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InternationalSexGuide FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

How do I submit a report?

You may post a report directly into the Forum at any time.

You must be a Regular or Senior Member to post reports.

To post a report:

1. Log in to the Forum using your registered handle and password.
2. Go to the Forum's main menu.
3. Go to the section of the Forum that you believe your report should be posted into.
4. At the top or bottom of the page, select the button labeled "Post Reply" or "Add a Report".
5. The program will display a "Reply to Thread" form.
6. You can cut and paste your report from a word processor if that's easier for you.
7. When you are done, the program will allow you to preview and edit your report before it is actually posted to the site.

You can practice posting reports in the Test Message Area of The Forum.

Revised 08-07-06

Why are Forum Member's reports reviewed before they are posted?

The reason why Forum Member's report are held peding moderations is to stop Serial Spammers and to maintain the Forum's Posting Guidelines.

First, please recognize the the purpose of monitoring reports it not to aggravate you but to keep The Forum free of spam and uniformly easier to read. It is specifically because I put in the work to monitor posts that the Forum is relatively spam free. I don't like all the work, but I know from experience that there's no other option if I want to keep the site free of SPAM.

Third, the Forum is a compendium of travel reports, not a chat room. I care about the reports, not the chit-chat. Therefor, I don't think it's really that big of a deal if, for example, a travel report to Rio de Janerio is visible at 6pm or not until a few hours later?

Revised 09-06-07

How long does it take for Forum Member's reports to be reviewed?

Forum Member's reports are reviewed and approved a minimum of twice per day, approximately every 12 hours, and usually at approximately 12:00 noon and 12:00 midnight EST.

In addition to the loosely scheduled moderation times described above, it is quite common for me to moderate pending reports throughout the day as time permits.

The average wait between the time a Moderated Forum Member's report is uploaded and the time it is actually displayed in the forum is less than 6 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: The average moderation time is less than 6 hours.

Revised 09-06-07

How can I edit my reports?

1. Regular Members can not edit their reports.

If you believe that there is a compelling need to have one of your reports edited, then please use the "Report this post to a moderator" link at the bottom of the report you want edited.

When you select this link, the program will display a dialog box wherein you may enter your comments about the report. After that, please select the "Send Report Now" button at the bottom of the screen, and the Forum software will send me an email with your comments and a link directly back to the report. This makes it very easy for me to read your comments, and then go directly to the report where I can effect the changes you want.

2. Senior Members may edit their reports for 25 hours after the report has been posted.

To edit your report:

1. Log into the Forum.

2. Go to your message that you'd like to edit.

3. Select the "Edit" button at the bottom of the message.

4. Edit your message as desired, then select "Save Changes".

Revised 09-13-07

Can you post my reports for me?

If necessary, you may send me your report and I will post it for you, but I'd really prefer that you post it yourself because I don't need any extra work.

Due to the constraints of time, the ONLY reports I can post manually are detailed international travel reports.

I DO NOT have the time to post any of the following:

a. Reports about the USA.
b. Requests for additional information.
c. Requests to be contacted.
d. Personal comments and observations.
e. FREE classified advertisements.
f. Any other type of post except detailed international travel reports.

If you must send me a detailed international travel report to post for you, please send it via the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page of the Forum..

Please DO NOT send me a report as a file attachment.

Because of the constant threat of viruses, I CAN NOT open any file attachments.

If you send me a report as file attachment it will be DELETED without review.

Revised 08-06-06

What words are censored in reports?

1. Words that are commonly used to denegrate women, such as:


2. Names and web addresses of pay adult websites.

3. Names and web addresses of my competitor's forums.

4. Words that are intended either directly or indirectly to refer readers of this Forum to other competitive forums.

5. Names of Banned Members.

Revised 08-06-06

How can I suggest New Topics for the Forum?

I am always pleased to receive any suggestions for new Forum Topics.

I would prefer that you offer suggestions for new forum topics in the Suggest New Topics area of the Site Administration section of the Forum.

It's easier for me to review suggestions for new topics if they are all in one place and where everyone else may have an opportunity to comment on them.

If you absolutely do not want to post a suggestion for a new topic in the Forum itself, then you may contact me via the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page of the Forum.

Please understand that it may take me a few weeks to assimilate your suggestion into the Forum. This is not reflection on the merits of your suggestion, it's just a matter of finding the time.

Revised 08-07-06

What are the most common posting problems?

Approximately 99.9% of all members who need to logon to post a report have no difficulty. However, the remaining one-tenth of 1% who have difficulty usually find it to be attritutable to one of the following issues:

Inaccurate User Name or Password.

Solution: Check and then re-enter your User Name and Password EXACTLY as it is written in the Membership Confirmation email.

Entering your Password in the wrong case.

Solution: Remember that you Password is Case Sensitive. Check and then re-enter your User Name and Password EXACTLY as it is written in your Membership Confirmation email. If you don't know what Case Sensitive means, then ask a friend who does.

Browser security settings too high (not permitting cookies).

Solution: Your browser must be set to allow at least temporary cookies. Change your security settings to allow at least temporary cookies for at least the zone. If you don't have a clue what this means, then contact a friend who does.

How can I get help with login and posting problems?

If you are having problems registering or logging into the Forum, please use the links below to review the Email Activation Solutions and the Login Solutions pages.

Email Activation Solutions

Login Solutions

If after following ALL of the suggestions provided in the above pages you are unable to resolve your problem, then you may contact me via the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page of the Forum and I will endeavor to assist you.

Revised 08-06-06

Can I post my reports under another Members User Name?


Regular Members who post under another Member's User Name will have all their reports deleted and lose their membership.

Regular Members who allow another Forum Member to post under their User Name will have all their reports deleted and lose their membership.

Senior Members who allow another Forum Member to post under their User Name will be changed to Regular Member status.

Can I use your Forum to promote my Google, MSN or Yahoo Forum?


I didn't work hard and pay the server costs for three years to build my site so you could come along and go "Hey, look at all these visitors. I can just use them to build my own forum."

If you have information, then post it here.

Regular Members who promote their own forum or another forum will have all their reports deleted and lose their membership.

Senior Members who promote their own forum or another forum will be changed to Regular Member status.

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