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    Change order posts

    I would like to change the order of the post in a thread, I have read the FAQ, for some reason I can't find the solution.

    I would prefer to have the older posts rather than new posts when I open a thread.

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    Pb when posting in Nairobi forum

    Since some time, I have an issue when I post in Nairobi forum.

    When I click on Upload Report, I get back to the global forum page listing all forums, and not in the Nairobi forum, and my post doesn't appear.

    But after at least one day I can see my post in the Nairobi forum.

    Not sure if its happens only with Nairobi forum but it looks strange.

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    Losing login credentials

    Without exception as I work my way through the Forum to the subtopics I invariably lose my login credentials. I would really like to know why the happens. Thanks.

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    Thread display options

    Hello everybody,

    I am completely new on this forum, I would like to change the order of the post in a thread, I have read the FAQ, it is indicated that I can change it on the right hand side of the top bar with the "display mode", but when I am in a thread, I can't see anything.

    I would prefer to have the older posts rather than new posts when I open a thread. I am sure I am wrong at one moment but any help would be appreciated.

    Sorry for my English.



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    Post Management Questions

    So I have like 400 posts but only 200 are shown if I look up "all my posts". Anyone know how to access the others? Are they somewhere archived?

    Also anyone know a quick way to copy all your posts? Other than one by one copy and paste?


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    Some of My Reports Aren't Posting.

    Most of my reports posted, but some of them didn't. I made them earlier this week, then again yesterday, and they still haven't posted. I have emailed admin about this 3 times with no response. If Admin sees this, can you contact me by email and tell me what's going on / why they haven't posted?

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    My report not showing

    Dear Admin,

    I am new here I I try to post my report but its not showing!

    If there is any guidelines for report please share.

    Please read the big Banner in the India threads. You are asking and asking to other members to give contacts, but I suppose you know now that is not allowed to post email or telephone nor exact addresses.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Samokas  [View Original Post]

    I'm new here, I've added a report, but it doesn't show up? How long does it take to show up? Might I do something wrong?
    Same problem.

    I moderate and approve all new reports at least twice per day, and sometimes several times a day. The average delay is less than 6 hours. I know because I watch the statistics every day. The only time the delay is more than 12 hours is on those few days when I have some issue that prevents me from getting to a computer.

    If you did not see your report probably was not approved.


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    FR not showing

    Some of my FRs are not getting posted despite them being on topic. Please look into it admin.

  10. #211

    Missing FR

    My FR and posts haven't been approved or worse, lost.

    Any other way of reaching mods as I can't PM at the moment.

  11. #210

    FR not showing?


    I tried to post a long post. It was a combination of a FR then a question and 2 pics. Now its been long and my post doesn't show up. I got no error message either. Any clue on why the post might have been rejected?


  12. #209
    My posts are not getting posted despite pointing it out to the admin the issue has not been fixed. Out of 7-8 posts I'v submitted since last month only 1 was posted in the forum.

  13. #208
    It doesn't matter if I'm logged in or not, I still get the new posts listed first (first page). Is it possible to change this so that the new posts are on the last page of the thread? I guess most other forums are like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuga  [View Original Post]
    We are obviously many who have these problems: in which order posts are displayed and the link problem Vancity79 and Boy1978 are talking about.

    The problems are probably related to the numbering of post. When I am not Logged in the oldest post has number #1 and the most recent has a much higher number, e. G. #193. Then all internal links work fine. But when I am logged in the most recent post gets #1, so as every link is pointing to a record number one is taken to the wrong page. After making a post I am taken to the page which has the post with the highest number, which is the page with the oldest posts, I. E. The last page. Only by clicking "First" I come to the page where my new post is displayed.

    Monte Q has already pointed this out, already in 09-21-12.

    This maybe has to do with the setting of the order of posts, and Festisio found the below in the FAQ, which I can't find now:

    I attach two screen dumps of this thread: One before logging in and one after. Note that the post numbers of the top posts have canged, and note also that there is no 'Display Mode' on the right hand side as far as I can see.

    Jackson, with all respect, you have probably the correct setting and don't experience this problem ("the link worked perfectly for me") , but you can easily check it by creating a new account.

    Please re-introduce the 'Display Mode' option that has disappeared at one point or another. Or find the solution to a problem that has been going on for quite some time: The number of the most recent post changes to #1 when one logs in.
    I'm having this issue and it's extremely frustrating. Please enlighten me how to fix this.


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    Hi everyone,

    Have any of you managed to use an iPad for the forum? I can log in with no problem on a regular computer, but on the iPad, it says it's logging me in, then returns me back to the original not-logged-in forum page. I tried searching the forum for this, but haven't managed to find anything. (It's possible it's in this very thread, somewhere, I suppose.).

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