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    Quote Originally Posted by AsiaFever  [View Original Post]
    From Line messaging it seems she moved to Nangang now (Kunyang MRT).
    Ah OK. Thank you. Based on my message it looks like the board doesn't show Chinese characters so I'll have to figure it out. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TmBenson8  [View Original Post]
    What is the Chinese word for Nuru? I tried & which gives a result, but the price point doesn't match and there isn't a LINE ID. And, unfortunately, lots of Googling didn't turn up a translation.
    From Line messaging it seems she moved to Nangang now (Kunyang MRT).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumagawa  [View Original Post]
    Think they changed the policy because I still can't PM.

    To make things easier for everyone look up the word when searching in the zhonghe area. You should only get 5 results (as of the current time of posting). The LINE ID ends on 5478 so that's how you know you have the right one.
    What is the Chinese word for Nuru? I tried & which gives a result, but the price point doesn't match and there isn't a LINE ID. And, unfortunately, lots of Googling didn't turn up a translation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optional  [View Original Post]
    I know that the underground massage places such as Pandora or Crystal Flower are still requiring a QR code scan to enter, so I'm still a bit apprehensive about that. But what about the thai / viet JKF girls who use private "studio"/ apartments and hotel rooms? Do you guys think it's safe to go back to those places now that Covid regulations are relaxing?
    Can someone describe these two places?

    I've been going frequently to one place that sounds like it might be one of these two with great girls and excellent service (if you know who to go with). It's underground, B1, very close to the Showtime cinemas on Linsen North road. If I knew the name, I'm happy to leave reviews.

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    Railroad street Keelung

    Quote Originally Posted by WindAngel  [View Original Post]
    It is near the train station. Look for Long An Street. It will be easier to find at night but it may be all closed now because the lack of business due to Covid.
    You're looking for the section of the very long Longan street between two hotels: Jinhwa and Dahua. Both used for short time stay NT300.

    Located on the southwesterly extensions of Ai 1st (Aiyi) and Ai 3rd (Aisan) road beyond the busy traffic on Ren 5th (Renwu) road which crosses both, also serving as provincial road number 2.

    Find the nearest OK Mart on Chenggong 1st road. Just steps beyond it is an unmarked dimly lit covered lane, before the railroad crossing and parallel to the tracks. It may look closed, but with shared CCTV your presence will be visible inside, doors will crack open. A rushed time at NT1200 on basic mats. Longan street at NT1000 with its rusted cages looks closed at present.

    How to get there.

    By train at the next to last stop (5 minute walk):

    From Sankeng station it is easiest to find. Follow the long covered walkway parallel to the tracks to the end at Jing 1st road, the 'lane' is immediately to your left. This is why it is associated with the railroad, but it is not a street, it is not even on the map.

    Should you continue after the corner with Longan street on your left you'll end up at the Night market halfway on Ai 3rd, open 24/7 worth a visit.

    By train or bus at the last stop (15 minute walk):

    From Keelung station South or the bus drop-off point, walk along Zhong 1st (Zhongyi) road.

    First up is Ai 1st under the highway flyover, keep following its direction, cross the main roads.

    If you continue to Ai 3rd you will see McDonald's, turn right, keep going southwest and halfway pass the Night market at the corner of Ren 3rd (Rensan) road, cross Ren 5th (Renwu) road.

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    Belated reviews

    So, this will be the first of several reviews that I meant to post prior to covid lockdown in May. This one is a warning to avoid. So, I came across a sponsored post on instagram advertising massage. The profile name is that of a girls name starting with "J" and ending in "O", with many pictures of a hot young Taiwanese girl. I message her and she claims to be the one in the pictures and quotes me 2500 (or 2700) for massage. This rate is common and usually includes a happy ending for no additional fee. I went to their location which was a large 2 F storefront near the intersection of Nanjing E Rd and Xinsheng S Rd. At the entrance, couple guys behind the counter asked for my ID, who referred me and then took my phone to delete my instant messages with this "girl". The facility is fairly clean, much better than any of the Viet massage places. I shower, wear the little black paper undie, and lie face down. The girl who was messaging me then walks in. She's a girl about 30 ish but clearly not the one in the pictures. She has an ok face and a little overweight by Taiwan standards, but nevertheless I move forward with the session. So we start the massage, and then she starts trying to upsell me different packages that they offer. Something about foam baths and other services I don't understand. Tries to sell me a multiple session package in the tens of thousands. I keep insisting I just want the massage session that I was there for, but she kept pushing and did not relent. At this point, I was lying naked with oil on my body in a shady atmosphere and felt a little threatened, so I finally agreed to this special service at 6 k. She said that this would include a return visit with her. So, I pay her the 6 k (in addition to the 2.5 k at the door). She goes and gets some grainy soapy heat foam, and starts washing my lower body with it. This goes on for about 15 minutes after which she uses hot towels to wipe everything off. At that point, she said ok, we're done. There was no happy ending at all, and she stayed fully clothed the entire time. Then she gave me a handwritten card that stated I could go back for a second session as long as I paid the door fee. I cut my losses and tossed this card. If anyone comes across this Instagram profile that directs you to a second floor location near that intersection (north side of Nanjing east Road), avoid, avoid, avoid.

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    Five Wood Ladies

    Hey all, I recently managed to have the luck to stumble across a blogpost on JKF which compiles all the diary entries (entries made by users in great detail posted on each user's profile page) of all the girls in the five wood area. The diary entries basically explains each girl's pros and cons in detail and is a great point of reference when choosing a girl in that area.

    Obviously all entries are in Chinese, so if you can't read Chinese or operate JKF I can't help you. Let me know if you'd like to see the compilation post.

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    3 is greater than 2

    I enjoy a bit more attention than just one lovely lady, and prefer 2+ friends. Usually that itch is scratched in the wonderful fishbowls of Singapore, Macau, or the Philippines. Unfortunately due to covid, this kind of travel has been curtailed. I haven't had much luck in partaking in this guilty pleasure in Taiwan. The girls are either too shy, the location doesn't fit such activities, or just not enough girls are working at that time. I had a little luck at Dubai KTV in Tainan, but that was hit or miss. One wonderful session with 2 energetic ladies, but several more with some shy birds. (One wanted to hide in the bathroom while the other was doing her thing.) In Taipei, I've tried several recommended massage shops, the ktvs on lisen, and even looking to taxi drivers for advise on where to go, with no luck. I haven't gotten any line contacts due to my only phone being a work phone. Anyone have luck in finding threesomes in Taipei?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabasco72  [View Original Post]
    Any info about BDSM provider in Taipei? I know some ladies post on twitter but it's a bit hard to communicate with them.


    T. 72.
    Go look at the fetish life website, there are some ladies offering services there.

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    BDSM service in Taipei

    Any info about BDSM provider in Taipei? I know some ladies post on twitter but it's a bit hard to communicate with them.


    T. 72.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiaolong908  [View Original Post]

    How much longer will this QR code scanning go on we think? How thoroughly do the establishments enforce it?
    The QR codes will stay with us forever. I'm gravely serious with that thought.

    T. 72.

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    QR codes?

    New to the forum, hopefully share some reports soon once I get my own place and do some exploring (of places reported and unreported). I had luck here a decade ago in a few massage parlors even some that appeared legit (consistent customer and speaking Mandarin helped a lot) but looking to do a lot more this stay. Would like to figure out JKF at least.

    How much longer will this QR code scanning go on we think? How thoroughly do the establishments enforce it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldHickory  [View Original Post]
    Yup, and it's been posted and reviewed on before here. Go out the Landis Hotel, cross the street to the Family Mart, then cross the street again and head south. About 3 blocks down there's a supermarket and two MPs right next to each other. Don't go in the first, go in the second, and enjoy.

    Yeah I have been to both of those as well, and prefer the first one. The second one I always got rushed treatment, and the last time I went (which was the last time I went there) she was done with the massage in 15 minutes even though it was an hour booking.

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    Re: AsiaFever

    Quote Originally Posted by AsiaFever  [View Original Post]
    Sounds fantastic. Is it a normal walkup MP?
    Yup, and it's been posted and reviewed on before here. Go out the Landis Hotel, cross the street to the Family Mart, then cross the street again and head south. About 3 blocks down there's a supermarket and two MPs right next to each other. Don't go in the first, go in the second, and enjoy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by OldHickory  [View Original Post]
    With COVID-19 wreaking havoc among the Taiwanese over the past few months, things finally have settled down. Secure in my Pfizer BNT injection several weeks ago, awaiting the booster but seemingly in the free and clear, I was waiting for an opportunity to check out the old Viet hangouts. This place has been reported on several times in the past, and seemed like the right place to begin another series of reports, and to rebuild my connections. Additionally, the Taiwanese Government has issued an $5000 NTD stimulus package (coupons of a sort), and now the opportunity arose to stimulus my own package.

    I have only had a poor encounter once out of the many times at this particular location. I was curious to see if it would continue to be as stimulating as past encounters, and the absolute chaos of walking in without any predetermined number in mind was enticing enough to finally make the attempt. I happened to be in that area of the city anyways, having to talk to an HSBC representative about Global Banking, and as I was walking south from the Jilin Minquan intersection I had an interesting side encounter.

    Talking on the phone was an older lady, likely late 40's something you would see in the circle of ladies near Longshan Temple. Her hair was dyed a shiny bronze, but it wasn't until I was approximately 20 m away I realized that she was completely out of place. As I was about to step past, she stopped talking on the phone, and said in English "500 dollars, ok?

    To which I responded with a surprised "Shen me?

    She then returned to her phone conversation without any more attention to me. This was broad daylight, approximately 1500 on Jilin Road, just south of the Jilin / Minquan intersection. The possibility of streetwalkers moving into other areas is fascinating, and definitely requires more research. But enough with this digression, on to the session.

    I entered, and was greeted by the same super-hot MILF as in years past (is it just me or is she super hot because she's unobtainable?) and asked her directly if they accepted the coupons as provided by the stimulus from the Taiwanese government. She said yes, but I wouldn't be able to receive change if I were to use the larger bills. No problem, I covered the extra 100 NTD from my pocket. She took me into the waiting area to have a seat and change shoes, at which point she mentioned that they have a LINE agent and asked if I had their LINE contact. I responded that I did not, but I didn't have my phone available, and would add at another time.

    I'd like to point out at this part of the report that communication was completely done in Chinese. I know that lots of you brothers out there don't have a working knowledge of Chinese, but many of the encounters I have had in the past have been Chinese boosters, and I don't mind paying a little extra to have my own Chinese class in my own way. Please, if you don't speak / read / write Chinese and attempt to enter the Red Light Areas, do be extra polite.

    If you don't speak Chinese. I would like to stress the Mandarin Training Center's at Shida University (National Taiwan Normal University) as a way to reach conversational Chinese in a matter of months in their intensive program for a nominal fee (check the National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center website for details).

    Date & Time of Session: 10/13/2021.

    Location: Massage Shop south of the Landis Hotel at the intersection of Jilin and Minquan East Road.

    Name: #33.

    Link: via Line but no online link available.

    Agent: no name because it's the Massage House's Line connection.

    Nationality & Language: Vietnamese, conversation was in Chinese.

    Age: mid 30's early 40's.

    Face: 7.

    Body: 9.

    Height: approximately 160 cm.

    Skill: 10.

    Service: 10.

    GFE: 5.

    PSE: 8.

    Price & Session Length: 1300 to the House, 2000 to the lady.

    Repeat: Absolutely.

    I waited a moment and the MILF motioned me upstairs calling out "Let me choose one for your massage." I began to rise the steep steps (steeper than I remember. Is this the Stairway to Heaven?) and at the top was a cute little smile in a ravishing red dress. She asked me in thinly accented Chinese why I was so dressed up (remember to suit up if you're going to have financial conversations in Taiwan. You'll not only get better service, you'll get them jumping and anxious) and I replied that it was part of my job. She invited me to take a shower and went to get me a cup of tea while I undressed and toweled up. There was no shower in this room.

    Side analysis of this situation suggests that I was placed in a holding area to make sure that I was "OK" - IE not a threat, nor LE or whatever other problem. The girls all talk, and she asked pointed questions as to my location, whether I was vaccinated, etc. All throughout the massage. Knowing this, I made sure to give clear and concise information so that it would get passed among the rest of the workers.

    At a certain point in the massage, right before the application of the hot towels, the feeling of the massage girl completely changed, as she was fake playful before, but now became bubbly and alive. She never reached into the sensual bag, but instead more towards the girl next door working girl, which was appreciated by myself. Upon reflection, it was likely at this moment that the MILF or someone else in the house recognized me as a foreigner who often used to visit and would generously contribute for services rendered. I was waiting for this personality shift, and was glad for it.

    On the flip, she became playful, and I became direct. "There's 2000 on the counter, I'd like everything on the menu" or something to that extent. She considered for half a moment, and then agreed. There was no negotiation. The sex itself wasn't memorable but she did have an amazingly sweet smell as we came closer in contact, especially her hair. No smell of smoke or anything, just drifts of sweet, sugary, goodness. After the deal was made, all options were available, and I laid her down for a good licking, which she seemed to enjoy, but ended up being a bad idea (she became extremely sensitive). In any case, a good bit of return service for her would pay dividends later, and this was the case indeed. She clasped me, made all the right movements, rode me hungrily, and I held back. She had incredible skill but wasn't able to quite tip me over. Which is typically the case because of medications and condom use.

    I assured her, orgasm or not, the money is hers, and she set her chin, and was determined to get me off. Which was delightful for me. Finding good providers that can unlock the door to non-ejaculatory orgasms is a must for me, and this one -- this one has some skill. She edged me and edged me and edged me, eventually bringing me not only to the brink, but actually caused a first for me.

    This girl not only made me ejaculate, but she kept manipulating me and caused me to squirt. Mind-blowingly painful and inexplicably pleasurable, just like out of an AV, she caused me to squirt onto myself, and didn't stop until I was done. Yeah, I know, disgusting. But holy shit, I was lost in complete and utter bliss for the entire end of the encounter. Rocked by such an orgasmic experience I lost my ability to communicate in Chinese, and she collected her fee, and let herself out.

    I was laid out completely drained. Approximately 30 minutes later, I entered the shower, redressed, and headed downstairs, expecting to have to pay a fee for going overtime. No fee was collected, the MILF let out an emphatic "Bye bye! I determined that I would return again soon, either for this vixen or to taste other fruit, fresh from the vine.

    So, brothers, if you are polite and or Chinese speaking, I implore you to visit this house where there was no time kept, the women are experienced and service-oriented, and the price is reasonable. #33 told me directly that the entire staff is currently Vietnamese, and that was music to my ears. On my way out, I should mentioned that I saw a girl from a previous report of mine, where there was no connection, and I recognized her immediately (meaning that some of the old faces at this particular house are likely still at work). As always, if you have any questions, feel free to add them in the comments. Happy hunting brothers, I have found what I have been looking for, at least for now.

    Sounds fantastic. Is it a normal walkup MP?

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