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    Anyway, the reason I don't like doing that bottom down on the bed is because I like to look at the butt with the tiny glorious hole in it, tightly, neatly closed. I don't like to look at pussy too much as it looked like an oyster.

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    Beware, this alternacne between pussy and ass is a sure recipe for infection. At least for the girl if you are covered

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    Boy, I don't know if the jumping back and forth is good ... I can't imagine a chick wanting something in her pussy that's just been in her a$$hole.

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    Originally posted by dorasan
    I think
    Have you met any girls who do that?

    I've met a girl who loves that!
    She cames from Perugia (Italy) and we were f**king "doggie style" (previously we l*cking, s*cking, f*cking,...), when suddenly she did ask me if I never had anal and if I like to try it.
    Obviously I said a great YES, then she turned with the belly up (we were, so, face to face) put her legs over my shoulders and firstly asked me to continue to f**k in her pussy. After awhile she took my dick and point it at her asshole and told me to start to push gentle.
    I did it and I remember perfectly the feeling/sensation when my dick slowly pass through this tight "door".
    I push since I've had, than, while she start to moaning of pleasure, I start to go and forth.
    I could see her make faces of enjoy and she ask me to jump from the ass to the pussy, than to the ass again, to the pussy again.....
    I don't know how much time is passed, but when I was close to explode (she realize it too well) she took my stick and start to suck it and finally I have a greater CIM of my life (she swallowed all!).

    Great, but she was the only one I meet in my life (early 40's) who declared openly she loves anal.
    With all the others girls, I have had always ask for it.
    But I never needed a towel to protect something!!!

    With the SW or, in general, with the prostitute, I've ask for it some times, but:
    1 - it cost double (in Italy);
    2 - They do it only for money and their don't like do it;
    3 - I prefere do it with a girl who like it: I agree 100% with Prokofiev! if you see them suffering for it, my dick felt down immediatly and became a mozzarella (Neapolitan curd cheese)


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    Dude! If a girl needs to put paper on the floor, or kitty litter, I would definitely pass!!! But seriously, I have gone this route 500 to 600 times with at least 9 or 10 different partners. Only once did I have even the slightest problem. No special preparation. No enemas. Nothing. Usually no big deal. Only have done this with pros 3 or 4 times, most recently here in Buenos Aires. She asked me if I liked it and told me she loved it. Enough said. Did the deed without any problem and I was as deep as I could get into that sweet little tail.

    I usually dont ask pros for anal because it usually costs more and can [CodeWord140] them off. To me, its no big deal. Been there, done that. I would rather see the girl happy, doing her favorite thing than suffering with something she doesnt enjoy. But I have almost never had a problem . . .

    Good Luck, - P

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    hi Bro!

    I am very much interested in anal. but I hav been unlucky that I am yet to succeed. Many girls have turned down because my dick is stout for them to accomodate.
    some have genuinely attempted with lot of KY. But no success.

    Can anyone suggest whether the black girls will be able to take stout one up their ass.

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    I think I enjoy anal, but I rarely get it, and I don't deliberately looking for greek providers as they are less attractive in general. I think I enjoy anal until one day a girl offered to let me probe her, she lying on her back. Firstly I like girls on the bottom up position and I go on top and probe straight down. Since it was her bed, she put her ass at the edge of the bed, with paper towers on the floor below her ass. That is, if anything comes out from her ass it will land on the floor on the paper towels. Immediately I lost interest and wasn't hard enough to get in. I still haven't recovered my interest yet. Have you met any girls who do that?

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    Really, Mistapenus, don't be shy - just tell the chick that you admire her butt and want to do some butt-lovin' and that she should take a dump and a shower if she feels she needs to or you want her to before you start. As I'm into butt licking, a nice clean rump is the best, but I'm not a neat freak about it. I also don't get turned off if there's some crap stains on the rubber when I'm cornholing. Other accidents like you mentioned Mistapenus, can happen but are very rare. A wet shot to the face like you mentioned would be pretty shocking but I bet I'd still have a smile on my face.

    Also, Bootylover, yes I like hearing/smelling farts from chicks periodically (especially when I 'm not expecting it) - but only if they're from a beautful round, black, and preferably monster booty. It just gets those animal juices flowing in me and pumps me up more for the butt plunging to come.

    Tongueing that butt ring is my favorite though and each chick has a unique flavor that drives me wild with anticipation for plugging that turd shoot of hers. Black chicks have the tastiest and best shaped rumps in my opinion. Happy fudgepacking guys.

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    To respond, most girls with whom I have had anal sex did not "stain" anything. Their assholes were clean. Now, there have been exceptions and I have taken out a condomn with shit a few times, but when I think if all the girls I have had anal sex, there have been very few cases.

    So the risk is there, but not as frequent. It depends on the diet and habits of the girls. Further an enema will help cleaning the tube and ensure its shit-free.

    I hope this helps.

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    RE: The Issue of Shit!

    I would like to ask the advice of an experienced anal conoisseur.

    Despite of having met willing participants to the game I have always been hesitant to stick it in the rear hole because of I am scared of withdrawing it with a chunk of shit stuck to the end, or smearing shit on the bed (where I sleep!), or just getting a big smelly wet shot all over my face, the room, bed etc.

    Is it a real danger? How much shit do you normally encounter poking in arseholes?

    Please advise.


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    Sure, I love to slam a *****'s ass. Once she's agreed to let you fuck her in the ass, there's usually no going back. You didn't say HOW HARD you'd fuck her ass. Which position d'you prefer??? Ass fuck doggie style is good because it's kindof animal and you can really give her ass a good pounding. But then on her back, legs and pussie open is also good because you can see the horrified look on her face as you give her asshole a MUCH HARDER fucking than she was expecting and she's thinking 'this guy's a total animal'. The best anal I get, though, is from my girlfriend, who lets me fill her ass with cum. I'm too afraid to do that with the *****s, without a condom.

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    to boost my sexual drive, nothing is better than hearing some loud farts from a round butted gal. Then sh knows for sure that i'll bang her asspipe hard. Anyone else feeling the same?

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    Hello Fellow Connoisseurs,

    I think that the main problem with anal sex with *****s is that most of them are so fucking unprepared for it. For instance, how many of them carry lube with them for such a purpose. How many of us have had unsatisfactory anal sex with a ***** because it turned out to be a dry assfuck?

    The key to wonderful anal sex is to find a egular girl who is into it. Then you can store all the necessary supplies to ensure that the buttfucking is only of the highest quality.


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    Hi. I wish report my own experience
    here in Italy, the SW (girls) never accept anal, if they say yes, you be sure they are 100% drug addict and they do anything for achieve money for a dose. In the other cases they say you "for the anal there are trans not far from here. I'm a woman, not a trans" and there are no money to change their's mind.
    But in the other side, trans are very gorgeous and they work with passion and they know very well how to do for get you the top of the pleasure.
    Not only for maintain the client.

    that's all people

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    I read somewhere that anal sex is common in some 3rd world countries(ie somalia) is this true? will someone shed some light on this and other countries that ramdomly practice this? thank you.

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