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Resizing & Posting Photos

Photo Image Sizes | Resizing Your Photos | Watermarking Your Photos | Posting Your Photos

Photo Image Sizes

To conserve bandwidth, photos should be no larger than 640 pixels in any one direction, which includes standard 640x480 internet-sized photos. If the photos you wish to upload are larger than 640x640, then you should first take a minute and resize them as described below.

To illustrate the need to reduce over-sized photos: The file size of a 1280x960 photo is 8 times larger than a file for a 640x480 photo.

How to Resize your Photos

Please note that the vast majority of photos you have will already be the correct size for the Forum and thus DO NOT need to be resized. These instructions are only for those few people who take photos in very high resolutions.

Resizing your photos is very easy and only takes a minute.

Please note that resizing your photos WILL NOT effect your original photos in any way.

The easiest way to resize your photos is to use a FREE online photo resize service available at any one of the following websites:

This one is easy to use because all you need to do is select option #2 which will automatically resize your photos to the correct size for the Forum.

This one is easy to use because it displays your photo with a slider bar you can use to adjust the photo size, always in the original proportion. You can also simply enter "640" for the width (or the height) and you'll have a correct size photo for the Forum. You can also rotate and/or crop your photos.

This one is easy to use because it has a "Quick Resize" function for individual photos and a seperate function to resize multiple photos. The site also includes a 5 minute instructional video that takes you through the process click by click, but it's pretty easy anyway. You can also rotate and/or crop your photos.

The fastest way to resize your photos is to download and install any one of these FREE programs which will allow you to work with your photos directly on your own computer, thus eliminating the upload and download time incurred when using the online services.

• PIXresizer is one of the best and easiest photo resizers I've ever used, and it FREE! Works with one or multiple photos. The program makes it easy to resize all your photos with just one click for easy uploading to the Forum.

• I've been using ImageResizer myself for several years, and the recent new verison is much faster that the original.

•  A very comprehensive program that appears to work with every file type and to do just about anything you would need to a photo.

• Image Resizing Image Resizing is a picture resizing app. You select a picture from your library, you choose from a set of predefined sizes, you click on Resize, and voilĂ .

How to Watermark Your Photos

Watermarking is the practice of adding text to your photos to deter other people from stealing them from the Forum.

For example, you might consider adding the words: "" at the bottom of your photos so that everyone who saw them on another website would know immediately that they were stolen from the Forum.
Watermarking is an optional step that you may skip if you wish.

The easiest way to watermark your photos is to use a FREE online watermarking service available at any one of the following websites:




How to Upload Your Photos

Adding photos to the Forum is easy.

• Log In.
• Go to the section and thread where you want to post your photos.
• Select the "Post Reply" link at the top and bottom of the page of reports.
• The program will open a "Submit Report" window.
• Enter a title for your report (optional).
• Enter a title for >Enter your report, or just a few words to describe your photos.
• Scroll down the screen to the "Additional Options" section.
• Select the button labeled "Attach Photos or Files".
• In the popup window, select the "browse" button and then select the image file on your hard drive that you want to upload.
• Continue using the Browse button to select additional image files.
• When you are finished selecting the image file you want to upload, select the button labeled "upload".
• Wait a minute as the image files are uploaded to the Forum's server. The program will advise you when the upload is complete.
• Select the button labeled "Close this window" to close the popup window.
• Review your report and the image files you have selected to post. You can make any changes you wish.
• If everything is okay, select the button labeled "Submit Report".

Congratulations, you have successfully added your photos to the Forum!

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