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    I heard Oase is now going to discriminate against non-white customers. Is this true?

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    The club near Aachen will open on Friday 4th October. This is information is coming from their web site. I hope to visit it in a few weeks and give you a feedback.

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    the club in Aachen was supposed to open beginning of August, it's new. So far I have no information regarding the exect date, when they 're going to open.


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    Hi guys,

    I need some help: at the OASE website ( ) you get links to two OASE establishments, one near Frankfurt and the other near Aachen. From what I gather the one near Frankfurt is excellent, but what about the second one? Anyone's been there? Aachen is much closer to where I live and would be the logical choice, but is it as good as the one in Frankfurt?

    Thanks for your help, keep up the good work!

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    My first time here was on Sunday afternon - obviously not the best time. The main difference between here and Atlantis is that at Oase the workers seem much happier to indulge in public oral and even fucking in the cinema. It's much more laid back - altho' it's not as stylish as Atlantis it is perhaps more comfortable.

    By the way, I hired a car for 3 (weekend)days at a cost of 150 euros - this was much much cheaper than taxis- as long as you prepare by getting online maps and buy a good road map when in Germany.

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    Originally posted by drainaps
    Any hotel suggestions close to Atlantis and / or Oase, Kaleu?
    Check out:

    It's an online hotel reservation system. Just enter the address/city of the club you want to visit and enter the maximum distance to the hotel. The tool will give you (almost) all hotels which are in that distance.

    For Atlantis, check out these:

    Hotel Zum Schwarzen Adler
    Vogelsbergstr. 2
    D-63674 Altenstadt
    phone: 06047-96470

    Hotel Altenstädter Mönchhof
    Mönchgasse 5
    63674 Altenstadt
    phone: 06047-96350
    Fax: 06047-963535

    For FKK Oase, check oute these:

    Landhaus Lindenhof Möckel
    61239 Ober-Mörlen/Ziegenberg
    phone: 06002-9900
    Fax: 990152

    Hotel Lindemann
    Bad Nauheim
    phone: 06032-96665

    Hotel Arkadia
    Am Houiller Platz 2
    phone: 06172-7620

    Hotel Molitor
    Rotlaufweg 31
    Bad Homburg
    phone: 06172-8020
    Fax 06172-80235

    For almost all of these hotels you can do an online reservation from the site mentioned above.


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    Any hotel suggestions close to Atlantis and / or Oase, Kaleu?

    Ah!!, and congrats on your site. Always very useful to have it around.

    I'll have a go at maporama, as suggested. I use it very frequently.

    Thanks again for everything

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    For a detailed itinerary check out.

    This tool will give you a detailed description of each street, intersection and distance from A to B

    When you check out the maps on my page, you'll also find a link to a route planning tool on the page which opens when showing the map.


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    Good morning.

    Can someone post detailed DRIVING directions to Oase and Atlantis? I have seen the maps in Kaleu's site, but I would feel much more at ease if I had written directions.

    Any good hotels close to Atlantis? (up to 100 Euro per night)

    Thanks to all

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    Try Pension Wall located on Benzstraße, which is the last street you'll come to before you reach the club, ir you're traveling south on Ober-Erlenbacherstraße, away from town. There is a large sign advertising the Pension at the intersection, with a directional arrow and the distance in metres from the intersection. Sorry that I don't have a phone number or pricing information to give you, as I've never stayed there.

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    Thanks Peter I will check out the site you mention. Anyone know if there are lodgings available in Burgolhausen?

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    I got lucky and was able to post everywhere under my preferred name "peter" . I am in ********** under that name, Roemer and Rheinforum, the old Koelnforum, etc..

    By the way your posts on dexter horn and your site is the reason I first visited a FKK, and since then I am hooked.

    Today I visited your home base (Wildenrath) for the first time. I will post a report in Rheinforum (I promised Willi69), and if I have time will put one here too.

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    Hi Peter,

    do you also post on the German boards, like Römerforum? Which nickname do you use?
    There are several Peters registered at the Römerforum: Peter M aus H, Peterpeter, peter1 and so on...

    Just curious


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    Great Post!

    Next time you heaqd to germany check out on this site ther are often car pool possiblities to Oase or Atlantis. If you are not too shy you can usually find someone who will give you a ride back into the city, so you only have to take the taxi one way. Somewhwere in this forum I gave the train and bus directions to Oase and Atlantis.

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    I was at OASE last friday afternoon and found it to be very much to my liking. It is as the previous post defines it to be. Get in there early on the weekdays if you want choices. At about 7 a lot of men enter the place and the ratio of women to men drops quickly. I was there for several hours checking out the place and saw a lot of 7-8's . I tried to get a 8 several times but every time she was between jobs. After a few hours of chasing her I decided to go for my second choice a 24 yr old russian named Inga. As I had been there for sometime now and had witnessed so many open bj's and screwing, I was quite hot under the collar. This ofcourse, is a comprimised position to say the least. When I got to the room I got a bbbj from her in a 69 and have to say that I was very short lived. But God was she tasty!!! As this was my first bbbj I was not used to intensity of the experience and ended up losing it within minutes. For those who have not experienced this, I would recommend taking things very slow or the 30 minutes will be more like seconds. I really enjoyed this girl and found her to be my best gfe to date. There was a lot of polish as well as german and the usual latin/black/thai talent there. The thai chick was very popular as she kept hoping from one job to the next. I hung around till midnight and decided to return to my hotel in Frankfurt. All in all my first night cost me $200.00 E including the taxi ride.

    Then on Saturday afternoon I tried out FKK35 and found it to be the biggest waste of time and money. There were only 5 girls and most of them were barely 5. I went in and paid my 50e to find this out. Needless to say I left within 2 hours. There was a polish girl that had potential but I got turned off by her acene condition.
    In the evening I tried out FKK100. It cost me 33e in taxi to get to this place. I was met by a woman there that I could not tell whether she was trying to get me to come in or trying to discourage me. There were only six girls there and when asked if I could look the place over, I was strongly discouraged. This I found it to be a bit wierd and as such I decided to forget it. I took the same taxi back out and told him to get me to OASE.
    49e later I arrived at OASE with the taxi driver following me in to the place. I get the feeling the taxi scam is live and well here.
    I had really enjoyed Inga and immediately started to look for her. I wanted to finish what I had started. This time I was determined to last at least 20min. So when I got to the room I told her to cut the time for the bbbj down so that I have shot at enjoying her. She agreed. Finally I got to go from one position to another and then to another. The thing I really really liked about her was how accommodating and enthusiastic she was in making sure I got what I needed. To me this is what is all about and should always be. No arguments, no negotiations just pure sex! All this for 50e! Awesome......! Finally when I was spent I went into their huge xxx theater to warm up again. There was this cute teen look alike with very nice rack and an amazing ass that I had my eye on all night and wanted her badly before I left. Around midnight I finally got a shot. I got to the room and once again, having been so reved up, her bj finished me in minutes. You have no idea how talented these chicks are. I mentioned that to her and her reply was "of course, I am polish"! This is enough for me to schedule a flight to Poland...

    Having travelled to Amsterdam as well as the Eros centre in Frankfurt, I have to say that without a question FKK rules!!!
    For my money FKK's are the only way to go. The challenge is to find a place close enough so that the taxi can be elimanated and the money saved is best spent where it gets you the best bbbj. The taxi drivers are quite a cheat there having been charged different amounts each time for the travel between the same two points. If you can avoid them then I would strongly say you do so.

    I look forward to returning to Germany and visiting the other clubs.

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