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Thread: What Country has the Best Women for STR?

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    Hi RN,

    I have trouble getting cheap tickets to Australia. Plane tickets range from $2000 up because of the distance and the transfering flights. What time of year can I go where plane tickets are the lowest and what price will I expect to pay. $2000 is more than the price to go to China (I paid $1500 to a trip to Hong Kong and another $350 to a trip to Beijing from Hong Kong).

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    The United States women, regular and prostitutes, yucko!!!

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    Octaron, your point is well taken. I have been to 30 countries and mongered on 5 continents and I say Argentina but I have only been to one little town in Brazil on the Amazon (but did monger) and have not been to Thailand or the other SE Asian mongering destinations (only Hong Kong). Thus I will rate the countries in which I have substantial mongering experience, in order.

    1) Argentina (value equals quality divided by price)
    2) Costa Rica (just good clean fun)
    3) Australia (high quality but antiseptic)
    4) Colombia (smoking hot but dangerous)
    5) Hong Kong (great but expensive)
    6) Spain (also great, also expensive)
    7) The Netherlands (highly commercialized)
    8) Mexico (girls watch TV during sex)
    9) New Zealand (some uglies)
    10) Belgium (snotty)
    11) France (snottier)
    12) Canada (some LE stings; have not mongered in French Canada)

    489) Jamaica (pushy and thieving)
    853) The Bahamas (pushy, thieving, and fat)
    4,987,243) United States

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    Well the problem with this thread is that there are many people who post on it, but frankly they have not been to enough places in the world for a respectable assessment.

    In addition I personally think knowbody has a right to post on this thread until they have been to Argentina and Brazil.

    So IMHO. Brazil and Argentina are in a league all on there own.

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    DupepV, Don't forget South America. Both Brazil and Argentina has the best looking women and the best sex. I loved both countries equally anltohough some might like Brazil over Argentina or vice versa. However, I only stayed in Argentina for a few days on my way to Bahia where there are the best looking black women. They even look better than the African black women because they are mixed. Brazil also offers white women if you go to Rio de Janeiro. Asian women fans, sorry, there are none in Brazil but I love Brazilian women anyway because I had a lot of Asian pussy in my early years. For ASIAN women Thailand would be best and second Phillipines. I agree with you that Japan sucks because of the racism there (even against the Chinese!!). Chinese women were more willing to accomodate me when I was there but when my black friend to a brothel went with me to Beijing, they didn't want to do him until I intervened so there is racism in some parts of China too but not in Hong Kong.

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    Argen FUCKEN tina!

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    Responding to the original question...

    I prefer easy access (in-town legal brothels best), a wide selection to choose from, fair-skinned and slender girls with laid-back personality, low cost, and daytime availability.

    10. Japan. Very expensive. You can't even get in their pants if you're a foreigner, usually have to settle for mechanical hand job.
    9. United States. Very expensive. Almost always have to deal with intermediary (escort service, bartender). Girls often come with attitude.
    8. Costa Rica. Horrendous bright red lipstick, but inexpensive and often with latin passion.
    7. Turkey. Good widespread system of brothels, but quality is poor, often fat.
    6. Mexico. Women usually dumpy. But except in resorts, cheap, laid back and pleasant to talk to.
    5. Spain. The most beautiful women in the world to look at. But sex bars are smokey, call girls are pricey.
    4. France. The sexiest women in the world to be with. Getting harder to find them on the street and they're expensive.
    3. Philippines. Really laid back, want to please you, inexpensive, easy to find. Not great looks but there are some cuties.
    2. Holland. You want a well-organized brothel system with plenty of attractive white women, go to Amsterdam.

    And the country with the Best Women for STR...

    1. Thailand. LOADS of attractive pleasant fair-skinned young-looking women. Easy to find, inexpensive, pick and choose your favorite, and they are gentle and respectful. (Damn, I wish it didn't cost so much to fly over there!)

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    Hi All;
    Since this thread seems to focus on Australia, I thought I'd add my two cents.
    I was in Oz in June '02 and had a great time. Started in Sydney and then spent a few days driving up to Surfer's Paradise.
    My arrival was interesting. The customs seemed much more focused on stopping illegal fruits and veggies than drugs or terrorists. I was given a card warning me about fruits and veggies on the plane and saw several more signs in the terminal. My bag was also sniffed by a "fruits and veggies" customs dog.
    I was also thrown but a question from the customs officer: "Do you have a criminal record?" I wasn't aware that you still needed one to get into the country.


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    Hi RN, I like the sound of Australia and I will take a visit (maybe even visit you if you are available, hehe.) I would visit Sydney and other cities. An Aussie friend of mine said that it is much more difficult to gain residency in Sydney than a more mellow city like Brisbane. She also says that the older you are, the more difficult. I am 30years old going on to 31 in April 6. Perhaps if I want into this country bad enough I will settle there. Any place is better than New York and I'm not just complaining about the women. The weather totally sucks and it is very indecisive in the winter. You have a hot 93 degree day then the following week it drops to 23 degrees and snows. You also have terrorism, stress, and worst of all, the standard of living is expensive. In fact, I live in one of my parent's apartments. Yes, they would have been millionaires if they didn't pay 1 million and a half for an apartment complex which went down in value due to 9/11. I also checked out other places in America but the women still stick in other states.
    I like a place with friendly women who love having a good time and think nothing of religious values. I am planning to go to Australia the second week of June. perhaps you can e-mail me your information at

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    LOL! Hiya Marconista! Long time no see!

    Best STR?? Well hopefully, one day, at least ONE of these guys will take a trip Down Under and let you all know whether or not that's true!!! (A steady stream of men with foreign accents...ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh)

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    hmmm... hi friends.

    I have not been visiting this thread for a while, and now I find that "what country has the Best Women for Short Time Relation" are discussing cost of renting houses in Australia. Does this mean that RN has been selected the best STR, although none of you have met each other yet LOL

    I'm sorry - just could not help myself... Just had a nice dinner and a few glasses of Australian wine.. so my mood is good..

    continue the friendly discussion he he he,,,

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    I have been adventuring mainly in the Philippines and Thailand. Chiefly due to the currency conversion.

    Does anyone have any information about other courtries (in Latina America or EU) where my US dollars will go far?

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    I've had my adventures mainly in Asia. But I'm getting tired of the scene. I was wondering where else (in the world) can I get more for my US dollars?

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    Thanx Joe. You'll have to excuse this 'lil dumb American ain't so good...

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    Yup, that's it, RN.

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