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    Cruiseguy77; There is a Chilly Willies in Playa. I like it better and have had more luck there than AcapulcoHeat. I don't disagree that it is very much hit or miss. It depends on the type of girl you like. This club has girls with bigger busts and bigger Asses. If you like the J Lo type body you will have fun here. I like the smaller type body and the pickings are slim here. I meet a girl named Aleska here and she was great sex. I have seeen her a few times since I meet her a few years ago. I also like a girl named Christine. She has a great face and good body. Sadly, we are talking American Dollars. It is not cheap to get laid on the east side of Mexico.

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    May seem silly to you, but are we talking pesos or dollars, I hope the first or thats no bargain. Somebody clarify please.

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    Going to Playa in December, come on guys, is there no action here? Not even a strip joint? Gotta be something.

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    Why no more info on Victoria? If I stand to be corrected I think over the big bridge connecting Veracuz it goes to another metro city. Any sex action in that city? Any other sex action in any other cities on the east coast? I know in the old reports there was a small report on Victoria. Cum on Guys Lets keep the sex action info going all over Mexico. I guess How about another update on Playa Del Carmen. Cum on Acupulco Heat it can not be that bad in Playa Del Carmen????????????

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    Playa Del Carmen, I was there in July. Not much action to speak of. There is a Chilly Willies in Playa. (Just like Cancun), and like Cancun it sucks. First of all, the Bar is outdoors, with a Tin roof. With the Summer Humidity, this can be a pain. The women, first off I was there on a Friday night and there were only about 8 girls, and all were on a scale of between 4 to7.

    One girl with great Tits came to me, named Lilian. While she had a great body, she was probably around 35 and not much of a face. She wanted $150 for sex. What a Joke! I refused, and wanted to see how much she I could get her down to. That was $130, and no more. As a frequent visitor to Mexico, they must think that they are going to make their entire Month's wages on one Gringo. I don't think so. She was so anxious for money that she asked me if she could stay with me at my hotel for the weekend.

    Anyway, I ended up leaving after about an hour. Cab ride back to Playa is about $20. Like Cancun, Playa can be very expensive, in many areas, Food, Drinks, Women, Etc. Playa is more for Europeans.

    I am sticking with the West Coast of Mexico guys, Acapulco Rules as well as many other popular Mexican West Coast Destinations.

    Good Luck Men!

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    OK I Guess only a few hookers in the main plaza of Victoria now. I guess the table dance action is great in Victoria. I did visit Victoria in 1998 I wish I would know more on this city can someone make a good update on this post? I am A 34 year old Us Citizen now traveling and living in Peru check out my Peru Posts... Beware too lot of TVS and Tses

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    Jackson Why No section for Victoria? I heard Victoria has a healthy good streetwalker scene in centro.

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