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    Darwin R&T.

    Went to my first ever are&t last night.

    Went to a place called Lilis, got greeted by a hot Asian lady who asked if I wanted massage with happy ending, I said yes please! She said $100.

    I was taken down to a room where another hot young Asian lady with perfect natural tits welcomed me, she laid me face down and started massaging.

    She was massaging for about 10 minutes when she said OK turn over, then she said you want hand job? And I said yes please, she oiled my cock up and started stroking away, she said "you want sex" and I said yeah! She said $30 so I paid her and she got a condom and put it on me, she then got on top of me and was riding me and was moaning so loud, so I then started pumping her so hard, we changed positions a few times then she got off and took the condom off and started giving me a HJ again. Not long after and I finished.

    Was one of the hottest experiences I have ever had! I recommend if your thinking about going to a are&t, you just need to go!

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    Location, location.

    If you're going to the north country fair, have no fear about the availability of services. Maybe it's the proximity of Indonesia just across the strait. Maybe it's the lingering wild west attitude.

    In Alice Springs, I googled 'Asian massage' and found that SaSa was just a few blocks from my hotel. Upon entering, I found two (30) attractive Chinese women. I was immediately offered a choice of sensual massage or full service. I excused myself to go back to my room and take a vitamin.

    In Darwin, I was laid low by a cold and didn't partake, but there must have been a dozen massage parlors within two blocks of my hotel. I got the sense they were all full service. At one, the girls were hanging out on the street. Most interesting of all, the daily newspaper runs explicit escort ads.

    Cairns, unfortunately, seems to be a different story, although there is one legal brothel.

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    Fun in Darwin

    Just returned from Darwin & only had one chance to sneak out for a bit of mongering.

    There is a place called lilies just near Woolworths where I called in for a quick $100 empty out.

    The ladies name was Yuki from memory. Asian lady with fake tits but very perky. A seven out of 10.

    Paid her the money & straight down to business started with a bit of oral with a condom & then a bit of missionary on the table for a fast finish before sneaking back to the hotel to the wife.

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    English Nicole

    There is a woman who calls herself English Nicole backpacking around Australia and advertising her wares on Cracker.

    I had the pleasure yesterday afternoon, and I can only say wow!

    She says she is 24 and that looks about right. Slim, shaved (a bit of stubble, and that would be my one and only complaint) and extremely horny. A cute tall thin blonde. She has wavy hair in her photos on the ad but at the moment she is wearing it straight.

    Nicole arrived looking very sexy in a nice dress, and stuck her tongue down my throat to say Hello,. Very soon clothes were flying in all directions and she said "let me get that cock in my mouth". I had asked for BBBJ and CIM and nearly got it in the first 5 minutes. I nearly came in her mouth straight away, but I didn't want that so went to dine at the why for a little while. Such a sweet tasty pussy, and very wet and responsive. She had stated that anal was off limits (the only thing that was) but I couldn't resist licking and lightly touching her lovely little bud. We rotated around various positions of oral /69 for a while, then she said "Fuck Me", slipped on a condom and demanded doggy. Then a bit more oral over the condom, followed by Mish, standing, and cowgirl leaning back to give me a fantastic view. When I was getting close she asked me to come on her face, and once again I felt it was only gentlemanly to oblige. I came on her lips, which she licked with gusto, and cum dripped all over her face and down onto her lovely tits, where I could not resist rubbing it in. The sight of Nicole looking up at me with a big smile on her cum covered face will remain in my wank bank for quite some time.

    After cleaning up we chatted for a while. She said she is off to Perth this week, and is only in the country for a couple more weeks. If you get the chance, do give her a try.

    The damage was $200 for a full half hour (an hour would have been $350) In call in my hotel room.

    BBBJ / CIM / PSE 9/10 because no one is perfect, but she is damn close.

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    Lotto massage Knuckey St

    6 pm on a Friday night, so a busy time.

    The receptionist met me with a smile, locked the door and ushered me to the room.

    A very strong massage, which was just what I needed.

    Plus a nice happy ending.

    Damage was $80 plus $20 extra to take her top off.

    $100 well spent.

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    Impressions massage

    Impressions is at Pavonia St Nightcliff.

    In the 'suburbs' so you would need your own transport, but in my experience this is a nicer place with nicer girls than the city AMPS.

    Always a reliable place. Went there yesterday for R&T.

    Lovely girl, Chinese, not much English.

    $80 for one hour massage, $80 tip for the tug and touching.

    She kept her knickers on but did not object to me probing inside.

    She swung her lovely tits in my mouth and I by sucking them obliged whilst fingering her to orgasm, then she returned the favour.

    Excellent massage before and after too.

    I have previously had BBBJ and CFS here for $100 tip over and above the massage fee, but that is not what I was looking for this time.

    Highly recommended.

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    Need money for bills

    There is a girl (23) advertising on one of the sites that she needs money to help pay her bills. She lives in the rural area and will travel or meet but can't host.

    I sent her a message and asked her to meet me at the nude beach for some fun, but that was apparently not on the menu so she came to my hotel room.

    She has not been doing this for long. She was shaking like a frightened bird, and fumbled with her phone ringing a friend to say where she was 'for security'.

    But once the clothes came off I was able to put her at ease and we had a great time.

    BBBJ 9/10

    DFK 7/10 needs more practice.

    CFS 7/10 nice but needs to relax.

    Damage $150.

    WIR? Yes. I think this lady needs to be taken in hand and taught the ropes. I'm happy to help.

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    Micky Li in Palmerston

    Woke up in a Palmo hotel feeling horny on Sunday morning so I made a couple of calls, but my regular ladies were still asleep (probably not surprising).

    Looked in the local paper and saw an ad for Micky Li massage "new Asian girls" in Driver, open from 8 am so round I went.

    Paid $150 for a 'one hour massage with extras' to a very attractive young woman wearing a white robe.

    She took my money, then disappeared and very cute lady wearing cutoff shorts and a t-shirt came in, saying "massage first, you undress".

    No nonsense and no touching with this one, but a very very good massage for exactly 30 minutes (clock in the room).

    When she asked me to flip she left and white robe girl came back, lost the robe and got down to CBJ. She allowed some touching but did not seem to enjoy it. As soon as I was hard she gestured me to jump off the table and she lay down for Miss. Unfortunately she was so loose, or so well lubricated, that I couldn't get any traction. It was nice pumping away looking down at her lovely body, but it was not going to reach the desired result. I asked for doggy or her on top, and she said no, so I stood at the side of the massage table for a while and pumped away whilst enjoying the view. In the end she oiled up and finished me off with a HJ.

    Overall not a bad experience, but I've had better from my regulars and from the AMPS in Darwin.

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    4 hands massage

    The AMPS in Cavanagh Street are offering a 4 hands massage deal at the moment.

    2 girl massage, one girl fuck, 1 hour total.

    I was quoted $180 over the phone but of course it was $210 when I was actually on the doorstep. Still a good deal and a very satisfying experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NathanBilly  [View Original Post]
    I always like a GFE experience. The best site I have found is They are little pricey but have had some of the best time of my life with these girls. I guess you get what you pay for. What is the most you have paid for escort / hooker?
    Any escort agency from Darwin is bound to be pricey and the times I have used them, its been crap. I can't remember how much I paid, but I know it was pricey and I had an Asian girl.

    Darwin is better off for are&T's.

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    Darwin Escort

    I always like a GFE experience. The best site I have found is They are little pricey but have had some of the best time of my life with these girls. I guess you get what you pay for. What is the most you have paid for escort / hooker?

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    Darwin scene

    So I went to Darwin and here's my story. First of all let me tell you what I saw there is a striptease club in the center of town. I never went there but I saw the girls standing outside of the place half naked smoking in the evenings. Probably you can negotiate something with them. I don't remember name but Darwin city is so small if you walk around for 10 minutes in the evening you will find the place. There are several massage parlors not mentioned in this thread that I am sure have extras for example belle massage. I am not into that myself as I don't like not knowing what I'm going to get in the end and I really don't care for the massage. If you follow the highway a bit out of town you will see a sign on the right side of the road reading strippers and motel. I tried to find this place but couldn't locate it, anyone else know what this is?

    Instead I found myself a FL in the park we went to one of the clubs in city together and I bought her drinks she got drunk and we started making out all over the place. She had the biggest tits I ever saw. We got so horny finally we went back to the park and I did her right there and then we went back to the bar, I think it's called monsoons or something. This was just yesterday! You might have seen us if you were out and about!

    I saw many girls standing around in the street of different nationalities looking for dates especially late night weekends. In the end I didn't pay my date anything cash but I did give her 20 dollars for the slotmachine in the bar and she won 1000 AUD LOL was she happy.

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    Where would be the best joint for 20s asain girl in darwin?

    Massage with FS please

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    Where could be the best place to find 20s asian girl in Darwin?

    Massage with FS would be great

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    Quote Originally Posted by APHunter  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Are there any other Poon Hounds running around Darwin at the moment?

    I am interested in doing some exploring.
    Its not hard to find up here

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