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    I'll be in Taipei next week for a few days, but with precious little time for fun. Fortunately, I'll then spend the weekend at my favorite playground in the world: DongGuan, PRC. Not many places better than there for the 3Gs: golf, gambling and girls! My kind of place.

    If I have any time to spare in Taipei, I'll check out some other places. But, most likely I'll only have time to return to some old haunts to check out new faces. I'll keep the brothers posted here.

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    Bros, Taichung was no fun. I got stuck with lots of work and only visited an old bathhouse with regular goodies. Nothing special althought girls tends to be younger in Taichung.

    Back to Tpe. now and looking for my friends to take me on new ventures. Will post any new findings.

    Keep on banging!

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    Yeah right tomcat, think harder! Don't recalled if you were punhole fucked ......... Trotter, better me then you?? Come on bros, am I the only one hung out to dry here .......

    Anyway, last night I had fun. My local friend knows this out call place where a call placed, within 40mins a pussy will show up at your front door. I was told mostly mainland chinese and some local.

    We checked into a motel which costs NT$880/2hr. then a girl name Ki Ki or Kitty showed up. Face 7, tits (mine were bigger), and body of 9. Her ass was incredibly balanced and luscious. All curvatures well crafted with just perfect amount of body fat.

    Showered (together) BBBJ then she was ready to ride me. (NO CONDOM) That turned me off a little in which I just told her to keep on sucking. Of course the ultimate accomplishment was achieved and showered (together) and left.

    Overall economic breakdown. Room $880, fuck (in my case suck) $5,000 comes to grand total $5,880. Not cheap but not bad either. The locals they charge only $3,500 to $4,000 to which I ask my local friend next time tell them I'll only stick it in halfway so charge me the fucking same as the locals please.

    Going to TaiChung today and I know lots of places there. BTW, nice job Trotter, a Taipei KTV girl with you for 2 days away trip. Must cost ya arm and leg to do that!

    Keep on banging bros.

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    Nice report, BFD! Better you than me! Yes, there are plenty of very hot, young babes at JingHua. You just need to ask for one. Since most foreigners cannot speak Mandarin and Americans are known for wanting a gal with big boobs... well, that's when 007 shows up. I got her my first time there as well because I specifically asked for some nice knockers. Since then I've gotten more particular in my requests, and the girls get better and better.

    Regarding airport hotels and places to visit in TaoYuan and ChungLi... I don't recommend staying at any airport hotel. They all suck! You'd do much better to find a decent hotel in TaoYuan (not easy to find, though, since there aren't too many). I've never stayed there, so I can't recommend any. I did have a great room at a nearby golf club called Sunrise (Yang2Sheng1). It's a beautiful golf course with about 50 rooms, plus several restaurants, bowling alley, etc. In fact, when I last stayed there a few years ago I took a young girl from a Taipei KTV to stay there with me. We had a fantastic time for two nights and days playing golf together (she actually wasn't too bad), going to the health club and playing in our room the rest of the time. You might want to check it out. It's located about 20 minutes from the airport. Remember, you'll need to go into TaoYuan to find some action (sorry, no suggestions), and then bring someone back with you if she strikes your fancy.

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    Hey, Trotter:

    Thank s for the info. Any recommendations for TaoYuan or Chunli? What are the going rates?

    Where do you recommend I stay around the airport?

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    Hey there. I was in Taipei back in 2000 and I was taken to a red light district in the Hsih men ding area. Does anyone know if that area still exists? And if so where is it because I seem to have forgotten. Also, is the action in Taipei completely dead? Are there any more In Call houses / establishments that one can go to? Thanks

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    I almost fell off my chair laughing as I read your review. You, my friend, are more forthcoming than I in reporting what happened on that table. Seems we both had 007. I think all us foreigners are pawned off on her. I had an almost identical experience as you but I don't recall getting fisted by her.

    Her massage was a 7 I would say on technique but that hot oil on my ass, balls and johnson was increible. Never have I been put doggy style for the hr but it was awesone. Her face was maybe an 8 but the rest would not be so generous. After she finished the milking she expertly put on a condom ( I would recommend your own next time...found the ones they had put somewhat of a chokehold on me). Of course after the milking I was in no position to releses right away (miss the good old days). When I was leaving the room a young, hot thing was going into a neighboring room so I know there are other babes available.

    All for one, one for all.


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    Trotter is right. Jing Hua was as described. Clean, nice, and full amenities. I had my usual cup of HOT tea, dunno why after a 100 degree bathing people still drink hot tea. Anway as I was looking for something cold to drink the mamasan brought over a cup of 7up to me. With my masterful Mandarin we communicated and I could not understand a fucking thing she is saying but able to follow her into the secret door. Number 007 showed up. Forgot her name but she was well racked with a little bit of sag. Mid 30s with face 8, tits 7, and body 5. Nice massage technique follow by something I never had in my 13 years of travelling:

    She put me into a doggy style position then she must have relased a full bottle of hot oil into my crack running her finger up and down through my crack. While running to my balls, she'll scratch them then stroke my cock couple of times before running it back up again. This is all nice, got me rock hard, and all experienced before but what followed surprised the fuck out of me.

    She started kissing my crack, I am thinking a nice licking of my punhole is coming, instead, she shoved a whole finger up my punhole without any warnning and my dick was instantaneous 6 o'clocked then I literally jumped off the table holding my punhole. She looked also shock of my reaction but I was somewhat pissed off and she could tell.

    Anyway, to shorten the story, many sorry from her which I told her not a problem and finished her off in doggy style. She was holding my cock the whole time I was behind her I guess in fear of revenge.

    So I guess I have my bro Trotter to thank for breaking my virgin punhole! It was fun and I will visit the place again.

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    You won't find anything interesting at the airport hotels, but you'll have no problem finding a good sauna or KTV in a couple of neighboring towns. TaoYuan and ChungLi are the nearest towns (just 10 minutes away), and they are well known for their girls. Just ask a taxi driver or maybe a bellboy at the hotel.

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    Does anybody have any good info on finding action around the hotels near the Chaing Kai Shek airport? I've got an overnight stop there in a couple of months and was curious as to any available girls in that area without going all the way into Taipei proper? Any hotel suggestions?

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    Glad you enjoyed your visit to JingHua. I assume you don't speak Mandarin. However, even if you don't, you can always try to describe the kind of girl you want. The mamasans are very accommodating. I've always described my favorites, and I've never been disappointed.

    To the other brothers who have been discussing the Ziga Zaga-type place... avoid them! The working girls who hang out there are butt ugly for the most part, pretty expensive (although they'll go for nearly anything around midnight!) and usually pretty "mature." Not the traits you're looking for. Since I usually stay at the Hyatt when I visit Taipei, I continue to drop in ZZ each evening as I head to my room (when I'm alone, of course). I guess I'm just hoping that someday I'll magically find a cute girl there, but it never happens. Now, I just drop in for a quick beer to glance around before heading off to sleep.

    There are some other places in PeiTou that have some really fun girls, but it's nearly impossible to describe how to get there. And, if you don't speak Mandarin and/or know someone who's an insider, they'll never admit they even have girls available. Sorry.

    I'll be back in Taipei for a few days the last week of July. I may be checking out some other spots. If so, I'll let you all know about them.


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    Wanted to thank you for the heads up on JingHua. I followed your recommendation and went there today. The setup reminds me of the spas in HK and Shenzhen. Very nice indeed. The "lady" that massaged me was not who I would have picked but she gave a very good massage and hot oil treatment. Her moans and ahs were a bit distracting but all in all an 8 for experience. They didn't seem so happy that a foreigner was there whereas in HK and Shenzhen friendlier atmosphere but not as COMPLETE in the service. If I come back this way will ask for a girl of my choice if they understand me.


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    I didn't think the ladies at Carnegies were that bad. I have been in Taiwan for a month now....There were some working girls there but there were some cute regular ladies there. Try again on a Friday or Saturday night.

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    Hi Guys

    I've been in taipei for one week and I must say I was desapointed with the quality of the material.
    I've tried Carnegies and Ziga Zaga and found that the girls are there.
    They are available, but they just are not up to the standard.
    Expensive and yet ugly and short on most cases.
    Taipei is out.

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    i have tried the outcall services from the China Post for at least 3 times and I'm glad to say I've never been disappointed.

    The asking price is 5000NT but u can bargain it down to 3500NT. A little mandarin helps. But I usually settle for 4000NT cos' the girls will be better-looking. They were all young and good looking and they usually provide BBBJ and GFE (frenching). Also they go to the shower with u before and after....worth the $$$

    Unfortunately, these ads always change their numbers so i can't remember which are the ones i've called. anyway, do be specific (i mean very specific) on the type of girl u want. Young? sexy? big boobs?..etc. U can call them during the daytime (after 1:30pm) if your hotel is strict about night time visitors.

    Happy bonking!

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