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05-18-02, 05:56
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05-21-02, 22:47
Just back from Sichuan province, I have been quite desapointed in Chengdu, as I could not find any interesting action in the barber shops. Only hand job for 30 to 50 Y. I have not tryed the upper scale establishment, there might be action there.
But I was happily surprised two days later when arrived in Chongqing, as these is a free sex city ! Red light barber shops everywhere with gorgeous Sichuan girls available for sex, from 150 Y near the train station, to 300 Y in the town center, in the Jirfangbei area. And a real openred light district in the area of the Holiday Innn, cross the bridge, with girls around 150 to 200 Y for ST. All good breastly young Sichuan girls. The male papasan introduce the girls and tell you openly in front of the girls : "they all can suck". I was amazed, as BJ is generally a taboo in China and the matter is generally discussed disreetly with the girl herself. Some papasan can even speak a bit of english, asking you loudly in the street "Do you want to fuck ?" I was a bit shocked, as I am not used to such openness in China ! Back in my hotel with the girl, same relaxed attitude, nobody asks any question... I have a quite extensive experience of China, and I have never seen such openness in a such big city as Chongqing. Only comparison I know are little border and remote towns such as Ruili, Hekou or Sanya.
I'd be interested to know if anybody has expereinced an atmosphere like Chonqing's in another city recently ?

06-01-02, 17:53
Any late breaking information on Zhuhai, Haiku and Sanya? Especially real good, guest friendly hotels, and action zones. Advice for non-Chinese speaking enthusiast. Will be there in late July, and want to have a real good time. Thanks for responding.

06-01-02, 22:35
To BigBruno, China is a great place to find slim, beautiful girls however unlike other countries, China doesn't have many people who speak English. If you are going to places like Haikou and Sanya, you will need to find someone who speak English to help you otherwise you will not have much fun. I have read a lot of posts that China is not worth going or it is not as much fun as Philippine or Thailand. I have been to Philippine, Thailand and China, in my opinion China have them beat hands down. The girls are more slim and attractive. You will find more of a girlfriend sex VS pro. You will not be rushed in Hainan. A girl will stay with you for 5-6 hours for short time. However I must point out to you that all most no one speaks English. Wait for a report by Rtpman who have just returned from 10 days in Haikou and 3 weeks in Shenzhen if you want more details.

06-05-02, 00:08
Gentlemen - Is Mandarin the predominant language in S.China? Do just the educated speak it or do the street people speak it as well?

06-05-02, 16:02
Mandarin is the offical language in China. If you speak Mandarin everyone except the uneducated will understand you however you may not understand them if they have strong local accent. I find that usually I understand the women without any problem but some of the men have very strong local accent. They will speak Mandarin to you but will speak their local language with each other.

06-07-02, 04:34
Thanks for your responses CSUN213. Do you think that I will be able to find a reasonable priced, English speaking driver/guide in Sanya, and Haikou who can help me gain access like a local? If so, where, how, and what can I expect? Thx.

06-07-02, 16:28
I do have a guide in Haikou that I have recommend to other. She speaks pretty good English. She charges 400rmb/day. You don't need to hire a driver in Haikou because there are taxis everywhere and it only costs about 10rmb/trip. If you are interested e-mail me at csun213@yahoo.com because she doesn't want her number posted on the internet. A group of us are going back late Nov, you are welcome to join us if you are free. Everyone in the group have been to Hainan before and want to go back again.

06-08-02, 23:15
I've found out some interesting things about this bargaining process after an experience in the sauna.

1. Do not pay any more than 300 RMB for a tip while in one of these places. That is the going rate in Fuzhou, and with all of the extras, it should cost not one RMB more than 390.

2. There are a lot of girls working there that are, shall we say, less attractive and not pulling their weight in terms of revenue generation. The mamasan will send those to you first and leave the younger/ better looking ones behind. If you have to reject the first two or three that they send, don't feel that you are making yourself a nuisance.

3. The girls will try to get RMB500 from you because you are a foreigner, but I have found out that using the phrase: "Ni si Bu San Bu Si len" ("you are no three no four person") let's them know that you are wise to them.

4. If you threaten to leave the sauna, the girl will usually lower her price. But if you cannot get a girl to go with you, then you can leave the sauna and not pay for your admission (assuming that you have not eaten anything) and they will not make a big fuss. I've had this happen myriad times. Just make sure that you tell them that the girl is a "no three no four person," or if it is not her, it is the mamasan that is that way. Or explain to them that the tip should be 300 and that 500 is "no door."

5. The quality at the saunas varies a lot, but the standard deviation at each sauna seems to be very tight. So if the girls at one sauna are bad, they may likely be ALL bad. If you find a good girl, it is good to be a repeat customer for her, and she will do excellent work for you.

06-11-02, 03:40
Hi Gents,

I was in Sanya lately and if it wasn't for the hotel's staff I couldn't have any fun. So read on...

My host's secretary suggested Holiday Inn Resort in Sanya. Sounded good since I'm Priority Club member and most HI's are OK and was afraid of local dumps (even 4 stars). Oh she said, I stayed there with friends and it's nice. Well, should have known better; get it - family kind a place. Well, you guessed it boys; it was at least 45 mins away from Sanya airport and 30 mins from downtown Sanya and it was a nice resort to bring girlfriends and family, ugh. My host and his pals smirk when I tell them I'm going to Hainan hinting it's "mens paradise". Well, I can tell you HI Sanya is no "mens paradise".

Disappointed, took hotel shuttle to downtown Sanya. Got off and walked around hoping I stand out and soon to be "bombarded" with "maassagi?". No, I must have walked around for 1/2 hr. Damn where are the interesting areas? Undaunted, try to talk to shuttle driver "massagi" and even hand motion. He finally gets it and takes me to rows of barber shops with cutis at the door. Then he asks me "suhje" meaning miss, so I say Yes! Drove me to some kind a 4 start hotel (sorry forgot the name) and to massage floor. The jerks demanded 600 RMB for 1 hr and I declined. To take one of the girls back to my room was 1,000 and girls were kind a ugly. So came back to hotel and gave driver my room number.

I got a call from a pimp who spoke good English. He wanted 900 RMB for the night. This guy was quite nervous and must have called me at least 5 times. He brought a girl and she was tall but ugly bulging eyes. Hell she would do. We had beer in the lounge and proceeded for "mechanical" sex and you guessed it; no french kissing and oral sex. I did manage to eat her tight pusssy and she really got into it but would give me blow job. Oh well, welcome to China... She and I had more fun and engaging session in the morning. She really opened up as I guess she was kind a afraid first time. Well, we departed after breakfast and gave her 50 RMB for taxi.

All in all it was OK experience. And next time I go to Hainan is going to be Haikou with help from csun and others on this board.

Happy Playing!

06-12-02, 12:49
I haven't been to Sanya but you are right that it isn't the 'main' spot in Hainan for girls.

Haikou is where you want to be. Around 300rmb short time; 600 LT.

In Sanya you should be able to pick up nice girls for about the same price. Unfortunately since you didn't know where to go, they had you at a dissadvantage.

06-28-02, 02:10
Just a short note of my experiences in China and also with references to Erics message below.

Barbers shops in remote towns can turn into great amounts of fun for all. Avoid the popular places, backstreet is best.

For example, i took the train to a small town outside of Guangzhou, booked into a cheap hotel for 80RMB. Visited the area around the bus station late around 1130pm and found a place with some pretty young countryside girls (short, all tits and arse) at the door of a barbers place. They were all excited as they had never seen a westerner before. I picked one and she lead me to a back room, very excited that a westerner had chosen her. Great sex, bj, doggy, fk etc, halfway though the door opened and the remaining two girls came in. "Wow, we want to see the westerner fk" they said laughing and giggling. I had them all, or perhaps they had me. They had already locked up the place for the night and we all slepted together enjoying various forms of delightful play.

I paid the going rate and the whole weekend cost me around 700RMB including the train fares, food etc.

However if you don't speak very good chinese forget it. Remember to bring your own condoms - and use them!!

06-28-02, 03:51
Hi Rayman,

Can you tell us the name of the small town outside of Guangzhou that you visited? Thanks.


06-29-02, 01:46
Shaoguang. Let us know how you got on. (numbers84 at hotmail).

Just as a footnote to all you asian pussy lovers i spent 3 yrs in Guangzhou and ALL of my workmates (~9) caught some form of STD during this time. Some had mulitple infections. All had visited high class and not so high class establishments.

I had crabs all over (possibly from my visit to Shaoguang!!) hair, eyebrows, armpits. By the time i realised i had passed them on to my wife who was out visiting and this caused quite an embarrssing scene but luckily she swallowed my story about dirty hotel bed linin. (whos knows might have been).

Others were not so lucky and one had to be airlifted back to Tokyo when his balls swelled up to twice their size. Most of the others ended up back in HK for treatment.

I know this is not what you guys want to hear but unfortunately there is a downside to all this hot-air talk of easy sex. Also check out the unaids website.

Happy hunting and sorry to be a bore.

06-29-02, 16:31

are you saying your workmates been fucking these girls Bareback? Don't these girsl get medical check up??

06-30-02, 02:15
Haven't you heard of passion / drink overcoming sense. Nevertheless when i read fellow contributors adventures in China and around the world bareback riding, oral, pussy munching etc is not uncommon.

As far as i know it is the decision of the girl whether she decides to have a check up or not and this will cost money as hospital treatment is not free. I think only Thailand and some parts of Europe have the official government doctors doing the rounds.

But lets face the truth shall we. Girl A decovers she has a mild form of oral herpes, cost of treatment 500RMB, spare money in her bank account ...probably not so much. What does she decide to do?? Perhaps buys some cheap potion from the local witch-doctor and goes back to work. (Bloody hell scaring myself here!!).


06-30-02, 20:52
By any chance, did you mean Shaoguan, a main train station in the north of Guangdong province, not fare from the Hunan border ? Can't find Shaoguang on the map.

07-01-02, 01:15
Yes you'r right. It is about a 1.5hr train directly north on the way to Changsha(?).

07-01-02, 01:41
Hi Rayman,

Thank you for your reply and the footnote.

As far as I know Shaoguan is at least 2.5hrs by train from Guangzhou. So can it be another town, somewhere bwteen Guangzhou and Shaoguan?



07-01-02, 08:49
I'm gonna stay clear of Shaoguan for a bit. Looks like pussy prices will soon be sky high with all you guys chasing action there...

07-09-02, 07:34
Spent 1 day in Haikou and 5 days in Sanya, and I was not disappointed!

I liked both these towns for their culture and people, especially the women, and those helping you connect with the women.

Day 1 - Haikou

Arriving in Haikou I thought "man, what a dreary place", and it was, until nighttime! A taxi driver said "you lady?" as he was making universal fuck gesture with hands. I knew this was the ride. He took me down a street (not the main street, but the second one behind it). Everyone was sitting outside, in little groups watching communal TV. There were many groups of young ladies and girls, controlled by men. We stopped at one, the man called the girls up and I saw one I liked ( a teeny-bopper, just 18, with great body). He told me Y300 , please pay now. I said that I pay the girl after (makes for better motivated action). He said OK. Taxi driver happy as we made it back to hotel. Had great time, and got some souvenir pictures as well.

Day 2, Sanya

Stayed at the Landscape Beach Hotel, a very nice place, with almost a private beach. Kind of isolated alone though. I'm wondering, "how am I going to get some?" Well, not to worry. The hotel has a harem, as do all hotels in the area!! Its called sauna. The sauna "manager"was on me from day 1 "you take a look at beautiful ladies". I went down there, and there were about 30 girls sitting in a room watching TV. I picked #69 (how appropriate). She was slender, cute, 20, and gave me BBBJ with some ass licking too. Anything went, I got whatever I wanted, for about 2 hours. The price a little more pricey, but worth it, since the hotel staff was doing the providing, and I didn't have to worry about that. Y400 to sauna with Y100 tip to girl, the hotel even put it on my tab. Each night the sauna manager wanted me to take a look. The second night I went for a tall leggy one, third night, I did a rarity, a repeat session with #69. The 4th night I decided to check out the harem at the Hyton Hotel, and they have one also. Picked a beautiful slender young thing and did it for Y300 in sauna (not as comfortable as in own room). The next day, I was just walking around Sanya, some of the smaller streets, and I noticed about 4 girls sitting around a door (one of the proverbial barber shops which I had never tried). They motioned for me to come over so I did. A slightly chubby but cute girl said Y200 for sex, I just wanted hand job. So for Y100 she gave me a naked hand job. Needless to say, My hands were all over her naked body too. A nice touch was that she put on a porno DVD in her room while this was going on. That night, went to Landscape Beach Hotel's harem for nightcap in room.

So, gentlemen, my opinion is that Hainan Island is a great place for the man in you, just check out the hotel harem.

07-09-02, 22:39
Thanks for the info. In Haikou, if you paid 300 Y in this circumstance, that means that if you manage to go to that place by yourself and avoid the commission to the taxi driver you end up with 200 only ! Do you know the name of the aproximate location of that street ?

07-16-02, 06:38
Can someone tell me where I look for action in Hang Zhou? I will be visiting soon and last time I was there I could not find anything. A town of 6 million people must have some action somewhere.


07-19-02, 12:10
Ray, please clarify re: Shaoguan. According to my maps this is not exactly outside GZ. More like in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere. But, aside from the crabs, it sounds great. If you recall hotel info, that and any other advice would also be much appreciated.

I'm actually thinking of going there on the way to Chongqing, as Erik's report on that city sounds promising. Erik, sounds like the Holiday Inn in Chongqing would be a good base. All tits and arse? What fun! Anything else I should know?

Time for me to get off the more beaten path for a few days. Thanks in advance.

07-24-02, 14:38

It sounds like you would recommend Sanya over Haikou. I am hoping to travel to Hainan sometime later next month, and I could use some advice:

- which hotel is best?
- will the sauna girls spend the evening outside the sauna with you or only go to your room? Or, do they just stay in the sauna?
- are there any fun KTVs in Sanya?
- are there any good bars to check out?

Thanks for the info.

07-24-02, 17:14
To Trotter717, RTPMAN will post a report on Haikou sometime today (I think). I have been to both Haikou and Sanya, I think that if you like the beach and sightseeing then Sanya would be the place to go however if you are going for the girls then in my opinion Haikou would be the place. Haikou have more and more importantly prettier girls then Sanya. The cost in Haikou is a little higher then Sanya but I am only talking about US$5 or so higher. Most of the prettier girls go to Haikou because that is where the single guys go while Sanya is more for family. Wait for the report on Haikou coming soon. It should answer a lot of your questions.

07-24-02, 18:27
haikou, hainan trip report - april, 2002

i had the pleasure to visit china again (for the 7th time). i spent 10 fun-filled days in hainan and almost a month in shenzhen. i was with csun, who is chinese-american and speaks fluent chinese, dave from the us. pityman and belzebub, from germany were making their virgin trip with us.

a lot of good things have been said about haikou, hainan in the past. it's been described as the 'adult playground'. i've seen a number of posts recently about haikou and china in general and less than positive things have been said about them. that’s fine. one man's pleasure is another man poison. in this report i’ll try to point out how to get there; places to stay; and what to expect from the girls. hopefully it will help dispel some apprehension some may have about going and it may solidify some decisions about not going for others. it’s all about what you are looking for in a *****mongering destination. skip to the section on chinese girls if you aren’t interested in details of how to get there or things to do.

exchange rate: 1 usd = 8.19 rmb. we found we could get about 8.25rmb per dollar from stores that will exchange money. the chinese are very cautious about counterfeit money. you will have the best results if you bring crisp new 100-dollar bills. they are very picky about accepting bills that are even slightly torn or worn. you will find that most of the nicer hotels will exchange money for you. you can also use major credit cards and major bank cards that are for example, part of the 'plus' network. generally credit cards are not the cheapest way to obtain money. in many cases you will find they charge for first converting from usd to hkd and then another charge for converting hkd to rmb. you may also find a higher than normal percentage fee associated to these cash advances.

getting to haikou, hainan:

one of the more expensive ways to get there is flying into hong kong and then catching a flight to sanaya, hainan or haikou, hainan. you can expect to pay around $325 for a flight from hk to haikou depending on the time of year, how far out you book in advance, etc.

a better choice is to cross the border from hong kong into shenzhen and catch a flight from shenzhen to haikou. you should get your tickets prior to coming to shenzhen unless you already have an established travel agent and/or speak chinese. you can get decent rates from the hong kong travel agents such as shoestring travel. you will find that the cost is almost half of what it is to fly from hong kong.

another choice is flying in from other asian destinations. if you are already in bkk and want to try hainan, there are several flights per day from bkk to haikou.

in our case all except david were arriving at hong kong and then catching a flight the next day from shenzhen. all of us had already secured our chinese visas so there wasn't any real reason to stay in hong kong. you will find nice hotels much cheaper in mainland china than hong kong.

if you need to get a visa, places like shoestring travel can process your visa with same day service. generally you drop off your passport, fill out a short visa form and pay them either in cash or major credit card. they will have your passport w/visa delivered to your hotel by early evening (assuming you drop it off early morning). most of these places will also take care of having extra visa pages put in your passport if needed. they will have it taken to the consulate for pages and then processed for chinese visa.

from the airport in hong kong you can get to shenzhen several ways. the two easiest is to take the train to shenzhen or take a ferry to shekou.

if you go by train then you can catch the "a43" bus in front of the airport. it costs $28hkd, which is best to have in exact change. there are a couple of short stops along the way but the major stop is at the train station. you will know you are there since that is where the majority of the people are going. it’s about a 20-minute ride. it costs 20 hkd to take the train to lo wu (shenzhen). you can either get a ticket from the ticket counter or from the automated machines. once on the train you can't mess up. the last stop is lo wu. there are also stop announcements made in chinese and english. when you return it’s the same. once you are on the platform all trains go to hong kong. lo wu is one of the busiest border crossings in the world. it’s not uncommon to spend an hour or so getting through immigration. there are that many people! be very cautious of pickpockets. also keep close watch of your luggage. once you are through customs you are in the heart of downtown shenzhen. you will find numerous 4 and 5 star hotels close to the station. a few are shangri-la, century plaza and sunshine. the staff at these hotels speaks english and accepts major credit cards. you can't walk very far from any of these hotels without being asked if you want a girl or be approached by a freelancer

if you go by ferry from hong kong, you can depart from either the macau terminal or china central. you want to buy a ticket to shekou. a first class ticket is around 140hkd. it’s about a 50-minute, comfortable ferry ride. although the trip time is doubled what it takes by train, you will find that you will generally get through immigration less than 15 minutes. you are now in shekou and the nan hai hotel is next to the ferry terminal. it’s a nice 4 star hotel with complementary shuttle service to the airport. there are a stretch of bars outside the nan hai that have girls available and there are a number of freelancers as well.

we came across by train and csun had us already booked at the jing peng hotel. we would spend the night in shenzhen and catch a flight to haikou in the morning. it’s not a foreign tourist hotel but the staff is friendly and it's extremely guest friendly. we were able to get about a $250rmb rate. there is a store on the street that is next to the jing peng where we exchanged a good portion of our usd. back inside we showered and then out to find a girl for the evening.

csun's girl friend brought out some girls for us to select from. pityman finds a girl he wants but the rest of us elect to visit our regular mommy in shenzhen. like most of the mommies near the train station, she will keep presenting girls until you find one you like. they take you to one of the apartments where you can select from the available girls. most of the mommies there have at least 100 girls that they can present if need be. the girl i pick was named awei. she was very sweet but a little nervous since i'm her first foreigner. i'll comment on her more in my shenzhen trip report.

the next morning we ate a quick breakfast, check out of the hotel and off to the airport. you will need to keep in mind that china requires you to pay a 50rmb airport tax before going through security. there is a separate counter where you purchase it. they give you a receipt to present when you go through immigrations. they won't let you get past immigration without paying for it. the flight itself is a short 50-minute trip on a 727 jet to haikou, hainan.

haikou, hainan:

rule one. expect to need a guide/translator. unless you speak mandarin chinese you really shouldn’t try to do this on your own. even if you have been there before it is still probably best to expect to use someone’s services for a day or so and then try it on your own. its possible to get girls outside the haikou coffee shop and survive on that, but realistically you should plan on using someone like lili. her email address is: chinadolls4u@yahoo.com. in her email she will give you the run down on rates and services. bottom line, she knows where to go and speaks the language.

once in haikou it’s good to already have the name of the hotel in chinese to be able to show the taxi driver. remember almost no one speaks english in haikou. the airport is outside the city so it’s a 30-minute ride into haikou. most of the better hotels have at least someone on the hotel staff that speaks limited english. if you are working with lili she will arrange to meet you at the airport and make sure you get checked into your hotel.

some of the hotels you may want to consider are:
*treasure island hotel – telephone number (86) 898 676-3388 centrally located and extremely guest friendly about 350 rmb per night for their vip rooms. they have cheaper rooms but these have twin beds and no in-room safe. the hotel has their own massage center and karoke bar/rooms.
*haikou hotel – telephone number (86) 898 535-1234. about the same price as the treasure island but the rooms are not as nice.
*haikou mandarin– telephone number: (86) 898 8511228. the mandarin is very nice but not close to the action.

things to do in haikou:

hainan island has a lot of things to see as far as things to see and do. you won’t find much of this in haikou. you should inform lili or whomever you are with what type of things you want to see (countryside, beaches, historic sites, etc). in haikou itself there is a clean six-kilometer beach called ‘holiday beach’ located on qingling ave. i’ve only been there once and it was well maintained and had a covered snack area. i didn’t see a lot of people there the time i went there. that can be good or bad depending on if you are going there to soak up some sun or going there to meet girls.

there is also some of historical sites you can visit in haikou. a couple of these are:

hairui tomb – located in the binya village, which is in the western side of haikou city. it contains relics from the ming dynasty.

xiuying fort barbette – located on haixiu ave in the village xiuying in haikou. this is an immense military installation in ancient china (qing dynasty).

shopping in haikou:

it’s not the shopping mecca of china. however there are plenty of small shopping malls. mostly clothing but like many of the chinese malls you will find electronics, cameras, cell phones etc. there are some decent pharmacies where normal prescription drugs are over the counter. this worked great for me. i needed some medicine and had no problems getting the medicine at a fraction of the cost i’d pay in the states.


if you are not into chinese cuisine you will find yourself limited in choices. remember this is not a big western tourist spot. chinese food is very inexpensive and there are several hotels that offer a large buffet. even if chinese food isn’t your thing, you can find enough items from the buffet line to satisfy you. some of the bigger hotels have a limited selection of western dishes. there are a couple kfc in haikou and a couple of burger places like happy toms.

chinese girls:

chinese girls are great for gfe. most of the girls are in the business only a short time. they come from farms and villages in the area provinces and for the most part sexually inexperienced. that’s great if you are looking for the girl-next-door attitude. very few would think of trying to jack up the price. they don’t watch the clock and st means 2 or more hours. they have no problem hanging out with you before or after. there were several times we took the girls out for dinner or breakfast and they seemed to genuinely appreciate it. that being said you have to understand that in hainan most girls have never seen a westerner. you need to be aware that some girls will prefer not to do foreigner. it doesn’t do any good to get your nose out of joint about it. there are plenty of girls that will. inexperienced also means that many girls have never given or been asked to do a bj. most mainland chinese don’t ask for bj. for many girls it’s just a matter of making sure she understands that a bj is part of the deal.

the going price for st is 300rmb; lt is 600rmb. some of the girls near the haikou coffee shop see mostly foreigners and will ask 400 st and 800lt. most will settle for the standard rate.

our first night csun took pityman and belzebub out to see the usual places to meet the girls. there was a large conference going on in qionghai (4000 international delegates) so it became quickly apparent that the local police were cracking down to present a better image of the city for the delegates. chicken road was shut down during the conference. i really hated to see this as i’ve always found some sweet girls from this location. this two block section of ‘barber shops’ is on the outskirts of haikou and not the same place as the chicken streets i’ve seen mentioned in other recent reports.

csun did some checking and found where some of the mommies were. the mommies said tourism was down and some of the mommies have left or been arrested. i’m not sure if it was in preparation of the conference but we were told that mommies couldn’t any longer pay a fine to get out of jail. we had noticed that there didn’t seem to be as many mainland tourists as before. hopefully it was only because of the conference. this city makes it living on tourism. it wouldn’t take long for girls to give up and relocate to a better city. i should point out that the police may hassle the momasons but they don’t bother tourists. you shouldn’t be concerned about police raiding hotels or stopping you in public with a girl.

pityman and belzebub made their choices at the first stop. it wasn’t a barbershop but an area where a mommy had about 20 – 30 girls. unfortunately it was a dimly lit outdoor commons area and it was hard to see what the girls looked like. i found a petite girl that i liked but wanted to scope out some other places before deciding. i told the girl maybe later.

we took in a few other shops but no one stood out as an obvious choice. i think the more times i go to haikou the pickier i am. by this time it was late evening and we knew that dave should have checked into the treasure island hotel. we went back and found dave was indeed waiting for us. we headed back out to the same location where pityman and belzebub had ‘ear-marked’ their choices. dave found a really pretty girl. she had only been to the island a week and had just lost her virginity a few days earlier.

i was still uncertain so we swung by the haikou coffee shop. we ran into three of the mutes. pityman made a date with supermute for the next night and belzebub found a girl he wanted to see the next day as well. hmmm they learn fast, huh? i finally decided that i wanted the girl from the first stop that i’d seen earlier. we took a taxi back to the place and i found my girl still there. her mood had changed though. in retrospect i think she was feeling like she was chosen only because i didn’t find anyone else better. her real attitude came out when we were in the elevator at the hotel. dave pointed to me and said “handsome man”. “no” she instantly remarked. it was funny at the time and i doubt she really understood the question but she wasn’t going to be agreeable, period. i should have cut my losses then and gave her cab fare. mr. happy wasn’t fond of traveling all the way to hainan and spending the first night without a date; so i took her to my room. it was obvious she wasn’t in a good mood. once out of the shower and in bed she was all business and kept slapping my hand away when i tried to even touch her. enough of this! i called csun and explained to him the situation. he talked to the girl. he explained that we pay more than locals do and if she didn’t cooperate i’d send her away. the thought of not making money convinced her to be a little more agreeable. she was though, the worst girl i’ve ever chosen.

luckily she was the exception, not the rule. one of the girls i met during the trip was working as a hostess at ‘china city’ club. her nickname was princess and i can see why. she was very pretty and sweet. very inexperienced, though willing to please. wow, did she please! you would have thought i was her long time boyfriend. when we were finished, i laid the money out for her. she told me no, it wasn’t necessary because she had a lot of fun. hmmm ok, but i kept trying to remind her that the mommy who introduced her to me was going to want her cut. she refused to take the money until i got csun to explain it better to her in chinese. i had her over a couple more times during this trip and on the night before i left she said no again that money wasn’t necessary. if i gave her money she would only spend it on something to give me to take back. sheeesh. i did however get her to take the money but had csun call her at work to be sure she didn’t go out and buy me anything.

pityman is doctor and it was interesting that some of the girls who knew us would ask his medical advice. it was never a dull moment at the dr pityman’s *****monger clinic. everything from bad feet to pelvic exams on the girls who asked his help. since its common for two chinese guys to share a room, the girls are used to having sex with someone else present. the girls didn’t seem to mind (and maybe some free advertisement) about stripping down in front of us.

dave left about half way through our trip since he also traveling to jakarta before returning home.

pityman, belzebub and i booked a day with lili to visit qionghai. i wanted to get some rural pictures as well as visit the city. lili was great at answering questions and stopping along the way to let us take pictures. in qionghai we did some shopping and then went to a local soapy massage place. you choose your girl and take the elevator to the massage floor. after a quick shower, the girl administers a soapy massage with her body before slipping the raincoat on and doing the deed.

during the daytime in haikou, we shopped and lined up girls for the afternoon. usually we would have some mommies send over a selection of girls for us to see. this seemed to work better than taking multiple taxies all over haikou. csun or the mommy would give the girls a ‘pep-talk’ to make sure they understood we wanted a bj. csun would translate for the girls and us. since most of the girls have never seen a westerner it was great for breaking the ice and helping them feel relaxed around us. they were relieved we all weren’t hung like john holmes the porn star. there is always at least one that isn’t convinced and will want to peek down the front of your pants to make sure.

we tend to give the girls nicknames. its sometimes easier than trying to remember their real names. two of the girls (ms bubbly and cher) we didn’t see last time we were there but at least in chers case she had come back to the island. money must have run out at home. both girls were also little mommies and were great in bringing girls over for us. ms bubbly must do enough business that she had personal business cards made up. they knew us well and both ribbed me about being a butterfly. ms bubbly is 19 and i wished i had half her energy. she isn’t shy around us and offered to do me in front of everyone. uhhh, i’m not that much of an exhibitionist and half suspected she felt this would be good advertising. she really seems to enjoy her work and i had her come over 3 more times ruining my butterfly reputation.

i mentioned earlier that we found the mutes near the haikou coffee shop. there are four mutes that live together. they are very friendly and i think they have finally figured out that i want to try each of them. used to be super-mute and regular mute would latch on one of us the second we got out of the taxi. this time though they took us in the coffee shop and introduced me to the third mute. i’m sure i’ve mentioned it in other posts but the mutes work out very good for those who don’t speak chinese. they are very keen on body and hand jesters and they know pin yin (which helps me). they don’t get many chinese customers so they seek out foreigners. the third mute isn’t as pretty as the other two but a nice body and equally talented. these girls are exceptions to the rule in that they have been on the island for a number of years and will stay until they are too old to get customers.

if a person was in haikou and couldn’t secure a guide, just hanging around the haikou coffee shop and outside the arcade could probably net you more than enough girls to satisfy all but the pickiest. i used to think that only the older girls or ones that mommy’s didn’t want hung out there. this trip it seemed like there is getting to be a fresh, new batch of freelancers that prowl the area. it seems that any time we sat in the coffee shop for a beer, girls would gravitate over to our table or a table next to us. there was little doubt as to what they were offering. kind of reminded me of the old boca chica days when the girls would be out to find you. sometimes it nice to be hunted instead of the hunter!

one night we were returning to the treasure island hotel and saw two tall blonde girls walking in the front door of the hotel. now there is something you don’t see everyday! both ladies had killer bods and dressed in gowns. we were dying to see what they looked like. they had a head start on us so we were walking as fast as we could to try and catch up. they were getting in the elevators so we half ran to the elevators but in vain. the doors closed and we never did get to see their faces. we heard a lot of giggling from the hotel reception desk; turned around and noticed that all the receptionists were laughing at our sprint across the hotel lobby. oh well. we thought at first they were russian girls but it turns out there is a small community of xin jiang province people living in haikou. we learned from csun and lili that they are caucasian in appearance but chinese not russian. true their ancestors probably immigrated from russia but these people speak chinese and very much part of the chinese culture. the next night lili took us to a local xin jiang restaurant. the owner was there and he knew the girls. they were part of a dance troupe that would be traveling to shenzhen the next day. since they were visiting the hotel we suspected that dancing isn’t the only thing they do to earn a living. maybe next time i’ll see if i can hook up with one.

the germans seemed to have a great time. this was their first *****monger type trip and china isn’t the place most people would pick as their first destination. i think they are hooked on chinese girls too.


Mighty Spearsman
07-24-02, 21:13
Dear "rtpman"

While your recent posting is most likely the longest posting I've ever seen in WSG, I'd like to thank you for writing it. Great info, and it reminded me of a great visit that I made to Haikou back in 1995. Thanks again!

07-25-02, 04:49

I only have experience with 2 hotels in Sanya, Landscape Beach and Hyton. Landscape Beach is a new, beautiful, clean place, with ocean view for Y400 per night. Good barbeque buffet, and service (they literally give you a clean plate every time you put a bone on the old one, and they clean your room twice daily). Hyton was kind of old, smelly, and worn, but less than half the price of Landscape Beach. Both have harems in the sauna. Looks range from 4-8 in both of them. Ages from 18-22 yrs.

Sauna girls charge 400 short time (2-3 hours) or 600 for all night. The sauna manager delivers the girl to your room. He will try to get you to "take a look at beautiful ladies" every time he sees you in lobby. (get girl number 69 if you can).

As for KTV and bars, I dont know. There was enough action at night with the hotel harem! The girls were real friendly. I only wish I could have talked to them, it would have been even more fun.

RTPMAN, I wish you could have made your post earlier, as I am 3 weeks back from Hainan Island. I wish I could have spent it with a couple of fans like you and csun. Even for a newbie, non-Chinese speaker, I managed to have a blast, though. And you are right, the Haikou girls are very very pretty. All the girls in China let me take explicit photos of them. I have submitted them to the board, and hope they some day appear for your enjoyment.

07-25-02, 08:51
Fantastic report rptman... classic

07-26-02, 01:54

Awesome report! It's so nice to see comprehensive and realistic experiences without any BS bragging. Now I can't wait to go to Hakou and enjoy...

As for Sanya, I posted my experience earlier. All I can say is don't stay at Holiday Inn resort unless you're with a girlfriend or family. Hell, not even sauna at this joint. It's very remote... They had ktv like other hotels but foreigner like me who barely gets by with a phrase book can't have fun unless Chinese friend was there to enjoy the beauties, singing then more fun in the hotel room.

I noticed that there are grimy hotels near downtown Sanya where the HI hotel driver took me to. But the girls were ugly... The pimp who called me spoke good English but paranoid about setting me up and overcharging (900 RMS for all night). Uh, be sure to bring your own rubber as the girl only carries 2 and if you manage to rip or come twice, you're out of luck! :)

07-26-02, 03:57
Great report, truly a classic piece. Great work!!!

07-26-02, 17:36
Rptman, just outstanding!!! I am trying to juggle my schedule for September meetings in China so that I can join you and csun for at least a few days on Hainan in October. Thanks again.

07-29-02, 13:02
Glad you enjoyed the report guys.

Mistalava - we will be going to Hainan near the end of October.

I'll try to get a report about Shenzhen this week.

08-01-02, 06:41
Well done, rptman. Loads of great info that I plan to put to good use sometime in September. I'll be going to Hainan for golf and girls with about 3-4 Taiwanese friends. Since we all speak Mandarin, it sounds like we'll have an easy time getting around finding what we're looking for. I'll post a report, of course!

Meanwhile, if anyone needs some info on DongGuan, let me know. I just returned from there a few days ago... my sixth visit this year! Love it there!

08-01-02, 12:45
Hi Trotter. What timing, man! Just got back from a convention this morning and Donguan has been added to my September schedule so I can visit a potential new supplier's factory. Any details you can provide would be much appreciated. If you want to contact me off WSG my email is: mistalava@yahoo.com

Unfortunately, I will also visit a factory in the middle of Java for two or three days and don't know a damn thing about Indonesia, (neither the fun scene or the language -- at least in China everyone is amused and appreciative of my earnest effort to speak the language).

Thanks in advance.

08-06-02, 09:27
Hi, Rptman

Thanks for your detailed report on Haikou. I will be in Haikou next month. Can you share with me where is the Coffee Shop (which street)? Which is the hotel nearest to the actions you mentioned in your FR? Thanks. Will appreciate your reply.


08-06-02, 16:07

Hi, The Haikou Coffee shop is located inside the building where the Haikou Hotel is. The Haikou hotel is on the corner of Haifu Road and Haixiu Road.

If you come in the hotel from their front door, the coffee shop is off to the right of the lobby but left of the entrance that takes you into the video arcade.

The Haikou hotel IS the closest hotel to this action. You will find the girls sitting in the coffee shop until it closes around 10pm. After it closes most of the girls hang around inside the arcade outside the arcade and in a block or two radius of the hotel. Don't worry you can spot them. If you walk down the sidewalk they will either approach you, follow you or walk next to you.

If you don't speak Mandarin, you really should use someone like Lili at least for awhile until you see where things are. Most of the girls don't know English.


08-06-02, 23:10
Mistalava, do you know where you'll be staying in DG? It is such a large area, and in fact it includes many smaller towns in the DG district.

Anyway, if you are looking for girls with the best service I've seen in China, then you should go to the Cinese Hotel (Hu1Yin1). It's a five-star hotel that just opened about four months ago. It's located just off the GuangZhen Highway. It's beautiful, and has many great restaurants and a fantastic KTV. The sauna is located on the 7th floor, I think. There is an actual sauna/health centre there, but you want to ask for the private rooms with massage. They'll take you to another floor (5th floor?) where you'll go into a normal, nice, clean hotel room.

A manager will come in to talk with you and find out what kind of girl you like. A young guy will come in to take your shoes and clean them up while you're busy. Then, after they leave, a beautiful, happy young girl will enter the room. She'll help you undress and show you to the shower. This is the only place in China where the girl has been happy to take a shower with me. I've been there three times so far, and every time the girl jumped right in the shower with me. Wonderful!

Then, it's off to the bed for a very relaxing massage... and play time. All three girls I've been with have been lots of fun, very talkative and friendly. And, they're all great looking with incredible bodies!! Very willing to try out new positions, too.

After we finished up, we just lay together on the bed for quite awhile chatting. There was no rush or hurry to get out of the room and onto the next customer. Just very casual and relaxing.

The cost was about RMB175 for the room and RMB500 to the girl. Plus, I usually tip the manager and the shoe guy a little.

This is a fantastic place. I haven't stayed at the hotel yet; I think I'd never leave the 5th floor if I did!

There are also many, many streetside barber shops with young girls available. A friend of mine wanted to go there one time, so I took him since I had to speak Mandarin for him. He took a very young cute girl with him back to his hotel room. The cost was about RMB400, if I remember correctly. But, he said she was so inexperienced that it wasn't much fun. I usually avoid those places myself.

Have fun!!

Ralph Kramden
08-07-02, 01:25
Trotter & Mistalava,
Donguan sounds very interesting, but I could not find it on my map. Please help and keep up the great reports.

08-07-02, 02:24
Trotter... *****monger that I am, I will stay in the area you recommend for women ;-) In other words, I can be anywhere this trip. My "business" in DongGuan is very preliminary and is more of a courtesy visit at this time. So, a meeting and a dinner --then I'm on my own. I'll be a good boy while trying to develop guanxi. Then have fun for two or three days. So, I will stay at the Cinese and report back. The shoe shine while I am enjoying myself just ices the cake, if you know what I mean. Thanks so much for the info.

Kent... DongGuan is about half-way between Shenzhen and Guangzhou. If you have a map that indicates rail lines it should be easy to find.

I will post a report after my next trip, which I hope will be epic. I plan to stay for about one month. Last trip I had sex in all nine cities I visited. A geographical and sexual buffet of sorts. This time I'm going to be more focused (for both business and sanuk purposes). Flying into HK where a steady pro here in Los Angeles promises to set me up with a friend who only expects dining, dancing and... yes, my brother. On to Shenzhen where I have always had a great time. Then DongGuan and, finally, on to Guangzhou. End of business, more or less.

After that the only firm destination is a girlfriend in Hangzhou who I promised to see. I am trying to coordinate with csun and crew on Hainan to "rest up" before heading back to LAX.

Mannnnnn! I *love* China!

08-08-02, 02:20
Where can I find sure thing for FS in Hangzhou when I will only have short periods of time to explore since I will be with my real GF? I did not see anything obvious last time I was there. I went to a Spa/salon type place downtown that is the real deal back walking etc. Great place for an hour massage deep tissue for $6, but not what I will search for when I am alone.


08-08-02, 15:57
Hi Blnkkman...my initial visit to Hangzhou was short and I really found nothing like the sex scene in the rest of China. I pretty much gave up but then I got lucky at a bar (Paradise Rock) where I met two local girls (both non-pros) to drink and hang out with their friends for the evening. Great fun and only fun, if you know what I mean. Later, one thing led to another and I've been in touch with one of them ever since.

I did see pros in the 22nd floor bar at the Marriott, I think. Not too many bars on the 22nd floor of hotels here, so if it turns out not to be the Marriott it should not be difficult to find. The scene at this bar was low key, but these girls were definitely on the game and saw them leaving with various guys for fun-time. I could tell that the bar patrons were not on their first round with some of the girls. So, I think pickings are lean. There is also a Hilton that I would try (the bar, that is). Both of these hotels are away from the lake, so there are more business guests. In a pinch (when the scene seems dry) this tactic generally seems to work.

That said, in addition to its natural beauty and great historic sites, Hangzhou is a significant manufacturing city. So, this means there is a red light district of some type *somewhere*. Should you decide to accept this misssion, please report back to us.

BTW, if you get north of Shanghai to Suzhou, another very scenic place, there is an interesting bar scene there. Kind of a cross between a hostess bar and a TJ bar/*****house. They get you all worked up down in the bar and then take you upstairs to rooms (more like a dorm, really) for action. This is another city where I did not find an overt sex scene, but again there are many foreign managers there, so you know it's out there somewhere.

Lastly, I know that neither of these cities are in South China but, hey man, I'm just answering the man's question and offering my .02

08-08-02, 20:26
Just to defend mistalava, anything south of the yangzi, or yangtzi river is considered south China. Chinese tell me Shanghai is south China and are proud to differentiate themselves. However more south to Canton and Hong Kong they also view as a lower class.

08-09-02, 04:31
Hi Gents,

I came across this interesting article from FEER (Far Eastern Economic Review). Here is the link but it "dies" in a week so posted the whole article about AIDS in China. All of us *****mongers really ought to be careful. I don't wear anything when I have sex with my Karaoke girlfriend who I meet everytime I'm in SZ area and well, I got Chlymedia from her. That led me to believe she has been doing other westerners as this STD is confined to white people (for now that is). Oh well, I gave her antibiotic when I saw her next.


A Nightmare In the Making

HIV and Aids are spreading rapidly across China. Ignorance about the killer disease is rife, yet everyone knows about the Three Represents and Falun Gong. It's time to redirect the efforts of the propaganda machine


By David Murphy/BEIJING

Issue cover-dated August 15, 2002


ZHAO LIYANG is one in a million. Facing a shaky hand-held camera she shivers against the winter cold and tells of the plague in her village, Dongguan, in Henan province, about 500 miles south of Beijing. Around her in the spartan room sit other villagers with HIV and Aids. "It doesn't matter if we die, but what will become of our children?" Zhao pleads through tears. There may be up to one million people like her in this province.

The video that tells Zhao's story is an extraordinarily powerful piece of journalism. In another country it would win awards. In China, Lee Dan, the brave social activist who travelled from Beijing to shoot the documentary earlier this year risked harassment and arrest.

His aim was to publicize the plight of China's Aids victims, the bulk of whom live in rural areas and were infected at commercial plasma-collecting centres, many of them linked to government units. The fact that the video is unlikely to be shown on any TV station in China says a lot about the way the human immuno-deficiency virus and Aids are viewed by the state. But with United Nations estimates of 10 million people becoming infected with HIV and Aids across China by the end of the decade it is time for Beijing to square up to the problem.

The warning of China's coming catastrophe was sounded in June, when the United Nations published a damning report titled HIV/Aids China's Titanic Peril. It stated that "China is on the verge of a catastrophe that could result in unimaginable human suffering, economic loss and social devastation." The apocalyptic language stems from medical experts' fears that localized epidemics in rural villages and among intravenous drug users and sex workers are on the brink of spilling into the general population. If that happened, controlling the spread would be virtually impossible.

Aids is now the fourth-biggest killer worldwide and with reported HIV infections up by 67.4% in the first half of last year in China, according to Ministry of Health figures, Beijing cannot afford to wait for a miracle vaccine. Even the most optimistic predictions say a vaccine is five years away; for now prevention is the only way to fight the disease.

The Chinese government holds the power to ensure the cataclysm foretold by the UN never happens. A first step would be to unleash the full power of its propaganda apparatus, a huge machine that reaches the length and breadth of this vast country and penetrates into almost every pocket of society.

"They have the capacity to do public education through the family planning organization and propaganda infrastructures," says Joan Kaufman, a fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard who has studied China's Aids problem. "They also need to get the media on board in the public-education effort. There are many things that can be done quickly."

Right now the machine is in high-gear support of President Jiang's latest political theory, the Three Represents. Ordinary people may have no interest in the theory--part of a drive to extend the Communist Party's influence--but they cannot escape constant bombardment from radio and television reports, newspaper editorials and articles, and propaganda billboards in the countryside.

The 60 million Communist Party members in cities, towns and villages across China and tens of millions more government employees are obliged to study the Three Represents. Cadres are despatched from Beijing to the provinces to instruct officials on the application of Jiang's theory.

On an even larger scale, enormous resources have been thrown into a campaign to smash the Falun Gong movement. As well as all party members, school children and work units across the country have had to study the "evils" of Falun Gong with state media singing from one hymn sheet on the need to rid China of the movement.

Nothing like the same effort has been put into alerting people to the dangers of HIV/Aids, say specialists in the field. "The highest leadership has not taken this on seriously enough. They need to make it a Falun Gong kind of campaign that everyone has to comply with," says Kaufman.

Ironically, the Henan villagers in the video say that local officials have accused them of being Falun Gong members in an effort to intimidate them into silence. The villagers who have contracted HIV are treated with staggering contempt by officials. "They have given us no money and no medicine, not even an apology," a Dongguan farmer with HIV, who travelled to Beijing for help late last month, told the REVIEW. He first sold blood in 1995 in response to adverts placed on local TV by government officials, he says.

While the Falun Gong has gone underground under the weight of the government crackdown, Aids is creeping across the country. The epidemic is taking hold in high-risk groups. HIV infection rates among intravenous-drug users are as high as 80% in many cities in Yunnan province, according to the UN report, and are growing fast among prostitutes in Guangxi and elsewhere. A recent study by Futures Group, a British-based health and population consultancy, indicates that rapid and meaningful government intervention could cut the projected death rate by 2010 from 12 million people to 2 million.

Yet Beijing seems reluctant to recognize the true scale of the problem. According to official estimates, 850,000 people are infected with HIV/Aids. Foreigners familiar with the epidemic and most medical experts outside the government believe the figure is much higher but nobody really knows how high. Gao Yaojie, a retired doctor who almost single-handedly exposed the Henan scandal, believes that one million people may be infected in that province alone.

The government has signally failed to provide leadership at the highest levels in the campaign against HIV/Aids. But it certainly has the ability to launch a country-wide campaign to stem the spread of the virus. Countries like Thailand, Uganda and Senegal have shown that huge doses of education directed at high-risk groups and the general population can stem the advance of Aids.

In contrast to the governments of most developing countries afflicted by HIV/Aids, the Chinese state has a very long reach. "The government has the power and resources. The Communist Party has tens of millions of members, tens of millions of youth members and millions more volunteers," says Wan Yanhai, coordinator of the Beijing AIZHI Action Project, a non-government organization dedicated to raising awareness of Aids.

The level of ignorance is staggering. Over two-thirds of Chinese do not know how the disease is transmitted. Almost one-fifth have never even heard of Aids, according to a survey carried out by the State Family Planning Commission and released at the International Aids Conference in Barcelona last month. Good old-fashioned propaganda--something the party is clearly good at--could do much to turn that ignorance around. The message could be carried through the propaganda and education networks as well as government units, such as those under the State Family Planning Commission, that penetrate deep into Chinese society.

Targeting high-risk groups is essential to preventing the infection now occurring in sex workers and drug users from spreading to the general public. This kind of focus is best delivered by people not connected with the state, whose approach to these groups is far from sensitive. But Beijing distrusts NGOs. Ask Wan, whose AIZHI office was shut down by the police on July 1. "Our government invited the security department to challenge the people who are challenging Aids," says Wan despairingly.

It's not just a question of the right to organise. "International experience shows that drug users, sex workers and men who have sex with men don't trust government and prefer civil society," says William Stewart of the China-UK HIV/Aids Prevention and Care Project which operates in two provinces in southwest China.

There are some signs of change in China. Under a five-year plan announced last year the central government allocated 100 million renminbi ($12 million) annually to fund prevention and treatment of HIV/Aids and sexually-transmitted diseases. An additional 950 million renminbi was earmarked for the construction of a blood-collection and supply network to ensure blood safety.

Many government officials working in the field are no longer opposed to meeting with NGOs. There is a needle- exchange programme in Xinjiang. In Yunnan local and international NGOs are working "fairly unfettered in a number of outreach and education programmes," says a Western diplomat. In Guangxi and other provinces, prostitutes are being educated about HIV/Aids and there is an experimental methadone-substitution programme for heroin addicts. Beijing schools plan to launch a sex-education class with an HIV/Aids component.

These are all examples of what should be done on a much larger scale. Beijing has to move beyond what one UN official refers to as "permanent pilot projects" towards a national Aids message.

If change is eventually coming why has China been so slow to recognize the problem? Part of the answer lies in the fact that China's leaders stress the importance of local, regional and national economic development. That approach has seen officials push urgent social issues, including declining education and health standards, to the sidelines lest they draw attention to deficiencies in China's modernization drive. The other uncomfortable truth is that peasants--the bulk of the victims to date--don't warrant the same attention from government as city folk do.

But change, however it comes, is coming too late for the farmers with HIV/Aids who took their turn to face the camera and tell how they sold blood for money to companies, many of them linked to local party officials. As far as is known no Communist official has been punished for what is probably the biggest crime of reform-era China. The villagers now wait to die, utterly neglected by the authorities.


Not For General Release

Reporting on Henan's HIV/Aids crisis is not easy. Local authorities are keen to keep a tight lid on the problem. Foreign reporters have been arrested there. Late last year two reporters from China Central Television were arrested as they made a dash for the Shandong border after being caught filming in a Henan village. Beijing student Lee Dan travelled alone to Dongguan village in Henan in January to film a documentary aimed at raising awareness about HIV/Aids. Beijing police questioned him about his activities shortly after he returned home. He laughs at the suggestion that he is brave, saying only: "You have to do something in your life." It is unlikely that his film will ever be screened in China, but he is a voice for the villagers in Henan. "In China there is a kind of thinking that people have no value because they are poor. That is wrong," he says.




By Chace Vanderwolk

Sexually transmitted disease, or STD, is like a match to kindling in the spread of HIV. So any effort to halt the spread of HIV and Aids will fail unless the sharp rise in STD is tackled.

Yet China's STD services are expensive, poorly monitored and badly organized. Like large parts of the health system, clinics are often more keen on making money than curing patients. "The price of STD treatment is astronomical," says William Stewart of the China-UK HIV/Aids Prevention and Care Project, which operates in two provinces in southwest China.

Gonorrhea can be cured with a single shot of simple antibiotics. In China that can cost about $50. In Britain, the same shot would cost $10 at most and in reality would be free to the patient because the government subsidizes STD treatments.

Such high fees combined with poor diagnosis and a lack of respect for patient confidentiality discourages many people from seeking timely treatment, according to a recent United Nations report on China's Aids crisis.

What can be done? Health authorities need to see patients as consumers who are entitled to information and privacy as well as treatment, says Stewart. For example, making the true cost of STD treatments widely known would help lift the veil of ignorance that allows unscrupulous doctors to overcharge patients.

On the prevention side condom-use needs to be promoted. One of the main reasons behind the rapid spread of STD--there are now an estimated 10 million cases--is ignorance of the dangers and a low rate of condom usage among at-risk groups. A good start would be a high-profile condom-promotion campaign targetted at China's estimated 5 million sex workers.



By David Murphy

In the early and mid-1990s, companies, many linked to government units, specialized in the collection of blood and plasma in a number of provinces in central China. They targeted villages and paid farmers about 50 renminbi ($6) per donation. Incredibly, blood from farmers of the same blood group was pooled in a single centrifuge, the plasma extracted and the blood then returned to the donors. That meant the donors were able to repeat the procedure after a few days. So a single HIV-positive farmer could donate frequently, each time infecting all of his co-donors and they in turn unwittingly infecting everybody they shared with. In some Henan villages 60% of the population are HIV-positive.

There are reports of similar epidemics related to plasma donation in other provinces like Hebei, Anhui, Shanxi, Shaanxi Hubei and Guizhou.

Despite a central government crackdown on the clinics, the United Nations and Chinese medical experts believe clinics are still operating in some of these areas

08-10-02, 00:55

If you are visiting java, you will have the time of your live there.
the girls are unbelieveably pretty and tiny, and also very eager to please.

Expected going rate is about Rp 100000 for a short time and Rp 400000 for whole night. Now consider the exchange rate of Rp9000 to USD$1.00 its about 10 buck to 40 buck for a really nice time. I would normally go for two at a time :) its so cheap and service is so good.

Just say to a taxi driver "cari cewe" literally "looking for woman" and boom.. you are there..

Oh yeah, they love white skins.. "londo" or "bule" they would call you.

Have fun dude.

PS. I am going to Shanghai on mid September, any word of wisdom?

08-10-02, 18:25
Thanks Raja! Indonesia sounds promising to say the least.

These days I usually stay at the Shangrila and simply go down to the BATS bar. True, that there are some girls in Shanghai who look for higher prices, (especially in an upscale hotel), but I have found lovely ones in the 400-600rmb range for LT, too. Not saying I haven't paid 1,000 or more for someone who really struck a nerve with me, but it is not necessary to overpay even here.

Shanghai is almost always on the tail end of long trips for me so I am content to enjoy this great hotel with a great view of the Bund and pamper myself before the long trip home. Hope this helps.

09-11-02, 22:31
Reports from my last trip in august :
Guangxi :
Nanning : the action is mainly in the street where there is the Science and Technics Center. Just tell the taxi driver you want to go to "Keji zhongxin", and he will drop you somewhere in this street. On both sides of the street you can find very friendly barber shops with Sichuan girls, about 200 Y ST.
Beihai : still a great and cheap place. For hotel I recommand "Ye bali". A few barbershops in the red light area.
Dongxin : very few Viet girls at the moment. A crackdown was in process in august, and the chinese barbershops where closed or doing soft-opening. Hotel : I recommand Beibuwan hotel.

09-11-02, 22:48
I was just there for 3 days. I was able to try two salons and the massage from the sauna in my hotel. I must say I enjoyed them all! I was surprised about the salons since my trip last year I tried them in Beijing with no luck.

I was at the... uh.. Zhedeng Grand... I think I mispelled. I forget the exact name. It is a 4 star, very nice rooms and ammenities.

I tried salons right around the area (behind the hotel), all walking distance.
If you look in them and are not sure, they will usually give you a sign. I got a super cute little girl in the first one who massaged me as hard as her tiny little body would let her. The facilities are poor, but the girls are cute. After 20 minutes or so she began to stroke over my cock ont he outside then signalled to ask if I wanted a HJ. I tried to get FS or BJ to no avail. For a 100 RMB tip she finished me off and let my suck her breasts, then continued my massage.
The second sauna was different. This girl sat at the head of the massage table while my hands were resting onthe stool which of course meant they were up her skirt. That was great. I was cautious at first so as not to rush it.

Then after a while she stroked a little on the outside of my cock and my bare chest passionately. We ended up making out, also me on her breasts and my hand up her skirt in her undies. After we finshed, we kept making out after the time was up. She was into it. french and all. I gave her a 100 RMB tip.
In my hotel I went to the sauna and ordered a massage. Some beautiful young girl came into my massage room and climbed up on the table and massaged me. When I turned over she eventually worked over to my member stroking it. asking if I want that kind of action. We moved to a wider table. I got up her appropriately loose shorts, moved over her underwear and began to feast my mouth on and in her fantastic pussy. she was nice. Great looking and great attitude. we got 69 style after a while and I ate herout while she stroked me off. she requested a 400 RMB tip. I suspect that was high, but I didnt care.

10-10-02, 16:10
I will be travelling to Hefei, Nanjing and Ningbo for business later this year. Any brother has some info of how things are in these cities? Saunas? Salon? Massage?


10-14-02, 06:43
Hi Sniffer, here's a few takes on Nanjing:

-the hotel nightclub at the Pheonix House on Yannan Lu has
some absolute action, but closes at midnight. It's on the fifth floor. (The hotel's not bad either, negotiate a bit and you can get a really nice room for RMB600)

-The bar "Casablanca" at the XuanWu hotel seems like it has all
sorts of action, but last time I went there it just turned into
a long winded Karaoke rip-off...two hundred for this, three hundred for that, and nothing to show for it. Then again, I might
have played it wrong. If you want to feel like a big spender, give it a shot, the girls are cute.

-Scarlets is one of the more popular ex-pat bars in town, it's
near the big Zhongshan lu-Beijing lu intersection, there's a quiet but real scene there, I've scored 4 or 5 times here. You gotta make the first move though, this ain't no Maggies!

-There are lots and lots of barber shops/massage places all up and down Hanzhong Lu, Shanghai Lu, and Yannan Lu. Cheap too, I think I was getting hour massages for 60-80RMB. Theres one cluster of barber shops, north east of the Zhongshan Beilu-Yanan Lu intersection that are particularly obvious, 6-8 girls (mostly 5-7's) in miniskirts hanging around looking bored, that sort of thing. I got the worst handjob of my life in one of those places, maybe you'll have better luck!

10-14-02, 08:16
For Nanjing, you can try the Hilton for around 60 USD (book directly on the Net). Once get there, you can try the bar at the basement, or call the beauty salon for massage. Don't call the Health Club unless you like male masseur.

10-15-02, 12:56
I may have to go to Yantai in January, has any member been there and can you recommend any bars etc, what are the bar fines, how much do the girls charge etc or can anyone let me have a link to any appropriate agency like wildgeisha.homestead.com?



10-15-02, 14:19
I have noticed a nasty trick from Wenzhou girls, (which is not surprising from Wenzhou people). In Nanning (Guangxi), Yichang (Hubei) as well as in Chengdu (Sichuan), the only barber shops which are red lighted and openly open on a big street are those of Wenzhou girls, sometimes well maked up and sexy dressed, some of them even quite attractive (which is more surprising for Wenzhou girls), and they are quite keen to call you into their shop. But beware, the only thing you can get is a so called massage and a quick hand job in the back shop. And if you take more that 5 mn, you will be urged by words like ''we need to be quick, police might come any time'' and other bullshit. I believe the fact that they are the only ones openly operating is a proof that they are not suspect of sex activities by the police.

On top of my list, still Chongqing, packed with really beautiful, smiley and open minded girls, physically reminding you of south-east asian cuties, which dark skin and sexy lips. The city is still very open. Dont't pay more that 200 Y for ST.

Beihai (Guangxi) a bit slow these days, maybe just the period (16th Plenum of the CCP to open soon). The barber shop have moved to an other street and are not red lighted. But well alived. No probs in hotels, as usual.

Dongxin (Guangxi) is on the decline. Nearly no more Vietnam girls, and very low key Chinese barber shop.

That is it so far for this tour.

10-20-02, 15:58
Thanks, beijingexpat & teazian!

How about Hefei and Ningbo? Would other brothers have some useful info?

10-24-02, 00:46
HangZhou -

I was there over the weekend. Spend two days there since this is my first time. Stayed at the ZheJiang Hotel (3 star) 380RMB per night. Good enough. There is a sauna place in the hotel, 168RMB for 90mins, they claim traditional massage service. I decided to go to another hotel to survey their sauna facility. Went to Hai Hua Hotel, 298 Qingchun Road, basement has sauna facility, 118RMB for 90mins, so I give this a try. Went to the locker room and change to their outfit for customers, shorts and a loose top gown. I decline the sauna and went straight for the massage. A girl walks in, wearing a jumpsuit type uniform, age about 23 - 25. Decent looking, She started with a basic massage on my back, after 15 minutes, asked me to roll over, and started to massage my front. We chatted and she asked if I wanted special service such as body oil massage. I asked for more details and she said this would be a body rub, and hj. Tip is about 400RMB. I asked for FS, but she declined stating that it is difficult to do at the massage facility. She is willing to come to my hotel after work for FS.
I decided to go ahead and she dim the lights, and took her top off. Great tits, about 34C, very soft and tender, we smother each other with kisses, I sucked her breast until she moans and stroke her pussy, she is all wet in less than 30 secs. To make the long story short, she gave me a hj and we agreed to meet in the evening at my hotel. Total for this session was 600RMB, include room and tips for about 1.5hrs.

I also went to the Peace Hotel and tried out their foot massage bath and regular massage. Foot massage 68RMB per hour, back rub was 45RMB per hour. The girl was pretty and I invited her to visit me at my hotel the next day for lunch. She agreed. She also offer to show me some of the sights around the famous West Lake.

The lesson here is they seem not willing to do too much at their massage work facility, but willing to come to your hotel to negotiate for more service.

HangZhou is a nice place to visit, and has a lot of good hunting ground for all you guys. They also have a red light district, where there are many beauty salons offering FS around 150-200RMB a pop. I was told by the Taxi driver, but ran out of time. May be next time.

Happy Hunting.

11-06-02, 05:00


11-08-02, 00:57
Perhpas you can help me

i will be staying in the hangzhou area mid November.
Currently booked at the holiday Inn

do you know how the action is in this Hotel

Perhpas you can recommend a better Hotel. I lkie them young and tight.
Generally I only like picking up the girls in the Hotel.

In your experience do u recommend going to the massage or sauna in th eHotel

do yu have any info on the shagra lai in hangzhou? how are the girl there.

11-08-02, 06:56

Shangri La is a nice 5 star hotel located near the West Lake. It is very peaceful and quiet there. Too quiet for me. I like to be closer to downtown where you get more action. Also closer to shops and KTV and barbershops. Not sure about the sauna facility there, but I am sure you can call and ask if they have one.

Not sure about Holiday Inn also.

On the red-light district, you can ask any taxi driver and they should know.. One taxi driver told me the name of the street but I did not write them down. I figure he can take me there. It is a street with many barbershops. FS is between 150-250. Environment conditon is low quality.

Hotel sauna and your own room is much better, for a slightly higher price.

11-08-02, 19:26

thanks for your reply

do u have any hotel that is a 5 or 4 star quality that you recommend that has nice mewrchandise hanging around in the hotel either sauna-massage or in the hotel bar

11-10-02, 08:18

I know there are 5 stars, but don't know about their sauna facilities, since I checked out mostly 3 stars hotel.

Not sure if you speak chinese, you can always go to other hotels, if the one you're staying does not meet your needs.

If you speak chinese, I can ask my girl friend to recommend some of her friends for you.

11-11-02, 17:10

thanks for the info

unfortunatly for myself i do not speak any chineese

i guess its my lost

maybe your girlfriens know some nice pretty girls who speak english

what 3 star hotel do yu recommend

what about the holiday inn any feedback on that hotel or any otehr yu can recommend that have some pretty young girls

11-13-02, 07:56

Here are some hotels you can try.

Hangzhou Radisson Hotel (5 star), www.radison.lcom/hangzhou.cn
86 (0571) 8515-8888

Shangri-La (5 star)
86 (0571) 8797-7951
KTV, Disco

JieZiang Grand Hotel (5 star)
86 (0571) 8799-0888
KTV, Disco

Dragon Hotel (4 star)
86 (0571) 8799-8833
KTV, Sauna

Novotel Hotel (4 star)
86 (0571) 8721-5888

I believe these hotels are westerner friendly, and english speaking staff.


11-13-02, 23:55








11-14-02, 07:39
Originally posted by jazman








11-14-02, 07:46
Sorry for my earlier post. I hit the submit button by accident.


Sauna and KTV are both good pick up spots. However, in your case I would think sauna is better. I would think you still need to do some minimal communication with the girl, maybe hand signs and writing the price down on paper.

On the hotel, I would probably choose the ones with sauna, just because it is closer to action, and more convenient.

I have not been to these hotel, so can't really recommend one over the other.

When will you be there? for how long?


11-14-02, 18:11

leaving saturday nite arrive in china monday nov 18

going on weds to Hangzhou leaving back to sz on thursday

any goods tipsa for SZ

i do have a mobile phone but only speak english so will be hard to communicate in Hangzhou

11-15-02, 06:27

Have fun and let us know how it goes in HZ.

For SZ, you can check the SZ section. I am sure you will find lots of action in SZ. Don't forget to do some good shopping at the Lo Wu Commercial Shopping Building next to the Lo Wu train station and border crossing building towards HongKong.


11-21-02, 23:23
Anyone has been to Haikou recently ? What about Qionghai ? Worth the trip ? Any change, goods infos ? Thanks.

12-01-02, 18:27
Any brother has info about Ningbo?

Things like sauna, salon, etc. Price, service available, etc. I will be spending a couple of nights there. Just don't want to get robbed.


12-02-02, 14:34
Erik - I just got back from Haikou mid November. You have to consider we were there during the Chinese 16th congress so there was a major crackdown going on.

With the Haikou coffee shop/hotel gone there wasn't any freelance action. We had to resort to either calling the mommies to bring out girls for us to pick or take a taxi ride to several locations to find girls.

Hopefully it was just the slowdown because of the meetings but it seemed to me that the pretty, good and experienced girls have either moved on or gone back home. What you have left are those that can't make it anywhere else. Their attitude sucked and were lame in bed. Maybe things have picked up but the last two or three times I've been there it seems it is going down hill

12-03-02, 04:14
Just to let people know that Hainan is back to normal. Some of our regular girls including Bubbly is going back to Haikou this week along with her girls. She called me at home in the U.S. to see if we were going back to Haikou soon but I told her that we have already come home and would not be going again until April 2003. She told me that everyone knows about the 16th meeting and that there will be major crackdown all over China and everyone she know will going home and avoid that time period. We still found some girls through mamason however it was not as much fun as looking for girls yourself. But everything is back to normal now. 2 days before I came back to the U.S. there were girls everywhere in Shenzhen in front of Sunshine Hotel asking if you want a date. I will make sure that we check to make sure that there isn't another major crackdown before we go to China.

12-07-02, 23:15
Who is bubbly ? Sould I know her ? Thanks for introdicing me, I am going to Hainan next week.

12-08-02, 04:24
Bubbly is a girl that we know in Haikou. She works both as a girl for hire and a little mommy to be. She is 18 years old and have a lot of friends around the same age. She is very good in bed and all of her girls do BBBJ. She is suppose to return to Haikou soon after the 16th meeting (crackdown) is over.

12-08-02, 23:24
Csun 213,
Hi Mr Sun, could you please possibly tell me how I can contact Bubbly or her friends ? I will be in Hainou in a few days.

12-09-02, 15:59
Mr Csun,

Many post ago you were sharing information about Dong Guan and the area around Hotel Silverland - can you help with any street names where one can find Fa Langs with special services.

In GuangZhou, during the 16th meeting, there was absolute little to look for but the taxi I hopped into did bring us to some dark streets. Offer price was 100RMB and we were took to their rooms. I neglected to ask the price if I were to bring them back to the hotel. Any way, the taxi driver suggested that we book in as two persons the next time we check into a hotel and simply she the wife will arrive later - then we should not have problems bring a lady back into our rooms. Question - are the Dong Guan hotels strick about this ?


12-09-02, 16:54
Hi Erik, bubbly and her girls have not returned to Haikou yet, I asked her but she is not sure that she will return before the end of the New Year. Let me know how you are doing in Haikou since the last time we were there, there was a national wide crackdown. Just want to know if it is back to normal.

12-09-02, 18:01
Hi Sun xiansheng,
I am in London now, and I just met Miss China, Wu Yingna who did 5th at the Miss World Contest, and I was lucky enought to chat with her. And guess what... she is from Hainan ! She told me she will be back in Canton and Sanya in a few days... And I know how to contact her... Jaleous no ? Not yet ? Well. Actually, she is not as gorgeous as she lookks like on the photos. Often the case with the models. I was surprised to learn that she less that 17,5 years old ! However, if you want her contact, I might help you... if only you tell me how to contact Bubbly and her young sisters. Wherever they are : I will also go to the Mainland. So ?

12-11-02, 19:41
Hi Erik, Bubbly has my phone number and will contact me when she goes back to Hainan. She is home now and ask me not to call her there since no one there know what she does. I will tell you when she returns to Hainan.

12-14-02, 13:31
In Haikou, action is alive... Haikou Hotel seems not more the center of the action, as mainly under refection, but just 5 mn away on the large street, douzens of street walkers are back to work. Not super quality though. 200Y ST for the prettier ones, 150 or 100 for the other. Also a few red lit barber shops open in some side streety of Jichang lu.

12-16-02, 11:37
My last day in Haikou for this time. There are many strange barbershops where the girls tell you '10 Yuan'' for massage. Of course, it is either a very unineresting short massage, or a way to lure you into the massage room, for more complete services. As I did not see any beauty in this kind of palce, I did not investigate any further.
Actually, there is enough to do with all the street walkers at night up from Jichang Donglu, near Treasure something Hotel (Jinyindao binguan) down to Haikou hotel, then turn left, all the way to the big cross road. Nearly half of the girls you may see at night walking alone or by 2 or 3 in this area are either street girls or girls going to or coming from their place of work : a KaraOK. Make eye contact, '"Hello...", take their phone number if theyare on their way to work, just be a bit discreet, China is not Thailand. The girls are not very pretty though, but I managed to get along with some sweet Anhui and Chongqing girls. Insist for BJ, they CAN if they WANT. I paid 200 Y and 150 Y.

12-22-02, 21:38
Does anyone have any recent information on Kunming and Hekou? I will be flying into Kunming and then make my way down to Hekou. Can anyone recommend a hotel in Hekou? I have heard several people say that Hekou is a great place for Vietnamese girls but but I have not been able to find any real information about the place. Kunming is a bit easier to find information on but I would like as much info on both places as possible! Thanks.

12-24-02, 08:49
Just come back from Kunming and Hekou, now in Vietbam. Kunming very low key at the moment. Main barbershops are closed. There are a few in the area of the south railways station, but you would not touch the girls even for free. 150 to 200 Y for ST.
In that same area, some 2/3 stars hotels still operate their beauty parlor/brothel. but I did not see any beauty.
Some street walkers on Beijing Road, around King World Hotel (and Thai Airways office...), but nothing amazing.
Hekou still a paradise. Prices seem even down, because it is winter and businesse is slower. 30 Y for ST in store, 40 Y for ST in your Hotel, 100 to 150 Y negociable for overnight. Hotels : Hekou Dajiudian, the nearest from the action, 70 Y for a room, but some rooms are filthy. Best hotel is Dongfang Hotel, around 160 Y. Plenty of other hotels just 2 mn for the scene, and all are 100 pc girlfriendly, around 80-100 Y for a room.
Sad news is the overnight train service between Kunming-north station and Hekou has stopped for the moment, due too few passengers. Might resume early next year. You now have to take a 9 hours coach, from the coach station near the south railways station. However, coach is comfortable and the roads are good. Scenery beaautifull after Kaiyuan. Departure from Kunming 9h40 AM, price 112 Y.
Train Lao Cai- Hanoi not affected.
The Bank of China branch in Hekou has now an ATM that seens to accept major credit cards.
The other good news is : since this destination is increasingly dificult to reach because of transporation, it should remain an untouched paradise for some time again. Don't adverize it too much please.

12-24-02, 15:55
Thank you for the info. How far is the Dongfang Hotel from the scene? How big is Hekou? Any problems getting around? I have heard the scene is centered in a market area. Is this correct? I'm sorry for all the questions but I have not been to Hekou before and I like to know as much as possible when I go to a new place.

12-26-02, 07:48
Originally posted by GWillie
Thank you for the info. How far is the Dongfang Hotel from the scene?
- 2 mn walk.

How big is Hekou?
- Very small, less than 10 mn walk from far est to far west points.

Any problems getting around?
- No, what do you mean ? If you come from Vietnam, you can take a train from Hanoi to Lao Cai. Around 150.000 VND for sleepers (not as confortable as the chinese train and even dirtier), 55.000 for wooden hard seats in the middle of the peasants. 9 hours to bear.

I have heard the scene is centered in a market area. Is this correct?
- Perfectly correct. Two big warehouses of 3 storeys each, packed with maybe 1 or 2 hundred girls.

I'm sorry for all the questions but I have not been to Hekou before and I like to know as much as possible when I go to a new place.

12-26-02, 10:15
I stayed in Shunde for one night and the action is hot! I stayed at the New World Courtyard Hotel. Prices for the rooms vary, but I think it is about $100USD per night. Our host gets a special discount so I can't say what the normal price is. Girls hang around outside as late at 2AM and it is not problem getting them into your room at any hour. Soon as you go outside, you are basically attacked by at least 5-6 girls. Price I paid was 250RMB. Cheap and fairly good quality. Would recommend for anyone who just want to get laid and doesn't care about the sight seeing aspects of this city.

01-07-03, 12:07

Would you mind sharing your infos on Hainan and Haikou. I am going there with a bunch of customers in about 3 weeks and would like to make sure I can get fun.
Is Bubbly interested to meet with me ?
How can we arrange this.
We shall be 8 men there and we do not want to stay staring at each other.
What would you recommend ?
Thank you for you help


01-08-03, 07:12
Hi Wolf, first do you speak any Chinese? Second, how long are you guys planning on staying? Bubbly and her girls are home now and will not be returning to Hainan until after Chinese New Year. However I do have the phone numbers to a couple of mamason that will still be in Haikou.

01-08-03, 16:35
Anyone has info about Wenzhou? Like hotel sauna, salon, massage places, etc.? I will soon be going there for a business trip. Thanks!

01-19-03, 13:45
Was in Kunming about 10 days ago, some action around Kunming Hotel and Holiday Inn, not too bad, I am sure with some Chinese knowledge score is pretty high, hotels full of Chinese tourists/business people

Found It
01-21-03, 06:12
Any sugggestions for action in the Yalong bay area of Sanya? Will be there for several days and would love to hook-up with a lovely lady.

01-21-03, 06:57

scroll back and read my post on my adventure in sanya.

i stayed at holiday inn resort and it was dead! even the bar was empty. there was ktv but also seemed empty. went to down town sanya which was about 30 mins by taxi and scored thanks to the hotel shuttle driver hooking me up. without him it would have been truly boring times.

anyway check out this interesting article about sanya from washington times:

sanya, china, jan. 4 — inside a darkened waiting room that smells of cigarette smoke and mold, the karaoke hostesses of the guoxi hotel occupy a long couch. some apply makeup. others adjust bra straps and waistbands. liu stares blankly toward a big television screen, upon which a young woman with flowing black hair sings in cantonese about a faraway lover.

waiting fills most of the hours for a miss ktv, as the karaoke hostesses are known. waiting for men fresh from the palm-fringed beaches of this resort town on hainan island. hainan is perhaps best known in the united states as the place where an american surveillance plane crash-landed in 2001 after a confrontation with a chinese military aircraft. in china, the island is known as a haven for prostitution.

when a client arrives, requesting a private room, the girls snap to attention. the mama-san picks liu and two others, who stand nervously in front of the customer for inspection in their tight black pants and halter tops. his choice will determine who will take home nothing tonight, and who will collect tips of $25 or more for flirting and touching while he sings and drinks. he might invite them back to his hotel for sex, handing over as much as $125. it is more money than liu made in two months as a salesclerk in her hometown 1,000 miles away.

liu, whom the post is identifying by only her family name, and the others at the guoxi hotel are part of what may be china’s most dynamic capitalist enterprise — a flourishing trade in sex. though technically illegal, it has become increasingly open and ubiquitous in cities and towns across the world’s most populous country. some local governments have tapped into the flow of money by taxing the trade. as many as 10 million people take part in the industry, according to an estimate in the 2001 u.s. state department human rights report for china. that would make it nearly as large an employer as china’s state-owned businesses.

product of economic change
the trade has always existed here on a smaller scale, but its rapid growth is a product of china’s ongoing economic transformation from a communist country in which jobs and social benefits were modest though assured into one where nearly anything is possible but nothing is guaranteed. money-losing state companies are closing, leaving tens of millions out of work. the women — and, increasingly, men — who work in the sex trade are among tens of millions who have forsaken homes in china’s poorer, interior regions for better prospects in coastal areas booming with foreign investment and new wealth.

in a way, liu and her cohort are models of the kind of rugged individualism that china’s leaders have sought to inculcate as they have tied the country’s future to the free market. “these prostitutes have solved the unemployment problem for themselves,” said pan suiming, a sexology professor at people’s university in beijing.

but not without grave cost to themselves and chinese society in general. the sex trade is an increasingly significant channel for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, according to health officials. since 1995, cases of gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia have increased more than 30 percent annually, according to government data. experts say those numbers are surely low given that most patients seek treatment in private clinics that do not report data to central authorities. more than 120 million chinese are already infected with hepatitis b, and at least 1 million have hiv, the virus that causes aids, according to the government.

embarrassment hinders regulation
in some countries — notably thailand and the netherlands — governments have acknowledged the scope of their local sex trade and targeted prostitutes with programs to encourage condom use to prevent the spread of infections. not in china. local governments are enmeshed in prostitution through their ownership of hotels that draw customers and profit from the trade, but for the communist party, whose legitimacy rests in part on having supposedly eradicated such social vices, the thriving industry is deeply embarrassing. that has stymied efforts to regulate it and limit its harm.

di tan hospital research center for sexually transmitted diseases. “they don’t want to talk about prostitution,” said xu keyi, who oversees the di tan hospital research center for sexually transmitted diseases in beijing. “they figure the communist system is the best system in the world, so we wouldn’t have prostitution. it’s an ugly thing and we don’t like ugly things.”

at the local level, the sex trade engenders corruption. prostitutes in massage and beauty parlors as well as karaoke lounges must hand over tips to everyone from the mama-sans who arrange the encounters to taxi drivers and tour agents who bring in clients. they must share their take with the bosses who employ protection syndicates that dispense a mixture of cash and violence to encourage would-be earnest local officials to look away, the sources said. much of the money lands in the hands of local police and other officials, according to those in the trade.

a tax innovation
four years ago in shenyang — an industrial city in china’s northeast — the mayor, mu suixin, urged the opening of bars and massage parlors as an antidote to unemployment.

he gave prostitutes licenses and applied 30 percent taxes to their earnings. the resulting windfall encouraged other cities to follow suit.

that has helped make china’s sex trade one of the world’s more brazen. at the zhaolong hotel in beijing — a five-star, government-owned establishment that is often full of chinese military officers — an older woman solicits male guests in the lobby during evening hours, in a normal voice and in full view of hotel staff. at other hotels around the country, male guests are routinely awoken by hotel receptionists, who ask, “are you lonely?” a company that calls itself yuan union organizes sex parties geared to foreign diplomats and businessmen in beijing, shanghai, shenzhen and other major cities, according to an e-mail solicitation.

china’s government tolerates prostitution for its economic value. for one thing, many in the trade are helping to support families back home in struggling rural areas.

china’s government tolerates prostitution for its economic value. for one thing, many in the trade are helping to support families back home in struggling rural areas.

at club butterfly, a karaoke lounge in shenzhen, a bustling city of new skyscrapers just over the border from hong kong, pan 24, said she gave up hopes of a university education and left her home in the western city of chongqing to work as a prostitute so that her younger brother could continue to attend school. she is now sending as much as $300 a month home. she tells her parents she is a waitress. “in china, daughters are not very important,” she said. “it’s the son that matters. unless i leave and find work, there’s no way that my little brother can continue his education.” three years ago, liu was making $50 a month in a state-owned department store in dangyang, a city in the central chinese province of hubei.

like many state-owned companies, the store was losing money. when a private businessman took control, he laid off workers, including liu, to cut costs. liu’s parents, who once enjoyed stable incomes from state owned businesses, were now heavily in debt.
liu, then 23, followed a friend who had already moved away and landed a sales job in shenzhen, booming with money from the thousands of hong kong people who moved there to save on living costs. liu found her sales job for about $100 a month, twice her salary at home. she and her friend shared a small bed in a tiny room, she said, one of six separated by plywood boards on a single floor of a house. her rent was $50 a month. food and transportation ate up another $40 a month. she was barely getting by. some months she was borrowing from her friend.
early last year, she decided it was time to move on. her cousin was already in hainan, working as a hostess. liu called her.

after the sun sets
hainan markets itself as a family tourist destination and convention locale. but once the sun sets, young women begin arriving at the beach resorts. liu said she knew full well what the job description of a hostess usually means. here, she could at least be sure she would not run into anyone she knew from home and suffer the disgrace of being discovered by her parents. “if they knew, they would throw me out of the family,” she said. ‘if they knew, they would throw me out of the family.’
— liu

speaking of her parents and her job as a 'hostess' at first, liu worked in the same karaoke place as her cousin. but it was a lower-end establishment and the tips tended to be small. two months ago, she switched to the guoxi, a higher-class place frequented by visitors from hong kong, taiwan, korea and japan. every few weeks, she said, one of the men invites her to his room.

liu is earning about $400 a month, she said. it is enough to send home about $50 and still set aside much of the rest. enough for the slinky dresses she needs to buy at the market, and enough for the makeup that occupies a low table in the bedroom she shares with her cousin. they split the $90 monthly rent with a third roommate, a former police officer from hubei. a color television occupies a table in their sitting room. liu has designs on putting enough away money to go back to hubei and open up a flower shop. maybe next year. “this isn’t my real life,” she said. on her television, another woman is singing in cantonese about love gone wrong. save for the sunlight splashing through the sitting-room window, she could be in the club. waiting. so much waiting. “i just want to make that money and go home.”

correspondent john pomfret in beijing and special correspondent wang ting in shanghai contributed to this report.

© 2003 the washington post company

01-29-03, 03:28
I will be traveling to Nanjing next month. Does anyone have any recent information on the sex scene in that city... or in adjacent cities for that matter? I'm most interested in action in my hotel room... but "any port in a storm". Thanks for your help.

01-31-03, 12:07

Thanks. We should be there by Wednesday Feb 19 and will leave by Saturday Feb 22.
Any particular place you recommend ?
I p[ersonnaly do not speak chinese. Some will do.
What if I want to go on my own and do not wish ton stay with my chinese partners (actually customers of mine) ?
Any risk ? Any good point ?


02-02-03, 02:38
Hi Wolf, it would probably be better if you stay with your Chinese friends. There is no real danger for you to wonder by yourself however it would be hard for you to get any action because almost no one speaks English. You can probably kill some time by going to get message (full body, feet message, etc), it is very relaxing and then just hang around your friends when you want to hookup with the girls. You might even find a girl that you like and then have her show you around. I hope the girls are back from Chinese New Year by then. Give us an update on your trip.

02-04-03, 06:40
There is major crackdown going on in South China. This is no typical new year crackdown but serious attempts by government at all level. This began 2 weeks ago... My contact told me that Gong An (police) are arresting girls left and right as shown on tv everynight and in some cases even mostly Taiwanese and HK customers which is rare. So most girls went home and waiting a call from mamasan to come back.

Apprantly, CCTV did hidden camera interviews at Dongguan KTV where the mamasan made statments like if you give us enough money then my girls will take all their clothes off in the room, any girl you pick will go to your hotel room, etc. This interview stuck a nerve in Beijing. Also the article I shared with you guys from Washington Post on prostituion in China (afterall it's published in DC and probabably read and embarassed by PRC Embassy since it mentions how many layers of government people are skimming off the profits from prostitution).

So be careful as this might go on for sometime...

02-05-03, 04:04
What Soulman mentioned is absolutely true! Guests not spared either which is a 1st, I think. I was in Dongguan in the 3rd week of Jan and it was pretty bad. The girls in the KTV I went to were advised not to go back with their guests. If you're nabbed, expect to pay 5000rmb before they let you go. But I'm unsure if it's a genuine, concerted effort to stamp out undesirable activities or just officials lining their pockets for the New Year. We'll just have to wait till it blows over.

02-08-03, 01:00
Anyone been to Shantou (in Guangdong province, half way between Canton and Xiamen) ? Any good info about this place ? Thanks

02-10-03, 08:38
I'm very disappointed to read about the crack down on cheonging activities in south China. I'm scheduled to be in ZhuHai and DongGuan later this week, and I was planning on a very active few days.

Are there any "safe" places: saunas, KTVs, coffee shops, etc.? If not, maybe I should go to Macau and just stay there for awhile. I assume nothing's changed there.

Thanks for the latest update.

02-10-03, 19:04
To Trotter:

Just returned from travels through the Pearl River triangle where I had nice experiences throughout my trip (which included Shenzen, Hong Kong and Zhuhai).

In the thick of the CHinese New Year I had 2 great nights in Zhuhai. Now I can't compare how the action is to non-New Year's time of year (cause I've never been before), but I found the choices limited, but still pretty good (and I consider myself rather picky when it comes to choosing girls).

I had action in all 3 cities (look for my reports in all 3 areas of the board in the near future).

I'm sure Soulman is right about some kind of crackdown (China is infamous for such actions aroung this time of year), but I did not find it a hindrance to getting what I was looking for.

If it gets better after New Year's than it was when I was there, then you're in for a treat.

I think by the time you arrive you should have no problem getting what you're looking for.

Please note, I was not in Donguan area of Shenzen, but the border (Louhu) area.

02-21-03, 08:34
Pls be easy on the newcomer. I'm heading for Hainan in April for 4 nights, sandwiched in between Hong Kong. It will be my first time on Hainan. I'm a gweilo with about a 50 word vocabulary of cantonese. I have written to Lily based on others' posts, and now await her reply concerning availability for meet and greet service, but I need some general advise from csun213, rptman and the other Hainan veterans. For a 4 night stay, should I stay in Haikou the entire time, or is it reasonable to head down to Sanya for a night or two. Thanks guys.

02-21-03, 09:04
For csun213: I'm wondering if you can provide me the contact info for Ms. Bubbly. I will visit Hainan in April. Thx.

02-21-03, 16:00
Shiofuki - If you are going to Hainan for women, then Haikou would be the place to stay. There are girls in Sanya too but you will find a better selection in Haikou. On the other hand if you are wanting some peace and quiet on the beach as well, then you'd probably want to take in Sanya a couple of nights.

You will need to rely on Lily for most of your negociations if you are not a fluent Chinese speaker. Expect to pay about 300 - 400 RMB for a girl.

If you stay at the Treasure Island hotel, you will find it to be very guest friendly plus there are some FS barbershops nearby.

I am heading back to China in the next week or so and csun213 Adam and I may stop by Hainan. My trip is mostly business so it remains to be seen if we have time to stop by Haikou.

Please let me know what concerns you have and I'll try my best to answer them.


02-22-03, 02:43
Rtpman and Csun,

I just left SZ and on the way to Taiwan for few days. I'll be back in SZ next week. I sent email to Csun and left my China mobile number. I hope we connect this time... :)

See you soon!

02-22-03, 03:29
Thanks for the info rtpman. A couple questions about Lily's service. Does she tag along the entire time day and night, except for sleep/play time? I understand the nature of what she willl do and not do, but I guess the quandary I am in is that one needs a guide/translator for certain things at certain times, but not every minute of the day or nite. Its not the money, thats not a problem, but rather not yet fully understanding how it works.

02-22-03, 06:25
Hi shiofuki, Bubbly's phone is not working due to the non-payment of the phone bill (recording). I am still trying to get hold of her because Rtpman and I might be going to Haikou in a couple of weeks and I would like to see her and her girls. E-mail me at csun213@yahoo.com with your e-mail address and I will e-mail her phone number when I get hold of her. I don't want to post anyone's phone number on a website because it can get them in trouble plus you can not get to this websit in China because the government have it blocked.

03-02-03, 21:00
Plan to make a trip to Vietnam . Is it worth to spend a lot of time in Hekou? What about the girls in the "market place" - these 2 buildings that have been mentioned earlier. How many girls? What about their ages? Are they most Vvietnamense or Chinese? In order to not get in conflict with the law - I like very young girls but only as young as it is allowed by law - so what is the age of consent in China?

Thanx a lot for your help? Any other boards that specilize on China - hekou/Piangxing/Dongxin??

It doesn't matter what the age of consent is in China, the minimum age that can be discussed on this forum is 18.


03-11-03, 18:06
I will be in Kunming in April staying in Kai Wah Plaza International. Anybody has any info about the acitivity in or around the hotel? Any other recommendation of good hunting grounds? Will post FR after trying out. Thanks for sharing.

03-20-03, 20:00
Hangzhou - Does anyone have any info on where the red light district is? Or any discos etc to meet freelancers? I'll be there in a couple of days and and could not find anything in the discussion boards that useful in this area. Many thanks!!

03-21-03, 16:11
I was staying at Marco Polo Hotel (great room, great location, great breakfast and great price [350/nite] king size bed.

After a long day at work (exhibition and meetings), I finally called it the day at around 12:00am Took a nice shower and called the beauty salon down stairs for a massage to "relax" and get ready for the next day. At RMB150/hr., I must admit it's a bit expensive for Hangzhou, but it was a 4star facility.

Man! waited for like 20 minutes and no one showed, so I called downstairs to ask what hell it's going on here (past experience is like 10 minutes wait max. at other locations) Just when I was about to fall asleep, a pretty young petite meimei (8 rating) (nice tits) rang the bell. I showed her way to the sofa and hit of with the usual conversation: where are you from, name/age, how long here and da, da da... [I had a suspesion that she was not a regular at this hotel and that due to high demand, the shop down stairs ran out of girls and was asking for outside help.] After that, I went straight to negotiation. I asked how much? She said 800. I go: Yeah right! 800 my ass! what does the 800 include? she said: one straight lay and no BJ. I was thinking: *****! what is this shit!? I have been in China for 10 years and this is just bull shit! I complained and ask for lower rate, she said that this is a 4 star place and that she has to pay for "security fee" downstairs with the beauty salon mami and that bla, bla, bla... I go: fuck it! I was tired anyways, forget about it, I started to show here way out. She asked if I wanted another girl, I figure, it was pass 1:00 am already, still had a long day ahead of me, I have decided to sleep with a little disappointment. It wasn't a big deal after all. Juat when I was about to open the door, she said: hey! how about just massage? Because if she goes now, she will lose face. I figure what the hell, 150 for a massage, go for it, it might help me sleep better.

She started to massage and chatted with me. I flirted with her hardcore (verbally), her replies were as flirtatious. It seems that things were heading for a better direction. I finally learned that she was working at a KTV and was called in to help out here (just like what I thougt). I was surprised about her massage skills (usually they suck! specially the KTV girls). She finished the massage and gave me her number, I paid her 250 (150 to the company and 100 tip for her taxi fare). She was surprised with appreciation. Hey man! The ***** does not know who she was dealing here -- Moi: a 10 years veteran. I said that I will call her tomorrow and that we could just go out to dance or something... [The key: treat them like a girl friend not a *****.] Guess what: She short messaged me about 30 mins of her departure. I know she was hooked!

The next night (last night), I called her right after I finished business (it was around 8:00pm). I asked her to come to my room. She showed up about an hour later. She was working that night and she ask her mami for an hour off. Little talk, showered and I fucked the shit out of her. Total GFE! (girlfriend experience) She gave me BBBJ (Bare Back Blow Job), we 69ed, and made her come strong! Twice! She said that she haven't had sex and came so hard like that for long, long time. [comment: From experience, these young girls rarely have "fun" because their usual customers (not you guys, my fellow members) does not know how to treat a girl right!]. Anyway, her mami started calling her to hurry her back to work. Perfect! I wanted a good rest anyways. She got dressed and was about to leave (still no sign for the price?) I was going to get a freebie! Yeah! It's such a good sensation to get freebies from Pros! But, I have my rules, since I am already married to a beatiful "Shanghai Girl" (you guys should know how tough they are), I have to keep this in a semi-pro relationship. I stuffed 400 into her jacket and told her to get a nice gift for herself and that i did not have time to shop with her. Many of you might ask why?! Aren't you a dumb ass! You were getting a freebie! Let me tell you: Freebies will turn into a very, very EXPENSIVE hobbie! Always pay unless you are SINGLE or you don't live in China!

So, from now on, I will have a pretty young thing waiting for me every time I visit Hangzhou. In time, she will become my source to access her pretty young friends. This is how you play in China~!

Hope that you guys enjoy my story. I hope that I was not being a bit cocky here. If so, I apologize!

By the way, if you guys like really nice Pro action in HZ, go to Huang Long (Yellow Dragon) Hotel's sauna. They are having a promotion of RMB1100 for 2 girls (Shuang Fei!) and have sex with a one girl (Full and great service!).

Happy Hunting!!!

04-04-03, 20:52
Gentlemen: Any info on Yunnan? Thanks!

04-06-03, 23:52
Which town are the hell talking about ? South China is a huge area !!!

04-07-03, 05:06

it's in Hangzhou.

04-08-03, 06:24

I don't know if you will see this posting in time, but thought I would post it anyway. I was in Kunming last month. Try the bar in the lobby of the Holiday Inn. There are several girls hanging out there that you can take back to your hotel. Some can speak a little English. The going rate is around RMB400-500 for one shot. I'm not sure about the overnight price. I tried one girl from Chengdu that was excellent.

Good Luck!

04-18-03, 14:29
I get BBBJ from a barber shop. I have done it twice, a week aprt from the same girl.
At Mandarin Garden Hotel, walk out the front door. turn left. walk up to the little barber shop row of about 6 shops. 2 actually cut hair and are staffed with men. the 4 shop on the right has several girls and the cutest, but not youngest, with a perky style bod, will BBBJ for a 100RMB tip. Massage fee to the house is 50.

I talked to these hustler chicks who hang out side the hotel and say KTV? Massage?, but they dont have girls there or come into your hotel they want you to leave to some place. Too creepy. Anyonw tried? How do I get a SW in Nanjing?


04-19-03, 05:54

Thanks for the post on Nanjing. Will keep it in mind for my next visit.

Never tried the street hustlers in Nanjing, but we have the same situation in Shenzhen near the train station. I've had pretty good luck with one of them. Takes you to a nearby apartment and brings girls in groups of 2-3 for you to pick. You can keep asking to see more until you find one you like. Absolutely, no obligation. Damages for FS at the apartment is RMB200-300. She will send girls to your hotel, but you don't get to choose this way unless you go to the apartment first. I agree it is always safer in the comfort of your own hotel room. I'm surprised to hear that Nanjing does not work the same way. Is it possible your hotel had a no visitors policy?

Sorry I can't be of help with SW scene in Nanjing. More experience with Shenzhen and Guangzhou.


04-19-03, 08:02
Thanks for the tips. Maybe I will try it. She did spit out somthing about 200... maybe it really is a decent deal. I just was too nervous. I have read on WSG about guys getting their asses kicked in KTV's and all their money taken so I am careful.

Of course my hotel policy as are all of the ones I have seen say "no overnight guests that are not bound by marriage", but I never see the management enforce it.

has anyone brought a girl up into Mandarin Garden Hotel? It is the hotel by the Confucious Temple.

04-19-03, 09:47

I agree...better to be safe than sorry. The same set-ups can happen down here too. Have not heard of any ass kicking, but definitely losing some cash. I never go with a street hustler the first time I see them unless they have been referred by a reliable source. Otherwise, I hang out and watch their action for awhile to see what they are really up to. If you see a few satisfied customers go with them and come back happy, you should be OK.
Takes some time, but well worth the effort to avoid problems. I use my source to track new arrivals to town. I like to be the first foreigner with a girl. Last week I was a first customer, although who knows what she did in her hometown. Just one of the many fantasies that makes mongering my favorite pastime!

Good Luck!


04-27-03, 04:32
yes, I had a pal hook me up with his friend who brings the new girls into Shanghai for KTV's. The price is a little high but I was her 2nd customer. I thought Iwould like it better than I did. The money was more than I like to spend but I like to give everything a try.

04-28-03, 04:20

Sorry to hear you did not enjoy it. My experience with new girls is hit or miss. Sometimes, they are so afraid and nervous, it is a disaster. Other times, they really enjoy the new experience.


04-30-03, 19:56
A Tourist In Hekou

In late March I spent 4 nights in the town of Hekou on the Vietnam border. It was an interesting place and I would like to return some time in the future. It is not an easy place to get to and because I only speak English, communication was sometimes difficult. I was overcharged a few times but since I didn’t speak their language I just accepted it with a smile. Things started out bad for me. I arrived at 7:00am on a sleeper bus from Kunming. I found a small sidewalk restaurant and got something to eat. A good bowl of noodles was only Y4. After eating I was ready to find the hotel. The Dong Fang hotel had been recommended to me but I had no idea where it was. While I was standing there a tuk-tuk (what do they call these here?) and asked if I needed a ride. I told her the name of the hotel and after we each repeated it a few times to make sure I hopped in and off we went. She drove around for a couple of minutes and then stopped in front of the hotel. She charged me Y10 which I knew was a rip off but I didn’t feel like arguing. I realized later that she had given me a bit of a tour because the hotel was at most 200 meters from the bus station. An easy walk if I had known. That afternoon I went out looking for the marketplace I had heard about. I wasn’t having any luck when the only English speaker in town found me and immediately latched on to me. His name was Mike and he had a card proclaiming him to be a “Professional International Interpreter”. He offered to show me around town and I really wasn’t interested until he mentioned “ladies”. He took me to a large market building on the street by the river. The first floor was mainly goods for sale but the second and third floors had lots and lots of young Vietnamese ladies. He spoke to most of the mamasans and tried to get me to take several girls. I passed knowing I would pay a high price if I took any of these. He then took me to a second building just a few meters from the first. It was almost identical to the first one. A lot of the girls in these markets were very aggressive. Some were too aggressive for me. One jumped on my back and put her arms around my neck. I almost had to throw her off because she was choking me. Others grabbed me and almost refused to let go. When we left there he offered to show me a third place nearby but I had already seen more than enough to keep me busy for the short time I was going to be there so I declined. I realized later that I should have gone so I would at least know the location. When we left I asked him about prices and he said short time would be Y200! I knew this was too much and I told him a friend had told me Y30 to Y40. He said he had never heard of prices that low and said that he paid more than that himself. When I asked him what I owed for his services he stood fast at Y50. Another rip off. A couple of hours later I went back to try a girl I had seen on the first floor of the second building. I asked how much and the mamasan showed me a Y100 note and I decided to accept that as the price. We went to a back room (no shower) and got started. This girl had excellent oral skills as seems common with Vietnamese girls. I enjoyed my time with her very much. When I left the mamasan kept saying “hotel” but I wasn’t up to it at the time. The next day I went back and made arrangements for the same girl to come to my hotel at 7:00pm. This was easier than I expected since we spoke different languages. The mamasan indicated it would be Y200 for all night. I waited and waited and she didn’t show up. The next morning I went by to see her and see what happened. If I understood correctly, the mamasan said they came to the hotel but the doorman wouldn’t let them in. I asked them to try again that night. I waited in the lobby for them and I almost gave up. They didn’t get there till 7:30. The doorman stopped them but when they indicated that they were with me he let them pass. We went up to the room and I gave the mamasan the Y200. She asked if she could have a pack of cigarettes from the mini bar and I said yes. I later found out she took 2 packs and some candy. The girl was great! We got along good despite difficulty communicating. I think her name was something like Ahno and she was 19. She was so good I decided to take her again the next night which was my last. It was another good night but I wish I had tried some different girls. In all I had a good time despite travel and language difficulties. I only found one restaurant with the menu in English but I found some good street food that was only Y4 per meal. I would like to go back again someday but it will probably be a long time because of my limited vacation time. I’m sorry that this report is so long. I hope I didn’t bore anyone to death.

04-30-03, 21:43
Originally posted by GWillie
A Tourist In Hekou

Good posting GWillie. What the hell where you doing out in that neck of the "wood" unless you are some hardcore adventurous type? You confirm the notion that there are "gems" out there if you have the nuts to seek them out. Got anymore? Do you have email? Mine is charlie007_svn@yahoo.com
Thanks in Advance.


05-01-03, 18:39
GWille - congratulations - far form boring people, it is fascinating to hear of people going "off the beaten" and making out OK! I can understand both the fact that having found one you liked sticking with it - and your subsequent regret! Life's a *****, eh?

Great stuff

05-08-03, 17:53
Nanjing Score in Sauna
I am so thrilled by todays experience. Partly because it was so affordable for such quality, but also because I really didnt expect it.

I will describe how to get to the location in extreme detail since that is theonly way I know how to tell you all. I want you to be able to find this place, and the street sign is either non existant, or it is some sign I say on the side of a building in Chinese so I cant read it.

OK. Start at the MAndarin Garden Hotel/Howard Johnson located in the Confucious temple area where all that shopping is.... I hope that is clear. The hotel has a different Chinese name.

If you walk out of the hotel, and zig to the right then zag to the left you will be exiting the big gate to the shopping area and next to a KFC.
Turn right out of the gate and walk down the road. (At this point I was hit on by 2 Chinese gay guys in their late 20's. That was a surprise. keep walking past a hospital on the right. About a half mile down(excuse my american measurment) after passin many barber shops which were open I was close to giving up. These barber shops all look promising but the girls never even look at you as you walk to the front door. I suspect their is no action here? I was surprised because usually all the girl only shops late at night means something...

Anyway on the right is a grocery store open at night. then finally on the left, you will see a road. From the main street you can look down this road which curves to the right as you go down it. I saw many barber shop lit and spinning. One on the 2nd floor of a building with stairs on the outside is the one you need to see. You can even see it from the main street. I walked toward it. looking in the other shops on the way. Almost giving up and reluctant to go upstairs I saw the shop sign (the non spinning one) has a picture of a girl in the background of the name in a cue pose. I thought this looked promissing so I walked upstairs.
I walked in and went to the counter. They were obviously not expecting a white guy. I could tell. They were very happy to see me, but not sure how to deal with me since I speak no Chinese. They brough out a guy who can get a few words out and he helped. I noticed there are foot massage chairs but I suspected body as well. They asked me for my shoes, and gave me a locker key. I realized they have a shower facility. This is almost like a sauna. I went to the shower room showered and then they took me to a massage room. I was disappointed to see 3 tables in one room seperated by half ass walls making stalls for each.

They tried to ask what I wanted. I indicated massage by doing the hands on shoulders movement. The guy went out to get a girl. At this point, a crownd of very cute young girls that I saw breifly in the front room alol crowded to my door. I suspect you can pick? I didnt know what to do so some girl just came in. I was again disappointed to see her in jeans, and 2 shirts, and the girl I saw in the skirt was already gone. I could tell these girls were very excited to have me there. Not that I am trying to say I am so special, just reporting how they were acting.

She began my massage with me on my back and her woprking on my neck and shoulders. Then someone called her, she left and came back and worked on my arms. then someone called her again (I was getting annoyed) Another girl came in and tried to talk to me in Chinese. the other girl left. Eventually she gave me the universal finger in the circle motion signal to ask if that is what I wanted. I played dumb for a bit to be sure. I was shocked because this girl was also in jeans and shirt, I really thought in this room she will never take that shit off and really have sex. She continued to endlessly try talking to me in Chinese. Eventually I started to test her by putting my hand up her shirt. She was fine with it. No hesitation. I took out her breast Very nice small b cup firm on this VERY young girl. She was very cute and young. I was very surprised. I kissed her breast and she was totally comfortable. After while of her talking she finally told me it was 300. I agreed without negotiation since I was still skeptical I would really get what I hoped I was suspecting she was telloing me I would get. She left and came back with another paper and then talked and wrote 350. Very long story less long, I grasp that for 350 I can take her to my hotel and 300 we can do the deed here. I was still not confident I understood so I knew there was only one was to find out. zip..... and I pulled her pants off. I layed her on the tanble. She got out the condom.... oh man I cant believe this is really happening.....
we kissed, sucked her breast, and I put it in. She was totally happy about it. No BS. She didnt overact pretending to be getting off, nor grumble in any way. She genuinely seemed pleased to provide. I think 200 would really be the going rate but since I failed to negotiate she was also pleased with the extra money.

After, she still offered for another 50 she could come to my hotel and spend the night. I declined by acting like I didnt understand. I paid her the 300 tip in the room. Fortunately I was thinking ahead enough to bring in my wallet in the pajamas they gave me.

I showered and in the front I paid 50 for the "massage". They said they are happy to have me as their new friend.
I asked what time they open because I think I want to go again before I head back to Shanghai.

I hope you all have achance to find this place. I you want I am happy to meet you here and we can both go, nnext time I come to NJ.


05-09-03, 07:58
Blank, congrats on the score, and the find! 300 for good unrushed service with a hottie may be a bit high in NJ, but I am certain you'll have excellent service if you go back. Now, why you didn't take her back to the hotel for a mere 50 is beyond me....?

Say, Blank, I posted a question the San Jose section about AMPs and would really like your opinion. I'm new to AMPs, and hoping they can satisfy my cravings developed over in Asia (damn SARS, go away so my company will send me back to China!)

Thanks for your feedback on my question.

05-09-03, 15:24
You don't have any wory about Sars in Nanking area ?

05-10-03, 02:50
Erik - Yes they have SARS in Nanjing. About 20 cases.

Lucky888, I will go look in SJ section and post a reply.

05-10-03, 05:20

Thanks for the latest update on Nanjing. Sounds like a great find! I need to find an excuse to get over there ASAP. Please let me know when you are going next. Do you drive down from Shanghai?

I share Lucky888's sentiment exactly. Why didn't you take her back for the extra 50RMB? Had another one in the room?


05-10-03, 17:21
Well.. this may come as a surprise to you all, but I would rather do it in the sauna.

Maybe that is just my style. Back in the states by main fetish trick is to do strippers while I am receiving a lap dance, right there in the club.

I guess I like the half public aspect.

Also, the particular hotel I am in there seemed a bit more restrictive than the rest of them but I am sure I could still pull it off.

If you want to go, I can let you know my next trip. I take the train.

We can both bring girls back to my hotel if you want. I am sure two of us each with a girl walking into my hotel acting like we know what we are doing should be alright.

I go to Nanjing frequently so if one time wont work for you, dont sweat it, because another trip will come shortly after. Maybe about 1 every 2 weeks.


05-11-03, 05:26

Thanks for the offer. I'll try to get to Shanghai on business soon so we can take the train down together. How long is the ride from Shanghai to Nanjing?

When I was in the states I only managed to get FS with a lapdance on one occasion in Florida. Normally had to settle for grinding to satisfaction with my pants on, or just a HJ. What is the going rate for a FS lapdance nowadays?

BTW, you would love some of these barbershops in Shenzhen. Doing it upstairs on a massage table with only a curtain pulled between you and the guy next to you. Definitely qualifies for "half public".


05-11-03, 08:06
some trains are 3 hours some are almost 4. Some trains are total shit carts and others are nice. The good train is supposedly at 2:10 and is 2X the price and well worth it since I cant stand the over loaded sweat box with people standing over you and sitting on your table etc.

The medium class train is also nice if it is fairly empty ride, (hard to know) and that is at 10am.

We should plan to take one of those trains.
How much notice should we give each other?

take care

05-11-03, 08:54
Blank, I hear you on the public fetish. Definitely adds some thrill. Had a girl (friend, not a working girl) blow me in a bar, under the bar, in SF once...that was fantastic. In Korea and Taiwan I've had a BJ in the KTV room as part of the girls' strip show....damn they were aggressively chasing the cocks both places, but especially in Korea (the supplier was a real VIP there, so they knew the routine). I think my supplier who took me once in Taiwan may have been pumping his "regular" KTV girl while I was getting the BJ....didn't watch, didn't ask later.

Watch out on those "hard seat" (and damn slow) trains...they can get really over packed since there's no real restriction on standing-room tickets. And it's going to get damn hot and muggy soon, if it isn't already. Serious breeding ground for SARS.
As you've probably figured out by now, there is an English-language ticket counter at the Shanghai Hoche Zhang (main station)...."soft seat" (still hard in reality) is the only way to go....at least people won't be crawling on and around you, leaving you to pray for a can of lysol to fall from the sky. I really try to avoid the hard seat even for the short ride to Suzhou.

05-11-03, 12:40
Seems to me that the authorities are so busy with the Sars that they have let aside the anti-sex work... At present in Kunming, many places have open or reopen, and operate as openly as I ever saw it. The only unpleasant thing that happened to me is that my usual and favorite hotel refused me because I had the bad idea to say that I was arriving from Thailand. They said their policy is to refuse any guest from South east Asia, for fear of contamination.

05-11-03, 15:36
Originally posted by blnknamecruiser

We should plan to take one of those trains.
How much notice should we give each other?

take care


I am afraid to come to Shanghai right now with this quarantine shit at the airports. With my luck, I might just develop a fever on the way.

I don't mind paying more for the better train. I will try to get up to Shanghai on business ASAP. I really want to try those apartment girls too. Can you go to Nanjing on a weekend?

I will let you know as soon as I confirm the dates. How much notice do you need?



05-11-03, 15:51
A couple of great places for public fetish are the BJ bars on Patpong in Bangkok. One is called Rose Bar, one is Kangaroo Bar, and I can't remember the third, but its on the first floor directly below the Rose Bar. In these bars, you can have as many girls as you want to pay giving you BBBJ at the same time. Tips used to be THB500 per girl, but I have not been there in a couple of years. They do it right there in the bar while you are watching the show. There is also a similar bar in Pattaya called Fire and Ice. You sit at the bar and a girl comes up underneath bar the and gives you a BBBJTCWS.

I've also been to KTV in Jakarta where they have the "dancers" Come in, do their show, then proceed to give a BBBJ and/or FS to every guy in the room. The guys who took me wanted it to be a surprise and did not tell me what to expect. Great fun!

I've never seen either of the above anywhere in China. Anybody know of any places?


05-12-03, 16:56
I WOULD absolutely love to go to South China, esp Dongguan, Shenzhen, and Xiamen, even for a year or two to work, improve my Chinese, and make some more useful guanxi for my future. As most of you know I have been in Shanghai for some time, currently in Europe and waiting to go back after some holidays over here.

I am financially stable but would be looking to be doing something with my time, does anyone have any ideas if I could do some interesting work down there? Im actually only 21, have a Univ. degree in economics and work experience in finance, otherwise working for my family trading company

anyone lhave some ideas or looking for some SARS replacement? love those hot and dirty cities

05-17-03, 15:36
In case you didnt get my email, I now hear the Quarantine has started. If you come to Shanghai from a highly infected area (I think Beijing, Guongdong prov. HK, ) then you are required to stay in your hotel or home for 2 weeks. no in or out, and not visitors and they check you every 2 hours.
I am trying to have my assistant get the details for me and confirm. If that is the case you should wait a while until it changes. I do however want to go to Bangkok after hearing your story. I just met a guy in a bar the other night who told me the exact same thing. He said plane tickets are rmb150, but I checked and from here they are 2,800.
Are you interested in going there?

05-18-03, 03:54

I did get your email and replied. I have also confirmed the status with another friend in Shanghai. It applies to both visitors and returning residents. Looks like I will not be coming up until they lift this thing.

Regarding Bangkok, I would love to go. I lived in Thailand before I moved to China in 1995. Went there for a two week holiday and stayed 11 years. I am always looking for an excuse to visit.

A friend also mentioned cheap tickets out of Hong Kong for less than HK$2,000. Problem for me is I would still be coming from an area under Travel Advisory. I don't know what the current policy is in Thailand upon arrival. I expect they will lift HK very soon. Maybe we should wait. When were you planning on going?


05-18-03, 04:11
I am happy to go whenever is managable.
I will try to find out details about restrictions returning and cost and let you know.

05-19-03, 11:34
Just come back from a week in Nanchang, Jiangxi.

Stayed in the 4* Gloria hotel, around 460rmb per night but the company was picking up the bill. This is a hot spot for westerners adopting babies judging from the amount of chinese babies with white 'parents'.

Anyhow....behind the hotel is a main street with door to door 'barbershops', but one glance in the door and they literally drag you off the street. The girls are mostly 6-7 but every place seems to have one stunner which i guess takes all the trade when available. Had several BBBJ for 100rmb, hj's for 50rmb, full service back in the hotel for 300 plus 50rmb take out fee. (All prices not including the 25 rmb for the massage). Many of the girls seemed to believe i was a father adopting a baby ... which made me wonder who are their main laowai business come from.

However one instance was truely outstanding. I was enjoying an expert bbbj from a girl who was on her knees in an upstairs room of a barbershop, when another girl (her mate who i also noticed downstairs on entry) barged in and grabbed my testies from behind, both girls were laughing and the girl on her knees gave such a dirty smile that i immediately finished. She swallowed the lot! No extra fee was asked but they were both keen on repeat business from me. Which of course i duely obliged the next morning but that's another post. :)

05-20-03, 13:18
Hi Guys,

I am planning a short trip to Nanjing on or around the 6th of June. Now that percieved threat of fei dian appears to be receding somewhat I feel much better about going there. To be honest I have been anxious to get up there to sample the delights of the MP girls that Blnknamecruiser discovered at the begining of the month as well as exploring other possible avenues of pleasure. It will be my first time in the city so I could use any advice that anyone can provide particularly regarding hotels with "understanding" or at least non-interventionist policies towards guests having girls back to their room overnight.

If anyone (especially blankie himself) is planning to be in the city at around the same time I would be happy to meet up with them and go mongering together.


Dave 111
05-21-03, 07:33

I have just returned from Hekou myself, and I must say that my experiences were very similar to yours. I can also advise anyone going to Hekou to avoid at all costs this tout named "mike", who will undoubtedly approach you at the bus station. Do not let him find you a hotel, take you to eat or drink, or find you girls. I have lived in Asia for 3 years now, been to every country in search of women, and this guy is the absolute worst, most shameless tout I have ever met. Stay away from him, or prices will be multiplied by five. You do not need anyone to show you where the girls are, as Hekou is a very small town. I can also recommend the Dongfang hotel, and the standard price of 158Y can easily be negotiated down to 140, even if you speak no chinese. Finding something to eat is another story. I spent a week there and could not get served in any restaurant, as I don't speak chinese. So I was forced to eat on the street (2Y for noodles), or buy instant noodles at the grocery store and cook them myself. One thing to note: blowjob is not automatically assumed when negotiating the price, unlike in Cambodia, so if you want this service, better specify ahead of time. Also, no one on this site has mentioned the town of Langshi (spelling?), which is a ten minute, 10Y taxi ride to the north. This is another small town with many brothels spread out all over the town. Prices are the same, and like Hekou, there are no washing facilities in the rooms, which I did not like at all. Please refer to Erik's posts on Hekou previously, as he is exactly right about prices, hotels, etc. One update: now there is only one bus a day leaving from Kunming at 7:30 pm. If you do not speak or read chinese, you will have to get the ticket at a travel agent, and then have him/her walk you down to the station and put you on the right bus. Crossing the border into vietnam is no problem whatsoever, despite rumors to the contrary, provided you already have a valid visa.

Thanks to all who posted about Hekou, and I hope that this little update helps.


05-21-03, 15:37
I dont know at this point, but I frequent Nanjing often. I will report prior to going if I can make it then.

Just for my own peace of mind, why do you only have 1 post? I feel a little better meeting people with some history on the forum.


05-21-03, 15:47
Rim job and no trim in Hangzhou sauna.

I stayed at WuYang Hotel in hangzhou at No.48 Qing Chun Rd.
got in late. wanted to walk around and look for barber shops but knew it would take too long and I was tired.

Went to the sauna. got a massage. decent. very cute face on a semi thick but far from fat or undesirable 24 y/o. No english capabilities at all. Not just not really any english. I mean none.

At the end of the massage she was trying to ask if I wanted to continue longer. I ended up negotiating with the manager woman who enticed me wiht what was to come. She offered that the girl can massage my member or massage me wiht her breasts but no FS. I was bummed. I really prefer FS. I negotiated for DATY and whatever would be included.

The house fee is 100 for massage. 80 for the second sesstion, and 400 for the tip. That seemed really high so that is another reason I was hesitant. but knowing I had no other choices, I agreed.

the girl was very nice. very happy to provide, but not elegant in her technique.
I got DATY, and she rimmed me with a dental dam. That was interesting. Then we 69'd and she continued to use the dental dam and no BBBJ or even condom BJ, only dental dam.

Finally I came and she continued to carress, and massage sensually.

When I left to pay the bill they also added 80 rmb for the damn shower. That is considered using the sauna which I did not use. So if you go there, use the whole damn sauna otherwise shower in your room.

They were surprisingly open about the extra's. Total bill was too much for not getting laid, but a good overall experience.


05-21-03, 19:45

I liked the Dongfang hotel. When I walked in I was offered the standard room at Y120, no negotiating needed. Mike is a real pain in the ass isn't he! There is a restaurant near the bridge that has an english menu. I think the name was Happy Times or something like that. The food was good and the prices were fair. I also took the 7:30 bus from Kunming. I got the ticket from the agent at the Camellia Hotel. When I got to the bus station I had to get someone to show me the correct bus. I don't think anyone could find it on their own. I enjoyed my short stay there and I hope I can get back there in the future.

As to me being the "hardcore adventurous type", well at the age of 44 I now realize that I have been wasting my life sitting behind a desk. Until August 2000 I had not been outside the US. Since then I have made 5 trips to Southeast Asia and visited Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and China. I intend to see Vietnam on my next trip. I am very much looking forward to my retiremant in 5 and a half years.

05-22-03, 05:06
Hi Blanknamecruiser,

I fully understand your concerns. I always consider it to be a little hazardous arranging to meet someone that you barley know as well. However weighing against this is the fact that I also do not like venturing to MP's in strange cities without some likeminded company. I feel a little more secure that way that's all. Let me know if you intend to make it.
As to why I had only 1 post there are several reasons. First I have only recently arrived in China - early this year. Second almost as soon as I did I found a girlfriend (who I have only recently split with). Lastly I am stuck in Wuxi which is not exactly a P4P hotspot - there are no other posts on the city in the database that I can see but I will add some info shortly concerning last weekends score.
I am much more accustomed to the scene in Cambo and LOS than here so it is taking me a while to find my feet here that's all!


05-22-03, 16:03
GWillie or others,
since you travel a lot, do you know or know how to find out what the restriction are if I live in Shanghai, and want to go to Bangkok? I am NOT wondering about Bangkok, but about when I come back to Shanghai. Are they going to force the 2 week quarantine on me from there or is that not one of the cities on the list?

thanks to anyone who can help.


05-22-03, 16:38

dude, let provide you this information. As of last Friday, Shanghai government has issued warnings for 11 cities/regions on the News paper (Shanghia Daily). They are:

Bejing, HeBei, Shanxi, Guanngdong, HK, Taiwan, Singapore, Toronto, Inner Mongolia, Tianjing and philippine.

Coming back from the above regions, must be quarantined under "medical observation" for 14 days.

Since BKK is not on the list, you surely can go there. But, you better check with Thai consulate to see if Thailand is welcoming anyone from China. You should also ask your apartment's manager to confirm the above before making any decision.

If you are lucky, and you are going. Make sure you check out EDEN Club on Sukhumbvit near Nana. It's very nice and very reasonably priced. Always 2 girls for 2 hrs. , lesbian show, totally awsome 3some including toy plays, anal and you can come as much as you can within the 2 hours. I was there during the Chinese New Year. Let me tell you: It worth every penny!

I also read about your Hangzhou escapade. Dude, Wu Yang suppose to be a good place. I guess that you were not lucky. Try out the Yelow Dragon Hotel (Huang Long) next time. I was there a month ago before all this SARS thing, they were giving a special promo of 2 girls for RMB1100 for 2 hrs.. It was neat, the girls were from Northeast (Jiling/Heilongjiang/Liaoning). Check it out next time. It's a 4 star hotel, so it's very safe!

Well, enough said. Good Luck!!!

05-24-03, 11:48

RE your recent posts, I would be grateful if you could contact me to martinerik2003@yahoo.com

Just a few things to discuss with you, if you don't mind. Thanks.

05-24-03, 23:03

I forgot to ask you, did you find the third "market" that Mike told me about? There are the 2 buildings together and Mike said there was a third place but I didn't go there. If you found it, where was it?

05-25-03, 16:50
Thanks for all the tips... I will go to Hangzhou again soon so I will try for better luck. I was glad to score the way I did in Nanajing, so I am really hoping to discover something in Hangzhou as well.

also I appreciate the SARS city list.


Dave 111
05-26-03, 09:49

Yes, I did find the third place. If you are walking from the bus station along the river, you pass the marketplace that we all know. Walk another 300-400 meters (?), past the giant Rubik's cube and past the war memorial on your left. After this, you will see another, smaller market, where they are doing some metal work, and preparing some "food", which looks like cat's paws. Behind this row of shops is a small road, parallel to the river, where there are 10-15 more brothels, with approximately the same selection of women inside. It, like everything in Hekou, is very easy to find. Just remember to walk past the memorial statue and past the statue of the tiger on your right.

Good luck, and I hope this helps.

05-26-03, 20:02

I guess I was close and didn't know it. I took pictures of the Rubik's Cube and the Donald Duck and Goofy statues. I'll find it next time.

05-29-03, 12:23
Sorry for late notice. I am going to Nanjing Friday nite. Can you make it?

05-31-03, 13:37
Speaking of our beloved Mike...... of Hekou fame.

Well I had a run-in with Mike in 2001, and he was trying to work me from every angle imaginable. He had no shame in how outrageous a price he would set for his services.

In my first problem encounter, he invited me to come have breakfast with him the next day so he could "practice his English" -- well, we met and he whisked me off to one of the hotels along the river, where we headed to a 2nd floor restaurant that had a buffet set up. I was realy only there for what to me seemed like a generous act, letting this guy practice his English on me. He told me to take some food from the buffet. So I did. He did too. But only a coffee and a danish. OK so after that he heads over to a waitress on the other side of the room and he is there (leaving me alone at teh table) for what seems far too long a time. Finally he comes back. We chat, eat our breakfast, and then it's time to go. Walk over to the counter to pay and the bill is 80 yuan. For two coffees and two danishes. Yeh right. Immediately I snap into my street New York mode, fuck that I'm not paying that. Get the manager. Mike is protestign saying it's an expensive hotel and that's the normal price.... and I'm like.... NO, man, that is not normal, I want to see the manager. No talk, get the manager. Mike says no the manager is busy (hmmmm, how do you know Mike? I didn't see you check)... then he says well ok it's only 50 yuan.... finally it's down to 30 and I pay that, and it's still a ripoff.......

Later in the day I see him on the heels of some western girl at the bank (I was changing money before heading to Vietnam)...

I'm gonna skip every little detail about Mike, you might just get overwhelmed. The case was solid by the time I left though.

I did have him accompany me over the border because I was past my legal visa date and wanted the security of having someone who spoke some English there in case of any trouble. Well the border guards totally ignored my now-illegal visa and focused instead on warning me about Mike, not to trust him -- and they even took him into a room by himself to give me a chance to leave him.

Well, he did catch up to me and the damage was minimal. He put me on a bus to Sapa, and got me to give him $3 for him to pay the driver -- of course he just took off with the money and never paid the guy. Of course.

Yes.. so.....

if you see Mike, you need to beat the living shit out of him. All westerners do.

Actually, I did think of a good way to get him back if I'm there again. Let him invite me to breakfast again, or dinner or wahtever. Go thru the same shenanigans, but then when it's time to pay.... NOOOOO!!!!!! you invited ME here, YOU are supposed to pay. I have no money! The host always pays! Refuse to pay anything. Any problems, call the hotel manager and or the cops.

06-01-03, 14:58

Sorry for the delayed response. I only had one post simply because I have just registered on the forum as I have only been in China for a short while. I understand your apprehension connected with meeting up with someone you do not know.
I gather from your posts that you were in Nanjing over the weekend. I still plan to arrive there next Friday and remain for 3 or 4 days. Therefore I would appreciate any new information that you have to share on the scene there.
Since I have never visited the city before one of the things that concerns me is if the hotel that I shall be staying at has a tolerant or interventionist policy towards guests having girls back to their rooms at night. I have been booked into the Jinling Hotel. I wanted to stay at the Hilton which I suspect has a lenient policy given that there is a naughty Casablanca disco on the premises but it seems to be quite a distance from the city centre.

If perchance you can make it back to Nanjing next week I would still be happy meet if you want - your help in locating the MP you unearthed during your last visit there would probably save me quite a bit of time. By the way did you discover what the opening hours of that place are?



06-02-03, 15:28
Here is the deal. I cant make it this weekend but here is all the news. The Jinling has a good sauna where you can have sex but it is not a sure thing, and you have to bring your own condoms.

They also have a bar where you can mack on girls but they wont leave until there shift is over. They will offer FS if you can see them at a time they are not in the bar. The bar I refer to is located on the way to the sauna. Follow the signs in the hotel.

As far as the outside Sauna that I have just had a great time in, here is the info:

This place as a straight up young girl brothel. No if's and's or but's. The girls are all young little 20 year olds and they have that innocent country girl demeaner. They put out consistently and with no trouble. 300 seems to be the price. I thought it was too high but that is the deal. I did 2 of them just the other day when I was there.

I will remind you all how to get there. Mandarin Garden Hotel (Chinese name is different so ask your hotel front desk to tell you how to get to confuxious temple area) If comeing from the Mandarin G hotel, walk out the gate of the temple area. Turn right. Walk about 1/2 mile. As soon as you reach the sports bar on the right, take the next left street. Walk down that street and enter the 2nd floor sauna. You will see it.

They have real foot massage and real sex.
massage fee is 50rmb and the tip is 300. They asked 400 this time but I paid 300.

they are all very friendly and appreciate your business.

I recommend Yang Yang (or Yan Yan) who was not my first choice in looks,(a little thick) but turned out to really offer the best service. sensual nipple licking to get you turned on, BBBJ, no rush, totally compliant.

Have fun! Maybe next time we can meet up. Report back...


06-03-03, 05:09
Hi Blanknamecruiser,

Thanks for the further info in your last post. I am sure that I shall manage to find the MP in question by following the detailed directions of your previous posting.
I must admit that the thought of an establishment full of pretty young girls who give FS for 350 RMB is a pleasant one! I am already thinking about going on Thursday instead of Friday so that I can avail myself of their services that much sooner. During your visits there have you made any judgement as to how many girls they have in that place?
I know that you enjoy the public element of doing the girls on the premises. However I am more inclined to take them back to my Hotel overnight. Since the price is only 50 RMB more it really has to be done! I believe that I shall be able to get them back to the hotel room without that much hassle. I hope so anyway.
One thing I definitely intend to is take a few pages worth of questions in English and Chinese characters that I can show to the girls and thus ease the communication problems as my spoken Chinese is limited in the extreme. One good question that springs to mind is “Do you know where I can find other places like this that offer massage and other services from beautiful girls?” I figure that the people working there are going to know the answer to that and this will help us expand our available options in the city. On the other hand though they might be paranoid about losing business – we shall see.

By the way I was planning on telling the staff at the Mp that “I have an American friend who was there last weekend and he told me how good this place was.” I reckon that this will make it clear the kind of service I expect and with luck may provoke an even warmer reception upon your next visit.

Rest assured that I will report back in detail.



06-04-03, 11:35
Feel free to mention it, however only one guy who is the female boss's brother speaks any english and even he only speaks about 20 words. It may be worth a try. Tell them "Your new American friend told me to come here. He tells you to give me the very good girl."

The one he labeled as "very good" was the better one.

I would guess there are anywhere from 5-12 girls depends when you are there. I wanna get on the boss woman, she is older but... well think IO have some weird fetish to always be attracted tot he unavailable one. She really smiles hard at me.

Anyway as far as other places go, I dont know any in Nanjing (except as previously mentioned the Jinling sauna) but I was told by someone who used to live there that any taxi will take you to a girlie bar if you ask. Might give that a try if you have the time.

If you want a sauna place in Shanghai, there is the Happy Garden that I mentioned a week or so back.

have fun and report!

06-04-03, 22:49

I have had all the questions or statements that I forsee using translated into dual english and chinese characters. This of course includes the sentence stating that you recomended the establishment. I am going to Nanjing today (thursday) and have 4 days to spend there. I hope that I shall make some new discoveries.
As to the boss woman if she is older then she is all yours. I am only 24 myself and probably as a consequence prefer the younger models to the older ones.


06-05-03, 03:56

Per your previous post, I am going to Hangzhou next week and will book into Huang Long hotel and report back.
thanks for the tip


06-07-03, 01:27
Nanjing MP – Revisited… 5/6/2003

The day began well as the train from Wuxi to Nanjing was dead on time (something that will impress most people from the UK) and the “soft seat” section was all but empty. Having departed at 09.11 I was in Nanjing before 11.00 and eager to begin the search for Blankie’s MP. I took a taxi to my hotel (the Jinling) and the “fare” was 30 RMB. I suspected that that was a little high for a 10 minute journey but since the guy wasn’t asking for a truly ridiculous sum and I was anxious to get moving I didn’t bother arguing with him. The hotel is nice and relatively inexpensive (I am paying 598RMB) a night. One thing that irritates me though is the fact that I was issued with a ticket entitling me to a complimentary breakfast. However if used, this automatically puts a 15% surcharge on your account. I think someone needs to define the word complimentary to the management here! Anyway as soon as I had dumped my luggage in my room I headed to reception to get the Chinese name of the Mandarin Garden Hotel. Equipped with this I jumped in a cab and 10 minutes later I was duly deposited outside. Notably this time the fare (for a roughly equal distance to my ride from the station) was only 7 RMB. Blankie’s directions are utterly sound – I stopped and had a bite to eat at the KFC he mentions as I was completely starving. All I can add is that just before you arrive at the immediate area of the MP you will cross a bridge over the river. From there the left-hand turning housing the MP is only 150 Metres or so. The MP is on the left around 30 metres down this smaller road – only one side of which has anything that can be described as a pavement / sidewalk. The entrance is on the 1st floor or 2nd floor depending on which side of the Atlantic you hail from. The stairs leading upward are clearly visible from the street and are of concrete with iron railings. Atop said stairs there is a collection of large potted plants and small trees. The owner’s son “Stephen” was engaged in watering these plants when I arrived therefore I enjoyed the benefits of his assistance from the very beginning.

Do not expect to go there and be able to communicate easily. Stephen speaks a few words only and his listening comprehension is pretty dire. However like most Chinese students his reading ability exceeds that of his verbal skills. If you write him a legible and simple sentence there is a fighting chance he will grasp it. He is only 20 and runs the establishment along with his sister when his mother is absent - as she was today. Therefore (Blankie) I had no chance to assess her appeal or lack thereof. I presented him with my English – Chinese translation which made it clear exactly what kind of customer I was. I left a copy of the document with them just in case another unfamiliar white guy should stray their way. I hope that it will help you get what you want more swiftly and painlessly. The place itself is clean and reasonably presentable. It has a TV room with extremely comfortable chairs used to give foot massage, a small Buddhist shrine, and a fairly large decorative indoor pond complete with fish, a turtle and two langoustine. They also have a caged bird of prey which looks like it leads a horribly dismal life. First off I was asked for my shoes and shown to a shower room which also contained a couple of beds and several rows of lockers. I showered and another man helped me to dry myself off with a small blue towel. After changing into pyjamas (provided) and stashing my clothes in a locker I headed back to the TV room where I had the choice of six assembled girls – I had expressly insisted on choosing myself. I decided upon Wang Chun Xia (21) who was positively beaming at me and had a very cute face even if she was a touch on the plump side for my taste. She was wearing a black dress which lent her a certain allure and I felt sure that she would give me a good time. I was not disappointed. I was led to a room containing 2 beds and 2 comfy chairs separated by wood and glass partitions. She laid me down on the bed, licked and caressed my upper body and legs for about 10 minutes to get me turned on and then proceeded on to give head (BBBJ) and softly lick and suck my balls. I was pretty much in heaven as she clearly knows her job well. I was therefore a little miffed when she stopped, removed the remainder of her clothes and signalled for me to make room for her on the (very narrow) bed. She slipped the condom (provided) on and I entered her with ease– she was very wet. We did the deed missionary style (her choice not mine of course) - I lasted much longer than I or she anticipated given that I had just had such a good BJ. This was positive for her as she managed to get off well before I came. After sex she cleaned me up and gave me a head and body massage which was intensely relaxing if a little tickly at times – a source of great amusement to her. We finished up with efforts to communicate in her few words of English and my limited Chinese. Total expense incurred was 350 RMB which Stephen asked me to give to him not the girls. Everyone seemed cool with this so I had no problem either. After another quick shower and a brief sejour in the TV room drinking green tea I decided that the time had come for the next girl. She had only just that minute arrived in the MP and straight away approached me, said a few things to Stephen in Chinese and then made gestures with obvious meaning at me. Stephen told me that this girl was very experienced and that it was 400RMB for her. I said what the hell and consented. This girl was older than the 1st – she is 28 and her name is Mei Gui. She is however (despite not having a lovely face) probably the most attractive of the girls that I saw today. She is slender with pert breasts (albeit with very dark, compressed and protruding nipples) and was wearing one of those red Chinese traditional dresses that showed off her figure well. Anyway she took me to the same room as before laid me down after removing my clothes and went straight for my cock. This time there was no caressing or nipple licking just BBBJ straight away! I tend to prefer a little prelude. Still the BJ was exceptional and obviously a well honed skill. Usually the problem with most girls is that they don’t give head forcefully enough – not so with this little vixen and she is very fond of moving her tongue over the tip of you cock with astonishing rapidity for what seems like and age. I had to ask her to slow it down because I didn’t want to blow my load so quickly and let that supple body go to waste. I popped the condom on this time and she slid me inside her. This was where things went downhill a little. She was not well lubricated or very responsive. Again I lasted for a long time but it had little effect on her. She had a bit of a vaginal odour problem as well which made me balk at her (unexpected) suggestion that I go down on her. I came and slid off her. She then removed the condom, cleaned me up and that was it. No massage or anything this time. If I go back which I might well I will certainly not be re-acquainting myself with that one. I didn’t want to end the day on a sour note so I showered again and spent half an hour chatting to Stephen in the TV room sipping Cha until I felt sufficiently vigorous to go at it again. I took Blankie’s advice and asked for Yang Yang (22). Her price was 350 RMB for as Stephen explained “different Miss, different prices…”. However judging by the experience I had had immediately prior I do not think that price is really indicative of the calibre of service delivered. By this point (having had two long sessions in the missionary position with me doing all the work) I was feeling a little weary so I asked Yang Yang to give me her best blowjob please. This girl is far from gorgeous though she is not ugly - merely a little on the plump side. She is amiable and has a cute face on the upside. Like Mei Gui she too can give excellent head though her technique is far more varied. Happily she commenced matters by licking and sucking from my neck to my knees before proceeding on to a soothing BBBJ accompanied by lots of touching of my inner thighs and anal region and ball licking/kissing as provided earlier on. Suffice it to say that I was very well stimulated and was even more gratified when she let me do CIM – she spat (on the floor) though but I didn’t mind. She cleaned me up and gave me a massage like the 1st girl did and I left the room feeling refreshed and ready for the taxi ride home. I said my goodbyes to Stephen etc and Blankie yes I did tell him that you had recommended the place. Tonight I think I shall go out and have dinner at “Danny’s Irish Pub” in the Sheraton. The food is good I hear and it is also supposed to be crawling with girls willing to have a go with a westerner for a little Qian. I’ll see what transpires tonight but since this hotel is all but empty I worry that my activities will not pass unnoticed if I bring a girl back here. I curse Fei Dian, truly I do.



06-07-03, 05:59
Nanjing Pt II 06/06/2003

I had read on another website that Danny’s Irish Pub (located on the 4th floor of the Sheraton) was a good place to go both in order to pick up girls and to partake of a fairly cosy atmosphere and good food. I arrived there just after 8pm and as soon as I walked in I could tell that I was going to be disappointed. The place has a capacity of a few hundred I guess but there were precisely 2 other patrons there – a Thai guy and his wife. Anyway I was hungry so I decided to eat there regardless. The food was very good indeed even if it took them a while to prepare. I recommend the salmon – delicious. During my meal 2 other guys came in and sat at opposite ends of the room drinking alone. Shortly after they were followed by 4 young girls who installed themselves at a nearby table and began playing some kind of dice game. They looked very young around 18 or 19 to me and seemed completely disinterested in anything bar their game. I had another few drinks and remained there until almost 22.30 talking to a French guy who appeared shortly after the girls. I lived in the south of France before I arrived here so I welcomed the chance to refresh my French with him as his English was pretty basic – this was the highpoint of the evening! Nobody else, least of all attractive girls were turning up so as I was tired I called it a night and took a cab back to my hotel. The place was truly dead. Perhaps my experience is not representative as with Fei Dian and the fact that it was a weeknight the girls stayed away – I simply do not know.

As I hadn’t done so yet I decided to explore the facilities of my hotel upon my return. The Jinling main building is just a hotel with the usual restaurants etc. The adjacent building which is called “The world trade centre” houses the Jinling sauna, disco, ktv rooms, gym and a German themed restaurant. There is also a bar mentioned by Blankie in a previous post known as the “hot wave bar”. I was very tired having got up at 5am that morning so I just had a cursory look inside to see what the female staff looked like. That establishment was also dead but I thought the barmaids etc were very nice. I filed the info for future use.

On my way out of the WTC building I was hit upon by a Chinese woman of around 35 – 40 who persisted in touching my arm and saying “me you massageeee – qian qian”. Sadly for her I have no attraction to older women, am not seeking a new mother figure in my life and frankly wouldn’t have touched her even if she offered to pay me.

Still the day was not at all bad considering that it was my first one in the city. I was satisfied with the MP earlier on though I doubt that I shall return simply because the girls there (though nice) do not conform to what I am seeking. I tend to go for beautiful, slender girls with perhaps a slight waifish air of frailty. There are plenty of these in China but none in that MP. Nonetheless I shall continue to report back on everything because I am well aware that my taste is not shared by all.



06-07-03, 06:01
nanjing pt iii 07/06/2003

yesterday (friday) in the morning and early part of the afternoon i was occupied with a client meeting and connected work. in the evening however i was free and this time opted to head to the nanjing hilton hotel where there is a bar / disco called casablanca. the place is not well signposted but let me tell you that it is in the basement level 1. use the curving staircase to the right of reception to get down there and at the foot of the stairs turn left. for the sake of future interest there is another branch of this bar in the xuanwu hotel on the 2nd floor. however during my stay here that hotel is closed so i imagine the bar is too.

the place is reasonably large with a circular bar tended a large number of attractive girls in evening dresses. there is live music as well though i found this a little loud for my taste. surrounding the bar there are many tables and doors leading off into private rooms. i sat down next one of the two other western guys there and struck up a conversation. he has been working here for 15 months in the oil sector so i assumed that he was at least conscious of the scene. i asked him a few leading questions and he informed me that a large proportion of the girls in the bar were more than willing to have a go with a white guy. he added however that most were looking either for a rich boyfriend or were just “buy me a drink girls”. he also confessed that he had a secret mistress in dalian that he had picked up in a similar way.

this rather unclear and complex situation regarding the type and status of the girls in bars in china really irritates me. i am used to cambodia (i lived in pp for 6 months in 2001). there if you go to a bar and see a girl you do not have to consider anything except if the price will be $15 or $20 lt. here (i at least) cannot fathom how else to distinguish a “drinks girl” from a “date girl” or a prostitute than by making multiple wasteful approaches.
anyway when the english guy left at 22.30 i decided to circle the room and properly peruse the groups of girls that were rep001tered around the bar. i guess that in all there were around 30 girls there – though there may have been more in the private rooms by this time. all of them were attractive 8’s & 9’s mostly and around 20 – 25 if i had to guess. there were a few i.e. 1 or 2 real beauties – clear 10’s. determined to avail myself of the best available i said hello to one of them and asked if she wanted to have a drink with me. she agreed and accompanied me to the bar where we got new drinks and sat down. her name is xiao yu and she is 21. the only bad thing about her is that she speaks little english so most of our communication had to be in chinese which was hard for me. luckily i had my translation to hand so i was able to make a few things understood to her, ask questions etc – this was rather funny. she than called someone and a few minutes later her sister (an older and less attractive 8) turned up. she spoke basic english and explained that her sister was a drinks girl and that i should give her 300rmb for her to join me in the bar. i told her to forget 300; the most i was prepared to give her was 100rmb plus food and drinks. i added that she could choose to spend the evening with me or else she was free to introduce herself to one of the other men in the bar. these were an assortment of badly attired chinese men all of whom looked at least 35 and were like most chinese men profoundly unattractive. there was one other white guy but he was 50 if he was a day and obese. i felt confident about doing this because there were plenty of other options for me to pursue if she declined and because i am young and quite attractive myself and i suspected that she might find me so. she then asked for 150rmb and i compromised at 125rmb which she accepted.

we had a really good time together and retired with some food etc to one of the darker tables at further remove from the bar. communication got easier once we realised the respective limitations of my chinese and her english lexis. i established that she does not have a boyfriend, lives at home and has never talked to a western man before – far less done anything else! i spent 4 hours with her with lots of kissing, caressing and hand holding. however i was disappointed when i told her that i wanted her to come back with me to the hotel and she said that she could not tonight as it was too late and she was a good girl. i asked her how much money she wanted because i really wanted her to come back with me but she refused any amount – and i offered way more than the going rate. she told me that she liked me and wanted to be my girlfriend not just a one nighter. her sister came over and i was probed as to what i did for a living, place of origin, marital status etc. we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet the following day (saturday) at 4pm. i promised her that i would take her out shopping followed by dinner and then (i hope) she will come back here with me. we shall see. anyway despite the fact that i have just come out of a horrific relationship with a chinese english teacher in wuxi (who neglected to tell me that she was already married to an officer in the pla – very messy situation) i am tempted by the girl’s idea – she is really gorgeous. wish me luck!



06-09-03, 09:22
Any news on Sanya lately? Any action at the Sheraton, is the Sheraton girl-tolerant?

06-11-03, 11:12
Hangzhou double shift.

Well I FINALLY scored in Hangzhou. I have been there about 10 times and was about to conclude you cant have sex there. I have been to saunas, barbershops, and tried everything.
THIS time is different.
I skipped the sauna not wanting to spend 860 for no sex.
I walked all over around near the Wu Yang. Went to a billion barber shops. Only tried one. no luck. All of them have the massage chairs out in the open. How can you do ANYTHING?

Finally I went to one. Upstairs massage. Still nothing but at the end, we layed together and kissed. then she held my member and I briefly touched her breast. Then she was telling me it is all over. Since she didnt even try to get more money from me I assumed I cant get action. Well I finally asked her to come to my hotel. She said 2,000. We worked down to 1,500.. I then asked how much for here. we settled on 800. I prefered that so I can sleep better.
We walked back up and it was like she's done this a million times. Pulled her pants off, I DATY and stuck it in. Why was she acting like this shit never happens?

The next morning I was about to leave my room. The phone rang. some soft voice in Chinese. I said " .. uh... english?"
Then she said, "massagee?"
I have a message? I thought, then I realized with her soft voice....

I said ok. She showed up 5 minutes later. I have 15 minutes till I had to be gone.

We settled on 500. We did the deed.

All of a sudden I am getting laid more than I expect. (and spending more than I should)


06-27-03, 12:12
Hi Guys,

I shall shortly be heading to Nanchang (capital of Jiangxi province) for a few weeks. Whilst I am there I am of course hoping to find some action. If anyone has any information to share on the scene in this city I would be most grateful to hear from them.

Many Thanks.


07-04-03, 07:45
Imp. Check out my post a few pages back on Nanchang.

I have stayed in the Gloria Hotel (lots of Barbershops but no disco) or Jiangxi Hotel (disco out the back) and both are ok.

07-06-03, 06:05
I am going to be in Hangzhou later this month. I've read some previous posts about this city, but I'm hoping for a few specifics. Where can I find the "red light district"? I'm not into KTV-type places. I'm looking for more of the barbershop type. What about the regular women in Hangzhou? What are the odds of picking up a woman in a regular bar, or coffee house? Let me know.


07-10-03, 05:15
Hi Guys,

First off, many thanks to Rayman for his previous post on Nanchang and for making me aware of its existance.

I visited the streets in the general vicinity of the Nanchang Gloria Plaza hotel several days ago though I did not stay in the hotel itself.

It has been a while since you posted on Nanchang and I think that the area has altered a little at least. The barbershops are certainly no longer door to door any more. All in there are a total of about 10 Barbershop style premises and 2 or 3 larger massage places which look relatively professional from the exterior - though I am sure they offer extra services inside.
I strolled along the roads for about half an hour gazing in each of the shops gauging the quality of the girls on offer. As I have mentioned before I prefer younger, thiner girls to the those of the chunkier variety. All in all the selection (for all tastes) was quite good with a total of maybe 50 girls in all of the shops combined. Some places have 10 girls but others only 2 or 3.
I went at around 7pm after dinner and at least at that time I did not find that the girls were aggressively chasing business. However that said, I did have massagee yelled at me as I passed one place and a few of the girls in other shops waved at me and smiled.

Eventually after completing my scouting I went back to one of the shops and picked a really attractive 19 year old girl with a near perfect body, cute face, C-cup breasts and (actually reasonably well done) dyed blonde / brown hair.

I asked for a massage in chinese and was led upstairs to a small massage room. She started to give me a really dire massage while I was still fully clothed. I allowed this to continue for about a minute and then cut to the chase and asked how much for FS. Maybe it was just that place, that girl or maybe the price has increased since last year but the best I could negotiate her down to was 400 RMB. I was surprised becuase I expected it to be cheaper than in Jiangsu given the relative poverty of Jiangxi in comparison. This was the fee for FS in the establishment (including the Massage). I could not take her back to my hotel as I had my chinese girlfirend that I met in Nanjing staying there with me.
The bed was very uncomfortable being narrow and covered in the typical wooden covering that the chinese like to put over soft furnishings in summertime. The girl was fantastic to look at and gave good (not fantastic) service in various positions. There was caressing and partial HJ at the outset to get me turned on but no BJ. I asked for this but she said absolutely not and would not budge.

The worst thing about the whole experience was that the room that we were going at it in had no door or even a curtain covering the entrance. Consequently we had every other employee that passed by gawking at us and sometimes lingering to have a longer look at the laowei screwing their mate. I imagine that some people could find this somewhat offputting although from what Blankie said about Nanjing I think that he might not mind! For my part I just got on with the task at hand.
After I finished I paid the cash and left. The owner had closed the metal shutters over the entrance while I was upstairs so in the sense that there were no other customers during my stay I had a degree of privacy. Thay asked me to come back soon but I think that next time I shall visit another establishment to see if there is any difference in price and privacy.
The heat here is unbearable - that is a real neagative here. I have to have 4 showers per day just to feel barely human and am often too fatigued to be bothered going out mongering - its that hot here!!!



07-13-03, 05:58
Originally posted by Wingbot
I am going to be in Hangzhou later this month. I've read some previous posts about this city, but I'm hoping for a few specifics. Where can I find the "red light district"? I'm not into KTV-type places. I'm looking for more of the barbershop type. What about the regular women in Hangzhou? What are the odds of picking up a woman in a regular bar, or coffee house? Let me know.


If you speak the Chinese language, you will be able to find the " red light district" by asking the taxi driver. Even picking up girls in a regular bar requires the local language, as I find Hangzhou is even more of a traditional Chinese city than Beijing or Shanghai.

Better try the sauna places at your hotel, most 3 to 4 stars have them, that can give you special service.

I have more fun in HZ than in SH, and the price is cheaper.


Orient Xpress
07-13-03, 06:32

Hey man, you're rather eloquent for a mungerer. I must say I quite enjoyed reading your postings. However, what is this business about:

"like most Chinese men profoundly unattractive"

You can make fun of the 35 year old dudes, but DON'T make an unsupported generalize statement like that. That's just not cool. You should have more respect for our people, provided that you're exploiting our women and screwing our girls. Sure we're all mongerers, but please refrain from making ethnic slurs like that again. It discredits all the rights things that you do. I along with many other Chinese mongerers who visit this forum do not appreciate the slap on the face. It is insulting and unforgivable.

07-13-03, 14:33
Hi Imperium,

Glad you made it over. I know it is not exactly door to door but for a short street seems to be a lot. How do you manage to loose your girlfriend so you can go whoring? I fail everytime.

I paid 350 plus 50 RMB for the call out back to the hotel, but i only did this once, but she was very good and more relaxed than the place it self.

Ganzhou is not too bad for the barbershop, disco scene.

07-14-03, 09:26
I have been a touch slow in reporting this but i had better add to the freebie vs pro debate, to illustrate how the lines have become slightly blurred.

About 10 days past i was taking an evening stroll along the local river when i spotted a nice lady, mid 30's very fit, watching over her son splashing around. We chatted for about 5 minutes and then her son, began to wade over to join us, time was short so i proposed meeting her the next day early morning. OK, and she hurriedly walked away, as if she had a bee up her bum.

Next day, she was dressed to kill in a flimsy white cotton dress (which showed of her mature curves perfectly) and asked me what i wanted to do. I told her plain, barely able to contain myself, as i knew she didn't dress like that to go shopping. OK, back to her place for a few hours of heavenly joy. I asked her for her number and she replied if i could pay her monthly fee of 300 rmb, then the phone will be connected again - complete nonsense i know, but now ( i judge) she will be my regular weekly lay (to add to the others :-) ); everyones a winner.

07-14-03, 16:30
Imperium, you are an idiot to make such a comment about Chinese men. Go do your mongering, but don't think that you are superior to anyone.

Member #1005, I am 100% with you.

07-14-03, 16:53

I agree that we should leave racial slurs and/ or stereotyping off these boards. Although I am not Chinese, I am close to 50 and not as slim and fit as I used to be. Could I be the obese white guy to whom you refer in your post? When it comes to mongering, the color of our money is the same.

Just my POV.....


Orient Xpress
07-14-03, 20:09

Let's stay focus on our common goals and hunt as many preys as possible!

I sure wish I can be in South China right now. Stuck in states for the time being. Reading all these wonderful insightful stories got me really excited. I went to a local MP yesterday and got my much needed "fix". problem is i hate those 30-45 minute fixes for $150 US. the experience is over before it even starts! down goes $150.

Much rather be in China and be able to spend an entire evening and part of the following day for that price. Last time I was in GZ I had 2 twenty-one year olds for all night for $200. The girls tagged team against me too. Only drag is that everytime I switched off, I had to put on a new rain coat. The girls didn't want to swap bodily fluids, which is understandable. god I wish I can get on a plane and spend a week there!

For those of you over there right now, enjoy it while you can. Be safe, stay out of trouble and don't do anything that you'll regret later.

Happy hunting!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

07-14-03, 23:58
Missed Intrasit's bloomer altogether.

I am sure no harm was intended, but having reread the post (Nanjing Pt III 07/06/2003) it did make me laugh. He seems to be equally sarcastic of all races. (We all know the truth that ugliness as in beauty knows no country/racial/creed/colour/intelligence barriers)

07-15-03, 12:16
Hi Guys,

It seems that I have stirred up a hornets nest with my earlier post. My only question is since the content of my post "Nanjing Part III" is the problem why has it taken over a month to provoke any response?

OAH. I have respect for you and have learned quite a bit about the scene here from reading your postings. For that I thank you. As to your comment "could I be the obese white guy..." I suppose that you could well be if you consider that to be an accurate description of yourself. What I said about that man was precisely true. It was a simple statement of fact - nothing more or less. I mentioned it only to add depth to my description of the establishment and to provide justification for my confidence in the way I dealt with the girl. My intention is most certainly not to diminish the self esteem of any mongers who could be so described. It is worth remembering that there is often a sharp divide between a realistic apprasial of a situation and a kindly one. For my part I value truth above affectation.
Sure, the colour of your money is the same as mine - but place yourself into the girl's shoes for a moment if you will. Are you going to be more receptive to the advances of a young, attractive man who offers you money or an older less attractive one who does likewise? The answer, however unfortunate, is self evident.

Rayman. I see what you mean about the frequency of the barbershops now. However I should say that it is not only the street at the back of the hotel that has action. There are several parallel & intersecting roads that also have seedy looking barbers strewn along them. This area is famed as the red light district. Additional action can however be found in places close to the centre of the city. I will post again once I have had a chance to visit them and am certain of their precise location.

On this occasion after dinner Xiao Yu (my chinese girlfriend) said that she was tired and wanted to go back to the hotel and rest. I told her that I would rather take a walk and sent her back in a cab. I daresay that she suspects my infidelity but as long as I do not overtly rub it in her face she will tolerate it. After all it is I not she that holds all the cards in our relationship. Before we met she lived in a hovel and worked in Casablanca selling herself as a drinking companion to strange men who fondled her and treated her like a *****. Now she has a well appointed apartment in Nanjing, no need to work, a foreign boyfriend and seems to have formed the idea that she has made it into high society. As it would be fairly straightforward for me to replace her it would hardly be wise for her to make waves. She is conscious of this as am I.

Orient Xpress & Wantoknow.
I do not know where you originate from but I come from the UK. Britain is a democracy and one of the fundamental principles of such a system is that a person can express any view even if others find it offensive. The right to be offensive with impunity is a cornerstone of the democratic system. It is perhaps its most indespensible tenet. If I think something then I am inclined to say it. Frankly if it offends you then I am sorry but I am not about to alter my opinions or restrain them in the future.
The fact of the matter was that that particular group of chinese men in the bar were terribly dressed (most sporting the "uniform" of ill-fitting trousers, hideous polo shirts, flesh coloured socks with black shoes!, a cell phone strapped upon their belt and a massive collection of keys dangling on a chain at the rear). I see this a thousand times everyday. Anyone living in China knows this to be true - it is indisputable. For every well dressed Chinese man there are a thousand wearing the "uniform" or worse.

As to the issue of physical attractiveness I have no desire to modify my earlier remarks. In my view most (please note not ALL) chinese men are unattractive in comparison with western men. Attraction is an intensely subjective matter so I can accept if you feel differently. However I would like to add that the majority of western men that I have met here feel this way, a substantial proportion of my female chinese colleagues agree and almost all western women that I know here (several dozen) are of the same mind. I know therefore that I am not alone here.

As I said to OAH I mentioned the guys in the bar only to increase understanding of my actions. It is not my goal to offend anyone but equally it is not my intention to pander to political correctness.



Storm Cat
07-16-03, 10:41
I am a newbie in this forum and I come from HK.

I am not sure whether any brother in this forum has discussed a town called Changping (let call it "CP") in Dongguan.

CP is a place full of gals. You can either choose gals from the saloon shops, have around 15 shops I think, and each shop has around 20 gals.

They will cost around Rmb200 for one-time sex or Rmb500-600 to stay with you for overnite (from the time u pick her up till around 10am next morning), or else you can go to the nightclubs in the town. There are around 10 nightclubs available. The biggest one has around 400 gals available and many many many pretty gals are there.

The gal will charge $500 for one-time sex and $800 for overnite.

I have pick up a Guizhou gal there last time. The gal is so tendering and will do whatever you told her. From her conversation and her response on the bed, I know I am her first customers (she work there for the first day).

Orient Xpress
07-17-03, 00:52

i too was raised in a democratic society (the us of a) so i completely agree with your views on the fundamentals of freedom of speech. however, i also have my own opinions of westerners and my community of friends (asian and westerners) agrees with my assessment. since i am unfamiliar with the uk, i can only reference what i have seen here in states.

the last time i was in the southern part of the country (louisiana, arkansas, texas, etc.) i along with my western cohorts collectively agreed that the so call southern westerners were terribly unattractive. not only were they dressed in ragtag fashion but also sported the worst dental hygiene that we have ever witnessed. the point that i'm trying to make is that if you believe in that most things in the world are distributed under a normal statistical distribution (bell curve), then inevitably there will always be a smaller sampling of terribly ugly/extremely attractive and a larger sampling of average looking people in the middle. in theory (again if you subscribe to the standard normal distribution) this distribution is not discriminatory of race and/or ethnicity. so the basis of your argument which is to take your limited personal interactions with a handful of chinese people (for the sake of arguing lets just assume 1,000 chinese) and apply that perspective on more than 1.3 billion people (actually less since not all chinese are men) is completely flawed and unsupported. accordingly, while i felt that most of the southern westerners were simply disgusting, i did not conclude that most westerners are unattractive. the southern westerners were not a fair representation of all westerners in the world (and neither are the unattractive chinese men you came across in the brothels that you frequent or on the streets). come on buddy, you write and sound like a reasonable and intelligent person who most likely has been exposed to higher education. don't tell me that you can not see that your line of reasoning is flawed.

this is probably one of if not the most subjective argument that one can engage in so i doubt any of us will convince the other of our opinions. my only objective is to employ logic and reasoning to demonstrate to you that your argument is faulty and unsupported.

i will however continue to embrace you because we share a common objective in life, which is to engage in as much sexual activity as possible.

let's lay this issue to rest and not waste any more valuable time. for every minute that we waste bickering over such frivolous matters is a minute that we can spend in bed, on massage tables, on couches, in bath tubs, or any other positions with delectable little creatures that we so much enjoy - girls.

gentlemen, let's go hunt’ in!!!

07-17-03, 03:48
Have to say mate your last post (not intrasit's sorry for getting the names muddled) really had me crying out in laughter.

I can only assume you are not in the diplomatic service, but hey we all need to have thick skins nowadays.:=)

Look forward to your next post.

07-17-03, 04:58

i may be a bit old-fashioned at my age, but i still believe in the "all men are created equal under god" concept and do not have a superiority complex. although i do find the chinese dress code you describe a bit odd myself, i do not hold it against anyone that chooses to follow it, nor refer to it in any derogatory manner. the same applies to obesity, which is a constant battle for me to deal with at my age and obviously a sensitive point with many overweight people. some people are just more fortunate than others in this world.

having said all that, if your comments were not intended as malicious, i can accept that. i too am from a democratic society where freedom of speech is a constitutional right, and i do highly respect that right.

your theory on the preference of pros, all things being equal e.g. the money, is a subject of debate. i am not certain it is self evident. please do not forget it is a commercial transaction. i have been told by many, that they prefer older guys since, they can be less demanding, more gentle and, most importantly, finish faster. i also believe that, in more cases than not, the girl intentionly does not enjoy sex with any customers, young or old. furthermore, i have been to several ktvs where many girls would not entertain western guys, young and old alike, and have also been told by many pros that they prefer a smaller size. i would be interested in other opinions on this.


p.s. thanks for the compliment. i try to contribute as much as possible to this forum.

07-18-03, 08:12
Hi Guys,

OAH. It's strange what you say about the preferance of Pro's because the ones that I am with all tell me that they prefer younger guys becuase the sex is better and it feels more natural (there being less of an age divide). Added to this many girls (particularly the KTV types) that I have encountered are trying to latch on to a Westerner as a means of escape from their present situation. It would seem logical to me that younger guys hold an advantage under such circumstances. However I have no doubt that your pros tell you what they think you want to hear and mine do likewise. Who knows where deception ends and truth begins?

As I do not really trust what they say I try to put myself in their position as young women. I know that I would choose the younger guy every time. I think that it is fair to add that (though there are some exceptions) women in general prefer their sexual partners to be around the same age as they are.

I conceed that for the pure commercial pro all that matters is getting the most money in the least possible time. However that said, many of the girls in China have other agendas and are far less mercenary in their outlook.

Rayman. Oddly enough I never thought that the diplomatic service was the right choice for someone of my nature! I was actually sent here because my boss considered me to be the most critical person he had. I work for the Investment Management arm of a major investment bank. I spend most of my time visiting companies and assessing their suitablity for investment. During my short time in China I have seen more examples of mendacity, fraud, copyright infrigement, bribery, abuse of power, misappropriation of funds and sheer commercial incompetance than I ever hope to see for the rest of my career. I have to laugh and make light of it otherwise I would slowly wither away here.

As an example of my extreme tact 3 weeks ago before I left Jiangsu I was asked at a meeting "What do you think China needs most?" I responded "an invasion."

Orient Xpress.
I agree with you about one thing - we should put this "debate" to bed. Since you refer to the chinese as "our people" I can only assume that you are a male of chinese origin. Accepting that I am right means accepting that the majority of the male population of your motherland is unattractive. This opinion also does not reflect favourably upon you. I do not expect you to accept what I say - merely to aknowledge that I have the right to say it.

You cannot apply a scientific measure like the bell curve to something that is impossible to accurately measure like attractiveness. Equally of course there ARE massive ethnic and racial variations to consider. For example if you take a bell curve of IQ or personal wealth (which can be measured) then you will find huge variations between nations and races. If you overlay the chart for personal wealth for Chinese on that of say France then though both will have the shape of bell curves the vast majority of Chinese will fall in the "impoverished" section of the french chart whilst some of the poorest of the French will be modestly well off in China. Though it cannot be so accurately gauged as wealth or IQ in my view the same principle holds true for the attractiveness of the chinese male vis a vis his western counterpart. These are my last words on this issue.

I agree lets get on with reporting finds or debating something a mite more relevant to the scene in China.



07-19-03, 03:54
You write: As an example of my extreme tact 3 weeks ago before I left Jiangsu I was asked at a meeting "What do you think China needs most?" I responded "an invasion."

I have also had similar questions asked to me and my reply normally relate to, "...wait until the liberation by the Americans".

Blank stares followed by "He's joking".

I agree completely on the business side of your post, i have worked here close on 7 yrs and everything seems to be a sham.

Back to WSG: Had an interesting experience last night, on the way home from a heavy ganbei dinner and feeling the worse for wear, walking up a narrow street behind our flat and spotted a girl shutting up shop. I stopped and chatted for a while before asking her for a drink, we sat down inside the place with the shutter half down. She sleeps on a mattress in an ahhoc rear room, earns 300 rmb / mth and she was keen to know my salary. More chat followed (I am fluent in conversational mandarin) and I was getting increasing interested in having her countryside arse - and she knew it; but it was probable 2am before she locked the shutter and gave me a bbbj (her kneeling on the shop floor) followed by frantic fs on the mattress. She obtained another months salary for that before letting me escape. Saw her again this morning and have to say she's alot more un-attractive in the cold light of day but i will certainly go back to her next time if only for her full doggy skills.

Orient Xpress
07-19-03, 06:32
Hello guys. Sounds like you all have gained enough experiences in China to lecture a China 101 class. My visits to China have been relatively short business trips. That is why I envy you guys. While I can't imagine living any where else besides the states since I'm accustomed to the standard of living and comforts here, I would like to visit China more frequently and perhaps on longer basis so that I can satiate my mongering needs.

The pros in the states are old, too expensive, low quality and too business / transaction like. I use their service only because I have no choice.

My experiences in China are precisely the opposite. The girls are young, extremely friendly, un-business like, and most importantly affordable. I paid less for an all day / night affair with an all-you-can eat buffet like policy in China than I paid yesterday for a 30 minutes half ass massage and fs session (US$150). I need to go back. I really need to go back soon!

Keep enjoying yourselves over there and don't forget to transcribe them here at the forum. It motivates me to do the things I need to do here in the states so that I can go back (principally make more dough so that I can blow it all on partying when i return). I'm in the process of organizing a non-business trip with my buddies to visit China by the end of the year. We plan to DO EVERYTHING (literally) in a 72 hour fuckathon. The last time we were there I banged 6 girls in 3 days! Had more than 10 orgasms.

When i returned to the states i had cold chills for about a week. Evidently I depleted all of my "yangs" and had becpme too "yin".

Enjoy it guys. Whenever i'm having a bad day, I recall my
fuckathon and I suddenly can't close my mouth from smiling. These beautiful memories will forever bring smiles to my face for the rest of my life. I must have done something right in my previous life. Perhaps I was a pro who couldn't put away the "red light"?


07-19-03, 08:50
Damn Rayman, I don't know if it's something you're eating or the way you look, but you definately have the craziest experiences in China non-pro-wise...but congrats :)

Did you happen to have a condom or did she? Or was it bareback?


07-19-03, 09:08
Hi Jonny,
bb all the way.

Actually this place is relatively calm - I could tell several 'crazy non-pro' experiences from my days in Shanxi/Guangzhou, but if i did i would be hounded from this boards under the charge of making thinks up - now you only hear of them as they occur. Do you have a dig camera?

07-20-03, 05:08

I will concede that, all other things being equal, in a traditional GFE, not commercial relationship, most young women would prefer a younger, fit, attractive guy like you, rather than, an old, fat, geezer like myself. This is no different anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, what I am lacking in age and looks, I try to make up for with my smooth, sweet-talking, personality. This also works sometimes.

Anyway, I agree that we should put this debate to rest and focus on the more important issues at hand...where and how to get laid in China, as often as possible!


07-21-03, 13:53
Where was your little non pro feast? I just want to be able to keep my eyes open for similar opportunities....
Like was it a BB shop? or some little store?
Do you give a girl some eyes, and if she responds, you figure out a way to drag it out and whatever happens happens?

Thanks for the tips. I know deals like this are far from the exact science of getting laid from a pro, however these offer quite a rush that you cant get other ways..

07-21-03, 17:43
Hey Rayman,

I have a digital camera, luckily I can go to HK pretty easily and the selection/price is great.

I'd love to know more of your China stories from "way back when" since I really love to hear what's possible in China, from business to politics to (especially) women.

I have one or two really good stories, but otherwise, I'm sure they pale in comparison to yours...here's my email, remove the spaces, ofcourse...

johnnykon666 @ yahoo . com

07-23-03, 13:27
Hi folks,

I have hesistated a few days before replying as i wanted to give as best advice as i could but without saying the obvious. Apologies for the delay.

As Blankie says a girl giving you the eye is important but actually her whole body language will tell you more. So after she sees you does she change her stance, posture, walk to something a bit 'silkier'? This is an excellent guide.

Compliment asap and try and get a contact detail, (so carrying a pen is handy at all times - it is a pain to ask a stranger for a pen), if she won't give you a number (may not be convenient for a host of reasons), arrange to meet her in a public place in day time, lunch etc - but not directly at a bar as she may not like walking/waiting there alone. I use to meet some lovelies in the side door of the Friendship store in TaoJinBei lu, and then to the Hill Bar for a drink. Then play it by ear.

Treat them well to keep them swell, remember we are gentlemen after all. Don't be mean with the cash - very very important.

OAH. As a pov, i think physical looks are irrelevant, it is ones conduct that counts.

Thats all'

Sorry, Johnny, I will keep the details for another 'readers wives' tale...:-)....tired typing all this stuff.

07-23-03, 15:22
Originally posted by Rayman

OAH. As a pov, i think physical looks are irrelevant, it is ones conduct that counts.


I still have to believe when it comes to non-pros, looks do play a role, but only one part. Other attributes can play equally important roles.

I envy the bb action you are getting. This is one thing I miss with pros. Unfortunately, I never have enough time to invest in non-pros, and never been as fortunate to find a girl closing shop. Great work!


07-24-03, 08:49
Well, I was in Hangzhou. After a night of drinking at several bars, I decided to check the barbershop scene. I walked around for about an hour before I found a street lined with those neon-lighted places. The first one I went into had about 5 girls sitting around. I liked what I saw so I decided to stay. I was taken into the back room and and the girl told me, "2 girls, 200 yuan". I said, 'sure' and I pointed at the two most attractive girls...both about 20 years old and VERY hot. They layed me on the little table and both massaged me. One girl worked my upper half and the othe worked my lower half. The one girl gave a great HJ, while the other one smiled continued to massage me while I touched her naked body.

It was really hot (temperature), but the two girls did a great job. They seemed excited to have a Western customer. When it was finished I gave them 200yuan...plus 50yuan extra, which they seemed happy about. They gave a bottle of water, said "bye bye" and waved goodbye as I stumbled out and made my way back my hotel.

All in all. A great experience.

07-24-03, 11:55
Old AsiaHand
I will be visiting GZ area Monday-Wed. Are you busy?


Dashing Don
07-24-03, 18:40
Enjoy your posts, as much for the joie de vivre as anything else.

At the end of August I am going to AC in the Philippines where I will meet up with some WSG mongers. Because the trip is so long from New York, I will fly direct to Hong Kong, and stay overnight on Saturday, and then on to Manila on Sunday. Question is: as its my first time in HKG, where can I get laid? I am staying at the Hyatt. Are your stomping grounds nearby? If so, I'd like to hook up if you are around.

Please dont tell me to wade through months of banter on the HKG board for the answers.


07-25-03, 11:04
Dashing Don,
One idea is to check out www.******.com

They have pics, prices, phone number, and vague locations.

good luck.

07-25-03, 14:33

I will be around next week, but not sure what day I will come up to GZ. Any plans for a side trip to Shenzhen? I guarantee you will enjoy! I've backchanneled you my mobile. See you next week.


07-25-03, 14:44
Dashing Don,

I have not done much mongering in HK lately, but have also heard pretty good reports about 141.

Although I am just across the border in Shenzhen, it may be a bit of a hike after such a long flight.

There is also a disco in the Grand Hyatt where there is usually a mix of pros and non-pros. You are within walking distance of Wan Chai with bars full of Thais and Filipinas, but you can wait for Angeles for them at substantially lower prices. I used to see some mainland SW on the upper end of Lockard Road, as well.

I envy you. I haven't been in The Philippines since January.

Happy Hunting!


Dashing Don
07-25-03, 21:49
Blank and OAH,

Thanks for the info, especially the fact that I can meet someone right there in the Hyatt. This is precisely the kind of info I was looking for.


07-26-03, 02:20
Last nights adventure.

Thought i should pop back to the shop, so had a snooze around 9:00 and got out at past 11. Shop was all shut up, street quiet. Ray goes banging on the steel shutter, "Open up its me"...well lo and behold I hear a man's voice cursing and swearing, i did a runner like a guilty squirrel down the alley as he pops his ugly head out.

Down hearted but not out of the game i head to the bus station where i know there's usually some action. Another small alley way, with some barber shop red light places. Had a stroll up and down with the cat calls of "laowei" in my ear.

Chosed a relatively clean place, picked out a fat arse girl, (one would have trouble finding a 7-8 in this one horse town) and she led me to a small room with no door out the back. Lots of giggles from the other girls. Not sure whether or not it was due to my exercise earlier but i really dug into this one, in every position/hole. Thoughout the performance various girls came and popped their head around the door frame - quite a turn on and made me pump all the harder, with her moaning loudly. Finished up on her arse, with a young girl standing beside, hand squeezing my balls. 200 rmb for the main one and i tipped 50 to the other. 40 rmb for the mamasan who actually was ok. (The locals say 50-100rmb is enough for fs, so as always i was ripped off but nevermind.)

Covered all the way.

Completely knackered I had to sit down and was looked after by several of the other girls (provided with watermelon, cold beer - 10rmb) before tumbling out of the place and got a motorcyle taxi home.

Ricky D
07-27-03, 14:30
Now in Hekou. A bit shellshocked for the first couple of days but now starting to get into it. In Hekou there is a Svay Pak style enclosed building and the 2nd and 3rd floors are loaded with young cute viet girls. Took one last night ST for about 60yuan. Full service with a smile in my hotel room. I have been doing the shower routine as well. It really does get them into the groove. This afternoon the local English-speaking tout John(AKA Mike) showed me about 5 different "beauty parlors" before I took an 18 year-old chinese stunner. My style, tall, pretty but with short tea-colored hair. I paid 200yuan, about 200yuan for ST back in my room. I think Chinese girls are usually more expensive than Viets. A nice way to spend the afternoon because there is fuck-all to do here.

John, formerly known as Mike, is quite aggresive but he has introduced me to many places and has done a tremendous amount of translating. I'm sure I have paid more than average but I was able to find above average girls. IMHO. If you can put up with him he is not too annoying. Perhaps the diehards disagree.


Ricky D

07-28-03, 15:33
Your posts are interesting, but we never know which town you are speaking about... South China is huge, please be precise.

07-30-03, 00:42
I don't think you will be interested in this place, but i would recommend Ganzhou, which is an 8 hr drive from Guangzhou. Long way i know but if the lads in GZ, SZ ever fancy a weekend exploring it is a cool place. The Ganzhou Hotel has a great disco on the 2rd Floor and lots of other places along the river front.

07-30-03, 07:22
Thaknks. Are there any barbershop in Ganzhou ? Actually I might go as I am planning a trip to Nanchang some time.
Barbershops are definitely my favorite in China. At present, I am in Manchouria and I cannot find any. It is all the sauna, KTV format, which I don't like because you discover the girls only once you are already committed to consume. Then, if you don't see anyone you fancy, which is often the case (I am very picky because I f... a lot), it is not easy to withdraw. I should stick to my dear South China.

07-30-03, 08:36
Originally posted by Erik
Barbershops are definitely my favorite in China. It is all the sauna, KTV format, which I don't like because you discover the girls only once you are already committed to consume. Then, if you don't see anyone you fancy, which is often the case (I am very picky because I f... a lot), it is not easy to withdraw. I should stick to my dear South China.


My sentiments exactly.....


07-31-03, 07:43

Yes there are barbershops all over the place, and the standard can be quite high. Cost between 200 and 400 rmb depending on the girl and the establishment.

I have posted some stuff on Nanchang that may interest you.

07-31-03, 10:17
I use the barbershops the same way I use gogo bars or bar beers in Thailand. Look, smile at girls and test their reaction, chat, visit the premises, take your time to choose. Very often the girls will invite you to sit down, which is the minimum chinese politness, and a way to make you stay. Sit down, chat with the girls, no rush, if you are not happy, you still can walk out. If you find one you like, you can negociate quietly with the girl in the back room. Unlike saunas, you don't have a group of curious guys, staff and customers alike, pressuring you and staring at you while wondering if you have a big dick like in movies or not. I appreciate if you don't speak chinese, saunas might be more straightfoward. But if you do speak and like to take your time, barbeshops is the best.

08-01-03, 05:21
As Erik says there is a lot to be said for those establishments, but often their cleanliness can be a let down. Always a chance of taking them out though, perhaps not on your first visit but certainly on your second.

Not too sure on the cities but in the small towns 100 rmb is enough, even for a pretty girl. These girls will eventually make their way down to the coastal cities for some real dosh.

08-01-03, 10:58
Chongqing...any experience?

Haven't seen a lot of Chongqing reports here. However, there is a wealth of praise(OAH, head cheerleader), and rightly so, for Sichuan girls. They are generally wonderful.

Later this month, I will begin a multi week (or multi month) stay in China. Was thinking of a 2-3 day side trip to Chongqing.

Anyone been there? Anyone want to try it (assuming all the Sichuan girls haven't moved to Guangdong)?

08-03-03, 15:52
I agree with you, the barbershops are dirty and stinck. That is why I allways take the girl out to my hotel, even if it makes the taifei (equivalent of the bar fine) 50 Y instead of 30Y. Also for security reasons : you never know if curious policemen are going to come for routine inspection ; and also because a ST in your hotel room is always longer than a ST in the premises, and you can wash the girl and yourself.

08-04-03, 02:42
Lucky: Never been to Chongging but bearing in mind the province it is in i suspect no problems at all. As a rough guide the areas around the good hotels, bus and train stations will always have places to monger.

Spot on Erik.

On the subject of washing the sex shop downstairs here sells quite a few lice-disinfectant liquids - 8rmb. I was also advised to spread on some tiger-balm to keep the creepy-crawlies away.

08-05-03, 09:46
For me Chongqing is THE sex town of China. As else where in China, it is a good idea to stay away from KTV, KaraOK, which are rip off for most of them. But, there again, in the barbershops, you find all you want. Have a look around the Holiday Inn Hotel, across the river. You won't be desappointed. Don't pay more than 200 Y, take the girl back to your hotel room, insist beforehand to have BBBJ included in the price.

08-05-03, 13:51

it seems to me that the smaller the town the skankier the barbershops. i was in one in shantou that when i walked into the back room...i caught the rats and roaches running for cover. they also offered take out service, but after that peek at the back, i had second thoughts and left.

having said that, most of the shops i frequent in the larger key cities are reasonably clean. when i travel, i usually take the girl back to the hotel, but on my home turf, i have no choice but to use their accommodations which are usually pretty decent.


08-06-03, 14:51
Thought you lot might in interested in this.

Gloria Hotel, Nanchang. Afternoon meeting, morning free.

Wandered around the Hotel and saw a business suited 30 something lady in the lobby. Short, glasses, nice fat arse. Chatted a bit, bought her a coffee but she seemed to cool somewhat, obviously making a mess of things thinks I. So i thought better go for broke before i waste more time, Come to my room and i'll give you another drink?......she paused smiled and said "OK but we must be quick"......my heart skipped a beat but she was in the lift and on the bed in 5 minutes flat. A sloppy bbbj etc and then in doggy, banging away merrily when her phone rang, she motioned me to be quiet but i carried on regardless. She had trouble keeping her voice steady but managed it without a complete breakdown. Anyway someone was on the way to pick her up, so be quick. I finished up her and then she thanked me, before rushing out without even a wash, just a quick wipe.....

Lunch time was spent in a barbershop but just wasted some time there, and i am just preparing now to pop out and have a look on the streets. Wish me luck.

08-08-03, 06:31

Caught a taxi to the Jiangxi hotel which has has a disco out the back. 40 RMB for the door and up the stairs to the dance floor, loud techno music, expensive beers but lots of honeys. But way too loud to even speak, and lots of aggressive guys glancing over.

At around midnight the crowd filters out and i latched on to some young girls. .....frankly speaking if i had 1000 rmb i am sure i could have done them both, but we just played about abit outside and then boringly i caught a taxi back. Once back in the room, the evil little brother picks up and forces me to ring the room of the 'lobby girl'. Had a man answered i would have put the phone down but she answered and after a short protest at the late time she let me in....a happy night was spent.....

08-10-03, 09:43
That freebie story is great. Good job! Freebies like that are the type I woudl killl for. I get them here and there but not so fast and stringless.

Those are the best!


08-11-03, 02:38
Blankie, One of my greatest pleasures in China are the mature and attached freebies.........guess that's why it is such a great topsy-turvy place to live.

Had a 80rmb oil massage in a palour Sunday morning, a good hj was included in the price, pity the girl was such a sour-puss. Some gals just don't enjoy their work :-)

08-11-03, 19:58
Erik, thanks for the info on Chongqing. I am definitely planning a trip to Chongqing in October. Is Holiday Inn Hotel close to the Jeifang Monument? I heard the area around Jeifang Monument is where the girl action (nightlife) is. Anymore info on that subject will be very much appreciated.

08-16-03, 00:04
Headed back to the Bus Station last night despite the rain; i guess hoping the clients would be low as i had some hopes of bonking the Mamasan who was by far the best girl there from my last visit. How wrong could i be.

Arrived at the door way of the barbershop that i mentioned a few pages back to see the start of an altercation being a group of young lads and the entire female staff of the place. Well, frankly a punch up as a prelude to la gallop wasn't in my plans so i retired to a safe distance across the alley way. Well within seconds hair was being pulled and bottles thrown but the girls were putting up a fine show of it judging by one poor chap who had a beer bottle bounce of his head, but one girl was getting an awful beating just by the doorway. It was certainly turning out rum for them.

I was about to move on in case the local corruption officers turned up when i heard a cry for help from the mama-san. Well stone me if it wasn't being directed at Ray!! Eyes pleading and arm outstretched. Usually when a tart screams for my help in a brawl she can go and jump but this time i knew that if i walked away the chances of getting the ride in this place ever again (and especially with the mama-san was a fat zero) - so in I wade all 6' and 180 lbs, cracking heads and tossing them out of the place. Shocked and awed they most certainly were and they soon scampering down the lane, with most of the girlies of the entire lane in hot pursuit - bit like a Benny Hill movie. The mama-san somehow lost her appeal with a cut lip and bruised eye so i left - without a thankyou in my ear - and disappeared up the other end of the alley for a taxi back.

Too shagged to do anything else.

08-18-03, 00:00
JingGanShan Mountain. The cradle of the revolution, has some very nice massage girls, 8's at least. Hotels are expensive around 500 pernight but there are several places in town which do rooms for 50 rmb.

08-18-03, 19:19
Wanttoknow :
No, Holiday Inn hotel is accross the Yang-Tse river. Look at a map, or tell the taxi driver you want to go to "Yangzijiang Jiari Dajiudian" if you know how to pronounce that. Believe me, it is really worth the exercice of mandarin phonetic.

08-26-03, 20:49
Well, I was in Hangzhou again. This time for one day. Last time managed to get a HJ for about 300, not a great deal. Well, this time I was luckier. On the way back to my hotel for the night, I was propositioned by two girls outside a barbershop. At first I said 'no', because I was tired and wasn't up foy action, but I was was really drunk so I let the girls persuade me. After about 10 minutes of chit chat, and deciding which girl I liked more. I chose the skinnier of the two, she said she was 21 years old. We walked up the stairs that we were in the back of the barbershop, they led to a hallway. She led me into a little air conditioned room with a bed covered with that wicker mat that's so popular here. Within 2 minutes she was naked and laying in the bed. I had to rush to catch up. She was beautiful. I got maked and got on top of her. She was already wet, so I got got right to business. I thought I would blow my load quick and be on my way, but I had a lot of stamina that night so I lasted a long time.

Doggy, missionary, DATY and a whole lot of other ways that I don't know the names. later, I finished. So did she. She told me she came so many times. It was great! She asked me to come back tomorrow free of charge and told me her knees were shaking. Unfortunately, I had to leave in the morning. I will say it the best 300 yuan I've ever spent, Ever.


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Jack Spratt
09-29-03, 10:35
Oh dear - where was this? Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguang - where?


China probes Japanese mass orgy.

Chinese authorities are investigating an orgy in southern China involving hundreds of Japanese tourists and local prostitutes.

The incident took place in the middle of September but has only just made headline news in China's official media.

A group of 400 Japanese male tourists reportedly staged a three-day orgy with hundreds of female prostitutes in a five star hotel in a city in southern Guangdong province.

The men were aged between 16 and 37-years-old.

Prostitution is illegal in China and the hotel has been shut while police investigate.

An undisclosed number of people have been detained but Chinese authorities have not revealed if any Japanese men are amongst them.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman says the incident violated Chinese law and the activities were "extremely odious".

Meanwhile, a Japanese company at the centre of the claims that it organised an orgy has denied involvement in the incident.

The says China is just trying to make Japan look bad.

09-30-03, 01:19
It happened in Zhuhai.

10-04-03, 04:21
Shantou Report:

I did not get much action due to my circumstances but did some research.

Stayed at the Golden Gulf Hotel, rated 5-star, but probably only 4 stars in reality. There is one small lane next to the hotel with one BBS offering FS. They quoted me 300RMB, but I reckon 200RMB was possible. There were six girls available during the afternoon. KTV was expensive but the quality was phenomenal; gorgeous girls for 800RMB ST. I had no place to take them so I had to pass.

Stayed one night at the Citic Resort Hotel at Zhong Xin beach. FS available in the sauna. Self-contained VIP room concept for 150RMB + 300RMB tip for FS.


10-09-03, 18:53
Anyone with up-to-date info about Sanya and Haikou in Hainan? Will be going there soon...


10-30-03, 08:25
Ganzhou Hotel. Ganzhou.

For 300 rmb i took the chamber girl on a western adventure. Even as she opened the door to my room on booking in i noticed a certain wiggle of the arse and decided to pursue it later.

Had a big meal with the client and after some KTV, and ended up at the hotel around midnight. Sitting in the room and feeling like some company i decided to try her out before the massage place. Rung up her room and told her the TV was broke...i had obviously woken her up and the bad tempered girl eventually agreed to come over.

However once in the room she cheered up and she was quite keen to chat and sit on the bed. I knew then she wanted the same as me and it was just a question of patience; half hour later she was :-0 and; l-<....suberb service.

11-05-03, 11:22

My ship just docked in Haikou. Found nice place and service at Huandao Tide hotel, Peace Avenue. Sauna in Basement one, see the price list RMB 400 FS plus massage 1.5 hours, tipped 50. Choice from the lineup is yours and massage lady comes in later. Bring your own supply of condoms, those supplied tend to be small.

Tried Karaoke bars but you need to speak Mandarin and find a girl not afraid of foreigners, 800 RMB overnight. Beatiful girls from all over China go to Hainan it seems.

11-06-03, 09:43
I wish I could post someone involving lots of sex and such but I can't. This is more of a humourous story but relates to the pic I posted in Photos.

Inspected the massage girls in the hotel, chose the best one and she duly came to the room. After a little chat (and having her pic took) she fell to her knees and pulled it out. "Yikes" she cried, "its massive" and ran out of the room. (It isn't)

I returned to the massage room and the mamasan said that the price is now 500 rmb (not the 150 she originally quoted). I said I will consider depending on performance. OK?

I returned to the room and waited. After 20 minutes a fat little thing appeared, I sent her away; then another ugly doll and she received the same treatment. This went on for about 6 or 8 girls before the original girl returned. We agreed 400 but by this time we were both slightly hacked off with the whole affair, and then she said no CBJ; I sent her out untouched.

Went to bed.

11-07-03, 13:19
I must say that your selection of girls is by far the best.
You've what it takes to pick the best girl :)

12-21-03, 23:10
Guys; Does anyone have any reports on what to do in Hainan Island. Heard a bunch of Asian businessmen say they go there a lot and golf and have fun. I have been in China several times this year especially Shenzen, etc. but never been to Hainan Island. Have been lucky a few times. My Mandarin is very rudimentary. Any info on hotels or places to stay and where the action is. Thanks all.

12-22-03, 03:56
Hainan island (Haikou) used to be the place to go however it has been going down hill for the past 2 years. The government wanted to turn it into a tourist area and have done so. Now you see families everywhere and most of the girls have left the island and gone to other places. There is still action on the island but not like it used to be.

12-31-03, 20:15
Hi Ricky D, I am very interested in this Svay Pak styled building in Hekou mentioned in your post. Can you give the name of the building or the location where I can find it?

Would appreciate it for your info.


01-30-04, 08:06
Anyone have any info on Kaiping City?

02-07-04, 13:14
Along the 105 stopped at a small place called Zhangshu, and my driver stayed the night with his sister - very convenient planning for him "I am so tired we must stop" routine. I elected for the local hotel. Poor selection of girls in the massage place and opted to go to the local disco...chatted to a few girls but the angry stares of their men kept me from doing anything more. Decided to walk back though a bit of a dry/greeny patch that I am sure the locals call a park. Lots of SW around with catcalls of 80, 70, 50rmb ringing in my ears. I approached one and wish I hadn't. -old hag face - I ran away.

Near the hotel I saw a 'rest and massage' center and popped in. Taishi massage 30rmb was agreed and I choosed a big breasted girl. "We don't do massage here" she said after bolting the door "only the love thing", straight to the quick, 150rmb ok? Big grin from her and a 'OK great', and shoved her tits into my face.

Bed was heated and very nice, good shag and nice conversation after. She had worked in GD in a factory, the foreman took her teenage virginity, along with many others judging by the "he had many girls" remark - hacked off with the work so ended up doing this. Addicted to gambling having lost 1000rmb that very day. Told me how much she liked me but couldn't be my gf because of the job she did, but wish I would come back often.

If it wasn't so far away I would. No pics, camera locked in the car. Staggered out and finished off taking the hotel phone of the hook to get some uninterrupted sleep.

Lucky Baby
02-09-04, 06:20
Many students will find their part-time jobs during the spring and fall fair. They are all open-minded and communicate well in English, we all can try to ask for more!

Good luck!

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02-14-04, 10:06
Just returned from Hainan. As pointed out by Csun213, not much action.

Stayed at Gold Coast Lawton Hotel in Haikou. The sauna charged about RMB 200 for a VIP room, and the guy quoted me RMB 800 for FS. No thank you! Had only 1 night in Haihou, and was very tired, so did not bother to explore more in the town.

Stayed at Holiday Inn in Yalong Bay in Sanya. Veyr nice hotel, but the Spa is 100% legitimate. Went to a hotel across the street, about 10 mins walk away, called Golden Palm.

The FS package in a so called VIP room costed me RMB 1000. The manager said that the girl was a model. She told me that she was from Nanjing. She did have a model's face and figure. But absolutely no service at all. Just lied there, and trying to get it over with ASAP. And still dared to ask me for tips at the end.

Yes, I know I've been ripped off. But I guess I was kind of in a weak moment.

Will also post this in the Haikou section.

02-14-04, 10:10
Will be travelling to Shantou in the Chaozhou area next week. Would any fellow mongers have any info?

02-29-04, 06:35
Ok, I have been exploring Kaiping for a week and there is a lot of action here. There are KTV'S in hotels there are AMP's and yes there are BBS's the ones I went to are in a section called Hairdresser Street it is about four blocks from city hall one block in from the river they look like barbershops but no one is cutting hair in any of these places.

AMP's 100 rmb 2hr with happy finish (50 Massage 50 happy finish)
Hairdresser Street 100 rmb full service one shot
There is a lot more going on that I have not seen. I will get back with more later

The Jello
03-22-04, 08:30
Liuzhou - Guangxi Province

I went on business to Liuzhou a heavy industry city in Guangxi and home to one of the biggest tobacco factories in China.

I check in at the Liuzhou Hotel claiming to be the best international hotel, they have only BBC channel so i got bored quickly and went looking for some action.

I didn't went too far just next door there is a sauna place, very opulent and with great facilities.

Standard room 98 RMB, superior 128, the luxury one with private toilet, sauna, shower and jacuzzi only 158 which I negotiated to 138.

138 includes standard massage 90 min and drinks.

A tall and chubby big breasted girl from Yunnan was introduced which I immediately accepted. She said 500 full service, I did not negotiated but I believe that its possible.
She undressed and lead me to the shower where she said will wash me all over.

I got really exited and asked if we could use the jacuzzi, she said that the jacuzzi is too big and she could call a friend for help, I asked how much and she replied 950 for both.
After few minutes the other one show up and after undressing took shower with us (no jacuzzi) one working on my front and the other washing my back.

The showering took some time and I was really enjoing it a lot, when suddendly some one knocked on the door and brought in a basket. We quickly dried ourselves and went for the door.

The basket contained a bucket of icy water, two glasses of warm milk, and condoms.
At first I told the girls that I really did not like the milk or the icy water but they assured me that it was not for drinking just needed to lie down on my stomack and relax.
So I did, i'm not sure how they did but it seems that they put some ice and water in their mouth and then start kissing and massaging my body with their lips, this took some time while i was liying down with a hard on. I wanted to start fucking them both already but they said that it was not finished and to still relax for a while.

Then they pour some milk on me and start rubbing their breasts on me. At that point I was ready ok!? When I thought it was over one of the two start licking my balls while the other was licking my ass. I almost came immediately. I took a minute to concentrate and think about the situation and just enjoy it a bit more.

They were very friendly and seem to enjoy the matter, we took another shower to clean off the milk and went back to the bed where one of the two put the condom using her mouth.

We try difefrent positions and both girls seem to play real team.

After i was done we took another shower and relaxed for a while on the sofa watching tv and sipping tea.

I would rate the experience 9/10, the girls 6/10 for the beauty (i'm picky) and 9/10 for the team play.

Damn camera out of power! I'll be back soon.

John Siron
03-23-04, 09:29

What you had with the milk/ice is called "Ice/Fire" in Chinese. The only thing new to me is the milk! Usually they use hot tea and ice water.

James Cook
04-22-04, 09:19
I heard the "ice fire"is one of chinese special service which probablely could only enjoy in china. The similiar service also include "änts climbing up trees, wandaring something , ect ". It is said a combination of sex and chinses traditional treatment. Could someone post the details about the other particular service here?


05-06-04, 10:58
Here is a cool place if your near Kaiping, Shui Koa is a little city about 15 minutes away from Kaiping. Shui Kou the Quio Lian Hotel you just cant miss. check in and they will knock on your door all day and night. I counted at least 100 girls. Have fun. 100 rmb a shot

05-07-04, 15:53
Shuikou near Kaiping (16k) the hotel is famous its on the main drag on the way to Kaiping. The main bus station in Shuikou is 300m from the hotel.
A bus from Kaiping to the front door of the Hotel is 2rmb
Thanks for all the PM's I hope this answers your questions

05-08-04, 19:02
To Batman,

Do you have an address and phone number for this place called Shui Kou the Quio Lian Hotel.

FYI: When I was in Kaiping staying at Ever Joint Peninsula Hotel, a 4-5 start hotel, the hotel had a guard in the front door. A very nice hotel except for the beds. They told me all the beds in the hotel were like that, hard and stiff. Well, after 11pm, it's impossible to get pass the guard since the hallway and entrance is so big. They did had a KTV on the second floor but had two guards standing in front, leading to the elevators. I felt I didn't want to test my luck if I found somebody.

05-13-04, 15:49
There is a bus from Shenzhen to KaiPing. It leaves from Lohuo Bus Terminus (under this fake shopping center next to the border). The bus stop is #9, the ride costs RMB 80 and takes about 3 hours. Busses leave probably every 30-60 Minutes or so.

I have to say, for 100 you can go to many barber shops in DG area. No big deal.

05-14-04, 08:16
S Weelock

Yeah the ever joint hotel (BAN DOU)is a little strict since they have their own girls working there in the KTV. No problem with any of them but they cost from 500-1000 an hour which is not my cup of tea.

Kaiping has plenty of BBS's not much SW action. The reason I ended up at this hotel I have been talking about is One of the guys I met here knew about it and says everyone else in the area does as well. I have never been to a hotel like it and if you you lok at my past reports I am sure you can tell I have been around.
I dont have the address or number I only know how to get there if you can get to Shui Kou just ask everyone know where it is and its the biggest hotel in town I think its about 19 floors.
Or just drop me a line before you come I will meet you in Kaiping and take you there. I do travel a lot so keep me some notice.

I will also try and snag a card the next time I go with the phone and address

05-14-04, 11:39

We are trying to put together a group of mongers to go to the hotel. Cronin has already signed up as could be expected. We will be heading down from Guangzhou. How can we hook up with you?


05-15-04, 07:33
I will PM you with my cell number in Kaiping