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Thread: What Country has the Best Women for STR?

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    1) We have internet access everywhere, and it would be as reliable as yours is in the U.S.
    2) You'd have over $AU3000 dollars a month seeing as the Oz dollar is worth so little against the greenback.
    3) Housing is cheap, cheap, cheap here.
    4) We have an excellent transport system that can take you to any corner of the city...and fast.
    5) Booze and weed is cheap here, and there are plenty of friendly people who would love to help you smoke/drink it, should you feel the need for company! LOL
    6) Our cost of living is lower than most of the other states.
    7) Once you come here, you won't want to leave *grin*
    8) Understanding an American is difficult, but not impossible. Learn to say "G'day", "No worries mate" and "Chuck us a tinny will ya, luv", and you'll fit right in.
    9) We have some of the best weather in the world. And no snow...ever.

    Mongering? In YOUR dollars, prices range from around $25 - $30 for a quickie, up to between $75 and $100 for the hour (depending whether you go private or to a brothel). Girls are clean, educated and friendly...and as a client you don't have to worry about police raids or entrapment (unless you cruise for street girls).

    And there's ME!!! LOL

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    Canada has it hands down - especially Montreal. There is nothing else even close in the world.

    If I were single I would move there or vacation there and learn to speak French and Fuck the Escorts until I dropped.

    Where else in the world can you LEGALLY have at your beck and call astoundingly beautiful, intelligent, drug and disease free and very clean young women for as little as 140 Canadian per hours ( only about 85 US )??

    Many will fuck you eagerly twice in that same hour making sure your pleasure is paramount. You can even refuse the girl at the door if she is not what you expect.

    The same in the US costs 3 times as much and is not as good.

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    Just read my trip reports about Lima then you know why!!!

    Peru has many different kinds of women and CHEAP...Cheap...and save!!!!
    Brasil can be some what pricey and very unsafe in certain cities.

    DR is going rapidly DOWN HILL...overrated and overpriced.
    Cuba is not even worth mentioning. Too expensive and too much hassle to get laid there:-(

    Spain??? I know there are also many Russian ho's there as well....not my kindda cup of tea.

    Maybe you are right about the SA chicks down there in Spain.


    PS: If there was a LIST of WORST places to go to look for SW I'd say this was my list
    1 Iceland
    2 Norway
    3 Japan (too expensive and mostly not even availeble for non-japs...!!)
    4 Barhein and all other arabian nations
    5 USA.;-)

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    Nice breakdown however I think you are overlooking one of the strongest sex markets currently in Europe- Spain! So many women from Latin America have been coming over it is unreal, not to mention that a country with a great tourism industry will indeed also have a sex industry on the side as well.

    As for your choices in Latin America, surprised that you put Peru above Brazil and Dominican Republic?!!? What were you thinking, you must have had some really really great experience in Peru and are biased or something.

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    my list on STR (that is Ho's...) based on personal experience,reading these stories and stories from friends and others. My "ratio" is composed with a few factors,such as: savety,price/quality comparison,availebility and personal likes(from me).

    I could'nt make one for the whole I devided it up for Europe,South-Ameria and these are the well known sexdestinations in the world.

    1 Holland
    2 Romania
    3 Poland
    4 Bulgaria
    5 Germany

    1 Peru
    2 Brasil
    3 DR
    4 Colombia
    5 Costa Rica

    1 Thailand
    2 Idonesia
    3 China
    4 The philipines
    5 Cambodia

    my two cents....



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    I still say Ethiopia. Ethiopia has one of the lowest GNP in the world. Ethiopian women love white men. Ethiopian women are beautiful. The cost of living there is cheap. The average person makes about $100 US dollars per month. You will live there like a king. And like I said eariler, 30,000 young prostitutes!

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    . . .Have you considered Hell?? No, check that. Extreme heat

    . . . and seeing that you spend 25%+ of your budget on booze and weed, I think the no-car policy is wise. Just my opinion. What do I know . . .Good Luck -P

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    Seeking opinions on what is the best country AND city for multiple STRs over time, GIVEN THAT

    1) I'd have a part-time job that would require reliable daily (at least) internet access that I would be paying for, but it's only five months a year,
    2) I'd have $1600 US per month (for twelve months) after tax to live on and get laid off of,
    3) I can live in a small apartment but I want to live alone,
    4) I don't need or really want a car,
    5) I spend about $400 US per month right now on booze and weed, and would give up one or the other if necessary but not both,
    6) I have simple tastes otherwise, can cook for myself, won't need to buy much, etc.
    7) The job is no more or less secure than any job so when it blows up I'll just say oh well and return to the US for a while,
    8) I speak decent but not fluent Spanish (can function in an all-Spanish environment with maybe a few misunderstandings), just a little bit of French (can read menus and street signs and know basic phrases), and being an American I do speak a form of English as well, but nothing else.
    9) Weather's gotta be decent. Constant extreme heat and humidity is a no-no, as is a constantly rainy climate.

    Mongering goal would be as much as possible with any money left over, but at least one good session every week. I'd like to pick a town and stay there for at least a year.


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    Ethiopia... 30,000 SW in Addis under the age of 20 are the statistics!

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    ...actually, my Vote would be on Romania, but sounds like I should go for Thailand... ;-)

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    Without a doubt! THAILAND!

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    What Country has the Best Women for STR?

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