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05-18-02, 05:58
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10-17-02, 05:47
I will be in Bangalore next week. Any tips on where I can pick up a nice girl for the night?

10-31-02, 00:11
I am visiting Banglore in November, & i wanna know places where i can get reasonable girls to have sex..
please send me some addresses to approach them..

12-16-02, 15:24
tips on getting high class call girls in Bangalore. Go to Brigade
Gardens Bar at Brigade road.Give your hotel number to the Steward and ask him to hand it over to mamasan Baby Shalini.She will call you later.High class girls rate Rs.15000/

01-12-03, 07:12
Where can I find nice semi-pro women in bangalore to spend nite with in my hotel room? I will be there next month. thanks.

01-12-03, 07:38
Bangalore - classy women?

Can anyone help me get in contact with women in bangalore. I'm staying in a good hotel, and need some company - idealy not too young, and ideally busty.

Please email me direct if you have details.


Pussy Raider
05-11-03, 07:31
In Bangalore, in the past there used to be Priya lodge near the central station, and also many massage parlours, over time these were stopped by the government, but during my recent trip I saw some adverts in the papers, where then mention massae services for ladies and gents, on enquiry I was told the rate for ladies massage adn gents massage (hinting that ladies massage serivce is available) rates about 1000/- Rs per hour ladies. The ads come in Times (TOI) the place I enquired is called Charisma and Ramya. Anyone tried out these places and do they offer more than just massage, pls let me know.

05-19-03, 06:45

Can you give me more details on those two MP's you mentioned. i tried to find them in the TOI as you indicated but they werent there those few issues I looked... Im back in B'lore again soon and will try them out and let you know if its the real deal.


07-03-03, 10:10
Has anyone tried out the Times of India classifieds in bangalore? Any comments?

I am going to be in Bangalore for 3 nights and would really really like to try out one of these babes from bangalore.

07-04-03, 04:13
Originally posted by Dubyaman
Has anyone tried out the Times of India classifieds in bangalore? Any comments?

I am going to be in Bangalore for 3 nights and would really really like to try out one of these babes from bangalore.

Hey Dubyaman,

Saw this post of yours and what you posted on the mumbai board. Damn man you sure do hve 10K to burn... holy sh*t ..

As for the Bangalore ToI ads.. I called a few of those health services places... many of them said they would send over a guy and it would be full service.. LOL I dont swing that way but it does show that gay india is alive and well.

Only a couple of ads responded that FS from a female massuese is available. They tell you where you are supposed to meet them and give you cell number ato call and they will take you to their place from there. I guess its saftey from Law Enforcement who of late are clamping down on this. Havent actually got there. But when you talk on the phone they say the rates are RS 1K - RS 3K.. so none of the 10K crap of samson.

So r u a regular monger/punter and where r ur haunts?

08-01-03, 11:35
Tried this guy by the name of SONU from the Times of India - first he brought lousy women to my room - straight out of some dirty red light area - asking price Rs 10 K. I gave him cab fare and asked him to gave away.

I wanted sex desperately. He called me again after a few hours - this time he took me to a house where the girl I got was stunning - the place was not clean but I had a great time. ML twice, BJ twice and a full body rub once - all for Rs 5000.

I met the mama san and realised that I was overpaying. I could have got the same girl for Rs 3000.

08-02-03, 19:44
Any of the massage classified that assure massage service for ladies and gents offer full service. The rates vary from 1.5K to 3K. I have tried almost all the services. The results are a mixed bag. Some were awesome.. others quite a dud.

Ramya- This wise guy definetily overcharges for the kinda girls he has. 2.5 K for a 30 yo gal called maria. Service was OK but she was kinda fat :(

Asha - 2K for full service . 2 girls at your place. Girls are a 3-4 out of 10. But the service is Ok again.

I did find some independent contacts who can arrange a girl for you. Had a few 17yo cuties who were visiting bangalore from outta town. Real good stuff. But the next time the same guy gave me a pathetic gal.

My earlier offer of info exchange stands good. Can trade my contacts if you share genuine contacts.

I am looking for Model quality or foriegner girls around here.

Happy Hunting Guys!

08-04-03, 04:03

Hiya.. thanks for the update on bangalore scene. Have also tried some of the newspaper listed massage parlors. Quality and price seem to vary day to day.

In any case dont have any lead on independent service providers, however know of several in Chennai and Delhi if you are interested in swapping those for the ones you have in Bangalore.

Let me know....

08-04-03, 11:10
Hi Nome,

Could you please share the contact numbers with me. I would very much like to try the resources in Bangalore. Please send me details [Email address deleted by Admin]

Anyone else, who can share info. on Bangalore and Chennai also, please post here.

Thanks in advance


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08-08-03, 05:43

Guys has anyone had any luck from the Charisma Place in the TOI ads? That sounds like a regular Beauty Parlor. Most of the others are FS friendly.

Had also tried some one from TOI classified who claims to provide Shenaz beauty treatments etc.. at your doorstep. Again Old lady, oil massage and a HJ finish for 2K. What a waste.

Also the AyurZone guy sounds like a ripoff to me. He was quoting 4K+ for 1 Hr doorstep service. Thats still kinda steep for Bangalore.

George, try out the massage classifieds.

Have Fun,


Member #1049
08-09-03, 15:54

You seem to be a very rich guy. Guys like you sky rocket the rates and these over rated SWs charge exhorbitant rates. They even go to the extent of charging in US$ and make it un affordable for guys like me. Was she 9 out of 10?

Last week I picked up a girl from the car parking lot which is located near the other side of Raheja towers in M.G. Road. There were about 4 SWs, of which one was in Red saree. She was the only one worth talking to, I would rate her 6.

She came to me and said "Birthiya?". I was curious to know her rate, she wanted Rs. 2000 for an hour of FS though she sounded like she was available for negotiation. I made it clear that I was not prepared to spend more than Rs 1000, Looks like her business was not brisk enough, so she agreed.

We got into an auto and headed towards a house in Malleshwaram. She claimed it was her friend's house and she was working as a staff nurse in a near by hospital. I paid the auto fare and she walked me through to the bed room. She wanted me to pay the money upfront which I did. I could hardly wait as it had been a long time since I had sex. We both undressed and she took a condomn out from her hand bag and slid it on my hard tool. She even lifted my balls and checked if I had any infection!. She applied some kind of an oil in her **** and started caressing my naked body. She even allowed me to play around with her pussy. I could not take it more than 15 minutes and performed the full service in doggy style.

Will definetely check her out next time. She does not rush and works out more economical too.


08-11-03, 07:27
Hi Guys,

Another massage classified report-

Amrutha - Located in Indira Nagar. One girl . 6/10 . Nice body and tits. Again Massage and HJ. No FS offered. was able to negotiate for rs500 instead of the 1200 they quote.

Kerala Ayurnidhi - Only massage + HJ offered . Located in Tippasandra. price 1000. opted out of it.

Again, any info on charisma. Every time i call them up they sound like a regular beauty parlor.

Have never tried SW in Bangalore. Somehow the quality always seems too pathetic.

Happy hunting,


09-02-03, 05:43
My first week in Bangalore is now behind (second still to go) but the scene over here is bad... ;=((

I've tried five different autoriksha drivers, all of them have been able to call girls, but all those have been something like 5/10 and I think it's waste of money to use it for someone you would never pick from normal bar....

Went to Bombay Dreams, one or two nice girls there, but was not able to find out if you really can meet the girls in private. Felt like being robbed soon at that place...

Went to Brigade Gardens for three times, really nice gals there! The scene is that girls dance there, clothes on, and you give 50' or 100' to them and they keep dancing. The waiter told to directly ask from a girl to meet you. So got numbers from two different very nice looking girls, but the next day they said they are not allowed to meet people because of some problem the place is having... Heard same thing from a few guys I was talking to at same place....

So, lots of beautiful girls can be seen here, but have not been able to find any beautiful ones for private pleasure.

If anyone has any suggestions, please email me at louwrouj38@jetable.net, I've still got that week to go.


09-02-03, 11:13
Hey CrazyButts

As we exchanged in the few emails... your best bet are the massage parlors... some of the girls there do offer FS... u need to talk to them directly and negotiate. Once you have been with one they get comfortable in coming over to your hotel... quality is as good and sometimes slightly better than the clubs you mentioned.

Happy hunting

Zee Dude
09-14-03, 16:07

The scene here is pretty bad if you don't have any contacts. Due to the heavy LE activity, even the contacts are skimmish in showing you the girls. They will only meet you at some outside place in a car or truck and the girls would not get out..you kinda have to pick them while sitting in the car.

IMHO no-one likes to post the contact#'s or great details here due to the heavy LE activity...don't want your contacts to be shut down :). Again I may simply be paranoid and there are just not so many mongers who use this site..

Got my first contact through an auto driver. The agent called another agent for the type of girls I was interested in. (A 7-8 thin with very low mileage). Kept stressing to this guy that I wanted top quality.. Finally the Agent#2 shows up with 3 girls (2 butt ugly/fat and the other passable) and asks me to pick one. Being in need for a release accept the so..so girl. Original quote 4000 finally accepts 3000 + 500 for the A/C room.

Girl turns out to be originally from Lucknow and moved to Bombay where she was a pro. She made up in service where she lacked the goods. She would not do BJ, only FS in multiple positions. Would not leave me until she climaxed as well..a bit strange coming from a pro..or it may simply have been her act..either way I didn't care :). She was really into it. Left fairly satisfied and completely drained. Overall two shots in the night and one in the morning.

Second time, skipped Agent#1 as I had gotten the contact # for Agent#2. Called him directly and gave him all of the details of the last encountered. Feeling satisfied, he shows up with 2 girls. One really fat and the other a slightly chubby 19year old. Chose the 19Year old and offered Rs2,000 + Rs500 for an A/C room which is accepted after some negotiations.

Girl turns out to be a truly 19year old College student from Chennai. Says she is only here for her next years tuition. Her father passed away several years ago, and her single mother was a house maid so could not afford the tution. True GFE experience with plenty of cuddling through the night. Not as good in bed due to her lack of experience but man she was tight. She had only been here about 10 days..and was new to the business. Again, left fairly satisfied.

Are the prices I am paying too much or too little ?

Major Honk
09-16-03, 02:00
Hey Guys,

Your updates on Bangalore very helpful. I'll be going there for the first time for 5 days. Would be great if someone can share contacts. Will reciprocate with what I find.


Major Honk
09-22-03, 11:23
Hi Fellas,

I am just following up on my previous request for contacts / numbers in Bangalore. I'd be happy to swap these for contacts in Singapore / Tokyo.

Also, I heard the night club at Taj Residency is quite a happening place. Any pickups available? Any experience - anybody? Lot of ads / people willing to provide soothing massage - male masseurse? Not what I need at the moment. Would appreciate / reciprocate your responses.


09-23-03, 09:36
Hey Member

Some of the massage parlors do offer ladies. You might have just called the wrong ones.

As for other places, try auto drivers... many will say they dont know.. but if you try a few auto drivers they will arrange them for you. Typically, the auto guy will go get a few ladies for you oustide of your hotel so you can pick one. You then need to walk the lady to the room. Typically the auto guy will ask for about 200rs as his fees when you bring the girls back. If you dont like any of the girls he brings give him a 100 and tell him to take em back and bring other better looking ones.

DO NOT try the dance bars... lots of scams there.. a fellow monger had his wallet lifted there recently by the lady.. unfortunately he had over 200$ in it.

Hope this helps.
happy hunting and post your experiences

09-23-03, 09:44

Hey great experience you listed. Any chance you can give me the number of Agent#2? If so let me know will post my email ID for a couple of days here.


Zee Dude
09-24-03, 18:06

If suggestions by VinK do not work out, you may try one of the Auto drivers in fornt of the Dance bars for better luck.

These are the dance bars that I know of. All you have to do is ask any of the auto drivers to take you there:

Residency Road about 1/2 a block from Brigade road going towards MG road. When facing towards MG road, the club is on the left hand side and is a walk up the stairs on the left next to a restaurant. The sign says something like bar/restaurant.

Dance Club at the end of Race Course road near (Nanda ? circle). Enter the Club next to the std/isd booth.

Dance club on the Majestic Circle (Entertainment Plaza). There are usually a lot of auto drivers parked right outside of this place.

Don't be surprised if people don't post contact #'s on this site due to the LE activity...no one wants their contact turned off.

BTW, Singapore is awsome..you must be spoiled silly if you spend a lot of time there..$30-$40 Sing for 20 minutes of a fishbowl honey in GL is way better than what you will find here...unless you find out something that I have not turned up. The SW are pretty decent there as well :)

The dance bars are only good if you strike a deal with one of the mamasan/managers or if you bring in your own agent. I have seen guys get phone#'s off the girls, cannot tell if these are legit...I am with VinK the dance bars seem to be pretty much rip off's.

I once went with an agent to the dance bar on Residency road. He pointed out the girls that were working and available. Of course, the only one I liked was not available/working..so things did not work out. Price quoted was around Rs.4,000 - Rs 4,500 for all night.

Hope this helps. Happy hunting and do share what you turn up -

New to This
10-01-03, 12:41
I am looking for massage (non-erotic) from females in bangalore. Has anybody taken such a massage. If yes please let me know of the details. Also my budget is around Rs 300. Is it possible in that kind of money? Any experienced person please post here.

Member #1049
10-02-03, 15:06
Are you looking for Ayurvedic massage for paltry 300? Very unlikely. You must be prepared to spend at least Rs 1500 per hour though you can expect discounts during
off-peak hours.

Recently they busted a Indiranagar Massage parlour. Looks like the cops took a poor German customer along with the ladies after they labeled this a posh brothel.

Watch out and Good luck!


New to This
10-06-03, 07:24
Seems like people can't have even a little bit of fun. Anyways what is the minimum rate for massage both eotic (handjob) and non erotic?

10-07-03, 14:12
Hi All,

For Non Erotic massage try out a parlour thats Near CMH Road. They are a traditional Ayurvedic House. They give Hand as well as Leg Massage. It simply means the Lady or the guy will massage your whole body with her or his legs. charges are a nominal 400 Bucks with an additional Rs 50 for Steam. Its very relaxing and otherwise satisfying.

Directions - Whiler coming from Indiranagar 100 Ft Road Go till the CMH Road and take the turn next to CMH Road on Right Hand side. After about 200-300 Mtrs the Ayurveda Center is on the Left with a Large Green Board.

Enjoy and Let Enjoy


10-17-03, 04:22
Hey All/ZeeDude.

Im back from some interesting mongering..

Was up in Delhi and Chennai. My Delhi report is on thee respective page.

Chennai was dull as ever... just my regular.

As for Bangalore again best route is the massage parlors... Major crackdown on MP's in Bangalore. They caught some german punters in one of them in Indiranagar a month ago.. so beware for a while.

Looks like they raided one of my favorites yday... so now thats two down

Zeedude: I emailed you and it bounced back. would love to exchange notes and numbers with ya.


Zee Dude
10-18-03, 11:34

Also saw an article in the Times Of India yesterday that reported another MP that got busted in Jayanagar. Only the owners and pros seem to have been arrested.

VinK, you can send me a private message through the WSG Private Messaging system. Lately it's been pretty much a hit and miss.

Zee Dude
10-21-03, 08:44
Called my regular last week, and to my disappointment found him to have an unsually pathetic selection. Showed two girls, one of them had, what he calls "slight personality" (heavy) and the other had too much mileage for my taste. Opted out, and decided to visit the Dance Bars. Picked up a 19 year old with "real personality" this time. Nice body, all natural perky tits, and a real tight ass. Negotiated 4,600 including the room for all night.

Girl turned out to be dynamite and now makes it to my top list of best fuck's of all time. A true GFE with lot's of conversation and a pure desire to get off and get me off. Reminded me of posts in this forum of how some of the punters fall for these girls. The girl has been in the business for about 3 months and only goes out at most 1-2 times a week ( A prior agreement with the management). She also, negotiated with the management that she will only go out with the guy that she approves of. (Maybe she was giving me a line..at this point..who cares..:) ) She says that she found me decent and so went with it.

She made a very interesting bed story about how she left her husband three months ago since he was cheating on her. Being from a very orthodox business family, she could not go back to them, so decided to go on it alone here in Bangalore until her husband decides to "change his ways" and asks her to come back. She only has about a 5th grade education, so as such, has no other option but to do this work.

To pick up a girl from one of the Dance bars, IMHO, you need to speak with the "Band Leader" or one of the owners. Negotiating with the girls seem to be mostly useless as the girls are on a contract with the management. The girls get paid at the end of the contract period and the contract could be anywhere from Rs.1000-2000/night depending on the club. Note: not all of the girls are working girls and not all bands may have working girls.

A girl will not jepordize her end of contract pay to get a measly Rs3000-4000 from a punter unless the management is satisfied with their take. Think of this as trying to pick up a girl from a Thai bar without barfining..something the management does not tolerate. As such, if you try to pick up the girl directly, she will extract as much as possible from you and you will just leave frustrated. This could be even more annoying if the girl is not a working girl, and as such, you would just waste your time and money. This seems to explain why so many people feel that these joints are "ripoffs".

Negotiating with the "Band Leader" could also become frustrating if you are not one of the regulars since he will simply refuse to ack. that they do business. LE activity seems to be cracking down lately and these guys seem to be very skimmish in taking on new customers easily. Any foreign mongers who have the misery of being stuck here can really get frustrated unless they make friends with some locals.

One of the auto's told me that the typical going rate for a ST pro girl with lot's of mileage (Not something that I am really into) is around Rs 500. They would take you to the place where you can avail of this service.

Member #1321
10-21-03, 11:53
Hello All,

I am at Bangalore and would appreciate a few safe contacts. I am a little hesitant as I read of a recently busted escort service in Bangalore in the TOI, as well as a few busts on MPs.

I have a few experiences to share regarding Hyderabad and Bombay. Both pricey, pretty OK. I would be happy to share them. Just send me a private message via the WSG Forum's Private Messaging system.

Be safe,

Member #1321

10-23-03, 07:51
Zee Dude,

Kindly give the names of Bangalore dance bar from where you picked up. Is it Brigade gardens. Kindly give me contacts via a private message ising the WSG Forum's Private Messaging system.

Zee Dude
11-06-03, 07:11
Looks like Waves and another dance club got busted over the weekend. None of the patrons were bothered but the girls were taken in. According to Times Of India, there were 35 girls from Chandigarh and some of them were into the trade.

Zee Dude
11-08-03, 15:28
I have had a bunch of requests for contact #'s. People only seem to be interested in getting contact information without contributing anything to this forum after they get it..as such, please ONLY contact me if you have something to exchange.

11-14-03, 15:06
Hi Buddies,

I am a new member here and would like to appreciate all the fellow members and WSGFORUM for their guidance and information sharing.

I am a business person who travels frequently to Bangalore and Mumbai. Though I have not tried any of the information here I am sure I will use them shortly. I request members like Zee Dude and fellow members to help people like me to get information.

I shall make sure that my experiences in these places will be shared to all when I visit these places.

Hoping to get safe contacts and good places to monger.


Zee Dude
11-18-03, 09:03
Got hold of a new agent who doubles as an Auto driver during the day.

Agent promises to take me to a hotel with good girls. Hotel turns out to be a complete dump off of JC road. The girls also turned out to be not my type and seemed to have lot's of mileage. Turned them down, and papasan wanted Rs.100 for showing me the girls (A first for me). Seemed like the Rs 500 - Rs 1,000 ST variety that I am not really into. Gave him the 100 and promptly left.

After a few calls, the next agent shows up with three girls in a car. One of the girl seems a bit fresh so negotiate with the agent. Since my auto guy was not in the car, tell him that I will take care of the auto driver for his trouble and to show up at my hotel. Tell the auto guy I was not interested, give him Rs 200 for his trouble, send him away. The girl shows up at the hotel and negotiate Rs 3,000 + Room.

Girl turns out to be an 18 yrs old from Mumbai and has been in the profession for a total of 15 days now. Not much in skills, totally in-experienced and wanted to stop halfway as it hurt too much. She was really tight, however, but was not into providing good service. Tried making the best of it with conversation, and called her agent and let her go early. Shots: 2, Looks: 6, Service:4, Total Damage Rs 3,200 + Room. Overall Satisfaction: 4

Next day called up the auto driver and ask him to show some classy girls. Agent #2 shows up with two girls. One really bad and the other passable. Again negotiate Rs 3,000 + Room. Give the auto guy Rs 500 for his trouble and off we go.

Girl is 19 yrs old from Hyderabad and has been in the business for about 2 months. As soon as we get into the room, she immediately starts hugging me and grabs my cock. (Ah..a good sign!) Good service, multiple positions with plenty of TLC. She gives me her Contact # in Hyderabad and says that even though she does not service in Hyderabad, she can arrange it for me if I am there. She gets Rs 1,000 from the Agent that she works with for the introduction. I guess going rate for Hyderabad is around Rs 3,000 as well. Shots: 3, Looks 6, Service: 8, Total Damage Rs 3,500 + 200Tip + Room. Overall Satisfaction: 7.

11-19-03, 03:05
Hey Zee Dude,

I am in Bangalore next week. What are the hot spots? How is the action in Brigade gardens? I have only heard about it?

Zee Dude
11-19-03, 18:44

Bangalore is pretty much the pits as far as I am concerned. Don't make this a sex stop if you can. I consider myself a novice here and don't have many contacts. Whenever I do get some contacts, they invariably seem to get turned off after a few weeks. I try to spend as little time here as possible for this very reason :).

Bangalore does have incall establishments which seem to be really undercover. You pretty much have to be part of the establishment or you will not find them out. An incall establishment got busted this week as per TOI. Four girls and two of their pimps were arrested. No mongers were included in the arrests.

By posting more reports, I am hoping to get more mongers to post their experiences as well, and in the spirit of this forum, we can all benefit. I just do not provide direct contact #'s to keep LE activity at bay.

I have not seen much SW's, even though according to another web site, most information in which sucks by the way, you can find SW's in the Majestic Bus terminal, the City Market Flyover (Near Thangam Lodge) and in front of Coffee Day(After 9PM wait outside) in Indiranagar on CMH Rd. If you are willing to check them out, then it would be nice if you can post a report of your findings.

I have been to Brigade Gardens several time and have had nice clean fun, however, never picked up. One of the girls did propose several times that she would go out with me for Rs 4,500 but she was not worth the price or the hassel of a no show.

Your best bet would be either the Auto driver route, MP's or the Bar girls. I would recommend to stay away from the Bar girls as you probably would just get ripped off the first time.

Have fun mongering and post back.

11-20-03, 03:41

Man how the heck do you find these agents? Ever since those raids Bangalore has been dry as the Sahara for me.

Would really appreciate you sharing some of your contacts in PM land. Like I said would be happy to share info with you for Chennai/Delhi

Zee Dude
11-20-03, 08:32

With all that mongering that you do, I cannot believe that you are running dry here :). I admit, that Bangalore is the pits, but you can get laid if you are a true monger. Will PM you for some exchanges.

How is the MP scene looking ? Another route to the MP's would be to ask the Auto drivers to take you to some local MP's. I bet you that after a few, you will hit jackpot. The ones in TOI may be too high profile as they probably would be the first ones to get busted.

I will be on the prowl for a ST deal today. Will post what I find.

Zee Dude
11-21-03, 18:32

As promised, here is my ST deal post from yesterday.

Called my new found contact for an ST deal early afternoon. Agent asks to call back in 4 hours. Now this is a setback as I was ready for some action and in need of some relief and had an evening business appointment. Oh well, too bad since I wanted to develop a nice steady relationship with this new guy. Called my regular backup who is delighted and ready to serve in 30 minutes.

Three girls shown, out of which I pick a 22 year old from Hyderabad. Girl has a face that I could bag but a really nice tight body. Negotiate Rs.2,200 for 2-3 hours including hotel. Once inside, I start my usual small chit chat to get to know the girl, and the girl replies back why so many questions ? So, in response I ask her to strip and off we go.

My regular must have prepared her well since she was really into satisfying. Talk about customer satifaction :). Spent 2 1/2 hours, three shots, and the last go around went on forever. The basic stuff, fuck multiple positions, cum, shower, chit chat, get some energy back, fuck some more multiple positions and on and on.

She did just about everything possible to get me off the last time. Even starts to DFK, which given her face :), I politely decline. Three times in 2 hours is not that easy for me anymore.

No rush to leave, no time keeping and always asking what I wanted. She would have gladly gone for a 4th time if I had the energy. It really is true, the best lookers are ususally the worst service providers unless you get really lucky and vice versa.

Relax for some time and give her Rs 300 tip and she gives me another hug with a smile as she leaves.

Girl has a husband who works in a restaurant and a 1 year old back in Hyderabad. She has been coming to Bangalore for the past 6 months on 10-15 day contracts. Husband of course has no clue as to what she really does, but she likes the easy money. She used to make Rs. 2,000/month but now of course can easily make that in a day or two. She got into the trade after needing a money (situation was really bad at home). After seeing how well off her neighbor/girl friend was doing for herself with a job in Hyderabad, she approaches her. Her girl friend finally confesses to her that she is a worker, and introduced her to the trade.

She gives me her girfriend's and girlfriend's boyfriend (who happens to be an agent/pimp) contact #'s in Hyderabad. Since I rarely ever go to Hyderabad, #'s are pretty much useless. Unfortunately, no new contacts #'s in Bangalore.

Damage: 2,200 (including hotel) + 300 tip. Shots 3: Time: 2 1/2 Hrs., Body: 7, Face: 4, Overall Satisfaction: 6.5

Cheers -

Champ Desi
11-22-03, 08:55
Hi All,
Please do not hide any of your experience. I really do not understand why do you want to trade the information. I will suggest you should come and look our California Board. We take everything on Team and post our good or bad experience and learn. We are true mongers friends. We believe in helping our fellow monger brothers.
Please come out of this orthodox thoughts. Everybody can post whatever they want to post on my view. The truth is that it will be great if we start sharing the great experience.
Happy Hunting!

Zee Dude
11-25-03, 14:38
Hi All,

Again had an early itch, so called up the agent who gave me the brush off the other day. Agent makes me wait over an hour before he finally shows up with a poor selection of three girls. After I make a fuss, he gets another two girls, both of which are again sub par. Now after wasting over 2 hours with this guy I decide to leave even after he promises a nice girl who would be available in another 2 hours.

At this point it is now about 7:00PM. Decide to get something to eat and hit the dance bars at 8:30PM. Again no good selection available. Band leader promises that new girls arriving on Wed. which would have my selection and gives me his phone number. Finally call my backup agent around 8:45PM and ask him if he has anything good. He replies that he has my selection (Magic to my ears!). Head over and negotiate Rs.3,000 for the night including the room.

Girl is an 18 yo from Bombay. Very sweet to talk to, nice fresh face, and a good attitude. Again, no experience, had to go real slow, make lots of conversation, make her laught, and lots of foreplay to get her to responding. Even with all that, she closes up during the second round. She does not complain, but is visibly in pain. I finish up quickly, and call my night short. Not a nice feeling to be doing it with a girl who rather than enjoying it (or faking it), ends up in pain. Slip her Rs.500 in the dark (she really was very sweet) and as I am leaving, she gives me a nice smile with a big hug and a kiss. She is here on a 15 day contract which will fetch her Rs 10,000 for the 15 days.

Looks: 6, Body: 8, Damage:Rs.3000 + 500 tip, Overall satisfaction: 6, Shots:2.

Cheers -

Member #1049
11-26-03, 14:47
Zee Dude,

I am happy you had a good time, Definitely a good deal for Rs 3,000 bucks. Can you give me a clue about finding this beauty you are talking about? Though I do not have any contact details to trade, will definetely return you this favour when I get one. I am sure you won't betray your fellow monger, Will you?

I am planning to pull to the side of M.G. Road Car Parking Lot and ask a girl to hop in on a Friday night. On a brighter note, Saw better selections last Friday and Saturday around 7.45 P.M opposite to Raheja Towers. My nightmare would be a cop getting into my car posing as SW!! Will Bangalore female cops go to that extent to spoil our hobby? Wish this Silicon Valley of India is more hobbyist friendly.


Zee Dude
11-28-03, 06:23

I am getting numerous requesting provider contacts. I don't mind sharing information, however, due to the LE activity, it is difficult to pass #'s to mongers who has no history on this forum.

Following is a reply to Wonder11's request via PM.
Wonder11 wrote on 11-27-03 11:19:
hi dude, do u know who i can contact regarding escorts in bangalore. i am having no luck


If you are not having any luck, maybe you should start off by posting all that you have done so far in Bangalore to get providers. It is difficult to accept a one liner request along with 0 posts in your history profile.

Even if you don't get direct contact #'s, you may get some useful advise IMHO.

Good luck -


Zee Dude
11-28-03, 07:02

sorry for the long reply, but i think that other mongers may benefit from the reply.

i have only seen very few sw's in bangalore. every once in a while i see one on residency road or on st.marks road. i have never seen one when i was looking for one. nothing like other cities in us/europe where you are always guranteed to find sw's on known streets.

btw, which parking lot off mg road are you talking about ?

maybe others have had better luck with sw's. this imho, is pretty frustrating and i usually end up just calling one of my contacts. as per sting operations by the cops, fortunately, in bangalore, you don't have to worry about it. i have never heard or seen any undercover sw female cops in bangalore.

if you find a provider, you can take her. the only issue you may run into is that you get busted if a cop sees the transaction in process. if this happens, then you would just need to pretend that you know her ( the cop probably just wants his pay off to leave you alone).

from my reading of the rules/laws in india, it is only the providers that can get into trouble. others, please chime in and set the record straight if i am wrong. cops may of course haul you in just so that they can get their pay off.

one of my providers while driving their sumo suv, got into an accident with 4 girls in it. all of the girls were carted off to the police station and the girls were locked up. the pimps told the cops that the girls were part of a live band, and the cops finally let them all go after negotiating a payoff of 50k. cops here make almost nothing, and consider this as their secondary source of income and for us an alternate sin tax :).

another provider was complaining of how now the rowdy's want a monthly payoff as well. this in addition to the monthly payoff's that they already make to the police station. they think of their business as legitmate as they pay their dues to the cops, and think of themselves as providing a valuable service to the society. of course, i fully agree. none of the girls that he has are ****, or are physically forced into the business (i have personally verified this of course :) )


Spot On
11-30-03, 05:20
Hi folks,

I will be inBangalore on the 11th Dec, it been 10 years since my last visit. Been reading all posts for the past couple of weeks.

Happy to share encounters in Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

ZeeDude my true hero :)

12-05-03, 05:42
Zee Dude

I am on my way to Bangalore next week from Thailand. I live on Phuket and work in Hat Yai. I know all of Asia except India and I am coming to you for the ultimate advice. I post a little here and there on boards and from what I find here a lot of guys exaggerate so I am hoping we can set the record straight. Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service. I can share info on HK, Sing, Bali, Macau and of course all of Thailand. You are the man I am just merely a guy.

Cheers kataman

Member #1416
12-06-03, 15:49
I have tried some of the dance bars like Brigade garden, one on the richmond road and taquila. I have given my phone# to some but no luck, they promise that they would call me but they never call. I have tried through a parking fellow who promised me to take to a place where I could select. But he brought just one who is not of my taste. He was even promising A.Rai for 2L earlier , S. Sen for 50K :)

Zee dude, I will try to post my experiences (nil so far) in detail but I need to get a kickstart from you. Please help me out.

I Am Bangalore
12-06-03, 17:33

Last three weeks tried 3 different live bands: Pingara (K H Road), Bombay Dreams (Residency Road), Saga/Jaal (in the same building as Bombay Dreams). Very nice girls at all the places. Liked Saga/Jaal the best. Struck conversations with girls at all three places. One even called up late in the night after I came back and promised that she'd again call me the next day, which she never did. Main experience is that all these girls seem to be clean and all of them say that they never (are allowed to) go out.

Has anyone had any luck with girls at Live Bands? Please do share because I really found a good number of them very pretty!

Zee Dude
12-07-03, 10:16
Hi VinK,

How did you fare with the #'s I provided about 2 weeks ago ?

You seem to have vanished from the scene. Please post your experiences. I have been away from Bangalore for the last few weeks, so would be interesting to know if this guy has anything fresh/good.



12-08-03, 03:52
Hey Zeedude

Welcome back. I was also traveling a bit and was in Chennai and SIngapore last week.

AS I said in a PM to you I wasnt going to try out the seedy place, I trust your judgement.

The second number I called and he asked me to call him back after 30 mins and he will tell me the where to meet him and what he has details. When I called back his cellphone was switched off. Tried on Sunday as well and he wasnt answering the phone.

Maybe he didnt like the sound of me or something. So essentially my experiences were BUST. However have great stories of Chennai and Singapore. :-)

Zee Dude
12-08-03, 07:53
Hi VinK,

Sorry to hear that your experience was a bust. What time did you call ? By my experience, most of these pimps are not too receptive until late afternoons. This could be since most of their business is generally late afternoons/evenings.

I used this guy once and called him around 8:00PM and he showed up in about 30 minutes.


12-08-03, 10:36
Hey Zee

It was late afternoon around 5:30PM. In any case still looking. Let me know any new leads you get. And hey the offer of a few drinks still stands. So PM me anytime.

For Fun
12-08-03, 15:22

Upfront I would like to thank Zee for his help. Here is some info which I presume may be of help. Had been exploring the Princess Bar (Incidentally Same owner as that of Brigade Gardens) in Majestic area and this seems to be one of those ripoff/get-lucky places if the time and price is right.

As you enter you get a chit from the gals seeking friendship. You can see them passing the same message to one and all there so this is one of the ploys of them in enticing you to pay them.

Rs 100 bills. After initial shelling of Rs 100 to Rs 300 one can end up getting a telephone number from the gals to call them. I have seen most of the guys shellig Rs 300 bills get the number and leave.

Anyways once you call and end up talkng to them it is not a straight talk and they have selective amnesia or problem recalling names (fake ones of course theirs and yours) which you can't blame on them.

You got to talk to one of their single point of contact to negotiate the price at the expense of not even talking to the gals. Anyways I ended up getting the numbers and talking to the individual and was not impressed with the whole exercise and did not proceed further.

The MP/Bar route so far has been frustratingly dismal and depressing. Anyways I would be cautious at this Princess Bar about Ripoffs.

Good luck

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because" in future reports. Thanks!

For Fun

Eat Crap
12-08-03, 19:35

This would be my first post on this site though I have been following this for a real long time. Anyways here is my bit.

Tried the SW's at residency road, say about 2-3 months back. Picked 2 of them. One was supposed to have her chum then, she was the good looking one and the average looking one was who I had that evening. Drove up to my place and first haggled about the money part because she insisted for the money first.

Ok and I did give it in. I was alone with the 2 women. The we proceeded to my room leaving one outside the room. Everything was locked though. She turned out to miserable. I still cant get over the fact that I had someone like that around. Anyways after the lousy poke it was time to leave and thats when she started to show her true colors. She started demanding for more and wouldn't step out of the god damn car! I then had to pay her about 500 extra with the 1000 that I had given her in earlier. A bad experience as she threatened to strip on the road and create a scene if I refused to do so.

Otherwise I have tried the guy sitting outside Joseph's on the pavement. Gave him 100 bucks and he reeled out 2-3 addresses. Out of which I tried one. The Ma'am s name was Yashodha and the place was in Sadashivnagar. I guess you people might know this place. Just went there once and met a nice girl Radha. She was short but slim. Supposed to be from Andhra. Was an ok experience. Can say value for money. Face : 6 Body : 7.5 Overall Satisfaction : 8

Left happy from there. Tried the place last week but looks like the place is empty now. Looked around but no luck.

I have been hearing a lot about live bands but never have experienced any of them. What do you guys really think about it ? Any good stuff ? Do share your views on this and recommend some very good place to go this weekend. I am also looking for some nice GFE. Please recommend.


12-13-03, 08:12
Hello fellow mongers,

I am visiting India in Jan and will be in Bangalore for a few days... Can you anyone you guys share legit contact info and I will surely share my experience and any new contacts I get through my encounters during my stay in Bangalore.


Sweet B

Member #1416
12-13-03, 10:27
Just stay away from all the dance bars particularly those who charge a cover charge of 300Rs or so. If you are looking for some action, they are a waste of time. Even if you shell out few hundred bills and get a phone number from the girl, this will lead you no where. If you are just interested to see fully clothed women doing some flicks, just go for it. Otherwise they are just a waste of time and money. In US, atleast you get to put the dollar bill on her lingere after a close up evaluation of her every organ. Here, these women dont even give a shake hand and treat the customers as untouchables. Stay away from these stupid bars and let these women work harder for our money.

Member #1416
12-14-03, 06:51
I tried out the contact Zee Dude has PM'ed me. I thank him for that for helping me out even if the experience is not good.

Saturday night, I called late at night at about 11pm. He immediately responded positively. He asked me to come to a place on the main road. He came first probably to check me out and then with his car with four girls in it. They were all average looking. Being new to this and therefore not able to control my tool, I picked the best of the lot. He took me to his known hotel. The girl is 19yr old from Calcutta and has a tight body. But she was not very receptive and wanted to hurry as she wants to sleep. Also does'nt want any lights as she is shy. Any had it in a hurry. Afterthat wanted to have again but she bluntly refused and went to sleep saying that I can have in the morning. But we had to checkout in the early morning as the hotel room is arranged un-officially. Looks: average, body: tight tits. Overall experience: below average. Damage: 3.5K + 1K for hotel = 4.5K

I am planning to call him and give earful.

Zee Dude
12-14-03, 16:00

I think that going to the dance bars here is an experience in itself. If you go with the attitude/expectation that you will get laid with one of the top models, then 90% of the times, you will simply leave frustrated. As member said, you will get a # after spending some bucks, but probably never get anywhere.

In my experience, at some of the bars, some of the girls do work. The working girls I have found to be the butt ugly ones that I would not poke, even for free. However, every once is a while, I have been surprised with a rare gem, the though of which even today brings on a raging hard on.

IMHO, get your conctacts via the auto drivers and establish your contacts/agents. You can always try out the bars and enjoy some good looking girls give a good performance and leave it at that. If you get #'s from one of the good looknig girls that work out to your satifaction, then great, you are now one of the luckier mongers on this forum. If not, then you always your fallback contacts.


Zee Dude
12-14-03, 16:23
Member 1416,

Thank you for your post. I had a similar experience with one of the girls that this agent had a few months ago. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done for bad attitude after you have paid.

My girl wanted:
a) To leave at 4:00AM in the morning.
b) Me to make the call to her pimp at 4:00AM
c) Refused to go the second time.

Ok, my usual is 3-4 shots a night, so I told her that if she wanted to leave at 4, she needed to satisfy me. Well, with a little inspiration, this little 18 year old, did satisfy me the second time. Given the extra work I had to do, I banged her well, and to my satisfaction, made her pay for her attitude :).

Based on my experience, I think that you overpaid about 1K for the girl. You may also have been better off arranging a good hotel yourself. When you meet him again, just let him have it regarding the girl's dismal/bad service. He will then tell the girl that she needs to provide good service (Not that this will necessarily help). Also, the usual agreement is that you will do it as many times as you can get it up. With the 18/19 year olds, it is sometimes hit and miss.


Member #1416
12-15-03, 10:38
Zee Dude

Thanks for the valuable tips and suggestions. I will call the guy and let him know about the girl's attitude.

Iche Man
12-15-03, 19:36
Fellow Mongers,

I have been a lurker in the forums and have been following the reports posted, and have finally decided to post my report on dance bars in Bangalore:

1) Saga (Residency Rd.): Definitely the best in terms of women. The selection is excellent and they are worth the money. However, be advised that it takes considerable spending (5K+) to establish contact with them. Definitely high class. Recommended for an evening out not necessarily for a pick up. 200Rs. entry fee.

2) Ballerina (Residency Rd.): Cheaper than Saga, however it is definitely easier to pick upi from here. Spend a couple of 100's and you will definitely catch the eye of the band leader. The women are 4's and 5's although I somtimes see a 8-9. The band leader appears to be a decent type and this place is definitely recommended for a guy on a budget.

3) Melody: (Majestic): This place appears to have some good women (30+). For those who appreciate mature women, this is the definite place to search for them. Be prepared to spend a couple of 100's as an introductory fee. The bouncers in this place are pretty hefty and I would advise caution.

4) Talk of the town: This place appears dead. The women here are good but I have not been able to establish any contact so far.

Any fellow mongers with info to share, please contribute to my report.

Zee Dude
12-16-03, 07:12

Has anyone tried the contact clubs in TOI to get some contacts in Bangalore? There is mention of the contact clubs in the forum under Others/Delhi and Bombay sections.


12-17-03, 04:03
Hey Zee Buddy

I did about 7 months ago and it was a tedious experience., You pay the upfront membership fee and then you get a list of numbers and names. 20% of the numbers were ladies who said that their number was listed by mistake. 20% were either not working or unaavilable. 30% quoted such exorbitant rates that it was cheaper for me to fly someone over from thailand or vietnam. HAHA

And of the two ladies I met one was such that I wouldnt touch with a 10 foot barge pole. The other was what shall I say except BRILLIANT. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on which way you look at it, I met her, her last week in Bangalore. Shes moved back up north.

SO basically you spend a lot of time and effort trying to find the needle in the haystack/ diamind in the rough.

You my bangalore mongering guru probably have much better leads elsewhere.

Pussy Raider
12-17-03, 11:18
Hi Guys,

Looks like friends club action is there in most of the cities. I tried one in Hyderabad and so far the scene has been good and I have given details under 'Other Areas' as the scene of action is Hyderabad. Would like to know experiences of others as well on this

12-22-03, 16:50

I would like to have some contact info of escorts in Bangalore. I would appreciate any PMs etc.


Bl Joy
12-26-03, 10:35

Look out in TOI edition under services section. Call up those numbers and tell them you want female massage and proceed further. Going rate is around 2.5k-3k for 2 hours. Some will offers good working girls from other places like Hyderabad/Chennai who come to bangalore on week ends. There is lady who gave ad under services section who can do massage for 3K. (I have not tried her)

There was one call girl operting from Diamond district. I am not sure..she is there now.

How to get girls from Mount carmel/St. Josephs or any north indian from Professional colleges?


Member #1049
12-29-03, 14:38
I was going through South End Circle around 9 p.m. lst sunday and noticed a decent girl in bus stop suspiciously making an eye contact with me. Came down and picked up a conversation with her. She is from Mizoram and goes by the name Gaja.

She had no problem getting into my bike and we were on our way to Symphony. We got into this movie hall and settled in a secluded place. She is very friendly, was nice to talk to, grabbed my dick early, gave me a very enjoyable BJ and allowed me to play with her boobs any time.

She swears she can be sighted in/around the place I picked her. She is unbelievably affordable but refused to give me her contact details. Guess how much I spent? Just Rs. 600/-


01-03-04, 03:46
Hi there. I have read all the reports to date and thank u for all the info. I am planning my first trip to Bangalore in Feb. I am an NRI who doesn't speak Hindi.

I take it that there is no large redlight area where all the girls have their own room?

I don't know if anyone can help me as I have unusual tastes. I prefer older women who have a bit more meat on them. Service quality is more important and they have to be into giving and receiving oral. I never had a prob finding this in Calcutta I might add.

Ideally, I would like to be able to bring half-decent street girls back to a guest-friendly hotel. Anyone reccommend any? Failing that, I heard someone mention some places where guides can take u. This is fine for me provided the rooms are half-decent and the prices don't exceed 1000Rs at the most. Needless to say it also has to be safe.

Any info relating to the above avail.? I hope to hear from u soon.Please feel free to PM me.



Bobby Jacob
01-06-04, 15:59

We are a group of swingers from Bangalore/Chennai. Interested couples do pm me.

Bl Joy
01-07-04, 17:10

I want know where North Indian students studying in professional colleges are available? Where can I get some small time TV actress?

I tried few TOI ads under "services" section especially under message services. Some of them speaks good english.



Zee Dude
01-09-04, 07:41
Hi BI Joy,

Did you sample anything from the TOI ads ? If so, would you mind sharing your recent experiences, specifically price quoted and negotiated, quality, type of service and incall versus outcall.



Long Bone
01-12-04, 13:55

I am a newbie to this forum. Looking forward for some MP action in BLORE. Can some fellow mongers PM me any MP contact?


01-12-04, 19:34
Dear Fellow Mongers,

I am a freshman in this forum. Would like some MP action in and around Bangalore City. Can some fellow mongers PM me any MP contact? Or suggest any bright ideas so that I can get started right away.

Thanks people

Bang Ind

01-13-04, 10:22

Arrived in Bangalore from Mumbai. Found it tough getting SW. Did get a SW opposite Citibank in MG Road. Poor quality and charged Rs. 1200. Did any one try MP listed in TOI classified? Will appreciate information on FS from these MPs.



Little India
01-15-04, 13:58
Hey there this is Little India I am located in the U.S but love to travel. I am Indian born but raised in the States. You can check out all my info if you go to the classifieds for Arizona in the U.S. I don't know if anyone comes over seas but if you do I would love to play.


Long Bone
01-18-04, 09:26
Hi everyone,

This is the first report I am posting. Hope there is many more to cum!

This weekend I tried one MP advtsd in TOI. Called Mamasan. Enquired about the service. She said charges are 1k for hour at their place and 2.5k for house call. I didn't wanted to be ripped off by getting housecall. Besides I wanted to see varieties they had.

So decided to checkout. They are located very far from my place. After a long ride, I reached. Unfortunately only one girl was free. Other was busy in service. This girl was average (5/10). Thought of backtracking. But my lil' bro needed a service badly. Went ahead with her.

She looked bored and wanted to get over it asap. After I got undressed, she went on to give a HJ. She didn't agreed to get naked. After some persuation, she let me to feel her tits (nice nips). She didn't allowed me to suck. No french kissing. No pussy show... I was getting off mood. She kept on pestering for tips. I asked for a BJ. She demanded 500. I thought it was too much. After HJ, I got dressed and left. I didn't tipped her. Didn't liked her attitude.

Another bad MP experience! While leaving I noticed the other babe. I would give her 7/10 for looks. How unluckly I was to miss her! She is worth trying.

01-18-04, 15:09
Little India,

Why not try posting in some of the US sites (www.sfredbook.com, www.jillpages.com, etc.) , say SF bay area in California. There are plenty of indians here who would love to see an indian provider.

Send me a PM for more info.

01-19-04, 08:25
Little India,

How do I reach the classifieds for Arizona in the US for more info about you. I don't normally get to Arizona, but who knows!

Little India
01-20-04, 05:03
Hey if you go to the classifieds ans personal endorsments click that then go to the U.S. and then to Arizona I'll be there.

Zee Dude
01-23-04, 10:48
Little India,

Your post seems to be out of place, does not belong here, and should go into the Arizona section as it simply adds clutter and no value here in the India/Bangalore section.


Little India
01-25-04, 04:03
Hey Zee Dude,

My report does belong here and I have gotten some responces and I do have a post in the Arizona section.so thanks anyway for your input but it came to no good use.

Zee Dude
01-26-04, 18:07
Little India,

If you are in Bangalore, and want to provide services here, then I guess it would belong here. Personally, I would love for providers to start using this forum more often, as such, my intention is not to discourage you. Don't take this personally, but there is a reason why Jackson has created separate sections for each area of the world as well as a classified section for advertising. Enough said, you won't hear any more from me, even if you don't get the point. If you don't agree, simply report my post to Jackson by pressing the moderator button and let Jackson decide.


I just spent a blissfull week in Mumbai with and now seem to be going through some serious withdrawl depression. I just went around with my contacts here in Bangalore and none of them came even close to the quality and quantity that I had just over a week ago. I did an average of 2-3 girls a day on most days, and chose them from a huge selection spending Rs 700-800 ST and Rs. 1500 LT for some serious quality 18-25 year olds. I did nothing but drink fuck and sleep and each one of these beauties was over a 7 in my book.

I am almost in two minds to high tail it back to Mumbai for some more fun. Life here in Bangalore is simply too pathetic compared to the mongers in Mumbai. If anyone wants to share some quality contacts here in Bangalore, please PM me.


Mumbai Fun
01-28-04, 06:38
Hi Guys,

My first post on this forum.

Having recently moved to blore from Bombay, I was looking for contacts. Things in Blore seem to be quite diffcult.

Anyways, one of the contacts I came across is a guy called Rajib, who claims to provide classy girls at 6k for ST and 10-12k for LT. Does anyone of you have any experience about this guy?

Also, if anyone knows of decent "2-3k for ST" kind of places in blore and is willing to share contacts please pm me.

Also, just incase anyone is going to bbay and looking for some good quality P4P , I can help out.


Blore Fun

01-30-04, 20:45
Hi Everybody,

This is my first post in this forum and nice to see people sharing their experiences(Especially guys like ZeeDude)

Last week I picked one SW in the Residency road and took her to a hotel nearby. She charged 500 per 2 hours & extra 200 tip. Good experience. She was about 20 Yrs. and said that she is from Chennai. In General, we can see SWs in this area, St. Marks road, Majestic and few other areas.

Have Fun


Zee Dude
01-31-04, 15:38
Blore Fun,

I think that 6K for ST is just way out of line for Bangalore. For 6K, my expectation would be all night and the girl better be a model.

Sound like you got these contacts via the internet. If you review older posts on this forum(Bangalore/Bombay), internet contacts have been found to be mostly ripoffs.

Since the local rates are anywhere from 2,500-3,500 LT, I cannot understand/justify 4-5 times the going rate.

Please check your PM.


Ashok Nath
02-01-04, 09:18

I am new to this forum. Am going to be in Banaglore next week. Am looking out for soem model types. Can anyone provide some contacts.

02-03-04, 05:35
First like to thank Jackson for a great service.

I will be making a visit to Bangalore and Goa at the end of this month, Would like any help or assistance in finding some action in town. Please PM me with contacts or advice.

Thanks guys.

02-03-04, 06:03

My best experience in the MP section. Visited this place after some recommendations and calling through the TOI section. The girls are very good. I chose one babe who was around 8/10 . Without much fuss she asked me to get to elements and lie face up. the first thing she did was pour some mildly warm oil over small bro and do a sort of hose pipe straightening action. After a good massage for about 45 minutes when I relished her top too. Then I sat in a yoga posture and she gave a wondeful hand work. Then she gave me a good nice hot water bath.

I have also visited a place in koramangala & two babes massaged me. Both of them were top nude and I was licking one and rubing the other. This was for an additional charge of 500 apart from our deal of 1K.

Also visited the Aroma Center in Indiranagar, but thats a strictly Aroma center. Blew up my 1000 bucks for some oil rubbing. News is around that two new places are happening with various options. Wont tell the locations for LE reasons.

have also visited some authentic kerala joints for genuine massage and those guys are the best, even if guys.

02-04-04, 06:36
Hi all

Im baccckkk. After a long bout of traveling to sometimes interesting places and sometimes not, Im back home in Bangalore. Landed and read in the papers of the crackdown in MP's and other providers of much needed entertainment.

SO how are all the Bangalore regulars doing.. Zee Dude, I do miss our PM exchanges.

Any new leads folks, come on share to fellow punters and mongers. ANyone who needs leads for Sri Lanka, Singapore, Dubai, Delhi, London and Amsterdam in return can PM me.

ZeeDude: come on buddy lets liven up this place.

Mumbai Fun
02-04-04, 07:23
Zee Dude,

I think you need to clean your PM / in box. PMs are bouncing back.

Anyways, thanks a ton for the contact nos. Will give them a buzz and see how it goes.


Blore Fun

02-04-04, 08:29
I have been reading these boards regularly as I have a trip to India coming up. I have a few comments/questions:

1. Passion Success - great to hear about your success with TOI ads for MPs - my only attempt was a terrible failure. 4-5/10 with a totally bored attitude. Do you by any chance remember the names or numbers of the first two joints you mention?

2. Suniman, I have been through all the posts and can find none by "Jackson", though it sounds very interesting. Any clues please?

3. VinK, what a cheery post. I am sure you will be flooded by PMs. Now thats what I call reall social service to fellow mongerers.


02-05-04, 12:55

This is my two bits on the very heating up Dance Bar scenario in Bangalore.

Was too free on the week days and tried to go to the Urban edge Wild Wednesdays. Just that it turned out their were about three or four wild people waiting to recover their cover charges. As it didnt encourage me enough so I turned back, only to find aa enthu cutlet auto guy staring in my face he said "saar other disco" then coming a lil closer he said ladies disco. Then I was open ears. Then he murmured ladies bar. Oh! I realised what he was talking about.

So after taking directions from him I landed up at the happening place around 8:45. The place is called chache towers in Residency Road. Its bang opposite to Purple haze. Or if you are a business dude you would know the residency towers that houses thye offices of ABN AMRO BANK, IBM, etc. this is the compound just one before that.

In their I went and I realised its not one, not two not three but more places. theres saga, theres fuze there bombay dreams theres few other around there.

I sat in saga and believe it or not there were some 30-40 girls on the floor. They came in herds on the floor. The music was pleasantly chique hindi. The stuff that makes you feel good. Then these girls, the bouncer, the waiters and all others were rather cooperative. Within saga there are three sitouts. The one in front is good and gives you privacy as well as comfy feeling. I sat and then start coming these babes in sexy designer saree, ghaghra, lehenga choli and all nice dresses. Very seductive. Very intoxicating. They come and try to make eye contacts with you. If not looking at you one hand will slyly point towards you on a suggestive note. A saree will go up to reveal a very sensuously gyrating tummy and waist. They take turns to ensure you dont get bored and they retain interest. One particular babe was pretty interactive and would have danced between my legs if not for my decent boy attitude that day. Overall, its all pretty decent & good.

A small vodka and a sprite set me back by 300 bucks. A lil on the higher side for some timepass stuff. but then what the heck for some good eyecandy, that too available right here in namma banguluru. Believe it or not it was crowded, but not by visitors but by the 30 odd babes. My young waiter was very friendly and courteous. Didnt force me to gulp down the stuff or stand on my head. Only thing is he didnt get back with about 30 bucks change!

Theres a room inside which can house only about 20 people. on enquiring I was told that the action here starts only after 11 PM. So even thats a good bet for the late night owls (no offences).

There are other places in residency road near Corner House ice cream parlour, opposite corner house ice cream parlour, near Imperial eating joint, near Pecos in Brigade road and of course our good old BG.

So chill out and enjoy.

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02-06-04, 04:31
Hey Raz

The "Jackson" that is often referred to in some message postings is our dear and wonderful host "Jackson" the moderator and host of the WSG forum.

No I didnt get inundated with leads and PM's. Happy hunting

02-06-04, 13:18
My 1st report in the India section.

Was travelling to B'lore last Oct03 for meetings with my clients. Meetings apart tried to get a feel on the mongering scene from one the clients. He was agast and started giving me all the crap of South part of India being a conservative country and stuff.
So (after going thru the posts here) got hold of the TOI and called up a few MP numbers. Well everyone says they will call back. A few of them call back and then ask all sorts of questions. Then ask you to come to a place where someone will be waiting for you. Maan how i hate such stuff.

Finally one MP guy said he will come and pick me up from my Windsor Manor hotel bar. Decided on a time to meet, but the guy was late by 30 min and i had finished 2 drinks by then. rs500 incl tips. Didn't want to get too much drunk so just waited and he was there. We went out in his pickup car and it almost seemed outside the city to some apartments. He told his MP is under some repair so operating from his apartment. Anyway reach the place and the choices are 3 gals. 1 fat, one dark skinned and one a bit above avg. (6.5/10).

Big tits, nice figure and a cute face in her mid twenties.

Obviously choose her, and all others get out of the place. She asks if liked oil massage or cream massage, chose for oil some sort of herbal one.

Then asks me to strip and lie on my front, went through a avg back massage.

Then asks to turn and lie on my back and goes about front body massage, teasing my tool in between and me getting a real hard on.

Damn my phone rings, my client wants to meet and close the deal, so i ask him to meet in 1 hr. Damn him.

Anyways then grabs my tool, puts some oil and gives the best hj i had in a long time. She let me touch her, grabbed her tits firmly while coming and she squealed.

Once done, we hit the shower together and i get a full body scrub to get off the oil with special attention to my tool. Coming out of the shower the MP guy comes in and asks if interested in FS. Tells me about the rate for ST, but have to go to meet the client so promised to come back later. But had a wonderful time, no rush rush service.

YES Now for the rates. Pickup and drop off included Rs1300 for massage, hj included.
For FS asked 5000Rs ST but seemed open for negotiations.

Gals stats: (Did not ask the name, but said was from up north)
Looks: 7/10
Body: 6.5/10
GFE: 8/10
Tits: around 34B i guess

Left the place satisfied thinking would definitely come back for FS for the same gal.

P.S. Do not remember the name of the MP or the guy, but i think still have his phone no.

Next report will post on a pick up from a pub names 180 proof. Working gal but great exp.


02-06-04, 13:20
My 1st report in the India section.

Was travelling to B'lore last Oct03 for meetings with my clients. Meetings apart tried to get a feel on the mongering scene from one the clients. He was agast and started giving me all the crap of South part of India being a conservative country and stuff.
So (after going thru the posts here) got hold of the TOI and called up a few MP numbers. Well everyone says they will call back. A few of them call back and then ask all sorts of questions. Then ask you to come to a place where someone will be waiting for you. Man how I hate such stuff.

Finally one MP guy said he will come and pick me up from my Windsor Manor hotel bar. Decided on a time to meet, but the guy was late by 30 min and I had finished 2 drinks by then. rs500 incl tips. Didn't want to get too much drunk so just waited and he was there. We went out in his pickup car and it almost seemed outside the city to some apartments. He told his MP is under some repair so operating from his apartment. Anyway reach the place and the choices are 3 gals. 1 fat, one dark skinned and one a bit above avg. (6.5/10).

Big tits, nice figure and a cute face in her mid twenties.

Obviously choose her, and all others get out of the place. She asks if liked oil massage or cream massage, chose for oil some sort of herbal one.

Then asks me to strip and lie on my front, went through a avg back massage.

Then asks to turn and lie on my back and goes about front body massage, teasing my tool in between and me getting a real hard on.

Damn my phone rings, my client wants to meet and close the deal, so I ask him to meet in 1 hr. Damn him.

Anyways then grabs my tool, puts some oil and gives the best hj I had in a long time. She let me touch her, grabbed her tits firmly while coming and she squealed.

Once done, we hit the shower together and i get a full body scrub to get off the oil with special attention to my tool. Coming out of the shower the MP guy comes in and asks if interested in FS. Tells me about the rate for ST, but have to go to meet the client so promised to come back later. But had a wonderful time, no rush rush service.

YES Now for the rates. Pickup and drop off included Rs1300 for massage, hj included and rs 200 tips to the girl who gave a cute smile.

For FS the guy said 5000Rs ST but seemed open for negotiations.

Gals stats: (Did not ask the name, but said was from up north)
Looks: 7/10
Body: 6.5/10
GFE: 8/10
Tits: around 34B i guess

Left the place satisfied thinking would definitely come back for FS for the same gal.

P.S. Do not remember the name of the MP or the guy, but I think still have his phone no.

Next report will post on a pick up from a pub names 180 proof. Working gal but great exp.


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02-07-04, 13:40
Would like to report my experience in Bangalore.

After many attempts at various places mentioned in the web in vain (Majestic Theather, St Joseph colledge, etc), I finally got lucky(?) one night. You see, I met this rickshaw driver who claim to have some contact. He brought me to an unknow backstreet (was a little creepy at that time) where I got to see a van full of India women (6-7 of them). Standard varies between 4 - 7 and I final chose a young girl that has a lovely face and great shape, defintely 7-8. The pimp demanded 4K but finally bargain to 2.8K.

The Rickshaw ferried me back to my hotel and demanded 300rp tip which I obidged. He then told me I can have the girl the whole night. When I am back at the hotel, I found that the girl cannot converse in English. Furthermore, despite her beauty, she is a rather sad girl and just lay down without any expression. Had sex but was really quite boring. Finally aftersex once, we slept naked. On the second moring, I send her back and tip her 200rp to cheer her up.

Must say that all in all, a little disappointing. Would like to try the massage parlor next trip. Any recommendations? Also, does anyone has luck with cheaper sex at the Majestic or St Joseh colledge?

02-07-04, 16:43
Would like to share an experience I had.

Was in Bangalore about three months ago and was lucky to meet a rickshaw driver who claimed that he has some contacts. He brough me to a veryd ark street where we found a small van that has about 6-8 girls inside. Standard varies between 5 to 7. The pimp demanded 4K but I told him I can only afford 2.5K. He reluctantly agreed and I picked a pretty, shapely but quite girl. The rickshaw driver sent me back to the hotel and demanded 300rp. I paid him and was told that I could have the girl all night.

Back in the hotel, I got to work but found out that the girl does not speak English. Also, despite her nice look she was a sad person and laid there passively. So I just when thru the motion. After the sex, both of us slept naked.

Girl Stat:
Look : 7/10 (very sweet look with big eyes)
Body :8/10 (slim and shapely. Large breast)
Attitude : 4/10 (little communication)
Sex : 3/10 (passive)

All in all, not exactly the most exciting experience I have. Also the part on following the rickshaw driver to some dark alley is also kind of risky to think of itÖ.

As I am making a trip to Bangalore next week, would appreciate if someone could PM me some better contacts or places where I can get some nice girls.

Also, does anyone has experience with more affordable sex in Bangalore? Have went to Majestic Theather and St Joseph Colledge etc, but never found anything there. : (

Mumbai Fun
02-10-04, 16:36
Popping the Blore Cherry. (long post)

Finally, I managed to have a p4p experience post moving to blore. After recieving a few contacts from the fellow mongers (special thanks to Passion Success & Zee Dude) here as well as looking up the internet myself, I decided, last weekend, that I had done enough of searching and now it was time for some action.

First number I called was a massage parlour number, unfortunately they said that they shut down at 6pm and it was already 4.30 then. Also, they said that girls there offer only HJ and might offer BJ, but nothing more than that. I was in the mood for FS anyways, so let it pass and I called another number.

A woman picked up and told me that they offer massage / massage with extras / FS. Was thrilled to say the least and immediately started asking about rates and where they are located etc. FS rates which were quoted on the phone was 3k ( offcourse I realised that I would be able to bring that down). Then came the problem, the location. She said "after Banasvadi circle". Being new to the city and also residing in the southern part, I was quite clueless. On telling her that I was not familiar with the place, she immediately said its near frasier town / ITC factory etc etc. I knew where ITC factory was and immediately said "ok, then its cool, where do you want to me to come". She said, keep coming straight after ITC factory and then cross Banasvadi circle and then head towards the Ring road and then once you reach there give me a call.

As fellow mongers will agree, once blood starts throbbing in the lower half of your body, the top half stops functioning! And like an ass I didnt bother to check how far it was from ITC Factory etc. Only decision I took was to not to drive down myself but to take an auto. This turned out to be quite a good decision, as we kept on going on and on after leaving ITC factory far behind. Finally, we reached the ring road junction and I called up these guys again, they asked me to come down straight and stop just before the railway tracks. If I had thought that the earlier part of my journey had led me to outskirts of the city, well now it seemed as if I was heading towards some village!
Anways, on reaching the tracks, I left the rick and stood there like a moron for sometime before two of the flunkies of the madame came to pick me up. They looked around twice behind me to see if we were being followed. I felt quite funny as I myself was nervous about where I was going, so it was strangely reassuring to see those guys edgy too!

We finally reached probably the last house constructed before the "kheti-bari" starts. Met up with the madame. She appologised for the fact that the "vehicle is out for delivery", so I couldnt be picked up from the ring road crossing, I was like yeah right what load of crap.

There were 4 girls available couple of neps / chinks (rating - 4/10), 1 mal ( 3 / 10) and 1 bong with a good figure ( 5.5 /10) and FS rates were 3k for 1.5hrs for each of them!! I think they dont know that guys distinguish through visual appeal and hence rates should differ too!

Was quite dissappointing to say the least, but since I had come such a long way, hadnt yet popped my blore cherry and offcourse blood circulation happening in the wrong places, I decided to go ahead and try the bong chick. Negotiated for quite sometime and got the price down to 2k.

Needless to say that, my enthu was going down and so was the blood circulation, so my hopes were not too high. This turned out to be a boon, as the girl turned out to be extremely co-operative, had a very decent body and not at all pushy. Only one problem was that she was too inexperienced , so one had to be a bit patient with things and that took a bit of time. She did most of the things when I asked her, but she had to be told what to do! Jeez!

Nevertheless, had two pops and a massage (could have gone for a 3rd one but, didnt feel that enthu). In terms of ratings
Looks - 5.5
Body - 7.5
Attitude - 8
Experience of the girl - 2

Overall experince with the girl - 5.
Possibly once she learns a few tricks she would be more enjoyable. ;)

After finishing, when I came out of the building and voila out came the "vehicle to leave me till the main road"....it was private taxi! Quite funny.

Incase anyone is staying near the Banasvadi Circle and has nothing better to avail of for p4p, I would suggest this place, otherwise I dont think it makes too much sense.

Hopefully, I would be able to figure out / experience better places closer to where I stay or in a more centrally located areas than having to pay another visit to lands end.


Blore Fun

Love Asians
02-20-04, 06:19
Bangalore is a tough nut to crack. A couple of years ago, the only place where visitors to the city could legitimately pick up college chicks, was at the clubs. And there were only two of those. UFO and The Club, both of which were outside city limits and a pain in the ass to get too. Returns were hit or miss as well. Not too much fun. With changes in local government, I was pleasantly surprised to find the club scene in downtown bangalore thriving on my last few visits. From L'atititude on MG road, to I-bar, F-Bar, Spins, the place seemed hopping. Unfortunately most of these places still require you to have a female friend to enter on the weekends and many like l'atitude for example have segregated dance floors for couples. Doesn't make the pick up scene too hot. Plus everything closes at midnite or some ungodly hour, way too early. Still slim pickings are too be had, but you'll have to rely more on your charm than on your wallet. Dont even bother going to the famed bars around India's "Pub City". I havent seen more GUYS sitting around drinking since I went to Oktoberfest in Germany.

SW's are available around the city as well as transvestites (haven't tried these but seen them). Usually can be found near the Richmond circle area or by Bishop Cotton girls school. They are pretty obvious (read girl standing alone at busstop in pouring rain, lol). But again with LE crackin down, this is hit or miss as well.

I've had success however with several pimps who work the MG road/Brigade road corridor. The first guy has been there for years. Walk up Brigade road until you hit MG road. Cross the street (big intersection) and continue walking up the left hand side of the street along a low wall next to some open grounds (Palace grounds). On the left, along the wall you will find a guy selling Bhel Puri with a cart every evening after about 6 or 7pm. I would recommend going up, grabbin a bite to eat and then takin him aside for a minute out of earshot of any other customers who might be there and just ask him if he can arrange any women that nite. He'll send his buddy who will be somewhere nearby to talk to you while he goes back to selling Bhel.

Bargain, bargain, bargain. You will be quoted 2-3 grand for a couple of shots. You can usually get it down to $1500 or so. If you do not have a place, the pimp will arrange a hotel as well but this is of course extra($400 max for a few hours). Never pay anything until you have selected the girl and have her in an auto or your car. Depending on whether they have the girls waiting nearby, sometimes he will ring a friend and a maruti van pulls up in a little while with several girls in the back. Quality isn't too great maybe 4-5's, one or two 6's but hey, pickings are slim remember. Sometimes when we have had a car handy he takes us out to several "houses" One in pottery town(near cox town) and one near Majestic. Not close but doable. Pretty standard procedure thereafter. You go into a house, you get the standard lineup of the usual suspects. Pick your flavor of choice. Sometimes you will get lucky and get a nice young girl of 18 years or so, tight body but most tend to be in 20's. Several older women also. Saggy tits, stay away.

The second guy is always on Brigade road from about 1pm or so till about 8 or nine each nite. He hangs out in the little corridor between Nilgiris Food Mart and the music place (forget the name but its a few stores up from nilgiris and the one where you have to go into a building and upstairs). Hes hard to miss, short fella, big John Holmes type moustache. He'll be the one guy who will always be around and will be looking for customers so try to look for him and he will probably find you. If you are a forigener to india, just walk slowly, he will make contact. He can get you anything from weed/hash/ to arranging women in a similar fashion as mentioned above. Word of advice though. The fucker stiffed me on some weed the last time I was there, so do not even give him $20 Rs in advance. You will hear about how he doesnt even have enough money to pay for an auto to go get the shit. Tell him to fuckin walk. Be warned. I prefer the Bhel Puri guy but sometimes when his women suck, I come to this guy.

I haven't tried the times of India ads but will give them a shot the next time Im in town.

Happy Hunting Lads!


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02-22-04, 12:33
Hi guys,

I need some help. I will be in Bangalore for a few days starting from he 25th and contacts of info on finding some nice girls.

Please PM me.

Thanks a lot.

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Mumbai Fun
02-23-04, 11:36
Blore DBs vs Bbay DBs.

This weeked, following Passion Success' directions, ended up in the DB "Bombay Dreams". Reached there about 9.30pm and stayed on till about midnight. When I entered, I was quite impressed with the size of the place, there must have been atleast 3 halls with dance floors and lots of place to sit ( like the most of the bbay DBs). Earlier I had been to "Tequila" and found the place to be very cramped and the head waiter was nearly forcing the mongers to sit on eachothers laps!

But, the quality of the girls in Bombay Dreams was a bit disappointing mostly 5-6s and possibly couple of 7s. Booze pricing was also quite funny, 200 bucks for a large or 150 bucks for a small! Would be interesting to see if anyone ever orders a small. But the strangest thing was that all through that period there were maximum 20-25people. So needless to stay the waiters and even the girls were quite pushy. Also, it was quite interesting to see that only about 3-4 people where giving money to the girls, cause usually in a DB in Bombay during weekends, people would be throwing/handing out teners in heaps( yes another difference from Mumbai, here the min currency unit seemed to be 50s) .

Just to check the response about "meeting outside" ( usually in Bombay this is a diffcult & expensive thing unless one is a regular), I started handing out some notes to one of the girls and started chit-chatting. Finally, before wrapping up, I asked her if she wanted to meet outside and she promptly replied by saying, yes she does during the day. On enquiring about time and amount, she said she would call me nextday at about 1pm and the amount we can discuss at that point in time . I gave her my number, one of the digits was not legilble properly so she asked me to write to again. Seeing all this I was quite happy and thought wow finally something better than bbay! But then, the call never came! :)

So I guess in respect of what really matters ( P4P), all the DBs are the same. Also, just for the normal DB experience ( having a few relaxed drinks while seeing 'lookers' on the floor and offcourse enjoying ego battles between 2 sloshed customers merrily pissing away their money), I dont think Blore is the place. Unless offcourse some of the other mongers can suggest better DBs out here.


Blore Fun

Charlie XP
02-24-04, 11:58
Tomorrow I go to Goa (calangute). Would like any help where in the area of Goa I can find girls (call-girl ore brodel's etc).

Please PM me with.


(Thanks guys.)

Eat Crap
02-24-04, 19:19
Hey Charlie,

I don't think you will get lucky with anyone at Calangute/Baga beaches because not much of it happening there. You can try catching one of the massage boys on the beach. They should be able to help I guess or you can straight head to Baina/Vasco. I am very certain that you will get what you want. Try Anjuna beach. It used to bea nude beach earlier. I dont know now.

Cheers and keep me posted on what happens there


02-25-04, 11:09

A few years ago, I used to go to a pub called Vasco de Gamma.

Ask a three-wheeler.

There you can have fun.

But as I stay only one day I can't provide more details.

Waiting for your update,


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02-25-04, 14:04
Hi guys,

Finally I am in Banglore and heading out with some tips from fellow mongers. I will up date you guys later also found a driver for myself who happens to have some inside on the city here after dark will have to see what he has to offer. I will post my finding later.

02-26-04, 06:41
Day 1 Report 1:

Headed to Bombay Dreams, around 11 pm nothing special about this place were about 20 girls dancing in front of you, you can't touch them or dance with them, just watch and pay about 50 rp every now and them. some are good looker but other are below avarage. came out and talk to one of the staff about hiring the girls. he said it is possible and he will make the arrangement. About 3 am the girls finish at the club and their can come out. They all have their own leader or mamasan, this guy took me out and gave me a his numbe and ask me to go back to my hotel and he will call me. went back waited for one hour call him and he said he will come by in 45 min but that 45 min till now have not come. So I guess it is a scam. He ask for money up front but I did not give till he brought the good, did show him I had the money. Going rate was Rp3000.00 up for the whole night.

However before heading out I got intouch with the room boy called suresh. He said contacts for girls and will arrange if I wanted I will try this today and let you guys know tomorrow.


02-26-04, 06:53
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your interactive mails. Some of you were really gentlemen who exchanged contacts with the spirit of growing the tribe and helping in times of need.

Well this is a feedback on one college girl contact which has been sent by a couple of fellows by the names shilpi, Indira etc. She does seem like a college Gal of 23 and is charging steeply at 5k for an hour. I'm meeting her today evening and would revert to you guys with the feedback on her. I do have her email and mobile, but please excuse me for not being able to further pass it on. I would insist if you are writing for trhe first time please write with a contact of your own. This differentiates your request from multiple such request received after a post. Why would I not help if I am being helped. Moreover evry market has its life cycle and I can say for sure bangalore is catching up fast. We want it to. We should help the whole thing grow.

Heres a review on a MP that i visited sometime back. Its located in Indiranagar and was nothing too much of pleasure. The girls were desi 4/10 type in salwar suit. She made me sit on the edge of the massage table and gave a borderline HJ. I did fondle her but it wasnt too much of stuff to relish. The price was low at 500 bucks. Its near the dupanhalli busstand and since it was new the operating girl and managing babe were cooperative. Somehow I get a kick in walking inside a slightly shady place and trying to casually chat up with the owner and bring up this topic.

I would like to say this falls TOO short of our mental expectations and the stuff we see in private movies or what we generally fantasize. What do you guys have to say.

Also am in BIG need of a BJ for about 500 bucks with a place of theirs. Your suggestions would be mutually reciprocated.

Enjoy & let enjoy.

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02-29-04, 17:49
Day 2 Bangalore.

Well finally theer are things going on in this town, and it is not hard to fine the action. I went to a few of the same type of dance bars today and found one which you can pick any off the girls back. It was quite a adventure, this is how it goes.

Catted with one of the guys there I don't know waht he actually does but ask him is he know any girls or places you can hire girls. He said yes and told me to pick any girls and let him know which one there are a few good looking one range from 5 to 9. After pointing out to him He ask me to go wait in the car and he came to me and told me it would be 6k for the whole night. After some nego- the price came down to 4k which was agreed. Now you had to pay him in advance and you can take the girl back right then. You have to have your own transport. had to take the car to the ally and he brought to girl and drove her to my room.

She was a looker and had a nice body and nice shaved muff. superd in bed good GFE had her about 5 times and once before she left.

So I guess if one looks one will fine. PM if you guys need details of location.

Day 3

Call the guys contact from Room boy. he responded with about 4 girls came to the room ranging from 3k to 6k . Pick one nego on the price settled for 3k from 6k I guess they always ask for double the price first. stayed till the next morning 10am.
Good in bed and does not speak english that was a problem.

Same need number PM me


03-05-04, 18:40
Just one of those drunken Saturdays, after hopping into couple of pubs. I was walking back towards mg road raod on a road just front pub world one of auto drivers followed me and asked do I need gals, Just for fun I said yes, So he said hope on and took me towrds the cricket satdium and called some number on the mobile. He said wait for few minutes after about half hour, A car came in with four gals with a driver and mamsan sitting in the front she asked for 3k and 500 for the hotel and asked me to choose one among the four giggling gals in dark street. With my testostrine running high selected the one towards me and setteled the price for 2.5k Since I didnt want take them to my hotel and went along with the auto some where in the city market area and went hotel. And ending up paying the auto driver 500 as he was not going without anything less.

After ordering some drinks started taking with the gal, she was from kerla and working in bombay and been in only a for week and anyway after two drinks each had good fun she was on looks 5 and body 7, with a attitude for 8. Anyway at the end good value for money Bangalore is full of suprises this was one of them. You get when you never expected and dont get when you want it like hell. Guys Any of you faced this, or is it just me.

03-06-04, 06:24

This is my first post to this forum. Recently I saw an article in India Today or other mag which I dont remember, on escorts and other related stuff. Being a net freak I visited some of the links provided in the mag and got to know a few places where you can get SWs in bangalore and I am still inexperinced, so thought of doing some surveys for quality, so me and my friend (who is also inexperienced and doesnt know how to recognise SWs) decided to so some searching.

I am like a hunter, before hunting I do some ground work and the ground work began around 7:30 pm (pretty early I guess) checked out Brigade Rd, Residency Rd (from Brigade Rd junction to Mayo Hall). I coudn't find any SW (found a hijra), so decided to go towards St Josephs. My friend, whose hormones were driving him mad, began to see a SW on every walking girl/woman. Controlling him now was a priority than finding a SW. again luck wasnt on our side.

Io, decided to go back towards Mayo Hall again. Now the luck was there, but not what I wanted though, some 4 - 5 SWs were present but no quality, I would rate them 1/10 or even 0/10 for looks.

I decided to check my bank balance. If we ever got any luck that night and by now my friend mind was totally freaked, while I was checking my account, he saw two girls walk by. Now he was a raging bull and to control him, we decide to follow them and came back empty handed, I am still happy that we were not able to contact them.

Now it was around 10 pm, and we decided to have dinner. We had our dinner and decided to do a last hunt on Residency rd. Near Bombay Breams we saw two SWs, by the time we reached them, they were taken, so came back empty handed. I can't rate the SW as I coudnt see their face.

This is my first account as it happened.

I would like some contacts from Senior (by the no of reports) ppl on this list.

Please pm me.

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Eat Crap
03-08-04, 19:26
Hello mongers,

Here's my bit for the week. Tried my regular contact, but the phone didn't seem to be working so landed up at Saga on Residency Road.

Walked in a about 9.45 in the evening. The entrance was Rs.200, which was a cover charge. Walked in to the first hall where the live band played and it was totally dry. With Just 2-3 women dancing around. So asked the waiter where were the other halls and he directed me towards the back. Walked in and WOW! Loads of stunners there. Just a handful of 3-4's. Got myself a good corner seat. Ordered for a coke and just watched. The women were mindblowing.

Got a lot of eye contacts and the women were dancing pretty close to me. My first trip to a DB so, didn't really know what to do. So just sat there and looked at the women dance around my table with a lot of exposure and sexy moves. Major turn on. The hall was empty, with just about 6 other customers and myself. Found an attractive 8 with a great rack. Should've been about 20. Not more. Asked her if she wanted to dance in front and she gladly agreed. Well paid her a couple of 100's and asked her name and stuff.

Then I finally asked her out and she blankly refused. Well I hope to go there sometime this week and try my luck again. Any suggestions please PM or post them. I dont really feel its easy to pick up from the dance bars as they all just want you to empty their pockets there by the time you leave. Please give me more tips on how to pick them up.



Eat Crap
03-14-04, 12:18
Hi guys,

Thank you passion success for your amazing contact. Suniman thank you too, but could not get in touch with Roshan. I will try him this saturday.

Anyways this is how it went.

Tried one of the MP's in shantinagar, but that lady refused to offer any specail services so called up passion's contact.

Spoke to this guy babu in Kannada, though mine isn't too good, I could briefly describe what I wanted. He said he had a choice of 6 and would come by in a maruti van and show his goods. Agreed and waited for him at the Shivajinagar bus stop. He was bloody 2 hours late. Darn! The usual traffic jam excuse. Looked at the stocks in the van. 5 of them seated there and as soon as I put my head in they all started to smile and grin. The place seemed pretty dark but they did all look nice. Well there was one babe, who looked hot and she was from Delhi. Asked babu about her, Komal he said. Demanded 4.5K and tips+room extra. Bargained for about 10 mins and got the price down to 2750 for LT and 500 for the room. He took me to hotel select just across the road. Paid him the cash in advance. Came up with the girl and spoke to the hotel guys for the room and left the girl and I went to the room. Komal was hot looking with her clothes on. She wore a blue churidar. A total body fit with a nice view of her cleavage.

Ordered for 2 beers and chicken to munch. Did some talking for a while and getting to know her. She laughed like a undergraduate college girl. Then got down to some action.

She refused to give a BBBJ. Well a CBJ was good enough. She was a little inexperienced but as she blew she looked at my face and smiled. Wow, it was amazin'. As i lay on the bed and she blew, I could not take it and longer to stripped her totally. Fingered her till she was a little wet. She had an awesome body with a couple of stretch marks on the thigh, which was a minor turn off, but nevermind, I had no option now. It was about 12.30 am by then when i had my first shot. Started missionary and ended doggy. She was pretty tired and breathless. She was kind of wet too. She was pretty co-operative and moved well. Switched on the lights for a while and we just lay naked. Spoke about what she liked doing normally. Then she spoke a little about her family back home. She wanted to go to them soon but wanted to collect more money before she got back. I didn't want to know anything personal about her so just avoided that topic.

It was like 1.30am and she wanted to rest for a while, she requested pretty sweetly and so I agreed. Just cleared up the used condoms and let her sleep for a while. I just sat there and watched her and fell asleep. She woke me again by 6 am with a great smile. She looked fresh after a bath with her hair wet. Started playing again. Sucked on her nice tits, as the sun started shining and the room got brighter, we played around and I could see her expressions and I am sure she wasn't faking them. Started doggy, tried different positions etc. and ended up with her riding on me.

Man she was pretty tight and ws quite a GFE. Then we both walked in for a shower. Got dressed and got some breakfast for us. Paid the waiter for the beers and the breakfast. Left a tip of 72 bucks for him.

Called babu and told him that I was through. He said he would pick her up in 1 hour. Came back to the room and told her that babu would pick her up in a while. Tipped her 400 because thats all I had and left. She said that she would go back home and didn't want to stay at the hotel. Walked down together and she got a rick and left.

I had an amazing time on a Saturday and hope to do so again next week.


Cool Dude
03-15-04, 06:13
Guys hi,

Can I get some details of some good contacts in Bangalore?

Thanx and bye.

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Cool Dude
03-15-04, 07:52

I'm new to Bangalore. Can anyone give me details of any good babes in Bangalore?

Please pm me.

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03-15-04, 22:31
I had been to a house in Bangalore near Uma theater 4 yrs back. Had a girl (19yrs I think). She was tight. Went back there for 6 time in total and the last time I went. The place was raided. Girls were good.

Member #1416
03-26-04, 08:36
Hi members,

I am back in Bangalore. I visited one of the Live bands in Majestic area. I showed interest in one girl and this girl was after me. She was very demanding and pretty open, she wanted 1k as collection first in the club and was ready to go whereever with me. She asked me pay 1k later for coming with me. I did not have enough money with me and got out of the club. I thought this is pretty bold on the part of the girl in a live band. I am not sure whether this is a ripoff or genuine. Probably the key is to go on a week day as the girls are more desperate to make money due to lack of customers.

I have PMed some of the members for contacts, the MPs contact I got from one of the numbers turned out to be either not reachable or not a valid number.

Thank you, I promise I will return your favour.

Bangalore Dud
03-26-04, 13:01
After a lot of combing with my good old friend passion sucess, I found a Bengali babe snia on the net. She is a model who travels to various parts of India. It looks like a organised racket. She is beautiful, dontt know how good in performance. She charges 8K for a couple of hrs of GFE. She visits Bangalore twice a month and stays in top hotels like Taj, Oberoi, Leela etc. She also models I guess. PM me for more details.

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Sprint Up
03-26-04, 13:38
Hi Guys,

I am in Bangalore now. Bangalore seems to be dry compared to Mumbai interms of direct contacts. MPs I think don't offer FS. Last 2 months I am trying to make some contacts but unsuccessful. Anybody who has got FS, please PM me. Going through pubs way and then asking girl to sleep is, I think costly and long route. As per previous reports,it seems some got successful there.

Anyway, I will post here if I get something.

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Mumbai Fun
03-26-04, 14:32
another disaster in bangalore! :)

last weekend decided on going for a bit of p4p action. tried calling couple of contacts(auto drivers), first one didnt work. the second one, basha, (zee dude's contact) picked up and asked me to meet him infront of lal baug's main gate ( near the double road). basha, was hanging around with a couple of more auto drivers and it seemed as if they were least interested in taking passengers etc and more interested in p4p customers! :)

sat in his auto and chatted with couple of other guys etc and in about 15mins time a maruti van stopped near us, there were about 5 girls in it. didn't like any of them, well not upto my standards so said no thank you. the rates were 3k for the night, hotel charges extra ( 600 non a/c room and 1000 for a/c room). tried to give him hints that i was looking for better quality and that i'm willing to pay more monies as well. anways, he said that he will call another car. this one came in after 30mins or so.

about 7 girls were crammed in the maruti van, with couple of them sitting in the boot space! the quality was slightly better than in the last one. the rates, once again, were 3k for the night and room charges as specified earlier. wasn't too happy with the quality, but given my earlier not too great experiences here in blore, i chose one of them. i asked basha about the services, he said no problem she will do all! also, when she walked out i realised that she was heavier than what i had estimated while she was sitting in the car. people who like wholesome girls, they would like her, i like the leaner variety.

next we went to a hotel very close to lal baug itself. paid basha the 3k, yes no additional tips etc for him, he got his cut from the 3k. paid 1k at the reception and took an ac room. room was quite crappy, but hey i wasnt looking for a very good room either. till then, had to spoken to the girl a couple of times and she seemd quite a chirpy one. but once in the room the 'nakhras' started. she said she wanted to eat, and funnily enough the room boy seemed to be waiting for that. she asked for some stuff including "anar juice"!! i asked the boy to get what she wants and then the boy informed me that they dont have any food here and that he would be going outside to get it and hence i needed to give him money upfront. from the order that she has placed i thought couple of hundred bucks would be sufficient , but the boy insisted that it would be more etc and i should give him 300 bucks. so i thought why argue over these things and gave him 300 bucks but specifically said, get me the bill.

post that when i tried to switch on the ac she said she was unwell and said could i switch it off, so i thought to myself, yeah right this is why i paid more for an ac room! :) she started asking me a few questions and i in turn asked her a few too. it was going on nicely and i thought of having a quickie before the food came in. :) so i asked her to shower etc and she said, no... since she was unwell she didnt want to take a shower now and added that she had taken a shower earlier in the evening. though for lts i usually insist on a shower etc, but i thought hey what the hell. so we got into some action and then i realised that she started refusing every damn thing....except lying on the bed with her legs spread and saying bang me in the missionary position while i watch some movie !! bj - thats a dirty thing, i need extra money (1000 bucks). kissing - i wont do it. anal - didnt even bother asking. other positions - why bother, i'm going to lie here this way. her on top - she said yes. so finally, i was like ok, she will do something. but hey once she got on top, she just sat there! anyways, finally thought why bother with all this and let me just finish it off in missionary position. banged her hard and finished it off.

after i was through, the bell rang and the room boy walked in with the food. he had got someother stuff than what this girl ordered so she made a ruckus, while i couldnt care less. when i asked for the bill the guy said, no bill and handed me 50 bucks back. and then said, tips!! needless to say that pissed me off and i asked him to come in the morning and he was like no i want it now. gave him a tener to which offcourse he expressed displeasure and went away. i always tip room boys / waiters very well, but when someone openly cheats me i dont think i am going to make it worse by tipping him a lot!

then she finished her meal. thought of having another go and again the 'nakhras' started and ended up in the same thing with her lying on her back with her legs spread and her eyes fixed on the tv. by that time i had had enough and saw that it was about 12.45am. didnt see too much point in hanging around in the hotel for the next 4-5hours ( the guy at the reception had clearly told me that she has to leave by 6am). so i decided to ditch her and go home and sleep. this really took her by surprise and she then started cajoling me, but by that time i was totally off and i had made up my mind, so i walked out.

once i thought off calling up basha and complaining about her etc. but realised that at that point in time, i would neither get my money back nor was i willing to pay more money and take another girl. so why make all that fuss at that hour.

also, looking back i realise, that a lot of it was my mistake too. first of all zee dude had warned me that he had not used basha and hence wouldnt be able to give me a feedback and i think in these cases feedback is a very important thing. second of all, i'm used to the bombay ways of selection, going and sitting in a room and the girls are paraded in front of you or the 'special ones' are brought in alone and one can take time, ask the handlers about the service etc and then decide. unlike, here where one has to peep into a badly lit car in a deserted street and then decide on the girl etc. i wish there were places here where one can walk in and see the line up choose, talk, negotiate and then go for it. are there any such places here?

one more crucial thing is that i'm used to paying 3k for st in bombay and 6-7k+ for lt. so the 3k for lt quality of girl is offcourse not going to be upto my expectations. moreover, here the cost is generally higher than bombay, so things would be worse at the same rates. ideally, i should have said no and bailed out, but then as fellow mongers would agree for such decisions the brain rarely seems to function, some other bodypart takes over! :)

i think for people who are looking for p4p at 3k/lt this might be a decent deal. so things might not be as bad as it sounds from my report.

as far as ratings are concerned

looks: 6
figure: 5
attitude: (-) 5
over all experience: (-)3

but then this whole thing could have been just a case of bad luck as well, as the saying goes "kismat mein hai bambu, toh kya karega shambhu!!!"


blore fun

03-27-04, 07:19
Can someone PM me the best MP in Bangalore. Please give me precise directions as I am new to the city.

Thanks for your help

03-27-04, 07:29
Hello All,

Im new to Bangalore, can some members kindly send me detailed locations of MP and contact numbers of exotic girls.



Jack Jhun
04-04-04, 13:11
Hello everyone,

I am new to Bangalore and have been living here for a couple of weeks. I find, on going through these columns, that there is a terrific amount of action in this town. I would be very thankful for some specific information on where to get some good action.


Jack Jhun
04-04-04, 17:02

I am new to Bangalore. I would appreciate any help in finding some good quality babes who are willing! Please PM me with the information.

Thank you guys.

Cool Dude
04-05-04, 06:02
I would like to know if anybody has gone through these bangaloresexguide website people. I spoke to the guy and he gave me a account number of some hdfc bank and asked me to deposit 5 k and then call him and he'd give me the contact details. He quoted a very high amount and he says that the babes are models and airhostesses. Can anyone let us know more about this experience?


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04-06-04, 05:37
Hey Cool Dude

Stay away from that guy. Its a scam. Hes part of the same group of scamsters who run all the other city sex guides.. bombaysexguide, chennaisexguide etc etc.

The babes he does get you are the 1K SW quality

Happy hunting

Sprint Up
04-06-04, 07:04
True, all these <Indian City> sexguide is scam. I also called that guy, he thought for a moment and said "hmm,15K" after 8 days he said "hmm..9K". These people are more interested in money than giving service. Same is the case with tendertouchin.com, some lady asked me to deposit Rs 2500 in bank and then said that she will just give contact numbers of few women, whatever happens after that, she is not responsible. Don't fall in these kind of traps. Never give anybody money in advance unless they are ready to give the receipts!

And if you see by logic, really beautiful babe will never work undersomebody and won't like to share a profit with these touts. Instead she goes by contacts.



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Zee Dude
04-06-04, 07:44
Cool Dude,

Just review the old posts regarding all of the internet sites and you will see for yourself. There are plenty of mongers who have been ripped off by these outfits.

Plain advise it to just stay away from them.


Cool Dude
04-07-04, 06:16
Thanx a lot guys. I d have got cheated but for your advise.


Member #1416
04-07-04, 12:33
Thanks a lot everyone who tried to help me out.

But it was a bit late as I had already left Bangalore or extremely busy with other work. Thanks nevertheless.

I want to share my ripoff experience just a day before I left Bangalore. I still pinch myself how could I behave in such an irrational manner. I am ashamed to share my experience, I would like to share this for the benefit of everyone.

I had just one night (a saturday night) and the next day I was leaving bangalore. I just decided to spend the time visiting dance bars and enjoy just the music and dance. I visited some of the dance bars in the majestic area. Finally ended up in Melody in Gandhinagar. In melody there is a back room in which some better quality girls dance. I went there and got interested in a girl named Aishwarya. She was perky, good looking with a nice smile. I spent about 2-3 hundreds on her before she started responding to my notes. I had a direct talk with her. I said I wanted to meet her that night. She said paying 3k at the bar as collection charges would free her that night. She was so convincing and intoxicating that I lost all my senses and paid to her agent 3K. She took my number and asked me to take a room and she will join after 12pm. I did that and waited for her. When she did not call me I went back to her to take with me after she is finished at the dance bar. But there were police outside so I could'nt just whisk her out. She left along with her group. She called me immediately and said she would meet. I went back to the hotel and waited for her call. She never called. I kept on calling and calling. One good thing is I never really booked the hotel I wanted to book as soon as she arrives. So that money is saved. She calls me at about 3am in the morning and accuses me for not being patient. She also accused me that I had gone back to the bar and had a fight with the bar fellows as she did not turn up. Apparently some other bakra made a fight and she was thinking it was me. Finally she said she would meet for an hour and would call me at 6 pm which she never did. I kept on calling her. I went back to the bar during the daytime and informed the bar guys about my experience. They asked me to come back in the night but I was leaving the city in the afternoon.

That was my experience. I dont know when I will go back to bangalore. Just stay away from that bar. But if you do go there, give them an earful particularly that girl and the band leader babu who took the money from me. I am still unhappy with myself how could I behave like that, how could I pre-pay the money.

Fat Shaft
04-12-04, 07:29
Fellow Mongers,

Just got back from a very enjoyable and pleasurable trip trip from Bangalore.

An acquaintance of mine asked me if I wanted an auyrvedic massage.Does the sun rise from the east, off we went.

The place was way off,seemed to have landed in some sort off a village,on the outskirts of the city. Here in a cemented house, amongst cows and other livestock outside on the street was our destination.

A lady greeted us and asked us what we needed, Said wanted a massage and more, well she said that a massage is available but no other services are provided for.

She said it would be INR 1500 for an hour and two girls would massage me. Said OK, went into the room and two girls came in, One was 18 years old and the other 21. Both were very slim with good racks and and even better disposition.

They asked me to take off my clothes and when i was buck naked asked me to lie down face up. I then asked them to take off their clothes, but they said take the massage, then they would provide me company after a bath.

Juniour wasnt willing to wait,was impatient to see the goods, so I convinced them to take off their tops and sure enough managed to play and suck on their tits whilst they massaged me

Soon after the same they took to me to a detached bath and one of them gave me a nice and soapy bath. Once i was done, I was then led back into the room where i asked both of them to take off all their clothes. They told me not to stick my fingers into their vagina as they were virgins and wanted to keep their hymen intact for the man they were to marry.

No problems, worked on their clit, they weren't into daty and made them cum several times over.

Got both of them to BBJ me and then I came outside.

Was indeed a really nice massage with a very happy ending.

Since I dont know how to get there on my own, will take down details the next time I am in Bangalore, which is soon and share the same with all.

Went to Utpala in Indira nagar, there was a massuse there who said that there were no extras, but did a hand job anyway. But Utpala was a waste of time really.

Sold on the first one.

Happy Mongering

Sprint Up
04-15-04, 11:24
Is Bangalore really dry?There are only few contacts I got but through pimps and those numbers also don't work.Bangalore I think is still conservative city compared to even Hyderabad/Mumbai.Getting laid in few hours using direct contacts is still a distant dream in my opinion.Kindly PM me if you know any contact.I will update here with report.

04-19-04, 07:43
Bangalore: What a nightmare!

I have tried before to post here to find some action to no avail.

Like many others, I have tried dance bars, and although girls have chatted I have got no further. In my experience, the rikshaw drivers have been reluctant to help - preferring to keep me safe!

Are any of the hotel discos, such as at Taj Residency good places to find a girl?

Does anyone have any contact details for a private massage with some serices?

Or can anyone advise me how I can get a girl to come to my hotel?

Desperate after 3 dry trips to Bangalore!!!

Pussy Raider
04-19-04, 10:15
Why don't you try the MPs guys mentioned, I have seen them adverstize in the newspapers - Times of India, and spoke to a few, all offer female to male service charging over Rs 1000. You could also check out if they give service at your place as well.

Bangalore Dud
04-19-04, 16:09
Hi Paul,

I read your report and on behalf many mongers in Bangalore am presenting a quick beginners guide to mongering in Bangalore.

01. For MP action try Times of India classifieds and you will find plenty of parlours offering ayurvedic massage. There is much more than a massage a HJ or BBJB can sometimes be got. Quality of merchandise 3-5 , service 6-7. You should try Hitech in Shanthinagar esp neha ther known for good service. i also have the numbers. costs between 1K to 3K.

02. Independent Service providers who provide outcalls. Quality is a suspect.Costs 3K. e.g beautician from shehnaz beauty parlor

03. There is a chain of SP working on mobile telephones from upmarket areas like Indiranagar etc where there are houses which entertain. quality of merchandie between 6-8 , quality 6-8 , costs between 3K and 5K.

04.There are many experienced mongers like Passion sucess who have great resource base. Do contact him.

Either way bangalore is happening though does not appear so at the surface. Ofcourse it would not be comparable to Mumbai.

Enjoy Madi

04-20-04, 07:46
Thanks Bangalore_dud.

I will try to do as you ask, and contact Passion.

How does one get hold of the upmarket peoples' telephone numbers. This sounds quite ideal for me?

Also, does anybody know the likelihood of meeting a girl in the Taj Residencies in Bangalore?

Thanks for your help so far - please keep the advice coming. After 3 dreadful trips to Banagalore, I hope to make the fourth a winner.

I am counting on you guys!


04-20-04, 21:37
Aaaaaaarrrrgh! I have just been duped again! A lady claiming to be a SW in a 3 star hotel contacted me. we chatted and chatted via Yahoo Messenger. Then I become suspiscious. It turns out she is a man.

What do I have to do to find classy women in Bangalore!

Seriously, is thenight club at the Taj residency any good?

I desperately need a friend to find a woman for me.


Cool Dude
04-23-04, 04:57
Hii guys,

I had been to the kerala Ayurvedic massage center.

They had 2 girls and i chose a girl called Sangeeta.

Looks 6/10
Attitude 4/10

Overall experience was not very satisfactory.

I heard that the Hi Tech massage center is pretty good.

Any other information plz pm me.

04-27-04, 03:11

Good to see that the Bangalore forum has really picked up and is next only to Bombay in the WSg guide:) It was in a really disappointing state in its early days ( see my early posts in bangalore section.

However you fellow mongers seem to be getting good action!

I have been out of Bangalore for quite some time and havent contributed much recently. But i had tried almost all the MP listed in TOI when I was there.

My experience was that the MP's suck pretty much. You might get a HJ/ BJ or FS also but the quality /price thing is not worth it.

Find a good pimp in Bangalore. They keep rotating girls every 2 weeks etc and ensure they get good stuff from all over, and get the direct number from the girl if you like her.

Now dont ask me for pimp contacts right now as i am outta bangalore presently and old contacts are not valid/verified.

Will be able to provide some when I am back.

Also about prices. Guys really request you to keep your head high and prices down. I usually aim for 1000-1500 for ST (2 Hrs)

2000-3000 for LT (whole night ). for a 6-8/10 in quality.

There are lots of working girls in Blore as I saw. If you are starting off try the auto guys for contacts and keep looking till you find something you really want to spend on !

Happy Hunting.



PS: No PM's right now please ! Will post again when i am in town.

05-07-04, 13:29
Hello Folks,

I thought I would give an update as to how I am doing in my search for quality ladies in Bangalore!

Firstly, I have to thank 3 members of this group for their help and advice. I am pretty confident I am going to achieve a good result. This has really added benefit to being a member of this forum. Again, much appreciated to those who contacted me.

As a contingency, I posted my requirements in a few Yahoo Escort Clubs for India. I had a really poor response on the hole with loads of spam. However, I was contacted by one lady who said she worked in a hotel, and would be interested. Only thing was she was not from Bangalore!

We set up chat sessions using Yahoo, and she even introduced me to some of her friends she said my also be interested!

Too good to be true? I thought so too.

Anyway, we exchanged photos - and I have to say she looks so pretty I thought her pics were off the internet!

We then progressed to a webcam session, where she could see me, but I could not see her. She was pretty forward!!! And I obliged, using one of her photos as a means of excitement - which seemed to drive her crazy!

Anyway, suspiscions grew, and when we chatted again, she wanted me to perform for her.

This time, I insisted on a telephone contact so i could be sure she was at least a woman. Declined! And declined again and again. At that point, I decided to call it a day and did not speak again.

Then, she agreed to use Yahoo Messenger Voice Chat - and to let me hear her voice. she was clearly nervous of being heard as she was doing night work at the hotel!
I established at least she was a woman!

The next night, I agreed to have a full Yahoo Messenger voice chat with her - she managed to get into a private situation - and she was clearly wild with the thought of sex with me!

So, advice. Am I being suckered, or should I take a chance? She sounds genuine now, her pics look wonderful, maybe too good. But is this just her having a fantasy?

What should I do? Is it likely she will deliver the goods?

Advice welecome!


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05-08-04, 08:07
Hi Paul43_UK

I dont think you run any risk at all ! That is if you do not send any money or advance any transaction you are very safe.

Keep it that way and push her for a personal meeting and then see what transpires in the meeting.

No money till action!


05-10-04, 13:07
Hi guys!

My friend gave the forum address some time back. Great going.

I am a regular visitor to Bangalore and enjoys the company of girls on all my business trips. The best way to get hold of some good pussies is through good contacts. I get very decent girls (7-8 out of 10) for Rs.2000 /S.T Rs.3500/(L.T.). I am raedy help you guys in case you are frustrated. Please PM me.



05-11-04, 19:22

Thought to share some information.

Some time back on an unscheduled visit I opted for a dance bar near majestic.The bar name is Manoranjan. Threre were about 10-15 girls there singing miserably, intentions were obvious. I ordered a drink and even before the drinks were served messages in paper napkins reached me from 2-3 girls. I sternly avoided replies and started taking my drink. After 2 rounds i was attracted towards a sexy feamle. She sent some messages knowing my intentions. Her name was Shwetha. After my reply her assitant boy asked to tip her to pass her number. I gave Rs.100/- initially and later again gave 2-3 Rs 50/- notes. She gave her number finally and I also gave my number to her. She promised to call me later in the night. Expecting a great action, I waited at the Hotel where I was staying. No calls and no reply from the number she gave, I felt cheated and went to sleep.

Surprisingly when I forgot the incidents, the next day around 11.30AM she called up me and asked what was my plans for the day and agreed to meet me around 1.30 PM. I met her at a restaurent and had lunch together. I directly asked her to come and share the evening with me which she agreed for a one hour session. She wanted to go back to the place where she was staying before 3 PM it seemed. I took her to my Hotel near Richmond circle, the hotel guys didn't object (or not taken seriously) to a regular customer like me. Once in the room, I was so aroused that I asked her to do BJ. Within minutes she was on her job and was very wet. Guys she performed excellent and it was afabulous experience for me. The damage for the session was Rs.2000/- but was worth it. She was ready to come to Mangalore, my next destination. The next time I shall try that. Meanwhile anyone having information about Mnagalore scene?



June Fly
05-15-04, 22:35

I will be in Bangalore next week for few days. Could anyone give me some details or contacts in Bangalore. Any street actions or places I can try. I appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Sprint Up
05-24-04, 12:45
Last month, Friday evening I called one pimp Bab ,number gotten from one monger here. Babu asked me to stand at shivaji Nagar bus station around 10 PM. He came around 10.15 in auto and took me near Vidhan Suadha area or something. In 10 minutes Maruti van came filled up with 4 girls. I was asked to sit inside and choose the suitable.

All were ok,in early 20s or may be mid-20s.Looks wise 5,body wise 4 to5. I chose one.Again sat in auto with her and moved to lodge around 10.45 PM. Paid money to babu and asked him to come around 7 AM to pickup the girl.

Paid lodge boy 100 tip and asked him to bring beer, covers which he promptly brought in 10 minutes. Girl name, I don't remember but I think Haseena or something. She declined to take beer but later took half glass. Then watched TV with some foreplay, and started with missionary. After some break, performed doggy and cleaned ourselves and slept. Around 3 AM, again little brother wokeup! Started cuddling,inserting finger in her and finally missionary. Woke up around 7.15, she was ready to go as Babu called.I left after sometime.

Overall experience: 6/10
Girl: 5/10 but good cooperation

Next week,planning to go to Chennai/Trichy. Please PM me if you have any contacts there.


Love The Ladies
05-24-04, 21:09

Go for it. You only live once. Just make you feel for her wetness before you let her blow you. Never can tell in India.l

Also, you guys pay awfully high prices in Bangalore.
You should all come to Mumbai with us here for a night of mongering.

Cal Travel
05-29-04, 08:26
Bangalore, frustrating.

So far all the other places I have visited- its been relatively easy. Bay Area, CA in the US, Hong Kong, Thailand in Asia, and in India Calcutta. Each has either designated areas or well established modes of getting in contact.

But Bangalore has been so frustrating- firstly no redlight area unlike most other Indian cities. I tried online at a couple of sites- the charges are steep, 5K seems to be the norm- with no indication of the goodies- no photos, scant description- and that too they dont call.

I reached here in the beginning of the week- have tried a couple of auto-drivers as points of contacts, who gave me blank stares.

I think I will try the SW scene on Residency next or perhaps the dance bars. Will keep you guys posted.

06-03-04, 19:33
Hey guys,

Seen lotsa street action here, but quality doesnt seem to be too good. Had also contacted a babu. The quality was sad. The same story. Girls in a van, choose one, take her and go to your place. She was pretty sad. No BJ, just lay there like a log.

I was very dissapointing so if any guys have any better contacts please PM me and tell me.


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Love The Ladies
06-05-04, 02:52

I know how you feel. I laughed my ass off in recognition of your log comment. I've never been to a place with more "starfish" in my life. Yet there is good quality around. I'm dating one of the massage parlour girls. Funny thing is, she likes sex so much that she gets OFFENDED if I even pay for here auto ride to see me.

She claims not to have intercourse in the parlour, but damn does she like it on the side.

Have you guys tried the IMP's? Get the phone numbers of the girls working. Most just wanted a movie and dinner. After a few dates you should be getting some.


06-07-04, 11:56
Hey lovedaladies

Datin a MP girl huh.. good for you. Am trying to find some MP girl as well who is willing to be part of a GFE experience. No luck though.

Bangalore is the worst scene I have seen in ages. Last month (Mid May) I tried 3 different contacts and they showed me girls that I thought were bad enough not to even belong to the bottom of the barrell.

He said he would buy me a few drinks before I go with the girls. Guess he wfigured the only way I would take those women was if I was half drunk and blind.

HAHA.. Blore you call urself a cosmoplitan world city. Come on lets get some of the Amsterdam red light district going if you really want foreign investment to come in.

Love The Ladies
06-08-04, 13:22

You wrote,

HAHA.. Blore you call urself a cosmoplitan world city. Come on lets get some of the Amsterdam red light district going if you really want foreign investment to come in.

What you wrote was so incredibly true. I lived close to Atlanta Georgia for some time.THe state and region is extremely conservative, yet the city of Atlanta has become liberal with all of the business going on there. Since the airport (the busiest in the world now) they have exploded. Legally, selling and buying sex is illegal, but is overlooked so the businessmen will keep cuming and setting up shop there.


Love The Ladies
06-08-04, 13:45

Do they allow women giving men massages in the IMP's. If so, then you should easily get someone to give you a GFE experience. My only advice is that when you take her out the first few times, don't even approach sex with her. Hold her hand, cuddle with her (all in private of course) Take her to the movies and dinner. Out side the IMP, I haven't even touched her sexually yet.

Yet the time is coming. She is completely turned on now when I see her. She wants to, but I'm being a pleasure delayer. We both know it's nothing serious, but she doesn't feel like a *****. She still deny's having sex with other guys at work. This shows me that she is ashamed of what she does.

I'm sure this is how it works with most of these girls.

The only advantage I have with this one is that she can string along some English sentences. I've had some other phone numbers, yet when I call them, it's a complete mess. Without the non-verbal communication, I simply can't communicate.

Hope this helps,


06-16-04, 20:30
Hey guys,

Does anyone here have any good contacts?

Guys please do PM me atleast some contacts, been a really sad scene here.

Eat Crap
06-23-04, 19:52
Hello people,

The room seems kinda dead. What is happening? Well if anybody has experienced any of the DB's where it is a sure pick-up please care to pm me. Would be glad to share my experience on the board. Hey Long Bone & Blore fun. Whats up with you guys. Not heard from you people for a real long time


Sad Sam
06-26-04, 22:07

This particular forum has of late been somewhat useless. What might be very useful is to put together a report, collected from many members' wisdom. Obviously one needs to keep this up to date with recent info. Giving the lay of the land (no pun intended) in terms of clubs/bars, ads to look for or agencies or houses to go would be very useful for people going to Bangalore.

If there are any volunteers, that will be great. If not, I can put it together if people PM me the info. This seems to have been done very well in forums for some of the other places.

Long Bone
06-28-04, 13:46
Hi EC,

I just came to the forum to take a sneak peak. Its dead and dull. Where is Zee guy? Where are Pro's? Bangalore sucks (no pun intended)!

Mumbai Fun
06-29-04, 07:07
Round Table in Bangalore?

This section of the forum seems to have suddenly died down. At one point I think the number of postings here were more frequent than even the Bombay one. Come on guys, all of you who are mongering in good old Bangalore, please post your experiences.

As far as I'm concerned, am travelling a bit and have been posting in other cities / countries etc. Will be back by mid next month and then I guess back to mongering here.

Also, I would definitely be interested in a round table of the forum members. This is quite a common things amongst other forums. Anyone interested?

Eatcrap, what about yourself, no action of late?


Blore Fun

06-30-04, 10:29
Hey blore fun

Great to see you back. Same situation with me. Have been traveling for the last 4 months and busy mongering in the US, Uk, Singapore and Dubai. Completely out of touch with the Bangalore scene.

Tried some of my old cellphone contact numbers, all dead (wwwaahhh)

Am interested in the round table if you get if together

Bean Counter
07-02-04, 17:42
Hello Bangalore Mongers!

Would appreciate getting some contacts. For a city that calls itself the "Silicon Valley" of India, there does not seem to be much action. There is a bunch of us who will be traveling to Bangalore, and would love to enjoy some nice Indian kabobs!

Eat Crap
07-02-04, 19:01
Hey guys,

Great Ice breaker! Anyways when's the round table happening? Have my seat reserved.

Not much of action happening at this end. Have not found anything stunningly good.

Keep me posted on when you guys meeting up.


Mumbai Fun
07-06-04, 06:41
Hey Guys,

Am back in Blore, so now lets plan the round table ;)

Anyone else apart from Eat Crap & VinK interested in the same?

Otherwise 3 of us can catch up for a drink and then may be even for some mongering after that.

Also, it would be great if you guys could suggest dates ( I presume weekends would be ideal) as well as venues. Then depending on the consensus we can get a fix on the same.


Blore Fun

07-06-04, 07:06
Hey guys,

Count me in too, I have been visiting Banglore off and on posted my last experiance about two months ago and due back there end of this month. Lets see some action here

Bean Counter
07-06-04, 19:40
Count me in too. I will be in Bangalore from July 18 onwards for about 2 weeks.

Nick P
07-07-04, 16:05

I have to agree, Bangalore is the worst place for mongering. Stayed there for 6 weeks in March and not a bean, couldn't pay enough for it. Finally after weeks, days and hours found a man who said he could deliver, wanted 5K, thought about it and needed a release so said yes.

All excited, slightly worried about how to smuggle in a chick as I was staying at the Sheraton but need not have worried, usual sucker punch of you have to pay me 3K up front before I even met her. Smelt scam big time so walked off.

The office wasnt much better, loads of chicks but none offering up the goods. All wanted a relationship, all I wanted was a blow job and shag.

Spent so much time in dancing bars, but they're to straight, nothing on offer apart from handing over your rup's to watch them dance with their clothes on, hell I could go to a normal club and see that shit for free.

Anyhow if anyone has any details on how I can find some action please let me know as I'm back out there for my second tour soon.



07-08-04, 15:16

Count me in too, I live in Banglore so may be I can help the Round Table during Blast Off. Lets see some action from there On.

07-08-04, 19:01
Hey guys,

Sorry for not having posted for some time now, but been travelling around. Work has been taking me to lotsa cities in India itself, well should be back in Bangalore by this month end.

By the way any one here know any contacts in Cochin? Will be going there for a few days and info would be useful.


Eat Crap
07-09-04, 14:47
Hello Mongers,

Have not heard about the dates and venue for the jam session. Anyone wanting to meet up tomm night, message or post.


Major Honk
07-09-04, 18:28
Hey Guys,

Sorry for not posting for a while.

The reports here don't look very good. Does anybody have any contacts to share? I'd reciprocate with some I have - not sure if still good. BTW, last time I ran into some brokers asking Rs 7-9K for LT (all night) ... and the quality shown was 5/10. I walked away, and he offered Rs 5K, then 4K. Lets keep the prices down. If you pay more than Rs 3.5K for LT. Paying too much.

Again, please send me any contacts. I had one and he was asking Rs 15K for decent quality, and Rs 20K for airline hostesses. Apparently Jet Airways stewardesses are in business but go for Rs 15-20K.



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Random Fun
07-11-04, 11:46
Hi Folks,

I currently in Bangalore on an extended trip. I would really appreciate any information the action scene here. I really appreciate those warning about the blrsexguide.com fellas.

I would like to get direct contact information for some upscale girls.

07-19-04, 18:19
Umm! This is a borng forum day by day. No new reports for a long time. Guys whats happening?

Last weekend I saw some action. Got a new contact through a auto driver who asked me if a wanted girls after picking me up after a bar session. I said yes, if only liked the girl. He called some # and after half an hour two cars full of girls camein. I choose one of the them who seemed better of the lot (with what one can see in dark lit street inside a car with dim light on for 30 seconds of scanning 6 girls). She could be rated 5/10 but her enthusim and fun made for rest.. At the end good value for 2.5k + 800 room charges + 200 tips for room boy, condoms,water and cigratee+ 300 tips for the girl.

I had recently had experince with a high end in $$ terms maybe later in the week I will post the stuff.

I have shared some contact # with few guys in the forum who asked for contact but i didnt even get an acknowledgement let alone reciproacted so guys be more active and lively.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

07-21-04, 03:56
I am desperately looking for some contacts in Bangalore. I PMed 2 people . But No one is responding. Is there a problem with PM. I havent received any PM so far. Can someone send their contacts and any tips to work with each contacts.

Thnak you

07-28-04, 05:29

Just got back from mongering in South Korea. What a place.
Anyways Bangalore is still dead as a doorknob.

Blore fun: whatever happened to our round table meeting. I know eat crap and one other person was interested. Did it happen, did i miss it?

Someone update me

07-28-04, 17:52
Hi All,

Anybody interested in starting a discussion on girl friendly hotels and not so friendly ones?


07-29-04, 08:21

Sure all the cheaper hotels are girl friendly. Damn problem in Bangalore is finding the girls.. I mean good quality SW's


Member #4732
07-30-04, 03:38
Wow what a depressing forum. This is not a sex forum, it is a sexless forum!

Looks like no Bang in Bangalore, what a drag. I swear after reading 5 pages of nothing but frustrated posts, I begin to think that the only valuable information is the answer to this question "What does it cost to get out of Bangalore for a weekend where there is something to enjoy?"

07-30-04, 10:20
Hello all,

Recently I went to a MP in Banaswadi, Bangalore. She charged me 1000 bucks for the message and other things. Quite economical. This forum helped me a lot to know about the places.

Thanks Guys

07-30-04, 14:32
Hi Sandy, Vink and others,

I think we should do a WOODSTOCK kind of thing sometime soon. Where we get all the girls to one common place. And have a ball of a time, The place can be my fram house well away from all the leagl hassels and preying eyes.

This is food for thought!

Lets see how it builds up.


07-31-04, 05:33
Hey Rovnak

Yes dude I agree with you, Bangalore is one of the mildest cities in India for the whole mongering scene. IN fact Mysore has better action (since you were talking about where to go outside Bangalore)

There are a few MP's (like the one shello mentions below) but most just offer HJ's and if you are a nice guy and a regular customer, one of the ladies would offer up FS for extra.

Bangalore does lack the variety and quality that a city of this size should offer.

Majestic areas has a few providers in the 600RS per shot range, but I wouldnt touch them with a ten foot pole. Then there are the 5-10K rip offs.

COme on fellow punters, post some damn leads. I usually have to get my satisfaction during my travels. In fact I have better luck in Chennai of all places.. supposedly an even more conservative city than Bangalore.


07-31-04, 05:47
Fellow mongers, heres a report

This week went to two MP's

The one near Divyashree Chambers (those who know the place will know which one I am talking about) was good service as usual. Neha was at her best and this time allowed my fingers to roam a bit further then ever before while the HJ was progressing along. one bit of news: she did indicate the cops were over and the place has become wary of any new 1st time walk ins. COuld be plain clothes cops coming in for a check of the place before the raid

The other was Apsara which seems to be detriotating, FS is out of the question there now. HJ available but depends on the lady.

A question to all.. does anyone know anything about extra services offered by the MP at Jaynagar 4th block? This is the one near sreeraj lassi bar

08-02-04, 12:37
Hi all,

Called up one girl named Shilpi. went to meet her at diamond district at airport road.well she was not so good looking but had good assets. would rate her 6 out of 10. she is charging 5000 for full 1 hr and 6000 for 2 hrs. i left this option. Well anybody interested in number or exchanging contacts, please pm me.

Thanks all.

08-03-04, 06:47

Got one more contact. Decent girls available with her. Had been to her many times in cox town. would rate the quality 5 out of 10. she is charging 3000 for full night. Well anybody interested in number or exchanging contacts, please pm me.



08-07-04, 14:51
Hi Guys,

I am back in town. Today is my day out. I have got some new contacts. Planning to try them out today. I will share the experience later. :)

Wish me luck


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08-09-04, 04:03
Hey Sandy

Welcome back to Bangalore mongering. I am sure all of us are waiting with bated breath for your report and contact info

08-09-04, 05:38
Hello Sandy,

Thats great. Welcome. We all are waiting for the report.


08-09-04, 05:42
Hello Vink,

Any success? how about some joint action?


08-09-04, 13:01
I am currently in Bangalore. I spent a lot of time Saturday night trying to get some action. I used all the links I could find through this forum and another website. No luck. There is no such magazine called 'Sonam ke Pyar' which is supposed to have ads. There are no SW's near Residency Road. The rickshaw drivers say it is at least 4000 a night. One rickshaw driver threw me out of his rickshaw because I asked him where I could get some 'masala' (action). Can't ask the Muslim rickshaw drivers because I can't predict their reaction.

The key to Bangalore and everywhere in India is having a network of contacts. Without this network, nothing happens.

Also, if in Bangalore, definitely try to arrange your own transport. Relying on autos to get around, I don't think is a good idea.

Tonight is my final night in Bangalore, and I am not holding my breath. If someone would like to save a poor soul starved for some action, PM me before 8 PM local time, I will be eternally grateful.

08-10-04, 04:24
Fellow Bangalore Mongers,

Looks like Hyderabad has a better scene than Bangalore. I just got back from there and wow it was good. 3 ladies in 2 days. Check out the posts in their forum and you know its a happening scene there.

Guess besides infrastructure hyderabad had us beaten on the monger scene as well.

SHELLO: Havent had a chance to try out your contacts. However I am game for going out and mongering together. PM me buddy.


08-14-04, 08:53
Well this is my first post. I have been reading this forum for last month or so and thought I would give my 2c worth.

Forget street action. I have spent a lot of time with very little success. You do get some opposite Symphony on MG Road, opposite St Joseph's on Residency Rd (not much now a days) but the quality is really bad, it wasn't worth trying.

The other option I have tried was the van stuff which other mongers have mentioned. I got this contact from the parking attendant on MG Road opposite symphony. I have tried it twice, first time it was ok. Totally paid 2500 + 500 for room + 200 tips as the girl was reasonably good looking and both of us really enjoyed (full night). The girl was from Kolkata we spoke in Hindi.

Second time it was disastrous (same rate but no tips). I am not sure what was wrong with the girl ; She was totally asleep all the time from the moment she entered my car. With difficully she climbed out of the car, walked into the room and collapsed on the bed. I tried to wake her up many times in the night but she would n't wake up. Finally I ended up masturbating. I haven't tried it again as I don't get the opportunity to be alone much ( MwC).

If anyone wants to exchange the contact number of the van guy with some other good contacts, pls PM me.


08-20-04, 05:00

Anything new happening in Bangalore?

Hey Sandy, where are you? Any news?

This room is waiting for some news.


Robert Lee
08-22-04, 02:26

You should have screwed her while she was sleeping. If you were hard enough to masturbate you were hard enough to get her.

I would have. You paid money and she went to sleep. Man! She would have a sore twat and cum spots all over her when she woke up.

08-31-04, 05:44
Here goes my report. Bit late as I have been busy lately with lots of travel.

Few weeks back got an SMS on phone that Sheetal and her two friends are in Town and book a date now as they are in town for only two days with kollkata phone #. (Not sure where they got my #)

Though bit skeptic, called the # and a guy spoke to me and said yes they are available and asked me to speak with sheetal and than he conf me to her (they seem to Hi-Tec). The Sheetal spoke with me in very good English and told its 12,000 for the other two girls and 15,000 for her.

Now my curiosity was at its peak and off-course my libido . Okay the rendezvous point was Nahar International hotel in St.Marks road (owned by underworld/political connected guys so everything goes here openly). I meet them in the room. Only Sheetal was there she was stunner thou on darker side but had the right things at the right places. And she called over the phone the other two girls they where also good looking, and now she tells me the rates mentioned were for two hours only and can't take them out. I almost walked out. Thou good not that good for that money. Anyway she was chatting with me proactively laying on the bed and me on the sofa. I budged, but took the other gal and I forgot her name, and later the gal sat didnít even speak a word, said complete the job and get lost.. Very rudely, and she got naked and just laid on the bed.

What do I say more? I was out the place in 45 minutes after getting scammed and cheated. Though I had never paid so much in my life for sex expect once in Los angles had paid 350$ after traveling 150 miles to palm springs for sling with former adult blonde porn star which was one of my fantasy which I needed to vanquish. I had great time expect was little turned off once I got know her boobs where silicon (my first encounter with them) but I still think its was worth every penny. She also gave me a movie cassette in which she had stared as souvenir, which I get kick every time I watch it.

Anyway this my report on Bangalore high end market. Take my advice just forget it. One has to manage with the low-medium end stuff which is avialable plentiful though boring.

I had been to Colombo last week and I had blast of time there and real value for the money had more stunning gal for 10,000 rs (India 4,200rs) for whole night. I had ball of time.

I think with direct cheap flights, visa on arrival, casinos, beach and offcource gals I think Colombo is my destination for my activities further on.

I am real bored with actions in bangalore and this formus no real reports just some kids begging for contacts for ever.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

09-02-04, 08:20
Bangalore is really backward when it comes to mongering.

Vink you are correct that Hyderabad has taken over Banglore in this department. By the way Vink be careful of MP's in Bangalore as they are very much prone to Police raids.

Bangalore has a history of MP's being raided and closed. I know places in Kumarapark, Indira Nagar and Koramangla which were raided and closed down few years back.

Probably the safe way is to order for hotel service if contacts are available. I am sure Bangalore has high society net as other big cities, it is just the matter to get hold of a good contact to get it.
Difficult but not impossible task.

Good Luck.

09-05-04, 08:15

Sorry to hear about your episode. Pal I have spent many years in Bangalore in the past and I can tell you that it is not easy out there.

The place is full of fantastic babes but it is not easy to get your hands on them. It happens only if you spend lot of time in Bangalore and get the right connections. I am sorry to say but you did get carried away.... 12K mate is outrageous and criminal.
I would have kicked her backside for sure.

Better luck for next time.


09-09-04, 08:26

Im back from a short trip to Europe. Managed to do some mongering in Germany. Ok whats happenin in Bangalore.

Shello/Aqua/Pablo/Blore fun.. come on guys.. this city is getting worse and worse for mongering. Im wondering if we should get some funding together and set something up. Im sure the returns are good.

The place in aussieland that had an IPO last year is doing great guns. Beat the stock market index as well.

09-09-04, 09:17
Hi Vink,

Great man! So you are back in Bangalore. Yes the scene here is dull. Man I was busy with some projects. Didn't get the time to monger. Well thats a great idea. We can surely together monger if other people agree. BTW, where are the pics?


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Romeo BS
09-13-04, 08:42

Thanks Jackson for finally letting me post. Ok guys, I have been watching the Bangalore forum and would agree that it is dead. So, what do we do about it ? I have lived here the past 20 yrs and do have some stuff, but is it radically different from what you all have been posting..maybe not.

I suggest that we set up some sort of a pool that has meaningful prices & access that is easy.


09-13-04, 14:44
HI Mongers,

I am looking for a good MP contact , who will do house calls. Anybody have the information and is willing to part with infromation Please PM me!


Member #2673
09-21-04, 19:20
hi guys,

scouted around mg road and hit a hooker called selvi. she took me to a hotel and was quite cooperative once i tipped her over and above what she asked me. she sucked my cock and even [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)'d in front of me when i asked her too. nice juicy tits and a broad ass. i fucked her in every position. enjoyed doggy style as it gave me a great view of her ass. ploughed on till i exploded.

she is good, try her. the total cost including tips and room came less than 2k.

09-22-04, 02:19
I am heading to Bangalore and Mumbai in a few weeks and would love to have some company, preferably college girls. Any thoughts? I am staying at Leela and do not want to leave there.



09-22-04, 07:02

last weekend i saw some good action. got a new mp contact through the toi classified listings. called up the number to check about the services provided. i asked about the hj and to be more specific, i asked for a bj. he said yes. good!!! and after half an hour i was there. i saw two girls sitting as i enter the place. no i said to both of them. he asked me to wait for sometime as other girl was busy. well i waited for about 15 minutes there and to my surprise two more girls dressed in tightfit denims and tops. i choose one of the them named anu (who seemed better of the lot after scanning 5 girls).

she asked me to take off my clothes and when i was naked asked me to lie down face up. i then asked them to take off her clothes, but she refused. ok fine, no problems, but somehow i managed to convince her to take off her top and sure enough managed to play and suck her tits whilst she massaged me :)

got a nice hj and then bj and then i came outside.

she could be rated 6/10 but her enthusim and fun made for rest.. at the end good value for 1000 rupees.

was indeed a really nice massage with a very happy ending.


09-26-04, 04:36
Any advice at/or around Leela Palace in Bangalore?

Thanks in Advance

Member #2673
09-26-04, 14:30
Last week I hit MG Road again. There were several hookers hanging around but I managed to stumble on to a very pretty woman called Samina. She was good. Sucked my cock nicely, licked my balls too. Licked and sucked on my nipples and licked me all over. I sucked on her big boobs and fingered her pussy and soon she was wet and moaning! She then sucked my cock again enthusiastically before climbing on top of me and riding my cock hard as I watched her pretty face, and her boobs bouncing up and down. I came that way once. After a while I fucked her in the missionary and doggy positions. She was good. I am going to jerk off thinking of her.

09-27-04, 08:59
Hey Shello

PM me man. I tried to send you a PM but it gave me some weird error.


Kurbaga Prenz
10-01-04, 05:03
Hey fellow mongers,

Finally got my membership upgraded. Thank you Jackson for providing us with a great resource.

I'll be heading to Bangalore this weekend, but from what I read the city needs to liven up and I do not hope to see much action. I'm going to be busy with meetings etc and staying at Leela or Oberio. If any local wants to hang out together, I'd be all for it. Send me a pm or post a message.

Never been with an Indian girl before, hopefully that'll soon change.

Happy mongering.

10-03-04, 12:22
Has anyone had the misfortune to be caught by LE? I was last week, as the house I regularly used to visit got busted. Mama-san called me to tell there is a new girl. I went there after couple of hours. Having known the place for last couple of months I opened the main door only to see lot of people inside; it took me a second to realize they were undercover cops. I suddenly retreated but was caught and quickly whisked into a room. They searched me and saw the condoms and the money. Not knowing the local language (Kannada) was a big problem. Finally found one of the cops who spoke in my language , had to negotiate on the bribe to get out. There were several girls and another customer. I am not sure what happened to them but I am not going there again. I guess I was lucky that it just ended at that.


10-04-04, 14:13
Hi All,

I am visiting Bangalore on the 5th and 6th October and would like to have some contacts/numbers. Have visited some MPs in the past and dont want to take that route again. looking for good quality FS.

Thanks in advance


10-11-04, 17:52

It looks like a setup by mamasan and party.By the way it would be nice to give us some hint so that others can take precaution before going to this place.

As I understand almost all the operators do this with the support of local police. However some rivalry arises regarding the pay off and then it end up in a raid.

Forum is almost dead, no new info, let me share what i have.

Mamasan called up last week and informed that there is a college beauty. This guy is reliable only 25% of the time. However i went there just to see what is going on. There were four girls that day one was looking good. I selected the girl had two session. really good in bed. But not from the bangalore college as mamasan said. I had a chat with her and she said, she is from delhi and studying for PUC in Jamnagar. At the end collected a Rs.500 tip also. Total damage 2500.

Called up times of India MP numbers. Same old story. Average girls and what all they do is a hand job. Total damage Rs.1000 per session.

Now a days the number of MP ads in timesof india is increasing but very hard to find quality. Most of them are from Northern part of india or from Andhra(Vijayawada) etc..

If any body knows some good contacts with quality please share.

And beware before venturing, there are a lot of rip offs operating here in bangalore.

Bye for now.

10-13-04, 08:00
Guru, sorry to hear about the episode where you were caught by the LE. It is not necessary that there was a set up by the Mamasan because normally a old brothel would not mess up with the customers. However as I had posted earlier in the forum it is risky to visit MP's as well as brothels as they are very much prone to raids.

I am glad you got bailed out by bribing or else it wouldn't be nice to have your name and may be even picture in the TOI or Deccan Herald next morning...... it did use to happen till sometime back.


10-15-04, 17:18
Well, it is a place in the JP Nagar area near to the ring road. Pls avoid the place if you are familiar with it. BTW it is not a brothel in the true sense. For the outside world it looks very much like a normal family house. They just accomodate the girls and customers to make some fast money. The girls dont stay there. They come in the morning and generally leave by evening making after making a decent collection. Most of the women I have met there are married but in some kind of financial need.


Major Honk
10-20-04, 12:04
Hi Guys,

Had anybody tried this in Bangalore?


There's a contact name and email on website. I called the guy, and he says the price is Rs 10K for starting, Rs 15K for quality benchmark, and Rs 20K for good quality - air hostesses, and Rs 25K+ for the models from the pic gallery.

Here's the catch - he says you cannot meet / see the girl before you pay money, either handover cash to one of his "boys" or deposit into an account. Once the payment is confirmed, he'll send the girl to meet at a pre-designated spot. He refuses to send email or provide pics of the girl ...

Just wondering if anyone has tried this? He may take the money and run ... or send a real lousy girl ... would be great if any of you can share any experiences.


10-20-04, 20:14
Stay The Hell Away From These People!!! In Fact, Do Us All A Favor And Tell Him To Go To Hell!!! I Have Not Personally Experienced Bangaloresexguide But It Seems To Be Identical To The Mumbaisexguide Service Which Is A Total Ripoff!!!

10-21-04, 05:57
Hi Guys,

Had anybody tried this in Bangalore?


There's a contact name and email on website. I called the guy, and he says the price is Rs 10K for starting, Rs 15K for quality benchmark, and Rs 20K for good quality - air hostesses, and Rs 25K+ for the models from the pic gallery.

Here's the catch - he says you cannot meet / see the girl before you pay money, either handover cash to one of his "boys" or deposit into an account. Once the payment is confirmed, he'll send the girl to meet at a pre-designated spot. He refuses to send email or provide pics of the girl ...

Just wondering if anyone has tried this? He may take the money and run ... or send a real lousy girl ... would be great if any of you can share any experiences.


This is a Scam. If you spend some time and surf the postings in Mumbai section, you will find out that people from this forum have been cheated by bombaysexguide.com who also operate exactly in the same way like the offer given to you by bangaloresexguide.com . Mate you will get nothing in return not even a lousy girl, so stay away from them and let others know about this scam also.


10-21-04, 09:17
Stay away from the scamsters. AS the earlier posts stated this is similar to the one in Mumbai and Delhi.

One they will take your money and run (has happened before) second if they do send a girl she would not be worth 500RS even in terms of looks or service.

So unless you have a lot of money to throw around dont even try these people. I would however suggest calling this guy over someplace on the pretext of making the deal and handing over the money, and beating the crap out of him. I would definitely love to connect my fist in this guys face.

Sprint Up
10-22-04, 07:46
true. in similar fashion,chennaisexguide.com operates. on their website they will show some fancy girls and claim that they have fashion models, flight attendants etc.remember, women in these areas like fashion,flight attendants do provide escort service but bcos of their looks,they want complete share of money. they are not going to give even few hundreds rupees to these high tech pimps. generally these women work independently and if not through managers of five star hotels like taj/meredian/leela etc.

better way is to contact managers/waiters of these hotels.

Agni Shastra
10-23-04, 13:18
This is my first posting and I wanted to help my fellow mongers that they should not get ripped.

I went to kashish parlour near commercial street and this lady charged me 2500 for the whole package. The package turned out to be a plain massage for half an hour and hj.

Request nonoe to venture at kashish. pls provide me pointers to good action place.

10-25-04, 11:38
I have a few good private escort numbers, safe and good looking very cooperative
not very heavy in damages.

PM me for more info :)

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11-03-04, 09:55
During my recent trip to Bangalore I called up a number listed in TOI Classified "Health and Fitness" section. If you see the adverts you will find a advert from "Jack". Called him and he offered a girl for 6k. When I said it is way over the current rates he came down to 5K for 2 Hours. Cannot vouch for the quality or service or if it was genuine as I didn't try.

Called another number from TOI. There was a lady who runs a parlour near commercial street, she said 2.5 k for a massage by a girl and when asked about full service she said we will come to your hotel and then discuss. She also offered me to visit her parlour. Reading the post of Agni Shastra it gives me a feeling that it might be the same parlour "Kashish" where he paid 2.5 K for 1/2 hour massage and a HJ.


Major Honk
11-05-04, 21:00
Hey Fellas,

Wondering if someone can PM me contact numbers for private / freelance girls? I've heard these are semi-pros, modeling, working girls who do go out on business to make some quick extra $. Someone had also posted that girls from Brigade Garden Club (dance bar) can be arranged by talking to a Steward who can connect you with Mamasan - cost Rs 15K. I tried last time - don't know who the steward was and someone said there was no mamasan. Can I request the punter to provide more info on this.

I will offer to provide contact number(s) for van guy, who brings the girl in a car, van outside the hotel - you can check out the girl in the car (he takes you for a quick ride) and select one if you like ... rating 5-6/10 and damage Rs 3 - 3.5K for night. He may ask for 4 or 5K - Do not offer the asking price - you shouldn't help him go beyond 3 or 3.5K. Besides, the girls don't speak much English (barely enough for a conversation).

If someone wants to go upscale, I do have a contact number for another person - Cost Rs 25 - 30K. This guy will email you girl's pics (2-3), depending on availability, and you can select one - then he drops her off and collects the cash. Quality 8-9.5/10, smart, sexy ... and real easy to pass as your GF at any hotel. I haven't tried this yet but recd some pics.

And so, I hope to swap some numbers with fellow mongers.

Spinmeister (aka Member #1243)

11-07-04, 15:24
Hi Fellow Mongers,

While we are discussing ads in TOI has any one tried the Social contacts clubs. The other day at the Bar a guy was claiming great success in this regard. It seems it works under the guise of social contacts but in reality is some kind of a hook up place for cash$$. I would like to hear your views on this. I trust the guys at WSG more then the guys at the bar who brag and dont do a damn

Cool Hunter
11-08-04, 14:17
I'll be in Bangalore on 9th Nov for a day. I'll appreciate if u cam the pm the contact numbers.

I have a few good private escort numbers, safe and good looking very cooperative
not very heavy in damages.

PM me for more info :)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Cool Dude
11-16-04, 07:43
I have a few good private escort numbers, safe and good looking very cooperative not very heavy in damages.

PM me for more info :)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!Hi Sammie,

Can you please pm me the details?

Thank you

Major Honk
11-18-04, 06:42
Hey Guys,

I am in Bangalore for 2 more days ... just got here. Wondering if someone can share / provide contact numbers for private escorts or other reliable, quality providers. Would appreciate if you can PM the same. Sent a request to Sammie but haven't heard back.


Major Honk
11-19-04, 05:07

I am currently in Bangalore. Leaving in 2 days.
Would appreciate if you can send me some numbers urgently.

Spinmiester (Member #1243)

I have a few good private escort numbers, safe and good looking very cooperative, not very heavy in damages.

PM me for more info :)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Blue Beard
11-26-04, 12:21
Hello everyone!
Had the pleasure of visiting a dance club in Brigade Road durig my visit there. Really pretty girls they were too, but I really didn't see the point of giving away money just to seem them dance. While it was enjoyable for a while, I was left wondering if that was all there was to it. Any of you guys have experienced picking up a girl from there, and if yes, how does one go about it?

11-26-04, 14:18
Hello everyone!
Had the pleasure of visiting a dance club in Brigade Road durig my visit there. Really pretty girls they were too, but I really didn't see the point of giving away money just to seem them dance. While it was enjoyable for a while, I was left wondering if that was all there was to it. Any of you guys have experienced picking up a girl from there, and if yes, how does one go about it?Its very simple smile and make the usual moves. Then make a some samll donations now and then (30Rs in tens not more). After which start small talk now and then , followed by asking her number. If she is keen she may give her number or take your number.

The action starts only during day time, call the number after 11am and fix up your date for action. But all must end by sunset.

Happy hunting!! added some pictures to keep your spirit going in the direction taken from Bigade Road places.

Bl Joy
11-26-04, 14:29
I wanted contact num of free lancers & part timers. Anybody tried ad listed in
bookmetonight or escortspro dot com. I spoke to them they said 6k for session. I have not tried any recomendation welcome.

Anybody recently visited shilpi? she has any good collection?


Bl Joy
11-27-04, 15:13

I am looking for contact num of some good free lancers & ametures.. Any body give me thier number?

Have you tried chicks listed in bookmetonight & escortspro website?



12-07-04, 09:26
Just got back yesterday (Monday) from Hong Kong and SIngapore.

Bangalore wants to become a Metro. Come on this city seems to only thrive on increasing hotel rates. There is no mongering scene to speak of and whats there is hard to come by. I am glad I get to travel out of this city every 2 weeks.

I tried to speak to a woman who i was referred to by someone here and my god what an attitude on the phone. If this person worked for me, she would have been fired.

Check out my post on the Singapore page and then you will understand what real mongering is all about.Come on people pls share contacts.


12-07-04, 10:09
Great man,

Welcome back.

Here the scene is bad...I can say it is worst. Nothing much happening here.
Hope to see you very soon.


Love The Ladies
12-07-04, 12:10
i've met a couple of girls from here that make it to banglore now and then.
they are very pricy at 25k per night or 10k for 2 hours they face a 7-8, body 7-8, service 7-8, with bbbj c on face.

i will ask and see when they are going next. if you serious about it, please pm me. i will simply be a messenger boy and pass on your note. do send your phone number as without it they can't talk to you. i don't have much room in my mailbox so please only pm if you can afford it. i won't respond back to each pm as time doesn't allow. i'm just trying to be a good monger here and pass on the info while protecting my favorite girls.

ps these are not the same 300 rupee girls i talked about. yet i highly doubt if they are university students either. though they often claim to me.

12-08-04, 04:08
Hey Shello

Thanks buddy. Good to see you again. Thought you were going to leave Bangalore soon.. :) In any case I noticed even the MP's that at least gave a half decent massage and a HJ seem to be shutting down. The few others I called only have men. Looks like we have to go GAY to get any action in this city.

Lets get together for a beer sometime

Great man,

Welcome back.

Here the scene is bad...I can say it is worst. Nothing much happening here.
Hope to see you very soon.


12-08-04, 06:03
Hi Vink,

Well even I was waiting for you only. You have my number. Give me a buzz whenever you are free.


12-08-04, 09:02
Hi Guys
I hope you dont mind a fellow monger to join your BEER PARTY...it sounds better then gay massage palours. My be we should be at a good hunting ground for the beers.

Hey Shello

Thanks buddy. Good to see you again. Thought you were going to leave Bangalore soon.. :) In any case I noticed even the MP's that at least gave a half decent massage and a HJ seem to be shutting down. The few others I called only have men. Looks like we have to go GAY to get any action in this city.

Lets get together for a beer sometime

12-09-04, 06:28
Hi Bangind,

No Issues...You are welcome to join us.

Vink : By the way when are you free?


Blue Beard
12-14-04, 03:02
For those inclined, I have uploaded a short movie clip taken at one of the dance clubs in Brigade road. See the photo gallery in the Malaysian section of the forum.

Bangind -> Thanks for the tip. I suppose your chances are better if you are a regular. Sure wish it was easier though. :-(

Hey! You guys are getting together for a beer! Good start. May join you the next time I am there.

Chick Luver
12-14-04, 09:30
I am in Bangalore and staying in a Guest house with my friend Ravi. We have Smriti & Deepti from Delhi, staying with us in the 4 Room Guest House. They have agreed for 25K for both for three nights in Bangalore. It's like a Honeymoon and we are swapping. Yesterday, visited a local pub and found great action. I negotiated with Shikha, a Management student, while dancing with her, for 3K for the night. She has a rented room and I proceeded to her room. She is 22yrs old, from Mumbai, 33-24-33, tall - 5ft 8 inch. We showered together and cleaned each other. I'd have to give her a 9 or even 9.5 for looks and 10 for personality. Her eyes seemed to almost pop out of her head as she saw my rather large tool already standing full to attention.

While showering she concentrated her attention on my dick and began a slow & sensuous BBBJ at the showers. It was the most enjoyable BBBJ that I've experienced. I came inside her mouth. Now it my turn to suck her from down inside. She was really hot and expecting me to explore her G-spot with my toung. She started moving her hips and it was difficult for me to hold on my tongue inside her hole. I felt her cuming and cud feel her cum. It was great feeling her salty taste. She whispered that she enjoyed it, as someone has sucked her so deep for the first time.

Proceeded to the bed and she continued the BJ. she turned round and was facing me, still sitting astride me, and she cupped her fabulous breasts with my hands. I played with her nipples for a while and massaged her tits and she started moaning and was obviously getting aroused again. She slid back and went down on me (no condom)to give what was probably the best BJ i'd ever had. Within a matter of minutes I was pumping all over her gorgeous little angel face and she was laughing and smiling. She cleaned up and after 15 minutes break, she woke me up again and started licking my balls and ass from behind - what that girl did with her tongue was amazing.Started licking and sucking my balls, and my arse!! Can u believe it?! But it was really enjoyable.

Shikha capped me and started to ride me. It was really interesting to see her tight **** engulfing my erect tool. She came again in a few minutes. I Fucked her doggie style and ended missionary. Just before exploding inside her, she stuck a finger up my arse!! I must say that it was a really mind-boggling experience, something new. She was caressing my balls as I unleash my full load with my capped dick still inside her wet ****. I spent 3 hours with her and returned to my Guest house. My friend missed me but he told me that he had threesome experience with Deepti & Smriti in my absence.

12-15-04, 16:16
ChickLuver: Looks like you are having some fun. Too bad you are not sharing. In any case 25K is still kind of ridiculous price to pay.

Shello/Bangind: This week is terrible for me. Early next week for a beer works fine for me.


Chick Luver
12-16-04, 07:06

25K is not at all high if you keep in mind the 3-4 nights with two for unlimited adventure and that too with 20-22 years genuine Free-lancers.

12-16-04, 07:38

No way man 25k for 2 chicks for 3 days is cheap man. It works out to 12.5 per girl. Which is approx 3k per day. Man 24 hours ! She's at your beck and call. I think you must have thought 25 per girl. No offense meant.

12-16-04, 07:54
ChickLuver: Looks like you are having some fun. Too bad you are not sharing. In any case 25K is still kind of ridiculous price to pay.

Shello/Bangind: This week is terrible for me. Early next week for a beer works fine for me.

vHi Vink,

Thats fine with me. Even I am little busy with the project delivery schedule... I agree Chick Luver is having fun alone.

Mr. Luver, r u listening?


12-17-04, 11:38

Why dont we have the beer part at your place. Vink, Shello and others will join in we can pool in to oyur party and have fun guys.

Regarding meeting up any day is fine !

Chick luver if you dont mind sharing Shikas number please do pass it on for lesser mortals like me.

Its all for the cause of mankind after all.

Keep it rolling..its getting better here now!


12-17-04, 12:13

Just watch this clip.


Chick Luver
12-17-04, 13:42


I was not alone having fun but with a friend Ravi from Delhi and our terms with the girls that we wud never expose them to unknown people, because of risk involved. These girls are part-timers and not regulars. They come in action whenever they need some money, otherwise not, as they are from respected and upper middle class families and prefer to do it for fun.


25K plus fare, boarding/lodging at Bangalore is not high for me, as I treat it as investment. These girls are giving me company now in Delhi, almost FREE, except a couple of Gifts, I purchased them at my own. No demand. I hope you understand that I am investing in relations with fresh chicks. Not every time, they're going to charge me. I am just having an excellent GFE with them, specially after having close sessions in Bangalore and Delhi.

12-18-04, 04:51
Chickluver: Ok if you look at it as an investment and on a per day basis divided by 2 I guess its reasonable. Didnt do the math, never was my strongpoint in any case.

Shello/Bangind: Wed evening works well for me next week around 7PM (22nd) Let me know where you guys want to meet. Lets take the meeting venue to PVT message please


12-18-04, 09:26

I absolutely agree that the rate is terrificly low. Not the other way man. Great deal and catch.

12-18-04, 09:39
Chick Lover, I am gald buddy you have a great time.

25 K I would say was a excellent price for 2 babes x 3 nights and above all keeping in kind the quality as Chick Lover says. It was a Jackpot.

It is Sad though that the contacts cannot be shaered which is also understandable.


Chick Luver
12-21-04, 14:55

I must thank you all at this Forum for your views about my posting and willingness to share the information. A few of you have got what you have requested for and hope you enjoyed. I am not able to give any details about the MBAs because of reasons explained to you. I am not able to hook up with you as I am away to UAE for now. May be some other time, we will meet for a drink.

BR - Thankx for your comments. I am not happy to know about yr experience with Anjali. This time I have not contacted her.

I am in Dubai now and will be staying here for a few days for some work.
There are a few great personalities here and I wish to meet them some time. Today, I am visiting a place where these Ukrainians are staying. The choice is really great at reasonable price, as I know a couple of these chicks personally.

See you some time.