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05-18-02, 06:12
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05-19-02, 00:38
Hi, is anyone out there? Shall we move the discussion here?

05-19-02, 03:45
I am here, have'nt posted much but read alot, being in Yokosukaa gaijin can use all the help he can get in the yokohama area for FS.

05-19-02, 08:06
I agree with Fishmonger about moving the discussion here. Even though Japan forum doesn't have anywhere near as much of the racist idiots as Thailand, it's better to take this preventative measure.

05-19-02, 16:04
I will stay at Tokyo from 9th June to 12 June. Anyone (preferrable native Japanese) willing to guide me to explore the sex industry of Tokyo? I am willing to pay for the service. My e-mail is mastiff1682002@yahoo.jp.co. Thanks.

05-19-02, 17:26
Hi, this new forum looks interesting and I especially like having my handle protected. I enjoyed reading the posts by Jboy the sites he posted were interesting but it looks awfully suspicious. You have to pay to respond to these posts and from what I can see from some of the messages put up by guys using girls names to slip past the primitive filters (it seems that women can post messages requesting absurd amounts for meeting them) they ask for 30,000 yen when the rates for escort services in Tokyo is 20-25,000 yen for 60-90 minutes. The street action is pretty bad these days, I guess the police are coming down hard on the girls because of the upcoming world cup soccer matches and they what to present a good clean look for the foreigners coming over for the games. I went through Ikebukuro last night and there were almost no girls on the street, saw no Columbians or Thais who frequent the north exit of Ikebukuro. Okubo seemed pretty dead as well. I guess the Chinese massages places are going to make a killing with no competion from freelancers.The action in Yokohama and Kawasaki is still going on and the Chinese massage pallors are going strong. If anyone has tried the sites posted by Jboy I would be interested in finding out what happened and if it was worth putting up the money to post messages with these women who think very very highly of themselves.Sailing

05-20-02, 16:57
werewolf here (aka prof, someone took my handle!)Sailing,Anyways, jboy's post are to bulletin boards sites that are FREE to post your ad and respond to ads. I'm not sure which ones you were refering to, but I've gotten reponses from those ones without having to pay a cent. Most of the girls who post are not professional escorts, just ordinary girls that need the money. Yes they demand a lot, but from the girl I met she was worth it. If you know your Japanese AV stars, she resembled Sena Wakana. She was 19 yrs and a total GFE experience for a FULL 2 hours in a love hotel in Shibuya. She only does this from time to time when she needs the money to buy "her favorite name-brand product." It cost me 30,000 yen plus 5,000 for the hotel.Check out the old WSG Tokyo forum.

05-20-02, 19:15
Sailing werewolfI think one third of the message in the bulletin boards are SPAM,one third of them are written by guys who want to get your E-mail address, and remainder arewritten by the women who truly want money.I'm interested in the ordinary woman.Indeed it's too expensive than usual. But I don't want to play with the professional woman who has been played sex with the other guy a few hours before!That's why I prefer to access the bulletin boards.I try to meet the woman with 20,000 yen.I don't know whether it's cheap or expensive. (She said she is 36 years old. This might be a kind of gambling.)

05-20-02, 21:32
[QUOTE]Originally posted by SailingThe street action is pretty bad these days, I went through Ikebukuro last night and there were almost no girls on the street.The spanish girls in Ikebukuro are starting to come out later at night. A few start to show up around 10p.m. now and if things go well the other girls start showing up around midnight.The police/immigration have been picing girls up almost every other night it seems (though they leave the johns alone - for now). You best bet is probably to get the cell-phone number of your favorite girls and just give them a buzz to meet you.The asian women are great, but for the money and service it's tough to beat some of these girls.

05-22-02, 10:51
i agree with j-boy on the bulletin board points. a good portion of them are spam, or some fool just trying to get your email address. but there are some (and I do stress some) girls out there that are in it for the money, and if you are just lucky enough you can end up having a sex friend that you could meet up on a regular basis. albeit is a bit expensive, but fun if you can score the age you desire....like (forgive if I am incorrect with this name handle) werewolf.for me, so far I have met 2 girls here. 1 was great, 1 was not so hot. the good one I have met near shibuya twice and have had fantastic times. we ended up doing the dogenzaka love hotel thing...which was an experience to say the least :)anybody else with success stories?I asked this question before, but I shall post it again here as no one replied the first time:1) has anybody found any companies that set up meetings with either "sex friends", or rich women who want a male partner (aka ladies partner)?I have found 2 companies that do this, and am in the process of entering their sign up system. I will let you all know if this comes to fruition...nothing better than changing the game and getting paid for a fun time instead of the other way around like we are currently doing.- dave

05-22-02, 10:57
@sailing:how have you done in kawasaki or yokohama? i traveled to kawasaki with an old japanese friend, and we tried to get me into a soapland, but i was caught last minute and got the boot. funny, because I look japanese and can speak the lingo at the 2kyuu level, but still got caught. aside from the 'chonoma', the small houses with the sliding glass doors where the girl sits and calls for your business, has anybody scored in kawasaki?also, has anybody visited Yoshiwara? it is supposed to be super expensive, but the "yannai" magazine i bought the other day has some very very very pretty girls there and would be worth the coin if i could spend time with a girl like that.....anybody? on the last note, how is the nishi-kawaguchi scene? I am tempted to do the saitama thing, but.....a bit far.- dave

05-23-02, 02:08
Dave and Werewolf, I was just wondering if you guys would be at all amenable to giving some of your fellow WSG buddies a crack at the hot girls you met from J-Boy's sites? If you're willing, I'll give you my e-mail address (actually Dave already has mine). I can fully understand if you're not interested in sharing, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. BTW Dave - recently I've been a little low on expendable cash so I haven't tried any of the e-mails you gave me. I'm looking forward to hearing about how the "ladies partner" thing works out.

05-23-02, 08:24
Dave,Hi, guys it has been a while since I posted regularly, I am back for at least a while.The action is mainly in Yokohama for me as I often pass through there on the weekend. There is a wide range of venues, from health massage to the little shops between Hinodecho station and Koganecho station on the Keihin Kyuko line. Price range for the massage places are from around 6,000 and up. The small shops in the Hinodecho area are 10,000 yen for 20 minutes usually fixed solid. The girls in most of the massage places are usually Japanese and will not usually accept foreigners unless with a steady customer who "introduces" them. Those that will accept foreigners tend us have girls from China, Thailand, Philipines and South America. The Yokohama shops are almost exclusively girls from South East Asia or China.Yoshiwara is an experience worth trying at least once. Can be very expensivee to reasonable depending on the place you go. An Asian buddy came through and wanted to try it so I talked to a friend and set up something for him for about 35,000 yen for I think it was about an hour and a half. If you speak reasonably well, ie can pass for native, you should try the DC circuit in the Otsuka, Uguisudani and Nippori areas. These are places where they will deliver a girl to you after you check into one of those "love hotels" in the area. They range from 20,000 to 25,000 yen for 60 minutes to 90 minutes. They are also in the Shibuya area where the girls are of higher quality but prices are 5,000-10,000 yen higher.I used to go to an adult party in Nishi Kawaguchi, the price was a few thousand yen lower than central tokyo but the girls were alittle older. Have not tried the Pink Salon circuit in the area, though I hear they are supposed to be fairly good.

05-23-02, 10:25
@fishmonger,I certainly don't mind sharing info, as I have replied to a few emails thus far with email addy's of the girls from j-boy's bulletin board. some of the girls, I believe, are not so hot, so please use at your own risk. especially the ones who will not send you their pic - personal experience. as for the 'ladies partner' deal, I just sent in my letters to my choices yesterday via snail mail. will let you all know how that turns out...may bad...but the reward is super high. worth the investment I believe. let me be the guinnea pig for this one, as I have a few japanese buds who are hounding me for daily updates...the other deal is with a company that supplies a 'sex friend', that ranges from all ages. they responded with 3 girls, 1 of whom is supposed to be a model, around 28 years old. well, since I will try not to jinx myself too early, let's just wait and see. again, let me be the guinnea pig and find out what is really up. once I succeed and/or fail, I will post my results. if I succeed, their maybe a chance for a killer go-kon with a few of the people on this board. that is all for now on this topic....- dave

05-23-02, 10:34
@sailing:thanks for the info, especially the yoshiwara details. I am dying to go there. that is the main prize for me here. up to date, I have tried the delivery thing, 21 seki thing, massage parlors, even the kawasaki strike out thing, but yoshiwara is the holy grail for me right now. I have the "yannai" magazine that shows the girls in yoshiwara, and by FAR they are the hottest in the magazine. I feel that if they are that good looking, @5 is definitely worth it....well as long as they do a good job that is :).Also thanks for the recommendations in the Otsuka, Uguisudani and Nippori areas, any places you recommend? My japanese buddy from college wants to take me to Otsuka, and nishi-kawaguchi (from the last post), but we just have not had the time or $$$, or is that Yen? Anyway, let me know if you want to hook up with us, we usually hit these places Saturday afternoon/evening, so.... just email me. This Sat may be difficult, but who knows.Now, the adult party thing sound extremely intriguing. I would like to check that out, since I am into anything these days since I have just broke up with my gf of 3 years. Out in the market, and practicing my nampa skills anywhere and everywhere...especially in Omotesandou. Let me know when you go next, maybe we can hook up and grab a few cold beers and swap stories...I have a good 30 second hook story for you in Saitama.....- dave

05-23-02, 16:10
J-boy, I don't know for certain but I notice that there have been a lot of infected mail from unknown sources after I tried to answer a couple of the posts on the sites. I have a virus checker on top of the virus checker provided by the mail server I use. I also have a firewall in place but it does worry me that I did not get this many infected messages in the past. I have yet to recieve any kind of answer to messages I have sent to the alleged women on the site.sailing

05-23-02, 17:21
SailingI'm worried about receiving the infected mail from Unknown User, too.To protect ourselves, we shouldn't use the real E-mail address.I've gotten free E-mail address and use it when sending to thealleged women on the site.When they send the virus or SPAM, the only thing I do is tothrow the E-mail address away.Be careful.

05-24-02, 12:06
To Sailing.It's nice to see you posting here again.To Dave and the rest.I met up with Sailing my last trip to Japan. I can say that he was very helpful with his various advices. Even though we never get the chance to do the adult party thing, I would not hesitate trying it out with Sailing.PS Dave, if you need more info on take out service, please let me know. I still have my old contact number in Tokyo where they can deliver college gals looking for extra income to your door at about 35K Yen. Cheers,-thaidude

05-25-02, 00:49
thaidude,thanks for the info. sailing and I will definitely have to cross paths sometime soon, even if for a few beers. as for the take out service, I'm all ears. send it over to my yahoo account and I will give it a try sometime.when are you planning a trip back into tokyo?- dave

05-25-02, 09:07
Dave,If I do go, it'll be toward the end of June on my trip back from the US. I wonder how the World Cup will affect the whole scene during that period? I'll keep you posted cuz it would be great if I can meet up with you, Sailing, and J-boy.Sailing - I definitely want to give the adult party a shot again if I do go back. This time, I'll ask my Japanese friend to get ready so it'll be more planned out on my part. I think I still have your ketai. I'll probably sport a new number there courtesy of prepaid from the folks at DoCoMo.You should be getting the take out info in your mailbox by tomorrow. I gotta go dig up the old number plus reference (just like a job interview) for ya.- thaidude

05-27-02, 09:49
I'm planning on spending a weekend in Tokyo next month and am curious which area is best for gaijin. Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shin-Okubo and Roppongi seem like the most frequented spots, but I wonder which is most friendly toward whities. I am also thinking about a delivery health to my hotel, but I wonder if it'll cause me trouble since it's not a love hotel. There is a bar on the second floor, so it is possible for non-guests to come in though. Anyone who knows of a D health (with AF would be nice) that accepts gaijin-please post.I thought about the BBS sevices, but I think 30,000 is just too much for a girl I can't meet beforehand. Finally, has anyone seen the SW Angie (Columbian but from Panama)? The idea of an attractive black is appealing as well, and since I speak Spanish we'd be able communicate.

Carl LaFong
05-27-02, 10:55
Visited the Maki shop in Shibuya (there are other posts that describe location) and they make no pretense of massage first, 'play' after, and I think that has to do with the fact that they're just getting in new women all the time and there's no real supervision. A classy brothel it ain't. But if you want to get laid on the cheap, it's a sure bet. I paid 13,000 yen because they have a "stamp card" system that gives you an increasing discount on the second, fourth, sixth, visits, etc.The woman I chose, "Aya" was Chinese older, but pretty, and after her fairly good service of half and half--two pops) she complained that the pay was too low and that management only gave her 50% of what the customers pay. Then she tried to latch onto me and asked me to take her out the next day to try to find a better place to work. She asked specifically for joints where "only American and European men" are. She seemed pretty desperate and it was saddening. Could've been an act, though. What the heck do I know.Anyway, "Maki" on the 6th floor of the same building as the Pinocchio BJ bar, is offering FS--just choose their VIP course."Thou shalt not kill anything less than a fifth." -- W.C. Fields

05-27-02, 13:15
Hey dudes,I got a medical question regarding these fuzoku places. Is it safe to go down on the japanese women at a health salon. I know from my japanese friend, that some women allow this.From my limited medical knowledge, I remember that the temperature in your mouth would kill most germs, but if you had a cut in your mouth or lip then that would bad, right?Anybody have tried going down?thanx(dlite_me aka "RW")

05-27-02, 15:13
Hey Carl LaFong, thanks for the info. I have never been to Maki before, but I will try it. I have a couple questions. Does the 13k include choosing a girl from pictures? And how much is the multiple-visit discount that you get with the card? Finally, you got "two pops"? That's unusual. Is there a time limit?Thanks!

Carl LaFong
05-28-02, 02:02
Shaku8,It works like this: you go into the place (run down, not very clean) and the guy or girl will sit you down and show you a book of pictures of available women. In my last visit, they didn't have one of the newest girl, so she came out and waved. The time limit for the VIP course is 60 minutes.The discount card gives you a 2,000; 4,000 and then 2,000 yen discount on the 2nd, 5th and 7th visits. The 10th visit is 10,000 off.I've only been there twice--once in the afternoon where I went way over my time limit (manager wasn't even there or was sleeping) and I got to go three rounds of pretty close to GFE style sex.I think it's the luck of the draw, how nice you are, etc. I spent some time in China many years ago and that's a good icebreaker. I'm a bit down on this place though, and won't go again because it really appears to be a typical AMP (Asian Massage Parlor) exploitation scene with the women. That's just me."A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it's not open." Frank Zappa

05-28-02, 03:13
I finally visited Hinomaru in Shinjuku. I went at 4pm expecting that that would be a good quiet time. Well, I was great disappointed, especially having read the numerous posts here about the service. I didn't get to choose a girl from photos. Instead I was just brought to a seat and visited by a predictably homely woman. The experience was just like 21 Seiki...except the girl stayed for the whole half hour. Despite my polite suggestions, there was no FS to be had....Did I go at the wrong time of day? Do I need to ask for something more specifically?

Carl LaFong
05-28-02, 03:36
munktrap,You have to insist on choosing a girl from the photos on the wall. Doing this, you'll probably have to wait a little bit. If you go in the morning to early afternoon and ask for Sayuri, she'll probably give you FS, if you ask. Just say "sex?" -- but not right away! Chat with her for a minute or two.It may be a language problem, though. I don't know your level of Japanese.The standard rule applies: dress nicely, be clean, cut your nails, do some chit chat at first and then get down to business.

05-28-02, 04:34
Hey guys, Regarding those "Asian Massage Parlors" I found that the girls outside those places to be cute and friendly and told them I would go in if they would do the service. Those pictures they show you are not reliable are they? Usually what happens is they try as switch and add "options". I have on several occasions gotten FS for 10K but I was glad to get away from the place after 20 or 30 minutes. I don't know how they get the girls to work there, but the management will negociate the price down. It seems that the lowest they will go is 10,000 but maybe with good technique...dlite me,Having many friends and relatives in the medical profession, unprotected sex in this industry is like playing Russian Roulette with an automatic. According to a recent report, the chances of acquiring some disease through oral contact is very high. You are worried only about aids, but there is still a lot of other stuff you should take into consideration. Going to a doctor in Japan is a drag and they are required to report STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) to the Ministry of Health. This can be a bigger drag. An ounce of prevention (actually much less) is worth it. In Japan as in other places, before you eat anything raw you MUST be sure it is fresh or make sure you cook it well.

05-28-02, 04:41
Thaidude, How's it going? Drop me a line when you are coming back through this way for sure. If you give me enough time I will call some adult parties to see if they will take foreigners. Dave, Let me know when you would like to get together. You were able to get in touch with someone posting on this forum in the old format but not sure how to do it on the new format. According to the directions given, there is supposed to be a button to do this but have yet to see it. I am free alot this month and next month.sailing

05-28-02, 06:45
Munktrap, HinoMaru only provides one girl per session. When I visited HinoMaru a male employee spoke enough English to let me know who was working at that moment and I could choose from those on premises. No waiting. I didn't try to get FS so I can't comment on that.

05-28-02, 16:07
Sailing,my email addy is: new_00145@yahoo.comI have been contacting OT via email over the past few weeks. seems he will be in town end of June/July. If you want to meet up before then, weekdays are bad for me, except for Friday. How about a weekend meeting? Email me and let's try to set something up soon. I am open this Saturday....- Dave

05-31-02, 05:49
Sailing and Dave,Can you guys tell me how the whole World Cup scene is affecting the hobby in your part of the world? Do providers become more cautious especially with gaijins? Thanks -thaidude

05-31-02, 23:38
Thaidude, I think the world cup here in Japan is only going to free up some local girls here. My girlfriend told me last night that she and her girl friend were going out next week to find some soccerplayers. Be a soccer player while it last.

06-02-02, 01:49
Hey Just got back from 4 weeks in Tokyo and HinoMaru rocks. Went there three times and got FS each time. Had sex with woman #3 twice she has realy nice nipples but a little chubby. Each time it was around 6:30 pm and the place was slow.Also met a chick through Metropolis. It took three dates but had sex with her every night for a week. Tokyo rocks can't wait to get back and yes dress nice look clean and you should have no problem fucking chicks.B

06-02-02, 17:40
Hi guys,The World Cup is here and the girls are out with noone paying attention to them everyone is in Sports bars or at home in front of the tube. One my way back from Shinjuku, I cruised by Shin Okubo and saw a couple of girls. As I walked by, I was not in the market, it was late(ie 2 am) and I was supposed to go sailing the in the morning. Met this cute little Laotian who would not quit. She started at 20,000 and came down to 10,000. It is really slow for them. Now is the time to check out your favorite spots guys. The customers are not around it seems. Seems that the cops are too busy now looking out for hooligans that they aren't paying much attention to the street action.sailing

06-02-02, 21:40
Booksa : where is Hino Maru ? Thanks.Be a football player ? Oh no, that is something I really can't ! I am prepared to do many things to get laid, but not that please !

06-03-02, 14:47
Hi Erik,Hinomaru is easy to find. It is in Kabuki-cho (Shinjuku). It is near a bar called Half-Time which is close to the Liquid Room. So if you stand in front of Half-Time and look up the street in front of you, you will see Hinomaru ( Japanese sign) on your right. It is next door to Club Nirvana (english sign)early 8,000 late 10,000 and +2,000 to chose.There are other directions in the archiveshave funb

06-04-02, 19:53
Hi Guys,I will be going to Tokyo in mid Aug.Could you kind suggest me a place where I can look for actions? I can understand little jap. Thanks.

06-05-02, 11:27
Hi Guys,There is a nice club in Gotanda called PAICHU.See their site at paichu.comGirls are nice, friendly, open to western men.Prices are ok and service is quite enjoyable.Check itThere is also a health club interesting (not a luxury though) with decent prices (Yen 10,000) and service (Bath and BJ). Anybody interesting let me know I shall post the exact address.Anybody wanting to share info regarding Gotanda, Ebisu and Shibuya regarding health clubs and BJ place, please feel free to contact me at christobald59@hotmail.comWolf

06-06-02, 01:55
Due to the numerous requests I receive this night, here are the informations regarding Paichu in Gotanda :In Gotanda, for full sex, I really recommend Paichu. They welcome foreigners as long as you look clean. Better even if you speak some Japanese.See www.paichu.com and ask for Eve or Chihiro or Miyu or Arisa.Normally, as in any of this kind of places, you are not supposed to get FS. But I can confirm you that Eve will give it to you. And she speaks a fluent English. Others will as well.All have a wonderfull technique for BJ (no condom and jerk you load in their mouth).After being there several times I can also tell you that Miyu , Eve and Chihiro are not reluctant to swallow when things are done very gently. All are very kind and will take very good care of you.If you are for Anal Sex then go for Maki. She is really for it. And I guess she really like it.I usually go there once every 2 weeks or so.Prices range from 18 to 25,000 all included. Forecast extra for anal. Normally an extra is to be asked for Full BJ but it really depends on the girl. I have been asked only once at the beginning.There is a membership fee (I don't remember how much but it is a couple of Yen and you will get a discount every 5 visits or so. Discount is worth a anal or about 30mn extra.You go there (it is in front of the J-Phone shop and on the 6th floor), ask to see their catalog or request the girl you want (all girls are not on their site - several speak English at least a little), pay and go to a near by love hotel. There are 5 or 6 of them around. Prices are around 4,500 yen. They will ask you to select the hotel before you go so that they know where to send the girl. When you get there call back Paichu and give your room number and the girl will be there within 10/15mn or so.Enjoy.

06-06-02, 05:01
Thanks for the info ono Paichu, Wolf. I may try it.Just a note to others who might try Paichu: there is a coupon for a 5000 yen discount on the web site for first time users.Also, you should check under each girl's profile for what sort of "play" she prefers or does not like to do. Most of the girls won't do AF (anal fu**), but as Wolf mentioned Maki actually lists it as an activity she prefers.

Carl LaFong
06-06-02, 05:23
There's a place in Roppongi that welcomes foreigners (link below). I doubt that you'll get FS, though. The link has an English section, but the Japanese section is more informative.http://www.madonna.gr.jp/no/english/roppongitop/ropoongitop.htmlI think I'll try Paichu very soon and report back to you.C.F.

06-07-02, 04:57
hi guys,i'm wondering if any of you have suggestions of places and bars to visit for picking up women in tokyo? doesn't have to be for immediate sex, doesn't have to be young women. are there good places for foreigners to hang out to meet women?gfhc

06-07-02, 05:03
HI,Places for picking up women in Shinjuku:The Hub just behind the Shinjuku Ward officeDubliners on the corner behind Mitsukoshi Department StoresThese are English Pubs and you can find women who are looking for White boys.RoppongiGas Panic also popular among foreign SWM loving women.

06-07-02, 05:07
thanks sailing for quick responsei have an additional "problem" in that i'm oriental -- I don't really stand out. i do speak japanese fluently though... do you think its still possible to score in these places?also, any suggestions for off the beaten path places?

06-08-02, 00:47
gfhc,try the hub or gaspanic in shibuya if you wish to go to the english drinking spots. the shibuya hub is on the hachiko side on "senta-gai" which means center or main street. walk through the zoo of an intersection towards the starbucks, after you pass starbucks on your right you will find gaspanic. if you keep walking down that street, I think it is the third small street where you will need turn right and it should, if I am not mistaken, be at the end of the street on your right hand side. careful as it is hard to find, it is in the b1 floor (underground)...anyway if you ask people they will know where it is. there is another hub in shibuya, but I cannot remember how to get to that one.i am also asian, but am from the states. don't worry about your ethnic background, if you see a pretty girl, go up and talk to her. you may want to try the coffee shops for practicing your "nampa" skills, good spots are bookstores, music stores (i.e. tower records), just about anywhere. good luck and let me know how it goes.

06-08-02, 11:14
Dave, what's up? You mentioned a while ago that you were going to try to find out about "ladies clubs", where the ladies would pay YOU to service them. How did that work out? On a slightly different note, I've heard male hosts sometimes are expected to service their clients in nearby love hotels. That sounds pretty sweet considering that many of the chicks who go to these host clubs work in the sex industry. Any ideas about places that might want part-time (weekends) gaijin hosts? There must be some places that employ foreign guys as hosts in Tokyo.

06-08-02, 15:10
fishmonger,up to now, i have not heard back from any of the ladies i sent correspondences to, as of yet. my expectations are not set that high for my first time around, as this was more or less a test to see if this thing is legit or not. anyway, i will keep you informed if anything comes about this venture. fyi, i sent letters to 2 co's, one was for a sex friend service, and the other was for the ladies partner deal. up to date, no one has sent me back anything...and to be honest i didn't really go all out, as i was unsure what to expect from these 2 co's. oh well, chalk it up to a learning experience.as for j-boy's bulletin postings, i have 3 girls i am trying to get to meet up....but it has been a fairly long process this time around for some reason. i even tried to hook a girl from shikoku, which was sort of interesting, but she was too young to travel all the way to tokyo...zannen.as for the p-t male hosts, i have not heard too much about these services...except a few weeks back on tv they interviewed 2 japanese male hosts in Osaka, that made an absolute killing. let me fish around...sailing - any insight on this point?sailing: how did today go? sorry i could not make it out today, ended up spending time with a very nice lady near t'nobaba this afternoon. good stuff.

06-08-02, 15:28
new_00145thanks a million -- sounds like you know the scene well. i'll be in tokyo in july. if you have time on the 11th or thereabouts and wouldn't mind connecting with me for some nightlife, leave me a message on the board. could use some help.gfhc

06-08-02, 18:46
The hub, gaspanic, dubliners etc... and include Roppongi these places have been around a long time. Old news really...unless you're a nampa king...getting girls here is a little difficult IMHO. I've picked up a few over the years, but because I'm Asian and not Caucasian I don't get noticed that well. Moving on, for those into streetwalkers, there are quite a few south americans and asians near Uguisudani station (east exit) along the love hotel area. It's located one station north of Ueno on the Yamanote line. However it's been a while since I've been there. Anyone care to update?As for the bulletin boards suggested by J-boy. Everything has pretty much dried up. After meeting one girl, I've gotten no reponses to numerous posts. I've even been stood up twice.

06-10-02, 05:31
well, this doesn't sound good for me -- has anyone an idea where the nanpa pub scene went?i'm also trying to connect up online via metropolis and some chat sites. anyone with good experience and good sites to report? i can live with japanese text although i read and write it rather slowly.also can someone repost the url for j-boy's bulletin? i checked archives but could not fine anything.

06-10-02, 06:16
gfhc and others, I had good success twice with the Tokyo Classifieds. Just put a free ad in their "paper" and in turn, respond to their e-mail ad's (females looking for males). I agree with a previous poster that a lot of it is spam and bullshit reponses, but you can get lucky. I scored with one babe from Tokyo (actually, she was more than a little "nuts") and another one from Kyoto who was nice but again "not quite all there". Both flew from Japan to Canada for their "holiday" (which is like 1 week-have to act fast hehe). They simply want to escape their lives and goto another country to have some fun and for a chance at a "hollywood" romance. However, don't expect too much from it. The J-girls are looking for someone to show them around, play tour guide with them and to sample some white cock. I had no problem with the last part! hehe...

06-10-02, 17:02
gfhc,the nampa scene is anywhere and everywhere you want it to be. it is like asking a killer sales man (i won't be politically correct as I am almost 99.999% sure that women aren't reading this board) when and where is the best spot to close. the answer is easy, keep doing it until it become 2nd nature. don't worry so much about you being asian. i mentioned before that i am of asian origin, and it is actually a gift in disguise. the reason is it is easier to hook a sweet pretty girl faster since we have the same "chi", or blood as opposed to our white/black bretheren. given, there are girls out there that want to experience a different color other than yellow, but the real sweet girls are the ones that are the most hidden and shy. the one's in roppongi, hmmmm i would be careful. i would rather run a risk in the 21 seki than hook a fish in roppongi...and the pun is intended.i would stay away from gaspanic...the hub is not too bad, the dubliners in shinjuku is another meat market but good for a few beers and a few chuckles. it is hard to explain, i have a buddy that does nampa all the time in omotesando (which is a great place)...since he lives there. he has the right attitude towards nampa, which is the attitude that doesn't show he is doing it. he simply enjoys meeting new girls, if something comes out of it, then all the better...for him at least. i have yet to try the tokyo classifieds deal, maybe when i get a chance to break away from work i will give it a go. but good on you - chikan! that is fantastic, to get a girl to travel all the way around the world for a weeks worth of fun. now that is the real "delivery". by the way, speaking of j-boys bulletin board, it certainly has dried up, i'm not sure what happened, but i will tell you this, i put up a trick posting as a girl in tokyo to see all the responses, and i received about 5 responses from japanese dudes within 2 hours. the good point about this is it showks how they respond to the girls initially and some of the lingo they perfer to use, which of course i have copied and pasted in my return mails. here is the link for gfhc:http://www.yo.rim.or.jp/%7Et-goto/cgi-bin/bbs/mailbbs.cgifishmonger, when are we going to catch a few beers? i have already met up with sailing...a great guy to say the least. i'm sure you both have out done me, and i will be the listener. that is all for now, tomorrow is tuesday...1 day closer to friday!- dave

06-10-02, 17:19
Sorry, I was very busy recently.I found another sites. Please see below.(a)http://www.yo.rim.or.jp/%7Et-goto/cgi-bin/bbs/mailbbs.cgi(b)http://www10.org1.com/~town/board/xboard.cgi?bno=05(c)http://iparts.ark-japan.com/bbs/bbs00002671.asp(d)http://www.papaclub.com/cgi-bin/free-i-bbs/tky/pc/raib.cgi(e)http://www.misty21.net/~sf/cgi-bin/member/sfbbs/women/mailbbs.cgiIndeed, the (a) seems to dry up.I recently used the (b), though many SPAM were written on it. I had a apointment to meet upwith the girl 20yo. But I gave up because I have no time to meet.The (c)(d)(e) seem to be hard to use for the guys who can't read Japanese.

06-10-02, 20:01
I read through the posts and I cannot find it anywhere, so I will ask...What does Nampa stand for?

06-11-02, 02:25
nanpa is the art (actually more 'act') of picking up girls or guys, I think. I don't know the origin of the word though. There is a bridge in Osaka, near Shinsaibashi/Namba which is called "nanpa bridge" in reference to the type of activities that go on there (or at least purportedly go on there)

06-11-02, 02:32
thanks for all the responses -- I see it generated quite a lot of discussion. i guess it is not too hard to get people thinking cooperatively and constructively, particularly when you put your dick..ahhhh I mean mind to it.anyway, if anyone is up for nanpaing together around the 11th of July, let me know -- I'd be delighted to join as an eager learner!

06-11-02, 14:38
gfhc,good to know that you are enjoying all of our posts. nampa bashi in osaka eh? i remember that place, with all those jpn guys with their gaudy neon suits out there trying to "hook" girls. i would not be as obvious as that, but give it a whack if that is more your speed.about learning nampa...hmm i have a colleague who used to think along the same lines as you, that you need some kind of education or instruction to hit on a girl. the fastest and 'easiest' way is to find the prettiest girl within your first 5 minutes (if it even takes you that long) and just go up and talk to her. the trick is not to hesitate, or lose your confidence....they will sense that right awayt, and you will need to be fairly slick to close her. the first time will be difficult, and for me when i start out, the first girl is always the most tongue twisting and fun, thereafter you will build confidence off of and have a fun go at it. my line while studying in osaka was "sumimasen, o-namae wa nan to osshai masuka?", or just the plain old "atsui desu ne". complimenting/observing what she is wearing, holding, doing is always a good one, and good to break the ice. i.e. if she is holding a tennis racket, ask the stupid question "tennis shimasuka?". this will get the whole yep i am a gaijin out of the way as she will know asap who you are. another one is carry some kind of jpn study book and ask her how to say a certain kanji...and get her # in japanese.well that is enough of my b.s. good luck to you. j-boy, i haven't heard from you in a long time. i figured you had landed several girls from your bulletin board and that was keeping you busy. you almost met up with a 20 yr old huh? very nice.- dave

06-11-02, 16:17
Hi Dave. Long time to see on the internet.I haven't met her yet.She said she is 20yo but a little fat. I don't want to meet her now.I'm reserving her.BTWI researched about the soapland at Yoshiwara in Tokyo.I sent E-mails and asked if they can accept foreigners.Some gave me the response.These are the shop's lists they can accept gaijin.Though the costs seems very expensive, the quality of the girlsare high, and you can get enough services.[Yoshiwara]Oushitsu http://www.oushitu.com/ 75,000/120minKikyo http://www.club-kikyo.com/home.html 75,000/120minShougun http://www.terra.dti.ne.jp/%7Eshowgun/home.html 75,000/120minClubGeihinkan http://www.geihinkan.co.jp/home.html 75,000/120minClubWorld http://www.club-world.co.jp/main.html 70,000/110minKingsClub http://www.kings-club.net/home.html 70,000?/120minMoulinRouge http://www.m-rouge.com/ 65,000/120minSatinDoll http://www.s-doll.com/satin/ 65,000?/120min ClubBisyo http://www.club-bisho.com/top.htm 65,000?/120minClubKikoushi http://www.kikoushi.net 65,000?/120minReijoh http://www.reijoh.com/ 65,000?/120minLondo http://www.londo.jp/top.html 65,000?/120minPeace http://www.first-c.net/home.html 60,000/100min Syoukaku http://www.syoukaku.com/ 60,000/110minClubBisho http://www.club-bisho.com/top.htm 60,000?/120minEikokuya http://www.eikokuya-net.com/home.html 50,000?/110minAun http://www.aun-net.com/top.html 40,000/100minKinpeipai http://www.kinpei.net/home.html 40,000/100minPrettyGirl http://homepage1.nifty.com/pretty-g/home.html 35,000?/70minDonkiHote http://www.donnki.com/top.htm 35,000/80min'?' means that I don't know the fee correctly.Some need to go with Japanese or to be able to speak Japanese.Some need extra fee for foreigners.The girls you can select are limited.

06-11-02, 22:42
Two quick questions(that I probably should already know the answers to, but don't)Where is Gotanda?I assume it's probably a stop on a line I'm already familiar with, I just can't place it.Sailing - where is the Shinjuku Ward Office? It also sounds familiar.

06-12-02, 02:58
Dave, whassup? Yeah let's get together for some beers sometime! This weekend's not too good for me, and then the following weekend I'll be going to Kyoto, but sometime after that would be cool. Let's go to Dubliner's, get smashed, and have a friendly nampa contest. I agree with you BTW, breaking the ice is the key, Japanese girls usually become surprising friendly quite quickly and ask ME as lot of questions (i.e. how do I like J girls compared to western girls?). But, having said that I haven't really had too much success with chicks I met this way. It seems J girls give out their ketai numbers like free packets of TP, but then what usually happens is they almost never answer their phones, or if they do they say something like "OK, let's meet on Sat., I'll call you Friday", and then you can guess what happens.I have had some pretty good success with the MEtropolis thing ... one 3 month relationship and a couple of shorter deals. You've really got nothing to lose by trying it. Also, I've tried the penpal thing ... just search for "Japan penpal". I put an ad in to one, and I got a TON of responses, actually too many to keep up with. One girl in Kyoto kept e-mailing back, and now after 3 months or so of e-mailing regularly I'm going to meet her the weekend after next. From her pic, she looks kind of like the Matsuhima Nanako type - in other words, sweet, shy, very beautiful. Wish me luck! I may be making a lot of trips to Kyoto! :-). One other thing, I think I mentioned this before but, anyone have luck with terekuras for meeting sex friends? I've tried the one on my local area (near Tsuchiura) a few times, and I've talked to chicks very curious about sex with a gaijin, but so far nothing has come of it (pun intended). Anyway, I will keep trying it periodically. I did try to get into TCs in Shinjuku and Shibuya, but was turned away "Keehon teki ni Japanese only". Anyone know of TCs in Tokyo that will accept gaijin?

06-12-02, 14:26
Frequent Flyer,The Shinjuku Ward is off the main drag which runs under the tracks in front of Kabukicho. Walk away from the tracks toward until you see Mister Donut turn right and the ward office is on the left. If you continue down the street, you will see the largest collection of Bars and clubs in Shinjuku.Have fun.

06-12-02, 15:10
fishmonger:wassup. good to hear from you again. I am game if you are to do the brit pub crawl in shinjuku. how about the following weekend? let met know asap as i have something penciled in at the moment but....anyway at worst we would get a few #'s to work on and the rest would be history....well at least it would be fun at first even if they don't follow up thereafter.everybody keeps saying this metropolis thing is a good deal. i will have to post an ad or two and see what comes out of it...pun intended this time. good luck on your kyoto deal. kansai girls are the best. i have had some good times with them.as for the terekuras, i have not tried them out as of yet. they are on my list of things to do while i am here. let me dig around and see what i can dig up on them.talk to you soon...my email is: new_00145@yahoo.com- dave

06-13-02, 07:45
Dave and Fishmonger,The metro thing works for me. I got three firm responses from it. I'm currently and one of the girl already came by and just left for Bali last week.Another one is coming in to town today as a matter of fact. The other one, I have to go meet her in Tokyo.I can only wonder what would happen if I'm local. So, the metro thing does work...sometimes. Just my two cents.PS I'm also Asian, not white if that makes any difference. I understand that some of the postings look for SWM exclusively but what the heck. I even responded to some of those just for kicks.

06-13-02, 17:42
Guys, I thing I forgot to mention about placing an ad in "The Tokyo Classified".......sometimes a pair of girls will put ads in together and see if the same guy writes to them both! That happened to me once.....sweet talking one chick while chatting up another one (who was the other ones closest friend!).....it's the chance you take I guess but it didn't end well (I guess that was my first strike using the classified). Just place the ad and don't expect anything to come of it and maybe something will. Good things can happen! Have fun!

06-13-02, 23:53
Well with the Metropolis ads you need to reply to as many as possible. I live in the US now and was in Japan for the month of May. I use to live in Tokyo for 2 years. I set up 4 dates with chicks from these ads before arriving and scored with one. It's all about numbers... and don't expect to get a fuck on the 1st date.The best luck I've had getting a quick fuck is find J- Chicks that are aready a little drunk. Roppongi, Shinjuku etc. keep them drinking pass the last train.Yep then they are yours from then on. This has worked for my twice at a shitty club called Club X in Shinjuku. It's realy hit or miss there. Dubliner's is ok, Gas Panic no thanks. Hub in Roppongi is a nice place to fine some chicks.Also a club in Shibuya Club Asia has worked for me.Skinless:What's going on at Seibu Shunjuku? I may have met the same Thaipeaceb

06-16-02, 18:33
Does anyone know any (Japanese) webpages where women just looking for sex post ads??? I've found some pages but sometimes they were looking for 'papa' ... which means they are expecting to be paid. Which Japanese terms do women use who are just looking for sex without payment (koibito? otokono..?)Anyone got any information on that, that might be useful for all of us.Andy

06-17-02, 03:26
I visited Hinomaru for the second time yesterday, this time I chose Sayuri. Again, the service was excellent ... a little chit-chat follwed by, an expert BBBJ, and finished off with FS in a 3 different positions. For 1-man yen, it's a real bargain. I almost went back again later in the day for seconds! Has anyone had good luck with not picking a girl from a photo there? Again, this time, I noticed some definite young cuties working there who were definitely not among those on display. I'm tempted next time to save the 2,000 yen and take a chance, but I'm a little afraid that they'll stick me with a hag. Also, the cute, young, not-on-display girls might not do FS? Any thoughts?

06-17-02, 05:20
hi guys,"fs" or "full service" -- how do you say this in japanese? is it in katakana english like "furu sa-bisu"?

06-17-02, 09:28
Originally posted by fishmongerI visited Hinomaru for the second time yesterday, this time I chose Sayuri. Again, the service was excellent ... a little chit-chat follwed by, an expert BBBJ, and finished off with FS in a 3 different positions. For 1-man yen, it's a real bargain.. I'm tempted next time to save the 2,000 yen and take a chance, but I'm a little afraid that they'll stick me with a hag. Also, the cute, young, not-on-display girls might not do FS? Any thoughts? How long of a "play time" are you getting for the 8,000+2,000? Have you ever tried to cum twice during that time?After ending up with DOGS too many times, I have promised myself to pay the extra and guarentee a good memory-it's worth it I think.

06-17-02, 09:39
To gfhc:Full Service in Japanese is "honban". Try "Honban dekimasu ka?" = "Can I get full service?"Good luck.

06-17-02, 12:11
At Hinomaru you want to pay the ?2,000 and pick the girl you want. you may have to wait a while if she is busy. I picked twice and was very happy, and the one time I didn't I got a dog. As for FS, you have an hour...b

06-18-02, 16:24
Skinless,Can you elaborate on "Seibu Shinjuku". Is this the name of a department store in Shinjuku or a subway stop name? What would I do if I were to go there?Also, at Hinomaru, are the chicks attractive? 1 man for one hour seems suspiciously cheap for full service, am I not right?

06-19-02, 01:33
gfhc, yes the chicks at hinomaru are pretty good, I'd say better then at 21 Seiki. Also, as I mentioned there are some quite cute, young (18-22 or so) chicks working there, who don't seem to be available for picking. My guess is that they are reserved for "special customers" with connections. Yes, it does seem a bit too good to believe, I kind of think we may all find ourselves on some Japanese "nozoki" video tapes or something ... but, would you really mind? Go check it out, you won't be disappointed.

06-19-02, 04:23
hey! where abouts is this hinomaru place? please be as specific as you can, cuz i'm just visiting! any action at all around gifu?

06-19-02, 04:46
An article in "The Japan Times", Wednesday, June 19, 2002 "Youth sex on rise, as are serious infections"http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?nn20020619b5.htm

06-19-02, 14:57
Dear friends I'm new i will be in tokyo for 2 or 3 days in the start of july. I would have some suggestion for a quick service (hand or blow) after sauna or massage. I will stay at the sheraton in chiba is there any sauna god near there? the hotel massage have this option? Thank you in advance.

06-21-02, 02:10
I made a few calls yestarday asking if Amerika-jin/gai-jin were allowed in:NO:http://www.fspot.net/shop/shirikichi/index.html"Y's" in Ikebukuro (homepage link seems to be down now)http://www.fuu.ne.jp/momoirodentetsu/index.htmlMAYBE:http://www.fuu.ne.jp/itazuracat/OK, but it depends on which girls are working at the timeYES:http://www.fuu.ne.jp/fudorugakuen/index.html (however they said you needed to be able to understand Japanese)The Madonna group. I called Meguro and Roppongi. The Roppongi site is in English and is the best bet, but the Meguro shop also has no problem with foreign men.http://www.madonna.gr.jp/no/english/roppongitop/ropoongitop.htmlhttp://www.madonna.gr.jp/no/guest/meguro/megurotop/megurotop.htmlMy first preference is to find a SW for about 20,000 and hit a love hotel for Sat. night, but if the pickings are slim, I may do a health spot or Hinomaru and then find a cheap place to crash later.Report will come (no pun) next week.

06-23-02, 19:29
Has anyone gone to the below party?They said that many J-chicks who want to be friendly withgaijin attend the party.Do you try nampa there?http://kingxqueen.cool.ne.jp/topE.html

06-23-02, 22:10
J-boy, Looks interesting........in the photo's you could almost see the hormones flying through the air....looks like it would be quite easy to score there...thanks for the link!

06-24-02, 00:48
My weekend in Tokyo wasn't quite what I expected-too busy with work really. I called Angie (see old post), but couldn't find time to meet her.On Saturday at midnight I got free and wandered down to Ueno. Near Okachimachi subway station. There are tons of sex shops/soaps/and some girls on the street there, so I recommend a slow stroll through to access your options before jumping at the first one who asks you (like I did).I was approached immediately by a small Chinese girl asking if I wanted a massage (and pointing to her mouth at the same time). I said OK and followed her 100m to a small place called SAKURAN (in hiragana). They let me look at the book of pictures-to tell the truth all the girls looked really similar in the tiny polaroids, all 5-6s. Then we talked prices: 8,000/60min massage, 12,000/60min massage+hand, 16,000/60min massage+nude+BJ with condom. I said that was more than my budget of 10,000 and started to walk out. They said wait and suggested 40min nude+BJ for 10,000. I said OK.The girl wasn't bad, but not a stunner either. The push-up bra had helped her in the photo that I saw. A 3 minute shower, followed by a 10min massage, then she climbed on top and asked if I wanted Hon-ban (real sex). I wasn't really into paying for FS with a mediocre girl and declined. That seemed to irritate her, and from then on she was pretty machine-like. Condom went on and about 5 min of sucking. In the meantime I managed to take her bra off and massage her smaller than expected tits, but she didn't want to lose the dress or let my hand go anywhere else. Then, at the 20min mark she said I only had 5 min left. She took the condom off, spashed on some lotion, and started pumping with her hand. I asked her to use her mouth more, she declined and after a few minutes I got tired of the whole scene and decided to cum. A 2-min self shower at the end, and I was out of there at exactly 30min. mark.The lesson: perhaps Chinese will give FS more than Japanese, especially to foreigners, however they are more business-like and will not be happy to receive less money than they hoped for.On Sunday I had plans to find satisfaction in Shibuya, but Seki 21 and and other shop in the same building were closed. Whether that was due to a crack-down or just the fact it was 1pm on Sunday I don't know. I saw NO touts either in the Pink district there.

06-24-02, 14:13
Hey Lion,it's not an isolated case, in January, I got a similar ripoff in ikebukuro, chinese girl outside brings you in, tries to jack up the price...., tries to get more money from me if I wanted her to take her bra off!! really short BJ 5 min. and proceeds for the HJ ,I ask for more oral, she says no, asks me for sex but quotes really high price for sex..........all in all I couldn't cum because I was so pissed off.I think most japanese guys just pay up without any complaints.Another warning to all punters: this was happening out here in osaka, beware of some of these sex service places, massage places that have chinese girls or are run by chinese, cause they're running a scam where they are ripping off johns of their credit card numbers. This was in the japanese newspaper, as the guy is taken for a shower, someone grabs his wallet and takes the credit number down. They caught some of these people doing this. So just becareful with your wallet.

06-25-02, 01:01
As a precaution I try not to take my wallet or credit cards to fuzoku places, just some cash, distributed in different pockets. It may sound paranoid, but better safe than sorry.

06-28-02, 07:04
Hi guys,If you come to Osaka, try out www.hadakano-ousama.comIt's near Umeda, very convenient. It's not a soap, just a Pink Salon.Anyway, I went there in the morning and paid just 4,500 yen for 20 minutes. I had no difficulty getting in. At the entrance I was just asked whether I could speak some Japanese and the guy wanted to make sure that I knew I couldn't have FS in that place. So he said 'NO SEX ... wakaru?' I said 'wakaru' and I could come in. I didn't pay the extra 2,000 yen to select a girl, but I got a nice girl. She was Japanese and looked about 20 years old, a little bit fat, but very sexy! She offered me a free drink (tea) and we talked a few minutes. Then we got undressed, cleaned my cock and and sucked it (without condom). At the some time she allowed me to play with her breasts and nipples. Her technique was really good and after five minutes I was more than ready and felt very good shooting it all into her mouth. They don't swallow your cum, of course, they use some tissues afterwards to get it out of their mouth. Anyway, to get a BJ without condom, can touch the girl, and cum into her mouth for just 4,500 yen , that's really good value for money.Can anyone recommend any similar CHEAP places in Tokyo (preferably around Shibuya or Shinjuku/Ikebukuro)?

06-29-02, 06:32
Hey Andy, Where about's in Osaka?.....I used to work in the "old Umeda" and worked for a big school called......N_V_....I guess you can figure that out... any precise directions would be appreciated! Thx! Happy screwing!

06-29-02, 09:02
HI,I found an adult party that will take foreigners if you are accompanied by a "Japanese" person. It is located in Takadanobaba, a couple of stops north of Shinjuku. (Check out previous posts regarding "Adult Parties" in archives). If interested, get in touch before noon tomorrow. The operation has about 5-7 girls working at any one time so....

06-29-02, 15:36
Hi Chikan,You probably know Hep 5 and Hep Navio.Walk towards the southern corner of Hep Navio and cross the big road. Then right in front of you is one of those narrow pedestrian only walks. Follow that walk for about 5 minutes and you'll find that place on your right hand side. The web page will tell you the exact address.Hope that helps.

06-30-02, 03:25
Andy, Thanks for the directions.....I might be in Japan again in the fall, and appreciate any tips. It's been awhile since I was there.

07-01-02, 17:53
Hi, guys I went to a DC (Date Circle, Date Club, Delivery Club are some of the various explanations for the abreviation). This was a Korean operation with girls in their early twenties, they said 19 - 27 with the average being somewhere in the 23 year old range. They evidently have a lot of girls. I called them around 6 pm and asked about their system they will send out a girl to a hotel you specify. If it is in the Ugisudani area, near Ueno Station, there is not charge for changing girls or cancellations if you don't like the girl (s) they send.They charge 20,000 for 80 minutes or 25,000 for 100 minutes or 30,000 for 2.5 hours. You call them from the hotel and make your request and give them your hotel name and room number. In about 15 to 20 minutes a girl will knock on the door, simple. The love hotels in the area charge 4-4.5K for three hours. Many have video decks, on line movies, and Karaoke systems so you can amuse yourself while waiting.I requested a slender, small and cute girl. That was the type I got. On a 10 scale at least an 8. She was about 5?f1?h slender but had great tits at least D probably E, tight waist and a beautiful ass. Very little hair and a tight little snatch, she had just started ten days ago. She was very nervous and a little shy. I found out she had come to Japan about 7 months ago to learn Japanese, started working in a hostess club and got herself into debt deep enough to want to work it off in as short a time as possible. We took a bath together had her wash me well then proceeded to business. She was not particularly active, but cooperative and willing to do anything I requested. I was surprised in this day and age, that she was willing to do anything without a condom if you wanted it that way. She did not enjoy being finger fucked or being eaten out but after warming her up she was definitely a great fuck. I figure you guys could get a girl delivered to you if :1) you are able to have a simple conversation in Japanese or Korean.2) You have a fluent friend to make the initial contact with the operation. As they only ask what hotel and room you are in and do not call the hotel to confirm ( at least they didn?ft in my case) It would be possible to have a third party, somewhere contact them for you and make the necessary requests and supply the information needed. Check it out, it was great.Sailing

07-01-02, 18:02
Oh I forgot, though I can't post the phone number of the Korean operation, you can contact me directly if you want it, I will post several URL's of other DC operations. Check it out.http://admaxnet.co.jp/elleseine/http://admaxnet.co.jp/AAA/queens/http://zapic.com/oedokomachi/http://ad-just.tv/go-in/ Prices may vary from one operation to the next. Most definitely it is rare to find a place which will give you bareback full service even if you are willing to chance it.Happy hunting.Sailing.

07-02-02, 13:05
SailingWow your descriptions and urls sounds great, it makes me wanna jump on the shinkansen and goto Tokyo.Do you know of any such places for Kyoto or osaka?

07-02-02, 14:27
dlite, Check your local sports newspaper you know like the Sankei Sports or Fuji sports news they usually have ads in them for the area's Fuzoku at least true of Tokyo. There are also Fuzoku magazines unfortunately in Japanese which will have pictures of the various girls working at the place and contact numbers for the operation. Try it out, it will give you incentive to improve your Kanji recognition. heh heh.Sailing

07-02-02, 16:00
Yeah, you had great experience, sailing.Same as you, I've played with Korean chick at Uguisudani.She was really great, cute and self-sacrificingrather than Japanese.Also she asked if I would play without comdome, butI offerd her with it. he-heUnfortunately I forgot the telephone number, but asSailing mentioned, there are many numbers for DC onthe sports newspapers.dlite_meI found the hotel health that send out the girls to your hotel.See below. I think all of them are businessed by Japanese, soI wonder the girls are cute and great than Korean.Osaka Kita area http://futen.kir.jp/field/ho-kita.htmlOsaka Minami area http://futen.kir.jp/field/ho-minami.htmlOsaka Yodogawa area http://futen.kir.jp/field/ho-yodogawa.html? Kyobashi area http://futen.kir.jp/field/ho-kyobashi.html

07-02-02, 17:01
J-boy, Are the delivery health services the same as the delivery Club services? I heard that the health service only offer BJ or HJ no FS? I also heard that depending on the girl, they will do FS but you have to pay them extra? Do you know more about this service. I was going to go to an adult party in Takadanobaba, but I read the ad for the Korean place and the girls they showed available looked great so I changed course and went to Uguisudani. I have gone to Adult Parties with a friend and I thought it was more fun then going alone.

07-03-02, 18:25
SailingYeah, it might be the same services as yours.But it's not the health service but DC.I think the service is illegal one. So we could get FS.I only paid 25,000 for 100min, no extra for FS.I don't know so much about the services.Of cource, I've gone to adult party, but the time was too short toplay enough.It's more convinient for me to take long time to play, because I'm notyoung enough. he he.BTW, I'm going to go Sapporo on business for 2 nights. I started tosearch the good shops to play. he he.

07-06-02, 22:49
Hi, I am from europe and will visit tokyo in september. I am looking for somebody living in tokyo wich like to show a foreigner the nightlive, since I heard as a foreigner there are not a lot of places to go by myself...any help/advise really appreciated

07-07-02, 07:42
Hey J-boy and sailing,Dunno if you guys remember me, I used to post under "RW" in the old forum, but anyways I'm coming upto Tokyo area at the end of July, on a weekend.If both or one of you guys is free to hit the "fun" places, that be great. If yes, then I can give you guys my Ketai address.If no, no problem. I usually go out to yohama then.Thanx

07-07-02, 17:38
Just back from a 2 week stint in Tokyo Pleased to let you know Seki 21 is still great value for money - directions of how to find the place were spot on.I arrived at 11.30 pm and there was only one other guy in the place. They have rules postedon the wall in english as follows1. While getting a blow job you may not drink or smoke2. you may touch the girl anywhere you want but be gentle3. while getting a blow job you must not push girl downthere were a couple of other rules to but cant remember them Had 2 great blow jobs - 1st from american japenese girl - spoke perfect english and after her 15 mins were up she stopped apologised for not making me come and then another girl turned up - japanese no english but excellent BJ technique and finished expertly in her mouth - both BBBJPaid totally Y8000Tried to find Dolls House but think i was to late as it seemed closed but in the side roads around there picked very hot (8-9) Street walker from Costa Rica 19 yo went to love hotel - paid Y7600 for room and paid her Y10000 for 30mins full servise - not a bad experience but she spoke NO english iand i only speak VERY basic spanish so a lack of communication!

07-08-02, 06:42
Ukpunter, The girls out behind dolls house are really aggressive aren't they? You seem to have gotten a good price from the girls but got stick with a high bill for the hotel room. In the area most of the places charge 3,500 to 4,000 for a room for three hours, but it seems you paid for the whole night. You must have gone really late.Dlite, I would be happy to hang with you while you are in Tokyo. Drop me a line at sailing4123@yahoo.com set up the details.

Carl LaFong
07-08-02, 08:33
Hi Folks,I just read a reference to "Doll's House". I don't remember reading about his venue. Can someone please fill me in--location, price, etc.? Thanks a bunch.

07-08-02, 15:31
Sailing,Yes the girls were fairly aggresive but not as bad as i thought they might have been - I was there late around 12.30 am so must have got rate for whole night! ... but girl was really fitSeki 21 wasan experience!!!!!

07-08-02, 15:51
Dlite_meI'd love to meet up with you and sailing, but I have awife and a boy, so I must stay with my family on theweekend.Also I'm a ordinary bussiness person. I'm workingtill lately.I may be able to give you some information. I cantransrate Japanese to (poor) English.If you'd like to contact me directly, please drop mea line at balius_boy@hotmail.com

07-09-02, 07:47
I've got an overnight coming at the Narita airport area. I need somebody to help regarding places to stay in the airport vacinity. Any great ideas about girls and their availability in the Narita area?

07-09-02, 15:03
Hey Franklin,I will be in the Narita area on Friday evening, leaving for LAX. I will check for you while there and will check further on Tuesday when I return. Hope you can wait that long.

07-11-02, 08:20
Anyone got Info on the yokohama style back alley small bars that are just pros from SE asia and China in Tokyo. I know there are a few around in Tokyonot just Yokohama.

07-11-02, 16:25
Katana, I got my past post out of the Yokohama archives for you. I think you are referring to the place near Koganecho which is the third station from Yokohama going towards Yokosuka on the Keihin Kyuko line. It is a fairly long walk from Kannai station on the Keihin Tohoku line. From Koganecho Station it is a two or three minute walk to the war zone. Getting out of the station cross the street in front of the station exit (I believe there is still only one). After crossing the street you are still under the elevated train tracks, turn either left or right and walk along the tracks. I prefer to go left but hey, either will do. For the next three to four blocks, there will be young Chinese, Thai, and rarely Japanese women standing in front of little bars. Their English is very, very limited. Some will give head but most will provide the required service for 10,000 yen. This service is for a 20 minute quickie. Anything can be negociated. It is a matter of what you want and how much you are willing to spend for it. ON a slow night, you may get better deals. I have tried this place out a couple of times, it is definitely interesting and cheaper than traveling to China or Thailand though the cost performance is definitely better if you invest in a trip to the respective countries. However, a short train ride from Tokyo (45 minutes) will get you to a place you would swear was in HK or BKK. The area between Kannai and Koganecho is open territory for girls walking the street. They can be anything from Columbian to Thai. The older Japanese women and beware there are transvestites there as well. But if you are into that hey.... From Kannai Station on the Keihin Tohoku line walk away from the Yokohama Stadium about four or five blocks will get you to the area call Akebono-cho. This area is mainly filled with massage palors. I have heard and read that they only do BJ's or HJ's there but there are exceptions. Again it is a matter of negotiation or finess. If you have any specific questions I will be glad to give what information I have

07-11-02, 18:10
Can I get the address details for Seki 21? I can't seem to find them...and btw, any recommendations around Jiyugaoka or Shibuya???I'm looking for nice girls... willing to do a lot more than a BJ.

07-12-02, 06:27
Sailing,Thanks for the info, but I do know that place all too well.Yes and no, the same style places exist on a smaller scale all around Tokyo.There is one in Machida and I have seen other places that look like the same scene but I have never had the time to investigate by my self at night.The women are all non Japanese and even some street walkers Soth American and such, pretty much same as Yokohama. So I am just wondering if anyone else knows about these hidden places, usually in a run down location very near a train station.About the last post century 21, nobody knows addresses for anything in Japan.on th eright side on the street near KFC in the main little walking street of Hachiko. not far past the back enterace of HMV on the 4th or 5th floor look for a sign in Japanese with 21 in it if you can't read. Small elevator up.For other action in Shibuya try further down the same street on the right side walking away from Shibuya JR. one building with 3 or 4 shops one of which is a sister pink saloon with 21. One shop or image club take/took gajin. Good luck if you don't speak Japanese.K.

07-12-02, 13:16
deque,If what you mean by "nice" is good looking I recommend going to the DC in Uguisudani. The place I went to provides Korean girls who will do everything you want them to do, with or without a condom, pretty hardcore. The place I went to will not accept "foreigners" but I am a foreigner who got through. As my Japanese is good enough to convince them I am a native. I checked other "Korean DC"s because a fellow WSG reader asked me if I could get him in and found one which will take foreigners if they can "communicate" with the girls either in Korean or Japanese. The prices they quote are: 20,000 for one shot/80 minutes 25,000 for two shot/100 minutes, 30,000 for two shot with massage/120 minutes, 55,000 for all night from 24:00, 60,000 for all night from 23:30.Another possibility if you read Japanese is going to an adult party please read my posting on this in the archives.

Member #4325
07-12-02, 17:53
Hinomaru report from American (w/Japanese language skills limited to 'domo origatoro'): 7/19/02...Just back from Hinomaru (pink club) in KabuchiCho. Given directions from previous posting I stumbled upon it (no English sign but can recognize from Club Nirvana (I think) next door.Previous postings were good to know what to expect (i.e. sit in booth along with everyone else and receive service while everyone nearby can watch. No big deal after a few minutes.I showed up Friday nite late 12AM. Closes at 1AM so had to pay up 10,000 yen and wait in lounge for 10 minutes. The key to getting a girl with little waiting is to Not pay extra 2000 yen to choose particular girl on wall. I am White Caucasian and girl spent extra time wiping down my willy (very proficient). I saw Japanese man in other booth receiving FS with girl on lap. BTW, mine was about a 5 to 7ish.Since I showed up near closing time (a mistake anywhere I think), the girl was in hurry to blow and go. She was polite but right to work and squeezed balls in attempt to squirt with minimal effort. (it was a BBBJ establishment, where you can kiss, fondle but intercourse is up to girl, I think). She was not very receptive and did not initiate touching or kissing but allowed it if I was into it. I stuck mostly with receiving the BBBJ and keeping her from crushing my balls with her hand. A good trick I found is to place your hand on your balls and lower willy area while receiving BJ to increase mouth action. She tried to face away so I could not easily see she was trying to use hand rather than mouth. She used baby oil and used nice hand and mouth motion but very fast. Speaking no Japanese we could not communicate so I just went with it. She made me cum once - I tried to stop her but squired 1/2 way. So she cleaned me up and went away. They said 45minutes and free drinks for 10,000 yen and we had 20 minutes left.A few minutes later she returned and made an effort to cuddle and arouse me again. Soon she was at it again with mouth and hand, same routine. She worked hard and soon gave me the 5 minute warning. I was not sure on protocol (this was pretty much my 1st BJ from a working lady - I know congratulations are in order) so when I was close to coming I started squeezing her small breasts harder to try to indicate imminent launch. She either did not take the queue to remove her mouth or was okay with getting some in mouth (would not think so from the way she scrubbed me all over before and after each time) since she let it go with mouth in place and wiped up quickly. Come to think of it (not pun) during action, I leaked a little and she expertly grabbed tissue and wiped up my hand to remove fluids without missing a beat. I am pretty sure such caution is not taken for non-foreigners. Anyway, I tried to tip her but she refused and said goodbye. Overall an interesting experience, but not very erotic since difficult to fondle and she was in such a rush (A growing line of others were waiting in booths to be serviced). I would guess pace would have been very different at 6 or 9PM vs. closing time.Other feedback on whole Kabuchicho area is that hawkers smart on foreigners or any Caucasian or non-Asian. Very annoying. I did ask to look at their places without paying to enter a few times to learn what is inside. This was helpful to get lay of the land (no pun). But they were not happy when I left trying to be polite and not get hassled further after pre-negotiating the entry fee. Can some one give me an informed medical opinion: What is the risk of STD from receiving oral sex, not knowing the health status of the girl? Can AIDS or other STD's be transmitted to guy from girl giving BBBJ???Bath time.

07-16-02, 08:06
hi allso I take it japan is like Korea..not really open to foreigners when it comes to sex...but here in Seoul we have Itaewontokyo has Rappongi, I have been to tokyo, shibuya, shinguku etc..walk around the sex areas, was not interested in sex I had a girl riends with me, just loking around..still I have heard alot that they don't really except foreigners..BUT that must bullocks...because imagine the businessman, doing million dollar deals etc...they japanese really want to entertain there new found found clients to Japanese woman..so where do they go???rappongi???or does money talk????if I have 500- thousand dollars to spend I can get laid with A class japanese traditional style girl????I want a place where its for gentlemannot just travelers etc...I want an exclusive place, where I will be treated with respect, just like japanese men..so is the a place to experience real japanese woman for foreigner???also I heard you can eat sushi from naked woman is that true???

07-16-02, 09:17
of course like seoul, i have been there too if you are willing to pay the bucks anything is available. most businessmen have some connections that will allow their business clients to be entertained at a hostess club and depending upon the relationship there are other places available. i have posted information on places that may accept foreigners though i do not give telephone numbers or names unless i know the person fairly well. i don't want to be a persona non grata due to the lack of cultural sentitivity on the part of someone who does not know what is happening in this country.regarding the eating off a naked body, that was popular about 10 years ago along with pantyless coffee shops and peep shows. i don't know if there are still shops that offer that service. most places that don't accept foreigners have a phobia of foreigners thinking they are too big or infected with hiv. for some stupid reason they think only foreigners are likely to be infected though statistics to the contrary are readily available. the other explainations i am given are the girls don't speak english and are not comfortable dealing with someone they can not communicate with. some of the girls working in fashion health shops (massage parlors) have things they will and will not do. if they can't tell the customer what they will not do, it may cause trouble for the girl and for the shop if the customer gets angry for the "lack of service" the other one is that they want the business of only japanese, who on the most part are fairly easy to please and don't complain about the price they are charged though for most people familiar with asia they are outragous. there are shops that accept foreigners as you can see from the posts of others on this site. if you had the money you talk about, you would have a contact here that would set up things for you. when i was in thailand on business everything was taken care of by my business partner over there. over here an introduction will get you into many places that you would not get into by just walking into the shop. i think it is true of many places in korea as well.

07-17-02, 03:26
As it is a topic I will add my say about it.Yes for major money you can get anything in Japan mainly in Yoshiwara.This is well documeted, that for a thousand USD you can get anything you want. But, for the other 99% of the shops out there NO Foreigners is pretty clear. The reason are varied and everything Sailing said is perectly acurate but mainly those are the excuses used and cover some deeper truths. First most sex services are run/owned by organised crime. These shops are strict about foreigners. The organised crime people seem to really hate foreigners, some shops owned by these people reject gaijin even though the service staff is completley foreign. I asked them why and in the end they just said the owners don't like foreigners....too much trouble. There is a famous shop in Shibuya like that. Other shops that were cool one day gave me a membership and everything even though they charged me an extra gaigin fee let me in. One day I went and was rejected, because "ownership has changed" same shop same girls same staff different owner, that message was clear enough. That shop is also in Shibuya which tends to be better than most places. Yokohama is far better still. Anyway of the years I have asked at amny shops and heard many excuses fact is in the end Japanese are just not confortable with foreigners more matter how well they speak Japanese it just does not matter fear is fear and pushing them does not make it any better, best to be polite and move on. and if you got money to burn or someone to pay your way go to the Soap district of Yoshiwara, money does seem to lessen the fear somewhat.

07-17-02, 14:26
Saling and Katanawhen you two say FOREIGNER, are you saying that refer to people who don't speak Japanese or do you mean FOREIGNER as in black, white or other asian..etc Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Flip? Please clarify. Thanks.

07-17-02, 15:59
AMP,Technically any non-Japanese person is considered a foreigner or gaijin(outsider). I am a foreigner however because I look and speak Japanese, I pass all but the most careful checks. If I am asked for identification (never happened so far) I can pass myself off as a native who has spent too much time abroad. If you can speak Japanese, there is some slack cut depending upon how well you can sling the lingo in particular street lingo. If you are the Berlitz "Yes, I am. No, I'm not" as opposed to "Yeah, ya got dat . Nah, I ain't" kind of language you might be able to swing it. Many places are worried that you will cause them trouble if you complain to the cops or worst case start a fight. Some places let you in if you have a regular vouching for your conduct. Others will let you in if you are willing to pay extra and are able to let them know you know what the system is.

07-17-02, 17:38
GuysWhen I went to Sapporo last week and I asked the girls who played with me that why their owners refuse gaijin. The answer was very simple. The C*CK of the foreigners, especially Westerners, looks so big than Japanese. It'll hurt her pus*y.Additionally, I asked if they accept Asians who have the one as same size as Japanese, but the answer was NO. The reason is same as Saling has already explained. They fear to cause trouble with the lack of communications.I think if you can speak Japanese or take your Japanese fellow who can explain the systems of the shop to you, you may be able to get in more.

07-18-02, 06:52
When I say Foreigner I mean anyone that can be deduced to be non-Japanese.Other than that it does not matter. I know lots of Black white and even a few Asians that were booted based on looks or even accent. You can speak the most elegant Japanese there is and get kicked because you don't look right. You could call it racism but it is more like zenophobia then anything else. Sailing seems gets but because he speaks well and looks right ( lucky man), he still seems to get rejected when people sense some non Japanese traits. I speak well but could never pass as I am non-Asian just the way it is. I still Get in about 5% of the time. Just persistance and manners.
Originally posted by AMPGuestSaling and Katanawhen you two say FOREIGNER, are you saying that refer to people who don't speak Japanese or do you mean FOREIGNER as in black, white or other asian..etc Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Flip? Please clarify. Thanks.

07-18-02, 16:05
I was made today!! A friend, I had not seen for awhile asked me if I had been sailing recently. It seems he read my posts on this site and figured out it was me. I didn't mean to be so obvious but... At any rate we plan to do the Korean DC in the near future will post if I am able to get him in I figure they won't charge more than 10,000 but at least 5,000 as a gaijin charge as this guy is as white and hairy as any gaijin (foreigner) can be. If I can get him in there is hope for all you other gaijin out there. Sorry. I know I am gaijin too but.....Stay tuned for the next installment next week.

el rey
07-18-02, 23:15
Hello Sailing-I am new to the post & noticed your mentioning of "adult party"- please read my posting on this in the archives... any info you could pass along would be appreciated-

07-19-02, 05:01
Here is some information from the archives written around 11/2001:Yes, there are many available to Japanese speaking "Gaikokujin"(Come on let's be politically correct here). There are places advertised in Fuji sports newspaper as well as many fuzoku magazines just call them up and ask them in polite language what their service system is and whether they will service you. Unless you speak flawless Japanese they will know you are a foreigner and that you are somewhat knowledgeable about "services" that are provided. If they say they are an (image club) it is basically a fantasy place where you may get 69, hj, bbbj, anal, and a variety of other services. Beware joints that state they have various options as the various options are additional charges. This could get you in to a situation where you may be stuck with a tab at the register when leaving. This is true of many straight operations they will not give you a straight fuck though they may offer greek. Health clubs will give you hj, bj w/ or w/out, 69, but without the costumes that are available in Image clubs. I personally think that the most value for the money are adult clubs. As these places are illegal they can addresses, telephone numbers and can be difficult to keep track of unless you know the guys operating the place. The best ones are in Shibuya, Ebisu and Takadanobaba. The 'Baba one is located about 10 minutes from the station depending upon the day of the week and time of the day there are between 4 - 10 women aged between 19 - 26 who will talk with you in a party like room often with some porn on the video or even Japanese programs. One must be fairly outgoing to get these girls into a conversation. Usually the women there may or may not decide to service a foreigner and they are under no obligation to service any of the customers other than their take home pay will be that much less. They are paid per customer serviced. The service time is about 15 - 20 minutes and the level of service will vary from girl to girl. Many are not "pros" so for me that is interesting.

Big D
07-19-02, 14:56
Hey guys. Visiting this board from abroad. Came across this crazy article about high schoolers hooking with guys they meet on their cell phones. What the hell?!? Is this common? I also like the lack of remorse these girls feel for hooking. I sense that these girls do not have fully developed moral structures...Teen girls linked to paid sex feel no guilt, police survey showshttp://www.japantoday.com/e/?content=news&cat

07-19-02, 17:33
Big D, Yes it does happen, though you can be busted for doing someone under the age of 18 or was it 16. There are sites which can be accessed through a cell phone that is a bbs for guys and girls to post requests for services. Of course you have to be able to read and write Japanese. Though some say that they have had success by writing to the girls in English. The brand culture is big among a faction of the girls and their main goals in life are to get as many of the symbols of success as possible with the least effort. This is not the general attitude of women but it is one that exists. There are a lot of subculture groups here that you could spend years studying if you are into sociology and group dynamics. Japanese are for the most part, very group oriented and very dependent on the group for values and social direction. (Perhaps too generalized, but often observed).

07-20-02, 01:27
Sailing,Sorry for playing mr. no show lately, work has been nuts. When do you want to do the adult party thing or ugusuidani thing? My gf will be in town from July 30th, so this week is a no-go. On another note, I hooked with another girl from jboy's site. This girl was not bad, about a 6.5-7 on the 10 scale. cute, not bad body (not stellar but definitely nice), and a very nice person to chat with (before and after the deed). Definitely not a pro, and that WAS interesting as I coaxed her into trying some of the usual daring stuff.Other than that, I have 1 other girl from his site that I am trying to meet up with. Just the normal bs, I'm busy she's busy bs. Anyway, I will let you know how that goes, I think this girl will be good. I tried the tokyo classifieds thing just for kix, and met up with one semi-strange girl. She was not all that cute, but her body was nice. This type of system takes too long as you have to create the relationship with the emails first, I will pass on this next time.Other than this, just been working like crazy, though I am getting out at a reasonble hour now. Let me know when you want to hook up next.- Dave

07-20-02, 01:47
bigd,regarding your post about the high school chix doing the deed for the pricey looey veton bags, i wouldn't feel sorry for these girls. this society is a bit whacked, but what would you expect from a country in such stagnant economic times? this type of 'illegal' activity is not bad, it somehow spurs the cash flow here. plus, let the japanese salarymen and managers live out their fantasies. have you ever really looked at these poor people going home in the trains at night? they are absolutely fried. this provides an outlet for them, is this really that bad?i think it was sailing that remarked about the social studies point, now that is truly an interesting topic. i am certainly not in a position to do any type of study other than the language one, but watching our japanese peers in the social dynamic is truly an event. i enoy it. i guess the question i should ask is are you more against the idea of such a young girl having sex at such a young age? or is it the whole pay for sex thing that is bothering you? or are you just super religious? (i don't mean this in a bad way). i have a buddy from aussie, who is not a priest by any means, but he is a really faithful guy to his jpn gf. actually he is the most faithful person i have ever met. but after becoming really good, as they say 'mates' with him, he let out his real desire to hook with a high school girl. i thought i was bad, but he took things to a new extreme for me. i won't lie, like most foreign guys, (sorry if you are not one of them), but there are few things as hot as a really cute/pretty, tall, slim japanese school girl (of course 18 and over). not all the school girls here are pretty, or cute, but the exceptions are real eye candy. at any rate, no matter how much we can chat about the morality issue, this type of system will never die, and is it really that bad?? anyway, not to rant on. the cell phone hook i have not tried as of yet, i think it is more exciting and worth the learning experience in japanese by meeting a girl in a coffee shop. this provides an unreal rush and at least you know what kind of girl you are dealing with in the looks department. good luck to you. - dave (the other bigd?)

07-20-02, 04:23
Hey other Big D!Tried calling you the other day but could not get through. Though you went to join El Qaeda in Afganistan as a summer project or something. Anyway as I mentioned earlier a friend an I are planning to try the Korean DC place I found which was fantastic. Great looking Korean chick with great body. Will let you know how it goes. Just give me a call when you can to arrange something.

07-20-02, 15:29
Wondering if I could get some decent directions to any of the BJ bars in Shibuya or Rappongi area? Oh yea must be willing to serve foreigners. Thanks.

07-20-02, 22:35
all the talk about the difficulty for a foreign to get service in japan reminded me of the concerns that i had when traveled there in fall 2000. well, these proved to be very wrong for me at least - i found that there is a class of providers that is very willing to relief horny foreigns and in fact looks for them actively. having read all the reports on the old board finally one night i boarded the metro to the sin area. don't ask me which one - i'm allergic to japanese names but i mean the bigger and better known one. i must have been very confused by all these stories of oriental mistery, sex and disappointed ganjins as i immediately walked in the wrong direction when out of the metro station. i tought that it was really very discreet to be a red lights district and wandered there for a while before realizing the mistake. i even walked in a therapeautic massage place where the guy looked very surprised when i asked for girls and stuff. in a typical asian fashion he offered no additional indications on where to go so i kept walking into a narrow street to the end of which, there where lights and that was to be my intended destination. the place has pedestrian-ony streets with movie theaters, bars, clubs and lot of people hanging out. it looked very safe and chilled to me. while walking and looking around a very skinny, 30something lady stopped me and gestured about massage and blowjob. i made clear that i wanted 'good' service and she made clear that i would have got it. so we went up to the parlor where a guy showed me the menu with prices and brief descriptions in english and suggested the best deal that i happily took. like the lady, he was very friendly so i went in with total confidence. i received a very good massage on a tatami in one the smallest rooms i ever been to. after that she put a condom and began sucking before going into some positions. i was very relaxed and pleased or perhaps the the japanese-sized condom prevented enough blood to get to my dick hence the perceived slow pace of the event. more smiles and compliments as i left the place and began exploring the area outside.after a while, not really knowing what i wanted, i followed a 'promoter' into an a club nearby. this latin-american told me that i would have found nice girls and good service. the place was on the second floor in a buiding, and indeed there was a good selection of girls, some japanese some chinese, singing and keeping good company to few gentlemen sitting on sofas and having drinks. one of girls had really a great voice and got a great deal of applause. i was immediately hard-pressed by a slender, young japanese that spoke good english and made the usual small-talk we all know about. altough she was very good looking for some reason something of her super-self-confident attitude got on my nerves, eg she told me in a kind of secretive way that the place was special as the girls didn't just sang but you could bring them to a room. so after i told her that all this was very cool but i wanted to take my time enjoying my drink, she was very pissed to not have took the easy score she must consider to be his own right when a western guy walks in. that was kind of fun and we kept playing some attitude games with her before i picked another prettie that was sitting quiet and shy among the group. she took my hand and we walked to a nearby love hotel, i had never saw one of these, on the wall in the reception there where room pictures with buttons to make your selection that pretty much compares to the sign outside a fast-food drive-thru. the room was very nice and had all the conforts. on tv there was a movie like platoon going so i tought about all the unlucky servicemen that lost their liver or sanity in the asia-pacific while i was leaving there just some money and body fluid. anyway the chinese doll proved to be not what you call a sex animal but was anyway willing to satisfy and we spent some nice time together.at late night i took a lady-driven cab back to my hotel and in summary i have very nice memories about the whole trip and japanese women, to conclude with the immigration lady that with a smile asked if i remembered her as she was the same one that stamped my passport at entry !

07-21-02, 10:18
Hi guys, hope everyone is surviving this summer weather. I have also been a little MIA lately, so I thought I would write a quick post. I had some outstanding success with the Metropolis thing recently (well, actually last night to this morning!). A second date started in Yokohama to see the Hanabi (by the way a BAD idea as about 15 million other people had the same idea) and ended up in an all night shag-fest in her apartment. She even washed my clothes for me so I would have clean stuff to wear home today. All in all it reminded me of the good old days in college, winding up in some girl's dorm room the next morning (and not quite knowing where you are when you first awake). Anyway, she is really great, cool, and easygoing. I'll definitely be seeing her again. I also had some not so great Metropolis dates, and yes it does take a lot of e-mails ... but when it works, Oh my does it work. It probably shouldn't be your first option for meeting girls, but it is certainly worth trying. I thought about hitting Hinomaru on my way home today, but I found that I had no appetite for sex (this is known to happen after all night shag-fests :-). Happy Hunting

07-21-02, 16:29
I've also been MIA for a while. How r u Sailing...see you're quite an active contributor here of late. Seems like you got some new and interesting leads of late. Wish I was there to join you. I just want to concur with Fishmonger in regard to Metro. Actually, my situation makes it even more challenging because I currenlty live in Bangkok.Amazingly enough the girls actually stopped by Bangkok to see me in both instances. I got another one on a standby if I ever make my way back to Tokyo (sigh).The first one we swapped pictures. She looked cute enough and I guess she found me physically agreeable. We hooked up in Bangkok and it was smooth sailing. Granted, she looked cuter in the picture (an abnormally for Asian I think) but still not bad at all in person. She thought I looked better in person...I guess that honest comment made the rest of the night quite good...The second one, shoud've swapped photos. I met her for the fist time at a hotel she was staying in Bangkok on her way back from Singapore. Luckily, we agreed beforehand to go out first. Physically, she was not my type...cool person but not my type. Still keep in touch because I figure, hey, maybe her friends'll be alright hehe. What could've been if I'd lived in Tokyo...

Bone is Hard
07-22-02, 14:28
Several months ago I made a post about the escort agency, Tokyo Enjoy. Since then I have returned to Tokyo and again called TE because the first experience was certainly a lasting experience. This time around I asked for a girl with the same values as the first time but I threw in long hair. When the doorbell rang, the young Japanese girl introduced herself as Maria. Now before I called, I skipped thru and read several of the subsequent post concerning TE and Maria?s name popped up several times. One pro and another con. My experience was good, hell, I?ve never had any bad pussy, but if I had to choose between her and another total stranger from TE I would probably risk going with the total stranger. Maria was not very aggressive. Her BBBJ was not inspiring; it was as if she were a kid sucking on a Tootsie Roll Pop. Never any deep throat. She has a knockout body with beautiful long natural colored hair that she could have used her imagination just a little bit and it would have been an unforgettable experience. I tend to like girls that take some initiative, otherwise they are just like my wife and just lay there. She did get into the act and it was apparent she enjoyed it as much as me. She whimpered like a puppy almost the whole time. Her reactions to touch were genuine and you can?t fake goose bumps. I tried anal, but she seemed to put herself out of position every time. She is certainly a sweet girl and did give good GFE. After talking with her for a while following the completion of my goal, (I flat wore that pussy out) I found out she is a student working her way thru college. That may explain some of the coolness she exhibited. I?ve used Tokyo Enjoy twice now and they have supplied just what I asked for. However what I asked for may not have been what I expected., particularly citing Maria.

07-22-02, 14:44
Bro Bone, how much does TE costs? I heard it is quite expensive.Cheers

07-22-02, 14:53
If you'd like to make friends of Japanese, why don't youaccess below sites.From Foreigners to Jhttp://www.ne.jp/asahi/pooh/pooh/penpal/ffriend.htmFrom J to Foreignershttp://www.ne.jp/asahi/pooh/pooh/penpal/jfriend.htm

07-22-02, 16:32
Any of you guys know anything about Shin-Okubo? I read in a newspaper article a while back that alot of foreign SW (chinese, thai) hangout around there.

07-22-02, 19:54
Dlite,How was China? Re ? There are alot of Thai and Columbians hanging out on the streets between Shin Okubo and Seibu Shinjuku Station near the area called Hyakunincho near the Don Quiote Discount store. Given the current competition from the various venues in the area they can be negotiated down as there are now some DC places charging 16.000 yen for an hour. BTW call that shop but they won't do foreigners. Regardless, that is a bit of information that may help when negotiating with the girls out on the street. Most of them already know that there are other venues of relief for the men in the area so some poor unknowing shmoo may go for their pitch of 20,000 an hour. The Chinese massage palors in the area will go down to 10 to 12K for a quickie. Given that you will have to pay 4 K for a room in the area's many Love hotels, the total cost of the adventure will be that much higher. Also look carefully and keep your ears open for soft husky voices there are transvestites in the area as well. and sex altered versions remember, buyer beware.Happy hunting.

07-23-02, 00:21
Sailing:Did I miss a post from you on the situation around Narita? I've just got an overnight coming up and I wondered if you might have any recommendations as to girls, services, or hotels in the general vicinity of the Narita airport.Thanks, Bro.

07-23-02, 04:39
FranklinD Sorry, I forgot all about it. Get in touch with me at sailing4123@yahoo.com Let me know what your language abilities are and what you are willing to spend in terms of time and money. I don't think there are any services available to foreigners in the Narita area. It is a rather rural area out by the airport.

Bone is Hard
07-23-02, 13:20
Arai-naTE is 35,000 yen for 70 minutes. You call the "papa-san" give him your hotel and he calls you back. You ask for the type girl you want and within about 45-60 minutes she's knocking on your door. I find this a bit more easy than walking the streets trying to find the parlours since I dont read Japanese at all and am not good a following directions. You can generally count on these girls to be a little cleaner? than palour girls or SWs.There is another call service but Ive not tried it. Avenue A, scan the archives for reviews. I'm just a creature of habit and havent tried them yet. They are a bit cheaper, I think.Bone

07-23-02, 15:12
Hey fishmonger,yep the Metro (also know as Tokyo Classified) ads work but it dose take a little time and it is FREE. I responed to almost every ad one week and got 4 or five responses which let to three dates. The experiance you had sounds familiar, the washing etc. is her name Masumi?B

07-23-02, 17:29
Hey Bone,Try the Korean DC (escort services) I tried one in Uguisudani that was great, and it cost 25,000 for 80 minutes I figure they may add a foreigner surcharge of 5-10K but it may be cheaper than the TE place. BTW if you speak decent Japanese there can be more options, in terms of venues, available. If not get a cool Japanese speaking friend to set it up for you. If you don't have one let me know, if it is a matter of making a phone call I will do it for you.Korean girls are here on cultural visas learning Japanese and working part time for this service. The one I met was 23 years old and great. She will do anything you want. The other great thing about it is if you want seconds, it is only another 5k.I had a friend who said he wanted to try it out and I called at least 6 places until I found on that would take an American.(must be the imagined size but most were afraid to take large guys) The one which agreed was located in Shinjuku. I don't think it is cool to post the number here as there are those who are not cool and could blow it for the rest of us. I would like this place to remain open as long as possible. Great service and great looking girls.have fun.

07-24-02, 05:04
Booska, could be the same chick, but the name she gave me wasn't Masumi. So Masumi washed your clothes too? Pretty sweet deal. Did you have a repeat encounter? The chick I met is going to spend the night at my place this weekend. Yeah, FREE is best part :-).

Bone is Hard
07-24-02, 13:50
Sailing,I'll take you up on the Korean DC deal the next time I'm in Japan, probably in November. I see your email address a few post down. I'll get the number from you. As for Japanese, hell, some say I cant speak good English. I don't use Japanese enough to remember it long. Maybe I need a Japanese house servant, huh.Thanks,Bone

07-24-02, 18:04
Bone,Hey, do what you gotta do. If it takes getting a house servant and you've got the bucks, hey go for it. You'd be better off with a cute J-girlfriend though don't you think? Perhaps a couple of good Japanese speaking guys to relieve the monontony of steak every night, they could help you get pork chops and mutton from time to time.

07-26-02, 14:56
Hey fishmonger,Free is where it's at. Paying 20,000 yen + for less than two hours huh...But then again you have spend more time hunting, but with all the cute J-Girlsout there it's so easy. b

07-28-02, 13:52
I'll be visiting Tokyo on business for the first time in a few weeks. Is it possible for a westerner with no Japanese language skills to find hot girls? Will SW's go with westerners? Any advice/info is greatly appreciated.

07-29-02, 07:57
Hello folks,I'm thinking of making my first trip to the far east and would like to sample some Japanese cuties.Specifically, I'm interested in what I've heard about teen-aged Japanese girls selling their services on a casual (non-professional) basis. Can somebody provide some details (how this works, where are the good spots, and what's a reasonable price) for me?I'm a south-asian descent American who will be speaking at most a handful of phrases memorized from a Lonely Planet Guide. Will I do better with this goal in Tokyo or in another city??thanks!

07-29-02, 12:16
Rumpus ... I'd say you have almost no chance of doing "enjo kosai" or compensated dating with teenaged J. girls if you don't speak Japanese fluently. A few phrases from some guide book won't even be enough to get into a soapland. Save your money and go to Thailand or something. Also, they seem to be cracking down on this sort of thing here. Almost everyday you hear about some Japanese guy being arrested for doing what you want to do. IF you want to taste the local flavor ... go to Hinomaru in Shinjuku. Check this board for directions.

07-29-02, 18:41
Fishmonger, thanks for the advice. Regarding arrests for "enjo kosai", I was under the impression it was legal? Or is it merely tolerated?I read the Hinomaru posts in this forum... Any recommendations for a place that will cater to a gaijan that would provide more choice than Hinomaru?thanks!

07-29-02, 21:22
Rumpas I am writing in the Tokyo section although information I will provide here in not in Tokyo but in Yokohama. Before I get into this however I agree with what fishmonger says you have greater opportunties if you speak the lingo several places where it is not necessary is Hinodecho in Yokohama and there are some interesting places between Hinodecho and Kannai stations in Yokohama.I was in Yokohama this morning around 2am wandering around and was approached by a couple of Korean girls who said they would do foreigners if they spoke Japanese or Korean. Obviously they don't have anyone who speaks English. You will have to find a Japanese speaking friend who is willing to take you or you are will to take along. They offered a BJ for 6,000 or a FS for 25,000 I did not take them up on the offer. I wondered into Hinodecho and found the Chinese section and they were very slow at that time. One girl offered me 30 minutes for 8,000 FS but I got her down to 5,000 and US$10. Not bad and she was a good moaner and pleasant to be with though well past her teens.The Koreans were in their early twenties though some looked as though they could pass for late teens. If you got the time to do Thailand or China it would be cheaper and perhaps more interesting but if you are stuck with the Japanese experience only then make your way down to Yokohama. Perhaps J-boy would be a good source for information as this is his area.

07-30-02, 05:40
Rumpus,If you are looking for a Japanese girl and not the other asains availible your odds go up with how much Japanese you speak. Enjo Kosai is not legal just too widespread to stop completely. As a Non Japanese your chance is between zero and none to get it.As for places there are several escort agencies that are expensive but will cater same as soaplands think what ever is very expense and double it.Anything else you wil need a guide or a lota lota luck. Himomaru is kind of a dump and very expensive as far as pink salons go there is another in Shibuya where foreigners are ok called aladin or something like that same price but a full hour and two girls no choice though. Any of the shops that will let you choose from the pictures on the require Japanese. Good luck. and let us know how you do.
Originally posted by rumpusFishmonger, thanks for the advice. Regarding arrests for "enjo kosai", I was under the impression it was legal? Or is it merely tolerated?I read the Hinomaru posts in this forum... Any recommendations for a place that will cater to a gaijan that would provide more choice than Hinomaru?thanks!

07-31-02, 08:11
I had a crappy experince in Kanda last Saturday. I was debating whether or not to make an entry about it, and finally decided to. I had some spare time before another Metropolis first date, so I thought I'd try a place I'd never been to before. The place is called "crystal" written in katakana. I agreed to the 5,000 yen course expecting a quick massage and then a nice HJ from hopefully a cute chick. What I got was ... no massage, a COVERED HJ, and I could touch her tits OVER her sweater. It really sucked, and the girl was about a 35 to 40 y/o Japanese woman, who told me she was 25! Yeah right! On top of everyting, she started telling me to hurry up and finish after about 2 minutes of the HJ! Needless to say this was about the worst experience I have ever had. Has anyone EVER gotten a covered HJ before? I finally had her take it off and told her I would do it myself. I managed to shoot a load with her watching and slightly touching my balls. The funny thing was that she offered me anal for another 1 man yen. I'm not into it, but if any of you guys are, this could be a good place for you. Sometimes wandering into a place can be great but in this case it sucked! BTW, my metropolis date ended up with a HJ (uncovered!) in a park. But, she seems to want a "serious" relationship so I don't think I'll be seeing her again, even though she made it clear that next time we could do "the nasty".

07-31-02, 21:24
Sailing,Quick question for you:I know where the Okubo and Shin-Okubo exits are (and even how to walk back towards Kabuki-cho), but I don't usually use the subway so don't know where the Seibu-Shinkuju exit is - can you give some brief details (and assume I know the Shin-Okubo station area fairly well).Also general info - does anyone know any escorts/clubs/streetladies that are open to couples?Love to take my girlfriend with me on one of my expeditions.thanks.

07-31-02, 22:06
Frequent,Seibu-Shinjuku is not a subway station but rather a private train line run by the Seibu group. It is under or rather a part of the Shinjuku Prince Hotel Building. The station is on the second floor of the same building. The hotel is on the South side of the station and Shin Okubo is near the North side of the station. Since you know Kabukicho, I assume you know Hinomaru. If you come out of Hinomaru turn right, walk away from Kabukicho moving in the general direction of Okubo. You will eventually get to a wide, 6 lane road (Shokuwan dori), cross the street and turn left. Walk straight along that street towards the train tracks, about two blocks before the train tracks just past the car rental agency take a right down the alley. You have entered the zone, which is filled with Colombians, Thai, and from time to time Chinese SW. They are concentrated in the two block area between Shokuwan dori and Okubo dori (the road that runs in front of both Okubo and Shin Okubo Stations.

08-02-02, 03:50
Ok an actual bit of good news a shocking report about a shop called in katagana peperon in Shibuya. I have been there before and serviced but something new know that I have never seen posted before, anywhere. Signs in English stating FOREIGNERS WELCOME.and play explanations in English.Let me be clear this is not a Chinese or keroean place girls are Japanese and this a standard Japanese "health" . No BS at all just go right on in but of course easier if you speak Japanese. Also the shop owner said the girls have right of refusal. But still a giant step forward. This shop is in the same street as Century 21 in the cobblestoned walking area of hachiko. about 100 meters away from it on the opposite side of the street on the 2nd floor heading away from Shibuya station. All signs are in Japanese. This buildging houses 3 or 4 other shops. like pinochino the sister salon for Japanese to C21. Anyway happy shopping and play nice. make them happy they opened it up for us all!Also on a side note I confirmed and earlier post by Wolf I think In Shinjuku, Fudulgakuen sign is in hiragana and kanji will except if you speak japanese. Good luck!

08-02-02, 10:11
Katana - thanks for the info. How are the girls there? What are the options and prices? I'll check it out next time I'm in Shibuya.

08-02-02, 16:02
Sailing - thanks. That's the area I'm familiar with - just didn't realize that the seibu line station was close by. I usually just think of it as being Shin-Okubo since it's so close to that exit. Has it picked up around there at all? The last 4-5 times I've been there (I'll sometimes make a quick stop around 11:30-12:00), it has been very slow - nothing at all like Ikebukuro or the Ueno area.

08-02-02, 20:00
It is pretty much hit or miss at any of those places, never quite know when the police or immigration guys decide to clean house. I was in the neighborhood this evening and saw only Colombian girls out. There were three older Thai girls but that was it. If you are talking about Uguisudani, I see only old women out there. I go to Ugisudani but only to call out a girl from Dating Clubs in the neighborhood. If you speak Japanese there is a possiblitity of getting a girl from the clubs prices and quality vary however I have been somewhat lucky there. Usually girls in their early twenties and I like slender girls and have not been disappointed.I seldom go to Ikebukuro but when I do the quality of the girls in the West Ikebukuro area is disappointing.I recommend trying Kannai in Yokohama there are a few Korean Massage palors there that seem to have a fairly large selection of girls.

08-03-02, 03:09
Girls are pretty standard for Healths pretty good actually as it is shibuya. short course 25 min only 3500. price on other course varies by time max is 18000 stardard options upto Anal.
Originally posted by fishmongerKatana - thanks for the info. How are the girls there? What are the options and prices? I'll check it out next time I'm in Shibuya.

08-04-02, 14:22
Wish I read your posts when I was in Tokyo.Would've dropped you a line SAILING, but it a was a little short notice this weekend.Tried Hinomaru in Kabukicho. First of all I went on Friday afternoon, if any of you guys were in Tokyo that day, you all would know it rained alot!! So I figured it would be a good chance to head over to Hinomaru.Secondly, I was lost and soaked, the directions from the posts were a little unclear, and I could not find the street signs. But a asked another foreignor where this place was. This guy was nice enuff to bring me to Hinomaru.Pay my 8000 for 40 min. Only 2 other guys were there when I got there.Question do the girls usually give the BJ with or without condoms?The girl I got was horrible, she said she was new and when I asked for sex, she said no. It was a very boring BJ session, to top it off I didn't blow my wad cause she was not very enthusiastic.this girl is No. 16 and her name is Miyabi. So don't pick her!!About Ikebukuro, this place is more seedier than Kabukicho. There are a lot of pimps and touts if you come out the west exit. None will accept foreignors, except the cabaret clubs. There are alot of foreign SW by the Love hotels, but the pickings were slim. There were maybe 2 thais, a whole bunch of hispanic and black, some caucasian (russian), and 1 or 2 mid aged japanese women. They all quoted 2-man and they would not even lower their prices.On a side note, the chinese girls offering massage services are getting very aggressive. They literally grab on to you and try to drag you to their massage parlors. I told them I only wanted sex no BS massage (which they only give a HJ release) She said ok 2-man, I say no 1-man (same as Yokohama), she goes down to 15,000. Sounded better and she looked really cute and slim, so I asked if she would be the one I would bang, she says no. So I said forget about it. Alot of these chinese places are just ripoffs. But if you really want to try, you should get everything in detail explained between you and the girl. Especially if the girl would be naked, (this happened to me before in Ikebukuro, I did not ask for more detail of the service, so she charged more just to get naked), Make sure they don't add on more charges.

08-04-02, 16:01
Hinomaru :After several months, I came back today to Hinomaru Shinjuku Kabukicho.The address did not change. For the new comers, the itinerary to get there is :- leave Shinjuku station and Department Stores area on your back and head east / north-east- cross the main streets (2) and face the Kabukicho area- before crossing the second street and entering the area, make sure you have the Epson building on your left hand side- you will recognize the gate to enter the Kabukicho as there is a pedestrian street and to enter you will have a Don Quichote store on your right (unforgettable jingle music and a kind of penguin as a logo) and a kind of club or Pachinko on your left by the name of Pick Hack (or something similar in English)- get down the street and you will see quite some animation, clubs, parlors and pimps and you will pass a Mc Donald store on your right- continue till you see a large building facing you at the end of the street- the name of the building is Komas Stadium (note that there is nothing of a stadium here but rather a large entertainment and movie theater)- the street ends on a T cross road : Komas stadium in front of you.- you must turn right- if you see another Mc Donald shop, this means you turned left so go the other way- if you see a pharmacy in from of you (with a large green cross) then go to it- at the pharmacy turn left and get down the street- at the end of the street you will see a love hotel by the name of Hotel Listo- on the left side of the Listo you will see clearly and in English a Manzoku store (see note after)- if you lock up to the roof, then you will notice in Hiragana/Katakana a sign saying Hinomaru with a red circle (for the Japanese flag)- note that Hinomaru means rising sun, thus the Japanese emblem !- you're close !- so at the Listo and Manzoku, turn left till the next cross road and then turn right- go up till the end of the block- you will see on you right hand side the entrance of the Hinomaru- again here, no English signs or name but look for the red circle as the Japanese flag : that Hinomaru- the shop is upstairs so you will have to take a large stair with red carpet (you can't miss this)- upstairs you will see right at the entrance a large board with pictures of the girls working this dayThe principle is rather simple and about the same as at Seiki 21 and Pinocchio :- select a girl if you wish- go to the cashier and pay your Yen 8,000 + 2,000 for girl selection or only 8,000 if no selection or 10,000 if after 20:00 or 10,000 + 2,000 if selection- for the price you get free drinks and 2 shots (may be more and as up to what you can but I guess that nobody ever really gave a try... need somebody to volunteer !)- they will then lead you to your boothAs compared to the other places, Hinomaru offers nevertheless some additional features and/or advantages :- the place is really larger so it can accommodate much more people- I can guess that about 60 people could be there at least- I hope though that the number of girls is appropriate and in pair otherwise the queue could complicate- the booths also are much less crampy than at Seiki 21 : you have more space you stretch your legs- sofas also are more comfortable, deeper so you can really lay back and enjoy- music seems to play much less loud than at Seiki 21 which for me is a plus- Hinomaru is open from 5:00 a.m. (yes this is 5 in the morning for those of you waking up early and with the bone on !) and close at 1:00 a.m. so you have a large scope of optional time in the day and can also kill to need if it comes late at night.- this has to compare to 17:30 to 24:00 for Seiki 21 and Pinocchio ! not bad.- girls there work on shift : morning (5:00 till 11:00), noon (10:00/11:00 till 3:30/4:00), afternoon (3:30/4:00 till 19h30), evening and night- so girls from the morning shift are different from the one of the afternoon also different from the ones of the night and so on.- some though cover 2 shift (it was the case of mine today)- morning and early afternoon time seems to be rather quiet so I also believe that there is much less choice of girls during these times- apparently from 5 to 10 there are only 4 girls working- but in the early afternoon there were already about 12 to 15 girls attending- girls are not bad looking as I did not see any dogs on the picture board but there was also no 10/11 to be frank- at Hinomaru the girls get all naked which is hardly the case at Seiki 21 even though they are very lightly dressed- at Hinomaru you really get full service and yes this includes penetration and not only blow job- sex is on covered style (condom on) when blow job is bare back till you are... let say ... empty !- level of the girls seems to be at least the same as Seiki 21, may be even a liitle higher- they certainly seem a bit more pro to me as they are really well trained and know what they have to do to please you (which is not always the case with the ones at Seiki 21)I came there today by 2 in the afternoon. Good choice as the room was totally empty. Only one customer on top of me so no neighbor and nobody watch (though I don't even think that even full any body really comes there to watch the others !).The girl came to me and introduced herself : Kari, number 23. She works from 5 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. every day except Monday.Not bad looking at all. Not a model but let's say a 5 and a half to 6. I must also say that the darkness limit the judgment as you will tend to agree I guessRather small breast, but breast anyway (sometimes you have to look for it and turn her back to see if by accident it did not come the other side...). Nice tits.She started a little conversation. She speaks sufficient English to be understood and to understand. My Japanese is limited but allows me to survive anyway.Conversation was rather quick as after about 3 minutes she started action even without asking if I was ready. Don't you worry, I didn't get offended as I am always ready.She started to kiss my neck and put her hand in my shirt and played with my nipples. She tried to French kiss me but I retrieve politely, not being yet ready for anybody's rest ! She then put her hand in my pants and asked for more. So she took off all her clothes. She got fully naked and asked me to take off my pant completely as it would be more comfortable she said. She was right, it was.She then sucked my nipples, kissed me all around and got down to my leisure area. She really was at what she was doing, taking all care to really please. She sucked gently my balls on a rather usual kiss and even rimmed my ass with her finger. She then took me in her mouth and really sucked me very well. This last about 5 nice minutes.Then suddenly she wanted more. She got off and started to put a condom on me. I was shocked as I was not expecting anything of this and really thought she was going to blow me off with a condom. This happened to a good friend of mine at Seiki 21 a few months ago. He is a nice but rather big black guy from South America. I guess that the girl got scared when he told her that he was going to give her 3 month load at once ! She put the condom on him and told him that this was going to be the way and no right to complain.In my case, things turned different very quickly as she simply and very rapidly jumped on me and put me inside of her. That was the real surprise as I did not ask for nothing like this.She saw my surprise and while riding me she asked if I had a problem with the condom. I answered that since I was not expecting this treatment I was glad that she decided to put the condom on as I would have been rather nervous if she would have decided on her own that we could skip it.The ride was very nice and she made sure I could suck her breast all the time. She was on my lap and riding without giving a damn to anything around. Very much at it. She was making everything for me to like it. She even tried once more to deep French kiss me. I again politely refused.As she was getting very at it, I thought it was better to tell her that I wanted to come in her mouth.She then took the condom off and returned to what interests and gave me a real good blow job. She even kissed my ass and rimmed me. Good. She proposed a 69 which politely I also refused. Sorry guys but I am not to do this to these girls even if they are very gentle to me. I respect them but I pay. They don't.She played with me and I got also the naughty finger. I did to same to her as a revenge and she did not even moved !She was really laid down on me. Thanks to the deeper and larger sofa, I could really lay back and enjoy the whole job.She made me come really good.She then cleaned me very thoroughly, put her clothes on and headed out for her own cleaning.She came back 3 mn after and we had a nice conversation while I was playing with her breast and her with my dick.After a while I asked her for my second run.She looked really surprised. Either because full sex + blow job = complete, or because she thought that I should have been exhausted (which was not the case believe me), or simply because she thought I did not know I could get more.She nevertheless came back on the work and did again a very good job with all concentration.Very good attitude, very pro as she knows the technique but do not press you for coming quick as I already have seen (I know a black girl who can get anybody within 3mn at max - I don't know anybody who resists to her treat !).At the end,the girl gave me her business card and a coupon with 1,000 Yen discount to be used next time if I ask for her. Her name on the coupon so I cannot use it for the competition.I noted on the coupon that there is another shop apparently in Shibuya (I can't read these kanji well). The phone number is 03-3986-2931. If anyone want to check, that would be good for the team. Thanks in advance.The Shinjuku store is 03-3200-6707.All in all, nice experience, nice girl attitude, nice timing. I shall surely come back.

08-04-02, 16:10
Manzoku :I do not know how many of you know this but there is here in Japan a network of shops named Manzoku (full satisfaction in Japanese, I guess in the sense of "I am satisfied" that you may say at the end of a good meal, meaning I had largely enough).These shops are there to provide informations regarding clubs, hotels, girls etc..They even have internet site and telephone numbers, magazines etc.In each red light district you will find at least one. They are several in Shibuya, several in Kabukicho, some in Shimbashi, several in Hikebukuro, in Yokohama etc.You can find girls reviews, maps, love hotel reviews, explanations of services, all filed by type of activity.The only problem is that everything is in Japanese.We would need some Japanese speaker to help getting information and posting on this board.Any one want to be in charge or to get info from his usual place ?Wolf

08-04-02, 16:21
Just a note to remind all of you that on the floor above Seiki 21 there is a similar shop where you can get 3 shots within 1 hour for the same price, i.e. 6 or 7,000 yen if I remember well.Girls are older (around 30) and/but more pro and knowing what they are doing.Customers are rather regular ones. I saw back some months ago a Japanese gentleman who came with is shopping bag. He brought is own pack of beers, his snack and cheese and crackers. He requested his girl (so she would stay with him for the 3 shots), had a chat with her, shared his snacks and drinks and then they came surprisingly to the more funny 69 I ever saw. She was on him and he was below. He really ate her pussy as if his life was depending from it. And from time to time, he was stopping to get some beer.There is also a very tall and sexy Japanese lady, not super good looking but with very long legs and a clean shaved pussy. When she is providing the blow job, she lays on her side so that she can spread her legs and she simply masturbates in front of everybody as her legs are in the corridor. And she even comes before the customers. But she does not stop her job. And she is rather good at it.It seems that very few of the customers achieve the 3 shots. They told me that few try to 'gambarimasu" and simply rest the one in the middle. When you do the 3 (I did) the girl really compliment you and even yield something so that everybody can be aware.You have either 3 girls (one for each shot - lucky is the 3rd one who get you rather empty !...) or only one for the 3 if you select one when getting in.Try it at least for the fun.Wolf

08-04-02, 19:42
Wolf, Good posts and reports! Sounds like you got a "hot one" at Hinomaru! Good for you...keep the reports cumming!

08-05-02, 19:32
Hi, I went to a Korean Delivery Club (Escort Service) yesterday evening with a visitor from the states. Yes, I got him in but I had to pay a premium along with him. Guilty by association, I guess. We both had to part with 30,000 for 80 minute one shot session. I had a cute 157cm 22 year old who had been in the business for two months, still fresh. Small and tight, not too heavy on top nice ass petite. My partner, who speaks no Japanese and I hung out in one room and waited about 15 or 20 minutes for two girls to arrive the girl he requested did not look anything like the photo in the magazine so I asked for another girl tall, good looking, fair skinned. Had the other girl wait until the replacement showed up. I thought she was cute and had great doe like eyes. The replacement showed up and she turned out to be a beauty. Very slender and great face at least an 8, I paid my girl for both my partner and myself as I had to act the host for a visiting cousin, that was the story I put together for this particular trip. Partner was Asian looking so it went over. Evidently, my partner was satisfied, with the service rendered by his girl 'cause about an hour into the session, he came knocking at my door asking about extending the session for another round. I was under the impression that we could extend the session by paying an additional 5 K which was the story with the Korean place I tried three weeks ago, but this place said an extension after the initial payment was 10,000 yen. So I got his girl's name card and cell phone number for future reference and dragged ourselves out of the hotel. Total cost 4.550 for motel room for three hours, and 30,000 each.The week before I went alone to a Korean place in Shinjuku and got out with only 20,000 yen. I did not talk about getting a foreigner in so they just assumed I was Japanese(?) That time it was not as pleasant as I had to wait 45 minutes before a 4 showed up. I sent her back and asked for a girl that they had in their ad, they said it would be 10 or 15 minutes to get her to my room. I waited 25 minutes tried calling them back, no answer so I did what anyone would do, called another establishment and requested a girl, small, young slim cute. Soon after making the call the girl from the first establishment showed up and she was rather good looking slim, a little too tall for me but had a great personality and had majored in English before coming to Japan. Regretfully I had to let her go when the girl from the second place showed. The girl from the second place was small, cute with a great body and the right equipment but after paying her, she became rather a *****. Complaining about this and that, not wanting any kind of conversation, blah blah. Should have kicked her out but little head was already blocking most of big head's messages. If you can pass yourself off as a native, this is a great deal. If you can't you may have to put up with the foreigner's surcharge.

08-05-02, 19:51
Sailing.Your new found Korean Delivery sounds very intriguing. I'm heading to Seoul in about two weeks. Wonder if you would be interested? After all, the Korean selection can't beat the original, for both look and price.- Thaidude

08-05-02, 23:39
Sailing, I am heading to Seoul on 8-15 from the states and I wonder if you could help with some contact information for good time in Seoul, of course, if you know of any. Massage parlors, call girls, massage girls at hotel, etc. would help a lot. Thanks.

08-06-02, 08:30
Thaidude, It's been a long time, how's it going. Going to Seoul huh? Thanks for the offer. Interesting but can't go this month. Next month, maybe. I haven't been to Seoul in over three years. This year has been so quiet I have been playing mainly in Tokyo. If you are coming this way again let me know.Amateur, recently there has been a boom in the number of Korean places in Tokyo. Probably due to the relaxing of travel between Korea and Japan. Try looking in the South Korea posts for contacts in Seoul.

08-06-02, 15:15
KATANA thanks for the info about the health club in Shibuya do you know if this place does costume play ?or do you know of any where i can go which does this service ? I have been to Hinomaru and looking at some earlier postings had the same problem some girls seem up for F.S but others arent a bit pot luck if you ask me certainly not a private place but what can you expect for 8,000 yen found new girls will not let you. Ive used some delivery services been good but expensive .

08-07-02, 02:22
Radar1,Sorry, no it s a health, not an "imagine club" or imekura. I do know a few around Tokyo that do but you need to speak Japanese to use them and mostly they are hit and miss about foreigners like me anyway.About FS unless the girl really wants it or really wants your cash it is not easy to find. Mostly because it is Illegal. Girls can get arrested and have their names releashed to the public. That kind of shame is not needed when they make plenty of money with out having to preform. DCs and escorts are illegal and therefore charge more. Natural situation, any genital to gential paid sex is illegal that is why strangely in Japan Anal is cheaper and more common here.Also a quick piont about hinomaru, I wonder how many guys checked where the gilrs hand was? I noticed it when I was there and it happened to me. The girl climbs on top and seems to mount, then I realized her hand had me behind her back. Nice trick, easy to mis since then I have notice almost everyother girl do this when their client takes too much time. Then again I am sure sometime people do get FS, I have a few times but never in there of the 10 or so times I went.
Originally posted by radar1KATANA thanks for the info about the health club in Shibuya do you know if this place does costume play ?or do you know of any where i can go which does this service ? I have been to Hinomaru and looking at some earlier postings had the same problem some girls seem up for F.S but others arent a bit pot luck if you ask me certainly not a private place but what can you expect for 8,000 yen found new girls will not let you. Ive used some delivery services been good but expensive .

08-10-02, 05:41
What is the website of Metropolis?

08-10-02, 07:51
The Web address ishttp://www.metropolis.co.jp/tokyo/current/classifieds/13.03_personals.asp

08-10-02, 08:36
Sailing - My Seoul's trip got postponed for another two weeks. I'll keep you posted in case it syncs with your scheduleDo you still have my email? If so, I want to talk to you a bit about your friend's project. Wonder if it's still on because I just ran into my investment banker friend with some business plan that might sync with your friend's interest.thaidude

08-11-02, 16:02
Another stupid question. In regards to Gaijin, I am Chinese and I live in Canada, and speak 0 Japanese. Am I considered a gaijin as well? I guess skin colour does not matter? If you don't speak Japanese you are one? What do you guys who may have had the experience think?

08-11-02, 17:20
bug25gaijin is gaijin ,whether you are black, chinese, white, spanish. I even heard some Japanese-Americans having a hard time getting into some of these places

08-13-02, 09:41
Hi all... I am always thinking about going to Tokyo for a vacation...I am a lover of Fast car, fast gal, cool video games and manga...I was wondering... If I do not know how to speak and read nihongo, can I still get around the places? Can I speak English to a hotel receptionist? Will they understand?Is it possible to stop someone on the road and ask them for directions in English? Also, do they put English signboards around their bullet train station?Is there any strip shows available for gaijin in Tokyo? Sexy, safe fun type... Please help, onegaishimasu... arigato..

08-13-02, 10:40
Hi, Need some help on Tokyo, if using operators like Ave-A, does the listed price 25000 yen includes full service, or you have to add more tips to get full service....thanks in advance..

08-13-02, 13:47
Art chin77Tokyo is a great place for vacation, by day you can do your touristy stuff, by night you can indulge yourself.For Strip bars, I recommend the Kabukicho area there's a strip club near Hinomaru that is foreigner friendly. I talked with the manager (who is a gaijin too), they have Japanese and foreign girls.All the fun stuff, you can read on this board, general stuff just I can just email ya.

08-13-02, 15:05
Howdy, folks--I posted quite a bit around the time of my last visit in May 2002. Have another business trip to Tokyo planned for early September. My free time will be limited, but I'm interested in any possibilities for early morning service, since due to jet lag that'swhen I'm usually awake and have some time to kill. From Wolf's report, I may try Hinomaru on this trip.Dlite, do you have the name of that strip club? I thought I had a pretty comprehensive list of those around, especially if they have gaijin girls. Any info on how much mileage you can get at that club?hag4, I have a bunch of Web sites bookmarked about Japanese strip clubs--I'll post them later today. There are a few Western-style clubs (the Japanese ones feature quasi-burlesque stage dancing, but sometimes with audience participation). The Western ones seem pretty generic--about Y5-7K cover charge and around 7K per lap dance.Roman

08-13-02, 20:50
More on strip clubs in Japan...The best English-language sources is http://www.stripclublist.com. Posters mostly cover Western-style clubs within non-Japanese strippers. Also, many clubs listed don't really exist or are not strip clubs, as far as I can tell.If you can read Japanese (even just using an automated translation site like Excite Japan), these sites will give you the basics (locations, URLs and pricing at least):http://www.odoriko-net.com/start.shtmlhttp://www.age.ne.jp/x/gensan/ti/index.shtmlHope this helps.Roman

08-13-02, 22:09
wolf,would you mind sending me the info about the massage therapist you wrote about on the seoul board? i'll be visiting there in a few weeks.thanks!saik_eul@yahoo.com

08-14-02, 01:36
Hey Roman Hans,sorry I didn't get the name of the place as I was really heading for Hinomaru, but I was lost so I asked this gaijin, who was the manager of the club, for help.We talked a little before going to Hinomaru, he told me anyhting extra between you and the stripper will be decided between you 2.didn't ask for the price to get in.If you go to hinomaru, I you can ask the man at the front door (who was an old, short guy when I went)Don't get No.16 Miyabi if you go to Hinomaru, she's slim, young and small breasted, but gave an unenthusiastic service.

08-14-02, 16:04
dlite_me--No prob...the only strip club w/gaijin gals I know in Kabukicho is Wild West (was called Paradise, part of the Seventh Heaven chain).For everyone--I'm also looking to find a service in Tokyo where I can get a good quality massage plus some fun extra services--I hoping for something beyond the straight HJ you get at the typical Asian massage parlor here in the States, and definitely for less than $100 all-inclusive. Anyone been to a 'seikan' or 'este' service where the massage service as well as other services were good?Roman

09-13-02, 01:38
Hello Hag4,in case of "Avenue-A", the girls actually do not know about the discount rates that Joji posted on the web page.I had Aya, and she was surprised about the talk about 25,000 Yen. Clearly, Joji had not told her anything about that.So I gave her 30,000 (the non-discounted rate) and she was happy).FS was included, although in case of Aya it was kind of difficult because she could not accomodate me (and I am not a freak, I think I am quite standard-sized). Only doggy-style worked, which she actually likes.I guess this is a typical "case-by-case" situation. While I the girls I had (from Ave-A, Tokyo Enjoy, and Cherry Blossoms) were quite happy to do FS without extra charge, according to the agreement with the agency they do not have have to -- it is their decision. Which leaves them the option to say "No" if they do not like you. Fair enough, I suppose.Actually "Amy" from Cherry Blossoms told me that basically she gives FS to every customer. But once an Indian guy called her who was smelly and did NOT want to take a shower (youch...), so all he got was a BJ with rubber, and some reluctant back-rubbing.And right she is, don?t you think so?

09-13-02, 10:28
Hi all, I have posted quite a few articles in other sections, Mid-East, Europe, ... but now would need your help for Tokyo.I'll be there really soon, and would like to know where to without trouble. Last time I walked a lot in Shinjuku, and many black guys or Mid-East people came to me to bring me to special places... I always refused as I thought it would be dangerous. Once I entered a club in Shinjuku, the guy said hostess would be all nude, which was not the case, and I spent 5k for nothing.... girls were ugly. So what about Hinomaru? I want Japanese or nice Korean girl, but not wishing to pay over 30'000 yen. I have replied to an add of Metropolis, 2 girls, but 10man is too expensive I guess. Any good place to go, I am caucasian, do not speak Japanese (just a few words...) ? thanks for your advice.

Mike Hock
09-13-02, 14:50
Rene: Was in Shinjuku several months ago and it was one crazy place. I got off the train and walked no more than three blocks and was solicited...he said a 15,000 yen special because it was still early. Might have been around 5:00 or so in the afternoon. The place was a little dingy, but after I sat down in the "lounge" a real cute Japanese girl sat down next to me. She was wearing a sailor's suit. Next thing I knew we were in another dimly lit room and making out, 69, doggie, cowgirl and mish. I did keep close to my wallet because it did seem possible for a rip-off...but she was great...I did tip her another 5,000 yen...so I believe with the exchange rate at the time it probably cost about $150 US.

09-13-02, 16:47
mike hock that place sounds like good value do you rember the name of it or roughly where it was. Shame recently Midori left Hinomaru she was definately the best girl there still found the staff there helpful in recommending other girls havent had any luck with the new girls in there thou

09-13-02, 18:05
Sorry, must be stupid question, but I have not reading this forum too long... can somebody repeat for me where this "Hinomaru" place is and what the deal is?Fwiw, I am Caucasian and speak survival Japanese.

09-13-02, 19:39
Tell me, is Shibuya a good place to find a girl friend ? Which bars in Roppongi do you recommand ? Is there such things as freelancers in Tokyo ?I will stay a few days next month , my hotel is near Meguro. Any info welcome.

09-13-02, 20:43
Actually, for my hotel, I have the choice between Princess Garden, near JR Meguro station, and Shinjuku Listel Hotel, on Yasukuni Dori ave. What do you recommand, as the best location for day and night girlfiending activity ?I don't intend to try the sex places of Shinjuku, as I beleive they are either very expensive and/or ripp-off. Thanks for your advice.

09-13-02, 21:03
Sorry, I have now a third choice, which is Marroad Inn Akasaka, near Akasaka statio. But isn't this area more business orientated ?Al these 3 hotels are relatively cheap for Tokyo.Any advice ?

09-14-02, 09:39
I came across this English site in my surfing. With 89,000 hits she must be busy.Pictures are quite tempting, but be sure to read the fine print...http://www.kumikoclub.biz/index_english.html

Mike Hock
09-14-02, 15:35
Originally posted by radar1mike hock that place sounds like good value do you rember the name of it or roughly where it was. Shame recently Midori left Hinomaru she was definately the best girl there still found the staff there helpful in recommending other girls havent had any luck with the new girls in there thou Radar: It was a GREAT value actually...but the US dollar trades less now...drats....I could walk you there if I was still in Tokyo...but I'm so bad at remembering that I couldn't even remember how to trace my steps back to the train station after my session that day! All I can tell you is that after you walk out of the train station towards Kabukicho, you walk down one of the pedestrian paths and hang a right at the first or second street you cross...then the place is on the right side of you. It had a canopy and a real narrow storefront....The girl I was with said she was a student from Sapporro...a real hottie! I was very lucky that day!

09-15-02, 10:21
Thanks for the info Mike ill have a wonder round Kabukicho sounds like you went to an image club never been able to get into one of those places still nothing to loose, i know its difficult do you remeber whether it was on the ground floor or basement?

09-15-02, 12:54
Hey,Hinomaru is in Kabukicho, walk to where all the square where all the movie theaters are. Pass them and you will come to a street. There make a right, your close, There is a small bar on the right, street level, called Half Time or something like that. Stop look up the street to the left and Hinomaru is on the right upstairs. Oh and spend ther extra Yen and pick who you want from the pictures.b

09-16-02, 07:20
www.kumikoclub.biz/index_english.htmlBe careful, this is a "post-op" tranny. I read the fine print and her bio, which lists it as well

Luke Skywalker
09-16-02, 09:23
Very good point Tarl I also just visited http://www.kumikoclub.biz/index_english.htmlShe is a "NEW HALF" Tranny!!!if thats your thing then........you lucked on to something didn't ya guys!!any non-tranny sites stumbled upon guys?

09-16-02, 09:32
Originally posted by booskaHey,Hinomaru is in Kabukicho, walk to where all the square where all the movie theaters are. Pass them and you will come to a street. There make a right, your close, There is a small bar on the right, street level, called Half Time or something like that. Stop look up the street to the left and Hinomaru is on the right upstairs. Oh and spend ther extra Yen and pick who you want from the pictures.b Got it! Now, can you remind me what the deal is... FS is officially OK in that place? (Sorry, I looked for the start of this thread, but the forum is so huge...And they are definitely gaijin-friendly, right? I speak Japanese, but I am Caucasian.

09-16-02, 18:01
Hey guys,Seems we got some new contributors, good deal. Since the last post, went to the Korean DC place three times, once by myself, twice from guys I met through WSG. I went to a Korean DC in Shinjuku by myself because one friend said he wanted to go and since he was a foreigner I negotiated with the guy at the shop to take him. On the day we were supposed to go, the guy backs out so I went alone. Because the guy was a non-asian, the guy at the shop told me to go to Shinjuku since they had more girls who would be willing to take a foreigner and was a little more expensive like 30K a shot. I called the place after checking into a love hotel (around 4.5K) and waited thirty minutes. They sent a dog so I called the place back and requested they change the girl. They said sure they would send one out to me in 15 minutes. I waited 20 minutes then called the shop back but they did not answer. So I called another shop (this one did not take foreigners). Just five minutes from hanging up with the second shop, then the girl from the first shop shows up. This one was great, slim long black hair and great personality. She said she was studying to become an interpreter in Korean and spoke some English. As I explained what happened with the manager of the shop and because they did not perform as advertised I called another shop. She was very understanding and left me her card before leaving ( I have since called her number but she has left that shop. I have since learned to get their personal cell phone numbers before leaving). The girl who showed up from the second shop was short slim and a fair looking girl, not as good as the one I turned down, felt like kicking myself but hey, the first shop did not keep their word. Besides the rate for this one was only 25,000 a shot.The next time was with a guy visiting from the US, asian but did not speak Japanese so I made several calls and found a place which would take him for 30K a shot or 35K for a double. We checked in to a hotel in Uguisudani and called for two girls to be sent to my room. The first pair they sent did not meet his expectations, but one was kinda cute so I kept her and sent the other back. The girl who showed up later was a slim long haired girl who was really cute I thought. Her handle is Sarina. I asked the guy whether he wanted a single or a double, he answered a single so I figured we had only 80 minutes for a single so I would take a single as well. At the end of an hour the comes and knocks on my door and asks if he can extend it to a double. I walk into his room and see sarina in her bra and panties and thought wow no wonder he wants to extend. Unfortunately, it is only 5K extra for a double at the outset but to extend after they begin it would cost 10K. He passed on this and asked if she could come to her hotel the next day. I translated this request to her and she gave me her cell number and told me to call anytime.The third time, I was cruising at home when I get a call from a long lost WSG mate. He asked if I was free to go to a Korean place, I forced myself (he, he) to say yes and off we went. I tried Sarina's number since I know she doesn't mind foreigners and she was available. I set up the appointment with her and asked her if she would bring a good looking friend. She said she was not working at that shop anymore or at least was not working there for a while. So I was left to call out for another girl from another shop. Got this really pleasant girl named Nana who was very small like under 5 feet but with C cup tits great body in a tiny package. She was great. I thought Sarina was at least an 8 but my buddy thought 7.5 close enough Sarina was definitely above average. Nana I think was a 7.5 a great fuck. Both of us went for a double session and afterwards, both of us were wobbly walking out of the place. He seemed to have enjoyed himself. Perhaps he will add his comments to this post some time.Happy hunting guys.

09-17-02, 11:37
Here is something that confuses me.When you guys say checking in to a love hotel and waiting for the girl, does that mean you can just walk in to those places?I thought you always have to pass the counter, and can?t enter without paying.I should add that I have never been to one... until now, I have always called girls to normal hotels.Can somebody explain?

09-17-02, 11:48
Nino,Very simple, these hotels are like drive in motels. You go to the board which shows a picture of the rooms available. There is a button near the photo. Press the button then go to the counter and pay the amount shown on the board to the person behind the counter. The person will give you a key and you are set. The rooms are from 4,000 to 7,000 yen depending on the location and the time of day. During normal hours, ie before 10 or 11 pm, you can get a room for two to three hours for the "rest" rate. Later, you have to pay the all night rate which can be from 6,000 to 8,000 yen.Some places may require that you have a girl with you when you check in but for the most part, they don't care. If the girl comes later and knows the room number of her partner the "front desk" will let her in. Very simple and some hotels are very theme oriented with gadgets that will boggle you. Enjoy.

09-17-02, 17:26
Trip ReportJust back from a whirlwind trip to Tokyo. Unfortunately, not much to report due to circumstances. I had only the chance for a quick, early-morning visit, so I went to the place I visited last time, called Aqua (http://www.fspot.net/shop/aqua/ or http://www.yoasobitai.jp/acqua/top.htm). It's a bit unusual, as it's a 'kinpatsu' (blond) fuzoku shop featuring non-Japanese workers (mostly Latin American and Eastern European).Charge is Y6K for early risers for 35 min, plus Y2K to choose a lady. I selected Nikita this time, who is supposedly American but of course is actually Latin American and lived in Miami for a couple of years. Speaks no English, but good Japanese and of course Spanish. Unfortunately, this experience was not much of a GFE--only services are Russian, HJ and CBJ. No mention of any extras, unlike my previous visit. Again, Y8K at current rates amounts to about $70, so you get what you pay for even in Japan. Caution--I speak pretty good conversational Japanese and am often mistaken for a Japanese, so I can't guarantee that this shop is truly 'gaijin-friendly.'Otherwise, I hung out in Roppongi all night on a Friday. Most bars were either crowded as all get-out or empty. At one place--called Envy Bar or Bar Tokyo (http://www.envybartokyo.com) the scene was less crowded, and there was at least one somewhat older (in her 30s) Japanese woman who was very sloshed and on the prowl, but I guess my beer goggles weren't properly focused so I passed her up. Otherwise, the happening places seemed to be Propoganda and the Hideout Bar, both of which are about two blocks south of Roppongi Crossing along Gaien Higashi-Dori (one is on 2F and the other in the basement)Hoping for better luck next time,RomanPS Many thanks to all the posters who gave advice off-line--I just wish I had listened this time!

09-18-02, 09:04
Hi Sailing,thanks for the answer. One more question reg. love hotels... I have heard so many stories of gaijin being refused, and I guess that is another reason I never tried. The idea of traipsing around town with a lady in tow looking for a hotel just does not appeal to me. So, these stories are outdated?I would not mind paying the all-night rate, as that is still a lot less than the 16k or so I pay at the normal hotel.

Luke Skywalker
09-18-02, 11:26
Nino,I have been to dozens of different love hotels mainly in the Tokyo area and have never been refused entry once. In Shinjuku(there are so many hotels in the Kabukicho district of Shinjuku maybe 30?), Shibuya or the Ikebukuro area you should have no problems whatsoever. (if you do, note the name of the hotel and let us know!.....bastards!).Half the time you don't even see their face and if with a Japanese girl they may not even notice you are a gaijin. They just observe from a closed circuit camera which is usually poor quality. They are also usually old ladies who could give a toss.As far as traipsing around town; most hotels are concerntrated in certain areas, and if it's Saturday or Friday night be prepared to traips.....just a fact of life here, everyone wants to do it on the weekend............enjoyLuke

09-19-02, 08:41
I've stayed in a perhaps a dozen love hotels, all with a Japanese girl, and never been turned away.I had heard about the "no singles" rule before, but never known anyone who was denied a room becasue they were alone. You'd think the hotel was happy to the income, and perhaps have less cleanup in the morning...The rooms are always bigger than a business hotel, and usually the same price or cheaper. I've paid 6,000 to 10,000 for an all night stay where I checked in after 10pm and checked out by noon.

09-20-02, 10:05
OK, please bear with me... one last question about the love hotels (important to me, as I see a serious chance to make my life a little easier)...Any problem figuring out all the electronics in those places? (I kind of have this horror vision of being trapped in some kind of high-tech bed, and having to call room service to help me...Maybe I just read too many Tokyo Journal stories...

09-21-02, 15:56
Hey guys,Those of you who can read some Japanese, have a look at www.kisses.jpSeems to be quite a comprehensive directory. You can see all the girls' pictures on the internet and already think of whom to choose before you actually visit the the place.I tried 4 places from that directory in Osaka (all just PINK SALONS). Two of them turned me down, but the other ones let me in.They don't do FS but they are usually very clean places. The girls are usually around 20 and you can get a BJ without condom.Question: Has anybody else used that directory so far? If yes, any recommendations for Shinjuku, Shibuja, or Ikebukuro (especially in terms of foreigners yes or no)?Thanks

09-23-02, 09:37
Andy,Please let us know which places in Osaka said yes to gaijin and which said no. Also, did you go during the day or at night? Sometimes that makes a difference.Thanks.

09-27-02, 07:47
Anyone have any info on so-called no-pan (no-pantie) coffee shops? Read about this in the Tokyo Pink guide, the author called them no-pan kissaten. Allegedly the waitresses are nude under their aprons, and there's mirrors on the floor. What can one expect, how much does it cost, and is it open to foreigner types??? Thanks.

09-27-02, 18:28
Yangban, I don't know everything about the night life in Japan so I may not be completely accurate however; nopan kissa's are a thing of the past, they are not really in stylel these days. You would be rather hard pressed to find one. They still have salons where a girl will get nude and you will find some clubs with girls in bras and panties but what happens after that is a matter of money and negotiating which is the fun of it but for a non Japanese speaker it would be tough.

09-28-02, 16:47
Yangban,I've got a copy of the Tokyo Pinkguide and I bought it 8 years ago so most of the stuff in there is out of date or it just doesn't happen any more, like the nopan kissa. Presently I don't think there are any up-to-date guidebooks in English out there about the redlight scene. Can anyone help out here. Best bet to stay with this board or other similar ones like this.

09-28-02, 23:10
what's the legal age in Japan?

09-30-02, 15:19
Does anyone recommend a good 'in-house service'? I get a lot of panphlets in my mailbox with pictures of girls and the prices do vary between 20K to 30K for 45-60 minutes.. How can I get one of these girls to come to my place if I don't speak Japanese? Any good ideas?and what's the best place in Shibuya (that do accept gaijin)? Please help.!!!

09-30-02, 15:50
Deque, There are Places that cater to English speaking clients though from the reports they seem to be rather expensive. The other alternative is to get someone to call the in-house place for you and set up the appointment. There are loads of these Delivery Clubs (DC's) in the Shibuya area or if you don't want the girls in your own place you can go to one of the numerous love hotels in the area. Other areas noted for these services are Gotanda, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Otsuka, Komagome, Uguisudani and Ueno. You will need a Japanese speaking buddy with a list of DC numbers and have him call places to arrange the meeting. You should be able to get in touch with this person easily as you may have to call the place when the girl arrives and you find that she is not up to your expectations. In this case it is a matter of telling the girl that you would like to have them send another girl (this is known as a "change") in some cases you will have to pay the girl for transportation, something like Y3K unless you go to a hotel in the area the DC is located in which case you don't pay anything for changing girls or for that matter canceling the appointment.If you are within walking distance of Shibuya station they probably won't charge you anything for transportation however, this is case by case and the person who calls for you should ask the shop what their policy regarding cancelations and changes are.The places I know are about Y25K for 80 minutes and Y30K for 100 minutes (double shot) but the girls are Korean. I know they take foreigners cause I have used them for several guys passing though who requested me to set them up.

10-01-02, 15:42
Sailing, thanks for the info. What other places do you suggest I should go to have some fun? Where do 'gaijins' go and get serviced? I'm after something nice where I get quite a number of choices... any suggestions?

10-01-02, 16:17
Deque, If you have been looking at the archives, you would find that most of the non-asian participants of this forum go to the Hinomaru in Shinjuku, or the 21 seiki in Shibuya for BBBJ. You can look in the archives for the directions to both venues. The other place that is foreigner friendly is the Hinodecho/Koganecho area which looks like a Japanese version of Amsterdam, little shops with one or two girls they do short time for 20 minutes for 10,000 yen. Again I have as well as many others have given directions to this area.Have fun.

10-02-02, 01:01
Deque,there are several escort services that deal with gaijin. Prices range from 30k to 35k per hour. BJ is guaranteed, which usually means BBBJ (only once, the girl insisted on the raincoat.) FS is always possible; with some places, it is implied, other places are strict about paying the girl extra for it.You can never insist on FS; I think that is both for legal reasons, and as insurance to the girl. One girl told me she always includes FS as part of the deal if the customer is nice. She says only once she refused to do anything more than covered BJ, but that was an Indian guy who was smelly when she arrived and refused to take a shower! I say, right on.More details if you want. (Is it OK to name girls here?)

10-03-02, 09:16
Hey all,anyone know any good places to go in saitama, for gaijin? figured id ask the question here, as saitama borders tokyo, and no one seems to use the "other areas" part of this site.also, mr. sailing: you mention the "Hinodecho/Koganecho area". i searched the archives and couldnt find a reference to it, to either part. is this the area in yokohama (in which case, i know it), or something in tokyo?thanks for ideas,mac b.

10-03-02, 14:20
The Hinodecho area is indeed in Yokohama, for places in the Saitama area, try Kawaguchi as it is known for "pink salons" Basically places like Hinomaru in Shinjuku. I assume you speak Japanese at a conversational level, if not it might be difficult. Uguisudani, and Nippori may also be areas that are not too difficult to get to from Saitama depending upon what train line you use.

10-03-02, 15:54
Than Q !!

10-05-02, 03:14
Anyone used www.clubboo.com or http://www.madonna.gr.jp/no/english/roppongi/roppongigirls/girls.html. Any comments would be appreciated

10-05-02, 07:31
Visit another board for info on Club Boo, etc. Try http://mbpolitics.com/intlescorttokyojapan.html. Not as well formated as this one but pretty active. Also it is only for Tokyo. Make sure you return the favor with reports of your own. Cheers

10-08-02, 11:45
Just a note, I've noticed that though information is requested and given freely by myself and others there isn't much in terms of reports from others. Is it only get what you can and give nothing in return here?

10-09-02, 01:05
Can't give a review yet. Just in the preparation stage to go to Japan..

10-09-02, 05:56
I will be in Tokyo 11/7-11, would like a buddy go venture with.I am Asian living in Canada. Fluent in Chinese and English.tondeuse@yahoo.com

10-10-02, 01:38
Have tried Madonna in Roppongi and in Meguro and Gotanda. Not bad. Rates are around 16,000 yen for 45 minutes and is gaijin friendly.Also, in Kawasaki, there are a few soaplands in Minami-cho and Horinouchi. Best bet for foreigners is Horinouchi. From Kawasaki station, head south towards route 15 and head in a little to the left. You will soon see the neon signs....Some places are gajin friendly, others aren't. Rates vary from about 15,000 to about 60,000 yen. If you think 60,000 is expensive, well, you ought to try it at least once if you can get in. Also, in Horinouchi, there are a few places quite like those found in Hinodecho where ladies are sitting in a little room with a window beckoning to you.Have tried the expensive soaps, very nice. Paid about 20,000 to the guy up front after choosing the girl. Went to the room where this beautiful girl made some small talk and started to blow me. After that, I fucked her solid, coming once after which we relaxed for a bit. She then ran the bath while washing me down using the shower. I went into the bath tub afterwards while she prepared the mat. She gave this fantastic body massage after which I stuck it back into her and we fucked for a good 30 minutes or so afterwards.Excellent experience and I will go back. Place I went to is called Kawasaki TokubetsuShitsu and they are unfortunately gaijin only. Other places there are the "Hime" or Princess chain. Check it out dudes.Alternatively, check out the internet chat sites for enjo kosai. Rates vary but it goes from 20,000 to 50,000 tops. One girl asked for 100,000 but it isn't worth it regardless of what they say. For 100,000, I want 2 babes for a looonnnng time....Happy hunting.

10-10-02, 03:52
DaikatanaWhat internet chat sites do you recommend?

10-10-02, 16:20
About Clubbooo:Very well organized, the website does indeed show the girls (unlike e.g. Tokyo Enjoy), friendly service on the phone, pretty girls, but... their company is *extremely* strict: your 30k pays for a massage of variing quality and a BJ (or BBBJ, depending on the girl), but NOT, repeat NOT for FS.If you get that at all, you have to negotiate that with the girl. One for an additional 25k for that.If you like FS, much better value would be to call Tokyo Cherry Blossoms (Haru, 5563 1433). Don?t know if it is company policy, but at least Emi gives FS as part of the standard package (35k), unless you are are really repulsive fellow.Emi is cute, spunky, intelligent, nice skin, nicely shaped, 23, and very very sexy.Had her several times. Recommended.

10-10-02, 17:19
DaiKatanaAre these you recommended at Kawasaki?http://www.k-tokubetsu.com/frame.htmlhttp://www.club-himenet.com/And does Tokubetsussitsu really accept only gaijin?

10-11-02, 02:49
J-Boy,As far as I know, Tokybetsu-shitsu don't accept gaijin but as I am Asian looking, I managed to get in and the girl had no problems with me. Prices at tokubetsu is 56,000 for a BBBJ and full service. Give it a shot though and if that doesn't work, go next door to the 2001-2002 Collection. They were very friendly and had some good looking girls. If you go for the 100 minute course and above, remember that there should be 2 fucks at least in there as I mentioned below. One on the bed and one on the mat.Club hime is nice but the rooms are not so nice. Price for hime is 30,000.If you are very daring, there are 2 shops in Kawasaki that do the nama (no rubber / skin service). These are Shell West and Mandera in Minami Cho. Prices are 70,000 for both places but the differences are in the times. Shell West is 90 minutes and Mandera is 2 hours.website for shellwest is:www.shellwest.netThese 2 shops allow you to fuck the girls without a condom and come inside them. Very daring.... More of these type of shops in Yoshiwara. If you look at the TokyoSoapland Magazine, there is an icon for full nama, either a cap or "NS".EnjoyInternet sites for chats:www.msn.co.jpthere is an enjo site..

10-11-02, 10:53
Went to Hinomaru today. The verdict? For Y8,000, not bad, but either because of the time I went (3pm) or the fact that I was gaijin or whatever, I got the Tokyo Metro Area Weight Watchers Poster Girl. I mean, she was BIG! Her face was quite cute, though, and she was sweet as anything, very nice with some neato knockers, but she was B-I-G! As in close to my fat 81-kg ass big.That wasn't the turnoff, though. The thing that did me in was that she was on the Red Devil Express. Yep - it was THAT time of the month for her. I mean, I can screw my main girl during her frenzy and make the shower look like something from a Hitchcock movie...that is a turn-on. However, it was really a challenge to maintain a solid woody with a string dangling out this strange chick's woo-woo.That being said, it was a good place. They accept foreigners, and it is Y8,000 with no bullshit attached. None of this hooking you in the door for 8 grand, then hitting you with a hellacious additional charge if you want any fun.Natsumi - my big bunch o' luvin - came out in a black negligee and after a bit of chit-chat, stripped down and went to business and seemed to enjoy it. She was good. But, guys, the sight of that string...I dunno. Not my mojo, OK?Question here...thinking about it, maybe it was a put-on so I wouldn't want to do the wild thing. There are signs posted all over the place there saying, "NO SEX". OK - maybe the chicks stick tampons up there to deter the lamer customers (yeah, me included...) from trying to get past the standard oral service package. Anyone with any knowlege here? I wasn't going to ask Natsumi to yank out her tampon right then and there to show her colors. That's a line I wasn't going to cross because I was sober at the time.I'll give Hinomaru a 8 out of 10. Good service, good prices and, if you don't choose the girl, well, good luck. I'll be back, but I'll explicitly select a girl - and ask that she NOT be on the Red Rocket.Hinomaru is a bit of a ***** to find, though. Best way to describe it is to go from Shinjuku station to the gates of Kabukicho. Go all the way down to the end of the street and turn left. Look up and on the right side of the street, you should see, in English, "HINOMARU". There are other posts in the archive which have better directions.Happy Hunting!

10-11-02, 19:07
DaiKatanaThanks for info.I found the chat site but I'm wondering you can chatin Japanese. It seems there is no Enjyo kosai sites.

10-11-02, 23:14
J=boy did you try those numbers I gave you? How was the trip? Get in touch when the urge comes round. I will be in Kanagawa this weekend probabally on Sunday. Look forward to hearing your opinion on the Korean DC. BTY don't let them stick you with a dog, I know from experience that they have some really good looking girls.

10-12-02, 11:13
Dudes! You are not going to believe this! I was at the Excelsior Cafe in Ikebukuro this afternoon (Metropolitan Plaza). I met this chick there. She was older, about 40 or so, but VERY well maintained. Had a wedding ring on her finger with a rock the size of Gibralter.She smiles at me and does that little head bow and I return. We chit-chat for about 45 minutes about everything under the sun.Then she asks me if she wants to take a walk. I am thinking, "Hotel chance!" Married or not, here I come!Nothing doing. We go up to the 3rd floor of the Metropolis Plaza and she moves me hurridly to the handicapped toilet.Yes - you heard me right.Once there, we closed the door and she literally grabbed my shirt and we started kissing passionately. She hiked her knee-length skirt up over her hips and started griding her pelvis into my crotch.Saving you all the gritty details, we basically screwed each other blind and I came in her mouth.SHE SWALLOWED! That was sooooo boss!As we were cleaning up, she slipped me Y5,000 and gave me her cell phone number.Radical, folks and 100% real.I had to share. I'm going out to smoke a cigarette. Whew!Peace!

10-12-02, 17:02
Sailing:I have no money recently, because I've wasted much in Munich. Please see Munich board.I'll try them after being paid bonus and report it.I know only one Korean DC in Uguisudani. But this can't accept gaijin.I think Korean girls looks loving SEX rather than Japanese girls.Thanks, anyway.shazam:Great experience!

10-13-02, 03:19
got a viagra question...if I buy viagra say in thailand...can I bring it back to Japan?If so, how many??

10-13-02, 05:11
Shazam - great post dude! It is quite refreshing to hear about one of us getting paid for his services and not the other way around. Milk this for all you can .... you might end up with a Rolex or 2! A lot of these older ladies don't get anything sexually from their husbands, and thus are on the prowl. They frequent host bars quite a bit I've heard. If you meet more ladies like this, let some of us in on the action, we could set up our own little gigolo ring, Oh my!!!

10-13-02, 07:30
Yo, Fish - I'm surprised as everyone else about that. I'm still in the afterglow. I went to the coffee shop looking for nothing else stronger than a caffeine buzz. I was actually kind of bummed going there because I had a lousy day at work. But who am I to turn down a chance like this? As I said, she was a very well maintained 46 years old. Her face looked like she was in her late-20s or early-30s. Amazing!!! Anyway, I'll call her in a few days and see if she wants to do a repeat. If I can parlay this into a ring, believe me, you guys are the first I will call.

10-14-02, 02:14
Hello. I've been a big fan of this forum, but have yet to really put to practical use. But I feel my time of over 10 years in Japan may be of some help to others.I went to a "Image club" last night in Shinjuku and got ripped off. Although I should have known better, I decided to pay 15,000 yen for a 35 min. "health." I had never been to an image club and thought I would give it a try. They were obviously not going to do anything for 15,000 and asked for another 15,000 for extra treatment. They wouldn't promise anything (bad omen), but I thought I would get some good treatment. NOT! They kept asking for more, and I basically bolted after that. This was not my first mistake. I had been picked up by a Chinese to her establishment, and while not as bad as this one, still was not good. I speak Japanese fairly fluently, and should know better, but don't make the same mistakes. From now on, except for places recommended here or by a friend, I will not pay before I see photos of the girls even if they promise they will after I pay. As long as they show me the photos, what I can do is confirmed upfront, and the price for it, I think things should be okay.I will keep you guys updated on other happenings. I think there will be more and more services catering to foreigners. I will start asking my Japanese friends about the "fuzoku" industry (have not done so much) and read up on the many books on it (only Japanese). Happy hunting!

10-15-02, 00:11
$40 US for a quick screw in a bathroom? Share? Hehehe.Hell if only I could find someone like that unmarried I'd not have to worry about anything for years.Good job!

10-16-02, 01:43
I sympathize with "Far East", and agree that seeing the actual photo is very important. Who wants to spend 30 minutes and 8,000 with someone you wouldn't even try to pick up in a bar. I also agree that the Chinese joints, while more often than not provide full service, are more of a rip-off than the Japanese ones which are regulated.

10-16-02, 02:22
I have had experience in Shinjuku dealing with those Chinese places. I had always insisted on seeing the girl in person before I hand over any money to anyone. It is quite funny that many establishments use the same photos of the same girls and of course what you really get is some used retread old woman. So far i have yet to close the deal in any of them because I have discovered that they are all mostly bait and switch ripoff places. It is funny how they assume that most guys are stupid and will fall for their trap. I didn't and hope that others don't. Stay away from those places and stick to the Japanese places that allow gaijin.

10-16-02, 06:12
Anyone been to Nishi Kawaguchi? Check out this article : http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/waiwai/index.htmlIt says that this place is the new "sexapolis" in Tokyo. According to their article the philosophy is lower rates, but a higher volume of customers. Sounds good to me! I will try to go out there soon, and see if any places are gaijin friendly. About the Chinese places, I spent a lot of money at Chinese Estes when I was first in Japan. Sometimes the experiences were good ... cute 16 or 17 y/o Chinese girl, totally nude, covered BJ, HJ, finger fuck, lots of French kissing. And other times it was a ripoff ... 13,000 yen for just a massage, not even an HJ. Is Hinomaru really a "no sex " place now? Bummer.

10-16-02, 07:08
haha fishmonger...you beat me to that topic. I also read about this place to. I'm just as surprised as you are too. I have to ask my friend about this.About the chinese places, the ones in Ikebukuro are well known as rip-offs. One of my earlier post, last year, describes this. Stick with the Japanese places. Think about it most of the chinese workers are here illegally anyway, so there's no reason for them to actually make you happy, they just want to fleece as much money from you

10-16-02, 13:58
I've never felt compelled to try the Japan scene.From what I have heard and read, alot of the clubs are more designed to tease than please, HJ, no "nether-regions" contact, etc.., the idea just kind of makes me feel cheated.Is it really like that?

10-17-02, 02:51
chrisc30japanese places tend to have more roleplaying.There are places just for sex, it all comes down to price though. How much are you willing to pay for nookie. There are DC's that others have posted that do sex, but it's very expensive.The step up from HJ's, you can pay for a BJ instead, cheaper than sex.If you want nookie, check out the past postings. Yokohama, DC's, or if you're like Shazam, get a freebie.

10-18-02, 16:59
dlite_me - Thanks for the info. My only experience with Japan is limited.Went into some club once where a girl soaped up and used her body as a sponge to wash me.Pretty damned intense!When I say club, I mean a room in said club. Let's just say we arranged for a repeat performance after she got off work. I think this was what they call a "soapland"? Not familiar with the term.She spent the night in my hotel room, which was a big bonus.Gorgeous girl, tight body, she was very service-oriented too. I've heard the place closed.I would not mind trying something like that again. Only downside to it all, the management apparently forbade sex acts to occur "on premises". Bum deal eh? She can rub her pussy all over my body, but I can't do anything about it. I get the feeling she enjoyed the teasing though.

10-20-02, 22:46
Anyone out there with some advice for visiting a soapland in Yoshiwara? Going to be in Tokyo early November. I am Asian-American, but can only speak a little Japanese. What have been the experiences there?

10-21-02, 03:56
deelite or everybodymmmm!......soapland.........yes it is a very good experience. the air matress treatment is worth the try...always try to get a perky boob lady....not necessarily big . the usual BBBJ and then a covered romp. If you blow your wad too early...you can try for round 2..if you have the time. Soapland is at the top of the sex related business, but the service is the best.Yoshiwara is very expensive....but as my Japanese friend tells me, it's worth it to try it once if you have the MONEY!!! And if they let you in!!! Asian American is still Gaijin to them. You might need a Japanese person to go with you. Even if you get in...you migt have an extra surcharge tacked on . there are some cheaper ones, but as always you get what you pay for. There are other places you can try...Kawasaki.....Saitama for soapland, but you will have to ask other people for that.But I've never tried soaplands in Tokyo...cause it's very expensive!!! Only near Kyoto, did I try. You're better off trying at the clubs. My friend, who was a JET, banged three different girls, three different nites during orientation in Tokyo.I hope to try a soapie massage in BKK soon. It sounds very similar to Japan.OK...the following stuff is strictly my opinion.....you can disagree, but I don't care. I've seen alot of Japanese men bashing in the other forums.....Paying for any sex related services in Japan is very expensive. Because it's geared for Japanese men. Other people shouldn't complain about Japanese men going to other countries and pushing up the rate of the sex services by paying more than other foreigners. They should help them out ...Why?? Because no matter what Japanese men pay in other countries, it's still way cheaper than in Japan. Most Japanese men don't know the going rate for services outside the country and most people outside japan think japanese men are rich. Plus in Japanese society there is this thing about avoiding confrontation.......thus Japanese people are not the very good at haggling prices....the first offer is usually accepted because it sounds cheaper . Of course this relates to most Japanese tourist in general, men/women......Cause everything in Japan is overpriced! Stuff outside of Japan is cheaper. So when you see a line of japanese tourist at the Louis Vitton or Prada store(like in Paris).....or shopping like the world was about to end.....try to understand...of course you can still laugh at them......(I do)This makes most japanese tourist very easy to rip off, cause they tend not to question things...they just accept it as is...thus avoiding confrontation.my opinions are solely based on my two years living and working in Japan...my Japanese friends...some very well versed in the sex related biz in Japan......some just normal people.

10-21-02, 06:40
Fishmonger or anybody in the know....What is this about Hinomaru being a "no sex" place now?

10-21-02, 07:38
This is a message I copied from another board ...Reallynow,Hinomaru in Kabukicho opens at 5 in the morning! It may suit you better!Went there 4 days ago, and can assure that the sign "No sex" is just for fun. Get FS with Mika which is actually nice but too tight.Floyd Fri, Oct 18 00:31:45 2002 - - message #420 So, apparently, Hinomaru is still an FS place! Haven't been there myself recently though.

10-22-02, 04:44
I concur with Fishmonger about Hinomaru still being "sex" friendly. I stopped by two weeks ago and had no problem getting FS. I was entertained by Kaori and she did a great job. Highly reccomended.In addition, last month I was drinking in Shibuya and ended up at a place called Maki? located at the end of the Center Gai. I was approached on the street by a tout and ended up with a cute but slightly fat girl (possibly Korean but not JP) who spoke some english. The FS was fine but it was a bit pricy at 10,000 for a 1/2 hour. I probably could have negotiated but I was a bit pissed so I wasn't in the mood.Hat's off to Shazam for getting paid for the labor! ;)