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Thread: The Morality of Prostitution

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    Philip -- to pick up on the other thread, do you think the misgivings of clients are based in issues of personal morality, societal disapproval, all of the above, what? Is this a stigma that's specific to those places where prostitution is illegal, to specific issues of culture or class, or does it carry further? For example, do clients who live in the Netherlands have the same level of misgiving? (I've seen some TV interviews that imply not, but it's hard to tell how trustworthy that information is, given that they were in the context of comparing to the Us scenario.) Are there some qualitative differences in the types of misgivings based on what codes get applied?

    I'd also be curious to hear from RN not only about those issues but about how client misgivings manifest themselves from the sex worker perspective, beyond (but including, I'd imagine) the need to be punished for "bad" urges or to try to punish others.

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    Spencer -- again, you misread my post, so I guess there was still some degree of subtlety after all. First, all I did was parrot back to you the things you'd been accusing prostitutes of being, since you basically placed yourself in the same boat by defining yourself (and by extension me) as a scumbag. My little crack about affirmation was meant as an echo of your counseling poke a few messages back. To reference again something you said to RN, you're more sensitive about this than I thought you'd be, given that all I did was turn the same lens you've been using back in your own direction. As far as high horses go, we're all riders at one time or another, and I'm sure I've left some hoofprints here and there, but I'm far from alone in that regard -- looked behind you lately?

    I don't happen to work within your definitional framework, in that I simply don't think in terms of sluts or scumbags, and I don't think people need to either place themselves or be placed within categories. I think in terms of people who have needs that they try to meet, with those needs running the gamut from money to sex to drugs to possessions to love, and I think in terms of their difficulties in managing to get what they want. As long as those needs don't damage other people I see nothing wrong with them, and don't think people having or not having them is of great significance. I don't happen to think of people wanting to have sex in whatever manner they choose as making them deviant or slutty or anything other than essentially alive and human. I don't feel the need to define myself or anyone else as deviant or normal; I've got enough trouble dealing with life already, thank you, and I think that's pretty much the same for everyone else.

    I'm not looking to judge you, as I don't know you and can only understand you by what you've posted here, and how you've accordingly defined yourself. I'm not much into judging in any regard; I prefer trying to empathize and place myself in other shoes, as I learn more from it. I'm certainly not silly enough at all to expect you to agree with my opinions -- I have my quixotic streaks, but it's been crystal clear from the beginning that's not going to happen, as our perspectives and approaches are too largely divergent. Read elsewhere -- I get disagreed with all the time; that's part of the turf, and besides, total agreement's no fun in a discussion in any event, for the most part.

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    The Morality of Prostitution

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