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    I have been adventuring mainly in the Philippines and Thailand. Chiefly due to the currency conversion.

    Does anyone have any information about other courtries (in Latina America or EU) where my US dollars will go far?

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    I've had my adventures mainly in Asia. But I'm getting tired of the scene. I was wondering where else (in the world) can I get more for my US dollars?

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    Thanx Joe. You'll have to excuse this 'lil dumb American ain't so good...

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    Yup, that's it, RN.

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    By the way...what's a 401(k)? I've heard people mention it before. Is it like superannuation (retirement fund)?

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    Seoulmac -- on a quick look, I see that flights from Seoul to Sydney run in the same general range as those from the US. Looks like there are probably some cheaper options, as I was able to find decent round-trips via JAL from Tokyo to New Zealand, and they promis lots of others as well.

    Dickhead -- I agree on the frequent flier mile front; that's how I'm managing my upcoming Thailand trip, as the cost of the ticket is more than I'll pay for three months lodging (and is more than a month in a suite in the last hotel where I stayed in Bangkok.) I'm lucky enough to do enough travel work that the miles pile up so I can afford other trips for myself, cause I sure ain't rich.

    What I need to do is manage another trip to Oz under my last circumstances -- I actually won a free trip via a record-store promotion. But that doesn't exactly fall into the "hold your breath" category of planning.

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    Most people pay their rent fortnightly here (unless they're like me and pay it whenever they manage to get the cash! lol) I think we only refer to "weekly" rent because that's what the real estate agents quote in the To Let an attempt to make us forget about exactly how much we will be paying out over the month! Oz, flat = unit or "dogbox" (very cheap, poky little bedsit/one bedroom in a high rise block...often shared laundry facilities) and apartment = loft/studio/townhouse (basically a smaller version of a "real" family home, usually in a small complex of between 4 and 10).


    Sorry honey, I have no idea about flights from anywhere else. But we are very close to many parts of Asia, and from what I understand, it's not at all expensive to fly there from here. (We can go to Bali for around $AU300 - $AU500). Not sure what the price is like ex-Asia though.

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    JZ and Brett, the two months' salary (at $1600 US a month per my post as JZ noted) was a rough guesstimate based on the research I did before my prior trip. I just was on and saw $1600 "plus fees" for RT from my city to Perth so maybe my guess was on the high side (fortunately). That was on Singapore Air and I don't remember them being on my radar screen last time. I didn't read through all the restrictions since the fare was only good til Dec. '02 and I can't leave until Jan. '03. But, other times the cheapest fares have had restrictions that wouldn't work for me, like a 30 day max stay. However, the Singapore Air fare said 6 months max stay and I think that's all the longer you can legally stay there anyway. Frequent flyer miles is the way to go for these expensive flights and I "manufacture" miles by purchsing US Savings Bonds with my mileage earning credit card (among other schemes). I think maybe I can manufacture enough by next summer, which is their winter of course and that's when I'd want to go anyway.

    Last Christmas I drove a truck for UPS for a few weeks to finance my travels so maybe I'll do that again this year although I hated it. Of course, if my housing costs here weren't so high I wouldn't have this problem.

    Another option would be to drain my 401(k) and then make sure I drink myself to death at an early age. Oh wait a minute, it's already too late for me to die at an early age.

    Oh, and to clarify, my salary isn't $1600 a month NOW. $1600 a month would be what I would be reduced to if I took the portable, "virtual" job I am contemplating. Even I'm not enough of a Dickhead to spend 25% of my pay on booze and weed on a permanent basis.

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    Brett: A roundtrip ticket for me in the Detroit area to Perth would run in the range of $1600USD for one of the cheaper roundtrips I can find quickly. I'm sure I could do a bit better if I look. On the other hand, if I take a look at Orbitz, I'll see prices in the $3200USD range, which might explain Dickhead's two-month statement (since elsewhere here he's defined his income as $1600 a month.)

    I found Oz a marvelous place, would happily go back, and the sex tourist scene in Sydney, which is where I was, is relaxed and easy. Pricier than in SE Asia, cheaper than the US, beautiful country, nice people, and hey, heavenly weather especially if you're looking at it though the lens of what Boston, Detroit or Montreal look like around January...

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    I am getting math phobia here, if I have it straight the Aussie dollar is worth about a half dollar US right now. And RN is paying about $90 US per week for a newly built 4 bedroom home. (In my city of Boston that would not get you a parking spot) I am not confident I have it straight because Dickhead says plane tickets would cost him two months salery and at about $6oo round trip I hope thats not his full pay for two months...I am starting to like the Euro more all the time.

    On the Montreal escorts,,,,,I get up to Montreal a couple of times a year. Montreal really is a great place for escorts and fun of all kinds. $85 US is possible, but spending just a few dollars more say $100 or $120 will dramatically improve you choices and quality. Also if you can manage to deal with the french language only services you get lots more for your money. Outcalls are legal so there is no risk of being arrested and that has made the bussiness much different than US escort services. The attitudes are friendly and many women will have sex twice in an hour at those prices, but you should agree to that ahead of time just to be sure. You can say exactly what you want because it is legal, no need for games. Street girls are also plentifull along Saint Catherine st. The prices start around $20 US, but thats not legal so be more carefull.

    Amsterdam is much better known as a sex tourism destination because they have an adult shopping zone, but Montreal is a better value especially if you live within driving distance.

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    Hey, you are beginning to sell me too on this idea of visiting Oz. How are fares from North Asia? Some frustrations and disappointments here although I did have luck last night. ;o)

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    Thanks, Rub. Yeah, that's pretty cheap. My mortgage is $1200 US per month and rental value of the house is just a little less. I remember being quite surprised that y'all have to pay rent weekly. It's normally monthly here unless you are staying in a hotel or a boarding house (BTW "flat" to a Yank = "apartment").

    I had heard that you could get cheaper flights from Oz to US and back than vice versa (BTW "return" to a Yank is "round trip") so maybe I'll check it out. The fare probably relates to the country where you start out, though, or everybody would be doing it.

    We have decriminalization in my state also: less than one ounce (28.3 grams) = $100 fine but can be higher for public use and such. > 1 oz < 6 oz = misdemeanor; > 6 oz = "possession with intent to sell" = felony. So I buy half an ounce at a time.

    Oh well, this ain't a dope board but I do love to get high before sex so thanks for the info. Maybe we'll see you out there next year. I find it hard to believe you've never been to Sydney or Melbourne. I liked Sydney better even though Melbourne is arguably prettier (lovely gardens and such). I took the train from Melbourne to Sydney; that was a lot of fun.

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    I was just looking up a trip to San Diego the other day. The price ex-Perth was $1300 Oz dollars return, stopping in Sydney and at LAX (making it a 26 hour flight *groan*) I don't know what part of America you are in, but I can't see a one-way flight being too expensive. Or maybe it's only expensive from the US? Is there a way you could book a trip through an Oz airline and pay for it through an Australia agent? (via the net maybe?) I'm pretty naive about this stuff 'coz I've never flown in my excuse me if I sound like a fool! LOL

    The pot laws were actually relaxed in this state just a couple of months ago. It was decriminalised to a certain extent...there are certain amounts you can have for personal use that you don't get in trouble for, and other amounts that you will be fined for but receive no criminal record. Unless you are intending on having a huge hydroponics set-up in your spare room, you should be fine as far as the law goes. can get an apartment in the city for between $AU100 and $AU220 a week, depending on how flash you want it to be. The suburbs are much cheaper. For example, I live in a newly built 4 bedroom family home, 7 minutes from the CBD, and I pay $AU180 a week. My rent is quite expensive in comparison to many. I'd say the average for what you would need would cost about $US70 per week, close to the city.

    Yes, our summers are very hot. Winter is pretty we are all wearing jumpers and complaining that we haven't been this cold in ages, (I'm sitting in front of the heater), and it's 59 degrees farenheit! LOL Average winters day is about snow ever in Perth.

    And don't forget....there's ME!!!! haha

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    Yup Rub I quite agree but the only thing is, it's so blasted expensive to get there it'd eat up 2 months' salary even if I fly coach, which is miserable for 15 hours. I guess Perth'd be closer to 20 hours. Course I could always break the flight up with a stop in Thailand or Hong Kong. I do speak pretty good Australian; I don't confuse my tinnies with my stubbies even when they're buried in the Eskie and I would trade my fanny pack in for a bum bag.

    What's the pot laws like? Do I risk a holiday at her majesty's expense? I know it's really hot there in the summer but what about the winter? I worry about me fair Celtic skin and all of that. Also please define "cheap" rent. I was lucky enough to hit Oz when your dollar was only worth 49 of my cents but I see it is now 53; guess I could live with that.

    Maybe Oz March through Sep and Costa Rica Oct through Feb would work. Gotta keep chasing those frequent flyer miles (that's how I got there last time).

    PS Dickhead ain't into quickies!

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    85 bucks for an escort? I went over there to Montreal and it does not match up to Europe. As for those 140 Canadian an hour escorts being gorgeous you have got to be kidding. I called a couple of them to my room and wanted to kiss them on the mouth and they both said no. I still prefer Parisian women to their Quebocoise counterparts, they seem more open and kind of make the move on you before you even say anything.
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