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    Anyone have any recent 2020-2021 reports of Dongducheon Jungang Station RLD

    Quote Originally Posted by Garthie1  [View Original Post]
    From the Dongducheonjungang station in the lower right corner, the round about is your reference point. The RLD areas are marked with X's.
    Wow thanks for the map. No wonder I could not easily find it.

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    Miari and Yongdongpo are the only 2 Seoul places still barely happening

    It sucks that Philippines is still closed to regular travelling foreigners. Normally during holidays vacations and weekends I used to be there regularly.

    Yeongdongpo is very YMMV and most girls don't even give you eye contact.

    I had some good experiences with younger girls in Miari recently but most of the ones I peek through the curtains with ajuma showing are not appetizing so I keep going. Most of the girls are or look late 30's early 40's over the hill; opposite of 15-20 years ago when there were tons of 20-24 year old girls. One place in Mia has many groups going in every 30 minutes and seem to get all the traffic compared to other places there with bad service.

    I had a terrible experience in Miari with a place near the subway entrance (2nd closest entrance and 3 places on the left side invited by a younger looking softer speaking ajuma) so if you don't get any eye contact with the girl after you choose her you better cancel.

    I might have to try to visit Dongducheon out of curiosity since Seoul, Pyeongtaek and Suwon are so awful lately.

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    Deceptive Latina

    Hi everyone,

    This is again a delayed FR (like I noted earlier I decided to be regular poster here and seek help and guidance to avoid any further deceptions / problems) and hence apologies right at the outset.

    This is a report of how I got deceived again. This time unintentionally.

    Found couple of contacts of indies in Seoul from I think MR or some such site. Texted both, one replied in good English. Claimed herself to be Latina. When asked for pics, she happily obliged. The couple of days we had in between, she was having a decent conversation etc. From the pics she appeared to be an angel. The damages were reasonable too as quoted by her. I think it was about USD 150 for 2 h, at my hotel.

    Fixed the appointment, she turned up about an hour late after continually confirming that she's on her way and was stuck in traffic. When she did come to the room, I saw that she had wrinkles, and that look of an artificially slim (like anorexic) person.

    I was totally turned off. Politely told her that she looks nothing like her pics. She still asked to confirm if I don't need the services. Calmly. I politely refused. She asked for taxi fare. Gave her USD 25 and said goodbye without even shaking hands.

    So much for pics. I should've possibly had a video call but she kept on saying she's in a crowded place with her friends etc. That should've been a clue. Anyway lesson learnt.


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    Jinju. Not again.

    Hello fellow mongers,

    This is a delayed FR and hence apologies right at the outset.

    Was in Seoul before Corona times. Johnny forced me to explore. Quick spa search showed Jinju in Gangnam, wasn't too far from me either. The only risk was whether they took walk ins. Decided to give it a shot.

    Walk ins were welcome. Payment was in advance, only HJ on offer, all damages only at the counter. Unfortunately because of currency etc confusion I can't say how much it was. But definitely that all belongings go into a locker, a wearable key is given, and hence no question of tips.

    It's like an assembly line, folks.

    A euro style shower with fellow visitors going full Monty together, brushing their teeth with the kit provided, and then getting ready.

    Next step is a massage with a hot towel wrap. Disposables are compulsory. For a moment I thought I got scammed again. However after the massage another woman walks in, starts giving a vigorous HJ until you come.

    I was almost sore.

    In summary.

    Massage 6/10.

    HJ 4/10.

    Looks, feel, comfort, fun all 0/10.

    WIR: obviously no! I'd rather jerk myself off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yangjo  [View Original Post]
    Is there anyone meet her? I think that she is hot. But I am not sure she is real.
    I find the prices there laughably off-putting. But I am a cheapie Charlie.

    I am on a high right now because I found a nearby shop with a lady in her 50's who is my style. She has the body I like, skin I like, and agreed to 5 min (which really means 10) HJ's for a mere 50 k. She really seems into me, too. Should make for some nice visits. She speaks some English, so I may try to see if she is game to trade English lessons for HJ's. I love it when that works out -- very intimate, with some fun at the end. I was looking for a quick in and out place with an acceptable worker, and I have found it.

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    Alina Maxim in massage Republic

    Is there anyone meet her? I think that she is hot. But I am not sure she is real.

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    I've been looking into several websites but unsure if they offer incall services. Does anyone have any information on this or do all the providers only do outcall?

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    Finally vaxxed. I'm thinking either I hit up Busan RLD or Seoul to get a girl back at a hotel. If I go to Seoul what kind of hotel should I get? I'll probably have to stay over anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garthie1  [View Original Post]
    Another one that's way the hell out there near the DMZ in Paju is a huge RLD known as Yongjugol, probably the biggest in Korea now that 588 shutdown. I used to drive over or ride my motorcycle there while seeing the countryside. I only went twice and had mixed results- once at night with only one taker and once during the day with a little more luck.

    Your chances of getting action there are probably slim- most girls stay away from foreigners since it affects their Korean customer base. However, if you like adventure, have a car or motorcycle, and like long drives in the country, then this might be of interest.

    Paju station is in the lower left and the RLD is in the upper right of the image. You can also Google 'Yongjugol'.
    That's an adventure. Years back I used to ride my bicycle on the back roads there through the rice fields. Pretty nice. Now it seems like there's another reason to dust off the old cycle. Even if I get rejected, I'll have had my ride down memory lane. I'll report if I make it there. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garthie1  [View Original Post]
    From the Dongducheonjungang station in the lower right corner, the round about is your reference point. The RLD areas are marked with X's.
    Thanks. That's helpful info. Much appreciated. I'll report when I decide to brave the rush hour subway and give it a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oliv312  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the info.

    Also went back to the massage shop close to the Mapo E-mart.

    I tried the new girl, I wasn't offered full service but I was offer a BBBJ for 50 k that I took.

    Girls was pretty good at doing it and we also chat a bit after, she was quiet funny.

    Found a couple other massage place in the area, will try them soon and let you know.
    Went back to here the other night too. First tried a newer aroma place I'd seen near Ehwa but it wasnt open.

    Did the 100 k aroma, provider was a little chubby, nice tits probably 40 ish? Not thai, but not korean either. Massage was decent enough, standard he wasn't too bad either and I definitely got my full hour (which I like).

    This place doesn't wow me, but its pretty solid for what it is and its nice to be able to just walk in. Standard thai places are a better deal, it can be hard to get appointments at them lately.

    Anyone got any new massage places?

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    I went to the hill, and got called into Green Cafe (I think?) At the top. Was told it was 250 for full service and 100 for a BJ. Knew it was a rip off. Went on Dr to Gireum Station and walked the back areas, I think one old lady yelled at me, but still found a tiny woman to fuck. Probably around 40, but it's standard about there anyway. The RLD isn't off limits to foreigners, IMO, just got to work it and speak a tiny amount of Korean.

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    Anma for foreigner

    Anybody knows about anma who accepted foreigner in corona situation like this?

    I just went to gain and dao anmas but they said they are not accept foreigner.

    I just went to fish, catle, and donut anma but it looks like they are not operating anymore.

    Please give me suggestion.

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    How do the Thai massage places work? There is one between Dongmyo amd Sinseoldong station, on the South side of the street, 2nd floor. It is about 40,000 for 60 minutes. But what do you saw for extras? Thought I read once that you hold up a few fingers? Like 2 or 3? Not sure this place is game for that, or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penetrador  [View Original Post]
    I checked on street view and I found no window girls, is this RLD bars and clubs?
    No bars and clubs, just window girls. The only thing you'll see from street view are the green or blue privacy curtains that cover the alleyways. You can't drive through and look at the girls, you have to foot it.

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