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Quick Solutions For Login And Cookie Problems

1. Access the site using the full URL path  (http://www.internationalsexguide.nl)

2. Switch to another Internet Browser  (To check if your browser is the problem)

3. Change your Browser Settings to Accept Cookies  (This is the #1 reason why Members can't stay logged in!)

4. Delete Potentially Corrupted Cookies  (Cookies get corruped on ocassion)

5. Check your Firewall Settings  (Firewall programs can also block cookies)

6. Check your Forum User Settings  (There is a user setting that can also effect cookies)

Detailed Solutions for Login and Cookie Problems

From time to time I get emails from correctly registered Forum Members who are experiencing problems logging into the Forum and/or posting reports in the Forum.

These problems include:

 • Can't log into the Forum.
 • Can't stay logged into the Forum.
 • Can't post reports in the Forum.
 • Getting "kicked out" after logging in.
 • Getting "kicked out" when changing pages.
 • Getting "kicked out" when trying to read Private Messages.
 • Getting "kicked out" when trying to respond to Forum Surveys.
 • Getting "kicked out" when trying to reset your password.
 • Getting "kicked out" when trying to reset your email address.

This problem effects a very small number of Forum Members, but it does appear to be a consistent issue. I recently conducted several hours of research into the problem on the vBulletin support forum, which is the company that published the software used to run the Forum. Other forum operators have reported this exact same problem, and from their discussions I have identified the following potential remedies:

 • You need to access the site through it's full web address.
 • You need to switch to another Internet browser.
 • Your Internet browser's security settings are blocking cookies.
 • Your existing cookies are corrupted.
 • Your firewall and/or cookie monitoring software is blocking cookies.
 • Your Forum User Settings are incorrect.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for resolving each of these potential problems.

Please note that if you do not understand these instructions, then please call a friend who does.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small bits of data that with your permission, the Forum stores in a small file in your designated "Cookies" folder.

The Forum uses the most inobtrusive type of cookie, called a "session cookie", which simply keeps a list of the forum pages you just visited. This info is necessary to let you smoothly navigate through the Forum's pages, that's it.

One thing about Session cookies is that they are automatically deleted when you log out of the Forum as it no longer needs the page history.

Nevertheless, if you reject all cookies, including even "session" cookies, then the Forum will not function correctly.

The Forum will also leave a cookie if you check the "Remember Me?" checkbox when loging in. This cookie only keeps your username so you can log in faster in the future.

Of course, you are always empowered to delete any cookie left by the Forum, or by any other website for that matter.

Step 1 - Access the Site through it's Full Web Address

This is the easiest thing to change.

Sometimes cookies can be "confused" if you access the site by entering just "internationalsexguide.nl" in your browser's address bar.

Try accessing the site through it's full web address http://www.internationalsexguide.nl, then see if you still experience a login problem.

Step 2 - Switch To Another Internet Browser

EDITOR's NOTE: This is the primary solution for Forum Members who have never been able to log into the Forum, or who are getting continuously "kicked out" after getting logged in.

The problem with AOL and other ISPs that use multiple proxies is that as you navigate through the site, the browser they gave you on their CD, etc. will, in some cases, be sending page requests to the Forum from different proxy server IP addresses, so that the IP address that the Forum "sees" you using changes with virtually every page you visit.

The Forum software treats this as invalid session hash and, depending on what your permissions are set to and what you are trying to do, shows a "No Permission" screen requesting you to log in again and again.

If you are an AOL user, or anyone who uses a similar ISP service, I strongly suggest that you try using Internet Explorer instead of AOL's browser to access the Forum, as follows:

 • Logon via AOL (or your ISP service), then minimize AOL (or the browser they supplied).
 • Double-click (start) Internet Explorer on its own.
 • Enter "www.internationalsexguide.nl" in the address bar at the top of the browser window.
 • Logon to the Forum using your User Name and Password.
 • Try posting a test report in the "Test Messages" section.
 • This usually solves the problem!

As always, get the latest and greatest versions of Internet Explorer.

Many Forum Members report that their login problems cease once they begin using Internet Explorer instead of AOL's browser.

Step 3 - Change Your Browser Settings To Accept Cookies

Change Google Chrome Browser Settings To Accept Cookies

Change Internet Explorer Browser Settings To Accept Cookies

Step 4 - Delete Potentially Corrupted Cookies

EDITOR's NOTE: This is the most primary solution for Forum Members who have previously been successful in logging into the Forum, but suddenly one day find themselves having difficulty logging in.

Occasionally cookies will get corrupted,. To fix this you'll need to manually delete them.

Here's how to do this in Google Chrome: Clear, enable, and manage cookies in Chrome

Here's how to do this in Internet Explorer: Clear, enable, and manage cookies in Internet Explorer

 • Look for the individual cookies for the Forum. The names should be in the form of:

     • Cookie:[Your Forum User Name Here]@internationalsexguide.nl
     • Cookie:[Your Forum User Name Here]@www.internationalsexguide.nl
     • ...and any derivatives of the above.

 • Select and Delete according to the instructions specific to your browser.

Please note that deleting your cookies by logging off the Forum, thus displaying the "All cookies have been deleted" message from the Forum, WILL NOT WORK to solve this problem. You must delete the cookies manually, either by deleting the Forum cookies individually, or by deleting all the cookies in your cookie folder.

Step 5 - Check Your Firewall Settings

If you have a firewall installed on your computer or your network, then you need to review your firewall software's settings to ensure that the software is allowing the Forum to send information through the firewall in both directions.

There are dozens of firewall programs out there in the market, so I can't begin to provide step-by-step instructions for every one of them. Thus you will have to investigate this yourself.

If you are connecting to the Internet through a company firewall that you suspect may be causing the problem, then you will have to get with your network administrator to check these setting and effect any changes, although this may not be advisable.

If you do not have a clue how to check your firewall's settings, then please call a friend who does.

Step 6 - Check Your Forum User Settings

 • Go to the Forum website.
 • Logon using your User Name and Password.
 • Select the "User CP" link in the left side of the top bar.
 • Select "Change Your Options".
 • Select "Yes" for "Automatically login when you return to the site? (uses cookies)".
 • Select "Yes" for "Browse board with cookies?".

I would like to hear from anyone who has or is experiencing problems receiving emails from the Forum and who has employed any these methods in an attempt to resolve the issue.

I would also like to hear from anyone who may have further insight or technical experience in this issue, either with this or other forums or websites. Please use the Forum's Contact Us form to send me an email.

I hope this helps.


ISG Forum Admin

Revised 07-28-19

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