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    Quote Originally Posted by SimplePunter  [View Original Post]
    Had some great action here after my 2nd attempt. Thai lady 28 yrs with 8/10 rating. Full clit rubbing, nipple sucking with mutual HJ action. Worth a visit.
    Thanks for the heads up. Did you happen to get her name? It would be helpful, particularly if the place is a bit hit and miss.


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    Winner winner

    Had to drive to Albury from Melbourne and needed a break as I still had 5 hour drive still in front of me.

    So what better way to ease those aching mussels than a massage.

    There are two in dean street the, s Thai massage and another next door.

    Rand both same the, s was 1 hour wait the other not busy $40 1/2.

    Met by not so Asian ML wearing Tshirt and cut off jeans shorts.

    She asked what I wanted and I replied 1/2 massage.

    No mention of cost.

    Very good massage and a little bit of talking.

    She did the usual accidental stroke of ball bag and crack.

    I did get my fingers up the leg of the shorts to give the pussy and clit a rub.

    This soon escalated to more attention to butt.

    I was not asked to roll over so raised my bum in the air.

    She played with my balls / cock and arse from behind until I came.

    I was then asked to flip and the massage continued with the usual towel wipe down.

    Still no mention of price.

    I dressed and met her at the counter and was told $100.

    I looked her in the eye and told her she had not mentioned price.

    'Sorry" was the reply she then blurts out "this time $50".

    Money paid and I was gone.

    Ready to continue on my road trip.

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    Mt Alexander Road Junction 2nd attempt success

    Had some great action here after my 2nd attempt. Thai lady 28 yrs with 8/10 rating. Full clit rubbing, nipple sucking with mutual HJ action. Worth a visit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnlyAGame  [View Original Post]
    179 Sunshine Avenue Tottenham has been shut down but it's neighbour curiously remains open.
    Obviously the neighboring shop owner paid off the right people at the council. The whole industry is as corrupt as hell with council and LE under the control of organized Asian gangs.

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    533 Mt Alexander Road

    Went to a Chinese massage place at 533 Mt Alexander Road. Was greeted by a sexy Asian MILF in her 40's, with a naughty streak. Price was $50 for 30 minutes and $85 for 1 hour. Her name was Angela. I chose 30 minutes due to time constraints. I laid face down with my underwear on. She came into the room, patted my ass and asked if she could take my undies off. Whatever.

    Massage was brilliant. She has been classically trained and knew what she was doing. At the 20 minute mark she reached under for my meat and two veg and asked if I wanted extra. She gave the universal sign for a HJ. I was planning to fuck another chick later that day so did not want to waste a cum load on a HJ, so I declined. She asked me again. This time I made up the story that I was happily married and that my boss wife would not approve of me getting a HJ. I gave the universal sign for decapitation. I did not ask her for the price.

    She then gave me a hot towel wipe down and 10 more minutes of fantastic massage with back walking. Definitely 35 minutes worth. I was so impressed I gave her a $10 tip. She then hugged me and grabbed my now erect cock and said "next time". I reckon more ++ would be on offer if you gave her a crisp pineapple.

    Ask for Angela. You won't be disappointed with the massage.

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    Two more down

    179 Sunshine Avenue Tottenham has been shut down but it's neighbour curiously remains open.

    Thai shop on Station Street Chelsea was also recently shut down.

    No doubt this means 2 more will open somewhere else.

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    Don't bother with this one

    Thai shop in Lightwood Rd opposite Sandown train station. Greeted by a reasonable looking 30 ish lady in a tight singlet who led me to a room and then said enjoy your massage and switched for a lady in her 40's, which didn't hugely bother me at the time. Massage was OK but she wanted $100 for "extra" but I couldn't actually establish what was on offer. I countered with my standard $30 and she went $50, then eventually down to $40 but by that stage I wasn't interested. As expected the 45 minutes was more like 35 as she had a chat in the hallway while she went to get a hot towel. Damage was $55 for what was supposed to be 45 minutes.

    Wouldn't go back under any circumstances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banditos  [View Original Post]
    Long time reader, never post. Figured I'd share tonight's story.
    Thanks for sharing your experience. It's common that as mongers we often get bored with the after work functions and go heading out alone. Mongering is a bit of a loner sport I guess and it's now deemed inappropriate to flirt with the SYT at work.

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    Long time reader, never post. Figured I'd share tonight's story.

    Based in Syd, I'm down in Melb right now for work and this was one of those nights where I wasn't up for the usual after work outings, so ended up bailing on the colleagues and roaming the CBD for a massage joint.

    After a few dud locations thanks to Google maps. I slowly started heading back to the hotel, figuring I'll take a long way back and keep an eye out for the good old neon signs. Wasn't long before I stumbled across a place near the corner of queen and little Bourke st.

    It was that time of the night where I decided to settle so I went in and was quickly greeted by a small Asian woman, 7/10 (couldn't tell what nationality at this stage). The pricelist was on the wall. 4 or 5 options. I can't remember them all, I chose the 45 min for $60. I normally pick 45 min as there's a decent chance you'll get an okay massage as they have to actually try for 30 minutes. They can't just flip you over after 10 and send you out.

    Anyway I get ushered into a room directly connected to the main area. The rest seemed to go down a hallway. Stripped down to the jocks and waited. Shortly after she came in. First question was if I had been there before. I lied and said yes, so she asked if it was OK to take my jocks off. Again I said sure and she quickly slid them off. Next question, did I want it hard or soft. I said hard of course. Slightly regretting it now. She knew what she was doing. I don't normally enjoy chatting with them but I entertained her initial chit chat and she revealed she was from China, and worked / studied massage back there for 5 years. Having been to China before, and had a few legit massages there. This had the same feel as those. Lots of elbow use, she put her all into it and to be honest, was one of the better massages I've received. For $60 too. I was quite happy at this stage.

    After about 30 min came the request to flip over and shortly after, the question with the tug signal. I asked how much, she replied with "How much you pay? Having skimmed this forum yesterday, I opened with a $20 that got laughed at. She countered with a $50. Too much I said, too expensive. She went down to $40. I held up 3 fingers and surprisingly, without any real negotiation she said fine. You pay now. Really not expecting it to be that easy, I got up to get my wallet. As I walked over she throws out. No touching for $30. I was fine with that. But realized I didn't have a $10. Only $20's. After a short back and forth, I paid her the $40 To her delight and she got her tits out. I went into the night budgeting $120 max so I was still OK with the $100. Anyway. It seems like her getting that little win inspired her to give me a tug just as good as the rub. She went to town. Great technique with heavy ass play. I actually tried holding off for as long as possible but she seemed to continue to slide her finger deeper in my ass to the point where I couldn't hold it any longer. Lots of laughing, teasing and in general, a good vibe to the event.

    After leaving to wash her hands. She came back and asked if I still want the rest of the massage (I had just under 10 min left). I said sure. So she went to work on my chest and legs. The conversation now flowed at this stage. We spoke about her age (31 apparently. She can pass for it), the other places she works (none of the locations sounded recognizable between her accent and my lack of Melb geography), how she only makes $15 From the initial massage and lives off the extras. Which was pretty interesting to me as I normally avoid talking to the girls. I had told her during the first massage I was from Sydney and she mentioned that's why she accepted $30. She "knew that was the Sydney rate. ". Apparently the Melb rate is $50. I just laughed at her and said. Sure. According to her sister who is based in Sydney, tugs go for $20-$30. In reality it's the same bullshit as Melb but who am I to argue with her at this stage.

    Spoke a bit more about her family, her husband in China and all her dependents. The massage ended up going for another 20 minutes. I don't think either of us realized.

    Anyway. It was a bit of an odd encounter for me so I thought ID share back with the community. Didn't ask her for her name as I didn't have any intention of going back but she did say she only works at this joint 2 days a week. The other 5 days she's at the other places. Working from 10-10.

    Definitely recommend just for the massage alone. For $100/45 min. Potentially able to go to $90. That's decent value for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BroadSword  [View Original Post]

    My brethren from down under!

    I'm in Melbourne for a couple of weeks on work. Can I check out some place and get some action during the time?
    If you spend a few minutes RTFF, all the info you need is here.

    Failing that, just google “Melbourne Brothels” and a big list will come up. You don’t need any help from anyone.

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    Newbie in Melbourne mate, help needed


    My brethren from down under!

    I'm in Melbourne for a couple of weeks on work. Can I check out some place and get some action during the time?

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    In search of Mimi or Seiko

    Once you have your email set up in this site email me and I will provide that information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaAussie  [View Original Post]
    Mmmm let me see!

    If I understand it correctly you are looking for the following.

    1) You are 30 and female.

    2) You are looking for non committal sex.

    3) You are looking for a guy.

    4) You are not looking for payment.

    What you are asking for may be a little hard to find on this site.

    We like the following.
    LOL that was mean dude LOL but I can't say I disagree I pretty sure she can find some dude who is willing to long as she doesn't look too bad LOL.

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    Happy out West

    So working out in Melbourne's western burbs this week.

    Decided to get some fuel at 7-11 and pop into an AMP nearby.

    House charge 50 for 30 minutes.

    Directed to a room, in comes petite 'Happy' a mid 20's PRC girl who's new here, only works Mondays.

    Massage a solid 7, with a little teasing along the way.

    Time to flip, offers full nude HJ with touching for 50. Decided to settle for that, so not sure what else is on offer.

    I help her undress, nice little bum, great boobs which she's more than happy for me to play with and suck on.

    Starts slowly with a nice slippery HJ, plenty of balls play, and finished me off quite quickly.

    Damage: House 50, Girl 50.

    Body: 7.

    Boobs: 8.

    Bum: 7.

    WIR: for her yes, not sure about other talent.

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    Soul Sacrifice

    Quote Originally Posted by PilotPaul  [View Original Post]
    Standard for working girls in all countries. Once they have money in hand they will not return anything.
    Standard practice in a few massage shops is of course just to forget to even give the change from the room fee.
    Those are both good points Pilot, unfortunately a case of losers are weepers and like to add a few more;.

    You are an Aussie so you must be loaded therefor give more. It's ANZAC or Labour day or Good Friday (something they know nothing about) all the same, you should give more then, what a joke!

    Showing stubborn contempt for not understanding or sharing their moral or cultural ideologies which usually surfaces, "You ow us" $$$ for what?

    If there is an issue with money or services, their cloned thinking, irrespective of the facts is automatically to side with their own people first.

    Happy hunting and punting.


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