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    Visiting Tashkent

    Hello friends,

    I am visiting Tashkent on 18th August 2014 with my group of friends, we are total 20 in numbers and are put up in Hotel Dedeman Silk route, requesting all the seniors to help me out with the night activities as we are new there. There is The Rich Club in Dedeman, can we get girls to pick up from there to our room? Please suggest and PM me all the hot spots in Tashkent I. E strip clubs saunas for FS.


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    A culinary parenthesis

    The "Caravan Group", which owns not only the best Uzbek and Georgian restaurants in town, but also the famous Chelsea Pub, has reactualized its site. Worth a look for someone looking for culinary pleasures in Tashkent. For each venue, a location plan, a video and the menu prices.

    PS: By the way, I've ben contacted by PM by some guys thinking about Tashkent for this summer, so a warning: Ramadan begins on 20 July this year, and therefore Tashkent isn't a very good option. Despite the fact that everything will be open and alcohol will be served, there's a significant drop of customers in bars and clubs during this period.

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    Nice short video, model casting in Tashkent.

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    A touristic parenthesis

    Many countries in FSU such when it come to things to do outside of chasing girls, but Uzbekistan is definitely different on this matter.

    Great reportage from the very good site englishrussia.

    The mysterious, colorful, pastoral, enthralling Uzbekistan. Instant boarding.

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    Traveling to tashkent in the next week for 4 days.

    Please give me some suggestion and guidance on Mongering activities there.

    Would sincerely appreciate any suggestion.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nishu617  [View Original Post]
    Can any ne help in guiding hotels that are girl friendly in tashkent! ? And also the pick up joints!
    Hello, Nishu617,

    I hope you had a wonderful trip to Tashkent.

    Me traveling to Tashkent in the next week. Will appreciate your help and guidance in finding girls and other places of interest.



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    Uzbek bellydancing.

    Nice video, gorgeous girls (typically Uzbek)

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    What I have read in this thread so far, it's not necessary to stay in an apartment since the Uzbekistan hotel on 45 Khamza street is girlfriendly. Does this mean, I can bring any girl from outside into my hotel room in the Uzbekistan hotel without paying anything to anybody?

    I would travel with a tourist visa to Uzebekistan and would like to avoid to book a hotel for registration and an apartment together.

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    Staying in Apartment or Private Residence but Registered Elsewhere

    Aaah, I forgot to share with you guys (I presume we are all guys here). Here is the trick:

    - You rent an apartment.

    - You then find an el cheapo hotel and register your name there (of course, you grease some palms)

    - Then you ARE registered and make sure you carry the el Cheapo hotel card (insert it in your passport book).

    - In Uzbekistan you always have to carry your passport, though the laws say you have to have it (of course, duhhh) and you are to be given some time to prove that you have a passport.

    - When some bodrings (green cucumbers) stop you, just show your passport and voila the card will fall off. Bodrings will ask you what that card is for and you simply say that it is where you stay. If curious, Bodrings will call the el-Cheapo hotel but not to worry because you are registered there.

    - Why are you in the area? Oooh you are just visiting someone.

    Make sure the el Cheapo hotel is cooperative. Good luck.

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    Business Visa- Yes

    Quote Originally Posted by Loso69  [View Original Post]
    That's exactly the problem I experienced in Tashkent!

    So I suppose you have a business visa?
    Yes, I have a business visa. I am not sure where you have to apply for your visa. I applied for mine when I was in Korea (I am a US citizen). Whether it was proper and dumb luck, I was able to get a business visa without having to submit any invitation letter from the inviting company (none actually). The consular officer at the embassy just asked some questions and. I got a business visa. There is a strong connection between Uzbekistan and Korea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dovetail  [View Original Post]
    This is to confirm that you CANNOT register to stay in private residence while on tourist visa.
    That's exactly the problem I experienced in Tashkent!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dovetail  [View Original Post]
    Registration is quite simple and it is practically free. The only cost was the notarization of the apartment leasing contract.
    So I suppose you have a business visa?

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    Residence Registration

    Just to confirm to Prosal, I will be moving to an apartment soon and this is to confirm that you CANNOT register to stay in private residence while on tourist visa. You can always stay in private residence but you risk the high penalty when the 'green cucumbers' check your passport and do not see registration. Someone at the office got stopped by one of those guys and he lied about where he stayed (though he stayed at Dedeman before moving to his apartment). Those guys actually called the hotel and when they found out he was no longer registered at the hotel, they slapped him with almost $3,000 penalty. He managed to negotiate the penalty down to $2,000 but he did not get any receipt. Registration is quite simple and it is practically free. The only cost was the notarization of the apartment leasing contract.
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    Any Mongers in Tashkent?

    Arrived here 2 days ago and would like to connect with other mongers. I was here back in November for approx. 20 days. Will check out the city and report back. It's wintry cold now so streetwalkers are pretty much absent. I went to the new Opera House and took a stroll there on a sunny afternoon to take some pictures. Met a young girl who was also taking pictures and asked if she was local. As it turned out she was. Said she was a univ. Student. Pretty good English though I had to speak more slowly and pronounce words clearly. She took me via taxi (paid 3, 000 soums) to Amir Temur park (no more park) and took some more picture. I invited her to dinner at my hotel and after dinner she left. The next day she called saying I treated her like a princess and would like to see me again. I cannot neither speak Russian nor Uzbek so she picked me up at my hotel and we took a walk in Pushkin Park. We had dinner again and she ended up staying with me. I did not touch her other than giving her a goodnight hug & kiss. I registered her in the morning and gave her the extra card for the door. She surprised me when I got back to the hotel later on that early evening she was in my room with some dinner. Apparently she stayed there all day and managed to get my clothes washed and ironed. That evening we had a wonderful time and almost did the deed until she whispered to me that she was still a virgin. NO! Not in this country! We cuddled all night but nothing more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loso69
    Went to the office with my landlord, who queued up and took care of business. Down one flight of stairs, the director had to approve my registration. He had one glance at the paperwork, then said tourists had to stay in a hotel. Registration refused!

    Unless your landlord has great connections, forget about it!
    With a business visa (which I always applied to go Uzbekistan, because of the length of my stays) landlord has to pass through a hotel (usually a backpacker place). He CAN'T do it by himself. Hotel takes a fee of about 2us$/day.

    What you say is weird though. I thought that a landlord could register you with a tourist visa. But, well, this is Fuckistan, no rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loso69
    ...Registration refused!

    Unless your landlord has great connections, forget about it!

    When he said refused, I'd surely try to.... say sorry, are sooo right and discretely put 50 euro in his hand with a smile and ask please..... cause for us it is almost no money, but for him it is surely a lot and so far you did nothing bad, for him was a no-problem to accept, even cause he surely thought that one turist gives me 50 euro for visa, he will speak with other, even if not many turists, but I can earn some money in this very easy way....

    As when militia-police stops you with a tochka in the car that has no ID, it immediately seems you did something so bad, as if you robbed in a bank, but all this in FSU it is often "to convince" you to brib them....

    Maybe it is not so fair to brib for something you have the right to have, I know, but in FSU there are "laws" no written that it is better to know in advance to avoid problems....imho.

    Loso if I was you, I'd try again in this way tomorrow.

    You have nothing to lose, despite 50 euro, and a lot to get....

    I wish you to have soon visa, cause I know as such things can easily kill the mood when they happen so far from your home town....

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