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Anonymous Proxy Servers

Using Proxy Servers | FREE Proxy Server Websites | Websites Lists of Proxy Servers

Using Proxy Servers

If you find that you are unable to access the Forum because it is blocked by the country you are in or the internet cafe you are using, or anything in between, then the solution is to access the Forum using a proxy server.

A proxy server is a website that is setup to allow you to view another website through the domain name of the proxy server. The concept is that the Forum will not be blocked if you view it through the Proxy Server because the Proxy Server will "hide" the website address of the Forum from the censor's filtering software.

More detailed information on Proxy Servers, Anonymous Surfing, Hiding Ip Address, etc. may be found on these websites:




In addition, there is a thread on the subject on the ISG Forum with a lot of good advice, which you may review at...


Things to remember:

 • Proxy server websites come and go on a daily basis, so don't be surprised if a proxy server on this list isn't working. Just move on to the next option.

 • A lot of "Proxy Server" websites are actually just set up to sell you their software, and thus the "lists" on their website are deliberately useless with lots of links to proxy servers that are no longer working, or with lists of IP addresses and port numbers that actually don't tell you anything because they're lacking a domain name.

If you find that you are encountering a lot of broken links and continuously being linked back to the webpage that describes their software program, just move on to the next option.

 • Obviously, if you are traveling to a country that you know or suspect is blocking the Forum, then you need to PRINT THIS PAGE before you leave on your trip. Remember, if the Forum is blocked, then you won't be able to access this page to get these links.

 • You can always find a proxy server using a Google search using the search terms "Proxy Servers"
Google Search Results for "Proxy Servers"

FREE Proxy Server Websites

Here is a list of several popular FREE Proxy Server websites:

 • (My choice)



 • (My choice)

PAID Proxy Server Websites

Here is a list of several paid Proxy Server services:



Proxy Server Lists

Of course, the censorship authorities are familiar with the concept of Proxy Servers and are thus always trying to find them and add them to their own list of websites to be blocked. Therefor, people are always creating new proxy servers to keep ahead of the censors, and thus there are websites that keep updated lists of active proxy servers.

One strategy for finding a proxy server is to simply Google using the search term "proxy servers".

 • Google Search Results for "Proxy Server"

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