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    I was in VN in June 2002 for 2 weeks, my friends took me to one of the BJ coffee shops in Go Vap. I were trying to go to karaoke om, but my friends advise me not to go there because they will rip you off. There are many massage parlors that will give HJ too. I have never tried "hot toc" yet. If you guys have new info. please post here so we can all read. thanks guys.

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    I'll be there in November too, I'd like to meet up with some of you guys. I spent the month of June there and met a very beautiful girl working at the Spaceship as a bartender, but otherwise the place was dead. Apocalypse Now was okay but I did end up finding a real gem there about on my 5th time going to that bar, ended up spending a week with her. Most of the go go bars I found the girls to be pretty nasty except for one at the Green Hill bar. Hot tocs I walked in and out of probably a dozen or so, never saw a girl worth staying for. Catwalk was fun for one night, beautiful women but the place is mainly for guys who don't mind spending the extra money so they don't have to go on the hunt for women. Stayed at a 3 star hotel and they let me bring the women in, I just became friendly with the night managers. They would not even accept a tip! Great guys, I think I amused them with my constant stream of different women. I watched one guy drunk and arguing to bring a girl in, made me kind of embarrassd to be a fellow American. Be cool and you will get pretty much what ever you want.

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    im still in vietnam. i may be returning to the states soon but for only a brief time then come back here. the hoc toc with the great BJ's that i mentioned is NOT on xo viet nghe tein street. it's on Qouc Lo st. (spelling?) the best way to find it is to get on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street and go out of the city center towards Binh thanh district. at he big round a bout go straight. soon you will be at 5 way intersection. go straigt for maxium of 100 meters it's on the right hand side. don't vier right on the road to thanh da district. the mamason will quote you price of 100.000 for the "massage" but she will settle for 70.000. also i heard from a trusted friend that the bar/lounge on the 9th floor?, of the Caravel Hotel has some fine working girls available for 500.000 vnd all night. a little steep for me but may be worth it. everyone do not go to the HOA SON karaoke i previously mentioned. even though the got a great selection of girls for 200.000 vnd full service. they have resorted to being a rip off establishment. too bad. they use to be really good. if you still want to take your chances my advice is YOU open the beers and only ask them to bring into the room what you intend on drinking. otherwise the girls will pop open a beer every 2 minutes. then they will charge you for those beers even though you haven't drank them. keep a close eye on what the girls are doing. if you can do that then you shouldn't have too much problems. in my next post i will tell of some "cafe oms" -cheap BJ and outcall service. hey beast, i heard Monaco bar is openning up again soon, is this true?

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    Hey Dog, long time no hear. There are a large number of Hot Toc near the the Eastern Bus station, can never remember the name of the one I frequent just recognise it from the outside. Never got around to trying many of the others in the area.

    Still pay VND 70,000 for a shampoo and BJ no tip required. I can think of worse ways to spend a hot lunch time.

    Anybody looking for Windows cafe mentioned by Vietkieu it's located on the corner of Pham Ngoc Thach and Tran Cao Van next to Ho Con Rua (Turtle Lake).

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    hello every one this is Dirty Dog. it's been a long time since i check out WSG. seeing the new forum, i thought i would once again contribute. my favorite "hoc toc" is located near the bus station on xo viet nghe tien street or something like that. sorry for the vagueness but the place is called "xuan" something. i will get the exact address and name soon. "virgin" from the old discussion board referred me but i think "beast" was the first to know about it. anyways the younger sister of the mamason has large perfectly shaped tits. she will let you perform a 69 on her. and she lets you cum in her mouth. (all the girls lets you finish off in the mouth but only 1 lets you do the 69) price is 70,000 vnd. well worth it! the other place i fequent is the brothel in Phu Nhuan district. by far this is the best venue around. it's on tran quang khai/tran hieu lieu street. to get there turn north on tran quang khai street from le van sy. go about 1/2 a km. it on the left and side just before a "bitis" shoe store. it has blue gates which are always closed. often there is a bonus motorcycle parked in front of the the door bell, Loan the mamason will anwer. if you are a smooth talker she may let you in. she speaks only vietnamese. try to ask for a special massage. the price is 200,000 vnd for full service. just about anything you want.the house is clean and confortable as well. they have 2 new girls a day there. thursdays are the best. oh and no tipping expected. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL. If you have any trouble getting in let me know i might be able to help. also try to tell her that "thanh sent you" (in vietnamese). that's the guy the referred me and a good friend of the mamason.- dirty D.

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    what's up guys..i'm back from my trip to thailand and vietnam. so here's the report that i've been promising.

    first off, i'm going to tell about my trip to thailand so for all those out there that only want to know about vietnam then skip down.
    i spent four wonderful days in the land of smile..and you can bet that i was smiling my whole trip there. i first visited the eden club...only the best there is. check their website for info. i had two lovely thai girls that do everything i like and they were experts like no other. all your fantasies can and will come true here. the good gogo bars are long gun in soi cowboy, any rainbow in nana plaza, and g-spot in nana plaza. there are all types of girls: tall, long hair, big breasts, etc...well at least that's what i like. just be careful because one of the girls i almost went with at rainbow was only 15 years old and i could tell she wasn't the only one ****. the thai girls are really nice and treated me very special so i'll go again next year to see them.

    now about my trip to vietnam. the nightlife is still dead
    ...everything closes at midnight. there are a few new disco clubs that are hot. blue is number one right now and lots of hot girls there. the only problem is that they are more expensive now then ever. the girls only go for one hundred and up for the night. the girls also don't hit on you like before so you have to be aggressive and not be afraid to ask. if they are sitting in a group of four girls or so with no guys around, then the are working girls. if not then they will politely tell you that they are not interested and you can go to the next group. lots of beautiful working girls in there. if you only like to dance and talk with them then tip them 5 dollars and that is more then enough. these girls only have customers two or three times a month! and that is more than double the average person in vietnam. the other club to go to is speed on tran hung dao. speed is a little less crowded but still lots of fine girls. i mean these girls are prettier then the models in vietnam by far. speed is a good place to go on the weekend when blue is too crowded to walk in. go about 9:30pm to 10pm and it closes at midnight.

    i met one of my girlfriend at blue. she was sitting across from me and all i could do was stare at her like a fool. she was the prettiest thing there. one of my buddies saw my mouth open and drooling so he came over and talk to the girl for me. she wasn't a working girl but still single. i came over and talk with her and got her number. dated her a few times and we got along great. thinking about marrying this one next year so wish me luck guys.

    my other girlfriend, i met at cafe nhac tre and bar at 131 nguyen hue. nice bar with music and comedy every night. the bartender girls were really nice to me and so were the waitresses. lots of them gave me there phone numbers but i was only interested in the pr girls. they are the dancers and really fine. i believe that one of them even won the beauty pagent in saigon a few days before i left. i took her out to eat to celebrate it with her. she is one of the few girls that i met that is taller then me and i am 5'9.
    anyways, i like another girl there better and we dated for five or six times. took her jetskiing and bowling etc. sorry guys..i'm not as wild as usual because i was looking for a real girlfriend to marry this time around so didn't want to lose time playing around.
    this bar is for guys who want a relationship only because these girls are not working girls.

    i stayed at the same hotel again. the hotel across from there is called thai thien and many girls come and go from there. most of the girls are called by the hotel or with someone already. there are many street girls at midnight to three but i don't bother with them because most are druggies. most haircut places and massages are clean now...nothing special. cops are too strict now. karaoke places are okay but cost a lot. you can arrange with the girls to meet you afterward but not worth the trouble.

    in summary, the best and probably the only place you should go to find nice looking girls are in the discos at blue and speed. my friends got fine looking girls all over them there. oh, there is a coffee shop called window's cafe in saigon. all the fine girls are there after 1pm or noon time before they go to work. just hang out there to meet friends or look at all the fine girls who come in and out of there. definitely the finest girls in vietnam all go there.

    one more thing, i didn't go in catwalk at new world hotel but passed by it many times. i always have dates and damn country closes the nightlife too early that i can't go on dates and have fun afterward. i see a few really nice looking girls sitting out front with foreigners so that could be a nice place to check out especially for those who have lots of money. classy girls in there that are all working girls.

    i guess that's all for now. so much to tell about but email me for specific info that you certain places and girls that work there. i don't like giving names and numbers out here. i did go to da nang for five days so i have info about there also. anyways, thanks for reading and good luck to all. my email is

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    As for Saigon. Was last there in '99. Last time I was there you coudnt bring ladies back to your hotel (if the hotel is nice). There are love hotels, but, felt it was too risky to try...though I hear many people do it. Though, Ladies can visit you in your room during the day. So, I didn't mind have the girls come over at 10am for a quickie, lunch, and some sight seeing, then back to the hotel for more action and maybe swim. there are some bars/discos to go to meet girls..the only one I remember is Apocalypse Now.
    Can anyone provide any information on the status of bringing girls back to the room? One day the Vietnamese have got to change this crazy policy.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have been to vietnam many times before and will go again on August 10-26. Let me give some info on what I know. I was back there last year. The club scenes were closing early because of drug problems. I think at midnight. The girls in the clubs are by far the prettier ones but they cost up to $50 USD for the night. I think the cost are sometimes high because the girls might have to split the money if they are introduce to you by friends or mamasans. The clubs in Saigon are Monaco, Spaceship, Club 2000. Just ask the hotel or taxi drivers. Don't ever go on the motorbike but the car because they are registered and won't charge you anything thing extra. There are smaller clubs where there are slower music and girls in there that can dance with you for a small fee. Most of these girls will go back to the hotel with you. I went to the Catwalk club last time. It's in the New World Hotel. I think all taxi drivers know it and everyone else because Clinton stayed there during his visit. Anyways. There was about 50 girls in there (all very pretty) just sitting around or dancing with each other. There were only five guys in there the whole night. One of the guys told management that he want one of the girls to go sing karaoke with him on the upper floor and off she went. I know many other places including one at super bowl next to the airport. I would not recommend taking girls off the street because these girls are often not as pretty, use drugs, or good at pickpockets. There are cheap but probably not worth it if you are not the adventurous type. Some of the hotels with offer you pretty girls for the clubs for $50 or more a night. Bullshit. Excuse my language. They tried that on me many times but I'm not a rookie here and knew better. They just grab 2 girls from the street and pay them almost nothing. They let you choose one and return the other or return both and get two more new ones if you don't like the first two. The hotel workers could see that you are white or single and would offer girls to you. Just decline politely because it's a ripoff.

    I do know pick up places in other cities as well. Like da lat, nha trang, da nang, etc. Take too long to list here. If you like to know more about anything just email me or ask on this forum and I'll try to get back to you asap. Anything for massages, bars, clubs, prices, travel, hotels, etc.
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    Here's the report I promised.

    I was in HCMC in May. One nite, I felt horny and let my dick do the thinking. I allowed myself to be persuaded by the cyclo rider to take me to a hot toc somewhere in Q3. After a HJ session with one of the big busted girl, I came out and the cyclo rider told me he's tired and intead recommend a motorcyle taxi to take me back to my hotel in Q1.

    The motorcycle however took me to Q11 and pretended to have lost his way. He looked for a waiting taxi and hustled me into it. Immediately, a few of his friend appeared and one of them get into the taxi with me. I was threatened and emptied of my pockets. Luckily, I did not carry much cash with me and no other cards or passport. They were disappointed but did not harm me physically, and left. The taxi was not part of it. In fact, the taxi driver is very helpful and took me back to my hotel, waited patiently while I get back to my room to get my money to pay him.


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    maldym, i think dog and i got a bit bored the posts made by others which weren't very relevant and got on with enjoying the city

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    since this forum is changed to the new format, this section on HCMC is practically dead. Where are previous active contributors in the old forum like beast and dirty-dog etc.? Can you please keep it coming?

    I travel to HCMC occasionally. Your info is invaluable to people like me. Will soon post my experience of being busted after a session in Hot Toc, when I am more free.

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    Hello everyone...i'm going to vietnam this next month. so anyone please tell me which is the best hotel to stay in HCM city to find girls.
    and where i can easily find girls.
    please email me at

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    could anybody provide serious escort in HCM I'll be there end of june or so for couple of days, I'll not have the time to search because of my work so I would organize before, or if there is something like casa I could go there, I would prefer to get a girl for my entire stay
    Thanks for your help

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    Any VIET KIEU brothers out there that has reliable info about the hot "actions" in our homeland please drop me a line at Cam on rat nhieu.

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    hi guys,,the USA board changed to this new format over a month ago and at first it took time for everybody to adjust... now its better than before because it works faster and has some improved features, you still have the old board posts available if you want to re check old info. and soon people will catch on to the new one.

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