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05-18-02, 03:53
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06-03-02, 10:11
Hi Fellows to let u on the Scene in Dubai:

A very happening Place. Lot of Variety, all of Ex Soviet Countries, Russia, Moldovia, Ukraine, All Lots of Aaaaafrica, Morocco, Tunisia then also a handful French, British & Germans( Thru contacts) etc. Lot of SE Asia principally Phillipines and China

Lebanese and other middle eastern also available Good ones to select few thru networking and contacts and the bad ones every where.

Now where is the Action.

Cyclone- The best pick up place lot of variety mostly dominated by White girls from ex soviet countries ocassional european visitors. But some great stuff at times
Break up 2-3 Nines
3-4 Eights
Many 7s

Arif Castle a lil low budget hardly 8 or 9s but lot of 7s very mixed choices covering whites blacks and chinese

Its every where all nite clubs are pick up places. Get the magazine Whats on it tells you about all clubs now remember UAE technically its illegal and they are not very vocal about it so the magazine simply says so and so club popular with Single men - so thats the one for you to go.

06-03-02, 20:45
Any problems with the hotels at the moment ?

There was some difficulty there a few months ago - please do not post names of hotels, as that almost certainly will spell the end of them - a simple "Problem" or "Mafish Mushkula" will suffice ....



06-21-02, 18:07
I've seen a couple of Indian and Turkish girls at the Premeire. It opens at 10:30pm

The rest are all mainly from Russia. Couple of Chinese as well. Asking price is generally steep initally but as u near closing time, it's bargains galore!!!! This is the same in cyclone. The drinks are more expensive at Cyclone which is why i prefer to hang out at the Premiere.

Typically they ask for US$200 or above. I've been asked for US$300 before!!! But I reckon they'll settle for US$100-150 (400-500 dirhams) for an all nighter or between 200-300 dirhams for a quickie. I've paid 300 dirhams for an all nighter before and 200 was the lowest I've got for a quickie. So it all really depends on how much the girl likes u or how desperate she is!

Hope this helps. Enjoy!

Joe Banana
07-02-02, 13:52
Half the fun is in looking around, I wouldn't want some girl to turn up without seeing and talking to her first.
Cyclone the best for me but also like Imperial Suites and never pay more than 250 Ds, have got 200 for all night and keep trying for 150 but haven't got away with it yet. Was offered 150 by one girl but didn't like the look of her. Best time is just before closing (3am), they are a commodity that will soon be time expired so are much more willing to bargain. Don't feel mean about it, they are selling and you buying, do the same as in any other market. If you tip taxi fare at the end they are more than happy. Always remember what a lot of money it is where they come from. Also the more respect you show then the better they will perform and the more you will get out of it.

07-02-02, 20:13

I echo ozziebushman's note that Turkish girls are available. On a previous trip to Dubai I noticed a small group (with madam)in the Cyclone. Very limited English though.

This trip, did the rounds. Started at Garage (only cos I hadn't been there before). Empty until midnight. Picked up a very tasty Eritrean with a gorgeous body. 400 dhs.

Quick note. If going to Dubai DO NOT stay at the Seashell Inn. They have a strong policy of not letting girls into rooms. If you check in with a girl and leave her passport, that is a different matter. Otherwise. No Go.

Cruised by the Arif Castle, still a dive. Not much interesting action. Lots of girls, mainly African. Popped into the York. Very large bar, packed. Full of talent. Take your pick. Quality . . . . average.

Imperial Suites is still going strong. The bar has changed its name from the Zodiac to Stayin Alive. Good choice of African, Russian and Chinese talent. Had a 'short-time' Chinese takeaway, 250 Dhs. Watch out for pick-pockets in the Imperial. My wallet got lifted. All cash removed except taxi money and dumped on the floor. I got the wallet back. They were not into credit cards.

Ran out of time before I could check out any others. Still lots out there. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

Good hunting

07-06-02, 16:30
Garage Club is in Ramee International Hotel, Diera, very close to Nasser Square. Any taxi driver should know. No experience myself, prefer Cyclone. Was in Arif Castle Bourbon Street - couple of passable Chinese, but Africans very annoying - did not take "Sorry, not interested, you're wasting your time" seriously. My experience with York is very crowded, some talent, but tough as gets lost in all the chaff. Problem with not having a cover charge.
Met a couple of Turks in Imperial Suites, but all I got was a quick "You want take me tonight"; when I didn't immediately jump, they moved on. Looked like a group with madame. Always the Chinese and Russians. Couple of good lookers but did not get the nationalities before they were swarmed.
Like I say, prefer Cyclone; the cover charge (75 dirhams Thursday, 50 every other night) keeps the riffraf out. Without too much bargaining, 400-500 for all night; 300-400 short time. Watch out for Chinese - they might say all night, but be cautious if ask for money up front. Once you've paid and the deed(s) done, then it's "bed too small, room to cold, have english class early..." My advice, make it known money will be paid afterward.

07-06-02, 17:21
for the Garage location.

Excellent advice - applicable to anywhere where the Chinese are operating (I'm sure it applies to other nationalities as well) - I got caught on the 'English Class' in Singapore last year (amongst other things).

Any place where Fillipinos may be found ??

Thanks to all


07-07-02, 15:28
I'm sure the language game is played with skill; once took 2 chinese from cyclone after was assured it was "2 girl same price 1 girl" which I translated as 2 for 1. But after we left, it was money up front, then, "no, 2 x 1 = 2; more money". My advice, start getting dressed and see what happens; wish I had taken my own advice; to top it all off, they were distinctly unattractive; what could I have been thinking.

07-07-02, 16:03
Last Post on this subject....

I had a Vietnamese Lady one morning at about 03:15 - give me 'I go now' - despite having agreed for a fully night.

Having had English Lessons, as an excuse the day before - I was stunned when she said ' My flight leaves at 06:00' - and promptly produced her air ticket !!

I'm sure you could fill a Web Site with excuses

Any places for Filipinas by the way chaps ?


07-07-02, 17:23
Originally posted by SandDweller
Last Post on this subject....
I had a Vietnamese Lady one morning at about 03:15 - give me 'I go now' - despite having agreed for a fully night.
I'm sure you could fill a Web Site with excuses
iIt's always best to get it up front how long they are going to stay, how much you get to screw 'em, etc.. etc.. I've heard all the excuses too... you fuck me too hard, must go home. .. I must go home now bacuse baby sitter wants too much money to stay more... must go home now or my psychopath husband kill me and you because i call him on cell phone while I was in bathroom to tell him where I was now he real mad....etc., etc., etc.,
Good luck with your future long-time activity

07-11-02, 14:26
Will second the advice from By Email: stopped by Imperial Suites Staying Alive; almost got pickpocketed. Found out that someone had managed to unzip my belt pouch; luckily, I moved or they did before anything got lifted. It only takes a second's lapse of awareness.

07-15-02, 03:50
Re: The Garage

It's at the Ramee International Hotel, Deira. All the taxi drivers know where it is. It was one of the first 'spots' in Dubai. Watch out for 'taxi money' from the girls. I find this is acceptable if they are at your hotel room the following morning, but I balk when I'm asked for it at their abode after a 'short time'. Personal favourite in Dubai has got to be the Premier in the Hyatt. Check out the Time Out Dubai for full listing of bars. If they say 'excetpionally friendly female clientel' you're probably on to a good thing.

07-19-02, 14:27
Anyone have tips on which hotel to stay at during my trip? Is it better to get a hotel which is close to the action or slightly far for peace and quite purposes.

I am looking for $50-60 or 150-220 AED per night hotel 3/4/5 star

Any hotel have good summer deals?

Here is what I have found on the web:
Imperial Suites
Lords Hotel
California Inn
Comfort Inn

Is it advisable to take the girls at the same place you have checked in or should they be taken to a short time place?

Pls reply soon guys... or email me at mishal@lycos.com

07-22-02, 05:13
What is the dress code at Cyclone and similar clubs? Can I get away with just khaki slacks and a polo shirt? Asking because I'll be in Dubai for a few days but I'm traveling very light and can't really bring a suit with me...

07-22-02, 14:39
BigBob: Biggest no-no is sandals; hard shoes or sport shoes much better option when going out. Cyclone is fine with shirt/jeans. Imperial Suites, Arif castle same - any kind of shirt and even levis. More difficult for non-westerners. Sure fancy hotel clubs more strict with dress code.

07-22-02, 15:09
Indian ladies - you can see good action in following Indian nightclubs

Presidents hotel
Regent Place
Rush Inn

If you have luck in picking them, pls share details. You will be rewarded well.

08-06-02, 23:19
Arifcastle can be good, and can be a horror as well. As others said in particular often the African girls don´t stop hanging around you, even when you told them you are not interested. However, you can have some good luck as well and meet some very exciting girls. Cyclone is the best club. There is the high entrance fee, but most of the girls are very cute. When you like Russians, it is wonderful place where you should not spend too much time but become active.

08-07-02, 16:31
Here is my Dubai experience:

Close to Le Meridian Hotel, you go to the Jules Bar. After 10 pm a lot of Russian/Ukraine girls. I also met one from Tanzania. Some very nice. Rates from 100 to 250 USD in your room, for a classical suck and fuck with rubber. Most fun with one which was not a beauty, but stayed longer (we did twice) and very good at BJ. The prettiest tend to run away as soon as they can.. and steal your minibar drinks.


Joe Banana
08-08-02, 08:29
Please do not pay this much, it raises their expectations of what is the going rate. The reason they run off is to get back to the bar to find another punter.

08-13-02, 10:24

i'm a regular traveller and use to stop over in DUBAI.

mY FIRST EXPERIENCE was on Astoria Hotel, good place, friendly people quality of girls reasonable most of russians also some african girls and few chinese.
I take a girl for full night in my room (the hotel is regular but has no wimming poll) it's a european 3 stars, i pay 120 euros and was very good.

The best till now was the RUMOURS at Ramada Hotel, very nice and confortable hotel.
In first i want here let some advices...
as is regular new arrivals of girls the secret consists in disacovering a girl who's freshly arrived.
because if you know how... you can have a very good moments..
i was with a kazakh girl and she stay with me 2 days. Of course i negociate a pack :
-she stay in Hotel with me, i pay meals , i buy she some hygienicals products and give she 140 euros. was unforgetable......
coming back to Rumours very good place, with russians, egyptians , filipinos and chinese girls....
next week i try the Hyatt and let you knowwwww.........

09-14-02, 16:34
Hi folks. I'm just back to the UAE after more than a year's absence. My first stop yesterday was Abu Dhabi. About the only action there is at the disco at the Meridien Hotel. I went there on a Friday night (their weekend), but it was kind of quiet--even after 11 PM. All the girls were either Chinese or Russian. In a first for me (I don't think I'm that ugly) I walked right up to a cute, young Russian, introduced myself, and was completely blown off! Fortunately I then hooked up with a 25 year old Chinese going by the name of Lisa. She had a pretty face and hair, but her figure was so-so. Probably only a 5 or 6 overall. She was happy to go back to my hotel, all night, for 300 UAE dirhams (about USD 83). I was staying at the Intercontinental, which is a great place and had no problem whatsoever bringing her up. We talked for a little while, then started getting down to business. First a shower together with a good mutual soaping followed by straight to bed. Just about anything was OK with her--french kissing, BBBJ, oral on her, multiple positions. I came 3 separate times. (Not bad after 13 hours of flying from New York!) She gave a great massage, too, which really relaxed me. I then ended up sending her home since I had business meetings starting early Saturday morning. Now I'm in Dubai so I promise an update on the Cyclone. I expect a much better selection, and possibly a twosome.

09-15-02, 11:51
Go to Hayat in Dubai or Cyclone if you are looking for a quality.

09-15-02, 12:31
Great to see the forum up again. I was in St. George hotel (Deira) in the Iranian night club last week. Entry was Dhs.100/-

Good disco to dance with girls. The rate was Dhs.700/- for all night. Took one uzbek girl. Had a great time. You can even take a room there itself.

They also have an Arabic night club with belly dancer. Not sure if we can pick up anyone there.

anyone had an experience to pick a belly dancer ? It will be nice to know. and what is the going rate ?

09-15-02, 17:48
ok lets see here i got in to dubal at 8pm on the 22aug and when
to the Astoria Hotel to eat at TGIT and saw alot of ladys form russia. a lot 5 and 6 some 7s a few african girls and few chinese. Next stop Imperial Suites HOT lot of 7 and 8s about
30 to 40 women ask some from 300dhs to 600dhs all race here but many of them russia. Arif Castle more african women
some 5 and 6s a few 8s. a lot of folks were talking about the york but i was bush so i got room for the night.
next day after work hook up with this hot russia women at the
astoria she was a 7 in looks 7in the wildthing good time cost
3hour 200dhs.next i hookup with a hot hot russia female she was a 9 about 5'9 dark black hair 22 or 23 nice butt. net her in TGIT at the astoria we walk to her place less than 3 min away
i was with her 5 hrs 300dhs some of the best sex in MY LIFE
and i been all over the world. BBBJ, in the 69 had me calling my own name. lots of positions fun fun fun. after that i thank her very much she give me her number her name leila.
oh sorry about the york go there at has more women there about 75 to 80 and it run by the guy who use to manage the
Imperial Suites.

09-17-02, 11:31
After my night in Abu Dhabi I moved to Dubai, but only for one day. It was a Saturday and I headed over to the Cyclone about 11 PM (any taxi driver can take you there). The entrance fee for men is 50 dirhams (around USD13). The place was fairly well stocked with women--Chinese, Russian, and other former Soviet republics. The Chinese are rather aggressive. All you have to do is make eye contact and they will approach you and start talking. The Russian women were not aggressive. In general the quality was so-so, more on the 5/6/7 level. I did not see any 9s or 10s of any race. I ended up approaching two cute and obviously young Chinese at one of the bars. They were very friendly and spoke passable English. We eventually decided that both would come back to my hotel. The original asking price was 500 Dirhams apiece, but we ended up at USD100 each plus a few bucks for the return taxi. I did not want them all night, just for a few hours. I was staying at the Dubai Intercontinental and had no problem bringing them up except for a dirty look from Security. It didn't take long to get them undressed and sucking on my dick. But what proved to be a real downer was the excessive chatter between them in Chinese. As I was taking the first one in the missonary position I enjoyed that the other was playing with my balls and rubbing her pussy against my ass. This happened again as I did the second girl doggie style. In retrospect I would say to stick to only one girl and go for a Russian over Chinese.

09-24-02, 11:28
Finaly I made it to Dubai last Thursday, I went to the city centre hotel, where I had my booking by the company, nice hotel, 5 star, but no action, its linked to the shopping mall where huge crowd of people kept wondering arround till midnight. I've toured the hotel and the mall without making anything out of it, except ignoring the possibility of taking a company to my room, due to the guards. I decided to go to bed after watching TV, nothing much for 1st. day.
2nd day was friday, I've decided to take advantage of friend's advice that I got from this board, I started calling Liela in the mourning being excited about her from the report, she answered the phone only at about 5:00pm, where I introduced my self to her, she was nice, didn't want to know more, she asked if I have a flat, she didn't like the city centre hotel, so I decided to book room in her hotel and call her to spend some time together, why not spending extra money for peace of mind. I went to Astoria hotel, checked in, called her room, another girl answered with loasy English that liela is out. I was mad, I called liela, she answered she thought I was not serious, she apologized nicely that she can't make it back to the hotel, she told me to call back her roommate and ask her to join me instead, I didn't like it first, but I called Natasha "the roommate", I gave her my room number and she said she's comming, I waited for 45 minutes, called her five times, till she showed up at the door, she worthed every single minute I waited for her, she's tall not so slim, great body in tight jeans, great figure, nice blond hair, 9/10 in general. The english was bad, but we managed, refused to BJ & Anal, she was OK with everything else, I did her twice changed position several times, she were adourable. I paid her US$ 200 without asking her, she looked OK and I was satisfied. I decided to leave the hotel later, city centre was better for sleep.
I'm becomming famillier with dubai now, I made it to the cyclone and premeir, started collecting telephone numbers and calling back for arrangement, I may move to furnished appartment to take advantage of may last 10 days in Dubai, I have some contacts, if any body has contacts to exchange, let me know.

09-25-02, 12:55
This link can give some good idea about the night life and direction to various hotels and bars in Dubai. Have a good time.


09-27-02, 14:17
SamJose: very expensive; you're spoiling them. Going rate should be 200-300 aed for short time (couple of hours, couple of shots), 400-500 all night; 500 being very generous. For top class, best selection, Cyclone. 50 aed admission except Thurs when it's 75 aed. Asking price there is 700 aed; just laugh, and the price quickly drops to 500 long time. Then start bargaining.
Prices are all on a bell curve - early evening, can get lower as they figure they can do short time, then go back for another customer. From 11-1:30, top price. Past 2, prices start to drop as bars close at 3, so something better than nothing.
Or try Imperial Suites, Bur Durbai - as you face the hotel, it's the wood door on your left; to the right is another bar and mexican resteraunt. You'll see all the girls going in. If you're western, no fee to get in. Have to look, but can find some nice ones there. Lot of Chinese, same as Cyclone. York also ok.

09-28-02, 05:08
I was in Dubai last week for a concert and dropped into the Premier at the Hyatt. Firstly, since I was there earlier this year they've upped the door price from 50 aed to 70 aed. Not a good sign. Inside a good selection of 'business ladies' (as quoted by one of their own). Virtually all Russian, very few other nataionalities, no African or Chinese. Picked up a slim cute blonde called Natasha. Cost me 550 aed all night (a little pricy I know, I'll haggle more next time. I laughed when she started at 1,000 aed). Lovely body and quite enthusiastic. Did it twice before leaving at around 7:30am. Next time I'll check out the York in more detail.
Viva Dubai.

Joe Banana
10-04-02, 23:36
Expatcat, they are all called Natasha!

10-21-02, 04:54
Ramadan is coming up on the 6th of November. What restrictions are imposed on the club/ punter scene during the holy month ?
Do the clubs shut down ? Is music allowed ? Are the hours restricted for opening ? What is the situation ?

Joe Banana
10-21-02, 14:54
Hadn't realised it was that soon. Still open but music not allowed although some places play MTV on the box. Bottled beer seems OK but not draught, lights on higher than usual. I got the impression of being much more the hunted by the *****s last year, wandering around a cattle market. Not pleasant, at least they don't ruin christmas this year.

Eric Emp
10-25-02, 04:26
I am quite familier with the GArage & Cyclone seean... All the infor mation is correct.

Also suggest not to give more tha UAD 500 for the night.

What I am looking for is the information about where can I get Indian or Filpino ladies .. Does any one have any contact which I can use .

10-25-02, 11:44
Eric I think you'd be short on luck here.... almost all posters here prefer east euro or white skin ladies..... not that I think this is wrong... but something that I have noticed... the archives are old info now ... I have yet to see a detailed post on Indian, Pakistani, or Filipino ladies :(

11-09-02, 12:32
Action is more subdued during Ramadan, but still there. Bars open, no music, but still serving alcohol (might even be a bit nicer in one regards - now you can carry on a conversation without yelling). Less street action (e.g. the parking lot across from the Ramada has a number of Chinese looking to make an early connection before they hit the bars, say starting from 8pm). While there used to be 20-25 walking between Ramada, this lot, and Imperial Suites before Ramadan, now there are maybe 10. Guess most don't want to put up with the harassment from all the locals milling around. But York bar and Imperial Suites still have plenty of action; would assume Cyclone does too. Have heard that Arif Castle was shut down awhile back, but don't know for sure.

11-13-02, 12:53
Don't know about hotels. In the worst case, the girl will take you back to her place. There used to be (18 months ago) some cheap (140 dirham) hotels that were, in effect, short time hotels in Bur Dubai. Girls knew where they were. But for other hotels, don't know (Carlton Towers not guest friendly).

11-21-02, 17:14
I spent a month or so either side of Ramadan in Dubai and to be honest other than the clubs being closed there was no real difference. In fact the hotel bars had a few more "workers" than usual with the usual haunts being closed. As far as taking girls to your room, I have had no trouble at any of the major hotels that I have tried (Hyatt, Crown, Ramada) Most of the better girls tend to dress in a non - hooker way and would pass as girl friends, although no doubt the door staff know th score.

11-25-02, 07:56
My experiences in Summer:

My favourites clubs was York, and Arif-Castle, because they are not only discotheque, but they have also great live-Bands too .
In York you have mostly Chinese girls and some Turkish, and Russian.

In Arif Castle mostly are African or Chinese.

Cyclone is just a very big discotheque I did not like it to much, but I spent a great night with a Russian girl, which I met there.

Ramada has almost Russian and Chinese girls, but I found a Turkish girl, which I spend the night.

In Hiat I was only once. There are mostly Russian girls they start with 1000 DHS and go down to 700 DHS. (1€ = 3,60 DHS). So I decided to go back to my favourite club York, where I had the best commercial SEX in my live. I always paid only approximately 300 DHS for Chinese and 400 DHS for Turkish or Russian girls always fore the whole night

11-26-02, 17:11
I use to stay at Le Meridian close to the airport. Nice place, swimming pool, but rather expensive.
There is a place "Jules Bar" with live music and many girls, variable quality, mostly russian and nearby countries.
Prices 6 months ago were 400 Dhr up. You need to negotiate.
Very busy during the weekend.

12-03-02, 13:04
Hi all just had 4 nights in Dubai Wed-Sun here is what’s happening during Ramadan arrived on Wednesday at around 20:00hrs straight to Ramada Continental hotel in Diera I was hoping to stay at the Ramada in Bur Dubai where most of the action is but travel agent fucked up however Hotel has an excellent guest policy no problems and if you are a little bit shy just go to the 2nd floor bar and get in the lift to your room from there, rooms are spacious and well equipped and for £30 a night more spending money in the bars.
After checking in and showering etc hit Cyclone at around 23:00hrs no music but bars open till 01:30hrs and heaving with pussy but not crowded 40% Chinese 40% Eastern block and the rest mixed Kyrgistan, European, Lebanese etc the ratio must have been about 10:1 women to men not joking 50 DHS entrance fee (women pay 35).
After talking with maybe 20-30 good looking birds decided on a Chinese take away, the Chinese always approach you first with no encouragement needed, the Russians will only approach you after making eye contact agreed a price of 500DHS which I know now to be too high but she was a stunner and I had been drinking a lot so I was half pissed and the exchange rate decreases with alcohol, she kept whispering I give good massage and good sex I make you very happy all the usual shit anyway I was sold. Got back to hotel with some fondling in the back seat of the Taxi encouraged by the Indian taxi driver, upto my room and kit off straight away, her body was good but either her legs were too short or her arse was to low Chinese bodies always seem not quite the right shape to me a good night was had but nothing special a little sucking then straight fucking, she left at 9:00hrs in the morning started work in a supermarket at 10:00hrs.
Thursday night I decided to try the York international hotel and be a little more selective in my choice of companion I wanted a small lady who would probably have a tight **** and preferably not Chinese, the York was really busy in fact too many people very crowded very smoky and the ratio was about 2:1 W-M, Chinese in the main followed by African very few Russians but a few Romanians and Bulgarians. Got hassled from the Chinese and Africans constantly but it was Thursday night which is always busy Cyclone on Thursday is 75DHS entrance fee because of this reason, spotted this tiny 23 year old girl from Kyrgistan I know she was Chinese looking but she was the right shape no low arse a quick smile and she was over, usual repertoire I make you very happy, I want you tonight, I like Englishman etc agreed on a price of 300DHs and feel I could have got away with less but she was happy and so was I with a 200DHS saving over the night before. Back to the hotel and a goodnight was had very very tight I do believe I hurt her but she didn’t want me to stop, would I have done anyway? She left 10:30 in the morning and gave me her Mobile number insisting I call her later.
Friday night decided to check out Hyatt Regency but got there and found out it is closed for all Ramadan, past by the Arif castle hotel which looks like it has closed permanently nobody seems to know why Taxi to Imperial Suites hotel The bar is called stayin alive.
Inside lots of Africans and bargain basement stuff quality lower than other venues but ratio good probably 4:1 decided to walk around corner back to previous nights venue the York. Tonight it wasn’t as crowded and ratio had improved from 2:1 to 4:1 same as stayin alive a lot of the girls migrate between the 2 bars during the evening, I didn’t really have any idea of what I was looking for tonight so just see what happens. Kept telling everyone I wasn’t interested as I was in no hurry at all and it was fairly early 23:30 started talking with another Chinese bird who wasn’t one of the best looking Chinese but had something different and was more my age and had a very nice manner, when I mentioned money and asked how much she said up to me if I don’t want to give her anything no problem but I suspect otherwise. I found out later that I had hit the jackpot she was excellent in bed very gentle and caring and really did try to make me happy (are Geishas from Japan) she stayed till about 11:00 and gave me her Mobile number I gave her 300DHS which was the same as the night before but an even more enjoyable experience. I decided to call her about 17:30 on Sat evening and she was round at 18:10 looking better than the night before her hair was different she thought I might prefer it better. Out for a dinner I let her decide where, she said if I wanted Chinese food she could take me to a good restaurant OK no problem away we went the food was very good and reasonably priced special Chinese tea (red wine in a teapot) a great girlfriend experience was had. My recommendation is if you are in Dubai for only 1 night go to Cyclone choice is the best and less hassle than most places if you are in Dubai for a few days try the York or Imperial suites .

12-16-02, 00:45
Hola Viva, quality is excellent Cyclone has the edge over the others their door policy only allows regulars and very good looking girls entry. Ages range from 18 upto 40 but in the main they are 23-30 years of age don't pay more than 500aed for anybody 300 is a good price.

12-16-02, 05:14
Originally posted by eel
I would like to enjoy Arab women in Dubai.
Where can I find or meet them? What is the appropriate rate ?

Waiting for reply.

You can find some local woman in the malls but very rare and they usually only will go if they come to know you! You can try the malls like City Centre in Dubai but you have to be extremely careful as there are sometimes more under cover people than customers in these places (I am sure this is a an extreme case situation). I know you can get lucky with some local action if u have some other local guys to hang out with which again is very difficult unless you goto these Sheeza places (I am not if the spelling is right) where they smoke these pipes if you can get firendly with some people there then u can get some action.

Other options are of course if you can get some local pimp but they only will speak arabic so language is a problem.

One other option of course is to try for Lebanese woman as I found them to be more attractive and good in bed.

But your best bet is the malls and the fact they will be covering their face doesnot help in the process at all. I was lucky once when I was in an elevator and started a conversation and end up u know where!
Good luck but be very careful.

12-17-02, 13:11
Originally posted by eel

Thank you for your tips.
I will try to find some women at the mall.

I am wondering if there is some bar (like Cyclone) where Arab women come.

I am pretty sure even if they did they are not going to say they are from local community they may pretend to be some others. But the younger generation now dress like europeans and will be hard to find them to be different. Most them study in UK, USA...But I doubt you will find any working girls from the local community.....unless they are looking for some one to have some fun as the women population is much larger than men in the local community.

12-25-02, 04:56
Originally posted by boofer
Is it possible to take the girls to their apartments? Is it a wise thing to do?
Please advise

You can do, but it will most likely be short time as just about all have roommates (some a couple, some up to 10, sleeping in bunk beds[Chinese]). Higher class as found in Cyclone likely will do; as you move down scale, to York and Imperial, they tend to have more roommates. Sometimes (happened to me once), run into harassment from locals; they following you, asking "What you do? Where you go?". Not pleasant at the time, but rather funny later, watching the girl chase them down the stairs, threatening to call police. But all in all, no problem; just make sure if you want long time, you really can get long time.

12-25-02, 06:20
Originally posted by boofer
Is it possible to take the girls to their apartments? Is it a wise thing to do?
Please advise

Most of these girls now stay in Ajman on my last trip i stayed with one girl the day we decided to pick some stuff for her and went with her and it was a place called Ajman and it is about 30-45 mins drive from dubai and she said most of her friends all lived there.She had her own apparment and was very clean and almost 5* quality. She also said this is mostly where they hang out in the day time as the beaches are more free than in dubai.

I felt it would have been pretty safe if I had to stay there and she had no room mates.

12-25-02, 07:11
Originally posted by boofer
Is it possible to take the girls to their apartments?

To echo Ray007, yes, you can go to their apartments, usually for short time. I tried it when I made the mistake of checking into the Sea Shell (very bad policy to women, won't be there again) and had no choice. One was fine, had her own apartment in Dubai, didn't share and had a good time. Went back to the bar afterwards, though a little too shagged and not inclined to pick up another. Got some odd looks from some of the other girls. 'Where's your girfriend' type of talk, so I moved to York bar and had fun just watching for an hour. The second was just around the corner from Arif Castle and had a room mate and a male friend watching TV ! No second room, just a curtain in a small and rather grotty flat. Very offputting. Still, one lives and learns. Ramada Continental were much more understanding next time I was in town. Seasons greetings and good punting in 2003.

01-01-03, 17:56
I finally made to Dubai after getting stuck in Baharain for longer than expected and here is my experience in Dubai!

Called this madame who supplies escorts - Not bad but the quality was a bit lower than my expectations. I would say 6&7 in my scale of 1-10.

Ended up having 3 east european showing up in my room and i was asked to pick my selection- Decided on a Young Kazakstan girl not much experience at all in the business i think but behaved like girl friend. Nice body and very young.

Had help from the vallet parking guys in the hotel and got the best gril i have found as an escort her name was Ling. She was 20 and beautiful n eventhough chinese her body shape was different she was extremely good looking. Spent the rest of the stay with her. Had a good time. Well she took me some places on Riqqa street and the girls there are really good. One name I remeber is Irish pub and the other remember Imperial hotel and a restaurant there n there was plenty of good looking girls.

Happy hunting and please post your expriences!


01-01-03, 20:35
Hi all, forgot to mention in my last visit to Dubai was advised by a taxi driver to go to the Rotana towers on Sheik Zayed road near Crowne Plaza. it is a reasonable bar but full of Yuppies and NO women worth a trip out of town for, don't make same mistake as me stick to the Bur Dubai area.

01-04-03, 21:52
For 9's, stick to Cyclone but will cost a 1000 R. For young and semi pro Jules Bar in Le Meridien Dubai by th airport has abundance of them and they are wonderful, cost 400 R.

Dubai is great.

01-11-03, 16:15
Just spent another a day in Dubai and and a day in Abu Dhabi. I am getting to like these places. First day in Abu Dhabi so tried the Sands hotel for a massage thinking that there no other action there but was surprised to hear everything is available! Plenty of action at the bar in the hotel on Hamdan Street. Sorry forget the hotels name but it was near a shopping centre and u cant miss when u enter that street. There was also a chinesse restaurant there. I think it is a novotel.

Girls are mostly Chinesse and Russiand and Ukrainians. PLenty of street action as well near the same places.

Went to a place called Habara House on Old Airport Road it is an appartment type of hotel and they supply the girls. I only found out about this place at the end of the night as I was leaving to Dubai. I will check this place out next time I am there! I remember someone looking for local action and I was told that they also supply locals but very pricy (5000Dhs and up). The person who gave these info is a local also and said that there are girls who may pretend they are locals but mostly from Morocco.

In dubai the next night and as I prefer room service than haggling the bars I called my conact and when insisted that i want some one better than last time otherwise I was going to the Cyclone i got better supply than last time. The one I choose was a Uk----tan something tan u know from the old Soviet bloc.
She said she was only 19 but even if i dont beleive her she cannot be more than 20 or 21. Very plesant and the service was very good her name was Firoza. Had no luck with Ling as her phone was switched off.

To the people who got the contact from me can u please let me how the girls u got were so we can share the information for future reference. Well I would like to know how the girls u guys got so I know we can compare the girls from this madame so please if any of u used her can u please post your experiences.

01-14-03, 20:23
Well found the piece of paper I wrote the info: Bar name is The Blitz. It is located on the outside of Novotel. Girls are chinesse and Russians. Hotel room was 250Dhs.

02-05-03, 18:33
My impression: during DSF, fewer girls, especially Chinese, and especially out on the street. Number of chinese have gone home for new year. Police cracking down on girls walking street (doesn't look nice for the tourists). Before, there'd be 15-20 girls outside Ramada, Bur Dubai, just standing around. Now, only a few, and they keep moving. However, inside bars, things only slightly reduced. Again, fewer chinese, but still, a lot left. Cyclone still packed, especially after 11, Imperial Suites, York still good. Prices have not gone up.

02-06-03, 15:25
Was out last night. Very little street action around Ramada; at 9pm, 4-5 chinese; across street, 5-6 russian. Lot of young adult middle easterners wondering around; either lot of girls were taken, or were avoiding area to avoid harassment. York busy, but more guys, less girls than usual. Russians, who normally have you make the 1st contact, were making the first move. Number of chinese reduced.

At 11pm checked out street again, no chinese, couple of russians across street. On Ramada corner, a paki mutahwa hanging out; dubai does not have mutahwa; maybe he was a driver waiting for his boss; maybe he just didn't like the usual scene there. He definitely was not moving. Nothing going on behind Ramada either; usually, 5-6 chinese waiting for drive by pickups.

By 1am, York crowded, maybe 50/50 mix of male/female. Quoted prices for all night from Chinese were 500; actual price should be 400 tops, but a number of them would not budge. By 2am, nothing around Ramada.

With a lot more male middle easterns roaming streets, looks like Eid holiday has started early. Would suggest avoiding dubai for next week if possible.

02-14-03, 23:55
A friend of mine just returned from Dubai and shared his experience with me...

He stayed at the Astoria hotel which is 3-star and reasonably priced.

It seems there is a nice indian restaurant in this hotel with live music... good for people who like that.

In the basement of this hotel is an irish pub where girls and guys mingle. He says there are very beautiful women here and the costs for a quickie is 150 to 200 dirhams.

It seems the hotel management is not worried about girls going up to the rooms, so there is no problem in taking them up.

Hope this helps.... I plan to make my trip in April, so I will confirm his findings. If anyone has experience with this property, please share, and if have info on other hotels or hot spots, let me know. I am on a budget, so looking for a beauty who will not make me broke!


Joe Banana
02-16-03, 11:38
Astoria is full of rough dogs but is open earlier than other places. The bar is tgi Thursdays! You can get better in Cyclone or York and pay 150-200 long time if you are good at bargaining.

02-17-03, 14:05
TGI Thursdays advantage is it opens in afternoon; if you look hard and have a bit of patience, you can find someone decent for a nooner. Number of girls from there will drift to York or Imperial Suites in the evening. Girls push hard for business.

02-19-03, 20:05
Gentlemen Just a few observations on my experiences in Dubai. I travel through regularly and heres what I have found. Stayin Alive at Imperial Suites is not bad. There are a lot of girls in lounge fairly early around 8 PM. One who is really good is a turkish lady called Aida. She has really lomg black hair and not a bad body. Will do anal if askede nicely. Rate is 500 dhs for night.
Very good with mouth and lets you play with her any hole anywhere. Another one that is pretty good is Ena. Russian I think and is into GF type sex. Likes attention but returns it with fervor.
Cyclone is for later in night. By midnight its hopping. Just pick and choose you type and style. The best I have found is a Russian from St Petes named Ella. She has a friend name of Rose from Kazahkstan. Ella is fucking fantastic on Bj's. No condom and swallows it all. Price is 400 for night and you get a replay in AM if you want. Will not let you eat her but other than that is great. Overall, Dubai is a cockhunters paradise as far as I'm concerned. Not that expensive and a lot of variety.

02-22-03, 16:29
shalakorain: nice report. Do the girls mentioned want money up front, or do they accept "pay in morning"? [I'm always leary of a girl who wants up front - my experience, tip off they will not really spend all night.] Any of these with big breasts?

Had not been out in Dubai on a Thursday night for a long time; now I remember why. Everyone has Friday off. At midnight, Imperial Suites PACKED; 3/4 guys for every girl; too crowded to scan the scene. Some girls taking refuge in the mexican bar on other side of hotel lobby, that being less packed. Headed up to York, that too packed, though at least you could move. But not that much available. Moral of the story is: if Thursday, go early, at least to these 2 places, to get any kind of selection. Cyclone, as it's 75 durham to get in on a Thursday, tends to get packed, but still room to move and has a selection until late.

03-05-03, 08:30
Give Moon a call on (mobile) 496 5463 - cute chinese 7/10 looks - 9 /10 action and imagination.

To call a mobile number from a land line in Dubai dial 050 first.

Good luck

03-09-03, 08:20
Dear friends,

I visited Dubai 6 weeks ago, and found it to be exactly as described in this forum. Thus, I feel obligated to share my experience.

This having been my first attempt at this hobby, I have naturally a bit apprehensive. After landing in Dubai before midnight, didn't really know what to do, so the first night was wasted! The next day, I visited some malls to pick up some action, as had been suggested by some reports. However, you cannt find any action during the day, unless you have pre-arranged this, or know some locals.

That night, I gathered the courage to go to Premiere at the Hyatt. I was staying at the Meridan resort on Jumeira Beach, and taxi cost was about 50. The cover charge for premiere was 50 (I think?), but found it strange that there were a few men just hanging around outside the entrance. There was a stream of ladies coming in, mostly former Soviet and some Orientals. Inside, it was fairly crowded, smoky and loud. You could not walk a few steps without rubbing into someone (dont rub too much because the security guards dont allow this). Not knowing what the rules were or whether a lady was working or not, I was hesitant and just walked around. The girls were quick to make eye contact, smile and move closer to you. A lot of european men, some Asians / Middle Eastern me. I saw a very cute girl walk closer to me at the bar, smiled but did not speak until I said hello. Her name was Marina, from Kazakhstan(?). Very good looking, petite, slender. I asked if she was available to party in my hotel, she said yes. How much, I said? For one shot 500, for whole night, 1000. I smiled. What do you do for 1000? She smiled. Eveything? Yes, everything!!
Having listened to previous reports, I bargained and she easily came down to 500 for the night. Once I tols her I was at Jumeira beach, she wanted to go to her flat, which I agreed with. As we walked out of the place, I really couldnt believe at how open the whole process was. EVERYONE in that place was buying or selling, negotiating etc.

Once I saw her place, I found it to be really crappy. She shared it with a friend, for work only. The disco (as it is called) is kind of dark, so you cannt always get a good look. But when I saw her in the light, I was PLEASED. She was about 5-4, slim, well-proportioned, probably B cup, NICE ass, enough to make me forget that the flat was total dump. Since we had the night, there was no rush. A little bit of slow dance and undress, french kiss, BBBJ, CBJ, DATY, fingers etc. She was sooo into it that I was shocked when she came a couple of times. While giving me BBBJ, she was gagging and her eyes watering from deep throating, but she did it wihtout me asking for it!! The FS at the V started BB, but then I asked for condom (did not want to make the second round sloppy). She was tight, and must have come twice and thanked me (unbelievable). (I picked these abbrevaitons from another forum)

We then just laid in bed, caressing and hugging, talking, real GFE. Her English was enough to find out that she wanted her nose fixed, was 21 years and in college back home, had been in the business for 2-3 months. She initiated the second round, and let me say that it was wonderful. Despite her enjoying herself, she absolutely did not agree to greek, which, considering her other talents was not a big deal.

After the second round, I did not want to saty at her flat for the night, so I left. I wish I had taken her to my hotel, which certainly would have lead to at least more round in the morning, as I found myself excited after I got to my room and wished I had stayed with her!

She said that she will return home in March. If you want a real good time, look for her at the premiere.

More to come........

03-09-03, 08:55
My reports are 1-2 months late, but here it is....

As I mentioned in my last post, the Premiere was a great place, wiht lots of choices between various former soviet countries (including many muslims!)and asians, blondes ad brunettes, tall and short, etc. Feel free to bargain! Girls are mostly 6-7 out of 10, a few 8, rarely 9.

You should assume that If you are taking a taxi toa disco/bar, the hotel doorman, the taxi driver etc, all know what is going on and they dont care! An open secret!

My second night there, I went to Cyclone, having been emboldened by my first night experince. This place is at least 2-3 times the size of Premiere. With a line of taxi cabs stretching around the block, you can imagine that there was an over abundance of girls. The cover chrge was 70, more than at Premiere. I enjoyed standing by one of the entrances to the bar and get real good look at the merchandise and genuinely liked what I saw. there were a few dogs, but plenty of 7s mixed with 6s and occasional 9. Around midnight, the inside was 'packed' the girls started a 'train', dancing, zigzagging through the bar. How i wished I had some of my buddies with me!

Around 1 pm, I bargained with agirl from Dagstan for the night(for 400) wiht the help of her friend on the phone, since this girl spoke hardly any english, but the nice body was too much for me to refuse!

I brought her to my hotel(royal meridian) and sneaked straight to the elevertor and upto my room, I thought, avoiding most of the hotel staff. Big mistake! Only five minutes into my room, the phone rang and the front desk manger, politely said that I have a guest in my room, but I only booked for a single room. He said that there policy for security required that the guest leave a copy of their 'visa' at the front desk anf that there will be an additional 30 or 40dhs charge for the 'double room'. It was a little embarrassing! But he sent a bell boy up tp fetch the visa copy, I gave him a 10dhs tip, and the additional charge never occurred on my bill.

The girl was good, all sorts of positions/acts etc, but not as good as Marina from premiere. Well, you win some, you lose some!

The point being that hotels are in general accomodating. You may want to take your guest up earlier in the night, not after 1 pm as I did.

Also, many girls do not want to go to the resorts on the Jummeira Beach, because it costs them 50-100Dhs in taxi fare, depending upon where they live. Next time I will probably stay near the action.

More to come......

03-10-03, 06:04
Glad you enjoyed the Premier, it's always been my favourite when in town. FYI, I believe that ALL the girls in the Premier are on the game. At least that's what I was told last time I had a Khazak take out last time I was there. I hope to be across sometime in the next month or so, depending on the chaos up north. Happy punting.

03-10-03, 14:48
Originally posted by viva2003
Hi Cruk,

I'm interested, how old is this Moon, and how much?

THANKS! Moon is about 25 but a good bod and nice SOH , cost 4 whole nite was 500 at her place - which was nice and clean.

Expatriate Guy
03-20-03, 12:30
Visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi earlier this week.

Checked out Cyclone Discotheque in Dubai and found it to be a very target rich environment. Met a young hot Chinese girl named Coco and we went back to her apartment (DH500). She gave me her mobile number: 050 6850673.

Went for massage at Sands Hotel in Abu Dhabi as recommended in this forum. Had to prepay DH120 at the front desk and went upstairs to find a middle-aged Filipino lady. After massage, she asked if I wanted "special" but I said "no way!" Then went to check out the Blitz Discotheque just outside Novotel Hotel. Band playing with five hot Filipino girls called "Freedom". Lots of Chinese and East European girls hanging around. Met a tall Kazak girl named Ericia with a great body and went back to my hotel (DH300). Loved her shaved pussy. She was very shy and we had GF-type sex. But she got real horny later and kept pumping and sucking me again and again until I came three times and could not do it any more.

Red Dick
03-28-03, 02:30
Hello, I have been in Dubai for 4 days last week at the Hotel Astoria waiting for a ship.

When I got there around 11 at night I could see many working girls at TGI thursdays. About 30 chinese and 80 russian mostly from Ukraine and a couple of black ones. One of my buddies said he saw a couple of English women to, but I did not see any.

I saw maybe 10-15 Russian there that were really hot. It must be some routine because the same ones will come into TGIT every night.

I saw one black that looked really good too.

Anyway, I decided to go into the place. It was packed with *****s. I instantly made eye contact with a girl from Ukraine that I didnt see walk in. Her name was Svetlana. 6 foot strawberry blonde with a gorgeous face and a perfect toned body. she was so pretty that she didnt put much makeup on.

She cornered me and she did a good job of seducing me. I asked her how much and we left to go upstairs to my room.

Then the front counter ***** stopped us in our tracks saying that taking guest into rooms are not permitted. 1)I later saw a sign on my floor saying that guest were allowed , but If anything gets stolen , its on you. 2)Instead of using the elevator, which I did, tell your girl to use the stairs and meet you in 2 minutes at your room.

Anyway, since we did not use my room that night, she took me to her place which where apartments were alot of *****s stay at. She wanted 100 USD, I could have talked her down, but she was so pretty. Sex was good. Like I said she had a great body with a shaved beaver. I thought I did ok since I hadnt brushed my teeth or changed clothes in 5 days because the airline lost my luggage.

Anyway, I recommend Astoria. Look for a tall Strawbeery blonde.
PS--I saw her leave with a short Arab the next night and I was heartbroken!

04-07-03, 11:58
Hi all,

I have visited Dubai a couple of times over the last few years. My most recent visit was during last February 03. I am planning to go again in 3 weeks time partially due to work commitments.

I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM THE EXPERIENCED CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS FORUM REGARDING THE MOST GIRL FRIENDLY AND LEAST HASSLE CREATING HOTELS IN DUBAI IN THEIR OPINION. I have found this to be quite annoying, in a place which is otherwise everything it promises to be regarding night action, etc...

Following is some of my own experience in Dubai:

Avoid the Deira Sheraton hotel, almost impossible to bring girls in at night. Playing cat and mouse with security and concierge is not my scene.

Avoid Holiday Inn in Deira, same hassles, but not as embarassing.

The Dubai Meridien near the airport is fine, you just have to register the lady. I find that booking a double rather than single room in advance is better, and avoid attracting any additional on the spot charges, which tend to be at higher cost. This hotel is also home to Julien's disco. Some very attractive girls frequent this place.

I have met a girl once in Cyclone, but could not take her back to the Deira Sheraton. She was sharing her place with other girls, and it was not possible to go back there either. We ended up in a Taxi touring the city at night in order to find a friendly cheap hotel. The taxi driver wasn't all that experienced either, but eventually managed to get us to a small grotty place. But it was ok. Cost 200 Dhs for the night.

The going rate is Dhs 300 per night for the girls (mostly east european or CIS). They start at 500-700, then quickly drop it to 300-400 without much bargaining at all. I don't like to bargain, you normally better service if you don't, she is happy and you will be too. Obviously as long as you get down to a reasonable price, as mentioned before.

Street walkers in Rigga st or Muraqqabat st mainly at night. Quality varies, but on the whole much lower than other known places, such as York Club, Cyclone, etc.... and risk of police hassling the girls.

I would like to hear from forum members currently in Dubai regarding the situation now, with the downturn in air travel and tourism etc...

PS. I have found this forum a great source of information on the action in many countries. So let us keep the conversation alive......



04-07-03, 19:33
I speak from experience last december the Ramada in Diera was ok and very friendly no questions asked everybody looks the other way when you go in and even if you are feeling shy you can take the stairs to the bar on the first floor and have a drink or get in the lift there. I know it is a little way from Bur Dubai whwere the main action is but taxis are cheap and I got a rate of about 50 us a night.

04-08-03, 13:15
My friend, an Indian called her up and she explicitly said that she does'nt service Indians or Pakistanies.... choosy b****

So those who call beware.

Originally posted by cruk
Give Moon a call on (mobile) 496 5463 - cute chinese 7/10 looks - 9 /10 action and imagination.

To call a mobile number from a land line in Dubai dial 050 first.

Good luck

04-08-03, 14:35
Hello friends. I am currently in Dubai. Things have not really changed too much inspite of the Iraq situation. Though activity has reduced somewhat places like Ramada, Astoria, Imperial Suites, Rush Inn, York hotel and cyclone still attracts girls from CIS and China. some girls from Africa too can be spotted in these places. Arif Castle has closed down for renovation so that is one outlet less to look at.

The massage parlours in Dubai and Deira also offer good value for money. Girls mostly from China. They charge 100 for massage and if you want the extras then you pay 100 more. BBBJ is to be expected. Girls are usually handpicked and very good looking. 7-8 would be my guess.

Will keep you guys updated if I find out anything new.

I also called up Moon and was told very rudely that she did not like Indian and Pakistanis. We got a racist in the ranks :))


04-09-03, 06:25

Avoid like the plague the Sea Shell Inn. Cheap but VERY unfriendly towards female guests. I've had good luck with the Ramada Continental. No problems and friendly staff. It may be a little way out from the main drag, but taxis are cheap. Last time it cost me 225 dhs a nite. Also no problems when on business trips (someone else picking up the tab) at the new Hilton on the Creek (upmarket but with a door round the back of the hotel where you don't have to pass reception)and the Sheraton (pyramid shaped one on the Creek, I can't remember what it's name is exactly). The latter is huge and you can get to the lifts by just avoiding reception. No problems. Come to think of it, there wasn't any problems with the Marriot either. Damn, the memories are good of that little excursion. I hope to visit next month some time if possible. I'll post any results.
Cheers and good hunting

04-09-03, 10:28
Originally posted by Mishal
My friend, an Indian called her up and she explicitly said that she does'nt service Indians or Pakistanies.... choosy b****

So those who call beware. I had the same problem. Called her up and she very bluntly told me she dont like indian and pakistanis. Must be doing very very good business to be so choosy.

Went over to a Massage Parlour instead and was glad I did. Aed 100 for the massage and tipped a 100 for extras. Damn good. Girl was defintely an 8 and a 9 in service. Very cooperative. But only Chinese girls there although very high quality stuff.


04-13-03, 18:34
Hey Guys,

Anyone have any problems at the Hyatt or Crowne Plaza? Last time I satyed at the beach. This time I would like to saty close to the action. But I cannt stand the interfering receptionists, after having experienced this at the Royal Meridian (they wanted the guest to register).

Any suggestions of hotels close to the action?

04-14-03, 15:27
Visited Astoria yesterday afternoon and met Svetlana, 6ft tall, strawberry blonde. She was asking 300dh for 1 hr, 500 for 2, agreed 300 for 2. She,s quite a girl, orgasmed during foreplay (and said thank you). Great sex, treat her good and she will make you very happy!!

Have tried some chinese parlours but generally rough with unatractive staff. Any recommendations or contacts would be appreciated

04-17-03, 14:26
Hi Guys,

It's me in Dubai. Met a guy who knew some madame who supplies indian chicks. Not pros. Just some babes working in Beauty parlours. Called her up and she arranged for a babe to meet me. Definitely 8 in looks and very very enthusiastic in action.

Cost aed 200 for an hour or 500 for the night. Went with her for an hour. Had a good time. Planning to check out the other babes as time permits.

Just fun

04-17-03, 15:13
Just a summary of good places to visit, they are all in Bur Dubai within easy walking distance of each other.

Rumours- Ramada Hotel ladies in the 6-8 category

Jockey Pub- Panorama Hotel ladies 4-7, some 8

Rockafellas - Regal Plaza ladies 6-9 real class

Clapham Junction- Rush Inn ladies 4-6

York as mentioned by others

Stayin Alive as mentioned by others

Bar in Admiral Plaza Hotel mixed bunch 3-6

Happy Hunting

Would appreciate details of good chinese massage parlours and also details of Indian babes. Please post info here!

04-20-03, 17:04
re : indian girls

after posting my email on the forum, i've been getting a number of requests for info on indian girls

for the record, i have no personal experience with them nor do i have any contacts or info, unfortunately. i did see a handful of them once at Rock Bottom Cafe at Regent Palace Hotel. But that place was not known to be a pickup joint and I didn't like that place too. Perhaps those guys who are interested can look up the nightlife guide at www.timeoutdubai.com for the a-z of pubs and bars. they have a short review of each joint.

best of luck! if i do come across one the next time, rest assured i'll get more info from her!

take care!

04-23-03, 15:48
Another place just discovered bar in the Admiral Plaza Hotel last night had some 7-8 but also a few locals.

Check it out.

Happy hunting

Mozart 21
04-25-03, 20:05
Coco is terrific (details below). Mongolian origin. Came to the hotel in response to call to her mobile. Arrived within 15 minutes and made it clear that for the US150 she could/would stay for as long as I liked. No messing about on her part and straight to action with tongue, hands and wonderful nipples. Haven't enjoyed myself as much in ages and will happily (very happily) call her again.

Looking forward to my next trip to Dubai.

04-27-03, 07:30
Finally arrived Dubai last week, hit to cyclone around 9:30pm. No crowd, only few guys but many gals, mostly Chinese. The Chinese were aggressive, overall quality of the gals were 5~6, very few stunning. Perhaps I was too early there… L

It seems Coco is quite famous in this forum, met her last week at cyclone. Cost Dhs500 at her place, age 26 and pretty, but the service was so so (my opinion!) and kind of rush to finish the action.

Any recommendation on Rassian, or CIS gals? with good GFE feel…. Will try next trip! Happy Hunting.

04-28-03, 12:35
Originally posted by viva2003
Finally arrived Dubai last week, hit to cyclone around 9:30pm. No crowd, only few guys but many gals, mostly Chinese. The Chinese were aggressive, overall quality of the gals were 5~6, very few stunning. Perhaps I was too early there… L

It seems Coco is quite famous in this forum, met her last week at cyclone. Cost Dhs500 at her place, age 26 and pretty, but the service was so so (my opinion!) and kind of rush to finish the action.

Any recommendation on Rassian, or CIS gals? with good GFE feel…. Will try next trip! Happy Hunting.

There are some CIS girls with whom I have had a good GFE. They dont go out to the Bars or pubs much. They work from a rpivate house in Deira. The ages are from 19 to 30 at any given time there are at least 3-4 girls there. They go out to your hotel too. Of course they have two rooms if you wish to avoid taking her to the hotel. BBBJ is the rule rather than the exception. And very cooperative too. If enough incentive ($) given Anal is a on too though not all the girls do that.. 150 for short term and 500 for the night

Dont ask for details on the forum. Heard some girls got into trouble cos someone was too free with information on the forum.



04-29-03, 06:49

I am also interested in the contact details for the Deira house with the friendly CIS girls. I will be in Dubai mid May for a week. Although having tried many different nationalities on offer at Dubai, I always seem to have positive experiences with CIS girls and Turkish girls.

The prices sound reasonable and sometimes it is more convenient for me not to take the girl back to the hotel. It is also handy to be able to have a day time or early evening interlude rather than the late nights routine.

Please post here.

Thank you

04-30-03, 13:18
Hi guys,

Visited the Massage parlour this week. 3 girls there. All lovely girls. Went with a girl called Lilly. Lovely frim tits. Really firm and very tight. About 4'9" good figure pretty smile. a well spent 200 aed for about an hour or so.

The other two girls were very pretty too. Was a hard decision.

05-03-03, 06:42
Originally posted by Cityhunter
justfun 10,

Can you tell me please where is the location of Massage parlour, or at least the number , so when I go there I can ask about the location.

Thank You

It is next to the Ramada intercontinental in Deira.

05-06-03, 13:23
Hi guys, Just a short update. Went to the house where i meet the CIS girls this weekend. There is a new blonde chic there. looks pretty young and has a nice figure. But since my Favorite was there i did not bother the young girl. As usual no regrets. She loves to give a bj. And i love it too hehehe.

Until next time


05-08-03, 11:58
Hi, this is my first posting to this excellent forum.

Justfun10, Please share the information about the Diera parlour.

I will again in be Dubai next week, and of course I will visit all the known places as to see if I can find anything interesting. In my previous visits I have not been successful in finding Indian ladies, anyone that have information where to find them?

I will this time stay at Ramada Hotel, which is a decent priced hotel with good rooms, and they give you little problems when you bring your company for the night to the room.

In Rumours nightclub I can recommend Irina, Russian, late 20ies with long black hair and a nice big C cup, usually wearing white clothes; she is a gem and truly a good GFE.

05-10-03, 06:58
Originally posted by CallmeSun

Can you pls post the details of Indian Gals (beauty parlour stuff), CIS gals apartment in Deira and the massage parlour.

Thanks.I have not personally seen the Indian gals. But i gave the contact details to a Brit friend and he went back to that place 5 times in a month. Unfortunately he has not stayed in touch inspite of my emails to him. Guess he is just happy to have got the contact details and is not bothered to keep in touch anymore. That is one of the reasons I hesitate to give details to anyone. It is the selfish guys that put me off. I have currently given contact details to a few guys on the forum and they have been in constant touch with me. I dont mind giving them contacts in future cos they have not ignored me once they got what they wanted. I hope this clarifies the situation.

Just fun

05-12-03, 15:22
Hi everyone.

I have been asked to provide details of the Indians, CIS and the Massage parlours so many times that I feel I should put something on the board.

Indians. I have no first hand knowledge about them. But as I said in an earlier post I gave the contact to a Brit male and he went there 5 times in a month. That must say something about the service. Cost 200-300 for S/T. I have been in touch with the madame although never met her in person. But she is very friendly with me.

CIS. Privately run house. 6-7 girls. Ages 20-32. all very co operative and can expect GFE. BBBJ is normally to be expected. S/T 150 and full night 500. The girls are from Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Russia. I have so far been disappointed only with one of them. But then it is practically impossible to have 100% satisfaction any where. They don’t mind if you like 3 somes or GB.

Massage Parlour. All Chinese. The girls are all young and good looking. High quality. The massage costs 100 and usually pay 100 for the other services. BBBJ is to be expected. Tight firm bodies and DATY is not a problem. Girls change very frequently.

There are some more but then as I have no first hand experience would hesitate to pass on information.

A madame manages some Indian and Pakistani dance bar girls. Charges around 300 for S/T and 1000 for the night. Ofcourse it depends on negotiation skills. The rate can drop.

Hope this helps. All this is Dubai and Deira.



05-13-03, 03:38

The hotels at the beach require you to register your guest and may charge extra for having additional guests.

The discos close at 3 AM. You can find plenty of girls in these discos all nights of the week.

Russians? You cann't avoid Russians, even if you wanted to. They are all over!

I have not paid more than 450 for the night for everything, except anal -;)


05-14-03, 10:57
Originally posted by badass


The hotels at the beach require you to register your guest and may charge extra for having additional guests.

The discos close at 3 AM. You can find plenty of girls in these discos all nights of the week.

Russians? You cann't avoid Russians, even if you wanted to. They are all over!

I have not paid more than 450 for the night for everything, except anal -;)

Enjoy! Thanks for your answer. Well for the comment on Russians, thanks I appreciate the info.Someone told me that there would be a lot of Russian girls. So which is a hotel you would recommend for three single guys to stay in.

05-14-03, 23:59

Hotels in Dubai?

Others might give a better advice but my guess is that ALL of the hotels at the beach require the guest to sign in, as you would when you check-in, for security and legal reasons (everyone needs to give a copy of their visa/passport to the clerk). You may try to take the guest upto your room and tell the doorman/bellboy to come to your room in 5 minutes to get the copy of your guest's visa (girls carry this in their purses), and tip him. It worked for me once, avoids having to stand at the reception desk.

I don't know what the hotels in the city do about the guests. I believe that Ramada, Hyatt, Le Meridien, Bustan Rotana are fine.If the hotel lobby/bar has girls, then it's a good bet that the hotel allows guests.

Two of the girls I met (at cyclone) had their own places near-by, so we went to their place and I didnt have to worry about the hotels. These places may be a total dump, used by several girls, for 'work'. I put up with it 'cause the girl was HOT!!

Next time I will stay at a cheaper hotel, and save a few bucks, for the honnies!!

Luv Bug
05-18-03, 09:38
Visited one of the oriental massage places on the weekend - was very impressed with the level of service and of the selection to choose from. Will be back soon!!

05-19-03, 13:27
Had been to Dubai during the last few days. Here is the report.

15 th May...Went to TGI THURSDAY at Astoria. around 1 pm. More than 12 CIS girls. Took one, forgot her name, went to her apt near by. Looks 7 body 6 average performance, obliging to
different positions. Not rushing, took my own time. Covered BJ.

On Sunday took another girl named Natalia from the same place. Absolute dissappointment. Tall, looks 7.5 and slim. Very poor performance and rushing. On entering her apt she took of clothes and wanted to f....k immediately and finish off. Was not willing to show her pussy or ass hole no touching there etc. So any body who go there please avoid her. Both charged Dir 200 for short time.

If Justfun 10 had provided contact details of CIS and Massage parlour I could have gone there. This forum's intention is to provide information on sex escapades, not to hold information.

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation mistakes in this report. However, with everything else I have to do to maintain the forum, I don't really want to spend my time doing this every day, so I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect everyone to be a great writer, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

05-19-03, 16:08
Hi Jackson, as Justfun must be aware posting the contact information (tel #) is a problem in UAE, that is why I was giving the email id. In future will refrain from doing same as per the forum rules. Thanks.

Justfun, I have been to one chinese massage parlour in Bur Dubai but the quality of the gals are not very good. So is there anyway you can let me know how to contact the massage parlour what you are referring to.


JustFun10 is a Senior Member, and thus he can post his email address for you to contact him if he wants to.

05-20-03, 05:05

I had a stopover in Dubai for one night and decided to make the most of it. Got to the Bustan Rotana hotel near the airport by 9:30 PM. Had some snakcs in the lobby bar/cafe. 2 girls were chatting with 2 middle-aged arabs, who then went to the front desk and whispered something. The deal was done! The girls went up via a different set of elevators and the men took the elevator near the reception.

So bringing a girl into this hotel should not be a problem, may need to register her though (but, so what?)

Got to Cyclone by12:30 on a Tuesday night. Place was hopping! Few chicks on the dancer flroor with as many guys.
Girl:Boy ratio was 3:1!! Serious eye candy, at least in the dim light. Just hung around until 2:30 or so and the girls started to get aggresive! I guess they did not want to go home alone.

Bargained with a Muscovite (may be a 7) for 400 dhs (including anal she said!!). Had acceptable English. Went to her place, not too bad. She lit somne candles and dim the lights. Danced a little, foreplay, clothes off.
Hmmm, she was a little plump in the lower half (not fat), probably had a child. We had a long playful foreplay, she came with my fingers. Then DATY, CBJ for long time. I wa senjoying the FS when she got up, grabbed a jar of cream and lubed up her as***le, and said, "you vant backside, I give you backside". As she guided me in, it was obvious that this was not her first time. She was pumping away and enjoying the rear entry. I tried but could not hold for more than 5 minutes (All covered).

Then we listened ot music, had conversation. Half hour later, she was at it again. Grabbed Mr. Floppy and and started BBBJ and the balls. It took no time for 'floppy' to turn into 'happy'. In th excitement, penetrated her without a condom. It's REALLY TOUGH to pull it out and put on a condom, but I did! I dont think that we missed out on any of the positions, both from the front and the rear entry!!

Around 4:30AM, I left the place and took a cab to my hotel to catch a 10 AM flight.

Not the best looking girl I could have had, but the service was awesome-;)

I dont know why I did not take her to my hotel, it shold not have been a problem from what I had seen earlier.

Next trip to Dubai, December 2003 -:)

05-20-03, 13:36
Hello friends,

Met a friend who went pubbing and looking for some new action. He landed up at TGIT in Astoria and girls started chatting him up. Finally decided on a pretty looking Uzbec girl and agreed to pay her 200 for ST. Went to her place and it was really a mess. 4 girls in all stages of dress(undress) applying makeup. The place had only that one room. So they put up a curtain in front of the bed and told the guy to go about his business. Had a hard time getting hard. LOL. and to top it all the Gal said"no S**k". What was the poor guy to do?? he had forked out 200 for a nice time and got royally ripped off. And he got all of 30 minutes with the girl to do what he wanted to do. This is just one of the incidents i have heard. so guys it is better to go to your own hotel room rather than some crappy place where the girl takes you. the only bright spot, according to him, was that the girl was very tight.. ...

05-20-03, 13:52
Hi friends,

I had a similar problem once with a Chinese girl. She has a small room with 3 cloth partitions and 3 girls working/sharing the room. luckily when i went with her the other 2 girls were out looking for guys. So i had the girl and the room to myself.

The girl is a nice looking (not gorgeous) 24 year old with pleasant personality. Good slim figure and a nice disposition. Calls me once in a while when she has the room to herself. And not too pricey. Of course it would be better if one took her to a hotel room cos i doubt anyone will be happy with 2 other guys, in the saddle so to speak, within arms reach.

And then there is another chinese girl who has a nice room in a 2 bedroom apartment. She shares the room with another chinese girl who goes for a walk if this girl has a customer to entertain. More than this girl i found the room mate more interesting. Thinking of giving her a call some time soon. The room mate looks very pretty and has lovely bust. Speaks better english too. So far not had the opportunity but will definitely post here once i know what she is like.


05-20-03, 15:48
Hi Everyone.

This is a short report from my last experience in Dubai. Arrived the 10th and checked in at Ramada in Bur Dubai. Went directly to York International Hotel to check out the action, I was disappointed by the quality of the girls I would say 4 to 7 on a 10-grade scale. Mostly Africans and Russians. Took a taxi to Cyclone and hooked up with a 19-year-old Russian girl for the night, she was a bit shy and the problem was she only spoke “disco English” which is 4-5 different phrases. Sex with her was ok. Next night I called an old friend, Lilliana from Rumania, she is very nice if you like a European looking girl and her service is excellent. You find her most nights at Imperial suites “staying alive disco”, 22 years old, shoulder long natural blond hair. Then it was this prophet’s birthday (national holiday in Dubai) and everything was closed. So for Tuesday I went to Rumours nightclub in Ramada, Here I met the Russian girl Victoria, she cannot be more than 140 cm in height with a very petite body. Unfortunately she has scars from an operation all over her belly but her sex was a GFE, we had agreed for the night but at 01:30 she wanted to go back to the nightclub.

Wednesday night back at Cyclone, which was very busy as it is “Arab Friday night” had big trouble to decide what to get as the offer is incredible. Finally I decided for a blond 27 year old girl Marina, Russian of course, you find her between the two central bars at Cyclone . This was the disappointment of the week, back at the hotel she quickly undresses, no kissing and a hurried f*ck then she has to go and “change visa”.
Thursday I went to Staying Alive at Imperial Suites and found nothing of interest, went back to Ramada and was lucky to meet Nataly, you can by now guess what nationality, she turned out to be a “mama” for two newly arrived girls, Nataly was 27 years old with good sized tits, short black hair and we had a very nice session that night, including backside sex (anal).

Friday and I am starting to get a little bit tired working in the day not sleeping in the night but decided to go to Cyclone anyway. It ends up with Marlene 26 years old gynaecologist from Poland. You find her at the big central bar just inside the doors. Nice tits and red hair with a small ear-ring in her nose. Very nice girl and the sex with her were very good.

Saturday is my last day and I decide to call Nataly that I met earlier in the week, She recommends Vicktoria that is new to the game and just have been I Dubai for a few days. We agree for “full service” at a ridicules price of 1000 AED. The only reason I agree is because I have seen the girl at Ramada disco and I know she is a 10, 175 cm slim model type of body, short back hair and only 18 years old. When she comes to my room and we talks I find out that I am her second customer and that she is a backside “virgin”. This is for sure the top experience of the week as it turns out to be exactly as good at it sounds.

To sum the week up, some good and some disappointing experiences. And as an advice for newcomers to Dubai, please make very clear for the girl what your expectations are and what you agree on, otherwise you will be disappointed.

Expatriate Guy
05-22-03, 19:09
Dear JustFun10

Thanks for your contact. Went to the CIS girls apartment in Baraha district of Deira-Dubai. 5-6 girls to choose from, but not all speak English. Chose Ira from Ukraine. Blond, beautiful, nice tits, shaven pussy, tall ... but best of all was her sweet attitude. The best GFE I ever had ... we chatted before and after in a totally relaxed atmosphere. The Dh150 was well worth it. Called her to my hotel room the next day for more. Gave her Dh200 and a nice box of chocolates. She is totally sweet, but also a wild cat in bed.

Also tried the Chinese massage in an apartment in Burjuman district of Bur Dubai. 4 girls to choose from. Chose Coco (different girl from Coco from Cyclone reported earlier). Nice face and slim body. Dh100 for massage and Dh100 for special. Couldn't f**k her because she was having her period, but got a great blow instead. Tel: 050-4291017 for directions.

Suga Dady 31
05-24-03, 09:14
Dear Friends,

I have been a passive user of this website and I must say I have found this site very handy. Although some of the information is very vague out here but it defeintely gives you a general idea of how things are like.

Anyhow, I have just moved to Dubai permanently and was wondering if any one can provide some details about how to get hold of Indian-Pakistani and local Arabic babes out here. Any numbers any info, and also about the inhouse services privided by chinese and CIS bombshells.

In the meantime, I will definetley keep you posted as my next trip is to Algeria and I think there is not enough information about Algieria in here.

Hoping to hear from you guys soon.

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation mistakes in this report. However, with everything else I have to do to maintain the forum, I don't really want to spend my time doing this every day, so I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect everyone to be a great writer, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

05-26-03, 08:35
Originally posted by MKH
what does CIS means? CIS stands for the Commonwealth of Independent states. Basically it is a federation of the former Soviet Republics. Great looking girls from this part of the world.

05-26-03, 08:38

Met a friend yesterday, who was depressed over his break up with the g/f. Had a few drinks and then took him over to the CIS place in Baraha. Ira was out so called her up and she took him under her wings. The guy was prettry pleased with the experience. Meanwhile i went with another girl called Albina. A little plump (not fat) with nice tits and a sweet disposition. My first time with her and not regretting it the 150 i paid her. BBBJ as is the custom in this house and playful girls except for one a member of wsg had taken once. Actually it was a little mis communication and, instead of avoiding her, he thought i meant he should try her and avoid another one. Dont know if she has changed her ways but there are 5 other girls to choose from so not a big loss.


Mozart 21
05-26-03, 11:12
Saw Coco again : second time. Approach very different much, much more of a g/f experience. Slow sensual massage (thai style with cupping, joint cracking and hot towels, followed by full body-to-body, lots of hugs and then a move to BBBJ and full service as a natural progression. I had her cash in an envelope and taken on trust. She even left her handbag with me whilst she used the bathroom.

I only called her becasue Joules Bar was deserted at 1015pm and I didn't want to go traipsing round town.

Who needs Joules Bar when Coco is around???

05-29-03, 00:01
I was in AD Grand disco, approached a CIS girl with nice figure, she started at 400/nite, and finally we deal at 350/nite. And some how an idiot approached her, and she rejected him. But then this made her change her mind about the deal with me. She said she would leave with me when the disco close which is about 2:30am, and if i want her leave immediate the price will be 500 and want me to pay her first there and then... ohh god, the time we made the deal was almost 1am. I refuced to pay that amount, that was a very bad attitude. Have you guys ever encounter this kind of situation before? I just don't know why this idiot approached her for what? regardless he get or lose the deal, he not just spoil the girl and the market too. Demand more than supply is the fact in Abu Dhabi, good luck folk, if you hunt in AbuDhabi. The gap of bussiness attitude between AbuDhabi and Dubai really heaven and hell.

05-29-03, 05:58
"In the meantime, I will definetley keep you posted as my next trip is to Algeria and I think there is not enough information about Algieria in here."

Awesome Guy,

You should be carefull in Algeria, if you don't want to end with an arabic smile running on your throat from the left ear to the right, so it's mean to don't look incistently at the girl in the street, this not the Morocco and ppl are very knife sensible there, better for you to have a good friend there witch can introduce you to the night life, don't go alone anyway.

It was just my advice trying to keep you safe and don't wanna scare you.....


05-29-03, 12:09
To Mr Yoyo,

First, Algeria is not like what you think. Yes, there terrosim there a lot of masacres, but believe its not in the main city. In the big cities like Algiers and Oran its ok there.

Concerning night life in Algeria. Of course there is action there. There are Algerian working girls in France and Europe so of course there is in Algeria.

Concerning picking up from streets. Of course its not normal in all Arab countries even in Morroco. You could not go to any girl in the street and ask her for date or for a night with you. Hooking up with a normal girl it needs coincidence, and you know there are a lot of Algerians are living like the French people, they even concider themselves Francafonies, not Arabs.

So Yoyo, stop fearing the guy:). I read in other sites that there is action in an hotel called Orassi in the downtown of Algiers. The girls r in the bar of the hotel and there is some action in a Ray clubs. This is what I read, I've never been to Algeria before.

Anyway, good luck to you there.

Best wishes:)

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect great writers here, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Suga Dady 31
05-31-03, 09:54
Dear YoYo,

Thanx for your warning about Algiers. As a matter of fact, I have been to Algiers once before last year and checked out places Like Trion "TRAINGLE" which has three kinds of bars in one.

Also went to Zoom, definitely a hot spot with nice looking femmes all around.

I hired a local taxi Driver which was a plus point. Paid him a little extra and asked him to stay with me till the end.

Anyhow, will be careful for sure.

In the meantime, I am still awaiting a response to the message about the In house maasage service by CIS bombshells in Dubai.

Also, any tips oh how to access local women in Dubai?


05-31-03, 14:52
Rumour has it that there is morning and beach action at the Marina Bearch resort???

Please update, that would change my hotel reservations.

06-02-03, 04:02
I am a new member and am very impressed by all the great information available here. I will be visiting Dubai for the second time next week. Last June I spent a great night there. I stayed at the Hyatt and picked up two chinese girs at the bar there (don't remember the name but it was near the skating rink).

I paid them both a total of $220 US for two hours. After reding the messages I may have paid a little too much. As for the hotel the security stopped them at the elevator but once I told him that they were with me he let them thru. I am not sure if that is the norm or I just got lucky. The only thing about the Hyatt is that you have to walk right by the reception to get to the elevators.

Here are my questions:

1. Should I stay at the Hyatt again or are there better hotels in that area? I want to stay at a nice hotel where I won't have any problems. Anywher up to $250US / night is o.k as it is a company paid expense.

2. Should I go to Cyclone or stick to the bar at the Hyatt? I am more interested in Eastern European girls (russian, Hungarian, etc.)

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, and I will post a report upon my return.



06-02-03, 13:03
Hello friends,

Went to the CIS place yesterday and the madame's daughter, who has been away for about 5 months, is back. I had heard a lot about her but never seen her before so was keen to try her out. Man that girl can turn on a dead man. Very very passionate and had me going in a couple of minutes. Did not last more than 10 minutes. She is way too hot. It was a great experience. Would love to go the full night with her. Unfortunately with the family here it is not likely in the near future.


Suga Dady 31
06-02-03, 14:35
I went to cyclone last nite. Sheer dissappointment as too many guys and very few quality women. Then decided to check out Imperial Suites, God, toooo crowded again but no quality stuff.

Anyone knows a better place in dubai apart from these joints including York, Premiere and Ramada.

Awaiting more informative posts..



06-04-03, 12:30
Hi guys, sorry if i seem to be fixated on the CIS house. The fact is that i go there only once in amybe 3 weeks. I visit my fav Chinese gal more frequently. But did not mention her before cos she is not a raving beauty. In fact she is very plain. But it is a total GF experience with her. She pouts and sulks if i dont meet her for a week. And her face is pure joy when she sees me. And the best part is that she lets herself go with me and,unlike other professional girls who would just go through the motions, and enjoys herself.. She should pay me i think.... Well it doesn't do the ego any damage :)

Recently she took me to her cousin sister's house. Must mention that she has no private place of her own where she can go with me or the other men. So she takes me to various houses where chinese families charge a little for the room. Anyways her cousin is not a bad looker. And I was told she gives a great massage. dont know if she will go all the way but I aim to find out. She is living in with a brit it seems . The brit is married so he is not afoot all the time. Will check the cousin out and let you know if it was worthwhile.


ps.i must stress that she is not a raving beauty. Just someone who has got attached to me sort of.

Suga Dady 31
06-14-03, 13:20
Hey Just4Fun,

I would like to thank you for your tip about the CIS house in Dubai.

The place is quite reasonable and madam'd daugter is defintely a treat to have especially for BBBJ..

Well, lets hope we can find new contacts and addresses cause let me tell ya guys, Dubai has alot to offer..



06-14-03, 14:40
Hello Maverick,

Yes mate it feels pretty awful when people treat you like that. It would be a different story if they were asked to pay for the information. But that is not the case. In fact one of the guys wanted to know "Why are you so anxious to know my name" That is after i gave him my contact numer and my name and everything. I wished him a great life and since then he has happily stopped sending emails.

They want to hide their identity from everyone but want contacts. To be fair i have met a few who have been pretty decent and do respond to emails. But only a few compared to the number i have given the contacts to. In fact it was the rude behaviour of this gentleman which made me have second thoughts about giving out contacts.

Not to worry mate. I have sent you an email and will be in touch.



06-14-03, 16:00
Thanks 11bravo for that link - I read it and it was quite helpful. Also thanks justfun10 for your help (you will hear from me soon). I am not coming for a few months yet to Dubai so I am studying for my s*x exam so to speak. But I appreciate all the heads up and info you guys put on this board.

If I may start a small discussion amongst you Dubai mongerers.

1.) In your opinions who provides the better services in Dubai? CIS girls, Chinese, Philipinos, any other nationalities.

2.) Lots of guys ask for good Indian working girls? Are there any in Dubai and if yes, where do you find them?

3.) Also has anybody had experience with a three-some and if yes what type of girls (eg. Chinese, CIS) are open to it and are good at it?

Thanks for the info - Maverick

06-16-03, 08:21
Originally posted by Maverick207

1.) In your opinions who provides the better services in Dubai? CIS girls, Chinese, Philipinos, any other nationalities.

2.) Lots of guys ask for good Indian working girls? Are there any in Dubai and if yes, where do you find them?

3.) Also has anybody had experience with a three-some and if yes what type of girls (eg. Chinese, CIS) are open to it and are good at it?

Thanks for the info - Maverick 1. All depends on you, and how you click with the lady. I've had more luck with the chinese as far as GFE; CIS seem too much like pros. On the other hand, attracted to chinese, so... Have not seen any philipinos.

2. No experience.

3. My experience: 3 some is usually sequential, rather than parallel; you do one while the other waits, then the other. Have not seen any lez action (doubtful with most chinese - my GUESS is maybe better with CIS - more pro). Would have to determine if the 2 girls were really friends or just "friends for the moment". And, most likely, would be short time rather than long ("bed to small" likely excuse). Just be careful of price, and make sure it's give money after.

06-16-03, 13:37
Hello Friends, Made up my mind to hang on for a while with the Madam's duaghter. Went there full of determination. It was better . Hey i lasted exactly 2 minutes more than the last time :( She is too hot. Better go with someone else the next time and practice.

Maverick. The Cis place i go to encourages 3 somes and more. infact one of my mates went with 3 girls at a time. Wonder what he did in there . The chinese can also be persuaded to go for 3 somes. but 2 chinese girls chattering away would be distracting. I once saw a chinese girl come out of a room with two men. So they are game for that kind of 3some as well. And the girls in the cis house keep pestering me to bring a buddy and GB her. So guess all these things are done here. All depends on the amount you agree.

Regarding the indian girls. I gave the contact to one of our WSG members but unfortunately the lady in charge had gone to india at the time. Since i dont go to them myself i had no idea she was not there. She should be back end of this month from what i was told.


06-16-03, 13:48
Originally posted by Mozart 21

Sorry to hear that members have let you down - we aren't all like that. I have reported on each of my (few) visits to DXB and am happy to pass on my experiences - good or bad - as I am keen top learn from others.

To all oithers - if someone does you a favour by sharing info - do them a favour and provide some feedback. And if you don't go to the place or go somewhere else, pass that on too. This is a shared infor forum - without your info, it is nothing! Agree with you mate. The forum is the place where we can post our good and bad experiences. That helps the next person who visits Dubai to know what to go for and what to avoid. Let me know when you are in town next and will meet up and share info.


06-16-03, 15:47
Just came back from Dubai.

Hyatt is still the place to pick up some nice ones...

06-19-03, 13:13
Hi friends,

Went to the TGIT last night just for a drink. Was immediately cornered by a gorgeous Moscovite. 5 feet nothing. Shiny blonde hair to her waist. Blue eyes. A little chubby but in all the right places Was tempted but could not go with her as it was getting late and i avoid late nights out. Too much explaining to do at home. too much bother. Prefer the nooner.

Will call her up in a couple of days for a nooner.

The place was full of new faces. guess all the old lot has gone back and new ones is replacing them. But have had too many disappointments with the pub girls. They will agree to anything to get your money and then fail to deliver. Very rarely find one who delivers everything she promises. Prefer going to the private houses where they want you to come back again and again. So they make that extra effort.

Met a young chinese babe who i have been with a few times in the past. speaks good english. Stopped seeing her cos she had a crappy room with curtains for 4 working girls to work at the same time behind the curtains. It was too weird for me. She told me she had shifted and now has a good room and shares only with one other girl. sounds good. Will pay her a visit soon. Pretty girl with a nice firm body. Not too big in the tits but what she has does not sag.



06-20-03, 00:28
Originally posted by Rean
I will be in Dubai in July and normally stay out at Le Royal Meridien Beach club, No girls out there, difficult to get them to come back.

Normally look for all night.

Please help I have used Le Royal Meridian. Pick up the chick at Cyclone/Premiere etc. Bring her back, but have to register the guest.

The girls dont mind, as long as you give them the taxi fare back to the city (dhs 50.

Hmm..the memories. Just 5 more months, can't wait.

06-26-03, 09:18
Hi Friends,

Been a while since i posted anything on the forum. Actually have had some complaints from a member who is also a member of another forum. He thinks that i am just cooking up stories about my escapades to Tease all you guys. Guess his view is based on the fact that not too many of the forum members who went to the CIS house after taking the contact from me have bothered to post. Since not a lot of them have posted this member feels that i am just writing fiction. Well guess there is no point in writing fiction until some of our forum members come forward and relate their experience. Bad experiences with the contact i gave would also be welcome as at least it would prove to this gentleman that the fiction i write is in fact the truth.

Just fun

06-27-03, 02:58
Originally posted by JustFun10
Hi Friends,

Actually have had some complaints from a member who is also a member of another forum. He thinks that I am just cooking up stories about my escapades to Tease all you guys. Guess his view is based on the fact that not too many of the forum members who went to the CIS house after taking the contact from me have bothered to post. Just fun Justfun, I have been reading on the other forum and it is not right for anyone to criticize another without having all the facts. I for one have enjoyed your posts and can't wait till my trip to
Dubai. Man it can't get here soon enough. I hope to go to that CIS house so I hope you will help me out. In anycase it seems that TGIT is a good place to pick up girls during the afternoon time, but what is a good hotel to stay at that is near all the action, isnt too expensive and most importantly is GUEST FRIENDLY.

Thanks for the info.


06-28-03, 12:06
I can vouch for the CIS house. It's there and the girls (some anyway) rock!

Originally posted by JustFun10
Hi Friends,

Been a while since i posted anything on the forum. Actually have had some complaints from a member who is also a member of another forum. He thinks that i am just cooking up stories about my escapades to Tease all you guys. Guess his view is based on the fact that not too many of the forum members who went to the CIS house after taking the contact from me have bothered to post. Since not a lot of them have posted this member feels that i am just writing fiction. Well guess there is no point in writing fiction until some of our forum members come forward and relate their experience. Bad experiences with the contact i gave would also be welcome as at least it would prove to this gentleman that the fiction i write is in fact the truth.

Just fun

06-29-03, 05:55
Real pity about the complaints. I still haven't managed to get to Dubai yet this year. I've got a business trip planned, just got to sort out the dates. I did manage a quick trip to Koh Samui, Thailand though. Chaweng now has TWO go-go bars, full of sweeties. (sorry for the dirgression). When in Dubai I usually stay in the Ramada Continental. You say there's a massage parlour close by, how close ? I'm looking forward to the CIS house, sounds a blast and reasonably priced compared to Cyclone/ Hyatt Premier. Have the prices dropped for the very hot summer period ?
One last thing JustFun, I left my Hotmail account too long and lost your details. I'd really appreciate it if you could forward these to me again. Thanks.


06-29-03, 10:34
Originally posted by Expatcat
When in Dubai I usually stay in the Ramada Continental. You say there's a massage parlour close by, how close ?

Expatcat It is real close mate. you can just walk there in a couple of minutes.

06-30-03, 08:03
Hi friends, Met my chinese regular yesterday. She had some Bahraini Dinar and Saudi Riyal notes. Asked me to get the currencies changed for her as she is shy about going to money changers. Some ba***d gave her counterfeit Bahraini note. Will be heart broken when i give her the note back today. Man the tricks people play on these girls
ther other day i saw a Russian girl in tears outside a money changers. Seems a couple of guys tooke her to their place for the night and paid her in Iranian riyals. which are worth gilch. She thought she had been paid Dh 1000. But got only dh 4 for the notes she had been palmed off. Pity..... wonder what kind of person would stoop so low??

06-30-03, 14:44
Originally posted by JustFun10
Hi friends, Met my chinese regular yesterday. She had some Bahraini Dinar and Saudi Riyal notes. Asked me to get the currencies changed for her as she is shy about going to money changers. Some ba***d gave her counterfeit Bahraini note. Will be heart broken when i give her the note back today. Man the tricks people play on these girls
ther other day i saw a Russian girl in tears outside a money changers. Seems a couple of guys tooke her to their place for the night and paid her in Iranian riyals. which are worth gilch. She thought she had been paid Dh 1000. But got only dh 4 for the notes she had been palmed off. Pity..... wonder what kind of person would stoop so low??

Amazing; very disturbing! Of course, this same scum would scream bloody murder if they were ripped off by the girl. Now they will go back and brag how they ripped off these girls. One can only hope that there is justice in this world. You know, it's not just the money aspect; these girls are trying to improve their lives, and their families (just talk to them sometimes), and here some scum takes advantage of them. And players wonder why girls refuse certain nationalities/ethniticities ...

06-30-03, 18:45
Originally posted by 11bravo
You know, it's not just the money aspect; these girls are trying to improve their lives, and their families (just talk to them sometimes), and here some scum takes advantage of them. And players wonder why girls refuse certain nationalities/ethniticities ...

We ALL take advantage of their situation by fucking them for money, don't we.

But I agree, to not pay the girls after they have serviced you is the absolute pits. These men should be castrated and have their balls shoved up their ass.

I would keep the nationalities out of it though. Assholes can be found everywhere!!

Stout Dick
07-01-03, 19:14
Hi guys

I am a new member! -many thks to Jackson

I have some contacts for Dubai.
Lucy (chinese) - 050-735 8263 she will make fuss but dont pay more than aed100 per hr. I have used twice and she is good.

Note: she is slightly plump but good looks and service including greek.

Have nice time.


07-05-03, 05:10
Originally posted by MKH
willing to hear regarding Garage .[/i]
Hit the Garage last November during Ramadan. Even though I went around 1:00 it was very, very quiet. Only a few CIS ladies. Hooked up with quite a tasty blonde. Average performance, nice personality. I've been there before out of Ramadan and had a very good time with an attractive (I think) Ethiopian who looked a little like JLo (it was dark). Quite a goer for st. Had her own flat (I was staying at the Sea Shell, bad move). The Garage is one of the original haunts. It's in a very grotty part of town, but on the whole safe. A reasonable alternative to Arif Castle and Imperial Suites. Not as good as the Premier in the Hyatt though IMHO.

07-07-03, 11:36
Hi friends. There is some trouble at the CIS house. The girls seem to have had difference of opinion with the madam's daughter and some girls have left to open up their own shop. Another girl has been deported due to visa problem or something. Though there are 2 new girls there the place does look deserted now with only 4 girls and madam's daughter who is not always there. My Fav Ira is one of the girls who has left the place. Will update once she finds a place of her own.

Went to the CIS house yesterday and sampled Goola, one of the new girls. Nice firm tits but slight belly. Cant speak much english but is very co operative. Ovarall a good experience. Will try the other new girl sometime soon and post.


07-08-03, 04:42
Originally posted by rene02
How is it to go there during Ramaddan? Any action or you can't get anyone?

What Ramaddan?? This is July, Ramadan should be near the end of the year (or so).

07-08-03, 12:46

I'm new in Dubai and on this forum. The info here has been pretty useful. Thanks a lot guys.

A month earlier I was here on visit and stayed at the Sheraton in Deira on the Creek. Nice place and more importantly, babe friendly ;).

On that occasion I had company on two nights and both times no probs.

The first time I took an Usbek from Rockerfellers. The most amazing time I had. She stayed all night and she was new. I know that because she was always accompanied by a m'san and though she spoke fairly ok English, it was the m'san who did all the negotiation. She was pretty drunk by the time we got to the hotel but once there we were up till about 6:30 am. We did it 3 times and a BBBJj too. One of my best experiences, second only to one I had in Istanbul.

The secnd time I took some one from York and it was positively the worst experience I've had. Had to send her away in like 15 mins. She left a bitter taste. I went back the next day.

These days, since I'm resident here now, I dont take anyone to my apartment. I have a couple of colleagues staying in the same bldg. :( so I have to settle for ones with their own places etc.

Anyway, shall keep you guys posted on my expeditions :)

Have Fun.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Stout Dick
07-08-03, 20:24
Hi telemachus,

I have the following numbers for you:

Julie 050 759 5671

Eila - 050 7881619 (also ask her for her friend sweta who is new and does not have own mobile) Sweta was a real GFE

The going rate was dhs 100 for 1 hr.

Share your experience.


07-09-03, 05:08
Originally posted by Rene02
How is it to go there during Ramaddan? Any action or you can't get anyone?

As posted below, you can get action during Ramadan (in October/ November this year) but it is slimmer than the rest of the year. Also, the bars close earlier by an hour. I was rushed and got action from the Garage. It was VERY quiet, but I didn't have time to look around. If you are coming during Ramadan, check back with the forum closer to the time.


07-10-03, 20:30
Hi! Guys.

I'm new in this site and really feel you guys are doing a great job by sharing your experiences and knowledge. Keep up the good work.

Will be going to Dubai next week for a couple of days. Looking for a nice time and would love to have contact nos. and details of girls who have a place of their own and can give a nice GFE. PLease send the details on sandra_singh@excite.com

Will share my experience when I'm back.

Thanks in advance.

07-12-03, 07:27

JustFun, I haven't heard of any Mongolian girls here, but some of the Chinese I've met in Panchos(I rarely go there) come from places pretty close to the Mongol border. But, sorry mate, cant help you there. Will keep my eyes open for one though ;)

Went with a friend to Jimmy dix at the Holiday Inn last night. The crowd started coming in after 11pm and there were 1 or 2 good chicks in there but largely the women there didn't look like the working type. Got friendly with a group of three girls but it didn't lead to anything. Expect to meet them again in a couple of days.

From there we headed straight for York. My friend took Maya, a CIS girl with oriental features. Very lively and good fun and AED 400 for the night. She had only 2 codoms and was cool when we suggested he may need more, which we did pick up on the way to his place. I havent yet spoken to him after I dropped them off so cant tell you how good she actually was. Will find out soon and post it here.

Till then have fun and do it safely :)


07-13-03, 05:11
Johnny Doh,

Just passing on information re the two hotels you mentioned. I believe that the Hyatt is undergoing renovation currently (according to its website). People I've spoken to didn't rate the rooms that highly. This could be just personal taste. Same with the Burg. Very garish was the opinion (or very typically Arab) and the opulence clashed with the senses. By all means have a look or try for one night, but be forewarned. The Burg is also a way out of town in Jumairah, many ladies don't want to travel the distance, and will probably want the taxi fare back.
I have no idea on the hotel's policy to 'guests'.
Closer to the centre of things though, I can recommend the Hilton Dubai Creek. Tasty little boutique hotel, good, if minimalist decor and an easy policy towards 'guests' (they have an entrance to the hotel at the back by the lifts so you don't even have to go past reception). The Marriott or the Sheraton on the Creek also have easy policies.
I'll be in DXB later in the week and will post after returning.

Cheers and be safe.

07-13-03, 16:17
Arrived late at the Hyatt Regency somewhere around 2:00 AM. Decided to skip Premier and rest.

Knock on the door and found myself face to face with two Asians. They were Koreans and were supposedly looking for a Saudi client who stayed in my room the previous night. As he was not there they asked me if I wanted massage. I was determined to say no but I let them in to practice the haggling.

Knowing that penises rule our brains, we ended up deciding for AED 600 for both all night.
There was Mimi: Short with big tits 6/10, and Kusi (or something like that): Tall and good features. Hair dyed Red 9/10.

We showered together and ended up in bed for a good session. No lez acts but a real threesome like simultaneous BBBJ and one sitting on my dick with the other sitting on my face. I ended up fucking Kusi with Mimi sucking my ball and nipples. Came in Kusi and we both went to the bathroom to clean ourselves. When we came back Mimi was masturbating. They started both preparing me for Mimi and finished the evening fucking Mimi.

At that point all I wanted was to sleep ALONE. I was able to get rid of them and had a three-hour sleep before proceeding to work.

Next evening I was determined to get some rest. I visited Premier just for a drink. Turned down two offers for massage. Went back to my room and displayed the Do Not Disturb sign. At 1:00 AM there was a knock on my door and guess who?

Mimi and Kusi again. I explained that I wanted to sleep but with Kusi massaging my balls I wasn’t convincing. We settled for AED300.00 which paid for the next 2.5 hours.

How did these two ever get through security? Was there ever a Saudi person that stayed in my room or was I just flagged on arrival by a bellboy?

07-13-03, 16:26
In one my hinting trips at the Premiere, I was approached by a dark skinned lady claiming to be from Morocco. Having been to Rabat and knowing that every Moroccan speaks French, I started talking to her in that language. She couldn’t understand me and claimed that she was raised outside Morocco. I turned her down and then I saw her join a group of other women with similar features. They seemed to be speaking what sounded like Arabic but again when I approached them to speak French with two of them, I still could not be understood. Also they were too dark to be from North Africa.

I was enlightened later when I was joined in bed by a girl from Ghana. She knew that group well. Apparently these women are from Eritrea and Ethiopia. They braid their hair and sometimes use henna just like the Moroccans and then claim being one. Apparently the Moroccan stock has a high value especially with Gulf Arabs.

Punters beware.

07-13-03, 17:16
Johnny Doh,

I'm sure Burj wont mind your 'guests', at least not with the kind of money you'll be paying for a night there. Actually, most 5 star properties wont kick up a fuss. But, like Expatcat mentioned, it is a way off from the main action places. That is not to say you wont find any action on that side... it'll be more expensive (and more often than not, better quality). But then, whats 'better' than some of the good experiences posted out here uh :) ... meaning how much better can it get? Not very much I suppose, in proportion to the increased prices.

Anyway, commuting in Dubai is not at all a problem at any time of the day or night. Cabs can always be found and it's very safe. So that might not really be an issue.

So splurge on room at the Burj if thats what does it for you, and have fun at the same time. Enjoy your stay in Dubai.


07-13-03, 17:24
Stout Dick,

Does Lucy have her own place or does she only do out calls?



07-14-03, 12:30
Hi friends, Me and a buddy went over to the CIS house last night. The place is quite full again. 6 girls in all. My buddy went with one of the new ones. A young chick about 22 year old. The girl seems to love greek. Kept on hinting to my buddy till he did it to her. Says she really enjoyed it.

I went with one of the other girls, Albino, and had a good session too. The madame's daughter was there too but wanted a nice long session so chose this girl. Doesn't mind taking time. And it was a slow night at the time we went so i finished well after my buddy came out. He was a bit surprised as usually it is the other way around.

Ira has settled into a nice flat with one of the girls from CIS house. Looking forward to visiting the place soon.

Will update when i go mongering again.

BTW i went to TGIT a coupl of days back in the afternoon. Saw a girl in the parking area. Tall, dark haired, wearing a red mini dress. Stunning was the word for her. Made up my mind to ask for her contact number once she comes inside. She never came in. Guess someone took off with her from the parking area. Will look for her the next time. She did not seem very young, perhaps 27/28 year old but had a model girl figure and walk.

Will post if i find her.


Mad Hatter
07-14-03, 19:07

Hi Guys.

I been in Dubai for the past 2 years and have been in and out of the mongering scene.

Anyway here is some info for you ppl.

There are quite a few CIS house/apartments around Dubai. Especially the Deira - Riqqa and Muraqqabat area. I live in this area so I kinda know where most of them are located.

Last few weeks been driving around a picking a few up. Most of the walkers in Deira arent too great (you know the kind - lil old chubby or young and not too hot and badly made up). Not my cup of tea. But every now and then you do come across a diamond in the rough.

Mainly fresh ones, who end up moving onto the better clubs eventually.

I tend to look out for these fresh young (early 20s) ones.

They generally ask for 100Dh for one shot but smile a lil and be nice and they will drop it to 50dh.

Last week I picked up one in Riqqa. Tall (over 6 ft) young and statuesque - abt a 7/10. Took her up to her apt. Gave the mama san a 100. And then just took the girl downstairs to my car and drove her around and dropped her back at her place. Didnt even touch her.

I know keep laughing guys, but I am gonna laugh last.

Just gave her my no. The next night she calls me and tells me to come over. Week night so slow time for business. She comes down to my car. We go for another drive I buy her food and am a total gentleman with her. And this time she cannot keep her hands off me. We end up going back to her apt. I spend the night there. Gives me the an amzing GFE. Licks me from top to bottom. and goes crazy doing everything and anything. Ends up swallowing my cum. Morning, I wake up a lil early to go get ready for work. When I pull out the wallet, she just smiled and says no. No money. Because I am the first nice guy she has met in her month here.

I have done this nice guy thing a few times but you have to be very careful. Some of them just try to use you for more and more money. When they start asking for too much - LEAVE.

There is this one girl who has started walking the streets not too far from my apt. She is gorgeous. 22, abt 6ft, slim, shapely, model-like body. Beautiful face (no make-up). And the best thing about her-she doesnt dress like a ho. Just nice jeans and a tank top. Did the whole nice guy thing with her a few nights ago and got the feeling she was just trying to use me. So backed off. I will have to go and just fuck her though, she is absolutely beautiful.

BTW, went to Garage last weekend and I have to say the quality has gotten better. Some goodlooking africans and russians there.

One Russian who was an absolute stunner, no make-up and all. So hot every guy was trying for her, but she just kept blowing them off until she found the guy she wanted.

Also guys, I do have some phone numbers of these chicks. Would be willing to trade. Got the no. of the beauty near my house.

btw JustFun10 wanna trade locations of the houses?? Whats ur email?

07-15-03, 08:54
Johnny Doh,

The Shangri La is on Shk Zayed Rd. near the first interchange. From what I know, it has recently only had a soft opening and they're not yet open for business. I may be wrong. Good or bad for hobbyists, no idea about that too. However, I've stayed at the Shangri La in the far east on two occasions and have never had any problems there. So maybe they're ok about guests here too.

I dont frequent the Premier much but I've heard you can find some good selection there. But they're priced more and certainly high milage.

Hope this helps.


07-15-03, 09:13
Mad Hatter,

How do you know for sure the women you on Rigga are SW? I mean, there are plenty of nice looking women walking on rigga in the evening and I think it takes a lot of courage to just go up to one and ask. Could end up spending a few nights in the cooler you know.

If there's a perticular place where they normally sit or just hang out then it's a bit more encouraging but otherwise, I think there may be be very few here who'll risk it.

Much safer I think to go to a known place (pub/disco/house).

Anyway, I was just thinking aloud.

Have fun.


Mad Hatter
07-18-03, 10:04
Wassup People,

Justdoinit: This is how you recognise SWs in Riqqa. They are the white or chinese girls who walk very slowly almost like they have nothing to do. They will generally look at every car passing by. And if they make eye contact with you, you know they are hookers. Drive up slowly and put your window down and they will give you their number. Call them and ask them for the price. And remember always bargain. By Riqqa I do not mean Riqqa road but the Holiday Inn (downtown) road and other roads parallel to it.

While clubs are generally better quality, the SWs do have a few hot ones at very cheap prices.

Remember its better to go during the weekdays. During weekends there is no shortage of customers and the women just want to get it over with and move onto a new customer. During weekdays, it is very slow and they are just happy to get a customer, so service is much better.

The Garage is looking up guys. For some time quality had fallen. But last night, a friend of mine picked up and absolutely stunning African lady. He said there were quite a few hot ones there. I didnt go because I had other plans.

Anybody else notice that it is hard to meet a decent lady in Dubai. Hookers seem to be everywhere nowadays.

Does anybody have any information on "Mujrah" girls?? For all those who dont know, Mujrahs are Indian restaurants / bars where you can have a drink and watch beautiful Indian girls in skimpy (genrally pretty revealing) outfits dance sexually on stage. I have been to few Mujrahs and I have to saymost girls there are stunning. These places tend to be populated by old rich men. You can tip the girls (minimum is like 50dhs) and for that you get a smile. What a rip off. But these old men end up spending 1000s in a night on a single girl. Throwing money at her. So I figure there must be some reward in the end. I have seen a few of these guys get a girls number. Generally I just go there to have a drink and some food and watch some hot girls dance. But it would be nice if anyone has any more info on how to meet these girls.

Also people, here is my email: madindubai@yahoo.com

So whatever info you need just send me an email. Cant be bothered to read all the posts and see who needs info and then send it to them. Sorry.

Anyway, take care and happy hunting.

07-19-03, 19:54
Hello all,

Have been a silent spectator all along wanted to join the group as only lately I found out the mechanism to access this group bypassing the etisalat proxy hehe. That explains where I am from I guess.

Anyway, I'm a long time resident of Dubai but less active in the "night" life. I would want to know more of this especially the info from justforfun and not to mention the rest all.

The sad part is now I am leaving Dubai for good and don't want to miss this "side" of life here.

Bye for now

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P Man
07-19-03, 20:09
I have Just landed in Dubai here for 8 weeks on an IT project there is some great information on this site and I am looking forward to going to the Cyclone bar.

If any of you guys have numbers of girls please mail them to me I promise to provide an update.

I have been looking for SW's but could not find any arround fish roundabout is this the right place?

Mail address pman532000@yahoo.com

07-20-03, 09:12
Hi Everybody,

First on all, I want to thank the admin and those members that share valuable information. This is my first time posting a message on this forum.

I have not been to UAE and Dubai now for almost 2 years. I used to call one CIS girl that I got her phone through a friend and pick her up. I like to have the girl for whole night, short time dose not satisfy me any more. The hotel of choice was (Tower number one hotel) on Sheik Zayed Street. There are so many reasons to pick that hotel. Clean rooms, plenty of parking, but the most important was they have another entrance from the back of the building that dose not go through the reception. It was little more expensive compared to other hotels but it was worth every penny. I had a lot of fun but the down side was that I had limited choice between the girl and 2 other girls living with her.

I am coming back to UAE within 10 days. I need some help guys. I want to have good time with the girls. As I mentioned earlier, I like to get the girl for whole night. Can somebody give me some info about how I can achieve that but with little bet more selection. Places to pick up girls, how much is good or acceptable price for a night, hotels that is ok with bringing working girls in, phone numbers of girl with previous good experience, and any other info to help me have a good time.

I promise as soon as I am back from UAE on August I will submit a detailed message about the action and will give contact information for what I found.



07-20-03, 09:24
Thanks JustFun for the info.

And MadHatter, thank you. Will try your approach out. I just pray I dont get beaten up! :)

As for the Mujra scene, well, they are all available except for a very few who play harder to get. You need to go a few times, go to the same place, make eye contact everytime you go (preferebly with the same girl) But anyways let your presence there be noticed. One sure fire way to achieve that is to dole out money to them, but I'm personally totally against that practice. No matter how much unaccounted money I may have, I don't think I'll be able to fling it at them.

Anyway, make eye contact and then after a few days get their number, usually passed thru a waiter or some jacket wearing monkey there. The prices are also negotiated by hand signals or thru paper passing.

Not an easy exercise, but you'll get a hang of it after a couple of times. Personally, I've only done it once at Antakshri at the president, and I find it's too much time / money / trouble and you're not sure if the experience will worth it. I called up the girl the next day and took her to a friends place. She was very beautiful (most of them at the mujras are) but wasn't really hot in bed. Overall, just an ok experience.

Do let us know how it went if you decide to try :)



Member #1071
07-21-03, 17:11
I go to Dubai often. The action is every where, depending on what you want and what you like.
The main scenery are the night clubs, plenty of girls mainly CIS countries, Chinese and some African.

My friend met a girl stunning figure nice body bot small brest from Uzbekistan, she started with a 400 DHS a shot and went down immediately to and incredibe 200 DHS a night!

Just call her tell her that a friend recomended her but make sure you tell her you want her for fuck and suck all night, otherwise she dictates you what she does and how much she wants, so be clear from the begining what you want and how much you would spend. Sometimes she might be willing for anal at an extra 50 DHS.
Her name is Lena: 507182857

Happy hunting

Member 1071

07-21-03, 21:08
Hey Mongers,

For those who travel form the US of A..... How do I go about finding cheap airfare to Dubai, from New York. Traveling next time in November.
Also, is there a way to find cheap hotel rates (not cheap hotels!).


Member #1071
07-22-03, 08:45
Here are some more detailed info regarding night life in Dubai.

Plenty of Pubs-discos in most of the hotels.

Girls are everywhere, all available.
Visited Cyclone and Premiere Hyatt Regency.

Chose the girls of your choice, approach her ask her are you free tonight? this will break hopefully the glass barier.

In those discos the price might start at 1000 - 800 Dhs for a night stay. If you are a skilfull negotiator prices drop by half.
There are also massage parlors mainly chinese but you need a contact person to indicate you where they are located.

Otherwise you can take a walk near the SANDS buildings in Burr Dubai around 8-9 pm. Plenty of girls, just ask the question are you free tonight?

Happy hunting

07-22-03, 12:06
Originally posted by Badass
Hey Mongers,

For those who travel form the US of A..... How do I go about finding cheap airfare to Dubai, from New York. Traveling next time in November.
Also, is there a way to find cheap hotel rates (not cheap hotels!).

Well,this is what you do.Contact one of the local South Asian travel agencies.By that I mean travel agencies who specializes in tours to the subcontinet(India,Pakistan and Bangladesh).They usually schedule all trips to Dubai and have competitive fairs. So call one of them up.If you can not find one in NYC ,just go to Jackson Heights and try to talk with an Indian Travel Agent. I can give you the name of one its called www.aqratravel.com or www.dadatours.com .Just email them and they will get back with a competitve fair. You have to go through London and onwards to Dubai .Its going to be on Emirates Airlines possibly the best airlines in the world.So good luck.If you need any help just post here and I will be happy to help u out.I have traveled this route a couple of times .

07-22-03, 12:10
Well, Guys I need your help.I am planning a trip to Dubai around October 31-November 2 .What I hear from the board is that the month of Ramadan falls during this time. I wanted to ask you guys since I can not change these dates what kind of action do you think we can get during this holy time in Dubai. Secondly, I wanted to know what hotel the Cycloe is .I know people mentioned it here but I forgot and is that a good hotel to stay in .We are students traveling on a budget and am looking for a hotel not more than 150 dollars per night. I would appreciate it if someone can recommend some hotels and some info.
Thanks > My best to all of you

07-23-03, 02:34
May I ask for a little help from the learned gentlemen of this forum?

Could I have some contact information in Kuwait. (Kuwait forum is very silent, there fore I post here)

My contact address southeast1234@yahoo.com

Extreme discretion guaranteed.



07-23-03, 12:31
Hi Guys,

I've been reading the various posts for some time now and have made a couple of trips to Dubai and thought I'd relate my experiences.

I'm going back in a couple of weeks and would appreciate some info on the "CIS house", suggested friendly hotels, and the best places to find top-shelf picks!

My most recent trip was in June, and I stayed at the Ramada in Bur Dubai. This hotel is very "visitor-friendly" as it turns out; my visitor had to leave a copy of her passport (she had a copy handy in her purse, luckily for me).

I arrived in Dubai fairly late, around midnight, and I purposely chose the Ramada as it is close to some of the more popular joints. I walked a few minutes down the road to the Imperial, paid the entry fee, and started doing some window shopping. Place was packed, and it surprises me how forward the ladies are.

I eventually found what I was looking for - a short petite Russian gal, blond, pretty, about 23 or 24. She was with a friend who was about 18 or 19. The friend was a little more aggressive, and thinking back I probably should have picked the friend.

I made the rounds with my date to a couple of the other hangouts: Rockefellers, which was pretty dead, and then the Cyclone, which was fairly busy. I hadn't been to the Cyclone before but will certainly go back.

Eventually we went back to the Ramada, and my date spent the night for 700. Wasn't anything to write home about, not much of a GFE. Should have taken the friend.

(I'd be interested in some contacts for Russians that are good GFEs. My e-mail is five_29_six@hotmail.com)

On another occasion I stayed at the Taj Palace in Deira. Deira's not got a whole lot happening when it comes to night clubs, but I took a walk outside down the road and ended up coming across a couple of Chinese girls who asked me if I wanted massage. I hadn't experienced this before so I went along. They basically took me through the maze of buildings to their "apartment", which was basically a room with a mattress in what appeared to be an office building of some sort. Wasn't much of an experience; 150 Dhs for the both. I think I'll stick withe the nightclubs.

My next trip is on Aug 9 and I'm in the process of choosing a hotel. Thinking about the Hyatt Regency, as they've got the nightclub right there. Any recommendations appreciated.

Also, any contacts for recommended CIS GFEs greatly appreciated. I will post a report on my return.

Cheers all


Double Shooter
07-23-03, 19:26
What's the standard service for massage in Dubai? I've only been to 1 place (I'm a regular). I get a quality massage, a tongue bath all over the back & ass, a lengthy ass rimming, a seriously good BBBJ with CIM, with maybe a fuck in the middle. Finish up the massage, an assisted shower, and I'm back out on the street about 75 minss later feeling thoroughly satisfied. Cost is 100 for the massage & 50 for extras, altho I tend to give 100.

Girls are Chinese - OK looking, not superstars.

Is that more or less the same as elsewhere??

07-24-03, 13:02
Hey Cheifs,

This is my first contri in this encyclopedic forum, I really think this forum should be preserved for generations to come for it's in-depth documentation of history :)

Can someone let me know of any beautiful and trustworthy call lady who can drop in in Jebel Ali area ? I need her for an overnight on a special mission }:> .

Kudos to the admins who are keepign this together, and lively.



Member #1071
07-25-03, 10:50
Originally posted by Double Shooter
What's the standard service for massage in Dubai? I've only been to 1 place (I'm a regular). I get a quality massage, a tongue bath all over the back & ass, a lengthy ass rimming, a seriously good BBBJ with CIM, with maybe a fuck in the middle. Finish up the massage, an assisted shower, and I'm back out on the street about 75 minss later feeling thoroughly satisfied. Cost is 100 for the massage & 50 for extras, altho I tend to give 100.

Girls are Chinese - OK looking, not superstars.

Is that more or less the same as elsewhere?? Hi Double Shooter,

I guess it is the same standard service as far as massage places are concerned. I now a place near Sands buildings in Burr Dubai in a building called Paloma (forgot which floor though) The lady in charge is Jinny, tel 507153202.
Can you give me the address and number of the place you go to?

07-26-03, 01:01
Originally posted by SkinnyJ
Hi Guys,..........Eventually we went back to the Ramada, and my date spent the night for 700. Wasn't anything to write home about, not much of a GFE. Should have taken the friend.................

Why are you paying 700 for the night. You should be able to get almost any girl for he night for 400-450, especially after 12 or 1 AM.
Unless of course you found that beautiful russian, Anna!

(Kournikova, that is -:))

Member #1071
07-26-03, 13:38
Nobody should cross the 400DHS barrier a night for a fresh 8-9 girl. I used to accept whatever figure those girls used to give me until I met a friend who lives there and showed me how he can get his way for 200-250DHS a night for a stunning fresh teen girl.
Anybody paying more is only spoiling the market. Whatever sad stories they tell you those girls are after your money, it is pure business, and it is your duty like any business deal to get the utmost for lesser price.

I used to pay a lot to get one of the girls back to my hotel, until I discovered how stupid I was.

07-27-03, 07:58
Hi friends. Went to the TGIT friday night for a wuick drink and saw a stunning young girl. Very pretty with lovely figure tho looked a bit small in the tits. Lovely face short dark hair. And had a constant smile on her face. Kept teasing guys. Wanted to get her number for a nooner but she kept flitting around so fast that i lost sight of her. . The next day a couple of guys from the foum landed up in dubai and called me up. Decided to meet them at TGIT after work. Guess saturdays are not their favorite nights. My frieds from the forum were already at TGIT when i arrived. Their verdict was" Too Boring". Looked around and had to agree with them. The place was full of older looking ladies with extra flesh in all the wrong places. Not one single good looker around. Wish i had caught that hottie from the day before and got her number. Sigh. Will look for someone else for a nooner today. Want a little change from Ira this time. Might surprise the madame's daughter or try one of the 3 new girls she has got at her place.

Cheers guys.

Muscat Thug
07-29-03, 16:20
Wazzup people!

I just got back from Dubai. Must say that it was really a fun trip!

After like goin to all the clubs, I think the best quality is at Cyclone, they are some real hotties out there.

Anyways, justfun you have been of great help to me, I really appreciate it. Thankyou once again, keep in touch.

Take care people, and happy hunting.


07-30-03, 12:37
originally posted by murep001 thug
wazzup people!

i just got back from dubai. must say that it was really a fun trip!

after like goin to all the clubs, i think the best quality is at cyclone, they are some real hotties out there.

anyways, justfun you have been of great help to me, i really appreciate it. thankyou once again, keep in touch.

take care people, and happy hunting.

alec you are welcome mate. it was nice meeting you.

guys those of you who have got ira's contact from me please note she lost her mobile and had to get another number. so the number i gave does not work any more


Member #1071
07-31-03, 18:57
Anybody tried Lena:50 7182857.
I personally did not but a friend of mine did. She has a nice figure but small tits as described by my friend. Not more than 200 DHS for a whole night + 50 DHS for anal.
I need feedback from "indpendent sources"

Happy hunting

08-01-03, 08:58
Just back from vacation and have been reveiwing the scene.

Afternoons: Astoria noon - 1600 Admiral Plaza.

After 1600: Jockeys

1700 til late Nights: York
Cyclone (very expensive beer!!)
Rockafellas -Regal plaza Rush Inn
Jules in Le Meridian

I suppose there are many more but I have not yet managed to get round them all. If there are any new venues I would be interested to know about them. Also any venues with Indian or Filipinas.

Any news about Arif Castle?

08-01-03, 09:42
Hi guys, What is happening. Seems like there is some kind of problem. Are the girls scared of the LE? Yesterday called up a chinese and she claimed she is not in the business. My friend who gave me the contact had spent a night with her and her room mate recently. But as i could not give my friends name she refused to acknowledge she was in business. Told me bluntly never to call the number again.

Got a couple more numbers to try. Hope i dont get the same reaction from them as well. Has anyone had this kind of experience?

Oh well can always fall back on the CIS house.


Captain Fire
08-01-03, 17:38
Hello fellow mongers,

Just an update on Dubai. I was just told that police are cracking down as there is some kind of world conference coming to Dubai in early Aug. This may be why girls are a bit retcent now. as far as overall scene, cyclone is still best bet. I have had Svetlana who has been mentioned several times on here. She alternayes between Astoria early in evening and Cyclone later. She is definitely a first class F---. She really likes her nipples pinched hard as she is getting into things. Anal penetration with fingers also is well received. Never asked about cock in the back door. she comes fast and with fervor. Will do BBBJ with no problems. bit expensive but you get what you pay for. As far as full anal. Aficans are best bet but go covered. Russians or CIS girls are the most desireable for many. If you treat them with respect, nearly anything is possible. Stayin Alive still not bad for younger girls, but I find experience sadly lacking there> Can anyone fill me in on this CIS house I have read about here> Let me know contact details to captain4444@hotmail.com. Will be in Dubai on Aug 13 & 14 so if anyone is up for a cool one. let me know and maybe we can get together. Have a few numbers and names to swap.

Good hunting guys!

Cadillac Lover
08-01-03, 22:13

Quick Question:

I know it is not Dubai, but does anyone have any info on Abu Dhabi? I will be there next week, and am not sure where to go and what to expect.

Always interested in LT at my hotel, BBBJ and FS.

Any suggestions on where to go, along with directions (from Sheraton) and price estimates is always appreciated.



08-02-03, 08:18
Things getting from bad to worse. Met a SW behind Ramada and asked her number. Gave the number and after a few minutes called her on the number she gave. Wasn't ready to speak. Just kept cutting me off until i gave up. These deays unless you have a solid reference or you meet them personally they are not interested in taking chance.

Anyone had similar problems??

08-03-03, 08:40
Hi Guys,

Just returned from my trip. So whats cooking in Dubai these days? I read some posts about LE tightning up etc. , but I was out last night and it seemed like business as usual! Maybe they are starting to get strict because of the forthcoming conference (as someone rightly mentioned). But I did see some new faces at Jockys.

Sam da Man: If you're have trouble posting I suggest you try refreshing the page a few times after logging in after clicking 'Add New Report'.

JustFun: Has the cis number that you gave me changed? If so pls. resend. Thanks. BTW, you are right in saying that the girls don't usually respond to calls if they cannot remember / recognise you or your reference.

Have fun and be safe.


Flying Scot
08-04-03, 08:44
Former Lurker,

Abu Dhabi is quite good for what your looking for! Get a taxi to the Merridian Hotel. Out the back of the hotel are several bars and cafes etc etc. there is a nite club there. Get yourself in there. Thats about the best place in Abu Dhabi for Russian etc etc.

Alt.. Go to Al Ain Palace Hotel, when you go in turn right and there is a selection of mostly dogs! Chineese ladies, some are nice and will let you do all sorts to them!

Have a good trip!

First Out
08-04-03, 14:35
Took a flight to Dubai on Friday from Saudi side via Bahrain, stayed 2 days. Have stayed at hotel across from Ramada in Bur Dubai that is guest friendly since as have stayed on previous occasions and am recognized.

Picked up a uzbaki; Inna for 300 from the bar in the hotel. Good GFE.

Next Day (Saturday 2/8/03 afternoon) went to look for TGIF. Action medium. mostly chinese but some CIS. One caught my eye, said she was moscovite a bit snobish. Hair style semi-dreadlock. wanted 150 a shot/800 for the whole day and night. Anyways was on an exploraitory trip so decided not to take the offer. (TGIF was mentioned by JustforFun & 11Bravo).

Evening at TGIF a very active, ukraniain offering 100/sht, she had a apt nearby.

Took her back to my hotel for 200/3 hrs deal. Very irky girl (said was a teacher back home). Any very robotic and cranky, belived in vlomue not quality. She left after 2 hrs, I didn't stop.

1:30 am went to cyclon (first time). Place full, quality a bit more than average, probably the prime quality already left. Rate, st. petersberg 700, chinese 500. Saw the same moscovite from TGIF there. Left without any at 3:00.

To much chinese SW action near Rush Inn/York Area after 3:00. Police chasing the girls away.

Sunday an uneventful wish had CIS contact house from JustForFun for this visit, but was not registered on the wsgforum. Anyways took the noon flight back to Bahrain onwards to Saudi

Would have liked to get the contact for CIS - house/Ira from JustForFun as I may go back next week. If you can send me the contact at FirstOut@hotmail.com.

As for Bahrain I have avoided the hotels where mostly the Saudi's
go so I dont go punting. Cant imagine being in the same hotels and holes as the rowdy Saudis. Anyways if some one have info on private action, pls drop me a line, would apreacite it.

08-04-03, 20:25
Hi All, Just got back from a short stay (Thursday night) in Dubai here is the rundown; visited York hotel about 5 punters for every bird but still seemed enough to go around as I think there were a lot of lookers and non players. Had a walk to the Imperial suites around 00:30am really bad full of men and only about 6-7 birds in the place and these were fairly old 30 years upwards so back to the York, on the way spotted a couple of nice looking chinese on the roadside who both wanted to come back to the hotel but decided one last try at the York. Ended up with a Chinese bird who was very petite, small tits and slightly buckteeth her name was Lena or something similar I am wondering if she is the one mentioned in an earlier report. Anyway back to the hotel here a problem, the REGENTS PALACE HOTEL is not girl friendly and no way to sneak in as you have to walk right past reception to the lifts at the back of the hotel, the girl I was with new the hotel was not girl friendly and wanted me to go to her place but I argued and kicked up a fuss and got away with a 100 AED extra bed charge. She was good in bed easily putting her feet behind her head in the mish position and a really tight snatch (she was Very Petite as I said) I know I paid well over the odds 500 AED but after a short spell in Saudi I would have fucked your granny the only complaint about the girl was she had a very hairy **** typical chinese.
For the Lurker's question the place in Abu Dhabi which you need to check out is Al Ain Palace (Ali Paly) as it is known virtually straight facing Sheraton is a street walk up here and it is on your right or walk along the corniche and it is on your left it is very close but taxis are cheap so if you are not sure just get in one and ask for ALI PALY. And finally yes the Arif Castle is still closed!

08-05-03, 09:00
Hi Former Lurker

In terms of action in Abu Dhabi, you should tell a taxi Driver to take you to the Novotel Hotel, there is a pretty decent disco, called Blitz. Full of chinese and girls from the former Soviet Bloc, Krgystan, Uzbeckistan etc.

Failing that i know there is a Chinese massage centre on Madinat Zayed, that does great massages followed by handjobs, although whether anything more is on offer there is unclear.


Creek Patrol
08-05-03, 14:09
Hi Chaps

First post, so treat me gently. I live in DXB and have been known to grab a slice of the action during the long, hot summers. Just For Fun will know what I mean.

One place off the beaten track that has yet to be mentioned is the Rattle Snake at the Metropolitan on Sheikh Zayed Road.

It's smallish and only has a dozen or so girls in there in, but usually very good quality from CIS. I much prefer it to the meat market at the York and Imperial Suites any day of the week - and Cyclone on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the whole of the testosterone pack pitch up. Plus, I object to paying 75 chips entrance to Cyclone!

Also, don't forget Jockey's at the Panorama. Almost 100 per cent CIS, although most are past their sell buy dates.

I scouted the Rattle Snake a couple of weeks ago and got the number of a stunning - and intelligent - Armenian. Will do road test later this week and report back.

Recommend the Admiral Plaza for early afternoon fun.


Creek Patrol

08-05-03, 15:15
Hi every one,

Juzdoingit, thank you for your help in solving the log-in problem.

First of all about the LENA whose number was given in this forum, she claims that she is not a SW and not to call the anymore.

Met a chinese in golden sands area, name Lucy liu Dhs. 100 for short time, GFE. Face 4/10 body 6/10. Altogether the experience was good her number is 7655308.

The streets behind Ramada is very active from 4:00pm itself, lot of gals mostly CIS. The going rate is Dhs. 100 for short time. They have their own apts near the new spinneys (next to Bur Juman centre).

Last thursday picked up a gal called Lena in TGIT (Astoria) by 3:00pm for Dhs 100. After reaching her apt, she found out that she ran out of cover. She invited me to do without cover and I have pay Dhs 50/- for coming out without doing anything. She was a cute and looked very young, say less than 20. You cannot avoid experiences like this.

Justfun, can you send me the CIS details to email callmeejack@yahoo.co.uk.

Member #1071
08-06-03, 16:07
Seaview Hotel in Burr Dubai facing RAshid Port.

They have two discos: a Russian and a Philippino. Once inside one of them you can access the second without having to pay the entry fee for a second time (50 AED).

Lots of girls, African, CIS and Chinese. Most 5-7 occasionally stunning 8-9 are found.

Atmosphere relaxed with Philipino and Russian live bands.

Ongoing rate 100 for a shot 300-400 for an 8 lady for the whole night.

Aziza in the Russian club is worth trying. However she does not go out unless she needs the money. Otherwise she dances and dances until the place is closed. Anybody can tell you where to find her.

Just fun, can you please post your email address so I can get the phone and address of the CIS house?

And another thing JUST FUN are you in Dubai actually? If yes how are you abel to overcome the Itisalat fire wall and acces WSG site?

Happy hunting everybody.

Captain Fire
08-06-03, 21:22
Hi Gents,

I'm coming into Dubai on Aug 12 fairly late at night. Is Cyclone still best spot. Does anyone have some numbers of top notch girls I can call before I get in and arrange something? I had a real sweetheart for awhile, but she has gone home for awhile. Does anyone know an Uzbek name of Angela or Angelique? Bit stocky but a real wonder between the sheets. Dark hair cut short, good English.

A couple of you replied back to my request on CIS house. Thanks a lot. Think I'll try my luck at picking in the clubs. Any sugesstions other than Cyclone or Stayin Alive about midnite or later? Does anyone know if action is getting tightened up by the LE lately. I heard rumors from my last lady that things were getting a bit tense. Any sugesstions or names and numbers are really appreciated and will be reciprocated if I can.

Good Hunting friends

08-08-03, 21:44
Hi guys,

I have been trying different MPs in Dubai whenever I am in town. The best is 050-4291017. Some good ones there. Had a bad exp at a CIS house downtown Holliday Inn. Justfun please mail me "the CIS house" you often refer. Next time in Dubai, let me try it out.



08-09-03, 06:56
Originally posted by CallmeSun
First of all about the LENA whose number was given in this forum, she claims that she is not a SW and not to call the anymore.

Justfun, can you send me the CIS details to email callmeejack@yahoo.co.uk. Hi friends. This is what happens when phone numbers are put freely on the forum. Guess there are many shy people on the forum who never post anything. But they are there all the same. And these people usually call up the numbers and ask all sorts of questions. Some may have intentions of actually meeting up but others just call to pass the time. Can you blame the girls for this kind of response??

Still believe we should be a bit careful about posting contact details. Especially in the current situation. With the IMF conference around the bend the security checks are already driving the girls indoors. Have heard of a lot of crackdowns on the streets and guys being stopped if they are with a girl who is obviously not from the same country as the guy. So move with care guys.

Good luck

08-09-03, 15:56
Originally posted by JustFun10
Hi friends. This is what happens when phone numbers are put freely on the forum.

Justfun10 gives EXCELLENT advice. If you post a number here, consider it blown. I've actually been waiting in an office, and seen a group of locals hovering around a spearkerphone, calling information. If a guy answers, they hang up. If a girl answers, they ask for a number, plus engage in some conversation (don't know, don't speak arabic). Big laughs all around after the phone is hungup. Being able to talk to a girl - think junior high school. So now what do you think happens when a lurker gets a number here...

I know people mean well and want to help out other punters, but this is a public forum - ask yourself, if you were selling pornographic videos in UAE (illegal - go to jail), would you post your mobile number, then expect only legit buyers to call? And consider the girl - that's her business, if she has to change, then she loses her contacts. Better to post description and where you met her so others can find.

Captain Fire
08-09-03, 17:35
Hi Gents,

I would like more info on Rattle Snake as posted here. What hours are best, and is there any problem with security there. Sounds like this IMF conference is tightening things up. Anyone know when it is? I'm coming in on Aug 12 so hope to get a heads up before then. Thanks for any info. Will reprt back as soon as I have some updates.

08-10-03, 08:29
anybody aware of the health situation in Dubai? do the girls get checked before they get the visa?

08-10-03, 08:36

The WSG Forum has a policy, like most forums, against posting email addresses in the forum. However, I haven't been enforcing the policy due to the fact that prostitution is illegal in the UAE. As a result, this section has experience a flood of posts requesting backchanneled information and email addresses. Therefore, I have formulated a new policy:

If you have confidential information you wish to share with other members, then YOU need to post YOUR email address so that those who wish the information may contact you.

What this means specifically is that if JustFun10 wants to provide other members with the information about the CIS house, then he needs to post his email address in the Forum, and the rest of you can contact him directly.

FYI, I will send JustFun10 an email advising him that he needs to post his email address here.



Captain Fire
08-10-03, 16:58

As per Jacksons most sensible request, here is my e mail address

I have several numbers and names as well as several years experience in travelling in and out of Dubai. Feel free to contact me. Also has anyone got info on this upcoming conference that seems to be shutting things down in UAE? Also info as requested earler on Rattlesnake at Metropolitan?

Good hunting lads

Flying Scot
08-10-03, 18:39
Just for everyones information the IMF-World Bank conference is scheduled for September 23-24. These I belive are the official dates and the confernce is very important for Dubai, hence recnet LE activity.

08-11-03, 11:15
JustFun10 as a reply to your post, you wanted to know where I go the Filipinos:

I was at the Hyatt once, and I guess I have been waiting for too long as I could not pick up a nice looking chick. I was looking for black hair, not asian. And I could not. Then the club closed and I had to wait outside, near the ice skating ring. 1 Russian woman came to talk to me, actually she was pushed by another one, older. I did not want her, as she looked scared, and I was sure it would not be a nice experience to fuck her.
Then 2 Filiponos girls came to talk to me. One spoke, said the other one was her sister. I discounted the price, I do not remember how much it was in the beginning... but I paid like 160 USD for the night (in fact a couple of hours....)

I had nice action. They looked 6/10, but performance was rather 9/10. nice lesbian action, multiple fuck. I had no viagra, so was tired.... then I was watching TV (Waterwolrd was playing) and asked them to bend, to show me there ass. Movies was nice that way. I could put fingers in their pussies and assholes, while wathcing Tv.

08-11-03, 12:36
Hi friends, Went to the CIS house yesterday noon. Called up a Chinese orgasmic babe. But she flatly told me that she goes only with white guys. And for others she charges 1000 for short term. Guess just wanted to get rid of me.

So went to the CIS house and most of the girls were sleeping. ummmmm what a sight. Most of them sleep in their birhtday suits. Some in very little. Great sight. Two of the girls were wide awake tho. Took one who i thought was new. Lovely face. And when she took off her clothes i knew i had seen that body. Asked her name and she said Goola. Man the first time i went with her she was so heavily made up i almost did not go with her.

Yesterday she had no makeup on (that is why did not recognise her) and she is gorgeous. Still cant figure out why these CIS girls use makeup. Most dont need it.

It was a great nooner. Looking forward to more. But still trying for a chinese sweetie. She and i crossed the creek in the opposite direction yesterday afternoon. She on the way to TGIT and me on my way to the CIS house in deira. She told me she is in the cab and did not feel like telling her to come back to Deira where she said her house is. So perhaps next week nooner with her.

BTW, the indian joint is operational again. tho had a tough time convincing the new madame that the old madame was a friend. Has some new babes she told me. Maybe....... Not really too partial to indian babes. Too many airs. But might just give it a shot one of these days.


08-12-03, 17:35
I was in Dubai last month.

I was in a bar in the Emirates Tower (51st floor)

I was there on business for 1 night only.

I walked into the bar and could not help but realise the amount of "free" chicks. About 5-10!.

I was having a meeting so once the meeting ended i then went on the prowl. The bar is fairly small and not to busy so i started speaking the girl next to me. Very attractive girl from Russia. Cannot remember her name. She initially asked for $400! Then I remembered. She saw me count about $8000 in cash to give to my associate! Duh, big mistake.

Anyway, I got her down to $150 but she was not to please. So I said, the bar closes in thirty mins. Call me if you do not get anyone for $400 and I will pay $150. This was perfect for her.

30 mins later I receive a call. She comes to my hotel. The second she walked in I ordered some champagne. We had sex at least 5 times that night. In the bath, sofa, bed, shower. It was superb. She was mid 20s and a 19 year olds body. She was going to continue work for 1 month more then go back home.

But as I mentioned this is a good pick up joint, although the initial price maybe to high.

Also went to planetarium. There are a few stunners in there but I am unsure of the costs.


08-12-03, 21:27
This was my first visit to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In fact it was only meant to be to Abu Dhabi but I failed to find any action in my two nights in Abu Dhabi so hired a car and drove up to Dubai for the one night. I have a Chinese friend who works at the Shangri -La and who offered to find me a room near to her apartment. By coincidence and without any knowledge on her part she booked me into The York International.
The night started when I drove her back to her apartment at about 9:30 (I need to say that I do not have sex with this lady - she is just a friend). I do not know her address but it is about one block up (i.e. North) from the cross roads by the York (at the first intersection) on Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Road and about one block to the West of this road. After seeing her into her building and when walking back to my car I was approached by a group of women who I first thought were Russian but who actually turned out to be Turkish. After a very short period of half-hearted bargaining I agreed with the best looking one of the bunch on a price of 100. Basically all services were agreed upon with the exception of anal for which I have no requirement whatsoever. Her name is Kemala and I have her mobile number but I understand that it is not good practice to include it in this text but it can be passed on to anyone who requires it. Her English is good and she is a nice girl and I would rate her physically as about 7 to 8.
We went to 'her' apartment where there was little problem in that there wasn't a towel so we had to make do with copious amounts of paper towel after using the bidet. The sex was good with nothing being held back on either side - I was even offered sex without condom. There was another slight problem when her friend came back to the apartment and entered the room whilst I was in full swing but this caused only a momentary lapse in concentration.

As I have said above I have her mobile number and will certainly be contacting her again on my next visit.

On returning to York I needed something to eat so ordered a snack in the downstairs bar - the one first on the left as you enter the hotel. Obviously the girls here were immediately making them selves available but I was not immediately interested. I was also suffering from a temporary shortage of dirhams and was not sure that I wanted to change any more currency. However, two Chinese girls were particularly persistent and we started to chat and I found out that they both came from Dalian which is a city in which I have worked previously. To cut a long story short we finally agreed that for £50 sterling I could have them both. Since there is no possibility of using the facilities in the York they took me to an apartment (which by coincidence turned out to be the same as the one in which the Chinese massage parlour is located. I know this because I had scouted out the massage parlour earlier in the day but had not 'taken the treatment' because the ladies on offer in the afternoon were not too exctiting). This apartment was occupied by a married Chinese couple who sat in their living room whilst we used the bedroom - a little disconcerting but again only a minor distraction. Again, the sex was good although no BBBJ but all other possible combinations were enjoyed. Their names were Xie-Xie and Vi-Vi and, again, their telephone numbers are available.

I am returning to Dubai in early October for one week - this is specifically to carry out further research. I have seen the various items of correspondence concerning the 'userfriendliness' of the hotels. It strikes me that the best solution is to take an apartment for the week. Can anyone advise me of any contact details for either apartments in that area or of any agency who can take the pain out of making the arrangements? In particular, I have been offred space in York International, Dream Palace Hotel and Lords Hotel - can anyoen give ma any feedback on the guest friendliness of these 3 establishments?

I hope this contribution enables me to repay some of the good work that other members have contributed. I am also posting today (if allowed) in Costa del Sol, Ukraine and Jordan.

08-13-03, 10:15
Apparently there is a national dilemma going on in Dubai concerning the IMF conference.

Should the city be cleaned of all ladies so as to stop the press from having a field day?


Should more flights be chartered from the CIS so as the sex-starved world economists have their urges satisfied?

Concerning this last point, apparently there are just not enough ladies to go round.

In both cases demand will outsrip availability and inflation may be expected.

Gentlemen, get ready for some tough bargaining.

Member #1071
08-13-03, 15:32
My freind who gave me Lina's number(507182857), called her couple of days ago. She is still the same lady in the same business, except that she now have a "boyfriend". The new approach is to give her a missed call. She will call later when she is "free" and you can arrange everyting then.

Her price is still the same 200 AED except now she cannot stay all night, maybe 2-3 hours. Anal extra 50 AED. BBBJ and come in mouth no extra charges but you have to agree on this and what exactly you want the moment you contact her.

Hope this helps.

Happy hunting.

08-14-03, 06:21
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Cundum

In particular, I have been offred space in York International, Dream Palace Hotel and Lords Hotel - can anyoen give ma any feedback on the guest friendliness of these 3 establishments?

York has one of the bigger knocking shops in the town. I don't have any experience with how friendly the hotel is, but I would be surprised if they were 'unfriendly'. The Lords is definitely 'unfriendly'. Stayed there a few years ago when the GITEX was on and all other hotels were booked solid. A bit of a dump and NO women available in bars etc. Check out some of the other posts on this forum for friendly hotels.
Good luck

Sorry I couldn't hook up with you last month when I was DXB way. Too busy, then too pissed. Clocked a cute Chinese in Cyclone for ST at AED 200. She had an apartment opposite the Lamcy Plaza. Adequate performance, but mechanical. I still prefer Hyatt for quality though. :) Stayed at the Ramada Continental which is still very 'friendly'. I should be back in DXB at beginning of October. When exactly is the IMF conference ?
Quick sideline, the Holy month of Ramadan starts on/ around the 26th October. The town tends to quieten down a little with bars only open to 2am not 3. I was there last Ramadan and there were less girls around since there is a restrictive policy on music in bars during the month, and muslims aren't served alcohol in the bars, which cuts down on the number who tend to go out. Just an observation. BTW when is the GITEX this year ?



08-14-03, 11:12
Expat Cat

Forget the York Hotel - its tough to get the women to your room - which is odd as there are hundred s to choose from in the bar area.

My advice - pik em up in the York and then take em back to Ramada or some other hotel which is guest friendly.

Have fun


Red Bull
08-15-03, 07:33
Originally posted by cruk
Expat Cat

Forget the York Hotel - its tough to get the women to your room - which is odd as there are hundred s to choose from in the bar area.

My advice - pik em up in the York and then take em back to Ramada or some other hotel which is guest friendly.

Have fun

Cruk Hi Every one,

This is first time I am into the Forum. Please be kind to me.

I need to stay in Abu Dhabi for 2 weeks. Any one has any contacts of good ones like CIS 8/9 please post your email address so I can contact you.

Take care Good luck
Red Bull

Member #1071
08-16-03, 15:05
Was in Dubai for 48 hours. Went to Meridien near airport. Decided to try Lina who's number has been posted earlier. Called her, she told me to call later and hung up. After 30 minutes I called her, she asked me where did I get her numberfrom, I told her a friend gave it to me. She was suspicious at the begining and asked me where I am from, which hotel I was in etc.. After she was assured I was serious, we agreed that she would come for 3 hours. I tried to convince to stay overnight, but she refused. I asked her then what services would she provide, she told me that a standard suck and fuck would cost 500 AED. Since I knew this was an inflated price I told her that I can offer her 200, and an additional 50 for anal. She accepted provided I pay for the taxi.
At around 7 pm the door knocked, I opened the door to find a nice looking girl, black hair and nice body.

As soon as she got in she asked for the money which I paid with pleasure. After a small chat she told me she is going to undress, so did I. She immediately came on me and started sucking hard like I never experienced before. It wasn't late till I came in her mouth. She didn't mind it, went to the bathroom and washed her mouth.

After about 30 minutes I was ready again. I started sucking her all over and she enjoyed it exposing her intimate parts as much as she could for my tongue to wander all around the place.

We ended up fucking in various positions. After two hours she told me she wanted to go and that if I wanted to "come" another time she is ready. I decided to go for anal since I already paid for this. Surprisingly she carried the necessary tools: special condom and some lube. I inserted my dick into her tight asshole and boy did she enjoy that. She kept yelling more more. I couldn't hold anymore and came like I never did before.
She then took a quick shower an left after a goodnight kiss.
That's what I call excellent service at cheap price.

I can't wait to go back there and call her for another session.

If anybody contact her, tell her that the Guy from Meridien says hello.

Happy hunting guys.

08-18-03, 08:24
Hi guys, Had my regular dose of Ira yesterday evening. Cant get enough of her. Got a call from Madam's daughter yesterday. Seems one of our buddies from the forum called her up. when asked who gave the contact number he told her he got the contact over internet. Spooked the girl. She called me up, really worried, and asked me if i know the people who i give the contact number to. Do I ? with the LE situation in Dubai cant blame the girl for being spooked.

Any suggestions friends??


Member #1071
08-18-03, 13:22
Originally posted by JustFun10
Hi guys, Had my regular dose of Ira yesterday evening. Cant get enough of her. Got a call from Madam's daughter yesterday. Seems one of our buddies from the forum called her up. when asked who gave the contact number he told her he got the contact over internet. Spooked the girl. She called me up, really worried, and asked me if i know the people who i give the contact number to. Do I ? with the LE situation in Dubai cant blame the girl for being spooked.

Any suggestions friends??

Justfun I guess Justfun has a point here, but then again things have to move and if these informations and contacts are not shared then what the hell are we doing here?

I think limitting potential damages that may be caused to the girls by "intruders" could be done by sharing those information via private email rather than posting it on the internet.

Hope this helps

Member #1071
08-18-03, 13:27
Hi Justfun.
Can you please email me the CIS house address and phone? Also Ira's contact.
I'll be in Dubai again around end of this month. Maybe we can meet then and share things.

My email: pussyhunter_2@hotmail.com

08-18-03, 14:01
Hey Team.

I will be in Dubai next week and was looking for a few day places or incalls for FS.

I'll be staying at the Crowne Plaza. Any CIS Houses near by or should I go for a beach pick up?

Just4Fun where is the CIS house in deira & TGIT?


08-19-03, 09:35
Originally posted by Member #1071
I guess Justfun has a point here, but then again things have to move and if these informations and contacts are not shared then what the hell are we doing here?

I think limitting potential damages that may be caused to the girls by "intruders" could be done by sharing those information via private email rather than posting it on the internet.

Hope this helps I agree that information should be shared. And that has been my policy from the beginning. However, the amount of paranoia i have encountered on this forum from the members is amazing. I am not saying all of them are paranoid. But there are a fair share of guys here who do not wish to divulge even their nationality let alone the nick names they will use with the girls. I give out contacts in good faith. But am stonewalled when i ask simple questions like what name are you going to use or what is your natinality. This is not to satisfy my curiousity. This just to be able to talk with the girls when they refer to the person i gave the contact to. I would like to appear at least halfway intelligent rather than a total juniour school dropout who does not know anything about the "friends" i give the contact numbers to. Not even the colour of their skin.

It is too embarrasing to say the least. I guess it is alright to talk on the phone. But when you are face to face with the girls and are squirming at the questions they ask it is not very pleasant.

Any suggestions on this matter appreciated.


Fun Dog
08-19-03, 17:55
Dear all,

I have been trying to post for some time but unfortunately my browser has been uncooperative thus the long delay in my post. I have been only to some of the chinese MPs in town and taken some FLs from Premiere and Cyclone.

The quality of these 2 clubs compared to York and others are much better. However to be fair the girls do sometimes cruise the bars. I once picked up two "ruskie" action from York for 3 hours of non-stop fun for AED600 in total. This was a year ago and then somehow I met them again in Cyclone and one of them approached me in front of my other friends which is slightly on the embarassing bit.

However on an overall basis TGIT is not bad so far and sometimes there are some stunning SW action behind the Ramada area in Bur Dubai.

It will depend on your timing and luck mostly if you are crusing for SWs.

I think I may just be repeating similar information already spelt out by other forum members. I will try my luck again at Jules Bar at the Meridien and hope to pick up some filipino action which I hope to report soon.

Cheers and Happy Punting


08-20-03, 04:08
Originally posted by Boofer
anybody aware of the health situation in Dubai? do the girls get checked before they get the visa?

I dont think that anyone answerd this questuion. I dont know th eanswer myself.

The scary part is that I have been offeed unprotected sex by 3 girls in the 2 month perios. So this bareback practice can't be very uncommon, since I can't be the only one getting these offers (without any extra charge).

Be careful!

08-22-03, 02:05
Hello everyone,

I've just got back from Dubai and I'm pleased to say the night scene is still as lively as ever. I had wanted to try out the Chinese massage parlors (recommended by our regular contributor JustFun10) but engagements throughout the day caused me to miss the opportunity. Nonetheless, I decided to try out York International Hotel for a change.

I arrived at the hotel at about 10:30pm. Found the entrance to the disco after a brief search. It's to your left as you enter the lobby. 50AED is the cover charge and that includes 2 drinks (man, drinks here are as expensive as Cyclone). The place was already packed, though there were more punters than girls. Quality of girls were only average. I managed to spot only about 3 to 4 good lookers (ranking at least an 8/10). They were Russians and Chinese girls. As usual, they were constantly being swamped by punters. I've also noticed quite a bit of African ladies hanging around. They were pretty pesky and aggressive and I had to walk around a lot to shake them off.

By 12am, the scene was pretty much the same (minus the good lookers - they have gone off with some eager punters who must have paid a premium) and I was about to call it quits and head for Cyclone when 2 Chinese girls approached me. They were average looking, one was skinny and the other was a little pudgy.
Chatted a bit before they proposed I take both of them for 500AED for the night. Told them I'll think about it. Immediately they asked me for a counter proposal. I quoted US$100. After some brief discussion among themselves, they agreed. Thus my dreams of a threesome is finally realised. (at a good price!)

Back at my hotel room, they wasted no time in shedding their clothes. Both had average bodies with nicely trimmed bushes although the skinny girl was really flat. A quick shower (separately though) and it's onto the bed. Both started fondling me and vice versa. It was quite hard to concentrate on both of them at the same time as I'm obviously new to threesomes. Then the skinny one put on a cap and started blowing me. I concentrated on the pudgy one, rubbing her clit nicely. Wasn't long before she wants me to plug her. So, I banged her good mish style while the skinny one played with herself. She started to look yummy though. So after a change of rubbers, I plugged the skinny one doggie style. The pudgy one proceeded to lick my nipples and play with my balls as I continued banging the other one. I was feeling tired already so I stopped for a while. Few minutes later (and another round of rubber change), the pudgy one gave me another nice BJ before straddling me to completion. I think she came too as she was really into it towards the end. The skinny one had fallen asleep by now. I washed up and slept.

It's 8am and both of them are awake! Skinny one stroked my member lovingly, bringing it to full attention. Put on yet another cap and both of them started blowing me simultaneously. I was enjoying the view so much that I told them to forget about the screw and continue with the BJ. Since the pudgy one was more skilled in that area, I told the skinny one to back off and let the pudgy one take over. Wasn't long before I shot my load. After the shower and a short chat, I sent them on their way, along with a 20AED 'taxi' tip.

Overall, it was a decent threesome experience at a good price (US$100). Although both of them didn't give me a GFE, the pudgy one really gave me a PSE. The skinny one was truly forgettable since she was really mechanical. Hope to experience more threesome in the future!

Take care!

Sex Hungry
08-22-03, 09:50
Hi guys,

Good to see that this forum is going great guns. I have come to UAE recently. I work in Abudhabi. By having a quick reading of the messages posted in the forum I got to know of the happenign places. But I am a bit shy person and I prefer not picking up grils from clubs. Can anyone give me contact details of the girsl. I will be thankful to them and I promise I will post my experiences over here. My email address is

Bye guys have a nice time.

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Member #1071
08-22-03, 17:07
Was in Dubai last March, decided to go for a threesome. A resident friend told me of two girls who came to him often for threesome action.

He gave me the phone number of the "Madam", I called her and introduced myselt as friend of Mr. Resident. I told her I was looking for threesome action. She told me that she has two girls Ina and Sacha 18 and 19 years old, both for 700AED for the whole night.

Around 10 o'clock they showed up in my room. Looks and body about 6, was kind of disappointed, but decided not to spoil the evening, and accept whatever was sent to me.
After some chating they started caressing each others, and then moved into kissing and licking. I immediately changed my mind about how the evening was going to be like.
They undressed each other and gave me a full LES show, like the ones you see in a real porn movie.

I started undressing, while watching them. AS soon as I was done they both started sucking me. Sacha was better in the sucking, however Ina seemed to enjoy it more.
After few minutes I started fucking Sacha missionary way, while playing with Ina's pussy, and both were kissing each others.

I was ramming Sacha so hard that she was screaming and asking for more. Ina told me at this point to stop fucking Sacha and to fuck her, Ina begged me to continue. I decided to go for Ina for a change and while fucking here I had two fingers in Sacha's pussy. It wasn't long before Sacha was done, and she politely removed my fingers. Ina was begging for more meanwhile, Sacha approached her and started sucking her nipples.
Few minutes later I bursted my load into Ina's pussy. She told me to continue, I couldn't obviously since I was done. So I asked her if she wants Sacha to finish her up. She asked me if Sacha could lick her pussy while i had my fingers inside her. I told her it was my pleasure. In few minutes she was screaming like a wild cat, and had her share of the orgasm.

A similar action was repeated during the night with some variations.

In the morning they left after I tipped them an extra 100AED.

During later visits to Dubai I was able to get Ina alone as Sacha went back home. It was half the fun I had.

All they do Lately I was not able to contact Ina, she must have either left the country or changed her phone.

08-24-03, 14:12
Hi JustFUN

I'm planning to visit the Dubai in first week of September. After reading the various post I found out that you are the most authentic and influential person in Dubai. Please mail me about the CIS girls and their houses. Waiting to hear from you. By the way, if you need any information about Karachi (Pakistan), you can contact me on my address:

plz mail me the details


Thanks in advance.


I deleted the email address in the above report. The Forum policy regarding the posting of email address is that if a member has information to share with other members, then that forum member must post their email address and invite the interested persons to send an email directly to them.

This policy is necessary because otherwise the Forum will experience a flood of one line "reports" that are nothing more than additional requests for the information along with an email address, all of which do nothing to enhance the value of the Forum. By asking the provider of the information to post their email address, then everyone who is interested in receiving the information can contact the provider of the information without cluttering up the Forum.



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Brit Fun #2
08-25-03, 04:50
Tips for Dubai:

1. Picked up individual girls in Premiere at Hyatt Regency who were standing alone (one night was a Chinese, the next night a Russian). As they were not part of the usual groups of girls, I found them to be more co-operative than the group girls and would do anything.

2. One of these loner girls brought a friend next day for a threesome and that was wonderful as she already knew the sort of girl I would like.

3. Finally, I was disappointed that the Hyatt Regency charged extra for taking girls to the room - they had staff waiting at the elevators with guest lists and would tick you off if you had a girl with you and charge extra. Any better value hotel tips would be appreciated.

08-25-03, 16:44
Hey guys,

New member to the Forum here. I also happen to be one of those folks heading over for the IMF- World Bank Annual Meeting in September (not a member of World Bank, just a Support person). I have to set one thing straight. Blake had it right, we want MORE FLIGHTS FROM CIS, not more LE! Ancillary meetings actually start on 9/17 and run until 9/23 when it officially opens, The end is 9/25 when everyone starts going home, so things should be back to normal there shortly after that.

I'm heading in 9/14 very late and am staying at the Renaissance Hotel, another way you can tell I'm not with the Bank since I'm out in nowhere (but hopfully near the CIS house is Deira?!?). And if JustFun is available I hope to hook up with him some night for a drink. I'm with two buddies who are also looking forward to this trip.

My questions:

JustFun: I also like oriental women. Hopefully you can advise where a good AMP is (or what ever became of your friends roommate? You said she was a hottie and beared further investigation). Does anyone know if the bar in my hotel gets any action? I'm getting in way late on 9/13/14 but was still hoping to check out something/someone before crashing as it will seem like 9PM (overnighting in Paris on the way out). I'm also very interested in a cute, small CIS ass. mmm. Is it the 12th yet?

Anything anyone would like to share please send to slider1420@yahoo.com. I'm still having a little trouble logging on and besides, safer if you send it directly to me. I WILL SHARE THE EXPERIENCES. I'm a regular contributer here in the States to TUSCL.COM under Slider1 so this is not a hobby, it's a vocation.

P.S. Emirates Air has new nonstop flights from Moscow to Dubai Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat! Yeah!

This is a posting for Slider.

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08-26-03, 13:01
Hi guys, Been a while since i posted anything. Busy with work and that sort of stuff. Met a fellow member of the forum at the York this saturday night around 10:00 pm. The place was not very crowded at the time we went in. But started filling up later after 11:00 pm. Lots of CIS, Chinese and Africans. The CIS girls stayed in their own groups and did not bother us much. My friend knew some beautiful chinese babes who all came over to have a word with him. Quite pleasant and did not bother us much once they knew that we were there only for drinks. The africans were a bit more aggressive. The worst were the waitresses who kept coming up and asking us if we wanted something until my friend told them that since we speak english we will order when we want to. After that they left us alone.

Some really stunning CIS and chinese girls were floating around. A couple of tall chinese girls came by and introduced themselves. Also a pretty chinese girl who ran out of cigarettes came and took some off me. All very polite and nice fun.

Overall think the place had a good atmosphere though wish someone would tone down the music a bit so guys can have some sort of conversation going without having to yell at each other.

Marked some girls out for my customary nooners and will post as and when i meet them.


Me Crazy
08-26-03, 15:35
Dear All,

I am a new member to this forum and will be in Dubai from 30th August onwards for business but would love to have some nice CIS Women if possible.

Hey justfun you had mentioned sometime before about some CIS house in Burdubai? Is it still there if so please mail me the contacts. Thanks alot mate.

Anyone who can help will be appreciated and will post all my doings on the forum.


Me Crazy

I deleted the email address in the above report. The Forum policy regarding the posting of email address is that if a member has information to share with other members, then that forum member must post their email address and invite the interested persons to send an email directly to them.

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Pussy Hunter #2
08-26-03, 17:48
Went to Dubai last week. Got a phone contact from a friend of mine there. Called Svetla 00971507182857. Agreed she would come for two hours. Reached my room at around 11pm. Nice figure and body. Tits small though but the nipples take over:) Went for Suck and fuck, and anal (which she offered) twice for 300 AED. A littlebit mechanical, an overall experience of 7 I would say.

I really recomend her.

Member #1071
08-26-03, 17:53
I have been calling three of my "Girls" lately all their phones are closed. I have worries they might have been deported. Is the police going after the girsl now because of the September World Bank conference?

Anybody knows what's the situation there now?

I Luv Massage
08-29-03, 18:33

Att: Me Crazy

I've been to Dubai few times and I can say, that most of Burr Dubai hotels have a bar that you will find CIS girls. I can name one

Imperial Suites it has three bars with good selection. I stayed there once and saw the action.

Good Luck

08-30-03, 03:07
Originally posted by Brit Fun #2
Tips for Dubai:

3. Finally, I was disappointed that the Hyatt Regency charged extra for taking girls to the room - they had staff waiting at the elevators with guest lists and would tick you off if you had a girl with you and charge extra. Any better value hotel tips would be appreciated. Are you serious?

Talk about walk of shame!!

I was going to book this hotel, but Now I'm wondering.

Anyone else with recent experience with the Hyatt Regency?

08-30-03, 03:17
Just FUN,

Would you please post your email address so these guys can contact you about the CIS houses instead of cluttering up the forum with their multiple requests for you to send them the info.



08-30-03, 04:29
Hi Guys,

I've been in town for 3-days and I will say this. Duabi is full of talent. But so far it's been all quantity and very little quality! (I have high standards I've been spoiled in place like Rio & FKK in Germany) The average women is about a 5-7 out of 10. The only two 9's I've seen in the last 3 days were at Cyclones behind the American Hospital and they were together.

Day 1.

I hit TGIT in the Astoria hotel for some afternoon delite but it was not to be had. The place had a lot of women, but they look just OK. I wouldn't rate any one over a 6 out of 50 women and most were rather plainly dress in jeans and a t-shirt. For that matter so was most of the crowd. I was over dress because I had come from a client meeting. I was still being approached, but I turned down about 10 women.

I left to go back to my hotel to change and eat. I went for Sushi in the Emerites Tower shoping plaza, and met this Polish girl in the resturant who took me to this Spanish bar named Seville in the Waif center next Planetarium and Giseng (Dance Clubs). It's upstairs from Planet Hollywood. We talked, hung out, exchanged numbers, and I was off to Cyclone.

Cyclone was packed. A lot of Asian then CIS. I ended up leaving with a fine Asian named Lila who spent the night for 400 AED. She started at 800 AED and I said no way. She said it was early and Thursdays were the best night to make money. I told her to keep looking for some other sucker and I was leaving in an hour, if she doesn't fined some one get back to me. Very fine, classy, petite, dressed in all black and very hot. About an 8 out of 10. All money aside, because I've been hobbying for over 10 years, but she seemed to really like me. This is why I went with her, the attitude was excellent, friendly, playful, dancing, etc.

400 AED was still more than I wanted to pay, but it was only like 12:30 or 1:00 AM. Next time I'm going later say 2PM and low ball someone for 250AED. It was a little over $100 USD and she stayed like 10-hours. She would have stayed longer but I had work to do. Multiple times, every wich way buy lose. YMMV

Day 2

Went to Ramada Bur Dudai last night and it was dead. Hit Rockerfella next inside hotel on the next corner from Ramada. It was crowed and they had a few really nice women. OK, one that I hit on who I'd say was a solid 8. Blonde CIS who wanted 500 AED for the night because it was early, only 12:00. More quantity than quality but at least 75-100 women.

Went across the street to the York and it was crowed but I didn't she any talent that I liked. A lot of Asians, Africans, CIS but didn't she one woman that I liked out 50+. It was 12:30Am and they were just coming in, but I had to leave. Everyone comes out so late. What about the guys who have to work the next day. I left empty handed.

I'm going to try the Hyatt Premier & Boudoir next for some top self women. So far the finest women I've seen was at Cyclone. There were two super fine CIS women that wanted 1000 AED each. I said passsss!!!!! but they were drop dead gorgeous. I'm sure if I had stayed longer I could have gotten it down to half. But I'm still jet lagging and I didn't fell like hanging out another hour.

I get my mobile phone today so I'll be in business.

I talk to "Just4fun" Thursday and we were suppose to hook up, but I got side tracked and didn't have a cell phone.


Red Bull
08-30-03, 16:12
Hi Everyone,

This is first time I am putting a message in the forum which incidentally a remarkable phenonmena. Tremendous fun and frolik in addition to some very useful information.
I will be visiting Abu Dhabi for two weeks. I wonder if some one had some nice expereience with some CIS 8/10.

Have fun

Red Bull

08-30-03, 21:04
is there a chance that this action will dwindle in September because of the convention?

Please advise since i'm going there on the 20th of september.

08-31-03, 08:11
Originally posted by Admin
Just FUN,

Would you please post your email address so these guys can contact you about the CIS houses instead of cluttering up the forum with their multiple requests for you to send them the info.


Jackson Ok Jackson. My email is dil.dubai@lycos.co.uk Please note I will need some information about people contacting me. so if you are shy about giving information do not email me.


08-31-03, 19:21
Hi RedBull

I have just come back from a 3 week trip from Abu Dhabi. I stayed at the Novotel on Hamdan Street, which is right next to the Blitz Disco. This disco is usually quite full on any night, although the quality seems lower now that when I have visited previously (last year). Mostly Chinese, but few very attractive, and absolutely no stunners. Also some Russians, Kazhakhstan, but you have to be bold and approach them if that is your thing because they dont approach you from mere eye contact like the Chinese. Prices range from AED 150 - 400 for all night. No real problem taking girl back to room in Novotel.

The other disco i visited quite a bit was on the fourth floor at the Abu Dhabi Grand Hotel (not the Grand Continental). Here a certain dress code is required - you dont have to be ultra smart, but dont turn up in trainers or sports shoes or a tshirt or you wont get in.

However inside it is a different story to the Blitz disco. Its virtually all Russian Girls in here and there are many many stunners. Also there are some really good looking coloured girls in there too, if that happens to be your thing ( it isnt mine personally but they were very nice. ) THe best night here seemed to be Tuesday. If you want quality, this was the best place in town that I found. Like everywhere , it closes at 2.30 am or 3 30 on a Thursday.

The Howard Johnson Hotel is just opposite the Grand , but the disco in there didnt seem anything special.

Let us know if you find some good places.


09-01-03, 10:12
Hello fellow mongers, Well a quick question for all of you.If you had your choice of staying in the Novotel Hotel or Hyatt Regency Dubai which hotel would you guys stay in.And does anyone know whether there are clubs inside Hyatt Regency .I can tell there are inside the Novote.Which hotel do you think I should choose .I want to be in a place where there are discos and russian girls.Or is there any other hotels you guys recommend?

09-01-03, 12:04
Hi guys, Some news about the CIS house. Ira has come back to the house so now there is no need to go to two different places. They are still looking for a suitable house to shift to. Not really sure if they have shifted yesterday. Waiting for news on that front. Will update when i know.

Went for my customary nooner on Saturday instead of Sunday this time. Had a couple of hours to kill during the lunch break and thought i would go over to Ira. She told me she is back at the CIS house so went over there. She was pretty pleased to be back there as the rent at the place she was at was too high. And the Madame's daughter was happy too cos since Eva got busted and the other blonde girl went back home all she had at the place was brunettes and guys were complaining about no blondes around. Guess blondes are more fun.

Went to the TGIT Sunday afternoon. About 20 working girls were around. No one outstanding but there were some who looked about 6/10. One of the CIS girls approached me and said why you dont go with me? I said i go with girls who give me their mobile number. Dont like walking out with a girl. But currently the girls dont like handing out their number. So the CIS girl just pouted and left me alone to my drink.

A chinese girl approached and i told her i was waiting for a friend. Left me alone and after a few minutes another chinese came up and asked me if my friend had arrived!!!. The networking in the place is amazing.

Less and less girls on the streets behind Ramada now. I saw only 3 girls in the afternoon and none in the late evening the same day. Also the same situation in the streets behind the Rigga road in Deira. So anyone looking for action has to go to the pubs.


09-02-03, 18:26

I am thinking of staying at the Metropolitan Palace Hotel or the Oasis beach hotel, does anyone have any information about bring girls back to these hotels?

Also I am thinking of traveling to Dubai on the 8th Oct 2003 for 5 nights, is this a good time to go just after the conference and before the Ramadan?

Can anyone confirm when the conference during Sept 2003 actually finishes?



TDH Lover
09-03-03, 03:43
Hi Guys

My first report. I am going to Dubai from the 3rd to the 7th of Sept. Contacted Just Fun and he has helped me out. My problem is that I am going to with my family and therefore can only do the aftenoon sessions. Hopefully it will work out.

I am going to give a detailed report when I am back. Take care and have fun.

Flying Scot
09-03-03, 09:58
Day 1,

Arrived in Dubai about 2300hrs, I was tired after traveling for the whole day. But when your in Dubai you have to party hard. Chucked my suitcase into the hotel (AL Bostan - near airport) and headed straight out to Jules Bar at the Merridian Hotel at the airport. There were about 20 girls in there, mostly CIS. I could not belive my eyes at a russian guy that was there working! Definately not for me. There was a cute CIS called Lena that I whisked off back to the hotel. I started off with a shower - alone, and then went back through to the room to find that she had completly stripped off and was playing with a shaved pussy. I asked her if she was enjoying herself and she just looked at me and pulled me close to her and opened my bathrobe, BBBJ followed and then she got up and had a shower. You have no idea what was going through my mind while she was in the shower. She came back and we started where she left off. After sex about 3 times during the night etc, in the morning i woke to find her sucking again, humped her and then told her i had work so she had to leave, she left at 0830, all in all a good experience and for 300 a think a good deal.

Flying Scot
09-03-03, 10:25
Day 2,

Worked in the morning and then went for some luch at TGIT, full of ugly girls. Proceeded to get pissed with some guys from the office. Evening came very quickly and before I knew it I had passed out in my hotel room - Home Alone. TGIT is normally ok for nooner's. My experience was not so good.

09-03-03, 11:08
The Premeire is inside the Hyatt. Disco with lots of russian girls. But the hotel is not really girl-friendly.

Flying Scot
09-03-03, 15:43

Working all day, but went back to the hotel and slept for a few hours. Went out at 9pm had some food at Zinc, Zinc is a bar that serves some nice food. About 10 ish the place starts to get busier and a few CIS are coming up and asking how I am etc etc. Tell them that i'm not interested and start talking to a Dutch Air Stewardess? Wasnt sure what if she was a stewradess or not. She wanted to party and had nice tits so I obliged by buying some drinks etc etc. Ended up going back to the Hyatt where she was staying and nailed her. In the morning I left at about 0630am leaving a note saying thanks for a nice evening! never left her my number just did a shoot out of the hotel. felt like I was one of the slutz of Dubai! Went back to my room and showered up for work.

Eric T
09-14-03, 12:00
following is my account of the 3 nights and 2.5 days i spent in dubai from a monger's point of view.

day 1
checked in the crowne plaza at 7pm evening and after taking care of some business, i called ira. her cell was shut down. so then i called firoza, gave her justfun10's reference and she asked me where i was staying. i asked her about ira. she said she was out at the moment and other girls are also busy but later will be free. i had kept this in mind so told her i had some time and will call her later. around 10.30 pm i called her again, and told her i could come over and take someone with me. she said ok but there were only 2 girls there; goola and someone else. i asked her how i get to her place. she gave me the cell # of her trusted taxi driver who could come and take me there. i told firouza that i will come after some time so that she has more girls and she said she was ok with that, just make the plans with the taxi guy. i called that guy and set up a time for 11.30pm. in the meantime i have dinner.

11.15 i call this guy again and firouza picked up; she said ira was in and she was bringing her to me to my hotel. i was happy. we set the price for lt 550 as she wanted 50 for taxi money... 50 more than the standard but i was ok with it as she seemed proactive in getting ira

11.30 i go down and this beautiful woman in her early 30s (looks like mid 20s) is sitting in the front (found out she was firouza) and another good looking girl, slight tummy, tanned, permed black hair was intro'ed to me as ira.

paid firouza and took the girl up to my room. it was around 11.45 and the reception area was buzzing so no one stopped or noticed us. the girl was nice and sweet, very cooperative and not a clock watcher. we took things nice and slow. had a nice session and went to bed. woke up at 9.30 and had a morning quickie followed by coffee and smokes. score: attitude 7/10, sex 7/10. she stayed till 11 in the am. i had a nice time although st would have been better but i wanted to utilize the night instead of doing nothing... and i was not in the mood for going out. all in all a good exp but something wasn’t right... i asked for her number and checked it with what i had. turns out it was a diff number!!

though the service was good, i was angry that firouza got a little too business like and sent me someone else. i called firouza... told her in a nice way that what she did wasn’t necessary. she had given me veera. she promised not to be tricky with me anymore.

day 2
spent the day taking care of business and later on went out for some sight seeing.

late evening i come back and called ira (pronounced eera); i told her i would call her late night for l/t and went to the harvesters pub for some dinner and brewskis.

the real ira: she came late night around 11.30 pm... right up to my room… asked her to have a few drinks with me at the piano bar in the hotel… she gladly accepted… we went down and were drinking and chatting till 1.30… i was having a real nice time talking to her… that’s the thing about non-20 year olds… their talk has substance (if talk is there in the first place i.e. a good attitude; which ira sure has) we then came up to my room and attacked the mini bar and chatted away the night… i know its bad to loose focus but i was having a good time and that’s the most imp thing…

day 3
so we dozed off at 5.45 am and woke at 12.30pm… had coffee and smokes… then around 1.30 started having sex… she was very enthusiastic, started with bbbj which i enjoyed for some time but kept from cim… she comes on top and had a nice shag… ended round 1 and watched some tv… after a while ready for round 2 … she started bbbj again but i wasn’t coming so soon just enjoyed a very long bbbj… then proceeded to shag away in diff positions… i think she came once maybe even twice… but i wasn’t cumming at all… we shagged for a bloody long time and when i noticed she was about to get tired i ended it without cumming… the over all experience was so nice that cumming didn’t seem a priority… paid her 500 (i know, a little high but she never did any rushing and i appreciated the no hurry attitude) … i had a shower and took her to the tgif restaurant for lunch … afterwards got her a taxi she asked 25 dirhams for taxi money and though i didn’t want to but thought i might as well…. she was more of a very nice date than a bar pickup. she is great company! the sex with her was v good too… but since both of us were a little tired in the afternoon so it wasn’t mind blowing for me but the overall experience was very very good. i’m sure if i had gotten her on the first night then it would have been even better nonetheless had a splendid time! so she leaves at 6.30 pm. score: attitude 10/10, sex 8/10

7.55 pm, i called firouza for an asap s/t 2 hrs for 350 incl taxi money … she said she was on the way. i pick her up outside my hotel and head inside… no one stops us.

the exp with her was mindblowing!! i couldn’t believe that i had a gfe with her!! i was under the impression that she would be mechanically perfect but emotionally detached… but we clicked… and things took off from there like shzaam! we had a nice chat and then she got out of her clothes. started by giving me a good bbbj followed by a 69… and she did everything down there… anal rimming included then she makes me cum by rimming me and at the same time giving a special hand job which felt like a bbbj so i had the sensation as if 2 people are licking me simultaneously … i came in a large volume as if i hadn’t cum in a long while even though i have been cumming so much lately. then she goes and takes a quick shower… we chat a bit… then round 2 starts… this time she does a short bbbj and quickly switches in a 69. i think she liked my verbal and oral skills both!! after a good amount of time in the 69 we start the shagging, her on top. she was writhing and moaning like anything and if that was fake then it was some performance but i believe it was real… then her moans get louder and louder and just b4 she starts to cum i see this expression of amazement on her face and she gasps ‘i am finishing!’ i guess that’s her way of saying she’s cumming, until she orgasmed in a big way… i carry on with the shagging and finally finish within a few minutes… then she gets off and thanks me for making her cum! sure made me feel good getting good sex and compliments to add to that. we both take showers, had a small chat then i pay her the agreed 350 and take her downstairs. she even stayed 45-50 minutes more than the agreed 2 hours…

the chat(s) we had was very nice and sweet… and she at no time came off as a clock-watcher… i was totally amazed. it was more than what i expected. excellent. it felt like another gfe. it would be hard for the chic tonight from cyclone to beat this.

with firouza i connected nicely. it was a surprise because i was under the distinct impression that she is a professional and too business minded hence wouldn’t let feelings come in the mix; turned out otherwise. allow me to add that firouza is someone with real sexual skills and technique. what i mean is that the usual bunch of working ladies employ or utilize methods that will facilitate a quick job. but she does things that really give pleasure and not just a fast cum. i got a nice gfe from her.

i kept wondering whether this is this her normal way or i really did get good service and compliments? she told me that she liked me in and out of bed. she further added that she only goes out with select clients. hmmm, i know this chic has a good head on her shoulders and if this was a ‘performance’ to make the client believe he is special then it sure is a believable one! but doubt aside i think i got a gfe with her. it’s just unbelievable because no one has said this about firouza. score: attitude 9/10, sex 10/10

justfun says “you must have touched something in her” well, with regards to touching something inside, i.e. making a connection; i always try to do that. it’s my failsafe albeit slow method of knowing for certain whether the girl i am with is a robot or a person. it makes a big difference and enriches the experience manifold for me… provided it’s non-mechanical. firouza and ira are etched in my mind.

day 4
reached the cyclone club at midnight. it wasn’t as big as i got the impression by reading about it on the board. it was a horizontally long area with 3 bars in close proximity to each other. i have definitely seen much bigger clubs. not complaining but just clearing the air a little as the posts on the net magnifies it to a higher level than i found it to be. nonetheless, it is a nice club w/ good music. 12am and still not much of a crowd and one can still walk around with ease. the usual mix of cis and chinese. mostly 5s and 6s. saw perhaps just two lookers.

kept enjoying the music and drinking my pint(s) of heineken as i walked a perpetual figure eight to scope the entire area. 1 o clock and ppl were pouring in bunches… still… too many 5s and sixes. except 1 african, all were cis or chinese. by this time i had scoped out 3 nice lookers, turns out that by the time i said hi to this cute 20 year old cis chic (8/10 for face, it was cute, and 9/10 for body, young and tight) and start talking to her mamasan about prices, she gets a final deal from someone standing before me and in between telling me that lt would be 700, she goes “i’m sorry she now taken, you choose another i have many good girls” i was irritated. didn’t appreciate the double negotiations. the madame should have waited for me to say no or tell me to wait until the previous deal making was done with.

i proceed to the other chic i had seen, med height, cute face 8/10, and nice body 8/10. she tells me she is from romania and wouldn’t budge from 800… she looked very nice but i didn’t think she was worth that much (in my next round i didn’t see her so me thinks she got a deal) then i remember that i saw this cutie by the railing of the dance floor. i head over there asap as i started to notice that it was past 1.30am and the lookers were finalizing deals and vanishing fast! i go over to the dance area and see the cutie but she is walking out!! tried to catch up but lost her in the crowd, she must have been on her way out, as i didn’t see her afterwards.

go over to the third looker i had scoped and although she had a tall and slim body, her face, especially her eyes had a sharp angry look. i say hi to her and notice that she has a coldish attitude. had been noticing her having conversations in the past 1.5 hours with a few ppl so when she quoted me 700 (and wouldn’t budge) i just laughed and thought she must be not looking for a john and that’s her way of saying no or discovering a sucker.

damn! i thought, i took too long to decide and now was looking at a place full of average dames. it was 2am now.

decided to just kick back and enjoy the next hour and the scene instead of hunting. by this time i was nicely buzzed and was afraid i may make a bad deal thanx to beer goggles. lights come on at 2.30am and i see a general rush in the club and panic on the faces of the average dames who hadn’t closed a deal by then. all in all, i think in a span of 3 hours, i saw 5-6 lookers and the rest were nothing to write about.

just as i am walking out i get propositioned by these 2 chinese calling themselves lina and lisa though i am sure their real names would be diff. one was a looker (7/10 face, 10/10 body) real nice and tight body. her friend was avg in the face and a good figure, slim. they ask for 800 for both. friendly attitude but a slight rush in deal making as all were stepping outside. thanx to me being highly buzzed, i made the deal but did make sure the details were agreed upon. told em they leave tomorrow not before 10am and agreed on suck and fuck no limits on shots. knew from the start that i am paying too much but the girl wasn’t budging and i felt she’s one of those who will go alone than go lower so i take the duo even though i was more interested in the looker. to be more precise of that chinese duo, the looker had dyed her hair blond but it was dark at the roots. the average dame was slightly buck toothed and had long black hair. also, the looker spoke good english whereas the average one was… well… average! lol!

3.15am. we go to my hotel and this time we are stopped for passport copies. they have em ready, we casually handed em over and without a 2nd look, i take them to the elevator and to my room. after a brief chat, we all get to business. cbj followed by alternatively screwing both girls’ brains out (diff rubbers for both chics every time). this was my fifth shag (2 ira, 2 firouza) in a span of 24 hrs so i wasn’t cumming anytime soon. the cutie had an awesome body. very slim and trim. i love slim bodies as you can shag them from any angle. plus the looker had such a tight waist and arse, we could lie on our sides and i penetrated with ease from behind and to the hilt! the average one was quite ok also. small tits though, ‘a’ size both of them. but no worries, they were working quite hard to make me cum. lol i was enjoying the ride but i knew i won’t be cumming lol! so after 1 hour of banging their brains out, i tell them to take a breather. we smoke (the cutie and me) and chat. then we get back to business. man! those two were now slightly desperate and took it as a challenge to make me cum. lol didn’t happen. no prob for me, i liked the shagging so wasn’t complaining about no cum. 6 am and they’re pooped! told em to hit the sack. the average chic goes to sleep but the cutie and i are chatting for another hour and i shag her once more till she looks pooped (still i dont cum lol) and we both go to sleep.

did i tell you they said they stay till 10? well they slept till 12 lol! i wake em up and tell em the time. the looker did offer me a goodbye fuck but i wasn’t really interested in screwing a stunner with morning breath! decided to cling to the memory of last night with em instead of a morning fuck and tell em bye bye. they definitely thought something’s very wrong with me, as i didn’t cum at all. lol! didn’t leave their cell number with me either. me, i just wanted to have chinese take out before i left dubai and i was too curious about that super tight body. that was a good experience. even though i could have handled things in a slightly better way. i think in retrospect i should have told the looker that i want just her alone but then that’s why they tell us not to drink and drive… or shag! lol! score: attitude 7.5/10 looker and 6.5/10 of avg one (her english was limited else she was friendly too), sex looker 8/10 (super body) average one 7/10 (she tried very hard for me to cum so one extra half point for that)

and now, the last activity:

it was 2 pm by the time i had showered and shaved and i had exactly 1 hour plus travel time before i had to pack up and check out at 4pm.

called the mp place that a friend gave me and get directions to get there. there are about 5-6 girls there. i selected julia, not the most gorgeous, but still pretty and i felt she will treat me right. i chose her because she seemed a newbie. after my activities of the previous 2 days, i was looking for a nice relaxed shag instead of any fireworks. we go to the room and disrobe. she starts the massage. i was right; she was quite subservient and proceeded to give an unhurried massage. after about 40 mins of massage she cleans my nether region with an anti bacterial wet tissue and proceeds to a bbbj, after some minutes of careful oral ministrations she rolls a rubber on me and comes on top. i was so relaxed by that time that my shagged out feeling (that i persistently had with the chinese duo the night before) was gone and i was ready for a nice cumming. being a little selfish on my last dubai activity (and being careful not to be late for my flight) i concentrated on having fun my self only. had a nice cum. she offers me a shower; i decide to do it at the hotel so she helps me put my clothes on… even rolls on the socks on my feet, helps me with the shoes and ties the laces. i pay her 200. 100 for the massage and 100 for fs.

the exp was nice and relaxing. as i said, i wasn’t looking for fireworks but rather an hour of relaxation so i was happy about it. score: attitude 7/10 (limited english but she was very slow and caring… no hurry), sex 6/10 (the usual sex) massage 7/10 (it was nice and slow)

so the final score in my first round in dubai: six. 3 cis: veera, ira, and firouza. 3 chinese: the duo and julia. next time i come, whenever that will be, i will make sure i have more days to spend there plus i will concentrate on the ‘hunt’ rather than make calls… but, will surely keep ira and firouza in the loop ;)

a big thank you to justfun10 :) i really appreciate your entire help mate! i had sifted the net for a lot of names and numbers but in the end used 66% of what you gave me because it maximized my utility of the short time i had. plus a big thanks for the tips/advice plus contacts to those who emailed me.


TDH Lover
09-14-03, 20:42
Friends- came back from the heaven called Dubai last week. Need to fill you guys in.

Visited Cyclone on Friday night at midnight- filled with girls , mostly CIS, Chinese and some Moroccons. All girls kept on repeating AED 500 for the night ( negotiable to 350-400) and I was looking for ST 100-200. Mostly were 5/10 to 7/10. Waited till 2 AM and decided it wasn't worth it and returned.

Called up Ira (thanks JustFun) and set up a ST saturday afternoon at the CIS place. Walked in to find half a dozen girls sprawled and sleepng. Friday must have been busy for them. Met Ira and she really is a sport. Though a little older than I thought but she sure made up in the GFE dept. Never talked about money and gave me a good BJ and licked me in the right places. She climbed on me and made me feel so good with her moans and nibbles. Then we switched positions and anothe 10 mins of a good experience Kissing, Moaning, Rubbing, Grinding F. Finally when I came it was natural and without hurry. Had gone on a shoe string budget - gave her UED 100 and she kept on kissing me. We talked for another 10 mins. and left. Overal experience 7/10. Attitude 10/10.

Visted York on Saturday night. Again the same story as cyclone. Decided to go back. Outside met with a Morocon girl called Lili. And this story I must tell you all - I got ripped off. Walking with her I told her needed ST for AED 200 with all inclusive BJ, anal lick, two F and she kept nodding and saying yes to all. Told her that I will make payment after we are done (as suggested in the forum) As soon as we reached her place she locked the door and wanted the money upfront. Decided to leave and she would not let me. Finally I said I will pay but again confirmed the deal. As I took the wallet out she snatched it and said she wanted now AED 300 since I had wasted lot of her time. I was carrying AED 1500 in the wallet and got scared. Therefore agreed and she took 300 and gave the wallet back.

Thought atleast she will be decent for the rest of the deal and it seems she suddenly got her english mixed up and started saying what is BJ, what anal she not understand. She just rubbed me and put in. I was so pissed off I decided to just leave. Now here comes the googly. She could not find her keys and said her friend will have to come from Cyclone to open up and wanted another 100 for the friend . I threatened to call the police and she relented and let me out. Boy was I pissed. Forum members to note and be careful in the future. Her name was Lili and I have her mobile which starts with 6740xxx.

Sunday decided to visit MP near Sands in the afternoon. Six ladies all 6/10. Decided to go for it and the experience was phenomenal. Shower, massage, anal lick, BJ, FXXX, and again a repeat performance - all for AED 200. Great. Girl 6/10, exp 7/10 attitude 9/10

Visited Cyclone again and found the same scene. Most girls want full night for 400 but since I was without a place finalized with a girl form Ukraine at her place for a ST for 300. Nice girl and I was there for about 3 hrs. Different positions and no holds barred. Asked her for the back and though she refused first but in the excitement allowed me. IT was awesome and gave her an extra 100 and she really appreciated it. Overall girl 8/10, exp. 9/10 attitude 9/10.

Visited another MP on Tuesday afternoon and similar exp. Can't wait to go back to Dxb again and this time I need to have my own place. Thanks JustFun and several others who made life easier for me.

09-15-03, 08:11
The forum is online again. Been trying to post for sometime now but without any success. Thanks Eric and TDH Lover for the excellent reports. Wish i had known TDH lover was in the York on Saturday. I was there myself with another member of the forum. We could all have got together for a drink. Maybe next time.

Yesterday met a friend i had not seen in ages. And he gave me a contatc of a Russian babe. From what he said she seems to be worth a look. Very very beautiful. And charges 200 for S/T. Will have to look her up one of these days. Cant really comment on the service etc until i have experienced it myself. But from my friends account it seems she is definitely worth a look.

A few of the forum members have visited these shores recently and some of them have called me up for a talk. This month seems to be an active month as many of our forum members coming in for the IMF conference. Security in hotels is tighter but those hotels which were guest friendly are still allowing guests to come in. Provided they keep a low profile. So guys have fun but keep a low profile in the lobby etc. :)


09-15-03, 17:54
Sorry but what does CIS mean? And ST, what are these terms.

09-15-03, 23:59
I think that:

CIS = Commonwealth of Independent States
ST = Short Time

Anyone know what states are included?

09-16-03, 18:36
If it's safe to not post the phone numbers of the girls. What are the ways to contact many of the girls that are discussed about on the forum?

Many of the experiences are great and some of us guys would like the chance of meetings some of these women. What are the major bars, clubs, hotels for meeting girls?

Eric T
09-17-03, 09:50
Many of the experiences are great and some of us guys would like the chance of meetings some of these women. What are the major bars, clubs, hotels for meeting girls?

I believe you havent gone through all the previous posts mate! There is a tonne of info posted. I would tell you something upfront, many senior members get annoyed if someone new doesnt read up and asks others to repeat themselves. The general consensus is: If you dont have the time to read up what others have previously posted then why should I take the time to read and reply to you?

If it's safe to not post the phone numbers of the girls. What are the ways to contact many of the girls that are discussed about on the forum?

Some members have their email addy posted here and you can contact them and ask.

09-17-03, 11:35
Newbie on the scene learns some valuable lessons.

I am still relatively new to the scene in Dubai, and on my last trip through there I thought I'd try out the Hyatt Regency/Premier. Good thing the Premier is attached to the Hyatt, considering that the hotel itself is kind of off the beaten path.

Definitely a good selection to choose from at the Premier, and it wasn't elbow-to-elbow crowd like some other places. I spent 90 mins or so just scoping out the possibilities, and ended up choosing a petite but curvy gal from Romania.

Wasn't a good choice, as it turns out, but partly I attribute it to my lack of experience in this. I learned some valuable lessons:

1. Don't pay for the whole night up front.
2. In a hotel room that has a minibar that is not under lock and key, take out the expensive bottles of booze and put them in the safe.
3. Block the long distance calls on the phone.

Yep, I certainly got taken advantage of by this pro. And she wasn't even very good. After the not-so-spectacular fun and games, she complained about being hungry so I ordered a sandwich for her from room service.

I fell asleep while she watched TV and ate, and I woke up a couple of hours later...the TV was on but muted and she had disappeared. In the morning I discovered she had lifted the $80 bottle of Black Label from the minibar that didn't have a lock, and when I checked out I discovered she had made a long distance phone call to somewhere (wasn't a long call, fortunately, but it still cost me about ten bucks).

I suppose it's a hit-and-miss thing, but this one was definitely a "miss". Some valuable lessons learned here.

Oh, and while the Hyatt seemed to be "visitor friendly" they charged me an extra 70 dirhams for the guest.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


09-17-03, 12:31

I have been given the choice to choose from these hotels. Seashell Inn whicH I have ruled out as someone told me it is unfriendly. Marco Polo hotel, Metropolitan Deira Hotel, Regent Palace Hotel, Metropolitan Hotel Dubai and Al Bastan Rotana hotel. So if you guys were me, which one would you recommend? I want to stay near or in a hotel where there are lots of girls maybe in the lobby or a disco. Although that is not a strict requirement, I would appreciate all your input in this.


Flying Scot
09-17-03, 22:13
I would stay in the Al Bostan, although there are no girls there they are girl friendly, and it's a nice hotel.

Flying Scot
09-17-03, 22:19
Day 4

Headed for Cyclone since it was my last night, picked a blonde CIS that wanted 1000 dhr. I told her she was too expensive and said I would give her 500 dhr. She laughed and off she went! Waited for about an hour and she came back to where I was hanging out and asked how much money I had. I told her 500 and she said if you give me 700 I will stay all night. I decided to negotiate on the time and what was included.

Took her back to the hotel and it was GFE, she stayed all morning until 12 midday, bbbj and she even wanted to fuck without condom, which I declined! I'm never sure of these girls. Watch what your doing!

Thanks to JustFun and maybe when I'm in town in the next 4-6 weeks we could meet for a pint or two. Never did manage to check out the contacts that you gave me for the MP.

09-18-03, 14:05
SkinnyJ. That is a good report in the sense that it will help other travellers and mongers to beware of these traps. Heard a lot of stories over time about how these girls try to cheat guys. Your advise is good. Should be a great help to other guys in avoiding the same traps. Honest reports of how one is cheated are always appreciated as they help other aoid the same pitfalls.

I have myself been a victim of something like that. At the outset the mamasan promised everything, Good BJ etc etc. But in the privacy of the room the girl refused to do it. No BJ she kept shouting till i said ok forget it. And when they take off the bra. Man that is the hour of reckoning. The girl I was with had padded bra and the tits that tumbled out were terrible..They hung down to her navel. What a turn off.


First Out
09-18-03, 15:44
Well its time again to take a trip to UAE, but this time to Abu Dhabi for 2 days, arriving on Friday afternoon.

Dont know if I will be in mongering mode at all once I am there, but if the testerones kick in, will probably drive to duabi after arriving and try the recomended CIS place (thanks to JustFun10). and be back in Abu Dhabi at night.

Have read the earlier reprots on Abu Dhabi, from what looks like belitz disco, meredian and the ally paly are the happening places there.

Lets see where it takes and will report back. (if did the deed at all).

Eric T, this time I will try to keep contacts and back chanel them them on. Btw excellent reprot about your stay at the crown plaza in Dubai.

Any one knows if the crown plaza in Abu Dhabi is 'friendly' ? Even if friendly wont be worth the risk as business associates will be staying at the same hotel. Would prefer contacts in Abu Dhabi for girls with there own places. my email listed earlier.

09-19-03, 19:26
: Eric T
I believe you havent gone through all the previous posts mate! There is a tonne of info posted. I would tell you something upfront, many senior members get annoyed if someone new doesnt read up and asks others to repeat themselves. The general consensus is: If you dont have the time to read up what others have previously posted then why should I take the time to read and reply to you?

Excellent advice, Eric; couldn't have said it better myself. Good info was even on the SAME page as the question from Worf1972.

Worf1972If it's safe to not post the phone numbers of the girls. What are the ways to contact many of the girls that are discussed about on the forum?

Well, Worf, you can always try the old fashioned way: you go to a bar, you pay your entrance fee, you walk inside, and you speak to a girl (or, with the chinese, most likely, they'll speak to you). Most posts will say in which bar the girl was met. If you want to ask for her by name, just be careful; there might suddenly be a roomful of "Jasmine's". If you're lucky, the post will have enough info to narrow the search down.

1. Don't pay for the whole night up front. 2. In a hotel room that has a minibar that is not under lock and key, take out the expensive bottles of booze and put them in the safe. 3. Block the long distance calls on the phone.

Painful lesson, thanks for re-interating the lessons learned.

1. Can't stress importance of not paying until after. Certainly, the girl has a right to expect to be paid; I've even shown I have the money beforehand. But it stays in my wallet until after; I make that clear upfront (well, most times). And that's a big difference; if it's in your wallet and she takes it, that's theft. Likewise, if it's in her wallet, and you try and take it back, that's also theft. Last week, forgot to make the pay after clear. When we got back, she asked for the money upfront, saying she was a businesswoman; I explained my philosophy; when we seemed to reach an impasse, I just got dressed, saying I'd take her back to the bar, and we could each pick someone else. Not the greatest way to start off, and am sure the service suffered as such. But on the few times I have relented and paid upfront, have always had problems (normally, agreed to LT becomes ST). So now, don't break that rule. (Of course, I think any player who rips off a girl is total scum; there are reasons girls have legitimate concerns.)

2. Everybody, please listen. For non-residents, you cannot buy alcohol in a store in Dubai. You can only drink in a hotel or disco that has a license. So, buy your alcohol for "home" consumption in the ARRIVAL duty free store. It's after immigration, before you reach baggage claim (very convient). The clerks there know what the allowance is; I'm unsure, so ask (at least 2 bottles). Then, when you get to your hotel, call the front desk, have them send someone up from housekeeping, and have them inventory, then empty the minibar (after all, are you crazy to pay those prices!?!). Now, you have an empty minibar to keep your stuff (easy to stop at any store for 7-up, tonic water, cola, whatever you use for mixers). If they argue (they won't), just tell them that YOU're the paying guest. And really prevents any "did I really drink that" on the bills at checkout.

3. That's something I hadn't thought of, but good advice. Guess if I wasn't planning to make any long distance phone calls, I'd have it blocked (not sure if you can do that, though). Maybe unplugging the phone, and throwing it up on the high shelf in the closet with a pillow over it, before going out?

Unfortunately, there are some girls who do take advantage, but I've found most are OK (I've even had some tidy up the room). Obviously, you don't leave temptation lying around. I don't let a girl wander around "unsupervised", and when I'm ready for sleep, so is she, by definition (or the door). You can have fun and play games (the best are great actresses, and you're paying them for their role); just never forget it is a business arangement.

09-19-03, 19:42
Flying Scot
Headed for Cyclone since it was my last night, picked a blonde CIS that wanted 1000 dhr.

Yes, love it when they quote some totally outrageous price. It's like I want to go check in a mirror if I have STUPID stamped on my forehead.
I was at Cyclone wednesday; I would not play the "how much you give" game, and was not about to agree to a "up to you"; insisted she give me a price quote. Got quoted 600 all night. I just wasn't in the mood, so gave a brusque "no thank you", and turned away. She quickly drifted off. Later on, decided she was best choice, so caught up to her and offered 400, she countered with 500, and the deal was done. Later on, she said she was miffed at my "rudeness"; after her 600, I should have made a counter offer, not just dismissed her. Actually, she had a point - why not ask; you never know. Just don't expect to get it.

09-20-03, 03:06
I guess I've been really lucky!!
I have paid up front three times for an all nighter and have never had any problem.
But since all streaks end sooner or later, I will not push my luck and insist on paying in the morning.

Captain Fire
09-20-03, 07:19
Hello Gentlemen,

Just spent 2 days in Dubai with the always desireable Ira. Justfun got me her new phone number and we clicked on first night. I had to get another hotel as mine had a bloody police security post in the lobby. Checked in at Al Khaleej Palace, 4 star downtown. Absolutely no problem bringing Ira in. Had a couple of drinks and went to our room. mShe is a real pleasure to be with. No rush, after lots of play, she started to blow me, got me going very well and when I wanted to go into her, she just said no and kept sucking. BBBJ right to the finish and she swallowed it all. We played around a bit an finally drifted off to sllep. Next morning, I had an early meeting so went out and came back as she was waking up. We both showered and started back in. She wanted to try various positions and finally I fiunished in her doggy style. She came twice for sure at least I think for sure. She likes oral and seems to come quite quickly that way. We spent the day at JumeiraBeach club and came back for dinner. I was flying out that night so she tried everything to make it a memorable send off. Lots of hartd fucking in every position but the coming part was just not going to happen. We parted with some sadness on both sides I think and I will be getting in touch on my next tour through. Overall, I would rate her an 8. Great GFE, body is not movie star but her sexual drive and talent make up for it. Her personality and willingness to be more than a quick jump really add to her repitoire. Treat hert lika lady and you won't be disappointed.

Good Luck Everyone