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05-18-02, 06:00
Blackberry boy, I agree with you in toto. The lady is clever. The english is bad. The body makes you forget all languages learnt till date and drool.There is no girl. There is a guy. And most probably when you contact him he will either promise you the girl in the picture or make excuse she is currently in Mumbai or like. In either case she won't turn up but someone else and most likely some one far less pretty. Also he may not be a clever guy. Such use of words to catch the attention of search engine is most common amomg escort sites and generally so as well. A website claiming to be of a delhi independet escort can be like.

Delhi independent escort 24 7 escort available sexy beautiful tall busty call girl etc etc. Sometimes they will use words of localities too. Also in a single site they can use slim and busty. Sometimes they just put Russian when they do not actually deal in them. Total fake these sites. Waste of time and money.

05-27-02, 18:21
there's a article in one of the leading magazines about the MP's in Delhi.
Check it out. pretty true as far as the delhi scene is concerned.
My last encounter was with ruhi a voluptous 20 year old,called her through a MP listed in The times of india. asked for 10 G's but i managed for her to spend the night for 6.
Was a bit mechanical but worth it.

07-11-02, 22:48
Hi guys just got back after a big vacation.has anyone got any new info...do post it

07-12-02, 12:23
hi i am at delhi working on the metro rail project. i am male aged 45 looking for a decent company to spend my boring evenings.sex is not what i am looking for and age is no criteria.you would not be sorry that you know me.

09-11-02, 21:10
Tried one of the girls out of the newspaper (health section). Not enthusiastic at all, very much a waste of time and money. Still looking for more girlfriend type of relation.

10-02-02, 06:33
Try ads for MPs in Delhi Diary. You can usually negoatiate a price between Rs.2,500 and Rs. 3000 and the girls are cute, but do lack a lot of expertise.

Member #4177
10-06-02, 01:10
Hey doctor Singh, they don't even have to pay me, if they are "Hot Rich Ladies' as yyou put it and not only will I give them hot sensual massage but and orgasm to bbot. You got some competition man.

BTW, you should have posted this in classifieds.

11-27-02, 12:07
Just returned to Delhi after a 3-4 month absence and tried a place called "My Kind of Place". It's open until 3 AM and is packed with women, but it was a little tough to tell if they were pros or not. Also, a lot of African students there, both men and women. Certainly the largest group of attractive single women I've seen in India.

01-01-03, 16:31
What is the lowdown on DEL ? I'll be there for a few days on business, but have a weekend in-between so any sugestions ?

01-12-03, 07:03
Hey Goodenough...What kinda place is "My Kind of Place"? Is it a bar or disco? What age women in there? Did you try to take them tp your place?

I will be in Delhi next month and I would be interested in visiting. Can you tell me where it is located. I am interested in semi-pro kind of women so if any one has any information, please post. thanks.

01-28-03, 12:19
New Experiences in Delhi - After months of disappointment, even with the call girl services, I finall found a night club called Oxygen. Apparently every Saturday night is Africa night and it seems that most of the African students in Delhi go there on this night only. It's like being back in Africa, and it's just about as easy. Saw one Indian there but, aside from my friend and me, everyone else was from Africa. A really fun and very successful night.

01-28-03, 12:24
Hey Coolguy:
My Kind of Place (MKOP) is adjacent to the Taj Palace hotel and within its grounds. The girls are largely from Tibet and Nepal. I did not pick anyone up there, so I cannot tell you how easy it is, only that there were a hell of a lot of women, most of them students, who seemed to be in their early to mid twenties. You may also want to try a club called Oxygen on Saturday night. There's another club called "18 Till I Die" that's also supposed to be reasonably good, but I've never tried it.

01-31-03, 07:13
Thanks Goodenough

I will be in New Delhi at the end of Feb. Are there Indian girls in Oxygen on Sat night? Basically I am looking for a place where I can have good time and pick up a nice gal for the night.

Also, any recommendation for a good but not very expensive hotel in New Delhi?


02-01-03, 11:20
Went to My Kind of Place last night. Lots of girls there, and they did look more mongolian than Indian for the greater part. Talked to a Tibetan gal who was not very good looking, very drunk, and would have probably come home with me had I tried. Otherwise I found it very difficult to talk to the girls there. Great looking babes overall, but not sure if they were pros. They looked more like young girls (17 to 20 ish) who were very interested in dancing with each other rather than shagging a foreign fellow.

02-11-03, 12:08
Cool Guy:
Don't think that on Saturday nights you're likely to find a lot of Indians. It's Africa Night remember, and most of the chicks there are African. There are some stunning women though, and they are very friendly to Western men.

There is a small hotel, very well furnished, at 57 ring Road, Lajpat Nagar III which is called the Corporate Regency. You can negotiate a rate of about $50 per night, the rooms are very clean, very large, and the hotel doesn't much care what you do as long as you are reasonably discrete.

02-14-03, 22:44
Hi Solbre,

Im new to WSG. Looking for casual sex around south delhi. Budget is 2K (gal+room). A decent room with clean bathroom is expected.
2 more friends want to join in in the fun. Does Jeery still provide her services?What kinda female is she? I want something in 17-21 age grp.

Any suggestions?

02-24-03, 09:38
Hey all

Came back from Delhi a week ago.. and must say this time was good... called one of the MP's from the paper and rate was 2K.
Amazing babe... 2 hours but very finicky... lots of "dont's" on her list. Good company though... guess the MP's vary in quality, service and price...


02-25-03, 13:07
Finally discovered the rules at My Kind of Place. You need to chat with the lady who appeals to you and get her phone number as she cannot be seen leaving with you. Call her the next day and you can set yourself up with few problems. I've been assured by regular expatriate patrons of the place that this approach always works.

03-30-03, 09:15
some recent adventures i thought i would share...

delhi is not a real happening town for night life, so we try to make the best of what we have. embracing this philosophy, and as an avid hobbyist, i took to some high adventuring last week with the help of a seedy sikh cab driver. he claimed to be able to help me find beautiful young indian women through a variety of means. my suspicions were high, but i figured at worst i would waste time so why now.

first we went to cp. just as my past experience proved, this was a dud.

then we drove through defense colony. i had heard/read reports about sws here, but had not experienced it personally. my guide pointed to just about every woman walking in public and declared that she was looking for customers. years of experience told me otherwise as these were mostly innocents waiting for buses or shopping. when we were leaving, though, an auto rickshaw passed us with a woman passenger who immediately lit up my sensors. she stared at me and smiled, was smoking a cigarette, and motioned with her hands for me to come over. we drove the taxi slower and let her catch up and we both stopped at a crossroads. she was about 30ish, not pretty, and drunk or drugged. she wanted a thousand rupees. i sent her on her way.

then when i was about to give up and go home we passed several very well dressed, slim women on a patch of road, i think janpath, but i am not sure, at about 9 pm.. the cabbie again made his case that they were looking for action, but this time i allowed him to stop. the girls walked by and then came back to the window and asked for a ride. one of them spoke english rather well. as soon as they got in the cab they asked about my programme, and having admitted i had none, gave into their offer to make one together. both girls for five thousand was the offer, four thousand was my counter offer. three before hand another grand upon entering my place.

they came up and in the better indoor lighting i got a bit suspicious about the taller one. she had big hands and larger nose than what i would have expected. the other one looked very feminine though, so i though maybe i was wrong. i asked the more girly one to strip. after some coaxing she did, just enough to reveal that they were indeed guys. very convincing as girls though, and i have never been fooled before. i concluded the deal with no further interactions and they demanded more money. for what i asked? but then they were not ready to leave unless i gave them more money, another thousand they said. i kept cool and insisted that no more funding would come their way. then one went to the bathroom and came out suggesting they just go. as they were leaving i looked in the bathroom and sure enough she had snatched my electric razor. i stopped them and demanded they give it back. in the face of their denials i grabbed the suspected thief’s purse and found the razor in it and they sort of froze up, but decided they would not leave again. now a bit angry, i told them to get out. they both sat down and looked sort of sorrowful, probably wanting more money still. i got a bit physical, grabbing one and shoving him/her towards the door and raising my voice a bit. they left.

not really a real successful night, but rather an expensive lesson in what delhi can actually hold. hope it helps you all a bit.

best of luck to all….

05-19-03, 07:10
Hey Lance-a-lot

Man that sure is a nightmare... well hopefully since badluck comes in threes... ur done with that cycle..

Try the MP's in the newspaper... I have been lucky 2 out of 3 times... good looking babes who can hold a conversation as well as wont try and rip you off... in most cases you can get a repeat from their direct (bypassing their borker) for upto 50% less.

Also plenty of variety which you can discuss on the phone... however make it very clear that if you dont like who they bring to your room .. you will send her back and no taxi charges. (they come on two wheelers anyway)


05-22-03, 00:24
Lance - Glad you held your ground w/ those ladyboys.

The fact the cabbie did not know who was a working girl and who was not, is a tip-off that something is wrong. 3rd-world cab drivers should know who is working, period.

And the cabbie should also know who's packing a dick and who's not. I have a feeling he was in on it.

Never pay up front.

05-28-03, 04:40

Have been reviewing some of the horrendous episodes some of you have had in Delhi... at times its amazing how people forget common sense... Simple rule " ask for details before you close any deal"

Also look around dont take the 1st thing that comes along... I havent been to Delhi in a while but heading up there soon.. any leads on new service providers would be appreciated.. otherwise its back to the MP's listed in the Papers.

Also with Jackson's persmission would like to point you out to a so-so resource for action in India its www.indiasexguide.com not all the leads pan out.. but its better than getting to India and watching CNN.


06-02-03, 04:19
Hey Delhi visitors

Check out the new submissions on www.indiasexguide.com site...
Can you belive that there is a spanish dancer in town who wants USD350 for 2 hours of companionship in New Delhi.

Ouch talk about expensive imports into India. IM sure there will be some takers though. Personally 350Dollars will be keep mne warm for enough nights to put me into a hospital for rest. :-)


Member #4177
06-06-03, 23:38

I have not seen anything updated or new since Nov 2002 in the India sex guide. What am I Missing?


06-07-03, 04:22

Thats not possible.. as there were some updates as late as yesterday (6th June)

You probably have your refresh page cookies off... what I would suggest is on the home page of the site you will see a link for "update log".. go to that page.. right click your mouse and refresh page... you will see all updated info for the last 30 days...

Hope that helps

Member #4177
06-08-03, 19:01

Thanks, that worked, else whenever I clicked sexguide, I had never seen posts beyond Nov 2002. But using update log, I see the updated posts now.


06-15-03, 06:18
Hi guys,

I'm from Malaysia, hemm I'm in Delhi now, will be here for one week. Hemm nothing much happening here. I stayed near Jama Masjid, not a popular place and the hotel really sucks. Going to better Hotel tomorrow.. looks arround yesterday night. I asked some "rikshaw man" and "auto man" as well taxi driver about chicks but response always negative. I've seen some really hot and nice chicks nere Chandni Chowk, Kashmiri Gate and Gate of India at night but they looks innocent from my experienced that they are not for "sale" hehehe.. anyway needs your guys help. Hemm looks adds in local paper find lots of beauty parlour, seem to me they are expensive. Any suggestion?

06-16-03, 09:50
Hey MelakaSex

Welcome to Delhi... sorry to hear that you have had a bad time with the auto guys.. Try the Massage adverts in the classiffied section of ToI or HT. Rates range from 2K-5K for a 2 hour session. Also make sure you tell who you speak to on the phone what you are looking for. Tell them that if you dont like the girl they send you will send her back.
Take a look at www.indiasexguide.com under the Delhi escorts and sex guide section.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

06-19-03, 11:46
i appreciate your directives on the ease of calling the services listed in the paper. indeed, i have done so and found it efficient, if not overly stimulating here in india. very pricy too. i am surprised that there are not middle level services, at least that i know of. only 150 rupees at gb road, and the minimum i have ever found in the paper was rupees 4000. i have had pimps (rickshaw drivers and hawkers in cp) make offers for 2000 rupees, but i figured these were just rs/150 girls they were trying to oversell. where are the 1500 rupee hookers?

however, in response to the sympathy and minor chastisement, my motivations for engaging in this hobby do not always spring from merely a need to get laid. i enjoy the adventure associated with exploring the seedier aspects of life in various social-cultural environments. fortunately my job takes me around the world and often one of the first things i do is find out where the darker side of town is and then go there. my writings here are merely to share what i find to be exciting and often comical chapters in my continuous exploration of the boundaries of human behavior.

for instance, some weeks back a friend and i went strolling up gb road at about 11:00 pm. i know most people do not recommend such activities, but my prior investigations of this phenomenon had all occurred during the day. for good reason as you might guess. i found the night scene very different. girls were coming out into the street (they are usually tucked away in the dens), chatting, hopping about and generally letting loose after a hard day of enterprising capitalism. they got especially worked up looking at a foreigner strolling through their festivities. the police were out in force, mostly keeping to themselves in small disinterested groups. a white person, however, did not escape their notice.

walking down the road we found ourselves confronted by a cop who insisted we come into the police kiosk. there, his superior, who was quite drunk, began to threaten us with lock up. he kept mentioning that we would get six months time for just being on this road at night. then, as expected, came the open palm and request for money. i refused and my friend started lecturing him on the nature of civil service and his duty to serve and protect. the cop got a little belligerent and tried to get us angry. we stayed calm, laughed a bit, and eventually the cops realized they would get no drinking money from us and told us to go on, and not come back. given the outcome, i probably won’t, but who knows.

on the good side, i did pick up an indian gal, not a pro, at one of the discos. after a few drinks, she offered to drive me back to the hotel on her way home. she then offered to come in, and we humped the night away. she departed in the morning on great terms. i also hooked up with a very sweet young nepali girl through a friend's recommendation. about 18, earning money down here until she goes back to kathmandu next year. she was a bit scared to come into the hotel, but after a while got into the swing of things.

all and all, much better than cnn either way the cookie crumbles.

06-20-03, 04:52
Hi Lance

Great post. Im also one who appreciates the challenge of learning of the wheres along with getting laid. As a global traveller I have discovered that understanding the socio-cultural scene definitely beats seeing the tourist sites (and of course CNN)

However sometimes these risks do catch up with you, as happened to me once in Hong Kong a few years ago.. a story for another day.

As for a middle scene in Delhi, yes there is the RS. 2K (per 1.5 hr session) available. These are mainly at some of the so called massage parlors which you need to go out to. The challenge with that is if the owner/manager hasnt paid his weekly protection due to Law Enforcement, a raid happens to get some money out of the punters there.. Again the newspaper lists those massage parlors and numbers and once you call and have been screened they will give you directions to get there.

Lance: have you tried any of the other cities in India. Would be interested in getting your perspective on the scene. Have discovered a whole new side to Chennai thanks to some persistence on my part.

In any case am off to the Far East on business and will see whether I can squeeze sometime away from work and CNN to check the scene out.

Would be great to catch up someday over a beer and exchange notes and experiences.


Member #4177
06-21-03, 20:18

what disco would that be and what area of Delhi is it in. I am planning for a trip around October.


06-22-03, 10:20
Good post Lance. I never did have the balls to go to GB Road at night, though I was curious. I did find though that if you can find where the African students hang out at night, life can get pretty interesting. The "in" places keep changing, but all you really need to do is walk up to a young African chick in the market, on the street, in a store or wherever, and ask her where the Africans are going to party the next week end. If you're an expat (expecially one who has been to Africa) you'll be welcomed, you will probably leave with the lady of your choice and it probably won't cost you more than a couple of drinks and a taxi fare.

06-25-03, 05:33
I have been actively reading the reports by fellow members. Though I have been a delhite since birth, but never really got involved in the "paid sex scene" till now.

Recently, I tried calling up the MPs and other escort services advertised in the newspapers. Rates offered were from 4K-20K. However, the 4K gal was very average and probably forced into the job. Hence, after seeing the gal I changed my mind.
I then visited this newly opened MP in Laxmi Nagar District Center. (Laxmi nagar is near ITO)

The gals were amazing and rates are cheap. (Rs 200 p half hr and in multiples thereof). I opted for the half hr session. Once inside the room, the girl undressed me and started the massage. Within 10 mins, I persuaded her for a BJ (for additional Rs 200). However, it turned out to be a case of mis-communication.

She started giving me a hand-job and insisted that they "do not go beyond this". After too much persuasion, she agreed for it, but for additional Rs 200. But my halh-hr was over and I didnt want to pay up another 400 bucks for a blowjab rightaway!!

Just the other night,I had an interesting experience at Barista (Green Park) outlet. Since it is open 24/7, I decided to pay a visit around 2 am. We were 3 friends and there were 2 gals sitting opposite us, in quite revealing clothes which would cause a boner even if they did not do anything!
When they left, we followed them in our car and found out that they were residents of Green Park U or V block. The guard at the entrance (after paying him a tip of 100 bucks) told us that these 2 were famed call girls of the area. But due to lack of solid proof, we could not proceed further.

Am going to Manali next week and Goa in August. Any suggestions friends?

06-25-03, 05:44
Hi Solbre,

I would be interested in getting her mobile no. My email id is nightbird_27@sify.com

Originally posted by solbre
I am in delhi for 3 days
Yesterday night looked at the local news paper adds
Called Jeery at 98 11 333 027
he asked for 125US$ - 3 hours in my hotel room for a young and beautifull gal.
Came over " P*****
Great service, great body and time passed quickly
She is a freelancer and I got her mobile number

07-05-03, 06:02
Guys, I came across this on the net. Its actualy good news/bad news kind of report. Whats your reaction? I just love it.

This affords us all new opportunities and new ways of meeting up-market girls. Please, visit delhi and enjoy this fresh, new generation of professional/model/working girls.

I'd love to hear from our fellow hobbysists, have you ever had luck with these new class of working girls in Delhi? I am gonna try them out the next time I visit Delhi.



Delhi rich girls sell sex

By Ayanjit Sen
BBC correspondent in Delhi

Prostitution in the Indian capital, Delhi, is changing with young
girls from middle-class families becoming involved in the business.

The traditional image of Delhi prostitution
Unlike in the past, when girls from poor families were forced to take
to prostitution, more and more models and even school girls have
joined the profession, the authorities say.

The police say prostitution has become a huge organised business in
the capital.

"These girls are all from rich and good families and they took up this
profession to earn some quick money," says deputy commissioner of
police, Sanjay Beniwal, reflecting on one recent operation against
Delhi prostitutes.

He says some of the arrested girls were charging nearly $400 a time
for deals fixed over the phone.

I do entertain big business delegations... because they can pay good

The deals are fixed by pimps who arrange for the girls to meet their

"Businessmen and other rich individuals no longer throng the dingy
brothels in Delhi since they now have a host of upmarket call girls to
choose from," the officer said.

The police sometimes, find it difficult to handle these cases because
of the alleged involvement of politicians and bureaucrats.

"I do entertain big business delegations which come to Delhi and other
high-profile people because they can pay good money," says a Delhi
prostitute who gave her name as Sheila.

She told the BBC she buys expensive jewellery and clothes with the
money she earns from this trade.

Quick money

Sheila comes from a wealthy family in the city of Chandigarh and came
to Delhi a few years ago for her college studies.

Rich businessmen now tend to avoid street prostitutes
She has now finished her studies and is working in a bank in the

Non-governmental organisations say girls from rich families are
entering the trade simply for quick money and also for pleasure.

The president of the Delhi-based Joint Women's Programme - Jyotsna
Chatterjee - says there are many girls from Bombay and Bangalore who
come to Delhi on Friday nights to spend the weekend with their rich

"These girls are sought after for international business meetings and
even some tour operators offer girls as part of holiday packages," she
told the BBC.

The police say fitness centres, hotels and farmhouses have become hubs
for this trade.

Massage parlours which also provide escort services and dating clubs
have also increased in the capital.

The police say they have already started to clamp down on these


07-06-03, 10:56

A great place to hang out is the restaurant market in Defence Colony. Easy picking at the Gumbad behind the market. Saucy girls looking for fun and some moolah too. Very adept and make you real comfortable.

07-07-03, 06:38
Hey Sex_God

Havent seen that article. Thanks for posting it.

Its good and bad news of course:

Good news; Quality of girls increase, esp for those seeking GFE experience.

Bad news: Any kind of public attention on this industry leads to a damned clamp down as evidenced at the bottom of the article.

Have actually been fortunate to have excellent GFE experience with a professional girl. She and I talked and she told me the same kinda story as indicated in the article. Amazinly we seemed to be on the same wavelength and had a good time (besides the sex). She even gave me her home town phone number and real name said that in case I couldnt get her on the cellphone to give her a call .. speak to her mom and dad and tell them I was an old college friend and get her new number from her.

This was of course after the 3rd time out with her. The great thing was the rate dropped each time. Have to keep reminding myself to keep the emotional distance as she does seem overtly affectionate .

Before some of you as she did tell me never to give her number to anyone or refer her as she doesnt want to be known in one circle, and much prefer her own screening process. I did go through it, quite elaborate and involved.. several email exchanges, my work number for verification, and phone chats before we met.. and oh a photo ID she wanted to see before she came into the room. LOL felt like a damned interview to the DoD.

Ciao and happy hunting

07-13-03, 11:32
There was a news report in one of the national T.V. channel about the call girls racket being run under the headings of advertisments of MP in newspapers of Delhi.This could lead to a crackdown by the cops on the MP's.

07-14-03, 08:02
Originally posted by BodyRockerForU
There was a news report in one of the national T.V. channel about the call girls racket being run under the headings of advertisments of MP in newspapers of Delhi.This could lead to a crackdown by the cops on the MP's.

Thats bad news... Why' cant these reporters find better areas to write about- there sure are enough issues in India.

Anyway's just got back from Delhi. Tried the newspaper MP route two nights in a row. Paid 4K the 1st night and 5K the second night. 4K experience was better. Unfortunately the hotel I stayed in was not walk in friendly according to the folks i spoke to on the phone so had to walk across the street, speak to the girl, pay over to the guy and walk back with her. Was a pain but actually good coz you get to meet the service provider before sampling the merchandise.

Will be back in Delhi next month and hope the MP scene survives.

08-12-03, 07:46
As I will be travelling to Delhi next week for a couple of nights on business, I kindly request your updates on the mongering scene. I am very much into pick up bars more than agencies or SW's but having said that all of your feedback would be welcome. I have read through the posts on this thread and if I am not mistaken, 18 Till I Die, Oxygen and My Kind of Place are the three bars mentioned earlier on the forum. Does anyone have updated info on talent availability, location, and cost on these bars and any other happening joint these days?
Are newspaper ads of MP's still the best bet?
Thanks and Cheers,
My private email is no_commit@hotmail.com for those who wish to send their info privately

08-23-03, 11:14
Another place where I have had luck is Jinns in the Hyatt. However, all these places are tricky in terms of identifying a SW and then gaining her services. I suspect that most of the girls would probably go with you, but I (a very seasoned mongerer) can not tell if a girl is there with her brother or as a SW. I have learned over many a night that the most certain means of scoring remians the outcall parlours. However, this still does not keep me from trying through the dance places.

08-27-03, 10:37
ok, i have to share this one. my office is bang on the main road connecting lsr and the intercontinental. i usually get in late so i leave late too. last night i was leaving around 10pm, when after pulling out my car, i saw a bevy of good looking women across the road just a little ahead of a restaurant called big chill (pls note big chill is a no nonsense place, dont even think about it). now as i took a u-turn and came by, one of the women pulled out her thumb very coyly(the usual hitching a ride sign), i pulled my car over, and she very promptly ran up and decided to ask me for a lift to gk2, this is where the good part ends, two more women also jumped in with her. half way throught the ride they started asking me for money, which i refused, and then they started to strip right inside the car and started yelling "[CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) help me help me" i pulled the car to the nearest pcr (theres one at the nehru place crossing 24hours) and told the cops to take a look (all along i had kept a cool nerve, and that helped), the cops promptly pulled out all the 3 women from the car, who by then were shitting bricks because i guess no one had ever done this before, the cops shook them up real well n threatened to take them to the station and book them under prostitution which is when one of them started crying, and one very smart cop said he'd let them go if he got a blow job, which the 3 women agreed to. he took my friggin car to the nehru place parking got himself blown and came back gives me the car n tells me "aap bhi taste kerwa lo, ek do sip inko bhi pila do" ... beware of street walkers most of them are seasoned to this and have no problems in creating a scene or taking off their clothes to extract money from you.

editor's note: posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "i". to avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "i" in future reports. thanks!

09-29-03, 07:41
I am happy to report that the escort scene in Delhi is still up an running without any sign of slowing down. The aforementioned newspaper article is typical of the media treatment of prostitution in India, and reflects the social stratification prevalent in the public mindset. Indian society lives with duplicity very well, exemplified in the openly tolerated existence of areas like GB Road, juxtaposed to the disgust shown when “good” girls do that same sort of thing. What this translates into is the backstage tolerance of low class girls prostituting themselves, but on the front stage, where high class (referring to wealth rather than caste) girls pose, such low class nonsense cannot be tolerated openly. One sees media articles condemning these girls with clock like regularity, with thankfully little follow through.

Thrill, I have had similar experiences. I found that the believable threat of police intervention will calm the situation down, but you have to be willing to follow through, as you did. This type of behavior seems restricted to the street scene though.

Amriki Dost
10-11-03, 07:36
Hi Friends:
I will be in New Delhi in December-January. I will need your help with few questions.

First: Which hotel is safe and escort friendly. I am told to avoid Maurya Sheraton. I am tentatively planning to stay at Hyatt. But will like to hear your recommendations.

Second: Looking for GFE, top end but not with rip off price.

I have seen many ads for escorts from in India Sex Guide. Call these or try massage parlour ads. Any suggestions. I am looking here for clean educated model like girl and want to know any specfic agency which really delivers what they advertise.

I will post my experience on this board after I come back.

Thanks in Advance


10-14-03, 18:50
Please would anybody inform me about the discotheques at Maurya Sheraton and at Hyatt. Are there a lot of single girls there?

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10-17-03, 04:25
Hi All

Just finished a whirlwind tour to Delhi and Chennai and now back in base town of Bangalore for a while.

Heres my Delhi report.

Delhi: I usually call around to some of the MP's listed in either the ToI or the Hindustan Times. Most time the girls themselves will give you a number after they have been with you. The problem is they keep changing the damn numbers every month or so, therefore difficult to keep a regular going. T

Struck gold with my 1st call last week.. she was about 25 from Mizoram.. what a beauty..amazingly educated and well traveled to Australia, SIngapore etc etc. 4K for a couple of hours the 1st nite and the second nite called her directly (got her number you see). Second evening her company for several extended hours (well into the night) was just 2K. A true GFE experiece. Got to know alot about her.. she was actually doing this coz she enjoyed it... not sure whether to believe her or not. But man oh man I am hoping she doesnt change her phone number.. she did give me her email ID in case she changes her cellnumber.

Phew its been 2 days since I am back.. am still recovering.. she really was a handful and took complete charge.

Happy hunting folks

Ed Wood
10-20-03, 08:31
Does anyone have anymore details about meeting someone in Delhi, or is useing the paper the best way. Vink are you willing to share the info on the girl you just had such a great time with. Also what can you expect to pay for the night and do the girls ever try to rip you off, ie go into your pants and grab your wallet.

10-20-03, 08:36
Vink , glad that you stuck Gold in Delhi.Experiences with MP's can be sometimes decent and some times bad. Would you like to share your contact of Mizoram ? Might help her as well us the fella hunters here.

Thanks .

10-20-03, 08:39
Amriki Dost , I am a bit surprised that you are told to avoid Maurya Sheraton , personaly speaking I never had a problem there .

Amriki Dost
10-21-03, 03:45
Hi BodyRockerForU

As an old monger before arriving at my new destination, I did contact few ads on India Sex Guide and also one MP ad in TOI. Impression I got that security over there is aggressive in keeping out the 'working' ladies. Maurya other wise is my first choice to stay in Delhi. My information can be very biased depending upon the source. But I will now plan to stay few nights at Maurya.

If quality of encounter was first consideration and money was secondary. What you think is the better way: call MP ads or go with hyperbolic & high pitching pimps advertising on India Sex Guide. I do not want to call an MP ad and get sub par service or call on the $500 per night gals and find out she was not what she was hyped up to be.

Yours and other senior member’s suggestion will be very helpful to me and I do promise to post report on my experience in Delhi after my visit.

10-21-03, 04:01
Hey Ed Wood/Bodyrocker,

Wish I could share her contact info.. just tried calling her yday and her direct cellphone is out of action :( The MP if I recall was run by a Amisha which was listed on the ToI and of course talked about 3-5 star hotel relaxing door step service.. Amisha of course turned out to be some guy who answered. The Girls name she claimed was Tanya. However in the morning she said her real name was Sania.h

Ed: as for being ripped off by service providers< i have a simple rule. 1. Keep only the cash that you need to pay them andmaybe a tip.
2. Lock up your wallet and other valuables in your bags...
3. Use common sense and watch your back...

There are several ripoffs usually with the MP's you call from the papers. Most of them send you a really bad looker... tell them on the phone that if you dont like what you see you will send them back. That usually gets the message across.

Happy hunting folks.. time for me to start a new MP next week when Im in Delhi again

Ed Wood
10-21-03, 09:22
What is the protocol to follow to bring the lady in to your room. I read in another post its best to meet them outside and see if she's to your likening, then walk her in. Are your chances of getting a decent girl with the TOI pretty good? I hope this isn't to many questions this is my first time using a pro, outside the states. I arrive in Delhi on Friday, I hope to have some news to report when I return.

10-22-03, 21:37
Most upscale (5*) Hotels have 24 hour Coffe-Shops. These are always crowded. It is been my thumb-rule to try and meet the lady there. many a times they come with a handler - If you do not like the vibes, pay a small tip and cab-fare home.

MP are mostly a hit-or-miss. New Delhi has been a tough proposition for me; had better luck in Mumbai. There are a few Yahoo Groups devoted to Escorts in India (Don't ask me, since I lost the exact details in a PalmOS upgrade snafu :( )

I prefer not to visit the GB Road or whatever it is called

10-23-03, 04:40
Hey AmrikiDost/ed wood

Hope you have a good time in Delhi.

Ed: most hotels are fine as long as you dont make it very very obvious and also pretty late into the night. 7-9Pm most hotel lobbies are busy and there should be no issues. City Dude has also made a good suggestion about meeting in the lobby and walking the girl up. If you are stopped just say she is a friend coming up for a few hours. Make sure you know her name though LOL.

AmrikiDost: Unfortunately the middle range between the MP's and the hyped up escorts listed on ISG are rare to find. I personally prefer the MP route. Have had a 75% success rate. A suggestion., when you call the MP's listed in ToI make it very clear to them that if you dont like what you see then you will send her back. In fact ask them to call you from the lobby, you go down and meet at the coffe shop etc and decide. 9 out of 10 times there is a handler that comes with the lady who will take the money. If you dont like what you see, pay a couple of 100 Rs and send them back.

Hope this helps you both. Look forward to seeing your reports on here soon. Happy puntering

Amriki Dost
10-24-03, 02:25
Thanks VinK for your reflection and advice on MP scene in Delhi.

Mr Ed Wood, I wish you nice trip to Delhi. Please post a detailed report of your experience at Delhi.

11-01-03, 19:43
Hi Everyone,
Its been long since i came here. am visiting after a year.would really appreciate some info on the girls around.

11-03-03, 03:55
Hey Voodoo

Welcome back. Havent seen yourposts in a while. Well Delhi is the same. If you see some of my posts below, you will see that the MP scene and the Escort scene is thriving. I would say rates have gone up what with more tourists eager to spread their wealth.

Let us know how it goes. Look forward to reading your field reports

11-03-03, 21:24
Hi Vink,

Good to see that somebody remember's....

Hey I got posted out & am back for a friends wedding. I will be in Delhi for 12 more days. Read some of your field reports, pretty good I must say. If I am not asking for too much could you pass me the number of this girl from Mizoram you went out with in Delhi. I would appreciate it.

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.



11-05-03, 04:19
Hey Voodoo

Your PM seems turned off and therefore couldnt reply.

In any case called the girls number up in Delhi. Looks like she has changed cellphone numbers again. I wrote to her sometime back via email asking her for her new number and no reply yet.

You know those kinda girls are really diamonds in the rough.. rare find.

So have you been mongering in other parts of the world? I look forward to your posts soon.

11-27-03, 02:06
Had a bad experience in Delhi, some six months ago. I was staying in one of the 5 star Hotels in Delhi. Feeling horny, I called up one of the services listed in the TOI. After negotiating the price on the phone, the guy said that the Hotel I was staying in did noy permit girls to come in. Instead, he suggested that he will pick me up and take me up to the girl's apartment. I went and paid Rs. 5000. The girl was average. As soon as I had completed, a couple of cops barged in. Obviously this was arranged, and they started threatening with arrest and asked for money. To cut a long story short, I had to go to an ATM and fork out Rs. 15000,( they had asked for a huge sum since I just could not let this incident effect me).

Be careful of conmen and scams in Delhi!

Amriki Dost
11-27-03, 22:52
Thanks for your WARNING Ramrod.

That must be quite scary. I had very scary moments in Santiago Chile about 5 or 6 year back. I was staying in Intercontinental hotel in Los Condes, suburb of Santiago. I called an escort newspaper ad, I was told that girl will be there in 30 minutes. Got a call from the girl from saying she was across the strret and could not get in the hotel. She offered me her apartment. The girl was mind numbing pretty. We took her cab to her place. Paid the agreed money and was about 15 minutes into it when a burly male barged in screamed and got a big knife from the kitchen and put it on my neck. I was certain I would be killed and could not even scream. Girl started to shout in Spanish loudly and threatening to call the police on her cell phone. She then asked me to give the money to the man who she said was her ex boy friend and was a drug addict. The man than removed my wallet from my pant pocket removed the cash roughly around $2000 and threw back my wallet back at me. Girl profusely apologized offered to finish the sex and even I could stay all night with her. I was too scared and wanted to leave. Girl tried to give me back the $200 I had originally paid her. I refused and left. Up to this day I believe it was a set up even though after the man left girl did very convincing acting to prove that she was innocent and that her ex boy friend had never returned her keys and she would change the locks now.

12-02-03, 01:42
Amriki Dost,

That was pretty scary. These are I suppose the hazards of the hobby. It is best to carry money to the bare minimum, and also leave credit cards behind.

Amriki Dost
12-02-03, 19:28
Hi Ramrod

I agree with you. You live and learn. Before this incidence I had been to escort/single girl's aprtments in Moscow and otherplaces and had no problem. I was just lulled into complecency.

Always use hotel safe for passports ,tickets and money. Carry only what you need and a single credit card.

Friend of mine got into payment dispute with a escort in US. Afterwards escort called her wife and told on him. (Do not send any sex worker unhappy out your room) How she got the address and phone number?. Just removed the airline given luggage tag with address and phone number on it from his suit case. I always lock my luggage and remove all identification marks from the luggage.

Coming to Delhi in couple weeks. Any suggestion about escort agencies or high end massage providers will be deeeply appreciated.

12-15-03, 09:42
I have just contacted a contact/friendship agency from the newspaper. They are sending some numbers (for a fee ofcourse) , right now its around $30 for a 3 month trial. They say they will continue to give me new numbers if I call and say any of the previous ones is not ok.

Will post here about what happens next.

Pussy Raider
12-17-03, 11:11

That is interesting, I have posted a report about such an agency in 'Other Areas' and I have tried this in Hyderabad. The fees here is Rs 2000/- and they give you 3 to 4 phone numbers every month. You should keep trying for more, also all the contacts they give you are females who look for money, it is better to be careful with your cash when it comes to spending on them during the 'getting to know each other' period.
Also I would like to add that my experience so far has been good and have met about 5 contacts over last 40 days. There is further potential in this scheme, because invariably after you get to know the girl and have taken her couple of times, she would volunteer to introduce you to some of her friends.

Keep us posted on how it goes and I will do the same too.


Ed Wood
12-18-03, 07:27
I just spent a few weeks in Iindia, and a few days in Delhi. I sampled some girls from the TOI. Prices ranged from 4000-6000 for a few hours as they put it which was like 2hours and one shot. To the whole night at 8000-10000. A few times the girl came to the room with handler and a few times it was late 1am-3am and they asked that i come down and pick up the girl from the lobby which was not in the lobby but outside in the handlers car. Service ranged from excellent to one girl just asking me to hurry up and shoot which kills the mood and makes it take longer. Most of the girls didnt speak english. From what i could understand is the are on contract to the handler and once they finish the contact period they move on to another city. I never got any numbers directly because I wanted to keep trying diffrent girls. From what I understand is I was paying to much.

Thanks for the tips in the previous posts.

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Ed Wood
12-23-03, 15:13
Does anyone have some more detailed info, good tips for Delhi. I don't think I was getting the best value. What night clubs are good, wheres good street action. I'll be going back to India in a few weeks. Sounds like Calcutta is the place to go.

01-05-04, 13:53
Hi all,

After going through atleast 10 diff numbers I finally came across a woman who sounded ok and was ready to meet up without any chit chat. What was even better was she asked upfront about what I wanted. If it was a one night stand then it would cost 2k. I said we should first just meet and I wanted to see her, she said even that would cost 500 . I agreed, she came near my office building and I picked her up. Looks wise I would give her a 4-5 but she spoke ok. I dont think i would have had sex with her.

After some driving around she mentioned that she loved giving blowjobs, now that got my attention. I promply drove into my office underground parking and asked her to proceed. It was dark and my car has dark glass all around so it was no problem. I got an ok BBBJ with a finish in hand. Then I just dropped her home, she didnt ask for any more money :) .

Well I am not going to call her again but I think this contact thing has potential.

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01-07-04, 04:03
Hey Aqua

Wow you had a to go through 10 numbers before getting through to this one. Would be good to know what went wrong with the other 10 leads. I have been debating whether to try these so called contact/social groups, would appreciate your inputs. Did you call the agency and ask for more numbers as well?


01-07-04, 07:22
Hey VinK,

Well many of the girls on the phone didnt even sound good enough for me to express a desire for meeting. A few numbers were dead/not responding . But the agency people give you more numbers. I have 2 more numbers that i have not yet called, I will get down to it in a day or two and report back here.


01-19-04, 08:35
Hey Aqua,

I will be visiting Delhi in early Feb and would love to know how you get on, and if you could recommend some action. I am not too choosy (or at least little brother is not!) so long as she is clean, speaks well and gives a decent bj. Wouldn't mind meeting the girl you saw. Is that possible?

01-19-04, 23:45
I'll be arriving in Delhi this Friday and was wondering about the local massage scene. I've read many of the past reports and can't get a clear sense of whether there are massage places that offer "extras". Also, unless the person was obviously offering services how would a traveler know whether or not a place was legit? Lastly, what's the risk of raids by local law enforcement?

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

01-20-04, 10:31

Hey, I had given that number to another fellow mongerer from the board and he tells me that number is now out of service. So I guess I got lucky in a one time deal. If little bro is not choosy you will have lots of stuff here. I am choosy so I am not that luck hehe. Well i went crazy (wasnt my head that made this decision) and put in big bucks for the most popular contact/friendship club. I did get some numbers and I haven't tried them yet. I can pass them on when you get here.

I would be worried about the massage places. Personally I prefer a clean hygeinc place and i have heard most of them are not. Raids by LE are not uncommon, most often they would not be Raids but setups with LE asking you to fork out some money or face prosecution.

What is you budget like?


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

01-21-04, 22:35
Not really worried about budget, Aqua. I like the excitement of going to a new place and checking out the local scene. I'm not looking for anything more than HR really which is why I thought of massage. If they are unclean I will surely skip them. Thanks for the info.

01-22-04, 05:48

Honestly I have never tried any of the Massage Parlours , mostly for the fear of getting setup. I have used the escort services though with mixed experiences, they were a while back and I joined this board recently so I didnt think it was ok to post older reports.
I have a few numbers of independants, most of them through contact clubs. I am trying them out and I get lucky I will post the FR here. I am enlisting the help of another forum member to try some of the numbers.

Well there are tons of Massage Parlours that advertise in the local newspapers. If you like I can accompany you, strength in numbers :) . The fellow mongers from Dubai have quite a club going, I think its time we in Delhi also had a fraternity club hehe :) .

01-24-04, 12:52

Just got off the phone with a turkish girl. I saw a girl a couple of times who said she was Iranian, seems she was Turkish. I didnt call her for a couple of months and then her phone was coming as switched off last few days.

Well she went off back to her country and gave her phone to a "friend". This new girl said she got my number from that girl who said nice things about me (ahem!). So she called and said she is available.

Now, I havent met her, I have only spoken to her (kinda, bad english) and she said clearly "my house not possible". So if any of you guys have an outcall need she might be worth a try. I said I will pay the same as I paid her friend ($100 short time). Now that may seem high but THAT girl was good and she actually started out at ($200). Took a few sessions to come down. This one I havent met and I dont know what she is worth.


01-26-04, 18:15
On Saturday I get a call again from this woman (Rose). She said I should met her so we can discuss things. I wasn’t doing much so I went to meet her, at a bar in a popular part of the City. She said she wasn’t in the business herself but she was a “Manager” and can arrange women. I thought ok, maybe I will call her someday to fix up.

As it happened I had access to a hotel room for a few hours on Sunday and I decided to call this woman and see what it was all about. She said someone will be over in a few minutes and said its some girl from Russia. She has 2 girls currently and the other one (Turkish) was not available.

I was waiting in the hotel room and this girl shows up. Well woman really and not that great to look at, I would give her a 5 or 6. Body was ok, a bit big in the backside. Boobs didn’t seem that much from the clothes but later I found out they were large and very soft. They must have gotten squeezed in the bra so didn’t make much of view earlier.

Well I must say what the woman (Ira) lacked in looks she certainly made it up in performance. She barely knew English but it hardly seemed to matter. After we both stripped, she asked me to lie down on the bed and she lay down on top of me. DFK? Well my lips are still numb from all that action. She then proceeded down and kissed me all over, down to my feet. She then started licking and sucking my toes one by one and then moved up. Started an amazing deep throat BBBJ with lots of licking all around. She actually got my balls in her mouth and sucked them for a bit. I was having a hard time holding on.

Well when I had enough I gestured to her and she put on a condom and rode to completion in a very short time. A great GFE, lots of kissing all through the session, the moaning though was a little over the top.

The cost was $100, which, for what I got was great in this City.

01-27-04, 08:13
Has anyone on this forum heard about this place called Oxygen in Vasant Vihar, Delhi. A frind had gone there and said there was a lot of meat available.

Would like to hear more if anyone has visited this place.


02-01-04, 15:08
I had gone out with my friends yesterday, boys only :) . After a few drinks at a bar we decided to head off to a dance bar. It is in a hotel called Rajdoot, the hotel is in Nizamuddin and a its a down market hotel. It costs Rs. 350 per person to get in, not too sure about the exact price as one guy decided to pay for everyone (I am not complaining hehe) We have been to that bar often, Eldorado it is called. Well basically you sit down and there is a stage where girls come and dance on complete songs. The songs are latest Hindi pop songs and the girls come up one at a time. Dont expect any nudity or any sort, some do wear revealing clothes though. You can tip the girls and many people blow thousands here. Some of the girls are hot and it is fun to watch them but when you are in a group.

Well after a while we decided to hit some clubs and see if we could pull anyone. We first went to a club called RPM in Vasant Vihar. Here we had to pay Rs. 500 per person to get in and that money can be used to buy food and drinks inside. After getting in we see an abundance of guys, hardly any single girls about. Normally there are many (so I was told by my friends). On enquiring from a waiter it seems we arrived just a little late. Anyway a few more drinks and some food later we moved on to another club Oxygen, also at Vasant Vihar (Fusch I hope you are reading this).

Oxygen is a Reggae/Hip Hop club and that is evident from the moment you step in. Since we were just guys we did have to talk up the bouncer at the entry for a bit, we got in after paying Rs. 300 each. That money though converts into coupons that you can use in the club. The music, the clothing, the atitudes were all too specific. Well we did chat up some girls here but if you are not into that culture you really dont stand a chance. Also the girls are clearly not intersted in speaking to locals :( . A lot of the people there were kids from various embassy schools and were only into their own group. If you are a caucasian though you may get lucky but you will have to work hard towards it.

So we didnt manage to get anyone but we are going to repeat this another time, so another FR coming up when that happens.

In the meantime I have a massage parlour contact that I have yet to try out, maybe this week.


02-02-04, 05:40
Hey Aqua,

I was away from my comp a few days, so I could not thank you for your earlier post. Will be in Delhi next week, and would really appreciate some contact numbers. As I will be alone, and am not really too adventurous, I would not like to go and try my luck at a joint. Is it possible to speak directly to the girl and fix a firm date? Any indications of the price and what service to expect will also be a great help. How did the Turkish lady turn out? The idea of forming a club sounds great, even though I am not resident in India, it would appear that I have many work trips to Delhi, Mumbi and Chennai likely in the coming year.

Cheers, Raz

02-02-04, 14:50
Aqua, I'm here on Business till Friday and have been looking for a good Massage option. Do you know of any in New Delhi? I'm staying at The Grand (formerly the Hyatt) and working in Guraguon. Any insight would be aprprecited.


02-25-04, 04:53

Will be my first time to India - staying at the Trident in New Dehli. Is the hotel girl friendly, and is it best to get a call girl? I'm very familiar in China/HongKong/Macau but don't know the drill if I just want to sample Indian muff once in my life whilst there.

Sounds like from reading the post that the brothels are fairly grotty. So tips on selecting a high quality escort would be well appreciated.



02-25-04, 14:34
Hey CC1,

The Trident is actually in Gurgaon, just outside Delhi. Your best bet would be the newspapers if you dont want to try a brothel. There are quite a few ads now about escort services, but they are a mixed experience.

I don't know if the girls will come out all the way there but they may and ask for an extra charge for transportation.

The hotel is very new so cant say about the girl friendly aspect but most hotels in India are ok about girls and probably wont notice unless you come in there late in the night.


02-29-04, 22:35
Delhi remains a hot-or-miss kind of place. It is quite a challenge to get a decent lass without some local contacts. Off and on, there are raids conducted on the so-called TOI advertised massage parlours. Saw a news item when I was in town a couple of weeks ago.

Most upscale hotels do not mind if the lass is conservatively dressed and presentable. A tad difficult if ou hope to get a SW type IMHO ;-P

03-02-04, 19:55

Does anyone have any feedback on the services of one Miss Pallavi Rao. She or her agent advertises on net quite agressively.


03-03-04, 04:28
I have never tried but look at indiapassion.com there are quite a few independent escort in New D that advertise there. Try Purnima for me

Mani Man
03-05-04, 03:45
Apart from GB road, where else one can find some street action in Delhi?

03-08-04, 04:18
VinK and other experienced members,

I desparately need some contact details(name and phone numbers) in Delhi, be it MPs or other quality service provider. I want the details of those tried/tested and found good. I can not afford to have another mixed experience.

Appreciate a prompt PM response.


03-10-04, 04:35

Thanks for your input. I found this website.


Has anyone tried this girl (the main one) and can comment on her PRICE and SERVICE?


CC1 - from the Hong Kong, Macau and China thread.

03-10-04, 07:36
I got a reply from the Purnimabhat website.

She quoted me 25000 for 3 hours and 35000 for overnight - at my hotel.

That sounds like a crazy amount of money.

Can any of you experienced India mongers offer your comments on paying this sort of money for muff, other than it is a shit load of moola!

This sounds waaay too much. What is a realistic amount of money I should be paying to get "model quality" muff?


Ed Wood
03-10-04, 09:01
I've been quoted 4000-5000 for a few hours 1-3, with 1 shot but you can squeeze out another for a tip. They always want a tip. 10000-12000 for all night and they say 3 shots. This was for real hotties. The girl is brought to you by a handler and she or he expects a delivery fee, around 500. I think I've also been paying to much. I always try and bargain and sometimes you can get it down 1000 for a short time 2000 for all night. All my experiences have been from the TOI (Times of India). I'll be back in Delhi in a few days, if anyone has some tips or leads; lead on.

03-10-04, 10:57
Hey CC1,

Trust me the prices quoted are way to high. No offence to her ,she is not even recognized model. I would not go for it.

03-10-04, 19:20
That translates into $185 per hour, which seems COMPLETLY insane for any girl in Delhi. I've never cruised "high-end" Indian girls so I cannot help you best determine what a reasonable rate might be, however, your feeling that 25-35K is madness seems well founded. At least you didn't post that you had already paid her this ridiculous sum

03-11-04, 04:30

Thanks for your updates. Just FYI, I've been mongering in Asia for several years now, and the deal in Hong Kong/Macau and China is quite familiar to me.

The mongering activities for pay for play here in HK are things like saunas, nightclubs, brothels, and what we call 141 (one floor one). 141 is to get around a legal loophole in the prostitution laws whereby if a there is ONE girl in ONE room then even if we pay her money for sex, technically, that is not considered as operating a vice establishment.

My favourites are the brothels, because of the value. Its just ~US$50 per shot. And the girls are generally nice. Now, looking through the India threads, I hear of a similar brothel scene. But I know for a newbie in a foreign land, that can be a little scary, hence, I want to give that a miss.

The sauna scene we have here is much like in Thailand. You go in, strip, change into some pyjamas, have a shower, dip in the spa, cook yourself in the sauna, enter the main lounge, have a smoke, drink, light meal, select your girl from a lineup and FS. These are what I usually recommend to newbies in town because it is generally safer, the girls nicer and the experience something to remember. Now, I don't seen any of that in New Dehli. Am I right? If there is, then would that be a good recommendation for moi?

If the sauna scene is not available in New Dehli, hence, I am opting towards the escort services. BUT, how can I at least have some assurance that the girls are top quality. I don't want to kick up a fuss with rejecting girls who aren't appealing to me - especially with my work colleagues in adjacent rooms.

I'm prepared to pay a premium, for models/actresses etc looking girls. For this option, are there any recommended escort services? And am I still looking at 10000 for one shot?

Cheers guys.

And if you head out to HK, I'll show you some lovely Asian muff!


03-14-04, 23:59
I will be going to New Delhi in May and am looking for some female companionship. Can anyone PM me with phone contacts of girls who are attractive, interesting and provide good service?

Also, what are the prices? Are there any massage parlors or brothels where you have had a good experience? I'm considering staying at the Hyatt or the Maurya Sheraton? Are they guest-friendly? If anyone provides me with a good contact, I'll return the favor upon my return from Delhi.


03-15-04, 18:57

I've been in touch with purnimabhatt. Check sexyescortads.com and see her rates there which I think is ~$100 for 1 hour. Actually there are no real purnima. They will send different girls at different times depending on your agreed rates/negotiations. I believe you will get at least a 10k girl in 25k rates through this agency.


03-15-04, 19:24

I've been in touch with purnimabhatt. Check sexyescortads.com and see her rates there which I think is ~$100 for 1 hour. Actually there are no real purnima. They will send different girls at different times depending on your agreed rates/negotiations. I believe you will get at least a 10k girl in 25k rates through this agency.


03-15-04, 21:24
Those of you who have tried these internet escort agencies in New Delhi, PLEASE, tell us of your experiences, good, bad or downright UGLY! I beleive most of the mongers, like myself, are a bit dubious about these agencies, both for price and quality! Neverthless, WE would all like to know what happens!

03-15-04, 22:14
I recently stayed at The Grand New Delhi and had a great time with the notable exception of the male only masseuses they offered. I had hoped to at least get a rub down from a woman (though I did not anticipate any "fun" I had still held it as a distant hope). That was obviously dashed when it was a man and I was told they do not offer any female-to-male massages.

I will be returning in may and will likely stay at The Trident in Guragon. I hear they do thai massage there and offer female staffers. Anyone have a clue whether this is true and if so what the chance for them being "liberal" might be?


03-16-04, 07:57

I'll be staying at the Trident Guragaon later this month. From the material I've seen the hotel has a massage/spa service run by one of those professional spa companies like "Mandara Spa" in Thailand etc. I can't recall the name of the company, but it is a worldwide spa/massage company that usually operate in 5-star hotels.

I'll let you know if I use the services if there is anything extra.


AZN Monger
03-20-04, 22:15
New Delhi is the center of the outsourcing jobs that America is transporting.

For instance, DELL has outsource part of their sales and customer service here. I have a little naughty dream about going at it with a DELL Indian rep!

DVS Mind
03-22-04, 23:43
new delhi hotels:

i am planning a trip to delhi, and i figured i'd share my previous expeiences on hotels with others.

le meridian: girl friendly. extremely important to tip everyone. from 50 to 100 rupees. especially the security guards on the floors, these are the whistle blowers.

inter-continental: extremely not gf. this is turning into a "family" hotel, these guys are serious. i had a first hand run in with their security, us citizen or not, they were ready to book my ass.

the claridges: girl friendly. just tip everyone.

the nikko metroplitian hotel: it actually depends on which manager is working the "late". if it's a woman forget it, check with the bartender. it does not hurt to ask.

the taj [various]: girl friendly. just tip everyone. it' a moody place, depends who's working.

the imperial: don't bother unless, she is impecably dressed. try to go to the bar / restaurant first then to the room. when i was there, some diplomat from nepal was in the room next to me so we had to go through add'l security. my sw played the game well.

most of the indian owned establishments will basically do anything for a price. so keep the cash flowing. it's the 4-5 star places, chains basically, that create problems time to time.

just remember the basic rule of decency, she has to look presentable. for some reason or another the places are all about image. lol.

i am most likely to stop staying in hotels. i have found villas for rent for a fraction of the price; they come furnished and with servants. which is great for my lazy ass. and i can have the pimps drop off their goods and pick the rejects without any hesitation.



03-23-04, 20:23
DVS Mind

Is there any SW action around La Meridien?

what are the locals like if a white guy takes a local girl to his room?


DVS Mind
03-24-04, 20:07

there is very little sw action around he hotel. you can find some near janpath and/or connaught place. i am no expert at picking up sw in delhi but the pickings are slim. i found many but would not think of touching any of them.

there is an emerging party/club scene which is suppose to be hot. i need to see it first hand before commenting, anyone heard of this? late night parties at hotels, lots of girls?

your best bet are pimps. i have direct sources for pimps, i got some peeps there now. pm me if you want some digits.

stay away from the mps, they are conducting a lot of stings nowadays, i think the mp mgmt is in it especially if you aren't a local indian, consider yourself a target. for some reason i stick out like a sore thumb. ;p

when all else fails, hop a a flight from del to bkk, thai airways leaves daily at 00.30.


DVS Mind
03-24-04, 20:14

Your question on wh guy / indn girl.

At the Meridian I won't worry about it. Just tip everyone, they know the deal. Overall you can say she's your tour guide! I did that at the Intercontinental but once at the Intercontinental they said that the girl was a SW and they started a scene. Assholes.

They were ready to call LE, so we let it go. It was quite a scene 5 "non-Indian" guys v. a security staff and mgmt, we had them beat , physically, but once they said LE, we backed off.

I tell the girls to dress properly, so it looks like business.

I usually go to the bar first, have drink, and move upstairs until everyone gets comfortable.



03-25-04, 10:24
For a while I had no action, too much work. A few days back I got a call from a fellow forum member from Mumbai, we had never met but had chatted on the phone a couple of times, sounded like a fun guy. He had told me that we should meet on Wednesday (yesterday) since he was going to be in town with another friend. I waited anxiously for his call as this seemed like an opportunity to finally get down, and I was very happy that he made it and was looking for action.

I met up with them at his hotel room around 8.30 pm and started planning on what approach to take. There was a little distraction due to the final stage of the cricket match as well but I am glad that did not come in the way of our plans :). It was great, we got along well even though we were meeting for the first time, I think nothing brings guys together as much as punani. We chatted about various experiences in India and outside and got the drinks flowing while thinking of the action plan for the night. One option was to cruise the clubs and try to pull from there, we chose the other sure shot option and decided to call up for some home delivery.

I started calling some contacts and got a bunch of numbers and “callsigns” with the corresponding references to quote ( the numbers of most of the operators change frequently so this exercise has to be carried out often). Also we had the choice of going with Indian or International merchandise, we selected international. I don't like to call the advertised numbers as you never know what you will get, and if its safe. I prefer calling reliable sources. A big hurdle was that most were reluctant to come to the Meridian. I saw some positive reports about that Hotel last few days so I tried to convince the girls that it would be ok but they outright refused to come there. Also there seemed to be functions going on in the hotel so the lobby was quite busy and slipping in was going to be impossible. On a side note, my old usual Liza was back in the country but she was busy that night, besides she didn't have any friends that she could bring along.

One of the dealers said there was a guest house we could check into and she would send the girls there. She said she had 2 young and very nice Turkish girls (who turned out to be Russians from Kiev) and the cost would be Rs. 3000 per shot. The guest house was in a very high class locality so I had my doubts about such activities there. The charges for a room there were around Rs. 1000, we decided that if the girls were no good then thats what we would lose if we had to send the girls back (not a large gamble). It was around 10 pm then and pretty much no other choice since the other people had quoted much higher prices and the availability certainly dwindles as the time goes on. Interesting titbit I picked up was that many of the girls choose the present period to return home for a VISA renewal since this is a religious period in India and business falls. Many people eat no meat, no alcohol and no sex, kinda like lent.

After a few drinks at the hotel we were already happy and we picked up the bottle of scotch that were drinking and were on our way to that guest house. On the way the harried dealer called and asked what happened, I told her that we were on our way and the deal was on. We found the place without much problem. It was a decent looking building without any kind of signage outside other than the address and looked like a normal house. Going inside the check in part was fairly easy and this is obviously a normal operation for them since the guy at the reception did not even see what I wrote in the register. We picked what they call a Deluxe room (didn't see what a normal room looks like) which cost Rs. 1800. The room was quite nice actually and clean, not too big though, it had an AC (very warm in Delhi now). We ordered some sodas and some snacks and brought out the scotch while we waited for the girls to come in.

In a few minutes a girl walked in and asked for me, she was the first one. First reaction was that she was a little overweight with a lot of makeup, I would give her a 5 in looks. After exchanging some glances with the guys we decided to send her back and wait for the other one, who was supposed to follow in 15 mins. I called up the dealer and told her that, she tried to convince me saying that this girl is very “co-operative” and will do anything, even offered a Rs. 500 discount. But none of us were interested in checking on the “co-operative”claims. We offered her Rs. 500 and asked her to leave. She obviously did not like that and was very upset, saying this has never happened to her. She said she would wait for the other girls in case we don't like her either, they would leave together. I tried to calm her down with offers on future business, I was trying to ensure that she doesn't mess up the other girl as well, but she remained upset with me for the rest of the evening.

In a few more minutes there was a knock on the door and in walks this other girl. First thought that came to mind was this is the wrong room she she has walked into. Amazingly cute and very innocent looking, no makeup and simply dressed. It was only when she asked for me that I realized that she was the other one. Immediately I decided that I wanted her and she called her boss to confirm. The others left the room and what followed is something I can only describe as the best P4P experience I have ever had. In fact the P4P thought pretty left my head in 5 minutes flat. I have never had that kind of a GFE even with a GF (maybe I have had the wrong SW or the wrong GF). The kissing was so intense , my lips are still sore. BBBJ was really great with attention all over and I had to ask her to stop so we could proceed elsewhere. Nice large boobs, little droopy but all natural, any day better than silicon. The best part was her attitude, she was so much into it, it was great. And that face , wow ! Very smooth skin too. I would give her a 9 in looks and a 10 in performance. This is an amazing find and she is obviously new to the scene here, I hope she doesn't get messed up in the next weeks that she will be in India.

While I was in the room the previous girl and the guys were outside in the small sitting area and apparently the girl was trying to convince them into trying her. So much as to pulling out a boob and asking them to see the goods :) (she also offered anal in the same price). After I came out they told me that they have decided to go with both the girls together. So it was then my turn to wait outside while they got going. After almost an hour the room opened and I was invited back in. Both the guys had had a very happy expression on their faces. The previous girl it seems did live up to the “co-oerative” tag and she was quite the wild one and apparently gave an amazing BBBJ. She is the nasty one with the dirty talk and the aggressive sex. The other one is the sweetheart, the kind you want to take home.

Was a night well spent (pun intended) :) and I am glad to report that our form friends from Mumbai went back happy.

03-25-04, 21:08
Hi Everyone,
I am in Delhi right now and just finished with a good experience(after a long time). Staying at the Maurya Sheraton (girl friendly) without tips actually. the pimp came to the room with the gal.
very nice young thing, i would say 19-20 at most, energetic and playfull.no hurry in the service and was a clean indian beauty.
I paid Rs.7500. she came at 7 and left at 9 in the morning.
dint let me photograph her, anyway will try again next time...

03-26-04, 08:00

Just a few days to go before arriving in Delhi.

I managed to get a little info, which some of you may be able to use.

There is a site called www.chamadi.com

I called the guy Mr Sameer. He gave me another number to call for Dehli, because apparently, Sameer focuses on Mumbai area.

Any way, the number he gave me was 00 91 33 310 43210.

Can someone do me a favour by calling this number and finding out what are the rates for out call girls? I think its a local number for Delhi, although I must admit I ain't sure.

Heading for Delhi muff soon!


03-28-04, 11:44
Be careful all, also busts in Mumbai. Its election time.

Prostitution racket busted in New Delhi

March 27, 2004 18:37 IST

The Delhi police on Saturday claimed it has smashed a prostitution ring and arrested five girls, including an Uzbek, and four pimps from the premises of a four-star hotel in New Delhi.

Two cars, allegedly used to ferry the prostitutes, and 12 mobile phones were seized during a raid on Hotel Marina in Connaught Place late on Friday night.

A senior police officer said his department had information about about the racket and on Friday an undercover agent was sent to the hotel.

Posing as a customer, the agent paid pimps -- Yashpal and Bunty -- Rs 3000 and Rs 5000 for two girls.

The officer said the pimps mostly met prospective customers in parking lots of five-star hotels.

03-30-04, 01:10

The number you have is for Kolkata (Calcutta); The prefix after 91 are

11 for Delhi
22 for Mumbai
33 for Kolkata
44 for Chennai

etc. etc.

Plus the number is old a 2 should follow the 33 and then the rest of the number. 00 91 33 2310 43210

Hope this all makes sense

Good luck

04-03-04, 08:04
I will be New Delhi during end April'04 / Early May'04. I Need Real Good Stuff. I am willing to spend upto 2500-3500 for a Short Time.

Fresh Meat
04-03-04, 14:48

Friends I checked out the numbers given by Sameer ( chamadi.com) in calcutta. I am in contact with him and he referred me to some girls , well I will get back with more news.

Fresh Meat

04-07-04, 09:01

Stayed at the Trident in Gurgaon. Fabulous hotel. Looks like a palace. Well, called one of the numbers in the Times of India for callout girls. Managed to agree on US$100 for 2-3 hours. Gave him my room number and all. Promised to deliver, but waited like two hours and nothing came.

Either, the hotel is not girl friendly so he couldn't get through or he just didn't want my business in the end.

So all in all, nothing shagged, nothing spent.

Thanks for all the help from fellow mongers in helping me out. Maybe better luck next time.


Ed Wood
04-09-04, 20:08
Does anyone have any fresh tips-girls-numbers in Delhi?

Bowled Over
04-11-04, 13:40

Just got this from the local paper (TOI). So there is a scene in Delhi - but just wondering why the older one was charging 2.5 times more than the younger one ! Turns us monger's thumb rules on their head.


Two women, one night, Rs 70,000


NEW DELHI: It isn't quite Indecent Proposal and a million dollars, but even so, the figure is an eyebrow-raiser.

The Delhi Police on Friday night arrested two prostitutes in Janpath's Imperial Hotel. The two had struck a deal with a decoy 'customer'. The asking rate: Rs 70,000 for a night.

This was the seventh arrest of prostitutes in the past two weeks, but none of the other rackets came close to the price range quoted on Friday.

The younger of the two women arrested on Friday was to get Rs 50,000, while the other would get Rs 20,000.

According to the police, the two women maintained an "exclusive" profile of customers. They operated through their mobile phones and had a select clientele," said a police officer.

While one of the women is 28 years old, the other is just 18. "The younger one passed out of a well-known convent school of the city only last year. The two met at a pub about 10 months ago through common friends and began working together. The older woman has been in the trade for over three years and is well known in the circuit," said the officer.

According to the police, she occasionally operates along with infamous pimp Kanwaljeet, who is part of an international prostitution racket.

Confirming the incident, DCP (New Delhi) Anita Roy said, "A case has been registered at CP police station. They have been booked under charges of soliciting under the Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act."

"We were tracking numbers of massage service providers. The older woman's number emerged during these inquiries. We tracked the number for about a week and then struck a deal," said a crime branch officer.

Aruna Dhir, spokesperson for Imperial Hotel, said, "No such incident occurred at the hotel. The security manager, who was here last night, too has confirmed the same."


Bowled Over

Bowled Over
04-11-04, 13:43
Hi Folks,

Some more from Delhi:

If there are so many raids every day, that means only one thing: Supply side is going up and up.

Raid – Handed

March 27: 5 prostitutes, including an Uzbek, and 4 pimps arrested from parking lot of CP’s Marina Hotel.

April 2: 9 Azerbaijan nationals arrested in Karol Bagh hotel; 2 women arrested at a Preet Vihar fast food joint; 3 women and a pimp arrested at Mandawali

April 8: 4 prostitutes, including 3 minors, rescued from a flat in Laxmi Nagar and a brothel at GB Road in simultaneous raids; 9 women and three pimps were arrested in GK. They had advertised “massage services” in leading newspapers

April 9: 2 women arrested at a 5-star hotel in Janpath

April 10: 6 women and a pimp arrested in Dabri

Guys be careful at the same time.


Bowled Over.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

Bowled Over
04-11-04, 13:47
Folks just be careful and don't get caught with your pants down.

Pimp steals Rs 70,000 from five-star hotel


NEW DELHI: In a bizarre incident on Saturday morning, Rs 70,000 and Rs 45,000 worth Kisan Vikas Patras were stolen from the hotel room of a businessman, at the Maurya Sheraton.

The thief was a pimp who arranged a call girl for the businessman.

Anil was arrested by the Chanakyapuri police on Saturday. "He has been charged with theft," said DCP (New Delhi) Anita Roy.

According to the police, the businessman regularly called up Anil on his cell phone whenever he was in town for business.

"Anil and his gang operate through mobilephones and never meet their clients. However, Anil knew that the complainant carried a large amount of cash and took advantage of the fact that he did not recognise him," added Roy.

On Saturday morning, Anil reportedly called the businessman from his mobilephone saying that one Deepak Bhai and his helper were waiting for him in the hotel lobby.

"Anil then went to the room to fetch the businessman and managed to exchange the complainant's room's key card with that of a key card of Taj Palace Hotel. Anil then left him in the lobby saying Deepak Bhai may have gone to the coffee shop and that he will fetch him," said a police officer.

When Anil did not return, he went back to his room but could not open the door.


Bowled Over

04-12-04, 11:57
So many raids also mean another thin: election time. The activity has increased to an amazing degree and its bound to get attention when people want to connect such people with politicians to slander them.

I would advise all mongers in the area to proceed with caution and not give your actual contact info to the girls. The police may haul you for "questioning", in other words , harrassment.

I knew the madam that was caught, so that does dent the contact list. Time to renew the contacts.


04-20-04, 12:02
FORGET Delhi. Been there from 31.03. to 13.04. Absolutely NOTHING. The "pocking house" (f...ing house) as they say, is lousey and expensive (100 bucks up). Azerbaidjani prostitutes beeing arrested days from election day.

Better go elsewhere, like former SU.

On the picture: Vice PM of India, responsible for NO TOLERANCE ANTI PROSTITUTION CAMPAIGN (whom I met in a hotel).

05-06-04, 18:49
Well guys election or no election this place rocks if you have the contacts. I recently went to friends house for dinner and he had arranged for the dessert to my surprise !!

Beautifull girls not more than 21-22 each. Just begging to satisfy your carnal desires......What a night !!

05-09-04, 10:18
Thanks all you guys out there for the P.M's!!
I am sorry but these girls are not pro's ....they work for my friend in his company, and are shared in a very close friends cirlce.
I was just lucky to be at the right place at the right time :-)

Have a party again tonight , due to extended weekend,your election day. hope i get lucky again ;-)

As far as service goes.......unfuckingbelievable !!
strip tease,BBBJ,AR,CIM............and no rest for poor me :-)
still recovering actually........

take care and thanks again guys

05-09-04, 11:27
Cangartulations Delhi Mongers!

You have been named the SEX CAPITAL of India. Read the latest outlook magazine and you have the full coverage , It even describes the modus operandi!

Now I will need your help to find some Delhi babes relocated in Bangalore, else I should be in Delhi next month and I hope I will receive support and encouragement..


05-10-04, 08:12
I had the bash of my life yesterday & am totally wasted.
will post pics soon...

I love this place :-))

05-10-04, 18:51
As you can see i had my handfull of pussy thanks to my friend !!

Love the hospitality here ;-)

It has been a very memorable experience and i will cherish the time i've spend here........
but that doesnt mean i am not looking forward to tommorow ;-)


Cool Sinbad
05-26-04, 20:43
Been in Delhi for two days but can't find a single foreign girl anywhere! Tried all the numbers in the newspapers and several contacts, but all said they have left. Is it true? Found a azerbaijani but she wanted Rs.25,000 for the night! And there was no way i was going to pay that for someone who was going to fake it for 2-3 hours and then run off.

So what's the scoop. Have all the foreign girls run off?

Bowled Over
05-27-04, 09:13
Hi Cool Sinbad,

Sorry mate, you were late by about 2 weeks!

At that time, half of this country was rooting for someone of "foreign origin" (you could see it live on any local news channel) and the other half was rooting against .

But really wonder if you could have hit her, with thousands of guys (and gals) surrounding her and one even thinking of shooting himself !



06-04-04, 04:55
Does anyone know anything about the scene in Paharganj? It seems like a sleazy enough place, so something must be going on. I stumbled across Chandni Bar in Main Bazaar. rs 350 entry for a 'disco dance show'. Basically 2-3 girls at a time dancing in the Bombay beer bar style. The girls dance well, and the air conditioning is particularly good. I doubt if there is any chance of picking up. One girl made it worth the price of admission, and I wondered how someone so beautiful ended up in a place like that. Any other such places in that area?

Cool Sinbad
06-04-04, 15:34
Bowled Over

You're a scholar and a gentleman, and my hat's off to you! I'm still laughing.

Going back again to New Delhi next week. Will post anything interesting.

Cool Sinbad

06-06-04, 17:43
Well, I'm back in Delhi for a month but this time I'm at the Trident which at least offers female massuses (The Grand only had men which was not to my liking). I've had a few so far and while they are more liberal than in the US and she doens't mind me being naked she avoids my johnson even when it's "at attention". An Indian buddy assured me they give HR but it seems to be eluding me. I've seen the same gril all three times and she's very comfortable with me but there is just no sign it's on the menu. I've given every signal possible but I enjoy the massage so much I don't want to blow it and offend her. Anyone been here and had a different experience?


Love Sex 22
06-12-04, 22:38
I am planning my first trip to Delhi in mid july.reeding the forum i understand that these hotels are girl friendly, Mauraya Sheraton, Meridian, Claridjes, any one can recommend any other hotels. i also understand to find a clean and dissent looking girl to bring to your room should be booked from times of India PM section can any one recommend a specific PM that had a good experience with or a high class girl that they could recommend? thanks

06-27-04, 12:41
Hi LS22,

I am a regular visitor to Delhi. If you are a western man, the esaiest thing is tip the bell boy. He will have the contact number of managers (High class pimp). Rs 100 should be enough. In fact he gets minimum Rs.500 from the managers. The asking rate could be $200 or more for 2 hour session. BBJ is hard tooo come in India. There are students and working girls. Chicks are really good. Most of them work for extra bucks. Cops are very active. Take care. Service through the holel staff is very safe.


Ben Focker
06-28-04, 05:13
Do the cops go after the johns? What if you are indian?

06-28-04, 14:56
for those who worry about being busted by the cops in india, for patronizing a prostitute,or for that fact many if not most 3rd world nations, one can simply pay a "donation" to the arresting officer to forget this incident. the amount of the "donation" will vary depending on your skin color, if a local, one can get off with a small "donation" if a white foreigner it would probably mean a larger "donation" ex. $200 u.s. and up! also, the rank of the arresting officer, ex. street officer versus a desk sargent. neverthless, it should not mean jail time. there maybe an exception, if your caught with an **** provider! also, be careful, in some muslim countries, ex. pakistan, indonesia, the girls work hand in hand with the police in ripping of white foreigners in the manner described above! i have not had this experience, but from my numerous visits to india, and reading this board, this is the general outcome! anyone have any other information they would like to add inregard to possible punishment for patronizing a prostitute in new delhi or elsewhere?

Sprint Up
06-29-04, 09:23
Raids occur on periodic basis. In India especially in all cities,there is political-pimp-police nexus. This is not new here but since ages. Every Police department in every state come under the control of Home ministry for which home minister, politician is direct head.Home department is always almost short of funds like providing enough facilities at police stations, technical equipments etc. To fill the coffers,raids need to conducted. Big pimps, generally who supply babes to politicians, high government officers are informed in advance about these kind of raids. General 'victims' are small to medium size bars, girls working there and ofcourse we, the customers. As said, generally cops won't harrass customers after paying some amount.As far as possbile, one should not go to bar which is at very remote place during night. Downtown bars, pubs are almost safe.

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2. There is ALWAYS a space after a comma or a period.
3. There is NEVER a space before a comma or a period.

07-02-04, 01:49

I would appreciate if anyone could help to share some contact for some gals where I can "order" to the hotel I am staying. I will be in Delhi next Monday and will be stayng at Hyatt.

Thanks a thousand!

07-02-04, 09:28
Richard, Stay in Sheraton . I am there as well and we can Order together...:)

Member #1039
07-03-04, 07:56
Hey guys contact me at [Email Address deleted by Admin] if you want to know about the chicks in Delhi.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

07-06-04, 06:40
The Sheraton security has been known to be quite unfriendly, however you may have already tried since you were going to do that on Monday and it is now Tuesday :). I hope it worked out. If it didnt you might want to take a room in a guest house type hotel, there are a few not far from the Sheraton.


07-14-04, 21:13
Hello to all,

I am currently staying in New Delhi till end of August but am having trouble finding action.

I was wondering if anyone could name some bars, possibly at the hotels here in Delhi, where local woman and/or tourists handout.

Also, i am considering the services of Purnima. Does anyone have feedback of any kind? She is expensive, but i dislike escort services because generally they bring bad surprises. Please post or PM.

Any info, either general or specific, would be appreciated.



07-15-04, 10:51
Hey Nik,

Most massage parlors are open to extras, you can find out the address from Delhi newspapers, in the classifieds section. On clubs, you might want to visit RPM or Oxygen, both in Vasant Vihar. Both have been known to have working girls looking for prospects.

Poornima is a rip off and I would advise you to stay away from her. Try some of the other people advertising in the newspapers. You should negotiate with them to pay only after seeing the girls.


07-15-04, 20:34

Thanks alot for the info.

I think I will venture to a massage parlour in the next weeks.

Also, regarding the escorts, besides my general skepticism, I am at the Imperial, and I would not like to have problems.

Besides price, any other reason why i should shy away from Purnima?

Any other suggestions on rates or locales would be appreciated.



07-16-04, 10:33
Hey Nik,

I would advise against taking women into the Imperial. Thats a seriously upmarket hotel and the lobby is bright and mostly had people around. Although I havent heard of anyone trying to take women in that hotel, it may be possible but I would not try that.

I have on occasion taken rooms at small hotels/guest houses and have not had any problems there.

About Poornima, no specific first hand report but 2 instances of people saying nobody showed up after making the phone deal.

Rates are comletely varied, depending largely on what they can get out of you. If you are a foreigner then you would be quoted rates like 5-10k Rs. for a short time, long time is rare but you will be quoted in the range of 15k upwards. In my experience I have found you can negotiate to 3k for short and 8-10k for long time.

If this is your first time mongering, just be careful or you may face harassment by the cops. I have read some reports in the newspapers of cops coming down on the business and the same is reflected on the atitudes of the girls.

Have fun :)


07-16-04, 10:44
Funny thing happened yesterday.

I got a call from some girl who got my number from the operator of a 'friendship club' that i joined. She said that she was in some financial need and wanted to know if i was interested in meeting her. Her friend also came online and said she too wanted to meet up adding that 'you would be the one asking us to stop and not the other way', hinting towards their satisfaction bent of mind. They said they were young girls, working part time in some job they didnt specify.

I thought about it for a few minutes and then decided to atleast meet them and see what was on offer.The most difficult part was deciding on a venue to meet up. Various locations were discussed. In the evening I went over to the chosen place, a small marketplace in south delhi,they wanted a public place for the first meeting, I wanted to avoid a much too public place.

One of the girls showed up to the spot where i was waiting. She was a little skanky for me but i know many people wouldnt ming jumping on her bones. Other than the face, the rest of the package looked good. The other one was busy somewhere so I didnt actually get a look at her. Since I didnt want want to close the deal with this one, I said I cant today but will try in a few days after an appropriate location is found.

I found that quite nice that girls were now making marketing calls :)

07-16-04, 19:26

Once again thanks for your helpful insight.

I will take your advice and avoid purnima!

Interesting your reverse marketing story, would be a charm if the entire world worked like that! Is this friendship club of yours internet based?

Also, what can you tell me about these delhi hangouts (non-prof.):

-Fashion Cafe
-Oberoi Hotel
-Lime cafe
-Sheraton Hotel

Thanks in advance,


Freddy One Eyed
07-18-04, 10:16
Newspaper Ads in Delhi:

I have tried a few phone-ins to my hotel from the newspaper and guide mag. ads for Massage & Escort Services. Generally they are a much of a muchness. They will ask for Rs.4,500-5,000 ($100-120) for what they say is 2-3 hours, (but really means 1-2 hours if your lucky !)

-The girls all work for pimps who take at least 50-65% of the cut.
The pimps want to get the girls in, get them to take your money, and get the girls out of there as soon as possible, so that they can service their next John. The girls are generally pretty scared of the pimps, but some may give you a number where you can call them in future and cut out the pimp. (Makes you wonder why the girls themselves don't just place the ads - but maybe that's too logical !)

-The girls will always be at least one hour late. (So be warned) They will tell you they were stuck in traffic, even if the roads are empty !

-They will generally not be the same girl they described, you asked for, or what you expected ! (If you don't like what you see send them packing immediately - with Rs 2-300 tax money!)

-The girl will firstly demand money, up front (show it to them, but don't give it to them until finished) otherwise they will run off with it after 1 hour !

-They will smoke and drink (if you let them) so don't.

-Their mobile phone will go off incessantly (let them make a call to say they arrived - and then tell them they are turning it off !).

PUT OFF YET ? I'd say that 99% of these call-in girls will all fit this category, and 50%+ of them will not even get through my door ! Those that do, you had better lay the law down to from the off !

ADVISE ! As these call-ins are all pretty much hit and miss and they have no bones about dicking customers around, so treat them the same way too. Try calling 3 or 4 girls from different ads. at the same time, and see what turns up ! If you like the first one that turns up, tell the others to butt off (because they are late). If you don't like the first one, send her packing and see what else turns up....and so on.

All in all this call-in service is pretty crap, disappointing and over-priced. If you get a good one, keep her number, call her next time, and share these details with others in need.....

So that's my take on the Delhi call-in girls.
Does anyone have any good reliable contacts for these call-in girls ?
What about meeting freelancers or enterprising college girls ?
I have found that it is always better with girls working directly, rather than though pimps !

07-18-04, 22:33
GB Road,

I will be visiting Delhi for computer training for 2 months. I see a lot of posts about massage providers. What is the street scene like? I see GB Road mentioned. What's it like?

Also, what can a decent 1 bedroom apartment be rented for?

And finally, where can I get a good steak and at what price?


07-19-04, 11:59

These friendship clubs are non internet based. You call the number mentioned in the newspapers and someone shows up for membership fees. These vary depending on what they call normal / gold etc. Minimum membership would be around 4k per year. For this you will get some numbers, usually one at a time. Most of these girls are semi pro, meaning they wont just come out and say it but if you throw your words right you can get some P4P action. What you get in terms of looks and performance is completely your luck, also the club managers will not say anything except the numbers are for friendship so no point saking them for extras.

The Fashion Cafe or F Bar is owned by the famous Fashion TV :) , a nice place to hang out and lots of good lookers. This is where a lot of the upwardly mobile people would hang out and many of the celebrities can be seen here too, once in a while. It is pricey and so the crowd is from the richer section of society.

The Oberoi and Sheraton are both high class hotels, the Oberoi being more exclusive in my opinion. Both feature great restaurants especially the Sheraton, they had a great lebanese restaurant complete with belly dancing, but that recently closed.

The lime one, I have never heard of.



07-20-04, 14:22

GB Road is the bottom of the barrel. Really filthy and while its a personal choice, i wouldnt go anywhere near there. Prices are the cheapest and you can get laid for 5-10 USD. The women are varied but certainly not lookers and the area is kinda seedy.

You will only find steaks in 5 star hotels, you wont really find beef anywhere else. You might want to check out Westview at the sheraton, my personal favourite grill. Its a buffet grill and should run you around Rs. 1500 per person.

Apartments are varied, depending on locality. Where is your work centered around ? Gurgaon (just outside Delhi) is a good place for single bedroom apartments which can be had for Rs. 7000-8000 per month. If you are just there for 2 months then firstly it will be difficult in getting one, secondly it will be more expensive. But really depends on which locality you want to stay in. Posh areas would probably not even have single bedroom apartments, so you will get something like a few rooms with a balcony.


07-20-04, 18:20

Again your info is appreciated and priceless.

I think this weekend I will checkout the oberoi hotel. I hear its disco is hot these days. I will let everyone know in a following report.

Which newspapers do you suggest I look into for friendship clubs? I have not seen any in the Hindustan Times.

Lastly, I checked out the Sheraton Hotel. I agree the oberoi is better, however, the sheraton had more traffic. Though I must admit the lobby bar was dead, and the "dublin pub" looked sad. I heard the food is great as well.

I also walked to the Taj Hotel a few blocks away. This seemed much more traditional, many families with small children.

In the end, I think the Imperial Hotel is the best, though it is dead in regards to women, professional and non.

Thanks again,


07-20-04, 21:05
Thanks for the info Aqua. I will be in West Patel Nagar, where ever that is. They've given me a choice of 4 hotels: Rangoli, Good Palace,Pal's Inn, Kochar. This may be off-topic, but am I going to be stuck with eating chicken? Do they have seafood?


07-21-04, 10:28

Dude the Oberoi doesnt have a disco/pub, where did you go ? You may be mistaken with the names. For the friendship clubs look in the Times of India , in the classified section. They will usually written as clubs for 'broadminded' men and women.

Yes the Taj Palace is very family oriented, you will find many family functions happening in the many banquet halls in the basement. During the winter this is a major venue for weddings. There are lots of other really good hotels, but you picked a great one too.


West Patel Nagar is certainly not somewhere I visit often, so cant say much about the place. I have never heard of the hotels you mentioned and they are certainly smaller guest house types and those may be good for getting girls over. Foodwise, Patel nagar has great food places but not for the faint of stomach. You will indeed get lots of chicken but also lots of lamb. Seafood mainly consists of fish and prawns in small restaurants but big hotels can have more choice, you obviously pay more and I would only advise you to eat seafood in reputed places. Stale seafood will certainly make you sick. If you will have a car it will be easy to travel because the hip part of Delhi is south Delhi and you will have trouble getting there. Delhi is HUGE and travelling will be invovled everywhere, the public transport system is very confusing and you other options are cabs which can be expensive

Yeah Baby
07-22-04, 04:04

You information is right on target. Although my experience in India is not as extensive as yours, I agree with you in regards to your advise of food, lots of chicken and lamb, and stick to reputable resturants when it comes to seafood. A real treat is the resturant in the Sheraton, which is usually very crowded after 9. However, I would like to add one thing, there is a large variety of chicken dishes in India, many spiecy dishes and some may be hot to the tongues of some but in my opinion their delicious.

I was hoping that maybe you would have some information regarding Calcutta. Granted it has not kept pace with Delhi and Mumbai as of recent, nevertheless, it is a large city and there should be some action. I just can't seem to find it. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Yeah Baby

07-22-04, 12:33
Hey Aqua,

Normally Sheraton in Delhi has never been a problem for me. However I guess it might be getting little difficult because last week when I was staying there ,while sitting in the lobby I noticed a girl ( looked like a pro ) walking towards the elevator who was stopped quickly by the security.

They asked the girl to wait at the concierge desk while one the manager made call to the guest who had called this girl. The girl was made to sit in the lobby because apparently the guest was coming down to fetch her. I could see the girl was nervous like hell and was making calls from her mobile phone. She waited for 20 mints while the security kept an eye on her from far. The guest didn't turn up and the girl finally got up and walked out of the hotel very fast.

I could see the security guy and two of the managers talking and thinking about stopping the girl or not and they finally decided to let her walk out. I thought it was all over but I was wrong. In an hours time I saw a guy shouting loudly in the lobby and that was the guest who has called this girl . He was saying that this girl from his office came to meet and she was stopped and harassed in the lobby. He was shouting on top of his voice and called for the lobby manager and the security guy.

The lobby manager took this guy to a corner table in the lobby and they sat and started explaining and suddenly I heard this guy saying Mother Fuc*** in Hindi together with much more heavy stuff to these guys and that was so loud that everyone on the lobby stopped and looked what was happening.....the managers were helpless and were unable to stop this guy , so they just requested him to come to one of the offices and finally they vanished.

It was a unusual scene for a 5 star hotel and the hotel staff went through hell of a humiliation and insult. I am sure they will be more careful at least for a while in stopping more girls thinking it might back fire.

Aqua, you are doing good service for this forum. Keep it up Mate.

07-23-04, 06:38
Yeah Baby,

Calcutta is the cheapest place and value for money as far as whoring around goes in this country! Maybe you should try befriending the Hotel manager. Pile him with some drinks and ask him to show you the classy places in Sonegachi. Sonegachi is the redlight area there. You shoul definitely not miss out on the action there. Else tell him to find you a guide who willl take you around to fuck!


07-24-04, 19:57

Thanks again for the info. As the date for the trip draws near I am getting a bit nervous. I know this is a stupid question, but it is of great concern to me. I am left-handed. Is it true I have to eat with my right hand or people will freak out?

Another concern I have is clothing. I am 6'4 and weigh 290. Are there big and tall clothing stores there?

Thirdly, is there a "yellow pages" web site I can browse all businesses through?

I am thinking of renting a motorcycle while in Delhi. Any suggestions?

And finally, have any of you guys tried the escorts on yahoo member profiles?

Thanks in Advance,


Member #1039
07-25-04, 08:42
Hi Guys,

I am from Delhi/Gurgaon.Jst lemme know if u require any kinda help out here like findin an accomodation,places to be seen etc etc.



07-25-04, 19:38

You can with the left hand. Some people may stare but don't let it bother you. However. try to use the right hand like shaking hand, giving money etc. (here is the reason: traditionally the left hand is used to wash your behind after using the toilet. So it is considered unclean even though one has washed it with soap after use.)

There are no big & tall stores. But there are lots of tailors who will be able to make your clothes very cheaply. Ask your contacts for good tailors.

Yes there is a yellow page of sorts. I think one of them is published o a CD Rom

Look at the traffic first before you decide to rent a motorcycle. It is not for the fainthearted. You are better off with a rented AC car for less than $15 for 8 hrs and that includes the driver and petrol (gas). Current rate is Rs. 650 for a small car like that.

never tried the yahoo so can't help there.

Keep a good sense of humor, and if you ignore the poverty in some places you will have a great time.

07-26-04, 03:14
Thanks again for the advice guys. I've been practicing wiping my ass with my left hand. Next week, I'm even going to try it with paper!

I've decided not to drive at all. THe training company will be picking me up and dropping me off every morning. When I need to go out and make a donation, I'll call a cab.

I've never been to a custom tailor but am looking forward to it.

Thanks again!

07-26-04, 07:27
Hey Rocker,

Yeah that sounds very typical of a scenario in a 5 star hotel. I have seen such scenes myself, being a resident of Delhi, obviously i dont want to be in that position. The security guards can be a real pain sometimes and would even accompany the girl all the way to the room, that can be quite embarrassing also. And by then the girl is usually such a nervous wreck that you can forget about any GFE.


07-26-04, 07:38

Dont worry at all about being left handed, most people will not even notice. Many people here too are left handed so there is nothing to worry. As long as you are not sitting there naked while eating your food, I dont think anyone would mind :).

As Duniawal said, there arent any specific big and tall stores like they have in the US but yes tailors are available in plenty and can make whatever you desire. If you have something you would like duplicated, that would be the easiest.

There are many such yellow pages sites but I dont know how good or bad they might be, some are : www.indiamart.com , www.getitindia.com .

Quite a few people rent motorcycles, you can ask your hotel for contacts. I dont personally know any place that rent them out but aside from the traffic and weather it should be ok. I would suggest you watch the traffic for a day or two and get a sense of the nearby areas before you venture out to get a bike.

I have never tried the yahoo member escorts, nor have I heard of anyone that did. Just in the last week there have been a number of newspaper articles about the business in Delhi and included names like Poornima Bhatt etc. This is in light of the recent crackdown on many working girls.

In the last bust they mentioned arresting some CIS girls in Anand Niketan (a locality in New Delhi), my main contact was in Anand Niketan and I think she is the one who got busted.


Yeah Baby
07-26-04, 08:20

I just have to say, as a fellow motorcycle rider, be careful. Driving a car alone is difficult enough in India but driving a motorcycle can be down right suiacidal. Shagging has enough risks involved, my advise would be to keep off the motorcylce but keep your "helmet" on.

Santa, Thanks for the tip will look into it this week.

Have fun shagging,
Yeah Baby

Cool Sinbad
07-26-04, 20:14
BodyRockerforU is right. I was in the Sheraton for two nights and called over my regular girl both nights. We were both playing cat and mouse with the security guards. We went up to the coffeeshop, where they followed us, then we went down to the executive lounge where they followed us again, before they got tired and walked away after an hour.

Doesn't seem like that way at other hotels in the city. Just avoid staying at the hotel, their service is going down the toilet anyway.

Cool Sinbad

07-27-04, 18:31
I think I'll stick with taxis.

I am in need of a detailed map of delhi.

I'd also like to hear of anyone's experiences on GB Road.

If anyone knows the approximate price of a tailored business shirt, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Do medications require prescriptions in Delhi? Just wonderring whether i should buy before I arrive.

Are there any websites that advertise massage parlors ?

Oh yes, and how much does a Dominos Large pepperoni, onion, and black olive pizza cost?

I am getting down to the fine detail of my budget.

Fat Shaft
07-28-04, 07:38
i think i'll stick with taxis.

i am in need of a detailed map of delhi.

take an eicher (brand name) map of new delhi its one of the better ones. available at any book store

i'd also like to hear of anyone's experiences on gb road.

if anyone knows the approximate price of a tailored business shirt, i'd appreciate hearing about it.

you get readymade shirts arrow say for 1200 rupees i.e.usd $ 26 or so, tailored shirts will also cost you approx the same price.

do medications require prescriptions in delhi? just wonderring whether i should buy before i arrive.

nope dont need a medical prescription for most drugs

are there any websites that advertise massage parlors?

look up the times of india classified section. however they are not very clean(massage parlours)

oh yes, and how much does a dominos large pepperoni, onion, and black olive pizza cost?

about 4-5 usd

i am getting down to the fine detail of my budget.

07-28-04, 14:29
Portman, I would skip the Pizza in Delhi if you live anyhwere near the east coast of the USA. It's one of the few foods in India that is nearly intolerable. Also, screw the map and get yourself a good driver who is comfortable with English. When you arrive you'll understand how silly it is to think you'll be able to navigate yourself (let alone ride a motorcycle). Many of the local papers advertise for massage, however, I wold read the previous threads from this section to educate yourself on the specifics of this activity. I was there for a few months this year and decided against it with the recent crackdown on prostitution the government has launched. Best of luck, have fun and stay the fuck away from GB road unless you are immune to all STD's.

07-28-04, 20:01

definitely stick to taxis. i currently pay about 700 rupee for a full day chauffeur. if you want ac it will run you about 150 – 200 rupee more per day. unless you are indian, you lack the gene necessary to drive here safely. regarding the map, buy one, but as someone previously mentioned, its futile, delhi is huge!

for the tailored clothing, here is my input: grover cloth house, tel. 24625622, khan market. i will pickup the shirts i ordered tomorrow. they seem to be the most serious tailors in delhi. shirts range between 700 – 1100 rupee, all depending on the fabric you choose. ask for bobby.

gb road. here is my 2 cents. gb road is worth a visit, however, only for the experience of seeing it. its something beyond a normal persons imagination. dirty, vile, squalid! you will definitely not be able to get aroused, and the girls most likely all have std’s. lastly, go with a local or a driver that has won your trust, while delhi seems to be safe, gb road seems to be the “shadiest” part of town.

another advice, shop around for a good driver. a lot of you experience will depend on how resourceful your driver is. generally, i have found many drivers are knowledgeable regarding most things of interest: shopping, tourism, restaurants, nightlife. this is important if you don’t know locals.

good luck,


07-29-04, 00:08
Thanks guys.

When I get closer to my departure date, I may ask for some contacts, but don't bother now. I'll be in one of those software training "bootcamps" so I'll have to limit my trolling time and go for sure things.

I can't wait to get there. I need a break for the grotesquely obese SW's here. I'm in Wisconsin, where hookers are the size of Volkswagens and you might find a french-fry in one of the creases.

One thing I've always fantasized about is a cheerleader pyramid of hookers. This might be economically and technically feasible in Delhi. A picture of that would win me a WSG Pullitzer.


07-29-04, 14:46
Fat Shaft,

Finally you decided to post :). How are you buddy?


Dont worry, I am sure you will enjoy your stay here. When its closer to your visit, let me know and I will send you my phone number. Maybe we can chat and have a drink.

take care,


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

07-29-04, 19:46

Pizza - cost is same as US but doesn't taste that good as here.

GB Road - Go if you want to see the place. It is a turnoff.

Motorcycles - Even if you can get the hang of the driving, maps won't help you because most of the roads don't have street signs. Get a map just so that you know the orientation of the place.

Taxis are cheap. But get a metered taxi. Metered taxis are yellow/black with a green stripe. However, private taxis can be of any color but they have a yellow license plate. You need to negotiate the rate prior to taking it.

Most medicines are available for a fraction of the price here. But I would take an initial 1-2 week supply if you need special medications. Show the label at the pharmacy so that you get the same brand and dose.

Have fun.

07-31-04, 09:13
Aqua, What do you think of Radisson Delhi or Grand (earlier Grand Hayat in Vasant Kunj) are they friendly or similar like Sheraton? I satyed only once in Grand and I didn't had problem. Radisson I stayed also once but didn't try. I am asking because I might change from Sheraton in future.

Have you heard about Trident Hilton,Gurgaon providing ladies for Massage in their health club for hotel guest? Any "Extras" available there?

Thanks in advance for reply.


Hunk G
08-01-04, 09:14
Anyone out there.

Hey. Will be in Delhi from the fourth. Are there any tips and
can anyone share some information and numbers. TOI numbers are too expensive and frankly not worth the moolah. Mid range is more than adequate here.



08-02-04, 13:39
Hey BodyRocker:
I think both the Radisson and the Grand would be ok for guests. They are not the real high class hotels, ok Grand might be but Radisson is more like an airport transit hotel. Late night though most hotels will have stern looking guards around the elevator area but I havent heard of any issues with either of those hotels.

Someone in the same thread did write about the massage being really good though no extras were provided. I would try to avoid looking for extras in a hotel like the Oberoi.


08-02-04, 14:14

I was at the Grand for 5 weeks and had many massages and unfortunately "extras" are not on the menu. Believe me I tried very hard to make this happen as I was horny enough to fuck a camel after five weeks away from home. Also, they are VERY attentive at the front desk and would absolutely notice if you had "company" try to get past them (unless she were well dressed and looked the part). However, they lick so much ass that if you walked her yourself in they would just nod and let you pass for sure. Good luck man!

08-08-04, 00:34
More questions:

Is there such an animal as an hourly rate motel in Delhi?

Also, I was told to start taking anti-malarials before arriving. Which one is most effective?

And finally, how much should I budget per encounter if I'm not looking for longtime and just want an average looking girl?

Portman in motion

Delhi Expat
08-08-04, 07:50

I've never seen an hourly hotel in Delhi. There might be some but not sure you would want to go to them anyway. I can't imagine an hourly hotel in Delhi would be hygenic.

When I've taken malaria medicine in the past I took meflaquine. I didn't get malaria but I didn't like taking the drug. Meflaquine is a weekly pill and I always felt sick for 2-3 days after taking it. I've been coming to Delhi during the summer/fall months for the past 4 years and do not usually take malaria medicine. I always just wear long pants and sleeves and when mosquitos are particularly bad I'll put some deet on my hands and face. I've never caught malaria (touch wood) and think the risk of getting it is overblown.

As for the rates, I usually pay about Rs 4000, sometimes less for an all night engagement. So I'm guessing short term should be about half of that. I really depends though. Once they hear you speaking English the rate doubles and they don't come down very often. I was finally able to overcome this by having one of my colleagues at work do the bargaining. Once the deal was made I came in and took his place. The pimp was pissed, but what's he going to do?

Don't know how long you will be here but another good tactic I've found is to use the resources at some of the other online sites. You will pay exhorbirant rates the first time but after the first meeting you can usually get the girls phone number and cut the pimp out of the picture. That usually drops the price in half in my experience.

As mentioned in this forum earlier, if you will be in India for an extended time the friendship clubs really do work well. I sometimes have a hard time finding people that speak English through them but persistence will pay off for you.

The best advice I have for you is to always remember that India is all about the money. You will have it and everyone else will want it. You have a lot of power you just have to be willing to use it. They will try to overcharge you because you're a foreigner but just keep thinking with the big head and you'll do all right.

Delhi Expat

India Guy
08-08-04, 19:26
hi guys,

i need some serious help. i am going to india after 7 years and will be staying at jaypee vasant continental for 3 days in december. i am going alone (without my family) and that is almost once in a lifetime chance to have some adult fun. i am indian but never actually lived in delhi.

how do i go about arranging a good experience? i would have thought there is plenty of action in delhi but reading the posts it does not appear encouraging. this is my first time in such venture and so i do not want a bad experience for a starter. i am ready to spend a decent sum of money if it is worthwhile. can anyone recommend a tried and tested contact for a first timer?

i have never heard of jaypee vasant continental but that is the only 5 star hotel which had availability when i booked. any thoughts on girl friendliness of this hotel?

i am looking for indian girls only, if possible. i heard quite a few girls in the business are actually not indian.

also, my being indian as opposed to white, is it an advantage or disadvantage?

lots of questions, i'd appreciate any help.

india guy

Your Guest
08-09-04, 20:10
Hi India Guy,

Being an Indian would certainly be an advantage.


08-11-04, 03:35
Are there any strip joints, or an Indian equivalent of one?


08-13-04, 05:15
I did the inevitable and hit G.B. Road yesterday. It is now called Shradanand Road. It starts at Ajmeri Gate, which is near the railway station and proceeds in a straight line.

It is a red-light district but there are no red lights. On one side of the street, there are haphazardly built up structures. To get to the brothers, you walk up steep flights of stairs that are crusted with filth and whose walls are lined with red-colored tobacco spit.

You then come into a brightly lit room that contains maybe 5 to 15 hookers.

I was a little taken aback by the situation. This one girl motioned me over, I went over and talked to her. She was not one of the beauties but I didn't know what else to do.

No preliminaries. She said let's go in. I asked her if she will take in the mouth. She said sure. I wanted to make sure so I asked her again. She said anything, everything. She wanted to close the deal. I think that she was afraid I would pick someone else.

She said I think 130 or so, I forget exactly. We went into this little booth, she locked the door, and started bugging me for money. After some begging and back and forth, during which I pulled off her T-Shirt, I gave her another 100 followed by another 100. I think I could have done with less but oh well.

I pulled my pants down and told her to start sucking. She gave a perfunctory blowjob, punctuated by spitting it out like she was eating rotten berries. She tried to wipe my penis down with the filthiest rag I have ever seen, and I had to stop her from doing that. After a bit of sucking, she said, OK, you will put condom on? motioning that sucking was over. I should have asked her out of curiousity whether she would do it without a condom, but I just put it on(she was going to be quite rough with it) and climbed on top. Pumped around a bit and finished the deed.

When I was done, I put my clothes on in a hurry and left. It is important to leave ASAP I thought so that she does not bug you for more money. On my way out I passed a group of children playing not 5 feet from where I just did it. The children of the hookers, I presumed. No one batted an eyelid.

And there's G.B. Road for you.

Deal Hunter
08-17-04, 06:43
I will be visiting Delhi next week. I would like to get some GFE with college girls/models and would like any tips from fellow netters.

I am wondering if you guys can pm with any contact info, and in particular what to watch out for.



Deal Hunter
08-18-04, 06:17
I am going to be visiting Delhi next week. I would like to have GFE with models or college girls and would like to hear about things to watch out for, and contacts, if any.


Delhi bound

Ben Focker
08-20-04, 03:37
Stay away from GB road. Many hookers have AIDS.

India Guy
08-21-04, 05:42
Any experiences with Nikki Vohra in Delhi?

08-22-04, 18:24

My hat's off for you for going to GB Road. You really have the balls. Me, I wouldn't go into a joint like that, it's too filthy. But then again, one must experience everything once.

BTW, many years ago, went to a village near Agra. The whole village/town is in the pro business. Family affair you might say. I am wondering if anyone has info on it.

Delhicous Guy
08-24-04, 10:23
Hello Fellow Mongers,

Well it has taken me all of a month to be upgraded to a regular membership. Thanks Jackson. I have been reading reports of fellow enthusiasts, and have been eager to pen my thoughts and experiences as well. So here I am.

Well, Delhi is a fickle city. By fickle, I mean some nights can be the most "wet" and some totally "dry". I have on umpteen occasions been able to pick up women (at no monetary cost, just unending rounds of free bozze for her) at trendy bars all over town - you just need to have a discerning eye for it; at the same time, I have come back home on a saturday night with nothing more than gallons of beer in my guts.

My advice to fellow mongers:

a) Do not pretend to be a monger - but be deft with eye contact at a bar
b) Always be alone , do not tag along a gang of friends with you
c) Look around, do not stare, and generally "fit" into the crowd.
d) Do not go to the "most" popular bar in town, but hang around a place that "was" hot a while ago but is still doing well, but not considered top-notch by the delhi p3p. Top notch p3p places usually do not have available stuff.
e) More often than not (I would say 3 times out of 5) you would have a "hot" noodle-strappy babe perch herself next to you at the bar, waiting for you to strike a conversation. You just have to make the right eye contact, gauge (go with your gut feel) and be a good coversationalist. From then on, the sky is the limit to where one can go. These women are out for a good time, they do not expect cash in return.

In my next post, I shall update you on "hot" places that you could hit on your night out. By the way, my modus operandi works only on Saturdays - do not waste your time on weekdays, you would simply end up spending a fortune on drinks at these bars.

Delhicous Guy
08-24-04, 10:28
Hey, has anyone heard or experienced The Chandni Bar at Hotel Gold Regency in Paharganj (near the new delhi railway station) ?

I believe it is a Bombay-style Dance Bar.

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has been there and if it is worth the effort ?


Delhicous Guy

08-25-04, 09:10
On Monday I had gone to the Maurya Sheraton for a family function. I was bored in the hall so I ventured out into the lobby area for a break and was just wandering around when I spot these 2 girls, one Indian and one seemed CIS. Now the Indian one was acting nonchalant but the CIS girl gave me the look and a smile as they walked past me. They were clearly working girls I am pretty certain.
They were headed towards the elevators, that too of the towers section which is more for business people. The point to be noted was that they walked right in front of the gigantic security guard there and he paid no attention. That leads me to believe that that hotel is guest friendly if the time of entry is earthly.

Now which one of you was partying in the Sheraton on monday ? hehe


08-25-04, 09:30
Hello Aqua,

Indeed if the girls are high quality the security will not have the guts to question them no mater at what hour they take the elevator. I have noticed many times during my stays in Sheraton that late night very attractive gals are going up the elevator and the security guy actually opens the door of elevator for them thinking that they might be hotel guest, more so if they are white.

So at the end it al boils down to how the working girl looks or how she dresses up.

By the way I was not the one partying on Monday :)


08-25-04, 19:09
What items am I allowed to carry for personal protection? (I'm not talking about condoms) Is pepper spray legal? Knives?


08-30-04, 11:28
Portman, Pepper Spray will not cause problems but Knife might land you in Jail. However may I ask, why do you need items for personal protection? Just stay near the city, away from lonely places, be careful of VERY FRIENDLY strangers and you will be allright.

After all Delhi is not that bad.


08-30-04, 11:35
Portman, BodyRock is right in saying. Delhi is not at all a bad place to stay. Its as safe as any other city or country. But you need to take some precautions as rightly said by brother.

Well the best place to stay would be in the South of Delhi (mean to say Hyatt, Oberoi's, or even at Radisson near to Airport). This is a full stretch of ring road, defence colony, south extension, lajpat nagar...

Moreover, one can find good gals in south extension, lajpat nagar.



08-30-04, 17:48
I never thought I would be writing about India, which is about the least favorite country in which I have ever spent a long period of time. I did however, have reasonably good, if intermittent, luck with one or two of the escort services. I found the prices highly negotiable, and I also discovered that if I arranged for the manager to bring over two or three girls, one of them would appeal to me. A couple were actually fun to be with.

The best experience I had in Delhi was with some of the African students going to university there. I would merely wait to see a young African woman in one of the street markets, and would ask here where she and her fellow students hung out on week ends. Once I got into these places, I never had a problem, and it was relatively easy to create a network of people.

I really do not like the place at all, but the two alternatives described above did make it livable for me.

08-31-04, 10:48
GoodEnough, if you come to India with a picture in mind of Thailand or for that matter German FKK / Red Light District of Amsterdam then sure you would be disappointed. It is different and needs to be seen with a different eye.

You didn't like the place, if you meant in terms of mongering it is understandable. Delhi might not be the best but also not the worst.

Your experience with the escort service and the African students could be of help to other mongers, so how about posting some details because the your post doesn't give a clue about where to find them.


08-31-04, 15:02
Maybe an Indian FAQ would help clear misconceptions about India.

08-31-04, 19:04

I would appreciate any info on Chandigarh, particularly for outcall activity.

09-01-04, 19:05

Any info on Chandigarh would be appreciated. I am looking for outcall or massage parlor type places as I cannot bring someone in place.

Thank you.

Yeah Baby
09-02-04, 13:24
Delhi Guy,

Good advice. I'll be looking forward to your report pertaining to the bars to visit. I have been staying at the Sheraton the past 7 weeks with my girlfriend, that came for a visit, and I have to admit that I haven't seen anything that looks like a pro in the lobby. However, there is a disco in the hotel that is popular with the well- to do crowd in India, mostly kids of wealthy families. Its worth a trip and you will see some very nice looking girls, although not pros. I have been told that the discos in gurgoan area, near Delhi has more potential to pick up non-pros. Anyway, the girlfriend has gone back home and I'm ready to shag some new babe real soon, pro or non-pro. It's all good.

Yeah Baby

09-02-04, 19:26

Any info on Chandigarh would be greatly appreciated.

09-03-04, 07:39
Its time for a boys night again and I am getting together with some of my friends tomorrow night. Will update here as to what or who we did :) .
- Aqua.

09-03-04, 09:24
Aqua, good luck mate. We do look forward to some spicy post from you now :D

Have a good time.


09-04-04, 09:38
Body Rocker:

It was not just the mongering experience that i didn't like, it was the whole place: it's attitude toward sex, toward women, toward "others" outside of a given caste, and toward the entire general world view that I found there. However, I spent most of my time in Jaipur, Rajasthan, which is admittedly one of the most conservative places in India, so my perceptions may be highly skewed.

The "African venue" changes, I'm told, rather frequently. This is why I suggested just approaching any random African student on the streets, in the street stalls, in the market, or wherever, and asking about the latest hot gathering spot. Africans, at least the ones I met, feel that the Indians are highly prejudiced toward them, and they do not feel comfortable congregating in spots popular with Indian kids. Therefore, they tend to seek their own, lesser-known places. I've spent several years in various African countries, and I really like most of the people, and I therefore found the whole thing pretty easy. I'm sure others will too.

I do not remember the names of the escort services. I merely called a couple that I found in the small "Delhi" magazine that comes out every month, or perhaps even every week. I negotiated over the phone with the guys who answered, and never had a problem. Typically, some guy would ask me to meet him in the parking lot outside the hotel. He would have 2-3 women with him. I would make my selection, pay him, and leave with the girl. I never had a problem and I never felt threatened.

Of course, this all happened more than a year ago, and things may have changed, but I doubt it.


09-04-04, 12:40

Sorry to hear that it was not only the mongering scene that you didn't like in India and there were other issues as well. By the way Jaipur is not "One of the Most" Conservative place, because Jaipur is still a bigger town and many more small towns have a more conservative approach.

As an Indian it is disappointing to hear someone having a disliking for my country, but then I am not going to debate this issue here because this forum is meant for mongering and travel related assistance we must keep it that way.

Regarding the Africans feeling prejudiced toward them, This was true some years back. However I believe it has changed / changing fast and the young generation is friendly towards them which can be seen in the Universities and Colleges. I have seen large groups of Indian and African students mixing together and having party/ fun. I am sure over a period of time this apprehension from the minds of African students will fade away.

Regarding escort from magazine "Delhi Fortnight" , I tried some time back and they insisted on sending a guy for massage and assured me of full co-operation from him with a very special service, I told them sorry I am not the game.

Since then I have been using TOI / HT. May be it's time to give another try to the escort services from Delhi Fortnight Magazine. I am sure other Delhi mongers would know more on this.



09-04-04, 18:01

I'm not sure what the magazine was called. It's a small publication given out gratis by the hotels, and every issue had five or six ads for a service. In fact, I once got so desparate in Jaipur that I phoned one of the guys with whom I had done some business in Delhi a couple of weeks before and had him bring a girl for me from Delhi. The best one I ever had was a 22 year old university student. I should have written down her name and cell phone number. I would have shared it happily.

About not liking your country. There are also alot of things I do not like about my own, so maybe it me and not the country at all.


09-05-04, 08:00
GoodEnough, your post made me feel better :)

Aqua, waiting for your update, seems you are still under hangover from your "Boys Night" out , or else your post would have been here :)

Strong Bull
09-05-04, 14:39
I have been following the Bombay discussion forum and find that there could be much more info forthcoming. I have been mongering for many years and was last there about 8 months ago.

In South Bombay I would recommend Voodoo in Colaba near Radio Club. Most girls are above 6, are amneable to most stuff including CBJ. The place opens at about 2100hrs but the crowd builds up around 2230 hrs. 0030 is the official closing time. Best days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Entrance is Rs. 200/- (1 US $ = Rs 46/-). Most girls understand English. I have gone with Tina, good looking, big though a little floppy tits, Big arse, CBJ and FS, Rs. 3000/- for full night. Move in on her around closing time. Dont get her drunk. There use to be Anne, who in her thirties was the best. a complete GFE. She carries herself very well and one could easily take her to parties, social functions. Your mother would approve her propah conduct. I did not see her there when I was there last. Carry your own Condoms. Indian can be small and can be a pain when you slip them on.

A small peg of whisky is about Rs. 150/-. A pint of beer is Rs. 100/-. Following local Poison is passable to good.
Whisky- Royal Challange, Blenders Pride, Peter Scot
Rum- Old Monk, Herculease, Macdowlads
Gin- Blue Riband
Beer(Light) -King Fisher, Londen Pilsener, Golden Eagle
Beer (Strong)- Royal Challange, Haywards. (You could get Beer with 12% alchohol content.

You could take the girls to your place if it is girl friendly alternately there are hotel by the hour around the place. Rooms are rudimentryAC and no WC, only a wash place. Overnight could put you down by about Rs. 800/-.

Other place where you could chat up a women is Leopold Cafe. The cafe serves good continental food, beer at areasonable price and is patronised by tourist and locals. Angle for CIS, Ethopian or Sudanese women. Donot make outright proposition. It pays to spend some minutes to chat them up. Even a P likes to believe that she is a good women. Ha.

It is election time in Bombay till mid Oct and the cops will be making the rounds of the P joints so take care.

I will be in Bombay Mid / End Oct and will post more.


Strong Bull
09-08-04, 04:37
Regret the report below of 05 Sep has erroneously been posted in Delhi section instead of Bombay.

India Guy
09-09-04, 19:08
hello aqua and bodyrocker,

i posted a little while ago about advice for first timer for mongering. perhaps it was not read. i am going to delhi in december and staying at a hotel called jaypee vasant continental. i am looking for some tried and tested sources for girls. since this is my first time, i do not want to take a chance and get a bad experience. by the way, i am indian if that will make a difference in choosing escort sources/price.


09-10-04, 12:01
BodyRocker : I will write in detail about the night later :), it was spicy alright, just caught with work right now.

India Guy: Your post would certainly have been read, its just that December is such a long time away it was probably not a life and sex situation :). Firstly there is no such sure shot number with anyone, I bet. The numbers change very frequently and as such you will have try afresh when you arrive. Why dont you contact me when you are here and then we will see what we can do. Oh and you should know there is always a chance the experience can be REALLY bad, possible fatal.


09-10-04, 12:04
indian guy, pick up the toi or ht and in the classified section under fitness look for "massage". you can order for room service and take your chances regarding the quality. it is hit or miss but still the quickest and the easiest and also probably the safest way.

regarding jaypee, i have no clue if they are girl friendly, may be other punters who have stayed there can guide you.

09-10-04, 12:20
Aqua, we wait anxiously :)

Indian Guy, it is indeed a good idea if you get in touch with Aqua when you are in Delhi, he knows the right places and people.


India Guy
09-11-04, 03:19
Thanks guys,

I will certainly contact Aqua when I am in Delhi. Aqua, what is the best way to get in touch?

Lakers Rule
09-13-04, 08:07

I will be in New Delhi later this month (24-25) and will be staying at the Maurya Sheraton. Any info on where to get Indian providers will be appreciated. Please PM me if you have info. Will post my experience after.

09-17-04, 02:31
Well, I got my passport. I sent it off for the visa and I have my money for the trip. I should be in Delhi by the 11th. I need a good deal on an airline ticket from Chicago. Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance,

Portman approaching launch pad.

Yeah Baby
09-17-04, 16:52
Hi Guys,

I'll be arriving back to Delhi this Monday. I'm staying at the Trident but suggest that we all meet for drinks at the Sheraton on Saturday before heading out for some fun. Hopefully, Aqua can point us in the right direction. Look forward to meeting up with some fellow hobbiest.

Let have some fun,
Yeah Baby

09-20-04, 10:57
Hey all,
I do have a pending report from a guys night a couple of weeks back, well here it is :
It all started with me getting together with some of my friends, at a bar. This is the usual bar we frequent, since its part of a community club its quiet, not to mention, cheap :). After drinking for a few hours and catching up with each others lives, we headed off to our favourite dance bar El Dorado. I have mentioned this before, its located in a shady hotel called Rajdoot. We enjoyed some dances and drank some more and then left for RPM. Unfortunately the club was closed for entry and despite our pleas , we were not let it. It was pretty late by now, past 1 I think so we didnt have many choices on hand. One of the guys in the group got a call from another friend who suggested we go to TFC (The Final Countdown) at Saket. We reached there around 2 am and entry was no problem even though we were all guys. Inside the place was packed with people, hardly any place to move. The girls were mainly from the northeast of India. Now for the uninitiated, the northeast shares its borders with China and Burma, so the people from there look asian too.

(As a side note, India is extremely diverse and if you travel within India, you will find people that not only look very different but also have different clothing, food, languages. Basically its a completely different culture in the states of India.)

Now the northeast girls are easier to pick up, mainly because of their open minds. Another advantage of this open mind is that they give the best blow jobs in India. I mean they actually want to do it, not force themselves to do it. Also they speak good english and dress much smarter than the girls from other states. A bit of looking around and some conversation got us hooked up with 2 girls. They were pretty cute though very sweaty from all the dancing that was going on. We bought them drinks and got talking, slowing drifting towards the topic of sex, they were in. One of the guys had access to an empty apartment nearby and we decided to head off there. I sat in the back seat of one of the cars and one of the girls was sitting with me, the other went in the other car. I started making out with her and very soon it got pretty heavy with hands getting under the clothing. She pulled out the little guy and after stroking it a bit, went down. She started giving me an amazing BBBJ while we were driving, my 2 friends in front looked very amused. I slowed her down and she asked me for a condom, after she put that on she continued and very shortly it was all over :). At the apartment I didnt stick around, I left soon but the next day I found out that those guys ended up having an orgy.

So all in all it was a great outing.


Yeah Baby
09-22-04, 09:29

I loved that shagging story. Would love to hang out with you and your friends this weekend. Let me know where we can meet and, of course, the first round is on me. I'll even throw in a new condom for your troubles.

Hope to hear from you,
Yeah Baby

09-22-04, 09:45
Aqua, free BJ at the back seat of the car.... what else you can ask for? You are a lucky guy :)

09-22-04, 10:39
Hey all,
Yeah Baby, your offer sounds great but I wont be in town this weekend. How long are you in Delhi ? Mebbe we ca meet next week.

Well last Saturday I got together with some of the guys again :). After a few drinks at a guys house, we went to Lizard Lounge in South Extension. This is a newish bar and we had heard 'good' things about it. We reached there around 10.30 pm and got in by paying Rs.500 each. This wasnt bad since these were claimable inside against food and drink. Inside it was a smallish place and seemed quite empty, we settled down to a table in the corner. On the next table there were 3 girls sitting, all from the northeast, again. Gradually the place started filling up and by 11.30 or so it was quite packed. The music was nothing spectacular though the food was good and we had a few drinks here too. The table with the northeastern girs was overflowing by now and there seemed to be around 10-12 girls crowding around. I would rate them between 5-8 on a 10 point scale. Other than these girls, the others around had come with someone. We started chatting with 2 of these girsl who sat down at our table as there was no space at theirs. They were all from Nagaland and had come together. We bought them some beers and talked some more. Soon they got comfortable and my friend was able to put his arm around on of them and get really cosy.They said they would be going to another club shortly as the lizard lounge was going to close early that day (1 am) . So once that place closed we went to meet the girls at the other place, in Gurgaon.

The club is called Buddha Lounge and is located in the Metropolitan Mall in Gurgaon. Those of you who dont know, Gurgaon is a satellite town to Delhi and is getting very hip and trendy. It does seem far to travel from Delhi, takes about 45-60 minutes one way. Well incidently that club is owned by an old friend and we had no trouble getting in, though there were people waiting outside. Once we got in we were able to find the girls quickly and we started chatting/drinking again. I was talking to this cute woman who seemed to be getting closer and closer and pretty soon she was dancing rather grinding her ass into me. Another friend of mine was able to talk one of them into going to his place some time, the girl was ready that time but he wasnt. I was kinda making out with the griding chick and she was ready to head out too. Unfortunately i needed to get back home and all we did was get some phone numbers, said goodbye and left.

It would seem that these girls can be had without money. I think buying them booze and having a good time with them at the club is pretty much all you need. These girls are out for a good time and they have it too. However this cannot be confirmed untill one of us gets some :). That will be another report, till then .....


Yeah Baby
09-23-04, 08:05
Hi Agua,

Good stories. I'm here for a long time, so please contact me when you get back into town. Currently, staying in the Trident and will check some places out in Gorgoan this weekend. Look forward to reporting some shagging or at least some back sit head.

Yeah Baby

09-24-04, 10:41
I'm a long time lurker, and a first time poster here at WSG. So here goes:

I have a little experience with the high-end call girls in Delhi, but more with SW in and around South Delhi. Seeing that there's almost nothing here about that segment of the market, I thought I'd start by sharing those experiences.

SWs tend to hang out at bus-stops. Keep an eye out for a female that makes eye contact with you as you're driving by - just pull over and stop and if she is a SW she'll saunter up and probably ask you for a lift.

Decide if you like her and negotiate once she gets in the car.

Demanded rates tend to be the same for FS or a BJ, ranging from Rs.200 to Rs.2000. I've never had FS from a SW. I've paid between Rs.200 and Rs.800 for blowjobs, with Rs.500 being the norm for a girl rated 6-7.

Different girls have different preferences - some will be happy to blow you in a moving car, others prefer you to stop somewhere unobtrusive. Some will insist on a hotel/room for FS some will be happy to do it in the car - I have no clue how they manage that and would be shit scared to do it, personally!

A note: Be careful about groups of girls. They'll likely insist on getting into the car together. Be firm about letting only one in and you'll be fine. Once they see that you won't let more than one in, they'll probably try to get some money upfront that will be left behind with one of the girls not in the car. Don't ever pay upfront. Personally, I just avoid the groups - there are a lot of girls, some actually fairly decent - you don't need to even try to deal with the rip-offs.

The quality of girls range from a skanky 1 to a fairly decent 7 with the average, to be honest, at a disagreeable 4. I've had a couple of (very) surprising 8s and 9s though that seemed to just be having bad luck in their usual haunts and were looking for a quick buck to tide them over a bad patch. So drive around a little. There will be days (I speak from bitter experience!) when you spend an hour or two cruising the streets and all you see is the skanks - I wind up going home and jerking off on those days!

Most of the inner Ring Road (from Ashram to Dhaula Kuan) and its offshoots are frequented by SW - more or less throughout the day.

The stretch between Ashram and Moolchand tends to be frequented by the rip-off groups - I usually don't bother driving in that section. There are exceptions though - on occassion I've picked up a couple of really nice girls in that area.

The South Extension stretch of the Ring Road (RR) has become quite congested of late which isn't really good for business because there are just so -many- women around there that you can't easily tell who the pros are. You can't slow down much either because of traffic. I usually skip that section (though I do slow down around the bus-stop outside Princess Garden which often has a girl or two hanging out) and move on to the stretch between AIIMS and Hyatt.

The Hotel Security at Hyatt tries to disuade people from stopping at the bus-stop just outside the hotel, so you need to be a little discreet, but the very occassional 8 and 9 I've found has been from this point.

Near South Campus (explore the offshoot roads that run from inner RR to outer RR and inner RR past Jesus and Mary College) you'll often find SWs (rated at about 6 or 7) plying their trade but be careful because you don't want to accidentally try to pick up a college girl. Well you probably WANT to, but that could get you in trouble!

The best stretch, and the one I spend 90% of my time on is the offshoot road from the Moolchand Flyover to the Defense Colony Flyover. Both sides of the road have SWs waiting for customers, and this is where I've found the best girls.

There's a fair bit of competition between the girls so it's pointless asking for a particular girl, but here's who I keep an eye out for in this area:

Sonia - about 5'7", dark complexion, quick to smile, nice slim body usually wears Indian suits. My personal favourite. I give her Rs.300 for a dynamite BBBJ and cum in her mouth. She'll actually give you a GFE within the few minutes that she's in your car. Unfortunately last time she blew me she confided that she was going back to her village because her mom's found a husband for her. I haven't seen her since - I miss her but hope she's happy. I know she must be making her husband VERY happy!

Seema: My current favourite. 5'6", medium complexion, slim but with a very slight pot belly (you have to look for it to see it). She takes decent care of herself and is quite experimental in her dressing - ranges from trendy Indian clothing to skirts, trousers and everything in between. I pay her 500 for a BBBJ and she lets me cum in her mouth because I'm a regular. She carries a mobile and will give you the number if you seem like a nice guy that may become a regular. She has access to a couple of guest houses she uses for FS but I've never been because I like BJs and just have her blow me in the car. She'll give you a great blowjob - she puts her heart in it and will lick and suck you very creatively.

Meena: Meena works the 'late shift'. She's about 5'3", ties her hair back (always) and wears Indian suits. She usually shows up at around 8:30 or 9:00pm and leaves at 2:00am. I've always found her on the Lajpat Nagar side of the road. She's pleasant, clean and will give you a CBJ (and a good one at that) for Rs.200-300. She offers FS too, but I've never taken her up on it.

That's all for now folks!

Love The Ladies
09-25-04, 06:17
Auranzep and Aqua,

Great POST....

09-25-04, 13:07
Aurangzeb, man where have you been all this while? Nice and informative post. Your inputs will do good to this forum, so keep it coming :)


09-26-04, 11:20
Great report aurangzeb.just keep them coming ,(You too)
Enjoy and stay safe.

10-01-04, 17:08
Aqua and other regulars,

I will be in Delhi on a job assignment for a few days later this month. I am hoping to stay close to the airport.

Any suggestions regarding good hotels and escorts/services available in this area?

Thanks in advance.

10-05-04, 09:38
I am in transit and will be arriving in Delhi Thursday morning. If anyone has a good contact they could PM me to get this trip started on the right foot, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in Advance

Portman on Air India

10-08-04, 10:15
It's always important to know all sides of a situation, so before you guys all think the SW scene in Delhi is all fun, here's some perspective of a different nature (not bad, just different, just perspective):

I met up with a few friends for drinks last night and after we said goodnight (12:30ish) felt like cruising around to see if there was any late night action happening.

I had cash on me so figured I'd keep my eye out for even the rare 8 or 9 around the 5-stars. An hour of cruising between Hyatt and Maurya later I admitted to myself that this wasn't the night, and decided to lower my standards and hit the SWs around Moolchand - hoping that there were some still there at what was now almost 2am.

I think Meena had taken the night off because I didn't see her. There were several other SWs walking about but I didn't care for any of them. I was getting increasingly tired, bored and frustrated, so the next SW I saw, I stopped the car and waited for her to reach me.

When she did, I immediately realized that I didn't want her sitting in my car (rated 4 at best, quite tacky and wearing a gaudy and slightly dirty salwar kameez), but I -was- really horny, and wanted at the least some jack-off-material, so told her I'd give her Rs.50 if she showed me her tits. She said she'd suck me for Rs.300, but I told her I didn't want her to suck me, just to show me her tits.

I'd never done that before (must be at least partially the booze talking!) and was amazed when she pulled up her kameez -while standing on the fucking pavement outside my car- to reveal two B-cup boobies in their bare glory!!! I couldn't believe it.

Then I thought 'shit maybe she'll take this further' and offered her Rs.50 more to show me her pussy. She started muttering something and looked like she was getting pissed off (could have just been nervous about baring herself in public - even though it was the middle of the night and the road empty) when suddenly -and I felt my stomach turn and my heart skip a beat- this cop looms up out of the shadows and asks her what she thinks she's doing (Hindi: 'Abey saali, kya kar rahi hai?').

I shat bricks, put the car in gear and drove away. I'd been parked next to a street light so I could see them in the rear view mirror and clearly he didn't give a shit about me (-sigh of relief-). He'd grabbed her arm and seemed to be whispering something in her ear. The impression I got was he wanted some service from her!

Anyway, I'd got my JOM (jack-off-material) so decided to go home. To do this I had to drive down the the Oberoi Hotel and make a u-turn from there. So some 5 minutes later I crossed the place where all this had happened, and saw the same SW now on the other side of the street (and because I'd turned around, the same side as I was on)! Emboldened, I thought I'd push my luck again. I stopped, she came over and I made my offer again for her to show me her pussy.

I couldn't help laughing when she answered in gutteral Hindi "First give me Rs.200 for making me suck that policeman's cock" (Hindi: "Pehle mujhe do sau rupaye dijiye. Us kutte ne upna sucking karva liya!").

So an essentially uneventful night with a little excitement at the end of it!

10-08-04, 10:58
after my first post several people have pm'd me asking more-or-less the same questions, so i figure it makes sense to just post publically so everyone can benefit. i'm using the following pm as the base of my response:

hello aurangzeb,

i visit delhi frequently and would love to get the cell nos of the chicks that blow you

just one question,do you just drive around while they blow you or what. also how safe is it.

thanks in advance dude

happy mongering

well i just have one number. several people have asked me for it but seema doesn't like it given to people she hasn't met herself (i asked) - basically she likes to give it out personally and thereby decide who to give it to, and who not to give it to. if you know the delhi crowd, you'll understand why.

so, while i hesitate to give you the number, pm me when you're in delhi and i'll arrange for you to meet her - and the two of you can take it from there.

i should warn you though, that she isn't an ultra modern good looking, girl next door kinda chick. she's from the lower rungs of society, doesn't even speak english, but gives great bjs, dresses decently, is clean and basically a nice person.

it's safe enough - i've actually just posted something in the delhi forum that has a le twist to it. the cops know what's happening and where - for the most part they leave it alone. i've never been stopped or harassed (touch wood) thus far, and i've been in a couple of situations where i was sure i would be.

unless there's some anti prostitution drive going on and the senior cops are walking the streets to enforce it, the le lets you and the girls do their thing - if anything they seem more inclined to get their pound of flesh from the girls (payment in kind) rather than from you (in cash).

ymmv, but for the most part, anyone who lives in delhi knows that the delhi beat constable is happy to turn his eyes for a couple of hundred rupees.

if you're nervous about picking up sws, drive around for a few weeks just observing - you'll quickly see who/where the *****s are and who's scoping them. once you see how the system functions it is less intimidating - i speak from experience!

as far as where i get the bj's, that varies. for the most part i park the car somewhere unobtrusive/lonely/hidden (between two parked cars is good) and get my dick sucked there. i've also had it done while driving around (pays to have slightly tinted windows, even though i don't).

to be honest, i'd be happiest if i had a place/room i could use for mongering but i don't (and can't afford to rent one just for this purpose!) and while other people have good experiences, i hesitate to take a sw to a hotel room - you're kind of fucked if it gets raided. raids related to prostitution in hotels have been on the rise in delhi over the last year and that makes me a little cagey about that.

good luck!

10-10-04, 00:15
Been here a few days now. Man is it different thant the states. I'm glad I took your guy's advice about not renting a motorcycle. Its hard enough learning how to be a pedestrian here.

What I need is a guide I can rent for a day with transportation that'll show me the ropes. Nothing Fancy. I'd just like to meet a few girls for short time that I can use over the next few months during my stay. I'd appreciate any contacts you could provide.

I am also considerring using a contact club. Do these really work and what's the etiquette?

I wish there was a masssage parlor I could just walk into and get done.

Looking forward to your reports. I broght my camera in case I get lucky.

Portman in East Patel Nagar

10-12-04, 06:16
Last weekend was fun, visited some new clubs. Yeah Baby, too bad you couldnt make it, it was fun. Maybe you can join in next time, in the meantime getting any action here?
The new club we visited was Urban Nomads, oppsite the Park Royal hotel in Nehru Place. This place is small and crowded but is open till very late, we left from there at 3 am and that is late in the Delhi club scene. For anything later you should try Mojo in Gurgaon that goes on to 4-5 am.

Portman: Your best bet for a guide will be a taxi driver, but that would be completely your luck as to what kind of driver you get. I would suggest get one in the night, those guys are more in tune with night time activities and expect you to want something. I have tried contact clubs and met with some success, but they are time consuming and there is no assurance on what you will get. I would however suggest you try it and see if you get lucky. Send me you number by PM and we can chat about whats available.

Limer: Welcome to Delhi. Close to the airport there are 2 good hotels, the Radisson and the Trident. Your best bet would be to go to Gurgaon, hit the clubs and try and pick up women. If you want a sure shot deal then you should call one of the escort services that advertise openly in the newspapers.


Young Buck
10-12-04, 22:49
Hi All,

I wasnt successful with my first attempts but flashing my diplomatic card at them women is proving to be the easiest way to get them.

I'll post my experience A.S.A.P


10-13-04, 07:44
Aurangzeb, I couldn't stop laughing after reading your post where the Cop got the BJ on the house :) So did you pay 200 Bucks to the SW, poor woman got jacked because you were being adventurous enough to ask her to show her tits / pussy standing in the middle of the road .... this is really funny man :)


Chick Luver
10-16-04, 19:19
I am in Delhi for 2-3 days and staying in Taj. I have found 2-3 really nice girls but need change and enjoy the variety available. I have got the contact details of these girls. I would like to know more and in case anyone can help giving me some more details of gals who are available. I can share my information with them. Pls PM Me.

Chick Luver
10-17-04, 14:25
I recently learned that a few street beggers also engage in sex for money. I tried one whome I picked up from CP. She was young (18-19) and average (5.5) but she gave full BJ (cumming in mouth) and also agreed for anal sex (which I reserved for some other day), as I didn't have much time to spend with her.

10-19-04, 04:27
I recently learned that a few street beggers also engage in sex for money. I tried one whome I picked up from CP. She was young (18-19) and average (5.5) but she gave full BJ (cumming in mouth) and also agreed for anal sex (which I reserved for some other day), as I didn't have much time to spend with her.

Be careful dealing with street beggers. AIDS

10-19-04, 10:05

Exchange contacts ? You mean to say you will provide us with the contact details of begger girl :P . I don't think there will be many takers to your offer mate.

By the way where did you take her? I cannot imagine you taking the begger girl to Taj where you were staying.

Chick Luver
10-22-04, 08:36
Hi Bodyrocker,

Please use your common sense. How can I take begger to Taj. I enjoyed her in the car. Moreover, I have not offered any contact details in my posting. This is just for information of other forum members.

Ben Focker
10-23-04, 06:10
In India? All I can say is EWWWW.

Cool Sinbad
10-27-04, 18:47
In India? All I can say is EWWWW.

I second the thought. Man o man. A beggar in a car, while staying at the Taj?

Beside AIDS, the smell, the flies flying around and the fleas everywhere, what were you thinking of, man?

My unsolicited advice Bodyrocker, is to keep it tight and things in perspective. I'm sure you wanna "rock" for ever, but don't take chances with odds completely against you.

Cool Sinbad

10-30-04, 10:09
I second the thought. Man o man. A beggar in a car, while staying at the Taj?

Beside AIDS, the smell, the flies flying around and the fleas everywhere, what were you thinking of, man?

My unsolicited advice Bodyrocker, is to keep it tight and things in perspective. I'm sure you wanna "rock" for ever, but don't take chances with odds completely against you.

Cool Sinbad

Eeekkk, Cool Sinbad please read the postings carefuly. I was not the one who had the begger, no way mate, never ever I could do that no matter how horny I was. It was our friend Chick Luver who did that and I was myself surprised by the act and showed my reactions in my posts.

10-30-04, 12:39
Is there a parlor around West or central delhi where I can just get a shake? I've given up on the logistics of trying to find a reputable escort and a girl friendly hotel. I just want a handjob. Then I can call India home. PM me with details if you have them.

Member #2673
10-31-04, 08:36
Love your experience - must try it sometime.

Delhi used to have nude dancing bars / strip clubs (Rajendra Place, CP) - are there any still around?

Are there any massage parlours by ladies?

Where do I get a good fuck (for around Rs.2000)?

It's always important to know all sides of a situation, so before you guys all think the SW scene in Delhi is all fun, here's some perspective of a different nature (not bad, just different, just perspective):

I met up with a few friends for drinks last night and after we said goodnight (12:30ish) felt like cruising around to see if there was any late night action happening.

I had cash on me so figured I'd keep my eye out for even the rare 8 or 9 around the 5-stars. An hour of cruising between Hyatt and Maurya later I admitted to myself that this wasn't the night, and decided to lower my standards and hit the SWs around Moolchand - hoping that there were some still there at what was now almost 2am.

I think Meena had taken the night off because I didn't see her. There were several other SWs walking about but I didn't care for any of them. I was getting increasingly tired, bored and frustrated, so the next SW I saw, I stopped the car and waited for her to reach me.

When she did, I immediately realized that I didn't want her sitting in my car (rated 4 at best, quite tacky and wearing a gaudy and slightly dirty salwar kameez), but I -was- really horny, and wanted at the least some jack-off-material, so told her I'd give her Rs.50 if she showed me her tits. She said she'd suck me for Rs.300, but I told her I didn't want her to suck me, just to show me her tits.

I'd never done that before (must be at least partially the booze talking!) and was amazed when she pulled up her kameez -while standing on the fucking pavement outside my car- to reveal two B-cup boobies in their bare glory!!! I couldn't believe it.

Then I thought 'shit maybe she'll take this further' and offered her Rs.50 more to show me her pussy. She started muttering something and looked like she was getting pissed off (could have just been nervous about baring herself in public - even though it was the middle of the night and the road empty) when suddenly -and I felt my stomach turn and my heart skip a beat- this cop looms up out of the shadows and asks her what she thinks she's doing (Hindi: 'Abey saali, kya kar rahi hai?').

I shat bricks, put the car in gear and drove away. I'd been parked next to a street light so I could see them in the rear view mirror and clearly he didn't give a shit about me (-sigh of relief-). He'd grabbed her arm and seemed to be whispering something in her ear. The impression I got was he wanted some service from her!

Anyway, I'd got my JOM (jack-off-material) so decided to go home. To do this I had to drive down the the Oberoi Hotel and make a u-turn from there. So some 5 minutes later I crossed the place where all this had happened, and saw the same SW now on the other side of the street (and because I'd turned around, the same side as I was on)! Emboldened, I thought I'd push my luck again. I stopped, she came over and I made my offer again for her to show me her pussy.

I couldn't help laughing when she answered in gutteral Hindi "First give me Rs.200 for making me suck that policeman's cock" (Hindi: "Pehle mujhe do sau rupaye dijiye. Us kutte ne upna sucking karva liya!").

So an essentially uneventful night with a little excitement at the end of it!

11-02-04, 09:24
Hi Guys,

I might have to make a short trip to Delhi in a few days. Anything happening there or do I have to go around to the pubs and look around? Any good CIS talent available? Would apreciate some information. So far what I have read on the delhi thread it seems that we need to have contacts to get some action or look for beggars (egad!!!!!). Perish forbid that thought. Beggars!!!. Not my cup of tea.

Any semi-pro action available? Would appreciate some pointers mates. Will reciprocate if anyone ever visits Dubai. I have a few contacts in Dubai and would be happy to share with anyone who points me in the right direction in Delhi. Alos if any of our friends have a little time would love to hook up for a drink or two.



11-03-04, 08:56
I might have to make a short trip to Delhi in a few days. Anything happening there or do I have to go around to the pubs and look around? Any good CIS talent available? Would apreciate some information. So far what I have read on the delhi thread it seems that we need to have contacts to get some action or look for beggars (egad!!!!!). Perish forbid that thought. Beggars!!!. Not my cup of tea.

Any semi-pro action available? Would appreciate some pointers mates. Will reciprocate if anyone ever visits Dubai. I have a few contacts in Dubai and would be happy to share with anyone who points me in the right direction in Delhi. Alos if any of our friends have a little time would love to hook up for a drink or two.

Well look who is coming to our part of the world, the king of Dubao himself. Hey JSF , welcome to Delhi, I actually visit the Dubai forum daily and I am looking forward to a visit there, whenever that is.

Lets see what we can do for you, when is the likelyhood of your visit ? I have to go to the US for 2 weeks starting Monday and it would be a shame if I wasnt able to meet you.

Would certainly like to catch up for a drink or two.


11-03-04, 09:15

It is great to see you around here in Delhi forum. Friends JSF ( his more popular name ) is a legend of Dubai forum and his posts have done lot of good to mongers like us.

JSF you rightly guessed, lot can be done in Delhi if one has contacts. I will send you a PM with what I know and will also call you and see if our dates of visiting Delhi are similar so we can hook up. Will get in touch with Aqua of this forum and see if he can hook up with you, I believe he knows the way in Delhi.


11-03-04, 09:27
Aqua, you have a long life. I saw the post of JSF and decided to reply and I mentioned you in my post and when I was back I already saw your reply before me. You rightly pointed out King of Dubai forum is visiting our part of the world, so we gotta do something for him :)


11-04-04, 08:45
Well look who is coming to our part of the world, the king of Dubao himself. Hey JSF , welcome to Delhi, I actually visit the Dubai forum daily and I am looking forward to a visit there, whenever that is.

Lets see what we can do for you, when is the likelyhood of your visit ? I have to go to the US for 2 weeks starting Monday and it would be a shame if I wasnt able to meet you.

Would certainly like to catch up for a drink or two.

Aqua.Thanks mate. It will be my pleasure to hook up with you and the other fellow members of the forum. I have been an avid reader of your posts and those of the BodyRockerForu for quite sometime. Superman from the dubai forum told me that you are a hell of a guy. Will look forward to seeing you if our dates match.

My coming to Delhi is not a given, yet. I might have to go. There is a possibility that I might have to make that trip sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. But if things work out from this end I might not go at all. It is all up in the air at the moment. With the demise of the Ruler of UAE everything here is shut down for at least a couple of weeks. Wont know the status of my visit until everything opens up.

Bodyrockerforu: It was a pleasure talking to you on the phone yesterday. I wish we had got together the last time you were here in Dubai. But I understand your position. You were here for less than a day and had very little free time from your meetings etc. Well maybe the next time.

Sunny Boy./ Chick Luver: Thanks for the pm.


Chick Luver
11-04-04, 09:38
Hi Friends,

I am out of Delhi and would be reaching soon. I have received a great news that one Model is available in one of the Five Star Hotels in New Delhi at a 20K with Room facility, incall service. I don't know whether this is fraud of a genuine. Has any of you guys have any info on that. I want to try her.

11-12-04, 09:29
I've been here a month now and have recently moved out of the hotel provided for me by my company, into a 5 star hotel. The logistics of getting someone to come to your room are easier now. I used one of the services in the Hindustani times and paid an arm and a leg for an average looking girl. If anyone has any decent contacts I'd appreciate a PM.

Thanks in Advance,


In a *****

Cool Sinbad
11-16-04, 15:12
Sorry for the misunderstanding bodyrocker. Simply got carried away, when I read that horrible stuff. Chick luver is in some deep stuff over at the Dubai forum also.

Well, all I can say is to each his own.

Cool Sinbad

11-16-04, 16:39
Love your experience - must try it sometime.

Delhi used to have nude dancing bars / strip clubs (Rajendra Place, CP) - are there any still around?

Are there any massage parlours by ladies?

Where do I get a good fuck (for around Rs.2000)?Hey man - sorry about the delay in replying to your query. I've been in and out of town on work - Diwali season is a busy time of the year for me.

Nude bars and strip clubs:

The one at South Ex (Safina Disco) closed many years ago.

There was one functioning at Minto Bridge (CP) until at least a year ago (I forget the name), but I don't know anyone who has a recent experience to confirm that. The building still exists, I pass it every time I go to ND Railway Station, and there are cars parked outside, so there's -something- still there, but I have no idea whether that includes naked women dancing. I'd been there a couple of times (when I was a fair bit younger) and to be honest, wasn't particularly impressed. I found it tacky, dilapidated and not particularly stimulating. YMMV.

Massage parlours:

There are loads of ads in the daily papers. Not all of these are actual parlours, but some are - you'd need to call and ask. In my experience, there is a fair bit of variation in the quality, and they keep closing down and opening up in different places (due to LE activity), so it's tiresome to keep track of them. I'm paranoid about a raid happening at the time I'm in a MP, so don't frequent them very much, but the experiences I have actually had, have been safe and comfortable. If you want to go the MP route, here's my two cents:

Assuming you're calling the MPs listed in the dailies, you first want to confirm that this is an actual parlour, and not an incall service. The best way to do this is to just ask 'Where are you located?' If it's a parlour, they'll give you a location (Kalkaji, Safdarjung Enclave etc) and probably ask where you're located as well. Unsure why they do, but it's been my experience that they do.

Having established that it's a physical location, you want to make sure that it's actually a MP that provides the kind of service you're looking for - there are some massage parlours in Delhi that don't provide any sexual gratification, though most seem to. Before you continue, you want to know whether it does or not. The way I do this is to ask first whether they offer Female to Male massage (Hindi: 'Mereko female se karvana hai. Aapke yahaan female hain?') or not. If the answer is positive I ask if the girls are 'cooperative'. If the answer is either 'yes' or 'come here and we can talk more' (Hindi: 'Aap yahaan aake baat kijiye') then you've zeroed onto a place that provides some kind of sexual gratification - this can range from a handjob to FS - you now have to visit the premesis and talk in person before they'll give you more information. They'll probably ask you for a name (give one, it doesn't have to be your real name).

I've noticed that the person on the phone isn't always the person you meet when you go to the MP. I've had situations where the person on the phone spoke English as well as I did, but the guy at the MP didn't speak a word. The guy sitting at the MP is almost positively not going to be the owner, so this actually isn't particularly surprising.

Once you get there, you have to talk to the guy at the counter. I find this a little embarassing/unnerving because there is sometimes some other guy(s) sitting around and you don't know who he is - is he part of the establishment, is he a customer, is he a cop, just some dude chilling out? But I'm also, admittedly, a little paranoid about this stuff.

First tell him you called (he'll probably be expecting you and will ask your name for confirmation - give him the name you gave the person on the phone) and then ask him about rates. He'll give you rates for various types of massages and with various types of lubricants (oil, powder etc). Don't make the mistake of going with the top of the line service (as I did!) because whatever you pay HIM, is basically rent for the room. YMMV, but this amount -usually- does include a handjob. Ask if 'discharge' is included in the price.

For the real sexual services you need to negotiate with the girl directly.

However, this guy is your friend - tell him that you're looking for a BJ, FS, or whatever and he'll give you an idea of what to tip the girl, and will show you girls that will 'cooperate' accordingly. He'll also let you know if they don't provide that service, in which case you can just walk out with no harm done to anyone.

The girls tend to be fairly decent for the most part. It's unlikely/impossible that you'll get a model, but (again, with variation between one MP and another) they're for the most part clean, lower-middle class girls with at least some education so you can carry out a conversation with them and crack jokes that they'll understand and laugh at!

My experience with MPs has been good. I've felt safe, comfortable and clean, but am just paranoid about being cornered by cops doing a raid - which is why I tend to stay away from establishments, preferring incall or SWs.

2k should certainly get you a decent fuck at a MP.