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    Am I the only gringo scumbag to prowl the streets of Agua Prieta? Hooker Heaven on the weekends. I was in the area tonight so drove across. First stop was the Flamingo Club, I was hoping to run into Carina, have a date then get the hell out of town. But she was nowhere to be seen, there were 5-6 other girls hanging around the bar. A good band was playing, everyone was dancing. There was one cute girl I wanted to talk to, but she was busy at another table. I saw two streetwalker girls outside the club, but wasn't brave enough to stop. Next stop was the "5 and 10", which was pretty deserted. Mariachi band was set up,three or four 3's and 4's were at the bar. Last time I was in town this place was packed. Next, went across the street to El Pareiso. There were literally 20 or more girls hanging out--3 or 4 I would call a 7,8 even 9. Last time I was here it was deserted. But I was repeatedly pestered by 4 or 5 girls I've met or dated on previous visits. One girl in particular wouldn't leave me be so I left and drove around for awhile. Sixth Ave is a huge street party on weekend nights packed with cars blasting music, cute girls everywhere. Finally returned to El Pareiso. Two Dj's had the crowd dancing; hooker hoedown. It was getting late and I had lost the mood for carousing, so I left town without getting laid. I may come back on a weekday when its not so crazy busy.

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