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    Interesting stuff!

    Any further info on the more upscale call girl types? They mostly cater to the rich businessmen and govt types I'm told so its kind of a "if you don't know, no ones going to tell you" kinda thing.

    How about the underground movie business that seems to be going on?

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    FS at Suva massage place

    Further research has revealed at least one Suva rub-n-tug establishment where hand-job, BBBJ and FS are routinely offered. A beauty salon called "Beauty and Beyond" can be found at a small house in Nabua on the main Kings Road between the Westpac bank and the big Nabua roundabout, on your right about 100 yards past the bank if you're heading towards Nausori. Ask for a massage, you'll be invited to hand over $20 for an hour. The manageress will take you into one of the two small rooms, close the door and get straight to the point. "Do you want normal massage, or massage with "something else"? " If you indicate the latter, she will then say "Okay, HJ is $25, blow is $35, sex is $65, or threesome is $100 ($50 for each girl)". If you don't like any of the two or three lasses on duty (including herself) then she can dial-up on her cell-phone and mobilise someone from the surrounding neighbourhood to match your specs within about 10-15 min. Sure, you can get much cheaper fucks than this in Suva, but here is like going to a Macdonalds. You have the convenience of a daytime rendevous where, in any 1/2 hour window of opportunity you care to nominate, you can ask for and get your FS action with no-fuss, no-muss, and be on your way to your next appointment with a big smile on your face. But take your own condom. They don't seem to habitually use them (which is a worry) so if you don't BYO then they may have to run across the road to the service station on a special errand to get one for you.

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    Fiji mongering in 2008

    FijiíS main SW action is Nadi between Capricorn Hotel and Edís Bar. In 2008 itís wall-to-wall hookers on Fri and Sat nights, and always some on weeknights (unusual a few years ago). Mainly Fijian or part-European, but also Indian. Many are hotel workers and mums looking to top up their house-keeping money, some are good-time girls wanting beer money to go clubbing, some are achingly young teens whoíve run away from home, have been abused as children, or want fast money for clothes and cell phone credits. Many have come over from Suva to work, because Nadi has more tourists who will pay top dollar. $80 will secure full-service from someone nice, down to $10 for someone ugly or naÔve. In Suva the main place is between Golden Dragon and Holiday Inn for hotel patrons returning from bars or restaurants along Victoria Parade. Others wait in the dark for cruising cars in a side street (NLTB on the corner, Government buildings opposite) that goes up to Gordon Street. At the top of Rewa Street near the Samabula intersection (next to a Hindu temple) there is a secondary spot for girls to wait for passing traffic. By the Westpac Bank downtown is another haunt. And in daytime, Indian hookers will hang around on benches a few metres seaward of the Post Office. They always look like tarts, and if you ask them straight-out for a fuck then they will gladly oblige. For any of the SW the thing to do is to get a taxi or stroll on foot, make your selection, and then go with them to one of the cheap motels like Pender Apartments in Pender Street, Safs Apartments, Motel 6 or New Haven in Robertson Road, where rooms can rent by the hour for about $20. If you go straight to these motels alone, even in daytime, and ask at reception, they have mobile numbers for girls and will dial one up for you. They usually arrive within 15 or 20 minutes. But youíre taking pot-luck. For all SW there is a lot of STDs about. Fiji currently has a reported 200 HIV cases, which means there are another 2000 out there (most of whom are sex workers) in a population of 800, 000 who donít know that they are + yet. Traditional gonorrhea, syphilis, crabs, and plain old "jock itch" (skin fungus) are around too. If that crotch looks flakey, then you better content yourself with HJ.

    Freebies are easy in Fiji Ė a lot of girls like drinking and a good time, so if you meet someone in a nightclub, dance with them a few times, buy some jugs of beer for her and her friends, it is understood that sheíll go home with you for the night. This mainly applies to Fijian girls, who by and large are big-hearted, generous to a fault, and really enjoy fucking. Be gentlemanly about your treatment of them. Indian girls are more likely to be money-driven in their whole approach to sex, because culturally the stakes for being a "****" are a lot higher. That said, some of them do transgress their cultural limits for fun as well as profit. Some Indian sex workers really do have a jolly good time doing it, and itís fun to stimulate them and see them get turned on despite their best efforts to bundle you out the door quickly. Once married, a lot of Indian women are known to have passionate affairs with day-time lovers where they work off their frustration of being in an arranged marriage with someone they donít get along with. Another way to get regular freebie if you can secretly cultivate that special woman, but if the husband finds out he may chop her with a machete and then come looking for you.

    Both the SW and nightclub freebie scenes can be risky for the uninitiated Ė you can get mugged in the nightclubís toilet if youíre not careful, or outside in the street if you are walking in secluded areas alone while looking for a SW.

    For the safest sex, a recent development is the appearance of "rubínítug" establishments (MP), offering both in- and out-calls. These are advertised in the Business Notices section of the Fiji Times. Itís safer, because itís based around HJ, the safest sex there is, and itís in private rooms in daytime (9. 00am to 9. 00 pm). Ectasy is in Nabua at the back of a doctorís surgery, $35 for room and girl for 1 hr and less for Ĺ hr. Usually 2 or 3 girls available, and always at least one Fijian and one Indian (to cater for racist locals). The girls donít get paid, they only earn from tips. They are clear and emphatic about not doing sex Ė because sometime detectives go there to try and entrap them. But about halfway through your "island massage" they will ask "Have you been here before? ". If you say "Yes" then they know youíve had your dick played-with once before already, so youíll know what the score is. If you say "No" then after a token massage of your arms and chest they will discreetly ask "Do you want releasing? " Just nod, and theyíll lube you up with baby oil for a pleasant handjob. They wonít mention money, but $20 is the norm for massage plus HJ. If you promise further riches you can play with their boobs or touch their bum. If you become a regular and make friends with one, this can progress to BBBJ while you play with her pussy Ė one Fijian lass got quite horny while doing that and reached orgasm. But you have to be very quiet, thereís not much sound-proofing in the booths. The girls get far more profit by meeting you off-premises in a motel after calling in sick to the boss, so if thereís someone you are really hitting it off with and want to do more, then ask for their mobile number and arrange to meet on another day. You can ask the boss to send them out to you on an out-call, but if you do that then the boss gets most of the money. Across the road and upstairs in Sukhu Mahajan Building is Up Nabua, the room and massage here is $50, and these girls are on a salary of $70 per week but it will delight them if you tip them $20 after youíve been released. Blow-jobs are possible here depending upon the courage of the girl (the doors have no locks, though itís understood by all that no one but the girl comes in while a client is there) but blowjobs here are the exception, not the rule. Lately their standards have slipped and a lot of older, fat & ugly women are appearing for duty now. Some of the younger girls are very naÔve, having recently lost respectable jobs in the economic down-turn (one was a dental assistant) and trying massage for a career thinking itís for "health" but soon quitting after a getting sick of beating off the demands of irate mongers for HJ or even sex. There is a high staff turn-over rate. Slickest and most professional in Suva is an establishment in the basement of the Public Employees Union building at the bottom of Edinburgh Drive, masquerading as a beauty salon. You go down a driveway between PEU and a bus company, and park on a lawn at the back. Dark-tinted windows indicate the estabishment. This is run by a very entrepreneurial and immaculately turned-out Indian woman of 25 whose business plan is based on offer of the cheapest rates and most quickest-to-the-point approach. You can have Ĺ hour massage with tug for $20, or with BBBJ for $25. You can be up-front about your needs and save a lot of time that way. If short of girls due to outcalls, the boss lady will step in and do the job herself. Sheíll take off her top and bra, let you fondle and suck her boobs, and will tug you or suck you, whichever you prefer. Take a condom with you if you want BJ, itís only a matter of time before all the staff have oral syphilis.

    Itís very easy and inexpensive to go mongering in Fiji. But watch out for consequences of the medical variety.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Fiji is a small place - paedophiles are quickly noticed, and dealt with

    Police continues probe on porn materials

    Friday, November 07, 2008

    Update: 1:34PM Police are continuing investigation against an Irish national, who was found in possession of alleged local pornographic materials in his hotel room.

    A tip-off was received by police earlier this week resulting in the arrest of Patrick Hughes, 45, who appeared before the Suva Court yesterday on drug possession charge.

    Hughes was arrested on Tuesday after police, in a joint operation with the Transnational Crime Unit, raided his Suva motel room.

    Police raided Hughes room following a tip off that young females were paying him regular visits at his hotel room.

    During the course of the investigation it was also revealed that Hughes has been living in Fiji illegally, however, police have not divulged further details on the matter.

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    Living in the lap of luxury

    Just dont be a drunk client!

    TEENAGE prostitution in Fiji is close to spiralling out of control, with a new breed of girls choosing to offer casual sex in return for quick cash to buy "luxury" items.

    While many young prostitutes are desperate - including street kids, teenage mothers or those from very poor backgrounds - The Fiji Times found a new trend emerging.

    The trend is the female teenage prostitute - charging anywhere between $80 to $100 a client - who only operates as a sex worker when in need of cash for fashionable clothes, cigarettes, alcohol or other "luxury" items.

    Last Thursday night, several teenagers admitted to prostituting themselves to feed consumer habits, saying their own families were not aware they traded time with their bodies for cash.

    "Our parents don't even know we are here. They just know we're with friends. I don't come here every night. It's only if I see something I like at the shops, like a shoe, dress or bag," said one 18-year-old who wished to remain unnamed.

    "I spend everything I get on cigarettes and drinks," added her 17-year-old friend, who revealed that her deceased mother was also a sex worker. This teenager said she first began sneaking out of the house to "do bad things" when she was 13.

    "I now live with an aunt and uncle but they let me do my thing. I have a few other family members who also do this work so I am quite comfortable when I come out at night," she said.

    Two 17-year-olds said they had been sexually active since hitting the nightclub scene at the age of 13. "When I was in school there were other girls involved and we had clients even bring us lunch to school," said one of the girls.

    Many of the girls know each other either because they lived in the same neighbourhood or attended the same school or neighbouring schools.

    As The Fiji Times spoke to a few of the teenagers, several cars stopped to pick up girls one at a time. When asked about the dangers and risks involved, the girls said they practiced safe sex but "loved drunk clients".

    "Oh, they are the best," two of the girls cooed. That is where we can get the most money. We either lock them in the bathroom when they go to change and take off with their money. Or sometimes they pass out before they do anything".

    The teenagers don't believe that they are doing anything wrong.

    "We go to church too you know. I have to go with my family. They don't know I am here (on the street), so it's as long as I get home in good time," she said.

    But the rise in casual sex workers has not made too much of a dent on the permanently homeless teenage girls on the street that night.

    One 15-year-old said it was a bread-and-butter issue.

    "We have long-term partners who are also street kids. At night we both go out. He goes to make his money, I go to make my money. We just have to be understanding because we need to survive."

    She said it was the same for "some other girls who are single mothers, or are married, or from poor families. They have understanding families. It's a bread-and-butter issue here."

    One girl pointed out that each girl had a sad story - whether it was parental neglect or shattered lives through poverty, broken families or lost innocence.

    During the course of the night, four male youths walked by, handing the girls pamphlets titled 'How to Become a Christian'.

    The girls said they encountered many prayer groups throughout the night.

    "The boys come every week, they are from a church in Valelevu. Some church women also come and we sit down and pray," one of the girls explained.

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    Interesting stuff

    I used to live in Fiji and sounds like a lot of stuff is going on these days, although people there try to deny it. lol.

    Supposedly half or most of the girls who go to the bars like Traps, O'reillys etc are at least part-timers, making some extra cash on the side. Also a lot of girls at USP(the local uni).

    I've even heard of a local porn industry going on there nowadays.

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    You get what you want !

    Last time I reported some matter about my husband's mongering. This time I saw one handsome and decent fijian boy who was very manly, powerful, sexy and caring as well. He fucked me for more than an hour. Not very clean, but I enjoyed the musculine smell coming out of the sweat. It was a pleasure.

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    Fun in Lautoka

    My husband shares his experience with me (quite honestly) whenever he encounters a girl and enjoys a session. I am born in Fiji but recently relocated to Australia but we keep coming to Fiji to see our friends and relatives. It was in may my hubby was telling me a story..when he came out of the restaurant Great Wall of China there is Hotel Renie. In front of that he saw one good looking indian girl who works with Super Foods with the boy friend. The deal was made for $60 (US$ 45) the boy friend parted with $ 20 immediately and wished my husband good time. My husband is a hardcore monger and sometimes hides his acts. Now the situation in Fiji is too bad and lot of girls from all races are doing it for money.

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    Nadi Trip Report

    I was in Nadi in March and can report the following.

    Streetwalkers: saw a few around Ed's bar, but they tended to hang around in the shadows and I didn't see any that were much chop. Sorry can't report on prices.

    Ed's bar: went there on at least three occasions, towards the end of the week. The scene seemed to be a cross between a hooker bar and a western style nightclub. Cover charge each night after 9pm (or maybe it was 10). It was hard to tell who was a local on the make and who was an ex-Fijian on holiday from NZ or Aust. There were some reasonable looking girls, but they don't approach you like in some other parts of the world. Music was loud and dancing frentic. Late at night it's probably more suitable for younger guys (say under 35) who like to dance. My overall impression was that it would take considerable effort to pick up a girl here.

    Downtown Nadi: there are three nightclubs in the central area. Steps Karaoke and Green Line are pretty much for indigenous Fijians. It was a Friday night when I visited, and in both clubs I was the only white guy. Guys outnumbered girls about 8 to 1. Not much female talent, but many very drunk Fijian guys. Spoke to a few girls, but they just seemed to be friends out for a dance, and anyway weren't attractive. Many westerners would probably feel uncomfortable in these places, but there were many security guys. An interesting experience, but poor mongering potential.

    The other Nadi club, Ranjeen, caters to the Indian community. I visited late on a Saturday night and was the only non-Indian. Cover charge of $5 or $10 FJD (US$1 = approx FJD $1.75). Indian music and lively crowd. Several obvious ladyboy types in atendance. Reasonablly good guy to girl ratio. I was half drunk and in the company of a very drunk Aussie Fijian Indian who I met while walking home empty handed from Ed's only minutes earlier. He decided I needed a girl and I didn't argue. He got a young local guy to pick out a couple of girls and I ended up leaving soon after with a tiny Indian girl and strict instructions to "fuck her as hard as I could" and only pay FJD$20. I paid $25 for a short time at a nearby Chinese hotel (plus $15 for the room and $1 for a condom). Fairly business like experience and the hotel was a bit grim, but the girl was sexy, obliging, and the price was right: BBBJ and half an hour of sex. Doubt very much that I'd have been able to make a similar deal if I hadn't hooked up with the Aussie Fijian. She worked in a Jewellery store and had Sunday off. So we met up for another session back at my motel (no visitors after 9pm) the next day. Another $25.

    As other posters have reported, Fiji isn't mongering central, but there are possibilities.

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    Holiday Inn

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravi 27
    Hi all,

    Is it true re the bar at the Holiday Inn?

    Ravi 27
    I have stayed many times at the Suva Holiday Inn and have never seen anything interesting in the Bar.

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    A week of Suva

    I have recently had the good fortune to end up in Suva for the week. As per previous reports, the club scene was less than productive mid-week. However, as the weekend approaches more talent arrives from all corners of the island to converge upon Suva.

    The nighttime folk are friendly and I found that most of the scams and cons were both obvious and escapable. Seems much safer than others have reported. Beware the TS and freaks at the waterfront. There is a significant LE presence, but they seem to be quite oblivious to mongering activities.

    Plenty of extremely evil SW in the darker areas. Just don't go there. I checked out Traps and Oreillys, with little success. Signals definitely the place to be for the Asian influence. Best time is ~1am when the LBFM's are heading home between Oreillys & Traps. Price seems to drop from F$150 for FS to around F$30-50. Offering a hot shower and a room with aircon for the night can get it down further.

    Bumped into top knotch Fijian SW called Susan. 21 yrs old, 6ft 3, with 8/10 body, 9/10 breasts and 6/10 face. FS for F$50. Provided great massage, CBJ, missionary, doggie with a strict DDE policy. She took some time to warm up, finished off like a champ. Nice, but not great.

    The key to Suva is have VERY high standards. Opportunities are few and far between.

    Hope this was useful from a first-time poster.

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    Suva nightlife

    Can only second Shy Dude's below report. I just returned from Suva and had no luck in the bars and night clubs also. The scene is quite rough in some places and i also saw some chinese providers only on my first night in town. In the following evenings they just seem to have disappeared.

    Had one experience with an indian girl, which approached me from a taxi. Good body, great ass, good service incl bbj, fj, frenching. cost F$50 for about 2 hours of gymnasctics (about USD 30). Good value!

    Fiji is definitely the place to go for a holiday, although action is only available in Suva and Nadi, the two largest cities (not large at all, nadi has maybe 30K population max). For holidays definitely recommend the outer islands, but no p4p action there, but many horny tourists, if you're lucky.

    If you're willing to spend some dollars on accomodation i recommend JJ's. No problem with company and the best value in town. From about USD 100/night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gilligan
    Pics not showing. You might want to re-upload them.

    How long were you there? Where did you meet this person? Indian / Fijian?.

    I was told you can often find girls at the bar at Holiday Inn.
    Hi all,

    Is it true re the bar at the Holiday Inn?

    Ravi 27

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    Suva action

    Here's a brief rundown of a few weeks in Suva, Fiji's capital and largest city. As suggested elsewhere, I made the rounds of the three or four main bars on Victoria Arcade, but either never stayed late enough or things have changed because I had only one encounter with a provider there. It was incredibly loud there (Signals) and I declined her offer of a good time after buying her a drink and pack of smokes. If the scene heats up and the local gals who can be had for free turned up later, sorry - I am not that much of a nightowl and I missed them. I must say that one of the bars, Traps, had a nice atmosphere and I returned a few times for some relatively quiet drinking (alone). Never saw the pinkhaired Chinese girl, unfortunately.

    On the other hand, out on the street after 6 pm there is a good assortment of mostly Indian ladies who are ready to roll for about F$50. I tested their offer and found that "anything you want" is somewhat deceptive advertising, but I had a good time anyway. Some are quite young, goodlooking and good company, but there are also some fatties and strange ones out there. I was staying in a pretty uptight hotel so used a few of the ST motels at F$10 per room.

    Fiji is a super place for a holiday, beautiful beaches and mountains, genuinely friendly people. The available P4P makes it possible to avoid blue balls, but I wouldn't go there especially for that!
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    Members, meet Mery

    This is my chocolate brown honey with the shiny round ass. Munching her is light licking a plate of diluted Worcestershire Sauce. Ah Heavenly!

    The damage for me was F$30-50 per seesion which generally lasted around 1 hour. I want to stay alone - I was on business and stayed in the Holiday Inn in Suva, so I could not pretend that I was poor.

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