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Thread: 2002 General Reports

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    Taxi Dave where are you?

    Seeking "Taxi Dave" currently living somewhere in Thailand, formerly living in Santo Domingo (and New York City). Dave is a great guy and I would appreciate it if someone could put me in contact with him. I will be visiting Thailand soon and it would be great to see him. Is he still providing a taxi and tour service for visitors? Please let me know. You can contact me at



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    Don't you remember the old forum. Back then anyone can use anyone's screennames and you didn't have to register your email? There were some guys using other's screenname and Jackson got pissed and got a new webhosting software. Before were people posting as Dick Johnson and talking shit.

    Of course I wouldn't want it back, esp since it is battered ;-)

    skinhead, thanks for your reply but you can just call me Dick or DJ.
    Last edited by Dick Johnson; 12-06-02 at 11:06.

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    Dickhead: If you scroll down the FAQs, the tailor stuff is at the end of it. I will be there in Feb, getting some suits made up and getting laid as I wait. Wildman sent in a particularly extreme flame to which Juice replied but either Wildman or the moderator removed it. Let's simply ignore this name stealing troll from now on.

    I phoned up the BB One yesterday to wish her happy birthday (19). Seems depressed, didn't mention being pregnant, but a guy, maybe the Czech, answered the phone first time round so she must be still turning a trick.

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    Alright I don't know the reasons you guys are bashing Wildman. But Wildman, you stole my screenname a long while back. You denied it but it was just too coincidental. Peace.

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    The Bangko tailors section has been removed? Anyway I got my suits done at the 'famous' Majestic Suits and found I paid a premium for suits that did NOT impress the hell out of me. Though it wasn't bad.

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    Freeler: I have incorporated all of your changes into the FAQ. I wil check back periodically and maybe send it to Jackson before December. Any other suggestions welcome

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    No disagreement from me, Juice, on any count. I've had my say, and I'm done with it as none of this has anything to do with the purpose of the board.

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    ...this is getting interestig... maybe we all need to relax a little....

    Best Spot in the World to Unleach frustrations Via Cheap Sex

    Best Spot in the World to be Asked to Buy Sex 24/7


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    Fine. You have unleashed your frustration. Well written, even by my standards. OK?

    I agree, this is boring and tedious.

    Good luck.


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    Ok, I've been trying to be nice about all this stuff, because that's basically my nature, and also because I feel not to be is counterproductive to the health of such a forum. I've done my utmost to stay polite to you, Wildman, even as you've done your best to do precisely the opposite to a fair number of folks in this forum, apparently to live up to your chosen moniker. I'm not going to go through and defend this or that poster, because I frankly don't really care about your personality wars as I find them immensely childish and dull, but I'm truly forced to conclude, and this series of posts puts it in stark relief, that the end result is that this board has become less valuable than it was before you arrived. And since I've now somehow managed to get on your honor roll, I will make one single response on this point.

    It appears to me, finally, as much as I've been trying to see the opposite, that Skinless has it exactly right in calling you a troll -- the bottom line truly is that you don't know a damn thing about any of us, and what you mostly post are puerile and infantile pyschological extrapolations which seem to come from an immense ego and a complete inability to do anything but attack people, and your posts mostly are designed to get a rise out of people. If that's not troll-like, then you're at least hanging out pretty near the bridge. You've got no problem throwing crap on people, but yelp like a little puppy that's been stepped on when anyone does it back in the mildest manner or contradicts your solemn right to proclaim the essential superiority of the good old USofA, and then you go on proclaiming your righteous need to retaliate. Jeez, enough already -- if you want to take your toys and go play on another board, then please do so!

    Apparently because I don't conform to your particular behavior standards of constantly being a prick in this forum it demonstrates weakness to you. Well, whoop-te-do. I obviously happen to use this forum for a different purpose than you, in that I'm here to have cogent discussions of issues and to share and gather information and experiences as opposed to engage in sophomoric brawling and attempts to intimidate other posters. I happen to like hearing other points of view and trying on different ways of thinking, and jabs from you about my stability or my heart or whatever speak volumes more about you than me. You're fond of giving Freeler and Skinless the old "they started it" thing, which I find ironic given that you also chide them for running to mommy -- tell me, did I also start something with you as well? Is this why I'm now treated to your dull-bladed autopsy attempts? (I suspect it's far simpler: the fact that my name was brought up in relation to the FAQ -- not by me, I might add, either during its creation or during this current dance. And since your approach to war is basically dirty thermonuclear, I guess I've got to go as well since I'm now a labelled collaborator.)

    I, too, find it unfortunate that Skinless and Freeler now choose to delete their posts, and I've been clear and consistent in saying so, but please make no mistake about it -- it is in direct response to constant and ongoing gibes and pokes from you, and only from you, and the sum of the process is that it damages the overall value of this board, as both have been longstanding and valuable contributors. From my perspective as a forum user, I don't really care who's right or wrong on any of this -- I simply want a useful place to post and read information, and your activities have helped lessen that.

    "Posters who are whole people, with integrity, warmth, and respect for their fellow man, who don't get their self-esteem from being 'better' than the next guy, or from degrading women, or each other..." Right, I like this dream, as it's not so different from my own -- but please point out some few of those posts from you, ok? It's truly been quite a while since I've read one that didn't take a poke at someone or another at some point. It's simply entirely possible to disagree with someone or something without turning the whole thing into a flame war, which were boring wastes of time back in the eighties, and are still so.

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    I'm a relatively new poster on this forum, and I've tried to respect the veterans on here by keeping silent during off topic debates. But this type of post is growing like a cancer so I am now speaking against it:

    You can't, in truth, extrapolate someones behavior on the street from what they post here. While lying is just plain wrong, it is obvious that people take on a personna here that often has a bit of character acting in it. No harm done.

    Lesson: try not to take everything everyone ever says in a post literally.

    This BS about the ugly American has to stop and shouldn't be tolerated. Just go to Cancun Mexico at Spring break and behold that the ugly american stereotype has some truth. The problem is that there is ugliness in all countries, and anytime a country gets wealthy enough to where whole classes of its people can travel, there will be problems. Now one can even see ugliness in poor countries since terrorist have found a way to get world press.

    Lesson: Humanity has ugliness in it, and money and power magnify it. Remember the ugly Colonialist? The ugly Roman? How about the ugly Caveman? Recent history... The ugly Arab.

    Probably the the thing that irritates me the most is the "old boys network" found here. I dislike it in golf country clubs, on the boards of big countries, and on forums about sex in Thailand. I met several ex pats in Thailand including the guy who does the Thailand A to Z website. These guys, in my opinion, had nothing to brag about.

    There is plenty of ugly in this forum, and I know not just Americans post here, so there is blame enough for all. It is the rule rather than the exception to flame posters on this forum and that is wrong. Thus the proverb...if good words stick in your throat than try to speak less.

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    Have you ever seen a Thai bar girl drunk or a pissed off hooker in the streets of Bangkok? Have you ever seen girls yelling "Hello, handsome, where you go?" Or, the tuk-tuk drivers showing you pictures of girls and following you while you walk to sell you pussy? If anybody is to blame for loosing face and being obnoxious blame it on the Thais. How about some of the go-go girls and service girls all wanting to get you to buy drinks or bar fine them and sometimes on your face? Sometimes they are so obnoxious that I have seen guys leave the bar. Maybe they learned it from us but I doubt it.

    Sure, sometimes you see the stupid drunk Farang in a bar or a go-go. But mostly, you see guys visiting the sex scene areas look pale walking like zoombies from so much fucking (funny sight) including myself.

    Don't forget all the many little schemers hookers that want you to take care of them and will do just about anything to get you hooked on them for money.... The Thais are money obssesed, just like the west but a lot more desperate. One thing that pisses me off a lot is the doule pricing for just about anything. There is a Thai price and there is a Farang price. This is blatant and intentional rip-off and they don't worry about loosing face as long as you pay.

    Outside the sex scene, Thailand is a gentle country and for me the beaches are great. Unfortunately, there are few places left in Thailand where you won't be hassle to buy pussy and enjoy your stay there. I love to go to remote beaches and relax with the locals and be part of their culture (as a visitor) but it is very annoying when you can't get away from someone trying to sell you something...

    I don't take anything in here personally. I think you do, I think you are looking for something you won't find in here . Guys in here talk about pussy, where to get it and for how much. There many tourists forums where hookers and pussy are not mentioned and I'm sure you will find better writing too.


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    not all of us are and ever will be considered a farang.

    just because we speak english don't mean we're white.

    oh, i remembered where in hollywood to get those cheap ass tickets to bkk...
    from downtown LA:
    take the 101N, exit Santa Monica Blvd, go east (make a right), hit the 3rd light, make a left, go straight until u hit hollywood blvd, make a left again, then go about 3 more blocks...look at the left hand side, its on the 2nd floor of a small shopping center/complex.


    phom pen con jin

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    You make some good points and I respect your comments. I'm not sure what you are looking for in this forum and as you say it may not be the right one for you. I think there is so much you can intelligently write about fucking hookers, etc., and there is a point where all of us here run out of things to say. I'm one of the guys in here that writes trash to get people going and sometimes it works and at other times people read too much into it.

    As far as the demographics of this forum goes, I don't know that you can make a blanket judgement about the "quality" of people that post in here as I personally see this forum as a way to say pretty much what I want to say and only 2 people that post in here actually know me in person...

    It is true about the Thais just tolerate foreigners although they don't mind the money we bring in at all. In fact, they use prostitution as a viable income source for their economy. But, don't forget that the Thai prostitution scene is much bigger than the "Farang" scene and is very profitable. We are just a fraction of the fucking business.


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    For a moment I thought I was reading poetry in your last 2 postings...Then your words of wisdom referring us as a: "...bunch of pipsqueaks on a sex board could so much as be noticed in the grand scheme. Awakened to the fact of your insignificance, I will sleep soundly from now on... "

    Come on, stay awake for us to be your "insignificant" entertainment... Better yet, why don't you write and contribute to this board with your opinions and experiences so that we can be enlighten with your knowledge and wisdom...

    Sleep tight.


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