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Thread: FKK Parksauna Wildenrath

Closed Thread
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    This club has been closed since August 2009 (with in 2008 and 2009 almost no activities going on there!).
    Ok, they claimed they would re-open in January 2010.

    But that did not and will not happen! Better we close this topic.

    Kind regards,

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    Rebranding of this club

    According to a post on the RF, this club has been rebranded:

    Can't say I have a pressing need to visit anytime soon. Last reports were not encouraging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackyo
    Hey Travelerb69,

    We meet again.

    Thanks for taking one for the team.

    This club had a lot going for it before the wheels fell off.

    I will never understand why it took the nose dive that it did.

    Are you around for a while visiting clubs?

    The other club I enjoyed as much as Cocoon is Heavensgate in Dorsten. They were always very similar in selection, pricing, size, etc.. Do you have plans of visiting?

    I'd combine a trip to Heavensgate with a trip the PT across on the side of the Landstrasse. Or are you not into PTs?
    Hi again, Jackio, I have already finished the trip, it was a long one, I spent 18 days in Germany, not only P4P', but managed to go to 13 clubs in Hesse and NRW. Actually I have been to Heaven's Gate, will report soon, too many reports to write. Just loved the place, very friendly and relaxed, cons was the line-up, about 12 girls on a Saturday, almost all dogs but with two exceptions, one was a real gem, will report on the proper trend. Would repeat Heavensgate, anyway.

    As for the PTs, if you remember just before my trip I asked for advice at the PT forum, was given several including by you, but what happened was that since that was my first german clubs trip which will be followed by many others I just skipped it for the next one. Moreover, I think PTs demand a lot of energy and I went to so many regular clubs I had no dick for PTs any longer.

    As for the fall of Park Sauna, probably due to GoldenTime. Concerning sauna and FKK clubs in that area, it is gonna be very hard to compete with GT, it just rules nowadays, by far.


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    Another disappointing report from this club!?

    Hey Travelerb69,

    We meet again.

    Thanks for taking one for the team.

    This club had a lot going for it before the wheels fell off.

    I will never understand why it took the nose dive that it did.

    Are you around for a while visiting clubs?

    The other club I enjoyed as much as Cocoon is Heavensgate in Dorsten. They were always very similar in selection, pricing, size, etc.. Do you have plans of visiting?

    I'd combine a trip to Heavensgate with a trip the PT across on the side of the Landstrasse. Or are you not into PTs?

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    Park Sauna Report

    After throwing in the garbage bin 35 euros at Cocoon, I decided to go to another club in that same night, something I generally not do. Looked at the ISG FKK FAQ(thanks, Routard) I had printed and the only option at that time was Park Sauna , which closes at 4:00 am, and it was about one hour by car from Cocoon. No problem, since Park Sauna was one of my must-see clubs in NRW. However, this was the only club I went I had not read anything in the forum before, so I was not aware of the bad recent reports. So, I went there expecting something like a huge line up of 50 beauties. One detail- just before going, I called them with my cell phone to make sure they would be opened till 4 am and the woman told me it was 50 euros to get in and 25 euros to fuck- I just assumed it was for half an hour, I asked something, she did not understand and began shouting on the phone-25,25, I already said 25…I did not like it and shouted back that she did not have to shout like that, not a good start. Decided to go there, anyway…

    Got there, met probably the same shouting woman at the counter and was told that the price structure is 25 for a 20 minute FS with condom BJ, a regular ½ session is 50 euros. Did not like that either, she should have me told that on the phone. How many girls tonight, I asked? About 15, was the answer, not very promising. Anyway, I had driven 1 hour, let’s get in.

    The club itself is very nice indeed, everything new and clean, a good buffet. But the girls… all 4/5, 6, only one 7. And there were not 15 girls there, may be 12. Just a few costumers also, may be 6 or 7.

    After showering, as soon as I entered the bar, I realized that most girls had probably not earned not even one euro that day, for the way they stared at me as if I was a walking ATM or something… And now they do approach the customers, indeed, at least that was what they did. Very soon I was approached by one german and one russian girls that were friendly but pushing me to go to the room with both of them. Since I wanted to have a look at the other girls, may be a gorgeous woman could appear out of nowhere, who knows, I kept talking to them, with the very same answer/excuse, not now, I have just arrived, bla, bla, bla. Then the russian girl just said to me- well, ok, let’s have sex later, now we drink together, what do you say? I could not believe that was happening at that club - there is nothing I hate more than expensive booze scheme- so I just ignored it and pretended I had not understood. But then she asked again, this time more directly- Will you buy us some champagne? I said- What? How much does it cost? 200 euros, was the answer. I just laughed and said that although they were nice girls, I just hated that scheme of buying booze and if that it was the scheme in that club I would just leave, no problem. Then she eagerly said, no, no way, stay with us, it is not compulsory, ha, ha, ha.. The german girl then pointed me one customer surrounded by two ugly females that seemed to be having a terrific time with a bottle of champagne.. I said-I could fuck four girls here with that money, dear, I do not do this,,,… I might have sounded cheap, but that is what I am …

    After a while they kept pushing me for a session, I excused myself and went to talk to the only doable girl there, a 7, maximum.

    They both spent the rest of the night staring at me in very angry way, as if I cared , what the fuck….

    The girl I approached was not very friendly either, named Marlene-pronounced Marline, said she was half german/half brazilian, probably she is, she looks like that, but speaks no portuguese, just german and a broken English. Very young by the way, 21 years old, blond(fake), tanned/dark skin, pretty, but nothing extraordinary.

    Since I had not fucked that day, off to the room. It was reasonable, not GFE but I enjoyed myself. Tried to get her envolved with daty but although she seemed to enjoy it when we began to fuck she was very passive. Bad BBJ, also. However, a very tight pussy. Pumped her really hard, I was horny that day, she seemed to enjoy it but kept on very passive, I came and time to go home. I also spotted one girl from Algeria, fat for my taste and one reasonable Spanish shark-like.

    Marlene-german, blonde

    Return there? No way. Forget this club, it is a has been, all girls complaining about business, decadent atmosphere, terrible line-up, plus the booze pushing scheme . When I was leaving, the rude counter woman who seemed to be the manager and now was trying to be friendly, shook my hand in a very male way and said - hope you will come back- in your dreams, I thought.

    Trip report to be continued at Golden Time, when I have the time, because there is a lot to report there.


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    I can only confirm Routard's report. I went back to Wildenrath after more then 2 years. In that period of time, Wildenrath has slided down the scale from a top FKK club to a ordinairy brothel.

    To be positive: The club itself is beautiful and intimate enough to feel at home. Also free entrance before 18 o'clock (6 PM). So far the good news. The bad news is that the lack of women is a big problem! I was there early sunday afternoon and the bar lady, although surely 35+ was the hottest ticket in the house. Only 2 ladies (Nadia and some other german girl), later a Bulgarian girl came to work too. She was do-able. Because my mate took this Bulgarian girl, I was left alone with Nadia (the other german girl turned out to be sucking cock in the cinema with the only other guest in the house). Nadia came over and asked if I wanted to go with her. She's not a stunner, but ok enough to go to the room. Sex was ok, nothing spectaculair. For a total of 50 euro's can't complain but in PHG or GT you will for sure have better sex.

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    As there were no reliable reports about Wildenrath since a while, I decided to check it out myself today. Yes, I have a sentimental link with this club as Parksauna was my first FKK in my life back a few years ago. And I was a little excited when I arrived again in the parking lot. Nothing has changed from the outside, except that there were few cars parked.

    I was a little disappointed when the door opened, the first girl I saw didn`t really turn me on. It was just the girl behind the bar, but still, it matters to me. Usually the girls behind the bar make me dream even more that those in front of the bar. Where is that lovely Tanya that used to work here?

    Anyway, I got the usual question if it was my first time. I answered that it was a long time ago and have no idea about the current pricings. Here it is:

    Entrance is free before 6pm and 50€ after.
    Drinks are 5€ before 6pm and included in the entrance after 6pm as well as food. Pricing is 50€ for 30min and 75€ for 60min. In fact, nothing has really changed except that there is free entrance before 6pm.

    I felt comfortable in the locker`s room, nothing had changed. The showers, the sauna and the outdoor garden are the same too. The main difference is the bar, decoration is much more modern style. Also upstairs, the decoration is much better, with a real kino, a restaurant and a nice massage room.

    But the line-up is really disappointing. There were only 6 girls in the afternoon, all average looking if not overweighted. There were also half a dozen guests, Dutch and German. One of the Dutch guy explained me that during the evening there are up to 12 girls. But who cares if they all look as average.

    Only reason to come here is if you need a quick fuck during daytime and its not worth paying an entrance to FKK for such short time or when you want to find an opened FKK in the area after 1am, when YY GT and PHG have already closed. This club closes at 5am.

    Well, it was my first day in FKKland, and just needed a quick fuck to get rid of the frustration, you know what I mean.

    I started to discuss with Tunesian Nadia, the best looking of all, but still average in my books. She is born in Germany, speaks German and Arabic but no French. She speaks English however too. I went for a session with her.
    She told me she was just for 2 months working in FKK. Well, all I can say, it was definitely not on the quality level of what used to be Parksauna. She had her eyes closed during all the session, no kissing and no BBBJ. The latest is not important to me, but the two first definitely are. We fucked, finished our conversation took my shower and I left. I guess it was my last time in this legendary FKK.

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    It has pretty much the same square footage as Goldentime, and with 13 bedrooms up an running I think it actually has morerooms at the moment than PHG. It usedto be a bi club with easily upward of 30 girls woking very night. It has lost its stride, and GT and lso places like Ying Yang are part of the reason for the downfall.

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    Parksauna Wildenrath and other Dusseldorf FKKs


    I have been to a few FKK's (Sauna Clubs) but not to this one. I just saw it from the outside once. I think what people have to realize is that it is really one of the smaller ones. It is located pretty close to GoldenTime and Happy Garden which are WAY bigger. I guess they surely will notice the competition from clubs like those.

    The fact that they are changing management and price structures all the time doesn't give me much confidence.


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    What makes me thik that report is fake the most is that it says the Thekenfrauen are friendly, because the new crew is horribly unfriendly. They are all relatives or friends of the "new management" and they are miles from friendly.

    The other thing I find unbelieveable is that Sunny, or Aaliyah was constantly booked, because I have rarely seen that. She sits alone in the corner with a bored look on her face almost all the time.

    I loved the place under the "old management" and ince the"new" has taken a role in the lace I avoid it like the plague.

    Although I saw a new ad in the bild, that mkes me curious, as they might have a new even bigger discount system.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackyo
    This was posted by Gandolf1962 on the RF.

    Its a very positive report but I should mention this is his first and only posting there so it needs to be read carefully.

    He says something about neue Leitung. Has the management of this place actually changed?
    Don't believe all new members

    If there is really a new management I don't know. Fact is that the prize structure is every time different. Also the thekenfrauen have all been changed.

    He is speaking about a certain Aaliah. She was called Sunny before and is a no-go. Also this Nikki got a really bad report at the dutch forum.

    We will see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackyo
    This was posted by Gandolf1962 on the RF.

    Its a very positive report but I should mention this is his first and only posting there so it needs to be read carefully.

    He says something about neue Leitung. Has the management of this place actually changed?
    If you read this post of Gandolf1962 carefully you will notice that it reads as what one would call in German "Werbung" or "a commercial".

    Actually the relevance of the message is also no more than just being a commercial. It reflects absolutely not some recent observations of those who recently visited PSW.

    The club certainly has potential and yes the management recently has changed. Now they are struggling a bit to find a new concept (German Sauna Club and/or Nightclub) but also with their price structure. It 's all a little unclear now.



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    News from the frontlines

    This was posted by Gandolf1962 on the RF.

    Its a very positive report but I should mention this is his first and only posting there so it needs to be read carefully.

    He says something about neue Leitung. Has the management of this place actually changed?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandolf1962
    [Bericht] Parksauna am 01.06

    Nach fast 8 Monaten, dachte ich mir versuche ich es noch einmal die Parksauna Wildenrath zu besuchen. Da ich in der Zeitung gelesen habe, dass der Eintritt frei ist, und da dachte ich mir schlimmer als beim letzten mal kann es ja nicht werden. Denn bei meinem letzen Besuch war ich alles andere als zufrieden. Nur Mädchen die kaum deutsch konnten, und mehr mit sich selber beschäftigt waren, als mit den Gästen.
    Deshalb hab ich mir eigentlich geschworen diesen Laden nie wieder zu betreten.
    Aber da ich gelesen habe, das die Parksauna jetzt unter neuer Leitung steht und der Eintritt frei ist, machte ich mich am Freitag Abend gegen 19:00 Uhr auf den Weg nach Wildenrath. Nach ca. 30 Minuten fahrt erreichte ich den Parkplatz, ich war überrascht das der Parkplatz voller Autos war. Aus dem Auto raus, rein ins Getummel.
    Am Eingang wurde ich sofort sehr freundlich von der Thekenfrau empfangen und aufgeklärt.
    Als erstes setzte ich mich an die Theke und trank mein Gratis-Bier und schaute mich dann um. Ich war sehr überrascht das so viele hübsche Mädchecn anwesend waren, denn bei meinem letzten Besuch waren gerade mal 5 Mädchen anwesend.
    Ich schätze mal dass es ca. 25 waren, da noch einige auf den Zimmern waren. Die Atmosphäre erschien mir sehr locker. Draußen saßen Gäste und Mädchen an Tischen und waren sich am unterhalten. Nachdem ich mein Bier zuende getrunken habe, entschied ich mich einen Angriff zu starten.
    Ich war völlig hin und hergerissen von Sina und Nikki, entschied mich jedoch dann für Sina. Ich ging auf sie zu und sie lächelte mich an und fragte mich nach meinem Namen, nach einem kurzen Small talk, verschwanden wir dann auch gleich ins Zimmer. Nach zärtlichem streicheln und ausgiebigem französisch, nahm ich sie im Doggy Style.
    Nach dem Vergnügen und wiederholtem Small talk, gingen wir wieder in den Clubraum. Wo sie sich leider von mir verabschieden musste, mit der Erklärung das es sehr voll sei und noch andere Gäste auf sie warten würden.
    Also setzte ich mich wieder an die Theke und trank eine Cola. Da erblickte ich Aaliah oder so, die aber leider den ganzen Abend gebucht war. Nachdem ich die Thekenfrau fragte wann sie denn endlich frei wäre, da sie schon lange bei einem Gast saß. Nikki schien wohl auch besetzt zu sein, da ich sie auch nicht mehr sah. Also machte ich einen Saunagang und entschied mich, nach gelungenem Sex und entspannter Sauna mich massieren zu lassen. Ich war sehr erfreut zu sehen das die Masseusin eine Frau war, mit dem Namen Daniela. Als ich mich dann auf die Liege legte fing sie an mich zu massieren. Was sie übrigens sehr gut beherrscht.

    Fazit: Nach einem echt gelungenem Abend werde ich die Parksauna Wildenrath sehr gerne wieder einmal besuchen. Da ich denke dass sie mit dem neuen Team der Mädchen die alle sehr gut deutsch sprechen können, das ja nicht immer so war. Erfolg haben werden. Weiter so.

    Bussi an Sina, Nikki, Daniela und Aaliah. Ich komme wieder...
    Fazit: He returned after an absence of eight months after reading of the free entry policy in the newspapers. The last time he was there most of the women couldn't speak German and they were more interested in hanging out together than attending to guests. He arrived there at about 19:30 and found the parking lot to be full. First he grabs a beer and looks around. There were twenty-five women there as compared to the five who were there the last time he was there. Everything was very loose and decontracte. He had a couple of sessions and a massage. He enjoyed his time there and will be back particularly now that the new team of women all speak German.

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    Impact on PSW?

    Given the recent problems at PHG and GT, I was wondering whether PSW also benefited like YY from having more girls moving over. Recent field reports would be welcome!

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    I was with Monika 1 in February

    Quote Originally Posted by Routard
    During my last visit at GT, I was surprised to see Monica 1 there. She was a steady PSW girl and one of the stars of that club for years. I felt sorry for her as I saw her sitting alone in the anonimity of the crowd no one paying attention to her. As she did her usual PSW strategy, just waiting for someone making a first move, I haven't seen her with any customer that night. I understood that the PSW glory was past.

    I was at GT and saw her walk by so I immediately went up to her.

    She remembered me (because of my visit with you back in 04, if I remember correctly) and we spoke for quite a while.

    As Routard said, she is low key. She hangs out at the bar area and also on the steps leading to the Kino with another petite Polish woman who wears glasses.

    She does not circulate and accost guys like some of the more mercenary women who work at GT do.

    Actually, she asked me not to mention her name and say that she was back in the game.

    But since the cat is out of the bag, I can now come clean.

    She only works days, leaves at 7:00 PM. It could well be she is rushing home to make dinner for her significant other.

    She's just as funny as ever. Since it was my first time at GT, she kept offering to show me a room. She did it with a kind of twinkle in her eyes and I took her up on her offer soon enough.

    It was like getting together with an old friend.

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