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    As a long time world traveler and many year resident of Fiji, I can confidently speak on the mongering scene that this island paradise has to offer.

    Fiji has many islands, 300 in all, but the only one that consistently offers all mongering options is the main island, Viti Levu. There are women available for a price on the smaller but populated islands like Vanua Levu or Taveuni but the range from escort, to barfly to SW can really only be seen on the mainland.

    Escorts are not readily available. By that I mean women who advertise in a publication or phonebook. That being said, they are as readily available as asking a taxi driver or even an intelligent looking bouncer. Drop $F5 dollars in the palm of a bouncer and he’ll hook you up quite nicely in short time. Almost every taxi driver is willing to accommodate you with a drive to one of the few motels or bars most often frequented by the working ladies, but see if they have a phone number or special contact, many do and it will be worth the extra effort.

    The women fall into 4 ethnic categories, Fijian, Indian, Asian or Island (generally a Polynesian fruit salad/mix). Their skill range is fairly adept and most, with the general exception of the Indians (who are often some of the prettiest), actually seem to enjoy the work. One reason is because alcohol is often involved and most of the local girls will really add another level of commitment if they have a bit of a “glow” on them.

    SW’s are quite readily found in three areas; Suva, Lautoka and Nadi. Be careful to get a good look at your “girl” as transvestites are everywhere on the street and in the bars. It is common culture in the entire South Pacific that gays go the full distance and dress and act as women. Given the amazingly high percentage of them populating the Islands, and the years of practice and community acceptance, you can imagine that more than a few have become “head turners” that require a second and more discerning look to confirm their true identity. When in doubt, always look for an Adam’s apple.

    The SW’s mostly handle a dual role of walking the streets while occasionally diving into the bars to try the hand at hooking up a client. Pimps are non-existent. These girls generally operate independently. The closest thing to a pimp is one female Indian performer who has obviously passed her “good until” date and now mainly books girls for johns. She’s works out of Nadi and is often seen at/outside Ed’s Bar or outside the Bounty Restaurant on a barstool.

    The going rate varies a great deal for locals vs. tourists. Locals (Indian and Fijian men) can get FS action for $F30-50 and generally a BBJ for $20. Those prices are generally double or more for tourists. One suggestion would be to tell them you have lived in Fiji for many years on one of the other islands like Taveuni or SavuSavu (because, you can be sure, they will quickly know if you are local or not) and that you never pay the tourist rate.

    LE is generally non-existent for prostitution activities. But they will quickly pounce on any of you sick &#$@%#’s who are looking for children. The island is small and the word travels in a microsecond. Then you’ll get to spend lots of hard time in the Fiji prisons providing service as the local boy-toy for some very large Fijian men. They don’t look favorably on this kind of activity by tourists. That being said, I have never seen “normal” Johns busted. The areas to find the SW’s are as follows; In Suva look around the park bordering McDonalds and follow the road around to the Fiji Post building. Also the area between the Golden Dragon and the Courthouse and the ensuing backs streets. Be careful here as more of the “She-Males” like to frequent this area. The rates mentioned above generally apply.

    In Nadi, the main drag that starts about ˝ kilometer after McDonald’s while heading to the airport all the way to the rotary about ˝ K before the airport is the best are to find SW’s. The majority will be near, plus or minus a ˝ K, Ed’s Bar. You can also go downtown to the center of Nadi but the class of girls there drops real, real low and the potential for trouble goes way, way up. Stay away from these ladies unless everything else is shutdown. The best action in Nadi is in two locations, Ed’s Bar and After Dark. After Dark is strictly Fijian and Island and the girls there will definitely be looking for alcohol as well. They’ll often want you to buy all their mates a round or two or three, etc of beers. You don’t need to play that game, stick to your guns. Another common ploy is that the guys there will offer you a beer and then they’ll look for you to cover the purchase of the next jug or two. Don’t accept the beer, but be very politeful when you decline. Just keep your own beer in your hand and they’ll generally let you be.

    You can also try downtown clubs Rangela’s, CJ’s and Greenland. Rangela’s is safe, the other two are generally OK but there are definitely times when you will feel out of place and you will see the occasional bar brawls. Providers will be in all of these fine establishments. Don’t hang around too late in these two places (be out by 12), once the drinks flow, trouble can start. Prices, as always, are negotiable but the downtown girls in Nadi will be much cheaper.

    The high-end girls will sometimes be found at the Sheraton club called Planters. This is very streaky, sometime Planters is loaded with local girls and local providers and other times it’s completely vacant. How the club handles their cover charge is usually the main issue. High cover charge = no action. Either way, you will only ever see action here on the weekends.

    In Lautoka, the girls are all over the Narara Parade. You might find the very rare hottie here but most are transvestites and the better lookers will generally make the trek to Nadi for the bigger $$$. There are only a few clubs in Lautoka. “The Zone” is your best shot but on Friday and Saturday nights you can also try Ashiqi or Club Bollywood. Occasionally a true blast is found on Saturday early to mid afternoons at Club Bollywood. If you are in Lautoka on this day, definitely give it a look-see. It’s completely hit or miss but lots of providers are strutting their stuff in a college dormitory style sweaty environment on a good day. As the local taxi drivers for the brothel style motels in the area and they’ll generally have some of the lowest of the low rent waiting to meet your needs. You get what you pay for there.

    Now to Suva, the capital city. For providers, you’ll need to check out Signals. It has become heavily Asian dominated and the Asian girls tend to shy away from all non-Asians. There is an Asian madam, who usually works the streets out in front, who can set-you up. She wants big money for her girls, $F150+. Scores of horny, lonely guys from all the tankers will often pay the premium, if they don’t know any better and this keeps the Asian rate artificially high. If you are so inclined, ask a bouncer at anyone of the clubs on this strip and they’ll be sure to point her out. Signals also generally possess the widest range of local Fijian talent that is not out hustling the street. Also be sure to check Purple Haze, as many of the non-Asian girls will go back and forth. As a back up, quickly scout The Planet and as a last resort Bojangles. Lastly, there is one club that deserves it own special mention. It is called Birdland. Hold on to your wallets! This adage applies anywhere in Suva (and also in Lautoka but not so much in Nadi) but especially in Birdland. I have rarely been in Birdland w/o some guy trying to check/steal my pockets for my wallet. I never carry one in this place. But now that you are prepared, I dare say, GO! It’s great fun, many providers will be here especially after 1:00 am when the rest of the bars close. The music is great, the people are wall-to-wall, the action is fun and on a good night it will be impossible not to leave without a great time and a provider. Taxis are plentiful right at the door and you can scoot right off to your hotel. Hotels never seem to hassle a gentlemen’s date.

    The hotels/ motels in Suva that double as brothels, to me look too much like disease breeding laboratories. Any taxi will take you to these. Suva is an International shipping port and the quality of the guys from these Freighters, Tankers, etc that are in port every night generally give me a scare. These guys also tend to frequent Signals nightclub but especially these cheaper hotel/motel establishments and I, for one, am concerned as to which venereal disease “flavor of the month” they may be carrying.

    A quick word about Taxi’s. In Nadi they will almost always try to charge you double, especially the Indian drivers. Try to get one of the regular taxi guys working in front of Ed’s Bar. Get their phone number and use them for your entire stay. Use these guys for everything. They know their way around and can assist you in locating whatever are your “special” needs. They’re good mates to everyone. Tip them well, they’ll be worth every penny. In Suva, I have never had a bad experience with one. They are more closely monitored by LE so they don’t generally try to rip any one off.

    An important word about disease: I have never understood why AIDS was not far more prevalent in Fiji. Actually, maybe it is because testing is not very common. I will get to this more in a second. A fair bit of the girls have VD, a lot use to have crabs but they seem to have taken to shaving to keep this problem minimized. Be sure to use a condom for FS.

    Fiji, like many SP islands, has a high rate of homosexual activity. Locals in the know will tell you that most Fijian men have had a homosexual experience and this applies to a surprising number of Indo-Fijians as well. The attitude here is that “to give” is not gay and that when you are leaving a nightclub at the night’s end and you are w/o a woman, a “poof” will do just fine. Condoms are not used a great deal. Believe me, huge amounts of unprotected homosexual sex is being had and these same men are then performing regular sex with the women and women providers. You have been adequately forewarned, Be Careful! One positive thing to note is that many of the higher quality providers tend to stick with local Europeans and tourists and therefore rarely participate in this VD cycle.

    In conclusion, Fiji offers some a wide range of girls, some really incredibly unattractive and some truly beautiful, exotic women. Most are in the middle of the range. Mongers usually monger because they’re past their best days to acquire free sex with pick-up skills. In this regards, Fiji might just surprise you. An offer of a party with your and maybe your mate and bam, 2-4 Fijian girls can quickly find themselves back in your room(s) downing a Liter of Rum and Coke, even if you’re well past your prime in the terms of age and appearance. Just be sure to hide your valuables in advance. Quite often, the next day, they’ll ask for some help on the rent, please don’t hesitate to give them $20 + taxi fare. They usually would have stayed all night and taken care of you very nicely. Many girls in Fiji are this sort of quasi-professional. The service providers will also normally stay around and hang out all night for just a bit more or the offer of some drinks and a party… and isn’t the main idea of this all to have fun. Fiji is relaxed and laid-back. Treat it well and it will do the same to you. Good luck and Happy Hunting. Vinaka (Thank You) WSG and Ni sa moce (Goodbye)!

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    When in Fiji if you are in Nadi then you can go to Ed's bar and find some fijian or indian women but watch your wallets and property at all times and do not play into any games for an all nighter. They will tell you after a couple of sessions that they are hungry and are going to go and get something to eat and they are going to leave their purse when they have already emptied everything out of it. They will not come back. Agree to a price up front and pay them after everything.

    Do not agree to buy any of the women drinks or cigarettes as they will just use you for this and leave. Alot of Fijian guys pretend to be your friend and will help and they are doing just the same.

    In Suva there are two places to go for Fijian's and Indians. They are at Trap's and Oreilly's. The Rotuman women are the prettiest in these clubs. The place to go for asian women is Signal's. You can find chinese and koreans in here. They are alot more expensive but the service is much more better. They know what they are doing. The local women are not as experienced as sex is not seen or talked about much.

    Stay away from the women outside of the club's as they are the nasty one's. Even the locals call them rats.

    This is just my experience's after being here for awhile.

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    Perhaps this should be under New Zealand, all things considered, but Fiji is not too far away as these things are measured in the South Pacific.

    There is absolutely nothing in Tonga for the casual sex traveler. Four weeks of chastity for me. Some good looking women but not the slightest bit of a hint of any sex.

    As usual, some claim if you make the right connections blah blah but don't count on it! Bring a girl if you come to these islands.

    Sailing & diving are fantastic.

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    Just returned from Fiji a few days ago. Having lived there several years before, for the best days of my life, i did not expect anything.
    Do not go to Fiji for mongering, you will be thoroughly disappointed.
    Go there for the immensely friendly people, natural beauty and unspoiled environment. Fijis women are horny! but do not 'work'. The girlfriend - presents game is on here.
    Horny, but unfortunately mostly unskilled. wild sex - but nothing sophisticated. more the 'hush hush, behind the coconut tree' variety.
    In suva all bars and nightclubs, espescially on thursdays and fridays, are humping with willing girls. sort out the unbearable ugly ones, drunkards etc and you're still left with a pretty nice variety. pay her drinks, food, in the morning taximoney, F@ 30 - 50 (USD 16-28) should be enough. Do not overpay, most girls have jobs, which pay maybe USD 100 a month, and look for fun and friendship at least as much as for money.

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    No, sorry I don't remember her name.
    One recommendation to everyone. If you see and attractive girl at Ed's or anywhere else. Buy her a drink immediately!!!! That's where I blew it. Even if she's not a pro, it's a wise thing to do.


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    I was in Fiji this Summer and can give you a bit of info, but my trip wasn't exactly a barn-burner.
    I noticed about 6 or 8 street walkers that came out after dark. I'd been warned repeatedly that Nadi was dangerous after dark so I wasn't real comfortable stopping to chat. Also, there were a couple of transvestites so, with the few women out there, that put the ratio at about 25%. Also, the women I saw up close were pretty ugly. They seemed pretty coarse and I would expect you'd just get serviced booted.
    I went to Ed's Bar a couple of times. The first time there was only about 5 people in the place. A beautiful Indian woman came in and sat down for a drink. We chatted briefly and then her cell phone rang and she had to go. Turns out she was a pro - the best looking one I was to see in Fiji. Unfortunately, it spoiled me for all the others I saw on my trip since I never saw another stunner after that.
    I met another woman at Ed's and she drove me around Nadi in her truck to show me the town. She wasn't a pro and it was going to take a couple of days to get into her pants (she was likely looking for a boyfriend/husband) so I dropped her.
    The second time I went to Ed's it was packed - must have been a Friday night. The only pro I saw was a 50ish Fijian woman who grabbed my nuts when I walked in. She was more like a town drunk than a pro as, later on, she made a fool out of herself repeatedly falling from her bar stool.
    Visited the town mid-week. Made the mistake of taking a bus in from mid-Island. Turns out the busses stop running at 7:00 so I was out of luck trying to get back to my hotel the same way. I went to a couple of bars but the atmosphere seemed a little edgy. I always get some local guy sitting at my table who wants to "show me around". Translation: buy some drunk asswipe drinks all over town. No thanks.
    I stopped at a Karaoke place that had a Blues Bar right next to it.
    I was "picked up" by 3 women. I can't tell you what their story was. They all seemed to have legitimate day jobs: Student, Telephone Company worker, Clerk, but they also seemed to be "working". We moved from the Karaoke side over to the Blues side and, as I tried to squeeze through the narrow bar area, another over-age pro snuck a few words in my ear: "watch out for those girls!".
    When we sat down, one of the girls pointed at her and said "watch out for her." In an unfamiliar place, I take warnings seriously but I've been warned about everyone so far. The girls wanted to dance and I had a camera bag with me that I was concerned about leaving alone. I took it on the dance floor and set it where I could keep an eye on it. Despite the caution, I did lose my camera sometime that night. Goodbye Australia/Fiji pics...
    The girls wanted me to buy them a cab back to their flat but I was too uncomfortable with the situation to take them up.
    There was also a gauntlet of SW's standing outside the club (not allowed inside although they obviously wanted in - also a bad sign since the ones inside didn't seem to great either). THEN I was warned about the crooked cab drivers. I had one of the girls find me an "honest" cabbie and, since she was the best looking of the three, offered to take her home. She said no, but that didn't stop her from asking for money.
    My general impression of Fiji: The women are UGLY. Think of the stone heads in Easter Island - know picture the women. There.
    The SW's seemed coarse, hard-core and dangerous. The pro's inside appeared to be scammers. I missed the only good one I saw at Ed's in Nadi. Maybe that's why most of the good posts on this site are for Thailand and the Philippines....
    In any case, if anyone thinks different - please post your experience. I would have liked to have this info before I wasted so much time in Fiji.


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    as far as best girls, you'll have the best luck in suva and nadi in the clubs. i'm told the best club in nadi is planters at the sheraton. any taxi driver will know the place. the working girls go to these places in search of the tourist $$$ . even the ones in suva. more anonymity as fiji is a small place.

    you can also ask the staff at the resorts. i've heard tell of call girl services operating. just ask the guys working there n odds are they can help you out.

    in suva there are a number of clubs in the town area. most popular are traps and o'reillys.

    i have no concrete info on girls and prices. check the archives on fiji.

    i used to live in fiji and have heard a fair bit about certain high profile girls etc being in 'the biz' but nothing concrete and no contact info.

    one of those "if you have to ask you cant get them" sort of things.

    and i'm reluctant to just post names here on the forum. if you guys want to provide some webmail address i could email you but bear in mind this is just stuff i've heard so dont hold me to it. i'm sure a few will be hits tho.

    yes there is a street scene in suva but i wouldnt touch any of em . go to the more upscale bars and niteclubs.

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    Thanks for the information guys. I will return the favor when I get back. Punter, Did you notice if there was much of a street scene in Suva? Were you there long enough to know where are the clubs with the hottest pros and the best places to hit on the amateurs in Suva? Did you find that 50 Fiji dollars is about right?

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    Hello all,

    Just a quick note re: massage places. I dont know of any in Nadi that provide extra services, and in any case if they do watch out, lots of transvestites work in them.

    As for Suva, there is a place, advertised in Fiji Times, it's opposite the post office in Nabua. It doesnt look like much, but there is an indian woman and also a girl from Solomon Island. I had a massage with the solomon girl, it was very nice, on noticing that her efforts had produced quite a result, she kindly offered to relieve me, which she promptly did with panache. She did not ask for any money for that but i gave her 5 bucks tip on top of the $45 1 hour fee.

    I am going back in september so I welcome more informations as well.

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    hi bigthdikth, i am not very familiar with suva actually but in nadi you can find them at ed's bar and boss in martintar as well as some hookers in the hotel area at, again, martintar, and some in the town. as far as i know getting amateurs in fiji is not that difficult but they still want you to pay some or buy them some drink (actually this costs you more than giving them cash). do not pay more than fjd 50.00, anyway.

    in suva i am sure you can get plenty of them on the street.

    in sigatoka... well i haven't heard of it but perhaps gill., may help.

    massage places,,,there are some in nadi that i know but i think they just provide normal massage. does anyone know of this???

    so enjoy bigthdikth and let us know when you come back.

    gilligan. i am obviously not a local but a frequent visitor to fiji. it looks certainly you know more than me...will you share your information?

    Originally posted by BigthDikth
    Hello all. I'm going to the sunny islands of Fiji. There are three towns, Nadi, Suva, and Sigatoka. Does anyone know the scenes in these towns? I would like to know which has the most girls, the hottest girls, best priced girls, where to find them, and what to pay for the pleasure? I like going to massage places and also finding hot girls on the streets and I love to hit on amateurs in the clubs. So if you've been to Fiji please share!

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    Hello all. I'm going to the sunny islands of Fiji. There are three towns, Nadi, Suva, and Sigatoka. Does anyone know the scenes in these towns? I would like to know which has the most girls, the hottest girls, best priced girls, where to find them, and what to pay for the pleasure? I like going to massage places and also finding hot girls on the streets and I love to hit on amateurs in the clubs. So if you've been to Fiji please share!

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