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    Quote Originally Posted by Macau81  [View Original Post]
    I got a contact from optional and tried it. Contacted through line and it was Chinese only. I didn't look through all the girls and just let them recommend for me.

    Getting there was pretty easy. Once you're there a guy will ask you what you're doing there and look at your phone. Then they let you in. While waiting for my girl I saw other guys choosing from a line up.

    Anyways, I got a 26 yr old girl named (xiao wei). She's a slender girl with see cup tits. AFAIK they were real. Pretty face. I'the give her about a 7/10. It starts off with a very mediocre massage and cat bath. Then comes the flip and it's more catbath and mediocre massage. Next is the upgrade. I can choose BJ or FS. I was tired so I went with BJ and asked for BBBJ. She inspected my dick and said you look clean and then started. She started with ball licking. It was meh. Then she started sucking only the head and even that was meh. In between her sucking she would jerk me off. Eventually I finished, but she would not allow CIM..
    At optional.

    Hey guys, could you share the location please? It won't let me pm you guys. However I'll contribute my xp in Taipei thus far.

    Visited a spa on kangding on a tip from a user here (I'd mention you but forgot which post it was from:

    It's across from hwa nan bank and hard to miss.

    1200-1300 ntd entrance fee. Led upstairs by a lady telling me to wait in one of the rooms. After 10 minutes or so the masseuse came in. Apparently a viet lady around late 30's or early 40's. Decent natural tits decent body face not that good but passable. Told me to take a shower which I did separately so no shower service.

    Massage itself was OK but she was quite strong and a bit rough. Pretty decent amount of "teasing" but it's not the typical teasing but rather touching of the down under. Wasn't even sure if anything was going to happen but it did. Around 40 min in, told me to flip, started massaging down under at which point I asked for BBBJ and she complied after agreeing on a price. With some body language, attempted to sign CIM which worked. Came pretty quickly unfortunately and she took it all in (spit in shower). Showered again by myself and went about my way. Asked the front desk lady about monthly rent since I was curious.

    All in all, I may repeat but there's other places I'd like to try for younger girls. Was supposed to be 2 hrs but really around 1-1. 5.

    Second xp is with a provider I found from Google. Advertised was a young middle aged lady with the cups, but obviously pics are misleading or entirely fake (face wasn't shown). Booked a hotel nearby (didn't know there's walking option which would've cut the price by half). Msg provider and girl came in about 40 min. She was pushing 40's for sure if not mid 40's. Not the best body typical middle age women body so didn't arouse me at all. Provider stated I can send girl back but it was getting late so fuck it. She was near A cup maybe be at most. Showered me, thoroughly cleaned, started BBBJ in the shower. More BBBJ on bed and mish and dog. This was CFS. Asked if CIM girl wanted extra 1 k. Oh and she wanted 4 k payment upfront which I complied.

    Came a bit quickly yet again unfortunately as she was not into it at all and showed frustration and attitude which turned me off. Cut my losses and part out ways once finished. No shower service at the end. She was gone in <30 min. Would not repeat at all.

    I'd avoid these providers unless you got a solid contact or a recommendation from a fellow monger.

    Hopefully you guys can rec me some other ones. Might check out other spots if Macao / optional can share. Might try jilin road place or Caesar or 105 nanjing east. Or lst alley. Mainly looking for cute young girls with assets and BBBJ CIM.

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    Service in Taipei.


    I am looking for full night service in Taipei.

    Does anyone knows how much it costs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesGuess  [View Original Post]
    Will be visiting Taipei next week. Are there any strip clubs here? Which MP to visit for extras?
    There are strip clubs in the form of adult KTV. Services depends on the club, but you can budget around 6-10 K NTD per person for three hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vocal14  [View Original Post]
    I'the like to begin by thanking Willytp (6136) and Asiafever (6130) for their reports regarding the Xidu spa. Number 38) sauna. It was my first night in Taipei so I entered with some trepidation. I went downstairs and took my shoes and socks off. I was given a locker key and told to strip off. I then felt a sense of isolation. I entered the wash area, but had no idea what to do. I washed them wandered around the facilities and some old guys told me what to wear. I came to this restaurant so I thought the game was over. I looked at the menu thinking I may as well have a beer. Suddenly this lady appeared and asked me if I wanted a "special massage". Naturally I consented and she took me to this side room behind a secure door. Luckily for me this lady spoke Japanese so it made things easy for me. She explained the pricing then took me to one of the private rooms. The epitome of sleazy Asian mongering (dim lights, leopard skin). I waited a couple of minutes not knowing what to expect. The knock came and a rather plumpish middle aged lady, not unattractive in and of herself, appeared but whom I ultimately declined. I waited another couple of minutes wondering if I could expect better or worse..
    I must know who she is!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socalimp  [View Original Post]
    Damage was Fifteen plus. 5 Tip.
    What currency is this in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socalimp  [View Original Post]
    Walking around and found the alley near LST, but noticed there was quite a few mongers waiting so decided to hit the spot between the alley and 85 c.

    There were a few decent girls standing and picked a Thai girl.

    Damage was Fifteen plus. 5 Tip.

    All positions, BBBJ BBFS CIP.

    Would recommend and will return tomorrow.

    Love Taiwan.

    Could you help me find the location? I couldn't been there twice now.

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    Will be visiting Taipei next week. Are there any strip clubs here? Which MP to visit for extras?

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    KangDang 85 c.

    Walking around and found the alley near LST, but noticed there was quite a few mongers waiting so decided to hit the spot between the alley and 85 c.

    There were a few decent girls standing and picked a Thai girl.

    Damage was Fifteen plus. 5 Tip.

    All positions, BBBJ BBFS CIP.

    Would recommend and will return tomorrow.

    Love Taiwan.

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    Was in tpe for the weekend and tried a new place.

    They said I needed to show 2 forms of ID for being my 1st time. They just looked at it and that was it. They also asked for my phone number.

    Since it was my 1st time only half service was offered at 2300.

    They showed me 1 girl and she was not MCOT. Immediately they showed me a group of 5 and none of them looked that good. They looked to be around 30's. I picked a slim one, but noticed she wasn't smiling or even facing me. FML I made a rookie mistake.

    I get led into another room and I shower alone. She comes in and seemed friendly. After she heard my accent, she seemed to be even friendlier and smiled throughout the session. The massage was OK and I may have even dozed off.

    Then comes the flip and she has her top off. Severely disappointed with her tits. They were a bit smaller than As. They were not ez to play with. Dress was too tight to get to her pussy so I just left it. I'll have to say that she gave one of the best HJ I've ever had and I think I jizzed a crap load. She said I almost blasted her and even asked if I hadn't cummed in awhile. After the cleanup I notice that this girl has really nice legs.

    After I leave the agent calls me and says next time FS is available. I'm not sure if I'll use this agent again since the girls were meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaiomatic  [View Original Post]
    Do not go to the tea shops. Tea shops are the ones directly off the main night market. As noted in post 167, you will be ripped off and leave angry / disgusted. The last few posts about last are about an area about a block or two away from the night market. The flats used are regular clean places and nothing like the photo in post 167. If at any time, someone is using high pressure tactic and physically pulling you into a shop, then it's probably a disgusting tea shop. Leave.
    Where are these flats you speak of? I don't see any talk about flats in the last few pages. Looking for advice on where to go in Taipei for nice beautiful natural looking Asian ladies in Taipei. Might check out the alley but any leads on flats or escorts? Saw a few massage posts too so I might try those.

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    Tea shop.

    I have been scammed a few times so I am quite familiar with the games they are playing.

    I occasionally will stop to chat with them, and may go into the shop just for the fun of it. I always ask to pay after. I have them agree to a list of things so it is difficult for them to scam me. I rejected 90% the girls coming to my room so they won't be able to charge me. They do have a few prettier ones as baits but I don't care, and I just do what I want to which is part of the agreement. After a while, they will show me pictures of their sisters, cousins and roommates to try to get my business so they can scam me. It is kind of fun to see their frustration. I don't live in Taiwan but I grew up here. It will be difficult for non native speakers to do what I did.

    If you have not been to the older buildings, that means you still have a lot to explore. The price are all the same, 1500 for 15 to 20 minutes. The least amount I have paid is 1300. Not all girls will watch time but I notice many Taiwanese girls will set alarm on the phone. The girls managed by older woman usually don't watch the clock, and the older woman usually don't enforce the time either. I know because the older woman replied to me that the time did not matter when I asked. I take it that means 15 to 30 minutes will be fine.

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    Taiwan trip

    In Cebu now. Just finished Taipei trip. Have passed through many times but never stayed there.

    Hotel- Highly recommend Sunrise business hotel very close to Taipei main station. Got it on Agoda around $60 a night. Got a room on the 10 floor. Spacious, clean, bathtub.

    Taipei Main Station is a confusing place to see the least. But there are maps on the wall everywhere and all have English signs. Transportation to anywhere by Train, subway, bus is excellent. Night market food is excellent although caused me acidity.

    Sightseeing is like mini China. Having lived in China did not impress me much. China is a larger scale and much prettier.

    Girls are a mix of bordering ugly to fairly pretty. Plenty of very pretty Korean girls visiting. Seems like Koreans are everywhere. Tried contacting online without much success. Even Philippine and Indonesia workers are scared to meet you for some reason.

    Had two Philippine girls lined up before going. One dropped out after me saying I am just there for company and fun and the other wanted $300 US dollar per day. Unlike Hong Kong where girls are open for fun. All of them hang out on Sundays at the main station. They are all in groups exchanging chit chat. I guess that is their day off. Talked to a very pretty Muslim Indonesia girl but very shy and no go. Went to a small massage place and got a HJ to release pressure. No offer of FS. Expensive.

    Taiwan is not a mongers destination IMHO.

    Since I was going to a mongers paradise that is Philippines it is no loss. Three girls from DIA staying with me two nights each. Will post experience and hopefully some pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WindAngel  [View Original Post]

    These are pictures some of the more nasty ST places I visited at LST. These are in old apartment buildings.
    My god, that looks disgusting!. The floor and tub looks rife with bacterial diseases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsiaFever  [View Original Post]
    The laws are still the same, but it is now common practice for the courts / police to send any legal violations that a foreigner does to the Ministry of Labour. Before it only ended up there for high level incidents like drugs or the like, but for the last year or so they have been sending almost everything through. MOL has a very low tolerance and will cancel your work permit, regardless if you are willing to pay the fine.
    I see. Is it because of the new government?

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