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    Hobart and Launceston February 2019.

    Hi all,

    I can give you an update for Tassie. Unfortunately, it is not a pleasing one and my experiences coincide with those of loveit in his post below. The ladies are now five years older than 2015.

    After my arrival in Hobart, I wasted some time and gas on visiting addresses that gave me interesting insights. The addresses came from Locanto, the communication was only via text. Images and origins in the ads were those of Caucasian ladies in their mid-twenties. Behind the door there were only Asian ladies 50+. The places were old and unkempt. No way was my decision.

    I can particularly advise against these addresses in Hobart: Murray St. (Waratah Hotel).

    In Launceston I went to a motel in the York St. Again. Even there, the lady was not what the ad promised me and I left again.

    I'm glad to escape the horror cabinet, I enjoyed the scenery, beer and whiskey and I'm looking forward to a massage in Melbourne.

    Final conclusion: Poor Tassie boys.

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    It happens in tassie

    Hi all,

    Had a business trip to Launceston in Tasmania last week.

    While I was there I felt the urge for an RnT.

    Locanto was helpful.

    After ringing the 2 numbers from Locanto I figured they were at the same address but different girls.

    They were in an apartment only 5 minutes walk away so off I went.

    3 girls work and live in this unit.

    $80 1/2 nude massage with HJ Full service was also on offer.

    These Viet girls were from QLD and down for a few weeks to make money for uni.

    So next time in Tassie give Locanto a try you never know.


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    The Tassie trip Part 2

    After being left blueballed by Hobart, a visit up north to Launceston for a few days was on the cards, so with great trepidation i grabbed the local paper and started dialling away. After a couple of calls, and somewhat deflated, i again headed for the casino. It was pretty slow, but a young, very petite brunette with a tatt on her wrist(she looked barely 18) placed a couple of bets on the table. Her friend, a very attractive young lady with a great set came over and tongue kissed her after a win. WOW!!!! I was in lust and had to have at least one of them. But as quickly as they appeared, they were gone again. Naturally, i left the table staight away on a mission. They headed into the ladies and sid not appear again, and i lurked for a good 15 minutes. I even searched the rest of the casino, but had no luck. Now desperate to give the boys a run, i headed straight for the phone and headed up to a korean girl, it said early 20's and when i arrived she was early 30's but quite attractive. She said her name was Yomi and she was down from sydney for a couple of weeks. She had a small build, not petite but not big and a tiny set of titties with nice,responsive nipples. Started with fondling and some LFK before a satisfactory CBJ - 6/10 and under instruction sucked harder but used a bit to much teeth but she was having a go. Onto the the main event and started with CG and very surprised at her tighteness. She said she didn't do this much. Then onto 10 mins of mish were it was fairly passionate with plenty of DFK. Then switched to a good 10mins of some very hard slamming side saddle which she took like a champ! Nearing exhaustion and with a massive load to unleash, we cuddled with some more DFK and i got myself off as let go well over a week of frustration all over her titties, face, stomach and some over myself. Finally the apple isle delivered! All up, 100 for half an hour. WIR - yes.

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    The Tassie trip

    Finding myself in tassie for 10 or so days for work, had to give someting a try. When in Hobart about this time last year, i always found when in doubt, head to the casino as i have been propositioned there twice on a previous visit. Some young aussie girls, 18 or 19 breezed thru. A brunette and a redhead, both fairly chunky but the ranga was very doable. however i was to busy on the tables so i missed my chance. The next day, being horny as hell and not having even rubbed one out for nearly a week, i headed straight for the classifieds of the mercury. What a waste of bloody time! tried place in sb that advertised 19 and 20 yo so i thought. When ringing and asking for details i was very specific i wanted young student/uni girls. When i got there, the were both clearly 40 and had seen much better days. Undeterred and still horny as hell, i tried more no's and visited a couple of motels and a place in moonah. was very specific on the young 18-20 yo angle but got nothing but old asian paperbaggers and doublebaggers who were not a day under 40. However, i proceeeded to soldier on and stupidly headed back to a previous motel(what a dickhead,what were you thinking) as the chick sounded young but gave a different room no. upon arrrival she was mid 30,s and just doable, bit a little bit solid for me as i wanted what the paper promised and what they told me. YOUNG! Needless to say i went home very annoyed and with very blue balls. I feel for the tassie mongers, as quality seems scarce.

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    Any recent tips?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dodgy Asian
    I'll be there for a couple of days in a couple of months time and would appreciate the heads up when i get there.
    I second that! I will be heading down there over Christmas, and I wouldn't mind having a bit of fun while I'm there.


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    Any good recent reports?

    I'll be there for a couple of days in a couple of months time and would appreciate the heads up when i get there.

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    Thanks , TT

    It sounds like Joyce would improve as you become a regular.

    Always good to have a "girl in every port"

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    Hobart WL

    Well this certainly is not a busy forum.

    Anyway, I was in Hobart over the weekend. So I had the chance of a bit of mongering in a town that I have never been before.

    Yes, it's a small place but actually quite pretty. So I went through the local paper (The Mercury I think) and phoned a few of the 20 or so adverts.

    I settled on one using the name Joyce and working from a hotel just out of the city center called Sandy Bay.

    Joyce turned out to be a young 20+ Thai lady, small and thin, B cup boobs and nipples that were strangely large (like little bulbs). She wanted $170 for an hour of massage and FS. I offered her $150 for the hour and she said yes.

    The massage was soft but good and unhurried. When she flipped me over her attention went to my balls until I was ready for a cover. Then more ball licking followed by an average CBJ. Then onto cowgirl and mish to a fairly satisfactory finish. More massage then a shower to fill in my hour.

    All in all it was OK but most likely I would not try her again. Only at the end did a bit of GFE come through.

    She says she is a student from Sydney in Hobart for a week to make some money for her fees. No reason to doubt that.

    Seems if you are prepared to call a few of the ads in the local rag you can play the hit and miss game even in this relatively quiet town.


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    I'm an international student from Asia and Tasmania is dead at night. Hardly any shops open after 10pm. So if you guys have any good mongering spots please post more in the field reports.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Willie Large
    Definitely hasn't improved!!

    For so called freebies you have to wine and dine them first in order to be in with any chance!!
    I used to visit Hobart about once/month. In past I have had some decent outcall service from the only 2 escort services in the yellow pages. Last week I was there & when I called I was told that some new legislation has been passed & only two working girls can be in a premise at any one time.

    Some nonsense laws. Bottomline no one was available (with a choice of only two!)

    My fellow mongers, would you have a better contact number for mongering please ?



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    Definitely hasn't improved!!

    For so called freebies you have to wine and dine them first in order to be in with any chance!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gong Guy
    Tasmanian mongoring? Forget it! Lived ther for a few years about a decade ago, I can't beleive things would have improved sinse then.

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    Tasmanian mongoring? Forget it! Lived ther for a few years about a decade ago, I can't beleive things would have improved sinse then.

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    Any Actions Here?

    Any action in Tasmania? Any reports?

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    If you're in Launceston, I would recommend a place near the stadium. Its a pretty decent place, with a reception area and nice looking rooms. Its in a road off the main street so there is plenty of privacy and its not like some of the sleazier joints arounds.
    Prices go from $80 for 20 mins if I recall correctly and upwards depending on how long you want it.

    Went there once, and I can say that the girl I had was VERY accommodating. I can't remember her name but she was a red-head (dyed).

    You can always get more info by checking out the classified on the Examiner online.
    Here's the add:

    If you're ever in need of more info just PM, I'm more than happy to share.

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    Tasmanian Report -

    Pick up a copy of the Mercury and look at the Adult Services page. Don't have the numbers with me, but if you book an appointment they'll give you the address.

    Look for the numbers that begin in 62 if you're like most tourists you'll be in Hobart.

    Here's the deal, you call up the number and the prices range from 80 AUD 1/2 Hour, 150 AUD full hour.

    Called up a few numbers in the paper and found the one that they said they had a 25 year old girl available.... (The youngest mind you after 8 phone calls. ) Most of the girls are mid 30's. Then again I should've shopped for price.

    Anyway took a cab drive to the address given, and it was a normal looking house. You ring the bell, they let you in and ask if you have an appointment. Then they only give you the girl that you booked for. You pay money upfront. 1.50.

    Bianca was a decent brunette, but looking more 29 than 25... She was in decent shape, although not the hottest looking girl in the world. Either way I gave the money already to the madame, and I was most lkely stuck. She was very accomodating. Multiple positions, and I went for two shots.

    Shop around, and just look at the local paper. I bet Launceston (an interior city) has better looking girls than Hobart, which is more of a tourist town, has okay looking girls.

    -John Doe V

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