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Why does this site prohibit discussions of sex with young girls under the age of 18?

First, it amazes me that I even need to state what I consider to be obvious facts, but some of the discussions in the Forum have illustrated to me that some people just don't get it. Therefore, I'm going to make these arguments for the sake of those few among us who have difficulty understanding their responsibilities to the human race.

• As MEN, it is our responsibility to protect women and children.

• Young girls, as the most vulnerable members of the human race, are especially deserving of our protection.

• Regardless of the specific age when a girl has passed biological puberty, young girls are not EMOTIONALLY capable of handling the EMOTIONAL turmoil of prostitution. If you have any teenage daughters yourself, or if you have any friends with teenage daughters, this observation is self-evident.

• As educated, intelligent, civilized men, we are expected by our peers to operate on a higher moral plain in these matters than other cultures may tolerate. Therefore, we do not participate in the exploitation of emotionally underage girls, regardless of the behavior of others.

I hope that those of you who may have been confused on this subject now have an understanding of your responsibility to protect young girls, not exploit them under the justification that others have already done so first.

However, because I know that some of you will postulate the usual justifications for this immoral and reprehensible behavior, let me respond to these common arguments.

"Hey man, lighten up. In these girl's cultures they start having sex as soon as they pass puberty, and many girls here get married very young."

• First, it is irrelevant that the indigenous culture is willing to exploit these girls. As an educated, intelligent, civilized man, you are expected to refrain from this type of behavior.

• Second, there is a big difference between getting married and engaging in prostitution. When a young girl gets married, she receives the emotional support of her immediate family and friends, and theoretically a supportive husband. Conversely, when a young girl gets involved in prostitution, she is typically thrust into a situation where she receives no emotional support, and in fact is usually confronted with a mentally and physically challenging environment.

"These girls need the money to buy food and to eat. It's wrong to deny them the only method by which they can earn enough money to survive. I think I'm doing a good thing by fucking them for money."

• Don't kid yourself, the prostitution business isn't big enough to make an appreciable dent in the suffering of young children in these countries. The unfortunate reality is that in many of these countries, hundreds of thousands of young people are suffering from lack of basic necessities, including food. The fact that a small fraction of one percent earns money for food through prostitution isn't exactly a universal solution.

• If you genuinely want to help these young girls, then give them a few bucks for food. Now, I know that this advice would make a Tri-F (find them, fuck them, forget them) explode in anger, but you can afford it, and in fact you'll never know it's gone.

"You call them "girls" but many of them are battle-hardened veterans by the time they're 16. It doesn't matter if I pay them for sex, they're used to it."

• Let me see if I understand this argument: It's okay to victimize somebody who's been victimized before? So I guess it's okay to rob somebody who's already been robbed, and I guess it's also okay to rape a woman who was raped before? Come on guys, just because a young girl is already a victim doesn't give you license to continue the abuse.

The Forum has a Zero Tolerance policy in prohibiting reports containing any references to any persons under the age of 18. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information. Persons violating this policy will have their membership terminated immediately.

Please remember, this is a website for MEN looking for sex with WOMEN.

As always, your comments are welcomed.

Thank You,

ISG Forum Admin

• If you're an American citizen, it is illegal for you to have sex with anyone under the age of 18 no matter where you are in the world.
• To be more precise, the Protect Act of 2003, refers to commercial sex with someone under 18.
• http://usinfo.state.gov/gi/Archive/2003/Dec/17-227348.html
• Going abroad to have sex with someone under 16 is covered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Predators Act of 1998.
• http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1467.html

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