not get Malaria. Same result with my friends. But it seems that the East coast (Tamatave and Sainte Marie) are more humid & more infested with plasmodium.

I was not in these areas.

To conclude, malaria is more present than in Thailand where it is exceptionnal but if you follow the classic rules, it is not a real concern.

Ken Kelova
12-25-03, 01:40
Hey guys,

These posts have been great and I'm definitely gonna hit Madagascar sometime next year. I just wanna know, of all the citites, which one do you think is best as far as women, prices, accomodations, safety etc are concerned?

Also I read that speaking French is a must. Would it be a major problem getting some without getting ripped off if I couldn't speak French at all?



01-04-04, 22:48

If you do not speak at all french, I do not think that you will be really ripped off but organisation of life will be a little bit more difficult. I have met a german guy in Mada who was speaking only german and english and he has travelled without real problems and had a lot of girls. A possibility is to meet Europeans in places where are girls and to speak in english with french-speaking mongers. A lot have travelled before in Asia and speak a decent english. It could be helpfull. Another good thing is the relative small size of hotels. After some days, you will know all the mongers. The best places for girls? Clearly not Tana which is a relatively expansive and not really interesting place. I think that Diego Suarez (Disco Nouvel Hotel), Majunga (see my post) and Tulear (I have not been there but my firends told me that this city is really hot) are the best places. I would had Nosy Be because there are many girls (but many Europeans also) AND a lot of activities.

Ken, try to not go alone. Madagascar is safer than black Africa but it is Africa.

Ken Kelova
01-05-04, 22:11

Thanks alot for the info. I really appreciate it and will remember it well. Hopefully I will visit Madagascar sometime next year and am looking forward to it very much.

Thanks again


Afro Traveller
01-06-04, 17:24

Things can change sometimes quickly and knowledge of French will help. See Jan 2005 newsitem on Majunga.


Green Fun
02-17-04, 13:34
The girls in Madagascar are of better quality than in rest of Africa as they are of Indonesian origin.Fair skin,straight hair, freindly and GF types.Sex is accepted openly here and seems to be only way of entertainment available in addition to booze and dance in night clubs.

Tana-best quality girls of white or wheatish skin.Most pros type. Cost high compared to coastal towns.running rate about US$15-25 for average quality ST. Possible to get a week company for US$50. Cafe joint opposite BMOI, near Hotel Colbert is a 24 hour pick up joint.Indira club, Pandora and La Caveo night clubs are fishing ponds for the night.Most hotels are girl friendly except Hilton where one has to exercise discretion.

Tamatave-Main port city.Lots of SW around Hotel Neptune and road behind it.Queens club is a ***** hole with girls outnumbering guys by a ratio of 2 any night.Go in early at about 10 PM to pick up.Disco in Neptune hotel gets decent quality babes.Locals can be seen fucking opposite Neptune hotel in the night in the dark spots along the beach.

Tulear-Good quality chicks young and cooperative in bed.wildest sex of my life I had in Tulear with a girl picked up outside walking with her one friend.proposed and in she comes.Two condoms torn in action. Amazing service.

Please let me know ways to hook non pros working type girls as I travel from Europe on business and I need to be a bit discreet in action.Leads are welcome on the forum.

Need some leads into action in Mauritius.Seems to be very close society there.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a spaces periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Green Fun
02-18-04, 08:46
Continuing on my report posted yesterday.

In Tana, the small gallery bar outside Colbert is an evening pick up joint. Area between Indra night club and Analakely is filled with SW. Caution -this area is not all that safe. Area around La Caveo night club and near Colbert hotel is safer and better quality.
There are lot of Indians seen there but no Indian girls in any pick up joints and night clubs. Can any informed soul guide me on getting an Indian chic. Appreciate early response as I am due to visit Madagascar first half of March for a week.

Few tips should be useful. Taxi drivers are rarely useful in getting better quality than available openly. Better to avoid as it increases cost. Bell boys or receptionists (they are mostly females even in night shifts) can be approached for getting a girl for you by paying a minor tip of $2-$3. Keep a copy of your passport with VISA page in it while out in the night. Avoidable to carry originals especially in Tana as pickpocketing is common.
Girls are appraochable and is not a major issue. If they are not in for a game, they will politely refuse. I got secretary of one office I visited couple of times in Tana to have sex with me. Paid for the room, some food and had a good afternoon session with this sex bomb. She did it to get my help in getting europe visa, which I did. Lovely shaped body and sexy outfit and tremendous performance. Did sex in several positions and she came in missionary position with loud sounds. Clean pussy and good bump. Most girls do not go for anal. They do BJ beautifully though.

Need some non pro willing girls contact. If Indian girls contact is available please post it with numbers or clear guidelines to reach or contact.

Green Fun

03-02-04, 15:11
Is anyone going to Madagascar this year? I was scheduled to go to Reunion Island a couple a weeks ago, but cancelled due to an emergency. I've changed my plans and will be going to Madagascar in November or December. If anyone is going during that period, let me know.

Green Fun
04-08-04, 13:09
i was in tana last week. stayed in colbert. tried to hook among the girls in bar and its small gallery by the roadside. none to suit my taste. strolled down to nearby pandora club, there were good chicks but all appeared engaged. turned to the 24 hour coffee shop very close to colbert - bang opposite bmoi bank. got one fair skinned 24 year old girl. had a beer together while negotiated the deal. fmg 75000 for 2 hours but no anal.

she walked in after 10 mts to the room. had shower and came draped in towel. wanted dim light fun. removed her towel and found clean shaven pussy, very clean. started with playing with each other till it got steamy. got in standing position,and started exploring her. she got hold of the tool and started rubbing it over her clit. got horny in no time and we were back in bed. rubber on and she started off in missionary position. very wet, started moaning like mad. changed position, she on top and got very good rythm in stroking. i changed to doggy and a great experience. got back to missionary and she came squeezing me tight. i came instantly after she jerked in orgasm.

cleaned herself and used my mobile to call her mother in other town. talked a lot after the fuck. fortunately she was clean with no smoking or drinking habits (it stinks sometimes as i am a non smoker).

had asked leads for some indian or paki girls but there was no reply. if any monger friend knows, please pm the contacts. there are plenty good looking muslim girls of indian or paki race. need contacts. visiting again in may.

green fun

04-30-04, 22:38
I have seen on this discussion board that Air France & Air Mad are the only companies between Paris & Tana, there is another one Corsair, probably the cheapest (see website Nouvelles Frontieres).

Presently they have promotion prices around 700 euros because this is the low season. I will be in Madagascar for 5 weeks in May and June. I will send a new report after ....

For the hotel, I like the annexe of Glacier in Tana.

Member #4366
05-10-04, 20:41
Only 700 Euro with Corsair? Shit, I paid the full price again (almost 1000 Euro with Air Mad)! Poupard, I'm also going again in May/June, the second time for me. I've seen the rooms in the Glacier annexe: very close to the action and surprisingly clean. But this time, I'm not going to spend any time in Tana. I'll most probably be heading for Ft.Dauphin or Tulear. What about you?

05-12-04, 10:24

I changed e-mail with poupard2000 and so far as I know he is already there and also heading south.

As for me, I will leave on May 28 and since it is my first time, my destinations will be Majunga, Nosy Be and Diego. Any tipps for these places are highly appreciated, specially an idea for a good budget hotel in Diego.

Can you also tell, how is it the best to reach Glacier Hotel from Airport and where to change money to a good rate?

Thanks and who knows - we might meet somewhere.


Member #4366
05-12-04, 21:49

Thanks for letting me know. Perhaps Poupard will read his email over there, but I guess that he's got better things to do (lol). Ivato airport is quite far from Tana and there are no busses as far as I know. It is best to take an official taxi. They are comfortable and even cheaper than the rides the many touts in the arrival hall will offer you. Take care at the airport and carry your own stuff! When you tell the driver to bring you to the Glacier hotel, he'll know. It is right in the centre, and a very well known place. By the way, it is not advisable to take a room in the main building (noisy). But the annexe is fine.
Where to change money? Well, you can change at the airport, but I've no idea about the rate at this moment. You can also change at one of the big banks in Tana. If I remember well, the BNI-CL had good rates last year. But that may have changed of course. By the way, in Tana and other big towns, they've got a few ATMs as well. But they only seem to accept Visa.

In Diego, there are few (or none) good-value hotels. I found the "Paradis du Nord" adequate, but a bit overpriced for what they are offering. The same is true for Hotel Valiha and probably most other hotels close to the centre. The hotel scene is certainly not the best Diego has to offer. But the nightlife ... Oh-la-la! You're certain to have a great time over there. Maybe the girls are not so pretty as in Tana, but they're wild! I'm almost regretting that I won't be going there this year. But I suppose that the South won't be boring either.

Have fun!

07-01-04, 11:11
Hi Sumart and Bucanero,

I am back from Madagascar since the 14 th june. I am preparing a full report about the action in the "Grande Terre" but I am going to Pattaya next sunday and my long report is not yet ready. I hope that this report will be on line before the end of the summer. I have been in Tana, Tamatave, Diego Suarez, Nosy Be, Majunga, Tuléar and Fianaransoa. A 5 weeks travel with more than twenty differents girls.

Just to inform our brothers *****mongers, Madagascar has the cheapest asses of the world. Now with the devaluation, the franc malgache is at a rate of 14 000 fmg for one euro (around 11 000 fmg for a buck). Long times are between 75 000 fmg and 100 000 fmg (some cheap charlies are given less but I want to be fair with these stunners). Most hotels are between 8 USD and 15 USD. A dish in a good restaurant is at 3 USD. Last year, I though that girls were very nice but that the global daily cost (hotels, food) too expansive. After the devaluation, this remark is no more true. Of course, you have to love black asses (I was a fan of thai asses but I am on the way to change- If you don't know black asses, try it) and to have a certain command of french.

I confirm that Madagascar is the NEW DESTINATION for *****mongers having a tight budget (as myself). Girls are really very pretty, they really like to fuck, the country is safe and beautifull. Of course infrastructures remain poor but who really cares.

07-19-04, 05:26
travel report in madagascar. as this report is long, i have cut it into several pieces.

monday 10 th may (tana)

plane is not late at ivato airport. we have first to buy two tax stamps of 100 000 fmg in order to get the visa. the customs are more efficient than at my last travel to mada, one year ago. the official airport taxi fare from airport to our hotel on the avenue de l’independance was at 75 000 fmg. our hotel was « annexe du glacier » at 140 000 fmg. one year before the price was at 120 000 fmg but given the devaluation of fmg against euro it is much cheaper now than one year before.

we have to find a bank or a street changer at a better rate than the airport. we want also avoid the unofficial changers of the airport who are thieves in connection with police. normaly banks have the most disadvantageous rate. some banks are at 9000 fmg for a euro although the interbank rate is at 11 400 fmg. finally the best deal is bmoi at 11 066 fmg (street changer were around 10 500 fmg).

i have sent a letter to onja a merina girl i have met last year in majunga but she is not at the hotel. but in the street, i meet sylviane a 20 years girl living in switzerland with her boyfriend but now in mada for 2 months. sylviane is very happy to see me and come at the hotel for two intercourses. good after two months without women. i give her 50 000 fmg (5 euros). in front of glacier, we see luis a former foreign legion soldier. he is on the way to the airport after 6 months in mada. but he has the time to take a coffee he tells us that in tamatave girls are cheaper (between 25 000 and 50 000 fmg). i tell him that i consider that these prices are abusive. he gives us many advices on tamatave.

lunch at restaurant planete is excellent for only 15 000 fmg the main course. glacier is also good but twice expansive and service was slow. in the night we decide to go with max, tiana (the girlfriend he has met in le glacier) and sylviane at the concert at the glacier. tonight no entry fee and the beer is at 17 000 fmg. around 30 girls looking for vazaha (local name for westerners). some are very sexy but as usual in mada, we have the feeling that the girls were not interested. the men have to do the first step. mada girls are not pushy like thai ladies. may be more lazzy, i see especially a very sexy girl but she seems to be with a white guy with long hairs. furthermore, i am with sylviane. we go back to the hotel. one session and another in the morning. i give her 50 000 fmg.

in the day we go to marché pochard (great for stones) and to the taxi brousse station (15 000 fmg to go there) to book places for the day after in a taxi brousse (minibus) to tamatave.

tuesday 11 th may (tana)

this is tuesday and in the evening, there is a reggae concert for the anniversary of the death of bob marley. this guy seems very popular in mada. in front of the concert, i see the sexy girl of the day winting before le glacier. her name is angela and she is with her cousine. angela is 20 years old, she is from tamatave. she is gorgeous but the cousine is ugly and drunked. they have no money to pay the 10 000 fmg entry fee. as a interested gentleman, i pay for the two girls and a beer for all of us.angela is a very interesting lady. i realize quickly that i will spent the whole night with her. max comes with tiana. i cannot understand the french of her cousine but angela speaks a pretty good french. the cousine asks money for cigarettes. i give her 5 000 fmg. after this unexpected success, she tries to get additional money for a taxi to go to indra, the local hooker spot. i tell her that as indra is not so far, she can walk (as she is fat it would be a good way to burn fat tissues). she get out. michela friend of thailand has just arrived after a long travel through dubai and maurice. we meet him in glacier.

we decide to go to indra. michel has not yet found the right girl. taxi price is 6 000 fmg. indra is full. we dance with angela and at 2 a.m. we are back at the hotel. two sessions (blow job but no anal) with a sex bomb. she has a very black skin and has a perfect face and a perfect body. she tells me that she loves me and she seems sincere. she would like to go to europe, as most local girls. by far, angela was the most beautifull girl in indra or glacier.

wednesday 12 th may (tamatave)

another session in the morning. we (michel, max and me) have to be at 10.30 am at the taxi brousse station. we have booked three places the day before. i would like to see angela again but as many girls in mada, she has no mobile phone. she gives me the telephone of her cousine and i give her my e mail.

i give her a nice shirt from europe and 125 000 fmg.

we are at the taxi brousse station. many beggars, we have paid 40 000 fmg (around 4 euros) per person to join tamatave. the road is nice but we will arrive around 8 p.m. exhausted. many girls are hunting in gare routière (bus station) despite the fact that it is a very dirty place (mudd, no lights, many thieves looking for business). a real experience of what means « third world ». it is better to not arrive alone after the sunset in the « gare routiere » of tamatave. tamatave is the second city of mada but its gare routiere is the asshole of the world. we decide to go to « bouffe rapide » (advice of josé). only 75 000 fmg but the hotel is in the outskirts. it will be better to change to morrow.

after a shower, we decide to take a taxi to queens. (the local disco for bitches located rue joffre). in tamatave, taxi fare is 5 000 fmg (0.5 euros) during the day and 6 000 fmg during the night whatever the distance. do not ask for the price, just give to the guy 5000 fmg. near queens, we eat delicious camarrons (prawns) for 30 000 fmg by personn. on the terrasse, many girls are smiling us but i do not yet find my lady of the night. we go in the disco (no entry fee but drinks are really expansive at 20 000 fmg). it is 11 pm and more girls are coming. the ratio is one man (generally white) for ten girls. many girls seem sad and are not smiling may be because most of them know that they will be back alone. most of the girls are not drinking (no money for that). we have not a good feeling because there is a lack of fun. what is interesting is despite the ratio and the fact that girls are hungry, they seem very distant with us. few of them are looking us in the eyes or are smiling us. they seem ignore us. a petite girl is smiling and likes dancing. i call her to pay her a drink (no alcohol but a coke as most of the ladies in tamatave). her name is marianne and she is 20 years old. we dance together and at 2 am we are back at the hotel. she is very good in the bed as most of the girls i have had in mada. mg like to fuck and it is astonishing to compare the girl dancing on the floor with a sad or distant feeling and the hot girl in the bed. wait for the intercourse and you will see how mg can be hot.

normal service (blow job without condom, and good fuck with condom). no anal. another session in the morning. i give her 75 000 fmg. she asks for more but i decline. 75 000 fmg is ok.

thursday 13 th may (tamatave)

in the morning, we take a breakfast at salon de thé saify (rue joffre) and we visit the hotel plage near the queens. we decide to check out from the « bouffe rapide » who has a bad location and a poor service. hotel plage has a lot of colonial charm, rooms are big, some rooms have a balcony. no tv but i do not care. local tv is a disaster and i come for pussies. price is 80 000 fmg. for the lunch, we go to la récréa a good restaurant of the beach road. i take again camarrons but « à la provencale » (50 000 fmg more expansive than restaurant univers but excellent and a nice view on the sea). in the evening, max want to go to the « gare routiere » to hunt streetwalkers. we take a cab but after one kilometer , the taxi is out of order (no more gazoline). we give him only 2 000 fmg and we finish by foot. around 20 girls are working there. some ****d. some were at the queens the night before. it means that girls of the queens are not better than girls of the gare routiere. more or less the same hookers are hunting local guys and vazahas (in general, the customers of gare routiere are not vazaha but malgaches). price are between 6 500 fmg and 25 000 fmg in gare routière but i think that a white will have to pay at least 25 000 fmg. we pay drinks to 2 girls (rhum & coca). prices are very cheap (coca a liter & a small botlle of rhum for 12 000 fmg/ 1 euro). girls are funny but not really what i am looking for the night. we are a little bit drunked. we are the only whites around. many beggars (especially children) are looking for small money. they are really hungry. i pay small kebabs (500 fmg by kebab) to a bunch of children. they eat the kebabs as people suffering of starvation.

we go back to the hotel plage. some girls are waiting customers on the terrasse just below a poster « non au tourisme sexuel ». funny world. a dinner at restaurant univers just near hotel plage. wednesday night there is a band with live music. we go also to neptune disco in hotel neptune at 200 m of queen’s (on the beach road) . no entry fee, but a very desert place. neptune is clearly not the main pick up place during the week. back in queens, i pay a drink to a lovely girl. fabiola is with her sister colette. she is funny and speaks a more than decent french. 20 years, she is from ile sainte marie, she tells me that drinks are cheaper in gazoline station just in front of queen’s. many girls are drinking there in order to avoid high prices of queen’s. she will be my lady of the night. one intercourse in the night and another in the morning. very good blow job, could be open to anal (two fingers in her asshole without any protestation) but i did not try.

in the morning, i give her 100 000 fmg because the service was great.

07-19-04, 05:26
Friday 14 th may (Tamatave)

Breakfast at Salon de thé Saify and then, we have a lunch at Bateau Ivre a nice restaurant with a swimming pool on the beach road. The manager, a swiss guy as I, confirms that Madagascar is a paradise for men loving women. He was before in Brazil and said that Madagascar is much better from this pussy point of view. Dinner at Café de l’Univers for 50 000 fmg. Many streetwalkers are waiting at the carrefour between Queens and Univers. Ladies also at the basement of Hotel Plage (I recommend this hotel for his perfect location near the action). In the night, we are going to the nightclub Pandora (taxi for 6000 fmg, no entry fee). A nice place but it is not really a pick up place. It is better to come with a girl. No hunting girls there except ..... Fabiola and Colette. I think that they have followed our taxi with their taxi. We are back to the Queens but curiously only a bunch of ugly hunting girls. We move to Neptune disco in the basement of Hotel Neptune (entry fee of 15 000 fmg). I pay for Fabiola and her sister.
Neptune was desert one day before but now it is full with people and a correct percentage of hunting girls. May be more classy than in Queens although I have already seen some of the girls in Queens (As Fabiola). We dance on hits of the Indian Ocean (Maurice, Reunion, Comores). No girls are more attractive for me than Fabiola. I take her back to the hotel. I come in her ass and she seems happy with that. A good session. A blow job in the morning. She refuses to take in the mouth but she has a lot of cum around the mouth. I give her 100 000 fmg.

Saturday 15 th may (Tamatave)

We spent the day in Foulpointe. A beach at 60 km of Tamatave. Taxi brousse for 15 000 FMG. One and half hour for, at the end, a not so marvelous beach. We have a lunch in a restaurant but on the beach we are harrassed by local people (lobsters salesmen and all the usual local stuffs). Back in Tamatave at 7 pm. As Pandora seems not to be a great pick up place, we are going directly to Neptune. I see a sexy girl named Josiane. I dance with her but she seems relatively shy. Another girl Natacha is more pushy ..... may be too much. She comes from Sambava in the northern part of the island and works as baby sitter for her aunt. Josiane is black although Natacha is a mixed blood girl. Michel is with a friend of Natacha named Naradja (a pearl fifty indian, fifty malgache). I take Josiane back to the hotel. She is OK for blow jobs. I screw her in the night and again in the morning. I give her a shirt and 75 000 fmg. Max has taken one of the girls waiting every night at the corner near Queen’s.

Sunday 16 th may (Tamatave)

At the breakfast, I see Michel with his beautifull girl Naradja. She tells us that in the sunday afternoon, there are two parties named « Bal des Jeunes » : Stone Club for the more « classy » and « Mobilsound » for the more popular. According to Naradja, Mobilsound could be risky for Europeans (pickpockets). Luis the french foreign legionnaire has recommended Mobilsound but he can be unconscient as many Foreign Legion soldiers. Stone Club (open from 3 pm to 9 pm) is right for us. Naradja will come at 5 pm and show us the Stone Club.

Entry fee 5000 fmg (0.5 USD) and drinks at 10 000 fmg (1 USD). A lot of young people. I am here with Max, Michel, Naradja and two friends of her ..... Natacha, the girl of Sambava and another girl named Marie. Marie has a malgache boyfriend Thierry who has the look of an american rapper. We are only 3 whites in the club. The music is a mix of french hits, malgache dance music and american rap (Sean Paul). More boys than girls (1 girl for 4 boys). Given the look of boys, we have the feeling to be in the Bronx but without any hostile attitude against us. Despite the fact that I dance with Natacha and Michel with Naradja. After an hour, Max get out to Queen’s.

We are going to eat at Café Univers with Michel, Naradja, Natacha and Marie. Marie follows us in the hotel but Michel and me have already a girl. May be she wants to do a threesome with Michel in order to make some money.

Natacha is a professional girl for blow jobs. She takes in the mouth but do not swallow. She is 20 years old but her tits are very soft. I think that she has had a child but she says no.

Monday 17 th may (Tamatave)

Michel, Max, Naradja and I are going to the big market to buy prawns(camarrons at 30 000 fmg/2,8 euros per kilo), avocados, rhum (2 euros per liter) and all the things necessary to organize a partie at Naradja ‘s home. She will invite cousines and we will eat together.

At 7 pm she comes to take us with a taxi. Her home is very small but clean. No water inside but she has TV and DVD . Marie is here and two young cousines. No parents. The camarrons are not well cooked but i think that it is not easy with such a small kitchen. We are drinking rhum with coca. Marie is a little bit drunked and she begins to kiss me. I am very excited. The girls like to watch DVD of french singers or of US rappers. Funny to see, big limousines in Florida in such a shithole. They are dreaming about American way of life. In video clips, all black men are rich and they think that it is the real world in USA. I do not want to break their dreams saying that a high percentage of young black men are in jail.

We get out to go to Queen’s. Marie takes the cab with me. In Queens, she asks me many times drinks (20 000 fmg each which is expansive for Madagascar). After she needs 25 000 fmg for a cousin of her. At 2 am she asks me to go to the restaurant Univers and she takes one of the most expansive dish. I am disappointed by her attittude. In the room, it is the same. She is not very cooperative. She wants to make love but no blow job, no ass. Her hand job is a pain in the ass. Curiously, she is horny (me not) and she wants to reach her orgasm but she does not care of me. She is beautifull. Marie has marvelous tits and a nice body but she is definitively not as I though before. In the morning, I give her 75 000 fmg. I think that she will leave but she wants to eat again. We go to the restaurant Univers and she takes a seafood pizza + a big breakfast. After that she asks me if she can order another pizza to take away. I say « I think you have eaten enough ». « It is for my sister ». I say NO. I do not want to feed all the family with seafood pizzas.

First and last night with Marie. She was very sexy but I do not like her attitude.

Tuesday 18 th may (Tamatave)

We eat at Hotel Joffre. Nice place but a very poor lunch. I am still hungry after the lunch. I pay the hotel (80 000 fmg per night) because we have to fly to Diego Suarez Wednesday in the early morning. Rainy day in Tamatave. Nothing to do. In the night the rain stops. Many streetwalkers in front of Queen’s. I see Fabiola in Queen’s , she is with her sister Colette. She does not seem angry against me. A young girl smiles. Her name is Lina, she is just 18 years old (three weeks before). I take her to the hotel. A marvelous body. She tells me that I am her first white. As she seems not professionnal and does not speak french at all, I believe her at 80 percent. She is passionate. My best girl in Tamatave. Two nice session with this young chick.

07-19-04, 05:27
wednesday 19 th may (diego-suarez)

i leave the room at 5.30 am in the morning leaving her in the bed. no time for an intercourse in the morning. the plane to diego suarez is at 6.55 am (950 000 fmg=95 usd). lina will stay in the room. i give her 75 000 fmg. airport is not far (taxi 25 000 fmg).

the flight is through tananarive with a 4 hours stop at tana airport.we arrive at 2 pm in diego suarez. we have not yet booked an hotel and many hotels are full. fortunatly, we find 3 rooms in hotel pacific for 90 000 fmg each per night (9 usd). it is a little bit far of the action but better than to sleep outside. i recommand to book by advance hotels in diego suarez because the city is a touristic point (not only sex tourists as we are). finally, we were lucky to find the hotel pacific for 90 000 fmg per night. rooms are clean (but no air con, no tv, no fridge madagascar is clearly not thailand) and the view on the ocean is great. but it is definitively too far from the action. for people with enough money i recommand the hotel colbert (between 25 and 40 euros per night). taxi to the nouvel hotel is at 5000 fmg (2000 if you share the taxi with other passengers). diego seems to be a safe city. i recommend also to visit the big market. after 4 pm, many hookers at la vahiné a pick up place on the main street (rue colbert).

these ladies are real pro and they are much more pushy than ladies of tamatave. i prefer semi-pro. nice dinner for 30 000 fmg at restaurant « tsara be » (meaning very beautifull). after 11 pm, we are going to nouvel hotel. many ladies, some spanish fishermen and french (sex ?) tourists. but much of the men are not there to hunt. i do not know why. girls are pushy and you have to say clearly no if you do not like them. some gorgeous ladies, a lot of young girls around 20 years old. i dance with sabrina a petite 19 years stunner. very gorgeous but a little bit shy. i pay her a coca cola for 15 000 fmg. she is very happy. despite the fact that i am with her, many girls (some very sexy) are trying to fish me. at 2 am we are going to the hotel. before she asks me 5000 fmg for the taxi of her sister. she has a wonderfull juicy pussy. so good to lick such a beautifull black pussy. she sucks me with enthousiasm. i finish in her pussy (with condom of course). we discuss. she tells me that i am her fourth man. she has lost his virginity with a local boy. then, she has been 4 months with a french expat and then 6 days with another frenchie. in the morning, i give her used clothes for the son of her sister and 100 000 fmg. we take a breakfast with my two friends. they seem also happy with their ladies of the night.

i do not give a rendez vous to sabrina because i want to try other diego’s pussies.

thursday 20 th may (diego-suarez)

max is with a girl named patricia, her friend named anissa tells me all the time that she wants to go with me. she is pretty but she is not my type of girl. she shows us a good restaurant the « balafomanga ». good but the slowest service i have ever seen in my life. last dinner there. after the meal, there is a tv show with a football match « france-brazil » at la vahiné. many girls are also there. i see at least three stunners. one is named [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901). she was playing snooker. we leave la vahinée before the end of the match. i have more interest for pussies than for zidane. many girls at nouvel hotel. i see sabrina. it is clear that she has no feeling for me. i dance with four or five girls and i finish with a very african girl named volayra. she is a pro of blow jobs. almost the best of my life. two sessions (one in the night & one in the morning). she takes cum in the mouth but has not swallowed. i give her 100 000 fmg.

friday 21 th may (diego-suarez)

in the afternoon, we try to book an hotel in nosy be for monday & tuesday. many hotels are full because of the music festival named donia. finaly we have found 3 rooms for 28 euros each. very expansive for madagascar. we book also the minibus between diego and ankify for 50 000 fmg per person. the boat between ankify and hell-ville is at 25 000 fmg.

in the night, we have had a dinner at tsara be, a restaurant rue colbert. they have the best food in diego. michel has a rendez vous with one of the waitress named frieda. in nouvel hotel, many girls as usual. i dance with a metisse chinese-malgache. she looks like thai ladies. her name is amina but she is only 17 years old. i switch to another girl named murielle. 22 years old, a very nice smile. she likes me. volayra is also in nouvel hotel. she want to go again with me. i dance with her, i pay a drink to her (bier 20 000 fmg) but i will take murielle. we dance some slows together. michel is with his tsara be waitress. murielle kisses me. so sweet. i have the feeling to be 20 years old. in the hotel, she is very hot. she says that she loves me. i fuck her in every hole. i finish in her ass. in the morning, she has to go early because she has a baby.

saturday 22 th may (diego-suarez)

we rent 3 bicycles at diego cycles near the market. daily rate at 34 000 fmg each. we want to go to ramena at 18 km. ramena is the beach of diego. it is full the sunday but desert during the week (saturday included). we have a lunch there grilled fish and calamars for 33 000 fmg per person. a waitress is very sexy, 19 years old, a very black skin. her name is laurence. she proposes a massage (normal not sexy) for 25 000 fmg. i ask her if she will go to nouvel hotel to night. she says yes. i answer. - come to see me and i will offer you a drink. she smiles. i think that she is doable.

we are back to diego. 36 km under the malgache sun. michel has given up and taken a taxi with his bike. a marvelous dinner at tsara be. definitvely the best table of diego. there is a singer who loves the songs of joa gilberto & stan getz. with the bossa nova and the black girls around. i have the feeling to be in rio de janeiro.

at nouvel hotel, i have not seen laurence but murielle is there and she seems very happy to see me. i dance with her. the disco is packed with people. even if laurence is there, i have no chances to see her. the music is a mixed of french, spanish songs and black music (american, french zouk, reggae, malagasy, saleg).

we are back to the hotel. the taxi driver asks me 7500 fmg but i know that the night price is only 2500 fmg per capita. murielle is a marvelous fucker. she put a finger in my ass. i do the same. a nice 69. i finish again in her ass. she likes it.

sunday 23 th may (diego-suarez)

in the morning, she is gone at 8 am. i sleep because i am tired of the byke ride. sunday is a problematic day in madagascar because it is difficult to find restaurants, internet cafés, shops and so on. i think that sunday is a perfect day to travel because it is a lost day for other activities. murielle will come to see me at 7.30 pm. i do not want to go to nouvel hotel because we have to leave early in the morning for nosy be. michel has rent a moto and has gone to joffreville with her waitress.we have a lunch at la vahiné. very slow, average food. but tsara be is closed to day. a girl comes at our table. « my cousine loves you ». she comes back after 5 minutes « it is yes or no ». the cousine is sexy but i am not hungry of girls and i have a rendez-vous with murielle in the evening. i say « sorry but it is no ». max says that last night he was with a lovely 19 years old girl. she named sabrina as my first girl in diego. i ask him to describe « his » sabrina and i discover that his and mine are the same girl. funny city !

back to the hotel. i pay the room. sunday evening, a lot of restaurants are closed. we find « la jonque » a expansive vietnamese restaurant open. max, michel, frieda (the waitress of tsara be) murielle and i are together for the last night in diego. we have a marvelous lunch for 100 000 fmg per person. back to the hotel because we have to wake up at 4 am in the morning. i screw two times murielle but not in the ass. i want that she remembers me as a gentleman not a assfucker.

07-19-04, 05:28
monday 24 th may (nosy be)

the taxi brousse will pick up us at the hotel at 5 am (travel to ambanja near ankify for 50 000 fmg). nice road in the mountain. marvelous landscapes, poor villages, simple life. the northern villages are really packed with very sexy black girls.

we arrive at 11 am in ambanja. when crossing ambilobe, we have seen a lot of sexy girls. from ambanja to ankify, we take a taxi (renault 4 for 12 500 fmg/1 euro per person). at ankify, we take a quick boat to hell ville (main city of the island nosy be) for 25 000 fmg/2 euros per capita. in nosy be, we take a taxi from hell ville to ambatoaloaka for 40 000 fmg (total cost) . so the total cost of the trip was (50 000 +12500+25000+13300) around 100 000 fmg around 10 usd per person . to compare, the cost of the plane is 400 000 fmg. we take benjamin hotel for 28 euros per night (no air con, no hot water). i discover after that there are better hotels for lower prices.

taxi collectif from ambatoaloaka to hell ville are at 5 000 fmg per person (but you have to share the old renault 4 with other passengers). night life in ambatoaloaka is along a main street with a dozen of bars. maison de la mer is full at the beginning of the evening. felicia the waitress is a marvelous and lovely person. after you can go to other places like k bar (snookers). i meet natacha my girlfriend of the last year. i have sent her 3 letters with pictures but she has received only one. many thieves in malgache post office open letters from abroad. she has a new boyfriend, a frenchman named frank as myself. she works in a restaurant. i have been with her for 10 days and i have had only marvelous souvenirs. i ask her if she can stay for the night with me but she says that her boyfriend comes to morrow morning at the nosy be airport. he comes for the donia, the music festival. she thinks to him but she says that she was in love with me last year. she has tried to send me an email but has failed.

at 9 pm at k bar it is full with whites (vazaha) and mg waiting for a « boyfriend ». at 11 pm , the people are moving to djembé. i see two girls i like more than the others. françoise (20 years) a petite girl very sexy but her french is poor and yasmina a muslim girl (very black but very classy like a warrior masai). i choose françoise. we go dance to djembé (entry fee is 10 000 fmg for men & 5 000 fmg for girls). drinks at 15 000 fmg.

we are back to the hotel at 3 am. a nice sex session but she tells me that blow job is « fady » for her . fady (pronouced « fad » ) means taboo. despite that, i discover one of the most marvelous body that i have ever seen. she is very sexy and we have two intercourses togeteher. in the morning, she has to leave for her baby. i give her 100 000 fmg +10 000 for the taxi.

tuesday 25 th may (nosy be)

we move to another hotel of ambatoaloaka (coucher de soleil managed by a swiss guy as myself) for 15 euros per person. then, we go to hell ville, a quiet town. café oasis is a nice place for newspapers and internet (two computers and 25 000 fmg for 90 minutes but the speed is quite slow)). i check my mails, no bad news. for the lunch i recommend saloon. they have good food with a menu at 30 000 fmg (3 us$). their natural juices are marvelous at 5000 fmg. in the afternoon, we are back to ambatoloaka and we meet yasmina with 3 sexy girls in the « main street ». we buy a bottle of coke and one of rhum and we go back to the hotel drink together. nice sunset with yasmina. i touch her nice body and kiss her lips. she tells me that to night there is a live band at manava (first floor of moulin rouge in hell ville).

i go there with max his new gf found in the street named fifi, michel and his girlfriend named annie. i am the only one who will hunt to night. drinks at 15 000 fmg. a live band is playing malgache music and after 11 pm the disco is packed with local people (men and women). many girls are smiling to me. i see a sexy girl with a black dress. i offer her a drink. she comes at our table. her name is rozina and she is 22 years old. i see also natacha, my ex gf with a man around 40 years old. i assume that he is the new french boyfriend. he looks good and seems to love natacha. i am happy for her despite the fact that i am a little bit jealous. near our table there is a table with vazaha from island la réunion and mg. one of the girl touches my hand. she is very sexy. i go to dance without rozina and she follows me. her boyfriend can not see us. she gives me her name jessica and the name of her hotel. she wants to see me. i am a lucky man. but after 10 mn, her boyfriend is coming and i leave her. after that natacha comes to dance with me and she tells me that to morrow she wants to come at my hotel in order to speak with me.

when we get out the hot place, we stop with my friends near a street barbecue in order to each some kebabs. after 5 minutes, natacha comes and sit near me. i pay her a small meal. but her boyfriend comes. i try to speak with him but he seems very angry. he knows who i am and thinks that i want get back felicia. i understand him and i do not want to create trouble in their relationship. i am very happy for natacha that she is no more a hooker. she has a good boyfriend and a job. i would be a asshole to destroy all that for a week of holidays with her. i go to another table and i sit but ..... jessica is just near me. i touch her hand and speak but she tells me. « please stop , my boyfriend is just behind you. the guy is a fat 45 years old man. he does not speak to me but he says to michel that he does not like when i touch her girlfriend.

this barbecue was not a good idea. i have done two new ennemies in 5 minutes because of mg. stupid in a country where there are plenty of mg. we take a cab to ambatoloaka (50 000 fmg in the night which is very expansive). i am with rozina.

at the hotel, i see her nice body. her french is poorer than i have expected. shs does not blowjob. we have a good intercourse in the night and another one in the morning. nothing very special to be mentionned. i give her 100 000 fmg but she asks for another 100 000 fmg. i say no. in my three travel in madagascar, except in tana, i have given between 50 000 fmg and 100 000 fmg. never more than 100 000 fmg. it is a very correct price. natacha gets 600 000 fmg per month in her restaurant and this is a good salary in madagascar. i have seen waitresses having only 150 000 fmg per month in diego. do not give more than 100 000 fmg. it is a month of work for 80 % of malgache people outside the big cities. i give an extra 5 000 fmg banknote for the taxi and i push her firmly outside the room. end of the story with rozina. 100 000 is well paid for a poor service.

wednesday 26 th may (nosy be)

i take the breakfast in front of the sea at la résidence d’ambatoloaka for 18 000 fmg. to day is the official opening of the festival and it begins with a carnaval (in may ?) and a bal in the night. may be natacah will come at my hotel. i just want to speak with her. i would be happy to get more news about her life and her projects. michel has discovered that annie has a boyfriend. he lives in our hotel just below his room. michel will move to another room to avoid a potential conflict. many girls seem to hunt several whites in parallel. it is a new discovery for me. it was not the case last year. the carnaval has happen during the hottest hours of the afternoon. lack of money but full of willingness and happiness. in the evening, i go to eat at bebetto restaurant in ambatoloaka (grilled fish at 15 000 fmg). i see françoise walking in the street. she says hello to me. i see her again in k bar. there is also yasmina. i choose to offer a drink to françoise. she is really very sexy. we take a taxi with max, fifi, michel and annie to go to the gymnase where there is a ball for the opening of the festival. always the same remarks, lack of money (three poor lights for all the gymnase) but much more happiness than in switzerland (easy ! !). i go back at the hotel with françoise. i offer her a nice shirt bought in thailand. she tells me that she loves me. no blow job but she shows me her ass saying « i give for you ». nice gift indeed. she told that it is her first time. i believe her and i try to be very kind with her. her ass is tight, i look her black ass with my dick going inside her. a marvelous night. i screw her also in the morning but using the normal way.

thursday 27 th may (nosy be)

we take a cab to hell ville. we have a lunch at saloon (30 000 fmg the three course menu). francoise has gone to see a friend when somebody knocks at my door. it is 3 pm. i open and i see natacha nicely dressed. she kisses me and tells that she has one hour for me. we speak about her life since last year. her boyfriend is in love. he bought her a cellphone, an expansive perfume, a gold lace and he send her 2 000 000 fmg per month on a bank account. she wants to fuck , she begins a blow job but i can not . too tired by francoise. i am sorry. she tells that she will come back before my departure. i agree. i was really happy to see her. she is a wonderfull girl and i hope that her new boyfriend will continue to take care her. in the evening, michel has organized a dinner for his departure at villa fany (30 euros for 6 persons). he will take the plane to morrow for tana and then to bangkok. after the dinner, we are going to the stadium for a concert of the donia. entry fee at 15 000 fmg but boring music ..... globally bands of donia were boring .... i do not recommend to go to nosy be for donia. i see natacha and jessica. jessica is no more with her boyfriend. she asks me if i want to go with her but i am with françoise.
back to the hotel where i fuck françoise in the ass.

friday 28 th may (nosy be)
i screw francoise using the normal way and then we go in the morning to the port in order to buy a boat ticket to majunga. first class is at 250 000 fmg. the fmg is falling at 12 500 fmg for a euro .... it will reach 15 000 fmg for a euro at the end of our holidays. we take a breakfast at oasis and i try to read my mails but it so slow that i give up. after that we have a lunch at saloon and we are back to ambatoloaka. i am a little bit tired by a serie of short nights. in the night there is another session of the donia in the stadium. always very boring, not the atmosphere, i have seen one year before in majunga for a concert. back in the hotel, no fuck. just in the morning, i fuck her in the ass.

saturday 29 th may (nosy be)

i regret to be with françoise because there are so much opportunities. it is stupid to have a fixed relationship in nosy be. every night i miss a lot of opportunities with marvelous girls. max has the same feeling futhermore fifi has her menstruation. but she has accepted to be fucked in the ass.
i meet a belgian guy who has been many times in thailand, brazil, kenya and in philippines. we go with him to the donia. back at the hotel at 4.30 am no fuck. a normal intercourse in the morning.

sunday 30 th may (nosy be)

a very quiet day in madagascar. as we will leave to morrow nosy be for majunga, max and me have decided to invite our two gf (fifi and françoise) in a restaurant named tsi manin which has an excellent reputation. the food is excellent but the service is terribly slow. i see the boss and his wife just drinking with friends at the bar and i understand that it is poorly managed. nobody takes care the kitchen nor the service. in the night, there is the last donia concert but as i am tired, we go back with francoise at the hotel. i fuck her hard in the ass and she seems to reach a form of anal orgasm. i do again in the morning. francoise tells me that she has had 4 vazaha before me. she has fucked for two nights without condoms with her first man but she was pregnant and the abortion has cost her 200 000 fmg. furthermore she has lost blood and she was sick for 2 weeks. poor girl.

monday 31 th may (nosy be)

i prepare my bag. francoise asks me for some additional money...... « i have problem too much » ...... i give her 150 000 fmg and i forecast to add 100 000 fmg at the boat departure. but she has disappeared without saying hello and even without a last kiss. curious girl ! but i will remember her with tenderness.

on the boat, we expect to reach majunga tuesday at 2 pm. they have movies speaking french and a simple and cheap restaurant on the boat. no so badly organized for madagascar.

07-19-04, 05:29
Tuesday 1 rst june (Majunga)

Max and I are in Majunga and we take a cab to Hotel du Phare. Nice rooms with aircon for 140 000 fmg. The Franc malgache is falling down at 15000 fmg for one euro. Good for us but life is more and more expansive for local people. Furthermore the oil barrel is climbing up at more than 42 USD.

We are going to Blue bar and we see there François a french friend who is living with Sophie the manager of the bar. We see also Pierre a guy from Brittany who is now resident here. Pierre has had a lot of misadventures : 2 hurricanes, problems with girls (saying to the police that he has not paid them), 2 robberies, a malaria crisis in Tamatave, intestine disorder. He is a little bit disappointed by Madagascar but he loves MG too much. He is 66 years old and has a lot of gorgeous GF 20 years old. He says that girls are so beautifull & good in bed that it is a nice compensation for other difficulties of the daily life.

Th pick up place during the day is the Tobany. After 7 pm it is the snooker bar just up the discotheque Ravinala (pronounced Ravinal). After midnight, Ravinal or San Antonio (two disco) are the best pick up places. Globally, the city is more quiet than one year before. I think that having less money, European people (Especially french who are poorer year after year for now more than twenty years) stay in Europe. San Antonio is quiet during the week. More people on friday & saturday.

In Ravinal, I see a nice girl named Juliana (20 Years no children). I offer her a drink and then we go back to fuck at the hotel (good blow job, good fuck but no ass).

Wednesday 2nd june (Majunga)

At noon, Pierre, Max and me are going to eat at La paillote a very good restaurant (35 000 fmg per personn). In the evening, I see a beautifull girl named Judith in Tobany (20 years old & no children). She has wonderfull tits. I see her again at Blues (snooker bar above ravinal). I speak with her and we go together to Ravinal and then to San Antonio. She goes back with me. good BJ, no ass. I fuck her three times. Give her 100 000 fmg in the morning.

Thursday 3rd june (Majunga)

At noon we eat a « Daube nicoise » for 35 000 fmg at Blue Bar and in the night, we are going to La Paillote. Then, snookers. I see Francine a girl from highlands (Betsileo, 22 years and 1 child). She has the reputation to be a good fucker. Sometimes, she has accepted to fuck three guys together. I take her. Nice night but nothing exceptionnal. I was a little bit disappointed. I give her 75 000 fmg.

Friday 4 th june

At noon, again « La Paillote » and in the night, we try « Nika ». A good restaurant at cheap prices (try tournedos Rossini for 40 000 fmg so less than 3 euros at the current currency rate). At the billard (snooker), I see a group of sexy girls. One is marvelous, a clone of Whitney Houston. There are much more girls than men. Nice country ! ! !. She named Diane and speaks a perfect french (20 years old, no child). I go with her at San Antonio. She likes to dance. I kiss her. At 2 am, we have to go back at the hotel because she works to morrow. I fuck her with tenderness. No BJ, No ass but she kisses me with passion and she reaches the orgasm.

She is more sophiticated than other MG. She uses a toot brush, perfum. She gives me her mail and phone number. I woul like to see her again in the night. A beautifull lady.

Saturday 5 th june (Majunga)

A marvelous « Potée auvergnate » at Blue bar with a bunch of friends. Max is no more with Marie. He has found a three hole lady. Pierre is also very happy with his girl (4 intercourses in the night). Finally with Diane, things are more quiet. In the afternoon, we go to the « parcage Tana » to book a taxi-brousse (litterally taxi-bush) to Tana for to morrow. Departure is expected at 7 am, so no disco for my last saturday night fever in Majunga.
I see Diane at the billard with her twin sister. It is a phantasm to fuck twin sisters together but I am too shy to propose the threesome to the twin sisters. Her sister has a boyfriend in France. He send her 400 000 fmg per month. I say to Diane that i do not want to go dance because I have to wake up at 6 am to catch my taxi brousse. She agrees telling me that she has work all the day and that she is tired. At 11 pm we go back to the hotel. I have a gift for her, a french perfume. She is very happy. We have just after a marvelous intercourse. She does a very good blow job while I am licking her black pussy. In the morning, I leave her in the room after a last kiss (+100 000 fmg).

Sunday 6 th june (Tana)

Departure is delayed at 8 am. The road is very nice especially in the last third (steppic mountains). We reach Tana at 7 pm after a tiring travel. Cold weather in Tana (altitude 1300 meters and june is winter). We have booked a room at the annexe du Glacier.

After a shower, we are going to have a dinner at Restaurant Le glacier (50 000 fmg each). Then we are going at the live show. The band is good as very often in this local musical institution. Some beautifull girls but not too much because it is sunday night. Max speaks with a sexy but young girl of Tulear named Aissa and I speak with a girl named Amina (22 years old). Very sexy and speaking a good french. After one hour together, she tells me that her boyfriend will be back to morrow and that she has to go back at home. I have lost time with her. One of my first disappointement in Madagascar. I see another girl, less beautifull but dancing very sexy. Her name is Patricia (20 years no babies from Majunga). She likes me and we go back at the hotels. Her two friends are going with two white catholic priests ( ! ! !). The pope should give some entertainment to his priests. Live without women seems hard.

She has a good command of french and she likes to fuck. One of the best blow job of my long life. I fuck her two times in the night and one in the morning. I give her two condoms, 120 000 fmg and a used women jacket from Geneva. She is very happy for the jacket.

07-19-04, 05:30
Monday 7 th june (Tuléar)

We take a taxi to the airport (50 000 fmg) and the flight to Tulear (950 000 fmg but booked by advance in Majunga). Then in Tulear, a cab to our hotel (Saphir) for 20 000 fmg. We have not booked and Saphir as Eden are full. Lovasoa Hotel is also full. Finally we find a room at 50 000 fmg at Hotel Dera. But for this price, no hot water nor toilets in the room. Tulear is a strange city created by the French colonial administration to be be the administrative centre of the South : Larges avenues, a nice beach avenue (no real beach but a mangrove), a lot of space, few cars but many pousse pousse. The population of 60 000 people is below the capacity of this city and it creates the feeling of a ghost city, especially after the sunset.

Night life is concentrated in two places on the beach road : Mozambique a nightclub managed by Bruno, an Italian from Brescia and the famous Zaza Club but on monday the Zaza Club is closed. In Mozambique, after 11 pm, a lot of Malgache people (girls & boys) and some vazaha (Whites). Drinks are cheap (10 000 fmg for a big beer), some girls are very pretty but globally it is below Diego-Suarez from my point of view. I ask to a vazaha the local price for girls. He said that these hookers are taking 75 000 fmg for the night. I will not go to bankruptcy in Tulear with a total price of 125 000 fmg for a room plus a girl.

I pay a drink to a girl named Chantal (19 years old with an Arab type). She dances with me but after ten minutes, she has disappeared (saying she goes to toilets). I see another girl with a pronounced African type, she is 2 months more than18 years old (I have check her ID in the room) and is named Francia. She is kind and we dance together for two hours. Bruno the boss of the disco tells me that she is good in bed. I will try surely.

Back to the hotel, she gives me a great blow job. I lick her pussy and she likes it. After that I fuck her in different positions finishing with a doggy style. I like to see her black ass moving around my white dick.

Tuesday 8 th june (Tuléar)

In the morning, we are waked up by the very noisy fucking staff of the hotel at 7 am. I will change for another hotel. I fuck another time Francia and she helps me to move to another place. I see a trace of blood in the bed, Francia has her menstruations. Max has decided to follow me. We find a room at Plazza near the Mozambique. I give 100 000 fmg (6.5 euros) to Francia (she has really poor clothes) and some used clothes. She seems happy with me. We eat together (Max, Francia and me) at La Maison a very good restaurant for a total bill of 200 000 fmg (13 euros).

I am tired and I want to sleep in the afternoon but there are works in our hotel. I am very angry because the desk has not spoken about these noisy works. We will have to move again to morrow. In the night, Tulear is dead and I feel tired, I miss my home. What am I doing in this ghost city just waiting to search & fuck another girl ? I go back to the hotel and decide to sleep. Max knocks at my door, he has found Aissa his last girl of Tana. Lucky guy ! Aissa is gorgeous. She tells him that she has done the long trip by taxi brousse only to see him. But it is also a way to see her family located in Tulear. I discover that many hookers of Le Glacier or Indra are coming from Tulear. Poverty of southern regions and lack of tourists in the south are the main explanations. I go back to bed after two pills of paracetamol. No hooker to night but I got a Turista and fell in bad shape.

Wednesday 9 th june (Tuléar)

In the morning, the noisy works are going on. We change for another hotel. We choose Tropical hotel well located in what we can call « the center » of the city. 150 000 fmg for renovated rooms, probably one of the best value of Tulear. Aissa want to introduce Max to her family. A lunch with all the family would be an interesting experience. I am always not in good shape. I go take a lunch at La Maison the french restaurant. Marvelous as usual. I visit also the market.

In the night, I go alone to Mozambique because Max is screwing his girlfriend. I take a pousse pousse at 3 000 fmg. Pousse pousse of Tamatave have a very bad reputation but it is not the case in Tulear. Furthermore, it is very difficult to find a real taxi. So no real alternatives. Big avenues are often empty of any motorized vehicle. Price of gazoline is going up because the barrel is more and more expansive and the franc malgache (fmg) is falling down against all hard currencies.

In Mozambique Club, I remark a sexy, but wild, girl. A old frenchman proposes her the night and she seems angry against him saying that he is too old for her. I ask her if I am not too old. She smiles saying not at all. She names Alda and is a merina from Tana. Alda sounds for me as a language for computer. We dance together and she is very hot kissing me during the dance. After that, I invite her friend to dance and she kisses me also. But it seems not a problem. During one minute, I think to take the two girls but as they are close friends they will probably not play together as real lesbians. Max is there with her Aissa. We stay two more hours in Mozambique. As drinks are cheaper than in Zaza Club, more and more people are staying in Mozambique. Zaza Club is on the way down.

Alda is very hot, I screw her two times in the night and another time in the morning. I give her 100 000 fmg and shoes (new) from Switzerland.

Thursday 10 th june (Tuléar)

Max and Aissa take a taxi brousse to stay the full day in Ifaty a beach at thirty kilometers of Tulear. I am too tired to join them. I stay to sleep with my new girl. She is educated and has a baby. Her husband is in Tana. She tells me that he was jealous and violent with her. She has broken for this reason. We go eat zebu meat at La Maison but the meat smells a little bit. Two hours after I and Alda feel bad. I think that the meat was not fresh enough. I go with her book two places for me and Max at the taxi brousse station. To morrow, we are going back to Tana with a two nights stop in Fianaransoa. Price of ticket (Tulear/Fianar) is 40 000 fmg per person. In the night, we do not stay long time in Mozambique because we have to wake up early in the morning to be at time at the taxi brousse station. I feel not in good shape and Max gives me antibiotics. I cannot fuck Alda.

Friday 11 th june (Fianaransoa)

I give her 100 000 fmg in the morning and we take a cab to the station. Aissa want to go with us but Max is against this project. He wants to be free in Fianar and Tana for the last days. Finally she takes another taxi brousse to see an aunt in a small city.

We should start at 7 am but at 9 am the taxi brousse is always waiting in the station. I should have take another company than ko fi fi. I put pressure to the chauffeur. The malgaches are doing the same. Finally we start at 9 30 am. The road is great especially around Isalo. The bus breaks a mecanical piece but the chauffeur fixes it in 30 minutes. Finally, we arrive exhausted at 9 pm in Fianar. We take two rooms at Hotel Soafa, a chinese managed hotel, the best of the city just near a disco named « Soafa dancing ». Great rooms for only 130 000 fmg. We eat at the chinese restaurant of the basement and after we go to the disco. It is friday night and it is full with local people. But as in Europe, much more boys than girls (a ratio of 3 boys for one girls). But as we are white, we have a .... little ... advantage. Only five vazahas in the disco and the three others have already a girlfriend. After only 2 minutes, Max has a small girl with an indonesian type in his arms while I remark a large choice for myself. I choose a 18 years old girl from Manacar. She looks very fresh and she seems to like me. Her name is Sonia and she is with a friend. Her friend looks professional and proposes me to take two ladies. I refuse. I think that the girl of Max is also too much professional. When we leave to the hotel, Michelle the friend of Sonia follows us. I ask her to not do that but she insists. Fortunatly, the guard of the hotel stops her. I give her 10 000 fmg for her taxi abd that ‘s it. In the room, Sonia is really hot. She is a queen of blow jobs and I like to lick her young black pussy. We make love one time in the night and one again in the morning. I give her 75 000 fmg (because my budget is near the end). When I ask her if she will go to the disco to night, she says yes.

Saturday 12 th june (Fianaransoa)

Max tells me that her girl was disappointing at bed. Furthermore, she has asked him 150 000 fmg for the night. Definitively a bad choice. We take a cab to visit the old city on a hill. Very small but interesting and this is the only thing to see in Fianar during the day. A young boy explains us all the history and in counterpart we buy him a postcard to finance his school. Marvelous lunch at the chinese restaurant of Soafa Hotel. In the afternoon, we make some shopping to buy gifts for Europe. Fianar is very cheap for wood carved or stones. Soafa hotel has a good shop for wood. There is another one not far for stones.We book also taxi brousses for Tana. To night is our last night in Fianar.

Dinner at Soafa and we goes to the disco. Curiously, less people than friday. I think that many people are at the second disco open saturday night. Sonia is may be there because I cannot see her. I see her friend Michelle with another girl, very pretty. This girl looks like a Tahitian beauty. I speak with her. She dances with me but seems not very interested by myself. Her name is Alice. Max seems very interested by Michelle. I think that it is not a good choice. I see two girls with a pronounced asian type. They are doing publicity for a tobacco brand. I invite one girl to dance a slow. She accepts but speaking with her I understand that she has her boyfriend in the disco. Alice looks me and seems jealous. I go back with her. We go to the hotel with Max and Michelle. Alice has a great body and she is a remarkable fucker. One of the best I ever had in Madagascar. It is not the first time that I remark that MG distant in Disco can be very hot in the bed. Interesting. I cannot fuck her again in the morning because I have to go quickly to the taxi brousse station. I leave her in the room with 75 000 fmg and a cloth for her. I will miss her.

Sunday 13 th june (Tana)

The taxi brousse starts at time. The road is nice but not as between Tulear and Fianar. Some landscapes look as my country Switzerland. We have a lunch in Antsirabe and we reach Tana at 5 pm. We have booked at the annexe of Le Glacier. Good idea because many hotels seem full. After a shower, we go have a dinner at Le Glacier where we meet a guy we have seen in Majunga. After that we go hint at Le Glacier. I see Patricia. She wants to go with me but it was not my original idea. I have seen a very sexy girl. Patricia moves to another table and I invites the girl I want for a drink. She named Nana. No child and a very sexy body with a pretty face. As we have to wake up early to be at time at the airport, I do not want to go late at bed. I take her to the hotel. Max has found a girl looking really as a hooker. In the bed, Nana is not the best deal of the year. Look great but very passive. I fuck her one time in the night and one again in the morning. I leave her in the room with the ticket for the breakfast and 120 000 fmg (Tana is more expansive than Fianar). It is monday morning and this travel is ending. Nice holidays with plenty of girls. I come back with a memory full of marvelous moments.

La Isla
07-21-04, 01:38

Outstanding report!! Oustanding!! Thank you for taking the time and effort to write such a long and detailed report. Jackson, make this guy the King of the Africa Board or something :)

I missed my opportunity to go this year but have already portioned out the time for the spring of 2005. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you some questions. I will put them all together in one post for you.

Again, <Merci Beaucoup>

Your efforts are really appreciated!

Member #4366
07-26-04, 22:01
Hi Poupard,

That is what I call a report! It is not only long but also very detailed. Did you keep a diary? Either that or you’ve got an elephant’s memory. I’m back from Mada since the third week of June, but I even don’t remember the names of some of the girls I’ve been with. Anyway, it looks like you had a blast. You visited many of the places I’ve also been to, but never at the same time.

My trip started in Fort Dauphin (after a brief stopover in Tana, of course). Last year, some girls at ‘Le Glacier’ in Tana told me that the girls of Fort Dauphin are the most beautiful of Madagascar. But I was not impressed. They are just a shade lighter than the average cotiere, but I didn’t find them especially beautiful. Anyway, beautiful or not, it wasn’t easy to find one for the more serious stuff. Fort Dauphin is definitely not a mongering place! It is possible to find a girl, but much less easily than in the North. The only nightspot is Panorama (hotel/restaurant/disco). It is rather dead in the week and only gets crowded in the weekend (Friday till Sunday). But it is the only place were you’ve got a reasonable chance to find a short-time or long-time girlfriend. The atmosphere at Panorama is very relaxed. The girls are not pushy at all. They did not seem to go there to find a vazaha, but rather to dance and amuse themselves. Definitely non-pros, although they do expect a present (max. 75k fmg) after having spend the night with a tourist. Anyway, the usual routine over there is different from the scene in Diego and Nosy Be. Many tourists are older French guys who come to visit ‘their’ girlfriend and stay with her for the whole duration of their sojourn. ‘Girl-swapping’ seemed to be less usual than in the North. That being said, it may be that things are a bit different in the tourist season. When I was in Fort Dauphin, there were only a handful of other tourists, and most of them not even interested in our hobby. Prices were very low – probably also due to the low season. I paid 75k fmg per night for a nice bungalow, with all necessary comfort (airco, hot water, daily cleaning). Thanks to the very favourable exchange rate, that was only 7 Euro per night. A very good diner (lobster, langouste) was top 5 Euro. But I don’t need to repeat what Poupard already mentioned in his report. Damn, what did he not mention? It is hard to bring something new after his report.
O.k., a few more words on Fort Dauphin then. There are some very nice beaches where you can also meet girls. But most of them are into another trade than the one we usually favour: they sell absolutely useless crap which they call souvenirs. And they are very persistent! I guess that nearly everyone who has visited Fort Dauphin will come home with at least one ‘traditional’ ‘silver’ bracelet. Well, I did buy a bracelet from a lovely 18 years old on the beach and invited her over to Panorama. She immediately accepted and later joined me to the bungalow. She was sweet, but rather timid (not willing to undress in front of me). Later, she relaxed a little bit, but she was certainly not my best experience. I don’t like it very much when I have to take all the initiative. Still, I stayed with her most of the time I was in Fort Dauphin as there weren’t many options. On weekdays, the place is really too quiet (especially in the off-season).

My conclusion for Fort Dauphin: not a mongering place. It is a good place for guys who are happy with one girlfriend for their entire holidays. In that case: a long term relationship (or even marriage) is expected.

My next stop was Tulear. Well, Poupard already covered that place very well in his report. I thought that it was a real dump. But o.k., I didn’t go there for the scenery. I stayed again in a bungalow (Le Paletuvier), somewhere halfway between Zaza club and Mozambique. Good value at 100k fmg per night. I also first tried Lovasoa, which was even cheaper, but it was complete. They serve very good and cheap food, though. Unfortunately, I got ill the day after I arrived in Tulear. As I had a fever, I first thought that it might be malaria, but it fortunately went away after two days. But I felt not like going out during these days, so I spent several nights alone. As soon as I felt better, I went out to check out the place. There are several bars close to the waterfront, but most of them were closed. By the look of them, not just for the low season. And the few places that were open really sucked: no girls at all, not even in the evening. Just when I was thinking ‘why the hell did I come to this place’, I saw two young black girls walking. They seemed definitely game: colourful hair extensions, nice new cloths and gold-coloured metal on their arms and around their necks. I discreetly followed them to the market and there I had the chance to try out a smile on them. They returned the same and I invited them for a drink. They had to go home first (judging from the rests of their makeup, they were probably returning home from a post-disco sleepover) but they gladly accepted to meet me in the afternoon. And so they did. I had a threesome in mind, but when I made suggestions into that direction they giggled but seemed reluctant to go along with it. So, I went off to my bungalow with the prettier of the two, while her friend waited for her outside. After some kissing, she asked if I would give her a ‘present’. I answered her: ‘later’. After that, she didn’t ask again. We had a nice but relatively short session of about one hour. She did an acceptable BBBJ and a wild fuck during which she made a lot of noise. I gave her 75k fmg and she was happy with that. That evening, I visited Zaza club, which is only at about 100 meters from the bungalow complex. I think that Zaza is about the only place in Mada that can be compared with European discos. There is strict security with some big guys checking out all visitors for hidden weapons, a paid entrance and a real dancing floor. But one thing is much better than the European discos: it is filled with hot and (more important) available girls. Quite a lot of local guys as well, who come to dance there with their girlfriends. But there was still a very good girl to guy ratio. I went home with Odette, a dark girl with big boobs who smiled all the time. The sex with her was outstanding. We did it two times: once before sleeping and once in the morning. I gave her 100k fmg.

After she left, I took a taxi to Ifaty, a coastal village with a nice beach. Most tourists go there immediately after arriving in Tulear. I saw some very nice beach hotels, but prices where considerably higher than in Tulear. There were some beautiful girls around, but mostly accompanied by older French guys. I suppose that things get a bit more interesting over there at night when unattached girls show themselves in the bars and dancing places. But no chance for me, this time. Back in Tulear, I visited Mozambique, but it wasn’t very interesting: the place was almost empty. Perhaps I had arrived too early (about 10:30). I asked a pousse-pousse guy to bring me to a bar with a lot of girls. He pretended to understand me, but finally I found out that he didn’t speak more than a few words of French. He brought me to a local bar (named “Pourquoi Pas”) that was totally uninteresting: there were just a few local guys drinking beer. While walking back to the hotel, I found out that there were quite a few streetwalkers in the dark streets behind the waterfront. But they were neither young nor pretty. Back at the waterfront, I passed Zaza, but even there it was quiet, perhaps because it was Monday evening. I probably could have found girls if I had waited long enough, but I decided to call it a day and go to sleep. My conclusion for Tulear: It is a dump. No need to go there as you can find more bars, discos and girls in the North. But YMMV, of course.

Fort Dauphin and Tulear had given me a taste of Southern Madagascar, but I didn’t feel like spending the rest of my holidays over there because it was relatively disappointing, mongering-wise. Thanks to the low prices, I had ample room in my budget to afford a plane ticket to Diego (which I remembered with fondness from last year). I had to spend one night in Tana as there was no connection on the same day. Tana is very cold in early June (at night, temperatures can drop below 10 Celsius), so it was not very pleasant to arrive there after hot and sunny Tulear. Fortunately, they’ve got hot things at ‘Le Glacier’. I saw some girls of last year (I’m good with faces, but not with names), but most were new. I smiled at a hottie and she was mine for the night. Easy as hell, but these girls are really pros, although with a much better attitude than the average European ho. With the bad experience of last year in mind, I started to negotiate with this 19 year old beauty (She reminded me a bit of Jennifer Grey in ‘Dirty Dancing’ but then a shade or two darker). She started with a ridiculous 250k fmg, but was willing to come down to 150k. For Tana, this seemed reasonable, also because she was really pretty and easily could have found another guy. There were quite a few tourists that night at Le Glacier. She performed well (passionate kissing, BBBJ, good fuck) and didn’t ask for extra money. But as it happened before, I had to mention that we should use a condom when she started pulling my dick to her pussy. She just shrugged and said: ‘if you want’. I shiver when I think about the risk of catching a VD of one of these girls in a weak moment. I would be surprised if they visit a doctor for regular check-ups.

Diego was like I left it, last year: hot, dusty and full of willing girls. The hotel situation is still not very good. There is a new hotel in construction in the main street, near the Colbert, but by the look of it, definitely not a budget place. When it opens, next year or so, it will probably become Diego’s top hotel. But I was lucky to find a room in the rather modest ‘Jardin Exotique’. Well, I did not go there for the hotel in any case. As I had already seen most of the surroundings, my daily routine soon became like this: At about 11 in the morning leave for Ramena (or one of the other beaches). In the afternoon a siesta (not very restful in case I had invited a girl to go with me to the beach). In the evening to Vahinee for a drink and to check out new talent and afterwards to the Nouvel Hotel for the final catch of the day. I was surprised to see none of the girls I had been with or even knew from last year. They all had gone back to their families, villages etc., to be replaced by fresh young cuties. Like Poupard, I also noticed the Spanish (Basque) tuna fishers, who flooded the bars and discos almost every night. But the local girls still outnumbered them by far. Some girls told me that they didn’t like the fishermen very much because they did not treat them well (translated: did not want to pay them enough) and because they made no attempt to speak French. Prices for the girls were still the same as last year (top 100k fmg), but I think that this will change soon as the low exchange rate of the franc malgache will inevitably push all prices upward.

Not all the girls were great in the sack. In Diego, I had two who absolutely refused to give a blowjob, not even a covered one. With or without rubber is completely the same to them anyway. The kissing and fucking was excellent in all cases. Unlike in Tana, it is not necessary to negotiate on the price, upfront. They all expect more or less the same. Only one girl weakly protested that I should give her more than 100k fmg. I just laughed at her and said that she had been more than well rewarded. She left smiling and asked me to see her again that evening at Vahinee, so I guess she agreed with what I told her.

My conclusion for Diego: Still the best place in Mada I’ve been so far.

After little more than a week in Diego, I felt like finding new grazing grounds, so I left for Nosy Be by taxi-brousse. It is quite a good road from Diego to Ambanja and the last (bad) stretch to the dock in Ankify is not very long. Still, the trip takes nearly a whole day (with a lot of stops underway) and the taxi-brousse was extremely crowded. Being a vazaha, I got a place in the front, next to the driver, but even there they managed to squeeze in a third person.

It was already dark when the small ‘fast boat’ finally arrived in Hell-Ville. I took a small but comfortable room in the hotel Belle-Vue (with really a beautiful view over the swamp). At 150k per night, this was not expensive for Nosy-Be (which is in general more expensive than the mainland). The Belle-Vue turned out to be well chosen because it was next door to one of Hell-Ville’s hot-spots: Moulin Rouge. This is the name of a disco, but also of a small bar with red lights. Both places are full with eager girls, in the bar already from early afternoon. But the real beauties would only come out after 10 or 11 in the evening.

I found the Nosy-Be girls more aggressive than those in Diego, Tulear or even Tana. More often than once in the discos, I’ve been grabbed by girls who just demanded that I take them to my hotel room. And they weren’t the ugly ones! They even didn’t care if I already was with another girl. I felt like I was the prey and they the predators. For those among you who like this: go to disco ‘Le Vieux Port’ on a Friday night. There, I saw two young girls cat fighting for an older guy. But nobody seemed even very much interested, so I guess that it happens there more often. My date absolutely wanted to show that she could dance with a full beer bottle on her head, but she had emptied a few of them before, so she was not so steady as she wanted to be. Of course the bottle fell, broke and the disco floor was a mess. We almost got expelled, then, but we got away with a warning.
My conclusion for Nosy-Be. It would be as good as Diego if it weren’t so expensive. It is nice in the low season, but attitudes will probably be less friendly when the hotels fill up.

And then, sadly but inevitably, my holidays in Madagascar came to an end. I spent two more days in cold and rainy Tana before leaving. While I was watching a football match (was it France-Croatia?) at Le Glacier, a lady approached me and told me that her two ‘cousins’ wanted to know if I was interested in inviting them to my hotel room. “Both of them?’, I asked. Surprisingly (because threesomes are not that common in Mada) she said yes. The two girls were smiling at me sheepishly. But they were not very attractive, so I declined. Besides, I had already my eye on an Indian beauty (light skin, long dark hair, very slim and gracious). After some small talk, she accompanied me to my hotel room and we had very good sex: hot kissing, an extended BBBJ and a tremendous fuck. Before she left, I gave her the ‘present’ we had agreed upon: 200k fmg. I know Poupard, it is too much, even for Tana, but I couldn’t talk her down to less and she was the first purely Indian girl I had ever the chance to be with in Tana. And she was really beautiful as well (although with hairy legs). I asked her why she apparently was the only Indian girl in the ‘circuit’. She told me that Indian girls normally don’t go to this kind of places as it is very shameful to them. When they are in need of money (as she was), their families usually take care. She honestly told me that she was dating tourists for the money only and that she was going to get out of this life as soon as possible. It could be crap of course, but the fact is that she was the first full-blood Indian girl I ever saw in any ‘tourist’ place in Mada. And there are quite a lot of Indians living on the island. She was also the last date of my holidays as I had my flight back to Paris the following day.

My conclusion for Tana: Here you find the most beautiful girls, but also the most expensive. It is more a pro scene than any other place in Mada. The weather is too damn cold in June.

I’ll definitely go back to Madagascar. It is a great place for mongering and very cheap (as long as the Fmg keeps its current rate). Diego is still my favourite, but I think that it will soon become the most popular tourist destination of the country (together with Nosy Be). It was already surprisingly crowded in the low season. When you go in July-September, you should make hotel reservations.

07-28-04, 06:09

Maybe the best report I have ever read. Certainly the moost detailed. If you have a copy written in French, please send it to me by PM. If it was so good in English, it must be great in French!

MErci encore,


08-01-04, 13:16
Hi Guys!

It is really hard to add a report after these great reports from my fellow mongers. Aside from that my english is not so good, since my mothertongue is german. Anyway maybe you like "my story" too.

My original itinerary was:

Fr, 28.5.04 10 pm arrival in Tana

Sa, 29.5.04 Tana

Su, 30.5.04 Tana – Majunga

Mo, 31.5.04 Majunga

Tu, 1.6.04 Majunga

We, 2.6.04 Majunga

Th, 3.6.04 Majunga – Nosy Be

Fr, 4.6.04 Nosy Be

Sa, 6.6.04 Nosy Be

Su, 6.6.04 Nosy Be

Mo, 7.6.04 Nosy Be – Ambilobe

Tu, 8.6.04 Ambilobe - Diego

We, 9.6.04 Diego

Th, 10.6.04 Diego

Fr, 11.6.04 Diego

Sa, 12.6.04 Diego – Tana

Su, 13.6.04 Tana

Mo, 14.6.04 01.00am flight to Paris

Day & Night 1 – girl 1 & 2

Since my connecting flight arrived late in Paris, I missed the Air France flight and had to take the Air Madagascar flight at 5pm. So I arrived in Tana Saturday morning at 5am. After all the procedure with Visa, Money Change, etc. it was almost 6.30 when I left the Airport building. It was very cold and some frozen taxi drivers wanted to bring me to the city. I finally agreed to 100K MGF. At 7am I arrived in Glacier Annex and my booked room was still waiting for me. So I had a rest first. Later during the day I just decided to roam around a bit to get familiar to the country and to Tana. Even at the so called and in this board mentioned day spots, there were almost no girls around, at least not such ones I like.

So it was about 6pm when I entered Glacier Cabaret. At that time not much is going on in there, but at least there were some girls around. After scanning all of them I started eye contact with the 24 year old Marcelle. She waved me over, I waved back and within a minute she was on my table. We chat for a while and then I ask her, if she wants to go with me to my room. She said “yes” and there we go. After depositing her ID we headed to my room. Once inside she started right away to undress. Wow, I like this dark skin!!! This is what I was waiting for for so long time! I propose to shower together and we wash each (!) part of each other. Once back on the bed, she starts a bbbj. Since I was so hot, it didn’t last long and I came in her mouth. No problem for her, she just went to the bathroom to clean herself. Once back on the bed we chat for awhile and it is just now, that I see that she has some stretchmarks on her stomach. Anyway I was so hot, that I didn’t care much. After a while we start for the second round. This time we move to sex in different positions after the bbbj. I enjoy much more now and it takes at least a while for my second load to be fired. She is very skilled and gives good service but without enjoying to much herself. She is a real pro. After the second round I give her 100K and she seem contented with that and leaves. I take another shower and nap before I leave the Hotel again at 9pm.

At that time the Cabaret packed full and they charge an entrance fee of 10K. It seems the girls have also to pay this fee. Anyway I decide to have dinner first and choose the Glacier Restaurant, since I am not used yet to walk around at night. The food is just ok. Then I head again to the Cabaret. Since it was so packed, I found only a seat far away from the music near the entrance. I choose a table with girl already sitting there. Since it was too loud for talking and I was still not yet really familiar with my French we could not really talk. So we just looked to each other’s eyes. After a while I asked her to dance with me. During dancing I could see that she has a wonderful body. She was very shy. At about 11.30 I was again a bit tired (or was it horny again?). Anyway I told her that I will go back to the Hotel and asked her if she would like to join me. She agreed and while walking back, she told me that she is 20 years old and that I am the first Vazaha she is going with.

Once in the room we start kissing, hugging and slowly undressing each other. It was not the best sex I had with her, but she had a wonderful body and a nice unspoiled personality. She did not perform bj, but straight sex in various positions. We had one round before sleeping and another round in the night. In the morning I had to leave already at 6.30 to Airport. So I let her sleep in the room and gave her the voucher for the breakfast and 100K. Since the sex was not the best I didn’t ask her for her phone number, I think also, she has not cell phone. The taxi to Airport was only 50K this time. Not many people were in the plane to Majunga.

Day & Night 2 – girl 3

The airport in Majunga is very small. After claiming my luggage I head outside and find a taxi. I have chosen to stay at Madame Chabau. The room is nice and cheap (75K without breakfast). The weather is now warm and sunny, just the way I want it. I roam around the town. Not much to see and everything closed since it is Sunday. In Majunga they have still this bousse bousse. I chose one to bring me to Chez Nono, a daytime location, recommended by other mongers. It turned out that my bousse bousse man didn’t know where it is, but finally with the help of a taxi driver I found it. The place is nice, but far away from the center. There were some girls around, but it seemed they were not really into the game. Instead I met two french men and we chatted at the bar. They are living in Mada. For me it was not so easy to communicate in French, but we came along. They suggested to go to the center and brought me to Tobany. I knew about Toubany before, this is an eary evening pick up place. There were about 8 girls around but none of them got my attention. So after a few beers I split the French men and go to Ravinala. Upstairs is a Restaurant and I decided to have dinner there. While sitting on the table and waiting for my food, a good looking girl on the next table got my attention. She was having dinner with two men. After some eye contact, she waved me outside and asked me why I was always smiling at her. I just said, that I am very much attracted by her. She told me that she has no time tonight, but suggested to meet there again next evening. After dinner I moved down to the disco. It was packed with people, but almost no tourists. The girls just danced with the locals. The best looking girls seemed to be girl friends of locals. Anyway after a while a very petite woman started always to follow me. She was dressed sexy and seemed to be a pro. Since there were not many options, I finally took her back to my room. Even when it was not so an attractive woman, it turned out, that it was a good selection. Once back in the room, we had shower together and she couldn’t wait to have my dick deep in her mouth. What followed was a marathon of two hours hard core sex. She licked every (really every!) part of my body. She really enjoyed everything and was an expert in what she was doing and also liked that I took . But since I was burned out after two rounds and she was a bit too professional for me and I didn’t trust fully trust her regarding my valuables, I send her on her way with 75K. She was happy with that and left. Later in the night there was a very long knocking on my door, but I did not open. I guess she didn’t find a place to sleep.

Day & Night 3 – girl 4

I decided to spend the day in Katsepi on the other side of the wide river. I just got the ferry at 8.00. Hat a nice chat with a 18 year old widow with two kids. The trip takes about 45 min and it is really fun to observe the people on the boat. Took nice pictures. On the other side I watched first loading the ferry again with a trailer. It was fun and took over one hour. Then I went to Madame Chabau (branch of my hotel) resort and had a second breakfast. Hat a good talk with the daugther of Madame Chabau, who runs the place. She is in her forties and speaks excellent English. Then I walk along the beach and had chats with some locals. Malagas people are just so nice and not yet used to tourism. Another attraction was the loading of a boat with about 10 Zebus. After an excellent lunch at Madame Chabau it was almost time to go back. I took a smaller ferry this time with no space for cars. In the early evening I headed to Tobany and to my surprise I met there the good looking girl from last nights dinner! I invited her for a drink. She is a tall slim girl with big boobs and she introduced herself as Fara. The time just flew with her. At about 9.30 she suggested to go downtown on kind of a night market for dinner. She guided me to small ad hoc restaurant that was run by her neighbors. The atmosphere and the brochettes were super and I was so happy, that I found such a nice girl. We proceeded to my room and had two rounds of wonderful sex. Fara is 26 years old and has a 5 year old baby, but her body is still in good shape. I took great pictures between and during the acts.

Day & Night 4 – girl 4

Since we had such a good time last evening and in the night I asked Fara if she wants to spend also the day with me. Her answer was yes. So my plan was to go to lac sacré and Cirque Rouge. Therefore I engaged a taxi right in front of the Hotel for the whole day. The fee was 150K. The car was a quite new R4 (most of the cars in Madagascar are R4) and the driver was nice. We first passed Fara’s home to get her swimsuit. She invited me to see her room and introduced me to her neighbors. After passing the airport the road became narrow. No sign, so it would be difficult to go on your own.
The lake is much smaller than I expected, but very clear and many rather big fish were visible. Since I got a bit sick and these bumpy road, I decided to take the front seat on the way back and Fara was on the back seat. When we have already passed the airport again – it happened! We were quite fast, there was deep sand on the road, steering was not possible any more, the left wheels came on an elevation on the left side and oops – our R4 was upside down on the roof top! After some orientation and checking that everybody is still alive we tried to move out of the car. Fara and myself very only little injured, the driver not at all. I took quickly some pictures. A French living there asked me if I am ok and offered me to bring me back to town. But after Fara and me recovered a bit from our shock we decided not to go back yet and asked the French man instead to bring us to the nearby hotel resort. Once there all the staff and other guests wanted to see the pics on the digicam from the accident. We walked a bit along the beach, relaxed and touched each other sensitive parts. Before sunset we engaged another taxi to bring us to Cirque rouge and after back to the center. In the evening we had a drink at Tobany and later in a pizzeria dinner followed by another hot night with a lot of hot sex with CIM.

Day & Night 5 – girl 4

The following day was an easy one. We slept long, had a breakfast, went to Fara’s home again, where she introduced me also to her parents. We stayed in her room, she showed me some pictures and told me about her life. In the afternoon we went to Chez Nono. After an excellent dinner at the restaurant of Madame Chabau (highly recommended, I should have gone there even earlier we go to San Antonio. But even at 11pm it was still empty. So we headed back to my room for our last night. She told me, that I can do her anal if I want but I should do it mora mora. Of course I did not decline such a nice (and rare) offer, even though coming in her mouth is much nicer. Regarding money, I already gave her 75K per night for my whole stay in advance in her room. I just let her decide, if she will spend the last night with me without additional payment. So it was even nicer for me to see, that see did and enjoyed too.

Day & Night 6 – no girl

My trip has to go on. Even when it was hard to leave Fara back, I was prepared to go on for more adventure in Nosy Be, my next destination. So after a long lasting morning session and a decent breakfast I said goodbye to Fara. It was really a wonderful time with her. If not for the language problem, I could imagine, that I would invite Fara to my homecountry. I take a taxi to the airport, check in and wait for the departure. The flight was great, always nice view out of the window. The airport in Nosy Be is far away. The taxi drivers try to make as much money as possible by over charging. My destination was Ambatolook. I stayed in a nice cottage of the Swiss Couple there. After dinner I went to La Sirene. This place has a life band once a week and it was just that evening. Some available girls were around, but I was not really in the mood to choose one. First I was still burned out from so many shots the last couple nights, then I was emotionally still to much attached to Fara and last but not least, I didn’t see a girl, that could make me forget the first two reasons. So I went back alone and recharged my batteries.

Day & Night 7 – girl 5

In the morning I checked the dive shops. It seems they have all about the same fees. So I arrange a dive trip for next day. In the afternoon I walk out of Ambotolook. It is amazing, even so closed to the most tourist place, the life of the locals is so simple and they are not used to see foreigners in their village. I had around 50 kids around me and was kind of an attraction to the village. In the evening I went to the pick up bars and found Ginette, a nice girl. I paid her a drink and then we moved on to Djembo. It was very crowed. She joined me to my cottages and we had shower together followed by a long session. She is 20 years old and has nice small body with quite big boobs. She does not perform oral, but fucking in several positions. She gets quite wet and is into it. In the morning she poses for some pics. We talked about oral and she said, that she would go it next night. So I tell her in the morning, that she can show up again at 6pm and stay with me for the next nights. She seems to be happy about it and kisses me goodbye.

Day & Night 8 – girl 6

Diving starts at 8.30 in the morning. We are only 3 divers, but the visibility is not so great on that day. So I do only one dive. At 6pm Ginette shows up in my cottage with a bad of clothes. I suggest, that we have a rest first in the room. It is nice to watch how it is getting dark from my room. I light some candles – so it is really romantic. My idea is to have a first session with her before dinner, so that I can recover and will be ready for more sex later in the night. But she seems tired and when I touch her she is not really responsive. I don’t want to force a woman for sex, so I just do soft approaches. When it was time for dinner, I changed my mind regarding Ginette. I told her that she can go now, since she doesn’t like sex with me, since she refused it. She was very surprised, but understood very well, why I decided that way. Without a word she left with her bag of clothes. I had dinner by myself and headed to the bars and later on to Djembo. There I saw a pretty girl dancing and I just dance near her. We came closer and I invited her for a drink. She is a slim, tall girl from Hell Ville, that looks a bit rural. She is not a pro and has a regular job, but was picked up before a few times by a foreigner. Back in the room, I did not regret, that I made an exchange on the girls. She was very responsive and took very much care about my dick. Her oral skills very perfect and it was a great to see my sperm in her face after a big load CIM.

Day & Night 9 – girl 6

It is Sunday, so Alicia (my 21 year old girl) didn’t have to work. As recommended by my host, I decided to for the Sunday brunch to Sakatia. We didn’t eat breakfast – but “made” breakfast and it was again a great session. During and after the session we did a nice photo shooting. Since she was such a great girl I asked her if she wants to join me to Sakatia and she was very happy about it. So we engaged a shared taxi and off we went. It is quite a nice drive and we were “only” 5 people in the R4. There is a free boat service to the island. Since we were to early for the brunch, we decided to make a walk on the island. We met several local people and with the presence of Alicia it was possible to have nice chats with them and to take great pictures. It is real small jungle on the island. When we came back, it was just time for brunch. A wonderful 3 course buffet was prepared, costs 80K each. After that we did some sunbathing before we headed back. Back in the room we started another two rounds of wonderful sex with many different positions and she proofed again her great oral skills. Since she had to work the next day in Hell Ville and I was again burned out and needed to recharge my batteries, I let her leave back home. It was a great time with her, but I want to explore more women. So I sent her on the way with 100k and she was happy. I went for a small dinner and a beer before having an early rest. Since it was Sunday evening, all bars were almost dead.

Day & Night 10 – girl 7

Monday was again a diving day. We saw really big fish and Turtles. In the afternoon I went to Hell Ville. It is nice to walk around. I talk to some cute 16 year old female students. In the evening I went after dinner to K-Bar. But girls were very aggressive. I just one lonely girl sitting there in the corner. I escaped to her and all the girls go long noses. I invite her for a drink and she turns out not only good looking, but also very nice in her behavior. At 11 pm we go to my room. What a nice surprise: when she was nude her boobs turned out to be much bigger than expected. We had 2 wonderful sessions and BBBJ in the morning. She enjoyed posing for pictures.

Day & Night 11 – girl 7

Since we don’t go out for diving today, I decide to hire a moto. To bad it has only one seat, so I just tell girl 7 to come to my room again at 5 pm. I drive up all the way to Andila and have a look at the expensive resort there. But I don’t stay long there, because the small restaurant next to it is very cheap and has a wonderful beach too. On the way I have several stops and watch the people and take wonderful Madagascar pictures (the ones I show to my friends and relatives!). As agreed girl 7 shows up and we start another wonderful session. That is really the advantage of taking a girl for more than one night: you can fuck her also during day time or early evening and not only late at night after bar or disco visit. And I really like this appetizer before dinner. After a BBBJCIM we go for dinner and playing pool. Back in the room we just repeat what we did before dinner ;-)

Day & Night 12 – girl 7

My last day in Nosy Be is again a diving day. We see about 15 sharks around our boat and a 12 m long whale. Wow! It was one of the most amazing diving I ever did so far. In the pm I just roam around with my dive buddies before girl 7 shows again up in the early evening. This time we start first a real porno photo shooting with all possible positions. The best pics are of both us with the self timer. She is really a talent as a porno actress. Then we proceed for dinner and enjoy our last evening and later on our last hot night together. She is really a great girl.

Day & Night 13 – girl 8

Today is my only overland / oversea passage in Madagascar for this trip. I bought in Ambatulook a combined ticket for the boat and the transfer to Diego. I should meet a woman called Antila in Hell Ville Harbor. The boat turned out to be very small and we were about 10 passenger. The ones in the back got wet during the trip from the waves. I was in front, so I enjoyed the trip. When we arrived on the main land there was no minibus there. So they just moved 7 people in R4. Once we were driving the Antila Minibus crossed and I was moved to the minibus because I was the only passenger for Diego. The drive the closed by Ambanja was nice. There on the market we had to leave the bus, but our luggage stayed to the roof top. At that time the bus was not really filled up with passengers. So they the driver went around the place to find more people. Too bad, at the same time there was another Minibus doing the same . So they kind of fighted for passengers. After more than 2 hours waiting (and regretting that I paid in advance for the whole trip the journey went on. At least we were happy, that our driver didn’t (over-)load as many passengers as the other one (24 people in Minibus). Anyway the drive to Diego was very scenic and the atmosphere in our Minibus was just great. Next to me was a good looking girl and once in a while she let her head rest on my shoulders. It was already dark when we arrived in Diego and I kissed my neighbor good bye and took a taxi to a hotel. I didn’t have a reservation. The taxi driver recommended Hotel Acrcades, which seem to be a good place for getting information. Anyway it was only 100K for my room. After Dinner I went to a bar and later on to Nouvel Disco. There I met two girls. I danced with Sandra, the cuter one, who is only 19 years old. Later we transferred to Tropical. There wasn’t much going on there, so after a while I suggested to leave. At that time it was already decided that Sandra is going to spend the night with me. But I asked them if, they both want to go to my room, but they declined and Sandra asked me to give taxi money to the other girl. Too bad – I really hope to have my first threesome in Mada. Anyway I could not complain about Sandra. She was very cute also naked and did a wonderful BBBJCIM and sex in different positions. She got shots from me for 75K during the night.

Day & Night 14 – girl 9

I hired a taxi for the whole day (150K) going to Montagne d’ Arbre. The road to the national park was more for a 4x4 than for a R4, but we made it there anyway. There I hired a guide for 3 ½ hours for hiking in the forest. On the way back we stoped at Le Fontenay. There you can see a private owned botanical garden and a turtle, that is at least 250 years old. On the way back, the driver loaded other people, but I didn’t object. I just didn’t allow, when they wanted to pay him. I just told them that it is my present for them. In the evening I went again to Novel Disco, but I was kind of tired. So I took only a tall 21 year girl for shorttime to my room. We did a BBBJ followed by CFJ and I let her go with 50K.

Day & Night 15 – girl 10

Today is my flight back to Tana. It is pretty well booked. In Tana I check in again in Annex of Glacier. In the afternoon I roam around and have a dinner at Saka Mango. This is “the” backpacker place in Tana, but always fully booked. The dinner is excellent and I can recommend this place for a meal. The evening I send in Glacier, Caveau and Indra. This time it was not easy for me to find the right girl. Most of the good looking girls were with their (Malagace) boyfriends. Finally I found a 30 year old in Indra with a nice pair of boobs. She did a good performance in BBBJCIM and CFJ, but was kind of cool. Anyway she repeated her program in the morning and left with 100K. She declined to spend the day with me.

Day & Night 16 – no girl

So I spend my last day in Tana alone. I go to the zoo with nice botanical garden. That would be a great place to bring a woman, since it is kind of romantic with the nice flowers and many benches. Locals pay only 2000K entrance, Vazaha 80000K – unbelievable! In the evening I go the airport and catch my Air France flight to Paris past midnight. I was packed full and I was wondering where all this people were coming from.

It was a great time in Mada and I will go there again, maybe also to the south!

08-02-04, 18:24
A taste of mada girls.

08-03-04, 03:09
I can't say anything other than my admiration for the reports of Sumart and Poupard.

I've been thinking that Africa was my next destination, after various SE Asia places.

You've convinced me that Mad is the place to go! Sumart, we'd like to see your pictures!

08-04-04, 03:19
Sumart and Poupard,

Your reports are outstanding. After the "taste" of mada girls, I eagerly await the rest of the pictures Sumart. If you can, please label who is who. Your report has me curious as to who is who.

I regret that the only other language I can communicate in is Spanish.

Thanks to both for your efforts.



08-04-04, 03:20

Thanks to you too.

08-04-04, 22:33
Ok guys - since you want to see my pics.

Girl # 1

08-04-04, 22:34
Backside girl # 1

08-04-04, 22:35
Girl # 3 in action.

08-04-04, 22:36
Girl # 3 nice view.

08-04-04, 22:37
Girl # 3 pussy action.

08-04-04, 22:38
Girl # 4 - one of my favorite.

08-04-04, 22:39
Girl # 5.

08-04-04, 22:40
Girl # 6.

08-04-04, 22:42
Girl # 7 - the blow star - the photo star - the boobs star - and just also a very nice girl.

08-04-04, 22:43
Girl # 8.

08-04-04, 22:44
Girl # 9.

08-04-04, 22:45
And finally - girl # 10.

08-07-04, 11:11
Dear women lovers,

Thanks for your great reports, Sumart and Bucanero. It gives a great taste of Madagascar. I really like your pictures Sumart unfortunatly my pictures are not digital. Next time, if I can save enough money to buy a new digital camera.

I agree with Bucanero on the choice of Diego as the centre for girls in Madagascar. Tulear was disappointing. I was also sick. I never was in Fort Dauphin but this remote city has never been mentionned as a great centre for girls. Certainly not my next destination in Madagascar.

To answer to your questions, yes I am doing a diary in order to not forget the details as names, prices and so on, but in order to post this diary to you my brothers in mongering, I am writing directly in my poor english. Of course in french it would be more tastefull but I have not had the time to do a first one in french and then to translate it into english.

I am now in Pattaya and it is marvelous as usual. I have found Fon a great girlfriend in soi 7, and sometimes I butterfly. The number of girls on the market is much bigger in Thailand than in Madagascar but I am convinced that, like in Diego, more customers will create more hunting girls. Madagascar has the potential to be the next African Thailand. Nice landscapes, friendly people, great girls, GFE, low prices, beautifull sea. The new government seems more efficient than the previous one. On the negative side, there are the weak knowledge of english, the roads, the quality of hotels. But things are changing quickly. Pattaya was a shithole 20 years ago.

08-10-04, 03:03
Sumart and Pop,

Great reports and photos.

08-15-04, 11:01
Excellent report Sumart. I'm heading to Mad in January. I'll make sure I come back with a full report.


08-30-04, 17:55

I am very impressed from the great reports on this side about the experiences of exotic and erotic life in Madagascar. So I am planing to go to Madagascar in March 2005.

I would prefer nosy be. who can recommend guestfriendly hotels? I would be glad to get some news.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

Member #4366
09-01-04, 19:11
All hotels in Madagascar are guest friendly. At least, I haven't yet come across one that was not. And you won't be charged extra when you bring a guest.

09-02-04, 16:39
Dear member 1747,

Nosy Be is a good destination although I would prefer (on a strict girls point of view) Diego Suarez. The best place for holidays is Ambatoaloaka (pronounced Ambatoolook) where most of the hotels are guest friendly (the only one I have seen reluctant to guests was Gérard & Francine).

You can go to the Coucher de soleil (bungalows with a swiss management) or the Hotel Espadon. You have also Hotel Benjamin. All these addresses are in the Lonely Planet. Rooms are between 100 000 fmg and 250 000 fmg according the quality (lower in Madagascar than in many countries). Ask if they have hot water or not.

K bar is the pick up bar in the evening. Later you have the Djembé Disco. 100 000 fmg for long time is the normal price.

Avoid the rainy season (february to april). Enjoy the kindness of local people and the sensuality of malgache girls. Sea food is marvelous.

Good travel

09-02-04, 16:41
To answer to a personal e mail about exchange rate:

Currently one euro is at 12 800 fmg this mean little bit more than 10 000 fmg for one USD.

Good travel

09-12-04, 13:41
Dear member Poupard2000,

Thank you very much for your kind assist!

I hope, that my travelplans will turn out well and can give a report to this forum!

Member #2001
09-13-04, 05:34
Poupard is that excange rate correct? On http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi it gives me a excange rate of 2021 local cruuency to the dollar. Please tell me if its correct?

Leo Monti
09-13-04, 06:08
Member #2001,

The exchange rate that you find is for MGA (Madagascar Ariary).
The MGA is the new currency that will replace the FMG (Franc Malgache). Actually you will find both currencies in Madagascar and 1 MGA it corresponds to 5 FMG:
(1 USD = 2020 MGA = 10100 FMG)

Another link with exchange rates provided from a local bank:


Green Fun
09-23-04, 15:33
I am in Tana. Had a good time with Sylla. She is half chinese operating out of Pandora. Gave a good BBJ and had a very tight pussy making two session I had much shorter. She climaxed the second time with loud moans and was a delight to watch. Travelling out for two days on work. I need some contacts of Paki or Indian girls in Tana or tamatave or majunga. We see plenty of them otherwise but are absent from street or pick up joints. Learned that good number of these girls are available through contacts which I have none. These girls, especially muslims are damn horny. Need some help to locate the contacts. Please post or PM.

09-25-04, 09:51
Dear GreenFun,

Indian or Paki girls are named in Madagascar "Karan". The karan communauty is among the richest ethnie of Madagascar and are very conservative consequently you will find less *****s in this communauty than in black communauty. If you divide the malgache people in several ethnies, the hierarchy in term of wealth in the following:

- Zanatan (Whites born in Madagascar with european origin)
- Karan (Indo-paki generally muslims)
- Chinese (imported by frenchs for the construction of railways)
- Highlands people (indonesian origin like Merina)
- Coast people (côtiers) which have african origins

The number of *****s by ethnies is exactly the opposite. Never seen a zanatan *****, few karan but a lot of "côtières".

You will find more karan or merina in a disco like "Le Caveau" and more "côtières" in Le Glacier or Indra. Some people told me that black girls are not allowed to enter in "Le Caveau". I have been there one time but it was not so easy to catch a girl (many girls there are from rich local families and do not care about sexual tourists).

Another possibilty is to speak with karan people (for example the owners of hotel ragouly). They have telephone numbers of indian "working" girls but the price is much more expansive than for black girls. I have never tried.

Good luck

09-27-04, 00:17

I was frequently in Tamatave (and in other ports) as a sailor back in the 1970'ies, and I do remember well that there were some beautiful girls working in the casino of the hotel close to the beach (not to far away from the port).

I was told that they were a mix of malagash and arabs, and they originated from the northern part of Madagaskar. Saying they were beautiful, means that they were much taller, a lighter skin-color and much more beautiful than the natives themselves.

Am I wrong in saying that they were mixed with arabs?

It brings back good memories thinking about Madagaskar and the easiness of getting girls there. It was my "first" pussy-heaven, and when reading your posts, it looks like there has not been any changes since the old days when I visited once a month, staying for about a week or two at the time, visiting various ports that I no longer remember the names of.

PS: I never tried to get hooked up with these ladies, as I used to have my regular girl in Tamatave (She was btw married to a scandinavian seafarer, and when he was away, she picked up guys for fun in the bars. I never paid her for the services, only paid for our nights out, since she had a good sponsor already in her husband :) ).

09-27-04, 07:58
Dear Marconista,

You are right. Arab merchants were active all along the eastern African coast. This influence is old (before the arrival of Europeans in this area during the XVI century) as you can see in Zanzibar, Comores or in Somalia. The region where the Arabo-muslim influence is the greatest is the NorthWest of Madagascar (between Majunga and Diego). You can find a lot of muslims (and some mixed girls) for example in Nosy Be. Muslim girls are generally reluctant to give blow jobs but you can fuck their asses. Your memories about Tamatave nights are interesting. This is allways the case. Many hookers for sailors or tourists. The price for one night is between 50 000 fmg and 100 000 fmg (5 to 10 USD). The problem of Tamatave from my point of view is the climate (humid, rainy, source of malaria). I prefer Diego.

Vahaza Be
10-10-04, 02:08
tana- summer of 2004

i spent most of the summer in madagascar, with a cumulative 2-3 weeks in the capitol tana (antananrivo). extraordinary opportunities for mongering, especially if you speak just a little french or a few words of malagasy. the tana bar girls are seeing enough english-speaking tourists these days to know a couple of english phrases too. prostitution is loosely monitored by the gov’t; their main focus is to the eradicate ****s among the sexual tourists. i think the women are beautiful – ranging from indonesian to sub-saharan african in appearance. some french, arabic and “karana” (indo-pakistani) genes in the mix too.

the indoor/outdoor 24-hr bar-restaurant le buffet (au jardin) at the top of the steps in the haute ville is a must stop for daytime and evening hook-ups. some girls have a room somewhere nearby or know of hot-sheet hotels (pretty basic and a little scary, to be honest). many of them like to be pretend to be girlfriends but others are serious pros. quality ranges from hideous to breath-taking. around 10pm it empties out as the gals head to the dance clubs: caveau, indra, the hilton, among others. the bar in front of the colbert hotel near le buffet is also a good place to find a wide assortment of ladies. i picked up a sweetheart, who spoke to me in english as i drank a thb (three horses beer—not bad); she offered massage. long straight black hair, a melange of asian and african features. we made a rendezvous for her to join me at my studio apartment on the rue de la independence. ladies must deposit their identity cards at hotels with decent security. magnificent bbjj (the norm); bring your own condoms (hiv is low but present)! i naively overpaid her -- $50 (that should turn out to be the normal max for a night of no-holes barred fun). the bar at the hotel glacier (at the bottom of the aforementioned steps) has action almost all the time, and has great live music most evenings. the girls at club indra (in the tsaralalana district) are less elegant and earthier; i love it there. took two sweeties home with me the night before i left. they were thrilled with $25 each, some pics i took of them with a polaroid, and some small gifts (kadoy kely) of old clothes and medicines. it pays to be nice – they are ghastly poor for the most part. sometimes you get lucky beyond your wildest dreams – they were unjaded and so much fun together. i also discovered a sweet young thing at caveau one evening – very light skinned, perhaps with some karana genes. she got a little too drunk, but sure was fun to bang (mediocre hummer).

there are also many street-walkers in tana, especially near the indra and in tsaralalana. any taxi can help you cruise. tremendous variety and values, but even poorer than bar girls and often uneducated. oral and intercourse for as little as $6-10. they will permit almost anything, but i would keep it wrapped if i were you. tried one nearer my place on a lark one drunken night; she showered and was presentable – great ½ & ½ with a cim finish. asked for $6, gave her $10 (the exchange rate was about 10,000 fmgs to the dollar).

police can be an occasional pain, looking for petty bribes late at night, but it’s almost random. always carry id and perhaps a few extra dollars for a donation (~$10) if you get hassled at a roadblock (even in a taxi sometimes). do not pick up a minor. befriend some malagasy. they are mostly gentle, wonderful people, and love to act as “guides” for vahazas (for a small fee, of course).

foreigners (vahaza) will be propositioned frequently, but usually in a nonaggressive way. take a few days to get your bearings, and you’ll be happy with the selection in tana.

bon chance! (p.s., beautiful women in mahajanga, toliary, and morondava too – but tana has the most variety in my experience).

Doctor M
10-15-04, 15:39

I am leaving today to Mada. I will be there for 3 weeks - one of which will be back-country tracking. Anybody there as well? (just by the way: I do not speak french - only English, German and Japanese).
Contact me at [Email Address deleted by Admin]

Have nice time : )


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10-22-04, 18:38
My second visit to Madagascar was as nice as my first. I saw many places and had fun everywhere. Even with fair knowledge of the french language I found many possibilities to get in contact with a lot of girls. I visited a club/dicotheque only twice.

In Tulear I enjoyed the "Mozambique", quite close to my Hotel "Plaza" (not a good choice: so it is a nice location, it's overpriced and I had several other small guests=fleas). The Mozambique is a pleasant place - good choice of different types of girls and good music. I found this nice girl who accompanied me for the next days.

I proposed to go to a beach the next day. We took a taxi (150.000 FMG for 35 km and 5 hours) and found something like a paradies: a fine restaurant at the beach with a excellent fish-filet. After that we went to the beach and for the whole time we were the only persons enjoying the fantastic atmosphere...... there are many possibilities to enjoy life :)

This is the girl, very sexy with a special sense for moving the hips (not only while dancing)

11-05-04, 18:31
Ironically enough , I have wanted to go to madagascar for some time but nobody would post info. Now there is a great deal posted. Someone please tell me where I can find an inexpensive ticket from the states(if one exist) and where I can find good housing for a 20 day stay in tana or maybe some of the othewr cities. How much is food dand drink daily. And of course, how much should I plan to budget for lady action per day. 10-15 seems to be the going rate but I just like to be sure. This is Africa so if I could spend no more than 20 a day for a dwelling that would be great. I dont want to comprimise in substandard living though so if need be i will of course pay more.

11-11-04, 15:25
This is Susa, a very charming girl, who shared my life for 2 days. She was a bit shy for taking pictures, so I don't show her face. But she was a real bomb in bed, open for everything.

I met her in a restaurant while having a problem to understand the menu. After a while she helped me translating from malegasse to french. I invited her for eating, first in the restaurant, later in my hotel room (CIM :))

have fun

Vahaza Be
11-15-04, 04:37
Ironically enough , I have wanted to go to madagascar for some time but nobody would post info. Now there is a great deal posted. Someone please tell me where I can find an inexpensive ticket from the states(if one exist) and where I can find good housing for a 20 day stay in tana or maybe some of the othewr cities. How much is food dand drink daily. And of course, how much should I plan to budget for lady action per day. 10-15 seems to be the going rate but I just like to be sure. This is Africa so if I could spend no more than 20 a day for a dwelling that would be great. I dont want to comprimise in substandard living though so if need be i will of course pay more.

Tickets to Madagascar are expensive in the high tourist season from June-September, usually well over $2000 from JFK-Antananarivo-JFK roundtrip. Air France and Air Madagascar are the major carriers and they rarely discont tickets for this period. Air Mauritius is worht investigating, and there is a new cheaper airline serving Paris (and perhaps Italy) - Corsair or something similar to that. There are also flights from Nairobi if you has a cheap way of getting there first. It's much cheaper in Jan-March; I've found tickets for not too much over $1000.

You can find various places to stay from dirt cheap (~$5/night) to pretty expensive (>$100/night). Pick up a copy of H. Bradt's Guide to Madagascar at a bookstore -- plenty of contact information. The Sakamanga is fun but noisy; ditto for the Glacier Hotel (live music throughout the week). Both have decent, reasonably priced restaurants. Another place that is spartan but well-located is the Hotel Jean LaBorde in an area called Isoraka.

Ladies are available off the streets in many neighborhoods but heavily concentrated in the Indian business area after dark called Tsara-lanana. Prices are cheap, in the $10 +/- range, and they either take you to a godawful fleabag quickie hotel or you can take them back to your room (the front desk may ask for her ID, no biggie). No overnighters in that price range in my experience. Go to the discos like Indra and Caveau and Glacier after 10pm to pick up a slightly higher class of prostitute; more expensive too, in the $25 and up range. Also check out the outdoor cafe scence during the day at Le Buffet at the top of the steps. Sometimes you meet a semi-pro out for fun and a little cash, and you can hire her to be your girlfriend for the week at a very modest rate (if you feed her and treat her well).

The women are beautiful and AIDs is present but still not at epidemic proportions. Some girls now insist on condoms, others don't care, and some will go BB for a little extra $. Your call.

12-20-04, 23:32
Dear Curry,

If you are going to Madagascar ... Congratulations ... Good choice for gals but may I suggest you to not stay in Tananarive ("Tana") for the following reasons ?

- Tana is in the highlands ... no beaches ... only bitches, cold in winter (our summer),
- Merinas girls (indonesian origins) are less in the "business" than "côtières" (african gals) ... which are more on the ... coast.
- Hotels and gals are more expansive in Tana than in other cities
- Tana could be dangerous in the night
- Tana is a boring city
- Nature is unique in Madagascar and it could be interesting to mix discovery of local females and discovery of endemic species (lemurians...) & of national parks.

I think that 4 or 5 days in Tana is more than enough ... Diego Suarez is a good choice (girls, nature, national parks) ... Majunga is another one ... Nosy Be also.

A nice sex & discovery trip is ... Tana ... Diego (by plane) ... Nosy Be (by road & boat or by plane) .. Majunga (boat or plane) ... Tana (plane or road)....

Better of course to not travel alone ... Malgache people are friendly ... but it is Africa ... some thieves could cross you road (even gals).

Have a nice trip

Johan Waans
12-22-04, 23:50
Poupard 2000,

You seem to know a lot about Madagascar. Have been to 10 countries in Africa and really like Uganda. Am doubting between this place and Madagascar. I speak fluent french and am going away in January for three weeks. What about the weather? Thanks for any advice.

12-23-04, 17:43
Dear Johan,

If you have been already Uganda and you can speak french, I would think that to try Madagascar is a good choice.

- Weather : January is the equivalent of june in Thailand ... pretty hot especially in cities like Majunga or Diego but not rainy. Rains are coming later in two months. Tana is in the mountains ... not very hot.

- Currency: Franc malgache remains very low against the euro and girls are the cheapest I have seen in my whole life. You can fuck a whole night for a price between 75 000 fmg (5 euros) and 100 000 fmg (7 euros) in regional cities.

- People: They are friendly. Violence is less usual than on the African Continent. Some thieves, watch your ass and try to find friends to not travel alone.

- Nature: Landscapes, beaches, national parks are marvelous.

But book by advance your ticket because flights are not frequent and often full. You can book also hotels by advance although one of my friend is just coming back two days ago and has said that there are many girls and not many vazaha ... Good market for mongering.

Have a nice trip, enjoy the country and respect the girls.

12-24-04, 14:05
January is in the middle of the rain season in Mada...i don't know what rainy season means though; if it's rain all day or just some heavy and short showers 2 or 3 times a day as i never have been there during our winter months. The tour that Poupard describes you (Tana-Diego-Nosy Be- Majunga-Tana) is quite a classical tour and you shouldn't have any problems finding transportation means if you're making that circuit. French will open you every door in Mada. Take the flight with Air Madagascar as they have discounts on the national flights for whom flew the transcontinental flight with them. Some good advice: try to get the flight to Diego the same day as your arrival in Tana. It's not a nice city and you'll get harrassed by many beggars on Av. Indépendance in the city center; get to Tana 2 days before returning to Europe, that'll be plenty and will give you some tranquility in case a flight Majunga/Nosy BE/ Diego to Tana has some hours or even days delay (some told me it can happen!). If you want a new, good and clean hotel (10 Euro) in a very calm and beautiful block in Tana just ask me any time!

Johan Waans
12-24-04, 18:07
Thanks for the information guys. You certainly have aroused my interest. Will post if I get there,if not in January it will be later this year.

12-25-04, 22:57
In Mada more than elsewhere: You don't pay the girl to have sex with you, you pay her to leave. Watch out cuz they are superjealous down there, you'll get more than once to argue with the girl you had the night before about you flirting around with other girls in the disco. especially if you speak french they have a tendency to stick (i don't complaint about it since i met a real cutie and we really fitted)

have fun!

12-30-04, 05:54
Ok guys - since you want to see my pics.

Girl # 1

I think she is pregant.....

La Isla
02-28-05, 04:23
Hi all,

We are planning a late October trip to Madagascar. 3 weeks or so. Air Mad is offering $1000US rountrip from Paris. Not horrible considering the weak dollar.

1. There will be two of us travelling together. One is a white European and the other is African-American. What are the attitudes of Malagasy towards foreign black men?

2. I speak pretty good French and have time to brush up on it and bring it up to a conversational level. My friend speaks NO French whatsoever. I would like to learn some Malagasy in the next few months. I cannot find a "Pimslueur Malagasy" or equivalent. Of course I can read the words, but I am not sure of the pronunciation so I need some sort of audio help. I could even use a Malagasy-French version. I have a Malagasy dictionary, but again, would like some audio help. Any ideas where I could purchase something like this?

3. We are not rich, but also not on a strict budget. We would like to hire a car and driver on a weekly basis. We like to get out into the countryside. Any ideas or contacts anyone has?

Still reading all the reports from Sumart, Bucanero and Poupard. Thanks for your efforts in sharing your experiences!

03-05-05, 10:45
Dear Bahia Boy,

Some answers to your questions in (). IMHO.

(We are planning a late October trip to Madagascar. 3 weeks or so. Air Mad is offering $1000US rountrip from Paris. Not horrible considering the weak dollar.)

Yes it is the normal price. You can also try Corsair (Nouvelles Frontières). They are sometimes more competitive than Air Mad. October is a good period to travel in Madagascar

(1. There will be two of us travelling together. One is a white European and the other is African-American. What are the attitudes of Malagasy towards foreign black men?)

I have never been there with a black guy. I do not think that it is really a problem. Girls have often local boyfriends who are not really looking Swedish but I think that they are more attracted by Caucasian (exostism, cultural reasons & money). A black will be seen as a poor guy even if he is a millionaire. The Whites are seen as… Vazaha Be … Grand colon in French.. they are supposed to have more money. But if your friend is generous, non problem for him to get more pussies than expected.

(2. I speak pretty good French and have time to brush up on it and bring it up to a conversational level. My friend speaks NO French whatsoever. I would like to learn some Malagasy in the next few months. I cannot find a "Pimslueur Malagasy" or equivalent. Of course I can read the words, but I am not sure of the pronunciation so I need some sort of audio help. I could even use a Malagasy-French version. I have a Malagasy dictionary, but again, would like some audio help. Any ideas where I could purchase something like this?)

The local dialects are very different from official Malagasy (in fact the official Malagasy is Merina but hookers are often Sakalav)… Don’t loose time to learn Malagasy except if you like to learn unusual languages. French is the key… Some Spanish is spoken in Diego Suarez because there are a lot of Spanish fishermen there.

(3. We are not rich, but also not on a strict budget. We would like to hire a car and driver on a weekly basis. We like to get out into the countryside. Any ideas or contacts anyone has?)

To give you an idea, I have spent 5 weeks in Madagascar on a total budget of 1500 euros in last may/june. This including two flights (Tamatave/Diego & Tana Tuléar) and of course pussies every night but I have been cautious. Price of long time was between 100 000 fmg and 75 000 fmg. Concerning a car with a driver, it could be a good idea but SUV, like Toyota, are expansive (around 100 euros per day). The local common car is the Renault 4 .. not very confortable but reliable. I think that you can discuss the daily price with the local drivers. It depends on the distance more than the time. It is a pity but time has no real value in Madagascar but… gasoline is very expansive.

For long distance travels… Taxi brousse is a good and cheap alternative around 150 000 fmg to travel from Tuléar to Tana. You will discover the kindness of local people but of course it is tiring and it takes time. The landscape is often very nice (e.g. Majunga to Tana and Tuléar to Tana).

(Still reading all the reports from Sumart, Bucanero and Poupard. Thanks for your efforts in sharing your experiences!)

You are welcome. It was a pleasure.

Have a nice trip, respect the girls and don’t forget to book your hotel, at least in Tana especially if you want to be in Le Glacier.

Johan Waans
03-09-05, 12:55
Just came back from Madagascar and hesitated a bit before writing this report because I do not really want to upset the people who seem to be so much in love with this part of the world.

First of all let me say that I am a very spoiled man, having been to almost 50 different countries in the world, and maybe that has a lot to do with my slight disappointment for the country.

Arrived late at night in Tana and could not get a flight anymore so went to the Glacier which was fully booked.Got a place near marche 'petite vitesse', if I remember well.There are a lot of street walkers there .I got one for 75 OOO fmg( 1 euro = 12 500).Very nice girl,but no french,so no communication, which to me is one of the main problems in Madagascar.

The next day I got a girl from the glacier. Again not so bad,but i must say that a lot of girls there are serious pro's who smoke and drink. I am not really fond of the malgache music either.Went to Indra as well .This place is not too bad and quite wild.But all in all Tana is quite boring,as stated in previous reports, and the beggars around Avenue de l'independance are a real pain in the ass.

Went to Majunga by plane and headed to the disco 'La Ravinala',which has been mentioned before. I would say that nearly all of the girls there are hardcore pro's who smoke and drink. I went there on a Saturday night. Got one from there anyway and again not too bad. Maybe I have just seen to much pussy in my life and I am getting too critical.

The town itself is very dead and there is not too much to do there during the day. Went cruising with a taxi driver (who spoke some French) and he told me I could point any girl I liked and he would go and talk to her. I saw a very beatiful Indian type girl and never thought he would pull it off, but she agreed to go with us to the beach. Again very little french,but this girl was definetely not a pro.

Rented a bungalow on the beach for a few hours and had a nice time again.

So I guess I should not really complain too much. Went back to Tana by taxi brousse. Left 8 am and got there at 6pm, not a bid ride either.

All in all I would say that if you have not travelled too much, Madagascar is definately not bad as long as you skip Tana. Of course there are many parts of the country I did not see,so you other people know a lot more about the place, so I hope you can forgive me my negative remarks.

Small Buterfly
04-02-05, 23:15
As I'm french speaking I thought things would be easier for finding a GFE than in thailand where communication with bargirls is not always easy.

So, I spent the first week in Diego Suarez alone, idle nothing during the days; there is no beach and no sport activities in that dull city (I went 1 time to Ramena beach by taxi brousse ; it's wonderful indeed, but you had to leave early mornings to come back), generaly, no easy bus everywhere (I advise you to go with a friend to share taxis). Nothing to see in that sad city except the market and some mosques (it was ramadan).

GIRLS from Diégo : no hassle by SW as in pattaya, just some girls hanging in a bar in the afternoon. Never had a proposal in the street, so I had to go to Nouvel Hotel Disco . They rush by taxi at 11pm precisely. There are lot of french expatriates there, and others coming regularly by plane from "la réunion or comores islands". But as there were may be 10 girls for 1 man, it was not a problem at this time. A local frenchman told me 90% are prostitutes... I hoped to meet regular girls to change for Thailand!

All of them are very african looking , never from indonesian type in Diégo.

One expatriate accused me to put the mess in his paradise when I told him they did not allow me to take pictures, so tke care!

Some accept 7 USD for a shorttime (it's at least 15 in Antananarivo). Most did not suck (it's fady), in fact when they don't want to do something, they claim a malagasy girl can not do it. One even did not want me to put gel on condom , I paid her to leave.

I went 3 days in Nosy Be (Ambatoulouk); its a village full of dust and there are only 3 or 4 bars for girls. You only see prostitutes there. A bit more expensive than Diego, and as they are not so numerous, the best seem to be taken for longtime by french .
The first i took had monthly period, it was new for me, so I stopped at once!

I spent 3 days in Antananarivo, dangerous city at night; lot of beggars, but police can bother and fine you at night if you do'nt have your passport with! they are corrupt. So I stayed near my hotel and went to Glacier Disco; no merina girls (you only see them in shops or administrations); it was packed with black girls, most average looking, only 2 went to me, they seemed hard pro.

For me madagascar is far from becoming the next Thailand; it's a very poor country, and more expensive for everything except girls.

04-16-05, 23:38
I also have had a very negative experience in Madagascar, and I think only partly due to speaking no French. I travelled on the flight from Bangkok which was convenient if a bit expensive. I spent a night on the way in and two on the way out in Tana, which is a very pleasantly cool but very dirty city. Then to Diego for a few nights. This town is as the previous poster describes it - mind numbingly boring. But the worst part is the ennervating heat. Also be informed that hotels in both cities tend to be very expensive - thirty to eighty dollars! This seemed ridiculous given the poorness of the country and the mediocrity of the hotels. On the bright side the food both Malagasy and French is quite good.

But to comment on what really matters to a reader of this board - the girls. I had not previously tried the African body type, and have to admit I discovered they were not at all to my taste; so perhaps my observations should be taken with a grain of salt. But even if physically they are your type the problem is that out of the seven or eight I tried, only three were enjoyable, and only one did not try to alter the original deal by greatly increasing the price. They simply lie, but in order to cover it pretend they were speaking of Euros or dollars instead of thousands of Ariary as was clearly the case (I always took the precaution, given my lack of French, to write the price down on a scrap of paper when bargaining with girls). By the way there are two local currencies the Ariary and the Malagasy Franc, which presents myriad opportunties for giving you the wrong change. They look similar but the Ariary is five times the value of the Franc, so attempts will be made to pass Francs for Ariary.

I had two decent girls in Diego, both picked up from the street. The best one unfortunately ruined it by lying and making unreasonable money demands - three times the original deal of 20,000 Ariary short time - once the deed was done. Her argument was a curious one; she claimed she was not a prostitute, and that therefore I should pay her more. In fact I did so, but not because I accepted this nonsense, rather because I was tired of fighting. To her credit she was by far the cleanest and most attractive girl I had in the country, as well as the best in bed (a near deep throater). Perhaps most of all she had a somewhat submissive attitude - most Malagasy girls are very impertinent and confrontational, which is a real shocker if one is used to Asian girls.

The Nuevelle Hotel disco, where the girls congregate, is highly unpleasant. I much prefer a street scene to being forced to go into discos to find girls - it is awkward to approach them. In the end one always ends up with the many unattractive girls chasing one around the bar, while the few attractive girls are quickly pursued by the many men. In other words the ratio looked good until one took into account that though there were slightly more women than men, there were far more men than there were attractive women. It might look better if you are really into black girls.

I tried taking a couple of older less attractive ones in Tana thinking maybe due to their low marketability they would not try the bait and switch strategy, but they did and to top it off were repulsive when their clothes were removed. I could not bring mayself to consider more than a blow job (poor) from either of them. These hardened old girls were both picked up from Le Glacier; a good place to eat but bad for girls in my experience. I also went to Indira nightclub but it was a little early (10:45) and few inside. I had taken the precaution of bringing little money so was comfortable to walk around outside in the streets near the nightclub. Here there were many girls standing against the walls, an arrangement I prefer - less pressure and noise, as well as cheaper prices and better attitudes. Most were unattractive but a few were cute. I took one for 30,000 Ariary and she both performed well and did not attempt to cheat as the rest, simply took her money in the originally agreed amount and left, as one would hope.

All but one of the girls had hygeine problems, which seemed odd as they did enter the shower before hand. I believe they may have neglected to wash their rears - anal was attempted with two, but in both cases stopped because the odor was just too much. If you care for it, bareback would be redily available, with some automatically, in other cases with some verbal persuasion. The average price seemed to be 20,000 Ariary (eleven dollars) short time in Diego, and about twice that in Tana; but be prepared for every situation to be a struggle with cheats. This atmosphere of difficulty and dispute ruined the experience for me far more than the language barrier - though certainly it is possible one may be singled out as an easy mark for not speaking French.

The prices sound fairly reasonable, but considering the low quality of most of the girls and the extreme difficulty and expense one must go to in order to travel to Madagascar they were not a good deal. Like anything else only the long-stay expat really has an 'in' to the highest quality and best prices, though I for one couldn't bear to stay more than a week.

05-20-05, 17:38
considering the bad press for mada in the last few posts, i thought i had better post my own recent experience, as counterpoint. opebo, butterfly and johan: please don’t take any of this as criticism. not meant that way, at all. i’m only describing how my experience was closer to that of poupard, bucanero or sumart, with a few opinions on why it might have been different. no point in starting a flame war.

am i the only person on this board who enjoys malagasy music? it may have been le glacier’s only redeeming feature, but i saw a couple of great shows there, plus one at the disco in ambatoloaka.

to our last three distinguished posters, i think i have detected your basic problem. st vs. lt. imho, madagascar is definitely a long-time destination. in my two weeks in mada, i had ten different girls (several for repeat performances), only two of whom i would consider hardcore pros. all ten were lt and provided good to exceptional service. i think that maybe lt is the key, as malagasy girls like to be romanced, at least a little. most of the semi-pros and non-pros don’t really see themselves as prostitutes, so you need to invest a little time to get the best service.

i only had two who refused bj’s. all of the others provided bbbj, without me even asking. six of the ten gave brilliant mind-popping deep-throaters, some of the best i have ever experienced. far better than your average thai girl.

opebo complains about paying 20,000 for st, and then having the girl trying to scam him for more. yes, my friend, i think your lack of french made you a target, as you postulated. my french is far from fluent, but i can get by. i paid as little as 15,000 for lt (up to 25,000 lt for a stunner in tana), and never had a girl complain about wanting more. not to mention a freebie for a couple of nights in diego.

though the hardcore pros in the discos (not to mention the beggars in tana!) can be incredibly and annoyingly persistent, there always seemed to be a few gems hidden in the rough. only the pros are “very impertinent and confrontational”, and not even all of them. the semi-pros/non-pros are usually quite shy, and can even seem distant. but, as mentioned by several others, as long as you’ve showed an interest in them, at the end of the night they’re suddenly on your arm and on your way to providing real gfe. i intentionally targeted the semi-pros and non-pros (which can lead to hilarious consequences, as described later).

i also disagree with the statement that all of the best looking girls are taken by the ex-pats. i had three true beauties in ambatoloaka. and there were two more cuties on my “to do list”, both of whom had shown reciprocal interest, but i had to move on to the next town. in tamatave, i kept seeing the ex-pats with the ugliest hardcore pros, leaving all of the fresh young cuties to me! on all of the nights that i went hunting, in all four towns i visited, i got my first or second choice of the girls in the bar/disco. and i’m no great catch! i wasn’t settling for old hags. only the young hotties for me. i always go for quality, and in some countries that means attitude and a sacrifice in service. i did not find that to be the case, in mada.

yes, the flights are expensive, the hotels are overpriced, the taxi drivers are crooks, the money is confusing for the first few days, and the towns in mada can be pretty boring during the day. but who said you have to stay in town? there are good national parks within day-trip distance of nosy be, diego and tamatave. in tana you can go up to the rova, or out to ambohimanga. there’s more to a country than just the girls. you’re in a country for the first time? be a tourist!

ok, guys. i take it back. you can flame me. that was way too much of a sermon!!

now off my high horse and on to some specifics….

arrived in tana late on a friday night and checked into jean laborde. good restaurant, but i wouldn’t recommend it for sleeping.

headed down the street to le caveau, which was packed. lots of pros, including a few lookers, in the main bar and disco. in the second bar, i saw a lovely semi-pro girl on the dance floor, so went up to dance with her. she came back to the hotel with me and provided good service, though nothing special, through the night and into the next morning.

spent saturday seeing the limited sights around tana. that night went to le glacier where they had a good band. spent the evening dancing and being groped by the various pros. only a couple of lookers, but they were there with their boyfriends and unavailable, so i moved on to the le caveau, which was empty, and then to the indra disco. indra was packed but i couldn’t find anything to my liking. and by this time, i’d had too much to drink anyway, so i went off to bed.

sunday was a little more sightseeing, then catch my flight to nosy be. le coucher de soleil hadn’t received my e-mail and were fully booked, so i ended up at la saladerie. serviceable rooms at a good price, the best restaurant in ambatoloaka and very friendly and helpful staff.

sunday night was dead, with barely any talent available. monday night, i hooked up with a pro at one of the bars, and brought her back to my room. i thought she looked good in the bar, but when i got her out of her clothes, she was absolutely spectacular! performed admirably, all night, but no bj.

tuesday was madagascar’s independence day, and everything was shut down. damn! i’ve been here five nights, and only two girls?

on wednesday, the country finally woke up after a five day weekend for good friday, easter and independence day. bad planning on my part. went into hell ville to get some money and check my e-mail on the painfully slow internet at café oasis. that night, at k bar, spotted a young cutie sitting on the stairs, too shy to come into the bar. went over and poured on the charm to this 19 year old beauty (i made sure to check her id). i know that i was her first vazaha (foreigner) because i overheard her friend telling her what would be expected of her and what sort of compensation she should expect, in return. she provided a thoroughly gfe, though again no bj. what the ….?!

thursday night the disco finally opened up, with a decent band playing. lots of pros, only one of whom was a looker, but her french was terrible, and i couldn’t understand a word she said. no problem though, as i’d already spotted a beautiful semi-pro girl from hell-ville dancing with her friends, so i joined them. danced with them for a while, then back to the bar for a beer. ended up with three pros chasing me around the bar and dance floor, including the terrible-french looker, and my lovely teenager from the night before. but my hell-ville beauty was not one of the girls chasing me. then, close to closing time, i went walking towards the end of the bar closest to the exit. my hell-ville beauty must have thought i was leaving, and that she was about to miss her paycheque for the night, and she came running. literally running. my first, but not last, experience of how the mada girls can be demure and even distant, at the bar/disco, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested. what ensued would have been a catfight between her and the terrible-french girl, but i made it clear who my choice was. took her home and she was as beautiful out of her clothes as she was in them. service was outstanding, and my first in a series of masterful bbbj. watching my dick slide into that beautiful face and completely disappear, until her nose was pressed against my belly, was exactly what the doctor ordered. now we’re talking!

off to diego, the next day. by this time i’ve got my routine down pat. two alarms set on my watch. one for the morning, and another to get up for the disco, after my evening nap. an afternoon beer at vahinee, where there were always a few pros around but never anything i found tempting.

hit the hotel nouvel disco. many overaggressive pros, as has been described previously, and not a looker among them. but there were a few very nice looking semi-pros dancing with their friends. one in particular caught my eye. followed the same scenario as the night before in ambatoloaka. i made eye contact as often as possible and danced with her a few times. towards closing time, she came over and grabbed my arm. this girl was a total non-pro, the mythical nice girl. when we left the disco, she hustled me off to a side street. she didn’t want to walk down the main street, and take the chance of having someone see her leaving the disco with a vazaha! evelyne was a delight. 23-years-old, half-african, half-indian, breasts a little saggy (one child), but otherwise a total beauty. spent most of my stay in diego with her, including a trip out to ramena, and it was the complete gfe. bj technique left something to be desired, but isn’t that part of gfe? lol!

one night evelyne had to go home and get some sleep for work, the next day, so i snuck back to the disco. i was specifically looking for a petite little thing with huge breasts, who i’d seen two nights before. at first i didn’t see her, or anything else that caught my fancy. just when i’d given up, and was leaving, the girl i was looking for appeared before me, and off we went. spectacular body, and gave an impressive bbbj. but this girl was so tight that, even at maximum, viagra-induced hardness, i could barely get into her! in the morning, she gave a wonderful bbbjcim, before i sent her on her way.

also made a trip up to parc national montagne d’ambre, which was worthwhile. but don’t forget your raincoat!

after three days i said goodbye to evelyne and diego, and flew off to tamatave (toamasino). tamatave is a nice town to wander around, though not a whole lot to do. the parc zoologique ivoloina, a few kilometers out of town, is well worth the visit.

queen’s disco is pretty much the only game in town, mid-week, so i was there all three nights, picking up two semi-pros and one pro.

first night i spotted this one beauty, dancing by herself. a perfect tight, athletic teenage body and a very pretty face. but i couldn’t get anywhere near her, as i was being harassed by two nasty pros who followed me around the bar and wouldn’t take “non!” for an answer. by the time i finally shook them, my teenage tighty had left. went to “plan b”, a girl who i had danced with earlier with a beautiful face and the most beautiful smile i’ve ever seen. wasn’t overly impressed with her body, but that smile hooked me. when i got her back to the hotel and unwrapped her, that 20-year-old body was actually very nice. always a pleasant surprise when a girl is better looking out of her clothes than she is in them! and this girl gave one of the most spectacular sexual performances i have ever experienced. every position, another magnificent blow, several loads released that night, including one on her face.

in the morning, she woke up before i did, and she decided i needed to “get up”, too. waking up with my dick, already half-hard, between her pretty lips, was a wonderful way to start the day. i was still tired, after our exercise from the night before, so i decided to let her continue, to cim. she didn’t mind a bit, and gave me a big smile. seeing that beautiful smile on that beautiful face, with my white cum dripping down her dark chin, is an image burned into my mind, forever. why don’t i keep my camera handy??!!

the next night at queens, i found my teenage tighty, after fighting off the usual hags. definitely had to check this girls id, but she was legal (barely!), so after some dancing and a few drinks, back to the hotel. got her out of her clothes and she was breathtaking. for such a young thing, she certainly knew her way around a man’s body, and gave all the required service.

third and last night in tamatave and i’m back at queens, with all of the usual suspects. i’m thinking of a repeat with either the girl with the perfect smile or my teenage tighty, when i spot the most perfectly shaped ass i have ever seen. then she turns around and there are a huge set of tits attached to that wonderful body. face wasn’t great, but not bad, and i just had to have that body! i grab her arm as she walks by my barstool, and she sits down for a drink with me.

now we’re in an awkward situation, with my girls from the previous two nights both within spitting distance. the teenage tighty was pouting heavily, and the girl with the perfect smile pulled me aside and gave me the “i’m telling all my friends. you’ll never get laid in this town again.” speech. considering that my flight was leaving the next morning at 8:00, and i may never be in this town again, i laughed at her. hardly fair on my part, after she had swallowed several of my loads, two nights before! but that’s the problem with the semi-pros and non-pros. they expect a repeat, while the pros know that you’re going to do a different girl, every night.

back at the hotel, i undress this spectacular body and feast on it, pour toute la nuit. this 22-year-old was a pro and she had all the right moves. apparently she enjoyed herself, too, and i had trouble getting her to leave, in the morning, so i could catch my flight.

three days in tamatave and three nights with three amazing girls. i love this town!!

back to tana for my last two nights. checked out le glacier, but no band and nothing interesting. off to indra, but nothing i wanted there, either. i decided to troll the streets in tsaralalana to see if i could find something interesting. saw a gorgeous indian girl walking towards me and i said hello. she was game, but looked too young so i asked for her id. 19-years-old, so off we go. she was a little grubby, obviously dirt poor, but after a shower she showed her true beauty. i wasn’t at my best after those three exhausting nights in tamatave, but she did her best to please, all night and into the next morning.

my last full day and, after a day-trip to ambohimanga, i check out le glacier. an amazing band playing, and the place is wall-to-wall, to the point of discomfort. but i’m completely exhausted, my guts are out of order, and it’s time to get one night of sleep, so my last night in mada i had the whole bed to myself.

all in all a great trip to a wonderful country, with many wonderful people and beautiful, talented women!

06-22-05, 13:07
I have seen a lot of negative reports recently on Madagascar. I am sorry for the guy who have not found happiness in Madagascar.

In every report there is a part of truth. But everything depends from the point of view. Madagascar needs some efforts to be appreciated. It is not easy during the first travel. It is clearly not an "easy destination" like Thailand. Madagascar has a huge potential but before to be a "new Thailand", Mada has a big gap to fill.

Negative points

Price of international flights
Bad quality of accomodation for a too high price (no real competition)
Price of domestic flights
Few people are english speaking
The country is very poor.. especially now with the oil inflation.
Girls are "hungry" that means that sometimes they can steal
Police is corrupted
Cities are boring and without interest
Roads have not been maintened since independance
Girls can be distant but indeed, there are often shy

Positive points

Price of girls
great malagasy music
Girls are amazing when dancing
Nature is virgin, beaches are great
National parks are great
Good GFE, almost every girl can be done.. but you have to do the first step
Food is cheap and seafood is good on the coast
People are friendly
Most girls are good in bed
Not too much HIV

To stay for more than a month or for the life, I would prefer Thailand but Madagascar has the charm of Africa. Another taste ! But don't go there alone, try to go with a friend able to speak french.

Have a nice travel

07-18-05, 15:49
i came back from madagascar and i would like to say that this is the kind of vacation that i was expecting : adventure, girls, nature. in this country you have to speak french or take someone with you who knows french, otherwise there are a lot of opportunities and information that you will be missing. don't forget that as in other african countries you need some bargaining skills: with the taxi drivers (a lot of them are located in tana and they are the most expensive), with the girls in the morning or directly with a streetwalker in tana, in the open markets except if you buy food.

if you arrive for the first time in tana and you have to take the taxi, never agree about the 'official' price given by taxi drivers. they will ask you 50 000 ariary (about 20 eur !) and even show you their 'official' price in a list ! madagascar is in a transition regarding the ariary, the new local currency. if you go there this year, you will find out that a large majority of the locals still thinks in franc malgaches (fmg) but also uses it instead. out of the bank, when people pay you , you can still receive the old franc malgache. you do need to watch carefully the amount of money you are using.

now about the girls.


in my second day in tana, i went to walk not far from indra. i was surprised to see so many sw in the surrounding streets. one thing that strikes me (not only at night) is that these girls are really not very tall. there were certainly more than 60 just waiting for a customer ! i can't remember the time exactly. probably after 8 pm. that day i did not choose one, but i did see a cutie that i wanted to take the next day only. i took a look and i saw some interesting faces and bodies. then i went to eat not far from there in a nice restaurant that i found in the lonely planet for a cheap price. for less than 2 euros, i had an 'entrée' + main meal + dessert + 2 drinks. then directly to indra by foot, which was not very far. that day i did not found someone that i really liked and most of the sw were gone after 2 am so i slept alone.

the next day i wanted to taste the cute sw that i saw the day before. still i wanted to take a good look of all the girls available, and i was not sure of the cutie's age. what a choice ! many of these girls go back at home empty handed. finally i decided to speak to my cutie. she was small, very light skin, with mix blood (chinese and blck african i would say). she did not look 18 but she confirmed that she was. she had an id so i didn't discuss anymore and after fixing a price for the night 20,000 ariary (about 8 euros and with some bragaining) we walked five minutes to hotel anjary where i booked a room (hotel glacier is easily full even out of season).

in my room the girl took a shower and the fun begun. she was just what i wanted a sweet sw: we kissed, she proposed herself a bbbj and then i fucked her. her pussy was very tight, with the condom it looked tighter. in the beginning i was careful to fuck her slowly to let her pussy get used to my dick. i fucked her two times in the night. in the morning i wanted to fuck her again but that pussy of hers was really too tight for me. i gave her the money and i could see on her face that she was very happy with it before leaving. the girl was not at ease using the elevator so i accompagnied her downstairs.

i visited other towns (mahajanga, nosy be, diego suarez). when i came back to tana, i went to pandora. three semi pros came to sit next to me : 2 blacks and a mulatra. the less good looking black came to speak to me, but i was not interested. the other black was nicely dressed, tall (about 1m70), nice face and nice body with little breast. i danced with her holding her sometimes on her waist to feel her skin and her muscle. the girl was definitely a pro : she was also looking for other possibilities (vazahas and other men). i did not insist, i took a taxi and went to indra. by the way, the driver avoided a police control check and dropped me to indira after a few minutes.

i took a drink and looked at the scene. my eyes felt on a black girl, cotière type, pretty face, a little bit skinny who liked to dance. i dance with her and she took all the drink that i had left after a few minutes. i felt that she was in the mood to fuck the same night. luckily i spotted another black girl and she looked back at me in a very tender way. she looked very gfe, but also a teen girl, i would have given her 16. later she told me she was 20 and she had already 2 children ! i came close to her and we dance together until 3 am in the morning. back to my hotel, we washed ourselves. she had a firm body but little hanging breasts because of the children i assume. i fucked her three times in the night and one more time again in the morning.


i took the taxi brousse to get there. i arrived at night after 9 pm. i booked a room in hotel anjary (same owner as in tana i assume). i saw some girls that day close to the hotel. i was too tired to investigate. i need a good sleep. to my surprise, it was possible to have some cash in ariary from local machines with a credit card (visa or master card), as in tana. sometimes there is no electricity during the day. sometimes i was not in the hotel when this happens. i don' t think that it takes more than 3 hours. in diego suarez and nosy be, it was worse.

the day after i arrived i wanted to see which type of girls where standing close to hotel. it was just three minutes away. these were sw as i suspected. some of the girls were very attractive but when you came closer to her they start speaking to you to draw your attention. i preferred not to make any choice right away. i went for a drink at alliance française. the girls were still there when i got back. i saw one girl sitting that looked more discreet than the others: she was black, nice body, little breasts but firm, sexy ass, her face was average. i took her to the hotel. she left her id in the hotel, followed me, took a shower and she was all mine. she liked sex: her pussy was wet everytime at every session. i fucked her three times in the night and one time in the morning. this one was with one of my best fuck of the year. she told me she had to leave to take care of her 4 years old child, otherwise i would have fucked her again. she told me she will be waiting for me at the same place for another night. i was interested but i wanted to try another girl.

during the day, i went to tobanys. it is just a walking distance from the hotel. i saw different girls sitting there. a black girl with big breasts draw my attention, but she went to drink with her group and left very quickly. i order a meal. in the meantime other girls came. there was one who looked at me (certainly a semi-pro). she looked more than 30 and said hello to the some of the french expats. i could have make a sign to tell her to sit at my place but i preferred not to do it. i was looking for girls between 18 and 25. i went back to my hotel to rest as i felt sick. no girls until nosy be.

nosy be

there is a boat jp calloch that allows you to go from mahajanga to nosy be in less than 20 hours. it leaves (every friday, if i remember well) in the afternoon and arrives in the morning. i was tired and i wanted to stay in hellville. in less than one day, you will visit rapidly the town as it is not very big with a central avenue running through the town and which begins in the port.

in the night, i went to a local bar not far from moulin rouge. mainly locals (teens, women, men), and i felt that there were also semi-pros. i took a drink there. i went for a walk and heard that there was music playing from a place i did not know. the place was 'number one', a local discotheque. locals (girls and boys), and many seemed ****d.

i watched it from outside but i did not go in as the chance to come in contact with minor girls was much higher. instead i went to moulin rouge, i think it was after 2 am. still there were some girls, but not much. one black girl very interesting was dancing, but a young white guy did caught her attention, although that guy had another girl (with light skin) that he dropped but not without problems because the girl was still trying to get him. i watched it from far as i did not want to take a part of it. after half an hour the vazaha took the black girl away to his place. the light skin girl was drunk and wanted to go home. she spoke with another girl, a tall black with a nice body and face, in my mind both girls were semi-pro or pro.

then the light skin girl came to me. she was not too drunk to realise that i was not interested in her. she insisted to introduce me to the black girl she was talking to. i didn't mind although i did not feel that she was exactly what i was looking for. we started talking and enjoy talking together, we also dance and she gave me a few tips about the night life in nosy be and in tana where she was going.

finally i decided to take her in my hotel, but before that the light skin girl came back to me to ask money for transportation. my intuition told me she was trouble. i just handed her 2000 ariary and she left us alone.

at my hotel, the black girl wanted to sleep but not fuck. in the morning she was in a better attitude but i lost almost all my appetite for her. i did not even came once. she left in the morning and i gave her just 15000 ariary. she took my money without even looking ! maybe i should have given her much less.

the next night, 'moulin rouge' only was open in hellville, 'number one' was closed. so i went to moulin rouge. there were some choices, but i could not make up my mind. a small black girl wanted to invite me to dance. she was with another girl but we dance together for a long time. there was even a malgese song during which that girl was moving her ass in contact with my dick. that gave me an erection that was obivious to her. i gave her a drink and then we went to back my room after 3 am.

she was good in bed but not as good as i expected. in the morning, i gave her 15000 ariary. she complained that i should give her twice as much. eventually i gave her 25000 + 2000 ariary for the taxi.

diego suarez

i left nosy be by boat to akify, taxi collectif (to ambanja, i think), and taxi brousse to diego. in this town i was more enjoying my stay as a normal tourist and my time was limited. one day when i was not too tired, i went to the nouvel though but i did not find something worth as i was looking for gfe. these girls, even the beautiful ones seems more pros than in the towns that i visited. i did have an eye contact with two girls in the central avenue , where you find colbert hotel and the brand new grand hotel (a luxury hotel). the quality of the mid range hotel rooms was not extraordinary. i did found the most interesting hotels just one day before leaving which was already too late.

one very bad point for this city is that the electricity does not work from the morning, probably before 5:30 am until the afternoon, after 3 pm. apart from that the city is worth it in the sex scene. i will go there next time more as a sex tourist. ;)


i saw some complaints about the price of hotels. please remember that this is an african country: you will not see always all the best price/quality even if you a guide such as lonely planet, 'guide du routard' (for french speaking people). another thing, i saw at least two new hotels which were less than a year old. there is no way i would have known about these hotels. these people are not really strong in international advertising, marketing.

unfortunately it was my first time so i did not always find a hotel that suited me totally but in the meantime i have made some interesting discoveries in tana, mahajanga and even diego suarez. the more expansive hotel that i paid was less than 15 euro/day in mahajanga and tana. in mahajanga for that price, i had a nice room with bathroom, terrace, airco and ventilator. the less that i paid was in diego for 6 euro, but it was not quiet. this one was nice but without hot water and really too close from the market.

if you are interested in mid range hotels, send me a pm, i will try to repond as soon as i can.

Vahaza Be
08-27-05, 20:16
I spent 6 weeks in Tana this summer. Rented an apartment this time. I spend many evenings in the Glacier Hotel bar because it is the hub of live music in the city. Great variety of music and plenty of girls at your disposal almost every night. Most are not Tana girls, but travel in from Toliary or Tamatave, etc. One of them said the Tana girls usually leave town to hook because they don't want their families to know what they're doing. Anyway, I took several home from there over the duration, and even repeated with a couple.

The bar at the Colbert Hotel and the Le Buffet au Jardin eatery/bar has an unpredictable menu of girls during the day, and the choices increase at the Buffet as it gets dark. Around 11 pm, Glacier and Le Buffet begin to empty out as the gals head to the clubs like Pandora, Caveau, Le Bus and Indra. I had very good luck at Pandora and hit Indra once or twice when I was feeling sleazy. I had a great time from one of the regulars at the Colbert, but the most interesting was a nonpro half-Chinese/half-Malagasy metisse I met at Le Buffet. 21 but looked younger, sweet as can be but definitely hoping to hook a vahaza to turn her shitty life around. Complete GFE package.

Out of about a dozen girls, only one refused to blow me. Most kissed, did BBBJs, permited DATY, and multiple positions. None permitted anal. Most preferred an overnight, but not all. Condoms were optional for most, but some girls appear to be getting the safer-sex message. Some girls at the Glacier and the Indra looked very young to me; ask for ID if you're not sure -- they're all supposed to carry an identity card.

Tana is NOT expensive if you get to know the place and/or make some Malagasy friends.

08-27-05, 22:02
Good report.

How much you pay for your apartment and how you manage to get it?


Vahaza Be
08-27-05, 23:05
i found the apartment on the site www.tonga-soa.com. 270 euros for the month in a great area of tana. there's a supermarket next to the ibis hotel not far from the colbert across from le buffet; people post ads for appartements there too -- great deals to be had. also ads in the local newspapers. or grab a decent hotel for the first few days and ask around. someone mentioned the hotel anjary. it's ok and has a very good indian restaurant on top, plus a cheap massage room (therapeutic only). good security and has an elevator! just steps away from the streetwalker scene after dark along tsaralanana, and a couple of blocks from the indra. play it safe and take cheap taxis after dark in that neighborhood.

09-20-05, 13:03
I have been around and I know that every location has its pros and cons but just sex-wise, how do you roughly compare girls in Madagascar to birds in other hot areas like Thailand or Brazil for example, how good are they in bed?
Best area in the country for a newbie?

Thank you very much.

Mamo Lava
09-21-05, 15:36
I have been around and I know that every location has its pros and cons but just sex-wise, how do you roughly compare girls in Madagascar to birds in other hot areas like Thailand or Brazil for example, how good are they in bed?
Best area in the country for a newbie?

Thank you very much.Lived in Madagascar for quite a while - agree with the other guys that the girls in the North - especially Nosy Be are Hot! - but also greedy!

For a real GFE stick with the south especially Fort Dauphin and the Antanosy girls - treat them nice and you will be very well rewarded?

10-10-05, 12:49

What are the current prices for:

- taking a taxi in the city of Tana, in other cities
- a simple and clean hotel
- eating
- going out (entering a club)
- drinking
- renting of snorkel gear
- travelling between Tana and the other nearby cities

I don't want to get scammed or so!

Thanks in advance

10-10-05, 13:36

What are the current prices for:
- taking a taxi in the city of Tana, in other cities
- a simple and clean hotel
- eating
- going out (entering a club)
- drinking
- renting of snorkel gear
- travelling between Tana and the other nearby cities

I don't want to get scammed or so!

Thanks in advance

10-22-05, 11:03

there is not much to add to the information you can find in this forum thanks to Poupard, Findgirls and others. But there are always some pictures to illustrate what you can expect in this part of the world.

My first experience this year was the girl you can see on the picture. I found her with the help of a taxi driver near the Indra just 90 min after landing in Tana (I was lucky to be the third person getting the luggage at the airport). She was a beautiful girl with a 4 month old baby. As she was still breast-feeding her boobs were wonderful in shape and size. As all the girls in the street she first wanted 40 000 Ar, but I could bring it down to 25 000 Ar. Exept for greek she did all I liked and we had a funny and long night. In the morning she left at sunrise, I think she had some discomfort since I liked my beer more than her milk :)

10-23-05, 07:49
One of the thing I really appreciate in Africa (wherever it may be) is the surprise. The photo below is just another example. I have been in Maroantsetra 10 days ago, a town on the east coast. No much action, no mobile phones, no internet access - really nice in my opinion. At night, there is no street action.

I was just strolling arround at about 8 pm with a local friend, when we saw a beautiful girl. She was giggling. We laughed, chattered (as far as it was possible) and after one hour, she lay beside me in my room. She was very shy, spoke no word in the whole night - just presenting her firm body, her smile, her soft hands indulding my body. It was wonderful.

The next day when I came back from a tour she was outside my bungalow stogether with a girl friend. This girl spoke french, so again we had some fun chattering and laughing. It ended in a orgy with the 2 girls. Just like this. No money, just fun. Too crazy to believe, but it happend.

10-24-05, 18:17
Arriving in Taomasina I was too hot to wait to go to the Queens-Club which starts arround 11 p.m. After walking arround watching several girls I found a cute one. She was 20 years old (showed me her idendity card) didn't speak much french, but it was not difficult to understand what we wanted. I took her to my hotel room and we had a good time for serveral hours. She agreed to any sex (but no anal), her body was firim and strong and she liked what we did. Even at night we woke up and our body got hot again. After my 4th session in the morning she left. I paid her 15.000 Ar + 5000 Ar (she was so cute)

10-24-05, 18:40

Thank you very much for your fotos.
I am not very fond of black girls, but I like your fotos.
Madagscar seems to me an interesting destination to have sex with normal girls.

10-25-05, 13:32
On my tour I stayed in Taomasina twice. The second time I met this wonderful girl - beautiful, friendly and hot. I stayed with her all time in this town. As we got friends you will understand that this will be the only photo for you, guys.

Sitting in my office at home I could get crazy imagining that I left this great girl in Madagascar. Sometimes "normal decisions" turn to be strange when you think about it.

10-25-05, 19:43
Hanging arround under the blue sky, enjoying the sun. Thats life. Drinking some coffee, watching people promenading on Av. Colbert in Diego Suarez. In this atmosphere, my hormons do crazy things. They tell me their thoughts through movemnts in my trousers. Okay, the girl in the bar is really a stunner, hot hot hot. So I ask her, if she would like to have dinner with me. "Oui". I pick her up just after her work. We walk down the dark streets, standing at the harbour, kissing - deep kissing, wonderful. I put my fingers down her slip, very juicy pussy. So I take her strait away to my room. The clothes are down within seconds, the two bodies meet with full energy, she's wet wet wet and rides my body like hell. after a while she tells me "Je suis fatigue" - I don't believe. Her ass is moving like hell as I come to meet her backside. A real thunderstorm.
She's mother of 2 children, something like 29 years old, still some milk in her nice breast (as you know, I prefer the beer). We meet several times. She wants quite a big amount of money - but she's worth ist.

10-25-05, 19:55
This is a girl I met on the market at noon. As she is cute and friendly I say "Salut" and after a short talk we sit in a restaurant drinking a beer under the hot sun of Diego Suarez. She looks like 15, but she's really 20 years old. I even took a photo from her identity card. Sometimes it's difficult to believe, how young the women look like.

In the next days we have a good time. We want to go to the disco at midnight as we both like the music and to dance. But we can't. The joy we have ends in inanition and we can't wake up at midnight to leave the hotel. But we wake up at 3 am 5 am - so that we are in great need of rest at daytime. She's great and so funny.

PS This will be the last report of the series. Sorry, but no names and no faces. All these women are no *****s (sensu strictu), just women in love with life. Everyone can have his experience (especially in non-islamic countries) in Africa. So you need no special information. Talk to the people, stay charming (if you are) and be genuine. It's so easy and nice, not only in Madagascar!

10-29-05, 21:32
... Thanks to you, i'm in the mood to go back to Madagascar. My last travel was in june 2005, long time ago. I miss these black round butts and the kindness and genuineness of Malgache girls. I hope to go back after the rainy season.

A friend of me is just back from Majunga... but his report is in french. just to summarize, he has taken an hotel in a popular area (Mabib) and he was chasing on the local markets and in the streets. There is a road along the sea which is very popular in Majunga... Many girls in the evening. His average costs were 5 euros to 8 euros but it was with student girls ... No professional who are more greedy. In Madagascar with a smile, if you can chat in french, you can easily have a girl in your bed ... A small gift is expected.

As Labadi told, most of the girls (even in disco) are not considering themselves as *****s... They are girls loving the life... Nice sentence Labadi... Just be cautious with your money.. Some girls are so poor...

10-29-05, 21:59
Hello Poupard2000,

I would be interested in reading the whole report of your friend.
Have you read it on a kinf of French website like this one?
Thanks in advance.

Buko Max
10-31-05, 07:44
Hello Labadi,

Very nice series of reports and pics! It is always a good thing to get reports from far away places like Madagascar. Most mongers will never make it there including me. Is it possible for an english speaker to carry on there?



10-31-05, 18:41
Hi Mattrick,

going to Madagascar with knowledge of the french language isn't worth the money you have to spend. Nowadays you won't have problems to get a hotel speaking some english (this has changed in the last years), but it will start with the communication on transportation (even with Air Madagascar).

The worst is with the girls. There are very few girls to discuss about money and so on in english. But those are definitly prostitutes, very professional. To reach the others, you should speak some french (or better some words in malegash).


Pedro Chilli
11-01-05, 20:47
I reckon you Frenchies have a conspiracy going on about Madagscar. Telling us we wont have a good time without French just to keep us from going and stealing all your best girls.

Maybe a few of us should set up an English school in Tana specifically aimed at the ladies. They could always pay us in kind.

11-01-05, 21:04
This is the way it works :)

(ask G.W.B., he thinks like you - the world is ours)

Vahaza Be
02-05-06, 20:27
January Report:

Tana is nice this time of year, hot during the day and cooler at night (OK, a little muggy but better than the cold months of July and August). I highly recommend the Glacier Hotel Bar and Caberet, almost any night for live music and tons of hot available gals (great variety too, but relatively few lighter-skinned Imerina girls from Tana). The girls can be aggressive, so settle in for a drink or two and scope it out before choosing. Starts early for Tana at ~8pm. I scooped up a Chinese / Malgache spinner I had met last summer, and had a great night of uninhibited girlfriend-like sex.

Late night clubs:

The Hilton Dicso was dead both times I hit it. Nice bar, gorgeous bartenders, mostly tourists, and very few unattached ladies.

Le Bus was great fun. Serious dancing and loud music twisted in fun directions by clever DJs. Great vibe, but relatively few girls looking to hook up.

Le Caveau is on the way to Isoraka from the famous "stairs" and the all-night Buffet Bar/Restaurant aux Jardin . Hit or miss at Buffet between dusk and 10pm; same thing for the Hotel Colbert Bar. Caveau is uneven, but real fun some nights. Good to very good selection of ladies desiring companionship.

The Pandora is where I found my best choices. Bar, disco, pizzeria next to a mickey mouse casino next to the best Italian Restaurant in town (Nerone), also not far from the Hotel Colbert. It get hot and crazy in there, and sometimes goes on and on into the wee hours of the morning. Nana and Solange were fun gals, both originally from the Tulear (Toliary) area.

I'll resize some pics and post 'em.

Vahaza Be
02-05-06, 20:32
Nice booty

Vahaza Be
02-06-06, 04:34
Marvelous ass.

02-20-06, 20:26
Has the chikungunya's virus already reached Madagascar ?

La Isla
03-20-06, 03:33
Ran across these today. Be careful and take precautions:

1. Mosquito-borne fever prevalent in Madagascar

March 16, 2006, 09:15

Mosquito-borne fevers is rampant in Madagascar's biggest port town of Toamasina, where experts warn that conventional vector control will not be enough. Since the beginning of the year, nearly all of the town's 200 000 residents have reportedly come down with a fever.

Known locally as malaria season, the rainy season with its pools of stagnant water means breeding conditions for mosquitoes are optimal. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the ministry of health have sent teams to the area to assess the situation and an awareness campaign has been launched, urging the population to participate in a mass clean-up drive.

from: http://www.sabcnews.com/africa/southern_africa/0,2172,123903,00.html

2. Don't know if it hit Mada yet, but probably will. NO CURE
Indian Ocean region hit by rare disease

February 23, 2006, 11:15

More than a 100 000 people on islands off the southeast coast of Africa have been struck down with a rare disease.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is sending experts to the Indian Ocean region to help control the crippling mosquito-borne illness in Mauritius, Seychelles and Reunion.

The 'Chikungunya' fever, which has no known cure or vaccine, is marked by high fever and severe rashes and was first discovered in Tanzania in 1952.

Fidela Chaib from the WHO says the team will investigate reports that the latest outbreak was caused by heavy rain.


04-19-06, 04:30

I'm going to Antananarivo, and I would like to know if there's some places where you can have some massages, any kind of massages.

La Isla
04-19-06, 18:04
This is NASTY shit. Be very careful.

March 7,2006

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Madagascar has confirmed its first case of a crippling, mosquito-born disease that has infected more than 180,000 people across the Indian Ocean region, the World Health Organization said on Monday.

"Chikungunya" fever, for which there is no known cure or vaccine, has infected more than 180,000 people across Mauritius, Seychelles and Reunion, hurting productivity and threatening vital tourist visits.

Though not deadly, the fever is very painful and often causes victims into a stooped posture before they recover.

WHO Country Director Leonard Tapsoba told Reuters one case of chikungunya had been confirmed in the eastern Madagascan town of Toamasina, amidst an outbreak of dengue fever, another less severe mosquito-borne illness.

"There is one case of chikungunya confirmed in samples that have been tested from Madagascar," he said. "The others were dengue. What is certain is that there is an outbreak of dengue fever."

Health officials are concerned about the impact a chikungunya outbreak could have on one of the world's poorest countries, where three-quarters of its 17 million people live on less than a dollar a day.

04-26-06, 20:57
Hi all, great forum here,

Makes fun to read and to dream (despite some "bad news" or some panic makers... live is live threatening as I am always saying).

I am quite interested in enjoing my first so called "sex travel", so I found this nice posts about madagascar and I am quite interested (Thailand would also be interesting, but looks a little bit to obvious "sex touristic overruned").

I saw also, that some of you are looking for a travel mate who speaks english and french, since english still seams to be an issue in madagascar.

So here I am, 27 years old my english is good trained and my french (my second language, but my third best trained) is good enough for a decent communication, but my expirience with so called "sex travels" outside of europe is very little...
Someone interested sharing some know how against translation skills with a "newbee" and traveling togheter to mada?

My sheduled time frame (2- 3 weeks) would be around late sommer or even better in autumn (around september or october). So there is enough time left for preparation (vaccinations if needed, etc).

So, now I hope to get some interesting answers.

Vahaza Be
05-06-06, 04:45

I'm going to Antananarivo, and I would like to know if there's some places where you can have some massages, any kind of massages.The Hotel Colbert has a massage and spa service that is excellent (but relatively expensive). There is another (my favorite) nearby on the left side of the road in a modern office building in Ambatonakanga as you go up the hill towards the big church. Also one at the top of the Anjary Hotel in Tsaralalana, and a new one just off the Rue de l'Independence on a side street. Ask for 2 ladies. No sex offered ever in these places, but I've had some amazing massages. But it's everywhere else (discos, live music shows, shopping areas, bars, the normal places).

05-18-06, 07:15
I'll be arriving by ship at Nosy Bé and stay just one night in port. Please any advice where to go at night. We really need to unload our cargo after a long time at sea. Price indications are welcome too but priority is given on where to find the gals.
All input much appreciated !

05-22-06, 13:21
I'll be arriving by ship at Nosy Bé and stay just one night in port. Please any advice where to go at night. We really need to unload our cargo after a long time at sea. Price indications are welcome too but priority is given on where to find the gals.

All input much appreciated !It depends what night of the week and where you'll be docking. I guess you'll be in Hell-ville, by far the biggest town. Ambatoloaka (10kms away) isn't much more than a village, but it has the most bars and tourists. There are three big discos in Nosy Be, 2 in Ambataloaka, and 1 in Hell-ville, and they seem to rotate opening nights, and not operate in competition. Djembe (in Amb) is the biggest and best, and is open 4 or 5 nights a week. On other nights the action is at one of the other discos. Amb also has many other bars where gals hang out.

You'll get laid in either of these towns on any given night, but if you can find out which disco is open on that night you'll find about 80% of the girls in one place.

Daniel Barthel
05-24-06, 15:46
Hello dear members,

A really good forum. Well, I love african woman alot and I really want to fuck some of them, and I am planning to visit Anandanarivo. So I am asking, if someone have experience which type of girls I can find there and which of them are offering sex. Where to found girls, for sex there and how much it is?

Thnx for help. Pls answer.

Daniel Barthel
05-24-06, 15:52
Hello dear members,

I am loving balck and especially African Woman and I would liek to have sex with them.

Cuz, I am planning to visit Ananantanarivo, I am asking for experiences about, type, place and proice of woman in Anantanarivo which I can have Sey with.

06-13-06, 21:00
Hello dear members,

I am loving balck and especially African Woman and I would liek to have sex with them.

Cuz, I am planning to visit Ananantanarivo, I am asking for experiences about, type, place and proice of woman in Anantanarivo which I can have Sey with.Have you been drunk when make this request?

African Lover
06-16-06, 09:55
Have you been drunk when make this request?Maybe but when this poor guy gets sober again I may help him with his desires,

I just returned from 3 amazing weeks in Madagascar with lots of exciting experiences.


06-18-06, 11:40
Maybe but when this poor guy gets sober again I may help him with his desires,

I just returned from 3 amazing weeks in Madagascar with lots of exciting experiences.

ALPlease explain ! I'll be there in 7 weeks myself for my very first time. Nosy Bé that is.

African Lover
06-19-06, 07:42
Please explain! I'll be there in 7 weeks myself for my very first time. Nosy Bé that is. Hi,

Well, usually I write a detailed report of my trips (which are not only for seeking sex) with lots of pics, though they unluckily are in german and the one from madagascar probably will come too late for you, I made experiences in several countries so far and the fille malgache are on top of my list.

I haven’t been to Nosy Bé but just feel free to ask if you need infos about other places

In Tana: Glacier Cabaret was excellent for girls, also Pandora, Le Caveau

In Morondava: only 1 night club on the beach road, "Aqua. Sth. " I don't remember, was dull though you can find a small selection of girls there

Toliara: Za Za Club was great, loads of girls at least on weekends

Toamasina: Queens Disco recommended, many girls but not as nice as in Toliara

Antsiranana: Disco Nouvel Hotel is the spot, late at night some girls move to La Taverne Disco, Le Tropical is out of fashion at the moment, other up scale disco is Blue Note but I didn't check

07-04-06, 20:18
I have planned to spend my holidays in july in Sainte Marie Island.

Someone can tell me about this island ?

Girls and beaches where you can go nude ?


Vahaza Be
08-25-06, 04:06
Ravinala in Mahajanga is a disco worth checking out. I recently scooped up a tall, skinny gal for the night around 2am. Real pro-ams there and great dancing til dawn. There's a bar/pool hall upstairs with a limited selection of real pros.

Tamatave has beautiful women. Pandora is packed on the weekends, but the disco downtown (Neptune? can't remember the name for sure) is always a sure thing.

Tana offers many options -- Pandora and Indra are my choices for night clubs. Indra has fewer tourists and certain sleazy innocence. Caveau sucks.
Always some action at the Le Buffet bar/restaurant and usually in the outdoor bar of the Hotel Colbert. Tons of streetwalkers in Tsaralalana and near the Hote/Restaurant Sakamanga.

But Glacier is THE PLACE. Live music most nights and usually packed with pros and amateurs. Great selection and fun vibe. Highly recommended.

I never pay more that $50 for the full night. Some will hang with you 24/7 for much less if it's longer term.

Remember, 18 is the legal age in Madagascar and there is an ad campaign against sexual tourism that exploits anyone under 18.

Member #3400
08-25-06, 07:27
After a month of planning, my trip to Madagascar is coming in 9 days. My path include Tana, Nosy be, Diego, Maroantsetra, Mananara.

Maroantsetra and Mananara are small coastal town with beautiful landscape. (just looked at google images).

I hope I can find some non-pro.

Anyway the price of the international flight are enormous. I am flying with Ethiopian airlines to Nairobi and from their take air-mad flight.

The info in this forum is incredibly good and I will do my best to enrich it when I will be back in the end of September


08-25-06, 21:25
Hey Efremof,

Maroantsetra is a small town, laid back. There is one good Hotel at the opposite end of the twon coming from the airport. Just across from the hotel, about 200 m you will find a disco (starting at arroud 23:00).

I had a friend helping me to find a girl. It wasn't that easy, there were not so much people arround the place at 8 pm but finally I found a classy girl. She spoke only a few french words, but otherwise we had a fantastic time for 2 days.

P.S. if you need more or detailed infromation just let me know. The nature is fantastic as well !!

Member #3400
08-25-06, 22:38
Thanks,U have saw my original plan:
Nosy be can combine both diving and girls as well.

Diego is mainly for girls but also the national park nearby.

The two coastal towns is my way to go out of the beaten track to find some kind of adventure.

About info I thing I am OK this forum is one of the best.

Last thing I will carry nearly two kilo of cameras, camcorder and tripod. Hope to post hundred of photos and videos here in the forum in the 3rd week of September, when I be back.
I also have the "lonely planet" book from 2004 edition. Hope not be killed by some jealous husband at least initially :-)

That’s for now just counting the days.


08-26-06, 09:18
A friend is just coming back from Madagascar with two news:

- a good news, more and more girls are VERY opened to have contact with foreigners. It includes normal girls who are not the business. Almost all girls are doable. You need just courage to engage the discussion. One of the reason is, may be, the VERY BAD economical situation. Madagascar is suffering a lot of the high prices of the commodities especially oil pushed by the Chinese demand.

- a bad news, Chikungunya fever is widely spread and he was contamined by mosquitos. This Chikungunya is a very heavy disease generally not lethal but consequences with the local health system are unpredictable. He got back to France ASAP.

Do the asses of Madagascar girls worth the risk ?

Personaly I don't think so. It is better to stay away as long as the epidemy is at such a level.

Of course this is another disaster for the economy of the island. They did not need this.

Member #3400
08-26-06, 10:25

I am in a panic now, so I will buy every imaginable anti mosquito product exist.

La Isla
08-26-06, 16:46
I posted this back in April.... scroll to page 2

This is NASTY shit. Be very careful.

March 7,2006

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Madagascar has confirmed its first case of a crippling, mosquito-born disease that has infected more than 180,000 people across the Indian Ocean region, the World Health Organization said on Monday.

"Chikungunya" fever, for which there is no known cure or vaccine, has infected more than 180,000 people across Mauritius, Seychelles and Reunion, hurting productivity and threatening vital tourist visits.

Though not deadly, the fever is very painful and often causes victims into a stooped posture before they recover.

WHO Country Director Leonard Tapsoba told Reuters one case of chikungunya had been confirmed in the eastern Madagascan town of Toamasina, amidst an outbreak of dengue fever, another less severe mosquito-borne illness.

"There is one case of chikungunya confirmed in samples that have been tested from Madagascar," he said. "The others were dengue. What is certain is that there is an outbreak of dengue fever."

Health officials are concerned about the impact a chikungunya outbreak could have on one of the world's poorest countries, where three-quarters of its 17 million people live on less than a dollar a day.

African Lover
08-30-06, 08:52
Chikungunya as well as Dengue reached their peak in Madagascar in February / March this year and were limited to the east coast.

When I was in Toamasina in May the situation ameliorated a lot and there was certainly no need to stay away from that area any more.

So don't create panic but of course everybody who is about to go to Madagascar should be informed that malaria prophylaxis is necessary for the whole island.

BTW, forget about the Lonely Planet Madagascar. Its the worst travel book that LP has edited and is like a phone book, Bradt is far better.

And, well, Poupard, not the asses of the Filles Malgache are worth a possible risk, but the girls themselves.

Vahaza Be
08-30-06, 13:19
I was on both coasts for over a month this summer -- no health problems whatsoever despite a few mosquito bites. The biggest risk to health in Mad is travel by car or taxi-brousse!

Member #3400
08-30-06, 19:17
I am flying to Madagascar this Monday, very excited to see everything in my own eyes. (or via my cameras if u like). Didn't book any domestic flight or hotel, hope it will be OK.

Anyone knows if the girls love the camera or they are conservative about that? This is because I cant stop myself to shoot photos continuously.

Anyway just Bought Tons of underwear. I will try my old strategy that was proven in uganda and Kenya.Hope that they will not ask me at the customs why do i need so many woman underwear. I may looks like a pervert but i can tell them that it is a gift for a friend of mine. its funny but its help to create a romantic atmosphere with a any girl .

Any tip before monday will be helpful

Vahaza Be
08-31-06, 15:32

Most girls love the camera and will pose for you, before during and after sex. They love to see their images, whether on camera or watching themselves dance in the mirrors at the discos (e.g., Pandora not far from the Hotel Colbert in the Haute Ville).

They love gifts AND cash. I never pay more than $50 for the night. They seem happy with that and a good nights shag and sleep in clean sheets. Hard to judge ages. Be careful, 18 is the legal age of consent. Ask for ID if you're not sure. Some hotels will take the girls ID and keep it at the desk until they leave to avoid scams and ripoffs.

Go to the Glacier around 9pm for live music, a cold THB (beer), and check out the girls. Place fills up later, especially if the band is well-known. All taxis know the Glacier; taxis are around 3000 Ariary (=15000 FMGs, or $1.50). A bit more at night. Always carry your passport or a xerox of it in case you're stopped by the police. ATMs are all over now, but accept VISA only.

Looking forward to your pics.

Bon voyage,


Member #3400
08-31-06, 19:43
thanks for the tips, i will post photos only of non-pro since i want an authentic trip.
of course as i always do u will see the "lonely planet" book or mineral water in the background to enhance the authentic.

i have a lot of experience with african girls and i am equipped with basic france as well. i am sure that a man with experience as yourself can tell by the girl's face if she pro or non-pro.

the most important advice is the id issue to avoid taking a teen/[CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) for the night. its illegal and i am not " roman polanski" which is mad about [CodeWord900] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord900).

i will try to take some exotic shoots of girls in places as rainforest or sunset it should be spectacular. but the jewel in the crown will be the video. i think i will privately send the entire dvd to u.

how long should i stay in tana before booking to nosy be?

Vahaza Be
08-31-06, 23:19
Tana is quite cold this time of year. When the sun goes down (~6pm), the temperature drops quickly, so bring a sweater or fleece for Tana. You should spend a few days in Tana, including a weekend.

During the day, I recommend taking a taxi to the huge Jumbo Score market/mall on the edge of town -- great place to meet nonpros, many of who are just looking at the merchandise for fun because they have no money. A good place for a coffee or beer during the day is the LeBuffet au Jardin at the top of the stairs, near Hotel Colbert (which has the best patisserie in town). Good people watching; I picked up a young Chinese/Malagasy gal there once recently. Also pros hanging around all day -- not hard to tell the difference. The Glacier at the bottom of the stairs is OK during the day too, and has good snacks and an extensive menu in the restaurant next to the bar.

Pandora is a great late hours dance club (and serves food too). For something more gritty and VERY authenic, have a taxi take you to the Club Indra in Tasaralalana anytime after midnight. Always taxis waiting around, so you can leave quickly if you don't like the vibe or scoop up some sweet girl for the night. Keep track of the money in your pockets.

Nosy Be has a well-developed tourist industry by Madagascar standards. The beaches -- as you know -- are great places to make friends ;)

Great seafood too.

You might want to consider Diego (Antsiranana) in the far north, not far from Nosy Be -- very hot women there!

Member #3400
09-01-06, 12:35
Hate to pack but this time not many kind of items are needed, I guess...

09-01-06, 12:49
I know Madagascar as used advice from Efremor about Kenya.

I give my contribution. I think nosy be not very good for monger lot of pro I think Majunga is better. A nice village, nice people. Even Tulear is good as Tamatave.

If you want advice tell me.

09-01-06, 13:22

I've been following your African posts for some months now and am glad that you are visiting Madagascar. I was there for two weeks or so this time last year. I didn't spend one night alone, but don't remember exactly how much I was paying. I do however, distinctly remember my first night in 'Tana. It was, as posted, quite cold. I was hustled by the police on the way back to my hotel in a taxi with a girl. They were stopping every taxi and hauling out any white/asian people and demanding (in very good english) a gift. I politely argued for maybe twenty minutes, but they had guns, i was cold, and dying for a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140), so had to pay eventually - maybe US$5. Luckily I didn't have much more on me. Then the girl wanted 50 euro after a very poor missionary session. I think i paid here $20 and threw her out.

I never paid anywhere near that money again. My recollection is that I was paying less than 20,000 ariary at Indra and clubs in other towns. Diego had amazing girls, mixed black, chinese, etc. Nosy Be wasn't far behind.


African Lover
09-01-06, 13:37
I never pay more than $50 for the night.50 $ ?? Thats more than 100.000 Ariary ! You neednt pay more than 40.000 LT, maybe slightly more in Tana, Nosy Be or Antsiranana, please guys, don't spoil the prices.

African Lover
09-01-06, 13:53
From the magnificient Za Za Club in Toliara.

African Lover
09-01-06, 13:56
From Queens Disco in Toamasina.

African Lover
09-01-06, 13:58
Fom Glacier Cabaret in Antananarivo.

African Lover
09-01-06, 14:01
From Nouvel Disco in Antsiranana.

Member #3400
09-01-06, 16:10
Very confusing, I can remember in Cuba that I used to send the girls from disco to my hotel on separate taxi to avoided the police. I will do it again but Tana is not my primary destination.

Nosy-be was chosen mainly for diving, (i AM A DiveMaster) but I will conceder "sainte marie" instead. Or staying just for two night on Nosy-be for a few dives.

So probably one night or two at Tana flying to diego to "sainte marie" , mananara area.

I know that Mad are for advanced travelers but I am tough, was 3 years a combat soldier in my home country somewhere in the Middle East. so police can be very refreshing :-)

African lover- nice shoots.


African Lover
09-01-06, 17:38
Another two from Glacier Cabaret

09-01-06, 21:05
African Lover is right: the price is mostly 40.000 A, so don't pay more. They don't expect more. But Max has such a nice underwear :) to make the girls smile!

@Max There are flights to quite small towns in Madagascar, but sometimes only once a week. Most times it's impossible to combine them because of the tight time-schedule. If you have weeks to stay, no problem. Otherwise plan and book (small aircraft) your flights in advance.

African Lover
09-01-06, 22:19
I met her somewhere in Tana.

Vahaza Be
09-02-06, 01:38
Relax, guys, I often pay half that. I have NEVER paid more, and that was for a beautiful French-Malgache creole I met at the Hotel Colbert.

Here's Nana again below. I met her at Pandora 6 months ago, but saw her again recently at Glacier on the dance floor. She still looked good.

Excellent advice about domestic flights. Some (many) places are not serviced daily by AirMad.

I also agree that Mahajanga is worth a visit. Try the Ravinala Disco.

Vahaza Be
09-02-06, 02:23
I also recommend Morondava. Small beach town with eager women.

Here's one - Sasa!

Jack Spratt
09-02-06, 03:19
Hate to pack but this time not many kind of items are needed, I guess...

Ef, are you going to take some gifts for the ladies while you are packing your own stuff :-)

09-02-06, 08:36
Hate to pack but this time not many kind of items are needed, I guess...Enjoy your holiday. Work hard!

PS I see your GS500 now!

Member #3400
09-02-06, 11:36
Thus girls are differ by their appearance from the typical black African, So mix blood are sure. I personally prefer the tall black African so the northern/Eastern Madagascar is probably the perfect choice for that. Unfortunatly I have to wait for Monday to see it in my own eyes.

Morondava looks nice on the photos. but i have only 14 days +extra two days for the international flights overhead. Air mad low season start at september 11 so this one of the reasons for me to choose thus dates.

African Lover, your girl from Nouvel Disco in Antsiranana has a 100M runner butt. My Favorite.

Member #3400
09-02-06, 12:17
Should be an amazing place i will book a flight as soon as i land in Tana.

Are the girls black or mixed?

Vahaza Be
09-02-06, 13:56
Morondava has the full range of beauties from black to light-skinned "metisse" (mixed). Wander around and they will come to you if you smile and make eye contact. Ehla below was a 19 yo who wandered up to me one afternoon as I was sipping a cold beer at a bar on the beach. Morondava also has 2-3 discos depending on the day of the week and the time of year. Farther south, Tulear has MANY beautiful black girls and the best local weed. Many of the girls you will meet at Glacier in Tana come from Tulear to have fun and earn a little money.

Member #3400
09-02-06, 20:10
Morondava looks out of the beaten track and therefore it a must on my trip. The girl looks exotics and this is exactly what I am talking about.

Must admit that I don’t have much experience with that kind of color yet.

Apparently everything will be depends on the flight availability when I will land in Tana three days from now. (After a night in Nairobi for connecting)

With that kind of girls i am not sure about planned diving anymore. It seems that you worthy to add a supplementary chapter for the "lonely planet" :-)

Observing her lingerie, the thongs will be a hit there

Vahaza Be
09-04-06, 01:04
Morondava has great beaches too. I also recommend the curried fish at the Jamaica Bar. Chez Maggie Hotel is a nice complex of bungalows backing onto the beach, but there are cheaper, good alternatives (try Jean Rasta's Oasis Hotel). Any taxi can take you there from the tiny airport.

Here's another look at Ehla:

Member #3400
09-04-06, 06:16
Thanks Guys for the info, I have now a flight to catch. My next login will be at September 23 when return. Photos are Guarantied.

Attached some Satellite images of Morondava/Diego from Goggle earth Although dont have sufficient resolution to see Jamaica Bar from space, Its an amazing tool. Client can be downloaded for free.


09-06-06, 11:35
50 $? Thats more than 100. 000 Ariary! You neednt pay more than 40. 000 LT, maybe slightly more in Tana, Nosy Be or Antsiranana, please guys, don't spoil the prices. Sorry when I hear that I have to say something. I understand now why some girls in tana were quoting ridiculous prices.

I have seen a change of attitude in the girls in the last few years and when I read this board I understand now

Gentlemen do you know where we are here?

We are in one of the poorest countries in the world and overpaying the girls won't make them respect us.

Remember here the average salary is 30000 Ar per month ok?

And not everybody gets this!

I don't know in another african countries but here in madagascar the going rate is 20000 Ar in tana and nosybe and 15000ar in the rest of the country for all night long.

I am talking about real pros you can find in discos at night

Before somebody asks me

Of course I never picked a girl from colbert or hilton

And at the glacier neither since they are too pros for me and not really attractive but the rates above can apply to the pandora and indra in tana

And at the nouvel hotel in diego as well

So think before you pay please!

09-06-06, 11:39

They love gifts AND cash. I never pay more than $50 for the night. They seem happy with that and a good nights shag and sleep in clean sheets. Hard to judge ages. Be careful, 18 is the legal age of consent. Ask for ID if you're not sure. Some hotels will take the girls ID and keep it at the desk until they leave to avoid scams and ripoffs.

V_beBy the way the legal age of consent in Madagascar is 21 years old.

Vahaza Be
09-06-06, 17:09
By the way the legal age of consent in Madagascar is 21 years old.
You are out of date. The government's campaign against sexual tourism explicitly states in the customs booklet handed out before you land in Ivato that it is a crime only if the girl is younger than 18.

If I choose to offer 40,000 (<$20 US) or even 50,000 Ar for the night, that's my business, my prerogative. Stop whining.

The overlap between the girls at Glacier and the discos is extensive. Glacier often empties out around midnight because the girls are heading to Indra or Pandora. Chances are the girl you pick up at Pandora was dancing her butt off at Glacier earlier in the evening.

The pro versus nonpro line is blurred in Madagasar. Even "dating" usually carries the expectation of "gifts" (kadoy) to the girl for sex according to local customs.

09-06-06, 17:58
You are out of date. The government's campaign against sexual tourism explicitly states in the customs booklet handed out before you land in Ivato that it is a crime only if the girl is younger than 18.

If I choose to offer 40, 000 (<$20 US) or even 50, 000 Ar for the night, that's my business, my prerogative. Stop whining.

The overlap bewtween the girls at Glacier and the discos is extensive. Glacier often empties out around midnight because the girls are heading to Indra or Pandora. Chances are the girl you pick up at Pandora was dancing her butt off at Glacier earlier in the evening.

The pro versus nonpro line is blurred in Madagasar. Even "dating" usually carries the expectation of "gifts" (kadoy) to the girl for sex according to local customs. Hello vazaha be

My purpose was not to insult you but if you want to do so with me up to you it doesn't make you smarter.

Actually that s the typical answer from guys who overpay because they feel more powerful this way.

You are free to do whatever you want to. But as a respect for other mongers don't spoil the market because once it is spoiled it is over and the list of countries spoiled by people who overpaid for years is long. Just have a look in this board! And actually yes that bothers me when I take a girl I used to take for 10000Ar for the night and now ask me for 20000Ar because she got customers giving her 40000Ar! She told me 20000Ar is a lot of money for me but if some assholes (that s her words not mine sorry! ) give me double I take it. Very smart indeed.

BTW the girls who go at the glacier usually don't go at le pandora they don't target the same kind of customers. Sorry to disappoint you.

Ask any serious Malagasy girl if she wants to go out in the week ends she can go to pandora or caveau or le bus but never I mean never to le glacier or Indra another thing.

Pros and nonpros is a very different thing in Madagascar.

But of course you have to stay long enough to be able to see it.

Since there is a fixed price for pros that everybody knows there is no such a rule for nonpros it can be free (yes free! ) to small gifts or an invitation to a restaurant. It depends of course where you pick up the girl.

Vazaha be do you seriously believe in the government's campaign against sexual tourism? So. You won't be surprised to hear that the legal age of consent in Madagascar is still 21 years old.

FYI I am very up to date and ask any director of the police for that the legal age of consent in Madagascar is still 21 years old. Whatever can be written in the customs booklet.

3 months ago I had a friend who had a problem with a girl who was 19 years old that makes him out of trouble for you right?

Well he has to pay a huge amount of money for madagascar because her mother didn't agree with their relation.

So whatever happened between you and a girl below 21 years old if the family decides to bother you.

They can they legally can and they will. Believe me.

So up to you you think I am a liar no problem. I won't ask you if you speak French and Malagasy and how long you have been in Madagascar.

09-07-06, 13:07
I'm with Dodomad on this topic. Last August I spent two and a half wonderful weeks in Madagascar, and apart from a bit of a misunderstanding / jet lag / drunken episode / rip-off girl, never paid more than 20,000 Ariary, usually around 17,000. I was in Tana, Diego, Nosy Be and Antisirana (spelling?).

I do agree that you'll pay more at Glacier or Le Bus or other more upmarket places.

Vahaza Be
09-07-06, 14:45
I wasn't trying to "insult" anyone or be "smarter" than anyone else. And I never accused anyone of being a liar. Relax. I was merely reporting MY experiences, which apparently differ from yours. I've been going to Madagascar for over 30 years and speak a little Malagasy. I've spent months at a time in Tana and know the city well. I guess our experiences are just different.

For example, Nana -- who I posted pics of below -- is the same girl dancing at Glacier a few weeks ago that I picked up earlier at Pandora. And I've seen/picked up plenty of Glacier girls at Pandora, Caveau and Indra (but never at Le Bus, which I find to be too full of tourists and middle-class Imerina girls).

As you perhaps already know, official government policy and the actions of local authorities are not always the same in Madagascar. The government is now stating clearly in a wide-spread ad campaign and in custom documents that 18 yo is the legal age of consent, but a local family (in collaboration with the corrupt cops) can still make your life difficult in pursuit of a suitable bribe. I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

Vahaza Be
09-07-06, 14:58
By the way, I've also had REAL nonpro girlfirends in Madagascar. Some of them love the gritty, sweaty atmosphere of Indra, which has more Malagasy women AND men partying and dancing on a given night than any other club in Tana. Personally, I find Caveau boring. The Hilton is even worse. My preferences are Pandora and Indra, but these are just PERSONAL preferences. I respectfully disagree about Glacier. It has the best live music in Madagascar, and plenty of regular Malagasy people of all ages and backgrounds go there to drink and dance.

Dodomad, I'm sure you can still pick up MANY pros off the streets in Tsaralalana for the low price you prefer to pay. Some are hardcore, others are "students" trying to make ends meet. If I'm an "asshole" for paying ~$20 to beautiful women who satisfy me in every way possible, then let's just say that I'm a happy, content asshole. ;)

My friends and my own experiences tell me that many if not most of the pros in Tana do not come from Tana. Local girls tend to be worried that friends and family might discover what they're doing. Most of the pros I've met in Tana are from Tulear, Diego, Mahajanga and Tamatave.

I suggest we just share our experiences here and spare the value judgements, azafady.
Misaotra betsaka.

Vahaza Be
09-07-06, 18:14
I'm with Dodomad on this topic. Last August I spent two and a half wonderful weeks in Madagascar, and apart from a bit of a misunderstanding / jet lag / drunken episode / rip-off girl, never paid more than 20,000 Ariary, usually around 17,000. I was in Tana, Diego, Nosy Be and Antisirana (spelling?).

I do agree that you'll pay more at Glacier or Le Bus or other more upmarket places.
King T--
Try offering a gorgeous light-skinned girl at Le Taverne in the Hotel Colbert 20,000 Ar (~$10), and see how far you get :eek:. Again, and this just my experience, the Imerina girls (more Asian in appearance) ask for more and often command more -- if you can find one. Fortunately (for me), I prefer the more mixed, darker African looking gals. If you like to haggle, Madagascar is great for that, whether it's over pussy or tourist souvenirs. Just not my thing.

I also don't pick up street girls anymore, despite the bargain prices they offer. But they're abundant and some look great! Personally, I'd rather chat up a sweet young nonpro thing at the Jumbo Score Supermarket/Mall, and keep her for a day or 2 of fun and games. It takes a little more time, some luck and perhaps some finesse, but it's more rewarding to me (and the sex is more of the girlfriend variety).

I don't mean to offend anyone here, but I can't believe how some folks get their knickers so twisted over so little money. $10 or $20 -- it's still a steal.

Member #4366
09-07-06, 21:18
When I last vsited Madagascar (in 2004) the Ariary was already introduced. However, everybody was still counting in franc malgache. I also negotiated with the girls in Fmg. Has this changed nowadays? Is everyone now counting in Ariary?

09-07-06, 23:46
King T,

Try offering a gorgeous light-skinned girl at Le Taverne in the Hotel Colbert 20,000 Ar (~$10), and see how far you get :eek:.

If you like to haggle, Madagascar is great for that, whether it's over pussy or tourist souvenirs. Just not my thing.

I don't mean to offend anyone here, but I can't believe how some folks get their knickers so twisted over so little money. $10 or $20 -- it's still a steal.As I said before I never took a girl from the Colbert or Hilton.

everybody knows they cater to businessmen and charge ridiculous prices.

Maybe you are I dont know...as for myself I m not and I dont see the point of paying more when I can have the same thing or even better at a normal price.

I repeat again the prices I said are for pros that people will find in the discos in every city.

Of course the price for a street girl is definitely lower since they cater mainly to the locals and are usually less beautiful.

Anyway I wont recommend to a newbie to go with them for health or safety reasons.

As for discussing the prices:

Everywhere in the world except Europe and North America people haggle before buying whether they like or not!

Locals expats everybody in Africa in Asia.

this is part of the life and part of the game, and people respect you more if you do it that if you dont do it I m sure about that!

$10 or $20 it s the same for you. It is because you compare to your home country instead of comparing to the country where you are.

10$ is a lot of money in Madagascar!!

I could forgive you if that was your first time in Madagascar but you said you ve been going to Madagascar for over 30 years and speak a little Malagasy!

So you know the prices I said and you know they are right so why do you overpay??I just dont get it.

The problem is if people read your post and go to Madagascar they will think well I should pay 20$ for every girl I will be sleeping with and next year what?40$? 80$?

I repeat for everybody the maximum you should ever pay for a pro in Madagascar is 20000Ar (or 100000 FMG since most of the people still talk and think in Malagasy Francs) all night.

09-08-06, 07:52
Why don´t you let everybody pay just what he wants? You can say whatever you want, it does not have the smallest influence on what I am will to pay.

Vahaza Be
09-08-06, 12:28
Why don´t you let everybody pay just what he wants? You can say whatever you want, it does not have the smallest influence on what I am will to pay.

09-08-06, 12:43
let's see if i get this right.

on the basis of the super high over-the-top price for lt of usd 20 = euro 15,75 at todays exchange rate.

i pay in budapest e 400 for all night = 25 times sex all night with a black beauty and one hand-job (the ,39 in my calculation).

at the super-dooper-scrape the barrel price of usd 10 = euro 7,87 i get for my budapest rate 50 times sex and 2 hand-jobs.

however the difference between the two rates of euro 15,75 and euro 7,87 x 365 (thank god for viagra) is euro 5.748 - 2.872 = 2.876, or divided by 400, will give me 7 nights of sex with a nice hungarian beauty and a hand-job.

after having made this completely useless point, i wonder if i am the only one in this thread who has done so :).

v. (green with envy, thoroughly frustrated by not having a chance to sample some of these beautiful black women you guys can for whatever the "proper" local rate is).

09-08-06, 16:23
.... You can say whatever you want, it does not have the smallest influence on what I am will to pay.

Everyone has it's own view and I agree, 10 or 20 $ is not a big difference for us in the western countries. But: Why should I pay more for a girl who already gets a lot of money in relation to the other people arround her (+ eating, + some clothes or so)?

IMHO its better to give some things to other people who are in need: some clothes to a family, eating to a poor person or financial support to students to buy a book. There are a lot of people in need, some of the ugly, who don't have the chance to get money by having fun with us. So help them instead. Don't give money, support them directly by giving them something to eat or a book, or a trouser ..... or even better: give them work by taking a Pousse-Pousse.

There are a lot of ways to help. Beside the many beautiful women there are other people, who can't attract our attention that much. Just look at them.

Vahaza Be
09-08-06, 17:14
I agree with most of what you say here. I usually take an extra duffle bag full of used and new clothes, and distribute them to people in need via local Malagasy friends. People are very appreciative. Yes, I also sometimes give tiny amounts of money to beggars, but there are some Malagasy who have become lazy and dependent on foreigners in this respect. The "4-Mi" is a term used to decribe the homeless people who inhabit the streets, especially in Tana. The gov't has offered to relocate them to plots of land to grow crops -- but many find it easier to beg than to work hard scratching a living out of the dirt. Sad but true. The level of poverty in Madagascar is staggering and depressing, and there are organizations one can contribute to if you really want to help.
The girls I pay to sleep with me EARN their money ;)

Vahaza Be
09-08-06, 18:22
A few more pics from earlier this year:
Sasa is from Morondava.
Nana is from Tana via Tulear.

09-08-06, 21:34
If I'm an "asshole" for paying ~$20 to beautiful women who satisfy me in every way possible, then let's just say that I'm a happy, content asshole. ;)Especially if you fuck without condom and proud of it.

Nothing more to say.

Vahaza Be
09-09-06, 13:23
Especially if you fuck without condom and proud of it.

Nothing more to say.
I've tried to be civil with you and make this exchange about information, different experiences, different perspectives and some fun pics that others appreciate based on some PMs I've received. You seem too stupid to appreciate that, so my gloves are off.
You are a pathetic, self-righteous, insecure, semi-literate, cheap little piece of shit (tay kely). Let's see your pics, you hypocritical prick.

09-12-06, 07:15
when i was in nosy bé riding a cab i stopped at ambatoloaka (not sure about spelling) to check out the beach for just 10 minutes. on returning to my all-day hired cab, i noticed a gorgeous young lady wearing a stylish hat was sitting in the back of my cab. who am i to kick her out so we went driving while i introduced myself. she told me that she was a local music producer. i was there on a cruise ship, so had to spend the night onboard but we dated the next morning back at the pier and i told her i would hire a speedboat to explore some of the outlying islands (nosy komba and tanikely).

next day, she was there waiting for me at the pier and we had a fantastic day which ended up in her room with all the expectations i had in mind. believe it or not, she requested to take her nude pictures which i did but i delete it afterwards much to my regret. she did'nt ask for a single ariary but i gave her some stuff which i brought from the ship (small soaps, shampoobottle, toothbrush and paste) ans seems very happy with it.

sorry guys, the pics are no nudes but i'm sure you enjoy this beauty.

she likes to stay in touch and received her email two days ago. i really wanna go back there next year. east africa (not just kenya) is fantastic !

Vahaza Be
09-13-06, 18:36
Asianatic -
Very pretty gal! Congrats and thanks for sharing.
Many gals are looking for a boyfriend and/or a husband. Promiscuity is the norm in my experience, even among married women. Freebies are everywhere if you take the time to look. Small gifts are always appreciated, whether pro or nonpro. It's just the Malagasy way.

Buko Max
09-14-06, 00:03
Asianatic -
Very pretty gal! Congrats and thanks for sharing.
Yes I concur. It is a pity that you deleted her nudes, oh well c'est la vie.

I was there on a cruise ship
Can I ask you on what cruise line did you sail and what is their home port?

Thanks in advance

09-14-06, 06:38
Yes I concur. It is a pity that you deleted her nudes, oh well c'est la vie.

Can I ask you on what cruise line did you sail and what is their home port?

Thanks in advanceI sailed on the MS Royal Star departing from Victoria in The Seychelles (stayed 4 nights in the Seychelles and had similar experience there as with the gal in Madasgascar despite negative reports in that thread from others - got pics from the Seychelloise ladies I met too).

The home port is Mombasa, but I flew from Mombasa to Victoria to board the ship, sailed to Nosy Bé - Madagascar, Mayotte - Comoros, Zanzibar and back to Mombasa. Great itinerary except from Mayotte. Planning to do different itinerary next year (Seychelles, Mauritius, La Reunion, Madagascar, Mombasa).

If you want to see lots of pictures of that trip, I got them on my personal website. PM me for the link if you're interested.

Combining this cruise with a land stay in Kenya is simply the best of both worlds (in my opinion).

Attached, a night out ! (Mombasa)

09-14-06, 11:19
I sailed on the MS Royal Star departing from Victoria in The Seychelles (stayed 4 nights in the Seychelles and had similar experience there as with the gal in Madasgascar despite negative reports in that thread from others - got pics from the Seychelloise ladies I met too).

The home port is Mombasa, but I flew from Mombasa to Victoria to board the ship, sailed to Nosy Bé - Madagascar, Mayotte - Comoros, Zanzibar and back to Mombasa. Great itinerary except from Mayotte. Planning to do different itinerary next year (Seychelles, Mauritius, La Reunion, Madagascar, Mombasa).

If you want to see lots of pictures of that trip, I got them on my personal website. PM me for the link if you're interested.

Combining this cruise with a land stay in Kenya is simply the best of both worlds (in my opinion).

Attached, a night out ! (Mombasa)

Sounds fantastic. I was in Mombasa last month. Can you post here or PM me the details of which cruise company you used and how much was the cost of the cruise please.



09-14-06, 16:07
Sounds fantastic. I was in Mombasa last month. Can you post here or PM me the details of which cruise company you used and how much was the cost of the cruise please.


BlastoffHi Blastoff,

During my stay in Africa, some things has been changed here on the forum and I am not able to read or send any PM's without having to pay for it.

Since this is the only forum as far as I know where I have to pay for a PM, I was'nt thinking to pay for that.

The real sad thing is that I neither can't receive any PM's and I am sure when posting my email adress here, it will deleted.

Well, vary smart move from admin I must say.

By the way, I think we were at the same time at the same place. Don't you remember that we have Pm'd before both our departure (from the Kenya forum) Maybe you got my email adress, so use that to contact me and I'll give you all the cruise details you want to know.

Take Care,


Vahaza Be
09-16-06, 18:36
morondava memories

09-18-06, 04:44
Still no condom. Especially in Morondava where the AIDS rate is very high.

I pray for you.

Vahaza Be
09-18-06, 13:38
EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

Member #3400
09-21-06, 07:45

Just back from a wonderful trip in Madagascar. With 500 photos and 3hr of broadcast quality video I will keep u busy for a long time. It will take a day for the first report.

Comments are very welcome.


09-21-06, 08:43

Just back from a wonderful trip in Madagascar. With 500 photos and 3hr of broadcast quality video I will keep u busy for a long time. It will take a day for the first report.

Comments are very welcome.


Hey Max !!

Welcome back !
Can't wait for your reports !
But have mercy on us ... not too many at once!

09-21-06, 09:48
Have mercy, that girl is awsome . Great reports thanks man

09-21-06, 10:26

Just back from a wonderful trip in Madagascar. With 500 photos and 3hr of broadcast quality video I will keep u busy for a long time. It will take a day for the first report.

Comments are very welcome.


Welcome back. Nice girl in the first pic, no one in the second. You must have fucked the air that day hahah.

Looking forward to your report.

09-21-06, 10:57
Welcome back Max , the first photo indicates that you had a really good time. The girl is a solid 9 in my book.

It would be really interesting to read your views not only on the last trip , but also on any comparisons with Kenya.

Vahaza Be
09-21-06, 13:12

Just back from a wonderful trip in Madagascar. With 500 photos and 3hr of broadcast quality video I will keep u busy for a long time. It will take a day for the first report.

Comments are very welcome.

Bring them on!!!!
Can't wait -- welcome back.

Member #3400
09-21-06, 14:25
quickly approaches the immigration at tana airport. two lines one for thus who came with a visa and the other who doesn't has it. surprisingly the line for thus who came without a visa was shorter and the cost was significantly lower. (less then 20us$).

negotiating with taxi driver i can do better then written a code in computer engineering. less the 10us$ to the city center. it was 18:00pm.

arriving to the comfortable moonlight hotel with a price tag of 12us$ a night. the bed's mattress looks hardened but perfect just as i like it to be. a few jokes with the security officer are always a must to prepare him for the night.

normally i am not one of the big supporters for the death penalty. but in the case of the band of "casino le glacier" i think they should get it. the place itself looks shabby full of pros. i didn't think that i am going to a concert in london but it wasn't my cup of tea at the time.

23:00 pm "le pandora" was started to fill up, i liked the place, bought a soda (3000 ariary which is 1.5us$) and wait. lots of girls arrived but 15 years of experience in africa told me that they were pros so i waited longer.

i saw a girl, looks non-pro/semi i hit her at the speed of a "great white", we dance/fucked on the dance floor with enough energy to enrich uranium for a small tactical bomb.

5 minutes to explain her that i am not after commercial sex. she say yes but you can never really know what woman means by saying yes. my french was ok.

the security officer was sleepy, didn't ask id. took a shower and gave her one of my gift. remember?

dilemma, sex or photos? i choosed the photos first and a bit of reading for some of the best book i had. great sex she has a turbo engine. bmw engineers needs to come from germany to tana to learn some physics.

5:00 am: i had a flight to catch my next destination was waiting for me. the girl was sleeping. bye-bye tana.

guys,let me know if u want to see more from that girl.


09-21-06, 15:25
Yes please post more. Especially the last photo from behind. Nice girl

John 3
09-21-06, 16:19
Guys,Let me know if u want to see more from that girl.

Max[/QUOTE]Yes, please, Efremof:)

And some other girls you scored and are willing to share with us too.

Mouth is dripping. :)

09-21-06, 16:27
Anymore photos of this "slim" girl? Just my type.


Just back from a wonderful trip in Madagascar. With 500 photos and 3hr of broadcast quality video I will keep u busy for a long time. It will take a day for the first report.

Comments are very welcome.


09-21-06, 21:51

Let me know if u want to see more from that girl.

MaxAre you kidding?

I want to see her without the present you gave her.


Member #3400
09-22-06, 12:53

slim and built up for speed.


Vahaza Be
09-22-06, 13:59

slim and built up for speed.

damn -- nice way to kick things off!
sorry you didn't like glacier, but you can't go too wrong with pandora!
makes me miss madagascar; thanks!
more more more, please.

Member #3400
09-23-06, 18:43
morondava is truly an amazing place. one of the remaining exciting places on this planet for the adventurous traveler. . morondava is a beach town with colorful market and a dirt road stretch parallel to the beach. much accommodation can be found build like a village with bungalows. to enter the bungalow you don’t have to pass trough the reception, so privacy is guaranteed.

morondava is the ultimate vacation spot because it combines various attractions and sight seeing in a single place. its better to add a few photos to better illustrates what i am talking about.

as in any other place in madagascar morondava has a huge population of children, adults are quite rare in morondava. the most amazing thing is the availability of the girls. you don’t have to go out or to do anything special to get them; the sightless look will do the job.

but nothing is perfect. since the population is based manly on children and youth, the [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901)'s are very eager to meet foreigners so many times i was avoiding proposals. they don’t carry an id's so i was simply judge by their appearance. the bottom line is that i was saying "no" to more then 50% of the girls i have met. just to be on the safe side.

i was traveling for more then 15 years on every corner of the globe. let me tell you one thing nowhere you can find more eager girls then in morondava. as far as the physical figure goes they have more african type then in tana but it's a mix blood.

the quantities of the girls is not very large but all of them are available.

les summarized what we have here:

1. large number of eager [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901)'s. (absolutely forbidden and i am strongly
not encouraging anything just indicate a fact).

2. girls are very available.

3. they fuck like a sex machine.

4. they don’t think too much. they are driven by instinct and money.
they never ask for money prior to the sex but always after. i
personally never pay anything just give them few of my gifts. one of
the reason is that morondava is not a commercial place yet but it will
be like that in a few years from now.

now for a few basic info.

1. accommodation cost from 7 to 30us$ depends if you want hot water
in the shower or not and the proximity of the bungalow from the beach.

2. return flight ticket from tana cost 440,000 ariary which is about
220us$. one way ticket is exactly half the price.

3. food range from 3000 to 7000 ariary depends where you eat.



Buko Max
09-23-06, 19:13

Yes I agree with Paulothai and Vahaza Be, great FR and stunning photos!!!

It is nice to see that your not as bashful as 99% of the ISG populace.

Thank you very much for sharing!!


Vahaza Be
09-23-06, 19:44
I think I recognize both of the girls!!!
Wonderful pics of a wonderful place with gorgeous women.

The last pic sure looks like Ehla (I posted her pic here I think). Wow. Great memories (not bad mammaries either! ;)). The first pic is a girl I met on the sandy street near my bungalo in the early evening. We made out and groped each other but no sex. Never asked her her name.

Baobob Alley. Hot, beautiful place.
Looks like you clicked with Morodava. Me too.
Keep the pics coming, puhleeeze.

Member #3400
09-24-06, 07:03

Don’t get me wrong, I love the cheetah type as well as the porn star tits.

But I wanted to try my 3CCD camera, (with the low light option) on a MTV model style.


Member #3400
09-24-06, 10:25

May not be slim as the cheetah but Morondava has still very fast runners.


La Isla
09-24-06, 14:44
Efremof. Excellent! I had to cancel my plans for Mada this year but its the first place I am going in early 2007.

Keep the reports and photos coming! How about some movies?

Member #3400
09-24-06, 16:49
Yes I finished editing my trip in a DVD format.

Two issues

1. Not much action it's more like country discovery.
2. Since I have a professional camera the file size is very large.

I could post some action at the beach if u like but its doesn't show node girls.
My friends were amazed by the video quality and its content.

Do u like that kind of photo from Morondava?

09-24-06, 19:06
Efremof, I summarize this post in one word: Excellent.

09-24-06, 22:40
Can all see your video, Efremos?

We hope that yes. We need of your amazing video, please!

09-24-06, 22:42
Excellent reports and photos. Thanks. Personnaly I enojoy not only photos of cheetah but all other similar "animals" (lol).

Can you please comment , how you compare Kenya with Madagascar ?

And are you goingto reveal a secret as to what size panties you by for the girls , they seem to fit very well ! (lol).

Xaam 1
09-25-06, 01:12

I said it before and I m going to say it again, YOU ARE THE MANN.

I can't wait to see those videos. THANKS BUDDY.

Yes I finished editing my trip in a DVD format.

Two issues

1. Not much action it's more like country discovery.

2. Since I have a professional camera the file size is very large.

I could post some action at the beach if u like but its doesn't show node girls.

My friends were amazed by the video quality and its content.

Do u like that kind of photo from Morondava?

Member #3400
09-25-06, 18:23

From the dark side of Pandora jungle, cheetah is back with her natural position.

Member #3400
09-25-06, 18:32
i Will post it on weekend. I have a lot to say about that.

Video will come soon.


Member #3400
09-25-06, 21:31
Jurassic park. Paradise for the adventurous traveler, diver and photographer.

They can shoot Tarzan or King Kong there.
My next report will cover the action.


09-25-06, 22:26
Jurassic park. Paradise for the adventurous traveler, diver and photographer.

They can shoot Tarzan or King Kong there.
My next report will cover the action.


Hey Max, I was enjoying you running report and pics but the white girl in the pic with you. Hmmmm. One man's food is an other man's poison lol.

Keep it coming.


Member #3400
09-26-06, 06:40
Sometimes I got tired from avoiding the money thing.

The white ladies feels lonely. Some bought me a drink and never ask money for sex. They love books Fluent in English and eager too.

Only one problem they probably Wouldn't like my gifts and the panties size dosent fit as well. LOL

Dont forget, I am your minister of tourism...........

09-26-06, 08:07
Sometimes I got tired from avoiding the money thing.

The white ladies feels lonely. Some bought me a drink and never ask money for sex. They love books Fluent in English and eager too.

Only one problem they probably Wouldn't like my gifts and the panties size dosent fit as well. LOL

Dont forget, I am your minister of tourism...........

Have you ever seriously thought of becoming a gigolo and getting the white women to pay you like they pay the black men there? You could show them a few of your bedroom tricks and make a fortune! Free holidays here you cum!

I won't forget Minister lol

Member #3400
09-26-06, 14:03
Yes, Africa is a sex destination for white ladies as well. (I am not sure about the payment). They pay for sure in Jamaica.

In Madagascar some real white travelers could be found but sex is not guarantied with them.

Now just to balance things, If you don’t pay nothing is sure especially for local girls. Many times in Tana I got back from the disco alone just because I didn’t want to pay.all my skill was useless But this is life isn’t it?

Morandava is much better and less commercial. l’île Sainte Marie is not a sex destination
most of the girls are not eager. So I had needed to improvise and work harder.

In Madagascar knowing your exact destination is critical. for me Tana was the
Worst and morondava the best. Each region was like a different world then the other . I will cover it in more detail later on.

Vahaza Be
09-26-06, 14:54
In Madagascar knowing your exact destination is critical.

Words to live by!
Also knowing and sticking by your own preferences helps. I expect to pay "something" for any girl I pick up for a one-night sexcapade in Madagascar (or anywhere else -- including Jamaica [yah mon]). Girlfriends in Madagascar are not really free either ;):eek:

Hey, free pussy is still pussy, even with average looking white women looking to get laid. She probably looked fine with the lights off :rolleyes:

Keep the stories and pics coming Max!

Vahaza Be
09-26-06, 15:35
Here's 2 more I saw last January.
The first one is a Chinese-Malagay "metisse" I met at the outdoor cafe/bar called Le Buffet au Jardin not far from the Hotel Colbert. 22 years old, incredibly petite and sweet. Sadly, she was really looking for a husband, but I treated her well. I later bumped into her at Glacier one night. For such a large city, Tana at night can sometimes feel more like a small town!

Warning -- the second one is messy! From Tamatave.

Screwed Up
09-26-06, 16:11
...Now just to balance things, If you don’t pay nothing is sure especially for local girls. Many times in Tana I got back from the disco alone just because I didn’t want to pay.all my skill was useless But this is life isn’t it?...
Anywhere in Africa me and my travel buddy use pretty much the same tactic. We pick up the chicks, don't talk about money and in the morning we give them anywhere between 8-12 USD depending on what the local currency is. And that's for a whole nighter.
95% of the time no complaints at all.
You always give the girl free underwear and a meal in the morning, right?
Isn't that more expensive?
I'm pretty much a guy hunting for the freebies too, but the poverty in Africa as opposed to Latin America and Asia is insane, so I rather pay them at least something.
2 weeks ago we picked up these 2 chicks really fast in Glacier after just a 5 min. chat. We wanted to bang them real quick 1 hr and then head to Pandora. As things went fast fast I decided to negotiate money up front, my buddy didn't. I told her I would give her 10,000 Ariary, which is less than 6 USD for a full hour. Although she said it wasn't much it didn't affect her performance at all and she was all smiles the whole time. Afterall, locals pay for pussy too and that's prolly what they pay. My buddy didn't negotiate anything and his chick was satisfied with the 10,000.
They even used their own money to bribe the door guy for not having their ID's on them (500 Ariary, I think).
Isn't underwear and/or food more costly?

Can't wait to read your comparisons of the different regions between Madagascar. We only stayed in Tana.

Member #3400
09-26-06, 18:36

One of our senior member believes innocently that he have meet a girl named "Ehla" in Morondava.

But he is wrong. He had a rare chance to meet God itself.


Vahaza Be
09-26-06, 22:22
Praise the Lord!

Vahaza Be
09-27-06, 00:52

09-27-06, 12:50

Your "landscape" photos are excellent. The place looks like a tropical paradise. Was the temperature and humidity high at this time of the year?

Vahaza Be
09-27-06, 15:30
Is HIV much of a problem there?
According to USAIDs data, it's present across the Island, but still in relatively low frequencies (~1% in high risk groups) -- especially in comparison to mainland Africa. Other STDs are VERY common, however.

Member #3400
09-27-06, 18:01
It was nice and dry..................
Well not so dry, at least a german and two locals.

Why Blastoff is in silence?

09-27-06, 21:23
Dear Max,

I am checking your post daily and am appreciating your report a lot. I have no questions since the last question I posted here, which you answered. It's nice to be missed and to be noticed lol.

Thanks Max keep up the good work.

Member #3400
09-28-06, 12:06

Some people like to describe places as paradise, turquoise water, coconuts trees and eager girls but in reality no place are perfect and you need to define exactly what you are looking for in a country.

Madagascar is not a classical sex destination as much as Formula-1 car can not be Consider as family car. Yes, it can take your children to school but it not built for that.

For thus who want to come only for the girls my recommendation is that it’s not so good idea. Let’s explain the reasons.

• Flight tickets are very expensive including domestic. (every domestic return ticket is 220US$. Distances are too large and slow for a land transport.
• Girls are eager only in very specific cities/Regions.
• Most of the girls look like Asian Peru/Bolivia. (Do u like it?)
• Large overhead of planning. (hotel and flights availability)
• Traveling in Madagascar is a time consuming.
• Knowing French is critical
• Most of the girls are teens. (not large selection of adults)
• Sex is mainly for economical reasons. For GFE you need both luck and time. It’s not as easy as in Kenya.

If you are looking for Pro girl and you are not an eco –tourist or adventurous traveler you are wasting your time because in Cuba/Dominican republic/Uganda/Kenya most of the girls looks better and available in a larger quantities. (Flights are cheaper).Madagascar is a bridge between Africa and Asia so for the first African experience Kenya should be you’re first choice for sure.

But for thus guys who already traveled around the world, have money and time to travel, speak some French and love ecotourism then Madagascar will be a life-time experience. One of thus Guys is Max. (but I am poor)

This is my last report so I hope I was contributing my share to this wonderful forum. See you in my next trip.