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Thread: What Country has the Best Women for STR?

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    Thank you Tall,

    I AM looking for western standard beauty. I have been to Thailand. I like the prices and some of the women but not the majority. I'm looking for a place to find caucasians. I know Australia has many asians but still many white girls. My budget is a large concern but not the biggest concern. I'm not considering Argentina. So between Australia and Europe, where would you go? Where does the American dollar go the furthest?

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    This is a comment in reply to Brandon, not generally true for everybody. First you have to know yourself. If you like the western standard of beauty, you narrowed down your destinations a lot. However, shouldn't everyone try at least the 'one night in Bangkok' experience. It could be life altering and there's a song for it.

    If you can mingle with the backpacking crowd, some do that up to late 30's, you should try a bit of that too. There are a lot of Australians (and others) in say Bali. You can live cheap there for long and you can get the Indonesians girls as well as the Australians for free, or a few cigarettes. If you do a bus tour in Europe, you can sample the girls and get some Australians for free. It could be fun. I had Israeli girl right out of army training camp. An Australian catholic girl who didn't miss any chance to do things that she wouldn't do back home, even when her girl friend is on the other twin bed. Northern European girls, who likes black hair, always think that you treat them too well, but whatever you do in bed it would be boring to them. And quite a few of all nationalities venture into the Thai, Burma (old name), Chinese border where you can afford virgins. And I don't know exactly why all tickets to India was sold out. Northern Indian girls are very pale while Sicilian girls are rather dark in comparison.

    The other is your budget. If I were loaded I would go to Seoul, where the art of loving making is still very much alive. But I don't. Australia won't be cheap. London probably better with more choices, including Australians, Eastern Europeans and vast numbers of British girls.

    If you are not that adventurous and price is your concern, the usual choice is Bangkok and Argentina. I don't think your priority is Thais so Argentina is likely your choice. Whatever you do you have to do some research. Compare price of pussy and living expenses. WSG is a good source but be sure to compare apple with apple. The US state department or CIA has interesting fact sheets about every country. Argentina is 85% Spanish and Italian decedents. Indeed Latin American is similar with varying percentages. However, factor in that the other 15% is more likely that you will encounter if you go for bargain basement, and that a lot of working girls are from neighboring countries.

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    Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Thailand.
    Anybody been all over Eastern Europe who can give the best EE destination?

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    I'm used to Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand. What can you recommend for a similar experience that's close to the UK?


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    Originally posted by manonsanboy
    ......Macau and China. Without doubt, southern China at the moment is the greatest show. The women are prettier than Thais and they are not all that more expensive. The worst is Budapest.

    However, it is harder to fill in the non F****** times than compared to Thailand for example.
    I'd say MAC is better because during non-puntering time, one can hang out in the Casinos a hidden gem is Sofia,Bulgaria. Need to have a local punter guide you around if one does not know russian or bulgarian.

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    There are many places in Edinburgh. You can check them out on *********.com. The best places are Blair Street Sauna, London Street Sauna and Scorpio Sauna. BTW, BBBJ's are the norm in Edinburgh.

    Also had a great time going to the pubs and striking up conversations with the local girls. The liked my American "accent" and were very curious about Yanks.

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    Funnily, I was in Edinburgh recently but did not get the chance to hunt. Where did you do it?

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    Yes, I agree with your assessment of Budapest. The place was one huge rip-off it seemed and all of the establishments were run by the Russian Mafia. Girls hustling you for $100 per drink and if you object a couple of 300 lb. goons show-up all of a sudden. Had some success with lobby girls in hotels but they wanted a lot of money. Also, English is not real common there and communicating with the girls was problematic.

    At the other end of the spectrum, I'd have to recommend Edinburgh Scotland. Had a great time with SW's and non-pros alike. Great city too.

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    I have hunted in Thailand, Philipines, Mayaysia, Indonesia, Las Vagas, Reno, LA, Prague, Budapest, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, Macau and China. Without doubt, southern China at the moment is the greatest show. The women are prettier than Thais and they are not all that more expensive. The worst is Budapest.

    However, it is harder to fill in the non F****** times than compared to Thailand for example.

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    Best FSU place to visit from base in Switzerland?
    - Hi guys - I will be in Swizterland later in the month and while I hear that it is a beautiful place, I'll be there for 4 days, there are other nice Euro places also within a 1-3 hour (@$300) flight away for maybe 4 days also.
    I'm thinking of places like Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Belarus, etc. Been to Hungary before, Prague sounds nice but kind of pricey, how about Odessa? So, some place cheap, nice, not so touristy, slightly exotic, with yes lovely ladies....
    Yes, this is a random request but I'd be happy to learn of some of your secret/favorite places out there....

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    Scottish women? I think their trade mark is red hairs. Apart from that they do looked like Scandinavians. That's not common but I did saw a very blond Scandinavians waitressing in a Glasgow seafood restaurant. I guess she must be local, otherwise why go there? Her hair color may be natural. British girls don't dye their hairs that much, at least not obviously Scandinavian blond color. A lot have dark hairs. Need some expert here.

    English girls are taller in the south. But still the Scots are tall. Slimmer in the cold north.

    The economy is never good there. Those who can go down south. Those who can't at least go to Edinburgh or Glasgow. The two major urban centers. A lot of drugs and SW. Glasgow at the west coast is worse. But with some welfare the price will never be like central/eastern europe.

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    Just got back,

    I agree. I honestly thought that I was about the only one on the WSG to have discovered Scotland so far and I've only been to Edinburgh and their famous saunas (e.g. London Street, Blair Street, etc.) I've heard that Glasgow is even better in terms of action. Where have you been and what would you recommend in terms of cities, establishments, etc.??? Am planning a return trip in the fall.

    I also like Scotland as a great place to travel in addition to the SW's. The cities, culture, music, history and general friendliness of the people is world class IMHO.

    I also believe that we don't have to worry about the place being overwhelmed with punters. For some reason, Scotland just doesn't seem to catch on. I also go to Prague a lot and would have to rate Edinburgh very close to it in terms of SW's, culture and old world ambience.

    Thanks for your observations. I thought that I was the only one on the WSG to have noticed the place.

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    While I'm a frequent visitor to South America. I've been to Argentina 6 times in the last year. I would only give it maybe a 4 on my list. The top, goes to someplace that hardly anyone ever talks about. I'd prefer to keep it that way since it hasn't been overrun yet. But for beauty, attitude, quantity and value I rate Scotland as my number one by a long shot. But it's only good if you like blondes and the western standard of beauty, tall thin with big tits.

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    Latin girls rule, they are in in a class of their own.

    They have a better attitude and looks, if you prefer dark or brunettes.

    They work hard for the money and are more passionate.

    I have tried most nationalities several times, but nobody is better than the girls from South America.


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    I would go with Latinas. They fuck like bunnies over and over. When I am in Honduras with a pro. After I have shot my wad they want to go again.

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