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05-18-02, 06:13
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05-19-02, 07:14
I've ever watched the TV program on which
some street girls (and customer, too)
in Koganecho were arrested.
But I don't think you are arrested if
you are playing in thr FS bar.
How was your visiting to Koganecho?"


Thank you for the feedback! I guess that's why she locks all three doors behind us so carefully.

I go to Koganecho earlier than most so there isn't as much of a selection of girls to choose from. Last time I went, I met a girl who I'd rate a low 7.

How about you? Any favorite bars in Koganecho?


05-19-02, 17:34
Hi, I went to Koganecho about two weeks ago and went with this 27 year old from Taiwan who I would rate as a 7.5 she had a good body and was pretty tight though not a very good worker. I guess she is still new and with her fairly good looks can get a good amount of business. I would not go to her place again. I think the name of her place was sachi, it was the third shop from the corner of the second block coming in from the station, just before the little Thailand village complex. There were some great looking girls at the end of the second block but they are usually not out long before someone grabs them. I also go early and watch them open up the shops at around 7-7:30 on Sundays.

05-20-02, 18:31

I've never been to the bar in Koganecho.
The service in the bar is too short for me to feel good.
(I've heard the time is 30min.)
I prefer Akebonocho rather than Koganecho.
When I go to Akebonocho next time, I try to ask
if the bar is accept foreigners.

05-21-02, 07:17

Yes, the time limit is 30 minutes. Not much time for delightful conversation, I'm afraid. Koganecho is a place to go to seek relief.

I used to go to a strip bar/hostess bar/H.J. place in Akebonocho called Tropicana but it closed. Some of the street touts told me it re-opened in Kabukicho but that's a little too far. I've tried J-Spot in Akebonocho but it wasn't such a great place.

If you find out about any other gaijin friendly places in Akebonocho, please post the info here.


05-22-02, 05:58
Hello all. My exerience at the Koganecho red light district was not bad at all as the South American girl from Costa Rica was charming and quite surprisingly enthusiastic. I was wondering though about the quality of service of the streetwalkers in the area who hangs out around the love hotels. I talked to a very cute girl from Taiwan who quoted me 15,000 yen for an hour (hotel room separate cost).

Any input???

05-23-02, 15:54
I had an apointment to meet and play for 20,000 yen at Yokohama 2 days ago.
Today, I waited at Yokohama station for 20 minutes, but the ***** neither
come nor call me!

So I went to health club 'Echigoya' in Akebono-cho. I had already checked
this club on the internet. http://www.hgoya.com/home.html
The price was 10,000 yen/ 60min. I think this shop is the cheapest one in Yokohama.
The room is narrow (3m x 3m). But it was a good point that they had a shower space
in each room.
The woman I chose looked 6 or 7. But we could talk each other like a friend.
We kissed deeply and I licked her D-cup tits and pussy long time.
She gave me the great massage, BJ, 69. While doing 69, I shooted my gun.
It was the great time for me.
After playing, I got 1,000 yen discount ticket.

I asked to the clerk that if they can accept gaijin-san.
Yes, they can accept gaijin-san. But they said that
(1) need to make the reservation
Some women feels that gaijin-san is fearful.
(2) need some Japanese skills
It's OK if you can communicate in Japanese to some extent.

Why don't you try one?

06-12-02, 14:09
If you have any info about the Fujisawa area, could you email me at robodk@excite.com? I am leaving Sat 15th June


FYI I am a black american here on bussiness and I speak absolutely no Japanese. Do I have any chance at all of getting service?

06-20-02, 08:29
As it turns out I am in Japan (Fujisawa station area) much longer than planned. I did find some clubs/bars that had action, but for Japanese only. I found a massage place that wanted WAY too much (10000 to 20000) for 1 hour + HJ or BJ (no FS offered). However, I did meet a nice Japanese lady (37yr old even though I thought she was 26) at one of the department stores at Fujisawa station. Smokin body, and I knew she might be interested in a drink or something when her shift was up, because she is the ONLY female that has made direct eye contact with me since I've been here. To keep it short, we went for dinner and drinks afterwards and the next night she came to my room and got served up real nice. She works all day and then leaves my hotel at midnight for the past 3 nights.

Has anyone ever had a girlfriend in Japan? Are they cool? Do they know you may never come back? Help a brotha out?

06-20-02, 09:43
Hey dumbass (just had to say that - sorry),

I submitted an answer but looks like it didn't work; apologies if the post comes up later. Anyways, you're lucky to find a lady who probably wanted to try something a little different (a lot of Japanese don't want or are scared by blacks -sorry, just how it is over there). So, she gets a point or two for that. Since you're there on business and staying in a hotel, she should recognize that fact and hopefully there won't be any strings attached (I mean mental ones). Yes, they're cool. And yeah, they (she) probably knows you won't come back; just be nice to her and enjoy the moment. That's all. Maybe someone else has an opinion to help you.

06-21-02, 00:13
There is never a problem addressing me as DUMBASS!

Thanks for your input. I have been really nice to this gal (dinner, drinks, foot massage) and that's the thing that makes me a little nervous. When I met her I thought I was only here for 3 more nights, so I was almost romantic because I wanted what we all want. Now that my trip had been extended, my dumbass called her instaed of letting her think I was gone. Now she's planned her next 4 days around when she can get to my room after work.

I guess I should just live this moment and stop trippin!! I keep forgetting this is not an American girl. A sista would have bridesmaids dresses picked out by now!!

06-21-02, 07:10
Blacks in Japan, After being in Japan about 9 years now,
I have had no problem finding Dates from Japanese women.
They are in abundance go to the Matrix in Yokohama.

06-21-02, 09:19
I am assuming The matrix is near Yokohama station. Can you give some more details (I gave my girl the night off) Hook me up. I have not been out of the station at Yokohama.

06-22-02, 00:52
the Matrix Club is your typical Hip Hop club in Yokohama,
Lost's of women are there. All speak english, all looking for
boyfriends or something. It used to be call Club Heaven but now
it is the Matrix. It is in the Motomachi area of Yokohama and
may be about 1500 yen taxi ride from Yokohama station. I don't
the exact cost because I always drive. Things don't start happening until about 11:00 and it does not close until about 5 am there is a 3000 yen cover to get in. See ya there tonight

06-22-02, 00:57
There you go dumbass, sounds like a fellow WSG member can meet ya and open to the door to even more J-pussy's! Enjoy!

06-22-02, 09:10
Damn Rodman!
I needed to get there last night! :-) I gave my girl
the green light tonite so I can hit it 1 last time....hmmm, maybe I can get there after I drop her off at 12:30....oh nevermind. I'll have to check this place out on the next trip. I don't think I can get a train back to Fujisawa after 1am anyways. I don't know about you, R, but I don't have enough game to meet a honey and get back to her place in the same night. Just as well, I'm probably to old for a Hip Hop club anyways.

07-20-02, 09:06
After a little research, I think I've found the best deal in Koganeicho. When you get to Koganeicho station, exit and make a sharp left. Go to the first intersection, turn right and start walking towards Yokohama station. You should be walking along the main road outside the zone. Keep walking until you see the 7-11 on your left (it takes a few minutes) then turn right at that intersection. Turn left on the second alley and you should see a few bars. The girls are Chinese. From my experience, if you're a nice guy, they'll ignore the clock and before you know it, 20 minutes will become 60. I don't think this generosity exists at rush hour so try to get there early. Happy hunting!

09-16-02, 18:17
Thought I would see if we can get this section moving again. I went to Koganecho/ Akebonocho area couple of times since WSG was down. I am not sure about Karakuchi's directions but if you go out of Koganecho station turn left, walk to the corner with the convenience store on the corner turn right and cross the street you are already in the zone. You will see a narrow alley lightly to your left and further on the elevated tracks for the Keihin Kyuko line. I prefer to go further on past the tracks and turn down that alley. Walk about three blocks and you will be in front of a "shopping mall like complex with little "bars" with mainly Mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai Columbians and even a couple of Russians working. The shop on the right corner of the mall has three Shanghai girls who have great personalities and pretty good bodies if like me you like small slim girls.

If you go three more blocks you will be in the older working girl area. I was passing through the area and got a deal from a Chinese/Thai girl in her late twenties, it was a very slow night so she offered a special deal, 8K for a twenty minute session. I told her I thought it was a great deal but only had 6K and started to walk away but she said alright to the 6K. I pays to go there on slow days. I think it was a Sunday just before the end of the month.

The other thing I found was if you cross the river and walk down to the large road that goes to Hinodecho, you will be accosted by Korean Chinese girls who work in the massage palors in the area. Might want to try them out. Let us know how it works out. I have not had the time to check out that area as yet. Though some of them looked quite good.

Happy Hunting.

09-19-02, 08:42
In this post I see a lot of information on the Koganecho area, however, is there anything beyond that? For example: Pink Salons, Soaplands, etc...

I have just moved to Yokohama and look forward to sharing more info on this area.

09-20-02, 00:20
Originally posted by Bukkake
In this post I see a lot of information on the Koganecho area, however, is there anything beyond that? For example: Pink Salons, Soaplands, etc...

I have just moved to Yokohama and look forward to sharing more info on this area.

There's a whole bunch of fashion healths and image clubs in Kannai. Take the JR train to Kannai station, and from there head to Isezakicho street mall. Walk all the way down the mall to the next lighted intersection and cross. Going forward, the area between where you are to the next lighted intersection on your left will be rife with them. Usually a whole bunch will be squeezed into one building. Here's a link to a company that has several in Kannai: http://www.fuzoku-net.com/index-side.html.

I've only visited a couple times, but for what it's worth here's my suggestions: if you don't already speak Japanese, learn enough to be able to chat with the guy at the counter; try going during the daytime when it's less busy (although I've Saturday it's always busy all day ^_^); be prepared to go into a lot of them and get turned down before finding one that'll let you in; and if you do get in please be on your best behavior because you're representing every foreigner after you that wants to get in. One guy that worked the counter at one of the places (sorry, forgot the name) was willing to let me in during the day but not in the evening because that's when his boss was around. Good luck, and keep us posted.

09-20-02, 15:22
How clean are these girls working in the red light district in Yokohama? Specifically, I am talking about the foreign SW (Thais, Columbians, etc). Is there widespread STDs/HIV with these girls? Do they get regularly checked and are condoms required?

09-23-02, 18:50

I'm Japanease living in Yokohama. I go to Kannai area every
a couple of month.

Same as kogal_lover said below, I've heard from a girl who
work at fashion helth that it's OK if the foreigner who has
enough to communicate with clerk and girls. But unfortunately
I don't know the shops which accept the foreigners who can't
speak Japanese in Yokohama.

The site below have a lot of informations around Yokohama.
(But written in Japanese. Can you read Japanese?)

If you have any questions, feel free to send me mail.
(I won't be able to check e-mail for 29th Sep through 5th Oct
because of business trip to abroad.)

09-24-02, 12:26
Mr. Holliday, I don't know whether the girls get check up or not but then not using a condom is insane. Yes, condoms are required by all of the places in Koganecho.

Hi, J-boy, back in Tokyo now get in touch.

09-24-02, 14:17
What time do the pink booths in Koganecho/Hinodecho open? I have been there twice, once on a Monday and once on a Tuesday around 7 - 8PM. All the shops were closed. TIA.... Dr. Holliday

09-25-02, 00:30
Don't think there is any official opening time for the places I've seen them opening up at around 10 pm and some at 11. The girls seem to be independent and get to their shop when they think customers will be around.

Try cruising around Akebonobashi near Kannai until later if you have no luck in Koganecho.

09-25-02, 08:37

Thanks for the information. I am actually a Japanese guy who was raised in the States. I have been living in Japan now for a couple of years (Tokyo and Tohoku).

As I said before, I just moved to Yokohama and noticed that this board wasn't really moving so I thought I'd try to be somewhat of a catalyst.

Look forward to sharing more information.

Good luck...

10-10-02, 12:17
Hi Sailing, Sorry if my directions were a little confusing. I think there is only one exit at Koganei station. When you give up your ticket at the ticket taker machines, you've got to walk down a few little steps to the street. Directly in front of you there should be a small kiosk used for selling lottery tickets. If you turn left at that spot and walk to the first intersection, there should be a building on your left with blue neon shaped like waves. At the first intersection, hang a right and walk straight along that busy road. That road is a bus route and there are no mini-bars so I don't consider it to be The Zone. Walk way the hell down that road towards Tobe and Yokohama station and you'll get to a 7-11. Sharp right there, walk in 10 steps and you're into The Zone. Anyways, if my directions suck, sorry.

Got a question for one and all. I was in Koganei a few weeks ago at about 7 or 8 and everything was closed. There were patrol cars all over the place and cops or immigration guys _marching_ (no, really!) up and down the streets. Big crackdown.

Anyone been there recently? Have things returned to normal?

10-10-02, 15:37
Hey Karakuchi,
I will be in the Yokohama area tomorrow, will check it out. This place as been in business for decades so I wonder what is going on. It used to be mainly old ladies who could no longer make it in the pink salons in Yokohama, perhaps an old ladies retirement home area? It has been a fairly recent development with the Thai, Chinese, Colombian, Russian and a few Japanese girls working there.

I usually turn right and walk to the corner, cross the street turn left and go down the first alley. There are girls working out of the little stall-like bars in that alley. After cruising down to the end of the alley you get to the road running parallel to the river, turn left at the first street and turn either left or right at the first street after going under the train tracks.

If you are in the Yokohama area often try going to Akebonobashi for the pink salons and fashion health places. There are a few Chinese quickie places there too.

10-10-02, 18:12

I checked one of Koganecho-board after reading your message.
They said most shops in Koganecho close at 6PM, and re-open 10PM
recently. I don't know why. Be careful, Sailing.
They, also, said many ticks were arrested by Police and Immigration
Officer, because they want to get these shops away. (For preventing
I'm afraid the shops in Koganecho will be disappeared someday.

10-18-02, 12:13
J-boy, Thanks for the info! I hope they don't close the shops of Koganeicho. Like I've told you before, I don't like Akebonobashi.

Sailing, I don't like Akebonobashi because there are too many bait and switch scams. The girl who gets you into the place isn't the girl who provides the service. Needless to say, the quality of looks between the two is vast.

At Koganei you get what you pay for.

Ralph Kramden
10-23-02, 14:47

Can you get FS at Koganecho and Hidonecho from the Chinese, Korean and other assorted foreign girls?
Will be staying the night in Yokohama on 11/2 at the Washington Hotel near Sakuragicho Station. Does anyone have other good suggestions or want to get together for a tour. I am not a late nighter, and I promise a full report Please advise.

10-24-02, 02:52
Kent, you can get FS in Koganecho/Hinodecho from Chinese, Korean, Russian, Colombian girls. Service time is only about 20 minutes.

LE and Immig. might still be cracking down on the area now. Anyone been there recently at around 7-9? I've heard the place opens up only after 11 these days.

10-30-02, 12:45
gentlemen, sad to report that bulldozers are ripping down the zone in koganeicho. i walked through koganeicho at about 9 and saw colombian chicks sneaking peeks out of half closed doors at le vans. many of the mini bars have been or are in the process of being ripped down. are we witnessing the end of an era?

Ralph Kramden
11-05-02, 04:11
I went to the pink district in Kawasaki from Yokohama this weekend. Take the east exit(Horse Track) out of Kawasaki station and walk straight. You will enter into an entertainment district that will have Chinese girls hustling massages for 10,000 yen for 30 minutes after 8 PM. This is not the right area. Gradually head to your left from here, and it will take you about 10 minutes. The area is in a quiet neighborhood between the station and the horse track. If you get to route 15, you have gone too far. You will see the lighted signs. There may be 25 or 30 different soapland businesses that offer services between 15,000 and 35,000. These places are for Japanese only, but you may get in if you look Japanese. If you look Western, then don't bother to ask even if you speak good Japanese because your money is not wanted. One place invited me in, but the prices were low and it looked old, so I figured the girls were old. However, there are quite a number of Chinese girls working the area in the small rooms that you can look into from the street. They will welcome you and you can choose the one you want. There are a fairly good nuumber of cute girls to choose from. Full service is 10,000 for 30 minutes. You can extend your time if you want. I spoke to one girl from Taiwan who spoke good English, and another from Hong Kong who didn't. I ended up with the Hong Kong girl who gave good service. Don't expect romance and the room is simply a futon with a pillow. she gave me a covered BJ. Altogether not a bad experience. I would return there, but won't go out of my way.

11-13-02, 07:53
Since Kaganeicho is on the outs, I decided to try Kawasaki. I went through the archives and found this old message from Max:

"The usual places in Kawasaki are full of clubs and are totally Gaijin unfriendly. However, there is a red light district just like the areas in Yokohama where ladies sit in little bars or windows. There are almost no Gaijin there in fact other than myself I haven't seen another. Probably because it is in an obscure location, I found it only because I got lost.

It is about a 10-15 minute walk from the main JR Station. Exit from the main entrance turn left and follow the main road. It will turn right after about 50 meters pointing away from the staion entrance. Follow the road about another 50 meters and take any road on the left. If you follow any of these roads for about 0.5 Km you will come to an area with 60-80 girls of all types in windows or bars. About half are foreign. Most acknowldege me ( gaijin). Standard practice is Y10,000 for 20 minutes BJ and fuck."

I followed these directions and found the zone easily. I chose a very cute Japanese girl in her mid 20's. She told me her name was Peach. Very nice body. Let me do anything I wanted except greek. She did not let me stay longer than 30 min. but I was a satisfied customer. I'd go again. Happy hunting!

Ralph Kramden
11-13-02, 14:40
Many thanks for the information. It sounds like we were in two different places. I was probably on the right of the main road, and you were on the left. I didn't see anything like 60-80 ladies in waiting through the sliding glass doors, only about 15-20. A couple of questions please.
Is the main exit you took also the east(horse track) exit that I took, or another?
Was it a covered BJ?
How many girls would you estimate? How much did you pay? Did you see any soaplands?
Please advise. I hope to try this neighborhood when in the area.

11-15-02, 08:44
Kent, I don't know my way around Kawasaki well enough to know if we were in two different places. By following Max's directions I wound up in an area between the Keikyu tracks and route 15. I don't know if it's exactly the place Max was talking about but it looked like a zone to me. There weren't "60-80" girls as mentioned. I saw maybe 30 tops. Some of them were _very_ old. Creepy. No thanks. Most of the young ones were pretty good looking. Take the main exit out of the station: turn right at the ticket gates after giving up your ticket, take the long escalators down under the giant TV screen, turn left just before going into the underground shopping mall, keep going left until you see touts and neon signs.

The BJ was covered, about 30 girls, Y10,000 for 30 min., there were loads of hostess bars and a few soaplands. Happy hunting.

11-17-02, 02:58
I'm going to Japan in December and I will be at Atsugi NAF. Anyone know of any good places to hit while I'm there?

12-06-02, 09:43
Gentlemen, Kawasaki has turned out to be a very good substitute for Koganeicho. Every time I go to the zone, I get lost and can't find the place I went last. Each time I've found a good place, though. If you can read Kanji, I'd like to recommend a couple of bars. First, try Lan. It's got four girls sitting in the front window. All of them are great looking, especially Kelly. She's from Shanghai, in her mid 20's and speaks English very well. Out of 10 I'd give her a 9. She offers the standard covered BJ and fuck and she ignores the clock. I had a very good time with her. Another place I recommend is Nishiki. The girl's name is Asami. She's 34, Japanese, speaks very little English but she's enthusiastic. Out of 10, I'd give her an 8. She offers the standard covered service plus a free bottle of beer which she pours for you during the session. She also ignores the clock. I tend to go early so that might explain why they ignore the clock. I think to get the most out of it you need to be a gentleman. Pay the going rate, give compliments, take it nice and easy and a 30 minute session could turn into a 60 minute GFE. Happy hunting.

Cooter Hunter
12-07-02, 21:15
Fellas, I have been out of Japan for about a year now, I will be returning next month. I was a frequent visitor to the Hinodecho and Koganech area, Lately I been seeing posts saying that the area has been shut down. Someone please ease my aching heart and tell me this isn't so, I loved the Russian ladies there and I haven been looking forward to returning to the area, someone, please give me a status, if they are are shut down, why did this sudden change come about? Any info would be appreciated.

12-11-02, 03:32

The hinodecho is still going. At least it was when I was there during the day last week. The side closest to the river had a couple of buildings removed. No big deal. Service and price are still the same but the girls tend to forget about the clock during the day.

12-13-02, 15:15

I was glad to read your report. I was in the Koganei/Hinodecho area today from 8 to 8:30pm and everything was closed up tight. What time and what day were you there? I saw four LE vans with lights flashing cruising up and down the alleys. I guess Fridays aren't the best days to go?

12-16-02, 04:23
I was in the Hinodecho area on a Monday or Tuesday. The trick is to go during the day if you can. I was there at 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Most of the "bars" were open.

12-30-02, 19:28
Checked out the Kawasaki area since I was passing through the area, must say that there is a wide variety of women there from little old ladies to young cute chicks. I went with the intention to just check it out and found the place that Karakuchi mentioned "Ran" but it was completely occupied for what seemed to be a long time. I guess the girls there don't rush you at all. After about an hour of roaming the area to see what was available, I got to talk to one of the girls at Ran who was very pleasant so I went off to find an ATM to get cash, when I returned 10 minutes later, she was busy with another customer. I suggest going early as Karakuchi does.

I found another place called Fuji near the main highway route 15 for those who are familiar with the area, girl from Singapore who was good, there were three girls there and two were in their early twenties and both fairly good looking. They did not have timers and basically went with the flow and did not seem to be eager to get you out once you were finished. All in all, pretty good for 10,000.

01-12-03, 01:13
Hey guys,

I'll be visiting Yokohama in March-What are the good places to go that are easy to get to but with thick women with good prices? Please let me know

Cooter Hunter
02-06-03, 23:57
Guys, has anyone been to the Hinodecho area lately, I am back in Japan now, and I am gonna check it out sometime next week. I just wanna make sure that the Russian and Spanish girls are still there, also, when is the best to of day to go now?


02-18-03, 13:02
Hello fellas,

This is in reference to Kawasaki. I've only been to Konagecho. I loved it. try to find the spot in Kawasaki but couldn't do it. i'm i just looking in the wrong place or am I looking for the wrong thing. should I be looking for something like Konagecho. also, could someone explain the bar situation. I guess what I'm saying is how do you know which bar is cool? And what is the m.o. for bars?

Thanks in advance.

03-28-03, 17:38

There is a place in Kawasaki just like Hinodecho and Konagegho. In Kawasaki its called Minamicho. if you know where the horse track is you'll find Minamicho.

As far as the bars, there used to be a bar called Fontaine which was just above where all the pretty hostesses stand outside. The bartender is American (ex-navy). good drinks, good price (free most of the time). with seventh heaven down the road, the strippers would frequent Fontaine when they got off of work, and boy were they glad to see Americans.

Any other bars, I relied on Japanese business men to show me in. Much easier that way and they foot the bill. Let me know how your escapade goes.

03-30-03, 03:57
reports of hinodecho's demise, folks, are not only premature - they are dead wrong. the district is alive and kicking big time.

went there on saturday (mar 29) about 11:30pm and it was prime time. it was more crowded than i had ever seen it before. there were an insane number of guys, more girls than i had ever seen before and some guy parked in one of the alleys with a fruit stand set up in the back of his truck selling grapes and strawberries.

i chose (poorly) a chinese chick near the backend of the place whose shop is near the river. everything was great until she put the japanese-sized condom on my dick and cut off its circulation. she also had falsies, so the nice boobies i saw in the window were nothing more than padding. i have bigger boobs than her. anyway, chalk it up to experience.

the teardowns mentioned in earlier posts were part of a renovation project. it's not the end of an era; it's the start of a new one.

not only hinodecho, either...go across the river to the hotel and club area and you see plenty of streetwalkers. most of them are south american, from what i could hear, and they go for y15,000/hr plus hotel of about y5,000. there is also a tiny, slightly older j girl plying the streets there, too. i bargained kyoko down to y15,000 inclusive of hotel for one hour. i speak decent japanese, so i don't know her english ability. once we got up, she was great in bed. going into it, i thought i would last my full hour with her. but, she's a pro and she got me to bust my nut in less than 3 minutes! guys - that is unprecedented...not to brag, but you are talking to someone who can hold it to the last second. we went in to the hotel at 1:00am, we were out by 1:30! next time, i may try the s. americans just for fun. maybe...i'm kinda spoiled with the j girls.

03-30-03, 08:34
Shazam - wow, that works out to 5,000 yen/min. of pleasure. She must be good. What I used to do was whack off a few hours before going to a massage parlor/ pink salon, to ensure I could enjoy a good long BJ or HJ, and really get my money's worth. Recently though as age is catching up to me, I find that I take longer to come anyway, so unless I am hyper excited I will last a good while. I've never been to Hinodecho, I should check it out sometime.

Weren't you the guy who got paid for doing a 40 year old J lady in a bathroom or something? Any more pay for play action recently?

03-30-03, 17:15
Fish, yeah - that was me. Last autumn, I hooked up with a chick in her mid-40s at Ikebukuro; we boned in a handicapped toilet and she gave me some cash for the effort. I've since had sporadic contact with her - her hubby was at his hometown with the kids for 3 days over New Year's, so I went to her place in Chofu and we had a little New Year's party of our own, but no cash was exchanged. I saw her again in March only for coffee and we may see each other again later this spring. I'm her boy toy (or just one of her boy toys - who knows?), and that's fine.

Lasted way more than 3 minutes with her, by the way. Kyoko, the pro in Yokohama on the other hand, I'm telling you - she was really good. Whacking off beforehand is a good tactic and I guess I should have done that...kind of like eating before you go to the grocery store!

Hinodecho, though, is swinging big-time. New facilities, new girls and, well, unfortunately, Japanese-sized condoms...

05-10-03, 14:05
Hey! I will be arriving in Japan in a short time to meet my new ship (I'm in the Navy).... is Yokohama near trhe base in Yokosuka?

Lubricate It
05-10-03, 23:09
Yokohama's about 25 minutes by train from Yokosuka. Great news for you is that, unlike Tokyo, (where BJ and HJ reign supreme) FS is perfectly legal in Yokohama and Yokosuka.

05-13-03, 16:07
I would be careful about saying that FS is perfectly legal as FS as a service is not actually legal in Japan anywhere but it is one of those things Japanese society tolerates to various degrees. The police would bust the place if they got to be "out of hand" or at least go through the motions of hassling the people for the first time out I would get with someone who knows the ropes and will teach you the appropriate actions to get in. Please learn what is appropriate for the shop you are patronizing before hand. In the Hinodecho/Koganecho area there are alot of Chinese, Korean, Thai, Columbians working out of small "snack bars" who offer FS for 10,000 a pop/ 20 minutes whichever comes first. There are street walkers in the area as well on the other side of the canal the rates may vary though the women are mostly quite old and last time I was in the area not much to look at. But you may get lucky. Remember to be polite and respectfull as that is generally likely to get you more for your money. Crude and rude will spoil it for the rest of us foreigners.

Good luck.

Lubricate It
05-18-03, 03:59
Kawasaki between Yokohama and Tokyo is worth a visit. Go out the train station into the underground complex on the bay (east) side. Go the street level by exit no.39. Walk straight ahead crossing the arcade and take the first street to the left (there is a Mitsui Sumitomo Bank on the corner). This is the historic old Tokaido road. About a mile down there is a Lawson convenience store on the left side of the street. At that point face right and take any lane into that block. You will find a huge combination of soaplands (gaijin mostly not allowed) and Y10,000 ST rooms (gaijin usually welcomed). ST deal is similar to Koganecho but always includes a drink (beer, coke or tea) plus a covered BJ as a preliminary. There are lot of old hags in the ST rooms but the are always a few office girls visiting from Taiwan looking for spending money and PRC students who complain about the earnings at McDonalds. Usually great enthusiasm at being poked by a Westerner for the first time!

Lubricate It
05-24-03, 15:55
Have recently checked out Hgoya and Elle in Yokohama as described on this board. Both are reasonably priced shops 7k for 45 minutes or 10k for 60. Complementary Y1k discount ticket for next time. Sakura (nearly 30?) and Mari (22) at Hgoya offered reasonable BBBJ. Sakura is more experienced at this, sucking everything is sight (including all 10 toes) in the preparatory shower. But Mari, who sufferes from partially congenital deafness, has excellent attitude, insisting on licking my ass for at least 10 minutes even tho' I didn't want to do it. Both girls are about a 6 to look at, short and lightly bult, Mari being skinny with tiny tits.
At Elle the attendant was fat with big tits. Difference between the two shops, under the same management, is that Elle features a mat massage with lotion, and Hgoya a dry massage on the bunk.

05-25-03, 17:09
Originally posted by Lubricate It
ST deal is similar to Koganecho but always includes a drink (beer, coke or tea) plus a covered BJ as a preliminary. There are lot of old hags in the ST rooms but the are always a few office girls visiting from Taiwan looking for spending money and PRC students who complain about the earnings at McDonalds. Usually great enthusiasm at being poked by a Westerner for the first time!

Sorry to ask this but I am new to this board. What's ST rooms? I just came to Yokohama for a month long project and would like to do some weekend hunting. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

05-26-03, 11:30
Lubricate It,

Where are these places at? I could not find the old post...

"Have recently checked out Hgoya and Elle in Yokohama as described on this board. Both are reasonably priced shops 7k for 45 minutes or 10k for 60."


Lubricate It
05-26-03, 13:37
Originally posted by ivan
Lubricate It,

Where are these places at? I could not find the old post...

"Have recently checked out Hgoya and Elle in Yokohama as described on this board. Both are reasonably priced shops 7k for 45 minutes or 10k for 60."

Thanks! Website, which has a map, is http://www.hgoya.com/home.html

At Kannai station get out the Tokyo end of the train. Cross the big boulevard parallel to the train tracks (on your left if you're facing Tokyo) and take the major street perpendicular to the railway line at that point. Walk on the right side of the street. After a mile you will start to notice a few BJ shops. The building you're after is about the last multi-storied building on the right (8 stories).

Website has a roster (in Japanese). Sakura works early shift on May 27 and June 1. Mari does early shift on May 31 and June 1. BTW Sakura allows fingering but Mari doesn't.

Lubricate It
05-26-03, 13:45
Originally posted by jman90024
Sorry to ask this but I am new to this board. What's ST rooms? I just came to Yokohama for a month long project and would like to do some weekend hunting. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. By ST we mean "short time", in this case 20 minutes is the standard but you can easily negotiate, before paying, for 30. Any longer than that and you are expected to pay a couple of thousand extra.

Rooms refers to an arrangement where the girl rents the room for Y10 k per day. At Koganecho (walk back along the railroad tracks towards Hinodecho) each building features a tiny bar downstairs and two rooms upstairs. At Kawasaki there are no bars. Just a girl at the glass door who will lead you to her room usually just inside.

06-12-03, 05:06
Lubricate I‚”A
Great Info. @I just got into Yokosuka after being in San Diego for a long whileD ‚h was able to get to Yokohama okay today for a short visit.Went to Tower records, saw some cute chicks but did not attempt any mongering.

From the Yokohama Station, how to I proceed to get the Yokohama Station, how to I proceed to get to Kawasaki and some of the other places you mentioned.

If you want, you can e-mail me at


Thanks a bunch.

06-12-03, 05:22
originally posted by speedopunk
hey! i will be arriving in japan in a short time to meet my new ship (i'm in the navy).... is yokohama near trhe base in yokosuka?

hey! i am hereˆσyokosuka about a badship! you gotta know which one. are you on a ship? anyway, e-mail me at tokyo_tapes@tokyo.com. let`s hook up!

Lubricate It
06-12-03, 14:13
Originally posted by Chubby
From the Yokohama Station, how to I proceed to get the Yokohama Station, how to I proceed to get to Kawasaki and some of the other places you mentioned.

If you want, you can e-mail me at


Thanks a bunch. If you`re at Yokohama don`t worry about going to Kawasaki. More choice at Yokohama. 2 ways to go to Kogane-cho:

#1 get a taxi to Koganecho station. Write "Kogane-cho eki" on a bit of paper in English and show it to the cab driver. You should have no problem. Fare should be between 1k and 2k from Yokohama station or even less from Kannai station.

- or -

#2 get the train from Yokohama station. It`s the track closest to the sea side. But be careful. It`s the private Keihin Kyuko line, not the JR line so the entrance (and tickets) are different from the other tracks. Fare Y170. It`s the third stop in the south direction. Make sure you don't get the express train. The all-stops trains are the short ones.

Once at Kogane-cho station there is only one exit. Walk out onto the street and cross over to the other side at the lights. Follow the lanes that run parallel to the railroad tracks. You will soon discover plenty of Y10k girls there, 24 hours a day. Mostly Chinese but also Thai and Colombian and a few others. Enjoy your 20 minutes!

06-14-03, 04:34
Thanks Lubricate It.

I went to Koganadecho and found it interesting. Very similar to the booth scene in Amsterdam I think the service is better but more expensive.
No English spoken by the Salon girls I saw. They wrote 10,000. I wrote 70,000 but the girl I finally went with stuck to 90,000 as the lowest she would go.
The timer did throw me a@little but I was able to pop off in time... just barelyB
As@‚@‚†‚‰‚’‚“‚”@‚”‚‰‚‚…‚’@‚”‚ˆ‚…‚’‚…@i ‚”‚ˆ‚‰‚Ž‚‹@‚”‚ˆ‚‰‚Ž‚‡‚“@‚—‚…‚Ž‚”@‚—‚…‚Œ‚ŒD

i ‚”‚ˆ‚…‚Ž@‚—‚…‚Ž‚”@‚”‚@‚g‚‰‚Ž‚…‚„‚…‚ƒ‚ˆ‚@‚‰‚Ž@‚“‚…‚‚’‚ƒ‚ˆ@‚‚†@‚q‚•‚“‚“‚‰‚‚Ž‚“@‚‚‚•‚”@‚„‚‰‚„@‚Ž‚‚”@‚†‚‰‚Ž‚„@‚‚Ž‚™‚”‚ˆ‚‰‚Ž‚‡@‚”‚ˆ‚…@‚†‚‰‚’‚“‚”@‚†‚…‚—@‚‚‰‚Ž‚•‚”‚…‚“@‚‚†‚†@‚”‚ˆ‚…@‚”‚’‚‚‰‚Ž@‚”‚ˆ‚…‚Ž@i got accosted by a pair of drunk ‚`‚‚…‚’‚‰‚ƒ‚‚Ž@‚r‚…‚’‚–‚‰‚ƒ‚…‚‚…‚Ž@h‚Œ‚‚‚‹‚‰‚Ž‚‡@‚†‚‚’@‚‚’‚‚“‚‰‚”‚•‚”‚…‚“Dh@ drunk ‚`‚‚…‚’‚‰‚ƒ‚‚Ž@‚r‚…‚’‚–‚‰‚ƒ‚…‚‚…‚Ž@i‚”‚ˆ‚…‚‰‚’@‚ˆ‚‚‰‚’‚ƒ‚•‚”‚“@‚‚‚„‚…@‚”‚ˆ‚…‚@‚‚•‚”@‚”‚@‚‚‚…@‚`‚‰‚’@‚e‚‚’‚ƒ‚…@‚†‚’‚‚@‚x‚‚‹‚‚”‚j@h‚Œ‚‚‚‹‚‰‚Ž‚‡@‚†‚‚’@‚‚’‚‚“‚‰‚”‚•‚”‚…‚“Dh@@i ‚”‚ˆ‚…‚Ž@‚‡‚‚–‚…@‚•‚@‚‚Ž‚„@‚—‚…‚Ž‚”@‚‚‚‚ƒ‚‹@‚”‚@‚—‚ˆ‚…‚’‚…@‚h@‚‚@‚“‚”‚‚™‚‰‚Ž‚‡D


06-19-03, 11:55
I don't know what happened to my last post... cray computer at Y@cafe...
Anyway... I just got back from Koganecho.... Thursday 6/19. Very little action around 1830. Most of the booths I have seen open all week were closed. I did see two cops walking down the small street alon the shops (one that was not alongside the riverbank).
Is Thursday a usual day for police activity?

Now... On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I had two different Thai girls along the block. Both were very cute and pretty good service providers. The first charged 100K. She was firm and would not budge. Afterwards, she said her name was A, like the letter A. The second girl went for 80K. She said her same was Emmie... was this "M" and do all the Thai girls go by first letters of the ROman alphabet? What's the scoop.

The Latinas I have encountered were not very pretty. Some were old or fat or both old and fat. I did not choose any of them.

06-19-03, 13:57
If you paid 100,000 yen as you said, you paid way too much. The going rate in the area is 10K if you made a mistake about where the K goes it would make more sense. More like 8K?

06-20-03, 04:27
Originally posted by Sailing
If you paid 100,000 yen as you said, you paid way too much. The going rate in the area is 10K if you made a mistake about where the K goes it would make more sense. More like 8K?

Sailing... you are right...

I meant 10K... as in almost $100. I have paid from 7K to 10K altogether. The 7K hook up provided pretty good service but the room was very, very small and a bit dirty.
The girls in the 8-10K range were very clean. The last one, Emmie, from Ching Mai had a very nice room and handed out drinks... a few coras. She was an 8K woman.

Any... I think I may try again this weekend to see what happens. I don't think I like Hinodecho very much so I will stick to Koganecho until it wears out.

Also... does anyone have any information of on the Oasis Latino, a second floor establishment in Koganecho? Is it a club of some sorts or a massage parlour?


06-20-03, 14:10
If you get tired of the area you might want to check out Kawasaki. There are some shops like the ones in Koganecho / Hinodecho which cost about the same. They have mainly girls from Mainland China or Taiwan. Some Korean.

I did a quick check out of some of the usual areas, ie Kinshicho, Uguisudani, and Ikebukuro this evening the areas were quite dead. Seems the Japanese police are cracking down on the SW the ones I did see were Columbians, old J women, and a few old Chinese. Guess you have to use those este places run by the Chinese gangs.

Keep trucking.

06-22-03, 09:20
Originally posted by Sailing
If you get tired of the area you might want to check out Kawasaki. There are some shops like the ones in Koganecho / Hinodecho which cost about the same. They have mainly girls from Mainland China or Taiwan. Some Korean.

I did a quick check out of some of the usual areas, ie Kinshicho, Uguisudani, and Ikebukuro this evening the areas were quite dead. Seems the Japanese police are cracking down on the SW the ones I did see were Columbians, old J women, and a few old Chinese. Guess you have to use those este places run by the Chinese gangs.

Keep trucking.


Thanks for the intel. I may try Kawasaki for a change of pace. In the States, most of the AMP I used had Koreans and a few Chinese women.
Is the area in Kawasaki hard to find? The place in Kogenecho was really easy to find.


I just got back from Fussa City. What's is going on there? I stayed at the New Asahi which is really near some "Snack Pubs" and other "pubs" but I was not able to get into any of them because they only allowed "members."

06-22-03, 10:50
Sorry... forgot to ask... how do you get to the hot spots of Kawasaki@from Yokosuka on the KHK line? I noticed today on the map that there were two different stops with Kawasaki in them?

Thanks in advance.

06-22-03, 15:33
There are two stations in Kawasaki because both the Keihin Tohoku and Keihin Kyukou lines stop in Kawasaki and they have not integrated the two stations into one big building as they have done in Shinjuku or Shibuya. I you get out of the Keihin Kyuko Kawasaki station from the exit head toward the Kawasaki horse racing track between the station and the track you will find a variety of shops from soapland type places to those like Koganecho. The area is known as Horiuchicho. Some people have e-mailed me directly, if you are able to get my address from previous posts drop me a line.

06-23-03, 08:22
Originally posted by Lubricate It
Once at Kogane-cho station there is only one exit. Walk out onto the street and cross over to the other side at the lights. Follow the lanes that run parallel to the railroad tracks. You will soon discover plenty of Y10k girls there, 24 hours a day. Mostly Chinese but also Thai and Colombian and a few others. Enjoy your 20 minutes!

Thanks a lot for the info. Went there over the weekend in the afternoon. Quite a few of the shops are open and the quality of girls is OK. Mostly from Taiwan and China. Got one from Beijing, small frame and cute. Supposed to be Y10K for 20 minutes but I stay there for 40 minutes without extra change. Fun place to be and will definitely go back.

06-23-03, 09:39
Sailing... thanks again.

My e-mail address is:

Brothel Hunter
06-23-03, 12:54
Has anyone here been to Hgoya? Went there some time last week and it wasnt a bad experience. This place is located close to Kannai Sta. in Akebono. Although no FS, it was a good stress reliever. Felt a little akward getting the finkster licked. You do need to know a little "nihongo" though. I usually call there before I go to make sure its okay for "gaijin" for that particular day. Not all girls there are "gaijin" friendly, but there are some.

06-26-03, 07:36
Hey guys....Big Ed here. Been in Yokosuka for a few weeks and just made a trip back up to Hinedecho. Kind of dissappointed actually. When I was here from 1995-1998 the ladies loved Americans. Now in Hinedecho I'm getting the big "X" from all the girls...none of them want anything to do with me or my friends. Also, the area used to have numerous russians, and now it seemed to be dominated by asian ladies. Did the russians get evicted or did they simply find a new track to stand under?

The Long Rooste
06-27-03, 22:44
Kaffir / Big Ed,

This is not the Big Ed from MSC?

I don't know why the girls are giving you guys the no play. Lately in Hinode-cho I see a ton of gai-jin, white and black, all getting their dick-on.

Maybe you guys are in a big group and freaking the girls out so just go solo or with a buddy.
I didn't go to Hinode-cho during the Russian phase. Now it is mostly Thai, some Chinese, and a couple of chubby but still sexy Latinas.


The Long Rooster

06-30-03, 16:03
Yokohama Folks,
Did some intense study this past weekend about the pussy situation in Yokohama. (I'm doing it for you guys, OK?) Hinodecho is alive and well, and the gaijin acceptance rate is about what it always has been (roughly 50/50). I speak decent Nihongo, so that may be a factor. YMMV.
A lot of Hinodecho is undergoing renovation now, though. I guess the years of crusted sput and Showa-era electric wiring was becoming a fire hazard or something. I went twice this past weekend - Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening. (Damn - the things I do for you folks!)

Saturday was better than Sunday (duh!). The girls looked pretty worn out on Sunday. One of them on Saturday probably picked up her English on CNN when she said, "You give me American cruise missile, OK?" Serious. I couldn't make that shit up - best pickup line I ever heard! She didn't even know I was American.
Normal stuff - Y10k for 30 min, but if you're cool and get on with the girl, you can stretch it out to 45 +/-.

South of the river, folks...that is pretty nice. The SWs come out around 9pm, although there are one or two in the afternoon. In the daytime, you have to ask. If you are foreign, they won't look at you, but if you talk to them in Japanese, they will be more than happy than sit on your cock for Y10k - Y15k, plus hotel. I've never had a bad experience with a Yokohama SW, except one a few months ago who was so good, I busted by nut in her mouth during the obligatory blow-job while the bathtub was still going. She doesn't do two-shots, either. One hour's worth of money, like the Nicholas Cage movie, Gone in 60 Seconds. Crap - the old lady at the hotel front looked at us like, "Wha--- already?!?"
Some of the SWs are Latino and I haven't seen a bad one yet. I screw J girls, though. I guess it's just a psycho thing.

Chubby - you spend HOW MUCH? Dude...you could have paid for all of us at Hinodecho. Spread the love, dude! Next time you get the urge to drop Y100K on a chick, let us on the board know and we'll make a Hinodecho party of it.
Oh -shit- I just read the follow-up posting. Well, still, IF you ever want to spend the big bucks, the party offer is still good.

07-05-03, 09:05
Originally posted by shazam
Chubby - you spend HOW MUCH? Dude...you could have paid for all of us at Hinodecho. Spread the love, dude! Next time you get the urge to drop Y100K on a chick, let us on the board know and we'll make a Hinodecho party of it.

You wish! Ha Ha! We got the pricing miscommunication thing straightened out a few posts back. It was 10K, not 100K!
I've seen the SW in Hinodecho but I wasn't interested. I haven't seen any Russian or any other Eastern Euros prowling the street scene there but have seen them open posters for the Gaijin user unfriendly joints. All of the Latinas I have seen, except one were on the HONEY, I'VE EATEN TOO MANY FRIJOLES diet.

Where, exatcly in Hinodecho are the fine SWs?

Are there any salons in that neck of the woods.

Also, where are the salons in Kawasaki and Tobe? I'm setting all worn out trying to find a place other than Koganecho.

I might have to venture into Shibuya and Shinjuku if I can't find anything soon.


Lubricate It
07-06-03, 08:57

I wanna warn you guys about an interesting scam which I fell for this afternoon in Yokohama, and on reflection, may have succumbed to before.

There are a lot of Chinese and Korean MPs in the rather nondescript area between Isezakicho and Hinodecho. From the afternoon the Chinese girls come onto the street to look for clients.

Today I encountered a very attractive young girl (Kitsurin Province) with whom I negotiate 60 minute massage and FS for 18k (the usually quoted asking rate in the area is 20k). She professes to have trouble speaking Japanese so a Mamasan-nearby in the street helps. We go up in the elevator to the MP with a Chinese guy who turns out to be the MP manager and who collects my 18k. She takes me to the room (very dark), refuses conversation (no Japanese) and begins the massage (3rd rate) in total darkness. After 30 minute she asks me to turn over but reveals herself as a totally different person, an old hag, making preparations to to a HJ!!!

I get dressed, go to the manager and ask for 15k back, having had 3k worth of massage. He offers me only 8k, explaining that the girl and the mamasan are running a client catching operation and have taken their cut (he claims 10k!). As an alternative to refunding me the 8k he offers to get a fs girl (unseen) in for me. I'm so angry at this stage I take the 8k and head off to Koganecho.

07-09-03, 11:19
Great info LubricateIt. Though you had to take one for the team I am sure you will be blessed in future endeavors.

I went to the RLD area of Kogonecho today. Found a pretty girl from Ching Mai (no surprise from what I have read) who agreed to spend time with me for 9k.

She did not set a timer like other girls I have read about. Her place was very clean. She is located in the area that is like small strip mall for pink salons near the train station. All the girls in this little cubby hole of shops seem to be from Ching Mai.

She spoke a little English and seemed to understand every word I spoke to her except that I wanted her to concentrate her fellatio to the underside of my extremely large penis instead of its enormous head. I did appreciate her skill at licking my gigantic but hairless balls.

She did not seem to mind me go through four or five positions and didn't ask me for any more yen when I placed by extremely large penis in her very tight but talented anus.


07-19-03, 02:55
Two Colobianas in a pink salon in Koganecho asked for 15k. Both were cute. One quite thin but the other had some flab to her. Both were rejected outright for the outrageous quote.

Talked to another Colombiana. She said she would play for 8k but I passed since I saw a sexy Thai chick a few doors down.

The Thai chick was firm on khao (9K) but she was too hot to pass up.

Room is street level, no stairs to go up! No drink offered. Her space is kept very clean.

No timer. Only fair CBJ. Fortunately it only lasted about 2 minutes. After that, lots of different moves. Great body. Nice smell. No apparent stink. Smooth skin. Beautiful natural titties. Very warm and tight honey spot.

Goes by the name Bom.

Billy Bones
07-24-03, 07:03
chubby / speedopunk

hey guys, have any of you been over to sasebo? if so, what's 411 on the area?

to the rest of you guys, i'll be in yokohama next month. anyone want to give a guy a tour of the hot spots?


07-30-03, 08:37
Man, today is Wednesday and I went down to Koganecho / Hinodecho around 1300. I went for this Chinese chick who said she was from SIgapore. Kind of cute but I don't think I would have went with here is her price wasn't so low. I jumped at my first offer of 7K. The place was pretty clean but the stairs were kind of stepp and since I am a fat bastard I got kind of tired walking up all those stairs. The thing is she set a timer who kind of threw me off because this was the first time a girl did this. I could have swaorn it went off in about ten minutes and I didn't even pop off. Plus, she wouldn't even give me a CBJ but I thought this was because I only paid her 7K. I was still too horny to leave so I paid her another 3K. I still didn't pop off. She then tried giving me a hand job but by this time I went soft and decided to call it quits because I was sweating like the pig I am. All the action was slow. I think I only saw about 10 guys down there.

08-03-03, 02:54
originally posted by billy bones
chubby / speedopunk

hey guys, have any of you been over to sasebo? if so, what's 411 on the area?

to the rest of you guys, i'll be in yokohama next month. anyone want to give a guy a tour of the hot spots?


i have been to sasebo but not indulged in the hobby there. i am sure something in going on there or somewhere close because of cfas.

08-06-03, 15:38
Anyone know of anything near Camp Zama? (Sagamihara area). I'm moving there in a few months. I speak semi-fluent Japanese, easily enough to navigate the scene.



The Long Rooste
08-10-03, 11:27
originally posted by speedopunk
i have been to sasebo but not indulged in the hobby there. i am sure something in going on there or somewhere close because of cfas. anyone thinking of sasebo to pay for that ass forget it. there is a chance to kick game and pick up some women for free and you would be well advised to do that. i doubt it has anything to do with cfas. it is just the yakuza hasn't yet figured out the money making potential of tons of horndogs on the amphibs there.

my best advice is to take a bus to fukuoka or nagasaki. we went to fukuoka. we found a soap land that would accept gai-jin for the equivilant of $200 or so but my boy sanchez didn't go for it so we never tried.

beware of the entertainment district there. we kicked game to a lot of women and thought it was on but they just wanted to keep going to different karaoke bars. i belive they got a kickback or were just building up good will with the owners. they never seemed to want to make that final move back to the hotel room.

sanchez and i met another girl and she took us to this club where you pay y4,500 for all you can eat and drink for two hours. sanchez is drunk by this time so he's for it. i refuse to touch even a peanut. i wait outside and twenty minutes later sanchez comes out with the ho. she wants nine thousand yen for both of us even though i never touched shit! she screwed up because sanchez would of paid his end but refused mine. we sprinted and she was on the cell phone as we cruised across the river.

we spent the last night in sasebo itself. we kicked game to some girls and sanchez's girl was with it but mine wasn't so nothing happened. can't help you there you just have to have game. tell the girls you are new to japan and love it here and by the way "how about a drink?"

you'll see some chinese girls on the street by the movie theater offering massages. they'll give you a hand job for about six thousand yen if i remember.

Billy Bones
08-12-03, 19:19
I was in Sasebo a few weeks ago and had only one night to do some exploring with a buddy who spoke J. Read a newspaper article entitled, "Sasebo girls welcome seamen with open legs". It stated that there were about 40 call girl services employing 10 girls each and that they serviced Gaijins for an extra 2K over regular price. So, I was hopeful as I headed out.

I didn't have time for the call girl experience but, I did find a BJ shop that invited us in. 5k for BJ and all I could drink in 45 minutes. It was located off the ginza just pass a Russian cabaret.

To make a long story short, my buddy wasn't up for it, so I didn't get to check out the girls and I ended up getting drunk in sailor town. There is game in Sasebo and on my next trip I'll go it alone.

08-14-03, 12:04
It has been a long time since I have made the Yokohama scene but one thing stills is the same: the hcinese girls in the salons newar the river in Koganecho are a rip with those timers! Stay away from them.

Stick to the Thai and Colombian girls.

I negotiated a deal for 8k with this chick named Lina from Colombia. She works a stall that has two bedrooms. The other girls was also cuute but since she did't say a damn thing to me I didn't even try to see what was up with her.

Lina had a shaved beaver, large natural tiutties and really big stiff nipples which I tend to like very much.

Her personality was great.

She did not rush.

She has two tatoos. On on her back and one on her left leg. Both a very small tats and without color.

Her CBJ was actually pretty good. Not great but good. Like I said, she did not rush me which was good because it takes me a long time to pop one. And this time was no different.

BTW, I went last night which was Wednesday. Not very many girls were working. In fact, the first time I did a walk through at 1830 I thought the whole place was on lockdown. SInce I did see a couple of Chinese girls working I decided to get something to drink and come back. A 2000 there still wasn't a lot but there was a few more.

I think I will take another walk this Friday and see if Lina partner has any life in her.

The Long Rooste
08-15-03, 00:35
Stwalkincheetah talks about how it looked like The Cho was locked down around 1830. That is because they are shifting from the day to night shift around that time.

A regular Thai girl I used to see a lot told me she works daily from about 0900 - 1700 or 1800. A few weeks back the boys and I hit the Cho around 1600. We went to go eat and drink and came back after 1800. The whole place was dark and only a few girls were still working. I guess the night shift hits the spot after 1900 or so.

I don't really agree that it is just Chinese girls that will put you on the clock. It's true each time I was on the clock it was a Chinese girl that did it but I say it is the time you get there not they type of girl.

One of the best times I've had in the Cho was with a Chinese girl and the clock never came into play. If you go in the daytime there is less choice but there is no rush. I've been on a Saturday or Friday night and there are hordes of horny dudes on the streets. Time is money for the girls then.

Stiff Drink
08-16-03, 19:03
I am a regular in the Tokyo scene but I haven`t been out to Yokohama much. I am looking to partner up with some military guys and hit the town...Also maybe you guys can show me around the base where I can get some Taco Bell.

Besides that, does anyone know where you can get two women at a time for an all out pleasurable time. I found a place like that near Tokyo but I have no idea about Yokohama.


08-18-03, 12:24
Stiff Drink,

The Asian women that work the stalls do not see very willing toleave there work centers. However, the Latin women (mosty Colobians) seem more willing to go to Hotel rooms so that the opportunity to score a double is better with them than the Asiians.

Asia Nut
08-23-03, 14:31
Went up to Kangoe Cho the other night, made my usual rounds looking at the ladies in the stalls before going to the other side of the river to one of the Fashion Health Spas that I have been introduced to and am able to get in. Outside one of the Hotels just on the other side of the river, a SW approached me (several of them out about 8PM on a Saturday) 15000 yen for an hour, plus another 3700 for the hotel, decided to give it a try. Hotel room was large, she gave me a bath before, money was mentioned after the bath, which I gladly complied with, a nice CBJ and FS, all unhurried, afterwords she made a cup of coffee and gave me a great massage, never put her clothes on until time was up. Overall a great unhurried evening. Hotel is paid for on the way out. She was a Thai girl that goes by the name of Mae, she has a butterfly tatoo between her breasts, overall an 8 on looks and body and 9.5 on service.

Empire Baby
09-01-03, 21:08
I don't live in Japan at this moment however, the last time I was there, I visited Koganecho a lot. I still check out some Japanese discussion board for this kind of information. I want to bring it here to share it with those who don't have access or don't read Japanese.

If you have access to PCs with Japanese characters, these are the "chon-no-ma" maps for Koganecho/Hinodecho area. Each place has different kind of girs from different countries. Mostly Asia but some have Russians and South-Americans.



As you know, while it's relatively cheap (8K for FS,) you usually have only 20min to finish. I wouldn't recommend those places if you want to take time.

So here come SWs. They have a lot of girls from Colombia around the bridge and also around love hotels. They usually ask for 20K but easily bring down to 15k. If you're lucly, it goes further down. I've seen a few Russians when I was there but took a pass on them for some reason.

Empire Baby
09-01-03, 21:09
For those who want to get down with Japanese girls, here's the scoop. There's Tokyo Hands near Yokohama JR station "Nishiguchi." In the evening, you see a bunch of schoolgirls from different schools hanging out in front of Tokyu Hands. Basically they are there to sell their panties (they're wearing) to random men for 3K. How to approach is very tricky. You have to have a paper bag from a certain (major) department store. I don' t know which yet. When they see you and your bag, they'll approach you. And if you would like, you can take them to love hotels with some generous compensation. I'm sorry I haven't tried it myself since I don't live there now but this is what I heard from reliable sources.

09-02-03, 16:52
Hey Empire Baby

I live in Yokohama, but I've never heard of such things.
Could you tell me the news source? On other bulletin board?

Empire Baby
09-02-03, 22:43
Originally posted by J-boy
Hey Empire Baby

I live in Yokohama, but I've never heard of such things.
Could you tell me the news source? On other bulletin board? It was on 2ch.net under "Fuzoku Zenpan." I think the page I found the info on is now being stored as a "kako log" if you have a 2ch viewer, you can find the thread called "josi-kosei..." You know how it works if you've been there.

Empire Baby
09-03-03, 09:59
Originally posted by J-boy
Hey Empire Baby

I live in Yokohama, but I've never heard of such things.
Could you tell me the news source? On other bulletin board? Oh, one more thing. As for a bag of a mojor dept store you're supposed to carry whe you are at Tokyu Hands... I think it's gotta be really major ones located around the Yokohama station which are...Sogo, Takashimaya...and...is Mitsukoshi there? I'm not really a dept store person. For me having lived in Yokohama for a long time, Takashimaya and Sogo are two extremely major ones. So if I lived there now, I would try Sogo and Takashimaya bags to see if the girls would react at all.

Well personally I'm not very much interested in those schoolgirls though. But if you're into those schoolgirls, Yokohama station is the place you need to be, not Koganecho which is more like my kind of place. Just talk to the girls when they're alone (not with boys.) Arcace game places and Karaoke places (esp. in Nishiguchi area) are the ones I would visit to pick them up, once again if I were into them.

09-03-03, 12:26
Hey Empire Baby,

I live in Yokohama too. Any information you can give me about those schoolgirls I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks alot man.

Your bud, Tasty34

Empire Baby
09-03-03, 15:18
Originally posted by Tasty34
Hey Empire Baby,

I live in Yokohama too. Any information you can give me about those schoolgirls I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks alot man.

Your bud, Tasty34 I said "reliable sources" but I got this info on 2ch.net. It really sounded too specific to be b.s. also from the language they used, my instinct felt it was true.

Plus, as I said, I live in southern California enjoying the scene here so it's impossible for me to verify this or give you more specific information. I do however have seen school kids hanging out in front of Tokyu Hands at Yokohama station.

I really wish I could give you the url of the 2ch page but it's now being stored on the server and it can be viewd only with this program called "2ch viewer" which I don't have. Usually it takes a few months for it to be HTMLed they say on the page. This is what I mean by "you know how it works if you've been to 2ch.net."

Why don't you go down there by youself and explore. I think there's only one Tokyu Hands at Yokohama station. If you walk down on the main st of Nishiguchi exit of Yokohama station, it comes up on the left side. It's on the corner of that mail st and some street of which name I don't remember.

Happy Hunting.


09-04-03, 14:52

Thank you for your info.
Unfortunately I don't have the viewer too and it needs
33$ to get. It's not good deal for me.
I know a lot of information on 2ch.net are gossips.
I'd like to go there but I have no time.
I'll keep watching the bulletin board to get more infomation
about it. You know I'm Japanese. :)
Anyway I appreciate your information.


Ralph Kramden
09-14-03, 12:58
I re visited the red light district in Kawasaki last night after 10 months. It has not changed a lot. If you are not Japanese then you will not be serviced at the soaplands. But there are a good number of sliding glass door display rooms where girls are available. There are a lot of over the hill and just plain old Japanese. Even they will not service a foreigner. But, like 10 months before, there are a fair number of Chinese girls who will gladly provide service to all cumers. I encountered at least 10 to 12 young and good looking girls while shopping around. The going rate is 10,000 for 30 minutes in a small room equiped with a thin mat. CBJ seems to be standard procedure. I would guess that many of these girls want to provide something far less than a GFE, but I just happened to choose a good one last night. She was a little plump after the clothes came off, but was nice and soft. I had a good experience well worth the price. Overall, I would rate this area pretty good. I wouldn't want to live in Kawasaki, but I sure would like to hump one or more of those Chinese babes on a regular basis.

Directions: This area is between Kawasaki Station and the horse Racing Track. Take the East Exit out of the station and head left before you go downstairs to the shopping mall. Proceed towards Shiyakusho Dori(sp?), which you will cross. Once you do that you will be in a restaurant area. Keep walking for about 5 minutes and you will see the flashing lights and street hustlers.

09-15-03, 09:58

Just want to let youknow your reliable source of info is not so reliable. Went down to the Tokyu Hands Store in Yokohama 2 weeks in a row. Guess what? Not 1 schoolgirl around the place. I will tell you that the place to be is infront of HMV in the Vivre mall. Loads of schoolgirls. ALot of Chinese and Korean "massage" girls too. They want way too much for their service 15k plus extra for full service! I will tell you that a great place to pick up some grade A trim is in a club called Bar Why Not in Motomachi. MEt a fine little girl there with a body that rocked me all nite long. Well happy Hunting.....

09-15-03, 10:07
Took a trip down to Hino for my Birthday last week and decided to buy myself a present. After alot of looking around cause almost ever stall was open I found a Chinese girl who out of the blue called me and was motioning with her fingers 7. So I said what the hell she looked pretty good and for 7k I knew I was not going to get any better deal than that! Went up to her place and she immidiatly stripped down to nothing then told me to do the same. This girl was strait off the boat she knew zero english and almost zero Japanese I did find out she was only in Japan for 2 weeks so far. After a nice bj that lasted a good 10 min I blew my load I was suprised cause I never usually pop one from a bj. She then asked 1 more I said sure how much she replied nothing. She then lubed up her lovebox with some ky. Wow was she so tight I could hardly fit it all in I I went from missionary to her on top to doggie style and then finished off in Missionary position. It was really good. She then cleaned me up gave me a great massage and offered me a beer which I took. All in all was in there about a good hour or so! I could not get a name from her since all she really spoke was Chinese but I will definately be back to visit my little China girl for another treat to myself!

Vice Squad
09-18-03, 01:56
"Directions: This area is between Kawasaki Station and the horse Racing Track. Take the East Exit out of the station and head left before you go downstairs to the shopping mall. Proceed towards Shiyakusho Dori(sp?), which you will cross. Once you do that you will be in a restaurant area. Keep walking for about 5 minutes and you will see the flashing lights and street hustlers."

Kent... is this from the KHK line train station?

09-22-03, 10:17
Did anyone else see this in today's Yomiuri?

Police: Planned building could be used as brothel

Yomiuri Shimbun

The Kanagawa prefectural police are pressing the Yokohama municipal government to withdraw a building permit for a facility to be constructed in the city's entertainment district over concerns it could become a hotbed of prostitution, The Yomiuri Shimbun learned Saturday.

Construction of the three-story building, planned to have 72 rooms, each measuring about 12 square meters, is scheduled to begin at the end of the month. The building would have a floor space of about 1,126 square meters.

The police said they would keep a close eye on the building, warning that it could foment sex crimes and develop into a source of income for organized crime syndicates.

The district around the building in Naka Ward is packed with more than 200 adult-entertainment related businesses, where a large number of foreign women reportedly work illegally.

According to documents submitted to the city government by the Yokohama-based petroleum product retail company that will own the building, it is earmarked to be used as offices and eating establishments.

However, the prefectural police have determined there is a high likelihood the building could be used to abet prostitution and other illegal activities after learning the rooms were being offered for sale for between 10 million yen and 20 million yen.

The police have brought this to the attention of the municipal government several times since spring.

The city government director in charge of assessing technical specifications of proposed buildings issued a permit in late July certifying the building complied with relevant laws.

"Even if it's presumed the building may be used for prostitution, we have no option but to issue a building permit provided it meets relevant laws," he said.

But a prefectural police official warned, "If construction of the building goes ahead, we'll make full use of every law to crack down on criminal activities (that may occur there)."

A group of local residents associations has formed a body to clean up the district.

But a relative of the building's owner said: "While it's possible the building could be used for prostitution, the purposes to which it is put is none of our business. We have no intention of halting construction."

"We have no intention of halting construction." Thank god!

Ralph Kramden
09-23-03, 13:46
Vice Squad

My apologies for the delayed response to your question. I believe I was in JR Kawasaki Station, but actually took the KT line from Shin Yokohama to get there. It is a quite large station with a giant big screen in the main area if that will help.

Lubricate It
09-27-03, 12:16
One of the Thai girls at Koganecho had one of the new multi-colored Lxxs Vxxton handbags. She said it cost her Y177,000. She offers service at Y10,000 a time, and pays Y10,000 per day for the room. In other words, she fxxked 20 guys just for a handbag!

09-27-03, 15:42
Hey Lubricate It,

The way I see it, whats wrong with her getting paid for doing something that is gonna get her something in return. If I had it my way I would sell myself so I could get me a new luxury car in Japan and then ride around in it knowing all the girls that paid to ride me just paid for my new ride! More power to that LBFM (Little Brown Fu**ing Machine) Who cares how many times she had to f**k to get her bag, a girl who f**ks 20 guys men call a **** but a guy who bags 20 chicks men call a stud? The way I see it we are all sluts in this world no matter whether we are doing it for busniess or pleasure!

Lubricate It
10-04-03, 03:14
OK, Tasty 34. Your point is well taken. Also I guess she is not qualified to open a bank account in Japan and therefore has to store her savings in the form of goods. Something like that handbag would be easily resellable anywhere in the world, maybe even for a better price than she paid.

Lubricate It
10-04-03, 10:03
On the subject of Koganecho, had an interesting experience there last Sunday. In the group of seven or eight booths at the Hinodecho end next to the river there is one of the best Thai girls usually in the left-most booth. She has a great body, outstanding BJ, goes through various FS positions with great enthusiasm, and does not worry about the time taken. She always wears school uniform and loose socks.

Anyway she wasn't there, but in one of the center booths of this cluster was a Chinese girl I hadn't seen before. Occasionally at Koganecho you come across a amateur doing it just for one day for a bit of pocket money. She was in this category, and said she was usually working as a hostess at Ikebukuro. She said hostessing is all she does, but when pressed, admitted that once in a while the hostessing involved servicing a Japanese client for Y30k or 40k.

Name was Umi, aged 25 from Shanghai. She was a typical Shanghai type although bit shorter than usual: beautiful, nicely made up, perky, adventurous but unsure girlish attitude (very typical Shanghai), and with an inclination to pull a swiftie. She did not expect to be at Koganecho again anytime soon.

The experience was a bit different from usual. After accepting 10k she offered to do a threesome with her friend for another 10k. When I declined the offer, she offered her friend as a partial threesome (nude with touching but not sex for the friend) for 5k but I declined this too.

We then undressed. On seeing my averaged sized Caucasian equipment she gasped and immediately said she could only do a HJ. I then asked for the money back, so she decided to proceed with the FS on the basis of my not poking too hard. As is always the case in such situations she grimaced through the FS. She then pulled me out when I was only about 80% thru popping. Despite the outcome, it was worthwhile overall. This cluster of booths is worth further investigation.

Vice Squad
10-05-03, 05:33
Lubricate It,

I think I know the bunch row of girls youe are talking about. I don't like using the Chinese girls because they have always pulled a timer out on me.
There is a very cute Thai girl from Ching Mai named Emmy who works there duruing the day who will work for 8k an provides pretty good service. Not the very best but pretty good and extremely friendly.

I walked by a little cubby hole of windows near the Koganecho station. I entered the area from the main road (the one that the Hidoneho station os on) and saw some Russian girls working the stalls. There were about 3 or 4 of them as well as some Colombians, Chinese and Thai. This little cubby hole has a couple of small bars also.

Lubricate It
10-05-03, 11:29
Vice Squad

The Thai girl I was referring to is named Gurappu or something like that. With long legs she looks great in the school uniform with mini skirt and loose socks. She's quite pretty too.

10-20-03, 03:41
Just trying to get oriented. I've gone by Hindecho and Koganecho stations on the train at night and observed a bunch of bars and lights along the water. Is that a good place to go? Which station is better to start from and can you post some very simple walking directions? Or is there a URL to a map?

Lubricate It
10-20-03, 13:22

Get off at Koganecho (there is only the one exit). Cross over the street (trafic signal plays the tune "Cummin Thru the Rye"), then follow the lanes parallel to the railroad track in the direction of Hinodecho. Go down one side of the track for half a mile then cross over under the track and walk back the direction you came, but on the other side of the track. Then walk down the street adjacent to the river for half a mile, also in the direction of Hinodecho. Later explore the lanes running perpendicular off the street on the left side of the track. Talk to some of the girls. Ask them which country they're from, and how much.

Woody For Asians
10-20-03, 16:12
The prince,

The area is not visible from the train because you are literally on top of it. It's beneath the elevated tracks between Koganecho and Hinodecho.

11-03-03, 08:37
I was in the Koganei zone on Halloween night and was the place ever busy. Lots of guys from the base walking around laughing and having a good time. I met a gal from Taiwan close to the Hinodecho end of the track. She couldn't speak a word of English or Japanese which was a bit of an obstacle but we got around it. She started out by giving a covered HJ with lots of lube. I think she wanted it to go only that far because when I went to change course she lost her smile. I soon found out why. I could only get about half way in before she would start signaling discomfort. I'm not into making anyone uncomfortable so I obliged her and stayed half out. Not so easy to finish that way but I did. That's what Koganeicho and Kawasaki are like: you pays your money and you takes your chances. Happy hunting all!

11-03-03, 09:53
Went to Koganecho over the last weekend and meet a cute blonde named Betty. She said she's was born in Santa Monica and grow up in German. My Japanese is terrible but gladly she's speaks good English. Negotiate at 9000 yen. We went up to her room decorated with Marylin Monroe posters.

She didn't rush at all. Starting off with a little strip tease, taking off her clothes slowly and help to to take off my clothes as well. Lay me down on the matress and clean up my nipple and private area. Put an condom on and start kissing me from the neck, nipple and all the way down. Nice CBJ with the flirting eyes look up at me. went on about 5 minutes while I play with her tites and pussy. Went through several positions and finished doggie style. Lay there and hug for a couple minutes before she mentioned it's time to leave.

Overall, good experience.

Lubricate It
11-04-03, 13:07
At Koganecho on Sunday afternoon the busiest I have ever seen it. The fleet is obviously is in port! Lots of Japanese Johns too. Lots of girls and all eager for customers. Walking back via Isezakicho Mall spotted quite a few Russian girls - mostly sitting on the edge of the street waiting for their cellphones to ring. Also a well endowed gaijin girl with shoulder bag looking for customers at the biggest intersection along the Isezakicho Mall. Yokohama IS a fun scene.

11-10-03, 07:33

Do you have any contact information for Betty?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


11-12-03, 02:47
Hello All,
It has been over a year since my last post. I am looking for hotel recommendations. I am leaning toward the Sheraton as the web says it is in walking distance of the Yokohama station.
I met a girl in a the shopping mall at Fujisawa station last year and she will keep me happy for a couple of nights. Are there any "pickup" bars or other places I can try my luck or test my game? Otherwise I'll research the board to find the RLD. I see the going rate is about 8-10K for 30min.


Ralph Kramden
11-12-03, 14:54
I would suggest the Washington Hotel in the Cross Gate Shopping Center at Sakuragicho Station. It has a good variety of restaurants including a Starbucks. Within easy walking distance of the Landmark and Queens Square. The rooms are a little small, but not a bad value for 13,000 if you are staying short term. It is roughly midway between the RLD districts of Yokohama and Kawasaki. One added bonus, you, or your companion, can access your room without going through the lobby.

11-12-03, 20:34
Thanks for the feedback. However I am going to need to stay near Yokohama station because that is where the office is located. Is there a RLD in Yokohama? I haven't done my research yet, but I thought the RLD was not in Yokohama but in some of the surrounding areas. I'd like to stay in Yokohama as I am lazy and I'm sure it will be cold outside. Any info on Yokohama RLD would be fantastic. Japan is the only asian country I've been and not sampled the working girls


Ralph Kramden
11-13-03, 14:53
FYI Sakuragicho Station is only 2 stops(10 minutes max) from Yokohama Station by subway. All the information you need about the Yokohama, Tokyo and Kawasaki RLDs is right here on this board. Just check the past pages.

Dirk Struan
11-18-03, 18:24
Hi Guys,

Where/What is the Hadaka no Osama? Are there cities in Japan that are better for foriegners to go to for women than others, due to some places only being for asians. I also speak some Japanese.

From some of the posts, the Japanese girls (J-Girls?) and Korean girls (K-girls) are pretty inviting.

Please let me know of some websites and/or specific places that I can go to for more information.



11-19-03, 03:27
Hadaka no Osama is in Osaka near Umeda station. Check the website for "access" map.


They now have a new Harem Course- 12,000/30min, 23,000/60min. No FS, but who needs it with 2 lovelies all over you!

Above is a photo from the website-to see more check out the "virtual play".

11-19-03, 03:34
Hadaka Photo (not mine, but hopefully Jackson allows it to stay, since it is "useful" information) and not simply porn. I had the one on the left-a STAR in anyone's book.

Fire Wolf
11-19-03, 04:01

Wondering if anyone has a problem with being too big?

In Hinodecho I find most women always want to change to hj after they see me and I always say no and leave. I am not fat. Whats everyone experience with that.
Also whats the deal with the Chinese girls pulling you into a massage parlor and saying FS? Is this shady? It happened to me near Hinodecho.

Dirk Struan
11-26-03, 22:19
Does the Hadaka no Osama accept foreigners? From what everyone has posted regarding Yokohama, foreigners are welcome.

I recently read somethings called "Enjo Kosai" and "Teleclub".

Are these things legal?


11-27-03, 15:56
fire wolf,
unless you are in hinodecho, stay away from chinese! don't care where in china - taiwan, mainland, hk - whatever...stay away from chinese!
gads - they are rip-off artists deluxe! yeah, they'll grab you and say, "full sex, full sex," but it never happens.
the usual scam is they pull you in, charge about y2-6,000 for the basic massage then, just to touch your john happy, they'll peel another y12-20,000+ from you. if you're lucky, you'll be able to finger them while they're doing it, but more often no hands allowed.
their technique sucks, their attitude is lousy, they aren't that attractive and they are generally some of the worst women i have ever been around.
read my post in the tokyo section to see how i got rimmed earlier this summer. it was a pure con-job, but i deserved it; i got stupid.

i put hinodecho as a qualifier because i have never had a bad experience there. it has always been a good, full-bore sex session in hinodecho with whoever i was with. and there was one chinese girl - cute as all hell...no boobies, but cute and super attitude - who let me go twice on her just because i treated like a human being instead of a sperm depot.

dirk -
enjo kosai is in a legal gray area. i mean, the idea is that the man pays the girl money for her company. sex is not necessary implied. there have been no arrests or convictions i know of stemming from enjo kosai.

the teleclub thing is a good way to meet chicks, but only if your japanese is super. it is also a good way to jack off a sunday afternoon with other hard-up guys. teleclubs work like this: you pay money to sit in a booth with a phone. girls call the teleclub. if your phone rings, you have a chance to convince her to go out with you. obviously, the odds are way in your favor to begin with; why would the girl call a teleclub if the object of the thing wasn't sex to begin with? girls don't call teleclubs to discuss the works of franz kafka, you know. on the other hand, if the phone doesn't ring, well, you spend a couple hours in a small booth.

the illegal part of teleclubs came from **** girls who would call. they've become pretty strict about that now.

i haven't done teleclubs in several years. i got lucky once and needled a bored housewife back when i lived in osaka.

good luck!

11-27-03, 20:30

there was a sting operation where a guy got busted for dealing with a minor, ie under 16 (i think) it made the news though they guy was not identified i think the guy was screwed. but the point is do not deal with someone who is clearly saying they are ****, and never explicitly say you are looking for sexual favors in exchange for money.

11-28-03, 16:08
Yo, as Sailing said...my whole mental pic of the Enjo Kosai thing is similar to the advice about Chinese, but with a small change. Stay away from the sailor suits.

This is true, I've read reports in the Mainichi (God knows whether they're true or not...) about kids as young as 11 or 12 doing Enjo Kosai. (If my daughter ever even thinks about this, so help her...) Of course, takers for that age are just asking to get rapped, but it goes up to college age girls and beyond. I think the oldest Enjo Kosai case I have heard of was a woman of 27. Just use common sense.

Of course, Dirk, unless you bear a strong resemblence to Quasimodo, there is no reason to put up with the circus of Enjo Kosai as a gaijin guy here. If you're gonna pay money for some fur, go somewhere no-fault like the places Sailing, Skinless and the rest of the tribe talk about in the Tokyo section. Or gather up your guts and do some Nampa action.

Enjo Kosai is what old Japanese men do when they can't get any. The girl has the power here and can keep milking the guy for more and more money. From what I've read, the going rate for FS via Enjo Kosai is between 30,000 - 100,000. Some chicks charge 10,000 just to flash their bra. For 10,000, you can get dick-silly in Tokyo and do the nasty.

Dirk Struan
12-02-03, 03:19

Thanks for the input it is always appreciated. This question may seem strange, I haven't figured out all of the lingo shorthand used by the site members, but, what is "Nampa action"?


12-03-03, 02:21
'Nanpa' is the Japanese word for 'hitting on women.'

12-04-03, 06:41
=== yokohama soaplands ===

[race queen]

anyone checked this place out?

if anyone is interested in finding 'race queen', the "access" tab on the website has a map and a video clip. kinda neat, a guy walks from the train station to the joint with the camera rolling. of course, the frames are high speed and stop on the landmarks. great marketing idea! the girlie line-up don't look too scabby either.



what's with this place? all the girls wearing traditional korean garb. any intel on this soapie joint?




Captain Pi
12-06-03, 05:06
Wow! The Race Queen soapland has some pretty nice girls! I'm a legs man and wow, I enjoyed the pictures. If they have reasonable prices and allow FS w/foreigners (I'm Asian but speak no Japanese), I'll really have to make a visit that next time I'm in Japan!

Tokyo Fun
12-14-03, 07:24
Hello people!

Anybody knows a good adult party in Yokohama or Kawasaki?

Please, tell me.

Lubricate It
12-14-03, 14:01
Visited Koganecho today, Sunday. On the 1230 pm to 7pm shift there was an amazing selection of friendly new Thai girls, evidently newly arrived in Japan and seemingly just out of high school.

Selected Shiga, who wouldn't tell me her age but said she arrived in Japan on November 14. Pretty face, friendly, great figure, good attitude. We undressed and got into foreplay although she didn't like me feeling her too heavily. Then on with the skin, deep BJ, lots of KY and then penetration. That was it! She said I was too big and gave me my 10K back immediately, and sent me on my way. Even refused my offer of 1K for her trouble!

Next to Tim who looked even younger in her sailor suit school uniform, but said she was 21 and had been in Japan a year and just paid off her 5 million yen bond. Great service, first removed the panties, then the top, then the skirt, but kept on the loose socks. Took lots of time, different positions, was orgasmic, then after the act a long GFE, and even intimated she would like to come with me to Tokyo, because she wanted someone to take her there. I could have stayed a lot longer if I had wanted to.

In short, a buyers market, and the Thai girls in my view, offering much better value than the others

12-29-03, 06:51
I was in Koganei-cho on Saturday, December 27th around 8pm and things were great. Lots of girls and not so many guys. Found Yumi at a place called Nozomi. At least I think it was called Nozomi. I wasn't so sure of the kanji. Standard covered BJ and fuck for Y10,000. She's 25 years old, from Hong Kong, speaks no English, body 8, face 8, technique 9 but her attitude was a 10. She let me try out my cell phone camera no problem. She ignored the clock the whole time. Very nice. Happy hunting!

12-30-03, 06:04
I went to Koganecho Sunday night. Lots of girls but also very crowded with guys. I picked a 22 Thai girl next to the river in a school uniform. Standard price, great service, very friendly! She said she had only been in Japan 10 days, she didn't understand any English and very little Japanese, nothing more than greetings and prices. Overall, good experience!

True Blue
12-30-03, 21:05
Hey guys,

I am new to the Tokyo - Yokohama area. Is anyone up for meeting and hitting the RLD or something else?

Sailing, you seem to be the man to know in these parts. How do I earn the honor of you guidance?

While P4P is always fun, I also interested in any kind of wild parties there may be available.


Lubricate It
01-01-04, 11:46
Tru Blue

You don't need a guide. The Koganecho scene is abundant, easy, straigthforward and with no hassles.

Here is one of my old posts:

If you`re at Yokohama don`t worry about going to Kawasaki. More choice at Yokohama. 2 ways to go to Kogane-cho:

#1 get a taxi to Koganecho station. Write "Kogane-cho eki" on a bit of paper in English and show it to the cab driver. You should have no problem. Fare should be between 1k and 2k from Yokohama station or even less from Kannai station.

- or -

#2 get the train from Yokohama station. It`s the track closest to the sea side. But be careful. It`s the private Keihin Kyuko line, not the JR line so the entrance (and tickets) are different from the other tracks. Fare Y170. It`s the third stop in the south direction. Make sure you don't get the express train. The all-stops trains are the short ones.

Once at Kogane-cho station there is only one exit. Walk out onto the street and cross over to the other side at the lights. Follow the lanes that run parallel to the railroad tracks. You will soon discover plenty of Y10k girls there, 24 hours a day. Mostly Chinese but also Thai and Colombian and a few others. Enjoy your 20 minutes!

Lubricate It
01-01-04, 11:51
True Blue

Following is additional info:

Get off at Koganecho (there is only the one exit). Cross over the street (trafic signal plays the tune "Cummin Thru the Rye"), then follow the lanes parallel to the railroad track in the direction of Hinodecho. Go down one side of the track for half a mile then cross over under the track and walk back the direction you came, but on the other side of the track. Then walk down the street adjacent to the river for half a mile, also in the direction of Hinodecho. Later explore the lanes running perpendicular off the street on the left side of the track. Talk to some of the girls. Ask them which country they're from, and how much.

01-01-04, 17:09

Good advice for TruBlu regarding the train. I once used an express by accident and ended up turning around at Kamiooka. It's not a big deal and doesn't cost extra but it does burn some time waiting around for the return train.

I have some technical questions regarding Koganecho/Hinodecho. Are the girls there by themselves or is there a bartender or mamasan with them? I've never been a customer there but I've walked through a few times with friends just checking out the action. I seem to recall that some of the places had small bars in them while others just looked like small hotel rooms (from the street view).

It seems like Y10K/20min is the normal price. I've also seen messages here where price negotiations have taken place during slow times. Is it tacky to negotiate price?

I heard some of the places were being torn down. What's the status of the teardown/reconstruction?

Crazy Jim Wood
01-01-04, 17:36
Just got back from Koganecho. It was easy to find, just go strait out the Koganecho exit cross the road and keep going down by the river.

I was so shocked and awed by all the girls in their scanty attire in the red silhoutted doorways that I chose one to quickly based on her come-fuck-me dress.

Lubricate It is right--have to talk to the girls before committing. Avoid Chinese. Get up close and look at them, to to confirm age and looks before committing. And walk around until you find a good one.

I was up the stairs before I found out she was Chinese and looked 30 not the 20 I thought at first. Upstairs was a squalid sty--crap strewn all over and only furniture was a ratty mattress. Right out of Trainspotting.

I wanted to do her doggy in her come-fuck-me dress, but she jumped out of it before I had a chance, loosing her breasts in the process. Then she turned out the light and it was pitch black. I say, "I wanna see" and she says "There's no light, but I'll leave the door open a crack." She put on the condom soft, no foreplay, then CBJ, and then laid on the mattress spread her legs and said "What're you waiting for?"

I wanted doggy we argued then she agreed. Then I noticed her unpleasant, narrow ass made even skinnier by two monster moles, one right by the but crack, which were quite disconcerting. Guess it was my fault for insisting on light and doggy.

Start pumping and she made no reaction. Just the two moles staring at me. Then she starts fiddling with an eggtimer so I had enough pulled out ripped the condom off and threw it at her in disgust and started getting dressed.

She wanted to know why I got angry. I wasn't angry just didn't feel like wasting my sperm on her (I probably could have dealt with the attitude or the squalor or the moles staring at me but not all three. The ratty mattresses were also a pain).

I started interviewing to find a suitable receptacle for my sperm. Unfortuantely there were no Thais in school girl outfit, but I found a Thai (Mimi) in a China dress and went with her (also 10k). Again I forgot to ask her to keep the China dress on. But she was very accomodating good service, nice clean room with ambient lighting.

I told her about the Chinese girl and she said everyone complains about them. She also said she gets medical checkups every 3-4 months or if she has some pain from all the pounding but the Chinese girls never do, just self administer medicine and drive on.

She also said that the worst customers are Iranians, who bargain them down to 6-7k. She said that some girls will do it for those prices.

Lubricate It
01-02-04, 01:12

Your technical questions:

The girls rent the room for Y10k per day (one 8 hour shift). They can rent for just one day if they want to, but others are long-term renters of the same room. The money is paid to a collector who can sometimes be seen doing the rounds with a leather satchel.

The booths seem to be torn down and rebuilt after about 20 years. There is an expansion underway. If you look at the new rooms you can see "for sale" signs for small investors. The returns are good. The Association which runs the area is reliable and on good terms with the police.

For the Y10k the girls get a fresh bedding roll, a supply of KY or equivalent, and unlimited condoms of good quality. Most of the time these condoms will fit a caucasian ok. The condoms do not break.

The girls theoretically have great freedom to do whatever they want, but there is a code which says Y10k for 20 or 30 minutes, covered FS. However, if you can negotiate something else, fine. For example when I took one of my nymphomaniacal Taiwan favourites (on her holiday) to a nearby hotel - in truth it was she who took me - we broke a condom (being one of the hotel's). From that time on she has allowed me to go bareback, although I must shoot outside. I would swear I am the only guy to have an arrangement like this at Koganecho.

Finally a word about bathing. At Koganecho and Kawasaki the girls in the rooms are not permitted to allow clients to use the showers. That is designed to protect the business of the nearby soaplands. But there are kind girls at Koganecho who will allow you to shower if you keep it a secret.

Crazy Jim Wood
01-02-04, 03:31
Lubricate It,
As always great info. By the way, do you know if any of those places have a real bed?

And do you recommend the Kawasaki place? Any details there?


01-02-04, 04:32

Thanks for the answers to the technical questions. It sounds like a very cool, closed ecosystem. Supply, demand, cooperation, satisfied customers, satisfied investors.

It's very interesting how Y10K is the magic number, both for the girl and for the standard service. So, these girls are independent and working for themselves or do they have other obligations?

I like your term, "Association that runs the area." The few times that I've walked through there were absolutely amazing to me, especially the police koban being right in the area. Intimidating at first, but after reading this board, not so much now. I'm guessing the number of problems (aside from drunks, I suppose) with troublemakers is probably very minimal for the association and for the police.

Lastly, are there standard shifts? I've read here that 7:00PM seems to be some sort of shift change or something like that. What time does the action start and what time does it end, if at all, or can you go there at 6:30AM and find some action?

Lubricate It
01-02-04, 07:32
Crazy J

It wasn't like this a year ago, but for the past few months the offerings at Kawasaki have been inferior to those at Koganecho. Just now there must be a difference between the Kawasaki average age and the Koganecho average age of about 20-30 years! I suspect this is a deliberate policy of the authorities to allow old Japanese women a district where they can work.

Crazy Jim Wood
01-02-04, 16:45
Walking through Koganecho took the street to the left of the train track as you are facing it coming out of Koganecho station.

Went all the way through the RLD past the last road into area around Hinode Station and ran into Soapland Mermaid. Just for shits and giggles I asked the tout if foreigners could come in. Tout was a young kid looked like a nice guy and he was. He said basically no but if you can speak Japanese come on in. He showed me the photo line up and all the girls who take foreign devils had a little ribbon on their photo. They were all dogs so I refused, but no worse than half the girls in Koganecho. He kept steering me toward the grandma saying she was "very gentle." Damn straight she was to old to be anything but gentle.
Price was 60 min with FS for 19,000.

On the way back I took the street that would be on the right of the railroad as you face it coming out of Koganecho (of course I was on the Hinode end, though).
I ran into Merriam in the last two or three shops on the Hinode end. I walked the whole Koganecho and she was the hostest with the mostest of the night. Long, platinum blonde hair, pouting lips and huge knockers sorry guys don't know cup sizes but they had to be the best ones out there tonight. She was wearing hip boots and just-over-the-knees knickers and a t-back (that's Japanese for thong :->) and a corset. She kept her knickers on. She was very nice very sexy actually moved and moaned well, fake no doubt but exciting not that corny fake moaning that so many do. She had the best ass, best legs, great body, most beautiful woman I have fucked in a long time. Think she was Italian, she could have been a porn star (or a member of parliament).

There was no way I could bone one of the Thai school girls after that so I putzed around for an hour and went back for seconds but she was gone. She said she only works between 7-9 pm or something like that. Still, I went home with a nice warm glow...

On the way back a Chinese girl (from Shanghai) tried to drag me in to her web telling me 8k for 30 minutes, she offered it out of the blue. I'm sure she meant to get me out in 5 min but some people may like the price not me.

One of the Thai school girls tried to drag me in to but after Merriam I just couldn't take her seriously.

But then after sitting on the train for an hour reminescing by the time I got tothe Sagamihara area I had to detrain and make a beeline for Tsubame for a little DATY and sumata.

I asked for the same attendant and the mama-san tried to charge me 1K designation fee and I said just get me my woman and she let the fee drop. Man, last time my attendant seemed so bored with sumata I just had her finish with HJ, but this time she was into it. It was good sumata, she was actually looking at me hugging and crooning and bouncing her legs.


01-03-04, 04:52
I was in Koganecho and Kawasaki last night. The Kawasaki line up seemed a bit older than in Koganecho and faw fewer Thai girls... at least in the stalls.
I noticed that there were a lot of very cute Chinese/Taiwanese chicks working in Koganecho.... not along the canal or the first street over, but midway in and near the little "mall" that has a lot of Thai girls in the day but switches to Chinese at night.
I ended up with a Thai girl named Nong on one of the short connecting streets. She surprised me that she did not bargain down from the 10k and she even put a timer on me. The Thai girls I have been with before usually let me take as long as I want. Though she was pretty good I don't think I'd ever use her again because of the timer and hard bargaining tactics.

Lubricate It
01-03-04, 13:28

OK. The girls may have other obligations related to visas and residency. If they're not from Taiwan with an easy tourist visa arrangement, of if they're not on student visas, then they might have had to fix up a fake marriage with a Japanese husband. This can cost half a million yen per annum. And then some seem to have a more expensive bond arrangement involving travel, visa and possibly accommodation which can cost Y5 million. The money situation seems to vary from individual to individual.

01-10-04, 18:21
Lubricate It.

While I generally agree that Kawasaki is inferior to the Yokohama areas and is mainly older Japanese women (who often turn Gaijin down) I have found that if I walk around enough I usually can find younger girls. Sometimes Japanese.

I did in December, I went with a mid-twenties J women and although her face was maybe a 6-7 her body was good and she was good on the mat.

Just before that I went and hit with a 20 year Chinese girl who seemed pretty new. Also had a good time with her.

So while Kawasaki doesn't have as good a choise it is convenient for me, less busy that Kogane-Cho and I always strike lucky.

Lubricate It
01-11-04, 14:01

I was being a bit sweeping in what I said about Kawasaki. I did refer to average ages. Yes there are a few younger girls in Kawasaki, but not so much in evidence in daylight hours. I did come across an attractive young J girl (about 20) in Kawasaki a few months back, but she refused me straight away as a foreigner.

Vice Squad
01-17-04, 11:08

1. VALERIA. She's a Latina but not from Comobia like many of the girls working in Koganecho. She's from Guadalajara, Mexico. From the KHK line, get off at Koganecho. At the station entrance, make a lft to the main strett. Go across the street and head towards Hidonecho. Stay on the right side of the street. Two to three blocks in you will see a small street to the right. She is in the corner stall. She workss evenings. Very thin. Very pretty face. Natural but firm tits. Talented@blow job artist. Charges 10k but worth it. No rush. Good conversationalist. Some English.
2. Nancy. At least this is what she says her name is. About a half a block before you get to Valeria's stall there is a courtyard with a few stalls but with a good variety of nationalities working there. I have seen Russians, Colombians, hinese and Thai women working the stalls here. Nancy is Thai. Small. Long straight black hair. She won't work for less than 10k. Very small and very, very cute. She uses a timer but has the talent to get you off quickly. My usual rule is if a girl pulls out a timer I won't go back. She has been the only exception. She goes right for the BBBJ without you having to ask. Also includes ball licking action without coaxing either. Rides you well and though small seems to have the ability to get all of me in. She works nights but unfortunately I haven't seem here the past two weeks,.
3. Poi. Laotian. Very, very pretty. Another one working nights. Another one who won't take less than 10k. If you go down the way underneath the tracks about half way down, past the mini-mall of Thai/Chinese girls you will she a small row of about three stalls. The owner of these stalls is always out at night "managing" his property. Poi, though very pretty is quite the pain in the ass. Very unenthusiastic about banging for money. Oftentimes, when strolling by you can observe her brushing or hotcurling her hair. Extremely vain and not worth pending the 10k on.
4. Ya-ya Jiang. At the far end, the closet set of stall near the Hidonecho side facing the water, about 2 stalls in. She is Thai and works nights. Her hair is usually in rubber bands that gives a bizarre Pipi Longstalking type of look to her. Friendly. Work for 8 but not the best fuck I have had in this part of town.
5. Cristina. Colombian. She is in another small row of about 2 or three stalls right before the long row of stalls that has Puiff Daddy on it. She is friendly and works for 8k. She does not shave her underarms and though she may be friendly does not possess the sexual talent to warrant a second visit. However, I do chit chat with her once in a while to get the scoop on what's going on in thge neighborhood.

01-19-04, 10:55
Vice Squad, Thanx for the excellent report!

01-24-04, 11:56
I was in Japan during the MLK weekend so I decided to venture to Hinodecho / Koganecho after reading the many posting on the subject. I printed one of the posting that had the directions to the area. The directions were perfect but unfortunately, I am stupid and ended up crossing the river and ended up walking around in circles for about an hour. Went back to the Hinodecho station and read the direction again and this time I found the place. WOW, it was unlike anything I ever saw. I walked down the first or second row of rooms and saw this buxom blonde with huge boobs so I went and saw her. She said her name was Maryann and she was from Romania. She said she works at a hostess club but comes to Hinodecho for a couple of hours before heading the club. She was something else. Her boobs were enhanced I'm sure as it felt a little hard but she was great. Went back the following night and she was real happy to see me. We had a GFE. I told her I was flying out the next morning and she seemed genuinely disappointed. After saying goodbye to Maryann, I walked around and saw some great looking Thai and Chinese girls. I saw this one knockout Chinese wearing a Budweiser body suit in one of the stall in a side alley. She opened the door and said 1 man. I shrugged my shoulders to see if she would entice to partake but she said "you don't know" in Japanese and slammed the glass sliding door in my face. Whassup with that?

Can't wait for my next trip to Japan. Hope Maryann will still be there.

01-25-04, 03:29

I was there last night and saw one Chinese lady in the Bud suit. She was pretty nice. A little skinny for me so I passed. I went with one of the most beautiful Thai girls I've ever seen (I think her name was Baat or Vaat or something like that) and had a good time after we chatted for a few minutes and she almost seemed to be begging me up to her room. She got the better of me, even though I was just walking through to check the scene out and had no intention of becoming a customer last night. Her room was one of the newer ones and closer to Koganecho.

I saw the new construction going on. I'm surprised how small the footprint of those stalls is. The plumbing pipes are sticking out of the concrete foundation and some timbers are laid along the perimeter of the booths. Looks very interesting and efficient.

Question for old timers: When did all of the booths under the tracks get torn down and those tall metal fences were put up in their place? I can remember a few years ago when all of the booths were literally under the tracks. Now, everything is off to the side, including those interesting U-shaped walkways with all of the booths populated along them on the side of the tracks opposite the Ooka River.

Crazy Jim Wood
01-25-04, 06:59
I had the same girl although I thought her name was Meriiam, she said she worked as a hostess, to, although I thought she said she was Italian.

There's no mistaking the tits & service, though.

Don't let those Chinese girls get away with 10,000. I had one offer me 7,000 out of the blue but who would want to do it with them with Mary Ann/Merriam available...

01-26-04, 12:17
Crazy Jim Wood,

Went back and read your posting. Based on your description, it was definitely Maryann/Merriam. I'm pretty sure she said she was from Romania and she didn't seem Italian to me. Thanks goodness for the fall of Communism allowing former Iron Curtain citizens like Maryann/Merriam to come to Japan. There was another Romanian sharing the room with her. She wasn't the prettiest. She looked like one of them Iron Curtain athletes. She looked like she could throw a shot put 100 yards.


On the first night I visited Hinodecho/Koganecho, there were three Chinese girls in the room on the side alley all wearing Budweiser body suits. Two were quite skinny but one was very sexy with perfect tits. The next night I went back, only the tight body one was there but she had a bad attitude so I passed. I guess she knew she was hot so she wasn't in for bargaining.

It's been a week since I was in Japan and I'm still amazed at what I saw at Hinodecho/Koganecho. I've been to Japan at least a dozen times and had no idea this place existed until I found this website.

I hope Maryann/Merriam is there on my next trip.

Crazy Jim Wood
01-26-04, 23:27
She didn't really tell me where she was from, but she said she spoke Italian so I assumed she was Italian.

I haven't really had much experience with Romanians, in my experience they've been much less well endowed and darker, although from reading on the board I now believe my prior experience must have been Romani (gypsy) so I'm glad I got a chance to get the real deal.

No one's going to fob a Romani off on me again.

She was good wasn't she? Ah, the memories...

01-27-04, 05:25

Come to think of it, there were two in Bud suits but one was talking to a guy and they headed upstairs before I could get a good look.

There was also a few there in sailor suits and loose socks but obviously older than high school students. Whatever turns you on, I guess. The only kind of burusera I'm into are soiled panties but that's my thing (along with millions of hentai salarymen in Japan).

When I lived in NY, the Gypsy girls I knew varied from extremely beautiful to eastern bloc shot putters. They were all from Romania (transylvania, I think) or that area of eastern Europe. It sounds like Merriam is one of the better ones. They really care about their looks, in general. I'll keep a look out for her based on yours and CJW's recommendations.

Contrary to CJW's belief that I live at the Long-Wood/Lungwood hotel in Nippori (from a comment on the Tokyo board), I am currently closer to Yokohama near the Tsurumi/Kawasaki (let's leave it at that) area.

I think my next area of deep exploration is going to be Horinouchi-cho in Kawasaki, in spite of the lack of gaijin-positive reports.

I need to recharge my wallet before I go. It seems like some people here have unlimited supplies of money, unlike me and many others here. Thank goodness for that or these boards would be very boring.

Crazy Jim Wood
01-29-04, 08:37
Glad to hear you don't live in Hotel Lungworm, it was a pretty dismal neighborhood.

You're not the only one who has to recharge the wallet--we're all just poor writers here, that is, we're writing here until we get some cash to go mongering :->

Does burusera involve fucking the girl, or is it just the panties?
How about those places where you go in and there's a line up of girls behind a window and you say which one and she takes off her panties right there and gives it to you through a little door?

Well, hope to hear more on Horinouchi.

01-29-04, 17:33

I didn't check out the neighborhood near the Lungwood. My neighborhood is not exactly Azabu or Denen Chofu so I shouldn't criticize. The only redeeming thing is that it's conveniently equidistant between Yokohama and Tokyo Stations.

Cash to go mongering is always in short supply, but then that's because whenever I get it I go mongering and end up using it up before I have a chance to save some up. When I went out to Hinodecho last week I didn't expect to blow 1-man but I couldn't resist.

Burusera involves just the clothes. The problem is the law changed a few years ago and all of the shops closed up, along with the vending machines. I only care about the panties. Some guys like the sailor suits, the miniskirts and other things. The place in Shibuya (Final Fantasy) is the only one that I know about. It was shutdown awhile ago and since reopened when the guy got the correct license. I went there once but didn't see anything I was interested in at the price the ladies were asking. I don't read Japanese so I can't buy them from the websites out there.

My Japanese friends are always inviting me to pink cabarets with them but I'm hesitant because of the disease alerts. Is it bad form to use a raincoat in those places?

I've caught a slight cold now so I have to lay low until it passes. When I'm feeling better I'll head back to the Paradise for a nice backrub and frontrub.

Crazy Jim Wood
01-31-04, 01:07
Don't see why a condom should raise any eyebrows. Your friends (hopefully) are more interested in what they are doing than in what you are doing.

You should try out the party in Shinokubo, that seems to be a pretty good return for money, 14,000 for one FS, 22,000 for two FS. The girls were Korean, young and good service. Little bit more expensive than Koganecho, where your friend in the budweiser suit offered me a price of 7k, but Koganecho is a little brutish for my tastes (other than Merriam who was great. Even kept her stockings on).


01-31-04, 04:35

Thanks for the advice on the raincoat at the pink caberets. That's reassuring.

The Shin Okubo thing is a bit pricey for me. The thing I like at Koganecho is the price, the density of establishments, the gaijin friendly girls and the lack of needing to be able to read Japanese. I'm usually in a hurry or short of time, so the 20 minute session, while short is usually enough as long as I pick the right one. But then, one time I picked one with a body and face that I couldn't have sculpted any better and she was lame on the pad. Worse than a dead fish, so you never know. I can remember once "getting stuck" with a dumpy chubby one and she was the absolute best in terms of technique and feeling I've ever had, so you can never tell, I suppose.


02-07-04, 07:01
Just came back from Horinouchi and Hinodecho. Horinouchi was pretty dead on Saturday morning. Most of the places were closed up and there was still some garbage bags and heaps stacked out for pickup at some of them. The booths didn't look very gaijin friendly, with a few older Japanese (at least they looked Japanese but it's hard to be sure) and various others. It is certainly a step down from Hinodecho/Koganecho in terms of selection but interesting to see just the same. I was surprised at the number of soaps (at least they looked like soaps but since I can't read the signs I can't be sure) concentrated in that area. It's pretty tame in the late morning but I imagine it's pretty lively in the evening. I was more interested in recon than anything else because I'd never been out there before.

Headed to 'cho via the Keikyu and was surprised to find it alive a little after lunchtime. Does anyone know the shifts out there? I suspect I was observing the day shift this time. I walked the whole length, both sides and through the little U-shaped paths (what do you call those?) but didn't see anything that piqued my interest. Anyway, half the fun is just walking around out there and seeing what's available. Suddenly, I came upon one of the most beautiful Thai (she said she was Thai) ladies I've ever seen in my life. Negotiated 40 minutes (actually she offered) but I traded the 40 minutes for a 2000 discount and she agreed. Her name was Pensra or something like that. Spoke almost no English but we got by with my limited Japanese. Great oral technique but a little lacking in the sack (or on the pad, I guess). Anyway, finished the business in about 17 minutes, (she set a timer but whispered, daijobu, like it was not going to be strictly enforced at a slow time of the day like that or something) hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and asked me to come back again and I left on my way with a nice smile on my face. She is a heavy smoker (or at least the booth smelled that way) but has perfect skin and very narrow hips. I didn't ask her age but I'm guessing early 20's. I don't know boob sizes but after she removed the pushup bra they were much smaller than they looked when I first saw her. Anyway, overall, it was worth the 8000.

02-10-04, 09:44
I have found that going to Hinodecho during the day is a much better deal. I have been a few times at night and have found the number of girls present dissapointing. During the day, it is a bit slow and the girls are usually in no hurry. I have been going there off and on for three years and have found only one girl that set the clock on me during the day. I became a regular with a couple of the girls and they have given me up to an hour and a half of play time. I have never been able to do this at night. If you find a booth with a couple of girls in it, it is sometimes possible to get a little 3P action. Of course, you have to pay both the girls the going rate.

02-11-04, 06:07

The problem on some nights is the place is just too busy and many of the places have their curtains drawn meaning the girls are probably occupied upstairs. One very busy night, I was walking back and forth (along with tons of other mongers) and noticed that you had to be quick if you wanted one of the better looking ones because they were always taken or negotiating with a monger who got there first. The advantage I see to the night shift is the wider selection, assuming there aren't too many mongers getting serviced at the time.

The day shift was pleasant because it is unrushed but the selection is smaller. I think I'll try to stick to the day shift like you. Have you ever been there in the very early morning or is the place closed down at that time?

02-13-04, 01:34
The earliest I have been there is about 10:30 in the morning. At that time, it seems that most of the girls are just getting there. at about 1 or 2 in the afternoon, I see the bosses going around and collecting their "rent". That occasionally closes down a lot of the stalls because most of the girls have not made anything yet.

Lubricate It
02-13-04, 13:38
Plenty of girls at Koganecho at 5am or 6am or 7am...

02-13-04, 23:11
Regarding Koganecho at 5 a.m. to 7 a.m., I would imagine those are the girls who work the night shift, right? If I had my druthers, I would choose a girl towards the beginning of her shift, not the end. Especially the end of the night shift, when they are counting on getting most of their business from drunk customers "window shopping" who need very little coaxing to take the plunge. And I'm not talking about the Nestea plunge :-)

Lubricate It
02-14-04, 03:55
I got there about 6 or 7am one Friday morning, as I made an early start driving south from Tokyo to Kansai. In the Thai/Colombian plaza there was a really cute Thai girl. She took her time, and really savored smelling my underarm and aftershave (I was freshly showered and shaved). Excellent service, wanted me back again (and has invited me in once or twice since.) She seemed fresh, as though she had just started. But yes, I agree. At that hour worth looking carefully at the condition of the girl before you make a choice.

Asia Nut
02-18-04, 15:28
Went up to Koganecho tonight, just wanted a quickie while the wife was out with her friend. Haven't been there in a while. Usually hit up the Soaplands in Hinodecho(see my report in "General Info) where full service is guaranteed. Was looking for Maryann/Merriam who was desribed in an earlier post. (Saw her I believe just after I left a soapland a couple weeks ago). Hard to find Thai's up there anymore, most seem to be Chinese, pickings are defineately better during the day. Ended up with a Spanish gal named Christina (was looking for a gaijin, been with aisans a lot), from Spain, Body was a 9, CBJ a 7, looks a 5, and the rest of the perfomance a 4. Great tits and natural, that's what sucked me in, good personality also, but lacks English. Recommended, but not real highly.

Asia Nut

02-22-04, 12:47
If anybody has any maps showing where some of the places in Kawasaki station If it is possible please post them in the photo section.


Great board have used some of the info here!

02-24-04, 12:07
i took a walk through hinodecho-koganecho today during my lunch hour and noticed the construction on some new booths was progressing well. anyway know what the plan is for the old area directly under the tracks that currently fenced off with those very tall corregated metal sections? i peeked through the cracks inside the area under the tacks and it's just cleared up with some junk stored here and there and no sign of the old booths that used to be there.

anyway, the pickings were slim and i agree with a-nut that there is a lack of thai girls there now and a much higher concentration of chinese. i guess i was lucky last time with pensra who was thai. the non-asian girls seem to be up, too. whenever i see non-asian girls, i think english speakers but that's not necessarily the case since many of them are from eastern bloc countries and don't speak much english. come to think of it, i don't see asian indian or filipina girls out there (who would probably speak good english) and have only seen them in some clubs elsewhere.

i walked through for about 20 minutes when i spotted this older taiwanese lady who caught my fancy. her name was miko or something like that, nothing special to look at but i liked the way she made eye contact so i did a quickie with her for the standard rate and time. her cbj technique was excellent and i was almost thinking cim would not be so bad but i told her to stop, i rested and calmed down for a minute or so and then entered mish and finished in few minutes, cleaned up and was out of there back to work with a big smile on my face.

Asia Nut
02-25-04, 13:21

Try the following link www.kawasaki-soap.com/map/ You can then link to a more detailed map that has links to the Soaplands. I've had luck at a few of them in the past, but haven't been up there in about 5 years. Also in same area the independents are in the stalls.

Happy Hunting---Asia Nut

02-25-04, 15:06
Topos you asked for a map of the Kawasaki area. This address should take you to a map, unfortunately in Japanese but the area in pink where the crosshairs are placed is where the mongering district is. http://map.yahoo.co.jp/pl?nl= The area is bordered by the orange colored roads. Anywhere in the area you will find soaps, masage places, and glass booths where the talent is displayed. The stations are JR Kawasaki and Keihin Kyuko Kawasaki. The closer of the two is Keihin Kawasaki.


02-25-04, 17:05

Sailing's map entry is pretty accurate. If you are coming from JR then head out the east exit (turn left when you lave the gates away from the coin lockers and towards the Azalea shopping arcade) towards Keikyu Kawasaki Station, either above ground or through the Azealia underground shopping complex. Or, if you are above ground you can find Sakuraya Camera in the Dice building from JR then you are on Shiyakusho Street (you probably won't see signs in English) and continue down that street until you get to the Kawasaki Grand Hotel and the area starts about 200m behind the hotel. If you get to Route 15 (Dai-Ichi Keihin Dori, a big main street that parallels the Tokaido line) then turn left and walk about 300M and then turn left again and you'll be in the area.

It's about 1KM walking distance (maybe 750M as the crow flies) from the exit gates of JR Kawasaki Station. From the east side of Keikyu Kawasaki station it's about 500M. At night it's relatively easy to spot from the lights. During the day it's a little more difficult.

03-01-04, 01:58
I went down to Koganecho Sunday afternoon. My plan was originally just to walk through and check out the goods, but a nice Thai lady caught my eye. She was not one of the younger school girls, but still not bad, she said she was 25 but I would guess late 20's or early 30's. I offered a lower amount than the usual and she accepted. After I got upstairs I realized what a great deal I got, she was amazing. She was very vocal with moaning, did about anything I asked and never even looked at the clock. Following the act, I just stayed around there and talked to her and she was telling jokes etc... Very nice lady, and her attitude more than made up for any other deficiencies. I have found that in Koganecho you can find a jewell in the rough if you do not always go for the superhot ones.

Big Boy 29
03-02-04, 14:49
Long time memeber, but this is my first report.

I was in Kogonecho tonight looking around to see what was out. Its was just Chinese girls everywhere. I'm not really into the chinese girl in Kogonecho because they always pull out the timer. Anyway I pick one (I was really horny). She want 10000for 30min. I would have talk her down but like I said I was really horny. So we go back into the room and she starts giving me a HJ and no BJ. Next she open up her legs and tells me to get on top. So I start pumping away and in 5min she telling me to cum in Japanese. Cum !?, I just started. Every time I have a bad time with the Chinese girls in Kogonecho. I'm warning you guys stay away from them, they are nothing but trouble. Plus the Thai girls are much much better.

03-09-04, 08:28
This probably won't get on the board in time, but just a heads up that on NTV (Ch. 4) tonight (Tuesday) at 2100, they are having one of those two-hour police specials. What caught my eye was the summary in the newspaper of tonight's show: "TV crews accompany police squads cleaning up Yokohama's "Sin City".

They must be talking about Koganecho. On the same show, they show Chinese theives being chased in Ehime (gotta show how unsafe the Japanese are with all the thousands of Chinese thieves running around the country.) and have an interview with your and my favorite xenophobe, Shintaro Ishihara.

Anyway, I'm curious to see their spin on Koganecho. Tomorrow I'll try to post about their coverage if I remember to watch the show tonight.


Ralph Kramden
03-09-04, 13:18
Was in Kawasaki this evening about 6:30. I was in a business suit, but that won't get you into any of the soapies. Forget about them if you look even remotely Western. The Japanese behind the sliding glass doors were OLD, we're talking grandma material. Even they weren't interested. What surprised me was that the few Chinese available didn't really welcome me. I won't waste my time on Kawasaki again unless there are reports listing specific places that will service foreign devil mongers in an acceptable manner. And I recommend that all of you do the same.

Asia Nut
03-16-04, 14:40
Hit up Koganecho today about 1400, found a sweet looking gal on the side loop on the left walking away from the train station. Usually a lot of young school girl dressed Chinese there. She was Thai, went by the name of Hana. Negotiated 40 minutes for the 10K. Body was a 7, looks about 7, but Academy Award for an Actress in a Supporting Role, hands down, she was the winner and deserved the Oscar. Been up to Koganecho many times over the past 15 or so years, but best performance I've had. Every position imaginable and made me believe she was enjoying it, made full use of the 40 minutes. May have hit her on a good day, but highly recommended, may try her again.

For Ralph Kramden, as far as the soaps in Kawasaki, haven't been to any in about 5 years, used to be hit and miss. There was one I was always able to get in to and had several good experiences there with some great women, but the last one was terrible and have never been back. Also was able to get into a couple others with so-so service, one was an older woman who got me off twice and was frustrated she couldn't get me a third time, this was about 9 years ago tho'. Never was able to get in the higher class soaps. Been thinking about giving the area another try, but so far have been satisfied with the soaps in Hinodecho.
Happy Hunting

Asia Nut

03-20-04, 07:15
Koganecho report,
Following directions on this forum left from Yokohama station on the private line and ended up on the express train which blew by Koganecho and stopped about 4 stops down the line. Taking the next train back checking to see if it was a local train and when the destination was mentioned, nods of approval all around from J businessmen on train. Getting off at the station, turn right out of the exit and go to the first intersection and cross over to the left and follow the canal (see first photo in photo section). You will immediately see the booths on the left. Talked to anyone who spoke english. Going down 3 blocks and crossing under the tracks then back about a half block on the right run into a petite 26YO Tai girl in pig tails and a dress. Named Julie. Of course she uses Kamatoto and says it was only her 2nd day there and she had no customers in 2 days. But had excellent english and was very accomodating, reducing the rate and providing exc. service although keeps a tight clock. Highly recomended she works 3-11pm. The only thing not satisfying was the many young J guys in rap clothing looking like pimps and gangsters. Kind of makes a nervous setting.

03-21-04, 07:39
Speaking of Koganecho, I posed this question awhile ago and got no response.

Any oldtimers know what's the deal is with the old area directly below the tracks where the booths used to be and is now barricaded up with those tall metal panels? It looks like all of those booths were leveled and there's nothing there anymore under the tracks. Who owns that land? Was it condemned or something?

03-22-04, 06:51
Checked out Hinodecho last night and a lot has changed since the last time I came here. After scoping out “the goods” for about an hour, I managed to hook up with a Japanese chick named Maki (or Mari.) I was kind of hesitant at first because after making my first two rounds I noticed a couple of Japanese dudes shooting the breeze with her as If they were going in for the kill. Luckily, after my third time around she was free. I noticed that there was a sign near her door that said Japanese only in Kanji or something to that effect. At first I asked her in English if foreigner is o.k. and she said no. After displaying my limited Japanese to her, I convinced her that I was gentle enough. From there showed me up the stairs to the “beat down room.” After a few minutes of chit chat I found out that she was 21 years old and worked the scene for about 1 month. Session started out with a lot of touching and caressing, deep kissing, and a BBBJ. The main course consisted of doggy, missionary, and whatever other positions my drunk sake drinking ass could handle. The timer went off after 30 minutes at which time I didn’t pop a nut. She was nice enough to ignore the timer and let me exceed my time by 10 minutes until I did. She was such a good sport by my standards that I gave her the following rating:
Looks: 7
Body: 7 (Had nice smooth silky skin)
Tits: Pretty small
Snatch: Unshaven and pretty hairy
Overall experience: 8

This experience was much more satisfying than the last Japanese chick I banged a few months back in Hinodecho. Maki offered me to go bareback because she noticed that I was having a hard time with the Japanese size rubber she provided. To play it safe, I worked with what I had and proceeded from there. The biggest lesson I learned is to pack my own rubbers which I’ll remember next time.

Lubricate It
03-23-04, 12:25
We've talked before about how Koganecho/Hinodecho is such a logically planned operation. One thing I hadn't noticed before is how the first shop next to the river at the Koganecho station end is not just another bordello, but is actually a gynaecologist! Conveniently arranged so that if a girl has any medical issues she can conveniently get checked out on the way home - or on the way to work.

Then at the end of the first lane nbearby is a small bar where you can conveniently have a beer while waiting for your buddies to finish their business.

Asia Nut
03-23-04, 14:42
Lubricate It,

Back in the early '90's a few bars/stalls served beer. Cost was a thousand yen a pop, sometimes got a free one after the act. Also picked up a freebie one night, I'd bought some perfume she'd asked for previously, I paid for the perfume, pussy was free (yeah, right two sessions previously and the perfume gift, nothing's free), paid for a beer or two after, probably came out even, or a little behind, damn perfume was expensive, but the pussy was great.

Homer 69

Don't know what it is with the area directly below the tracks. One of the places that served beer was at a corner bar that I stopped at once or twice, now long gone. Lot of new places just opened up or still being built, bottom line, what we're looking for is sill there. Happy Hunting

Asia Nut

03-24-04, 05:07

I seem to remember that quite a few of the booths under the tracks used to have a small bar in them and used to serve beer or shochu or something a few years ago. I also seem to remember that a mamasan or other person used to work the bar and the girls would be sitting at the bar waiting for customers in some of the booths. The new ones are probably too small for this.

Big Boy 29
03-24-04, 15:34
Any anal action going on at Koganecho?

04-04-04, 01:51
I had some extra cash yesterday so I went to Koganecho after lunch to have a look around. It was early afternoon on a Saturday and quite a few military boys were around (at least they looked and spoke like military) and the pickings were pretty slim but I found a Taiwanese lady named Mei or Wei or something like that who offered up 40 minutes for 1.0 but I was in a little hurry so I bargained with her 20 minutes for .8. Something about her friendliness and attitude caught my eye which is not that common for the Chinese ladies I usually see and talk to out there. Surprisingly, she didn't use a timer and I was out of there in about 25 minutes and she didn't seem to mind. She was a little older (said she was 29 but was probably closer to 35), spoke no English, a little chubby around the middle with a nice set on top and an average face. Technique for CBJ was pretty good, jumped on top and finished mish and I would rate the overall experience pretty high, given the fact she was older, Taiwanese and not that great looking. She made up for it with kindness and technique. Location was almost dead center between the two stations on the main drag very close to one of the U-shaped "malls" near the middle.

Asia Nut
04-05-04, 15:09
Was on my way up to Mermaid Soapland the other day, couple new girls on their website and wanted to see if they were working and willing to do a gaijin. (Soap is gaijin friendly, however depends on girl). Checking out the stalls while walking from Koganecho to Hinodecho and talked to a couple Thai girls in one stall (one block up from the station then, first left on the main strip about a half a block before the regular stalls start, they're in about the 4th door down on the right). Names are Jinmae and Jinri or something like that. Anyway talked a little bit and continued on my mission when I said what the hell and went back. Had a threesome for ni man, negotiated for an hour, but ended up a little less, got 2 pops, one from each of them (thank god for viagra at my age), good GFE, lots of kissing, both down sucking on my dick, and some lesbian action at my prompting. Looks and bodies were both good, action awesome. Highly recommended but make sure you negotiate everything in advance. Now I still need to check out the Soap, damn the luck.

Happy Hunting

Asia Nut

04-15-04, 15:47
Took a trip down to Koganecho this evening about 9:30 PM
Not much going on down there I talked to one of the Spanish
girls on the Far end but I got the feeling she wasn't into gaigins.
Walked down the row but nothing really interested me. I crossed
the river and even some of the Thais walking around weren't interested. I did get wave down by one Thai who seemed eager to go. We Discussed price for 15k including hotel. I was suprised
by all the services she performed. Nice wash down shower and bath CBJ and FS. She offered a massage. I declined because I was in a bit of a hurry. I don't remember her name but she said that she had been here 3 years. We never spoke english only Japanese. She did not have the best body but a cute face. But her enthusiasim was well worth it.

04-16-04, 03:44
Went to Koganecho late afternoon. This is the first time I've been there during daylight as I've always gone at night. Saw this Malaysian girl in one of the U shaped alleys. A little chubby but not fat. Very big boobs. She cleaned up with four or five pieces of wipies. She kept cleaning my anal area to the point where I thought it was going to get raw. We did 69 and she gave me BBBJ and Asian. I guess that's why she wiped so vigorously down there. Overall, good experience.

Later saw a Thai girl named Ai in one of the stalls closest to Koganecho station. She was skinny and was very cute. Everything was covered but she was really into it.

Koganecho is worth visiting during the day as well as night.

Crazy Jim Wood
04-17-04, 12:42
Any recommendations for cheap/girl friendly/not to decrepit hotel near Sakuragi-cho/Minato Mirai/Landmark Plaza area of Yokohama?

I will dedicate my next report to the Good Samaritan who helps me out!

Thanks in advance,

Robert Munich
04-21-04, 00:22

I was on the Koganecho streets yesterday and contrary to many other posts here, I was surprised of the girls I found !

Of course there was the usual number of outcasts, but generally, the selection was better then expected.

I finally ( it was really difficult to choose ) went with a brown haired Taiwanese, paid ichi man yen and we went upstairs.

Her body was slim, nice breasts, small ass and a black haired p***y tight and wet - guys, what else do you want !

She drained me for 20min with all her power until I could not resist any longer.

So it was a very good afternoon f*** and worth every yen.

She hardly spoke any english, but we got it anyhow. Her booth is on the left side of the tracks direction Koganecho --> Yokohama, 3rd block. She wore a white skirt and bustier.

So long !


Crazy Jim Wood
04-24-04, 02:30
What other type is their with Asian (yes, Skinless, I know there is also gray)?

and a black haired p***y

04-25-04, 03:21
Here's a good link to map and explanation of Koganecho chonama areas ---


I will cross post to other area section, because it includes Machida.

04-25-04, 09:15
Took a lazy Sunday and visited to Koganecho. Quite busy. Managed to sample 3 of the ladies. My mission was to find AF receptive WG so I asked many if they did. Of course they all answered YES - but when it came time to play, the answer was NO! The 3 I did get nasty with at least allowed me to finger their little 'gate'. Best of 3 was a Taiwanese located close to the Koganecho station - first set of buildings on the right as you walk towards Hindecho. Nice full breasts and at least didn't bother so much about the size of my dick - god I'm getting tired of their complaints - it's not THAT big! Anyways - left them sweaty and swollen and I had my fun!

I also wanted some euro/latin tang, but didn't spy anything looking good. When do those girls hit the booths and what part of the district? Other than that - not much to say. It is better than A'dam RL district.

All in all, though - I really prefer the Japanese soaps or image style, like L/S in Shibuya or the old (RIP) Shibuya sex tower kind of services. I'll visit K-cho again - AFTER I make a short trip to Beijing and Taipei ;)

Lubricate It
04-25-04, 22:31
I am under the impression Koganecho is becoming more competitive, maybe due to the influx of fresh new Thai girls.
Last two visits I had excellent deep, lengthy sensuous BBBJ, from a Thai girl and from a HK girl. This was never part of Koganecho service before! The Thai offered excellent GFE, offered to let me f***K her twice, but, being in my fifties, don't usually do a double header.
The HK girl yesterday offered straight away the excellent price of Y8000, including BBBJ and long, orgasmic f****k.
Both beautiful girls, mid-20s, located in the left hand alley (with Koganecho station to one's back).
Yesterday after the BBBJ I felt like a shower so took the train back to Tokyo and visited a Korean Esute TENNYO located near a park at the Shinagawa-end of Hamamatsucho station. For Y13,000 got 60 minute massage with a beautiful Korean with an hourglass figure, two showers (c***K washed carefully by the girl each time, topless tit massage, and totall naked GFE + HJ.
So total damage for the day Y21,000 including two young, friendly naked beautiful women, allowed to touch them anywhere on their bodies, total 90 minutes, one 60 minutes massage, one f***K, one excellent BBBJ, one HJ, two showers!!

Nut Scratcher
04-26-04, 06:05
I'm glad to heaar that the biz in Koganecho is picking up. When my ship left a few months ago, there did seem to be some very cute Chinese girls working there that I had not seen before. Also, the Thai girls did seem to be doing more aand more without any additional haggling.
The ships from Yokosuka should be back in Japan before the sumemr heat starts!

Traveler X
04-26-04, 11:11
Koganecho, Yokohama,

This is my recent experience in Koganecho. I went on the recommendation of Sailing, and there I found a good variety of choices awaiting me. The quality of girls ranges the whole spectrum, and because the most popular girls are often busy with curtains closed, you should walk at least a second time to see the selection.

There were Taiwanese, other Chinese, Latina, Russian, Thai, Japanese, and others I couldn't identify. The Japanese girls usually have a sign outside indicating that Japanese girls work here. Some girls wear special costumes, such as schoolgirl or chinese dress, I also spotted a Budweiser and Kimono girl who were very enthusiastic. As you walk by, some girls will ask you to just talk "hanashi dake", while others will just nod at you invitingly.

When I walked the area with Sailing, I saw one guy literally stumbling out from one shop. Another satisfied customer. The standard seems to be 20 minutes for 10k yen, but depending on conditions and the girl, you may get much more time and a lesser price. When I went with Sailing, we had come back from a great party in Tokyo (will post in Tokyo section in next few days). So we were just looking. Kind of like wine tasting, where you don't actually take a drink. Later, I visited by myself and had this experience:

First girl I visited was a Thai girl, working the left street. She gave great service, time wasn't an issue, and I had a blast.

The second girl I visited was the same Thai girl. Most of the time I passed by her shop I could never find her, because she is very very busy. I try not to think about that when I visit.

The third girl I visited worked in the shop immediately after the U-shaped back alley, where a lot of Chinese girls are, and before the kimono girl's shop. She was wearing a fine schoolgirl outfit and I obliged her. She was a lot more rushed than the Thai girl before, but I enjoyed her. Good body, asked for payment up front. She kept her socks on the whole time. Unfortunately, despite negotiating 20 mins, her timer went off much earlier. We disregarded it and had a good time nonetheless. For just such occasions, I recommend taking a look at your watch every time before you start. I determined at the end that she was Taiwanese from her accent.

So I went looking for that first Thai girl (long story), but she had gone home for the day, clearly laden with an inordinate number of 10k bills. So I tried one of her coworkers who was at the same shop, who said she was 21. She was less experienced but still enjoyable, no rush.

In order, I enjoyed the first Thai girl, the Taiwanese girl, and then the last Thai girl the most.

Unfortunately there were many other girls I wanted to try, but so little time. Next visit, I'll be sure to try more of the Chinese girls. I avoided most of them thist time because I'm so used to them from other places I've visited, and I've never tried Thai girls before this.

I did see some nice Latino girls there, many of them were in one of the back alleys on the left side as you walk out of the station. This is before you reach the U-shaped back alley. They're usually watching tv, but if you watch them long enough they'll come out to grab you. In that same area are some Russian girls if I'm not mistaken. There are also some on the main left street, but often curtains closed ;-). Usually to notice these alleys I watch for other guys walking down them.

Traveler X

Asia Nut
04-26-04, 14:42
Went up to Mermaid Soapland tonight, as I said in a previous post I was headed up there but sidetracked by a pair of young lovelies in Koganecho. Walked through Koganecho, pretty dead at 6:30 PM. Website for Mermaid along with two others all with the same Korean owner is www.bekkoame.ne.jp/ha/kokusai/ , all gaijin friendly. I used Mermaid pretty exclusively in the late 80's and early 90's, but started going to Triple A when I returned to Japan a couple years ago. Not all girls at Triple A would go with gaijin, but selection was good. Have only been to Mermaid once (about 8 months ago) since my return and had to talk my way in, but tonight was by far the best experience I've had there.

Got there about 6:45 PM, the guy at the door gave me a big Irrashaimase and as I went to the front cage I was told in rudimentary English the price was 18,000 yen (website says 19,000). They now have a picture board in the lobby that has pictures of over a dozen girls to choose from, didn't see a dog in the bunch although don't know if all accept gaijin. The tout that opened the door for me was trying to push one girl that had just arrived, I was looking for Koyuuki whose picture is on the website, she wasn't working, then saw Momo, whose picture is also on the website, and chose her, no problems.

Momo greeted me and led me up to the room, picture was better than she actually looked, face about a 4-5 in person, body 5-6 tops, tall girl 170 cm, with great legs and small but nice breasts. What she specialized in was technique on the mat which on a scale of 10, I'd rate about a 10.5. Washed me up, BBBJ and 69 in the bathtub and then got on the mat, I've been to a lot of soaplands, with a lot of different girls, but have never had a girls so experienced and good on the mat. Face down a lot of anal rimming, probably 2-3 minutes off and on, with well over 15 minutes of ecstacy both face down and up. Asked me where I wanted to finish, I chose the bed as it's a little too slippery for me on the mat. More 69 and she climbed on top then finished in standard position. Also extremely friendly and loved to talk, if your Japanese is even rudimentary she's a great conversationalist and very friendly, asked me questions from where in the States I was from, to what I was doing during Golden Week, to did my wife give me blow jobs. Also said she didn't do anal, although I didn't ask, and got the impression she wasn't into BBBJCIMTC, but full service was excellent. Afterwards we washed up again and she gave me an este style massage for about 5 minutes. As I said, not a great looker, but a lot of fun to be with. She told me also they had recently changed a lot of policies and hired a lot of new girls, some of which recently showed up on the website. Also said she previously worked at the Horinouchi soaplands in Kawasaki for 4 years.

Headed out after my hour, walked through Koganecho again, seemed to be a lot more girls at the Hinodecho end of the strip then before, also a few more gaijins out toward the middle. Stopped and got a couple Chu-hai's for the trip home. All in all a good night.

Happy Hunting,

Asia Nut

04-26-04, 15:46
Great site, Sojourn. Also noticed by backtracking that they have photos of ladies, with info like shop name, country, etc., in their Japanese language section. Probably dated info, but interesting to this mongerer who has yet to sample Koganecho.


Loved the part in the English section about ending the wars in Afganistan and Iraq so the girls could come to Koganecho and let us sample them LOL.

05-29-04, 16:28
Asia Nut,

Thanks for the report.

Was it 18k for the whole thing or was that just the entry fee?


Asia Nut
06-01-04, 14:05

18K for the whole thing. Plan on heading up there in the next couple weeks again, try someone different. If you try it, please post about your trip. Always want to here about new talent.

Asia Nut

06-02-04, 23:38
Asia Nut,

Thanks. If I can make it out there, I'll definitely post a report.

BTW, were you able to see Koyuki's face? If you did, how would you rate her?



06-04-04, 11:23

I went there this week. Had a great time for 16k. 2 different girls (Thai and Shanghaiese) 45min ea. Looks like they are building new apartments to replace the really ramshackle ones. Lots of selection, lots of fun, highly recommended.


I B Gaijin
06-30-04, 07:43

After reading various postings in this board I have to go see for myself. Talk about Disneyland for short-time fun. I have been to Korea and there are a couple of area similar to this near Seoul (Mari and 588) but I did not know something like this was available in my own backyard.

I ventured down about a week ago on a Wednesday. Took me a few minutes to get oriented and find the golden streets of pleasure. Know maybe I am playing this place up a little bit, because in all truthfulness I have yet (in my limited exposure) to see any real 9’s or 10’s in terms of general physical appearance, and actually many are much closer to the 5 range. But what a change from the typical Japanese RLD where a Gaijin with limited Japanese ability is lucky if he can get lucky, typically has to settle for less (in terms of quality girls to choose from), and has to pay more to get that less.

Konagecho is quite the equal opportunity shopping zone – quite a bit different than even the Japanese RLD a few streets over. Here most of these lovelies are happy to oblige the average Gaijin and the prices - let’s just say that if the Japanese are getting a better deal at the same places then God bless’em. One note in regard to the prices: man these chick must really hate the fact that just a few streets over some Japanese chick is getting paid way more, sometime to provide way less. Kind of makes you wonder (besides for the occasional Japanese fix) why one would shop over there. Now one might argue that this might be like comparing Walmart (Konagecho) to Tiffany’s (Japanese district a few streets over). And I would be apt to agree that the level of service and general pleasure one can obtain from a more traditional Japanese soapland type joint. The cost difference is certainly hard to justify except on special occasions.

Well on to the show.

Made a few passes and the ladies seem to be pretty much segregates groups of Chinese together, groups of Thai together, groups of South/Central America together, and possibly a few Japanese in the mix, and the older/uglier ones also seem to have found their own little section at the far end of things.

I finally selected a nice shapely Columbian. I am personally fonder of Asian women but this Columbian seemed to be the most appealing to me on this particular evening. She was quite aggressive in wanting me to visit her little tower of pleasure. So I stepped up and began negotiations. If you can believe it she actually started at 9, and we ended up at 7. Took my little trip up stairs and let the games begin. She was less than enthusiastic to begin with and did not seem to be too interested in the CBJ. But that is OK because I am much more into the pounding game. So only after a few moments of CBJ we moved on to the cowgirl. Much better and more enthusiasm than before but still not quite there. On the plus side quite a nice set of soft hangers – defiantly the real thing. We reverted to the doggie and the pace proceeded to pick-up. Sometimes you just have to take the wheel and drive to show them where things are headed. She was almost insistent on having my hands on the milk jugs and was much more enthusiastic than ever before. But still not quite the type of girl who knows how to “back that thing up”.
All and all a quite pleasurable experience and one I would certainly do again for the price. This lovely lady was Columbian, dirty blond hear, and braces (the kind with the clear fixtures).

On the down side she was a little lacking in the enthusiasm department, had a few more tattoos than I care for, and was not into having my hand in the grass during our doggie routine.

On the up side she did have a nice set of naturals, the price was quite reasonable, and she had a lovely looking playing field.

More trips and more reports to follow.

I B Gaijin
06-30-04, 08:31

My second time to wonderland – this time my adventure began on Sunday afternoon. I figured I would give it a try, and I was not disappointed.

Stepped off the train and headed straight for the candy store, by this time it was around 1:30 PM. Took the obligatory stroll around the neighbor hood to see who was out to play. Next time I might not make the full set of rounds – because this time I saw a lovely lady on strip #1 and after making my stroll down strip #2 and back the door was closed the curtain was drawn. By the time I made it back around later that day a different lady was working. So I turned and ahead directly to option #2 a nice Thai lady down the road. She was actually still in the process of putting on her make-up and a little surprise I wanted to interrupt. Quote started at 10 came down to 8 with no official counter offer (only me repeating that the price was too high), and we agreed upon 7. The door was already closed and I would have given 8 but hey don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Moved up stairs and proceeded. Why do these ladies insist upon striping down to nothing in 2 seconds flat? I know some Thai girls can be shy and hide behind a towel or under the blankets, but here in the “Kongo” there are no blankets to hide behind.

Back to my story. She was pretty eager to get the party started and did a decent job of waking Wally as her tongue moved over my body. A little licky-licky here a little licky licky there and things got rolling. Only minor tongue touching of old Mr. Wally prior to CBJ. But all-in-all a good effort on her part. Moved on to bigger and better things – cowgirl, doggie, missionary – kind of around the world in 30 minutes kind of thing.

On the up side: Nice figure, decent tits for Thai girl, no rush.
On the down side: To many tattoos (what is it with these girls and the Tattoos – this is certainly something I am going to have to check on prior to future commitments – I do not mind a small tattoo her or there but the last two girls I have see in the “Kongo” have had too many and some rather large ones at that), to fast in the clean-up stage.

Decided that I could probably go for another round at the theme park but needed some sustenance first. Walked over a few streets on the other side of the river and into a little shopping district where this is a McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Freshness Burger all near each other. Pop in for some Gaijin grub and relaxed for a few moments.

Back across the river and this one Thai check was calling me over. I strolled by and was actually more interested in the girl next to her but decided to do the whole loop before I made my selection. By this time it was after 3:00 and some new girls were on shift.

Narrowed it down to one of two Thai girls and zeroed in for the kill. Stepped in with a lovely little Thai lady in her Japanese school outfit – complete with white leg warmer socks. Did not haggle as much with her on price as I was willing to pay more for her company, and we agreed on 8. Took the stairway to heaven at the top of which she had a lovely pair of plush alligator slipper for me to wear – how nice. We settled into the room and she had the A/C kicked on high even before we entered the room (some of these broads turn off the A/C when no one is in the room and then it is like a sweat box when you first step in.

This little lovely was a bit shyer than the average girl – even for a Thai. Which actually played into my favor because she was not stripped down in 2 seconds flat I was actually able to requested which items came off and which items stayed on - A nice change of pace.

The room was a bit cramped but she went right to work on my nipples – which was also a nice change of pace. Most of these girls go right for the man meat in hopes of getting things to the end as soon as possible. She was pretty good with the tongue play and something about this chick made me interested in a little DATY. Since the place was kind of cramped this did not last too long in the 69 position but she was quite interesting in continuing with my services in a more traditional one customer serviced DATY position. WOW – she was really into this. I think she would have allowed me to continue to provide my services in this area all afternoon. But as we all know that was not what I came to do. Although the experience was quite enjoyable, nice trim playing field, nice aroma, the field became a bit soggy with continued play, but if it doesn’t you are not doing something right. The whole experience was made that much more enjoyable by the obvious (or she was an excellent actress) enjoyment she seemed to be having (one likes to feel appreciated).

Once be began to enter into the main event she was quite adamant about binging things in the standard missionary fashion. Which lit a glimmer of doubt about how the event would conclude. But once the party started she returned to the enthusiastic lady from earlier, and was not unwilling to adjust for multiple positions, of which we tried several which turned out to be quite the Olympic event in the close confines of said room. But one Olympic event that I think they should certainly have in the games if for nothing more than a trail event.

At the conclusion of our activities she kissed me several times and genuinely appeared to be please with the results of our activities (again this could have been an act and it really does not matter as long as it feel genuine at the time). She wiped me down again with the wipes and even got me a cold can of tea (even though I hate canned tea). Before letting me leave she again initiated a couple of kisses on the mouth. At which time I proceed to tip her 2. This was the closest to a GFE that I have had in Konganecho and well worth the tip – based upon my past experiences.

It seems that each experience in this place gets better and better. Which almost makes me afraid to visit again, because the last time will be hard to top. Everyone has their own taste my last experience there was just what I was looking for on that day.

I B Gaijin
06-30-04, 09:29

anyone remember the band disneyland after dark back in the early 90’s. had to change their name to dad because for some reason the folks at disney did not want some rock band to have disney in the name. well all be **** if i have not found dad in japan.

the only down side to this place is the lack of koreans and philippine girls. i was not expecting a high concentration of japanese chicks for the prices but the place would be improved with a little more diversification by bringing in a few koreans and philippine girls. there are quite a few thai, a few south/central american ladies, possibly a few eastern european girls (i am going to have to ask a few of the girls i have seen there to confirm this one), and the rest are chinese.

the following are just some general comments based upon my past experience in asia – to each their own. keep in mind these are my opinions based upon the experiences of someone that speaks/understand very little outside the english language.

it seems to me that the best option tends to be philippine in nature. they seem to have the best blend of “take care of your man” jeans and generally speaking their english language ability is ok.

the next on the list is neck and neck between thai and korean. i generally will take a nice korean girl over a nice thai girl but the number of nice thai girls seems to be quite a bit higher than the number of nice korean girls. this seems to be true in two ways: 1) more of the total thai female (really female) population are good looking as a percentage of the population, 2) there seems to be more thai ladies rep001tered through out asia for our general viewing pleasure than there are nice looking korean ladies.

of the korean girls i have had the pleasure of experiencing their biggest upside seems to be that they know how to please themselves sexually more than any other asian female. the korean ladies are tuned into your needs but they also seem to be much more in tune to their own sexual needs and they have a desire to fulfill that desire. i think we would all agree that the experience can be quite a bit more enjoyable when both parties get to their destination. of the marathon sessions that i have experienced the vast majority of them have been with korean ladies (which is even more impressive when considering the fact that when totaling the number of my experiences per country they are near the bottom – i just do not get enough chances to visit korea).

thai women – what can i say. i have yet to find a man that does not have a positive mongering view of thai ladies. thai women’s dna are certainly correctly programmed when it comes to the “take care of your man” genes. if anything they are over programmed to the extent they tend to get really jealous (sometimes violently so). say what you will but there are few things in this world more beautiful to me than a lovely issan lady [for the few of you that may not be aware issan is basically the hill country in thailand. the issan ladies tend to be darker, have flatter noses, and higher check bones than the upper class city chinese-thai ladies. and many of the chinese-thai look down on people from issan]. i would agree to include in this group much of the vietnamese and cambodian ladies as many of their features are similar but the exposure to the outside world for most vietnamese/laos/cambodian women is quite limited. the down side to my thai experiences as a classification include the above mentioned jealously issue, but would also include “sex switch”.

i think all thai women are equipped with said “sex switch”. before things get going thai women seem to be able to turn on the switch and they appear to be right in the action and thoroughly enjoying all that is going on. but as activities come to a close thai women seem to be able to immediately turn off said switch and turn their attentions to menial tasks such as watching cartoons as if nothing of any significance has just occurred. so while the actual act may be one to remember some time the entire experience is one that is easy to quickly forget.

japanese birds – what a struggle to classify these women. one of the biggest items i think japanese ladies have working against them is the basic percentage of good-looking ladies as part of the total female population. there are some knock-out looking japanese women but just not enough when running thru the numbers. while i as an individual am not turned on at all by the subservient aura that seems to permeate the typical japanese bird i know that some men are looking specifically for this quality. spending more than 48 hours with the typical japanese lady drives me to the brink of insanity. i am continually amazed at the apparent ability of the average japanese lady to goes days upon end without making any significant decisions. this drives me crazy, and as such a permanently ruined any all future sexual adventures with japanese ladies. i now have this stigma against japanese women that just makes it very hard for me to enjoy their sexual company too much. now i will be the first one to agree that some of these japanese birds can be wonderful in the sack – especially if you like bbbj. and that some of the older (late 20’s – early 30’s) birds can have almost a good a grip on what gives them sexual pleasure as the korean girls. as well as being able to go into some definite marathons. but two things move them down on my list. 1) overly submissive, 2) too much of the general population simply are not that attractive.

and closing out the bottom of my list are chinese chicks. as a general classification there is actually very little i can say on a positive note in regard to my chinese experiences. for me they do not have a high percentage of their female population that is good-looking, most of them seem to be missing the “take care of your man” genes, a good deal of them are also equipped with above mentioned thai “sex switch” and those that are not equipped with said switch seem to lack sexual desire on the whole. now i do not want to get too negative on chinese girls. because believe me i have had some very pleasurable experiences in chinese girls. but i find that when i am in china i tend to look for either philippine or north korea girls in the places i go, and when in taiwan i tend to look for philippine girls – all of which can be find if one knows where too look.

even in japan my most unmemorable experiences have been with chinese girls. they seem to be the most likely to treat the entire situation like a job (which in reality it is – but their job is to make it seem like to us that it is not a job). and in too many of my interactions i come away feeling like i have come out with the raw end of the deal – even tough some of my least expensive experiences have been with chinese girls.

please keep in mind the above ramblings are the rambling according to one gaijin. based primarily on my own experiences and are meant for entertainment purposes only.

for a gaijin like me that can not really speak japanese and does not have any contacts in the mongering field that do speak japanese it can be a bit of a challenge to hook-up with a nice korean or philippine girl in japan.

where is the best place to find either of these in the tokyo / yokohama area? i know of a couple of bars in the roppongi area that have a couple of philippine girls every now and then but i want more and i want it now.

08-06-04, 10:14
I went down to K-cho on Wednesday, every single place was closed and curtains drawn, seemed a bit odd so I asked an older lady at one of those snack places. It was the monthly police inspectection, I guess when that happens they close everything, to make it look as if nothing is going on. I was told to come back in an hour and it would be back to normal, didn't feel like waiting around. Interesting system though!

Man In Japan
08-07-04, 09:37

This is actually an everyday thing. The yakuza have an aggreement with the police, they close every night from around 7 pm to 9 or 10 pm, and they dont get any problems. I go during the daytime on Fridays and the new problems are the NGOs that go and talk to the girls.

08-07-04, 20:01
checked out koganecho on a weekday afternoon. much slower than at nights but found this cute thai girl. she said her name was "p" ([CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)? pi?) she was small but with a very nice body, nice boobs and soft skin. spoke pretty good english. she gave me bbbj, and 69. she started screaming when i was daty. i think people on the street could have heard. then we started bbfs and i'm thinking "whoa, hold up, what am i doing?" so i asked p for cover. she took out this purple colored condoms which she had a hard time putting on me. the first two didn't work and when she finally got the third one on, it was tight as hell and hurt my jr. p said i was too big. trust me, i ain't that big. she was also screaming during fs. she got really wet. other than the tight condom, it was a real gfe.

after p, i walked around a bit and in the street farthest from the river, there was a group of hispanic looking girls in three or four rooms in a row. i saw this beautiful blonde. tall, young with beautiful boobs. when i started walking towards them, they all slammed their door shut. i motioned to the blonde that i wanted to talk to her. she shook her head "no." whassup with dat?

08-10-04, 07:16
Was in Koganeicho on the 3rd around 2:30 in the afternoon. I thought there was a pretty good selection. Not too many mongers walking around in there, either. Selected a cute gal from China and asked her how many minutes I'd get. She said 30 but just to make sure I had her point at my watch to show me when the time would be up. Went upstairs and I asked for a beer. She said it would cost 1,000 yen. I said, I guess I'd better turn around and get out of there. She changed her mind pretty quick and said it was "service". Dropped 10,000 for the time and had a good one. She was cute and had a nice body. Almost a GFE. Good day time experience.

Asia Nut
08-18-04, 08:52
Haven't been up to Koganecho in a while, but had two good trips up there last month, been on the road and no time to report. One was a girl from Panama who's name was Chanel on the street over from the main street in one of the new bars. Beautiful girl with awesome tits (albeit store bought), totally unhurried and a lot of fun. When we finished there was another girl down below, they said they did threesomes. Haven't been back at to try that, they work in the evening. Also had a very pretty Russian with nice natural tits on the main strip about halfway down on the left side, wasn't anything to rave about (other than face and body) but still a pretty good time. Quite a few Russians in that area of late.

Happy Hunting
Asia Nut

08-25-04, 01:58
Made a couple of 7 trips to Koga area can be very addictive, was initially interested because I heard there was bbbj going on.

My first visit had a little tawainese with nice titties and gave me a great bbbj and followed up with a real good fuck only 7,000.

Thus went back a second time and had a Jap chick a bit stocky but big natural its, no bbbj but good for being cbj, had a tight pussy and was worth the 8,000.

The third time I went back I had a Latino what a great body and sour attitude. total waste of time and money.

The fourth time I had this Tai chic that was incredible about a 7 on the body but suckked me bbbj and ass rimmed me. I exploded like never before and she never looked at the clock. Wnet back to her again but couldnt find her but ran into a different Tai chic and she was very GFE but abrubtly stopped, time up I guess. Left dissapointed and as Im walking out who do i see, yep the one I was looking for. She took me in sucked me off on the steps, walked me upstairs sucked me till I was hard and fucked me. when I couldnt cum she lubed her ass and Af me til I exploded. Wow!

Trip 6 I had an older chinese chic hot in the clothes not so hot when undressed but she gave good service, a cbj followed by a nice ride, suprised she was so tight for an older chic. Worth the 8,000.

Trip 7 I went later in the day and there were some real hotties, a beautiful chinese chic said I wpould be too big and was not very up on having me. I convinced her than she said only 20 Min so I walked away. Saw a long legged Thai and immediately went for her she was hot and wanted 10,000 I didnt hesitate started out well she was real hot ready to burst and she stops says her back hurts a ttoal turn off and I didnt want to fuck on with the SM mode mentatlity so we just talked then she rushed me out. But on the way out there were so many big titty long legged Thai hotties that I dont think Ill be able to stay away from there. I never went to Thai but this is the way I pictured it and I was always dissapointed withthe quality of Thais here compared to the pictures on the net I saw there.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



Big JP
08-26-04, 13:24

Maybe I am sensitive, but can you not say "Jap Chick". Sounds a little derogatory, I am sure you meant nothing by it. Keep the reports coming.



Little Jared
08-30-04, 14:39
Today I had sex with miss world. It happened in Koganecho, the first (and last??? I'm leaving tommorow...) time I'd ever gone there. I left the Hinodecho train station and walked 5 min along the right side of the line. The thing is, she's russian. Maybe a waste of time for some of you but she's so worth it. Natalie is a 20 yr old student, brown haired, perfect body, the cutest face. 10k for BJ and FS, quite classic but still very very good. She's in Japan for the next 9 days so if you want to catch her, hurry up (PM only according to what she told me). Some advice though: try to catch her while her lousy girlfriend is not here, maybe you ll be able to pay a bit less then. And be nice with her, you wont be disappointed (and be patient too, she speaks almost no english.. and of course not a word of japanese)
see you

ps: if somebody can take a picture of her... :-)

Asia Nut
09-01-04, 14:20
Just got back from Hinodecho and the Mermaid Soapland. Took the train to Koganecho and walked back thru viewing the lovelies. Sometimes get distracted and don't make my mission to Mermaid but went thru about 6:30, lot of mongers but just a few girls, they normally close down around this time.

Got to Mermaid, once again welcomed by the tout outside, place is extremely gaijin friendly, looked at the pictures posted on the wall, (still looking for Koyuki, nice looking gal from the picture, they said she was off tonight, but that just may be because she doesn't do gaijins). Tout tryed to talk me into one that looked a little chubbier for my taste (not fat just chubby). I chose a different one, Kurumi, when she came down I was a little disappointed, didn't look real good, face was about a 6, but the clothes made her look a bit dumpy and she looked like she just woke up.

Got upstairs, when she stripped down, I was pleasantly surprised, very nice smooth skin with small but well formed breasts and great legs. Went thru the washdown got on the mat and WOW!! I thought Momo was great (see my previous post) but this gal met or exceeded her. Her tounge was in every orfice of my body, lots of anal rimming and ball sucking.

After the mat and the obligatory drink we got down to business, once again, a lot of tounge and 69, a lot of these girls are pretty talented on putting on the condom with their mouth, but this is the first time I never knew it happened. When she start to mount me, I asked about a condom and she said it was already there, I checked and couldn't believe it. Very good in bed, and really put on a good show. All in all another great trip.

Kurumi I would guess to be early to mid thirties, maybe a little more, but looks younger. She's from Hokkaido and really seemed to warm up more when I started speaking Japanese. Her Hokkaido ben threw me off a couple times, but great to talk to. Total cost 18,000 for 60 minutes, well worth the trip.

Just a note, Japanese skills are not required to get into Mermaid, but it sure is a lot more fun if you can converse with them (that is when their mouth isn't full).

Happy Hunting
Asia Nut

09-06-04, 22:59
Although I have been to Kogane many times I am not familiar with the soapland Mermaid. After Asia's report I would like to try this place. Can someone give me directions?

Is this the best soapland for Gaijin in the area?

09-07-04, 05:45
Mermaid has a website:


It's a little Flash intensive, and slow. They have a simple map that you can display by clicking on the third button up from the bottom. The station is Hinode-cho on the Keihin-Kyuko line, though their site also says that it's a five minute walk from the north exit of JR Kannai station.


Asia Nut
09-07-04, 13:28

http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/ha/kokusai/ has maps to three Gaijin friendly soaplands, need to get off the train at Hinodecho vice Koganecho, all three are owned by a Korean. I've been to all three but the bottom one on the left side of the page is not really recommended, I was there once and had an enjoyable time, but have been told by the girls in Triple A and Mermaid this is the lower class of the three. (No pictures to chose from either). I've been going to Mermaid for close to 20 years (yes the women have changed) and Triple A for about 3. Good service at both and probably only 1 marginal to bad experience, (got layed but that's it). The girls aren't the quality in looks of those in Koganecho, although I've had some young beauties at these places also, but the quality time, for me it's worth it. Any questions please PM me.

Happy Hunting
Asia Nut

09-07-04, 20:32

Their website said that if you are newcommer and say 'I saw
your website.' you can get 2000yen discount.

the map of marmaid is below

09-12-04, 09:55
I went to Koganecho Sunday afternoon for the first time in several months. The choice was somewhat limited and I walked around the whole area twice before deciding on a pretty Thai girl.

After some 10 minutes of action, she started to complain that I should hurry up and became very unpleasant, so I decided to leave. This was my first bad experience in the area. Little Wabbit may be slightly larger than the average Asian dick, but as I always try to be gentle, I do not think the girls attitude was appropriate.

I then vertured trying to find the Mermaid, but did not manage to find it. Any directions please, with some landmarks for reference?

09-13-04, 12:59
After having written off Koganecho, I was pleasantly suprised a few weekends ago. Not only is there more variety, but even a few local (Japanese girls) could be spotted. Made the rounds and picked out a Taiwanese filly who was very accomodating (cbbj, missionary, doggy style) and polite. I have to agree with earlier posts that I have found the Chinese girls least accomodative (I ask where they're from and try to listen for accents). The Thai women are dwindling in numbers but are the most "service oriented".

A mate of mine had a local bird and was quite pleased.

09-20-04, 02:30
Is Koganecho close to the Sheraton Hotel in Yokohama?
Is there ant action mear the Sheraton.
Thank you.

09-20-04, 02:30
Is Koganecho close to the Sheraton Hotel in Yokohama?
Is there any action mear the Sheraton.
Thank you.

09-20-04, 02:46

Very close but not practical to walk unless you're looking for some exercise. I think it's about 3-4km by walking. Take a cab and ask to go to Hinodecho Eki (closer than Koganecho). The RLD is below the tracks between Hinodecho and Koganecho stations. Walk under the tracks away from the Sheraton and you can't miss it. The Ooka river will be on your left side.

Or, if you want to take the train from Yokohama station, exit the basement of the hotel and head through the underground (or you can do it at street level but it's a hassle) and find the Keihin-Kyuku (Keikyu) station and take a local train (an express will take you too far) to Hinodecho or Koganecho station. There are two alleys that straddle the tracks and the little booths are along those alleys.

Check it out during the day if you can the first time for a better look and better bearings as to where you are.

Vice Squad
09-20-04, 14:58
I like the daytime in Koganecho better than at night. I saw that they seem to be doing a lot of construction for new booths.

Member #2693
09-21-04, 16:42
Greetings Members,

I recently went to Koganecho and was quite pleased. The directions for getting there seemed hard to follow from what I read in the forums but it all becomes VERY clear once you get to Koganecho station. I have seen the photos in the photo section and they are dead on for what you should expect to see once you step out of the station.

I had hoped that the girls would be at least half as nice as they were described by some of the other posters. I guess in my old age I have become alot less picky about what I think is nice as the vast majority were nice to look at and only the very upper limit of the older women seemed unappealing. However in my next report I think I will try one of these more experienced women to see if they really should be there. Maybe experience can make up for other short comings.

I saw just about every flavor you could hope to sample and I think there is someone for anyone looking for a quick fix. I found that being on the heavy side did not earn me nearly any rejections from the women in the booths. I had honestly thought I would see lots of doors slamming in my face that night but felt like the most welcome sight these women had seen all day.

As I got there in the early evening while the sun was just going down I was able to get a good look at the women and also get my orientation straight. Everything went smoothly and I had the pleasure of experiencing a Taiwanese woman and shortly there after a Russian woman. I guess with my age and diabetes catching up with me the Russian woman had no luck getting me off but the best part was that she spoke decent english and didn't try to make me feel bad for my lack of performance. I guess the old gun only has one bullet every hour or so. When I make my second trip I will only visit one as it's more than I need to have more than one.

For you younger folks I expect the prices will be better as I didnt find one woman that would take less than 10,000 yen. But for the record I didnt haggle about the price either.

I would really like to experience the Thai women but I didn't make it far enough around before I had experienced all that I could for one night. Another problem for me is I dont speak any Japaese and had difficulty asking where they were from. For those that might be afraid to go to Koganecho alone for the first time, dont be. Language is not an issue, I am sure you will have even more fun if you can speak Japanese but it will honestly not make the overall experience less than enjoyable if you can't.

One last detail I would like to mention is that there seems to definately be a dead time in the area where most of the girls will close up shop. I noticed the local LE patroling around in SUV's with red dome lights. Some of the more enterprising women have lookouts that wait on near by corners to yell POLICE when the cars get near. Once the cry has been heard the near by doors all slam shut. I am not sure what time the lock down ends but I believe the other posters when they say this place is better during the day time. I am sure there is less pressure to get you out in 30 minutes and I can only guess the LE don't patrol during the day.

Well that was my first post I hope it was a little informative if not please let me know what I may have done wrong so I can improve for the next post.

Happy Hunting

Generic Poster #2693

Member #3443
09-22-04, 06:58
Thank you Sushi Galore and Lubicate It for the directions and pictures to Kogane-cho. I found it easier to take the express train from Yokosuka to Kamiooka and then hop on a local train to Kogane-cho.

I went last Saturday around 4:30pm. Walked down the right side first and did not see much. Just a couple of Chinese girls outside. Then walked the entire right side. Many girls were out.
Found the blonde Russian girls. A cople had very nice large tits. But they were all business and it clearly was not going to be a GFE.

After the Russians, found the uniform dressed Thais. Even saw Big JP's Yani and she is even prettier than the pics (imho), however picked one of the other uniform dressed Thai girls that was a few doors down from Yani.

She was about 20-21, had 1 child already living back in Thailand. She was about 5'2" to 5'3" and about 115 pounds, champagne size breasts with lovely nipples.

Cleaned up with towelettes. Mainly the groin and butt. Want it to be nice for her too. We got naked and talked a little, kissed alot including DFK. I started down her body and started licking and nipping her nipples and under arms (shaved of course). Worked down to her clit and pussy. Must have DATY for a good 20-30 minutes. She moaned and moaned and was whispering to herself some things in Thai that I could not understand She said she came twice. Believed her coz she was really wet.

Then it was her turn. She kissed me all over, stayed at my nipples for awhile and then worked down til she was sucking my cock. Not the best technique, but did the job. Once very firm and into it, did mainly mish with her until I popped. Talked a little more with her, definately GFE.

Cleaned up in the little bathroom next to her room. Had a small hose and washed up groin and butt area. She further cleaned me up with towelettes. She hugged and kissed me more.
I gave her the 10,000 yen, but the time was nearly 1 hour compared to the Russian wanting 10,000 yen for 20 minutes. Once I gave her the yen she clasped her hands, bowed and said than you. Gave her a 1000 yen tip and she really lit up and did the same gain. Walking down the stairs she gave me one last

Thanks again Sushi Galore and Lubicate It for the help!!

09-22-04, 11:16
The police are there to check on visas/working papers/etc...

Mikie Nes
10-01-04, 16:02

I am in horndawg hawg heaven.

You read it right.

Made my way down to Hodanecho based on directions in this forum and all I can say is HOLY FUCK.

I'd been to this place twice before over the last three years and just wandered down the waterfront. A few sad old ladies and trannies, with the occasional cute thai. Not much to write home about.

But TONIGHT I found the REAL shit -- under the train tracks is east Amsterdam, gentlemen.

It was payday for the navy guys so the women were out in hordes -- at least 400 sweet little hos all in neat little rows. All in the little show rooms with the little red lights.

A veritable ho smorgasboard, folks. You name it -- she's down there -- blonde, brunette, red head, nurse, China doll, office lady, schoolgirl. Thai, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian.


I found a particularly amazing young standout by the name of Yuki. She's about 4 and a half feet tall, with a huge beaming grin and wears the HOTTEST little mini skirt schoolgirl outfit. MUCH yummier than the girls in the photos I've seen here, trust me.

She was literally drawing crowds in front of her ho habitat.

As soon as there was a break in the traffic I dove in there.

Happy to say, this is a professional young lady who enjoys her line of employ.

She slipped her little tongue in my mouth and wiggled it in the most STIMULATING way, then proceeded to get rather naked.

This woman definitely gets into her work -- I'm no Tom Cruise, but her nipples got erect and her pussy wet while we kissed and played. She also beams and giggles a lot.

She insists on condoms, but is an expert at administering them. Nice and tight. This girl let me live out a lifetime fantasy of mine. I will definitely be returning.

Do go. You won't ever forget it --a promise.

Tron God
10-01-04, 21:48
Gents, maybe a few of u can answer some questions that I have about Kongodecho (sp). I have been there a few times over the past couple of years on trips to Yokosuka. Always seem to be the same thing, 10000 yen for basic stuff (can't remember time limit, but think it was 30 minutes).

The questions I have are:

are the services negotiable (like BBBJ and DFK?) I only had one gal (Thai) that did DFK, no one has done BBBJ yet.

Is greek on the menu?

Are there any bars in that area where you can have a beer and take your pick of gals (I know each place has a little bar, where you can sit with the 2-3 gals there and chat/drink). But I mean a bigger bar where several gals are?

I will be back in Japan (Yokosuka) next Saturday (9th of Oct) and want to play some.



10-02-04, 07:58
Tron God,

I always paid Y10K. I had Chinese providers offer less but I try to avoid the Chinese. I like the Thai, Latina and Eastern European girls better. I saw this Thai girl once that gave me DFK, BBBJ and even started BB FS until I came to my senses and asked her for some cover. Of course YMMV.

Mikie Nes
10-02-04, 18:30
The hos have returned to Ikebukuro!

Not gorgeous, but passable, and once again there. Generally 7-8 out of ten, with the latinos being standouts. All a little tough-looking though.

10-03-04, 04:11
TronGod, for Koganecho:
I agree that on average, the Chinese providers are not as user friendly as the Thai. The Latinas are really sporadic. I have not had any Eastern Europeans.
Most of the Chinese I have had come start up a timer. I have had only one Thai girl do this. Also, many of the Thai chicks will go down to 8 and sometimes 7k. The 7k Thai girl I had, though, was in a real rat bag of a cubicle.

I avoid the girls working the stalls nearest Koganecho Eki (Station).

My favorites are the Thais who work almost smack dab in the middle between Koganecho and Hinodecho Stations. There is a set near the river. Their "storefronts" face away frm the water.
There is another set that is in a small mall-type walk through which is U-shaped. In the daytime they are all Thai though I did see one Eastern European girl tehre recently. At night there is a mixture of Thai and Chinese. As you head down to Hinodeco on the small street that the "storefronts" face you will see a couple of more Thai chicks in the daytime. There is also a small set of new places that comes off the street perpendicular to it. I think all of these girls are Thai. The girl at the very end of this stris provides excellent service. She used to give BBBJ but now demands you use a condom.

One Thai chick I had only wanted 8k but said that for an extra 2k she would provide BBBJ. The 2k got me that but it was a very short BBBJ. She works on the corner of the last set of booths that face the water closest to the Hinodecho Station.

The best Latina I had there does not seem to work anymore... at least I haven't seen her in a while. Her name was Valeria. She said she was Mexican and not Colombian like most of the Latinas. She used to work on a booth on a short strip that comes off the main street that has Hinodecho station. Her booth, however, was only two blocks from Koganecho Station.

I like the day better than the night because there is far less traffic. It is also very convenient for me since I work at night.

If you want to see no North American or European punters at all, you can try Kawasaki. There selection of girls is not as good as Koganecho. They seem to be older and have a little more weight to them than those in Koganecho. There are supposedly some Korean girls working the booths in Kawasaki but I really didn't see much. I got a Chinese girl there who was Okay at best in terms of performance. She had a great personality and did not pull a timer out on me but I owuldn't spend any money on her again.

Tron God
10-04-04, 13:30
Syphillis and Hapaman

Thanks for the advice. I have mostly had Chinese there, had a few friendly ones, but most spoke minimal english so asking for certain favors was pretty difficult. That one Thai chick that I had was wild, as soon as the door closed she literally lept onto me (I almost fell over) and buried her tongue down my mouth. I know of that U shaped area , and of the area near the river, done a lot of walking down there. Also, will most likely be there at night vice day, as I work during day hours.

Thanks again, and will be sure to post what adventures I have.


10-06-04, 11:32
Basically, if you go during the day you will get better service.I have found that if you go for the young hotties they tend to provide poor service while the middle aged will fuck not just you them. And alot of them have fake breasts.

I have had only good experiences with chinese girls and only bad with latinas. I have had some real incredible sessions with a few Thais rim jobs, BBBJ and AF. I look for the Thai and when you walk there don't approach, let them call you and when you stop act like your interested in something up the road and look them over and don't let them know they are hot. Next ask them with a curious but not interested voice how much they will usually say 10,000 but if they caught the bait they will say 8k or how much can you.

I had a hot Chinese chick maybe 38 real nice natural tits and got her for 6k and she had a great pussy. The other day had another chinese chick with big tittys and big nipples and a real nice parking spot for my machine for only 8k and I could have got less Im sure. And this chick was really into the 30 minutes of sex, gave me a real good soft hand job, lubed her tits squatted down and gave me a nice massage with her tits and a wonderful cbj then I did her in various positions and she had a heaven between her legs, real wet and tight, I thought I was doing her anal until I looked.

So check out the chinese chicks but use a strategy.

Asia Nut
10-06-04, 14:49
Tron God

I get down to Yokosuka every once and a while on business. Yokosuka has at least 4 KMP's. The only one I've frequented is Ruby on Honcho 1 I believe. See CJW's post http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=136607#post136607 for directions. I've been more than satisfied everytime I've been there. The girls change out about every 6 months (yes they are Korean, not Japanese) but top quality. A gal named Hana is working there now and is nothing short of OUTSTANDING. Been with her 3 times and heading down shortly for another. Real GFE. Price is 16,000 for an hour, this includes a bath, great massage and about 30 minutes of great naked play. (They'll give you a 2,000 discount coupon for next trip). If you're in Yokosuka and don't feel like the train ride, try one of the local places. No FS but the Sumata is so great you'll think it's the real thing.

Happy Hunting
Asia Nut

Tron God
10-06-04, 21:15
Asia Nut,

Thanks for the advice. Have never heard of Sumata? Nor did I know that there were places in Yokosuka (other than the dives in the gut area there. Ones where a lady drink is $20, then you have to listen to them sing karoke. There aren't enough drinks available to make that a fun event).


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

10-08-04, 19:54
Tron God,

Just a heads up, Sumata is when the provider uses her thighs instead of insertion to get you off. It sounds a little strange, but if done correctly, it can be a wonderful experience.


10-10-04, 02:53
Speaking of Yokosuka....

The seems to be a new soap that has opened up in the same buikding as Venus Massage. Anybody been there?

10-10-04, 02:54
Tron God!

Gut area? You sound like you have been punting in Catania!

Asia Nut
10-10-04, 08:55

I noticed that also last time I was down there. My guess it's an extension of Venus, hours are different it looks like. Ruby advertises as a "Soapie" also, the girl, after the massage, strips down and gives a body rubdown with a gel. I've been real pleased with Ruby, but I'd be willing to take one for the team and check out Venus one of these days. Just can't seem to stay away from Hana-chan when I'm in the area tho'.

Happy Hunting
Asia Nut

10-10-04, 16:25
Asia Nut,

I had difficulty with the link you provided for directions to Ruby. Can you please give me a description on how to get there? I'm pretty familiar with the area.


Asia Nut
10-11-04, 03:12

Walk by the New Yokosuka Hotel, take the first right by the Bar Magnet, then a left on the next road. It's about a half block up on the left side, third deck. There's a sign outside.

Happy Hunting
Asia Nut

J Jack
10-11-04, 06:31
So how close or far is the Landmark Tower in the Minato Mitari 21 area to Koganecho? Any directions on how to get there (walking, train, or metro) from the above mentioned hotel would be greatly appreciated, as well as aprox. How long it would take.

10-11-04, 13:40
I walked by that Soapie again today on the way to Chuo Eki. The sign says it is ANgel SOAPLAND. It looks like it is run by the same folks as Venus. Is it true you cannot get FS in Yokosuka?

I am getting tired of running down to Yokohama/Koganecho/Hinodecho.