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    The posts by enjoyguy may have been interesting 2-3 years ago. A lot of places mentioned are closed: Greenfields, Blackjacks (never a fave for those in the know).

    I highly recommend U2 on Mac Thi Buoi, not too much hassle for lady drinks. FS available upstairs for VND 300,000 or a BJ in back VND 100.000.

    Also, anyone who pays those prices at MP is paying way over the odds. HJ tip VND 100-120,000. In Vung Tau FS is VND 200,000 at almost any MP.

    I regularly attend a Hot Toc (Barber Shop) near the Eastern Bus Station in Binh Thanh for VND 70,000 get a massage, shampoo and a BJ/HJ - No tip asked for.

    Freelancers should be VND 500,000 max. Pham Ngu Lao area VND 300-400,000.

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    Another one. All in same day. Damn.

    Arrived around 10pm with a couple friends. Not much happening... music loud as ever, with almost 20 blokes and jack squat chicks. Discussed with me mates, and decided to bolt after 20mins or so. Just as the drinks we ordered arrive. (say 10.10pm or so), chicks started to pour in. And I literally mean pouring in.

    By 10.30pm (obviously we could not leave now..) there was at least 30-40 chicks running around, trying to shake their thang. One particular girl caught my eyes (and several other hound dogs too). I made eye contact, and went straight up. Bought a drink and tried to chat her up.

    Man Chatting Viet girls up must be one of the most difficult thing ever (CANNOT SPEAKA ENGALISH!). After 20mins of trying, though the girl was really friendly, I gave up. Went back to me mates, and asked a viet friend of mine to finish up the negotiation.

    The girl (Loan her name is) came around and sat with us (well done Kung!) She drank a bit and started to hug me (not bad). Found out she is 18 going 19, and is looking for work (yeah right).

    If not being so petite (not over 150cm), she has the looks and figure to be running for Miss Vietnam.

    Let's see her stats should be around:

    Chest: 30C (asian C not foreign)
    Waist: 21 (max, that is one tiny waist)
    Bottom:30 (ever notice viet girls have the smallest bottoms ever?)

    Basically she is HOT! But so is the price as I later found out. She asked for VND500,000 (which is around USD35) pretty high for country girl, but pretty damn low for Saigon city standard. heh heh, cheap bastards we are.

    Went ahead and took her to the hotel right outside. VND150,000 for the night. Man she is tight! Must have Farked her for 3-4 hours... man, I must have used at least 1/3 of kama sutra's instruction manual. She was one playful biatch! And she had those "developing tits" kindof tits... that is pretty horni stuff.

    Any*****, total damge was VND650,000 for 3 shot, all night. Got her number (so will everyone else who had a go at her meat), ask me to call her again (another VND650,000 nonetheless). And I think I will... definitely a piece of tiny ass I'll go for again.

    And to those that have been following me up. FINALLY GOT ME DAMN FJ!!!

    in saigon, u can pick up gals 4 short time or over night service
    in most disco. however, thru my personal experience, i dont
    advise u 2 book a stranger 2 stay over night in ur hotel room.
    there r 2 reasons 4 not doing tat.

    #1- most of the working gals r attached wif bf. they can't
    possible stay a nite wif u even though they charged u in full.
    they will take u 4 a ride. they give all sort of nonsense excuses
    after their service just 2 go home.

    #2- they will do anything 2 make u broke while u r sound
    sleeping. and, most of the time u can't find them back again
    becos they r juz a freelance hooker which doesn't station in a
    permanent place.

    the two disco i can still remember 4 pick-up r metropolis and
    a pub beside new world hotel. both r situated in district 1.
    the standard charges 4 short-time is US$40-60 depend on the
    quality of the gal u pick. but, if they know u r a outer space
    alien, chances r they will open their lion mouth for US$100.
    so, try 2 act as though u r an old timer and bargain ur way out.
    beside disco, u could also get pick by gals on bike along the
    street juz before midnite. most of tis gals will approach u by
    asking u whether u want a massage in ur hotel. but be warned,
    some r 'heshe'. so, remember 2 open ur eye and ear big big
    b4 u grab one.

    as 4 my personal experienced, i didn't book any hooker during
    my 10 days trip in vn. i only frequent their massage parlour which
    cost 100 k vnd (US$8) and hj by the massager which cost US$20.
    the only fj i got along wif was a mamasan in one of the disco
    which i cant remember the name. she can speak fluent manderin
    and thus we started off smoothly. she invited me 2 buy her
    supper and later her home. it was supposing free, but i tip her
    500 thousand vnd. (nothing is free lah)

    if u ask my opinion of vn, i would prefer indonesia than vn.
    air-tickets and many expenses r also much cheaper 4 exploring
    in indo.

    anyway, good luck!

    Further to request from brothers in"Brunei - Help" thread, here are some tips for Vietnam.

    First port of call, if arriving at HCMC, should be the Saigon Bowl, which is just along the road from the Airport, seriously you could walk in 5 minutes. Upstairs near the bowling alley is a massage 'parlour' .. it's huge, recreation area is about the size of a hotel ballroom. The place is well appointed, very clean and cheap ... about S$10 for a 60 mins. massage. During the day there are not so many girls, evening is busier. Same arrangment as your average Sing HC. The girls are generally very pretty extremely obliging and about anything goes. Depends how good you are at negotiating or desperate you are. I often secured the services of Miss Thao .. slim, beautiful 19 y/o from Hanoi whom performs all services to a high standard .. cost - S$25 max for FJ.

    More tomorrow.

    Recommended places in HCMC - Black Jack.

    Also visit Vung Tau website - for lots of info and more details on Vung Tau. I will give a lot more details in my next post.

    2nd. Post.

    First off .. HCMC .. most of the bigger hotels don't encourage 'friends' stopping over, they will either forbid you or charge you for an extra room. No problem, there are lots of good boutique hotels, small family hotels etc. S$40+ per night. Locate yourself near Dong Khoi (Road). In this same area lots of bars, varying from types where expats go (Underground, Saigon Saigon etc.) to girlie type bars .. have a walk around there are plenty.

    Apocolypse Now (Club) is not all its cracked up to be ... but there are a few dodgy bars in the immediate vicinity.

    Clubs (such as Catwalk) which are attached to hotels are worth a visit, but tend to be more expensive. Take aways nearer S$150-200 all night.

    The scene moves all the time in HCMC, it is a huge place and there are many fantastic girls there. Black Jack is the current fave with those in the know.

    If going to Vung Tau (worth a visit, lots of beaches, clean air, less humid than HCMC). Lots of Hotels to cater for all pockets (ORange Court, Royal, Rex, Palace are at the upper end .. max S$80 per night). Bars worth visiting .. Sweethearts (ask for Miss Me), Hot Gossip (Miss Thao), Summer Wine, Tequilia Sunrise , VFB .. buy the girls a drink (S$7 max.) and state your intent and voila. S$50 max for the night. Generally not a problem getting them into the hotel.

    Clubs in Vung Tau - Hollywood East, Blue Sky, good chance of hooking up a freebie, also e's and smoke available.

    Various - massage parlours all over. Recommended - Palace Hotel S$10 for massage, extras S$40 max for FJ. KTV lounges .. best bet - VIP. Very upmarket, girls are all models, S$80 for short time, drinks are Singapore price. 'No hands' Restaurant .. as the name implies you don't do a thing, you get fed and blown by delectables.

    Nha Trang and Dalat next post

    Only did a weekend in Phnom Phen so didn't really have enough time to check it out in full. Basically the place itself is a lot smaller than HCMC (no comparison really) so the choice is not so great. There were some beautiful Laotians that I happened upon .. and yes cheaper than Vietnam. I was nutted the whole weekend so I can't remember a great deal, names of places, streets etc.

    Maybe check out Gary Glitter's website .. he should have the lowdown on young things in Cambodia having just been thrown out of there for young action.

    Bro, when going to Cambodia you should first visit Holiday Disco. Pick-up range btwn US40-50 /nite. However, if you prefer to chose the younger ones, get a local to bring you to the Vietnam Village. There, it should set you back US30-40/nite
    Hotels there are henerally cheaper that HCMC and without the red tapes imposed in HCMC.

    Hi bro,

    It's really not cheap to cheong in HCMC. But when I wuz there, I do enjoy the food, local and Chinese, yum yum yum...

    First, check with the hotel you are staying if you can bring guest back to the room in the night, some "Guest-friendly" hotel allow by paying US$10 extra.

    Here are some places you may need to try:
    Cadillac Bar - District 1
    It's a pub with life band, local & Philippino, nice environment

    Underground - District 1
    Pub with dance floor, play some old 70's music. Serve dinner as well

    Apocalypse Now - District 1
    The top pub in HCMC, basically a meat market.

    Metropolis Disco - District ?? (can't remember)
    A large disco with a lot of local chick around. Cover charge applied to local only.

    For food, I would recommend:
    ABC - District 1
    Operate by a Hongkie boss, nice "Wan-Ton" Noodle and Beef Noodle.

    Phung Vy - District 10 (China Town)
    Good seafood at affordable price, really good, trust me!!

    Most hotel in HCMC does have Health Centre, but, they don't have f**k service, just HJ and BJ, HJ cost around US$12 on top of the massage fee, for a full 1 hour massage session is around US$10.

    Watch out for some girls on bike, some of them are "ah-kuah", they will approach you and ask you for a massage session, some really chun one which you can try to neg with them, per session is around US$150 onwards, not cheap!!

    Memory a bit faded after my previous visit to HCMC last year.

    ok, i went and came back.

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    Another one. Damn this guy can type.

    If i can remember correctly, when I was there, I paid something like US$30-$40 for a nice girl for an overnight session.

    Otherwise, what works for me always is the bell-hop at the hotel. Slip him maybe US$1-2, and ask for recommendations. He'll be able to tell you.

    The guy at the hotel I was staying recommended a place in chinatown, and it was happening man. Cute chicks dancing on the table, and around you - all fully dressed. But you can try to negotiate a price for them.

    Thing is, from what i found out about Vietnam, if you are nice to them and smile at them, they will be nice to you. But if you are rude and arrogant, then they don't give a damn about you.

    And always use rubber man. You don't know what you might come back with, from anywhere in the world. Even if the chick is a freelancer, you must use protection.

    But enjoy, Vietnam is the place to go for chicks. Very beautiful and slim ones.

    Ho Chi Minh City - short visit report
    Well, stopped over in HCMC for a quick first ever visit just to see if its worth a longer visit for future for business first and pleasure after hours!

    Aside from HK and perhaps parts of China now, I have never ever felt the buzz of another city more than here. Partly, this is because of the incessant quantity of motorcycles whizzing pass you in the streets of the city during business hours!

    Shops and the market looked lively so, the future potential for business here I gather can and will be huge! A market of more than 11 or is it 17 million people - must be huge!

    Places I had time to check out.
    Massages - did not try any as time was limited and I had other things to do in the day.

    Was also not keen on expensive high class joints and that meant that I was limited to just "karaokes, bars" and "discos."

    First night - was totally alone. Went out late at 9.30pm so headed straight for Apocalpyse now since it was highly recommended by most books, guides and the internet.

    I was fully aware that this is The Place where most "caucasians" frequented so I was prepared for the kind of girls that they attract plus a lower grade overall as we Asians know (this is a fact).

    Within the relatively large place, it was still quite empty when I arrived - about 20-30 girls in place so I found myself a really nice bar-stool next the dance floor and drank myself happy, slow and steady.

    Right in front of me, two tall attractively dressed girls were already partying by themselves and I found one that made my COCK HARD there and then!

    All my efforts at eye contact did not work out well but I did manage to get a reciprocating smile from the "other one" whom I did not find attractive. So, I just pointed to her friend but "nay" she was not interested. Found out why later. They had some guy (local) joining them about an hour later.
    I was also held back from walking up to talk to them because I suspected that they could be "tranvestites" because they were kind of tall and big framed for locals! (actually they were very model-like) and my preference is for petite frames!

    By 10.30 the place filled to capacity (both dance floors) plus the rear dining - sit down area and I truly enjoyed stopping each time and making smiles at whoever I wanted to flirt with each walking visit from my seat to the toilet.

    A few of the more aggressive ladies approached me too and I finally settled for one round faced lady (very kampong look) with a little bit of "baby fat" showing between her halter top and low cut jeans! She danced very sexily and I was already imagining if she fucked like she danced. Also, no make up and I like them better without make up!

    No, despite her many request for me to join her on the dance floor, I declined so she moved herself to my location next to the bar. we had a fantastic time rubbing each other up she dancing in front of me while I moved behind her rubbing myself hard on her bum and all! At the same time, my wandering hands confirmed that she had small but a handful of tits and SMOOTH - yes, perfectly smooth skin on her belly, above her belly and thereabouts.

    Whenever it was available, I took the opportunity to chat with several others around us to make sure that she appreciated that it was her I wanted even though the options were plentiful.

    By around 1.30 am, the authorities (yes they were there around the club and on the stage keeping a serious watchful eye on the goings-on) had instructed them to "shut down" and the dj dragged on playing due to the crowd's request for more. We managed to last until about 2.30am when we really had to leave as they had to close. The music is really good - the type that the caucasians like (me too) and I had a happy night.

    We walked back to my nearby hotel and SHITS. the girls was not allowed to go up to my room. She suggested a small hotel nearby but I said NO. See you tomorrow, come over at 3pm.

    Well, I was out all day and did pop back into the hotel at 3.10pm but no gal, so no FUCK!

    Second Night, two of my friends arrived and joined me - their first night and my second.

    I had spent most of the day wondering around the city WALKING till my feet hurt with blisters. It was a beautiful day especially when I encountered so many lovely beautiful ladies whizzing by either on their motorcycles or bicycles. The highlight of all was a lovely young lady in modern dress with a thigh high slit on her skirt cycling by me. With her cute hat and nice bare legs pumping away on her bicycle, I was prompted to want to photograph her and I turned to chase after her in the traffic. Alas, she was quicker than me in the clogged up streets and I never caught up!

    By night, we proceeded to walk around and checked out the small bars near Apocalypse and finally settled for a small karaoke called Acura also along the same street as Apocalpyse.
    We did walk into at least 3 bars but, the ladies were not our type! Probably the worst of the "white men's places"!

    We had checked out a few other Karaokes but they were all family places with no ladies.

    Acura we entered because we had spotted some ladies going in and there a few nice ones too. After checking out the charges (room US$20 per hour) plus the price of drinks - Tiger at US$3 per bottle (Chivas US$60), we decided to ask for the mamasan and Ms Lee turned out to be one of the nice ladies we had spotted going in too! she's about 26-68 but is still attractive in her own way and I vowed that I might want to FUCK her if it was going to be possible.

    Because my friends did not speak chinese, nor vietnamese, we asked for english speak ladies and we were limited to just 6 ladies. The choice were not really out type so we just picked two of the best and asked Lee to send us one of the nice ladies we had spotted earlier and she came despite the fact that she only spoke vietnamese.

    US$80 later, we checked out and "promised" to call back for the ladies if we wanted them for the night. the "calling price" overnight was US$70 before negotiations and I told Ms Lee, I would call her.

    having had a good time at Apocalypse the previous night plus not having fucked my "darling" of the previous night, I looked forward to meeting her again and suggested we move to that place.

    It was already 11.30pm and the place was packed. We moved to a nice corner spot next to one of the dance floors and bar and continued our party from the Karaoke. In no time, the lady of the previous night spotted me and came over bringing with her two of her friends. I immediately desired one of them too but I had unfinished business with "my lady". also spotted so many of the ladies that I had talked to the previous nights and sigh, if only I had time to check them out one by one!

    By 1.45 am, we were quite high and tired and decided to bring two of them back with us, My gal and one of her friends. This second night, we had already worked out a strategy to check the ladies into one additional room and pay for it thus getting them into the hotel. My two friends shared one room so it was just 3 rooms for 3 people so no major additional costs.

    The fuck - well, she was more the girl friend type and I HAD A GREAT FUCK!
    Why, my preferences are a semi-wet fuck (call it mushy wet), different positions with 'lady on top", doggie, missionary and "legs in the air" and "legs on my shoulder" being my preferences! Blow Jobs - Not really my preference because I do not allow ladies to blow me bare (can't be too careful these days). With protection, most ladies do not enjoy the blow so I rather do things we both enjoy!

    Funnily enough, I was in top form - the fuck in different position plus the 'slow missionary fuck" with cock sliding in from tip to the balls in a mush **** made the extra day's wait worthwhile! Normally, I would cum in a few strokes with any new lady I have never had especially given the extra day's wait!

    Slept nicely in a cuddle and work her up 7am for a finale before rushing off to catch the early taxi to airport!

    Return to fuck in HCM city? DEFINITELY when time and business permits! I will do more research next time ! This visit was too rushed and the priority entertainment zone was Phnom Penh where we were "partying" with our business colleagues from the conference!

    Found a town called Binh Duong...

    Man this place is filled with Karaokes and Massage joints! The girls are definitely not comparable to the girls found in Ho Chi Minh. But they much cheaper and some what cuter.

    Went to a Disco called "Bar Binh Duong" kinda funny for a name, guess the owner didn't know much english, or just couldn't be farked. But on with da story.

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    Another one.

    Have fun....

    Some information for the male visitors to Saigon.

    There are various types of services avail as I soon found out with the help of some pointers from this forum and vietnam fun. Here goes

    1. Massage Parlours.

    Like the ones in SG and MS, these operate in more or less the same way except that it is almost impossible to get a FJ or BJ. It appears that HJ are the max allowed and it's not cheap (max 200000 VND) Do not pay more and bargain down. Opening is always 500000 for foreigner so bargain! The massage is however a full 1 hour and very good. Service wise I think it is way above the ones in SG and MS and worth the money. You can feel the girl up but I can tell you that there's nothing to that I feel. The novelty will wear off quite fast. If you want BJ and maybe FJ, you can try Hot Toc/Barber shops.. ALL of them have specials and these take place at the back. For me however, I do not like these places (altho it's cheap) as I like a nice a/c place.

    For massage parlours, try Vien Dong (USD6 for massage) , Saigon Prince (USD 15 for massage only). The first is cheaper but good. The other serves expats and is part of a 4 star hotel.

    2. Kissing Bars

    Swell place. You get touchy girls and you buy them lady drinks for 50000 VND and you pay a bar fine of 600000VND to take them out. No further money to be paid. The girl will normally know which minihotels are guest frenly and you pay for the night over. Costs about USD10-15. These bars may look dingy on the outside and in but trust me, it's alot of fun..
    Try Sunshine or Greenfields next to Apocalypse Now.Overlook the lack of facilities and you'll like the place. Beats KTVs for me.

    3. KTVs

    Didn't try but heard its USD40-50 to take girl out. Dunno drink prices but ex. Try Medusa at Amara Hotel or VIP as recommended by brother

    4. Discos

    Not really a service but you can find lotsa freelance hanging ard Apocalypse Now and the bars around there... Where the farangs go, they'll be there. Higher end include Saigon Saigon (Caravelle Hotel) and Catwalk (New World Hotel). Didn't try these cuz I'm no big time spender. Just wanted to know the scene.

    In my honest opinion, I think Vietnamese girls are very attractive for the following reasons. They are pretty, look innocent/demure and very very stubborn. The last one for me is attractive cuz it shows character (I sound stupid writing this). These girls are obliging and yet full of spunk. If I had my way, I'd settle in Vietnam or get an expat posting here. The ratio of females to males here is 2 to 1 so you go figure. And I heard that the local girls do not like viet men as much.. You figure what reason this is so...

    So have fun dudes but please put your cap on. I'm scared shitless of AIDS and it's rife in Vietnam. I am actually pretty scared for myself

    Hi Bro Darzee,

    are you sure the club a The Daewoo is called IMHO? Is it not called Club Q?

    Personally stayed a the Daewoo before and found it to be the most convenient compared to other 5-star hotels in town for companionship. Just head on down to the club and pay around US$ 12 for a drink and call up the girl you like. Following are standard where you can chat them up to check them out. Some do speak passable English and once I even had one who spoke Chinese although not very fluently. Once a price has been agreed - usually US$100 is sufficient for a night and multiple shots. You leave for your room while she will join you later.

    I personally have tried 2 particular girls there, one of them for 4 times. Her BBBJ was very good and she allows for CIM. FJ was also excellent and very responsive. She allows multiple positions but draws the line on fingering and licking.

    The other I had only 2 months ago. Unfortunately I was not a the Daewoo that time and the hotel where I stayed did not allow any overnight visits. We ended up at a local hotel and paid US$10 for an aircon room for the entire night. She was so turned on that after servicing her, she got on top of me and slipped me in raw even though she had prepared the raincoat in advance. By that time I was in 7th heaven and wshe rode me a good 10 minutes before she pulled me forward to her where at that precise point in time her contraction squeezed me from inside and I lost all control and shot my load deep inside her. Even after I had shot my full load she did not let go of me and we stayed holding each other for another 10 minutes - kissing and licking each other all over the neck, ears before my didi slipped out.

    We spent the entire night in each other's arms and only woke up when my didi performed its customary morning flag raising ceremony. Seizing the opportunity I immediately slipped it into her **** even before she awoke completely. Before long I was again driving into her **** lustfully and again shot my complete load deep into her. We then showered together and she even dropped me back off a the hotel before kissing me goodbye.

    All in all it costs me S$200 and an additional US$10 for the room. Needless to say I am looking forward to being back to look up this lady again. In my opinion she is really special with her GF treatment.

    o for the bros heading up to this great city in the north, head on down to Club Q, or if disco/Karaoke is more your thing, then ehad on down to the Hotel Fortuna - ask any taxi driver and they will bring you there. It is absolutely safe, much safer than HCM City as the people there are more sincere and less likely to rip you off. We have been going there for 7 years and it has been a blast! Long live Uncle Ho!

    Had a massage in one of the hotel in HCM and definitely no bj or fj, a hj was defitely in place at 200000, the girl was beautiful and most of them have BIG Boobs!!!!!!must be the diet.

    anyway, had a few footmassage at one of the place and chat up the floor manager. she realised I was from Sing and even offered to take me around HCM, but she have to go back to home town. Call me anything, but I had a feeling that if the trip was on, sure can go further....and her boobs.....oh mine, why can't we have those here!!????

    , braddars

    been here 4 days, 3 nights and gonna go on home to singapore then brunei tomollo.

    as I arrive in saigon on monday evening, and feeling kinda out of it, due to bumpy flight (love the vietnam stewardess, but hate the damn pilot).

    any*****, so no action beside wrestling with my panadiene bottle.

    tuesday - friggin hot day... finish up with business before lunch, and as I walked towards my hotel, passed a "MASSAGE" sign, kinda universal place for dirty business, so I thought, why the fark not? went on in, looks pretty dodgey (just the way I like it) and walked to the receptionist (old bagger). told her "dumbop" meaning massage, and she gave me a key.

    waited for 2 mins, and a petite girl walked in. she smiled and I started to eye her down. can't be over 18, size wise, could give kylie minogue a run for her money, sizable tits (where the hell do they get those tits for a little girl like that?) anyway she proceeded to give me a good rub (oh yeah, I'm nude by now) and she was quick to get to the point, rubba dub di di. she kept feelin me hangin assets and kept gigglin. within 15 mins, the magik question came, actually more like magik hand signal came. I tried as usual (previous trips) to get a fark instead of the "I rather do it myself" HJ. no chance, best she could do was to suck me off. thought better than nothin, and she proceeded. MAN CAN THIS LITTLE GIRL SUCK!!! wasn't sure whether it was because I was so damn horny or if her tongue felt like it was a mile long!

    so there she was, this innocent lookin ****, suckin me like her life depended on it, and boom, came right in her friggin mouth.

    did I mention she was small in size? LOUDEST BLOODY SCREAM EVER!!! what? its only cum? heh heh, anyway I calmed her down, by using the universal problem solver, Money. gave her 250,000 for the suck, and another 100,000 for the "accident" heh heh, she was smiling before I left, little *****...

    ah well, all in all not a bad exp, gotta run, tell you the rest tomollo, have to meet some hot chick.

    Alright brudders,

    First of all, we have to admit that this thread currently suck, and suck BAD. Let's try to work it up fellows!

    Ok here is my contribute:

    1. Plenty of action in HCM City, that's for sure, but I live about 1.5 hours away, so I have to make do with the resources that I have.

    2. Living in Quan 13 (Binh Duong), the general place to go for some release will be Karoake's. sing very old chinese/english songs and play with very cute girls titties. Man these girls are hot (30% of the girls are hot, 50% are little above average and remaining are pretty DOGS)

    3. the main problem in my area is that there is no FJ, unless some brudders can help me out.

    4. The only thing we can do here is fish, and that takes time and lots of spending... JUST WANT MY BLOODY FJ!!!!

    5. So fish this 18 yo slim with big boobs, for the last 7 days, had only 1 BJ, and plenty of Mahjong playing... just not satisfied, think I will go down to HCM for a couple "shots" and play the fishing game again.

    My recommendation for Vietnam is always Apocalypse Now. It is crowded, and has some nice chicks. Not all are pretty, but as long as you can spare the money, the cute ones will come to you.

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    This post is from Kurupa posted in Singapore-Asian web site.

    HoChiMinh/Saigon info compilation/updates
    I have compiled all these info from this website. Is there any changes or updates to the info on Vietnam with Saigon in particular???

    Here goes:
    should try out Catwalk. It's something like a niteclub except the girls will only go back with u if they like u. Kind of fun as if u are trying to pick someone up. It's abt US$100 or 1,000,000 dongs(indecent proposal). Gd Luck

    Catwalk is at New World Hotel. You can't miss it. But it is an expensive place. Go with someone, don't go alone, and take a cab to Gossip or Monaco. These are discos where there are plenty of girls. They will approach you to take them back.

    Below are a few bars where you will find some action

    GREENFIELD, 20 Mac Thi Buoi, next door to the Hard Rock.
    Ladydrink VND50,000 (girl gets 5,000 per drink commission)
    Customer must buy (or pay equivalent) of seven drinks to take girl out.
    (So girl gets VND35,000 and bar gets VND215,000)

    CHILI PEPPER, half block up Dong Du from the BS

    Vung Tau is where all the massage parlors are if thats you thing

    In general, there is a door charge of $5-10. A dancing partner is available for about 200,000-VND/hour. These are beautiful girls, aged 18-25, in elegant cocktail dresses, Chinese split dresses, or Vietnamese ao dai. Tips are expected (200,000-VND about average). These clubs feature live singers and traditional (Vietnam-style) ballroom dancing. Rumba, tango, bebop, cha cha, slow, etc. If you donít know the dance step, fake it with any American step you feel comfortable with. The girls are excellent followers. Nearly all the clubs feature disco type dancing during the breaks.
    Liberty (Tu Do)
    80 Dong Khoi
    Small but friendly. Relatively good selection of girls.
    Rex Hotel
    Le Loi Street (I donít know the address, but this is a famous hotel, any taxi will know it.)Large room, girls dressed in plain colored ao dai, the Vietnamese long dress. Good music. Conservative atmosphere.
    Dong Khoi Street, next to the Majestic Hotel.
    This is a favorite of returning Vietnamese tourists, who say it is the best of the lot. Elegant, stunning ladies, pricey.
    These clubs all have small entrance fees ($5-10). They are full of House Pros, freelancers, and amateurs. Eye contact and a smile will bring them over to you if they are interested.
    Gossip Disco--Hotel Mercury
    Tran Hung Dao Street
    Who: Disco
    This is my personal favorite pick-up place. Thereís usually a large number of ladies here, many of them very beautiful. They used to have good music from a Filipino band, but currently itís only recorded disco music. Thereís a mini hotel within a short walk: Thanh Thao hotel.
    Medusa Club
    At the end of the long alley beside the Amara hotel.
    323 Le Van Sy
    Work: 848-843-9999
    Who: Disco, Karaoke
    Very upscale, but reasonably priced. More than 80 beautiful girls for singing, dancing, cuddling. Couch seating around a dance floor downstairs. Karaoke upstairs. This is a favorite of the Koreans, but most of them have gone back to Korea. Ask the mamasan for someone who can speak English. Many, but not all, will go to a hotel with you.
    Ni Ni Bar.
    74 Hai Ba Trung
    Hostess Bar. Here, the girls are down and dirty. You can get FS upstairs for $30 total.
    Stephanie's (Cafe Dep)
    Work: 825-8471
    14 Thai Van Lung Street
    a Le Thanh Ton
    Aggressive hostess bar, but the girls are usually stunners. They will really hustle you for drinks, so you need to keep your wits about you. You can take girls out of here, but there is sometimes a bar fine. Better to discreetly make an appointment for later, or for a nooner the next day.
    Sun - Moon Bar
    Work: 848-824-4295
    74-B Hai Ba Trung
    A bar downstairs and mediocre live music upstairs. Full of hookers.
    The Monkey Bar (aks Huu Dien).
    Ha Ba Trung, corner of Lam Son Square (one block uphill from Hien & Bobís. AVOID this place unless you a very high tolerance level for being hustled for drinks. This place is packed with hostesses who want to drink up all your money except exactly what youíll need to pay them and a hotel later. OK to stick your head inside, but be prepared to cut and run.
    Saigon Thao Beauty Shop
    48 Ngo Duc Ke
    Q. 1

    As I promised, here's the trip for HCM...

    Stayed at a jap hotel, legend hotel, tonnes of hot chicks every bloody where! checking out the jap chicks then viet chicks, too damn horny to think about work. right after check in, went over to their HC. the chicks are amazing, every girl can be described in one word "HOT"!

    The girls, had nice sizeable tits (not huge, but big enough), smooth long legs (for asians), tightest butt ever (way tighter than any HC girls I ever felt), most importantly they have the cutest looks ever.

    I didn't get to choose the girl, but at that point any of them is good. Saw a real pretty girl walk pass, but I ended up with a cute dimpled babe.

    The massage was amazing (if I wasn't so damn horny), she gave me the full 1 hour work out, soothing every single tired muscle there was, I would have really fell asleep if not for my lil bro. As she started massaging me legs, she constantly touch my balls, and occasionally asking whether I like that (hell yeah!)

    I kept replying yes, and finally she pop the question, actually she didn't really ask, she made me turn around and grabbed me dick! even though I was crazily horny, the cash issue always came first. I asked she answered 500,000... (what? for a FJ?) nope, not that lucky, only for HJ. I ended up bargaining the price down to 350,000 (still a bloody rip off). she let me feel her up, but I didn't get to see any crap... good HJ though, if that was any consolation.

    gave her the money and told her I would come back (yeah right), and proceeded the day with work.

    after several uninteresting HJ, the novelty was wearing off, and yes the chicks were hot, but I ain't a 12 yo anymore, need some serious fark! to get me off.... went out in search of more exciting places, and taxi's for once were not helpful, they only took me to places that privided BJ at best (and prices at 1,000,000! dumb asses)

    Overall, my trip to Vietnam was just an experience, the country folks are poor, and earn only USD40-200 (depending on skill), however, due to all the rich dudes that work and tour vietnam, girls tend to think (you from overseas? you rich fella), and a strict communist country makes it difficult to find FJ. Nevertheless, if I have a chance to venture in HCM again, I will not give up, till I fark up! over and out

    Try out this place:

    Tiem Hai Toc Sao Mai
    324/38 Bin Dupong Vt Tich
    Tan Binh

    Near the airport. I might get the address wrong as it is in Vietnamese so you may want to call this number 8112076.

    The price is about GL price and the quality of gals are quite okay. It is a "barber shop" which provides everything e.g haircut, massage and even FXXX services. Just check with the manageress that you are recommended by friends and she will know what you want.

    Field report if mission accomplised (no obligations)

    Enjoy cheonging!!!

    Do help me recollect something about this immigration hotel in town.

    I was there and 2 ang Mo whom dare not leave the hotel for too long told me that along the street next to this hotel. There is a Barber shop with curtian and when they went in and sat on the barber chair, A lady was washing his hair, another 2 came in and pull up the curtain, one took out her boob and let him suck while another took out his cock and gave him a BBBJ. all for US5.

    That was 10 years agao. I went around but could not find it. Is it still there??

    For those interested in massage with that provide HJ try Saigon Star hotel. If i remember correctly, its located on the 3rd floor.

    Massages cost - VND 120,000 (US$8)
    Hj - Max. US$10 as tips

    Believe it or not, there are "happy hours". Go between 10am - 1pm, you can either have a extended session for the same price or 2 gal massage for a standard session, no extra charges!! Of course, if you go for 2 gal, your tips will have to be multiplied by 2.

    Gals - 85% above average. Had a session with a beautiful young gal (rated 7.5) with big big tits (34C).

    By the way, you may request for 2 gals session even after happy hour, but cost slightly more.

    Rooms are big and clean (basically a converted hotel room). Worth a try and massage are good and very affordable too.

    cannot remember the name of the discos..but there are three quite prominent one in Vung Tau. There is one disco that is attached to the hotel. All you have to do is buy a drink in the disco, sit down and there are many gals with number tags dancing on the dance floor, take your time to take your pick, tell the mamasan, the gal will come over and you could buy her a drink, negotitaite with her the price (about USD60-80 dollars) for specials, tell her your room number and she will arrange the rest. You will then proceed to your room and wait for her to come. The gals are quite decent looking but not as pretty as HCM gals

    That was two years ago but i do not know whether they still practice the same system or any place have changed..but anyway do not have too high an expectations in the hotel in Vung Tau. If I am not mistaken, the hotel is very near the beach.

    For Hanoi, you can try the night club in Hanoi Hotel. But be careful when settling the bills, they have the habit to put in additional charges. Just check your bill and voice up for any discrepancy. You can get gals there, do not pay anything more than US$80 for overnight

    Also, you may try Daewoo Hotel, they have a KTV there. IMHO, the gals quality are better than Hanoi Hotel.

    Lastly, you may try your luck at Meritus hotel, there is a nightclub there by the name Exotica. But was under renovation when i was there 2 week ago.

    Have fun....

  6. #137
    From VN

    Here are few things I have seen in HCM so far and thanks to all contributors in this forum.

    AN: is still there and alive. There are alot of people from Mon to Sun and quality are 6 to 7. I do not think price change that much and I can not find any good looking one for less than 35. It opened till 2AM..amazing place.

    Club 777: first and second floor. few good looking one but you need to speak the language here. I also saw few of them from AN here as well. One day I drank with the manager here and his name is Hoan and one of his niece is a cashier at the bar on second floor. If you get friendly to the bar tender and buy him a drink, then you can get inside info from him. However, watch out for a "colour" guy, who is a partner of this club and he is not a straight guy. You had been warned.

    Liquid on Hai ba trung is the same some goog looking one there as well but I see local mostly only few foreigner here.

    Spaceship: DEAD!! I walked in there and I counted there 6 total. Included me for a Thursday night. The owner is on trial rightnow so I think it will be close down sooner or later.

    Club Number 1 on Le Qui Don is also a good place to hang out and you might be able to pick up if you sit on the bar on higher floor. I also found out that you can buy drinks to all the bar tender and you never know, you might get a lucky one. again, you need to speak the language or know someone can come along with you.

    Karaoke at amara hotel on Le van si: expensive, 50 on average BUT quality is super and if you wait for the nest day and ask them to go out with you. They can take time off the nextday and have a good time.

    I had alot of their mobile number and do not know which one to choose...LOL..

    I also hire a local driver to go to Vungtau and boy I tell you I got married too many times there and I can not even keep track of it.
    if you need info on local driver, locations and other info in Vungtau, then you can email me at
    However, he can not speak english but I will try my best to make arrangment for you via note or letter.

    I will be here for few more days to check out other but I am not sure if I do because I had all mobile number that I can use.

    OK..untill next time. Happy hunting.

  7. #136

    You say in your post below to email you if we have any questions -- how can I do that?

    Also if MEATY or DIRTY D are reading, I'd like to email to you as well, again to just ask some questions.

    I'm in Saigon now for about one week and need to try some other spots than where I have gone so far.

    If you want to keep your email address off this forum, my email is

    I hope to hear from you!

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    yawning around here...zzzzzzzzzzzzz
    vietphiles look here for salvation:

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    Can anyone tell me what Ho Chi Minh City is like now? Are there still a lot of tourists? Are the clubs still full? Has the price gone down? Are the streets still busy at night or is everything empty due to SARS.

  10. #133
    I'll email you and we can hook up somewhere. If you don't mind me asking, what nationality are you?

    2fast4u..I just checked email but do not see your mail. Can you resend and check email address again or if you can post your email here, I will sent you one.
    I am leaving on 04/09..and arrive on 04/11...I had not booked any hotel yet but was thingking to stay at Evergreen or Metropole hotel. Where r u staying?

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    Hey, warriorxxx,

    I'll email you and we can hook up somewhere. If you don't mind me asking, what nationality are you?

    Since I'm here let me put up a post.

    The last time I was there in 2002, the price for a girl in the club was 700,000 (us45dollars) st (2-3 hours). Service was good no rush and willing to please. I met 2 American guys there who cheated two girls. After they did the deed they refused to pay saying that they thought it was free. They were black and hispanic. When guys do this they make us all look bad. Those guys brag about how they will stay at the Rex Hotel and how much money they have and then cheat girls out of 45 bucks. They look like crap with the baggie pants and long t-shirts so I could tell they were cheap.

    I went to a massage place in district one (a taxi took me) 300,000 for a bj. Cute girl 7 out 10 and you will have to pay the place 50,000 for the massage. I don't remember the name or address but this time I will take a business card to post the address.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by 2fast4u
    [i]I'm leaving for sgn in a week.[i][quote] me and let me know date u r coming in..I am heading there in few days we might be able to hook up..

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    I'm leaving for sgn in a week. How is the scene in Ho Chi Minh City? I heard about a club called Heat, it is suppose to be the best right now. Does any one know a good massage place in district one or any karaoke bars with really good looking girls (bear om)? I've been to Vietnam before and the I know you can basically pick up any girl you see, but I don't have time and don't want a relationship.

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

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    re: Erik's comment on a woman who seemed 32 and had at least one kid.

    My general experience is that women who have a kid back home are much more aggressive in trying to get all the money they can from you. Even if the service they gave was not the service that was agreed to.

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    Do the girls on motorbikes serve Westerners or people who don't speak Vietnamese? [/i]
    It depends of your skills of communication; having a pen and paper might help. My vietnamese is really poor but at least I understand numbers... Think it's not to difficult to make it. And of course they cater to Westerners (maybe few would refuse, why? I don't know) because by paying 200.000 VND you're at least 2x higher than local... I heard (and saw few action) about blowjobs in parc in front of reunification for 30.000 VND!!!

    Sorry for multiple post


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