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    One of the best things about a free-market economy is it allows for the exchange of goods and/or services between a willing seller and a *willing buyer*. In other words, if the price seems fair to me then it is, in fact, fair. I agree that W100,000 is perhaps on the high side for a blow job, but in all honesty I have paid W400,000 for a far worse blow job at a room salon and still had a good time.

    Tiger Tavern is good too. The same W100,000 (or W130,000 if I'm feeling spendy) often buys a fuck there.

    Gameover, what was the name of your massage girl at the Dynasty?

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    Tried an experiement. Went out to Yongsan early in the morning (6AM) when there would be no other customers and no other revenue stream for the girls. I'm thinking that maybe the A row would be willing since they would have no other opportunity.

    It has happened in the past but not this time. Got the usual walk away from the window, waving off of hands, "no", whatever.

    Oh, well, have to use the other alternatives.

    To the fellow with the bad Dynasty experience, I'm sorry. That is usually one of my favorites and I'm sad to hear that maybe the service is going down.

    Note of advice: I had a girl with a bad attitude at the Dynasty once. Asked to change the girl. She tried to argue her staying, tried to improve her attitude but I wouldn't have it. She got pissed and left.

    Next one in was GREAT!! Hot, young tail. Fun attitude, extra long time. She was planning on going to SF to work in the AMPs over there. Everyone in SF should be so lucky.

    game over

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    Went to the Hill, Paradise club,(top of hill) Girl wanted $230 for sex. Paid 40,000 for two drinks for her and my two beers and left. Did fool around with her a bit. The girl had a good attitude but seriously thought she was entitled to the $230.

    Next went to Log Cabin, Yu Mi although young looked sort of old. Good tight Bod, paid 100,000 for sex in the booth. She was enthusaistic and did a great job. A little disconcerting as the other girls walk buy the booth to go to the bathroom. Hard to concentrate. Next time, discovered we could have gone to her room for the same price.

    Next night inadvertently walked into a free lancer on the sidewalk near Cheers out on the main drag. Julie, was young, sort of studious looking and really likes sex. Went to a cheap Korean hotel and for 50,000 won fucked her brains out. She tried without a condom and I would not let her.Seemed a little disraught about something and wanted to come with me. (don't think that Mama would understand.

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    The "Hill"

    You can get pussy for 50,000 ~70,000 won don’t over pay!!!!! On the “Hill”

    It is amazing!!! Paying 100,000 won for a BJ…you got to be kidding. You think that is a deal…it probably is a handshake BJ. You know where they jerk you off for 90% of the BJ then blow your wad into toilet paper while jerking you off to finish it. Even if was a great BJ you still overpaid…to “Mindy” at the Venus club curse you for overcharging …but since you hooked someone into paying too much well guess you just got lucky… I hope no one else pays that much.

    Some of the posters here are making me cry…why, why, why, why, is everyone so insistent on paying to much for these services…?????

    I have read posts not only from this board but others also. I am amazed at what I read about that so-called “great deal” or “I didn’t mind leaving a huge tip because she “tickled me fancy” but the service was expensive and I am broke ”. What ever your excuse is for overpaying is a joke and it is just an excuse. “She did extra”, “it was worth every penny”, or “it was a once in a lifetime” these are bullshit excuse’s for the reality of getting suckered into overpaying. These excuse only become non-excuses when you did not over pay when she did extra then it was worth every penny and it then became a once in a lifetime experience. What is going through your minds when you pay about $80.00 USD for a BJ. You can still get a great real BJ for $20 USD in the US and free here with a purchase package (by a drink deal).

    What is even sadder is that people still insist on paying above USA prices for pussy in a 3rd or 2nd world country. Come on you guys…. what are you doing???? What are you thinking???

    Look everyone wants a deal on great pussy with all the bells and whistles type service…who doesn’t? But wouldn’t it be a better deal if you could get more of the same deal? People in general are greedy in some way. Many men crave the wonderful sex, variety, and other pursuits of happiness. But I also know that people like it when great things are inexpensive. Since most of the posters here frequent pro’s or of the like, wouldn’t it be great if you could get more for less?

    I tend to use simple math to support my point. If one is able to get the service that he wanted for half or less of what he was expected to pay one would say that he got a deal. Since we can say we got pussy for this or that price, many of us may include that we got a deal. But you only get a good deal when you know you are paying less than the going rate or that you paid the same price as the next guy so you didn’t get ripped off.

    So here is the math if one pays 50,000 won for great sex (what ever your expectation for great sex/service/etc is) but he thought that he would have to pay more so he had 150,000 won to spend. Wouldn’t it be a better experience if you could enjoy a similar experience 2 more times?

    I just don’t understand why some of the posters here think that they had a great deal when they are over-paying. Granted there are the “once in a life time experiences” but why over pay for it???

    I know that some think that I may be a “Cheap Charlie”….he, he, he..from the (lighter )side (lol). But my intentions are not to insult anyone’s intelligence; it is only to raise awareness that great pussy here can be purchased at a much lower cost then what some are paying.

    Just to inform the people that may question the prices mentioned…read a previous post by me with how I do it...then go and try it…results will vary no doubt but stick with your game plan and don’t get suckered. I think that many of you guys are getting out negotiated by some of these girls. Accepting the first few price out of there mouths or believing that is the lowest they can go because what?? They said so…that is BS. Look these ladies need to make money and that is fine however don’t let them out negotiate you. Even if you are a poor negotiator you can accomplish this…just stick to your negotiating price limits.

    My final thought is if everyone started offering way lower prices and walking away from some of the pussy (not easy), you can get it for a lower price. I am not saying that we have to boycott or go with out pussy but informing the pro’s that we are not paying the high prices. They will earn their money from the other suckers out there so don’t be a sucker. But if you find a sucker let him know to stick to the lower prices next time. Lastly if the Korean nationals are getting “A” row quality pussy for 70,000 won then we should be able to get the same deal or cheaper for non- “A”- row quality. Even for an overnighter you should not have to pay more than 160,000 ~ 200,000 won. The cheapest overnighter I had been 125,000 won. She was not a dog, not fat, or old.

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    I have been to Dinasty hotel last night, quite disappointed by the service...180000won for 40 minutes short massage, BJ and sex. The girl was not very smily and seemed not to be in a good mood.
    Do you know where is the best place to get a high level service ?

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    how can you say 100.000 is worth it??
    tiger tavern doesn't even charge that much, and they suck the best cock in itaewon, technique is down pat!..
    100.000 should have included sex...
    sorry Seoul, you get ripped!! she played you!
    the average price for BBBJ on the HIll is 40-60 and the girls know it!!!!
    never pay anymore it just adds to inflation!!!

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    I went to Itaewon tonight to visit the Venus club on the hill. Specifically, to check out whether Mindy really is "the best yet." She has a good sense of humor, a gamer's attitude, and really sucks the cock quite well. Wants too much money initially but the blowjob I received was definitely worth W100,000. I'll be back.

    She reads this board too.

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    Seoul Man,

    Things I don't like about Miari

    Dark, covered alleyways,

    Fishbowl point of purchase standard (as opposed to the individual windows 1,2,3 girls in each) makes meel feel uncomfortable, don't know why

    Standard of girl is lower, in my experience.

    Sex on a mat in a closet (Miari) vs. being in the girls bedroom (588). Lots of little personal effects, toys, pictures, etc make the experience nicer.

    While having food is good, seems a little inappropriate to me to suck down noodles late at night in a ***** corridor

    Having said that, I have had good experiences but it is low in my priority list.


    I'll qualify by saying that it has been awhile (1 year?) since I've been out there so things may have changed.

    I would consider 588 to have 2 main rows. One is wide and one is narrow. I say they are both Main because the quality is the same. I have been accepted numerous times in both, by the hottest ladies you will see. Of course, I've been rejected too but accepted more often than not.

    I've gone at all hours, can't really say when I've had the best experiences.

    Keys to success? First, I speak Korean. Second, I am young and attractive (don't mean movie star but well dressed, well groomed, fit, etc)

    Biggest key: DON'T shop too much. Many people will say "take your time, look around and choose the best." This works in Itaewon, where they are targeting foreigners, but not 588.

    I used to go and stroll up and down the rows, looking for the hottest chick. I figured, as long as I'm paying, I'm going all out. It is a luxury to be taken advantage of.

    Whoring in Korea is not a luxury and nobody looks at it this way. The girls will not respond well to you if they see you ogling past them more than once or twice. Look once and make a choice. Good memory is key, even if you've been drinking.

    This was told to me by one of the girls, she said "Nobody here wants to take you because they think you are too picky and a little creepy, perverted." Only because I walked through a couple times. Oh, these girls all know each other and the talk, from one house to the next. They will often switch houses as well so your favorite might be across the street.

    Of course, best way is to find a favorite and go back. I know we all like variety but I knew one that would throw freebies in, go two shots, bring a friend, etc just because she knew me.

    Korea girls often have either a curiosity or a distaste for foreign men. The also like simple "funniness." If you can capitalize on the curiosity and show some fun and humor in your approach,
    you'll probably have some good success.

    Pretty general stuff but hope this helps.

    game over

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    Seoulman "Hill topic"


    I understand what you are saying about the “Hill” but look if they set the prices there then they have to change the whole area.

    They would have to bring “A” row women in along with the pimps/muscle, change the look of the hill, put more restrictions on the people allowed in like the RLD, and most of the “A” row type girls would still have attitudes.

    The other bad deal would be that the negotiating would be limited for different services. See a lot of these places are giving almost free HJ’s and BJ’s (buy the drinks) deal. Like lighter9000 and I we negotiate are sex prices within our comfort level, where as if there are set prices we would be limited in negotiations. In the RLD’s even I can’t get much lower than the posted price where on the “Hill” there is better opportunities to get a freebie or a really discounted price. I don’t think that happens much in the RLD’s if at all unless your dropping some major $$$ consistently but even then it really is not a freebie because you have to continue to go back an spend a lot where as on the “Hill” you could probably swing into a deal with limited trips and softer on the wallet.

    The last point should also be recognized, if you set prices on all of this then you screw the end consumer “us”…it is exactly like the regulation and deregulation of certain goods and services except in this case there will not be price caps there will be price floors (minimums) on everything. So everyplace you go you will pay a higher expense, probably poorer quality, and poorer service because the drive for competition is hindered due to the lack of making extra money. That is also one reason RLD’s “A” row girls have crappy attitudes everything offered you can get for the same price 1 step away. You don’t see them rejoicing to any great level even when the Koreans come through. To them its just another 70,000 won with the same lousy percentage.

    Where on the “Hill” everything can be negotiated down. It is up to you and your negotiating ability to get what you want for the best price.

    I would like to address your “why hook theory”.
    1) Just because you may drop 10,000 – 20,000 won per drink doesn’t mean the woman receives a large percentage of that. Maybe 30% (just a guess) the rest goes to the house. Just for an example she will get 3,000 won ($2.50 USD) per each 10,000 ($8.30 USD) drink. She would have to sell 40 drinks at 10,000 won each just to earn $100.00 USD. Each girl would have to sell 40 drinks each just to earn that…. I don’t even see that much “people traffic” up there for them to sell that much each. Even on a payday weekend for the military or regular workers they don’t look that busy. I still see many of the women sitting in the doorways on the busiest weekends. That is why they hook… they are not making money if they don’t give up the kitty…that is what brings the customers back to the bar…mamasan has known this for hundreds of years and is probably being generous by even giving 30%.

    When is the last time you went to a place filled with women and came home that night saying “Wow!!! That was a great place to have a lot of fun blowing my money on women that I don’t know on overpriced drinks. What a bunch of swell ladies maybe I will go there every night and empty my wallet on them…it is better than getting laid”. Hopefully never, pussy hungry guys like us would never except that BS. We tend to go to places where the odds are in our favor on getting laid. Mamasan could careless what the girls are doing or what gets sold as long as she seems to get a cut of the money. On the other hand, the girls know that they not going to get squat unless they give up the kitty and stash some cash. It is no different than being a waitress in the states the principles are the same but the service is different. They get minimum wage per se for doing what they are doing all tips are extra.

    That is why they give up the kitty for us.

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    I was not insulted at all, constructive criticism, debate, and learning new ways is what this board is all about. I try not to be too cynical about this hobby and like to keep an open mind. My way may work or it may not for others…let me know if it is not so I can go tweak and make it better or patch the loopholes- It is geared for the person that wants to get the best bang for his buck…that can be objective or subjective. I merely think of sex in terms…free or not free (how much… the closer to free the happier), …the good, bad, and the ugly, and how much of it I can get.

    I tend to have a high sex drive…I have a wife, girlfriend(s), and still like to play with new or a variety of women. I really don’t need to go to RLD, HH, or MP. But the adventurous guy that I am, I just like to do it. Having obligations (home or corp.) like many others here you have to keep the expenses as low and discrete as possible to avoid questions and for the single guys to try and save money. And for the guys that seem to have bottomless bank accounts how about sharing the wealth…give us a high paying job or buy us all some tang don’t spoil the hookers.

    Lighter9000, I agree with you, for gems there are exceptions to the rule(s) especially when you break them…he, he, he. It still is an investment of some sort and as you are willing to pay extra for added comfort or security myself will analyze the comfort level… if it doesn’t feel right I walk. I take in consideration of my sexual needs as it arises. If my desires are getting met to my satisfaction then the less I spend now and use later. I love quality but I also need quantity (I try and maintain as close to high standards as possible, like the sign says “ no dogs allowed “ unless they have an awesome body then I can buy a bag to cover her head).

    Many areas all around Korea quote or charge different prices according to the situation. We can understand that…that is why I try to negotiate the lowest prices. I am getting more gems at a lower price that is all. The other point that I consider is the time value factor. Many of the women will limit your time or get in a rush (typical business sense) to make more from the next guy that walks in. For that reason I tend not to really part from my money so easy. It would be different if the women gave the same time and service for everyone however every man has their own time span and money controls the woman’s emotional greed so personal service doesn’t play a big part as the time does in the equation generally.

    Lastly, I do the math. At the prices we pay, these women/clubs are making a killing off our simple but great desires. Even at the lower rates that I have been paying lately. I am not sure what percentage the women get, but my guess is that if they just work there, they might only make maybe 30% (just a guess) of what they bring in off of drinks. Anything behind the curtain or in a booth, well probably only a portion of that is getting disclosed, the other tucked, and she gets the kickback of the regular percentage amount of the disclosed portion. If she takes you to her place she may get all…but I am unsure with the break down for these women. It would be interesting to know.

    Like my example, even for the average 15 minute fling in the booth at the discounted price of 50,000 won is still 200,000 won (approx. $160 USD) per hour. Double it if your paying 100,000 = 400,000 won (approx. $320 USD) per hour. Even if you average it through the busy and slow times, the suckers and the discount shoppers, and the club percentage and the private entertainment at her home/hotel/other, it is still likely to be close to 200,000 – 260,000 per hour on average when they are working. So they are still making money. I am basing these figures solely upon what I think they are charging the average guy I have no data to back it up other than my personal experience and what has been stated on forum boards.

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    Game over..

    A few questions if you don't mind..

    miari, why don't you like it???

    588 , ok you have been offered sex there, was it the A row entrance to the redlight. cars, girls, people!!! or was it in the side streets , how many times have you been refused?... how offen do you go? do you always get laid when you go?
    have you been refused? what times do you go??
    main road I find impossible..especially near the front entrance, too many eyes, and the girls couldn't lower themselves in front of the sisters by taking us... and too many koreans tell me your secret..cheers

  12. #122
    aight, nothing personal against the people on this forum, I didn't mean to stir up some controversy. I guess you are right, people have differernt tastes. Robert Deniro only goes after black girls and all you guys are into chinky *****s. I aint got no problem with that. It's all cool. But man, If I were a chinkity gooky nigga as someone suggested, I'd probably be scared to look in the mirror.

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    I know this si the Seoul forum, but I'm new to this site and asked at the other places formum about Kunsan. If anyone could give me some info I would appreciate it. I will be there in March and heard that many places there are off limits to military. How are the prices, where are theplaces and what are the races of the girls. I'm looking for filipinas. Thanks.

  14. #120
    I've been a lurker for awhile and now my first post. Send you welcomes to me at your leisure.

    I've been a participant in the Seoul game for about 6 years, with quite a bit of experience under my belt. I have gone through my psychological ups and downs with my attitude toward the scene and my own participation in it. I've come to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with it, legally or ethically, and have decided to come out and participate to share and leard with other fellow hounds.

    To get started, my comments on the recent messages:

    Someone questioned a foreigner getting into the A rows (I believe there are two of these) I've been many times, never more than 70,000. Quoted 200 once, I turned and walked, she called back at 70. Skip the ajumas but there are gems to be found in the side streets.

    Agree that most A rows won't go, or are really expensive. Did get lucky one morning aroun 8AM for 50 on the A row, and she was a 12!!! Only once. Yongsan is usually not worth the time.

    Never a problem but I don't like the place.

    Itaewon HH:
    This place really depends on your mood. If you are looking for just sex, go ahead and negotiate down as low as possible, skip the drinks and whatever. Go straight for it.

    I personally find it quite enjoyable to sit in the bar, play around a little (or alot), buy a couple drinks (her and me, sometimes others), and prowl the neighborhood. Money is not an issue with me. If I'm going to HH, I plan on spending a bit. Luckily, very rarely has this been exploited by any of the girls.

    Sex in the bar/booths is fun, unless the girl keeps looking around. I make a point of getting the girl naked as soon as possible to discourage gettting up for more drinks or talking with mamasan. Once they are in the buff for awhile, they seem to relax a little. If not, move on.

    I've had my favorites over the years and some of them have come in surprising places. Check around and you might be surprised. Some of my favorites were good for sex, some for other pleasures, some wouldn't do much, and one actually wouldn't do hardly anything. Depends on the mood. I knew one chick who was actually a owner/manager of a place that would hang out, have a few drinks and gropes, then kick me out the door to get laid someone else. Pretty hot, too.

    My advice, spend some time, stroll around, have a few drinks if need be in various places.

    If all fails, get to everyone's old standby, the Tiger Tavern. Blowjobs guaranteed, without asking and no extra charge other than drinks. If you want more, don't believe what they say, it IS available in the bar.

    I'm curious as to everyone's favorites. Can this list be started?

  15. #119
    you have been to seognam, youngsan, and 588..
    have you been laid???

    well I don't know you, but I could guess the A row girls are not even looking at you!..
    and 588, the only girls that will shagg for korean prices, are the Ajumas, at the end of the street, you been shagging them>>>??
    the other girls at 588, charge 120.000 for 15 minutes..or around that..some girls there yes will shagg you for 70.000 the korean price, a diamond in the rough...
    youngsan, depends I guess, but the A row girls, noway!!
    seougnam, be care there are many gangstars patroling around there, and they don't like foriegners, so I guess you didn't get laid either...

    ITAEWON..think about..if a hooker on the hill can get 20.000won for a lady drink, where she might just talk to you, or play with your cock, then you buy another drink she will wank it, and let you fool around on her tites, then another drink, now we got 60.000 she might give you some finger action...
    so the average consumer, first, novice hooker hill walker, I.E average JOE, the normal customer, the girls are making this, so why should they fuck you for 50-80,000 seems not worth it for them..If I was a hooker I wouldnt do it, I would be looking for the next fat businessman to buy a lady drink that lasts 3 minutes!!!

    of course you get lucky, she will BBBJ for 40.000 finish you off etc...

    ok the quote of 150- 300 IS A FUCKING JOKE!!
    the reason why they do it, is because they have learned of expense accounts, rich businessman who make 20G'S a month.they don't care about 200bucks for a shagg for a korean girl while on business its a novelty for them, or 300.000 won expense account, fuck blow it all...
    these people are making it harder on us, the poeple that live here.
    sure we don't want to pay 300 for a shagg, not even 100
    we want to pay 70.000 like the koreans who are fucking the A row big bust, tall slender arrogant looking korean girls...
    we want what they've got!!!!.

    the hill is a rip off, they see us as hard up foreigners, with money
    they are rude, and if you say no, they just walk back inside...
    I mean why is it that all redlight districts in seoul for koreans have prices on the door, 70 cash, 80 card, or 60 70 what ever
    but hooker hill does not have prices, if they did they would get action...set prices for BBBJ..set prices for sex..I mean they love the 20.000 for a drink price!!! what a fucking rip off that is...
    in KOREA!! man....
    still roomsalons are over priced too...
    there is sex to be had on the hill, depends on the day, the girl, the time,,,the mood, I have been quoted all kinds of shit, they just make it up once they see you..just like korean retailers!!!
    HJ=40.000 BBBJ=80.000 SEX =150.000
    fuck that!!! for 150.000 I want her all night!!!!!
    not 20 minutes!!!!

    I have been to seognam, no luck there, I was not to agressive, I wait for them to call me.,they no call I just walk, been there twice, no action...

    youngsan, been there twice, again no action, I was only interested in the A row girls, they were not having any part of me, they even told my korean friend to tell me no foreigners!!!
    the back row girls, were calling, ,but no thanks...

    588 been there a few times, sometimes had luck, a row girls on the side roads, very attractive, tall slender, big tits etc..
    she said I come in...I was shocked!!!!
    more offers came from non main drag girls..I mean main drag is the entrance, where they have booths on each side, heaps of action, many people, cars, etc...
    I doubt any foreigner will get laid there!!
    had a few offers in 588 the same price..70.000 others quoted me 120.000, and some said when asked about forigners, they told us to go to the Ajumasm they do foreigners...
    I just laugh at her, and said " no! you fuck Adusi I no fuck Ajuma!..
    walked past the Ajumas on the way out,,JESUS HELP US!!!!
    other times have been refused by the ones we want!!!

    miari, well it deoends there too, some times they are kind, other times they don't even look at you..depends on the mammasans I guess, but the ones we are offered, are pretty fucking bad!!!
    well bad whats bad, two tits a hole and heart beat!
    what else you want!!,,naaa the girls are alright there I guess..
    different kind of breed though compared to their sisters at 588, maybe the clothes, maybe the style, just they seem more depressed there! sitting on the floor waiting...where 588 its action they are hanging out the doors, grabbing people, calling out to OPPA!!

    man this is getting as long as slowN easy messages..

    better end it now on a positive note!!
    thank god for THAILAND!!!

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