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05-18-02, 06:16
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05-20-02, 11:16
Hi everybody,

anybody knows or tried those massage parlors in macau, where you can buy the ticket for the ferry at the terminals? Agencies has those posters with girls and offers packages incl. ferry ticket and voucher for the mp. anybody can help me? costs?


05-21-02, 00:24
Go to Macau Ferry terminal on Hong Kong Island, I think it's 2nd floor, that is where all the travel agencies and agencies that offers package deal. The hotel deal are pretty good there.


Beijing Lover
05-21-02, 11:20

I hope everybody comes to this new forum so that we can continue do exchage information on Macau sex scene.
Here's the latest.
There are plenty of new, very fresh korean girls in Macau.
Most of them work on Fuji Sauna in Hotel Lisboa.
They are available to go out with anyone after the shift is finished.
Usualy they ask for about 1000 mop or hkd for the night fs.
Enjoy it while it lasts.

05-22-02, 04:02
To Beijinglover:

Very interested in trying out some of the Korean girls you mentioned.

How many Korean girls do they have at Fuji? I assume not all will go out with you so, in your experience which number/girl will do it? What she look like? and any other info well appreciated.

On another note, I spoke to a taxi driver last night (in Macau) and he suggested the Tin Vong sauna. He said its only MOP$650 (walk in price not including the ferry tickets). He says its a great place and the price has dropped recently and the girls are mainly Thai, Vietnamese and also Korean. If anyone has tried this place, can they provide us with a run-down on whats it like and also if it is true that Korean girls work there. For $650 including the full works, (ie. 60 minutes of FS) that aint bad. Might try tonight. : )

cc1 (aka cc and not to be confused with cc1024) - the password system on wsg wont allow two letter user names.

05-22-02, 20:12
Korean girls :
Is there girls from South Korea out there ? Are they now so poor that they go to Macao to prostitute themselves ? Or is it Korean ethnic girls from Mandchuria, or even North Korean girls escaped through China ?

05-23-02, 03:36
Update on Tin Vong Sauna

The sauna is a less well-known one and is located far from the main gambling areas on Macau island. I don't have the address however, I can give details of how to get there to those interested.

The condition and surroundings of the place are not as upmarket as the more well known sauna establishments.

There were about 4 Russian girls and about 20 Thai/Vietnamese girls. Of the Asian girls, two were considered "SuperModel" category and cost $1100 for a session. I didn't find them attractive and were definately not worth the extra - in my book. There were no Korean girls.

I chose the $650 package which includes a 45 minute session with a lovely Vietnamese girl. This is a walk-in price and does not include ferry tickets. The Russian and Asian girls are placed into two separate rooms.

The selection process is the fish-bowl type whereby the manager will open the room up and you will see all the lovelies sitting there smiling at you. It is a daunting and uncomfortable situation, as well as being difficult to choose. The two managers there seemed a bit pushy to get you to quickly choose a girl.

I chose a Yung, Vietnamese, speaks Cantonese, says shes been in Macau for 8 months. Don't know her age, probably 24 or so.

Rooms are OK in size with a big bath and a massage table/bed. Everything looked clean. TV with porn in the corner.

Service was OK. Girl gave good massage and wash in shower along with a tit rub. Half your allocated time seems to be washing up!

Standard-fare when it came to the main course. However, the ice-fire treatment only came with ice - albeit it was very good - no fire. It was also a covered BJ - but again, it felt good. Little ass rimming. No toe licking.

Managed to get the number of the girl and asked her if she'll do some freelancing after hours. She agreed but at my place and couldn't name a price. Seems she hasn't done it before. The opening/working hours for girls are 2pm to 12 midnight.

All in all it was a good experience. But this place lacked the glamour, and the trimmings you would expect from the more upmarket places. It didn't have a spa or sauna rooms. It didn't have the armchair resting areas where you can get free food and drinks like other places. However, for $650 it IS the cheapest "sauna" in Macau.

As a consolation, you will probably pay this sort of money for the ground level lobby girls working in Lisboa Hotel. If I had to choose between the two I would choose Tin Vong. However, in comparison the the upmarket saunas (paying around $1200 including return ferry tickets), the price saving is around $200-$300 by going to Tin Vong ($650 + $300 ferry tickets = $950). However, I do recall packages at the Shun Tak terminal for $980 at what I think is an upmarket sauna (Windsor I think) so the price advantage there is negligable.


05-23-02, 04:44
Lisboa girls will usually settle for $500 (Claim to be the 'Agreed' rate), but experience will be quite different. They are usually rushed, and not as good as the sauna girls. Have you tried other Sauna place?


05-24-02, 07:49
Need a quick explanation:

For the packages offered by the travel agents at the ferry terminal in HK, what are the difference in terms of quality of girls if let say we pick the cheapest package (midday time) about HK$600? What do they offer? Any experience anyone?

Beijing Lover
05-24-02, 11:13
To all users

To get o Tin Vong Sauna just enter the taxi and ask the driver to take you to «Wine Cow». Just say it like you read it in english.
The taxi will stop in front of Mondial Hotel.
Tin Vong is just around the corner.

In this area there is another sauna which is called Hou Va.
About the same price, but more rundown.

to Erik

The Korean girls in Macau are from the south, mainly from Seul.
they are pros and hired to satisfy customers from Korea.
When they get here they are not poor thou they make good money in Macau.

Enjoy the girls in Fuji.


Asia Smiles
05-25-02, 13:43
Fond memories of Macau as the best place to get laid when visiting Hong Kong. Other than the Lisboa and hotel lobby ladies girls the only other experience was Darlings One sauna. Deal at the ferry terminal was a fair price since I don't know my way around. Darlings was great. Twice I had a exceptional experience and once was just ok. In my opinion the saunas are more relaxing than the "wham bam thank you mam" experience you get from the hotel lobby ladies.

Would anyone care to compare Tin Vong Sauna to Darlings one. Which is better?

05-27-02, 04:07
Tin Vong is comparatively low class against the other saunas. See my detailed post of a sauna in the archives on 11 April 2002. This one in my book is a 8/10! Could have had a few more girls is my only gripe!

Whilst I haven't been to Darling, I am be pretty certain that Darling will beat Tin Vong hands down. Tin Vong is more styled like a standard massage parlour but with slightly better surroundings. The saunas like Darling are the ones with all the REALLY nice trimmings and pampering.

haha, I love your pin yin! For our English-only speakers out there give "wine cow" a try. Although I would phonetically translate it to "waarn cull". But thanks dude!

BTW, the Mondial Hotel is just $280 per night on a weekday. So for those interested in picking up a girl for an alnighter, this is a cheap hotel to do it in.

For $600 (I am assuming you are referring to the sauna places) you will probably get a massage and a HJ. As I understand it, pretty well ALL the saunas are run by two groups of companies. And they have an agreed minimum - a la collusion! So the rate you should be looking at is $1000+ for the full works. If you want cheap sex, it starts at MOP$100 for street workers up to the $1500 mark for the top notch saunas.

I think MOP$500 is about the going rate in the Lisboa lobby. Any ideas if you can do it for about $400. At that price, its about the same as Mongkok in Hong Kong, but with better girls.

05-27-02, 08:58
Hi CC1,

$400 is definitely possible only if you speak Chinese and stand your ground when negotiating, and even walk away and wait till they comeback for you. My friend did just that, and the girl came back few minutes later and took the $400 offer. This girl turned out to be the best he has ever had, and stayed with him for the rest of his trip...


Acer V
05-27-02, 11:39
Beijinglover and CC1,
Is "wine cow" the translation for the Mondial Hotel? If so would it be better to say "wine cow jow deem"?

I have tried the Windsor Suana before and always get excelent service for less than $1000 not including ferry. Can some one tell me how to tell a taxi driver Windsor suana in Cantonese? Thanks in advance

05-30-02, 08:29
Acer_V: The Mondial Hotel is actually the "wine cow jow deem".

As for Windsor Sauna - pronounce it as "one-sa sauna" and the taxi driver will know where to take you.

cc1024 - I'm definately keen to try the lobby girls for $400. I guess its luck of the draw with the servicing though. What I have found with the freelancers - as opposed to the girls working directly for pimps is that the service can be really bad at times.

Any ideas as to the price for the girls OUTSIDE the Lisboa near the back end of the hotel?

Does anyone know what the walk-in price is for Fuji. Or for that matter, anyone know saunas that have cheaper packages for walk-in price since you wont have the ferry tickets included in the price?


05-31-02, 08:13
CC1 - You can usually talk to the girls (in Chinese of course) to find out more about them. I find that sitting at the coffee shop and kind of window shop and even have a chance of talk to them help weed out the 'bad' experience, it's not fool-proof, but it does help. My friend found an excellent '2-day girlfriend' that way.

Outside of the hotel, $200 to $300 will do. There are few smaller hotels at the end of Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro road(towards the harbor), there are few small hotels in the ally ways that have working girls, they usually run $200MOP, you will be able to find some lookers there.. I found a sweet Chinese girl there, and are still in touch with her :)

I thought they will sell package without the ferry tickets?


05-31-02, 09:31
Mate, are you based in Macau? We'll have to hook up for some action together. Email me offlist at cc1900@hotmail.com.

In regards to the walk-in package prices for the saunas. I have noticed that you will pay say, $1100 walk in price for a session. But if you bought the package (including two-way ferry tickets) at Shun Tak, you will probably pay about the same price. This saves you around $300. Hence, it seems better value if you always buy your package first at Shun Tak.

As for the el cheapo sex workers near "sun ma lu" - definately had some luck there. Tried last week infact, and had a nice tall northern Chinese girl for $200. That was the weekend when the soccer match between China and Portugal was on. It seems the police presence there was a little heavier than usual, but the girls were still actively in the business. I went into two of the hotel lobbies there, and both had about 10 girls available. During times with less police presence, you can see up to 20 girls or so in the lobbies.

Definately, a great bargain when you consider you will have to pay that price even if you went into China. But as I have mentioned before, its luck of the draw with the girls, and the price can be jacked up to $300-$400 because the girls will sometimes ask you to pay extra for a blow job - and even then its often covered in my experience.

Happy hunting guys!

05-31-02, 16:32

No, I am not based in Macau, I travel frequently into Hong Kong, and China. My first trip to Macau was mid May, but will be returning within the next few weeks. I just found out alot about the scene in Macau from girls I talk extensivley. made a few friends in the process :-)

Where is 'Sun Ma Lu'? I was told that many of the tiny hotels will have working girls, so I imagin there are tons of them to explore.

Did you find experience in Saunas better? I like the street scene because if you hit it off with them, the they will spent time with you.


06-01-02, 08:19
Was in Macau in early May. Went to check out the action at the Central Hotel because I heard the prices were a bargain. Went up to the 11th floor as instructed by others. Sure enough, it is inhabited by just working girls. Not as good quality as the ones in the Lisboa lobby, but hey---for $200HK, I not complaining. I think they work hard to please. The hotel is kinda run down so if that intimidates you or that is a turn off, then it's not for you. The girls in there are somewhat aggressive to beware. Just gotta say "no" if you aren't interested.

I had a younger looking gal there that was HOT! Did all the positions and the session ran about an hour. I should have tried to get here to stay with me overnight but I wasn't thinking about that once I did the deed. Same price, $200HK but I think she would have taken less.

Also took to my room, a gal from the KTV lounge upstairs in the Lisboa. Was more expensive but she was a knock out. Gave me a great BJ...best I ever had. She took some warm water in her mouth and gave me a BJ with it still in there! Whoa! Awesome! Her price was $1000HK for 1 shot. The KTV cost me $1428 HK for the me and a business associate. All in all was expensive, but I had a good time. He kept encouraging me to take her to my room so I said what the heck.

I didn't know the going price in the lobby but after this experience, I got sticker shock so I went to the Central hotel. I saw other working girls around. It's easy to find them if you look. I found it safe to walk around at night.

I met a russian girl outside of the Lisboa on the street. Said her name was Sveta and was from Moscow. Said she charges $1000HK and I told her that I can have it 5 times for that price. I told her I just did a chinese girl so I wasn't interested. She thought it was funny so we talked for a while. We joked around with each other, it was fun. Said people think she looks like Pamela Anderson (didn't have the big boobs though).

All in all, Macau was AWESOME.

Acer V
06-03-02, 03:15
To SeattleGman:
Thanks for the report. I notice you posted in the HK forum about Mongkok. How do you rate the experience at the Central Hotel compared to Mongkok? Girl? Condition of the room? Hygiene?


06-05-02, 06:10

My experience differed between the girls in both places but all were quite acceptable in comparision to the experience you will find in the United States. Both the Central Hotel and the place in Mong Kok were kinda run down, but I felt comfortable going in there. Central Hotel was more dingy but the girls were clean in both places. Clean sheets and the girls will shower with you beforehand. I thought the girls in Mong Kok were of better quality in general, but I had sex with a younger girl at the Central Hotel that was great. I felt comfortable enough with one girl in Mong Kok to have unprotected sex, but afterwards I thought it was a bit irresponsible. Some would even kiss (both places) which is a huge turn on.

In general, the girls aim to please at both places. On a scale of 1-10, the girls in the Central Hotel ranged from 4-6 and the girls in Mong Kok were between 5-6. This is compared to the girls in the Lisboa who mostly range 7-8 with a few 9-10. Central Hotel was the cheapest at 200 MOP and Monk Kok at 270-380 HKD. Have a good time.

06-06-02, 07:42
Acer_V, SeattleGman,

There are few other hotels up the street from Central that have pretty good selections with okay rooms. if Lisboa rates around 7-8, and MongKoK rates around 5-6 then the girls on those hotel would be around 6-7, but at $200MOP, they are not bad deal.


06-07-02, 06:40

What are the names of the hotels other than Lisboa and Central? I walked by another one on a side street at the other end of the main street (past the Central, but away from the Lisboa) that had girls calling you in from in front. Wasn't bad looking but I had just gotten some and wasn't quite in the mood again yet.

06-07-02, 09:14

Don't remember the name, I will be going there in a few days, I will write them down and post them here :) Perhaps even a map if I get creative with graphic editing software and a map of Macau.

Does anyone know how late the travel agencies open till on week nights?


Acer V
06-07-02, 09:43
If my mind serves me correctly, most of the agents stay open past 10pm.

06-08-02, 15:16
Thanks Acer_V.


06-08-02, 15:44
Anyone in Macau on Monday?

Acer V
06-08-02, 16:14
Just to be sure, on my return to HK this Saturday, many of the agents were still open at 10:45

I had a great shag at Windsor Sauna today. I always enjoy this place. Service with a smile. All-in from the HK ferry terminal was HK$1000. Not a bad deal. Very good quality bird!

06-12-02, 12:16
Thanks Acer_V, I did indeed find them open even around 11PM.

Are those agencies basically the same? Or are there ones better then others?


06-13-02, 09:07
Millenium Sauna Review

I recently tried the Millenium Sauna - twice. For those who don't know, this place is located inside the Beverly Hotel which is just a short walk from Lisboa Hotel.

The first time, I tried the "one king and two queens" treatment, ie. me and two gals. The price was MOP$1338 (thereabouts) walk-in price but you gotta add 15% tax on that so it works out at a little over $1500. Go save your self some money by buying the packages at the Shun Tak terminal in HK - you save on the tax part at least.

Anyway, for this price, you get 90 minutes but you don't get to choose the girl as you normally do - ie. the girls don't walk out in a line up for you to choose. Rather you are escorted to the room - actually a hotel room, and they bring the girls to you a pair at a time. You get three rounds of girls to choose. The girls are the same ones as you would pick from if you choose the other services that allow you to pick directly from a line up - however, I think the save the best girls for the other - more pricier packages.

Firstly, the quality of the girls at this place was ordinary. However, they do have Japanese and Korean girls. I saw them, and they were pretty average - as were the other girls, in my book. However, I was told by one of the girls who works there that they aren't actually Jap/Korean. However, they DID look it. Can someone confirm? From memory, Jap/Korean girls were $1238 for 60minutes walk in price.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, two girls is really really tricky. In fact, I could say I didn't really enjoy it. However, this may be attributed to the poor level of service of the girls. I could really see it in their attitude. Certainly, of the two girls I chose, they would take turns watching TV whilst I was suppose to be fucking them! It seems to me, the managers there, don't expect a high level of service from the girls. Even the girls that came out in the line ups were giggling and chatting away - totally offputting.

To make matters worse, during my session, one of the girls was playing with my mobile phone. I didn't realise that the phone was mine until after the deed when I noticed the numbers in my dial list. I complained and was given a 5% (token) discount. The manager also said that the girls would be given a $500 penalty and a weeks suspension. As I was later to find out, the suspension never happened as I saw the girls (again giggling at me since they new I reported them) a few days later.

The surroundings are excellent, as was the food. This place serves some of the best food in town! I think they "order" it from the restaurant in the same hotel. The spa/sauna part was large and clean, and the resting area was large too. In fact, they don't even mind if you spend the night sleeping there - I did on my second visit. I was also told they have separate rooms for you to sleep in with blankets and all and will even wake you up if necessary. I found this to be a nice part. On my second visit there, there were at least 10 other people spending the night there. Guess you can save on the hotel room charges, and you can have breakfast when you wake up and shower and all too. Nice touch.

The sex menu starts at around $400 and for this price you can actually have sex. I tried a $500 package. Again, you get escorted to a room (this time not a hotel room but a massage room) and you get three rounds of girls to choose from. For the cheap packages, the girls are absolute dogs. Forget it. I upgraded then to the $700 package and for this you get younger nicer girls. I picked number 99 - excellent service - looks 6/10. In the past for these prices you would just get a handjob, but now you get FS and even BBBJ if you lucky. From about $800 you get the nicer girls and the full works.

All in all, the girls were below par. Food great. Decor and environment excellent. I just can't recommend this place after trying it twice.


06-26-02, 05:31
Exotic Massage for Couples?

My girlfriend and i want to travel to macau and find a nice place that offers exotic massage for BOTH of us in the same room (preferably from 2 girls :) ) - any ideas? It would be great if the place was semi-nice and the girls attractive.

Eg, handjob, MAYBE BJ, NOTHING more, where girlfriend gets pleasured at the same time. Please write back with suggestions/directions, I don't speak Chinese! Is there anything like this in HK/Shenzen/Macau???

Please help!! We're going in a couple days for the Sunday of the long weekend!! I hope this question isn't too weird, we just want to have fun :)

Thanks in advance.

Acer V
06-26-02, 06:31
You may as well go into the massage parlors and ask. Believe me, it would not be an unusual request. I have done this b4 in Bangkok and once in Hong Kong through a Wanchai girlie bar - an expensive and lousy lay. I have not yet tried Macau with the girlfriend. Go to one of the Karaoke places and ask. That would be my approach.

Good luck and please report back after your trip.

06-27-02, 12:49
Advice to all:-

Stay away from the Russian girls - man talk about bad service.

Just came back. Went to Club De Macau, agreed an all nighter with a Russian Girl HKD2.000 - after one shot all I kept hearing was - can I leave now??? I almost has to threaten her by saying I would call the club and complain. She finally stayed all night but was not happy and did not smile once (Still has 3 shots though - HA! Got my monies worth).

Strange last time I was there met a great Russian Girl - but the time before that was bad as well. So a 30% hit...

At least the Chinese Girls always seem to try so hard and are so willing to please - well the ones I have been with anyway.

Acer V
06-28-02, 07:47
Thanks for the advice. I've never tried a Ruskie but I have heard the same from others, ei. it is miss more than hit. There are a few russions at Windsor Sauna with instant-woodie looks. One day I will get adventurous and give one a try. Its hard to take the risk given the great service the China dolls provide.

Beijing Lover
07-03-02, 11:35
To you guys fans of Hotel Central, let me tell you that the place is closed for good.
The owner decided to close the hotel last week.
So, no more 11th floor girls.
I know that some of them moved down on Avenida Almeida Ribeiro to other hotels.

07-15-02, 04:17
Building on the info already posted, here is a step by step guide for Macau for those who are going the first time. I'm here in mid July so some details might only pertain to summer.

If you are going to bother going from HK, you might as well go with good quality - otherwise stay with the Mong kok scene unless you really like boat rides. I suppose you could get lower quality cheaper, but it would only be worth it if you stayed for several days. This left me with two main options: Darling and Lisboa which seem to be favorites for their quality. Here's a rundown.

Preparation: The heat and humidity are punishing during the summer, and seem to me to be worse at night (even at 2am). Wear light clothes, make sure you buy or bring a water bottle whenever convenient (don't drink un-bottled water in Macau), if you want viagra - get it without prescription at HK pharmacies (may also be available in Macau - someone else can fill that in). The real thing is light blue on the outside with white on the inside if you bite it in half or have them split, sold in foil 4 packs with a hologram on the outside of the package. Fake ones are all blue, even inside. I carried a change of clothes after dripping wet the first day by walking for 3 minutes, but a better strategy is to stay out of the heat. If you do carry a small pack, you can leave it in a storage locker at the Macau ferry station building since you don't want to be carrying it around. (I never did use my change of clothes or anything else in my pack except my water.)

stuff to bring: passport: you are going to need it to go out of HK, in to Macau and opposite again the other way around. gum: (you don't want to smell after you wolf down a big mac, do you?) Hong Kong dollars: (Darling $1380HK ($200US) on July 14, 02) pen: you'll need it for your immigration forms

English (or lack of): I found few who spoke english, except for hotel staff at the Lisboa, the host at Darling, and the Macau ferry building tourist info center. If you want to sightsee by yourself, and it's hot like now - you have to know where you are going since your not going to be having any conversations with the cab driver. Otherwise, you can walk the town.

Getting there: The star ferry will take you across the bay to "Central" if you are in Kowloon about every 10 minutes up to 11:30pm. As you come across the bay, the Macau ferry will be to your right at about a 10 minute walk inside a shopping mall. If it's hot like it is now, take a taxi or you'll be drenched. From the taxi, go up 3-4 escalators to what I believe is labeled the 2nd floor. Anyhow, it's one floor above the McDonalds. To the right will be the ticket counter. To your left will be where you get on the boat. Rates right now are $130HK ($18US) weekday, $141HK ($20US) weekend, $161HK ($23) nights. The flashing sign will try to motivate you to buy a "super class" ticket for $100HK more by having an earlier departure time and includes a sandwich once you're on board. Don't do it unless you're hungry. Here's the deal. The earliest ticket you'll be able to buy may be several hours in the future, even at 2am in the morning. Buy an economy ticket. Go through the departure area all the way to the gate. Look for a gate that is going to leave soon. You'll see a large line of people waiting as "standby" passengers. Read the sign near the people. You can leave on an earlier boat if you wait in this line. If the line has more than 50 people in it, look for the gate of the next departing boat. If people are already standing in that line, then the first line already has too many people in it, so get in the second standby line. This is the fastest way to depart and you'll leave earlier than if you paid more for that "super class" ticket. (Which incidentally is almost identical to econ class except for the sandwich. Trust me, I fell for it the first time.) I wouldn't buy a round trip ticket unless you have a specific itinerary or you know you have to be back by a certain time. On a round trip you have to specify your return time which limits your flexibility and you can't be late. Once on the boat, find your marked seat. (You'll get a sticker with your seat number just before you board.) Fill out the Macau immigration form when they hand them out. Go to the exit as soon as some other passengers start huddling near the door. Follow the crowd on the way out. You want to be near the front of the line because the immigration line is slow and not where you want to spend your time.

After exiting immigration you'll be on the second floor, you can find storage lockers on the second or first floor. A money changer office is on the first floor, but HK and Macau money are used interchangably and are worth the same amount within pennies. It's more convenient if you don't convert and the storage lockers take only HK money. Grab a Macau map at the tourist info center on the second floor on the right side if you want. It could be useful if you are there in walking weather. From my hotel in Kowloon to Macau was about two hours between ferries, taxis, lines, and immigration. The turbojet ferry ride itself is about 1 hour (don't take the other slow ferry which is almost the same cost.)

Darling: As you exit immigration and look out the lobby, go out the left side exit. In front will be an open air walkway with an overhead roof. Go towards the "New Yaohan" large department store building (which is a good place to cool off or eat if you were wishing you got the sandwhich. It closes at 10:30pm daily.) If you continue down the walkway past New Yaohan you cross over a street and will see a large neon Darling sign in red, blue, and green. From the walkway, it's below eye level. Keep going and go down the escalator on your left at the end of the walkway. Another poster gave excellent instructions on this which made it easy to find, I'm just adding to his detail. There are four ATM machines to your right, and New Yaohan across the street. There is a casino next door which I checked out, but I wasn' t into it. Walk right past the atms and Darling will be in the hall on your right. (There's also a "Darling" sign outside the building over the entrance.) Take the elevator to the top (3rd floor) and you're in. See other postings on the experience there. I arrived at around 1:30pm in the afternoon. I'm fairly picky about quality, so I would say there were 6 - 8s. Pick up a dozen quality asian fashion or girly magazines. To me, most of the better ones are 6 - 8's at around 20 - 23 yrs old. Out of a dozen or two magazines I might find one 9.

Mondial: others mentioned Mondial hotel (pronounce "wine cow" as others have instructed or they will have no idea what you're talking about) as a cheap alternative for overnight. When I went at 1am in the morning, the clerk tried a rate of $550HK on the weekend which I didn't buy into. He probably thought I had no other choice.

Lisboa Hotel and Casino: take a taxi from anywhere, or if going directly from the ferry building you can catch a free shuttle on the ground floor. Walk out to the street under the overhead walkway about 30 seconds and theres a shuttle stop. It's free and goes between hotels and the building. Catch the Lisboa shuttle (every 15 minutes or so until 10:30pm.)

Taxis are even cheaper here than HK, so don't worry about shelling out $2-4US ($15-30HK) to take a cab. Macau is a pretty small place, so it's pretty near impossible to have an expensive taxi bill unless you instruct the driver to drive in circles (or maybe if you go to the other islands. But still very cheap compared to US standards.) I did ride the taxi just to get off the street into some air conditioning. Go to an air conditioned place like New Yaohan or Lisboa to cool off.

At the Lisboa, walk around the casino and the hotel (they are integrated.) The hotel has two floors of shops, and two lobbies. All the girls are wandering the first floor hall from the afternoon on. Here's what I would do. Wander around and check the place out. Reject the girls unless you find one that you really like. After you figure out the scene (which doesn't take too long) you see that there is one dumpier restaurant/coffee shop on the first floor where they all hang out taking their breaks. I would hang out there until you see one that you would want to spend some time with and start there. All you need to do is make eye contact for more than 1/2 second. If that doesn't work look until you make eye contact again. If she doesn't approach you after once or twice of this, she probably is not what you think she is (highly unlikely), or you are so repulsive that any amount of money won't interest her (also highly unlikely). If you are walking, they might approach you directly, or pretend to be discrete by doing something else like holding a cell phone up to her ear while whistling to you between her teeth or talking to you instead of into the phone. A little eye contact goes a long way here and you'll start to find it difficult to check out the scene without making eye contact. Get used to rejecting. A lot of shaking the head "no thanks". I didn't see too many russians, but I did see one who was pretty attractive (fashion model quality) and well dressed. >From other posters, I understand that most women have their own room.

In general, I thought the quality was about the same between Darling and Lisboa. However, at Darling you are more committed, once inside. On the other hand, Darling has better quality control on the experience so you should know what you get at what cost. (There weren't any russians at Darling, if that's what you're looking for.) If you are coming from the US, be aware that you may suffer jet lag in the afternoon and just want to nap somewhere. But you'll find that there are few places to rest your feet other than restaurants.

07-20-02, 10:17
I haven't been to Macau before and I'm fishing for some information. I may be heading here sometime in September. I wanted to find out if anyone knows if either the Westin or the Hyatt has women available from within the hotel, such as in the hotel lobby or in the hotel lounge / bar / nightclub? There may be days that I don't want to go trolling near Lisboa and just want to relax at the hotel and not have to go very far for a few hours of company. Appreciate the help and info...

07-22-02, 10:21

Macau comprises of three islands - Macau, Taipa and Coloane - in ascending order of distance from the ferry terminal. Taipa has a small area of activity near the racetrack and opposite the Hyatt - near a hotel called "Century Hotel". You will find a sauna there. On Coloane - where the Westin is located, you will NOT find any action at all. Best bet is to stay on Macau island. A good 5 star hotel reasonably near the action is the Mandarin Oriental. Or alternatively, stay are the heart of the action - Lisboa Hotel.


Beijing Lover
08-02-02, 12:33

If you go to Macau check the latest hot place in town: Green Spot in the New World Emperor Hotel.

Lots of chicks wanting to get laid from all the races and nationalities available in Macau.

Enjoy the tip, becouse I do.


08-07-02, 17:52
Any info regarding the East Asia Hotel, both in terms of the sex scene and accomodations? I've never been to Macau -- any experienced comparisons to Zhuhai across the border? I know this is a different scene than HK, but are there any pluses that make it worthwhile if one is coming from China. Thanks in advance.

08-13-02, 01:39
I hope to be in Macau for a few days at the end of September - partly because its a fun place to walk around but also it sounds like an enjoyable opportunity to spend some time with Chinese women - which I have never had the opportunity to do. But anyway - my question is that I notice everyone mentions the Lisboa Hotel in terms of finding women - but is it also a decent place to stay - I sort of envision myself coming down a few times during the night to pick up a new friend and it seems like if I were staying there it would sure be convenient - and anyone know what the price tag might be for a night there?

08-13-02, 04:25

for hotel check out this webby www.asiatravel.com and just pick the macau section,

I've used this before to get a good cheap hotel in HK & China

happy hunting

08-13-02, 06:34

I think the Lisboa is about $125-135 USD per night. The rooms are about 3 star quality, but they are clean. The convience of picking up a girl and going up to your room is nice. Definitely where the center of action is. I highly recommend staying at the Lisboa if you can, you won't regret it.

08-13-02, 06:55
To mistalava,

The East Asia Hotel and those in the near vicinity are very run down hotels - probably 20-30 years old. Almost all the people staying their are either working girls or mainlanders wanting super cheap accomodation. I would not recommend staying their for your honeymoon! As for the sex scene, the action will be clearly evident once you enter the lobby. Unless there is a police crackdown, the will normally be at least 10 - 15 girls in the lobby vying for your patronage. You should be able to find girls 24 hours a day available. The price is about MOP$200 on average, but sometimes $300. Ask first if you can. Sometimes, the girls will agree to a lower rate initially, then when you get into the room they will ask extra for a BJ. But on other occasions I have had the complete works for $200. The quality of the girls can very tremendously but you generally wont find any stunners. There are some girls who look extremely young if thats your fancy. The rooms are average, and as you explore the area some of the hotels are of relatively better quality than others. Sometimes the girls will re-use the same towel to wipe you down. That can be a worry. I have been to a hotel where you can pay $5 to get a clean towel from the hotel. The girls are quite aggressive, so take your time and look. Some of the hotels in the area even have girls willing to do it all for MOP$100. Good luck.

08-13-02, 16:32
there is also another sauna which has some very nice girls providing BM and FS, called Emmanuelle...i haven't been there since last november, but i think it is still the same...it's in the Sinta Hotel....it had a varied selection thais, viets, koreans and mainlanders ranging in looks from 6 to 8 generally, but up to 9 for a couple of the viets - very cute

price (1 hr) varied between HK$1K and $1.5K depending on the nationality of the girl....i think they also had a 'supermodel' category which was basically a few thais with light skin and big tits - nothing spectacular unless you've never had a thai before...

but the place is good, small and clean and not too busy...the papasan is reasonably helpful too...

however, the main place remains Darling....that joint is just crammed wall-to-wall with awesome pussy....when i was there they had the usual mainland, viet, thai and korean selection, along with a few poles as well....man, oh man, is that place a candy shop!!

09-17-02, 14:08
Am planning a trip here at the end of the month - awhole weekend with some fun. I will be staying at the Manderien - which I have heard is a fine hotel. I need some help in planning:-

1. Arrive Macau at 1pm - wanna have a sauna with the full works - which one is the best.

2. In the evening planning Club De Macau - is this place okay?

Thanks Guys - I am really looking forward to this trip. So any help would be great and I will share my experiences.

See ya

Acer V
09-18-02, 04:55
To ruf66
If you are comfortable with chinese language you can go to the Windsor Sauna in the President Hotel. Itsclose to Mandarin Hotel. Or you can do the sauna at Darling. It is more foreigner friendly. For either you can get a pqckage at the ferry terminal in Hong Kong. All inclusive of the ferry tickets, its a good deal.

Club de Macau will do you fine. Most of these nightclubs have the same SOP.

09-18-02, 19:48
Hi Acer

Thanks - but what about Darlings?

Which place would you consider to be the best sauna to relax for a few hours?

Acer V
09-19-02, 02:47
I do not like Darlings. It tries to be Bangkok but its not. I go to Bkk often enough to experience much better. There is a sauna on the other side of the HaiAlai complex called Taipan?? that I have been to. It more the chinese style with massage rooms. I remember the massage tables have TVs under the table. You can watch sports or a porn flick during the back rub. It was not too bad for hanging out. I have not been for some time though.

I just prefer Windsor because I get good service every time I've been there. Maybe I have just lucked out but I have yet to be disappointed.

09-19-02, 07:17
Thanks Acer,

Are there any exclusive "Mens Clubs" in Macau - price is not an issue.

Acer V
09-20-02, 05:59
Don't know about exclusive Men's Clubs. There are loads of nightclubs like Club de Macau. I havent seen any other format.

09-20-02, 18:54

What exactly do the package deals include? Is there full sex included or not?

I know that you can get the full package at the ferry terminal, but is there anything particular you have to ask for if you are a westerner and looking to book full service including sex?

Acer V
09-21-02, 06:39
Not all packages are full sex but the attendants are pretty explicit about what each package provides. Most speak OK english. If not, go to the shop next door. By my reckoning most shops seem to offer the same packages for the same clubs/saunas.

09-23-02, 07:31
I'm just back from a trip to Macau. I went to Darling and had a great time. But there are pluses and minuses.

Darling has Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese girls. They all look good but it is quite obviouse that a pretty high precentage of the Thai girls have silicon boob jobs. If you like real tits then you have to ask and limit your selection.

I choose a beartiful Chinese girl with real (and good sized) tits. She was amazingly pleseant, sexy, fun, eager to please. Young, with a great body -- Wow!

The nigt clubs are also very good. I've tried Club de Macau, China City, Tennochy(sp?). They are more about sitting and drinking with girls and than taking 1 back to the hotel for a fuck. The sitting and drinking can be fun, as you can fondle a lot of nice breasts before you choose 1. I think this is best if you are with your buddies, but not bad even for a single guy.

All these places are good anytime from 6 pm to late in the evening and I have not found a night they are closed.

09-27-02, 05:57

i've been to macau once and i had an awesome time with the girls in lisboa and hotel central. i am going to be in macau again during a weekend in october and i would really appreciate it if you guys could help me plan this visit a little better than the first. i'm going to arrive in the afternoon and immediately head out to a sauna -- i've read great things about darling, lisboa (btw, where is the sauna, i didn't see it the first time i was there), and windsor so i'll probably end up at one of these.

i'd like to stay overnight so i need some activities (other than gambling) to keep me busy after the sauna -- can you give me some suggestions. also, what kind of music do they play at Club de Macau, China City, Tennochy? trance/electronic music? are most of the girls that frequent these clubs working girls and if so, how much do they charge for the entire night? how much do the clubs themselves cost?

thanks in advance and if anyone is interested in joining me, let me know!

09-28-02, 05:06

The sauna in Hotel Lisboa is in the basement, on the way to the swimming pool, you should see it.

Have fun...

Originally posted by goober

i've been to macau once and i had an awesome time with the girls in lisboa and hotel central. i am going to be in macau again during a weekend in october and i would really appreciate it if you guys could help me plan this visit a little better than the first. i'm going to arrive in the afternoon and immediately head out to a sauna -- i've read great things about darling, lisboa (btw, where is the sauna, i didn't see it the first time i was there), and windsor so i'll probably end up at one of these.

i'd like to stay overnight so i need some activities (other than gambling) to keep me busy after the sauna -- can you give me some suggestions. also, what kind of music do they play at Club de Macau, China City, Tennochy? trance/electronic music? are most of the girls that frequent these clubs working girls and if so, how much do they charge for the entire night? how much do the clubs themselves cost?

thanks in advance and if anyone is interested in joining me, let me know!

10-01-02, 18:50

I'm new to this board, so greetings to all.

I was in HKG and had the chance to go to Macau for the first time.
I jumped on the Turbojet from the Ferry Terminal in Kowloon. I guess I should have left from the HKG terminal since they sell the sauna packages there. Anyway, arrived and walked over to Darling; a very convenient 5 minute walk from ferry terminal.
Went up to the 3rd floor and was greeted by the host or manager (guy who spoke pretty good english). I was there around 2:30 pm and there were about 3 other guys sitting around. I was told there are much more girls in the evening time...well I thought there were already a lot of girls there, around 35 girls. Took about 5 mintues to choose and decided on a very pretty Thai girl. Paid at the counter in the back (around $1350) and was led to a room. Pretty nice room with hottub, bed and TV. Sat down and let the girl undress me and laid back on the bed while she filled up the tub and undressed. She turned on teh TV and put on porn, which is kind of irritating so I just motioned for her to turn it off. (I don't need tips on how to do it).
She gave me about a 10 minute massage and then led me to the tub where I just got in and lay back adn she followed in facing me. The water was warm, but I was freezing in that place, they have the air-condition on high. She gave me a very nice wash down everywhere. After she was done she started to grind her pussy all over my body, let the water out and turned around so i could hold her body and touch anythign I wanted, She had a nice set of tits...fake, but pretty nice. She dried me off and we layed down on the bed and after about 2 mintues she started to go down on me and sucked away slowly. She put the cover on me using her mouth and she flipped over and I started to feel her whole body and after about 5 mintues I climbed on top and did missionary for a good while and then turned for over for the finish.
It was great, but she couldn't speak more than 5 words of english or mandarin at all. I had a hell of a time trying to communicate with her.

What is the policy in these places on how many cups are served?
I wanted to go again but time was almost up. I tried to get another go with her even when the phone rang to tell her time was up and she seemed up to it....she tried to stick it in bareback and it freak the crap out of me and I pushed her away.
Anyway, that is my review of Darling. The girls there are definatley lookers.

10-01-02, 18:56
I saw a few white girls at Darling that looked very nice.
Does anyone have anything to add regarding them or their service. Are they better or worse than the asian ladies? Where are most of the white girls from? So I know the Thai girls don't speak much english...how about the rest? I can speak some Mandarin so that wouldn't be a problem. I just want them to understand when I want to "go again".

An off the topic question- how much does it cost for a helicopter ride to macau from HGK? The turbojet is fine, but I get a bit queezy when it comes to boats.

Acer V
10-02-02, 05:18
Good reveiw. I personally am not too fond of Darling's. I go to Bkk enough and there is much better to choose from there.

The whiteys you saw were likely russians. I have heard mixed reviews on them. Have not personally tried but friends have. Some good experiences some bad.

There are many other saunas around. Most have Mainland girls and a smattering of Viets, Malays, Koreans, Japs....

A chopper to and from HK is about $1400 one way. Definitely more convenient (10 minutes) but pricey no?

10-04-02, 12:09
I have discovered a piece of heaven - the Emperor Sauna at the Emperor Hotel. You book the trip from Hong Kong and pat HKD1.200 (including ferry tickets). Arrive at the Sauna, get changed and are in a room with a large pool, steam and dry sauna etc. A wash and a quick sauna then into another room with large TV’s, free soft drinks and food, cigs etc, a place to sit and relax. One is then given a book with lots of pictures of Thai, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Koreans Girls. So I asked the manager whom he recommended – and got a blond Russian girl. After awhile they come and tell you that the girl is ready and you are taken into a room with a bed and a shower area (with a table). The girl slowly undresses you and leads you into the shower room where you lie face down on the table – she starts to wash you, from top to toe and then starts with a body wash where she lies on top of you and rubs her body all over you. Then you turn over and the same thing happens again – with her spending more time around the tackle area.

Once this is completed then she gently dries you off and leads you onto the bed. Now the real fun starts – Fire and Ice, rimming and unbelievable sex. Man I was taken to heaven and back – all sorts of positions and no hassle to get it over with. We did the job only once as I was really blown away by the service and the expertise of the girl. Man she was tight and hot and the things she could do with her muscles was unbelievable. We lay for a bit and then she took me back into the shower and washed me off, dried me and dressed me.

Back to the room for free drinks and cigs. I spent 4 hours in this place with no pressure to rush or finish – all for HKD1.200 (USD150). Man what a place – Fully recommended – really clean and high class. I will be back as soon as I am in the area again – bets the hell out of Hong Kong or any other place I have been.

Beijing Lover
10-05-02, 03:33

Where is this Emperor Hotel?
Is it the same as the New World Emperor Hotel, next to the Landmark.



10-07-02, 08:35
Yes you ar eright it is the New World Emperor Hotel.

Have fun

10-11-02, 07:44
This area is very silent - everyone on holiday or what?


Acer V
10-11-02, 08:12
Hey Ruf,
Good report on the New world Emporer. i think I have visited that one. Does it have a large Hot tub in the middle of the shower area and there is a girl in swim suit who will give you a scrub down in the shower if you wish?

If that is the one, the time I was there I did not get very good service from the lady I selected. Oh well. luck of the draw!


10-13-02, 08:18

I will be in Kowlong in late Dec and would like to know where can I purchase the sauna package to go to Emporer Sauna place. Can I do it in one day. Meaning going there, have a "full service" then ride the Ferry back to Kowlong. Appreciated if you can guide me with some FS massage place in Kowlong and any other local places.



10-14-02, 09:54

Yeap that is the place. Strange how experiences can vary. I went twice with 2 different Russians and had really great service.

I am moving to HK in Janaury for a 2 year contract so we should get together for a weekend and explore together. Let me know: ruf_66@yahoo.com

See ya.

10-15-02, 12:39

Just go to the Ferry Terminal - I normally catch it from central - but I believe you can do it from Kowloon. Up the stairs and there are loads of "travel agents" that will sort you out. Most speak english.

The trip can be done in about 4 to 5 hours depending how rushed you wanna be. The ferry and getting through immigration takes only about 1.5 hours, taxi - ten minutes.

Go for it and have fun - reports are expected.

10-15-02, 14:40
Any recommendations for sauna places with fetish services like uniforms ? nurses ? stockings ?....

what would be the rates per sessions ? for the night ?...

10-20-02, 10:04
Hi all,

I am aware of the package deals sold in HK for Macau fun, but what is available if one is already in Macau ?

If I stayed at the New World Emperor hotel, for example, which seems to be a good choice for the kind of entertainment I have in mind, would I get a good deal on the sauna there, etc...

Also, on the NWE hotel, I have read somewhere that the bar on the 2nd floor is renowned for the female talent that can be found there. Any opinion ?


10-22-02, 05:30

Thanks for the info. For sure will provide detail after the trip. However, one question for you. You have mentioned about immigrant, do I need to bring my passport?? How far is the place from the ferry, walking distance??? Do we have to tip the girl?? Can we select them or the girl got pick up by the manager. What source of profession you are in that you need to move to HongKong for two years??

Agin, thanks for the guidance and looking forward to hear from you soon.

San Dog

Acer V
10-22-02, 06:12
San Dog,
Let me try to answer some of your q's. Yes you need your pp for Macau unless you are a HK permanent resident. The place Ruf is talking about is a 5 min taxi from the ferry. Walking may take 40-50 min. No need to tip the lady but HK$100 is always appreciated. I tip if I get good service. You can select usually froma picture book.

Hope this helps. Happy hunting!

10-23-02, 14:06

Hope all is clear... Thanks Acer_V - bene kinda busy at the moment... I agree - only tip if you feel that the service has been great.

As to my Job - well I am a Buyer and will be setting up a sourcing office in HK and Shenzhen.

10-23-02, 14:25
I am going to macau soon for business travel.
Any suggestions on cheap and good services.
Any suggestions where i can find YOUNG girls?

10-24-02, 00:40
Monkey King,

Not being sarcastic, but your questions seem calculated to be "Questionable?" at best.

There are no cheap services in HK or Macau. They are just as expensive as the USA or more. If you are looking for cheap, Bangkok is cheaper than HK. For "YOUNG" girls, How Young? Illegally young? This board does not need this !

10-24-02, 06:07
Hi All,

So glad to find this site!

I'm going over to Macao next week, what is the best service while cost is a concern? I'm think HK$600 ~ HK$800. Hope that is not too low.

Heard a lot about Hotel Lisboa, but what is the cost range there, especially for weekdays? And the length per session? Or is it one shot only?

I think I going to love this site. I know look forward to visiting Macao.

10-25-02, 20:19
[QUOTE]Originally posted by ruf66
Just go to the Ferry Terminal - I normally catch it from central - but I believe you can do it from Kowloon. Up the stairs and there are loads of "travel agents"

Correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't there Sauna travel agents on the HKG side, not the Kowloon? The Kowloon Travel Agents in the terminal look legit.

[Quote]Originally posted by Sandog
However, one question for you. You have mentioned about immigrant, do I need to bring my passport?? How far is the place from the ferry, walking distance??? Do we have to tip the girl?? Can we select them or the girl got pick up by the manager.

Bring your passport and a pen to fill out the immigration forms.
If you would like to walk to a sauna, there is one that is less than 5 minutes by walking. Cross over the bridge and down the escalator. It's called Darling. You can choose from a selection of about 30-50 girls; tell the manager which number you want and you go on from there. I personally enjoyed this place very much, but I admit I haven't treid other places yet. I like the fact that I can get off the ferry, walk over and walk back very quickly.
I would suggest tipping the girl, though it's up to you. I tip between 200-300 if I am coming back to see the same girl.

10-26-02, 15:38
Hello all,

I came back from macau not too long ago, i stayed at the hotel grandeur for a few nights. Action is everywhere in macau, i trully love this place. But this visit had to be cut short and i only got to experience one SW. I was actually walking to the hotel fortuna to check out the club/sauna when a young chinese girl came up to me and started chatting away, she was short, about 5'3" but had a nice rack. She asked me if a wanted a "massagie" for 500. i said no thanks, she said okay 400, i said no she kept up with me for a while and finally said 300. I thought about it for a while and i said okay. She lead me to her flat in a building across from hotel fortuna. i was in the lift with abotu 3 other couples headed for a good time. I went in to her flat and she put me in her room while she freshed up herself, it was freezing in her room, i dont know how these girls live like this. I asked her to turn off the aircon which she did, and we went at it, no BJ just straight screwing. She was a bit tight and didnt let me in fully at first but later she got used to it. she didnt lift her legs up so i kept slipping out of her, but i soon came. she was good, but not the best looking. Next time i want to try a sauna out.

Dick Johnson
10-27-02, 09:25
the Sauna agents are on the HKG side only. Don't know why they dont have them at the Kowloon Terminal.

10-28-02, 07:05

Thank for the tips. Can I get to HKG ferry from KowLong terminal?


10-28-02, 22:46
Originally posted by sandog

Thank for the tips. Can I get to HKG ferry from KowLong terminal?


Not sure. It''s easy to get to HKG Ferry Terminal by MTR.
Next time I go to Macau, I will stay overnight at at hotel.
But if I am going for a day trip, I would stick with Darling....it's too convenient. The fee was about $1350 for 90 minutes. The Sauna packages are about that price or a little less, but the ferry tickets are included. You can choose 2 girls to go in with you or if time permits, you can take a rest after the first round and just sit in the waiting area and have a drink and choose your second one while you recuperate. Can't wait to go back.

Sucks that the Kowloon terminal doesn't have the Sauna Agents....it would be so much more convenient.

11-01-02, 21:37
Do you need an IT graduate in your sourcing offices in Hk/shengen? I can speak fluent english and mandarin and abit of cantonese... i'll be hk in november. koil@hotmail.com

11-02-02, 10:25
lqd, you write:

"Darling....it's too convenient. The fee was about $1350 for 90 minutes. The Sauna packages are about that price or a little less, but the ferry tickets are included. You can choose 2 girls to go in with you or if time permits, you can take a rest after the first round and just sit in the waiting area and have a drink and choose your second one while you recuperate."

how do i have to read this: 2 girls for $1350? please clarify, thanks.

11-02-02, 16:19

Whats the costs if you buy the package at darlings itself? No sauna/ferry package from the shun tak. I know a few people who work at shuntak and wouldnt want to run into them coming out of a sauna travel agent if you know what i mean.

11-06-02, 11:31
Hi to all,
I am planning on going to Macau for my first time next month. I havent even been to HK yet either. But, I am always in Singapore and Bangkok.
Here in the forum on Macau, I see lots of entries about the saunas (and about the ferry packages), but, I'd like to know if there are nightclubs to meet girls. For example, I hear many people talk about Thai/Filipina girs in Neptunes in the HK forum. And I am familiar with Orchard Towers in Singapore.
Are there any places like that in Macau? I'll be staying at the Hyatt.

Beijing Lover
11-06-02, 12:23
Hi Lalake

There are several night clubs in Macau.
The most famous is China City in the Jaialai Complex.
Tonochy, in Si Toi Building is also quite well known.
There others in some hotels, but the quality is not that good.
In these night clubs you are expected to pay a lot just to talk to the girls.
If you want to take them out you will pay even more, much more.
My advice is go to the Embassy Bar in Mandarin Oriental Hotel where you can find lots of girls from all over Asia.
There you can have a drink and chat at reasonable prices.
If you have any query email me at beijinglover2001@yahoo.com.


11-07-02, 17:00
thanks for the great information. I am looking forward to my trip. if I have anymore questions, I'll email you.

11-11-02, 13:30
Just returned from 3 days in Macau.

On the last day, I decide to try Sauna, found Windsor (In President hotel) to be the most reasonable ($888 for 45Min)+Massage+use of the Sauna facility.

Picked a Russian girl, and it turned out whole lot better then I expected. I would pick the Russian girls in Sauna then on the street.

I will post a Sauna review later.


11-13-02, 12:00
Hi! I'll be in Macau early December. Appreciate if I can reead your field report b4 I go. This my 3 time there. However never been to the saunas. The first 2 times just visited the ok's where the girls will come in half-naked. Want to try the saunas this time round.

11-13-02, 12:35
i agree with robersan. i am anxious to hear about your stories. this is my first time to HK and Macau. Am a pro in Sing, Thailand, and Phils.
I am worried the girl/club/sauna scene in Macau is less than HK and may lose out on action.
Staying at the Hyatt.

11-14-02, 11:18
Hi! I will be at holiday inn. when will you be there? maybe we can meet up at go hunting together.

11-16-02, 19:17
i'll be there in dec, the first week. but, i just got off the phone with my Thai girlfriend, and i will be bringing her. Sure, it may be better to go hunting, but, for this short trip, it'll be ok, to just relax, get some room service, and boom-boom an old girlfriend.

11-25-02, 09:45
Originally posted by loafer
lqd, you write:

"Darling....it's too convenient. The fee was about $1350 for 90 minutes. The Sauna packages are about that price or a little less, but the ferry tickets are included. You can choose 2 girls to go in with you or if time permits, you can take a rest after the first round and just sit in the waiting area and have a drink and choose your second one while you recuperate."

how do i have to read this: 2 girls for $1350? please clarify, thanks.

I apologize, I was not very clear.
I meant it is a convenient place to visit, very close to ferry terminal. I meant you could just pay for one girl and come out have a drink, rest and pay for another one. When you are done you can just walk on over the the ferry terminal and leave. Maybe if you choose 2 girls you can get a small discount...never hurts to ask.

11-25-02, 09:48
Originally posted by HKferry

Whats the costs if you buy the package at darlings itself? No sauna/ferry package from the shun tak. I know a few people who work at shuntak and wouldnt want to run into them coming out of a sauna travel agent if you know what i mean.

Darlings doesn't sell the package at their location because you will already be there. In that case you have no choice, it's $1350 at Darlings for 90 minutes. If you buy at the Travel agents, it's around 1350 but it includes the ferry tickets.

11-27-02, 01:06
are there any topless clubs in Macau. How about in HK ?
Is Darlings the best sauna place there in Macau?

11-27-02, 12:26
The karaokes all serve semi-naked gals. The last time I was there, I went to the ok's situated in the Hotels. At both places, they have the same concept.
The mamasan will bring us to a OK room. Then she will parade the gals. The gals will come in all braless...with the panties on...covered only with a mosquito-net sort of lingerie..you can actually see the tits..and chose the ones(tits) that tickle your fancy. After your selection, they will stay with you for 15 minutes..I think..I didn't check my watch actually...the mamasan will come in again and ask all the gals to leave...this is to give the customer a chance to change the gals, if he so desire. Otherwise the same gal will come in again to sit with you. This goes go until all the customers in the room selected his choice of tits.
All the time while the changing&selecting is going on, the guest can sing OK or play with the gals. At the end of the evening you can chose to 'go up' with your selection...price then was 1000p....ST...includes room.

11-27-02, 16:53
Have been to New Century Sauna recently.
Very disappointed.
When my friend and I were waiting in the rest area, I sent for the manager. He kept talking to his colleague for 10 min, and then came with the only photo album. (I felt we are not welcomed) Then he brought 15 girls (incl 2 Russians) for us to choose. Girls qulity is poor. Generally below 5/10.
I chose a girl (a 7/10) from photo album. And my friend chose a Russian. HKD1,000 for 1.5hr FS. (HKD1,100 for Russian).
My girl's service is good. But my friend told me the Russian is really poor.
The other hotel sauna in Taipe (Taipa ?) is much better. I don't remeber the hotel name. It's close to the horse-racing.

11-28-02, 04:59
has anyone ever taken the ferry from macau to shenzhen? how long is the cruise? and does anyone know how far it is from the shenzhen ferry pier to shenzhen airport?

thanks for your input!

Beijing Lover
11-28-02, 10:13
The ferry to Shenzhen takes about 1 hour 20 minutes
The ferry terminal e 2 minutes away from the airport.
But no girls available on the spot.


11-29-02, 05:49
thanks beijingman. i intend to exhaust me and my wallet before i board the ferry, thus i can put up with the situation if no girls on the spot.

Randy Farang
12-09-02, 05:25
For what it may be worth, Darling is a long established business that has a well earned reputation for excellent service. On a number of occasions I took the ferry from HK for a relaxing visit and was NEVER unhappy with the results. Randy

12-15-02, 08:28
Went to Fuji sauna, in the basement of the Lisboa. The concept is similar to Darling 1: it’s more a bath house than a massage place. I bought a package at Shun Tak in HK, which cost me around HKD 1300 including ferry tickets. The package for Darling 1 costs HKD 1400. In Fuji they categorise the girls into 4 groups, and with the package ticket you get only a girl of the lowest category. Alternatively you can pay a premium of a few hundred dollars to get a “better” girl, but even in the lowest category I find that they are reasonably good looking. Darling has more girls than Fuji though, and the facilities in Darling seem to be a bit better too. When you enter Fuji, the manager calls out all the girls from adjacent rooms, and they surround you while you are making your choice. I felt a bit urged to make a quick decision, not like in Darling where you can sit down, have a drink, and take as much time as you want to choose your girl. Finally I settled with a Vietnamese, who smiled very friendly. She spoke Mandarin, and for a while I doubted she might actually be a Chinese. But she said that a lot people in Saigon can speak Chinese. Her service was really very good, I enjoyed every minute. The traditional Ice-Fire was only Ice in my case (which I didn’t mind), and I got the ice treatment for my entire body, which was new for me. Very cool, literally! Finally a nice poke. In Fuji you get 75 minutes of service, which we exceeded by about 15 minutes, but the girl stayed very relaxed throughout. Business seems to be slow there anyway. All together a nice experience.

12-15-02, 08:47
Stayed in the Lisboa. Around the clock, there are dozens of girls cruising along the basement and ground floor, most of them mainland Chinese, and the occasional Russian. They are always in motion, some of them walk very fast, back and forth. Must be tiring. In earlier posts I had read that the going rate is HKD 500, but I had to realise that Westerners must pay more. I was constantly asked for 1000, and the lowest I could negotiate was 700. I rejected a lot of girls to see if they would lower the price, but they didn’t, even though they had no other business either (I watched the scene for about one hour). There are also a few girls sitting in the coffee shop. They are older, some over 30. Finally I took one of these, from Hebei, and she was very pleasant indeed. After some years in China I begin to appreciate the saying that “old ginger is the hottest”. We had a nice chat, she gave me a good massage, and she was a great fuck too. She would have stayed for the night, but after 2 and a half hours I asked her to leave because I needed to sleep. She told me that the young girls from the basement offer only very rushed service.

Dick Johnson
12-15-02, 15:22
loafer, nice report. Kinda true about the younger ones giving rushed service at Lisbao.

At Fuji they have different size rooms. I've been to one that was big and spacious and another that was kinda small.

You're right in Fuji there's a pressure to make a quick decision while at darlings you can buy a drink (60hk$ was it?)and sit and decide.

Even some of the Thai girls there speak a little Cantonese! And yes, business has slowed down a little over the past couple of years.

Dick Johnson
12-15-02, 15:27
robertsan, I don't know about you but I was very turned on by that mosquito net transparent lingerie with no bra underneath.

laofer and all can email me richard_johnson@angelfire.com

12-16-02, 10:07
Hi Guys,

will be in Hong Kong / Macau for 2 weeks January - from 9th until 23rd.

Anyone wanna meet up in Hong Kong / Macau for weekend of 10th / 11th?


12-22-02, 14:28
Come on Guys what is happening - you all dead and sexed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets make a party of it in January...........


Still alive and kicking!!!

Acer V
12-23-02, 18:26
I might be up for some action. Cant tell until after Jan 6. If schedule permits I might do some golfing - and whoring - in Macau that week.

Beijing Lover
12-27-02, 08:53

I'll probably be able to make it.

email me at


01-04-03, 11:28
Looks like we will be only 3 in Macau on Sunday 12th - anybody else wanna join ???


01-07-03, 06:38
i'm in shenzen right now but want to try macao girl; but of course i want the best deal it sounds like darling? but if i want the best looking chinese girl with big tits how much and for how long?

Acer V
01-09-03, 13:08
Sorry, would love to join you in Macau but I'll be out of town that weekend.

01-13-03, 00:58
Who knows where is the best place to find Vietnamese girls in Macao, and at what price ?

01-13-03, 02:24
Originally posted by Erik
Who knows where is the best place to find Vietnamese girls in Macao, and at what price ?

It is kind of a hit or a miss - Try the casino Lisboa, ask around; Darlings; China City .... I'm just guessing - since I normally do not pre-determine who I want - just pick from the selection.

01-18-03, 17:30
If you can read Chinese, the easiest way to find Vietnamese girls is to buy a copy of Hong Kong Penthouse. The back section of Penthouse is a sauna guide to Macau, complete with pictures of some of the girls and the packages that are available. There are some saunas that specialize in Vietnamese girls. Darling 1 and China City Night Club are not among them.

"The Walk," as the B1 level of the Lisboa is known, is the best parade of flesh you'll see anywhere. Last time I was there, I had a sweet-looking girl from the Northeast whose pussy was so tight that I shot it in less than 10 minutes. For me, that's a quickie.

Overall, the Chinese girls in Macau don't have great oral skills, and because their clientele is generally Hongkies looking for a quick nut bust, they're not much for the GFE. The good thing is, they're very business-like--unlike, say, Filipinas, who can fall in love with you easily if you curl their toes. These girls will look at it as a novelty (you're probably their first foreigner) and be on their way.

01-19-03, 15:12
Looking to stay at Hyatt (I'm a diamond member) Feb 14 through the 17th. I would stay closer to Lisboa/Holiday Inn if I didn't have the perks that come with diamond membership. Is there any action to be had at the Hyatt itself? Also, if I do travel to Lisboa, etc... Is Hyatt guest-friendly if I make the hotel reservation under a party of 2? Thanks.

Acer V
01-20-03, 10:42
Honda Man.
I assure you, every hotel in Macau is guest friendly. You may wish to be a little more discrete in the better places like the Hyatt, Westin or the Mandarin. In other words, they may frown a little if you go prancing through the lobby with a party doll dressed in a mini skirt and see-through blouse under each arm.

There is not a lot out on Taipa where the Hyatt is, although I don't get out there much. The majority of the action is around the Lisboa and New World Century area of town.

01-21-03, 05:58
[QUOTE]Originally posted by intransit
There are some saunas that specialize in Vietnamese girls. Darling 1 and China City Night Club are not among them.


Is the China City Night Club the same setup as the one in Hong Kong? In other words pricey as hell, but also has a number of things to do .. disco, bar, restaurant, etc. Planning a Hong Kong\Macau trip and want to get some things clarified before I go. I'm a frequent traveler to Japan, Thailand, and Korea. I've been to Hong Kong twice, but for very short periods and mostly did the "tourist" thing. Went to Macau only on my last day, and discovered the Lisboa and this board a bit too late to enjoy what was available. I'm very anxious for a return trip!

01-21-03, 06:06
[QUOTE]Originally posted by intransit
There are some saunas that specialize in Vietnamese girls. Darling 1 and China City Night Club are not among them.


Is the China City Night Club the same setup as the one in Hong Kong? In other words pricey as hell, but also has a number of things to do .. disco, bar, restaurant, etc. Planning a Hong Kong\Macau trip and want to get some things clarified before I go. I'm a frequent traveler to Japan, Thailand, and Korea. I've been to Hong Kong twice, but for very short periods and mostly did the "tourist" thing. Went to Macau only on my last day, and discovered the Lisboa and this board a bit too late to enjoy what was available. I'm very anxious for a return trip!

01-21-03, 10:50
Are there any bars with freelancers working in Macau?
Loactions, price if you can. Thanks


01-23-03, 16:48
I heard the Mandarin night club next to the coffee shop on the lobby is a hot spot to pick up women. Anyone try?

01-23-03, 21:43
Please Help

Is there any parlor open 24 hrs. I will be in Macau between 8 am to 1 pm where is the action and how much does it cost. First time in Macau. Any help will be appreciated.

01-25-03, 18:46

I've never been to the China City Night Club in either place, but I know from reputation and numerous other reports that CCNC in Macau specializes in light-skinned, tall northern Chinese girls. As far as I know it's only sauna and fucking.


Darling 1, in the Casino Jai-Alai building, within walking distance of the ferry pier, is open 24 hours. Be aware that when you visit the selection and quality of girls available will probably be limited. Not sure what daytime rates are, evening rates are $1300 for an hour with a normal girl, $1700 for a "Thai model." They're usually taller, better looking, many have fake tits.

02-10-03, 09:37
Sauna Review - Windsor Sauna

Recently tried the Windsor Sauna. Here are the details. Went to a travel agent at the Shun Tak terminal. Can't remember the shop name - sorry. Note that not all agents sell the packages for all saunas/clubs. Often they specialise in a few - so you may need to ask if they offer packages for Windsor.

Looked at the photo album and was reasonably impressed by what I saw. But as always, the photos can be deceiving so my decision was based on price and other factors. Anyway, bought an approx $900 package. How it works is you pay for your ferry tickets upfront - $135 each way. You can also buy one way if you like. They then give you a ticket identifying you have bought the package - $635. You don't pay the $635 to them, pay that at the sauna reception.

The Windsor is located at the Presidential Hotel in the basement. The hotel is very near the Hotel Fortuna and a very short walk from Lisboa Hotel.

Upon arriving (afternoon) we pay the balance upfront. I was interested to hear that they had a special on a select group of girls for $595. So instead of the $635, we could opt for the $595. The reason given by the manager was they do that for the benefit of the girls. From what I could see, the "special" girls looked just as pretty as the others. I suspect the "special" girls are those that are available - but I can't verify that. Despite this, there were at least 15 girls on the specials list, and another 15 or so not on the list but supposedly available. The girls were mainly mainland Chinese, all looked very nice in the pics - maybe some 7-8. I think there were also a few Ruskies. Did not note the price differentials.

At reception we were given the option of adding $100 for a 45 minute post-bonk massage with a separate massuese. I took the offer.

Interestingly, straight after this you are given a key to one of the rooms in the hotel and you go straight there yourself. So unlike other saunas where you clean and spa/sauna first, this is the reverse. You do the deed first then relax. Quite a nice welcome change.

The hotel cleaning staff with bring in some hot tea - for your upcoming ice-fire BJ.

The hotel rooms (and the building in general) is a bit old but in good repair and everything looked reasonable clean. However, I suspect a small number of rooms are used for the deeds and the linen probably isn't changed all that frequently - but it looked clean anyway.

A few minutes later a knock on the door and its the girl I selected from the photo album at the reception. A nice tall northern Chinese gal - 19 years old and cute as hell. I say a 7. Speaks Mandarin only. I forget her number but.

Shower together - a little off putting was when she slipped on a shower cap in the shower - and I don't mean the condom! Someone ought to tell these girls IT'S NOT SEXY TO WEAR A PHUCKING SHOWER CAP!

Anyway, this girl was a real sex machine. She really loved the sex unlike some of the girls. Got her number too. One interesting point with the setup at the Windsor is since you go directly to the room, you can basically bring whatever you want with you. For those who fancy taking a few phuck pics you can bring your own digicam and snap a few shots if the girls allow it. The the traditional setup where you change first and leave all your stuff in the lockers you cant do this. Anyway, just one of the desires I've yet to fulfil!

Full works in the bed but the "ice" was not the traditional ice - but rather a pellet of Fishermans friend in her mouth. The effect ain't bad, but the real ice is better. All up the session lasted 45 minutes, although I thought it was 60 min.

The girl leaves and then you return to the reception downstairs where you then get a locker and changed. Inside, its the usual stuff, a small change area, very clean, simple sauna/spa area. The staff were all very nice and polite. There is a dry and wet sauna, and a hot and cold spa. There was no one there at the time so it was nice to chat and relax freely with my mate.

The next stage is the resting area. Small cubicles of two or three recliners with cable TV and a horse racing fixture on a computer is presented. Food and drinks are available. The staff are efficient and nice.

Next my mate and I were escorted to our massage session. I had thoughts that maybe we could get a handjob - but alas, there were no single rooms left. My massage girl was a local Macau girl - quite nice looking actually and gave a great traditional massage. My mates girl was 30+, not good looking but gave a great massage. Note sure if you can negotiate extras with the girls but. Rooms were modern and clean with TV and I suspect recently renovated.

In summary, great value - all up around $900 - much less than Darling etc, girls were very nice - but you can only view from photos and you don't get the fishbowl/lineup selection. Highly recommended. Will do again.



02-12-03, 08:12
Anyone been to "Playmates"?. Its in the Hotel Guia. From what I could see by walking past there is a live sex show there. Just wondering what the price is, and what does it include. Furthermore, are there any other services in the hotel?

Dick Johnson
02-12-03, 13:38
cc1, thats a pretty darn good deal.. at 635. I was used to paying 1400 at Fuji. Pretty good report too.

The thing is they only sell the pakage at HK and not Kowloon terminal it seems. Kinda pisses me off cuz Kowloon terminal is quite convenient to Macau.

02-12-03, 20:45
Didn’t partake in any action here, as I had all my fun in Zhuhai, but had some observations and questions that I hope will help others out.

First, the “walk” in Lisboa Hotel, man is it short. Yes you can find girls on both the GF and LF (the bottom 2 floors), but most congregate on the 1st level. Very beautiful indeed, and the WSGers are right, they do not budge on their price (at least none that I tried).

Hopefully the questions are not stupid ones, but here goes: Do you HAVE to have a room in the hotel in order to be with one of the girls? Do any of them have their own rooms you can go to? Can you take them to another hotel? Will they go to whatever hotel you’re staying in? I tried to ask, but my Chinese was just too poor. Thanks for the help.

Finally, while I was there (from Zhuhai on 2 occasions, I spent quite a few hours) hotel security did a little house cleaning. They shoossed (sp?) the girls away. Some sat in the restaurants, but most headed up the lift. If you had walked in a moment later, it would appear as if there was no action in the hotel and all the stories you read on WSG were full of you know what. I mean there was NOTHING. It took over ½ an hour before they began to trickle back.

Just a story to consider for those of you who arrive and at first see absolutely nothing. All the other times, I mean ALL the other times, there was always plenty of action (though I was never there late in the evening).

Man I gotta go back and give it a try. :)


02-12-03, 20:58

I'm sure you don't need to be told, but for the others, the Ferry from the Island is an easy subway ride from Kowloon ( the TST station) to Sheung Wan station(though there is a transfer involved).

If you exit at gate D, you exit right into the Ferry Terminal building.

Plenty of rides available.


02-17-03, 01:52
There is some mention of the Lisboa, the 'stroll' and the girls on the first and second floor of the casino. Let me explain what is going on when it appears the walkers are being cleaned out. The girls who walk in the hall have rooms in the hotel. They are the better choice -- easy to go upstairs and some good GFE experiences.

The girls in the casino have rooms elsewhere -- bad experiences much of the time. When the security people herd the walkers away, they are merely checking to see if they have a room. If you have a room, you can walk.

It is obviously impossible to check the girls in the casino as they blend in -- therefore you know that they are outsiders.

Stick to the strollers and bargain. Most are available for 500. Treat them right and you have a good shot at a GFE.

02-21-03, 11:06
Thanks for the word ChuckPinoy

02-21-03, 14:12
Quite a few saunas have slashed their prices. If you buy a package for Fuji, it is now only$1088 including the ferry tickets. Other saunas are cheaper, some on the level as Windsor as mentioned in the previous post by cc1. Darling 1 is still charging the old fee though.

02-27-03, 08:11

I've never been to Fuji, but for $1088 now might be the time. Can you elaborate on the package details for this price. Or is it on some website where we can get more info?

02-28-03, 04:55

I haven't seen any info about Fuji on the web. The concept is similar to Darling 1. Fuji has less girls than Darling, and not all of them are lookers (in my view). I never had a problem though to find someone I liked. Not all the girls are available for the
package price, for some you have to upgrade by a few hundred bucks. Interestingly enough, when I went there last time, the so-called models from Thailand which are most expensive were the ones who appealed the least to me. And the ones who I like are almost always in the package category. One of the girls told me that the criteria to qualify as a model is to get your picture into a magazine, not the looks as such.

I still think that Darling's facilities and service are unbeaten, but Fuji is almost as good and certainly value for money.

Dick Johnson
02-28-03, 10:55
It's about time the MPs slash their price. 1400 for ST is a bit much.

Also it is 500 for Chinese(and maybe other Asians), foreigners often have to pay 800. And it is often not entirely up to the girls. Because they are not freelancers in the strictest sense of the word. Although they are not employed by the Hotel.

The beauties in the MPs varies. Sometimes the 3-4 beauties of a particular race is taken.

03-01-03, 10:10
Certainly with the current economic climate, a price reducation is the order. Dick - good to hear ur alive! Missing the pussy in Macau? ; )

loafer, 1088 include return ferry tickets or is that walk-in price. I assume these are package prices you bought at the Shun Tak terminal right?

03-01-03, 12:00
Originally posted by ChuckPinoy
There is some mention of the Lisboa, the 'stroll' and the girls on the first and second floor of the casino. Let me explain what is going on when it appears the walkers are being cleaned out. The girls who walk in the hall have rooms in the hotel. They are the better choice -- easy to go upstairs and some good GFE experiences.


Clarify the hall .. the last time I was at the Lisboa was about 2 years ago. Are you talking about the walkway that circles the casino or are you referring literally to the hallways of the hotel? I'm probably going back to Hong Kong shortly, but still deciding. I keep going to Bangkok, and I should start going back to some of the other destinations as well.


03-01-03, 12:07

yes, 1088 including return ferry ticket bought at Shun Tak, about 10 days ago.

Dick Johnson
03-02-03, 00:32
Yeah, I'm still alive cc1. What happened last time when we were supposed to meet and you called me 15 mins after check out time in my hotel in Macau?

Anyways I had a blast :D

03-04-03, 02:24
"The hall" is the B1 level at the Lisboa, the floor BELOW the casino. Although there are some girls that work the slot machine corridor within the casino itself, they are not quality. The quality is on B1, on "the walk."

There are a couple of restaurants on that floor, including a round Japanese restaurant, and at the other end, towards one bank of hotel elevators, is a little coffee shop where some of the girls sit when they're not walking.

You do not need a room at the Lisboa to go with the girls, they all have. This is also a good way to get a threesome going, just tell the girl that she should bring her roommate along.

Has anyone actually had a room at the Lisboa and taken a girl there? Are they willing to do that?

One word about the girls' rooms--sometimes you walk in there and the stench of sex and cigarette smoke is quite strong. Better to go earlier in the evening rather than later.

03-04-03, 02:28
I just called one of the agent at the Shun Tak ferry pier to enquire about the packages they were offering.

You can get a package for HKD2,000 that includes return trip by ferry, a whole night with the girl & a hotel room.

Has anybody tried this type of package ?

What type of hotel room is that: 5 Star ? .... ?

Look forward to your feedback.

03-04-03, 04:06

I have taken girls from "the walk" to my own room in the Lisboa before, no problems at all.

03-05-03, 06:36
intransit's going to head over to Macau tonight for a "shuang fei," a "double fly" or two-girl action, full report to follow. Been a while since I've been there, will grab some quality ramen noodles at a good Japanese restaurant I know, then on to the Lisboa for some fun.

03-05-03, 09:00

I recently had the pleasure of something similar. The difference was we only had the room for an hour and it cost HK$1500 total. An absolutely fantastic time was had by all. I went with some of my coworkers who are based in HK (I'm from the west). We picked up the ferry tickets in some office near the ferry where they have huge catalogs filled with pictures of different girls that are available. When we got there, I didn't realize it before but one of my coworkers is good friends with the Mommy (mamma-san), Anyway, we had tons of girls come in and play the dice/drinking game. The Chinese and Vietnamese were beautiful. I also tried a Russian, but she had such an attitude that I couldn't stand here. Settled on a petite Chinese girl who had probably the best body I've ever seen.

The hotel room was probably 4 star - she gave me a thorough shower, soaping herself up first and then rubbing her body all over mine - incredible! Then to bed where she gave me a thorough fire and ice treatment (including toe-sucking fire-and-ice). The best service I've ever had and I've been with girls all over the world. No question it was worth every penny - it made me never want to return to WanChai again. If I lived in HK, I'd go do this once a month. The only bad part was taking the ferry back afterwards when all I wanted was sleep.


03-06-03, 09:36
Lobo, where did you go on your quick trip to Macau? I'm returning in a few weeks, and although I've been there nearly 20 times, I'm always looking for new options.


Beijing Lover
03-07-03, 06:39
Hi guys

Here's my latest experience in Macau Saunas.
This time I've been in Hou Va Sauna on Rua Ferreira do Amaral.
The place is small and right in front of the construction site of one of the new sports venues, quite near Royal Hotel.
It was my first time there as I never expected to be so good.
Let start with the price: around 500 mop for 75 minutes fs, around 600 mop for 90 minutes and 760 mop for 2 girls 90 minutes.
1 usd = 8 mop = 8 hkd.
I choose 2 girls option.
The brought the girls to choose.
They are all from Vietnam and quite good looking (7/10).
Guys I tell you it was one of the best fucks.
They manage to maintain my hard on for the entire session.
It include shower with two girls, covered blow job, ice and fire and fuck.
Everything times 2.
Great experience considering the price, little less than 100 usd.

enjoy it.

Beijing lover

03-08-03, 07:48
Last time in Macau I did 2 at Darling and 1 at Fuji. The Fuji Vietnamese girl is still in my dreams and as suggested Fuji has very poor sense of pricing. I couldn't tell you which girls were more expensive by my desire.

Darling has some nice Thai girls but you get into some real pros and a lot of fake tits. Even with careful selection, you have a 50% chance. Fuji is more like 80% and a little cheaper.

Having said this, I still think about this tall, thin Chinese girl in the lisboa B1 stroll who absolutely knocked my socks off. Yet I had nothing left for her. Every now and then you find a gem in the Lisboa.

Acer V
03-26-03, 06:07
Thanks for the info on Ho Va Sauna. I will give it a go when next in Macau. I have been down Rua Ferreira do Amaral many times but don't recall seeing this place. Will I have any problems finding it? Can you give me any more guidance?

Keep on reporting fellas!

03-27-03, 11:24

Just trying to think where that place you went to is. Is the entrance just beside the main road, and opposite the main entrance is a small park - where right now there is some construction going on there? If its the place I am thinking of, its kinda small looking from the outside.

Also, are the prices published as in written on the boards? And does it have a sauna/spa setup? The two girl fuck sounds interesting....


03-27-03, 14:57
Hello, I will be in Macau in the 2nd week of April.

Planning to check out either Fortuna or New Emperor KTV, just wondering if any brothers here have visited either.

And oh yeah one more thing, Macau being so near to Hong Kong, how is the SARs (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) situation there?? Is it well under control??

Beijing Lover
03-29-03, 04:39

Regarding Hou Va massage parlour, it's quite easy to find.
Just look for the billboard with a mermaid.
Its quite small, but you will be able to find it.
Follow Rua Ferreira do Amaral in the same direction of the trafic, pass the sports ground which is in front of the Estoril Sauna, and it's just 50 meters ahead right in front of the constrution site.
Yes it is quite small, you can expect to find no more than 10 to 15 girls, but the price is worth it.
There is no sauna ou spa facilities, just plain massage parlour.
The 2 girls fuck is definitley a must in this place.

Regarding SARS, until now no cases have been reported in Macau.
Anyway always avoid crowded places.



03-31-03, 06:13

I know the place your referring to. For AcerV - if you catch a taxi, you can ask to go to "tarp sek cull churng" - the sports ground or the cafe I mention below. Both are just a few minutes walk away.

Sounds like a must try. One more question b4 I commit; when you went, was it day or night time - and weekday or weekend? The reason being, sometimes I find these smaller MP have only a few girls during the day and more at night.

Also, if you walk about another 30 metres following the traffic, there is a great place to eat called "o-jull sin-lai" (phonetic translation) - or "Australia Milk" (literal translation). Go and have a porkchop noodles - delish!


You can get more info on the Fortuna KTV on the www.macau-night-life.com website. I've never been to the KTV, but in the same building (its a hotel actually) there is the Supreme Sauna. I've done a review on that a while back, you might want to look at that.

With all this SARS shit happening in HK, I guess its better to go to Macau.


Acer V
03-31-03, 11:43
I think now I know the place. Does the 2 girl job include any girl on girl action? That would be a bonus! Nothing makes my tongue harder than a bit of lesbian love!

Beijing Lover
04-02-03, 14:01

If you want two girl action you just have to ask.
I'm shure they wouldn't mind to give a little taste of lesbian love.


04-16-03, 18:28
Anyone with some experience at the Royal Sauna care to share their experiences?

Beijing Lover
04-17-03, 04:38

I've been there on late March.
The place is quite new.
The entrance is thru the hotel mail lobby.
Then you can either take de stairs or the lift down to basement.
In the entrance there are two girls (fully clothed) the give the menu.
You can choose from several services ranging from plain body massage to two girl action.
Prices range from 500 to 1800.
The dressing are is quite spacious and a guy will give you a towel and some shorts, after that you have the sauna area with two pools one cold water, the other hot water, several showers and a sauna room.
There is a resting area where you can eat or drink something, have your nail manicured, foot massage, facial...
When you fell you are ready they will bring the girls in the resting room so that you can choose.
You can choose from a range of Chinese, Thai, Caucasian (Russian I think), Korean and Mongolian.
Usually I go with the Mongolian, they really know ho to do it, they are wild and always eager to meet you outside after the shift is over.
Once I tried two girl action, both were Chinese, and it wasn't that special.
Each session is «only» 45m.
So Royal is just like any other Macau Sauna and Massage Parlor.
Enjoy it if you do decide to try it, and give us some feedback.


04-17-03, 05:40
Review of Royal Sauna

Thnks BJlover, ended up giving it a try b4 I saw your report.

Its located on Macau island away from most of the casino action. Nearby are a smattering of other saunas. I don't have the English address, but its just a short walk from the Hou Va sauna - see post below.

Like bjlover said, it has a convenient side entrance away from the lobby (its located in a Hotel - Royal Hotel). As an approximation, the prices were $550 for 90 min with a local gal which you don't get to pick. I was told they were in their late 20s. I've tried such a package b4 and generally found the girls to be awful so I didn't go this route. But it would include massage and fs.

Next up is the $888 package. I tried this one. Whilst I saw some Ruskies, I am not sure if they cost more. In any case, of the three I saw, only one was good. The other two could be regarded as fugly.

It is a small sauna and very crowded. It was doing good business even on a weekday. I suspect most were local triad gangsters. The girls came out in a line up. About 10 in total. I would say the quality averaged a 7/10. I picked 838, 19 year old, an 8 in my book. Service was okay... nice body licking all over, but wanted to do the BJ covered. Then it was a little rushed and when it was all over she immediately proceeded to the shower despite at least 15 minutes left.

There was another package $1000+ but can't remember what it was.

With all the prices, you need to add 15% tax. So my package cost $1022.

Surroundings were nice and clean, but not as good as the Supreme Sauna. The rooms the same, but the shower is a standup job rather than a tub.

In summary, not bad, but so far in my experience, the Windsor Sauna is best value for money.



04-17-03, 05:54
Review of Hou Va Sauna

Yes I've been a little busy sampling the delights of Macau lately.

Followed the suggestion of bjlover to the Hou Va Sauna. I've copied the English address from his post again - 'Rua Ferreira do Amaral'.

Anyway, if you need clearer directions, just ask.

Pricing was a little different to what bjlover got. There was a $550 single girl all-you-can-fuck rate for 75 min and a $760 two girl all-you-can-fuck rate for 90 min but there was no $600 package. Still, these are excellent rates.

Anyway, the place is really dingy in my opinion - acceptable at best. The opening hours are 2pm - 3am. Its not a sauna... just MP - ie. there is no sauna, spa or the dining area with food and drinks.

Inside, is a two seat waiting area and the girls come out in a line up. All Vietnamese. In my opinion 4-6/10 in looks.

I decided on the two girl session. There are two types of rooms. If you don't ask they give you a standard massage room - read small. This is located inside the premise. I thought it was too small for a 3 person fuck sesh, so asked for a bigger room. He took me and the girls outside and next door and upstairs. This is a residential building - the groundfloor entrance is just 5 metres away. Inside is about 3 separate rooms with a shower, toilet and double bed. Wasn't great but better than option 1.

Anyway, of the two girls I picked one spoke Cantonese well. So I kind of spent more time focusing and chatting with her than the other girl. The other girl kind of felt left out. I guess its something you need to look out for if you really want to get everyone involved.

Anyway, they worked well as a team, lots of ice but no fire.

All up, if your interested in two girl fucks, this is probably as cheap as you'll get. But for me, I think I prefer one on one and better surroundings.



04-17-03, 06:01
Next on my list is the China Hotel Sauna. I've heard walk in price is around $1100 but you get your own private room with spa for two hours, and a girl for 60 minutes. Food and drinks etc, are all catered for in your own private suite with a waiter. Kind of different to the traditional sauna setup. Anyway, this is all hearsay, I haven't tried it, so anyone with experience on it, please let us know.


04-24-03, 12:18
Anyone care to share their experiences at the Palm Springs Sauna?

Beijing Lover
04-24-03, 12:45
No experience whatsoever.
Never try it before.


04-24-03, 15:08
Thanks BJlover... I managed to find a few $100 dollar off vouchers for this place... they were placed on the windscreen of cars parked in the street with a little flyer... I'll let you know if I try it...


Acer V
04-26-03, 04:23
Good reports. I zipped over to sample Hou Va launa last week. I was too early for their opening hours so I had to go back to the old standby, Windsor Sauna. I lucked out with an absolutely stunning 19 yr old mainland girl. She possessed one of the sexiest bodies I have set eyes on in years. Either that or I'm just getting old and they're looking better and better as the years pass me by.

I tend to agree with your comments about the Windsor Sauna. Its good value for money. I have had many delightful girls from Windsor.

04-30-03, 09:35
I've been to Palm Sauna once when the sauna was newly opened, i.e. one year or more ago. Not a good experience.

Usually the manager approaches the guest within 10 min after he enters the waiting room. I waited 30 min. The manager kept talking to another guest. A VIP I think.
The decoration is good inside the sauna. But I was brought to the hotel room where the action took place. The hotel is 10 years old star and the room is not so nice.
Although the menu said there were Thai/Vietnamese, there was none because it was newly opened. Mainland girl is the only choice. And the girls won't come to the waiting room. There is no photo album. So the manager pick the girl for me.

The girl is 6/10. But she didn't know what to do. I mean the procedure. She should kiss here and there, and then ice & fire, etc... Instead, she just waited for me to take action.

I've also been to China Hotel Sauna once when it was newly opened.

I was brought to a small room where I was presented the photo album. I chose special package (180 min for MOP2300). Sorry I am not very sure about the price.
I was brought to the hotel room where the action took place. It's a new hotel. Everything is OK there. But I didn't go into the sauna, so I don't know how it is inside the sauna. If the guest wants Shanghai type massage (i.e. massage only), he'll be brought inside the sauna.

The girl tried to cheat me by saying it was only 135min (45min x 3). I called the sauna and I was told it should be 180min (60min x 3).
I had 2 shots. In the small room (when I first enter the sauna), I was told that the price include 2 shots only. If the guest wants 3rd shot, he shall negotiate with the girl.

I also learnt a lesson there. BRING your OWN condom. The one she used was torn during the action.

Crazy Guide
05-02-03, 14:28
Y'all need to go to the sauna at the Grand View hotel on Taipa island. There the price for an all nighter, including room charge is around MOP1600 ( my friend paid, so I am not exactly sure). They have about 10 mainland girls to choose from. The girls will be paraded infront of you and you get to pick your fancy.

The place is nice and clean and the rooms are fairly nicely decorated, I had the one girl who was not very experienced but great attitude. For MOP1600m, it was not a bad experience.


05-02-03, 18:06
Carygrant, is that 1600 for all night including the girl staying with you all night? Or you get the room all night, but only ST with the girl?

05-05-03, 07:59
--- Review of Palm Springs Sauna ---

Finally managed to drum up enough 'courage' to try out the Palms Springs sauna. I had seen adverts for it before and thought it would be a nice upmarket sauna. Anyway, I managed to get a hold of a couple $100 off vouchers so I decided now was the time.

I don't have the exact address but it is located reasonably close to the ferry terminal. Its behind the Jai Alai (Darling 1) sauna building - maybe just a 5 minute walk from there, or about 10 min from the ferry terminal. If you see the Caltex service station its opposite that. At the ground level, you should see some signs and a guy promoting the nightclub and sauna in the building.

The building is also a hotel, and you catch the lift to the 3rd floor.

Upon entering it is the standard affair. Locker room, get changed, given a tag and off to the showers. Everything looked clean although a little 'old fashioned' (old?) but no complaints. The spa was just a warm one - no cold dip. Decoration OK. Off to the waiting area I go.

Whilst it is a 24 hour operation, at 4pm in the afternoon there was only a handleful of 'johns'. But what was worse was that there was only 3 mainland girls and 6 Vietnamese girls to choose from - that was it! None of the Viet girls were acceptable to me - 5's and the best of the Chinese girls was a 7 - but not my style. The waiter there was a moron. And the manager whilst being very nice and polite didn't come over until I complained about the lack of girls.

Anyway, packages are:
o $398 - Shanghai style - 100 min
o $598 - Macau girl - 60 min
o $780 - Viet girl - 60 min
o $880 - China girl - 60 min
o $1180 - Russian - but none available when I was there.

Was really dissppointed with the lack of selection and so were some of the other patrons. The manager said that at 5pm the girls start coming to work. So I chose the $880 package which included a free 50 min Shanghai rub (no HJ included) to fill in the time until the girls started coming at 5 or so.

After the rub back in the lounge and asked to see the girls again. By now there was maybe 7-8 China girls. Again the selection averaged maybe 7. I chose 838 - an 8 in my book.

Anyway, escorted to my room (actually hotel room) its an absolute maze to get around in there. Room was standard 3-4 star hotel room. The girl was absolute dynamite. She really loved her sex. Maybe because I was her first for the evening had something to do with it. 60 min session, lots of foreplay - this girl is aggressive! Covered BJ - damn! BJ was too short. The ice fire well - the fire had been put out - the tea had gone cold! Apart from that the sex was good. She was in no rush to leave after the deed - bit more GFE in the bed and back into the showers.

All up... the girl selection was limited, nice and quiet if thats your thing, price average, surroundings and deco - okay. But do go late in the evening or you will be dissappointed with the lack of girls.

Keep em coming gents!


Crazy Guide
05-10-03, 04:41
Originally posted by lucky888
Carygrant, is that 1600 for all night including the girl staying with you all night? Or you get the room all night, but only ST with the girl?

The girls stayed with you for 5-6 hours and you get 2 shots during that time. Some girls will leave you after you are done but the nicer ones will stay with you longer.

05-25-03, 16:18
Hi there.

I'm looking forward to meeting any of you guys who plan to headover from HK. Hopefully with the SARS situation improving, some of you might be interested. Anyway, it is no fun going alone.

Btw, wonder if anyone of you have tried Darling2? Know how many PRC girls they got and the price? I normally frequent the Royal Sauna.



05-26-03, 15:19

Any one with info on the sauna in the Emporer Hotel.. I don't know its exact name but a friend on mine has just tried it and he reckons he paid $12xx for two people. Even he was surprised because it thought the rate was about $1300 per person! But he did go at about 3am in the morning. According to my friend, the girls quality and selection was excellent, so was the food, and the surroundings too.. apparently the girls come out in a line up whilst you are in the spa! Anyone confirm or deny this... or did my friend just get lucky.

If its $600 that sounds like a good deal.


Acer V
05-27-03, 05:31
Can confirm that girls come out in a lineup while you are in the spa and the choice was excellent. I visited 1 year ago. The price then was $800 for one. Maybe the price has come down. Competition is quite intense these days!

05-27-03, 08:15
The sauna in the Emperor Hotel is one of the best. Clean , food is great and good service.

Just got back to HK and will be spending the weekend in Macua. Special offer from Manderian - 2 nights for the price of one.

So plan to hang around - hit the Sauna - then Club De Macau - sleep all day Saturday and start again.

Anyone wanna join the fun....

Beijing Lover
05-27-03, 13:41

There are several saunas that do the line up in the spa area.
Royal in the hotel with the same name is one of them.
Ruf, this weekend is impossible to come along since I'll be busy working.
Maybe next time.


PS: Emperor is one of the best saunas in Macau.

05-27-03, 13:44
Originally posted by ruf66
The sauna in the Emperor Hotel is one of the best. Clean , food is great and good service.

Just got back to HK and will be spending the weekend in Macua. Special offer from Manderian - 2 nights for the price of one.

So plan to hang around - hit the Sauna - then Club De Macau - sleep all day Saturday and start again.

Anyone wanna join the fun.... I'm available, have not tried the places you mentioned.

Please e-mail me at guywithaball@yahoo.com



05-27-03, 18:21

Well this thread is now alive and kickin'! Keep it up!

As for sauna at the Emporer Hotel. Looks like this is the next one on my hit list. Anyone with recent experience care to share? Also anyone provide me with the directions?

As for the Royal Sauna (see my earlier review) the girls didn't do the line up in the spa.

Would love to join you - and one day I will, but my schedule just doesn't allow it. As for the Club de Macau, do you mind giving us a sauna review? It's also on my hit list. Enjoy your weekend!


05-28-03, 03:55
Hi Gents,

Well we never seem to get the timing right. I will be in HK for another 5 weeks and then the joys of unemployment - well I need the rest after the past 8 years of bouncing around the world. So a bit of quality time with my family and my garden.

I was at the Emporor suana last month and took a Chinese girl. Nice body - great service - apart from the fact that after the job was done she started to clear her throat - which was quite sickening to hear. I normally have the russian girls there - I have a thing for the old russians but they are a bit of a hit and miss affair.

As to Club De Macau - I am kinda lucky - as the Guy I normally hang out with knows the manager - so we get damn good service and the best choice of girls. Of course I picked up a Russian the last time I was there and she was pretty nice - almost a GFE experience - but as said can be a bit of a hit and miss. If it is a miss - well I normally get rid of them and hit the Bar in the Manderan - lots of free lancers down there and have been lucky a couple of times.

Well enough of my babbling - lets get together before I head off home, as this will probably my last time in this area for a long while.

Keep rocking

06-17-03, 20:14
Are there any East Indian girls available anywhere in Macau for P4P? Would appreciate any info. Thanks.

06-18-03, 08:10
I have never seen any Indian girls in this industry in Macau.

Any news to report gents?

06-18-03, 18:05
Thanks cc1. Regarding Hou Va Sauna, it is pretty far away from Hotel Lisboa or Fortuna Hotel. How do you tell the taxis driver where to go? Will they know the address in English? I am a Chinese American, I speak Chinese. I wish I can get the address in Chinese. At any rate, the rate for two girls is fantastic. I want to try that for sure and I love Vietnamese girls.

06-19-03, 02:37

If you know Cantonese, then you can pronounce it like the word for "oyster" and then "wa" as in a expression for "surprise" in Cantonese.

But easier still, since you may not want to tell the taxi man directly you are looking for pussy, just say - phonetically - "tarp sek cull cheung" - this is the big soccer pitch/basketball courts. Very near that you will see the Hou Va. "Cull Cheung" meaning stadium. The quality of the girls is so so but. It should cost maybe HKD$20 taxi ride from Lisboa.

Do give us an update!


Beijing Lover
06-19-03, 09:48

Definitely no Indian girls on the trade in Macau, nor Pakistani or Bangladeshi.
But you can find almost every other nationality: from Russian to South Americans, from Chinese to Mongolian, from Viet to Thai, from Korean to Japanese.
You just have to choose.

Regarding Hou Va Sauna.
If you have any difficulty getting there just let me know on my email.
I'm a local and regular customer.


06-19-03, 18:03
Thanks beijinglover and cc1.

Now I am sure I can find Hou Va Sauna with no problem. I like Macau for pussies very much. Nice hotels and girls are available everywhere. Hotel Lisboa is amazing! It is like a little city all by itself. Foods, money changers, casinos and above all, girls.

Last time I was there was end of February. Right off the plane, I immediately got on the express train to HK station ($100) nice and fast, highly recommended. Went over to the HK-Macau harbor, walked in an agency where I booked a room for Hotel Lisboa for $650 a night. But they wanted to charge me a fee for using a credit card, fortunately I had enough HK dollars with me so I paid cash. Free shutttle to the hotel when you get there.

Checked in the hotel, showered and changed into some fresh clothes and went down for some action. Had to exchange for some money first tho'. The rate is OK but you should get better rate if you go over to this one place right across Fortuna Hotel, $7.6 Hk for $1 US as I recall, very good.

Entered the walk, I was immediately chased by many cuties and of course whistled at. I picked a Schizuan girl, 19 yrs old, nice but refused to give BBBJ. Paid her $600 including tips after the deed.

Rested for about an hour in my room and ready to go down again for another pussy. Again, mobbed by lots of girls again. Picked another cuties and she turned out to be a Schizuan girl too. Brought her to my room, showered together and got down to business. After some intense fucking, she was saying something which I didn't quite understanding and she was on her cell phone calling another girl to come up to the room. Sure enough, another girl showed up in no time. She was tall and skinny not very pretty either. After she was in the room, the 1st girl told her to go have a shower with me. We did and went to the bed. I was in the middle with two girls sucking my nipples. Nice!! fucked the 2nd girl doggie while the 1st girl was pushing ass helping me to thrust hard into this 2nd girl. Man, I was in heaven.

Gave $600 to each of them and they left happy. I wanted the 1st girl to stay with me all night, but she said she wouldn't be able handle me anymore, because she was hurting inside after all the hard fucking.

Another FR will follow for another encounter in the morning about 8:30 a.m.

06-26-03, 05:16

Just returned from a quick trip to Macau, and let me tell you that the enthusiasm shown for the Hou Va massage parlor is no exaggeration. This place is GREAT!

I tried the 2 girl session for MOP$760. Got 2 real cuties - a 20 year old Vietnamese and a 19 year old Cambodian (perhaps half-Vietnamese). Got one of the bigger rooms next door, but it was still a little small - the bed especially.

Started off with a shower with both of them. Then onto the bed where I received a very relaxing body massage from the Cambodian girl, while the Vietnamese rubbed her hands on my body. The girls particularly seemed to enjoy the fact that my body was quite a bit longer than the bed, but they did there best to see that I was comfortable.

Next, was a fantastic ice-fire BBBJ from both of them! One did the ice, while the other did the fire! An absolutely incredible experience.

After the blow job, which seemed to go on forever, we got down to business with some good fucking.

During the session, both girls were speaking Vietnamese with each other and they just about died when I spoke a couple of words in Vietnamese. I used to work with a Vietnamese gal who taught me a few words and phrases. I had almost forgotten it until hearing the 2 sweeties in the room chatting among themselves. Anyway, it made for a VERY fun encounter. They were extremely playful and worked quite well together.

Definitely a must try and I'm sure if I had been in Macau longer, it's a place I would have gone back to everyday. The price is definitely right and the 2 girls I got were utterly delightful. Highly recommended!

Pacific Blue

Open to Explore
06-26-03, 06:27
Latest Trip to Macau Details.

1. Chinese SG behind Holiday Inn - asking price 500 negotiable down to 300 FS. Russians also around but cost i am sure much more expensive.

2. Chinese SG at Rua da Felicidade near the junction with Rua de Cinco de Outubro. Cost 200 quality worse than 1.

3. Sauna/massage also available at location no.2 - It is called the Hong Thai Sauna - Cost 398 (Hj), 598 (BJ) , 888 (FS) , note FS performed by Chinese girl not Macau other services by macau girl. No Thai Girls here !!.

4. Lisboa- still active but quality not so good - cost around 400.

Overall impression - Macau not the same as before - quantity and quality is slipping , in my opinion , better stick to DongGuan/Zhu Hai.

06-26-03, 16:45
Hi beijinglover, where do you find the Mongolian girls? MP, SW?

Are there any actions at Hotel Central or East Asia Hotel now?

Beijing Lover
06-30-03, 03:00

Mongolian girls are almost everywhere these days.

They can be found only MP.

But you can look for them also on the Embassy bar and DD disco after they finish their shifts.

I used to be a regular thai and viet man, but I'm definetly moving to the mongolian scene.

Plus, it's quite easy to find a girl willing to date you as a regular girlfriend.


07-02-03, 10:47

When you say that the Mongolian girls are usually found in MPs are you referring to the places like at the East Asia and Central hotels?

Also, I must admit, I've heard lots about the Mongolian girls but don't know what their distinguishing features are as compared to the mainland girls. Do they look more Caucasian?


07-02-03, 16:36

Would appreciate your giving few names of those MPs which have Mongolian girls.

I am planning a trip for Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Dongguan and for sure Macau in October. I definitely will try Hou Va Sauna for the Vietnamese cuties.

Fucking Mongolian girls will be my first, but I can't wait to have my first taste of those pussies.

07-03-03, 02:44
cc1 & Wantoknow - - -

A few Mongolian girls were working at the Hou Va massage parlor while I was there last week.

Approximately 12 girls in the line up if memory serves. 3 were Mongolian, 1 Russian, and the balance were Vietnamese.

Pacific Blue

Beijing Lover
07-03-03, 08:59
Wantoknow and CC1

Here's a list of places that usually have mongolian girls.


It might happend that some of these may not have mongolian girls.
Usally there are only two or three in each place.



Acer V
07-04-03, 04:43
I've never "ventured into Mongolia". Please share with us the attraction. What is it? service, looks, special skills? I am just curious. I will likely try when the opportunity next presents itself.


07-04-03, 20:46
Originally posted by Acer_V
I've never "ventured into Mongolia". Please share with us the attraction. What is it? service, looks, special skills? I am just curious. I will likely try when the opportunity next presents itself.


And while you're at it, BJ Lover, what are the distinguishing traits of a Mongolian girl?

many thanks, as I too, like Ace, am eager to try one.

07-05-03, 15:12
Hi guys,

Do you know of any sauna which has Filipina or Indonesian girls, it does not matter about the quality.

I will be visiting Macau very soon, would appreciate some help.

Thanks alot!

Originally posted by BeijingLover
Wantoknow and CC1

Here's a list of places that usually have mongolian girls.


It might happend that some of these may not have mongolian girls.
Usally there are only two or three in each place.



07-06-03, 08:20
--- Sauna Hot Tip(?) ---

OK, here is a hot tip I got from a local taxi driver, but as yet it has NOT been confirmed. But I'll throw it out there just in case any of you mongers out there can confirm it.

Apparently, the best value sauna in town is called "hot spot" or "heat spot" - literally translated in Cantonese. Or "yeet dim" phonetically translated. It is in "Hac Sa Wan" - "Black Sand Area". I didn't ask what the name was in English. I'll post the contact details and English name in due course.

The deals are $780 for two hours (yes two!), and all you can bonk within the time limit. It is a genuine sauna, meaning it has the spa and all. You get to see the girls in the flesh - as opposed to from a photo album. According to Mr Taximan the girls are up to standard.

The area where it is located is not a popular tourist area, so I suppose it targets the local clientele - hence the better rates. If it is the real deal, then it and Hou Va would have to be the two best happy meal deals in town.

I'll do my best to find it and give all a fuck report, but in the mean time, can any mongers out there shed some light on this one? Beijinglover - can you confirm if this rumour is true?


07-07-03, 02:37
--- Hot Spot Sauna Review ---

I couldn't wait for any responses to my previous post so took the plunge and caught a taxi there.

The actual English name is "Hot Spot Sauna" and it is located very close to the Gongbei border between Macau and China. I have the address on the business card I took but not onhand now. If you speak Cantonese, simply tell the taxi man, 'yeet dim sauna' and he'll know. Apparently, the taxi drivers go there too! If your an English only speaker, let me know if you need the address.

The area is in a relatively unsafer district, but I felt reasonably safe and comfortable upon arriving by taxi. You will see the infamous girly pic's and usually a tout at the entrance. When I was there in the late afternoon, there was no tout. Catch the lift to the second floor.

Layout wise, its a combination of both karaoke nightclub and massage parlour. Unlike the name suggests, its not a sauna either. Bit like the Tin Vong setup - only larger (see my earlier reviews).

The girls selection was maybe eight to choose from, but I suspect they would have many more later in the evening. All that were available were Vietnamese, but apparently, some Chinese too which I didn't see. But alas, no Mongolian girls - which seem to have caught the attention of many of us. The manager says they have bigger stature and are not the preferred type.

Anyway, the deal for ME was $800 got 90 minutes with one girl all you can fuck. After the deed, when I got chatting with the manager telling him I'm a regular Macau punter, he said he could do it for $700 plus give me a full 2 hours plus pick me up and drop me off wherever, and have a drink and snacks. That's more like it.

They also have a 1 hour deal but its only $100 less than the above.

Girl quality wise was OK... from my two encounters with Viet girls at Tin Vong and Hou Va, they were about the same level, maybe slightly better than Hou Va.

The girl I got was 20, from Saigon, speaks a little Mandarin and Cantonese, gorgeous skin, really really smooth and tanned, and a very delectable pussy - tight, shaved and wet. Anyway, she was the MOST TECHNICALLY UNSKILLED fuck I have ever had! She looked nice, and was enthusiastic, but her skills were awful. The ice fire was all ice. The BBBJ included TEETH... and when it came time to putting on the condom when cut my willy with her nails - followed by a second nick some time later!

Anyway, she is an ex-Darling 1 girl! I suspect the rejects leave Darling.

Anyway, the rooms are very large, with big bath. You get the royal bath treatment which is a bonus. The bath body massage etc. Big bed. Lots of rooms.

Like I said earlier its also a nightclub/karaoke place if thats your fancy. I assume you can pop in there for a snack and drink all inclusive of your package price.

Anyway, I got to know the manager, and he kindly offered to drive me to the ferry terminal as I had prebooked a ticket. He seemed nice. I am keen to give it another go. Its got better surroundings than Hou Va, bigger beds, tub and rooms and slightly cheaper ($700 for 2 hours). But you get one girl as opposed to the 2 girls you get for 90 min at Hou Va.


Beijing Lover
07-07-03, 05:48
Regarding Mongolian girls

Everybody seems to have gained some interest on Mongolian girls.
They have been a regular feature in Macau for the last year and a half.
I first get acquainted with these girls in 1999 in Beijing.
A very good friend of mine took me to Maggies, a place packed with Mongolians.
Ever since I’ve had a crush on them.
Now that they can be found in Macau it’s much easier for me, and I’ve definitely moved away from the Thai and Viet scene.
So what’s up with the Mongolian?
They are the perfect mix of east and west.
Wild and sweet, gorgeous bodies, perfect tits, tall, carefully manicure hands and feet, small tattoos as opposed to larger ones from SE Asia girls, and above all great fucks.
Most of them are between 18 and 23 years old, a
Most of them are willing to meet you on a regular basis outside the saunas premises and even to become your regular girlfriend once their contract is over.
I’ve had 2 Mongolian girlfriends in the past 18 months.
Both of them accepted the fact that I’m married and never called my mobile phone outside office hours.
One of them as even crossed paths with my wife and me on the street without even looking straight at me.
As you fellow mongers know, this would be totally impossible with any other kind of working girls.
Plus they don’ keep on asking for money, in fact, they prefer small gifts like a perfume or some clothes.


Need more details on this Hot Spot Sauna, since I realy don't know where it is.


Beijing Lover
07-10-03, 11:01

I've found Hot Spot Sauna.

Its locates in Rua Quatro do Bairro Iao Hon, which is basicly 4th street on Iao Hon.

I'll go there tonight, and after post a report.


07-10-03, 11:24
BJlover... ask for Ben the manager. His mobile is 6603930. Tell him the guy he drove to the ferry terminal on Sunday night recommended you. That way he will give you the discount rate of $700 for 2 hours all u can fuck, instead of $800. I sure hope you don't pick my girl - totally dead fuck!

I'm looking forward to your FR.


Beijing Lover
07-11-03, 06:14
Report on Hot Spot

As promised, yesterday night I went to Hot Spot Sauna on the northern district of town.
Since I’m a local it was easy to find.
I think it’s not that easy for those not so familiar with Macau.
Anyway, I went last night, got in the elevator and pressed 2nd floor.
As soon as the door open I saw the fishbowl with around 15 to 20 girls.
All the girls were Vietnamese with looks around 6 to 8. Not that bad.
I guy came up and invited me to choose the girl of my preference.
He told me to take my time, as he clearly noticed I wasn’t in a hurry.
I made my pick and was told to pay 788 mop for a 90 minute session, which seemed ok for me.
We (me and the girl) went to the room.
It was quite spacious, with a large bed and large tub.
The girl went to the tub and turns the water on while I watch some TV.
After she got me naked and gave me a massage before going to the bathtub.
The bath was normal with the usual body massage followed by a superb BBBJ, ass and toe licking, ending with a CYM.
It felt great since the girl wasn’t worried about getting the hair wet.
Next we went to bed where she gave me another massage followed by another BBBJ, but this time she stop just before I was about to cum.
She put a condom on and I fucked her as hard as I could.
So 90 minutes, all the sex I could do for 788 mop.
Not bad.
I would definitely recommend the place.


I missed your update so couldn’t get the discount anyway it was ok.

07-11-03, 07:18
I tend to think that Hotspot place ain't bad. I might give it another try soon. Did you ask about getting a drink and snack in the karaoke section? I assume you can do the deed and come back out to relax in the lounge before leaving - all inclusive of the sex cost. I'll have to give Ben the manager a call next time. Sounds like your girl was well trained. I have heard that the Viet girls do provide excellent service. I guess I just lucked out. Oh btw, the girl I had... had me in uncovered! Shit, I need to clear my head before doing it next time. Maybe we can hook up next time.


Beijing Lover
07-11-03, 08:28

I didn't ask about having a snack or drink.
Next time you come around please email me.
You can find my email in previous postings.


07-11-03, 16:34
cc1 and beijinglover, thanks for the great FR on Hot Spot Sauna. Damn, I can't wait to try these places out!! Early October for sure.
Keep those FRs coming. Thanks.

07-13-03, 07:14
After reading the favorable report on Hot Spot Sauna. . I think I am going to beat Wantoknow to this. I am planning on a trip to HKG in August, thinking I may just do a day trip to check out this Hot Spot place.

BeijingLover & CC1 - If I would leave from HK and do a day trip to Hot Spot Sauna. How much time should I allocate.
Is 4 to 5 hours sufficient.

How much will the transportation cost these days, the ferry and taxi (Macau side)?


07-14-03, 16:02
Hi will b making a trip to Macau either 1st or 2nd week August, previous trip aborted due to SARs fears so now i have saved up my spunk for months and waiting to unload with a vengence.

Most probably heading down to Fortuna KTV which my friend is familiar with but need recommendations on SPAs. I read up a number of posts here and it seems most have large numbers of Vietnamese gals. I am more into Chinese or Mongolian gals.

WHich is the best spa to go for a threesome??

will post report here after trip


07-14-03, 16:39
mpfslover, ok my friend, but don't forget to do a FR. I would at least stay a few days in Macau if I were you. A day trip is not enough to enjoy all the fine pussies Macau has to offer, believe me. Happy hunting.

07-15-03, 03:29
OK lads. Several of you are planning trips this way. In terms of how long to stay - its a case of how much money do you want to burn! If your spending time at NC and sauna's you can easily blow HKD$1500 per night.

If your on a holiday of sorts, come on a weekday, get better rates at the hotels and avoid the rush. I suggest you make it a holistic trip and plan for a day or two of siteseeing and visiting some of the fabulous restaurants.

In terms of saunas, if you go back through the achives, maybe up to two years or more back, I have detailed reports on quite a few saunas. But in short, Supreme Sauna was a nice one - mid-upper price range, very large, clean, good selection of girls. Windsor sauna, excellent value for money sauna. Both have Chinese girls. Darling ofcourse is a high end sauna - but I've yet to try.

As for threesome, try Hou Va - but Viet girls only. I did it once at Supreme Sauna...Chinese girls, wasn't great - approx $1700.

Frankly speaking, if your new to the scene and Macau, I do NOT recommend Hot Spot. Its just too out of the way, and doesn't give you the entire experience. Like in a traditional sauna setup, you will relax, eat, drink, smoke, check out the girls, fuck, then relax, eat... This would be my recommendation for a first timer to Macau. However, if your into drinking and shit, the NCs may be more your scene. Maybe do Hot Spot on your second night in town. But be a little careful there. The district is not as safe as your normal tourist areas. Maybe go in the afternoon during daylight hours. Just my POV.

MPFSlover... Hotspot have package deals at the HK/Macau terminal. But you will have to ask around since not all of the joints will have offer the packages. Why not buy a package deal to the Windsor sauna... and then just visit the Hotspot? As for time, if your going to get 2 hours of fucking done at Hotspot, then you will need half a day. Takes 1 hours each way by ferry.

Beijing Lover
07-15-03, 12:46

I totally disagree with you regarding security in the Hot Spot Sauna district.
In fact it’s not a tourist area, but it doesn’t mean it is dangerous.
In fact, tourists should take extra care in tourist spots since pickpocket crooks are more active in those areas.
The Hot Spot Sauna district is a middle class neighborhood in the northern tip of the Macau peninsula.
Its inhabitants are industrial workers and I can guarantee that they would never mess with a tourist.


07-16-03, 06:27
Great. Thanks for the tips.

How far north is Hotspot from the Macau ferry terminal? Is it a 30 minute taxi ride?


Beijing Lover
07-16-03, 14:50

More like a 10-minute taxi ride.
You can also take the bus number 12 (door to door) it takes around 30 minutes.


07-19-03, 04:10
If I have my saunas right the hot spot use to be the G spot, names change, I was there about 6 months ago and at that time the fish bowl had been taken out, I guess that did not go over well so they put it back in. The price is about the same as when I visited. I don't know the manager but mama Joy will make sure you are treated right, their phone number is 312121 so if you have problems getting there have the hotel you are staying in call and get the address for you. I am not sure if they have take out service now but they did when I was there last, the cost was 200.00HK to take the girl back with you for the night. Hope this information helps.

07-30-03, 01:40
Hi CC1,

Can you recommand some good restaurant in Macau, I always have hard time finding good eats.

I did get some good food at Windsor Sauna tho.

Anyone been to Windsor Sauna lately? Hows their service/girls nowadays.. This SARS thing have kept me back at home, so have not been there for 6 month. Wonder if Windsor still have good looking Russians..


07-30-03, 04:37
Originally posted by cc1024
Hi CC1,

Can you recommand some good restaurant in Macau, I always have hard time finding good eats.

I did get some good food at Windsor Sauna tho.

Anyone been to Windsor Sauna lately? Hows their service/girls nowadays.. This SARS thing have kept me back at home, so have not been there for 6 month. Wonder if Windsor still have good looking Russians..


I haven't been to Windsor lately. For some reason, I am enjoying the HK Mongkok scene. I guess the "thrill" is in the treasure hunt - if you know what I mean.

As for restaurants there are plenty and it depends on your preference. Some places I recommend:

1. Porto del Sol - I am not sure if this is the exact name so use a little imagination. It is located in the Hotel Lisboa - fourth floor(?). Little pricey, but I highly recommend for yum cha - dinner have not tried. I would say this is one of the best yum cha places I have ever been to. I think maybe MOP$100+ per head. But book ahead on weekends. The name may suggest otherwise but it is a traditional Chinese restaurant with very nice service, surroundings and food.

2. Oh Manuel. Again name is pronounced this way but the written form may be slightly different. Traditional Portuguese food in Taipa. Small place. I can't give you the address, but it is near the Malaysian restaurant (on the corner) - and I believe there is only one(?) in Taipa so its just a few shops down from that. If memory serves me correctly, the "Miss Macau Restaurant" is also a few shops from Oh Manuel.

3. Madeira. Located in Macau Tower. Excellent Portuguese/Western cuisine. Try the oysters. I have heard the lamb chops are great too. Good price.. maybe $200 per head approx.. but very nice food, music and surroundings.

4. Opposite Madeira is a Shanghai cuisine shop. Don't recall the name. Excellent northern cuisine. "Darm Darm Mein" is nice too. Good value - even though it looks pricey. Approx $150 per head - maybe even less. After 9:30pm they have an all you can eat "steam boat" session for I think $78. Excellent quality food - clean and fresh. Much better than "dai pai dong" or other restaurants I think.

Do NOT go to Star East in the Macau Tower. Absolute rubbish.

Have fun mongering in Macau, but do take the time to explore the beauty and cuisine in Macau.


07-30-03, 04:39
Originally posted by Flying
If I have my saunas right the hot spot use to be the G spot, names change, I was there about 6 months ago and at that time the fish bowl had been taken out, I guess that did not go over well so they put it back in. The price is about the same as when I visited. I don't know the manager but mama Joy will make sure you are treated right, their phone number is 312121 so if you have problems getting there have the hotel you are staying in call and get the address for you. I am not sure if they have take out service now but they did when I was there last, the cost was 200.00HK to take the girl back with you for the night. Hope this information helps.


Are you saying an additional $200 was needed for take out? So how much would it cost for a night of nookie all up then? I wasn't aware they had a all nite package.


08-03-03, 08:24
Guys, thanks for all the reports. It took me a good 10 hours, but I finally carefully went through all the postings and archives.

I believe I have a right idea of what to go for the exiting part of the trip. But I have a quick question about the hotel booking part.

I am not from HongKong. I am going to fly into macau from Canada. So, can someone help me to find a hotel? I don't want to pay > $100 USD per day for hotel, and I don't want to live in hostle either.

Currently, I have my eyes on the New Emporer, Sintra, and Holliday Inn. From the review, it sounds like the New Emporer has a really good sauna, and the Sintra has a decent sauna as well. But Holiday Inn seems to have SW walking around the hotel.

Expedia actually has $65 USD/night fair for both Holiday Inn and Sintra. Is this a good deal? I am going to be there between 8/19-8/24. Should I book the hotel through Expedia ahead of time or should I book the hotel after I arrive?

Which hotel would you stay?

Thanks in advance for any information you guys can provide. I promise I will give a detailed feedback when I get back.

Crazy Guide
08-05-03, 04:06
Originally posted by Traveller2
I am not from HongKong. I am going to fly into macau from Canada. So, can someone help me to find a hotel? I don't want to pay > $100 USD per day for hotel, and I don't want to live in hostle either.

Call the Sauna at the Hotel Grandview in Taipa and ask for Jimmy, he can get your a room, a regular room, upstairs in the hotel for about US$40. It is a 4 star hotle. Not bad. This is becasue the sauna has a special deal with the hotel. Of course, they would expect you to spend like US$50 at the sauna, but it is worth it as well, the services are good there. So if you stay for 3 nights, then you are paying US$170 total and get a very nice 2 hour massage sauna to boot. I don't know the number but you can call the HOtel Grandview for the Emperor sauna on the 2nd floor and ask fot eh manager there-Jimmy.


08-05-03, 04:30
That's great advice (get special rate from the sauna). But isn't Taipa a bit far away from the other actions?

Do you know any other hotels in Downtown that I can work out similiar deal?


08-06-03, 20:29
IMHO, Darling stands out among the saunas, based on two visits
this year. The selection is mind-boggling. Thank god they have a
place to sit down and take your time. Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai,
Viets, Russians, holy smokes! Let me recommend #252, from
Taiwan, from my June 17 visit. Looks, 9.5/10, attitude 9.0/10. She
did have enhanced tits, but so what. Tall, flawless skin, a radiant
smile, and great technique for BBBJ. I also tried a Viet girl a few
days later, can't remember her number - 238 maybe? Her name
was Hoa and she was from Hanoi. Again, an outstanding BBBJ.
Darling is highly recommended.

08-06-03, 20:30
Will be staying at the Mandarin Oriental on next trip in September.
Can anyone update me on the freelance scene there?

08-08-03, 20:14
A good reasonable priced hotel is the Sun Sun, it's part of the Best Western chain and I paid HK$450 last Saturday. Guest friendly and they even give you two breakfast vouchers when you arrive on your own.

The Peninsula is also around HK$400.

The cheapest hotel rates can be had by going to the travel agents in Macau and buying a voucher for the hotel you want, this is the best way to get cheap 4-5* hotels. Rates are slightly more expensive than if you buy the vouchers in HK.

Best late night disco is DD's near the Lisboa from about 3am-6am lots of talent, mostly free!

08-09-03, 04:02
Have been to the Fortuna Hotel Sauna with a friend few days ago. Sorry, I don't know the Sauna's name in English. It's on the 6th floor of the hotel. It opens 24 hours. We got there around 10pm.

First, changing room. Everything as usual. Then spa area. There were 4 girls (in bikini) sitting at the entrance of the spa area. They offer back-rubbing. The price is MOP188. After shower, my friend picked a girl for back-rubbing. So I wait for him in the rest room (or waiting room).

There is dinning area, but no moive area. Regular newspaper & magazine but no porn magazine. There is one computer. But I don't know it's linked to internet. Someone was using it at first. When it's my turn, it crashed. At that point, my friend got in.
There are 2 menu & 1 photo album. One menu is for food and the other is for the service they provided. The girls in photo album provide HJ.

Shanghai Style (pure massage) MOP 369

Aeroplan Style (HJ) MOP598, but later we paid 538 only, perhaps weekday discount.

Free Style (Ice & Fire, BM, FS) MOP 988 or 998

Honeymoon Style (over night) MOP 2118.

The above is walk in price. Package pricece at HK ferry terminal (incl. 2-way ticket) is plus 250 approx.

My friend wanted FS. The manager brought in 7 girls and told us all girls available were there. Not in see-through but regular low-cut, long dress. Two girls worn green heart at their waist. They lick ass according to the manager. And surely they are less pretty. Actually none of the girls looks great (for FS). only 6 or 7.

So we switch to HJ style. The manager gave us 7 numbers (of the girls available). We chose. Then we were brought to the room.

The girl is OK (for HJ), a 6. From China village. I was surprised that she provided BBBJ & FS. She told me she would receive MOP240 later, whether HJ or FS.

I didn't ask my friend how his girl was because we parted after leaving the hotel.

08-09-03, 06:01
can anyone who has been to Macau recently confirm whether Cialis is on sale there?

my pharmacist in HK (where i get Vitamin V) told me that Cialis has not yet been approved in HK, but that Macau is selling it.

if so, could they please let me know where i can get it exactly?


08-11-03, 09:21
Originally posted by Traveller2
Guys, thanks for all the reports. It took me a good 10 hours, but I finally carefully went through all the postings and archives.

I believe I have a right idea of what to go for the exiting part of the trip. But I have a quick question about the hotel booking part.

I am not from HongKong. I am going to fly into macau from Canada. So, can someone help me to find a hotel? I don't want to pay > $100 USD per day for hotel, and I don't want to live in hostle either.

Currently, I have my eyes on the New Emporer, Sintra, and Holliday Inn. From the review, it sounds like the New Emporer has a really good sauna, and the Sintra has a decent sauna as well. But Holiday Inn seems to have SW walking around the hotel.

Expedia actually has $65 USD/night fair for both Holiday Inn and Sintra. Is this a good deal? I am going to be there between 8/19-8/24. Should I book the hotel through Expedia ahead of time or should I book the hotel after I arrive?

Which hotel would you stay?

Thanks in advance for any information you guys can provide. I promise I will give a detailed feedback when I get back.

Good on ya for making the effort to read the posts.

As for places to stay, you didn't mention much in terms of your requirements. In terms of 5 star, there is really only two - Mandarin and Westin Hotel. Westin is very far away from the action. Whereas Mandarin is close but not too close and very upmarket. Personally, I would pay the extra and go for the Mandarin. Not exactly sure how much more though. If its not much, this would definately be my pick. All the others, like Holiday Inn etc. are good but if you're really picky in terms of cleanliness etc. you may find them a little below standard compared to those, say, in Canada. From memory, I used to get corporate rates at the Holiday Inn for around HKD$400. Cant remember if this was a weekday or weekend rate. Friends have stayed at Sintra Hotel and have said it is good.

Have fun in Macau!


08-13-03, 05:02
CC1, on the hot spot the 200 is for the club(bar fine if you will) the cost to the girl is up to you. On our last trip there we did not use the massage at the club just used take out.

Good luck.

Open to Explore
08-13-03, 06:02
Lei Lei Massage

Just visited a massage parlour that I believe has not been mentioned before.

It is situated in the shopping centre to the right of Yaohan when facing the sea (not behind which is Jai Alai/Darlings) . It is also on the opposite side of road to the government office.

I discovered this place by mistake when walking around one afternoon with little on my mind !!. I went into the shopping centre and low and behold saw a sign saying massagens.

Well thought why not lets explore. Opened the door and asked about service details.

Massage 290 for 1 hour include BJ, 500 for 100minutes include full service.

Since first time in place decided to try full service. Got led to the changing area (space small but had around 20 lockers for clothes), got changed then was led to the shower. After shower i was shown the way to the room. Two minutes later this good looking chinese girl came in. She gave excellent massage, followed by decent CBJ (she offered BBBJ but decided for CBJ as first time at establishment), then proceded to ok sex.

In comparison with other massagens place in macau, it is cleaner/more hygenic than say the Hou Va as mentioned in previous posts, but not as "upmarket" as the Hotels.

All in all a satisfying experience and may at some time go again

08-14-03, 02:58
Those are really good rates. Unless you want to pay say, an extra HK$100 and get some sauna and food like at the Windsor. But $500 for 100min sounded interesting. I suspect you would get two shots for this price. But if you didn't ask, then the girls will leave after your first load.

For the life of me, I can't figure out which shopping centre you are referring to. On the right of Yaohan (facing the sea) is the Immigration and VISA section of the Macau SAR. Once you go past that (further right) I don't think there is a shopping centre for some stretch. Adjacent to the immigration centre is some photocopying shops on the ground level. Is that the shopping centre you are referring to?


Open to Explore
08-14-03, 04:17
Yes, there was photocopy shops on the outside of the shopping centre, in the middle of the photocopying shops there is an entrance to the shopping centre that goes past some small convience produce shop. Once you goe past this shop turn left and i am sure you can see it. It's on the ground floor, although once inside they have 'rooms' on upper levels.

08-14-03, 14:59
Just came back from Macau, must say this is a paradise for pussy hunters.

visited the suana at Fortuna Hotel, in Chinese think its called Supreme Sauna. Have quite a large selection of Chinese gals, few Koreans. When i went in the afternoon the gals paraded in see through lingerie style clothes but when i visited again in the early morning hours they were in low cut night wear.

Anyway there were quite a few big breasted babe looking chinese in this sauna. There were also some gals in bikinis sitting outside in the pool area and i think these gals provide bikini back rub, some of them were quite babe.

I chosed the full course which includes use of sauna, food, drinks, bj and fj. Spend about HKD 1008 plus another HKD 40 of tips for the various guys who help you change.

I also bought a Fortuna nightclub package when i was in HK and frankly i thought the nightclub gals were more babe than the sauna gals. And the price is maybe just HKD 300 plus more. This includes a ferry ticket , beer, 1-1.5 hours of karaoke singing and 1.5 hours of fj and bj time.

If u wanna fish for freelancers just sit in the cafes in Lisboa hotel. Man the Chinese babes who walk around will make your nose bleed. And you can get short time from them for HKD 400-500.

I think this is one of the few places on Earth u can get sex 24 hours a day.

I stayed in Sintra and i can say i was satisfied with this hotel, especially with the location which was excellent. Walking distance to Lisboa, Fortuna, and the tourist district, the one with the fountain, dunno what its called.

08-14-03, 16:13
I need some info., guys. I will be in Macau for six days in October. Then I want to fly to Chongqing, China for those Szechun cuties. I need to know flight info. Can anyone recommend a couple of good travel agencies in Macau that I can contact when I am there?

I see a lots of names of travel agencies in the Macau site, but do not know which ones are good.

Thanks for the help.

08-14-03, 19:34

When you say fj and bj for the nightclub package, where do those activities take place? Your hotel room, or the karaoke room?

08-16-03, 02:11

For nightclubs:
You can bring the girl to your hotel room. Or the nightclub can offer one (hotel room, as most nightclubs are in hotels).

For saunas:
Some saunas offer hotel room, if the sauna is in hotel. Some, you have to finish the business in the massage room. Not comfortable.

08-17-03, 14:45
Intransit :

I book a package where i get to bring the gal up to one of the rooms in Fortuna hotel. The nightclub is in the hotel as well.
Basically the package includes ferry ticket, 1 1/2 hours of karaoke and singing and fondling with the gals, plus beer. After you have chosed your gal u can bring the gal up to the hotel room for 1 1/2 hours of FJ and BJ.

I think total package cost me HKD 1,300 plus. HKD 1000 to the gal.

In the saunas they have private rooms for the FJ and BJ, i found the rooms quite comfortable actually. With shower facilities and TV. Go for Supreme Sauna if u are looking for Chinese gals. Emperor sauna if you are looking for Vietnamese gals.

08-19-03, 12:48

I'm finally going to Macau to check out the action in September! **FINALLY**!

Is it better to stay in Macau for action and go to Hong Kong for business, or is it better to stay in Hong Kong for business and go to Macau for action? Thanks!


08-28-03, 17:11

I always stay in HK and go to Macau for fun. HK has its fair share of girls, massage etc., but Macau really is a special experience. My Chinese friends and I try to hit Macau once or twice a month. We buy one of the packages at the ferry terminal for $1400 HK (1000 goes to the girl). Personally, I don't gamble so the only thing I go to Macau for is the girl clubs. Once I'm finished, I always take the ferry home so that I can wake up in HK. Most of my friends do the same, except the ones that want to gamble late into the night. During the day, Macau isn't much while HK is fantastic.

Hope this helps. Enjoy Macau (I'm sure you will!).

A question to other mongers - tonight after we finished, we walked near the club to get some food before our ferry back to HK and there were *lots* of street girls. They looked good to me, nicely dressed etc. and were very aggressive (unlike the Mongkok scene). My Chinese friend felt that they weren't clean although they looked fine - anyone know anything about them. My friend said they were low end...



08-29-03, 08:02
This time I only had half a day in Macau and needed to go back to HK in the evening. In Macau I tend to stick to the institutional fucks rather than looking for SW or The Walk in the Lisboa. So I decided to go to two places: Lei Lei Massage (as recommended by a poster before, new place to me), and Darling I, a known quality place.

Quite interesting experience this time, because my expectations were completely wrong this time.

I was not so sure about Lei Lei before I went there, it looks small and basic from the outside, and small and basic it is on the inside too as I found out. But the service was very very good, and I absolutely support Open2explore's post (and thank you also: without your post I would have never gone there). $500 for 100 minutes, including everything. Nice girl from Guangdong. It helps though if punters speak at least a little bit Chinese of some sort, Cantonese or Mandarin. The old lady at the entrance doesn't understand English, although she is pretty good in dirty sign language. The massage girl, however, told me that she might refuse full service and offer only HJ to customers with whom she can't communicate. For me it was a good experience.

Darling I on the other hand was not as good as expected. Must have been around 70 girls sitting around there when I came in, and I managed to pick the wrong one. She rushed trough the whole programme, and after 40 minutes or so we were done with everything. A bit of cuddling, and then she asked me if I wanted a second go, because there would be enough time left. Normally I prefer a slow and relaxed session with only one shot. But as the situation was as it was, I was about to agree, when she suddenly told me that it would cost an additional 500 (I immediatley thought that I could go back to Lei Lei for that amount). After I didn't say anything for 2 minutes she more or less kicked me out. Is extra payment for a second go the norm at Darling? Anyway, I don't want to discourage anyone to go there. All my other experiences at Darling have been very good so far, and this one might just have been the occasional margin of error.

Open to Explore
08-29-03, 09:21
I am glad youre experience was as fulfilling as mine. Sometimes it pays to go somewhere new! Keep Exploring thats my motto!

Acer V
09-01-03, 14:55
To Gyaos,
Generally speaking, nobody stays in Macau if they are out this way on business. If you have contacts here to meet and you tell them you are staying in Macau they just may give you a wink and a nudge but not all will understand. I recommend you stay in Hong Kong and take a side trip or two to Macau.

About the street girls: In my experience it is a cultural bias. The local boys just think the sauna and nightclub girls are cleaner than the streetwalkers. Similar to how westerners might consider escorts a little more classy than the girls on the street... I guess. Never experienced the streetwalkers in Macau yet but chances are if they look good...they just might be good.

09-03-03, 11:54
freshman/hump dynasty,

When you say 1000 to the girl, do you mean on top of the price of the package?

09-15-03, 03:15

There are different night-club packages but you have to be able to read Chinese to spot the differences. The earlier you go, the cheaper it will be and include all costs. Later on, the evening or the overnight packages with the room for the rest of the night would not include the extra HK$1000 for the lady.

Most of the saunas now charge $1000-$1300 for the return trip and the full1.5 hours and no extra. Most of them would even feed you a full meal and drinks.

Darling is slightly different because it is supposed to be a little more upscale but the price is about the same without the food.
Try them all. Each one has its own flavour.

09-16-03, 21:01
Visited Macau last weekend. Started w/ a package at the Shun Tak ferry terminal: HK$1088 for the Fuji Sauna in the Lisboa hotel, including 90 minutes/1 shot w/ a Vietnamese girl. When I arrived, the papa-san informed me that a Chinese girl would be a HK$100 upcharge, and $200 for a Thai. There were about 10 girls in each category to choose from. Took #310, Trieu Phong, no upcharge, slim, pretty and natural tits. She was great: long and very thorough AR, terrific BBBJ, and average fuck. Overall experience was a lot of fun as she had great attitude. Room was smaller than Darling but clean and functional. Highly

World Traveller
09-25-03, 06:27

I will go to HK and Macau in 2 weeks. I have heard that Macau is a much better place to have fun than HK, what is your opinion?

After reading from your report, it seems you are able to sign up for a tour program to Macau from HK. Can anybody please tell me where I can find such ad or people who are offering this service in HK? Tks a lot.

09-26-03, 14:17
Went to Macau last week. Here are some tips and reports.

- Hau Va (I think that is the spelling) is the meal ticket! Good place and cheap! $760 for 2 girls. They do Ice BBBJ as well. Mamasan doesn't speak any English or Japanese, but some girls do. Foxy girls and all Vietnamese. Only draw back is no towels on the floor when leaving the shower, but they will wash you everywhere and they towels they do provide are clean and adequate! Also, no sink for the girls to spit out the ice. They spit it in a bucket (with a plastic bag in it, of course). Had a good time

- Macau ferry (First Ferry) is $123 to Macau from HK and $161 back. Last ferry is 8:30pm back to Hong Kong. After that, you have to take the Turbojet ferry or stay in a hotel.

- Island is small you don't need a taxi. I walked the whole place and even got confused by the three lakes and 2 bridges.

Unfortunately, I took the last ferry and the streetwalker action was just starting up. **WOW*! Were they beautiful! If I didn't see that, I probably wouldn't have returned, but now I want to go back, check-out the casinos and hire a few girls for a HOT night in a room!

Do they play poker in the casinos and what poker games do they play?


09-27-03, 19:19

Where is Hau Va? It sounds interesting and I am always willing to explore new stuff.
If you book the hotel at the HK side, it will only be HK$300 or so for a very decent one in the middle of the action near Lisboa. Further north, near Hotel East Asia ( a bit if a dump itself) are more street girls for $200-300 short time.

As for gambling, I personally find the gambling very distasteful because of the dealers and the hangers-on. There is one new casino where the private lenders (who charge loan shark interests) are not allowed.

Happy hunting

09-27-03, 19:32
World Traveller:

The bulding where all the Macau and mainland packages are sold openly with hotels, tours and massage, sauna and nightclub packages:

Shun Tak Centre. It is the western most subway station on Hong Kong side. On the floor where the disembarking actually take place ( I think floor 3 by elevator).

Prices are all out in the open. However, there are names for each package and you will need the agents to explain to you the actual services included. Do not be shy, the men all understand why you are there. Even the femaale agents will have no qualms about the explanations.

Happy hunting

09-29-03, 04:59

Stay with the blackjack, they do have other table games and slots but some of the games are to say the least, not what you would expect in say Vegas. Set a budget leave when it is done.

Have fun.

Member #4177
09-30-03, 01:45
I am flying into Hong Kong for a 4 days. This is my first time. Looking for fun of course and some casino play also.

Where should I stay? Hong Kong or Macau? Any hotel recommendations will be appreciated. I need to make hotel reservations as I do not have much time.


09-30-03, 12:51
Stay at the Manderian Desi - Good clean hotel close to all the action.

Member #4177
09-30-03, 13:06

Thanks for the recommendation.

From Hong Kong Airport, what is the way to get to Manderin hotel?

Is it taxi and then ferry?


09-30-03, 14:09

That is the quickest way - just tell the driver to take you to teh Macau ferry - take the ferry and then a 2 minute taki ride from the Macau ferry to the hotel.

If you get a chance try the New Emperor Saunu - my favourite place - clean, good choice and free food!!


10-01-03, 07:44
RE: Street girls

They are hit and miss, just like Lisboa girls except cheaper.

I have had a rush job and a great experience and actually hooked up with the girl later. I don't really think there is a safty concern there, but I have not choosen street girls that are walking around the street either, the street girls were in the lobby of hotels.


10-01-03, 07:50
RE: Darlings 1 and 2

Checked out Darlings 1, lots of girls. kind of intimidating where there are lots of girls looking at you. didn't see anyone interesting and the packages were pricy so left to go to Darlings 2.

Arrived at Darlings 2, much smaller group of girls sitting behind the glass, then went upstairs to check out the more expansive girls. Overall disappointing.

Does anyone know how often they switch out girls? And has anyone noticed that all the girls at both place are sooo heavely made-up, they should talk to the owner of these places to have the girls made up but not look caked on. It would be easier to spot a good looker if the make up is more natural and lighter.


10-01-03, 07:56
RE: Sauna package and upgrade policy.

Posted a review of Supreme Sauna, and talked little about the package and change policy. Want to find out if other have different experience.

My experience at Winsor Sauna was that if you start with basic package say $588, but when you start your session, you like the girl, you can call down to the front desk to upgrade to a more pricer and longer package like $1888 for Honeymoon / overnight package. or additional 60 minutes for $300

But at Supreme Sauna, additional 60 minutes is double the package price, and if choose to do overnight, then it would be overnight price of $2188+$988. Is this standard at all the Sauna?

Kind of hard to committ to a overnight package if you don't know the girls performance.


10-01-03, 21:43

I cannot find your hotel as you spelled it. I could only find Mandarin Oriental Macau. Is that what you meant?