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    Hanoi newbie and old quarter fun.

    Hi guys,

    I am due to stay in the old quarter, and I was wondering if anyone could confirm that the places in this link:


    Were any good? I am not sure how reliable Vietnam. Adultsearch dot com is? I am planning to stay at Hanoi little town hotel, and I noticed there are establishments on Phuc tan near the red river.

    Any pointers gratefully received.

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    Thanks for your review, now I know this place, it is not far from my my hotel. I've been here for 2 weeks and checked out some places but there are not as clean. Cleanliness is very important to me.

    My experience was great overall. Here is some more details:

    First I found the manager's number in the ads, then I texted her via Zalo for some information, and direction.

    Upon arrival, I am impressed it is a big tall building, like 10 stories tall. Which has beer club, restaurant, cafe and even Karaoke KTV, and massage parlor. It is like a big entertainment all in one shop, so you can come in and you can eat, you can drink, you can sing, and you can have a massage and a happy ending, all within this building.

    The massage shop in is 4th floor, and after I sited down, have a drink, I talked in mama for a bit, and she asked me what kind of girls I like. I asked for Yen, but they told me Yen is not working today. And she told me they have a new girl named Thu, very beautiful with great body / service. I agreed, and chose the Vip Room for 600 K VND (about $28 US) ticket for 60 minutes.

    The guy showed the to the room, when I get in, it was very new, clean and smell good. I feel good already.

    When Thu entered, she was really cute, with big boobs and nice ass, not skinny but curvy and firm body, which I like, we tried to have a small talk but she did not speak English so I have to do some body language but it was alright, I was not there to chit chat, I had quick sauna, then she bathed me in the tub, then onto the Nuru oil massage on the bed. Her BJ skill and nuru skill was good, nothing to complain here except the oil was kinda cool, I would prefer the massage oil to be warmer / hot instead, but no big deal.

    Here is the best part, there is a big mirror on the ceiling, this is a big plus for me as I can enjoy watching her giving me BJ, HJ and do body sliding all over me. Which was great experience.

    The downside is, it is single bed, so she has to lay on top of me all the time even after I finished, next time I would opt for King room, with king size bed. Because I like the girl to be on my side and cuddle a bit after finish.

    After that she took me to the shower area and washed me all over again with soap. Then help me dress up. I tipped her 650 K (about $30) which she was very happy and said thank you. When I left the room and I checked the time, it was about 80 min since I got in (and I booked for 60 min room). So they are not clock watcher and I was not charged extra when I pay my bill, which is a nice touch.

    So all in all, the damage was about $60 all inclusive, needless to say I will repeat when I am back in Hanoi.

    Their info here:

    I took some photo with my phone of the room they gave me, and the photos of the girls was sent to my via zalo by mama. I think Yen is the one with tattoo on her ass. Maybe next time I will try her.

    Thanks The GreenHorn again for the review.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreenHorn  [View Original Post]
    So went there today at 4 pm so it was quiet.

    The place is brand new (1-2 weeks).

    Came in sat down. Mama asked me for type of girl I liked, so said beautiful face and skinny. To be fair, I speak fluently Vietnamese so it helped. Quoted Thiendia To get 50% off.

    Off we went and they gave me a nice room. It has a mirror on top so you can see all the action..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huffer246  [View Original Post]
    I love wives. Would be happy to take care of her needs.
    Cool! How can I contact you to set up a meet with her?

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    What is best way to get a freelancer to visit my apartment.

    In Hanoi I used Badoo and Cupid in the past. After lots of time and wasted communication I would find a woman to come to my apartment.

    I've been to the websites and visited the hotels, but having fun at my place is easier and more convenient.

    I've never used WeChat although I do have it. It sounds like WeChat is not so good now. ?

    Any other ways or better ways to get a freelancer to come to my apartment?


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    Wechat and the like.

    I would avoid wechat and the like. Theyre all managed by their bosses, I've had some longer talks with them trying to get some good girls. Usually you will get a girl that looks nothing like in the picture and has halitosis. If you're unlucky she will throw a hiss fit until you pay her substantial money for her "cab" (her moto driver is, of course, always waiting nearby). In Sai gon, I usually managed to barter prices around 1 mil VND 2 shots, 2 mil overnight. But the goods sent to me prevented were not at all pleasing so I can't confirm this. So once I befriended a boss, he sends me some "unaltered" pics, promised young girl, GFE, BBJ etc etc. But would cost 1.5 mil per shot or 2 for 2. I accept, although found it pretty steep (remember, normal VN working girls in Sai gon start at 300 k, you have to visit them in hourly hotels). Girl was even prettier in the pictures, my blood went south and she asked payment up front which I paid (I thought I was on the safe side having the boss on my side) and she even asked for a tip up front! Well it all went downhill from that, safe to say it was one of my worst p6 experiences.

    Oh the split for the wechat girl: 300 k for 1 shot, the rest of the 1. 5 mil goes to the boss, 500 k for the 2 mil option. No wonder they're not motivated.

    I'd stick to the several forums in Vietnamese. I use google translate to communicate and to read it, as I don't speak a single word. Had some OK experience in Saigon with those.

    I'm in hoi an right now, everything is overpriced thanks to all the tourists here. Hope I will find some time to try some girls in the Nang or Hanoi.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oiosux  [View Original Post]
    I just came back from Hanoi and stayed inside the old quarter.

    There was no one in the Nearby search.

    Very disappointed as I was hoping to game some from Wechat as if of some review here..

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    30 year old traveling male in Hanoi.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grndz  [View Original Post]
    Forget WeChat for now, my wife in Hanoi is on a free pass for an encounter while she is there so hit me up for more info and pics.
    I love wives. Would be happy to take care of her needs.

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    Free Pass.

    I am interested?

    Forget WeChat for now, my wife in Hanoi is on a free pass for an encounter while she is there so hit me up for more info and pics.

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    Free Pass.

    I am interested?

    Forget WeChat for now, my wife in Hanoi is on a free pass for an encounter while she is there so hit me up for more info and pics.

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    Hanoi wife on free pass for an encounter.

    Forget WeChat for now, my wife in Hanoi is on a free pass for an encounter while she is there so hit me up for more info and pics.

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    I just came back from Hanoi and stayed inside the old quarter.

    There was no one in the Nearby search.

    Very disappointed as I was hoping to game some from Wechat as if of some review here.

    Zalo girls can't fu*king speak simple English. There were some girls available on Zalo but they don't come over to the hotel.

    They asked you to come to their places which were hard to find even on the google map.

    So the mission failed but only had BJ at the massage place. I wanted to F.

    Alert: Wechat search is out of the options.

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    Hotel spa or massage services.

    Have booked into a 4* in old quarter and wondering if the massage services advertised typically throw up any extra service options?

    In past found Hanoi quite lacking for mongering and am re-visiting for other reasons but wondered if hotel massage services hold as much potential as in other locations.

    FWIW I'm staying at Hai Bay Hotel. Don't know at the moment if massages are in-room or in a spa.

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    WeChat Girl for Sex.

    Great Sex!

    Happy girl Hanoi.

    Must negotiate Best price.

    Short term, Long term, All Day, All Week.

    Yes, can find many girls in WeChat in Hanoi.

    Most in old quarter. Recommend stay hotel in old quarter, then Discover Nearby with WeChat.

    Good Hunting!

    I stay at Central Park Hotel. Clean, safe, friendly.

    56 Hang Be, Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RVP2020  [View Original Post]
    Dear friends,

    I will be travelling to hanoi from 22 Dec. Till 30 Dec. 2018 and will be staying in Phan Dinh Phung Street, Ba Dinh.

    I would really appreciate if you could recommend clean and nice massage parlour proposing extra near this area as I will be on foot.

    I also wish to know if there is nuru massage near this area.
    Try taking a GRAB to the Rockstore in old town and there is a guy that works that corner just south that finds single guys for fun after 9-10 PM and the place is just east 3 blocks in an unmarked store front but the girls upstairs where beautiful (the guy is 20 ish and full of energy and looks like he's offering scooter rides).

    Best of luck I was there first of November.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidCohen  [View Original Post]
    Awesome video. Thanks!

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    For all of the guys never been to Do Son, Hai Phong.

    This is a video showint exactly what is like, when you are in Do Son.

    So you get to one of the motels. They will bring you the girls to your room so you can choose. And sometimes the girls will reject you, because they see you are foreigner (especially African dudes with big cock) .

    This is kind of line up you will see there as well. Do not expect super hot models for $15/ shot but there are some gems to be have.

    p/s: the guy in videos properly had like 20 girls there, and you can hear the girls often asked the pimp: is his penis big? lolz

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